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Re: For Computer Science Students by dogstyle007(m): 12:52am On Dec 19, 2016
Nice write ups.. Thumbs up


Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:00am On Dec 19, 2016
Never Stop Going
The idea we have about successful people sometimes does not involve the aspects where they had to work even when they did not feel like it. We have the idea that people are successful because they always do what they love all the time. They do something they are passionate about. But wait, that is not always true. Passion is overrated. You just have to do that same thing every single day before it becomes a passion. It is simply something you do every day without second guessing yourself. Then it becomes a passion.

The idea that success is sweet makes us think that all the steps along the way to success must be fun and interesting. Runners might not find running easy but they have to run every single day. That is what is called passion

Passion is doing something day in day out whether you feel like it or not

When successful people give accounts of how they became successful, one thing is always certain. They never always did the easy thing, they had to go the hard way to achieve that which no one has ever achieved. 

Know that to become what no one has ever become, you have to do what no one has ever done. 

Skills take time to develop. They do not fall into our laps because we are talented. We need to keep moving every single day to determine whether we are indeed talented or simply not. Keep moving every single day towards your passion, towards your goal. Keep moving until you no longer have to think about moving. It just happens. Keep moving until you no longer feel the pain in moving. Just keep doing it and keep moving.

If programming and every other thing you do needs to become your passion. That simply means you have to keep moving forward without fear of rejection. Programming is hard, but if it was easy, everyone would have done it.
So take your time every day and keep moving forward. Keep going

Thanks for Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 6:15pm On Dec 23, 2016
When You Feel Like Stopping
For the past few days, I have been having issues writing on medium. At times, I feel like stopping but is it really worth it to stop. I do really want to do more than I am currently doing. But at times, we feel like we are indeed very tired and feel like never moving forward. But one thing I have learned is never giving up on my dreams no matter how long it takes.

Great things take time to manifest and for me to become better, I believe it would take time to become better. I wish to send this message to everyone out there who wishes to stop whatever it is they are doing for whatever reason to never stop and never give up. I also wish to say that great men never had all the tasks easy which is indeed why they have become great men. Great men don’t do small tasks, they take on big and heavy tasks and they have time when giving up is the only option. But what they do is they create another option which is not giving up.

Always giving up is easy. It is the simplest option anyone can take. It is the easy way out. I hope to become better and would not do what everyone does. I want to be better so I have do the extra ordinary. The ordinary is for anyone. Extra ordinary is for great men. Success might not come today, tomorrow or the day after, but most definitely, if you follow the path of becoming successful, success is going to be an avenue and nothing would take you away from that.

So today, Remember to never give up and always keep doing the extra ordinary because you were not born to be ordinary. Keep doing what you have to do in the best way ever

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:58am On Dec 24, 2016
Expectations: What Do You Expect?
So people sometimes stop at the middle of a task and give up. I ask myself why but I have come to understand a basic reason why that happens. Their expectation is never met. People stop things when they no longer see what they are expecting as a goal. Or people do not do anything at all because they expect a certain thing to always happen all the time.

It is not always the lack of expectation that makes us stop, but sometimes when we expect too little

A guy might never walk up to a lady because all he expects is she would not respond well. Well, he has an expectation, but guess what, he expected too little. Sometimes people are stagnant because they simply expect a certain result to always play out all the time. What we have to do to move to where we want to be is to expect more than what you currently expect. If you want to start a business, expect that it would succeed and also expect that it might fail. In this sense, your expectation is so wide that you would still be able to continue to proceed no matter what happens. You already expected it

The secret to expectation is to really take up your expectations to heart. I mean really believe in what you expect. Never simply expect without believing. Some people might say they expect something but do they really believe in that. It takes time to actually accept some things but expecting less is what makes us scared and stagnant.

Make it a decision today to expect a lot more from whatever it is you want to do. Try to expect far more than anyone would expect. Take your time to determine your expectations and never fall short of expecting big things.

Expect More and Be More
Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 3:35pm On Dec 25, 2016
Change Your Idea About Pain
When seeking to become better, something is clear. We are moving from an area where we are comfortable to another area where we might not feel immediately comfortable, but one thing is certain, we will become better. The act of becoming better is what everyone wants whether we admit it or not, but the idea about becoming better needs to be reviewed. When you feel pain in trying to achieve your goal, when you feel pain in becoming better, then you are on your pathway to becoming indeed great.

