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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 4:38pm On Aug 16, 2017

What was I doing at Eve’s wedding in the first place, what that bitch Matilda was doing there does not surprise me at all. I could not believe these trios betrayed our friendship, and still stick together like glue.

I was deep in thought when mum entered asking about the wedding and the fact that since I decided to keep the baby, I must as well start attending antenatal.

Mum is that necessary, you know I have to resume work and I might not have the time to go in and out of the hospital. Listen to yourself woman; you think this was how I brought you into this world.

You had better get yourself out to the St Joseph hospital tomorrow; I booked an appointment for Sundays. Because I know, you will fight with me over the working days, okay mum I will, so tell me who the father is and do not lie.

Mum, not you too, she smacked my back lightly and walked out. She knows am not going to tell until am ready, Mom I called! Can we talk about the other day? You said some things I want you to clarify. Kate, I would be very glad if we do not discuss this.

Mom why? You keep shutting me out. Kate am not, whatever I said the other day has nothing to do with you. So I don’t see the reason I should be discussing with you. But I thought we have no secrets mom. Why do you all keep breaking my heart one after the other?

Come here my dear, she pulled me into her arms for a while. Look, I love you and whatever I have to do to stop those pictures from getting out there I will. I just nodded because I know she was trying to take my mind of the questions.

I called my triangle of friends and we spoke for a long time. Drake even volunteered to take me to the hospital but I declined.

I walked into the hospital as early as 9am, waited for a while and then I heard the nurse mention my name, I followed her inside, and our eyes met.

Nurse, let me have the folder, he was acting professionally. He looked at the folder, glanced through and asked me to have a seat.
I hesitated for a while but the nurse was standing there so I did not want to cause trouble. I pulled the chair and sat down. Miss Santa, right have far are you.

I took another glance at him, and nodded my head, not to anything in particular. He then flashed his hand to the nurse, and I saw her leaving.

How do you feel Miss Santa, how far are you? Look drop the act, that folder should tell you all you needed to know.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 6:16pm On Aug 16, 2017

Do not use this opportunity to try mingling with me; you know I do not like you. You do not either; I think I need another doctor. Okay, I will ask my other colleagues if they are willing to work on Sundays, because am the only doctor that works on Sundays. You opt for a weekday probably you can get another doctor fixed for you.

By the way, I met your Dad over lunch regarding the pictures, he assured me he took care of whoever kept sending them and he is sure there are no copies out there. Except the ones he has right, I retorted back.

Nectar kept scratching his head, with that I could not convince him to destroy it. He was so adamant on keeping it, but I promise the worse is over. And why didn’t you tell him, you were the dude who took advantage of his daughter and was so childish to let it get to the open.

Kate don’t talk like that, am sorry that happened, but am looking into the hotel where we slept at. You slept at not me. I said eyeing him.
You do not even have the decency to take me to a better hotel. Upon all the work you do here, are you that broke to settle for a mushroom hotel? You had better make this go away or else I will never forgive you.

My sister is a lawyer; she also looked into it with her confidential Informant. Look am not here to discuss your family with you, am glad you were man enough to get that sorted out and thank you. I said rudely and said goodbye.

In that case help me tell the nurse to bring in the next patient, do I look like an errand girl? I was about to walk out when his next question nearly sent me to an early grave.

Is that child mine? Kate am asking you a question. He spoke for the fifth time before I regained my composure. Who are you, what makes you think you are responsible, I tried to convince.

The timing in the folder, Look I slept with you once does not mean you can father a child, I told nectar so sternly without blinking my eyes.
Leave me alone, am sure you have other innocent women you took advantage of, find them. One of them might be pregnant with your child, but certainly not me.

He slumped into his chair, as if he was expecting the child to be his. I thought the things I said will offend him but he was not. Good day, Miss Santa, if you do change your mind, give me a call.

I went home, feeling bad and blaming my mum, she knew nectar was the doctor at that hospital. Well I will not blame her, if she knew and did this on purpose. Was about to take a nap, when my phone beeped. It was a WhatsApp message from an unknown number.

