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Re: Entangled by Pearl05(f): 12:02pm On Sep 10, 2017
How I wish that Rahila should have a baby, she is a sweet woman.

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Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 7:03pm On Sep 11, 2017

During the week Jane was supposed to write her exams, a lot happened. The farewell party for Sebastine’s group held. Lancelot and Rahila almost had a feud in order to decide if Jane should attend. In the end Lancelot won, it was he who drove her to the venue of the party which was Jason’s house- a massive floodlit mansion with a vast driveway and car park. Many of the students in the centre had been invited but the party was specially organized for the group. It was a decent hangout with only soft drinks and non alcoholic wine served. Dance was strictly between the same sex and the party ended at 7 p.m.

Everyone in the group hugged Jane, even Ifeoma and Habiba hugged her though not with the same exuberance.

Jane did not come to the centre from that day and spent day and night reading. Rahila and Lancelot spared her from chores. Rahila was now better at cooking; she prepared meals in the evenings when she came back and for lunch Jane made noodles while the couple ate at their hospital canteens. On Saturday, the day of the exam, Jane was woken very early by 4a.m, she was served breakfast in bed made of akara and pap. She got ready afterwards and was driven to the primary school where the exam was to hold. She came out after making sure she had done everything that was specified. She took a motorcycle home and fell on her knees and for the first time in a long while prayed to God.

“If you will only help me pass my JAMB by scoring above 200 points, I will reconsider my opinion about my Christianity. I really need to go into the University, but I feel only you can help me now, my family have this idea that I am brainy and intelligent, I know it is only because I really work hard at my books, but this time around I have not worked so hard as I thought I would do, if you don’t help me, my life will not count for anything.” She went on praying that way till she slept off and dreamed; in her dream, she was wearing a matriculation gown smiling, Rahila, Aunt Gloria and Isaac were standing beside her and Lancelot was the one with the camera urging them to say cheese....

“Jesus!” Rahila screamed as she entered the sitting room. “Baby are you all right?”

Jane was slouched on the ground from what had been her prayer posture. Slowly she roused from her sleep to discover faces hovering over head. She rubbed her eyes quickly and made an effort to stand up but almost fell down till she was steadied and made to sit down.

Rahila had come home with her friend Angela. They waited for her to properly be awake before asking her how the exams went. Jane discovered they had only come to hear how her papers went. They bought her an ice-cream and it was on the table as they talked. She answered the questions one after the other till they were satisfied.

“She hasn’t really had enough sleep for many days now.” Rahila commented. Turning to Jane she said, “Drink your ice-cream before it melts, then sleep okay? I will be back in the evening.”

She watched them as they left. She took the ice-cream on the table, opened the bowl and scooped one spoon into her mouth; it was a vanilla ice-cream, how wonderful of Rahila.

Jane was now back to her normal routine in the house; cooking, cleaning, washing and watching T.V. Her friend Tseju had encouraged her to come for youth meetings on Tuesdays and she decided to create time for that too. She also made out time to visit Planang and the two of them visited Shoprite for the benefit of Jane who was so excited. Her life seemed to be ideal but sometimes she wondered about her future. Thoughts about Isaac came to her in bits and during those moments she would imagine her aunt and mother no more; she would see herself struggling to cope with Isaac alone in a hard world, thoughts of Pamshak sometimes featured in her imaginations, she was at lose; only a university admission had the power of dispelling such thoughts from her mind, but it seemed so far away.

On Tuesday evenings, the youths gathered in church to talk about life in a sinful world. They gave individual testimonies of how they evaded peer pressure, inner temptations and overcame identity crisis. Jane always thought if there was one thing she was not bothered about it was identity crisis; she knew for sure who she was and what she wanted to be; a career professional in her field, so she could kiss those memories of worthlessness goodbye.
She was so convinced of this that she told the youths one day when the pastor asked her if she knew what she wanted for her life.

