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<<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 11:55pm On Nov 11, 2012

That was the speed he was going at. The windows were rolled down and he was used to the wind blowing against the side of his face with such pressure. Such force, as it tends to clear his face and helps keep him awake.

He enjoyed this part of the journey. Not because there are few vehicles on the road but because the road was good. The road was constructed some months back but it was unlike roads around this side of the world, it was in perfect shape. Perfect for that speed as you don't have to worry about potholes and curves. It just ran straight from one end to another.

The Old Ife road was one of the best roads in the country. The best Micheal knows anyway and this part of the journey from Lagos to Ado-ekiti always excites him as he can ease up and just blaze.

This trip was more satisfying and refreshing because it has been almost 5 months he had driven a bus through here and for a commercial driver, that is torture. Torture not only because he loved this trips but it meant his wife and kid had to depend on the little funds his wife made from her little kiosk for sustainance. But if he had not opened the kiosk for her and stocked it up with goods, it might have been worse.

The reason he stopped driving was simple and very deserving, he had gotten behing the wheels of the bus he was to drive after ingesting a high quantity of alchohol.

The Lagos state Ministry of transportation had banned the sale of all alcoholic drinks in garages and packs and held meetings with the transport unions sensitising them on the dangers of drinking and driving. The unions had agreed with the government and warned it's members not to drink before driving but Micheal was addicted to it.

The woman who sold the local alchoholic brew had come up with a way to hide her drinks and her customers came to her shed in a hidden part of the garage to have a shot or two. Micheal had been one of the visitors there but he did not know that the union and government had laid a trap for him.

He went there one morning as his bus was being boarded and took three shots of his favorite brew and used some sweets to simmer down the smell. But he had been seen by the officials who also disguised as customers. They had pretended like they were operating their phones and taken pictures of him drinking. He strolled out and when his bus was filled, he got into the driver's seat and just as he was about to pull out of the garage, he was arrested.

His Driver's license was seized for three months and even after the three months expired, he could not get anyone to trust him enough to give him a bus to drive. But all that was past now. He was back in the seat he loves so much doing what he loves doing again and what made him happier was that he can provide for his family again.

In the last seat was Ronke. A fresher going for registrations in a new school. She had chose the school in the matriculations because it was far from home. 4 hours from Lagos to be precise and since the state has no airport, there is no risk of her dad or mum jumping on a plane one day and coming to see her. If they will come, they will call her first and tell her ahead.

She loved it because it will allow her do all she wants to do without them monitoring her. She had gone through all previous levels of her education from the house and now, it was getting boring. She hear tales of her friends going to parties and she wishes she can too but her parents will skin her.

She has a curfew of 6pm and anything later is problem even before the curfew, her movements are always monitored as they always ask where she is and who she is with.

When she came for the entrance examinations, her father had said she would not got there but she failed her other exams on purpose so this was the only one she passed and he had no choice.

The journey was long and boring. Nothing to see but the forest on either side of the road. They passed a dam in Ibadan but that was the only water body along the road and Rebecca who was 8 months pregnant was bored.

She was going to see her BF who stayed in Ekiti. He had gotten her pregnant when he came to spend the holidays with a friends of his and Becky as she is called was shocked when she found she was pregnant.

But her boyfriend John had accepted responsibility and promised to stay with her and marry her as soon as he got his act together at work. True to his promise, he came with his parent and wanted to fix a date but they chose to wait for Becky to give birth first as the parents from both sides wanted a big wedding and they judged that it will be safer for her and her baby if she gave birth first before the wedding comes.

She is eager to see John. John had proven to be a gentleman and when the thought of him being a father struck him, he became more responsible. He saved more, quited drinking, got his own appartment and cut his hair a lot more frequently.


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 12:12am On Nov 12, 2012
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 5:47pm On Nov 12, 2012

That was what it felt. And then a little anger burnt inside it. Anger at the whole world for starving it and abandoning it.

It used to be worshipped as the family god in the village but all that changed when one of the sons took faith and came back to convert the other members of the family. They all changed except one. The old man, the eldest who did not want to abandon the wise ways of his fathers and he continued to feed it everyday with palm oil and the blood of animals and in return, it gave the old man strenght.

Unfortunately, the other family members did not like that the old man remained with the old ways so they abandoned him. Left him thinking he would change after he suffers and hunger gets to him.

But it fed the old man. It spoke to the man about the hidden secrets in herbs and the old man became a doctor for the village but the old man was still mortal and the reaper came for him one day.

The preacher came a day after the old man had died and burnt the shrine, along with all the items of worship there. It was furious. Why can't they just let it be and stay it's existence. It was angry enough to fight back but it could not harm a member of that family. It was their protector and could not harm the even if it wanted to. So was the hidden dark laws of guardians.

