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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 10:24pm On Jun 25, 2017
Abeg no be only u dey read am oh keep updating and letme your ardent follower keep reading.
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 10:27pm On Jun 25, 2017

Nice update, just keep track of the names of your followers and type the ones you want to mention.
alright thanks bro
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:14pm On Jun 25, 2017
Dedicated to my followers,, Shalomdee,, Deji124,, wizsolzy,, xaviercasmir,, Benteazaa and the other ghost readers.....


Two days later, omolara called him, it was on a Saturday. "Good evening handsome" she initiated the conversation. "Good evening God sent" he replied as the conversation continued. Why he referred to her as 'God sent' was understandable to only him.

Omolara, who almost didn't sleep all night, had fallen in love with him, she proposed that they meet that day, she wanted to see him everyday, her Alacrity had given her away.

"I'm really sorry dear, we cant meet today. I just finished my laundry and I need to cook something "he had replied making her feel dejected but she was determined and wasn't ready to back off so easily..

" oh! If you don't mind, I can do the cooking "she proposed again hoping to be accepted this time.. There was a long silence on the other end before he replied" alright,, I shall send you the address ".
She was very glad, her entire mind and soul were filled with happiness, if he a horse was ridden on the highway of her mind at that moment, the horse would have galloped with ease. It was a perfect feeling.
Not that omolara was a cheap damsel, it was far from that, in fact she had turned down numerous suitors before running into him but this guy was quite different, his physical appearance was Impeccable and he looked genuine

She had gone to his abode that day in her best appearance, she was claded on her most expensive skimpy gown which barely reached her knees. Although she felt quite uncomfortable as the dress was a tight one, she was more than pleased when he later commented on how sexy she was..

Omolara wasn't a bitch neither was she a call girl who was envisaaging sexual intercourse with him. She was just so into him that she was ready to give him her everything, her body, money, investment, soul and even her life.. Call it craziness, insanity, stupidity, she didn't care.. She had practically turned him to her god... Perhaps she had been hypnotized..

Now,, Its been six months since they met. Omolara had been Anticipating his professed love for her but none seemed to be forthcoming. She however have him a month Ultimatum and if he didn't prove to be the man she presumed he was, she would move on..but she knew within herself that it was just a Hogwash..

It was a Friday night, they had just returned from the cinema. Omolara sat on the sofa nor far from him, he had been staring at her and she felt rather uncomfortable.. Soon, Jide sat beside her, held her hands and said "I was sent down to earth for a mission, a mission to find someone that will complete me, I never thought that my task would be fulfilled till the very moment I met you.. I have finally found my perfection whom I have been seeking for all my life, at this moment, I still can't believe my eyes as the girl I thought only existed in fairytale now stands facing me, staring at the moon each night I saw your gentle smile, the smile that gave me the strength to make the impossible possible "
Omolara was amazed, she couldn't belive her ears tears had formed in her pretty eyes and were begging to rush down like rain, rain of joys..

" my affection for your grows each and every day "he continued" I'm totally addicted to you, when I look into your eyes, I see the real me, a person that live for a goal and purpose. I just hope that you and I can be in a relationship that is more than just friends someday.... For now I'm declaring my love for you and I will be right here waiting for you... I love you, omolara "he had just made a confession,,but was it a genuine one? He knows his primary motives was her wealth, the credulous young woman never knew he was a gold digger..

Now the tears were flowing freely, someone had to stop her from causing a flood, she didn't believe what she had just heard, although she had been Anticipating eagerly, he was just so sweat.

"what took you so long? I've been waiting for this day, I've kept my feelings for you contained for a long time as I'm in love with you, but true and honest love shouldn't be contained and kept quiet for this long. There's so much about you that most girls don't see, they only see half, they see your body but my love for you is more than skin deep, my feelings for you grow more and more each day, it grows deeper and more everlasting with every passing minutes. You mean so much to me. Your hug makes me all warm and tingly inside "she smiled and covered her face as she continued " I dream of you day in and out. I will walk one thousand miles just to hold you for one minute and have not one question about it... I'm in love with you and I will love you for the rest of my life Badmus Jide" she concluded sincerely..

Before he could say Jack Robinson, she was already all over him, kissing him passionately. Two years later, they had got married and had their first child,,, BADMUS JASON...

