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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Ichietome: 7:31am On Jun 12, 2017

It's a work of fiction, but you'd be surprised at what happens in the society.
Plz keep it coming. I know a lot happens I the society but this particular one is heartbreaking. Better imagined than experienced.
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 12:26pm On Jun 12, 2017
Diana stirred lightly in bed, half awake. Her head ached from the alcohol she took last night. She managed to get out of bed and went into the bathroom where she splashed water on her face to lightten up her muddled mind. She felt a whirlpool in her tummy and she rushed to the toilet where she threw up. She felt better afterwards, and her mind became clearer.
"what in the world...." she said as she felt in between her thighs and looked at the dried substance on her fingers. She felt the moisture on the inside, and her eyes glazed in anger.
Bode was still in bed, sleeping sweetly with a smile on his face when Diana burst into his room in a way that made him jump off his bed in momentary fright but it eased off as soon as he saw who it was.

"Good morning my...." an unexpected slap knocked the rest of the words from his mouth.

"What the f..." he was about to say when he saw Diana raise her hand, to strike a second time. He evaded the blow and held on to her wrists firmly.

"what the hell has come over you? How dare you hit me you stupid girl. I have a mind to teach you a lesson you won't forget in a jiffy." He fumed angrily.

"Let go of me, you beast. How could you uncle Bode? Should i even call you uncle? Are you really my uncle? You raped me!!!" She raged at him fearlessly. She was shocked that she could react that way, she had never been so strong, the former Diana would have shrunk in fear and self pity but this new her stood boldly in front of her oppressor.

Bode laughed dryly "Raped you? my dear girl, i did not rape you. you willingly gave yourself to me. You don't remember? Let me refresh your memory. Remember when we came back from the bar last night, when you clung to me in one of your many emotional bouts, does that ring a bell? Remember how you kissed me passionately, how you wrapped your legs around me...."
"Shut up, shut up" she yelled as she began to recollect the events of the previous night. She slowly turned to go out of the room in shame and Bode smacked her butt and laughed

"Shameless hussy, your father always bragged about you being a virgin but i found the door wide open last night. How many guys have you had ehn and where did it happen? You were busy playing innocent, but deep down you are a just a slut. Mind you, if you breathe a word about this to anyone, you are doomed. I will make life unbearable for you and you will wish you died with the rest of the family in that accident. Now go and prepare breakfast, or do you want us to starve? You need to eat, after the exercise of last night' He winked at Diana who hastily left the room.
Back in the room, Diana stared dry eyed at the mirror on the wall. The misfortune that dodged her back to back convinced her she was cursed. First she lost her immediate family, was raped by 6 guys and now the situation with her uncle. what did she do to deserve such fate? How could uncle Bode rape her, her father's blood brother?
Thinking about the session with uncle Bode, Diana's cheeks burned as she thought about the whole thing. Everything came flooding back and she remembered the whole event vividly. She remembered kissing him back, remembered the euphoria she felt as he thrust into her repeatedly. She felt herself tingle, and her cheeks burned even more....

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 2:14pm On Jun 12, 2017
She sullenly stirred the pot of stew on the cooker, different thoughts racing through her mind. No way, there's no way she could have encouraged what happened last night, there must be something she missed. "Uncle Bode must be lying, he raped me and he is playing mind games to make me feel guilty". She concluded to herself.
She did not say a word to him as he came into the kitchen to get his meal. She served him and instead of taking his plate to the dinning room, he sat at the kitchen table and began to eat there.
Diana felt 50 shades of uncomfortable. She tried as much to ignore him, but she could feel his eyes on her as she went about tiding up the kitchen. She was very self conscious and prayed that the very big top and loose trousers she had on was enough to conceal whatever it was that attracted her uncle to her.
Bode, on the other hand continued to watch her as he munched his food. He did not miss her self consciousness and he was happy he made her feel that way. "Such a sweet being, she is as sweet on the inside as she is on the outside", he thought to himself naughtily as he watched her body vibrate under the loose clothing. His groin harderned as he imagined her Unclad, and he could take it no more. He pushed his plate aside, rose and went to Diana who was at the sink, washing the dirty dishes and held her waist but she pushed him away violently.