Pain is something that has to come when you have decided to go for great things because that is the price for greatness. If it was easy, everyone would have achieved success. Because it comes with pain and momentarily uncomfortable, we get to make the choice of either staying or falling off. When you decide to stay along and become better, the price you have to pay is PAIN. Pain can cause you unthinkably tough choices and decisions, but consider everything good in this world, it always goes through pain.

Before gold becomes really valuable, it goes through hours and hours of heat and comes out on the other side better. That is how you have to see and observe yourself. You are only at a stage that means you are getting ahead and the only way to get to the end is to stay a little longer.
In the journey of achieving your dreams, Pain should become an expected value. Pain should become a determinant that success is around the corner. That success is on the way. Never give up or run because you cannot handle the pain. Never pray for less pain, pray for more strength to handle the pain. Whatever it is, keep going and keep moving and it will soon be over.

Take your time today to analyze your pain and know that it means you are about to get something valuable and you need to persist a little more

Thanks for Reading. Keep Sharing
Re: For Computer Science Students by Juniorbuba(m): 8:55pm On Dec 25, 2016
i love your write up,it makes sense and has taught me a lot already...

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:38am On Dec 27, 2016
So You Want To Be A Programmer
Well, that’s easy. Just pick a computer and tell it what to do. Hmm, but how do I make a computer do something. Well, first to be able to tell a computer something, you need to be able to explain in detail what the task is because truth be told, the computer is so dumb that if you do not give the right task, you might end up getting nothing.

So to become a programmer is essentially knowing how to describe a task to the computer. But describing any task to the computer comes in different ways, but basically you need to understand a common language between you and the computer. You can then start giving the computer the instructions. However, it sometimes becomes more difficult in that you need to understand a lot of languages to be able to talk more and efficiently to the computer.

So if you want to make the decision today to become a programmer, you need to know what type of tasks you want to give to the computer and what language you want to use to communicate and chat with the computer. Movies are doing a great job in inverting the skills of a programmer showing a programmer as one who knows and sees it all on the computer. Well, this can happen, but it takes years and years of practice. Its far from reading a single book and think you are done, there are more to go.
Kindly note that in becoming a programmer, you need to exercise patience and more patience because to get the best, you have to be your best

Thanks for Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:47am On Dec 28, 2016
5 Things I have Learnt So Far
As an upcoming programmer, I always want to be the best at what I do. Always want to have the problem solved or have to be the one who always brings in the awesome idea, but times passed now and here are a few things I have learnt about how I really want to live my life. I hope it also serves as a reflection point for anyone

You do not have to get it right all the time.
YES, we want to achieve and do more always. But at certain points in life, it does not matter whether we get it right or wrong, all that matters is at least we tried. We sometimes think holding on to something forever means we are strong, sometimes, its by letting go that makes all the difference.

There are people better than you, but you can always be the best.
Never get down because you could not achieve what another person achieved in a life time. Its not a contest, even if it was, you should be competing against yourself. The world needs not know whether you are better or not, its how you affect the world around you that matters. So the contest is nothing more than a few seconds of feeling on top.

Do one thing well.
So I want to be a Java, Python and JavaScript Angel. Yes, that is possible and that is fine. But it also requires that you start small, get good at one thing before moving elsewhere. Most of us simply want to have it all, but sometimes, its better we get good at one thing and leave the others.

Money solves some problems, but not all problems.
In this world of materialism, we always feel having more money solves the problem, but also having more money means more problems in another way. Simply being satisfied with what you have is key. That does not mean to settle for less, but to be content with the little and have a greater dream for more.

Never give up on yourself.
It might take years to develop and have a finished version of yourself, but never give up along the way. Obstacles and challenges are requirements that must be met at certain points in our lives. So hold on and get to the other end.

Thanks for Reading. Please Share

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:59am On Dec 30, 2016
How To Say NO
Sometimes, we feel like achieving also everything that comes our way so we say YES to every activity that comes our way whether we want to or not, but because we cannot say NO to others. It is usually very difficult to say NO to a friend, NO to a colleague, NO to a lot of things.