“I don’t want to settle for less because I have been through so many horrible things in the past; I want a beautiful future, a beautiful career, a beautiful marriage, a beautiful legacy. That is why I have made up my mind to work hard to get those things I want. I will be diligent in my studies and diligent in any thing I have to do, because I know favour comes only to those who are prepared.”

When she sat down, Auntie Peace stood up.

“You have a good philosophy of life, it is good to want a beautiful life and work hard to get it, but sister, it takes more than being didligent to get to where you want. Do you know waht God wants for you? Do you know his plans for you as an individual? Have you discovered His will for your life? It is interesting to see youths having glorious plans for their lives without knowing what God really wants them to do. It starts at that point- knowing God’s will for your life. You cannot build a house you don’t know the design of, God is commited to revealing to you the purpose for your life if you will only surrender to His will and wait for His design because in truth, He is the one with the manual of your life.”

Everyone was silent as Auntie Peace said this and pondered hard.


Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 7:04pm On Sep 11, 2017
How I wish that Rahila should have a baby, she is a sweet woman.

Truly she is
Re: Entangled by Nathblessing(m): 7:11pm On Sep 11, 2017
Weldone Shalomdee. Wonderful update. I pray Jane pass her exams o cos if she doesn't, frustration might make a make some wrong decisions...
More ink to thy pen and more MB to thy phone....

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Re: Entangled by aprilwise(m): 7:29pm On Sep 11, 2017
I don't just like anuty Peace of a person. she too dey do over Sabi. thanks for the update.

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Re: Entangled by Lildiamond: 8:18pm On Sep 11, 2017

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Re: Entangled by bossy512(f): 8:36pm On Sep 11, 2017
Nice update. welldone

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Re: Entangled by Honeydawealth(f): 8:46pm On Sep 11, 2017
I don't just like anuty Peace of a person. she too dey do over Sabi. thanks for the update.
lol.... I av my own doubts about her too....

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Re: Entangled by crislyn(f): 9:44pm On Sep 11, 2017
The way they treat Jane like royalty ehn i just want to be her. This Rahila is very nice o. Shalom Shalom..shalom to u o.

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Re: Entangled by queenitee(f): 10:43pm On Sep 11, 2017
And I'm still learning from this story

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Re: Entangled by Dessydemmy: 9:14am On Sep 12, 2017
Good one. Weldone dear.

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Re: Entangled by Cmyname(m): 5:21pm On Sep 12, 2017
Rahila and Lancelot are wonderful couples. There are actually few couples in real life that would threat Jane so nice without much strings attached.

Thanks for the update!

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Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 10:29am On Sep 14, 2017

Rahila and Jane were in the kitchen trying to prepare an afternoon meal of salad, noodles and omelettes. It was Jane’s idea, she had seen her mother prepared it when she was in Junior high school and ever since then had promised herself she will replicate it one day. They were silent as they worked, Jane was dicing the cucumbers and Rahila was chopping cabbages on the cutting board. Rahila was wearing her braids in a popular style known as gallacks, the braids were woven into one ponytail and straightened upwards. Her blue long skirt was floating down as usual and her face glistened from the baby oil she applied to her face. She smelt of Cussons because that was the product she used for her skin. Growing up as a child, her mother used Cussons for her and her siblings, in those days it was the best skin product for babies; she grew up loving the fragrance and using it always for herself. Lancelot though disapproved of it, saying baby products were only meant for babies, in reality he did not like it because it always reminded him they were supposed to have a child now. But it did not stop her from adding Cussons soap, oil, lotion, powder and jelly to her shopping list each time they got finished, it was one of those things she had forced him to accept.

Jane was wearing a cream coloured sleeveless gown, she had had her hair plaited in zigzags with no artificial hair, the way Lancelot wanted it done. According to him, a girl’s natural hair should be her pride and she should flaunt it more and not wigs, wool or other attachments. Whenever he said this, Rahila would look distant as if he was not there. Jane was sure they had arguments in their room concerning her way of dressing, but they would never argue in front of her, at least not a heated argument and Jane was sure their arguments were never the ones to make them say unforgivable things to each other. Both of them were too gentle and cultured for such. Even though Lancelot was strict in his view on women’s fashion, he still cut them some slack. They could wear sleeveless gowns at home but never earrings and never trousers. Rahila always had to wear long gowns or skirts that swept the ground, it made her look like a Disney princess Lancelot said.