"uncle Bode, what's all this rubbish now? please leave me alone before i do something i will regret" she said as she held a kitchen knife between them. Bode looked at her and the weapon she was brandishing and laughed hard

"You want to stab me Diana, oya now do it" he said as he closed the gap between them. "Stab me so the whole world will say you want to wipe out the whole lineage, seeing as they already tagged you a witch who was responsible for the death of her family"

Diana was helpless as Bode moved menacing towards her, determined to have his way. She swiftly turned the knife towards herself.
"if you come closer, i swear i will kill myself. Let me just die afterall there's nothing for me to live for, no reason to be alive" she said as she made to stab herself but Bode was faster. He grabbed her wrist and wrestled the knife from her grip and threw it to another corner of the kitchen. Diana struggled with him in a bid to get at the knife but he landed her two hot slaps that left her dazed. He shook her roughly and held her by her shoulders, his face to hers.
Diana looked up at him her face streaming with tears, his faced filled with anger as fire blazed from his eyes. He jerked her up roughly, and for a moment she thought he was going to kiss her.
"Look here you fool, don't you think of doing anything stupid. I'm not one to hit women but don't underestimate me. I will hurt you real bad"
He released her and stormed out of the kitchen. Diana slumped on the floor, her body shaking violently. She was disturbed that at that moment it seemed he was going to kiss her, part of her wanted him to do it....

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 3:17pm On Jun 12, 2017
Part of her?

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Kimkardashain(f): 3:24pm On Jun 12, 2017
Part of her?
my sister the thing sef weak me,
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 3:26pm On Jun 12, 2017

my sister the thing sef weak me,
I think say na dream I dey dream ni o. Part of her want wetin?

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 4:50pm On Jun 12, 2017
Bode drove to his office in a fit of rage. Imagine the nerve the little devil had, threatening him so. He wanted to beat her guts out and at the same time tear her apart so hard she won't be able to walk for many days to come. He cursed her for making him feel so confused and vowed to punish her when he got back home. He put a call across to his secretary to meet him up at the office (It was a weekend, so it was not work related). His wife and kids were scheduled to return home the next day and he had to get that girl out of his head one way or another.
Back home, a torn Diana sat alone in her room. There was no way she wanted Uncle Bode to kiss her, no it can't be!!! Her emotions ran back and forth, so she decided to take a walk round the compound. She was in the garden close to the gate when she heard Aliyu the gateman arguing with someone so she moved closer to find out what the comotion was. On reaching the gate, she saw her secondary school bestie Toke, fondly called Toks by many arguing with Aliyu to let her see Diana.

"Toks!!!" She screamed in delight and ran towards her friend. Toke pushed past Aliyu and hugged Diana.

"My God, Diana look at you!!! It's been ages. Toke examined her friend and hugged her again.

"Yes now, shey you abandoned me" Diana pulled back in feigned anger.

"Never, i have been coming here since after the burial but that he goat you call a gateman kept telling me you were not home. He even refused to allow me come in to wait for you on several occasions." She eyed Aliyu, who moved back from the duo

"Aliyu, how dare you? Person find me come you no allow am enter, what's the matter with you?" Diana lashed at him.

"Aunty Dina make you no vex, na new madam say make i no allow anybody wey find you come enter na she say make i tell them say you no dey or else she go pursue me comot. Aunty no vex" Aliyu begged her.

Diana turned to her friend "let's go in Toks, i don't blame him. With the way my uncle's wife has been acting towards me i believe she told him to do just that" she said as she led her friend into the main house.

Toks looked around "and where is she now, abeg no allow person come pour pepper for my body o" she joked.

"She travelled out of town with the kids, i don't know when she will be back. Would you like to eat something?" Diana asked

"My dear no, seeing you alone is more than enough for me. I have been worried sick about you. Even Deji, you remember you boo in school has been trying to reach you. Whatever happened to your phone?" Toks quizzed her.

