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Re: Mr Right by Mirabel14: 8:12pm On Sep 13, 2017
Jason, please do not make Amanda cry. Stop flirting.
Re: Mr Right by MissRelly: 5:10pm On Sep 14, 2017
Wow!!! wat a story,pls don't divorce Amanda and Jason
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 6:29pm On Sep 14, 2017
**********Episode 23**********
"Good afternoon mum...dad",Amanda mumbled as she saw the look on her mother's face, she quickly diverted her eyes to her in-laws to be and greeted them as she made to kneel down they dragged her up.

"Why are you looking at her like that",Patricia said rolling her eyes at Belinda as she pulled Amanda to her laps.

"Why weren't you in church today", Belinda asked squinting her eyes in anger.

"I...I...wa...", she made an attempt to answer before Patricia came to her rescue.

"Belinda you should be asking Jason that question Amanda is the prefer one her body might not feel like going out all day,she can wake up all stressed out now it is left for Jason to prepare and come to church or even if she decides to come Jason didn't want to go so she can't go because he won't drop her off would you like to see on the papers tomorrow morning,"Amanda Williams, fiancée to the son of Lagos state governor, daughter to billionaire, business tycoon Patrick Williams and fashion designer,Belinda Williams boards a taxi to church...huh", Patricia said stroking Amanda's hair softly.

"If Jason didn't feel like coming to church it is her duty as his woman to persuade him to...you are just being unfair to him,you just blamed him for everything",Belinda said in Jason's defense.

"Oh come on...Jason can't be pushed around, he's very strong willed", she said rolling her eyes

"Whatever let's move to the dinning section", Belinda said and stood up to lead the way.

"I have something for you", Patricia said excitedly.

"Really thanks", Amanda said excitedly too,she knew that the surprise won't be anything short of a jewelry the woman was cursed with jewelry, she had been bombarding her with it since she was a kid and it grew worse when she agreed to marry Jason.
As they ate,they talked about the forthcoming wedding and Amanda's parents presented the wedding list at least that was why they were having the lunch date in the first place.

Two hours later, the Ross were ready to leave Patricia and Ross held Amanda as they made for the car with Jason trailing behind them as they got to their car Patricia gave her the parcel, while Ross dropped a kiss on her forehead before they turned to her parents she excused herself and went to meet Jason who was standing by his car, she stood on her toes and dropped a kiss on his lips.

"Stay safe and call me once you get home", she said with a smile.

"Come here", he said and dragged her into his arms and without allowing her to protest he closed his lips on her's while his hands massaged her butt cheeks.

Their parents looked at each other in shock then turned slowly to look at them.


Re: Mr Right by bossy512(f): 8:11pm On Sep 14, 2017
Nice update
Re: Mr Right by seuncyber(m): 10:10pm On Sep 14, 2017
Nice story
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 6:39pm On Sep 15, 2017
**********Episode 24**********
Amanda woke up from her beauty sleep due to the banging on her door, she groaned as she got up to open the door.

"Hold your horses", she said flinging the door open, it was her four year old nephew, she looked at him in surprise.

"When dis you guys get back", she asked him.

"Today", he said showing off his snow white set of teeth.

"I know it's today", Amanda said matter of factly.

"Anyway...you have a visitor", the kid said ready to go.

"Jamal wait...male or female"", she asked to know if she'd change her cloth.

"Female!", he said impatiently.

"Go...go...go", she said shooing him away,she watched him hop away and imagined her child at this age with a smile on her lips, before she closed the door and left. She got to the mini sitting room she came face to face with her archenemy Bella and heavens kneo that if looks could kill Bella would be on a hearse.

"Well..well who do we have here,so our Miss prim and proper could get pregnant while still under her parents roof,whatever happened to I'm saving myself for my wedding night?",Bella asked with a smirk.

"Get your lying, betraying, backstabbing self out of my house", Amanda said through clenched teeth.

"Oh...my don't rub your frustration out on me I wasn't the one who knocked you up,is this why you've not been gracing the cover of magazines lately...how pathetic anyway I didn't leave my house and wedding plans to and come here and exchange words with you, I came to invite you to my wedding to the man you'd forever want but can never have...why...because he is mine", she said giving a loud throaty laughter.

Amanda was restraining herself from getting dirty with her," And you are proud to say that you're getting married to that gold digger huh,that lowlife that started his business with my money ",she gave a pained chuckle and "And I'm sooo glad that I'm over him", she said eyeing the I.V that Bella stretched in front of her,then Jason entered Amanda's face brightened up.Jason who didn't notice Bella walked straight to Amanda and dropped a deep,sloppy kiss on her lips.

"Babe I thought you said you wanted to rest what happened", she asked him with a smile.

"Just as I wanted to climb the bed the people printing the I.V said I should come pick it up" he said showing her the pink and gold chest.

