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The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:25pm On Aug 01, 2017
(Episode 1) The Bonny Island Massacre

Sunlight streamed into her room, through the flowery chiffon curtains. She opened one eye in a wink, and grunted when she realized that she could not sleep any longer if she wanted to get to the office by nine. She left her bed sluggishly and walked to the bathroom to get a quick shower. Mira was an early riser, every morning she woke up before the sun, but this day was different because she had stayed awake all night, thinking about her love for Femi.
Mira, Femi and Yvonne were friends right from their university days, but though Femi and Yvonne were from rich homes, Mira was from a poor home, with just her mother and siblings. She had no one to pull strings for her, or a trust fund waiting for her like her friends. But their wealth rubbed off on her, Mira stayed trendy with hand me downs from Yvonne, who was a Fashionista to the core. Mira also had the latest gadgets due to Femi’s benevolence.
Mira had been crushing on Femi since their university days and watched him bamboozle his way through all the slay queens of UniPort. Girls always flocked around Femi, not because of his affluence only, but because of his looks. He was dark like polished ivory, and had the cutest beard game. He was also built, with ribbed stomach and a chest that any woman would want to lay her head on.
It was Femi’s physique that Mira fantasized about all through the night, and only slept when it was almost dawn. As a result she had a huge eye bag that morning, but covered up with her favorite make up line; which she also used because Yvonne always got two sets of makeup whenever she shopped.
When she stood before her mirror, she liked what she saw; her dark skin was luminous, and her face had been contoured to flaunt her chiseled cheekbones, and long nose. The jumpsuit she had chosen for the day was worth 500,000 naira and had been one of Chanel last season’s ready to wear collection, which Yvonne had given to her because she didn’t wear late season’s clothes.
“I am beautiful, you should want me” she thought as she looked admiringly at her protruded butt, accentuated by the wide leg jumpsuit.
The horn of a car outside broke her out of her self love and she grabbed her bag and rushed out of her self contain apartment. Outside the gate, Yvonne was waiting in her sleek, black 4matic car. Mira paused in her steps when she spied Femi at the passenger seat.
Mira: “Eh eh, how is Femi in this car and in my seat?” she asked , with her hands on her waist.
Yvonne: “Abeg madam, enter car, I am late for the office” she replied checking herself out in the rearview mirror. Yvonne was beyond beautiful, though Mira was a confident woman who loved her colour, Yvonne’s complexion was one of the things she envied her for. Yvonne was very fair in complexion due to her Romanian mother. Her nose was upturned without contouring, and she had a hot body which she slaved at the gym to maintain. One look at her, you would think her to be a dumb slay queen. But no, Yvonne kept up with fashion trends, could spend a million bucks just to get a bag, but Yvonne was a smart woman. She graduated top of her class, and had an Advertising startup company, with she co-owned with Femi. Just two years after launching Coveteur , the company was beginning to compete with the old timers in the advertising industry. It was due to Yvonne’s tenacity and strong business skills, but also because of the connections her name and Femi’s gave to the company. They had tried to bring Mira on board, but the latter had been reluctant, determined to make it without their help.
Femi: “I slept over in Yvonne’s house, I took over a night bag, so we could go to the office together” he said as a way of answering Mira’s question.
While they drove to the electronics company where Mira was an administrative assistant, Femi and Yvonne discussed about a project they were doing for Adelove shipping company, and totally forgot about Mira at the backseat. Mira watched the chemistry between them; she didn’t know when they became so close that they completed each other’s statements. She also didn’t know that Femi slept over at Yvonne’s.
“ How much has been going on that I didn’t know about?” she pondered as she watched Femi slip a strand of Yvonne’s hair behind her ears.
Mira: “Perhaps, I might take your offer and come join you at Coveteur” she announced. This broke the conversation between them abruptly. No one spoke until Femi broke the silence.
Femi: “Really, what changed your mind?” he asked, turning back to look at her with quizzical eyes.
Yvonne: “I hope you are not pulling my legs, because I will so knock your head” she quipped, her eyes still on the road.

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:35pm On Aug 01, 2017
(continuation of Episode 1) The Bonny Island Massacre

Mira: “My job at Elecktro has become boring, I need a career change. Why not advertising?” she replied with a smile. But that was not the reason that she decided to join them at their company. She realized, while watching them that, their job brought them closer, they spent every waking hour with each other. So she decided that before Femi began to fall in love with Yvonne, she best step in.
Femi: “Well, what can you do?” he asked and Mira had to convince herself that she did not just hear reluctance in Femi’s voice. She told herself that, it couldn’t be that Femi didn’t want her in the company.
Yvonne: “Femo, Mira is a titan when it comes to business deals, she can sweet talk a hard spender into spending all his money. We need her in the business strategy department” she put in still concentrating on the road.
Femi: “Perhaps, but she doesn’t come close to you, you turn into something else when you get in that zone” he retorted and Mira could not help but see the admiration in his eyes. She clenched and unclenched her fist.
Yvonne: “You play too much Femi” she said and hit him playfully on his muscular arm.
Mira: “So drop me at Elecktro, so I can submit my resignation. Tomorrow I can start over at Coveteur” she said, looking from Femi to Yvonne.
Yvonne: “Sure” she said, but Femi only nodded. They continued their discussion on their clients while Mira went into herself. She always did this when she needed to think; her eyes would become immobile, and she would sit still. She was no longer inside the car but back in her life. She thought of all her struggles, nothing had come easy for her.
Mira’s father died when she was just in year two of her University; prior to that time, her father had been a civil servant and though his level 15 salary was barely enough for all their needs, they were comfortable. But when he died, they found out that life was really not a bed of roses. Her mother told her to stop schooling as there was no money to foot her school bills. Mira refused and for the whole of year three, Yvonne footed her bills. This was the beginning of her resentment towards Yvonne. Instead of being grateful, she began to resent Yvonne for being rich enough to sponsor her education. When Yvonne had offered to pay her final year bills, she refused, determined to find a way and foot her own bills. That was how she began her double standard life, which no one knew about.
She slept with rich, old men for money. She tried to stay away from the overly rich, for fear of being used for money rituals. Therefore the money she got from her debauchery was just enough for her education and could not support a luxury lifestyle. But, not wanting to be inferior to Yvonne, she still kept up with her luxurious lifestyle, sometimes borrowing Yvonne’s bags and shoes. That was how Yvonne started giving her clothes she didn’t want to wear again.
Refusing to allow Yvonne be the owner of her life, was the reason she refused the job offer to work at Coveteur, but now she was ready to do anything just to get Femi to love her. In her heart, she decided to proposition him, since he had not gotten all her signals.
Yvonne: “Baby girl, we are at your company” Yvonne’s voice broke through the subconscious cocoon that she was wrapped in. Mira blinked and smiled.
Mira: “See you guys later” she quipped
Yvonne: “You are coming over to the house in the evening to plan my 26 th birthday” she said with excitement.
Mira: “Of course, I wouldn’t miss that. Would you come?” she asked turning to Femi who was busy on his phone.
Femi: “Nope, I got a project” he replied curtly.
Yvonne: “What project is that?” she asked with arched eyebrows.
Femi: “Personal” he replied and glanced at Mira.
Yvonne: “Tell me na. Is it a gurl?” she asked.
“Olofofo, allow him be. Must you know everything?” she said within herself, with a frown that was not easily perceptible. However, she had not missed the look that Femi gave her when he said he had a personal project. Her heart quickened at the thought that perhaps Femi wanted to propose to her. She allowed herself dream that she wore white and was getting married to Femi, while Yvonne glared at them jealously.
Femi: “Nosy you” he said as he pinched the tip of Yvonne’s nose.
Yvonne: “Why is that one sitting and daydreaming so early in the day? Move your ass abeg, I am already late for the office” she said, smiling at Mira.
Mira smiled back and waved at them as she alighted from the car, in front of her company’s gate. She watched as the car drove off, before walking into her company. As she walked into the dreary looking lobby, she was happy that finally she was going to leave. After sleeping with her boss, the job had become boring and she had been itching to leave, but for lack of a better offer. Now she had an excuse to work in a better company.
Mira: “Femi, you won’t see me coming. You will fall so hopelessly in love with me” she said aloud to herself as she entered the elevator.
Question: What does Mira have up her sleeves, and could Femi be nursing feelings for her?
See Episode 2 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)


Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:38pm On Aug 01, 2017
I nid ur comments on this
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 6:39pm On Aug 02, 2017
(Episode 2) The Bonny Island Massacre

