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No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 4:15pm On Aug 12, 2017
LOUDEST THOUGHTS- No part of this story should be changed or distributed without the authors permission.

SYNOPSIS: Embargo laid on the heart, lies, Secrets, Hurt, Cries, Betrayal, Love and Friendship.

We all have the right to love to the fullest, but who we want to love and spend the rest of our lives with is a gamble and a choice. But then when it is forced and betrayal pops up, the path to love changes.

Ego, hatred and frustration sets in. To recover may take forever but entirely a choice of the heart. You decide to get out of your situation or learn to live with it.


Am sorry Katie, Matt's enveloped me in her arms while i cried on her shoulders soiling her top. He is gone, Andy has finally killed me. Matt's do not say that; you are going nowhere.

You will be fine, just give it time. I was just not in the mood for Matt's soothing words at the moment. Why do i always end up with this kind of bad luck.

None of my relationship has ever lasted. One tragedy and broken heart after the other. I wailed and sat on the floor while onlookers watched vigorously but with a sad tone while murmuring their sorry’s.

Andy was my whole life, after all my previous relationships failed. We had a lot of plans in our relationship. There were times we had our fights but we always patch up.

This time it is forever goodbye. His health became a problem. I stood by him. We got the best doctors for chemo and surgery’s but the last one snatched him off planet earth. When will i recover from this tragedy.

He is the only man that has accepted me for who I am. He gives me the affection I never got from my Dad.
I instantly stood up with so much energy and no regrets for what i just did to obviously a good woman. Then i peeped through the theater window.

The light in the room was too bright, hence distracting me. I saw my now ex girlfriend walking blurry far away with her friend consoling her.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Gentle man, it is Andy Sir! Andy, why treat a good woman that way. From where i stand that woman loves you. But i do not get why you should fake your own death.

Doctor you would not understand. I keep playing the events of the past year in my head. Help me understand, I know you only paid me to fake your brain tumor and death but you nearly killed her.

She spent one hour on drip from the news. Am sorry, but she is just too much attached to me. I love her but not in the way she wants me to.

There is nothing wrong with her, I have found someone else i love more than her Doctor. She has been through a lot in the past and this is the best way i could help her recover early.

I must admit you are heartless. Our deal is over Mr. Andy; I will send you back what you payed me. I refuse to be a part of this torture. He said and walked out on me.


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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 4:18pm On Aug 12, 2017
No More Room For Love © 2017 By: Loudest Thoughts


You have been through enough doesn’t mean you should hold up your happiness. You deserve to be happy, my three best friends told me in a serious tone over one of our coffee mornings.

I just shrugged and continued sipping my coffee, because I had already made up my mind not to listen to Anthon, James and not even drake the closest among the three friends.

My parents Mr. and Mrs. Santa are beginning to think am into women. It has been 4years since my last break up with my seventh boyfriend.

Each of my relationships thought me enough to put a barricade over my heart, especially the last one. I kept playing the drama that unfolded in Mandela’s house when I went over to drop some of my belongings unannounced since we planned to move in together.

Then I heard Drakes voice and James shaking me, Kate are you with us, I came out of my reverie and gave them a fake smile. You have been out like 5mins, said drake.

I met drake who was already friends with those two, the day I rushed out of Mandela’s house confused. I bumped into him by the roadside, after I left my car over at Mandela’s house and rushed out of the building like a freak, with no particular place in mind.

Since then he had been there throughout the healing process, and introduced his other two friends. I must admit am yet to heal after 4years, but am almost there since I do not cry about it that much.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by jupitre(m): 4:22pm On Aug 12, 2017
*Drives in my MB silently*..First to comment..It's going to be a pretty ride...Op nice stuff kwantinue

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by pweetymhi(f): 8:30pm On Aug 12, 2017
Nice one, continue plz


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:57am On Aug 13, 2017

I just got home late, after those three decided to cheer me up after coffee morning. As I entered, I greeted my mum, who just sighed “Thank God”. Probably because I came home safe, I took a step up the stairs, when I heard his husky voice.

Where do you think you are coming from by this time of the night? I just froze at one point, and managed to look back and my mum beckoned me to be quiet.

She knew we were at the verge of exchanging words again, since that has become our routine. Then he spoke up again, am I not asking you a question, “young girl” . I hate it when he calls me young girl, for crying aloud I blurted out.

Dad am 27years old, in case you forgot. Then he flared up again, I could not describe the fury in his eyes at that moment. I was not sure if his eyes were that red because I told him not to call me young girl or because I said something else.

He always become so angry like a lion, when it comes to my age or birthdays. Nevertheless, I just regarded it as if the man does not like me that much.

Then he spoke up again, i told you if you want to be sleeping with every man in trousers; you had better leave my house. I will not come home and my house is not complete, I just looked straight ahead and trying so hard to control my anger.

Though I was fuming inside, I cannot stand mum being in the center of everything again. I hate to see her cry because my Dad decided to be so cold towards his family.