"Seriously", she squealed snatching it from his hands, she hurriedly opened it an idea popped into her head,she turned to face Bella that was ogling at Jason openly, Amanda frowned used her index finger to drag Jason's face close and pressed her lips against he's and cut short the kiss when Jason's started feeling it,then she turned to face Bella with a smirk." Pardon us we are always allover each other,you know that giddy,intense feeling when your man is within reach,as in your real man not the one that you stole from your best friend...oh...I bet you don't know the feeling how pathetic ",she said with a chuckle,"Anyway let me have that", she said snatching the wedding card from her hand and slipped her's into Bella's bag,she flicked Bella's card open to read it,after a few seconds, she erupted into laughter." Ba...baby thank God I met you if not I'd have had my trad and white wedding on the Same day probably to cut down expenses,reception will be in the Church and where would you be having your honeymoon huh...in obudu cattle ranch huh"she said and went into another pearls of laughter.

TBC. kiss kiss

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Re: Mr Right by yewande1234(f): 6:55pm On Sep 15, 2017
M so loving dis update, 1 more update will nt be too much to ask.
Anyways tnx 4 d update
Re: Mr Right by Nobody: 6:32am On Sep 16, 2017
Re: Mr Right by cerowo(f): 8:19am On Sep 16, 2017
This Amanda of a girl get bad mouth o
Re: Mr Right by thiolhuwar09(f): 12:14pm On Sep 16, 2017
Nice. story,,,,more updates pleaseeee
Re: Mr Right by Rymadospar(f): 1:38pm On Sep 16, 2017
Lol...I like this Amanda.Nice update
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 4:37pm On Sep 16, 2017
**********Episode 25**********
"Baby that was harsh", Jason said softly as Bella ran out of the room in tears.

"Safe it", Amanda said holding up her left palm as a fat tear rolled down her right cheek.

"But Baby...", he continued.

"You have no idea the pains I went through because of them,I gave up my chance at studying in Harvard all thanks to Bella,because they kept denying her visa even with daddy's influence,Dad wanted me to go alone but I refused, I threw tantrums, I rebelled against my parents, I ran away from home, I slit my wrists just to pass a message across to my parents that Bella was my only friend and I couldn't live without her,daddy started the process for us to go to Oxford and we did,not like she passed the exams but daddy bribed her way through, I shared my stuffs with her,I didn't mind her social status, I didn't mind the fact that she was from the slums,as in daddy paid her fees through out high school and college, any guy I know she had a crush on and he's hitting on me I gave him distance, I never let a guy come between us,I shared everything with her,I gave her access to my stuffo,we were seriously twinning. Then we came back to Nigeria I met Peter, she didn't approve of our relationship from the onset because of his social class, forgetting the fact that she was once a nobody too,I ignored her,went on to build my relationship, when daddy found out her was mad,he asked me to cut all ties with him but I refused, when daddy saw that history was about to repeat itself he left me.Peter told me that he needed money to start up a business a whooping sum of fifteen million naira, I went to daddy, I begged, I cried,I asked him to do it for the man that his only daughter loved, I begged mommy to convince him and after about two weeks of intense begging daddy gave me ten million,I added five million and gave him to start up the business,Exactly two months later I caught him in bed WO Bella, I felt shattered, betrayed, I spent a month refusing to see anyone, my parents had to break into my house and I was in my father's jet on my way to America,I was with a shrink for close to three months, then the fainting spells started.It took me close to six months to get my old self back,all thanks to God, my parents and yours",she narrated in between sobs.

"Oh my God...Baby I'm sorry you went through all that, come here", Jason said dragging her into his arms." Just so you would know I'd always be here,I'd always love you ",Jason said wiping off her tears.

TBC kiss kiss.


Re: Mr Right by Kimkardashain(f): 4:58pm On Sep 16, 2017
Awwwwn baby. its well
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 8:47pm On Sep 17, 2017
**********Episode 26**********
Amanda sat in her room in her father's village mansion, she was crying,it was two days to her traditional wedding and things were not going as planned, her baby and his people were landing the next day,the stupid event planner that they hired was doing nothing spectacular and she had the guts to charge one point five million naira minus her flight ticket.

"Babe calm down,have you forgotten the fact that you are pregnant",Maya her eldest brother's wife asked her.

"How will I calm down as in I collected seven million naira from Jason for this marriage, he'd now come and see nonsense ehhn do you know the dignitaries his father is inviting",Amanda said sobbing more.

"It's enough ah ahn what is it it's just ten am we can still do something ,besides were you the one that contacted the event planner", Emily Amanda's immediate elder brother's wife said.

"Don't worry the wedding will turn out perfect abi are we not here, it's just the pressure that is weighing you down,just get some sleep and by the time you wake up you'd be calmer okay",Christine, Amanda's second brother's wife said softly.