It was chased out of it's abode and now hunger came. It has been a month year since it fed last and it was already feeling the oblivion that awaits guardians when left to starve. But it was not in the mood to just go like that.

It will feed yes feed on mortal flesh and blood and it knew where to find them. The road they passed through in their carriages was perfect

Inside the bush on the side of the road it waited. It was hungry. And the plan was simple, lure one of those carriages off the road and feed.

It waited as one carrige pulled by and It attached it's will to it. It went into the carriage and into the mind of the driver and called the driver to him.

Micheal felt a strange sensation in his head as thought he was drunk. He shook it off thinking it was sleep but suddenly he lost himself as though he fell asleep.

All of a sudden, the car pulled off the road and into the forest,

Ronke who had been looking out the window suddenly noticed the their direction changed, and the suddenly plunged into the forest and she screamed.

Beckky pulled out of her sleep when she heard about four different scream and saw that their bus was no longer on the road but was in a forest and still driving fast. She joined in the screaming.

It had followed the carriage. It had pulled it to a place where no one could disturb it's feeding and it flew towards the carriage as fast as possible.

The bus stopped and micheal suddenly gain control of himself amist screaming and people holding him. Immediately, he stopped, some passengers jumped out in a bid to run or see what went wrong and that truned out to be a mistake.
Ronke was among those who first jumped out and immediatly she was out she stopped seeing that the men around her were just as confused as her she concluded that they were not in on this. One man went to the driver who was starmmering behid the wheel when she heard a whistle. She turned in that direction and her conciousness turned into a nightmare


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:16am On Nov 21, 2012
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 5:58pm On Dec 05, 2012
Lost some updates thanks to Seun but I am on track
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:27pm On Dec 09, 2012
The creature saw where the wreckage of the carriage stood. The occupants had got down and were surrounding the person who was supposed to be controlling the movement and some had gotten down to look around. It had gotten them this far and It is time to feed.

It flew towards them and with every second it went closer, the exictment filled it. It had never fed on humans before. It only fed on little animals and some times, large ones depending on the pocket of it's adopted family. It's mood changed as it flew and it turned to devour.

It even seemed like it devoured every living thing there as the path at which he flew was desolate. Filled with dead plants and animals as everything it came in contact with or flew over lost it's life. There was a dark cloud surrounding it as always and the cloud followed it ans it went in

It felt the humans ahead and the hunger increased. Now it was aggressive and grew stronger. An occupant of the carriage was standing alone somewhere. It was a female too and it could feel her fear. She tasted good and she will be the first.

It flew towards her and the dark cloud enveloped her. She screamed when she saw it but it was too late. It stared into her soul and her eyes were still on it and started extracting her soul and essence.

When the bus had stopped in the bush, Becky could not get out of the bus. She was much too heavy for that. All she could do was hope and pray that all was okay. She looked around and held her tummy as though holding her child then she pulled out her phone at least maybe she can get help. The phone showed there was no network availavble.

She did not know what was going on. Some of the men were questioning the driver and tempers was high. This could be a kidnapper's den, a den of robbers or ritualist. She had to get out and she tried getting out of the bus.

She was the only one left inside it and it scared her again. If this was a trap, everyone could easily disappear leaving her in the bus. She grabbed hold of the seat in front of her and got up, she had barely gotten out of the bus when she heard a scream and then more screams.

Micheal was confused. How did they get here? There were passengers all around him saying he brought them to a trap but he did not. He couldn't have. To him, it was all a bad dream. He remembered feeling kind of drowsy in the bus earlier but if he had drifted into sleep he did not know. He had not had a drink in a while so how could this have happened?

He was allowed to get off the bus but he was not allowed to go far. They suspected that he brought them to a trap but he himself did not understand what was going on.

Questions was presented to him from all angles and he tried his best to answered but his head was disturbed by a splitting scream. He moved his head to the direction of the scream and the scream rang again. All he could see was darkness. Not the absence of light. But it was as though a small part was painted in black. The sream came from inside the darkness but he did not know what it was.

The passengers blocking him had stopped. They all stood wondering what the dark patch was when it changed direction and went towards another passenger.

At the spot it was before, an human shaped fell lifelessly and that was when everyone ran.

Feeding on the human was easier than it thought. She was full of life and she was beautiful. It covered Iself and the female human with the cloud and made her look at It. She first screamed and stopped then she sreamed again and her life passed into it.

The other passengers just stood and watched. They were amazed at what the cloud was. Soon they will learn. It drew away from the girl and went for the closest human while the lifeless body of It's victim fell to the ground.