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Re: Mask Hunter by Deji124(m): 7:53am On Jun 26, 2017
tanks 4 d dedication.more mb 2 your phone.
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 9:33am On Jun 26, 2017
tanks 4 d dedication.more mb 2 your phone.
thanks man..... �
Re: Mask Hunter by EvaJael(f): 9:59am On Jun 26, 2017
I'm captivated. Thanks deji124

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 12:44pm On Jun 26, 2017

Jason, who was yet to be discovered by his hunters thought of how he could escape the men, he needed to prepare for the worst but in this predicaments he was skeptical, he only prayed that he was not discovered at all..
"I don't think he's here "one of the men who was earlier filled with skepticism said.
" perhaps, he's dead and being carried away by the flood" another said..
The leader stood for a while, it appeared that he was trying to ransack the environment for the last time.. he's the most silent of all but he's the most dangerous, he had killed thousands and he had even lost count. Of all the gang of killers, he was the most feared..
"you are right, he's not here, let's go!! "..

Jason could not believe his luck, the men had just given up the search for him. He was right next to them and luck had conceal him from their discovery.

The men had started leaving when the leader halted suddenly.. He had noticed something bizarre, the drum was standing while the contents were scattered everywhere, it was rather fremd for he knew if the junks and garbage were dispersed, the drum ought to be lying flat on the floor and not otherwise..
Even if someone had emptied the drum, it will be too light for it to withstand the heavy flood. a light drum of such would have been easily swept away by the voracious flood, but there it was standing firmed to the ground... He knew that their prey was contained in the container.. He was absolutely certain

The leader sauntered swiftly towards the container and opened it, there he was lying frozen in the drum.. "you this bloody son of a gun" he said angrily as he jerked him out,, he was as light as a feather,, he had lost kilograms of weight... Four heavy slaps landed on Jason's face consecutively..

Unsurprisingly, the boy didn't feel the effects of the hits for every part of him was frozen, his blood was beginning to clot. Jason knew the end was near, he knew no one could save him from there torments. He couldn't scream for no one will hear his voice,, his tiny voice was not audible enough to be heard amid the loud rumble of thunder... "bring him along!!"the leader ordered..

He was picked up like a paper, he was very light.. A chubby boy he was had become so lean, his emaciation was as a result of starvation, his skeletal system had emanated from his little meat on it.. He was a walking dead...

Soon, they got to a dilapidated building which had been relinquished for decades.. Jason was dropped like a log, he was being glared at scornfully..
"let me finish him off boss" one of them demanded..
"no, I still have to ask where his brother is" the leader replied...
"now listen to me, you mongrel! "he continued in a cold voice.
" you have two options, answer my questions and die a painless death or answer my questions and die distraughtly,.. Either way, you will answer my questions and die... " not Jason was more scared,,how could they be so cold to him,, he was only a boy of ten.." but the painful or painless death will be determined by how corporative you are ".. He concluded..

He brought out a rizla, filled it with a grinded plants that looked like weed, he rolled it into a long item and then lighted it.. In a second, he extracted the burning weed making a long draw.. As long as the rolled weed was, it was completely burned down at a single draw, he threw the Remnant on the floor and excreated the waste products through his nostrils in form of smoke. Jason coughed out as he jerked... Like a dragon, the smokers eyes turned red immediately.
"where is the baby?" he said in a murmur, he was ready for business...

To be continued soon...

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 5:20pm On Jun 26, 2017

"where is the baby?" he said in a murmur

"I don't know "
The leader sent a punch down his stomach, this sent him to the ground, he staggered backward and held his stomach gently squeezing it while in pain.. He felt the strike, it was the most excruciating hit he had ever experienced..soon the boy threw up all that he had eaten, not that he had taken any balanced diet,,he had only taken a loaf of staled bread since three days and unfortunately, he didn't even finish it.. Now the worms who had earlier welcomed the spoiled bread were affected by the hit, this made them speedily ejected it. To them it appeared they were been reprimanded for their feast..

"where is the baby? "said again, This time in a louder voice..
Jason was quiet for he knew the only answer he could give will land him in another state of mayhem. He couldn't have told them where his babe brother was, that is not going to happen, since he could be killed either way, he could only save his brother by concealing his whereabouts.

