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Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by uche13: 5:41pm On Dec 18, 2012
Ha! I must comment oh. I have been following this thread for a long while. God thank you for proving your Name on this thread. Thank you for letting the world know that the prayers here are not just for fancy. Thank you proving Your Word again. Yes You said that "He that watereth shall be watered".

How else do we show how mighty you are than being a living testimony? Thank you for blessing one of the finest prayer warriors here who always encourages others.

I bless you oh! Father, it remains Alwaystrue and the other beautiful women here. I'm confident because what You do for one, You can do for all.

Truly, the year isn't over yet


Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by marygold(f): 5:43pm On Dec 18, 2012
Hey!!!!yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;Dmama Tripletttts!!!congratulations.May this BFP be permanent(amen ooo)I'm so happy!!!

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Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Alwaystrue(f): 6:12pm On Dec 18, 2012
@All, is there anymore doubt in your mind that prayers in the name of Jesus work wonders?
They that wait on the Lord and put their trust in Him shall never be ashamed.
I pray for each and every waiting mother here that He will do as He did for Hannah and our mouths shall be filled with rejoicing, we too will be able to say I Samuel 2:1-10.

Prayer, faith, thanksgiving is required as you use nothing or take your medications or do your corrective operations. Let's not relent dears, the Lord will crown this year for our lifting and promotion.

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Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by wonyi: 6:49pm On Dec 18, 2012
@ mama Triplet,
Do u know what just haPpened to u? Last minute miracle just located. I believe in God my creator, He just surprised u and I know there shall be more surprises in this thread. Congrats

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Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by skimpychick(f): 7:33pm On Dec 18, 2012
Praise d Lord. MamaT this is a wonderful news. So so happy for u honestly.God is great.wish u happy n healthy 9months all d way.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Nobody: 7:34pm On Dec 18, 2012
A huge congratulations mamatriplets. You will carry your triplets to term by the grace of God. Your testimony will be complete IA. I'm so happy for you.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Pink22(f): 8:10pm On Dec 18, 2012
MamaT, my dear Mama T, all av been doing is crying, u don't know the joy i feel in my heart for u now. If i knew u and ur house i would have driven to ur house first thing tomorrow morning.
God will keep them u shall have them in due season. U don dey think of the three names wey u go name them? Tell them aunty pinky is saying hi
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Nobody: 8:45pm On Dec 18, 2012
mamatriplets! yaaaaaaaaay!!! im so happy for you! may you deliver your bundle of joy safely! ijn!!!
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Chi16(f): 8:51pm On Dec 18, 2012
mamaT...congratulation...am hapy for u. our God is a faithful GOd.He really answers prayer. ur testimony must b permanent.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by chidima: 9:54pm On Dec 18, 2012
[i][/iamat, I can.t stop screeming. This our God is too much. Congrats my dear. I am over joyous for u. This miracle must locate us all I Jesus ne. I can.t wait to hear what u did differently for this cycle. All my sisters in the waitng room, we will continue to pray until something happens. Love you all.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by kemidebbie(f): 10:08pm On Dec 18, 2012
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by RolaRayo: 10:09pm On Dec 18, 2012
What d Lord has done for us,we cannot tell it all!!!
Mama T,I say a big congratulations to u!God is indeed wonderful!U will carry to full term and bring forth on d destined day by God. Am so so happy for u!!!I tap into your miracle!its my turn to get a BFP.Congrats iya ibeta!!!
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by omonikiba(f): 10:11pm On Dec 18, 2012
ahahahahahahahahahaha, let me laugh Holy Ghost laugh before saying any ja, mamaTTTTT, ahahahahha, God is soooo great, i cant begin to shout cos am at work, how i wish i read your post at home, i for shoutttttttttttttttttttttttttt. how great is our God indeed, she who waters shall be watered. the Word has worked, we cant deny it, see how you joyfully held all the prayer sections, God is watching you to give you your triplets. oh my love, enjoy your triplet jor. hugsssssss baby. i feel like taking over your position here oooo, if am allowed. oya, go to pregnancy section.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Echala: 10:26pm On Dec 18, 2012
God is indeed faithful, he has never failed and he will never fail, Mama T big congrats to you my love, grin I am short of words honestly, God has just wowzer me right here. Sweeties here don't give up I know someone can't still claim their BFP before the year runs out, as for me I am next in line. Wish everyone BFP before the end of the year.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Kaynee: 10:26pm On Dec 18, 2012
grin grin grin grin yeah dats me grinning and showing all 32 beautiful teeth for joy. MamaT am hapi 4u, congrats and To God be the glory. On saturday evening I cried my eyes out wen AF came but dis gud news has brot me joy. Please mek u rest well o so dat ur head go clear so dat u go tell us wetin u do differently. Hapi and safe pregnancy. I tap into dis anointing for pregnancy oh Lord.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by blessedmom: 10:53pm On Dec 18, 2012
My darlg mamaT,I'm so happy for u.dis beautiful xmas gift dat God has given to u is permanent in Jesus name.u will have a safe & stress free 9mnths by God's grace.it is well with u & d triplets.our God is ever faithful & I knw more bfps r comg b4 d end of d year in Jesus mighty name.Amen
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Echala: 11:35pm On Dec 18, 2012
Sorry meant to say can still.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by omonikiba(f): 12:26am On Dec 19, 2012
{July16th, Am here @Greenfruits, thanks for checking on me. @Omonikiba, the front, left, back, right, center, upside down no work at all!!! Af came 3 days ago I was so sad & discouraged. I tink say as dat rat don die, NA BELLE STRAIGHT the day Af came I went to a corner in my office & I wept!!! wen I came back home na so so cry, I knelt down begging God to have mercy. At about 1:03am my Cousin that is a Pastor who I av nt heard from in a long while sent me this text. 'Hello Mamatriplets (using my real name)! Thus saith D Lord. Expect Ur BABY shortly according 2 D time of life'. THAT WAS MY COMFORT!!! So God knows?!! Am sure God was speaking to me but I couldn't hear cos I was downcast so He had to go tell someone else. I felt so Important & Elated. Really I was moving at a negative variance until dat text came. IT IS WELL, am back & READY TO PRAY TILL MY CHANGE COMES!!! YAY!!!}