It was a pleasure meeting you today; I would like to be your doctor.

What is wrong with this person, I said silently, I texted back with insults. We were at each other’s throat until I slept off finally. The next day, I was not so sure if I was ready for work but I had to.

Could not sit around like a pregnant doll, though a few things were about to change especially when my baby starts growing but I realized I am so strong to overcome every obstacle.

I was driving to work, when my phone rang.

To be continued


Hello Katie, only one person calls me that, my best friend among the three of them. Haven’t heard that name in four years, what the hell does she want.

Katie are you there. I just want us to talk please. I quickly hanged up, “I mean what is there to talk about”.

Matilda was the closest of my three friends, every little of my secrets; she gets to hear about them before the other two girls. I was broken when she betrayed me that way.

Getting to work, I learnt from my secretary, one Mr. Glover has been calling to make an appointment. “I asked myself what nectar wanted this time”. Just then, my intercom rang and my secretary buzzed me in.

Mr. Glover is on line two for you Miss; I took a deep breath and answered. Hello, before I could burst out with my insults, he blurted out.

I don’t know what my son sees in you but he is so sure he wants this marriage to happen. Can you meet me at 12pm for lunch, my house? Am sure you can find your way.

I was not able to object or say a word before he went off the line. Thinking about it, I have to meet this man and tell that family my mind.

Since he does not agree to this wedding, he might help convince my dad. The problem now is how I would get his location; I just have to call dad. He would only insult me.

Mum has no idea where the Glovers live and Dad is not answering either. I cannot call the devil himself. Stacy, call Nectar Glover on this number, after calling out his number to my secretary.

I told her to let him know its urgent so I needed the direction, I haven’t been able to figure out how nectar got my number the last time, but am glad now he did, which will help me sort out this thing once and for all.

I do not know what happened but I got myself to the Glover residence after I got the direction from Stacy.

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 6:40pm On Aug 16, 2017




Are you reading?

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:04pm On Aug 16, 2017

Hello sir, I want to apologize for my behavior the last time, I was in a bad place with my dad then. Well I still do not agree to my son marrying you! That is what I want too! I quickly chipped in.

However, my son will not back down, even after knowing he might be raising somebody else’s baby. I felt embarrassed, but did not want to show my stubbornness again.

Moreover, he keeps ranting about the fact that you are carrying his baby. No sir, this child is mine alone, am sure he is just paranoid. Please speak to my dad so he cancels this wedding plan.

Am sorry Miss, I love my son, in as much as I do not want him marrying you. I cannot decide for him, what makes him happy. He has been through a lot already so if he says you are the one, who am I to reject you?

What about my own happiness then, well work out your own salvation? Wedding is in a month, take it or leave it. Your dad wants it done soon.

I just got so angry, confused and stormed out of there without a word. I drove straight home, walked in on my parents sitting on different beds.

Dad can we talk? He just looked at me for a second, am sure he saw the tears in my eyes. Mum, can you please excuse us? Dad I know you would have so wished mummy was alive I understand I killed her. It was a tough decision to make back then, the love of your life, or your child.

And I believe you loved me when you choose me, why then are you so angry with me. You always forget I lost a mother too, so you are not the only one who lost someone. But am the innocent one here, I could just leave this house and never see you again, but am still here hoping you will change soon.

Most especially, I cannot leave mum behind, she will not leave with me because she loves you too much and cannot leave you attending to your own needs.

Cancel this wedding; I will do whatever you want. Get married rather, and I will treat that murderer of a mother right. Okay I will get married, but not to that man, I mean I do not even like the man.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:22pm On Aug 16, 2017

I want to marry a man of my choice, Okay I give you two weeks to bring that man of your choice, if you do not your wedding with nectar will push through. You know I still have the pictures; you don’t want to see your face all over the internet right?

For once, my dad spoke to me without venom in his voice. Mum was standing behind the door when I came out.

