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Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 6:24pm On Sep 27, 2012
I would be suprised,if you are learning for the first time that school fees is free for international students (Nigerians inclusive)studying in German universities.

Now this is a massive opportunity you do not want to miss.

See below,the Details prepared in a question and answer format by me.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 6:31pm On Sep 27, 2012
*Courses available---Economics,Business administration,Computer science,Biochemistry,Physiology etc

*Language of instruction----English

*Is German Language required for admission and visa?-- No.
(German is required only when you choose courses that are taught in German language)

*Can i work while i study?----Yes
(students are permitted to work both on and off campus for 120 full days per year or 240 half days per year.That is averaging 5hrs per day off campus and unlimited on-campus)

*How much am I likely to earn per month?-----600Euros(N126,000) or more depending on the number of hours you work

*Will the money I earn monthly be enough for me to take care of myself?---YES
(that is if you earn from 500Euros & above and also depending on the city where your school is located)

*Is this offer open to both undergraduate and post graduate students?---YES

*Is Waec/Neco accepted?---YES

*Is my OND/HND recognized?---Yes

*Do they request SAT/TOEFL from Nigerians?---Most universities don't because English is our official language here in Nigeria.

*Do they consider age limit?---- No they don't

*What is my possibilty of finding a proffessional job after my studies?---- Easy if you do very well in your academics

*Are certificates from German universities recognized worldwide?--------Absolutely(made in Germany is always original)

Note: German visa gives you free access to 25 other European countries like: France,Spain,Sweden,Denmark,Finland,Holland,Norway,Austria,Belgium,Czech Republic,Greece,Poland,Italy,Estonia,Switzerland,Portugal . . . . etc (This is because Germany is a member of Schengen)

Interested parties should Contact me on --- oxfordtravels01@gmail. com or better still if you have questions feel free to ask me here.
Thanks and remain blessed.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 6:38pm On Sep 27, 2012
The major Obstacle to studying In Germany is the opening of the blocked account as required by the German embassy.But like everything in life,there is also an option (legal) we can avail you to meet this requiremment.

Contact us :oxfordtravels01@gmail.com
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 6:43pm On Sep 27, 2012
Please feel free to ask your questions on this thread as well.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 8:17pm On Sep 27, 2012

The best value-for-money study destinations for international students, in Europe, continues to be Germany. With the majority of state-funded universities not charging tuition fees to students, and those that have implemented new laws allowing fees to be charged asking for less than EURO 1,000 (USD 1,300) a year, German university programs attract international students from all over the world in greater numbers than many of her neighbours. As is the case in many other countries, most international students are drawn to the capital city – in Germany’s case, Berlin, regarded by many as the “coolest” and most vibrant city in Europe. Home to some of the country’s leading universities, Berlin provides the perfect mix between access to high quality academic programs and low cost living.
Dr Ursula Hans, Director of the International Office at Berlin’s Humboldt University, sees the city’s advantages as being tailor-made for international students. “Living in Berlin is still very reasonable and is surely one of the most cost-effective student cities in the world. What we call co-op living arrangements with other students are often very reasonably priced, as well as a great communicative and intercultural learning opportunity. Food and culture are a steal throughout the city and public transportation is included in our low registration fee. It is easily possible for an international student to live on EURO 400 – 600 (USD 540 - 800) a month. Here, we believe that knowledge should not weigh you down with debt.”
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 8:22pm On Sep 27, 2012
Major Student Cities In Germany


Cities don’t get much trendier than Berlin, which competes with cities like London and New York in terms of cool. It goes without saying this tolerant, multicultural and creative city is known for being a great place to be as a student – and it helps that it’s famously inexpensive. And like any capital city worth its salt, it has quality institutions to back this up: three of Berlin’s universities make the QS World University Rankings: Freie Universität Berlin (66), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (132) and Technische Universität Berlin (205).

Berlin ranks eighth in the 2012 QS Best Student Cities ranking.


Thanks to Oktoberfest, Munich will forever be associated with beer. But there’s more to this southern city, often voted one of the world’s most liveable cities. For one thing, in Technische Universität München (ranked 54) and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (62), it is home to two of the world’s best universities. For another, it is a sleek modern financial hub. The downside of this is that it can be pricey, but it won’t cost you anything to enjoy the beautiful Bavarian countryside in which the city is built. There’s plenty of history to enjoy too, and no visit to München would be complete without a visit to King Ludwig’s palaces and grottos.

Munich ranks 13th in the 2012 QS Best Student Cities ranking.


Despite being part of one of Germany’s most densely populated areas, Heidelberg manages to retain a certain quaint rustic charm. It is popular with tourists, who come to see its dilapidated castle, and red roofed town centre. It is also famous for its university, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, which is Germany’s oldest, highest ranked (53) and most prestigious university. Need more proof of its reputation? Well, hopefully the eight Nobel Prize winners who have been through it will go some way towards convincing you...