"Abi you want to talk to your bobo",Clara Amanda's cousin said making all of them go into bouts of laughter.

Amanda reached out for her phone as they left her room, she dailed Jason's number, he picked on the second ring,"Baby good afternoon", she said softly.

"What is it...have you been crying", he asked worried.

"Yes", she replied cleaning a tear that rolled down her right cheek hastily.

"What is going on", he asked softly.

"The event planner is not going according to plan,as in she's just messing things up and she's asking for an increase in the price of cake that we settled while in Lagos, as in she's forgetting that she's dealing with a professional baker",she said sobbing.

"Baby rest,relax...if she doesn't deliver well,she won't take the remaining part of her pay, don't get yourself all worked up for us okay", Jason said smiling.

Amanda chuckled,"okay".

"Good girl...gotta go I'm packing",Jason said.

"Okay", she said with a smile.

"Can I see you tomorrow when we land",Jason asked.

"No...it's bad luck", Amanda


Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 8:48pm On Sep 17, 2017
ela44 remember to drop a comment kiss
Re: Mr Right by oly0511(f): 9:21pm On Sep 17, 2017
so you remembered us today thanks to God almighty Who touched your soul n brain we are looking forward for more thanks for this beautiful piece
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 11:42pm On Sep 17, 2017
lovelani I sight you cool
Re: Mr Right by bossy512(f): 6:51am On Sep 18, 2017
Too short but good, thanks, we are expecting more
Re: Mr Right by lovelani(m): 7:42am On Sep 18, 2017
lovelani I sight you cool
good job. keep it up
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 10:38am On Sep 18, 2017
**********Episode 27**********
Amanda head swelled with pride as her in-laws made their grand entrance, she watched them from her window upstairs,she saw Jason look around for any sign of her and chuckled, after some time about five minutes later her mother followed by her mother in law entered into the room.

"Amanda what is the meaning of this!!, you are not dressed yet and you'd be making your first entrance in thirty minutes",Belinda yelled.

"If a bride isn't late for her wedding, who will", Patricia said and enveloped Amanda in a big hug.

"You keep supporting every nasty thing she does that's why she'd not change", Belinda said obviously pissed at Patricia's partiality.

"I'm Sooo happy that my son choose you,I may not have a daughter of my own but today I'm getting one the very best of them all", Patricia said shakily her eyes smitten with tears as she looked at Amanda.

"I couldn't have asked for a better mother in law or husband", Amanda said wiping off the tear that rolled down her mother in law's cheeks and her's.

Patricia chuckled,"let's get you married Jason can barely wait".

"Neither can I", Amanda said sitting down and asked the make up artists to do their work while her mothers left the room.
As Amanda danced with the cup of wine her eyes searched for Jason she had scanned four canopies remaining three as she got to the first of the three she saw Jason with a smirk, she smiled and danced towards him,she went on her knees before him and gave him the cup,Jason looked at the content, smiled and took a swig from it, immediately there were applauses,whistling,shouting and loud play of instruments. Amanda buried her head in his thighs shyly, Jason chuckled and lifted her head up and planted a kiss on her lips, before raising her up and standing up too.

They went to meet her people first then he's,their parents prayed for a happy union and as many kids as they could provide for.Amanda noticed the cold attitude she was getting from her extended in-laws, but shrugged it off,she'd ask her husband later, she also met her grandmother in-laws from both Jason's paternal and maternal sides,as the musicians they invited sang their hit songs, Amanda pulled Jason away from the guests and into her room.

"Baby what is it", Jason asked as they were safely inside her room.

"You people don't seem to like me", she said sitting on his laps.

"Babe seriously...they don't matter, you are not getting married to them,you are getting married to me,besides my dad loves you, my mom adores you that sometimes I actually get jealous and my brothers love you,I even saw the glint of acceptance in the eyes of my grandmothers, as far as my immediate family loves you, the rest can go to blazes", Jason said stroking her hands.

Amanda kissed him softly and started pulling his belt," I'm Hot",she whispered into his ears seductively.

"But Baby we are supposed to be downstairs...let's wait for tonight at least it's all yours now", he said smiling.

"Whatever", she said getting up from his body.

"Are you mad at me", he said wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.

"Why won't I be", she said folding her hands on her chest.

"Our first official fight as a husband and wife",he said kissing her neck.

"If we were fighting you wouldn't have been touching me...plus you are not even helping my situation", she said pulling out of his arms.

"Let's go downstairs we have a night ahead of us,then we move to Lagos tomorrow", he said adjusting his clothes.

"How long are we staying in your hometown", she asked reapplying her lipstick.