The same thing happened with all of them, their fear, and their soul was consumed. Some ran while some hid. Some screamed for help while some prayed. One after the other, it fed on them and it felt stronger that it had ever been. Just one more human left. The one lying down on the floor with a protuding belly shouting.

Becky saw the body fall from a cloud and she joined the screaming, the darkness went after another passenger and did the same. She saw the rest run in different direction but what every that things was, it went after them. She thought of running but she was weak. She dicided to try anyway and she had barely taken 5 steps when she saw felt wet in her underwear. She could not have peed as a pain ripped through her body.

She realised what has happened. Her water broke..............


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 9:53am On Dec 16, 2012
Poer supply has been crazy in this mad jungle I am but I have sufficient power to update now. I might even change the title sef.

I have had this story in my head since I was 13 and I hope it comes right.

I'm going in

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:23am On Dec 16, 2012
Ojoade was in the forest looking for a special plant. The plant grows only on the side of the hills and under the rocks around this parts. His father had introduced the plant to him when he was a child but did not teach him the best use of it. Perhaps his father did not know.

Akintola, his father was just a native doctor. One who learnt the uses of leaves, herbs, roots and backs to treat ailments but Ojoade was more than that. He is beyond his father in every perspective and everyone in his village knows it.

His father had married a woman from Ibadan. One who was a decendant of the great Kings of old. She was humble and beautiful, caring and kind and was a perfect wife. She was loved by Akintola and the whole village was jealous of their love and life together.

Arewa was her name and true to it, she has beauty on her side. How she fell in love with the doctor amused everyone but she abandoned kings, chiefs and princes to marry him and they lived hapily for years but with just one problem.

For almost 15 years after Akintola married Arewa, they had no child. Not even a mis-carriage and this made both of them sad. Some people said Arewa was cursed by her parents for choosing to marry her husband and some claimed it was price Akintola had to pay the gods for his skills as a doctor. He was a good doctor who knew the secrets in the plants he used. His brews always worked for his patients and sometimes, even the Medical doctors from the hospitals come to him for roots and advice.

15 years passed and Akintola stood by his wife. People spoke and gossiped. Akintola could provide fertility herbs to other couples while he was childless but that did not seem to bother him. He loved his wife and he did not care what anyone said. He did continue his work and made sure to the best of his ability that his wife was comfortable. He did not nag, performed his duty as a husband, he did not deny her sèx and he did not even think of taking in a second wife even when the Baale called him and asked him.

The Baale had been bothered that if Akintola should die, his secrets and gifts as a doctor might go to thr grave with him. The Baale was more bothered that the village might be without a doctor and like a concerned leader, he called Akintola and adviced him to marry. He even told him to choose and maiden in the whole village and he will make sure she married Akintola but Akintola refused.

Arewa who had become tired of been insulted at the market also adviced her husband to take in a junior wife but her refused. He said he could not share his love for his wife with another woman and he will rather die without an heir that marry again.

This went on for year until in the 15th year or their marriage, Arewa got pregnant. Finally, the gods had smiled on him and ha was delighted. The Baale made sure Arewa was taken cared of well and she had maids at her beck and call. Akintola made brews everyday for his wife so that she would give birth safely. He did not want to leave anything to chance. He even called the doctor friends of his from the hospital and he was assured that she was fine but they were all wrong.

It is said that the gods play a different game of cards and they played Akintola a very wicked and different one.

Throughout the term of the pregnancy, the child and mother were fine apart from the usual weakness associated with pregnancy. She was treated and pampered. The village seem to accept her back to their midst as they were assured that a doctor will continue there.

Eveb when jokes were made that the baby might be a girl, the baale said he did not mind having a femal traditional doctor as long as she had the skills of her father. The day of delivery drew closer and not on person suspected what the gods planned. No one knew they were about to be played the absolute trick by their spiritual masters.

When Arewa became heavy, the priest was called to look at the future and he said the baby would be a boy and the delivery was going to be safe. The priest was called in by the baale who had been having strange dreams but at the words of the priest, he bacame calm.

Arewa went into delivery in the night. In the middle of july when lightning and thunder plagued the sky and rain fell. Thunder made the hiils around them shake as though Sango the god of thunder himself was walking around. The midwives came and went in with her while Akintola sat outside in a different hut with the men in the village.

Palm wine was already supplied and smile were on their faces. Akintola said a prayer to Ogun and Obatala for his wife and child but little did he know that therir eyes were turned away to other things. Amist the mixture of lighning, rain and thunder, they heard shouts and screams coming form Arewa's hut.

"Labour pains" one man said. But it increased. The screams turned into "OROOOOOO!!!!!!!" As shouts of horror came from the hut.....................