“Do I fry the omelettes now or help you with the chopping?” Jane asked.

“I think you should help with the chopping, when we are through you can fry the eggs, we must serve it hot, but we won’t fry Daddy’s own now till he comes back.”

“He will be back any minute now.” Jane commented offhandedly.

“And how do you know that?”

“Have you forgotten? He told us this morning he was coming home for lunch at exactly two.” She had started chopping the carrots into tiny but rather pretty looking pieces. She always wanted food looking as attractive as possible.

They heard the gate open and a car driving into the compound. “I told you.” Jane said.

Rahila pouted her lips at Jane who broke into a smile. “I think we may need to hire a gateman. I don’t like the way we need to come down from the car to open the gate by ourselves.”

“But you can always horn and I would run to open the gate for you when I am at home. I have been doing that. You don’t need a gateman.”

“I know, but sometimes we don’t want you to bother, all that running from the inside to open the gate; one may have an accident. Besides, you may soon start school, who will do the opening then?”

“Where is the latest undergraduate in Gwags?” Lancelot shouted as he stepped into the house banging the door so loud.

Rahila and Jane exchanged confused glances and shrugs.

“Sweetheart?” Rahila called.

Lancelot came into the kitchen making loud garrulous sounds. When he met Jane’s eyes he paused.

“Oh yeah, guess who scored her JAMB?”

Jane smiled awkwardly. “JAMB?” She asked still confused. She was not in the slightest bit aware that the scores for the JAMB exams were ready, neither was she aware that Lancelot had taken her scratch card to check the scores earlier that day.

“What did she score? Tell us.” Rahila ordered gently.

“You scored 280 baby!” He said facing Jane.

“Ah!” Jane left the knife and hugged herself, her mouth still open.

“See it!” He produced a print-out of the result and held it towards her.

“It’s really mine.” Jane said in-between tears.

“Wow, you even superseded my expectations. Congrats to you, nothing stops you now from being admitted.”

“Congrats Jane.” He said full of enthusiasm. He hugged her.


Re: Entangled by Toyin223(f): 10:54am On Sep 14, 2017
Wooooooooooow,am Happy For Her WELDONE SIS

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Re: Entangled by Akazeta: 11:54am On Sep 14, 2017
Awwwwwn,i could picture the scene in my mind whilst i read it

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Re: Entangled by Honeydawealth(f): 12:47pm On Sep 14, 2017
Congrats Jane!

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Re: Entangled by Dessydemmy: 3:19pm On Sep 14, 2017
I'M here following you . Weldone and God bless.

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Re: Entangled by Chommieblaq(f): 3:41pm On Sep 14, 2017
Kudos Shalomdee.
Awwwwwww they seem like a great couple, i pray they have their own child fast.
They remind me of s couple while growing, very nice couple, we never knew that the girl we thought was the couple's first child was just a girl they brought from the village to assist the wife. They showed her so much love and more.


Re: Entangled by Cmyname(m): 4:48pm On Sep 14, 2017
Pamshak come and see what Jane is doing...

Nice update, more grace.