Yvonne was the only child of the Ngegwu family. The Ngegwus were like royalty in Port-Harcourt, they were the richest family in Port-Harcourt, with stronghold in the oil industry. It was an understatement to say that Yvonne was the richest girl under thirty in the whole of South-South. But Yvonne was not the kind of person who saw wealth as a privilege. She always felt that anyone who approached her for friendship was doing so because of her beauty and her family’s status. Whenever she organized a party, people lobbied just to be invited to the party, they believed if you were at her party, you were the in-crowd. People came from as far as Lagos just to attend her parties.
It was the reason; Femi was the only friend she really trusted. He had no romantic designs on her, even though she wished he would, and his family was as well off as hers, so he didn’t need any favors from her. Mira was her friend because she liked Mira. There was this tenacity in Mira that she loved, and she was ready to help Mira anyway she could.
Some celebrities had invited her to star in their music videos, but she always turned them down. The only time she had been on television was for the advertisement of their company when they just started, two years ago. Her popularity made it easy for Coveteur to become a household name within two years despite being headquartered in Port-Harcourt, unlike their competitors who had head quarters in Lagos and Abuja.
As if Femi was reading her thoughts, he walked into her office, with the idea of an office in Lagos.
Femi: “Yvonne, I am thinking it is about time we opened a Lagos office” he said sitting crossed legs on the edge of her polished glass table.
Yvonne: “Femo, we are just two years old, and as much as I appreciate our tremendous success, I still think it is too early to expand” she retorted, signing some documents on her desk.
Femi: “Would you still think that way, when I tell you that Daisy Advertising is coming to Port-Harcourt. You know that glass building we are always talking about, just before Waterline? That is where they are buying” he said and watched as the color drained from Yvonne’s face.
Daisy Advertising was owned by a woman named Daisy; she was 45 years old and had been in the industry for a long time. However, Coveteur had come out from nowhere and was getting all the big clients, so she had declared war on them. One time she had sent a spy who came to Coveteur under the guise of seeking employment. The spy was good in bringing up good advertisement ideas that their clients loved and they had put him in charge of the big accounts. But he had sabotaged all the deals and they lost half of their big clients. Things had gone bad for them and they didn’t understand why, until Femi had stumbled on the spy talking to Daisy on phone. He had put a private investigator on him and caught him on camera giving sensitive documents to Daisy when they met three times a week.
After ousting him, it had taken them doggedness and their connections to get them back to the top. Now Daisy was back, in their backyard. Yvonne swore to herself, that she would throw Daisy out, Port-Harcourt was hers alone.
Yvonne: “I will send her packing. She wants to fight dirty, let’s do that” she said with determination in her cat-like eyes.
Femi: “Darling, I know that look, please don’t go into the gutters with Daisy. Our work will speak for us, we clambered our way up, from among thousands of advertising companies, and we will still take over from Daisy with hard work, not with dirty tricks.” He implored.
Yvonne: “Who said anything about dirty tricks?” she asked with a wry smile. She had perfected her plans in her mind, and she knew just what she had to do. She also knew who she needed to help her.
Femi: “We have to take it to her in Lagos” he insisted.
Yvonne: “Our location had never stopped us before, it is too early to expand” she said with finality. They were both equal partners, but Femi was used to her rigidity when she was sure about something. Most times she was right, so Femi had learned to trust her judgment.
Femi: “Yes mum” he said sarcastically. “What are you doing after work?” he asked, after a while.
Yvonne: “Planning my forth coming birthday” she replied, her eyes on the mail she was sending to Mira.
Femi: “With Mira, no doubt” he quipped and Yvonne did not miss the underlying note of disapproval in his voice.
Yvonne: “What is up with that? Why do I feel like you don’t like Mira? You guys used to be close; I even thought you had feelings for her. What happened?” she asked, as she clicked ‘send’, and turned her full attention to Femi.
Femi: “ I just think you should be careful around her, she has this hunger in her eyes” he said absent mindedly, his eyes having a faraway look in them.

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 6:41pm On Aug 02, 2017
(continuation of rpisode 2)
Yvonne: “We all have hunger in our eyes because we all long for something. Mira always longed for success, so she can change her family” she defended her friend.
Femi: “What do you long for?” he asked, and Yvonne lowered her eyes, using her long eyelashes to shield her eyes from Femi’s gaze. She had a secret to guard.
Since she was little, she had always felt like no one really loved her. Her mother told her she had fallen pregnant with her when she was not ready to have children. She was at the peak of her modeling career, and her pregnancy had made her fall behind her peers. By the time she was delivered of her baby, her body had changed and no matter what she did, that body which got brands running after her was gone, and in its place was a very curvy pear shape that the industry was not open to, at that time. Yvonne always felt like under all the love her mother showered on her, there was resentment for ending her career. Her mother was now the most powerful woman in Port-Harcourt owing to her chain of stores across the country and abroad and her hold in the oil and gas industry, but she always reminded Yvonne that she left modeling because of her.
She had dated guys who always ended up asking her for jobs and contracts at her father’s Oil and Gas Company. She always gave and gave, and when they had nothing to collect from her anymore, they always left. She was that girl who was beautiful but always nursed heartbreaks. So, if there was one thing Yvonne longed for, it was true love. But she was not ready to tell this to Femi.
Femi: “Can you spare me an hour out of your busy schedule; I want us to have dinner at Asia Town. I know how much you like Chinese. I want to ask a girl out and I need moral support” he said looking intently at Yvonne.
Yvonne: “You are going to ask a girl out?” she asked, with arched brows, as her heart rate quickened.
Femi: “Yes I am. I am scared she will not accept, we have been so close that I am afraid I have been friend zoned” he replied.
Yvonne thought of what he had said, and came to the conclusion that Femi wanted to ask Mira out. Here she was thinking that Femi had issues with Mira, not knowing that he was falling in love with her. She was happy for them, but she could not deny that her heart was breaking. She guessed that she had carried on a relationship with Femi in her head, believing that Femi liked her and in time would come to love her. But it was wrong; she felt she had misread him. She looked away so he wouldn’t see the shimmering in her eyes caused by unshed tears.
Yvonne: “Happy for you guys. I really need to work now, see you in the evening” she said curtly. Femi blew her a kiss and left.
When he was gone, Yvonne looked up and whisked away the teardrop that was threatening to fall, with the tip of her finger. She braced herself for a new Femi because she was sure that Mira would not allow him be as close as he was to her. She made a decision to put the interest of the company first and not allow her broken heart interfere in her business relationship with Femi.
Question: Who do you think Femi will propose to, and what effect would it have on the three?
See Episode 3 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 7:37pm On Aug 07, 2017
(Episode 3) The Bonny Island Massacre

Mira had decided to take matters into her hands; she was not going to wait and make Femi fall in love with her, if he wanted, he should have fallen in love with her all these years. She remembered when they used to be very close, he had met Yvonne through her, and even then she was his favorite. But over the years they had drifted apart even when she had shown him all the signs. Mira always wondered what happened to their bond.
Anyways, she sent a message to Femi asking him to meet her at home, she stressed the fact that they had something important to discuss. After coming home from the office, she had cleaned her apartment till it gleamed. She also put a bottle of red wine in the refrigerator; she was not the cooking type so she did not bother with cooking.
“Who seduces a man with food anyway?” she thought with a smirk.
Then she took a long time to shower, using a bit of scented oil, and lavender. After which, she donned a red lacy lingerie. Her hair was in an up-do and her dark skin gleamed with the oil she had rubbed on her body.
Mira: “There is no way you will not succumb to me, Femi” she said aloud as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She laid on the bed to wait for Femi, lying in a sexy way, allowing the curve of her hips to rise up, so that peradventure she fell asleep, Femi would be seduced even by the way she slept.
Yvonne looked at the text Mira had sent, telling her that she couldn’t make their sleepover, as she had a date. Yvonne had put one and two together and arrived at the conclusion that she cancelled their sleepover because of her date with Femi. She wanted so much to be happy for them, to wish them a happy relationship, but she just couldn’t. Her heart felt cold as she thought of the one truth; that her friends would soon relegate her to the background. Mira was already cancelling dates with her because of Femi, and Femi would soon have to devote his spare time with his new boo. She mourned the loss of her friends even before she lost them.
All her life, she had felt alone. Being an only child of parents who valued wealth acquisition more than their own child, had not been the best experience. Her life had been filled with loneliness, it was the reason she found succor in books, as a result she became smart and quite knowledgeable. But her life changed when she met Mira. Mira had walked into class late in their first week in the University, and the lecturer had picked on her. When she was asked a question she couldn’t answer, Yvonne whispered the answer to her, and that was how they became friends.
Even though Yvonne felt lonely, she had numerous fans because her parents always took her to the most exclusive parties owing to her erstwhile model mother. Whenever Yvonne was caught on the red carpet, her fashion game was tight, and the fashion watchers took notice, soon she was being invited to cover magazines. Yvonne socialized when she was required to, she smiled and air kissed whosoever wanted the treatment, but she went back to her solitude, when all the socializing was done. People wanted to be like her but they didn’t know how lonely she was. So now that her friends were about to relegate her to the background, she was really scared. But like before, she was ready to keep up appearances.
She picked up a black gown with gold paintings on one side. The gown was just above her knee and it was figure hugging, with off shoulder short sleeves. She completed the look with a pair of Fendi Hypnoteyes sandals, and a little squishy purse.
Yvonne: “I look good enough to have my heart broken” she said to her reflection in the mirror, flashing a sad smile.
As Yvonne entered Asia town, something caught her attention; it was not the whites scattered all over the place, it was Femi sitting all alone, and lighting up when he saw her. She walked shyly to the table where he was seated, berating herself for coming earlier than Mira, who was about to be proposed to. Then Femi spoke and her world changed forever. Whether it was for good or bad, was yet to be seen.
Femi: “Am sorry for making you feel like I was going to propose to someone else,. It is you Yvonne. I have loved you from the very first time I met you. But I didn’t want to come on to you like the other guys that had come into your life. But you gave me friendship that was far worthy than rubies, and I could not destroy that. But I cannot hold it in any longer, I love you and I know you can love me, if you only try. Marry me Yvonne” he said already on his knee and flashing a small box , on whose pillow was nestled a diamond encrusted ring.