Sometimes I wonder if he gave birth to me and if he ever loved the woman he married. After several noises from him, I walked straight to my room, and laid down.

I heard a knock on my door, and mum entered.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:58am On Aug 13, 2017

Kate, I told you not to talk back at him when he is fuming at you. However, you disobeyed me out there again. Mum, I can’t stand Dad treating me that way, am not a kid anymore. I just want him to recognize me as his own.

On the other hand, am I not his daughter? Had the table been turned to the other side, I would understand. However, with him, I do not seem to get it.

Mum just stood up at once and scared the hell out of me. That is supposed to mean, Mum asked. Your food is in the microwave in case you get hungry. Then she walked out. I slapped my mouth, asking myself in deep thought what I said wrong.

Mum avoided me the whole week, Dad just hiss anytime he bumped into me in the house. I just wanted to be daddy’s girl, why won’t he give me that chance, was it my fault I am his only child. I was in deep thought, when she walked into my office.

Stacy buzzed in; informing me Eve was looking for me. I raised up my face and my gaze fell on the figure walking towards my direction.

I just dropped what I was doing and stared, can I sit down; I nodded my head to her question. She took her sit, and there was silence for a while. Then she stood up, look Kate, I don’t know why am even here in the first place.

I guess to kill me finally, I retorted. Common Kate, we both know I wasn’t at fault, if you were in my shoes would you have said anything.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 10:00am On Aug 13, 2017
Nice one, continue plz

Don't forget to add your criticisms to the nice comments. I need to improve YAah smiley

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 10:02am On Aug 13, 2017
*Drives in my MB silently*..First to comment..It's going to be a pretty ride...Op nice stuff kwantinue

First to comment, Sure! nice stuffs smiley.

Add your criticisms as well, i need them.

Thanks for riding along
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by EllaGold35(f): 10:04am On Aug 13, 2017
I'm in.

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 10:06am On Aug 13, 2017

Remember the girl’s code; see and do not tell, she hissed with a pathetic face. I also remember the code, which said no snatching of another’s partner. I answered her. I guess you could have made an exception for this one, at least I told you I was going to the house that day, and you could have dropped a hint.

I was so surprised I was so calmed, talking to this betrayal of a friend. How was I going to do that when you really want to move in with him?
I told you several times to take your time that was a hint enough Kate.

Therefore, you just came to my office to apportion blames on our failed friendship or my failed love. In fact get out of my office, she just sat there staring at me.

Then she finally spoke up, to think I just came here to invite a very good friend to my wedding, It seemed like she is still holding a grudge against the wrong person.

Annette was right; I should not have come here in the first place. She dropped what seemed like an invitation card on my desk and walked out.

I slumped in my chair, thinking if I did the right thing, throwing her out of my office. I had lunch with drake, where we discussed Eve’s presence in my office the previous week. He could not help but just stare at me throughout the lunch.

He did not say much and I was wondering if he was even listening to me at all. I decided to talk to mum, about Eve’s wedding, I had a soft spot for my friends.

Until the three decided to betray me, but we had plans, we took a whole vacation to plan how our weddings were going to be the talk of town, because it was going to be us three at the same time.

Nevertheless, what do I get now; they are moving on without me, should I cry over this again. Mum wiped my face with the back of her hand telling me to find a way and forgive them including the bitch herself; Matilda.

I told her that would not be possible, and then my dad walked in.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 10:10am On Aug 13, 2017

Obviously in a good mood. Mum quickly stood up, as if she was afraid of him. He just walked pass us to his room, I looked at his shadow then back at my mum.

Mum are you sure you both are okay, has he been beating you. No my daughter, your father isn’t like that, he has anger issues but has never laid a hand on me.

How do you even cope with him in this house, I can’t cope but am still here because I want to be sure you are fine, that is why I haven’t moved out yet mum, because am so sure you aren’t telling me the truth here, I have eyes you know.

I see what you are going through; I mean dad has never been nice to you ever since I started growing up. Moreover, how could you love a man like that? Come here my daughter, she took me in her arms like am still a kid; there are things you will never understand.

I ended up taking her out for a movie that evening which she kept saying she is too old for. I was determined however to find out what those two are hiding from me.

We got home with dad furious why mum was not home early, i was surprised she just said sorry and went inside. I feel the hurt burning inside her and I could do little to make everything go away.

I mean I have a job of my own, which my mum made sure I inherited. I was deep in thought when my phone rang in my bedside drawer; I had no idea when I kept it there.

I picked up and it was drake. Sweetheart, longtime! What do you say about boys hang out Saturday 7:00pm, the usual joint. We talked for a while and I drifted to bed, thinking about having a long chat with my dad soon.

He cannot keep shutting us all out for 22years, since I was five he was never around that much. Mum keeps running tiredly every day until she got house cleaners.