"My aunt took it away from me o, her reasons i still do not know." Diana began to recount all that had happened to her since her family paased on, but she left out the rape part and her issue with Uncle.

"Na wa o, my dear friend you have really suffered. Don't worry you go soon comot shey school go resume next month na." Toks consoled her friend

"Yes o, that is what has been keeping me. you know how much dad wanted me to go to the university. I must fufill that wish. Diana said wistfully.

Toke got up from the sofa and looked at the pictures on the wall. "Oh girl, this your aunty go tough true true, see as her face be like winsh. you sure say this woman go allow you go school so?" Toke joked

"If she does not i go run comot o, dad had paid for my first year tuition already, i'm just worried about how i will cope later. I pray my uncle comes around" Diana said.

"Talking about your uncle, where is his picture, let me see his face" Toke looked around the living room for uncle Bode.

"There he is, standing next to my aunt, his wife" Diana pointed

"Oh boy, you don't mean it, that this handsome man is married to this worwor woman. See this hulk of a man!!!I was expecting to see one old papa, not a young dude like him" Toke practically drooled over Bode's picture.

Diana could feel the anger well up inside her. "Toke stop saying rubbish and leave that place" she snapped harshly at her friend, much to her own surprise. why was she getting so defensive?

Toke laughed "Chillax jor, even though i won't mind having a bite of that juicy piece of meat i see there, i won't pass my boundary. Besides if he allowed his wife maltreat you he must be mean himself." she sat next to her friend and held her hand.

"Better" Diana smile at her. Toke had always been the wild one. She was 3 years older than Diana, but the two had developed a close bond
since their junior secondary school days. It was known to most in school that Toke was no virgin, and she took pride in the fact that she had dated and slept with the cutest seniors in school. Toke's thirst for older men amazed Diana, who never allowed her friend's ways taint her. They continued to gist until Uncle Bode walked into the room, Toke saw him first and her jaw dropped open....

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by EvaJael(f): 4:58pm On Jun 12, 2017
Part of her?
I fainted my sister
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by EvaJael(f): 4:59pm On Jun 12, 2017
You have a lovely piece here maybelconor
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 5:06pm On Jun 12, 2017
You have a lovely piece here maybelconor

Thank you ma'am smiley
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 6:00pm On Jun 12, 2017

I fainted my sister
No be only you o, I follow you faint self
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 6:05pm On Jun 12, 2017
Time and uncle knew each other?
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 6:11pm On Jun 12, 2017
Bode looked at the attractive young woman sitting beside Diana. He knew by her reaction that she was taken in by his looks, he always got that same look from women who found him irresistable. He smiled broadly
"well well, seems we have a guest. How are you lovely lady? he walked to her side and shook her hand"

"Very well, Uncle. Good evening" Toke managed to find her tongue .

"What's your name dear, have you been offered anything?" he asked, ignoring Diana and focusing on Toke who blushed noticeably.

"I don't want anything sir, my name is Toke" She replied.

"Please cut out the sir crap, you can call me Bode. Don't make me feel older than i am" Toke laughed

"Okay, Bode nice meeting you" He stood up and went upstairs but not before givin Diana a look that said "say anything and you are in trouble"

Diana turned on Toke angrily, what was the meaning of that, you were all over my uncle shamelessly"

"woo woo take it easy Diana, i did nothing than shake his hand. I dont understand your anger right now, if you don't want me to be here kindly say so" Toke got up to leave.

Diana also could not fathom why she was getting worked up so she apologised to her friend. "i am sorry Toks, i don't want you to leave me. can you stay with me tonight? I really need the company."