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 7:39pm On Aug 07, 2017
(Episode 3) The Bonny Island Massacre

Yvonne: “Oh my God, I think I am going to faint” she said as her vision became blurry and she felt herself going to the ground.
Femi was looking at her and then he realized she was slowly going to the ground. He rushed towards her and grabbed her before she reached the ground. She fainted in his arms and when she came to, his eyes were the first she saw. There was so much love and adoration in them, that she believed she was dreaming. It couldn’t be that Femi whom she had loved, secretly harbored the same feelings towards her.
Yvonne: “I have always loved you, and I cannot believe that you love me too” she said as he lifted her and guided her into a seat.
Femi: “I showed you all the signs, how could you not see them?” he asked incredulously. They laughed as they shared their first kiss. Yvonne had visualized this moment in all her fantasies, but she had never known how sweet it would be. After all the excitement, they ordered some Chinese cuisine.
While they waited for their food, Femi checked his phone and saw missed calls from Mira. He remembered she had asked to see him. He wondered why she wanted to see him. Femi quickly typed a reply to him.
“I cannot make it today, was with a friend. See you tomorrow. Welcome to Coveteur” he typed and sent to her.
Mira paced up and down her room, still in her lingerie, wondering why Femi was not picking her calls. Then a message entered her phone, and she read it.
Mira: “No, no, no. You didn’t just stand me up” she said through clenched teeth. Then a thought came to her. She wondered who the friend was, that Femi was with, that made him neglect their supposed meeting. She felt it was Yvonne, but she had to be sure, so she dialed Yvonne’s number. It rang for a while and then Yvonne picked. But what Mira heard was a squeal. She pulled the phone away from her ear, and checked the number to be sure that it was Yvonne she had dialed. When she was sure that it was Yvonne she put the phone back to her ears and listened to the words that set the course of the events that followed.
Yvonne: “Femi proposed to me! He wants me to marry him, Mira!” she kept squealing with so much excitement.
Mira: “Why are you so happy like you won a jackpot na? I didn’t know you liked him oh” she said grudgingly.
Yvonne: “I have loved him like forever. But, I am not one to chase a guy, you know, poor conservative me” she replied, with her voice filled with joy.
Mira: “Whatever, talk later. It is obvious our sleepover is cancelled”
Yvonne: “You canceled on me first, why?”
Mira: “I was hanging out with someone” she lied, and hung up abruptly. She threw her phone angrily at the wall, it missed and fell on the ground, breaking her screen. Then she yanked off the lingerie from her body, her anger emanated from her pores like toxic fumes.
Mira: “Damn you Yvonne, you can’t have everything. You could have had any guy you wanted,, but you took this one. I want this one, and I must have this one” she said. Her facial features were contorted in fury, as she stood before her floor length mirror, Unclad.
Question: What step would Mira take to win Femi back? What fate awaits the lovers?
See Episode 4 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)...
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by Carlisle: 9:35pm On Aug 07, 2017
Senibo abeg come continue with the Egberi. UNIPORT Boy in the Building.
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 1:54am On Aug 10, 2017
(Episode 4) The Bonny Island Massacre