Am sure you heard everything, Mum leave with me, and there are men out there that will adore you, unlike my dad. Baby, you will never understand, I cannot leave.

Mum I do not want to get married, I said amidst tears. Then don’t! She said cuddling me but he will maltreat you. Kate, your dad I can handle, I have stayed with this man long before you came to this world.

So you mean you cannot do this for your baby girl right, Kate, you are everything I have. I love you; do you think I have not done enough digging on this nectar? I shoved her an ugly look.

If I thought he was a bad man I would gladly leave with you, but my dear, I met the man over a long talk during the weekend; he has genuine intentions for you.

He loves you, of course, you do not but you may want to consider marrying him. No man will want to agree to marry a woman carrying another man’s child unless he think that child is his or he probably love you too much.

Mum I cannot believe you are also siding with dad on this, am not my dear. If you do not want to fine, but do not stay in this house because you think am been treated unfairly.

You cannot waste your time here with me, am already old, and I want seven grandchildren. That part cracked me up and I smiled.

And your child needs a father, you of all people should understand that. If your Dad were different, am sure your child would have a better home and father here. Every child needs a father in their lives especially girls.

Mom I do not know the gender yet. Yes, I know but that child needs a father. You do not want him or her growing up asking you too much questions as you do all the time. Give him a good home my dear.

Just then, grams walked in on us, for once this step mum of yours made a little sense. Grams you also want me to marry that man.

Yes, or any other man you want raising your child. Unfortunately, my sons disrespect towards my suggestions are irritating me so I could not convince him further.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:46pm On Aug 16, 2017

As it stands now, you can’t keep holding on to your past, bring another man home if you so don’t like the other guy.

The next day, I visited Drake and luckily, the two others were there. James, will you marry me as soon as possible? He nearly choked on his drink.

What Kate, I narrated everything to them, just then Anthon said drake won’t you marry her. I mean you always wanted to, I was lost as to what they were talking about, and he just smiled and gave a cheeky answer.

Kate are you for real. I can marry you, I mean pretend to, drake finally said. Drake you think my dad is not smart enough to know we are pretending.

Besides I do not want to destroy your love life with your girlfriend, she will not understand.

What if you marry the man on contract basis, Anthon said? How I asked, you can talk to him, am sure if he loves you, he would not want to lose you for a year.

Anthon this your suggestions, I do not want to end up tied down. He is right Kate; drake finally spoke up, in a weird way. Call him up and discuss that with him.

I quickly called him up through my secretary the next day for lunch, which he claimed he had a life to save so we should reschedule.

I was home a few weeks later, when my mum announced he was waiting for me downstairs. I rushed down in my pajamas, just to meet my dad sitting there chatting with him.

Young girl, will you go back and put on something appropriate. Yes, Kate, you should besides we are going out to have that talk now, nectar said.

I rolled my eyes and went up to change; I did not understand why I rushed down in my pajamas in the first place.

I finally came down after what looked like hours, so put on a proper dress and you dress as if you are standing by the roadside waiting for your clients as usual, was that what kept you in there that long?

To be continued

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 8:30pm On Aug 16, 2017

Dad am tired of you calling me names all the time, I cannot tell what was on nectar’s mind. I bet I saw him smiling earlier.

Go up and change that dress, I just adjusted my purse and walked pass him. I looked back and asked, if you are done gossiping with my dad, then you come out.

I saw both shaking hands hurriedly, while my dad nodded his head. Nobody spoke a word for a while until he spoke up.

For what it’s worth, I had no problem with the pajamas, I would pay anything to see you in that every evening, and I totally love your outfit right now.

I just glanced at him and then looked back on the road. Where are you taking me to, you have been driving like ages, am tired already.

Sorry, we will be there in the next five minutes. Soon we arrived at one of my favorite joints, I love the seafood here, I exclaimed happily while he stared, then I realized I was happy he did something right. Okay can we go in now, yeah sure? Wait let me get the door, he said.