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Re: Entangled by itsandi(m): 4:54pm On Sep 14, 2017
Keep going... Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Entangled by Lildiamond: 11:16am On Sep 15, 2017
Nice smiley
Re: Entangled by queenitee(f): 1:16pm On Sep 15, 2017
I really love Rahila and Lancelot

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Re: Entangled by bossy512(f): 1:24pm On Sep 15, 2017
Am happy for Jane

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Re: Entangled by EvaJael(f): 8:36pm On Sep 15, 2017
Shalomdee this is getting sweet. Forgive me for disappearing. The writer and reader in me went on vacation


Re: Entangled by gracile(f): 9:19pm On Sep 15, 2017
I love the way you write, painting reality of an average Nigerian; is a feat I'm yet to master
Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 4:11pm On Sep 18, 2017
Sorry for the delay. Blame it on PHCN. I'm working on interesting updates; hope you guys are still following? Where are my oldtimers? Lilyjoe567, queenitee, Akinwale14, mhizgap, hormobolanle, Chumzypinky, Ifecoded(where you go) talk2saintify, Kayzybaba, abefe99, WHOcarex(long time), VETSURGEON123, royalty18, VEEGEECEE, smokeydrinky, Loboski. (More mentions loading).

Jane sank into her bed crying. She was full of joy but at the same time she was thinking how much she did not deserve the score. She had to call her mum, aunt and her best friend to tell them the news. Rahila said she could do so after they had finished their lunch and Lancelot had kissed her goodbye on her forehead making her feel nauseated. She knew she owed God thanks, He had answered her prayers. She had joined the league of those people who were on their way to becoming undergraduates. Lancelot had told her Post-JAMB was an easy cake. Was this really it? Was this how one could have one’s dreams on the brink of being reality? The feeling was heavenly. She felt as though she was soaring on top of the clouds, bouncing on Mount Everest and Kilimanjaro, kissing the eagles on their feathers. She thought of the songs her mother would raise to praise God for his faithfulness, and the smile on her aunt’s face.

Why was God being so good to her after she had missed it before? She had heard of forgiveness and mercy but it always sounded strange to her. First she had gotten an aunt willing to take care of her son, then she had gotten a family that were willing to sponsor her education in exchange for doing what any normal girl did in her home, now she was on her way to getting a place in the university. Years ago she would have been taking orders from an annoying and wicked boyfriend who had no value for her happiness, now she was being treated like a princess, a Disney princess, she corrected herself. She went on her knees and cried her heart out.

She visited Planang a few weeks later. Planang had insisted on the visit saying Jane needed to give herself a break. “From what?” Jane had asked. Planang lived in a compound that housed a two-storey building painted cream and green. Her house was on the second storey. Planang’s uncle and aunt were at home and they welcomed Jane warmly, as if they knew her before.

“How is your family? I learnt they are all health workers. Wow, congrats, we heard about your result. You did very well. Admission will come to you like ice-cream, not like that of Planang who we had to see several lecturers.” Planang’s aunt blurted out while holding a six month old baby who had been enjoying his cereal. The baby started whimpering till his mother returned to feeding him.

“Pity Planang is about graduating, but she can still pull you through so many things you need to know, and if you have problems you can still ask for her guidance.” Planang’s uncle took over. “What course did you choose as your first choice?”

“Oh, microbiology Sir.” Jane said coyly.

“I thought this girl said it was Medicine?” He said to his wife.

“You know Planang, she likes to spice up her stories.” The wife said in a forgiving way as if offering apologies on her behalf.

Jane waited coquettishly as Planang fixed up some fried potatoes chips and brought it to her on a tray. The potatoes were crispy and hot and Jane had to let it cool for some time before eating them.

“Thanks for making it here.” Planang said to her friend who sat with her hands on her laps like she was waiting for a bomb to drop. “You don’t have to feel shy, this is where I live, consider it your home as well.”

“I’m not shy.”

“Of course you are, anyway, congrats.”

“Babe thanks. So you students are on break now huh?”

“Yes, we are on break but the Post-JAMB is going to take place in a week’s time, you need to get prepared.”

“What kind of questions will be asked?”

“Science, General knowledge and a few questions about the school. I will give you a copy of one of the question papers of last year, they normally don’t allow student’s go with the question paper but because I am so influential, I managed to get a copy of one.”

“Hmmn, manageress.” Jane teased.

“What do you expect?” Planang blushed with pride. “Ehem, what is it I heard from Saratu about you during Christmas?”