Mira was waiting in front of her gate as usual for Yvonne to pass by and take her to the office, but instead of Yvonne, she got a call.
Yvonne: “Hello Mira. I am so glad to have you at Coveteur because I already have an assignment that only you can do” she said excitedly.
Mira: “Eh, so where are you nau?” she asked impatiently.
Yvonne: “Oh sorry, I cannot pick you up today. Femi is driving me to work. Anyways I have a surprise for you, so get to Coveteur already. See you!” she replied and hung up.
Mira looked at the phone in dismay and shook her head. She felt it was unfair that Yvonne would just decide to have Femi drive her, not minding how she was going to make her way to the office.
Mira: “So how am I going to navigate this Lagos traffic now, jumping from one bus to another” she said to herself, tears of frustration was already shining in her eyes.
As Mira walked through the gates of Coveteur, she already had dreams about climbing up the corporate ladder and if possible ousting Yvonne. After all, if she got Femi, she could convince him to force Yvonne to sell her shares. Her ambitions gave her spirit a lift and she walked with bouncy steps into the shiny marble floored lobby, where a computer voice said ‘Welcome’ to everyone that stepped through the automatic doors.
Receptionist: “Hello ma’am, how can I be of help?” the skinny, but big breasted receptionist asked, with a plastic smile pasted on her face. Mira thought within her that perhaps the breasts were not real, as they were too big to be natural for someone of her size.
Mira: “Well, I have been asked to resume here by Yvonne Ngegwu” she said, with a plastic smile of her own.
Receptionist: “Oh, take the elevator to the top floor, that is where the bosses are” she said, as her smile faltered. Mira looked at her critically and realized that she had probably had an episode with one of the bosses. Her best guess was Femi. She decided to pick the receptionist’s brain.
Mira: “A sister to a sister, what are the bosses like?” she asked, putting on her best vulnerable face.
Receptionist: “Yvonne is sweet, but she knows when to be a boss. Femi is just like her pet, and he is a heart breaker. Stay clear from Femi, for your heart’s sake” the receptionist replied, pointing long, red painted talons at her.
Mira laughed as her suspicions were confirmed. She waved at the receptionist and went on her way. Stepping out of the elevator, she saw just two offices on this floor, facing each other at irregular angles. One was marked ‘Yvonne Ngegwu’, and the other was marked ‘Olufemi Olaitan’. She debated within herself, whether to go to Femi’s office or Yvonne’s. She decided to go to Yvonne’s so she could hear what assignment she had for her. She knocked and opened the door, with a smile, that froze on her lips at the sight before her.
Femi was perched on the table, and Yvonne was wedged between his legs, with her hands wrapped around his neck, and her lips on his. They were so lost in themselves that they didn’t hear the knock or even moved when Mira entered. Mira froze in her steps and gaped at them in confusion; she didn’t know if she should go out or announce her presence. What she really felt like doing was, yanking Yvonne away from Femi.
Mira decided to announce her presence; she did this by clearing her throat. The lovers separated and Yvonne looked at her with a smirk on her face, like she was flaunting her relationship with Femi. Then the worst happened to Mira.
Yvonne: “Tada! See who got engaged” she exclaimed with her left hand bent in Mira’s face. Mira’s eyes looked on the hand and her eyes caught on the fourth finger, on which was nestled a canary yellow diamond ring shaped in the form of ‘Y’.
Yvonne: “Isn’t Femi the most romantic man on earth, he made a customized diamond ring with my name initial” she said with glee, turning her hand this way and that way for the ring to catch the light. Mira stepped closer, with one intent only; to yank the ring off Yvonne’s fingers, for the ring was supposed to be hers. She took Yvonne’s hand and fingered the beautiful ring. But sense took over and she smiled.
Mira: “The ring is beautiful, but you guys were not dating, now you are getting married?” she asked sarcastically.
Femi: “Why wait, I have loved Yvonne ever since I met her. Besides we are not talking about fixing a date yet. Even though I want to marry Yvonne right now, she wants us to wait till Coveteur goes public and trading on the stock exchange. That is our goal, when we meet it, we will get married.” He said with doe eyes on Yvonne. Their love was palpable and it irritated Mira.
Yvonne: “Give or take, six months from now” she put in, with a giggle.
Mira: “Oh well, I am happy for you” she said with a smile she did not feel.
Femi: “I will leave you ladies to sensitizing her to the job she is required to do here. Lunch is on me, bae” he said that last part looking at Yvonne. He brushed a kiss on her fore-head before leaving her office.
Mira: “Wow Yvonne, are you sure about what you are doing?” she asked, as she drew out a seat opposite Yvonne.
Yvonne: “I am so sure, baby girl” she replied perusing some files on her table. Even though Mira was smiling, there was a look in her eyes that made her know Mira was not happy with her new relationship. But being the gracious person she was, she didn’t blame Mira for her jealousy, who wouldn’t be jealous of a woman that had Femi’s heart? Femi was the most eligible bachelor residing in Port-Harcourt.
Mira: “Femi is a player, you were there, and you saw how he treated his girlfriends. This playboy isn’t settling down anytime soon” she insisted.
Yvonne: “You are so wrong. Underneath all that mannerism, was a soul searching for completion. I know this because that was how I felt. I am a socialite, always at exclusive events, on the red carpet strutting my tight fashion game, or on covers with dazzling smiles, but underneath all that my soul needed completion” she replied passionately, that Mira was too stunned to b b fathom a rebuttal.
Mira: “If you are sure… I will be here when he breaks your heart, I will be a shoulder…” she was saying, but Yvonne cut her off.
Yvonne: ‘Don’t count on it Mira” she interjected, and there was an awkward silence. Yvonne exhaled and turned to Mira with a smile. She loved Mira and was not going to let a man come between them.
Yvonne: “I know you are only looking out for me and I appreciate it. My heart has been broken countless times that one more time won’t matter” she said and left her desk to go perch on the table close to where Mira was sitting.
Mira: “I got you, girlfriend” she quipped, squeezing her friend’s hand.
Yvonne: “You remember Daisy?” she asked.
Mira: “Daisy of Daisy advertising?”
Yvonne: ‘Yes that one. She is coming to Port-Harcourt with a building that almost rivals Coveteur’s. After the stunt she put up with the sabotage, this is an affront and I will not take it lying down” she said with that determined glint in her eyes.
Mira: “What do you have in mind?” she asked, crossing her legs. She smelt a good fight and she loved fights. She was termed social media’s Queen of Drama, because she was always fighting on Instagram or Facebook, throwing shades and subs.
Yvonne: “Queen of Drama, I need your expertise on this one. I want you to trend some slutty information about Daisy on Facebook and Instagram. I want to run her out of Port-Harcourt. On my end, I will be meeting with some powers that be to seize that building or do something to run her out of town” she said
Mira: “You are not a good person at all” she said playfully. But she thought of what the receptionist had said and things that had happened over the years. She realized that Yvonne had many facets, she could be sweet and at the same time ruthless when she saw someone like a perceived enemy.
Yvonne: “She sabotaged our company and I let it slide. But coming on to my turf, that is not acceptable. I am going to Abuja to meet with some power brokers in the Ministry of Works, Power and Housing” she told Mira.
Mira: “What is up with your birthday, is it the usual crowd?” she asked, changing the topic, she didn’t like to be reminded that Yvonne rubbed shoulders with people in the corridors of power.
Yvonne: “Obviously, when I am back from Abuja, we will meet with an event planner”
Question: What does Yvonne plan to do in Abuja, will it come and haunt her in the future? What is the state of Mira’s heart towards her friend, can she kill her friend if it comes down to it?
See Episode 5 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!) …

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Paddy me come and continue abeg you are doing a great job already
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Wow...I love this, please update ooo. Kudos you are doing a nice job, more ink to your pen.
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Episode 5) The Bonny Island Massacre

Yvonne’s sleep was interrupted by the buzz of her phone, and it was not even the alarm. She opened her eyes and saw that she was cocooned in Femi’s arms. Since she got back from Abuja, they had been spending their days and nights together, even though they have only gotten as far as cuddling. She stretched and maneuvered her body across his to get her phone lying on the bedside table. She slides to receive the call, and heard a voice that she only heard on television, but never up close.
“Kudos to you, Yvonne Ngegwu. You have shown your claws, I was beginning to believe you were really an angel” the voice said in cold calmness. Yvonne felt the coldness of the words run down the length of her spine.
Yvonne: “Ma’am Daisy, so good to hear from you. I didn’t know you had my number. What a wakeup call, one would think we are lovers” she said sarcastically, and bent to place a kiss on Femi, who seemed to be rousing from sleep. She left the bed quietly and tiptoed to the bathroom.
Daisy: “Oh smartass. Congratulations, you stopped me from coming with Daisy Advertising to Port-Harcourt. You must be proud of yourself, well I hope you are ready because my gloves are off, seeing as I am not dealing with a little defenseless girl. It was nice talking to you” she said and before Yvonne could fashion a rebuttal, she heard the dead tone; Daisy had hung up on her. She stared at the phone with surprise, somewhere in the recesses of her mind, was worry over what Daisy would do. She opened the door, and came face to face with Femi.
Yvonne: “Oh sweetheart, you are up” she said nervously, while Femi watched with puzzled expression.
Femi: “Is there a reason you are nervous?” he asked, his eyes on her fingers which were coiling and uncoiling around her phone.
Yvonne: “I am not nervous, just feeling under this morning. Think you can handle the office while I take a day off?”
Femi: “I can handle were office, but what is going on? You were making a call, who was that?” he asked refusing to let it go. Panic came over Yvonne, but she quickly thought of something. She couldn’t possibly tell Femi that she had used her means to stop Daisy. That all the smear campaign Mira was doing on social media, was par her instructions. She also couldn’t tell him about what she did in Abuja.
Yvonne: “It was mother; she has once again reminded me that I am not important to her. She will not be around for my birthday, she would be in Brazil for a summit” she said, remembering the argument she had with her mother last night. It was the reason she had driven to Femi’s house. She cringed at the words she had flung at her mother in anger. She made a note to self, to send an apology to her mother.
Femi: “Oh sorry my love, you will not be lonely on your day, I promise you” he said wrapping his hands around her. The bulge between his legs pressed against her butt, and she was reminded yet again that, she was the reason they were not having sex. It was not any lack of want on Femi’s side. She felt good about being desired by her man.
Yvonne: “You got work” she said and pushed him away softly.
Yvonne dressed up with Femi, and they left the house together, while she left for home, Femi left for Coveteur. On her way home, she got a message on her phone, which she hurriedly checked. It was from Mira, asking her to check Facebook She knew the site was a trending site with the latest Naija gist, so she knew there was hot gist waiting for her. But what she saw was not what she expected.
The trending news on the site was
Power Broking; Abuja connection,
and her pictures were all over the article, pictures showing her in deep conversation with Raji Lawal, a top politician in the opposition party.
Yvonne: “No, no, no, this is not happening” she said to herself, as she tried to navigate her car through traffic.
The country was sizzling with political tension, the ruling party, AFC, and the opposition party,NPC, were at each other’s throat, and flinging accusations across the fence. It was a bad time to be caught with a politician. Her meeting with Raji, a middle aged politician and Minister of Works, Power and Housing had not been about politics, but about the cold war between her and Daisy. It was the meeting that got Daisy’s license to do business in that building revoked, and many faults were found with the building, so much that Daisy had no choice but to sell it off, and leave Port Harcourt with her tail between her legs.
But now the public was drawing insinuations and soon people would think she was in NPC’s camp. Yvonne had tried all she could to play politics the safe way, and that was, sitting on the fence. Now these pictures were going to destroy her efforts.
Mira was in the office she had been given, going over last minute details of the presentation she was going to do at the meeting with representatives from Darliz, a client they were trying to land. There was a knock on the door, and Femi walked in. One look at his face, Mira knew there was fire on the mountain.
Femi: “What do you know about Yvonne’s Abuja trip?” he fired.
Mira: “You didn’t know about it?” she retorted with a question of her own, acting all innocent.
Femi: “I knew it was for meeting with a potential client, but this politician she is seen with, doesn’t look like a client to me. Then suddenly, Daisy Advertising is experiencing problems with operating in Port-Harcourt and has sold their building? Tell me, Yvonne has nothing to do with this” he said with his hands on his waist.
Mira didn’t want to seem like a traitor to her friend, but she also did not want the new lovebirds to be at peace, so she told Femi what he wanted to know, not with her lips, but with her eyes. She looked guilty as much as she could and averted her eyes coyly.
Femi: “I cannot believe this!” he exclaimed and stormed out of her office. Mira hid laughter with her hands to her mouth. Joy bubbled inside of her as she thought of the implication of Femi finding out what Yvonne had done; he wouldn’t trust her anymore. When trust is gone, relationship is broken.(Add 07060464153 for more stories)
“Well done Mira. Soon Femi will realize what a mistake he made in going for Yvonne. Such conceited bitch” she thought.
Yvonne of unaware of the state Femi was in, and so, after calling him severally without getting any response, she picked up her car keys and left the house. She drove straight to Femi’s house and met him driving in. When he parked, she alighted from her car and walked up to his car. She had a smile on her lips, which froze in place when Femi got out of the car. His face was stony and he wouldn’t look at Yvonne.
Yvonne: “Femo, what is wrong?”
Femi: “You tell me. Tell me about your Abuja trip and tell me about Daisy Advertising” he said in a cold voice.
Yvonne: “It is not what you think, love” she replied weakly.
Femi: “It is exactly what I think. You lied to me, you flouted my decisions.” He yelled angrily. It was the first time she was seeing him in that state, and she got scared. She moved away from him and gazed with pleading eyes at him.
Yvonne: “I can explain, Femi. Hear me out, ejoo” she pleaded.
Femi: “I don’t think I can trust you. If you could look me in the eyes and lie to me, I definitely cannot trust you” he thundered.
Yvonne: “I did it for Coveteur! Daisy bit more than she could chew. Haba! she sabotaged us and we did nothing about it, should I have allowed her run us out of town?” she yelled, suddenly angry herself. She could not understand why Femi was blowing it out of proportions.
Femi: “Yvonne, I cannot look at you right now. Just get out” he said closing his eyes.
Yvonne: “Femi, I should get out. Alright” she said with finality in her voice as she turned and walked back to her car. She started the ignition and drove out of Femi’s compound with such speed that rose up dust.
Yvonne: “What did I just do?” she soliloquized as she tried to see her way through eyes that shone with unshed tears.
Question: What is going to happen to Yvonne and Femi’s new relationship now that trust is broken? Also How would Daisy avenge what Yvonne did to her?
See Episode 6 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)