To be continued


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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 10:17am On Aug 13, 2017
I'm in.

Wellikam Miss Gold,

Keep your criticisms coming, i need them grin
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by xaviercasmir(m): 11:22am On Aug 13, 2017
Your story line is good but you should make of word spacing. And also you make your readers confused because we don’nt know when a sentance end or the start of it.
In all, your story is good but is poorly stated. But you can learn from the experenced ones here on nairaland like chumzypinky marianneada and Divepen1 to see how they state their works.
More ink to your pen and keep it up

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:34pm On Aug 13, 2017
Your story line is good but you should make of word spacing. And also you make your readers confused because we don’nt know when a sentance end or the start of it.
In all, your story is good but is poorly stated. But you can learn from the experenced ones here on nairaland like chumzypinky marianneada and Divepen1 to see how they state their works.
More ink to your pen and keep it up

Sure! Thanks for that observation Xaviercasmir. Regarding the spacing ,am pretty much trying to adjust to the NL settings when posting cuz it's totally different from the main source.
Lazy at proof reading and editing but will sure try and work on the latter.

grin i hope i got this emoji right now

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by EllaGold35(f): 10:22pm On Aug 13, 2017
[quote author=cbella post=59426415]

Wellikam Miss Gold,

Keep your criticisms coming, i need them grin[/quote

U'l get them

Trust me
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by xaviercasmir(m): 6:01am On Aug 14, 2017

Sure! Thanks for that observation Xaviercasmir. Regarding the spacing ,am pretty much trying to adjust to the NL settings when posting cuz it's totally different from the main source.
Lazy at proof reading and editing but will sure try and work on the latter.

grin i hope i got this emoji right now
lol you are on point dear
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 10:50am On Aug 14, 2017
Andy sat two meters away from the bar, stole a few glances at the four friends sitting chatting happily.
He tried a number of times to stand up and pull a chair beside his ex-girlfriend who thought he was dead but failed to do that hence ruining his plans.

I really need to get Kate somehow signing my cheque again. I thought she would leave a lot of money for my fake family I introduced her to while we were dating, but she outsmarted me and all my plans faded into the darkness.

My new girlfriend, which I left Kate for, ditched me because I got nothing out of the game I played. She disappeared into thin air with the little money Kate paid for my fake surgeries and chemo. I thought she loved me. I should have hanged on to Kate.

I was in deep thought, when the waiter tapped me on the back, the men and lady on table four you asked me to watch are about to leave.

Just then, I knew I lost another chance. Andy you are a looser I said so many times in my head.
Clearing my tabs, I looked back and saw the back of someone who looks like Kate rushing out, I took one step forward in order to pursue her, then I saw a gentleman rushing out after her.

I followed suit. I got there and stood at the extreme end closer enough to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Hey Miss, I guess you were looking for this. He flashed the phone in Kate’s face standing a distance from her. How do you have my phone? Kate queried! You should be thanking me with a drink because I found this on time. Thank you, can I have it now, am already late, She said to the gentle man who insisted Kate had to buy him a drink. After several persuasions, they walked back in.

Still standing at my earlier position, I used the back door and quickly got to the bar before they had a sit.
I started cooking ideas in my head, as the smart Andy I am. I settled on a plan that I always used on Kate those days and she signs the cheques for me without even knowing it. I smiled wickedly to no other person than myself.

Bar man, one shot of baileys. Baileys was her favorite, when she is happy. I thought for a while and spiked the drink just enough to keep Kate slightly awake while I use my Andy tricks on her and get my cheque signed. If possible, I get to enjoy her and live her to the wolves. I hit my chest two times and said silently to myself; Andy you are finally rich.

I watched while she drunk the spiked drink, for a moment I thought they exchange drinks because the dude was just staring at her like a doll. I watched keenly for some few more minutes and Kate had stood up to leave.

I asked myself why the baileys has not taken effect on her yet. I followed just then I noticed the man he was with earlier was paying someone to drive her car to a destination I believe that was his or her next destination. Kate sat on the front seat, while holding her head in her hands, and then I knew the drug has started taking effect. I made to walk to him and say something so he release her to me but before I know it, he zoomed off.

Andy you cannot lose this opportunity, I assured myself. I got in my car and followed them, suddenly a tanker crossed us on a busy road and they disappeared to God knows where.
That was the last time I saw her, but I still have hope I may chance upon another plan, since the first before this one did not work.

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:32am On Aug 14, 2017

I walked out of my room, feeling so lost as to how I got home after last night, then it dawned on me I was out with the boys and ended up laid by a total stranger.

During breakfast, I kept eating in bits while I thought about the events of last night; I remembered his face, which I want to forget. I cannot believe I finally screwed someone after 4years.

I want to forget, I murmured to myself and hit my head so hard, that my parents just stared at me, of course mum rushed from where she was seated with her spoon still in her hands, Darling are you okay, yes mum, just a hangover, I think I need coffee rather.