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 10:38am On Dec 16, 2012
The men watched as shapes ran out of the hut into the stormy night in different directions and they ran towards it with Akintola in front scared for the life of his wife. He was fearful that the worst had happen or what else will cause midwives who had seen the worst to run away.

These midwives were also witches according to most people but they were the best too.

Akintola entered the hut along with two other men to meet only on woman still in the hut. The little lamp in the corner was the only source of light there and she just sat in front of the his wife.

"I want only Akintola to be here" she said. She said it just once and the other men still stood.

"All of you should go home now. Only the husband should see this" she sais and slowly, the men went out to their house. It was not wise to disobey a midwive. A one suspected of bein a witch at that. And definately not on a night when lightning was falling from the sky.

Akintola stood in the hut confused. He could not say anything to the woman but she knew his questions. She understood it. It was fear for his wife and child. Fear that he had lost one if not two people and she asked him to come closer.

He noticed that his wife was not moving. He understood this. He was a dostor and he knew when someone is dead. He did not been to be told but something else got his attention.

There was a cloth in front of the woman and the cloth was moving. He took a closer look and saw a baby. A son!!!!

Quiet but moving it's hands. Akintola immediately wanted to smile until he looked in the right hand of his son.

In his right hand, his son held his wife's heart

The heart was not pounding just griped by the little boy and the boy laid down looking innocent.

The woman looked up and said

"The decision is yours, my sisters are sworn to secrecy and no one will talk about this. Should you wish to send the boy back to the gods, or let him live among us is yours to decide. I will wait outside awaiting your decision so I can come clean this up"


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 5:30pm On Dec 22, 2012
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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:51pm On Dec 22, 2012
Akintola stood there looking at the little at the little infant on the floor. Still in his birthing blood. He had dropped the heart in his hand but the baby still looked like what he thought he. A Muderer.

This little child lying on the floor is responsible for the death of his wife. The thing he has longed for for so long has come but it came with a price. He always told people that he cannot live without his wife and here he was now with a son and without a wife.

Fear took him as he started walking all around the room while the thunger storm continued outside the hut. Occasionally, lightning illuminated the room through the window and at some point, Akintola stood at that window to look outside. Perhaps he might see a digh from where ever this child had come from.

In all his years and the history of his people, never has such an event been mentioned. Not a script written about it, infact, he thought it impossible and yet it has happened to him.

Another lightning and the associating thunder.

The child now started crying, obviously the sound of the thunger was getting to him. This showed that he was scared and mortal. How can this be? He thought

He looked away from the child and to his wife, the mid-wives(for want of a better name) had spared him and covered her body except for her face. He had heard rumours that they are witches and he had seen evidence to proof this but the super-natural was not his turf never had been but now, he is neck deep in it. He could not show fear, men don't.

He gathered courage and looked at her face. She was still beautiful. As beautiful as he remembered her even thought her face had no color anymore. He looked at the boy on the floor, looked into his eyes and saw his wife's blue eyes in them.

He looked like her but why did he have to kill her? Why did she have to be he sacrifice so that he might have a son th train as a doctor? The gods always have plans but this was a sick one he thought.

Lightning again

this time he looked back out the window to the hills afar. He could not see much but he looked anyway and just as he was about to take his gave away, another bolt of lightning ran throught the sky but it was different this time.

The light liasted a little bit longer. It was brighter and he saw something afar.

In the distant hills which was illuminated by the light, he saw or thought he saw the shape of a man holding an object and the lightning struck the object. He tried to focus more on that hill but the light dimmed out and he was thrown into darkness once again save for the lamp in the room.

It could not have been a man he thought to himself,
"I am just seeing things he said"

He turned to baby who was still crying and then he looked at his wife and he made his choice.

The child cannot live

He just killed his wife and justice has to be made. Anger filled him immediately as he walked to a corner and pulled out his machete. Short, shinny and sharp. Even in the almost dark room, the blade shone and refleted light. He had kept the machete and used it only when he went into the deep forest to get leaves and roots. It was always kept sharp and had never tasted blood of any type.

He walked to his son, stood above him and raised the machete up. He looked back at him and then to his dead wfe lying on the floor. Tears welled up behind his eyes as his emotions took control of him.

Another lightning...

The baby still crying on the floor and Akintols stood above him. His hands had begin to come down slowly when he saw his son. Those eyes looked so much like his wife. Compassionate, kind and loving. The kid looked like he was saying "Love me"

He could not bring himself to do this. This son might have killed his wife but he was still his only son. The only offspring he has after so many years. The baby himself had stopped crying as though he knew someone was close by and Akintola's face broke into a smile.