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Update pls
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:58pm On Aug 19, 2017
(Episode 6) The Bonny Island Massacre

Yvonne thought that given a day, Femi would get over his anger and things would be cool again. But she didn’t know how much Femi was affected by her lies. His parents had lied to him all his life, that he was their biological child. But before his mother died, she had written a note to him, telling him he was adopted. He had confronted his father and he had confessed. They had waited for years without any children and had decided to adopt a son. His relationship with his father had never remained the same, he distrusted everything he told him. Having Yvonne lie to him had taken him right back to the past.
Yvonne called him severally, but he was not picking his calls. At the office, he talked with her strictly about business, and if she tried to bring up their issues, he would walk away.
Yvonne: “Really Femi, you would just throw away what we have because of a little white lie?” she confronted him in his office.
Femi: “If you cared about what we had, you wouldn’t lie to me” he replied curtly, and went back to burying himself in the files on his table. Yvonne left his office, at a loss for words. She was confused; she couldn’t believe that something she had thought was harmless was going to tear them apart. She thought of her birthday, which was in two days. It was going to be the worst birthday for her, with her parents and Femi absent. Yvonne was not to know that, truly her birthday would be the most dramatic she has had, and would change the course of her life forever. But it would not be because of the absence of her parents and her lover.
Yvonne: “I am not going to let this happen to us” she said and picked up the intercom to call her personal assistant. The young man, who obviously had a crush on her, walked in gingerly and ready to please.
Yvonne: “Please I need the both of us to work on something. Create an apology to a lover, with Femi’s name”
Assistant: “You mean sir Olaitan?” he asked.
Yvonne: “Who else would I mean?” she retorted impatiently.
Assistant: “I get you”
Yvonne: “Make the theme, ‘gaining back trust’. Make sure it is catching and convincing because it will air in all the major television stations. I need to send it to the appropriate places in an hour, so get to work”
The assistant hurried out of her office with excitement. This was the first real advertising task he was doing for the company. He had applied as an administrative staff even though his passion had been advertising. Now he had a chance to convince Yvonne that, he could be with the creative team.
Meanwhile, Mira was devising means to creep into Femi’s heart. She made sure she went to his office with one suggestion or the other, and then she would look at him with doe eyes like she was sad about the situation between him and Yvonne.
Femi: “Mira, why are you lingering like you have something to say?” he asked impatiently.
Mira: “I am sorry about you and Yvonne, but isn’t this a sign that you two are not meant to be?” she said sitting across him.
Femi: “Keep your concerns to yourself” he replied curtly, without sparing her a look.
Mira: “Femi, what is going on? Why do I feel like you hate me now?” she asked.
Femi: “Why would I hate you?” he asked, raising his head up to fix her a hard gaze.
Mira: “Femi, it is me oh. We used to be close oh” she said, on the brink of tears.
Femi: “Now, don’t go crying because that trick won’t work. I know you are nowhere near innocent, I know what you do when no one is looking” he said and watched her eyes widen in surprise.
Mira’s heart leapt in fear, did Femi already know about her debauchery? She wondered. But she put up a defense, perhaps he didn’t know, and only suspected.
Mira: “I don’t understand what you are trying to say to me” she said feigning anger.
Femi: “What is the word to use for a woman who sells her body?” he asked sarcastically. He didn’t wait for her to deny again, he went ahead and told her about the night he saw her on the thighs of a man old enough to be her father, he had been stunned. He had followed them as they left the club through a staircase in the bar that led to the private suites. He went a step further and hired a private investigator who in no time found out what Mira did when the sun had gone home.
Mira: “Oh I see, is that the reason you substituted Yvonne for me?” she retorted angrily. Femi laughed a mocking laughter.
Femi: “I liked Yvonne the first time I set my eyes on her; I have never had romantic feelings towards you. You have always been like a sister”
Mira: “I don’t want to be your sister!” she screamed hysterically, as the tears began to flow.
Femi: “I don’t know what is up with you right now, but you better leave my office”
Mira: “I am not going to leave, Femi. I have loved you for years, carried these feelings in my heart, waiting for you to realize how much I love you. But what did you do? You went and proposed marriage to Yvonne. Is it because I am from a poor home?” she said walking over to his chair.
Femi: “Don’t give me that crap, were you loving me when you were bleeping those old stinking men?” he interjected, pushing her away.
Mira: “You will beg for my love, I swear it!” she said and rushed out of the office covering her face with her hands.
That evening, Mira sat with Yvonne in the large sitting room in the Ngegwus mansion. With them were people from a top notch event planning company. They were planning Yvonne’s birthday. Mira was not in the mood to plan any event, much less the birthday of the woman who took Femi from her.
Mira: “But Yvonne, you are Christian, how do you intend to carry on a relationship with Femi, who is Muslim?” she asked suddenly.
Yvonne: “Where did that come from, are you alright? You have been distracted since you came” she asked looking at her friend with confusion on her face.
Mira: “I am fine, but have you thought of that?” she insisted.
Yvonne: “I haven’t because all I can think about is how I feel for Femi. Every other thing is secondary” she replied.
Mira: “Hmmn” she hummed and before she could say another word, they were interrupted by a really loud advertisement. It was the one Yvonne had prepared with her assistant to apologize to Femi. Yvonne smiled as they watched; she couldn’t deny that the advertisement was touching. Femi’s heart would be of stone, if he still did not forgive her.
Mira watched the happy expression on Yvonne’s face and it irritated her. She stood up and excused herself to the bathroom.
Somewhere in Lagos, Annabel Ngegwu, Yvonne’s mother sat in her hotel room thinking of her daughter. She had thought that Yvonne would bring back the lost spark in her marriage, but it had not. She and her husband had drifted farther apart. They had fallen in love when Yvonne’s father was doing his Masters’ degree program in Germany. She had loved him enough to follow him to Nigeria.
But things had begun to fall apart when she had several miscarriages. One day her husband told her that people had told him not to marry a white woman, who was not built to carry a black man’s child, but he had not listened because he was enthralled by her. With the fourth miscarriage, Annabel’s husband began to wonder if he had truly loved her, “Perhaps it was just the exotic feel of a foreigner, not love” he had said to her. He came home late, and smelling of a woman’s fragrance, but Annabel still loved him, she had come too far to go back to Romania. She had been accepted in Nigeria, she had a thriving modeling career both in Nigeria and abroad. Her husband even said that, it was her busy schedule that made her lose the pregnancies. So when fate smiled on her and she got pregnant again, she quit from her modeling career. She began to believe her husband was right when the pregnancy stayed till full term.
Annabel snapped out of her reverie because, she knew the path her mind was going, was a painful one. She scrolled through her phone and looked at the pictures of her daughter, Yvonne. She had closed her heart to loving her, since she was put in her arms. She had blamed the child for all her misfortunes, which she knew had nothing to do with Yvonne. Perhaps it was time to find how to love Yvonne. She had spent her life loving a man who stopped loving her long ago, keeping a pretend marriage, and pursuing wealth. She had so much money that it wouldn’t finish in ten generations, but still she felt empty.
Annabel: “I am sorry Yvonne; I hope I can make up for the lost years. My beautiful Yvonne, how can someone have someone like you and not appreciate it?” she soliloquized.
She picked up her phone and dialed her daughter’s number.
Annabel: “Hello my love. I am so sorry for taking wealth more important, when God gave me the best thing that could have happened to me. I love you Yvonne, but guilt have kept me from opening my heart to you” she said whisking away tears with the tip of her pink fingernail.
Yvonne: “Mom, what guilt are you talking about?” she asked
Annabel: “Uhm… guilt, uhm not really guilt. What I am trying to say is that I will not miss your birthday for anything in this world” she said and listened as Yvonne squealed.
Yvonne was just like her, even though she didn’t know how that could be possible. Yvonne had the heart of a child, she got angry, but she never kept grudge. She loved who loved her, and even if her enemy came tomorrow and apologized, she would begin to love them.
Annabel: “I am going to shower you with so much love, to make up for what I did” she said aloud as she called her personal shopper to get a birthday gift for her daughter.
Question: It seems Yvonne’s mother is hiding a secret from the family, what could it be, what lies in the past that she is afraid to touch?
See Episode 7 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)