"Yeah, i guess so. Let me call my mum and inform her i won't be coming home tonight" Toke took out her cellphone and dialled her mum's number. "Hello mum, good evening ma. Yes ma, i was able to see her today. she's doing well, although she has lost some weight. mum can i stay with her tonight? Oh great, thank you mum" she handed the phone to Diana, "my mum wants to say hi".
Diana took the phone and exchanged pleasantries with Toke's mum and hung up. she stood up and Toke to the kitchen. "Oya lets go make dinner, now that you are staying"
They chatted excitedly as they prepared dinner, catching up on gist and gossiping about their other friends. Diana turned to Toke "I am so glad you are here, it feels good to have company. i don't remember the last time i laughed like this with anyone"

"What about your uncle, he seems nice, nothing like what you have told me about his wife" Toke said, glancing at the stairs.
Ever since Bode got back, she had been wishing for him to come downstairs so she can get closer to him, she was already infatuated with him and she partly agreed to stay because she wanted to be closer to him.

"I'd rather not talk about him or any of them right now, let's just enjoy the moment" Diana replied.

"Alright dearie, pass me the salt, there is not enough in the rice" They continued cooking and gisting.

Bode came downstairs dressed casually in shorts. Toke's heart summersaulted 360 degrees and she vowed there and then to have a taste of him.
"Hmmm, something smells good, Toke i know it is your handiwork" Bode flirted with Toke who grinned uncontrollably.
"No Uncle, Diana and i are responsible for that" She smiled sheepishly as he patted her cheek.
Diana watched both of them, silently fuming in anger.
She dished out the food and set the table, where Bode and Toke continued to gist while she ate on silently. Bode delibrately ignored her and gave Toke his full attention while the latter forgot the main reason she was in the house in the first place,
After dinner, Bode invited Toke to watch a movie in the sitting room with him but Diana refused " No uncle, we have to catch up on some things, she will be leaving tomorrow and we have not really talked yet" she said, half dragging Toke to her room. Toke was dismayed but she tried as much as possible to hide it...

Sorry it's a short update, will make up for it tomorrow.

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 6:12pm On Jun 12, 2017
Time and uncle knew each other?

Nope they did not, you know the way your jaw drops when a very fine guy walks into the room, that was the reaction....
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 8:38am On Jun 13, 2017

Nope they did not, you know the way your jaw drops when a very fine guy walks into the room, that was the reaction....
Oh, I get. Time to crush
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by EvaJael(f): 8:58am On Jun 13, 2017

Nope they did not, you know the way your jaw drops when a very fine guy walks into the room, that was the reaction....
Lolzzz I see.
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Kimkardashain(f): 10:20am On Jun 13, 2017
iyam nt undastnding oh, diana abi rihanna.is ur brain on fire?
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Vicktomaniaa(m): 4:10pm On Jun 14, 2017
Bros shey ur tomorrow never reach abi never finish?
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 4:50pm On Jun 15, 2017
Bros shey ur tomorrow never reach abi never finish?

No vex, been a bit busy.
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 5:28pm On Jun 15, 2017
Back in Diana's room Toke struggled to keep her mind on the discussion, but nothing Diana said was sinking in.
"Toke i just asked you a question but you did not reply, are you alright?" Diana asked.

"Yeah i'm fine just sleepy. Can we go to bed now please?" Toke begged her.

"Of course, go and shower then you can look in my wardrobe for something comfortable to sleep in. I'm also sleepy myself but the gist no gree me see road" Diana laughed.

Toke took her bath and looked through Diana's wardrobe while Diana went to the bathroom to have her bath. She opted for a short and a light top and jumped into bed before Diana got out of the bathroom.

"This babe don run sleep" Diana chuckled and laid down beside her. In no time, she was fast asleep.

Toke made sure Diana was deep in dreamland before stepping out of the room. She had an agenda which must be accomplished before daylight as that was the only opportunity she had to get to Bode. She prayed silently to find him in the sitting room, otherwise she would have to search for his bedroom in the house. Luckily for her, she found him seated in the sitting room, a glass of whisky in one hand watching a late night movie. Bode heard light footsteps and turne to see who it was.

"Hey dearie, i though you and Diana had long gone to bed" He smiled as he beckoned her to come sit by him.

"No Uncle, i could'nt sleep so i decided to watch tv" she said as she sat beside him on the settee.

"Please cut out the uncle stuff, i told you to call me Bode. Meanwhile, do you drink whisky?" He offered her his glass.

