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Behind The Smile - Super Story by twinstaiye(m): 10:24am On Feb 09, 2007
I noticed that in Nairaland, we love discussing foreign soap. I had not come across any thread discussing Nigerian Soap. Couple with this reason and because the present Story runnning on Super Story titled 'Behind The Smile' pushed me to ask certain questions that required nairaland members contribution.

Have anyone been watching Behind the smile? Yesterday's episode was the bone of contention, the question is, finding yourselves in Sade's dilema, what would you do?

For those who have not been watching the story, the story so far goes thus:

Sade and Kunle are dating in the Campus, but they are both from poor family background. Sade is reserved, unlike her friends in school, she does not see anything wrong in going out with Kunle even though Kunle cannot take care of her needs.

There is Raymond from rich background, who is well known with his way with ladies, ladies swarmed around him in the campus. To cut the long story short, Sade is pregnant for Kunle, but all efforts to raise 10,000 naira to abort the pregnancy were all futile. They were on this, when Raymond had an accident and died. Kunle now suggested to Sade that they should pinned the pregnancy on Raymond, and that Raymond parent will surely provide the money to terminate the pregnancy. The plan went on smoothly until Sade discovered that, Raymond parent want her to keep the child. They beg her, even kneel down in front of her to please keep the baby.

Sade is now faced with the dilema of whether to tell them the truth about the real owner of the pregnancy or to go along with the lies. She then confided in her mum, who rebuked her for her treachery, but later advised her that she is the God sent to the Raymond parent to wipe them of the tears of their lost son, since Raymond is their only son. She advised Sade to go along with the plan. Kunle was later informed that the pregnancy had been terminated. Meanwhile, the only close encounter Sade had with Raymond while at school is when Sade help out Raymond during a Test, Raymond tried to be friendly with Sade afterwards, but she turn him down.

If you are in Sade's dilema, what will you do? Go along with the plan so as to keep Raymond family happy and out of sorrow that their only offspring left a child for them? or better still tell the truth and continue to put the family in more sorrow.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by Raymand(m): 12:20pm On Feb 09, 2007
After the "Lion of Mogun" series, i lost interest in Super Story. . . sad but i took a peek at the new series, it seems promising, will check it out. . .please keep us posted Twinstaiye wink
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by deejay1(m): 8:01pm On Feb 09, 2007
super story!!!!!!!!!!!! long time kip us update saaaaaaa
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by queen2(f): 8:11pm On Feb 09, 2007
I really love the Grasscutter series of superstory, twas fantabulous
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by omo(f): 8:42pm On Feb 09, 2007
oh mehn why im i not in nigeria right now to be watching super story?! nywyz, if i was Sade, i would  definitely and immediately tell the truth because if i actually continued lyin to Raymond's parents, somehow later on, the truth would definitely come out and then i would either be faced with an even bigger dilema or the lie would probably eventually position me in unwanted situation and i would just be living a lie.

twinstaiye, thanks for the post and please do update us as the story goes on.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by toptho(f): 9:04pm On Feb 09, 2007
The only superstory i can remember is oh father,oh daugther.

Sade should just fess up,because what if the old boyfriend comes forward in the future to claim the child because he can't have kids. The truth usually comes out in the end.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by Akinagirl(f): 2:38am On Feb 10, 2007
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by dunjee2(m): 2:49pm On Feb 10, 2007
Such is Life, !
I believe Life is not just accidental.Our decisions of todya will definitely spur an action tomorrow.
When a lustful desire is not curbed at initial stage,it gives birth to more and more complexities engulfed in Sin,
Sade and Kunle are faulty, her mother made the situation more complex,
Poverty is really a killer, It makes you go to a dead end without realising it,
It's not just a story, It's real.We all live in a real world,

Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by niceuzor: 3:02pm On Feb 10, 2007

its true i also notice it too, i so much love to witness Nigeria Soap

but the problem is that Nepa Can give us Current to Witness it here in B.Side

i'm still wondering when Electricity will be stable here in Nigeria,

Anyway Nigeria Soap Still remain the best Soap as far i'm concern.

i dont know abt urs? wink
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by obi2obi(m): 3:10pm On Feb 10, 2007
By Gods grace Kunle will not always be poor, what happens when in future he cannot have children or is tired of hiding the truth, it will eat him up and the truth will come out, you know what they say honesty is the best policy, anyway sounds like gripping stuff, keep us updated!
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by cutieexx(f): 3:47pm On Feb 10, 2007
OMG! im watching superstory here on OBE TV but they are still showing the one after 'Oh father oh daughter' --the one wit Fijabi cheesy & adaobi and Yumi. undecided I m waitin' for them do start d one 'No Pain no Gain' dat was d superstory series i was watching b4 i left Naija.

this one wit sade sounds very intriguing. cheesy cheesy wat am i even saying? wale Adenuga makes all his stories intriguing and captivating. as for me being in Sade shoes, the task of coming open with all the lies proves to be easily said undecided than done but if anyone puts their mind to doing it, they can. winkI would come open with everything.
The family might even accept her still and this could be the gate way for she and kunle. Yes, they could help this couple have their child and actually take them(sade & kunle)to be like the children they don't have cheesy again.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by mekoyo(m): 5:28pm On Feb 10, 2007
Its' long i watched super story. I dont even know the title of the present one.