Cologne is known for its dramatic cathedral, Kölner Dom, and its liberal and tolerant nature. It is peppered with museums and art galleries, does a good line in independent stores, particularly in its Agnesviertel district, and beer halls. Direct trains run to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, and Luxembourg isn’t too far away either, so it can be a good choice for those who want to get further acquainted with Western Europe. Universität Köln, ranked 247=, is Germany’s largest (and second oldest) university.


The beating heart of Germany’s financial and business sectors, Frankfurt is also the home of the European Central Bank. Accordingly, its city centre is a mass of gleaming skyscrapers, and its airport is the busiest in continental Europe. However, none of this means that it lacks in other characteristics; for instance it is known for offering some of the best nightlife in Germany and hosts a number of colourful festivals throughout the year. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main is ranked 182 in the world, and is particularly strong in social science subjects.

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Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 8:31pm On Sep 27, 2012

A glance in your purse or wallet and it's easy to decide: You need some cash and so a part-time job. Perhaps you'd like to gain some experience in the German job market? Or make new contacts and put yourself to the test? There are plenty of reasons why students go to work while also studying. Just like the paths to a dream job.


You can best top-up your budget by taking a job at a university department, in one of the libraries or at another uni institution. Waiting is THE classic student job in cafés, pubs or bars. Other students look after guests at exhibitions and trade fairs, or work as delivery drivers and cycle couriers, go cleaning, work in a copy shop, or as a babysitter and so on.

You should also check the noticeboards (Schwarzesbrett) at uni, in the libraries, supermarkets and so on. Many unis also have a job agency service for students. Contact student services or the local job centre (Agentur für Arbeit).


How much you earn on the side depends greatly on your knowledge and skills, the region and the business you would like to work in. The following generally applies: You can earn more in expensive cities like Munich, Hamburg or Cologne, but you also have to pay more for your board and lodging. Office jobs, waiting or promotional jobs are popular, as are student assistant (HiWi) jobs at a uni department, where students support their prof.

While you can earn around six euros an hour as a cashier in a supermarket or fast-food chain, working in an office or as a promoter could well bring you up to ten euros an hour
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 8:44pm On Sep 27, 2012
Stephen’s Experience: Kitchen help and tutor

Stephen Bwete has even two jobs to finance his studies in Berlin. study-in editor Jo Graff met him and found out more about his life in the German capital.
Name: Stephen Bwete
Age: 29
City: Berlin, studies Business Economics & Correspondence, Social Sciences
Home country: Uganda

Job: Actually I have two jobs. I work in a Californian diner in Berlin, which specializes in Mexican food and I support the work of the Eurasia Institute and work with international students.

Salary: I earn 7.50 euro per hour in both jobs. That's not much but it's fun.

Working hours: I work about 20 hours per week, sometimes more, sometimes a bit less. On Saturdays and Sundays I'm in the restaurant, during the week I help out at the institute for about two to four hours. Especially during the semester breaks I'm involved in the work of Eurasia.

Responsibilities: I'm working in the kitchen of the restaurant. That means I have to clean up, wash the dishes, fetch boxes from the basement and support the cook. I cut veggies and other foods, take orders and wait tables sometimes, too. You can say, I'm doing everything but cooking. At Eurasia I'm mostly responsible for the freetime activities. We go to the movies together or to the Christmas market. In summer I even went along with a group to Paris.

Find spot: A friend of mine worked in this restaurant and recommended me, when he moved to another city. I took over his job immediately. At Eurasia I did a language course and was involved in many things. I even interned with them. Afterwards they offered this job to me.

Requirements: Our day in the restaurant is pretty stressful. You have to be very punctual and reliable, otherwise you mess things up. In both jobs I'm in contact with many people. Especially at Eurasia you need a lot of patience. Students often show up late. That's normal. I guess that's different in every culture. You should be able to handle that.

Reasons: As I do not get any financial support, I really do need both jobs. I have to pay the rent, my bills. My parents can't support me either. I have four sisters, that's just too much.

No gos: Impatient and unreliable people are completely out of place. If you are interested in these kinds of jobs, you should be fluent in English at least. You have to be calm and respectful when dealing with others. Working in an restaurant is physically exhausting so you should keep that in mind.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 8:59pm On Sep 27, 2012

Compared to other European countries, Germany is not overly expensive. The price of food, accommodation, clothing, cultural activities, etc. is equivalent to the EU average. In fact, the cost of living is relatively low compared to Scandinavian countries.

Be it the room in a dormitory, the pizza in a restaurant or the bottle of beer in a student club - everything costs money. Prices differ a lot not only in the big cities but all across Germany. While life and study in Munich is rather expensive, staying in Leipzig for example is much cheaper.

"In Heidelberg I survived on 600 a month, with subsidised rent. BW also requires 600 a month to get a visa. that's keeping a very strict budget and not allowing much travel and extra stuff", explains Donna Nicholls.