Without warning, the man sent another two sets of punches simultaneously, one landed on his abdominal region another to his left jaw.. Since there wasn't anymore meal in his stomach, he vomited blood, he couldn't see for a minute as all he could see were dancing stars around his periphery of his vision..

"that was for keeping me waiting, you don't want to test my patience, for if you do, young man, I will kill you slowly and you will regret ever being born".... Jason looked terrible, bruises all over him, his face was swollen and the handsome boy had turned Hideous,, he splited out blood which was accompanied by a tooth, he had just lost a tooth...

The man brought another set of rizla, and repeated what he had earlier done..the other men smiled devilishly, one of them brought out a bottle of alcoholic drink and sipped a little quantity .. He was enjoying how the boy was being rough handled......

Dropping the remains on the floor, the leader knelt before him and repeatedly said "where is the baby?

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 5:21pm On Jun 26, 2017
I hope this piece is still being followed.....?
Re: Mask Hunter by Deji124(m): 5:37pm On Jun 26, 2017
Sure it iz been follow. I dey follow am like bee wey dey follow honey,
Re: Mask Hunter by donkelz(m): 7:26pm On Jun 26, 2017
Ride on bro!
Re: Mask Hunter by Ibunkun1(m): 9:19pm On Jun 26, 2017
Welldone Bro.Hw Can They Treat A Ten Year Old Boy like That.Well If The Boy Survives,he's Gonna Become A Heartless Soul

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Re: Mask Hunter by Benteazaa(m): 9:29pm On Jun 26, 2017
I hope this piece is still being followed.....?

i de follow u de way lala de take follow snake thread
Re: Mask Hunter by Shalomdee(f): 12:37am On Jun 27, 2017
Why are they treating the young boy like that and what do they want with his brother? nice update

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:03pm On Jun 27, 2017
Why are they treating the young boy like that and what do they want with his brother? nice update
perhaps we shall know as time goes.... Lol
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:05pm On Jun 27, 2017
Chai u go fear ghost readers...... They can ghost read without comments..... Well Sha i hail Una o
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 1:56pm On Jun 27, 2017

Jason was screaming in pains,he wondered why all there were happening to him, why they were after his family, he seemed to be lost as everything looked obscure to him.. He was just a regular boy who had dreams of becoming a medical doctor in the future, to fulfil that dream, he knew he should be in school with other children of his age, but here he was twisted by faith, in an unknown place in the midst of anonymous monsters.. Hoodlums who had destroyed his home, his life, his career and now they are after his life..

Jason was really ready to die now, perhaps end the suffering he was born into,,but his life had proven tough to be taken, just when he thought it is over, things turned the table, someone from nowhere would save the day,and then another greater ordeal awaited him..

"I'm asking you for the last time,where is the baby"..

Jason knew he couldn't tell him what he had been wanting to hear neither could he keep quite. The former would mean a certain abyss for his baby brother and himself thereby reneging on the promise he had made their mother. The later would land him into another round of punches or even worse. However, the later seemed the better option as he couldn't sacrifice his baby brother.

"I - - - - - don----nt - - - - kn--ow" he stammered...

"you made a big mistake you bastard, you will be sorry for not giving me what I need"

He picked up the boy like a garbage and threw him against the wall, as he fell to the ground, he forcefully marched his ankle dislocating a bone, the boy screamed. He gave him round of punches on the face,one of the eyes got closed and refuse to see anything but darkness, the other was still opened, however blood had formed in the cornea making his vision blurred.. It was a miracle for the boy to have survived such mishaps, but it was only the beginning.

The monster picked the bottle of beer from which one of them had earlier sipped and burst it on his skull, he quickly gathered the scattered broken pieces picked up the boy far above his head and dropped him forcefully on the gathered broken bottle..he fainted..

"not so soon, you bitch",, the leader ordered one of the men to inject him... He immediately brought out a hypodermic syringe containing some liquid substances..he injected its contents into his system... The men laughed demonicly as the boy Clamor in pain...

Soon, the boy started convulsing, it was an intense, paraxysmal, involuntary muscular contractions, in a few seconds, the convulsions stopped.
The leader stepped towards him and said "let's see how strong you are, if you can survive this, where is the babe!?" he asked again.