was reading through your post when i saw this, God really used your cousin, when you wept He saw it in the corner of your office, i hope you will go back there and laugh. i really commend your faith all this while, you not ashame to declare what you believe and now my Gd is not ashamed to bless you. i praise God for you and i pray that your blessing is contagious, we are all following you to pregnancy section in Jesus name.

i will personally thank God for hearing you, Him alone is worthy of all our praises. pls continue to hold on even as you daily admire your blessings, i know your hubby will be jumping all around for you now. to God be the glory.

@all, i think we should organise a thanksgiving weekend for this mamaT's testimony, its realy a great one. as we do that all of us will get the annointing and in turn come back to testify in Jesus name.

Halleluia, i say amen to your pregnancy. have a safe and healthy 8months.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Hebrewwoman1: 4:12am On Dec 19, 2012
Wow, mama triplets God is faithful. Congrats is not even enuf but it's smethng. The Good Lord will perfect wat he has started. Please keep us posted wit ur U/S. am jst tryin to imagine how u feel.
This thread got so quiet, see how ur BFP jst ignited fire.
Congrats again dear.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Nobody: 6:57am On Dec 19, 2012
Mama Triplets!!!! What can I say apart from Thank You Lord!!! You have shown us that you are God. Thank you for remembering your daughter and I know that you are not finished with all the mama triplets on this thread. Lord you are Good.

Congratulations mama triplets. I am so so so happy for you and your testimony will be permanent in Jesus Name.

Please can you do me a favour and to please carry on encouraging our mummys in waiting on this thread and Prayer sessions to continue. Thanks dear kiss kiss

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Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Knetpro(m): 9:36am On Dec 19, 2012
MamaTriplets: At last!!! Yes!!! Am Pregnant. Ɣ☺ΰ all were right the cramps I was feeling na implantation cramps. Glory be to God in the Highest. I just can't begin to express my profound gratitude to the Most HIGH!!! And to all of Ɣ☺ΰ my precious sisters who made this journey worthwhile. Will post a pix of my Positive PT and blood results later. From my calculation I tink I should be about 5 weeks. The God that did it for me will do it for you!!! @Alwaysbaby, like I said Ɣ☺ΰ are next in line!!! @Prettymomma, we go dey see for the otherside na. I will share what I did differently this cycle. Abeg I dey feel small fatique grin grin grin make I rest. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! kiss kiss kiss

Congrats mamatriplets! This is something every woman should experience - truly astonishing and wonderful! That is why the "fruit of the belly" is a reward from the most high!
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by VENUSS(f): 9:36am On Dec 19, 2012
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by omonikiba(f): 10:05am On Dec 19, 2012
MamaTriplet, how body today?

As Momma CC rightly said, pls don't leave us here, continue with the ministry the Lord has placed in you hand. You are a testimony to us.

@Udoka,pls sign in and say something, God is here, we love you.

AlwaysTrue, common, we can't wait for your own oooo. I know mine too is here already in Jesus name.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by greenfruits(f): 10:36am On Dec 19, 2012
cry cry cry cry cry grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin yes it is the Lord doing and its marvellous in our sight. Oh Lord my God let dis bfp reach all the women in dis thread in Jesus mighty Name Amen

MamaT Congratulooooobiaaaaaa God is a good God His mercies endureth forever Amen. kiss dem for me that aunty greenfruits is happy to welcome them here.