Suddenly, his eyes travelled to the ripped out heart and he shook himself free of his emotions. The gods had sent this baby to totmeny him and he would send it back to them. The emotions in him were drowned by anger at once as he raised his hand and this time, his eyes were blinged by rage, his nostrils flared and his heart was over whelmed with anger and vengence.

His stroke came down fast perfedtly aimed at the child. His aim was good cos he learnt to cut plants at a specific position and angle. His arms were strong fueled by his anger and frustration.

Another lightning..........



Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:18am On Dec 23, 2012
I really have issues with coming up with names and I constantly have to read through to remember who is who.
Smh @myself

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:43am On Dec 23, 2012
The machete struck the same time the whole room was illuminated by the lightning bolt. The light from it shone on the blade of the machete and reflected the light and illuminated the room more.

When Akinola brought the machete down, he aimed it at the head of the little boy. There was no way he could allow such a child live not after all the peculiarities that surrounded his birth,

The sudden light temporarily blinded him and when the light was gone, he had to adjust to the light from the small lamp again. The thunder as a result of the lightning came as Akitola looked down and what he did and was shcoked.

The machete was embedded in the head of the child and there was blood everywhere. Closed his eyes and said a fast and quiet prayer to both his wife and the gods asking for forgiveness. The act had to be done and he has.

He stepped as he could not bring himself to look at his dead son and wife and just as he wanted to go outside to call the old woman, he heard the most peculiar sound. It sounded too unreal to believe and he listened more just to make sure his ears were not deceiving him.
The sound was undeniable
The child was crying

Fear gripped him. It was not possible, he had just embedded a machete in the child's head, he could not be alive and crying. He took the lamp and took it closer to the boy and noticed that he was moving and this time, the tears had grown louder.

He could not understad this. The machete was still hanging from the head and here the baby was, crying.

He took the machete by its handle and pulled it back. It was a little hard to do as if was stuck but he pulled with all the strenght he had left and as he pulled the machete out, he realised what has just happened.

The machete which seemed embedded was not. The blade had actually folded inwards and got stuck on the child's head. He looked at the blade shocked at what he saw.

He looked at the child who was still crying and realised that the child's head was unspoilt and unharmed. It was obvious the gods had sent him one of theirs now and killing him was out of the question.

Akintola knew there was only one thing now. He had been chosen by the gods to be the guardian for one of their own at the expense of his wife and there was nothing he could do. He bent down and picked the baby, he hid the machete under an earthing pot still shocked and walked to the door to call the old woman who was waiting for him there.


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 2:52am On Dec 24, 2012
Okay I have been officially called a witch by some peopl cos I don't sleeptonguetonguetonguetonguetonguetongue:p
Lemme see if this writer's block has left me
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:12am On Dec 24, 2012
Back. I have not written a thing. tonguetonguetonguetonguetongue
Dubem I see you, Ijebabe, Breathing, Brokoto, Izuchukwu, and the rest of you(I have a bad memory).

Lemme try to get this right.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 3:41am On Dec 24, 2012
The woman stood barely sheltered from the rain but her cloths were not wet. Not except she wanted them to. She could walk all over the town and still be dried because the services she rendered was one that could have her called at anytime of the day and in any weather. She has to protect herself against the elements.

She knew she had left the doctor to make a very hard decision but it was the doctor's decision to make and no one else's. It is his child and he has to choose. But even to her this is strange. I all her days of being a witch and a mid-wife, she has never seen something of this nature. No child has ever come out of his/her mother holding her heart. It defiles everything. As she stood there, she sent a message throught the wind for her sisters to come back. They had fled the young initiates and it was not their fault.

At a night which Sango plagued the skies with lightning and thunder, something like that happening was enough to scare anyone who has no heart to bear it.

She had looked into the lightning and knew that it was not ordinary, the gods are playing around today and it is on days like these that mortals come face to face with gods especially on the hills. Nights like this are the times when the futures and destinies of a whole village was fixed.

The way the baby came out and the circunstances also told her one thing. This might have been the first she has seen but if care is not taken and the situation speards, then dark witches might use it as a way to punish their enemies and no one according to what she felt deserved this fate.

The wind which took her message to her sisters came back. The message has been that the younger ones go home while another two who were almost her age comes to assist her. They were just arriving when Ojoade came out of his hut carrying his crying child.

" I have made my choice"said Akinola. This child is mine and I will not kill him."

The leader of the mid-wives look at him and said
"As you wish"

The three of them walked into the hut while he stayed at the door.

The two new witches looked at the body and they were shocked. But they started cleaning anyway without any questions asked.

They prepared the body of his wife and covered it up. Ojoade was told to bury his wife's body fast so that he can get started on the task ahead. Immedaitely they were done cleaning, they gave him some advice on bathing the baby and feeding him too. He could use goat milk from a bottle as it will norish the child until morning.