I excused myself from the table; I put a call through to my trio friends, who have become everything to me since my trio girlfriends betrayed me.

I had no man in my life, my dad would have been great to share my secrets with but he choose to be cold. I thought to myself silently.

Kate, you said it was important, yet you are silence as if we are in a cemetery. Anthon asked with so much anticipation in his voice.

Drake I think slept with someone last night, I said quickly avoiding his gaze. “Finally” Anthon and James blurted out. Drake on the other hand was sounding funny. How Kate! I mean we left together.

Remember you called and I did not pick up! Drake nodded to my statement with a little fury in his eyes.

Why is he getting worked up? I thought to myself. Then he resumed his speech.

So what happened that you had to reduce yourself to a total stranger? He was sounding now like my Dad. Drake I do not remember owing you an explanation as to who I sleep with. I said rather rudely.

Kate am sure drake is just concerned about you. James said looking to Anthon’s direction as if he wanted him to support his earlier reply. I shrugged and continued.

I went back after discovering I left my phone on the table on which we occupied that night but someone else booked the table. One thing led to another, I cannot remember all the details but I woke up realizing I just got laid. But I feel within me he acted on my permission.

You call that permission! Drake finally spoke up. I had forgotten he was still around. What then do you call it? I asked trying to piss him off.

Well I would blame it on the fact that i got drunk, but I was so sure I consented to whatever happened between us. I said shyly fidgeting with my fingers, while they looked on.

I will kill that son of a bitch who took advantage of you Kate. Drake relax no need to make a mountain out of a molehill. Drake’s funny attitude actually made my day.

Kate you could have landed in much bigger problem by following an unknown man into God knows where. he said sternly
The drive home from our chill out joint was rather silent. They dropped me home and Drake kissed me goodbye on the cheeks. I just smiled and went right ahead.

Blaming myself while i walked in over the fact that I broke my own set of rules when I was doing just fine. I hated myself since then, I did not want to sleep with a random person, but I reassured myself since I was not in love or about to move in with him, then am fine.

I was still in my thoughts when my dad’s voice came through, young girl; see me when you are free.
I instantly asked. What for? Is that how to talk to me. Daddy asked!

Dad I have all the time now, so go ahead, he started walking away, I followed repeating myself, talk to me now, or I will never be free Dad.

Sometimes I wonder if you are even my child, because you are stubborn just like your mum. He said hurting my ego.
That is why I want you out of this house, be prepared to meet your husband and his family tomorrow, he said again with a strong face and walked away, I just rooted at one point and my mouth opened wide.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 12:05pm On Aug 15, 2017

I was so annoyed within myself after what dad said, mum kept smooching my back to remain calm.
Who is he to tell me who to spend my life with; I mean I have my own life to live.I do not need a man to add up to my baggage, some of these men are just out there to hurt you.

As he does to you all the time, Kate that is enough! My mum said with anger. Am sorry mum.
However, that is the truth mum; I do not know why you refuse to see it. I told my mum sternly.

Just tell me what you plan to do now because your dad is not going to take your rebellion this time slightly. He better does mum because I might kill him. You will do no such thing; you want to make me a widow? If it comes to it mum.

You do not know what you are saying she said rather so sure. Mom said. Mom why are you always on his side, I asked sadly but got no answers as usual.

Work the next day was so uncomfortable, as I kept thinking about the pig my Dad is bringing home. James however advised I should move out, which I cannot do leaving my mum behind.

It has been two weeks, and I thought when mum said she will talk to him, she succeeded and the matter had died down. I came back from work one evening, so exhausted to the point that, I just needed to sleep.

As soon as I entered, I saw three figures in our sitting room, at first I thought they were just dad’s friends; I greeted with my head down focused on my phone. Then Dad’s voice startled me.

Young girl, I believe you know how to greet properly; I raised my head that was when I saw him.
I stared confusedly for a while, and then I said sorry, Good evening!

Have a seat; my dad commanded in that his tone. I hesitated for a while, looked at my mum then I sat down.Per our discussion the last time, he is the man I want you to marry. Dad said pointing to his direction.

I did not utter a word, they kept exchanging pleasantries, and when it got to his turn to mention his name, I retorted, we already know each other.

They all glanced back at us, I could not tell which of us they were looking at but I could feel their gazes all over my face.

I heaved a deep sigh, probably staring at everyone seated. Sorry to disappoint you all, there is no way iam going to marry this man LovePeddler here, who follows everything in skirt and takes advantage of innocent ladies.

I finally said, looking in my mum’s direction. I saw the disappointment on her face and I mouthed am sorry in a regrettable manner. She just took her eyes off me as she normally does when she is so pissed off at me.

Kate! My dad shouted, would you shut that your filthy mouth before I do that for you.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 12:15pm On Aug 15, 2017

You see we have guests, at least keep your opinions to yourself until they leave. What kind of behavior is that, like mother like daughter indeed? Dad said without hiding his rudeness towards me.