"I don't mind some, thank you Bode". She took the glad and relaxed on the settee.

Bode smiled inwardly. He knew she was into him the minute he walked into the room, the way she gaped at him. He also knew she came out because of him, as Diana had a tv set in her room and she could have watched anything there, so he decided to play along.

"She wants the D, i will give it to her" He thought to hmself as he collected the glass from her and drank from it. They continued to watch the movie in silence, both of them sharing the same glass. A scene of a couple making out came up on TV, and Toke shifted on the settee. Bode took the glass from her and set it on the table. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply while she responded hungrily. He jerked off the flimsy top and fondled her boobs. She moaned and encouraged him to go further. He disentangled from her and raced up to get a pack of condoms in his safe, well hidden from his wife or anyone else. Toke yanked it from him, tore open the pack and slid one on his joystick. She groaned as he slid into her and they began to gyrate.

Diana felt the urge to pee, so she stood up and went to use the restroom. She did not notice that her friend was not in the room. After easng herself, she went back to bed and laid down. "Toke must be really tired, she did not even stir" she thought. She reached out to see if her friend was alright, but the bed was empty. She sprang from the bed and switched on the light but Toke was not in the room.

"she probably went to get a snack, Toke too like food" She thought as she went to search for her friend. On her way to the kitchen she passed through the sitting room and there she saw Uncle Bode and Toke deeply engrossed in their lovemaking session to notice her.

"Toke!!!" she yelled as Uncle Bode sprang off Toke who covered her eyes in shame. Bode stood Unclad, his proud eyes dared Diana to say anything further.....

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by KimberlyWest(f): 8:39pm On Jun 15, 2017
Toke! Toke! Toke! How many times i call you?

You are a very badt girl.

As for Diana, just pray that your leg will stop carrying you to the wrong place at the right time.

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 11:01pm On Jun 15, 2017
Toke! Toke! Toke! How many times i call you?

You are a very badt girl.

As for Diana, just pray that your leg will stop carrying you to the wrong place at the right time.
Abi o, But Aunty Toke, e buru gan o. KimW hare, let me see with you
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by KimberlyWest(f): 11:41pm On Jun 15, 2017
Abi o, But Aunty Toke, e buru gan o. KimW hare, let me see with you
No P.
''sit here''
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by zpetstunner(m): 8:35am On Jun 16, 2017
yes have come.....

elo bae your tori the enter wella

more update plz

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Vicktomaniaa(m): 6:07pm On Jun 16, 2017
I think I like the Toke girl, she knew what she wanted and went for it cos she's aware she might not have such opportunity again....... As she no b bohloh like Diana....... Bros come and update ooooooo
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 6:16pm On Jun 16, 2017
Diana stared angrily at Toke, who at that pointed wished that she was anywhere but there. she buried her face in her palms to avoid Diana's accusing glare.

"Toke how could you? This is a married man for crying out loud, my own uncle. You had the guts to sleep with him here. Just imagine the trash!!! Are you so cheap? you barely know him" Diana raged at her friend who sunk lower on the settee, trying to find a place to hide. Dia turned to her Uncle.

"How dare you Uncle Bode? Your wife has been gone for only a few days and all you have been up to is no good. How could you sleep with her, under this roof!!! your kids sit on that chair for crying out loud. You disgust me!!! Bode crossed his arms and laughed out loud.

"Oh really? And what do you mean that i've been up to no good" He smiled and and stroked his still erect dick. Diana burning with embarrasment turned and left for her room. She was infuriated, "how dare Uncle Bode sleep with Toke. And that slut that opened her legs wide to a stranger, we are done!" Diana fumed as she laid down on her bed but sleep eluded her. Images of Uncle Bode and Toke kept flashing through her head, she saw the way Toke gripped him, that she was really enjoying the whole thing. She tried to remember if she had that same expression, the night uncle Bode has s3x with her but she could not recollect.