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Cc Skarlett Jaguguli88 Dominique Veekid Crazygod Aitee1 Anugod Johnwizey Mhiz Thesociopath Sotozo Yorhmienerd Olabantu Justicextian Talius Food is ready

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(Episode 7) The Bonny Island Massacre

Yvonne opened her eyes a wink, sunlight leaked at the flowery chiffon curtains, and she could tell it was past dawn. She shot her eyes open when she remembered it was her birthday. Her mother was standing by her bedside and smiling lovingly at her.
Yvonne: “Mother, when did you come back?” she asked, bewildered.
Annabel: “Happy birthday daughter. I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday, so I took the last flight last night. You were asleep when I arrived” her mother said and gave her a box.
Yvonne: “This year will be the best, do you know I cannot remember the last time you gave me a gift with your hand. I am so glad you are here” she said and flung herself at her mother.
Annabel held her daughter tightly, as the tears fell like dominos down her cheeks. Her tears wet Yvonne’s hair, and she pushed her mother away softly.
Yvonne: “Mom, are you crying?” she asked, peering into her mother’s face.
Annabel: “They are tears of joy my daughter” she replied and pulled her to herself again.
“ I deserve this love she gives me, I deserve it” Annabel thought within.
Yvonne: “You won’t believe it, but I have not bought my dress” she said excitedly.
Annabel: “If you want to wear vintage, then I got the perfect choice. A dress that cost millions, only I and Princess Kate has it. We are about the same body size, so it should fit perfectly”
Yvonne: “Mother, are you alright?” she asked, feeling for her mother’s temperature. “You never allowed me touch your clothes before. Remember that Gucci bag I wanted to borrow, but you vehemently refused. What happened to you?” she asked, sarcastically, but at the same time serious. Her mother, for the first time in a long while, was paying attention to her.
Annabel: “I found out what is more important to me, and it is you, Yvonne” she said and pulled her daughter into a hug.
Yvonne was glad that her birthday fell on a weekend, so she had time to pamper her body. She spent the entire day at the spa, with her mother and Mira. She was happy because this was the first real time she was spending with her mother. Other times, they were just posing for the camera. However, she still felt sad because Femi had not called. She kept checking her phone a million times, but there was no call from him.
“Is his heart that hard? I must have really struck a chord” she pondered.
For Femi, weekends were the time he hung out with his friend, Mathias. Mathias was older than him, he was already in his fifties. But he related with Femi like they were age mates. He acted like a father when he needed to, it was like he replaced Femi’s father, who was not even his biological father. But this weekend, he had a lot on his mind; the investigator he had put in charge of looking for his biological parents was not turning up with anything good. The man who he called father until his mother died, had refused to help him look for his biological parents. He always told Femi that there was no need because, they gave him up.
Femi had even made the investigator tail his father; perhaps he would lead them to whoever gave Femi to them as a baby, but that did not turn up any result. They had even investigated his father’s close friends, but they were not closer to finding his biological parents. The only option left to him was going public, and announcing to the whole world that he was looking for his real parents. But his foster father had forbidden him to go public, as it would cause him embarrassment.
Another thing bothering him was Yvonne. He had seen the advertisement she ran on all the major television stations. He was touched by it, but he was unwilling to trust her again. He was also wondering if they were compatible enough to get married. They were good partners in business because he let her lead most times. He did this because she was good at it, it was a talent, no one could stage a campaign better than Yvonne, it was the reason they had climbed to the top within two short years, although Yvonne thought it was their fame that brought publicity to the company, but Femi knew otherwise.
However, was he ready to give her the driver space in their relationship? He definitely was not ready to allow her lead, while he followed. He had told her to stand down and let Daisy do whatever she wanted, but she went ahead and pulled strings because she could. He didn’t know if he could go past that. But nevertheless, he missed her; her voice, her laughter and the way she liked draping herself on him. He picked up his phone to call her, but restrained himself from doing that.
As always, the birthday of Yvonne Ngegwu was another party of the year which had celebrities lobbying for the invite. The week preceding her birthday, publicists had met with people close to her to get an invite to the birthday party. If you are not in the party, you probably don’t matter much in the elite circles. This year, Yvonne had no control over who came to her party, as the invites were not even in her hands, but in the hands of the planners. So she was not to know that the woman who had declared war on her, Daisy of Daisy Advertizing, had gotten an invite.
Daisy looked at the invite in her hand; she had not struggled for this invite because she wanted to be at the party of the year with other advertising bodies, who were there to show solidarity to one of their own. She was there because she had plans for the little bitch who had dared to fight back. Daisy had been in the industry for ten (10) years and she was not going to allow a newbie, who thought the world was at her feet to come close to grabbing the advertising industry from her. Before, she had not made any serious moves against Yvonne because of Prince Ngegwu, but now she didn’t care anymore.
Daisy: “You won’t see me coming, Yvonne Ngegwu” she said, tracing the lines of the gold embossed invite. She picked up a phone and called her personal assistant.
Assistant: ‘Ma’am you called” she said as she entered the big living room where Daisy lounged and did office work from.
Daisy: “Book a flight to Port-Harcourt by four pm” she said curtly and hung up. Then she dialed a number, when it rang, she spoke;
Daisy: ‘Are you ready, do a good job, I don’t accept failure” she said briefly and hung up. After the calls, she paced up and down her sitting room, with a vile smile on her lips. In her heart, she pitied Yvonne, for what she had planned for her.
“Sorry little girl, I am a veteran in this industry, and I didn’t get to this position just by being hardworking” she thought within her, and suddenly, she broke into a hysterical laughter.
That evening, the grounds of the Ngegwu mansion in Bonny Island thrived with the members of the elite circle. They were dressed gaily, and expensively. The least worth of attire was still in millions. Even Mira had got a loan, which she was going to pay for with her honey pot, from one of her sugar daddies to purchase a Victoria Becham gown, and a pair of Jimmy Choos. Mira, who was standing by the entrance of the decorated garden where the party was set, saw Femi enter. Her eyes widened as she had not expected that he would come.
“ Does it mean, he has forgiven her?”
she wondered as she smiled at him. A smile he did not return. She walked towards him and embraced him, despite his cold demeanor. He put his hand slightly around her and told her she looked good, but he was sure Yvonne would look best. Mira pushed him away and glared at him.
Femi: “Does Yvonne know you hate her this much?” he asked, stunning Mira.
Mira: “How can you say a thing like that, I don’t hate Yvonne” she exclaimed, but Femi didn’t pay her mind, and walked away. She whirled round in around in annoyance, and stared into the face of Daisy. Daisy looked intimidating in the Smokey eye makeup she had on. Her little frame did not deceive anyone, she exuded hostility and power. Her tall height belittled anyone, even when she was not trying to.
Mira: “Hello, ma’am” she stuttered.
Daisy: “You are the one who did the social media smear campaign, aren’t it?” she asked, not in any way expecting an answer from Mira. She looked Mira from her head to her toes and walked away, without another word.
Mira: “This old bitch has got something up her sleeve. Abeg I no follow oh” she said to herself.
Yvonne after taking her time, and making sure that most of the guests were present, decided to join her party. She had worn the vintage dress her mother gave her. It was styled in a Victorian way, with a touch of modernity in the peek-a-boo lace bodice. The stones hand sewn into the gown made it heavy. She was just out of her room, with her squishy clutch in hand, when she saw a masked man coming up the stairs towards her.
Her heart jumped into her mouth, as her instinct told her that the man coming towards her didn’t mean well for her.
Question: What has Daisy planned for Yvonne, and what is the intention of the Masked man?
See Episode 8 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 11:50pm On Sep 08, 2017
(Episode cool The Bonny Island Massacre