"I left him in an uncompleted building three days ago, ".. The boy gave up the fight.. He had been defeated....

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 3:46pm On Jun 27, 2017

Dedicated to Shalomdee,, Deji124,, wizsolzy,, xaviercasmir,, Benteazaa,, Evajael,, donkelz,, ibunkun1 and other ghost followers.....

The boy had been sedated. The injection given to him intravenously had induced him into a complete state of trance making him unaware of his action.. The men knew the boy wouldn't give up his brother in his right mind, they had no other option than to rob him of his mind, the bloody minded boy was completely loyal to his brother even at the state of death...

Loyalty is rare, even soldiers betray their commanders,,ministers their country,wife her husband, son his parents, brother his sisters and even Judas betrayed Jesus, and they were all adults, but this boy who didn't even know the importance of loyalty had stood strongly amid all his misfortunes.. Now he had given up, but that was because he had been hypnotized....

"where is the building?"
"I don't know, but it was very close to iroko market place"

"who else knows the place? "

" no one? "

" how am I supposed to believe that? "even while being tranquilized, the men still have a pang of skepticism for the boy had given them the toughest time of their lives.. None of them would have survived what the boy had... They couldn't deny the fact..

"The building was situated in the forest"

"Good of you, now I will end your sorry life, if you are fortunate enough to be reborn, choose a better destiny. "
Still unaware of his actions, Jason was completely deformed.. No one could recognized him again, he had been beaten to Stupor, not even sextone can identify him, not even the Indifferent Emanuella.

" Tell your bitch mother that I wish I can enjoy her pussy again"

"what should we do to him, boss" a man said

"kill him and dump him in the flood, let the water take care of his useless body"...

The man smiled to himself, he had been given a fair chance to unleash his own share of anger on him, the boy had given him sleepless night. He happily accepted the task..

He brought out a string from his back pocket and tied it round his neck, he was going to strangle him....
The boy, whose throat was being squeezed by a Taut rope was choking. He was gasping for breathe, although he was too jaded to fight, his body was responding to the cut off in oxygen supply, he was now suffocating.

Jason heard his own body getting quieter, with the tight skull cap over his ears, he could hear his own breathing amplified in his head. It was getting slower..... More slower.... More difficult to inhale..

His body was no longer able to fight off the compressing sensation that accompanied his own blood racing from his extremities like a crew abandoning ship, flowing instinctively to his vital organs in a last ditch effort to keep his conscious...
A loosing battle, he knew, he felt his soul admitting defeat, teetering on the brink between presence and absence, life and death, with blood gushing from his wide opened eyes,, Jason stopped breathing...

It's been two minutes since he stopped breathing, the predictor won't let go of his prey, the nefarious man still strangled the boy even after he had stopped moving, after his heart had stopped..
The man wished he could kill him all over again... He was indeed a devil.
He picked the dead boy and threw him into the heavy flood whose strong wave swept him like a nylon into the ocean. Jason was gone.....


Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 3:47pm On Jun 27, 2017
Welldone Bro.Hw Can They Treat A Ten Year Old Boy like That.Well If The Boy Survives,he's Gonna Become A Heartless Soul
Hmmmmmm 'if'........ Let's see how it turns out

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Re: Mask Hunter by Ibunkun1(m): 8:28pm On Jun 27, 2017
Hmmmmmm 'if'........ Let's see how it turns out
Re: Mask Hunter by Ibunkun1(m): 8:34pm On Jun 27, 2017
Re: Mask Hunter by Ibunkun1(m): 8:34pm On Jun 27, 2017
Ha!,this Boy Died.Hmm
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 9:27pm On Jun 27, 2017
Ha!,this Boy Died.Hmm
life doesn't always turn out the way we think.... Hope u r enjoying it
Re: Mask Hunter by Shalomdee(f): 10:32am On Jun 28, 2017
Heartless killers... so it's over for the boy?