“About me? I don’t know.” Jane shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“We were talking on phone and Saratu asked me if you had been able to secure an admission at any time before, she sounded so innocent and concerned. I told her no, that you had not even written JAMB and were planning to do so this year. She then said you had lied to her about securing admissions twice in two years but abandoned them because it was not medicine. I was dumbfounded and did not know what to say. Was it true that you actually told her that?”

“Yes.” Jane said gently, thinking what next Planang was about to say, a scolding no doubt, Planang was fond of scolding her like a kid sister.

“You should not have lied to her. It made you look bad before her eyes. I know how eager you are to be admitted into college but you don’t have to lie to feel fulfilled. You are not the only one in our set who has not yet been admitted, you should not lie to cover up your failures.”

Jane sighed. “So you wanted me to have said ‘oh no Saratu, you know I took a bad decision and ran after my ex who impregnated me and was not interested in my education, I would have been in the university now if not for my stupidity and foolishness, heaven knows I hate myself now for what I did; why, I should have been at your level now.’ Did you expect me to say that?”

“Exactly.” Planang said looking at Jane in the eye.

Jane winced; she should have remembered Planang and her guts. She could be bossy especially when it got into her head that she knew better than others, but Jane had learned from experience it was better to heed her advice.

“You don’t play ITK with me when you are wrong. Do you know that girl would probably be spreading what you said now to people? A good name is better than wealth or university admission. As much as it is good to strive for success, don’t forget contentment is the best medicine for happiness. Learn to love who you are Baby.” Planang said and patted her on the hand.
“Learn to love who you are.” Jane repeated to herself in the kitchen as she washed the plates they had had dinner with. She paused and reflected, the glass plate she was holding nearly fell off her hand and she gave a big sigh when she succeeded in catching it from falling to the ground. She placed it in the sink and watched as the water from the tap flowed and cleansed the plate from its foam. Could she ever be contented with her life? She had so many dreams, ambitions, goals and wishes. Her regret of the past still made it hard for her to be gratified with her achievements so far, and she had so much to be grateful for. But there was a deep gulf in her soul that was longing to be filled up, a gulf she did not realise but was there anyhow.

Lancelot and Rahila were sitting in the living room with their arms around each other listening to Beautiful by Frank Edward. Their eyes were half opened and Jane wondered if they were sleeping. She plunked down on the nearest chair, depression written all over her. Hard as she tried, she was not grasping happiness the way she wanted it. The song came to her:

Do you really know how beautiful you are?
Spirit of the Lord lives inside of you...
He watches you...
Knows all the pain you’ve been going through...

She closed her eyes. Did God really feel her pains? She thought. Or was he just being up there playing God and ruling over the storms and hurricanes?


Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 4:13pm On Sep 18, 2017
I love the way you write, painting reality of an average Nigerian; is a feat I'm yet to master

Are you kidding? You got it in your writing too. Thanks for stopping by, love your work.

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Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 4:14pm On Sep 18, 2017
Shalomdee this is getting sweet. Forgive me for disappearing. The writer and reader in me went on vacation

Sweetest EvaJael, glad to have you back, we really missed you.

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Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 4:15pm On Sep 18, 2017
Am happy for Jane

We all are. Where have you been dear?
Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 4:17pm On Sep 18, 2017
I really love Rahila and Lancelot

(Where are all these emoticons sef), dearest queenitee
Re: Entangled by Shalomdee(f): 4:19pm On Sep 18, 2017
Kudos Shalomdee.
Awwwwwww they seem like a great couple, i pray they have their own child fast.
They remind me of s couple while growing, very nice couple, we never knew that the girl we thought was the couple's first child was just a girl they brought from the village to assist the wife. They showed her so much love and more.

It is very rare to find such these days
Re: Entangled by EvaJael(f): 4:40pm On Sep 18, 2017

Sweetest EvaJael, glad to have you back, we really missed you.
Missed you too dear. Been preparing for exams o till I have turned to ghost reader. By God's grace, I should be free next week

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