We finally found ourselves in one corner. Serve my lady anything she wants; I will take whatever she takes.

And no alcohol please. Then I remembered I am double now, I murmured thank you to the waitress.
Whiles we wait on our food, let me hear why you wanted to meet. And am sorry, I had a surgery so couldn’t make it earlier.

He made to say something again but I interrupted, you know I do not like you right, and my family seem to think you are good for me.
However, am too young to get married, and am not ready to bear a burden of another. I will agree to a contract marriage, for a year, until I figure out how to help my mum out of that house.

We both can pretend we have a love triangle or whatever you want to call it, but I don’t want to be tied down to you.

Kate why don't you like me; I mean aside sleeping with you when I know I shouldn't have; I've not done anything wrong.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by pweetymhi(f): 9:08pm On Aug 16, 2017
Nice work dude, kip it up

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by Taniaa(f): 9:49pm On Aug 16, 2017




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watching out for update

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by EllaGold35(f): 10:51pm On Aug 16, 2017




Are you reading?
Yeaa dearie.
I'm following steadily

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by azeezat22(f): 11:08pm On Aug 16, 2017
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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:14pm On Aug 16, 2017

Yeah, I can sue you for rape you know; common you are a big girl. You actually consented to this before you even got tipsy; I had you saying yes on record.

I bet you enjoyed every bit of it; you could not stop moaning one person’s name though. At this point I was fuming inside, why is he so cool about sleeping with a total stranger.

Who is Mandela, He asked! what the hell? I retorted, just then, our order came in. I stared at the food for a while, because I feel nauseous at the mention of that name. Kate are you okay, you don't like the food so we change it.

You know what take me home right now. But wait, you haven’t touched your food, will you shut up and take me home or I find my way.

Am sorry, I was sure people might be staring but I just want to get out of there fast. The drive home was so silence that he only spoke after dropping me home.

I agree. To your contract thingy, your own terms. Draw it down, how you want it and let me know. I just tried to look back which I was not able to until I walked straight ahead inside.

This time my dad was not waiting for me on the couch, I sighed and went straight to bed. Playing the events of the evening in my head.

I actually woke up late the next day with a message popping up on my phone.

I do not know where to start, but I ruined our dinner, sorry can I make it up to you anytime soon.
Love, Nectar.

I tossed the phone in my laundry bag and went straight inside to take a shower. I needed to clear my mind.

Just then, my dad came in when I was not even done with dressing myself up. Gosh Dad, Can’t you knock, I hope you start treating mum right, since I have agreed to marry your protégé.

Young girl, give me the list of people you want to invite for the wedding so I get the cards printed out.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:15pm On Aug 16, 2017
me 2 following steadily

Good to know
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:26pm On Aug 16, 2017

Dad? I mean I have agreed to marry the man; allow me do things my way. You will do no such thing; you think you are smarter than I am. He burst out and banged my door in my face. I quickly rushed to where I damped my phone earlier.

Look talk to your gossip partner; I don’t want him planning my wedding. I will have the contract sent to you early; my family lawyer is on it. Quickly I hanged up before he could say anything.

Later in the evening, I came back from work and met nectar talking with my dad. I see you reported me, this should be your last, and you may have your way now.

I just shoved an eye at him and nectar, I saw my dad walking pass me. I received the document, and I have already signed, said nectar. Hope you read it through, because I will not be happy if you violate any of it.

I do not need to read it, whatever makes you happy i'm fine with it. Good night, I said without even knowing it.

Drake, can you handle the rest of the wedding. No guests, just my family and you guys, probably his family. In my dad’s house, Kate do you really need to do this? Drake, I asked you to marry me remember and you seemed not interested. It is just for a year; I will be out sooner than you know it.

You three can always come and visit, I will miss you people though. So when is the wedding. He said with so much sadness showing in his voice. it is in a month drake! I just want it done with already. I responded sadly too.

I buried myself into work, for the rest of the following weeks. I kept ignoring Matt’s calls; she tried seeing me at the office severally. That girl doesn’t give up.