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Re: Mask Hunter by EvaJael(f): 10:56am On Jun 28, 2017
I'll cry o. I hope he didn't actually die

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Re: Mask Hunter by Deji124(m): 11:23am On Jun 28, 2017
What Jason must not die like this oh oh oh,

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:29am On Jun 28, 2017
Heartless killers... so it's over for the boy?
perhaps it is
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:30am On Jun 28, 2017
I'll cry o. I hope he didn't actually die
I beg don't o.... Itz just a fiction Lolz.. Hope I'm Trying Sha
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 11:36am On Jun 28, 2017
What Jason must not die like this oh oh oh,
Re: Mask Hunter by EvaJael(f): 11:47am On Jun 28, 2017
I beg don't o.... Itz just a fiction Lolz.. Hope I'm Trying Sha
You're holding me spellbound sir

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Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 12:36pm On Jun 28, 2017

You're holding me spellbound sir
Hmmmm....its an honor
Re: Mask Hunter by AyarmBoye(m): 6:00pm On Jun 28, 2017

Badmus Jason was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, however he did not use the silver spoon for long before he was robbed of it. He hadn't any spoon to eat now, not even a wooden spoon.

Life had been rosy for him before his misfortune, in fact his mother had been optimistic about the future, she had a husband who she loved with her life and two handsome boys who proved to be the carbon copy of herself. The future seemed bright as they were rich and wealthy.. Although, omolara had always been the breadwinner of the family, no one had ever discovered that fact, in short they had thought Jide was the primary income - earner in the household...

The family was a paradise on earth, however the family was soon struck with great nakba. The adversity had torn the family apart like a hungry tigress tore its prey... Everything they had built was completely destroyed in a twinkle..
The cause of the family's subversion wouldn't have happened but for Jide who had no atom of loyalty and faith in their marriage, perhaps he never loved her in the first place...

Omolara had just given birth to their second child. Jason was extremely joyous so was Jide, the boy's father. However, the happiness turned into forlornness when the doctor called Jide to his office...
"congratulations, Mr Badmus Jide, I'm sure the nurses have told you that your wife had just given birth to another bouncing boy" the doctor had said smiling..

"thank you doctor, I'm grateful to you "

" Let's give all glories to almighty God, Mr "the doctor said..
Jide was still smiling when he noticed that the happy face that the doctor had earlier worn had been debarred.
" what is wrong doctor?"tell me my wife and child are okay " Jide said expressing his great distress.

" your wife and baby are in perfect conditions " the doctor paused for a while and the continued" Mr Badmus, during the course of the delivery of the baby, we discovered that your wife is suffering from lymphomatosis of the tissue "

" lym-pho-ma........ Doctor, what is that, can u explain clearly? “he stammered having difficulty in pronouncing the ailment...

"well, you see mr Badmus, lymphomatosis is a multiple lymphoma, a malignant tumor, that arises in the lymph nodes or in other lymphoid tissue"

"doctor, tell me it can be cured" Jide said feeling frightful..

"you see Mr Badmus" the doctor sighed, leaning forward with a reluctant facial expression as he continued "if the ailment is just one stone of lymphoma, then we can easily get rid of it, but unfortunately she has multiple stones of lymphoma... I'm pained to tell you that it cannot be cured"

Jide was mute as tears formed in his eyes which were ready to run down in compliance. He was in great throe. His woman, who he had planned to spend the rest of her life with, was leaving him already. She was dying after all without knowing it...
A tear, which couldn't be held any longer, bolted down his face as he asked "how long does she have? "
"Hmmmm,, it depends on how how long she can keep up with the extremely expensive medication. At this stage, she only has a year, however if she can maintain her medication, maybe two years, perhaps two years and six months on the maximum"

"just two years! "Jide was exasperated, his happiness had turned bitter, in two years, his God sent will leave him, he was flustered and befuddled.
" what is the cost of the medication? "

" well, to Alleviate the pain and encamp the disease, you will have to spend a million "the doctor paused for a while and studied Jide's expression and then proceeded" monthly "

" what!! "Jide's eyes were wide opened, one million monthly, that's twelve million yearly and thirty six million for two years six months which was her culmination.he needed to weigh this matter and think over it.
" thank you doctor, I will get back to you "
Jude left the doctor's office brooding over what he had just heard. His wife was dying and she couldn't be saved, but extended which would cost a fortune.. He was completely broken, remembered their old time , his son Jason and now his new baby.. He was confused..

A week later, they named the boy Tony..

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