I looked at my mum, who was already in tears, I felt guilty.
My supposed husband’s family stood up to leave without a word, and then I heard my dad calming them down.

Mr. Glover as I heard my dad mentioned earlier said he did not come here to be insulted and they are not interested in marrying me anymore. Wilson, we cannot bring someone as rude as your daughter to our house, just then I heard a feeble voice.

I looked to my right side and realized we both were standing which I could not remember why he was standing in the first place so close to my body. At least I remember why I was standing.

Dad she is not that bad, I think I like her already. The gentle man from my one nightstand said rather meekly.

His parent’s mouth just flew open, and I wondered what he is talking about now. His Moms face strikes my memory as someone familiar but I ignored and stared at my mum. I could feel her pain.

Mr. Santa, if you will still have me as your son in-law, I might even marry your daughter today. He said annoying me more. Will you shut that your stinky mouth, I nearly said but decided against it.

Hey Mr. man or whatever you call yourself, stay out of my lane, you think one sex with you in my vulnerable state makes you that good enough to marry me.

I just heard a sound and by the time I realized, I was holding my cheeks from a heavy slap.I looked round to see who slapped me, just then my dad’s hand flew again towards my face.

However, the gentle man caught it midway.I just took my bag and rushed upstairs in tears. I locked my door securely and planned not to come out, I did not know how the whole drama ended.

Some thirty minutes later, I heard voices and they were increasing seconds by seconds, then I heard my mum scream, I quickly rush down and saw her holding her cheeks, I guess dad slapped her too, I rushed towards her, and I saw dad coming out of the kitchen.

I confronted him, how could you lay hands on my mum, how dare you dad. A woman who stood by you all her life, what has she ever done to you? Who does that, to their love ones? I asked my Dad.

And what makes you think I love this murderer here, he responded. What? You call your wife a murderer. Why sleep with a murderer in the same bed then. I said surprising him, I guess because he looked at me in a way he never did before.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by Taniaa(f): 12:57pm On Aug 15, 2017
Nice piece
keep up the good work

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 4:30pm On Aug 15, 2017

Young girl, watch your mouth, I do not even know who brought you up this way. Claudia was wrong to leave you in her care; I knew her death would result to this.

He just picked up his phone from the table and walked away. I cursed after my Dads shadow.

I turned to console my mum who was still crying, I tried asking questions but got no replies, Kate don’t pay attention to your dad. He is just in a bad mood today.

Mum, how can you say that? Do not tell me you are going to sleep with this man after all these.
Kate! She called. Mum, okay oo, I have heard you, I responded rather sarcastically.

I know you do not like it when I speak those words in your presence but I cannot help to know that man still sleeps with you, does he even apologize before jumping on you.

You will never change right, No mum, I quickly answered her question. I want you to leave with me. I suggest for the hundredth time to Mom. Kate you know I cannot and for your information, my relationship with your dad is not like what you think.

Then talk to me Madam Catherine, I will when you stop being rude to him and what was that all about today, you know we have guests and you can’t keep your mouth shut but to insult them.

This should be your last time; it breaks my heart when you do that. Mom said trying to hide her tears and pain.

Sorry mum, I will try my best, but you should know I also would not marry that bastard.
She inquired to know what went on between us, and I told her the events of that day.

That is divine fate; I just hissed and left her in the sitting room. Goodnight mum, am not sure you are even going to sleep. I winked and left.

Waking up, I felt my head aching, I was sure it was due to the slap, but then I also stayed awake chatting those three about the new turn of events, though I did not add the fact that, the supposed husband is the man from the bar.

They just teased.That trio just have a way of making me feel complete.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 4:39pm On Aug 15, 2017

I was on my way to work, when I saw a car crossing me gruffly, nearly causing me to bump into a wall. I got angry and let go of the steering, was about to get out when he knocked on the window.

I rolled down, so it is you again. Do you want to kill me, what is wrong with your head, you should think right for once. He just kept smiling, what is so funny about you trying to kill me. I was so angry that I wanted to wipe that smirk off his face using a knife.

Sorry I lost control of my brakes; he managed to say after a while of silence. Hope you are not hurt, that is none of your business gent… then I remembered I do not even know his name.

The name is nectar he quickly added after realizing I stopped in the middle of mentioning gentle man. So, what if your name is nectar, would that erase the fact that you nearly killed me out here.

Will that restore my lost time today? Get out of my way. I said harshly but telling my mind silently Kate you are over doing it. But not even my mind could stop me from putting my supposed Husband in his place.

Okay, am going now, he said while rushing to drive out of my way. I tried to say something else but my mind failed me.

What seem like minutes, he was finding it difficult to move his car, while he kept rushing out to check his engine and what else I cannot tell, I assumed he had a fault with his car.

I just hissed and managed to turn around and off I went back home, after calling my P.A to wrap up some few works. I went home to meet my mums absent, and then I bumped into dad while walking upstairs.