Udobaby pls let us know hw u r doing, but i know u r ok

@all Merry Christmas and fruifull new year in Jesus Name amen. **** hugs & Kiss****
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Flakeey(f): 11:22am On Dec 19, 2012
I just wanna praise you Lord, I lift my voice to say I LOVE YOU, you are everything to us and I exalt your holy name oh LORD...
LORD, let your name alone be magnified, He has done great things. I am amazed, God, is this how you work? i will forever serve you.
MamaT, am so so happy for you, the Lord God Almighty has proven himself, he alone is worthy.
wishing you a stressfree, healthy and happy 9months IJMN.

@All, It is not over yet, tap into this miracle and we will all come back here to testify IJN.

@Udoka, we are missing you, come and wish us merry Xmas o, it is well with u.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by kike100: 12:21pm On Dec 19, 2012
MamaT,congratssssssss gannnnnnnn ni! God kp u n d triplets IJN. May dwindow's of heaven open BFPs to us all before December 31,2012 no Oruko Jesuuu
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by MSTIA: 1:22pm On Dec 19, 2012
Waoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!, Mama T, we thank God for his faithfulness. Congrats Luv, wishing you a stress free 8mnths @ all I can assure you that God is in the house.
Aunty Udo, I have tried getting ur email addy but I haven't b lucky. Please this ur Silence is getting me worried, can't just hold this any longer. Pls just Log in and say hi. Ok pls come and read Mama Triplet's Testimony. Seanbell hope U ok too. Rocksqueen sure you are doing great too.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Alwaystrue(f): 4:40pm On Dec 19, 2012
@Uche13, Amen. For every woman trusting the Lord here for their fruits as well, my prayer is that in this season where we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus, we too will celebrate the birth of new life in us.

@Omonikiba, grin you no fit wait pass me? Don't worry, you won't wait long for my pregnancy news in Jesus name, I will share my testimony soon.

@All, as we rejoice with MamaTriplets and others, do not fret, be strong and have faith because you will share your testimony soon too.

@MamaTriplets, where are you now? You don forget say you be spiritual mama for here even with your belle. You cannot leave this thread till you complete your work o and till further notice grin. Pele try rest well well for the triplets.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by champs: 4:51pm On Dec 19, 2012

What a wonderful Christmas present. I am so happy for you

Wishing you a stressfree 9months and this miracle is permanent.

Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by Nobody: 7:16pm On Dec 19, 2012
A very big congrats mama triplets.God is truly wonderful.Oya start warming up for a set of beautiful triplets O. You asked for it so sit back and watch God work wonders in your life.Wish you a stress free pregnancy.@ all fruitfull mums,its been a while,pls keep the faith and get ready to receive BFPs in torrents in Jesus name.@Omonikiba,I can't access the nairaland mailbox pls send a mail to believerg@yahoo.com
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by napa: 8:49pm On Dec 19, 2012
It's the Lord's doing, so happy for you mama T, may God also show us mercy and surprise everyone waiting on Him b4 the new year. @mamaT, pls kindly share what you did differently dis cycle.
Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by PRETTYMOMMA: 11:56am On Dec 20, 2012
I have tears in my eyes, goose pimples on my arm and all the hair for the back of my neck don stand!!!WHAT AM I SEEING O!

Mamatriplets....do you know why shivers are running all over my body? Its because I am overwhelmed by the power of God!

God is indeed God!!!!!!!!!...He is not a man and has given us a reason in this season to believe that He is still in the business of doing wonders!

You see? That time you declared it by faith, God was already working on ur case in the spiritual! Remember when you cried when AF caught u den? He must have looked at you and said 'How can I tell this my daughter what I have planned for her this year so that she can stop crying so sadly' and given u a message thru ur cousin!

MamaT I don't even know where to start from! I just dey speechless! God so You can shock us like this? Just when Your daughters in waiting were crying out for more last minute testimonies, You give us a one that is shaking this thread!

Please my sisters,dont give up just yet o! You see....He has a special love for all in this thread, especially since we started praying as one family!The Lord inhabits the praise of His people and He wants us to continue to praise His holy name here! This is just to let us know that we should never relent!

I will continue praying fervently for everyone here...I always used to imagine that the spirit of God will sweep over the thread and give all the ladies here testimonies that will vibrate round the whole of Nairaland. It is already happening small small o!

Whatever the doctors have said doesn't matter to God. He can change it in the blink of an eye and den it will happen sooner than you think.

Just keep praying and trusting God, then work towards it.Tell Him 'Daddy, I am praying for my miracle to come at so-and-so time. Please can You help me to do the right things that You want me to do? So that this my word of faith will come to pass by your grace within my expected time'

I am the happiest person right now! Someone said if she knew MamaT's house she for go there! Me too o!!! But since I don't, please receive this hug of love from me! (((((((BEARHUG))))))))I wish you a happy 9 months IJN...Amen!

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