But a lot of time when you say YES and you are not able to deliver, people begin to lose trust and faith in you and that would really sound worse than just saying NO. It is far better for people to know you as one who says NO to a lot of things and gets things done when you say YES.

So how do you say NO? You have to learn to say NO to yourself first. To that sweet candy, say NO. To the urge of wanting to take the chocolate for one more day, say NO, to telling yourself I will start tomorrow, say NO.

When you begin to master how to say NO to yourself, you can master how to say NO to anyone because trying to please everyone has never been possible and I do not think you want to be the first to achieve that. Saying NO does not mean you are wicked, it simply means you know how to decide what to do and what not to do. You begin to have a better way to schedule your life tasks and a lot of activities within your life. 

Take a moment today to say NO to that bad habit of yours and I tell you, you can begin to master the act of saying NO to anyone
Thanks for Reading and Sharing


Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:47am On Jan 01, 2017
What To Learn As A Programmer
The technology world is changing every day by day and we also want to change along with it so that we do not become obsolete and useless. We want to be useful every single day, so we tend to want to learn more things as they are produced. We want to have a taste of every technology that comes out as fast as possible.

This can be a good thing to do, but at times, it is better to master a few than become a novice in every field. Recently, I decided to learn JavaScript and Python, joined to my learning of Java to make me more versatile and useful. But along the way, I realized it is better I master Java first before trying to move into another environment. This is also what some of us are guilty of, we want to do every single thing and become cool but becoming better does not always mean doing every single thing, it is about doing very few things perfectly well.

The idea that I have to learn everything is never going to stop, but knowing your interests and sticking to it is what is going to make all the difference in our work and lives as programmers. The most important is to know and study the basics of whatever we are working on, all the time.

After understanding the basics, we can then move up the ladder to learn something else. Also sometimes, we think we are not good enough so we have to learn more, but sometimes, it is about focusing on the little we know that makes all the difference. It takes time to really develop, but learning every new thing might not take us to the accomplished area very fast.

So take your time today to really determine what it is you want to learn and focus on that every single day. Take small steps towards achieving that goal and I believe nothing would stop us from becoming the best that we can be
Thanks for Reading


Re: For Computer Science Students by okwyee(m): 9:18am On Jan 01, 2017
Happy New Year sir.. Keep up the good work... more power to your elbow
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:03am On Jan 02, 2017
So Who Are You?
At times, we want to get into relationships or friendships and we have a list of what we want the other person to have. We want them to be fun and honest and all sorts of good habits and characters. But do we stop to ask the question if we ourselves have those traits and habits

At times, we seek for something we ourselves cannot give, we wish and hope for a lot of things which we ourselves cannot give. The most important thing about wanting to be in a relationship is knowing thyself

It does not end only in relationships, in wanting to be the programmer no one has ever been, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses and the areas you really want to focus.

It is easy to want to be a lot of things, but if we do not really know who we are, we are indeed wasting our time.
So start today by knowing exactly who it is that you are and take steps towards becoming the better person it is that you want to be. You cannot give what you do not have.

Change is necessary, change is important. Start taking small steps to make those changes today and your life and career and relationship would change for the best.

Thanks for Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:54am On Jan 03, 2017
Never Fail To Rise Again
Most of the time we embark on a journey, we prepare so much that we do not want the journey to fail at all. However, the success of any journey is not the absence of failure, it is how we deal with failure.

I saw a lady today who poured a pot of soup away mistakenly while working. She has two options, either to sit there and keep crying or dust herself up and keep moving. So is the same for a lot of us, we encounter obstacles and we decide to give up and never try again.

Failure is not the end of the round. It is a way of checking whether you are up to the task or not. How you respond determines whether you can last or not.

Great things are not easy to achieve, so if you fail, Never Give Up. Set up yourself again and get up because nothing lasts forever. So is your failure.

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 7:59am On Jan 04, 2017
Picture It In Your Mind
How successful you want to be, how great or important you want to be depends on how much of it you have imagined and thought about in your mind. People simply have to think and think again about the goal they want to achieve in life and follow that through.