She turned to go back to her room, but she felt a grip on her arm, and she was spun around. She stared into the eyes of the masked man, and her lips quivered in fear.
Yvonne: “What do you want with me? Please, please, don’t hurt me” she pleaded in shaky voice. The masked man pulled her close, and in fright she lifted her hands and it hit the masked man square in the face. She heard a grunt and could tell the masked man was angry and would hurt her.
“ Is this how I am going to die on my birthday? Oh God, come to my rescue”
she cried in her heart.
The man heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and brought out a knife from inside the coat he wore. He slashed the side of Yvonne’s dress and ran away; just at the same time that Femi came up the stairs. Yvonne rushed to him and encircled herself in his arms.
Femi: “Yvonne, what happened?” he queried anxiously.
Yvonne: “I don’t know how he got in here, he wanted to hurt me and only left when he heard footsteps” she whimpered. But she began to wonder why the man didn’t hurt, he had enough time to bury the knife in her chest before Femi came up the stairs, but he had cut a part of her dress. Why? She wondered.
Femi: “Oh no, are you alright?” he looked her over, and pulled her back into his arms. At that moment, he realized that he didn’t care about mundane things like who was the head in their relationship, as long as he didn’t lose her. He loved her that much, but was their love strong enough to withstand the troubles ahead, time would tell.
Yvonne: “Femi, I am sorry about lying to you, and not listening to you when you told me to let it go. Now, Daisy wants to hurt me” she said whimpering.
Femi: “Do not bother about that, ma Cherie” he replied, and took her to the garden where her guest were waiting.
Yvonne was overwhelmed by the turn out, as she could see very important personalities who she was sure, had left Lagos and Abuja to come to Port-Harcourt, just to honor her. The only sadness was her father who had as usual, sent a gift, which was another Range Rover car she didn’t need. Femi saw the sadness pass over her face, as her eyes rested on the slick black Range Rover decorated with pink ribbons.
Femi: “He loves you, you can tell in the gifts. He probably was not able to make it” he tried to placate her.
Yvonne: “But these politicians could make it, and I don’t even have any relationship with them, why not him?” she retorted.
Then she saw Daisy, her heart skipped a beat because she remembered the phone call that she had received. Could Daisy be responsible for the masked man that tried to hurt her? she pondered hard. Femi noticed the frown on her face and followed her line of sight to where Daisy was standing, watching them, with her thin lips in a tight line.
Yvonne: “I should have listened to you, Femi. Daisy is up to something and I am scared”
Femi: “I could say I told you so, but I wouldn’t gain anything from that. Anyways, do not be afraid, I will not allow anything happen to you” he said.
The M.C called Yvonne to the stage to give her speech, and she walked up regally to the front of her guest close to the fountain. Her mother was aghast when she noticed the tear by the side of her dress.
Annabel: “Yvonne, you ripped your dress!” she exclaimed, not believing that her daughter just destroyed a million dollar couture gown.
Yvonne: “Mother, do not worry about this, it is me trying to modify the style to suit my own fashion taste. If Nicki Minaj is allowed to have a wardrobe malfunction, why can’t i?” she teased and the guests laughed, they were practically eating out of her palms.
Daisy saw firsthand, the charm and grace that Yvonne exuded, that made clients trust her even though she was just two years in the industry. Yvonne laughed when she should, her laughter was lilt and feminine. She also cajoled them, infact she was a good actress, and Daisy wondered why she didn’t go into acting or modeling like her mother. Her eyes moved to where Annabel stood with some of her elite friends who were cheering her for having such a wonderful daughter. Daisy had never felt so bitter towards anyone, she looked to where a man was standing, scanning the crowd with practiced eyes.
She glared at him purposely and he shook his head, ever so slightly, that no one noticed the exchange between them.
After Yvonne’s speech, the guests were treated to fine wine and delicious cuisine, while a live band thrilled them with afro music. Unknown to the guests, there was a force of death lurking in the shadows, waiting to devour them. Even the celebrant was unaware of the tide of death that was about to sweep the place. If she was, she wouldn’t be sporting the smile she had on.
Yvonne’s smiled because of the sweet things Femi was whispering into her ears. Her eyes were lit with joy and even her mother could tell from where she was standing that her daughter was happy.
Femi: “I know you might be skeptical about what we have because of my religion, but I am ready to denounce my faith because of you” he said, his hand was clasped around her waist.
Yvonne: “I wouldn’t want you to do that, Love has no boundaries and even though it is going to be hard, we can make it” she replied him, grinning from ear to ear.
Femi: “This is what I want to do because come to think of it, I am not even sure my real parents were Muslims” he said and Yvonne pushed herself away from him in surprise.
Yvonne: “What did you say?”
Femi: “Yes I didn’t tell you all these while, because my father forbade me to tell anyone. But if we are going to be married, there should be no secrets between us” he replied.
Yvonne: “Oh my God, your mom and dad are not your real parents?” she asked with wide eyes.
Femi: “Yes and for years they lied to me. It was on my mother’s death bed that she told me about my adoption. I have been searching for my real parents since my mother died, but no headway. The only person who can help me is my father and he has refused to help because he fears embarrassment” he narrated to her.
Yvonne: “Now I understand why you take trust and lies seriously. Have you tried an espionage job, like enter your father’s safe and find documents pertaining to your birth, do you even know where you were adopted from?”
Femi: “I knew if I shared it with you, we could come to a solution. I know just want to do. Since my father doesn’t want the easy way out, he is going to get it the hard way. I think we should start planning our wedding, I am convinced that you are the woman for me” he said. Yvonne was too overwhelmed that she rushed into his arms and kissed him.
Their kiss was broken up by the M.C who had walked to where they were and took Yvonne by the hand. It was time to cut the cake and Yvonne was supposed to stand in front of her cake for the unveiling. She told everyone that she had baked the cake by herself, mixing every ingredient with love for the people who had come to support her. The guests were moved by her speech and they trooped out to unveil the cake with big amounts of money. They dropped checks which ran into millions beside the cake. And finally it was time to cut the cake.
Daisy would have left the party but the man she had put in charge of a job at the party had still not performed the job. He circled around the elites wondering where the opening would come from. The job he had been assigned to do had to be done quietly without any trace to him, or fall out on Daisy.
The cake was cut and small chunks of it were passed around to the guests. Mira was the one holding the tray of cakes and she insisted that the politicians ate from it. Her reason was that, they had unveiled the cake with huge amount of money and needed to eat from it.
She took it a step further and walked up to Daisy with the tray of cakes, and asked that Daisy took a cake and eat from it.
Mira: “If you are not going to eat cake, why did you come?” she asked with eyes that looked into Daisy’s without fear. Other guest already had their attention on the duo, so Daisy took the cake and bit into it, glaring at Mira.
Yvonne and Femi watched Mira force Daisy to eat the cake. On their minds, they wondered what Mira was playing at. Femi, now privy to how much Mira was jealous of Yvonne, was skeptical at Mira’s actions and wondered what she had up her sleeves. He turned to Yvonne to state his reservations about her friend.
Femi: “Sweetheart, You need to be careful about…” he did not complete his statement, as a cry of pain erupted in the midst of the guest. Everyone turned to a politician from the ruling party, who was oozing blood out of his mouth.
Question: What has happened, and what does Daisy have to do with it?
See Episode 9 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 11:54pm On Sep 08, 2017
(Episode 9) The Bonny Island Massacre