Throughout the night, only one thought plaged his mind and it was the plan for his child. From his experience with the cutlas, itwas the choice of the gods that the baby should live and grow among mortals and that he decided that that the child will live. In the morning, even before the sun rose, Akinola's house was crowded and filled with people who came to morn with him.

The witches had not told anyone the truth. They just told them that the mother had died during delivery and that Akintola was left with a son without a mother. Whe nthe king heard, he sent two of his maid to stay with Akinola permanently to help with the raising of the child.

And so the secret of his birth was hidden from all. The witches had consulted with the gods to try to see the destiny of the boy more out of fear that he might have been sent to kill them but the gods were quiet to them. The god choose what they spoke and when it came to Akinola's son Ojoade, they chose silence.

Akinola never had problems with Ojoade, he grew normaly like every child in the village except he learnt his father's vocation from an early age. His father when he was 5 decided it was time for them both to start going to gather herbs and barks together.

He learnt what leaves could cure what and what barks were good when making a concortion to cure an ailment. The boy grew and nothing out of the ordinary happened until he was 10 years old.

Ojoade had brewed a concotion for a patient who had malaria and was ready since the patient would come the next day to collect it, he put the pot on the stove outside so that the brew would not get cold and he went to sleep. His father was not yet home from a trip to a parient so he left a little lamp out side so when Akinola came, he could use to navigate around the room. And he went to bed.

Akinola was tired from his trip. The patient had being a difficult one which even the doctors could hot heal. They had tried to no avail and he was called in. He knew the cure and he had to climb the great hill to get that. He cooked it and by the second day, the patient was begining to recover so he made his way home. The doctors were pleased and pleaded with him to spend another night but he realised that he might have other patients back home so he insisted on going home and one of the offered him a lift in his car

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:15am On Dec 24, 2012
The journey home was smooth. The government was trying their best to bring most of the villages to the city and while this brought all sort of advantages, it also meant some of the old ways were being lost but Akinola was not one to complain. He missed his son and he wanted to see him again.

He knew he left some patients with him but the boy was smart enough to know what he should give them and he has been instructed to refer serious cases to the local health centre. It rarely happened that some patiendts were refered by him but since part of the old ways were being lost, the powers his leaves and tubers carried had reduced. And he discovered that to find the strong plants, he had to go on the hill, at least at the base of the hills. Strange happening but he did not complain.

It was dark when he go home and the doctor dropped him off with a "thank you" and drove back. Akinola saw the lamp outside and was grateful for Ojoade's thoughtfullness. He took the lamp in and saw the boy lying down on the floor. He changed his clothing and was about to lay down too when he noticed that Ojoade was begining to move off the mat and the floor. He had always been a restless sleeper and sometimes talking in his sleep too. Akinola was not moved about his movig as the worst that could happen was that he would have himself soiled in dust.

Suddently a he heard a rustle from the pots he kept in a corner and he got up he brought the lamp closer to himself and looked in the direction of the pots. He was relieved when he saw some rats run from the light. Rats were better that snakes he thought.

The lamp was not at a place which was dangerously close to Him and if Ojoage rolled back on the mat, his hands migh get burnt so he carried the lamp while still lying down and tried to put it on a shelf just above that part of the mat Where Ojoade was sleeping. The path of the movement was so that the lamp will pass through his head but when the lamp went over his head, the worst happened,

A massive bolt of lightning came from nowhere and struck the lamp, breaking it into bits. Akinola jumpedm sat up and was trembling. The broken parts of the lamp littered the floor and some where on the mat but the boy was still asleep. The boy rolled back into the mat but he did not wake up.

Akinola got off the mat and stood up. He went to the window to see if it was raining and it was not. Infact, there were stars up there fear came to him. What could this mean?

His mind ran back to the day he was born and the lightning that came when he tried to kill him and more fear caught him. He knew that whatever his son was, normal was not one of them. He was different from other kids or humans at that. How many people does lighning occur when a lamp is brought close to their head?

He needed answers and he knew only one person who could give him. The oracle of ifa in the next village. Ifa might not be sango but Ifa is the oracle of the gods and he should be able to help them.

From that moment, Akinola sat down until the first rays of the sun. He was too scared to sleep beside him incase another bolt of lightning came and when the boy woke he called him

"Ojoade, today you and I will be visiting Ifamuyiwa in the next village"

The boy had never seen his father consult the gods or serve one so he asked
"Father, I hope there is nothing wrong"

"No son, no problem. I just want to consult with him on a pressing issue"

Ojoade got prepared and took his bath. He tried to make some fire for food his father resisted and acted as if the firewood would kill him. They ate food brought by the patient who came for the brew. The son wondered what they would have eaten if the patient had not brought food but he was not one to question his father and he left it like that.