However, sometimes we lose focus and find it difficult to picture whatever it is we really want to achieve. Always try as much as possible to write down what exactly it is you want to achieve and always look at it day after day.

Having it stuck up somewhere might not be the answer, look at it everyday, read it and recreate the picture of who you want to be in your mind. These type of activities are indeed very small, but they go in a long way to help recreate who we really want to be.
Always make it a habit to always look up your goal in life and picture yourself becoming who it is you want to become

Thanks for Reading

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Re: For Computer Science Students by telim: 10:39am On Jan 04, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 12:50pm On Jan 05, 2017
Naming In Programming
As we grow up, a lot of things around us are named so we normally find it easy to name all the things we see around. However, when we want to create something ourselves, the difficulty of giving a meaningful name becomes apparent. In programming, we create new codes and so we need to name some part of the code such as the classes, variables and methods. Giving a meaningful name is very important and it conveys the idea the programmer has in mind when creating a certain code.

Giving names that denote the exact meaning of why it is used is somehow difficult because different names can mean different things in different contexts and as such, what seems direct to one programmer might mean something else to another programming.

One easy way out as I learnt from a podcast on se-radio.net is to build your vocabulary in English language. This makes it easy to have a wide range of words to choose from and thus not limited to a certain set of words. Also it is important that as much as we learn to have more words in our vocabulary, we also learn to use them.

We need to do more in speaking and writing with the new words we have been armed with so that it becomes easy to use in programming. Writing blog posts and some more are some of the advises the speaker gave.

I also believe that understanding the context in which we are writing the code would also be a good thing. If you are writing a medical related program, it would be nice to have some few words on our sleeves about medicine and a few others.

It is said that two things are hard in programming: Validation and Naming. I guess I know why now
Thanks For Reading


Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:43am On Jan 06, 2017
Writing My OKR
OKR means Objective, Key, Result. The Concept is becoming very popular somewhat due to its immense use by Google. It tries to give you an idea of what it is you want to achieve in your organization within a certain period of time. It also includes what you want to achieve personally.
Well, it is sometimes difficult to picture oneself in the near future, but note that once you find it difficult to picture yourself, you need to clarify what exactly it is you want to achieve. You need to dare yourself before you know your limits.

It is important to note that in trying to create an OKR that you focus on your dreams and not the dreams of others. Make it a choice to read well and make decisions for yourself rather than hoping to have the life of another person. Every single day comes with different challenges and it is up to us to know how we want to handle it.
To make your OKR outstanding, ensure you have a clear goal of who it is you really want to be and how you want to be that person taking into consideration your organizational goals and vision.

You need to dare yourself in your OKR but never become unrealistic in trying to push yourself to your full potential. 
So try today to clarify who you want to become and determine what you need to do in the next few weeks to achieve that. Take a step at a time. No need to rush.

Thanks For Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:31am On Jan 07, 2017
Contribute No Matter How Small
Sometimes, you are stuck on something and cannot find a way out. Somewhere around the world, another person is having the same exact problem and might have probably solved it or not.

Small things really matter. It might not make a lot of sense to you to put online the way you tried solving that old problem or something close to that. But I would advise that at any point in time that we try as much as possible to share the little things we learn and hope it makes another person feel better.

No amount of knowledge is too small and it is very important that we try at every point in time to share.
What would the world remember you if you left with all the knowledge?
Share something today no matter how hard or how small.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 12:06pm On Jan 08, 2017
Speed of Execution is Overrated
One programming language is usually faster than the other and the speed of execution is usually one of the key reasons why a certain language might be preferred over the other. However, you should not become obsessed with speed of execution while deciding which programming language to use for a project because of speed.

Java is fast but C is faster. So should I design my application with C because of the speed. Speed is not the all time determinant of what you should do. This is because it usually take a badly designed application for users to figure out how slow an application is.

Python is indeed very slow in execution but you do not log onto dropbox and begin to complain that the application is slow. In fact, if you do not know that the application is built using python, you would not have anything to say about the speed.

I write about the issue of speed because you see a new framework or language comes out today with the hype of being faster. Speed of execution is far overrated and I believe languages should begin competing in which is easier to learn and use for building awesome applications.