It's almost the same with Kaushik Narasimhan from Mannheim: "As any help forum would say, largely depends on individual lifestyles. But if one can cook a bit by themselves, with reasonable recreation and leisure activities, 550 - 600 Euros is a lot.. Eat out once a day - Add 100-125 Euros approx. Always eating out - 750 - 800 Euros a month overall.. Thats estimated with a rent of 250 Euros and health insurance of 75 Euros plus all other costs. I eat out occassionally and it usually doesnt exceed 630-640 Euros for me personally..

For Shankar Nero from Aachen life is a little cheaper: "Well, need to take note that i am sharing my room with another person.. so ... the break down of the expenses would be as following: Rental 175 Euros, Insurance 80 Euros, Mobile Phone: 10 Euros, Foods: ca. 100 - 150 Euros (Its even more cheaper sometimes since i cook together with some other friends), Misc.: 50€ (inclusive occasional entertainment). Like most students in the state of Northrhine Westfalia he owns a semester ticket, which allows him to use the public transport systeme all across the state.

Way up North Nareendran Raja studies in Emden for his masters. "I pay 150 Euros for my rent and 75 Euros for my insurance. and 80 Euros for cooking and 20 Euros for other expenses like phone and voip and 30 Euros for leisure time. Totally my expenses are 350 per month."
Usman Ilyas, who studies at the University of Kiel needs a bit more cash in his pocket: "Here is a little break down of monthly expenses: Rent 167 € (depending on domitory may be upto 240 Euros), Health Insurance ca. 67 Euros, Mobile phone 15 Euros, Food 100-150 Euros enough (with sometimes eating out) in case of self cooking, Misc. (medicines, occasional entertainment, deutsch book) 50 Euros. So overall 450 € are enough to spend an average life."
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 9:05pm On Sep 27, 2012

1 loaf of bread € 1.50 - € 3.00
1 kg of apples € 2.00
1 kg of potatoes € 1.00
1 litre of milk € 0.50 - € 1.00
1 bottle of mineral water (0.75 litre) € 0.30
1 cup of coffee at a café € 2.50
1 glass of beer at a pub (0.3 litre) € 2.00 - € 3.00
1 pair of shoes € 30 to € 100
1 t-shirt € 7 to € 50
1 pair of trousers € 30 to € 100
1 cinema ticket (concessions price) € 4 to € 8
1 theatre ticket (concessions price) € 6 to € 30
1 ticket to the museum (concessions price) € 2 to € 8

It is difficult to say exactly how much money a student in Germany needs per month. The cost of living varies from city to city. Generally students can live on less money in smaller cities than in large cities. And, of course, the amount of money you will need greatly depends on how economically you live.
Paying the rent

Renting a flat comprises the largest portion of one’s monthly expenditures. However, the rental prices in Germany vary greatly. Depending on the city in which you live, you will likely pay between 185 and 345 euro per month for accommodation. The rental prices in some large cities like Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt am Main are much higher in comparison. If you are looking to live cheaply, it might be a good idea to take a room in a student hall of residence or a shared flat.

Average monthly expenses for rent and utilities
Room in a student hall of residence: € 200
Room in a shared flat: € 245
Flat by yourself: € 315

Source: Deutsches Studentenwerk, 18th Social Survey
Students are eligible for numerous price concessions. With your student ID, you can receive concessions on tickets and entrance fees to theatres, opera houses, cinemas, museums, public swimming pools and other cultural venues.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 9:07pm On Sep 27, 2012
Contact me on: oxfordtravels01@gmail.com
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by OxfordTvs: 9:27pm On Sep 27, 2012
Contact me on: oxfordtravels01@gmail.com
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by adigunomomama(m): 3:09am On Sep 28, 2012

You make me fell for Germany

So what's up with the Procedure?

And where exactly A̶̲̥̅̊яε̲̣̣̣̥ you located In Lagos and Germany?

Am fully Interested if the Bill its not killing.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by jassie(m): 4:15am On Sep 28, 2012
Nice one. I am aware that the embassy requires one to deposit about 8k Euros, but what options are u actually suggesting? Proof of sponsorship from another person? And what are your charges? Feel free to be open about it and let's discuss. . .
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by harry2larg(m): 12:30pm On Jul 15, 2013
Pls am interested i will love my sister to study there, can i have your e-mail so i can contact you here is my e-mail harry2large@yahoo.com.
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by ajala20: 7:03pm On Jul 13, 2015
Is it a cool place for anybody who wants to further in the finance field?
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by barapistis(m): 12:41pm On May 07
These is cool
Re: Tution Free Universities In Germany-(work,study And Scholarship Opportunities) by shadeslove4real(f): 3:08pm On May 16
Good day have you contacted the op, and if yes what was their reply? Thanks

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