"A week or two", he said wiping off the lipstick stains on his lips before they exited the room



Re: Mr Right by Happiness002: 11:42am On Sep 18, 2017
Nice story
Re: Mr Right by bossy512(f): 1:25pm On Sep 18, 2017
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 1:39pm On Sep 18, 2017
Rachealbolanle07 I sight you cool cool
Re: Mr Right by Rachelbolanle07(f): 3:32pm On Sep 18, 2017
Rachealbolanle07 I sight you cool cool
. nice story dear
Re: Mr Right by Eyinimofeoluwa(f): 6:05pm On Sep 18, 2017
123456dr nice story dear
Re: Mr Right by itsandi(m): 6:23pm On Sep 18, 2017
Nice story! Read other cool stories on Tushstories via


Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 9:23am On Sep 19, 2017
*********Episode 28**********
Amanda sighed I relief as she lay on the bed, she needed her beauty sleep, they had arrived Jason's hometown late in the evening, and his extended family has been giving her attitudes, she as well pretended like they didn't exist, she had a husband and pregnancy to take care of and the two of them were sapping her energy.

"Baby I want sugar", Jason cooed in her ears and started kissing her neck.

"Sugar is on the dinning table",she said adjusting her big pillow.

"Stop nau" ,Jason groaned sitting up.

"Oga...I'm tired we had sex last night and this morning...abi are you now a sex addict", she asked looking up at him.

"Okay sorry...oya sleep", he said pushing himself into a laying position.

"Babe are you angry", she said turning to face him.

"No", he answered sharply.

"See once I've gotten enough rest,we would do the do okay", she said rubbing his chest.

"Okay", he said not still looking at her.

"Have you forgiven me", she said still rubbing his chest.

"If you have at least let's cuddle",she said happily.

He wrapped his arms around her waist,pulled her close and started massaging her breasts through her nighty.

"Continue if they start sagging it's your business",she said snuggling closer to him for warmth.


Re: Mr Right by bossy512(f): 9:27am On Sep 19, 2017
Thanks but too short sha

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Re: Mr Right by Rymadospar(f): 5:59pm On Sep 19, 2017
I'm beginning to love this story more.Kudos to you
Re: Mr Right by 123456dr(f): 10:43am On Sep 20, 2017
**********Episode 29**********
Amanda played on the bed giggling, as Jason tickled her,"B...Ba....Baby stop I will laugh out your baby now oo",she said in between bouts of laughter, trying to get away from his grip.

"Lie...lie...you think that you know how to look for trouble abi", Jason said still tickling her.

The room door flung open, it was one of his aunts,Amanda's smile turned into a frown, as she greeted her and turned her face away dragging the duvet to cover her well.

"Madam...all the other women are in the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast, did we tell you that we don't have men to satisfy or cuddle..abeg come out of there", Jason's aunt said rolling her eyes at Amanda.

"Oya aunt Vero be going, she's coming" Jason said getting up to close the door after her.

"Heeeeeyyy!!!,is this how your mother trained you,to disrespect your elders...I said it I was saying it oooo, I warned my brother not to marry her ooo...",she said with her hands on her head.

"Ahh..aunty Ejo...forgive him,you know this America, once they've stayed there too long, that's how they'd start behaving", Amanda said trying to pacify her,so that she'd leave the room.

"Ehhhhhnnn!!!!....hold it there don't touch me,end time children, omo Igbo, mannerless things", Vero continued.

"Abeg aunty it's enough, I won't stand here and watch you badmouth my wife and I, please excuse us", Jason said angrily.

"Ahh!...this omo Igbo has given you something to eat",Vero said pointing at Amanda.

"Is about her tribe, seriously", Jason asked surprised.

"What is going on here", Patricia said walking into the room with a tray of food.

"Is this how you trained Korede to talk back at his elders",Vero asked.

"And what is that supposed to mean", Patricia said keeping the tray on a table.

"Your son is talking back at me", Vero answered.

"You obviously said something that got on his nerves", Patricia said flipping her hair backwards.

"Is this how you'll judge the matter, this omo Igbo has finally turned your heads upside down", Vero said.

"Veronica it is enough...as in let it end there, if her tribe is disturbing you steer clear off her path", Patricia said matter of factly.

"I just came to tell her that she join us in the kitchen", Vero said.

"Why should she when they are helps in the house, last time I checked your daughters were still asleep, so why should a newly wed and pregnant woman come join us in the kitchen", Patricia said squinting her eyes.

"Aunty please get going...see she has started crying", Jason said wrapping his arms around Amanda.

"Oh..dear", Patricia said sitting beside Amanda while Veronica left.



Re: Mr Right by Lildiamond: 12:00pm On Sep 20, 2017
Lovely story, I hope nothing will happen to Amanda n Jason marriage
Re: Mr Right by kajsa08(f): 12:11pm On Sep 20, 2017
hmmmmm, one of the troubles of having large extended family. some would like you and some will not and show you outrightly.

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