With these, I believe every programming language would indeed be focused towards making it easier to use by human rather than to be obsessed about how the computer sees and runs it.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 10:36am On Jan 09, 2017
Code Documentation Is Underrated
So when we write code, we believe everyone should understand what it is we are trying to tell the computer to do. We use some naming conventions that seems really nice to us to explain what it is we really have in mind and believe the next programmer that would look at our code would have the same exact thoughts and ideas in mind.

Oh no, guess what. Even if you are to come back to the same code after a few weeks, you look lost at a code you wrote yourself just a few weeks ago. It is fundamentally important to always explain what exact logic it is you want to explain and how you want it explained.

The below code rather looks easy to follow through but I would argue it requires a lot of comments. Why do we need to know who created it, why do we check if it is modified. What is the essence of the getNextId? How does the getNextId work. These are many more questions you would ask yourself if anything goes wrong with the code in the next 3 years.
Always explain the exact logic of what it is you want to achieve and how each line of your code helps you achieve it. It might take more time to complete writing your code but it would as well save you and the next programmer that would work on the project less time to understand what exactly it is you want to achieve.
Keep it simple always. However, explain exactly what it is in your mind you want the computer to execute. It would always be needed in the long run.
Thanks for Reading and Sharing

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Re: For Computer Science Students by appcypher: 12:17pm On Jan 09, 2017
Speed of Execution is Overrated
One programming language is usually faster than the other and the speed of execution is usually one of the key reasons why a certain language might be preferred over the other. However, you should not become obsessed with speed of execution while deciding which programming language to use for a project because of speed.

Java is fast but C is faster. So should I design my application with C because of the speed. Speed is not the all time determinant of what you should do. This is because it usually take a badly designed application for users to figure out how slow an application is.

Python is indeed very slow in execution but you do not log onto dropbox and begin to complain that the application is slow. In fact, if you do not know that the application is built using python, you would not have anything to say about the speed.

I write about the issue of speed because you see a new framework or language comes out today with the hype of being faster. Speed of execution is far overrated and I believe languages should begin competing in which is easier to learn and use for building awesome applications.

With these, I believe every programming language would indeed be focused towards making it easier to use by human rather than to be obsessed about how the computer sees and runs it.
While I agree with the issue of readability over speed. In some cases, ppl still want the speed or the manual control of memory resources. Not everyone is writing high-level application. Some are writing drivers, kernels, operating system, the inner part of a game engine, scientific computing, etc.
So those languages/frameworks that claim speed are very needed. We need Rust, Julia, Pypy, etc. Readability shouldn't suffer tho.

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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 11:57pm On Jan 14, 2017
How To Beat Negativity
We at one point or the other in our life meet negativity that really drags us down to the lowest point of being. I have had my own fair share but it is important to know that negativity would never take us anywhere good but would always keep plunging us further down into misery and lack of fulfillment.

To be able at any point in time to notice whether you are in a positive or negative mood is the key way I have being able to fight negativity. I am aware of what I do and as such do not make decisions based on my negativity. It is always difficult to be self-aware at any point but to be is the key way to fight and beat negativity.

Negativity can be emitted by another person or we ourselves can emit negativity by the things we say or the way we respond to a lot of things and people. Being very careful about what we say to people is also another important way to fight negativity. It makes it rather good because we can not give what we do not have. Always give out positivism and it would come back to you. You give out negativity and it would also come back.

Note that nothing in this life lasts forever. So in your bad mood, always remember the good times you have had before negativity stuck in. Always try to be conscious of the things that plunge you into negativity and walk away from it at any point in time.
Be the best version of yourself at any point and never let anyone or anything make you feel anything less.

Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:11am On Jan 16, 2017
How To Really Concentrate
Most of the time you spend a few hours on your computer and you begin to wonder how fast time went. You did not realize when you spent 4 hours on the computer and literally achieved nothing. We move from one web page to another, surfing from one video to another, seeking NOTHING. We want to entertain ourselves while actually on a mission to do something else.

So recently, I have been spending more time on my computer but have realized I achieve less than I really want to. Imagine a simple scenario of how I spend my time on the computer.

Okay, let me start solving this problem. I get an email from work, quickly check it, it has a link to something else. I quickly check on the link. Start reading the document. Some minutes later, I remember I have to work and I get back to work. A Facebook notification from a long lost friend pops up, I am thrilled, I quickly check into Facebook. We chat and chat, then I remember I have to work, then I get back to work.