Have you fixed the date with nectar yet? I paused and folded my arms; I did not want to do anything that would get mum in trouble. No dad and am not sure I want to get married. And why is that, young girl! Do not provoke me. He said getting hyperactive again.

You think I like you staying in this house with me at this age. Your age mates are in their husband’s house. Get your lazy ass out there too. I opened my mouth and all that came out was, why do you hate me that much Dad?

I mean I have never wronged you aside I decided to take over mum’s legacy as she wished. Do you blame me for mum’s death, he shoved an eye at me, do not say what you do not know about.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by EllaGold35(f): 5:34pm On Aug 15, 2017
Wah de hell is wrong with this man
Gosh,I hate suspence
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:04pm On Aug 15, 2017

Get the hell out of my face. I rushed to my room, and amidst tears, I called grams. Grandma Jane, I need answers, can you come and visit soon? I could not stop crying and I hanged up.

My grand mum Jane is a much reserved person, I remember the many times she visited she did not get along with mum that much, I could feel the tension. Which type of family is this I belong to anyway, I said aloud while helping mum in the kitchen, she just nodded her head.

Just then I heard the door bell, I quickly went to open, just to see drake smiling sheepishly at the door as if I just made a joke.

What are you doing here; you were supposed to be with your siblings for vacation. Look oo, can’t I visit a friend anymore, at least someone cares enough to bring your favorite coffee. See you oo come in. Okay Mum. We both laughed, then my mum came out to greet.

We talked for the whole morning and he even waited for lunch, I saw him off to his car and run back in.
That man looks like he is interested in you, mum said after I came back from escorting drake. Who? Him! Drake? Yes, my dear, no way mum. We are close friends; there is no way he can be in love with me.

Mum don’t let your love for dad cloud your judgments, besides am not capable of ever loving again. Who are you to judge yourself harshly like that, am sure you are still hurt from what happened the last time, so I understand.

You will soon find love, trust me like you found Dad, I retorted. Kate don’t push words into my mouth, mum why do you always avoid the topic.

She just hugged me so tight, taking me by surprise; you know I love you right. Yes, mum, then trust me, I am old enough, I can handle it.

Just then Grandma Jane entered with dad, we were so engrossed with whatever we were discussing that we did not notice when the door got opened until we heard her voice asking HANDLE WHAT?

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:21pm On Aug 15, 2017

Oh grams, you startled us, come here my dear. How are you here now, when my only daughter calls, I had to rush here.
I miss you so much, and then I saw my mum trying so hard to either stand up or sit down. Finally, she stood up, Good day mummy.
How was your trip? Let me help you, she made to take her luggage but she declined, I just faked a smile.

Grams let mum help you, so you can rest, I took her bag and gave it to mum. Which she rushed towards the guest room, to the detest of grams.
Grams settled for a while we had so much talk on why she doesn’t visit anymore. Until dinner was ready, at dinner I realize the whole table was quiet, Grams was staring at me.

I could not fathom why, I finally decided to talk to her about what is going on with dad whiles we sat on her over-sized bed, and she blurted something out which at first I thought I was in a trance.
Kate, did you hear what I said, Are you pregnant? Is that why you called me here so I talk to your Dad? Grams said while staring in my eyes with both of hands on my shoulders.

Ermm, I managed to find my voice, Grams am not pregnant? Besides, it has been four years since i slept with a man.
Are you saying you got pregnant by a woman? Grams, I cannot be pregnant. Are you sure because your body is saying something else, then I remembered I slept with nectar 4 weeks ago.

What I shouted, I quickly rushed out of her room. Met mum and dad sitting downstairs, I shoved them an eye and rushed out in my car.
I kept buzzing to the security; will you open this gate now? He came out trying to get the sleep out of his eyes, ten minutes later, I saw myself in front of the pharmacist.

Tell me am I pregnant? Miss I believe you have to take a test for me to know that. Then let us get the damn test done, I yelled.
What looks like about five minutes, I was ushered in a room, where she handed me some kits.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:54pm On Aug 15, 2017

The pharmacist instructed me on what to do, few minutes after, she told me the worse news I could ever hear.
You are pregnant Miss, though I cannot tell how long you are already, but you are pretty much going to have a baby soon. Congratulations!

I never knew I was this strong, how I carried myself from the pharmacy to my house; I was not able to tell. I was in deep thoughts, when I entered the house, and I heard my dad yelled.

Who is the father of that bastard you are carrying, that was the last thing I heard, until the next day. I woke up to my worried mum, and grams sitting by my bedside. They sighed finally she is back. Then the events of yesterday came rushing in.

The pregnancy, my dad’s annoying voice. When I felt my legs quivering and my mind and body shutting down. I figured I might have collapsed, that was the only reason they are staring at me, so I did not even ask.