Dont know why i lost the interest though.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by toptho(f): 10:45pm On Feb 11, 2007
Fijabi was a character,that her hairstyle was shocked
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by phoenixman: 6:45am On Feb 12, 2007
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by naijagal(f): 11:00am On Feb 12, 2007
i think most of us lost interest when they were doing dat lion of magun story
it was damn too long angry angry angry

however, this new story seems more like it
thumbs up wale adenuga cheesy
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by oluite(f): 11:31am On Feb 12, 2007
This story is promising.av bin followin it .I likd raymond at lot.too bad he died.Sade wants to obey her mum but she has too much of a conscience.Let's see how it goes.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by cutieexx(f): 3:04pm On Feb 12, 2007
jus continue 2 keep me updated cheesy cheesy

@toptho, Fijabi is one reason why i love this particular series of superstory. ve even forgoten the title, wat is it called again? undecided
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by toptho(f): 3:57pm On Feb 12, 2007
@cutie,the one on OBE is face of deceit.she was/is a character,i don't know how they didnt carry out their research properly on the kind of woman she was.The father sleeping with his daughter was just a crazy pervert.

The "We are nothing but pencils in the hands of our creator" used to make me laugh
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by cutieexx(f): 5:54pm On Feb 12, 2007
i know, but it makes sense! cheesy cheesy our heavenly father is very great and we'r jus his instruments. anyways, the father one was disgusting. d man is a shameless he-goat! i swear angry angry sad
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by agnesoseka: 12:08pm On Feb 13, 2007
Adennuga dey try sha,more grease to you man!
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by teejay007(m): 12:26pm On Feb 13, 2007
Train up a child in the way he should go, when he grows up will not depart from it.PROVERBS IN BIBLE. That is the case of Raymond
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by phoenixman: 12:31pm On Feb 13, 2007
i suppose that explains why so
many children of pastors are so unholy
also why children of christians are wicked. lipsrsealed
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by Stilettos(f): 12:46pm On Feb 13, 2007
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by cutieexx(f): 1:32pm On Feb 14, 2007
me too phoenixman, wink wink explain!
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by chistiana(f): 3:52pm On Feb 14, 2007
Actually Wale Adenuga Production have been so great any way, but still loose interest in there what ever.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by twinstaiye(m): 9:09am On Feb 16, 2007
Yesterday's episode of Behind the smile is not quite as revealing as expected. Sade had a narrow escape from friends of Raymond who came to pay a visit to Raymond's Mum. As soon as it was anounced that Raymond's friend are on their way, she excuse herself, telling the mum that she would not want his friend to see her.
Also yesterday, she was delivered of a baby, and it looks like she will convince raymond's parent to sponsor her education abroad as advise by her mum, when Raymond parent ask her to name anything she wants as a gift.
Chief Olumide and Mr Madu a Banker were introduced to us, one is not sure which angle they are going to fit in in the Sade story yet, Chief Olumide is in the habit of sleeping with Campus babes, on this particular occasion, when Mr Madu his Banker was paying him a visit, Chief Olumide offered him one of the babes, but it turn out that Mr Madu's daughter was the one Chief Olumide slept with.
I will keep you posted.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by Jokotola: 9:18am On Feb 16, 2007
Nigerian soap is no doubt still the best.
As for superstory, I have not missed any series since the onset.
The latest one, "Behind the Smile" is a very interesting title every Nigerian need to watch.
Sade is really embarking on a journey which might not end well. 'cos as her boyfriend Kunle promised yesterday that he's going to get to the root of her sudden disappearance, well, Sade cannot get away with this unholy act. shocked shocked shocked
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by twinstaiye(m): 9:52am On Feb 16, 2007
I thot as much too, but if she succeeded in traveling abroad to further her studies, I want to believe, she can get away with it. I mean, by the way, she comes back, a lot of things would have gone so far, that even Raymond's parents would not mind after all that The child wasnt Raymond. My only fear is Kunle, once he got to know about the whole scenarios, he will resort to blackmail, especially when he is always low in cash.
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by cutieexx(f): 7:35pm On Feb 17, 2007
thanks twinstaiye 4 the update. ob boy, sade is stepping on ur lion's tail o! so she's conscious enough to do this kind of a thing to Kunle. shocked i thought she loved him shocked shocked or can i say that the influence of her mother did push her to do it?
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by vikiviko(m): 1:37pm On Feb 20, 2007
I still believe Raymond is the father of sade's child.
For kunle , he's a cdriminal he will endf up being a blackmailer.
Sade is a lucky girl
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by cutieexx(f): 5:24pm On Feb 20, 2007
@ vikiviko

Oh Boy, have u really being following the story? How can u say that Kunle is the blackmailer n that sade should purposely go after raymonds parents while neglecting Kunle. I mean, are the two of them not in this together? undecided undecided
Re: Behind The Smile - Super Story by twinstaiye(m): 11:07am On Feb 23, 2007
Yesterday's episode centred mainly on Kunle, Sade's boyfriend. Sade was not even featured yesterday, or so it seems because at a stage, PHCN did the best thing they know how to do, and before I could switch to Gen, some scenes had passed me by.
Anyway, the epicentre of yesterday's episode is Kunle, who is into real gangsterism and big time cultism. he held Chief Rotimi hostage in his own house, when him and his gang pretended to be campus babes that Chief Rotimi used to patronise. They have succeeded in squeezing out the sum of N10 Million naira from Chief Rotimi and he is still not satisfied. From the look of thing, Kunle is assuming to become his real self - a blackmailer to the core.
I however want to give kudos to Kunle's acting, he did try. I mean from someone with those clowning attitude to a new dreaded Capone of a campus cult. The way he translate the role is quite amazing.

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