That morning I saw myself in the midst of unfamiliar faces, of course he is entitled to bring his family members to his wedding, but not this much. Is this even a wedding? I asked my mind hoping for an answer I already know.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 11:29pm On Aug 16, 2017
@hanjorlah I can see yu
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:46pm On Aug 17, 2017

Drake was going up and down, within the crowd, I think I saw Matts, but I brushed it aside. I was sure my mind was just playing tricks on me. I guess I wished she was here with me.

Finally, everything ended; I was rushing upstairs to throw up. The morning sickness has been tough on me lately, and then I saw them.

My face turned red instantly, immediately I felt fine. What are you three doing here, who even invited you ladies here.

I did, I looked back and say nectar smiling, how dare you invite these betrayers to my wedding, they are the last people I ever want to see. I was really trying to control my anger, not to ruin my own sham of a wedding.

Katie, this is not the place or the time to talk about this. I only came here, to support my brother even after knowing he is marrying you and you might not want to see me; I still had to tag along. I tried to see you about coming over but you refuse to see me.

Please can you let him enjoy his day; you can hate me all you want later. Nectar is your brother. What the hell. That was all I managed to say. Yes, Saint. The doctor I told you about.

Oh my God, I quickly rushed inside and closed my door. What have I gotten myself in this time? I thought avoiding Matt’s and the girls will take away the pains but it looks like it’s now about to start.

Then I heard drakes voice, are you okay in there, at least let me in. I dragged myself aimlessly from the bed and ushered him in.

What is it again, he made to hold my face when nectar, came in. Can’t you knock, gentleman, are you even real, saint or nectar.

Sorry, he went back to knock, really drake cautioned. Are you always this dumb? Drake asked sarcastically.

What do you want now gentle man? I asked suddenly feeling my temperature rising. Can we go now please, to where exactly? I asked after his request.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:47pm On Aug 17, 2017

Our house, Nectar said calmly.
Guy you can see she is not in the mood now. You go and come back another time. Drake said trying to make fun of him.

Okay, Kate I will see you tomorrow. He said and walked out. I glanced at drake after he walked out, and we both chorused, is this man stupid or what. Kate you are in for a lot of trouble in your marriage.

As if you know, that is even better; I can have my peace of mind. I think you should listen to Matts, whatever she has to say. Not you too drake, I just can’t stand the girl.

Young girl, what are you still doing here, you should be in your husband’s house?
Dad, please not now, am not in the mood for your taunting’s. Wilson leave her alone for once, nectar said he would pick her up tomorrow.

I saw my mum sitting by my bedside, I did not even realize I slept off and drake was gone. Mum, is everyone gone. Yes, including your grams, she said to tell you she will visit when you settle in.

Are you taking this dress along, I saw mum holding my red top she got me for Christmas.
Mum what are you doing, packing your things for your matrimonial home? Really, and who told you I will be going there.

Common Kate, don’t treat the poor boy like that, I can see that guy really adores you. He will do anything for you; just give him a chance, will you? For my sake.

Mom, please don’t ask me to do the impossible, just promise you will call if you run into trouble with dad, my dear, don’t worry I will be fine here.

Enjoy your marriage, and sorry I was out of money this month so I have not been able to get you anything for your wedding night, will do that once I get my allowance for the house keep up next month.

Mom, you do not have to get me anything, besides I doubt if a wedding night is ever going to happen, but here take this cheque, I always tell you to let me know when you do not have money.

I hope dad doesn’t starve you for me, Kate don’t starve the poor boy please. Marriage, is not consummated without the wedding night; I do not have to give you guidelines.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:47pm On Aug 17, 2017

Do I have to? At the look of things mum, I have to give you guidelines! We all laughed!

Early the next day, nectar was in my house. Mum quickly dragged my stuffs to his booth and dad was walking aimlessly in the room.

I gave my mum a long hug, and told dad to remember our deal. He just looked at me in a way that he has never done before, as if he was sad, I was leaving home.