Without realizing it, I have spent close to 2 hours on the computer but even half of the time was not spent on what I really wanted to do. A lot of us are into the same cycle and I believe its time we make a better use of our time.

First, decide exactly what you want to do on the Internet. Make a list of the things that distract you and be aware of them. Once you discover you are trying to get into distraction mode, get yourself back and refocus on what is important. Keep away any form of notification. The urge to want to reply every single message as important is not always true.

Take your time today to discover how you spend time on the computer and seek to readjust and make a better use of your time.
Thanks for Reading. Kindly do share
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:30am On Jan 17, 2017
Stop Complaining and Keep Moving
So I started real time programming about 2 years ago and everyday I wish I am better than I currently am. Truth be told, I have really improved from who I was 2 years ago. However, I want to do more and be more. Everybody wants to be better every single day whether we realize it or not, but some of us are taking the wrong route and we try very hard on the wrong route.

By complaining about my current state, it does not make me better. I only become more apologetic and unhappy about myself. But my looking at how far I have come, I see the reasons to be happy. A lot of us want to be better, but we keep complaining every day without doing anything to solve the main problem.

To indeed become better than who you are, you need to be measurable, goal wise. You need to be able to look at yourself and determine the goals you want to achieve versus the goals you have achieved. A lot of people want to be better, but have no focused set of goals they work on everyday. They keep a wish list and never move forward. They keep comparing themselves with others and want to be better than everyone.

It takes time, strength and hard-work to grow. Accept your limitations but do not let your limitations define you. Push forward everyday towards a certain goal you want to achieve. Never settle for less and make your life measurable. By being able to measure how far you have come and how much more you need to get to your destination, only then can you know how much better you need to get.
Start today, Define your goal and keep sticking to it until you persevere or pivot.

Thanks for Reading
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:59am On Jan 18, 2017
Become Productive and Not Busy: Do Deep Work
Deep Work is an idea I got from the book Deep Work by Cal Newport which explains the idea of working on something with full concentration and attention and with very minimal distractions. A lot of people these days mistake doing lots of activities with being productivity. We feel people are working when they are running up and down looking very busy. Being busy is not equal to being productive. It is sometimes better to relax and do very little useful work than a lot of unfulfilling and low ended work.

We all want to be praised for being productive, but we should never let the idea of being busy shadow our idea of productivity. A lot of us really want to be productive, but we go about it the wrong way. Take a few minutes to realize how you spend your day. The 80/20 rule also applies in our lives. The 80% of our output come from 20% of our task. So the remaining 80% tasks just keeps us busy not productive.

Take a specific task you want to achieve and do a deep work on it. Shut down any distraction and focus for very few hours of the day and your day would seem more productive than those other hours when we seem busy not productive.

Remember, it is not the amount of hours spent on a task that determines how well we solve it. But how well, we spend the time

Always be aware of when you are slipping into busy but not productive mode. Take your time today. Relax and focus on being productive not busy
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 1:50pm On Jan 19, 2017
Trying To Fit
We try as much as possible to be relevant and at times we do it in the very wrong way. We do it so much that we become someone else. We always every day want to become else, but if we want to really become relevant, we have to determine exactly what our habits and characters are exactly. We need to know who we are in the real sense.

Most people do things they are not cut up for and in the long run discover that they are trying to be what they are not meant for. They see, feel and behave and act in ways of other people rather than acting their own way. It is necessary to always be self aware. Being self aware is the only way to solve this problem.

Without being aware of what our values and activities are, we will simply continue in an unending loop of acting like others. Being who you are is not really a crime. It is discovering what best you can do and how to do it is the only way to become fit in your own world.
A fish can never live in the air and the bird can never live in water. They all act perfectly fine in their proper environment. Until you discover who you are and where you best can act, you will always be a second class citizen in any other environment.

Take a few moments today to really ask yourself who you are and become better at that rather than becoming another person.
Thanks for Sharing
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 8:37am On Jan 20, 2017
Say Good or Keep Quiet

What we say and how we say it does really impact the other person in either a positive way or a negative way. I have had contact with people for only a few seconds of my day and really felt great the whole day and sometimes being with some people for only a few seconds and I feel the whole world is coming down crashing on me.