He also noticed pieces of the lamp on the floor and his fatjer had claimed the he dropped it while searching for something but he was suprised his father did not sweep it off immediately so it won't hurt anyone but he did not talk. It is said that The actions of an elder should not be questioned.

They set off on their way to the next village and got there early evening. Normally Akinola will pay respects to the local doctor there but today, he was not ready for any formality. He headed straight for Ifamuyiwa's shrine. He needed answers. They got to the shrine and entered to see the priest who threw down the stones of Ifa in a bid to see what had been causing the things Akinola complained about. Of course he said this without Ojoade being in the room.

As the stones hit the floor, there was a rubling in the sky qbove and all three of them noticed. Ojoade who was not around when his father spoke to Ifamuyiwa was not bothered.

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 6:29am On Dec 24, 2012
Ifamuyiwa took the stones and threw them again and this time, there was not sound or anything.

The Old priest sighed deeply, took the stone ones again and threw them. The stones barely touched the ground this time when lightning passed thought the house containing the shrine the there people were shocked and next was a brain splitting thunder that kept there head ringing.

Akinola looked towards the priest for an explanation and he saw that Ifamutiwas was also scared. The mouth piece of the gods was trembling right in his very seat.

Ojoade was scared and when he saw the look on the faces of the two men, he grew more afraid. The ushers of the priest who had been waiting outside ran inside and that then Ifamuyiwa looked at his stones and looked back up but now, his eyes had changed into a redish colour, there was an air around him and his robe floow as it there was a wind flowing inside them. He opened his mouth and words spilled out of it but the voice sounded like the rumbling of distant thunder.

I am the god of your fathers.
The great ancestor of your people
controller of lightning
weilder of thunder
I am the one who is all powerful
the husband of OYA
I am Sango Oba Koso


Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 4:31am On Dec 28, 2012
Okay time to update some more
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 5:17am On Dec 28, 2012
He continued
"I am the one who passes across the mountains and they tremble and shake.
I am the master of fire.
Fire shoots out of my eyes and mouth at will
this is me,
The god of your fathers and the boy is mine.

With that the whole room went into a frenzy, wind blew from inside the garment of the oracle and made the house turn. Everyone who saw what just happened including Akinola and ojoade tried to run but were stuck on their seats as they could not move while they sat down and watched the priest.

Soon the priest rose into mid air on his own even while he maintained his sitting position. They are watched as he levitated and was suspended for some seconds before there was another bolt of lightning struck by lightning.

A lot of people might say that the priest was struck by another bolt but everyone in the room knew one thing The lighning came from withing him.

immediately after the lightning, he dropped to the ground, the room was already a mess as a result of the wind, as there were carved shapes which the various Orisas(demigods) Ifamuyiwa relied on for relating with the gods hurled down from their positing and were all lying face flat with their head pointing in the direction of Ojoade.

"What is going on here?" Came from a man who had come to see the oracle but because the ushers were both inside, there was no one to stop him.

The ushers move towards him and one of them pushed him out to go and wait outside while the second one walked cautiously towards the Oracle who was still lying on the ground. Fear was written all over Akinola's face as he was not used to the gods and their ways. Ojoade was confused, scared and the look on his father's face was almost driving him crazy.

The Usher continues moving in towards the Oracle and when he got close to him he called

"My lord".

A thought went through him to try to touch him but he was not toatally sure what would happen right then. The old priest's body had been taking over by Orisas once or twice but nothing like this had every happened. Ifamuyiwa just laid down on the floor.

Akinola started to regain part of his functions after the shock and the first thing he thought of was his son. He looked towards him and saw the fear written on his face. His face was almost white and lifeless. Then he looked towards Ifamuyiwa and the usher who stood above him calling his name.

"Why not shake him out and see if he would respond?" Akinola asked the usher.

"I don't think that is a good idea right now was his respond. He might still be under the influence of the great god" replied the usher

Akinola was recovering fast from his shock and he said
"So what if he is still under the influenced? Does that mean you can't touch him?"

At that, the usher looked towards Akinola and said
"With all due respect sir, the gods whether in their god sef or when inhabitating an human's body don't like being touched by mortals. If he is still under the influence of a god, anyone who touches him will die instantly"

This made Akinola sit back a little. Although he was not comfortable with his presence in that room and the thought that he just had an experience with a god made him more uncomfortable but he wanted to priest to wake up and tell him what to do. Different thoughts ran through his head as he weighed his options.

Should he take his son and leave? That seemed good but considering that he did not get and answers as to what he should do about the boy, going away might be more dangerous than staying right there and waiting for the oracle to come to.