The drive home was rather awkward he kept stealing glances. I hope you do not mind, I want to get us something for lunch.

What would you prefer? I was mute for some seconds. Gentle man, do whatever you want to, you always don’t have to ask my permission.

Okay, I will be right back; he pulled over and rushed out to what seemed like a restaurant. I sat in the car thinking what is in store for me, how am I going to handle this childish husband of mine.

I was out for 5mins when he spoke up; I got you your favorite. Oh, you are already back, I managed to say weakly to nectar.

Nectar drove to a building with giant gates, and then I saw nectar’s mum and dad coming out. You are welcome my daughter, I was like really, this guy still stays with his parents.

Of course, I said that in my head, thank you mummy. I smiled sheepishly. We got inside and was ushered into our matrimonial room. He does have taste for good decor, I found myself smiling.

What is funny, nectar asked, and who is laughing, I replied. Sorry, you can use the other side of the wardrobe.

Kate he called, I raised my head and saw nectar throwing to my direction the keys. And I handed your lunch over to my mum. Maybe you can come down after you settle in.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:48pm On Aug 17, 2017

Gentle man, am not hungry, but you need not starve yourself. You know you are still pregnant. Nectar said calmly.

And what part of that concerns you. I said rudely. I realized I was getting irritated already, if I don’t get any sleep soon, I might explode.

Look am just concerned as a doctor not a father. He walked out and I felt like he was angry. I couldn’t tell when I slept off, but woke up feeling really hungry.

Nectar was nowhere around the house. I walked out with no particular place in mind. I met his mum on the couch, and the whole place was silent.

You are awake; do you care for your lunch now? I came in earlier, but you were fast asleep. She said.
Yes, mum besides I want to know the way to the kitchen just in case, I got my food reheated and what looks like several hours I was finally done.

Don’t worry about food for some time whiles you are here, just take your time and get acquainted with the place first, I will be doing the cooking myself.

How did this woman end up giving birth to a spoilt child like Matts? Am sure it was her stepmom that spoilt her. I was thinking aloud now.

I mean I knew she stayed with her stepmom, and I have never met her mum who remarried his ex-husband. Complicated family, I thought to myself.

That was the main reason why we actually have a connection because we both live with our steps. But this woman right here, is so different from matt, I murmured.

Just then, I felt someone was standing on me, I turned and our eyes met. Welcome, Katie! I just looked on and back to my phone, which I was glued to earlier giving my friends information on how to find this place.

Let me leave you two, nectars mum finally said after sensing the tension around. I saw Matts pulling a chair beside me, can we talk please, Katie! She made to touch me.

Matts stay in your lane; I don’t want to do anything I would regret.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 7:49pm On Aug 17, 2017

I hissed and went upstairs, took my shower and tucked myself in. Not long after nectar came back from wherever he went to. Sorry I woke you up I was not sleeping. I found myself answering nectar in a rather calm tone.

Does your sister live here as well? Yes, is there a problem? Yes, there is gentle man, tell her to avoid me.

I have been meaning to ask what the problem was between you two but she was not talking. Just tell her not to come near me, I said again, but this time with a loud tone.

I don’t even know why you cannot get your own place after getting married. Am not sure how long I can stand her in this house, but warn her.

Kate you have not even been here for a day yet and you already have problems with someone. I understand you girls have your feud before I met you but please kindly bear with me for now.

I will get a place soon, he finally said. You had better do so, I retorted back!

He just nodded his head in detest and went to clean himself up. For what looked like, two hours he came back to the room.

I think he went to get something fixed for him, because he was childishly wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

He just said goodnight after seeing him with his toothbrush earlier going into the washroom. Then he jumped onto the couch, after picking up a pillow beside me.

I was surprised when I asked why he was sleeping there; it’s not like I expect anything to happen or I care that much.