What we say is really important. When what we say is good, we might know and feel it. When we do otherwise, I am not sure if we do feel it. But it is important to try as much as possible to clearly understand the essence of our speech. People do not receive a certain speech the same way. Rather they might understand it from bottom up rather than from up down.

What we say should be good. Remember, you cannot give what you do not have. If you start giving what is bad, you might need to check your composition, it might be that you are composed of really messed up stuffs. Saying or doing an act of kindness does not really require a lot, a smile, a nice word, and very few things are some of the things we can do to help make others and ourselves feel happy.

However, never expect too much when you start giving out good things. You expect people to immediately reciprocate. You might be shocked, people cannot also give what they do not have. But keep trying and keep getting better, people who at a certain point would realize you are a good person and give only good things back to you.

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Re: For Computer Science Students by johngorithm: 9:37am On Jan 20, 2017
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Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 2:25pm On Jan 21, 2017
Be Happy
Most of the time, we tell ourselves we would be happy when we have something. Little do we know that immediately we have that thing, we forget to be happy and move on to something else. Something else is your source of joy and most of the time, you do not have it, you are still seeking it. It is rather important we take a few minutes every day to look back at our journey so far. How far we have come, it is really worthy to be grateful and be happy.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.
It is really important that in the path of becoming happy, we do not follow the path of others. The source of happiness for others is the source of sadness for others. Seek to know who you are and what you really want. Seek to become a better version of yourself, better than you were yesterday. Be free from becoming another person in your quest of becoming happy.

The boy who does anything just because the other fellows do it is apt to scratch a poor man’s back all his life
A man’s source of joy and happiness would also come from the internal self. Seek to find it and become a much happier person than you were yesterday. Become happy by yourself.
Re: For Computer Science Students by azibit: 9:38am On Jan 22, 2017
Do It Now
So you have been thinking of calling that family friend for a while now but you have been very busy. You say I would call him later. You need to make a presentation and you say wait I would look at it later.

Later would never come. No time is better than now. Procrastination is a founder of later which never exists. Later is something you would never find. There is no time as perfect as now. Make the best use of it.

For that project you have been thinking of starting, start Now. For the friend you have been meaning to call, call Now. For anything you have been meaning to do and procrastinating. Do it now.

Please always ensure that you do what you have to do at the right time. Even if you cannot do it now, kindly write it somewhere you can see it and remember you have something you have not done.

How time flies. It waits for no one and if you do not do that task now, you need another time in the future to accomplish what you need to do. Make it a habit to do the most important things now. But remember, one thing at a time.
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Re: For Computer Science Students by dabocity: 10:08am On Jan 22, 2017
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Persevere or Pivot
This is an idea I got from the book “The Lean Startup” but I believe it is a concept that can be applied in every aspect of our lives. We always want to achieve something, but at some point, we need to ask the question of whether we want to persevere or pivot.

To persevere means to keep going even when everything seems to not make sense. To keep loving that person even when everything does not seem to fit. To continue at that project even when it does not seem to add up. However, the greatest power of persevering is knowing when not to persevere. It is knowing when to pivot. 

To pivot means to change grounds or change your angle of achieving a goal, or changing base to achieve a different goal entirely. To always seek to succeed, we must always look for points when we need to pivot. To pivot does not mean we are weak, it means we are more self-aware of where our goals and talents are more needed.

Let me give you an example. I trust people a lot and I am also trustworthy, well to a great extent, so well some people break there promises. So I am deciding to pivot right now. That does not mean I want to be less trustworthy. It means I want to channel my strength of trust into another thing. I want to focus on a business where trust is all that is needed to survive. So there is a person overseas who needs to do something in my country without being physically present. That requires trust, so that is where I want to pivot my energy into.

By pivoting, you convert your energy from one source into power in another source. You do not give up your good habits because you want to pivot, you pack up your good habits and go use it somewhere else where it is needed and would be better utilized.

So today, make a decision to pivot or persevere. Ensure to do the right thing no matter how small or tiny it might look to you. Keep going and never ever stop persevering or pivoting
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