"Come off it Diana, what in the world has come over you" she chided herself as she thought of Uncle Bode's dick. She felt herself get warm in between her legs. She closed her eyes and bit her lips hard "This is crazy" she mumbled. At that moment Toke walked into the room, she thought Diana closed her eyes because she was still angry with her.

"Diana, i'm sorry. I could'nt control myself, there's something so irresistable about Bode but i should not have done what i did. Please forgive me, your friendship is to valuable to loose" Toke begged her.

Sorry, pretty short update. I promise to update more tomorrow....

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Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by zpetstunner(m): 9:17pm On Jun 16, 2017
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Adesina12: 10:01pm On Jun 16, 2017
welcome back
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by chisiudeh: 10:12pm On Jun 16, 2017
Nice work.
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 10:49pm On Jun 16, 2017
welcome back
Is a lie, my sweetie is back!!!! Aramide I have missed you
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by queenitee(f): 10:49pm On Jun 16, 2017
But I don't understand this Diana girl o
Re: Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad by Maybelconor: 1:42pm On Jun 17, 2017
"I'm honestly disappointed in you Toke, you slept with my own uncle in my house just a few hours of meeting him. Do you know what that says about you? Now he will think i do the same thing, sleeping about" Diana looked scornfully at her.

"Haba now, everyone knows you are the good girl, the incorruptible virgin. I accept i was wrong, oya sorry now" Toke held Diana, who reluctantly agreed. If only Toke knew, Diana thought. She would have confided in Toke if she had not gotten involved with uncle Bode, now the whole issue was messy and she could not trust her judgement now. she sighed deeply.

Toke thought Diana was still angry so she shook her mildly "Babe shey i have apologised, why you con still dey vex na?"

"No no, i'm no longer angry with you, but i won't lie i'm still perplexed you did what you did so quickly".

Toke laughed "babe, let me be honest with you. I am sorry i slept with someone you call uncle, as in someone related to you but no jokes i am not sorry i slept with Bode. Kai, the guy is handsome and he is good!!! when i say good i mean good. See the way he was drilling me, i almost spoke in tongues"

Diana looked sternly at her "it's like you want to go home this night, if you don't stop talking about that nonsense that is what will happen. you are older than i am yet you don't have sense" This made Toke laugh even more

"babe forget that levels, don't worry when you start to chop that levels you will understand what i mean. My advise is, better chop correct one. The one that willl make you feel what i felt tonight" She shuddered, and Diana saw at that moment that if Toke had another opportunity to sleep with uncle Bode, she would jump at it.

"Thank you, madam adviser, sampler of all dicks. lets sleep abeg" Diana said as she made room on the bed so Toke could lie down. In no time Toke was asleep, but sleep eluded Diana. Toke's words rang through her head and it was difficult shutting them out so she resigned to them.

"Uncle Bode is so shameless" she muttered under her breath as she stood up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of warm milk, to enable her sleep. As she approached the sitting room she took off her slippers peeked in first to see if he was there, she did not want to run into him a second time. she almost sang praises as she saw that he had gone upstairs to bed as the tv was off. She ran off into the kitchen, made the milk and raced back to her room. As she laid down on her bed, she chided herself for being so silly. She would eventually run into him, until she moved to her hostel in school.
The next morning, Diana and Toke sat in the kitchen preparing breakfast, to Diana's relief and Toke's dismay, uncle Bode did not come down to have his meal. They gisted in Diana's room till afternoon, when they heard a car drive out of the compound.

"Uncle Bode must have gone out, possibly to go pick up his wife and kids at the airport. I think they are coming back today" Diana said smilling. She was happy Uncle Bode and Toke did not get a chance to meet, she saw Toke struggle to hide her disappointment. "You better go home soon, i don't want any issues with my aunt" she said to Toke.

"Yes, that's true. I will come visit again but how will i know when to come? she took your phone away" Toke replied.

"Can you come back every 3 days? i will always leave a note with Aliyu the gateman, you can also send a note through him for me. I will get it. Aliyu is not that bad, he is just worried about loosing his job" Diana said.

"Okay dearie, do take care of yourself". Toke got up to leave and Diana saw her off to the gate.


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