He replied, he thought that was part of the contract, as he hasn’t gotten time to read yet.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 8:47pm On Aug 17, 2017


i can see you
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:17pm On Aug 17, 2017

Gentle man make time and read the contract, you can have the bed if you want to. I said to nectar and I pulled myself to face the dressing mirror and that was it, I was gone within minutes.

I woke up realizing nectar actually came over to bed, this pregnancy is doing wonders on me these days. I quickly rushed myself through, bath and was dressing up, Just then, he woke up, Good morning

Am off to work, maybe I might end up at my mums because I need to pick up my car. I Oh that! Can you give me five minutes to wash down so I can drop you off since your car is not here!

Do not bother drake is picking me up. Do you have a problem with that? No, no, have a nice day.
I walked out meeting mummy and daughter on the dining table I greeted and walked out.

I wonder where Mr. Glover has been since yesterday, mummy tried pushing breakfast on me but I declined, and Matt’s with that her pathetic face. Gosh, I cannot stand her.

On my way out, I think I saw nectar hiding behind the curtains, was he checking up on me? Drake drove off in silence, until he finally asked.

Did you sleep with him? I mean it is not like it is my business, you are married to the dude and you are entitled, but am just curious.

I looked at him and shook him with my shoulder, oh common! You know all this is on paper right, and besides you know my problem, am only attracted to one man.

Too much loads at work that I just have to leave it for Stacy and see my mother quickly, as I entered, the whole place looked so different, I know I left just yesterday but it felt forever.

Just then my mum, quickly pulled me over into her arms, checking me up. How have you been, we talked and shared tears for a while.

Mom, I think I have to go. I want to stay but knowing dad. By the way, where is he, Ermm maybe work?
He has not been home since you left yesterday. What?

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:36pm On Aug 17, 2017

He left you alone in here. What a jerk! Mom am staying, that is final! No, you are married now; get yourself out to your house. Kate am not an invalid.

But mom, no buts Kate, you have wifely duties. Wifely duties can wait, no it cannot wait. Is that why you insist on staying in this house like a slave?

You think I have not noticed; you sleep on two separate beds in your room. I finally queried my mom. I see you walk out all night in the garden crying. Mom I see it all, whatever it is tell me. Let us leave here before he comes back.

Do you owe him anything mom? We can find a way to pay back. Just then, I heard a knock on the door.
Nectar was standing by the door smiling.

What are you doing here, am I not allowed visit to my home anymore just because am married? Kate don’t blame him, I called him up, knowing fully well you might not want to go. Mom interrupted.

Mom? Do not mom me; just go with your husband.

What husband, you have no idea what a child I married. I just heard my name in a loud tone.

Kate!! Watch your mouth, who brought you up this way. Apologize to your husband now; you think everything will always be white.

You learn to endure and like the blacks as well. Mom am sorry, but do not ask me to apologize to him.

To be continued


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by azeezat22(f): 9:38pm On Aug 17, 2017
nice updates love it

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by pweetymhi(f): 9:39pm On Aug 17, 2017
Cbella, don't justknw tje kind of English yo write bh i knw u are doing great
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:40pm On Aug 17, 2017




I can see you all
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by cbella(f): 9:43pm On Aug 17, 2017
Cbella, don't justknw tje kind of English yo write bh i knw u are doing great

I suck at english dear, but can you be specific
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by thestevens: 9:45pm On Aug 17, 2017
The story is nice and the concept of the story line is great but the updates are way too short, I will advice you take your time and write a longer update before posting.Great job Bella.

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by Omobolajisword(f): 9:52pm On Aug 17, 2017
Nice story
Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by waliyarh01(f): 8:28am On Aug 18, 2017
I'm here o. Your story has a good storyline but kindly distinguish between the conversations and other thoughts by using quotation marks. Hope you understand


Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by abefe99: 8:42am On Aug 18, 2017
nice update please more

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Re: No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts by pweetymhi(f): 9:40am On Aug 18, 2017

I suck at english dear, but can you be specific
I mean i don't know the kind of English to write, dt d work of moi fone o

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