Kate are you okay, mum was examining my whole body, and grams smiling. Dad walked in few minutes later, has she said anything about the bastard she’s carrying.

Grams shoved her an ugly face, Common Wilson Santa, this is your daughter lying here. If she is carrying a bastard, then you have a bastard grandchild too, so mind your words.

Mum stay out of this, how many times have I warned this bastard of a daughter to stop sleeping with everything? Am sure she does not know who the father of that bastard is, she should get ready to leave my house with that thing she is carrying. Like mother like daughter, he hissed!

Then my mum flared up, Wilson, I won’t stand you insulting my daughter that way, am sure you are trying to tell me I conceived after been raped. If you know, you were not responsible for Kate why then are you still keeping us here.

Grams just exclaimed, oh please, have you ever seen a labor ward, what you are to Kate is just a step mum.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 8:07pm On Aug 15, 2017

I do not even know why my son here insists on keeping you in here in the first place. I was not sure what mum and dad was talking about, but for grams, I know she will jump at every opportunity to rub it in mummy Catherine’s face who she really is to me.

I was surprised though my mum finally defended herself that way. Catherine Wilson may not be my biological mum, but she has been there from the very beginning.

I remember when I was 18, I overheard, mum and dad quarrelling over telling me she wasn’t my mum which she insisted its time I know the truth. Then I walked in on them, Mum am not sure, I really mind if you are not my biological mum.
So can you please stop fighting with dad already? She just looked at me and gave me a tight hug. Since then, nothing has changed. I finally yelled!

Could you all get out of my room, find a place and throw your blows. All three looked at me surprised and walked out, mum tried coming back but I told her I want to be alone.

I was surprised to see drake peeping in my room later in the evening, come in already, you gossip, I managed to say with a smile.
Who let you in, and what are you doing here, are you not supposed to be at work? Common Kate, too many questions at a time, I will go straight to the point then.

Is it true? Is what true? I asked him.Do not play dumb with me girl, your mum called, so I know everything. He was talking like a jealous boyfriend and the smile I saw on his face earlier when I have not yet told him its true am pregnant for that person from the bar suddenly vanished.

He just retorted, this is all my fault, we shouldn’t have gone to that bar, why was he reacting that way. I could not figure out why he keeps blaming himself, Drake, I called with tears in my eyes, its fine. I will be fine, so are you going to keep it, he said hugging me to calm me down.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 8:26pm On Aug 15, 2017

I released myself from him, what else do you want me to do, Kate you do not even know the dude you slept with, how are you going to explain to your child who his dad is?

Then it dawned on me, I have not even told my friends yet, the same person from the bar is my supposed husband. Why did I keep that little detail away from them, it is not as if I want to marry the dude!

Drake look, there is no way am going to abort this baby, at least, I had no plans for men again so this should be my legacy. I thought and found myself smiling. What is so funny, I think I want to keep this baby. He fumed for a while, and then he finally said your mum wants you to eat, she is so worried about you.

Then I remembered I asked them out earlier, she might be worried by now. I called her from my phone, Mum can I eat now. Within some few minutes she rushed up with my food, mum sorry I yelled at you earlier. I have forgiven you my dear; you are your father’s daughter, so I understand it is in the genes.

Talking of your husband. Is he around? Your father, you mean, my mum said sarcastically. I overheard him talking to Nectar earlier. What? I shouted. I hope he is not about telling that fool, am pregnant.

Then drake who I completely forgot was in the room, asked who nectar is, my mum quickly told him the man I was supposed to marry.

He already knows that mum, but I did not know he had a name of a plant. We all laughed, Oww Kate, that’s a good thing, at least that will make him back off from marrying you. Drake said as if trying to remember something.

We all agreed. Drake left later on after several chit chats.

I had a talk with my granny, I pleaded she should tell me why my dad behaves like that towards me. Your dad is just angry he had to choose between you and the love of his life when the accident happened, the doctors made him understand it’s either you or your mum, in as much as he wanted to choose life for your mum, he had to let you live after several pleas from Claudia, to let you live.

So that means he is angry he had to choose me over her and grams, you should have stopped him from choosing me.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 8:32pm On Aug 15, 2017
Your story line is good but you should make of word spacing. And also you make your readers confused because we don’nt know when a sentance end or the start of it.
In all, your story is good but is poorly stated. But you can learn from the experenced ones here on nairaland like chumzypinky marianneada and Divepen1 to see how they state their works.
More ink to your pen and keep it up

Hey xaviercasmir, how is the above coming up now
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:28pm On Aug 15, 2017
Wah de hell is wrong with this man
Gosh,I hate suspence

I hate suspense more than you my dear.

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:29am On Aug 16, 2017

I was on my way there, when he told me Claudia already passed away, besides I would have chosen an innocent you when it comes down to it.
But how did you know I was pregnant? Kate am your grandmother; I have seen things you are yet to see.