The masked man had changed his outfit and even if Yvonne met him, she wouldn’t recognize him. He was dressed in a tuxedo. He was shadowing, House of Rep. member, Danlattu, who was a top notch member of the nation’s ruling party, AFC. He had seen the cake being served to him, and the man had taken a big bite. Then suddenly, he gave a loud yelp, and before anyone could ask what was wrong, he was vomiting blood.
It was not only Danlattu, who was vomiting blood; others who had eaten the cake were also vomiting blood. Daisy was not only vomiting blood, she had staggered and fallen to the floor, where she was writhing in pain.
Daisy: “She did this, that Yvonne, she poisoned me, and wants me dead” she said amidst painful moans. Then finally, she slumped on the floor. People could not gather around her because there were others vomiting and falling down to their death.
Mira stood and looked at the remaining chunks on the tray, then she looked at Yvonne who stood with horror on her face. The people, who were about to take a chunk of the cake, refrained from doing so.
Pandemonium broke out when they realized it was those who had eaten the cake, who were falling to their death. People ran as fast as their legs could carry them. They ran for their cars, some ran away forgetting their cars.
Yvonne: “What is going on here?” she asked no one in particular. The sight before her was a nightmare and she wished someone who tap her and she would wake from it. She felt like she had been thrown into a sea filled with icebergs, as her body ran cold, cold with fear and horror.
Bodies were splayed everywhere, with blood trickling out the side of their mouths. Within minutes, all the surviving guests had fled, and the Ngegwu mansion was silent like a graveyard. Yvonne looked around her and the screams she had been screaming inside her heart, burst out of her lips. Her scream rend the silent night, and it could be heard from the street below.
Yvonne: “Why me, why does this have to happen at my own birthday party” she cried, looking around for somebody. Her mother who had been transfixed in place by the horrific sight, was galvanized into action by her daughter’s screams. She rushed to her and held her in her arms.
Annabel: “It is going to be fine, baby” she said as the sobs choked her words. No matter how she looked at it, it was bleak. She could remember very well, that her daughter had announced to the guests that she made the cake herself.
Femi, while the cake was being unveiled had gotten a call from the private investigator. He had rushed into the house and gone to Yvonne’s bedroom, to receive the call. When the investigator gave him the same old story of ‘no leads’, he decided to propose Yvonne’s idea to him. The P.I had agreed that it was the next best option and had promised Femi to get to it. They were still talking when Femi heard Yvonne’s scream. His heart flew into his mouth as he imagined that something had happened to her. As he ran down the stairs, all he could think about was that, he had failed Yvonne. He promised her that he would protect her and yet he had left her.
But when he burst out through the patio door into the garden, he stopped abruptly. Femi took his hand to his face and wiped his eyes. He opened them again and what he saw did not change, gone were the guests, instead there were dead bodies on the floor, and they all had horror etched into their faces. It was obvious that their death had been painful. The dim lights, hanging in the low shrubs, casted shadows on the scene, making it more grotesque. Then he saw mother and daughter holding each other, and crying.
Femi: “Yvonne, what is going on here?” he asked, unable to come to terms with what he was seeing. How a beautiful party turned into a horror movie was too complicated for his mind to analyze. When Yvonne saw him, she ran to him and began to cry fresh tears. Femi just held her, he didn’t know what had happened, but it was not as important as knowing that Yvonne was safe. He watched as Annabel, Yvonne’s mother took out her phone and began to dial a number, he assumed that she was calling Yvonne’s father. Yvonne’s father had not taken time out to come for his daughter’s birthday party, Femi wondered now, if he would not dump whatever he was doing to come down to Port-Harcourt, now that this kind of massacre had happened in his house.
Just then they heard the wail of the siren, and the sound was coming towards the house. It was at that time, that the implication of what had happened fell on Yvonne. Fear and confusion fell on her, people had eaten her cake and died. Who would believe her if she said she didn’t know how that happened. The police van drove into the compound, with the wail of the siren breaking the quietness of the compound. Fierce looking men, with their guns cocked, marched into the garden, their guns pointing at the only three people found in the compound.
A tall, dark man, who was probably in his early forties walked up to the trio, he wore a cashmere sweater and dinner pants like he had been pulled off a date with a woman. He had a smile on his lips, but Femi realized immediately that it was a trick, to get them to relax, perhaps relax enough to spill their secrets.
Man: “I am detective Musa, we got a call concerning this residence, and coming here, I can see there is trouble. Anybody cares about telling me what went on here?” he asked arrogantly.
Annabel: “The head of the house is not home, you do know that this is the residence of Prince Ngegwu” she said, posturing. She was hoping that she could intimidate them with their name, to stall time enough for her husband to materialize from wherever he was. But she could tell from the mocking look in the detective’s eyes that he was not intimidated.
Detective Musa: “I am sure you do not need the head of the house to speak for you. Infact he is not here and he has nothing to tell me. But you all are here and in the best position to tell me what happened” he said with a sly grin. When no one made any move to speak, he turned and focused his eyes on Yvonne. She was a beautiful woman, he could tell, even though there were black streaks on her face, obviously from her mascara. Her eyes were puffy like she had been crying, but detective Musa was not moved by that. He fixed his eyes on her and turned on his charm. He thought that she was the weak link, and he could charm her into talking, even though the others didn’t speak. But he would soon find out that Yvonne was not one to be called vulnerable.
Detective Musa: “Sweetheart, I know how horrible you must be feeling, your birthday has turned into a carnage. I want to know what happened here, help me out” he said in the softest of tones, and with friendly eyes.
Yvonne: “Cut it out detective, I will not fall for your tricks. I know quite well about your reputation. These people died after eating the birthday cake, and I cannot explain that. I demand that you do a full investigation into this, and find the culprit who turned my birthday into carnage, using your words” she replied, the tears was gone and her eyes had become hard.
Detective Musa had a reputation in the Police force, he was known to do anything to mark a case as solved. There had even been rumours of evidence tampering, and setting people up with incriminating things, to nail them to a crime. People argued that it was always guilty people, who were smart enough to cover their asses that he usually set up. However the Police force had never seen evidence to prosecute him with, so he remained and as rumored continued to solve cases with any tactic available to him.
Yvonne making reference to his rumored reputation had put him in a bad mood and wiped off the smile from his face. His face was hard set, and his eyes had lowered to slits. He put his hand in the pocket of his pants and brought out a small writing pad.
Detective Musa: “So you say the guests ate the cake and just died?” he asked, writing God knows what in his writing pad.
Yvonne: “They began to vomit blood, and slumped” she explained. Her former confidence was gone, and in its place was fear and uncertainty. She did not know what was going to come out of the questioning, but she knew that ultimately, she was in trouble.
Question: Were the guests poisoned by the cake Yvonne baked, or by something else? What role did Yvonne play in their deaths?
See Episode 10 Below (You don’t wanna miss this!)

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by Nifeola: 7:06pm On Sep 09, 2017
Hunmmm, interesting but suspense all d way.... more pls
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by davedy(m): 7:03am On Sep 12, 2017
I know that I can finish reading it bfo eternity begins. Make I go read waiting u write op.
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by RGem(f): 7:05am On Sep 12, 2017
@Op , pls include paragraphs in your write-up. The words are jammed together.
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by wintersnow(m): 7:19am On Sep 12, 2017
Nice one bro!
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by atilla(m): 7:29am On Sep 12, 2017
wow this is a lot. will probably take a while day to read it
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by Stemalex(m): 8:39am On Sep 12, 2017
Summary please?? :-(
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by Nwachineke1980: 9:34am On Sep 12, 2017
Why did the writer not finish the story?This is the reason why I don't like reading fictional stories in nairaland.I will appreciate the writer send a link where I can read the complete story.
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by EKPETI(m): 9:47am On Sep 12, 2017
I am following keenly.
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:06am On Sep 12, 2017
Why did the writer not finish the story?This is the reason why I don't like reading fictional stories in nairaland.I will appreciate the writer send a link where I can read the complete story.
kidda busy
Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:09am On Sep 12, 2017
just woke up this morning to check nairaland and I found a bigger surprise waiting for mhi....

Bonny island massacre made it to front page

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Re: The Bonny Island Massacre by collinometricx(m): 10:13am On Sep 12, 2017
Nice one bro!

thanks boss

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