"My lord" the usher called again and this time he got a groan from Ifamuyiwa as an answer.

He walked over to his side and lifted him up and put him in a sitting position as thought he was another piece of carved wood.

Ifamuyiwa's face was devoid of life and colour. It was as if he was an empty vessel just waiting to accept the next occupant. He sat there looking but his eyes were empty. And the life started coming back to him gradually.

First his eyes blinked and some reflections were seen in his dialated eyeballs. In the distance, thunder still rumbled as a reminder of what happened inside.

"This has never happened to me before" Was the first thing Ifamuyiwa said when he gained control of his mouth.

He blinked as if trying to make sure his eyelids were functioning and then he raised his hand.

"You can go and wait outside again" said The oracle and the usher standing beside his master walked out without asking any questions.

Now Akintola found his voice
"Great one, what happened? What is the meaning of all this?"

The oracle looked up and said
"Tell the boy to wait outside while we talk"

Ojoade who was taught well by his father did not need to be told twice as he just got up and walked out to go stay with the ushers outside
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 5:27am On Dec 28, 2012
With the boy outside, Ifamuyiwas started talking.

"Doctor, you name is known throught these villages, men women and elders look to you for medical advise and yet you have negleted one thing. You have turned your back on the gods and because of this, you are ignorant of what you should have done early in his life. How did his mother die?"

At this question, Akinola's thoughts went to the agreement between him and the witch and decided not to tell the whole truth.

"she died at child birth. Her body was too weak after the boy was born and she died"

The priest looked on.

Akinola asked
"What is happening to my son? Will he be alright?"

"your son will be alright but he has also been chosen from birth to be more than human. He has been chosen to carry the powers and thoughts of Sango and nothing can stop that. You can only raise him and learn but be very careful with him"

"what do you mean careful?"

"Ifamuyiwa looked straight at Akinole and said, your son has the powers of Sango inherent in him and he is not yet grown enough to control those powers and so, you have to be careful with him"

At this, Akinola got lost in his own thoughts......
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Redmosquito(m): 2:22pm On Dec 28, 2012
What da f*ck! shocked
Dude you beat me to it. I was thinking of writing a story on Sango too! Damn! I was really planning hard towards it! angry
grin grin grin grin grin

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Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Mynd44: 2:24pm On Dec 28, 2012
I have secured the rights. Lmao
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Redmosquito(m): 2:26pm On Dec 28, 2012
Mynd_44: I have secured the rights. Lmao
Damn! angry angry angry angry Haaa!!
Black god of lightning
Yoruba voice of thunder
Orisa of the the sky
Send down your wrath upon his head angry angry angry
grin grin grin grin grin

lemme better leave before I derail your story grin grin grin
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by MariaGoretti: 2:28pm On Dec 28, 2012
whats with the Sango craze? Pls we need something else...new enticing work of ....lol, I actually choked at that point.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Nobody: 3:22pm On Dec 28, 2012
Which kain title be this eeeeee! Tri paternal son? Really? Humph!
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by CarterN4: 5:48pm On Dec 28, 2012
@Maria Goretti:lmao@'Sango craze',interesting angle.Since I'm new here,maybe you would be so kind as to tell me how often the subject matter has cropped up prior to last week?Outside of the shores of Nigeria,Shango is arguably the most iconic W/African demigod,non African readers would acknowledge a passing familiarity at least with his mythology,so it stands to reason that any author would borrow motifs from Shango lore for thematic effect.Still,I get your point,its worth considering.

@Mynd44:No subliminals here,just looking out,Sup?Just so you know you are in my top 5 of kick a*s*s writers on here,your Sango affiliations notwithstanding-lol.Stay thorough bruv,Peace.
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by movmentish(m): 11:13pm On Dec 28, 2012
Oga mynd44 where u dey na?!?
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 11:20pm On Dec 28, 2012
Don't worry Mynd, I won't fail to highlight ur errors tongue
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by ijebabe: 11:21pm On Dec 28, 2012
3 fathers, one son? Are they all biological? shocked
So like 3 sperms fused to make the child, abi wetin? grin
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by dubem3(m): 12:21am On Dec 29, 2012
You may be a good writer but when your write up Don kill person, we no go sorry for you ooh.
The story is tight man
Ride on
Re: <<<The Tri-Paternal Son>>> by Ollyfad(f): 1:33am On Dec 29, 2012
This story is gr8.i was lyk wtf! Sango's reincarnate?if dis story is wel editd wole's d gods r nt 2 blame no go stnd am o.cnt kip d truth evn dough he is my role model.oga mynd thumbs up jawe,i nid more updates.

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