Now tell me, what are your plans for the baby, I planned on keeping it and please don’t ask me who the father is yet, because I don’t know, I quickly added, then she smiled and said I understand even though I have a feeling you know who the father is. Not now grams. Please, I retorted, just be ready to answer your dad when he flares up again.

I could feel my eyes drifting slowly away into the night, but I kept rubbing my eyes trying not to sleep off.

Grams, Yes my dear. How was my Mum Claudia like? The best person to answer that question is your Dad. But Grandma, he doesn’t talk to me, and Mum Catherine behaves so funny and manages to avoid the topic when I do ask.

I felt her hand giving me a gentle tap on my thighs, then I knew I slept off before she could even start telling me about Mom. Kate don’t tell me you are planning on sleeping over in my room.

I raised up my body from her bed, while I walked down over to my room, but am sure I heard her murmuring her bed is too small. I just smiled a little not to disrupt my sleep walking because I really need it.

I woke up feeling as if the whole world was going to eat me up; I guess this is the reality. I walked out of my room, then I heard a familiar voice, at first it was my dad’s, then another person.

Just then I heard my name, which got my attention, I managed to walk downstairs and there I saw nectar. Pops am sure I still want to marry her with another man’s baby, why would you want to do a thing like that, because I think, I like her, just then I interrupted, you like who?

I don’t need a baby sitter for my child, am strong enough to handle this, if dear daddy here has no love for his daughter, all he can do is force a man on his only child, am not about to do same for this innocent baby.

Will you shut up! You ingrate, my dad yelled. Now am an ingrate and not a bastard anymore. I threw my voice back at him.

You are strong enough and you allowed a man to overpower you, hence impregnating you. i thought strong women are smart with brains. No child of mine would be so stupid to get a mans seed stuck in her. It is either you marry him or i get your assets frozen. My Dad said while i looked on trying to control my anger.

You will do no such thing Wilson, i heard from behind me then i saw my mom coming through to my direction. And if i do what will you do Catherine. You are so dumb to even ask such a question. For your information, i still have a copy of what you destroyed. Dont forget!

Oh common, Catherine, You cannot even kill a fly. This bastard here does not deserve whatever wealth she is enjoying now, and you know it.

And who deserves it then. You? Wilson you are laughable right now. Upon all the wealth, Claudia help you build you cannot take your eyes off your daughter’s legacy. At this point i was confused, what are these two talking about again. Why do they always have to talk in parables.

Dad, if this is about the legacy, Please am ready to sign that to you now. I want my freedom, i cant bear you treating me emotionally broken and to add to it, marriage to this one here. I pointed to him standing watching the drama as if his television in his house broke down.

Catherine, you know this is not about money for me. Then he threw an envelope over to my mom. I saw my mom struggling to get a grip of the couch nearer to her. I quickly dashed to her end and grabbed the envelope.

I opened my mouth for two minutes before i yelled and rushed to nectar. You did this. Scratching his entire body with my long nails. He just grabbed the envelopes that contains our unclad pictures. Though his face was entirely cropped out i knew he was the one in that picture.

I wore that same dress the night he slept with me. Kate i have no idea this was out there, he said softly looking over to my Dads direction for answers and then mouthed, am sorry.

You should be grateful i took charge over this before it got out there in the open. So you better get on with that wedding or i allow whoever keeps posting this on my companies website all over to continue. I wish i knew who this dog in this picture is, because he nearly ruined my reputation. i will slaughter him like an animal. He said rather wickedly.

This time i saw my mom, just so quiet. Then i knew whatever she had against my dad she could not pursue it anymore and nectar standing on my right, i could not read his expression this time around. I stood there helpless. My dad still had no idea nectar is the one in the pictures. I kept contemplating if i should keep it that way for now, then i flared up again.

You are just so heartless like my Dad here. You take advantage of every opportunity. Dad was about to stand up, probably to slap me when nectar saved me again. Why does he keep doing that? Am pushing him away, but he keeps coming closer.

Pops am not sure you want to beat up a pregnant woman, whiles he kept holding my dad down. For a while, there was silence and then stares, until nectar said he better leaves.

Off he walked out after giving me a stare. I was expecting him to ask me what we should do about this picture, i don’t blame him, his face was entirely out of the picture and am sure whoever took this pictures still got his face somewhere. Gosh, I hate this guy, I fumed.

He bumped in my grams on his way out and greeted, then it dawned on me she was not in the house to plead on my behalf, as if his son listens to any of her talks.

I narrated all that happened and she promised to talk to my dad so he get rid of the pictures.

I took off my dark glasses after the bride and grooms introduction as Mr. and Mrs. I was about to rush out of there when I felt a hand on my shoulders. What are you doing here? You stalk me everywhere now. I asked nectar.

Are you the groom? I questioned, nectar smiled at me, am an invited guest just as you. Then I saw Annette and the bitch walking to our direction.
I quickly took to my heels as if I was been chased, nectar looked so surprised.

To be continued

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