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LOVESTRUCK - A Campus Love Story. By Demsid / Done In 60 Seconds (A Short Crime Story By Olumide Odusanya) / My Life On Campus (A True Life Story). (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by francis6611(m): 7:13am On Sep 08, 2017
woww...nice one .bro.......pls feed me more
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nickibeauty(f): 9:02am On Sep 08, 2017
Nice update but short
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by okwypascal: 12:43pm On Sep 08, 2017
Episode 18

They walked very far from school and found a bush path, Debby stopped, now loosing her trust on Ázé
"Where are you taking me to? She asked looking uncomfortable
"Come on I thought you are never afraid of anything? Ázé teased though not too jokenly
"Stupidity can never be mistaken for braveness Mr, that's a forest we about entering and I am moving no inch from here"
At this point no one was in sight but he still wanted them to go more further so as to be more careful
Ázé needed to convince her as she was no easy girl to deal with

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous but beyond our imaginations lays greatest of all" Ázé quote with so much wisdom

Debby was amazed, she knew Ázé was intelligent but she never knew he was this wild
Maybe what she is about to see will make her feel he is not from this planet, probably an angel of God who has come to make things right on campus

"hmmm, Mr smooth talker, whatever the secret is, it has better not be too bad because not only will it be exposed, the whole world will hear it

"Ok then, follow me, we won't go too far" Ázé said as he lead the way

They stopped at a point while Ázé turned, looking into her eyes
Curiosity was all over Debby, part of her was dead scared but she was that strong heart who could withstand anything
Before she could utter a word, Ázé muttered some words and his white wings were out
Debby could not believe her eyes, could she be dreaming in a broad day light! No this is reality, she wiped her eyes to it.

"Debby this is the real me"

"Ázé so you are wizard?" Debby asked though not looking scared

"No i'm not Debby, i was born like this, there is a gap between I and evil, no need to be scared for there is possibility for supernatural to live with nature, my destiny is to give life, my father told me that the day I taste blood or kill, that day evil shall overpower me, so you see I'm harmless, this is the secret Debby"

"hmmm..... " Debby was short of words, she just hope this isn't a dream because it was really really amazing seeing a human with wings, only angels does, she thought.
Ázé took her hand and before you knew it they were up in the sky flying
After some minutes of flying, they decided to come down to rest
They were about landing when Debby's phone rang
The caller was Anita
"Hello Ani"
"Hel.. Hel.... " Anita was in pain......

Help other episodes load with your comments and likes.
lol, which bush is near unilag. Aze took her to that cemetery on university road shey
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by saxwizard(m): 2:26pm On Sep 08, 2017
I dey gbadun u mr op

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by uniqueflash(m): 6:51pm On Sep 08, 2017
at this point .i cannot bt comment keep it rolling

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by collinometricx(m): 6:53pm On Sep 08, 2017
I remove Mhi cap for u

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by itsandi(m): 7:02pm On Sep 08, 2017
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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 9:46pm On Sep 08, 2017
Episode 19

"Hello Ani what is it, talk to me"
"I'm.... I'm dying" Anita could barely speak
"Anita please speak up, what happened, where are you?
"Pl..... ease come to my... house" the phone went dead
"Anita... Ani.... Ani...." Debby kept calling but no responds
"Debby what is it?"
"Anita, she is in trouble"
"What happened, give me the phone" he quickly collected the phone but no one responded
"Damn, I think I need to call Martins" he brought out his phone and dialled

Martins was about opening his door when his rang
One thing cut his attention before the call came, he just saw a dead bird hanging on his door step and that smells danger from the supreme eiye confraternity
He looked around to see if anyone was around before answering the call but nobody seems in sight
The battle line was really drawn and he was never afraid to face his fears

"Hello Ázé whatsup?"
"Martins please I need your help right now" Ázé said with a voice showing there was danger
"What is the problem?"
"Some people just attacked Anita at her apartment right now and I need you to go and rescue her please"
"Damn, the eiyes might have discovered she has the cam, i told you most of the press people are members"
"yes I think so, please you have to go fast before they kill her, I and Debby are on our way but you have to be there before us"
"Alright, i wil be there soon"
"Thanks man, please ensure you are careful" Ázé said and ended the call
"I think we should call the police" Debby suggested
"Police! I don't think that will be helpful, Martins told me most of the Police men are members of the cult, so involving the NPF is a total no right now.
"hmmm, that's true, i think we should start going"
"Ya come on lets go" Ázé held her hand and led her out of the bush

If there was one thing Martins enjoy doing, that was killing, though he has promise never to kill an innocent soul and now he is in for the enemy

Martins stepped into Anita's off campus apartment, immediately he noticed an opening on the door and he quickly hid himself
The two men who just commited evil inside stepped out
Martins recongnized them as his cult group members, one of them was holding the camera
Without wasting much time, he fingerd the trigger and before you know it, the two of them were lying lifeless

He quickly rushed and pick the camera before running inside to check on Anita
He was taken abacked to see Anita's corpse on the for, he took a deep breath and throw himself into a sofa
Before he could put a call to Ázé and Debby they were already in the room

Debby screamed and ran to were she was lying
Ázé just stood not looking too worried
Martins could not utter a word but bent his head
All of a sudden, Ázé gently pushed her aside
Martins and Debby could not say anything but watch

Ázé began to enchante some words, the whole room was filled with wind that if buhari was to be there it would blow him through the windows
The enchantment lasted for some minutes
Debby and Martins watched the bullet wounds healed immediately while the bullets droped on the flow
They were amazed at this miracle as all they could do was open mouth wide
Anita finally snizzed and jacked back to life
Joy was all over their faces
They could not help but rejoice
But could restoring Anita back to life be the solution to their whole problem on campus! I don't think so
This is just the beginning
Anita is needed by loved once, the society she stands to represent when she finally graduates, all this people would have missed her if Ázé had not posses such powers to restore her life
Look at what cultism has done to our society
Through out that day, they all stayed in Anita's house planing on what to do

The next morning Ázé decided to accompany Debby to her house
On getting to Debby's gate, Ázé noticing Lizzy's car packed some miles away, before they could stop to observe
They car started moving slowly towards them
"Debby lets go" Ázé instructed
They started running and the car kept chasing them
Ázé noticed that nobody was now in sight and that even the car was no longer in sight
He held Debby's hand and muttered some words, in few minutes his wings spread out and they were up in the sky flying........

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by YasirAsiwaju: 12:36am On Sep 09, 2017
Hmmmm.... nice update. Meanwhile you shouldn't have mocked His Excellency in the write up. He could be anybody's father. My observation though
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by MichaelBlake40(m): 8:10am On Sep 09, 2017
Phew! just finished reading,nice write up.Kudos bro.Patiently waiting for the next update.Meanwhile do you mind giving me a mention cool

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 8:57am On Sep 09, 2017
nice write up dude ...im thrilled

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nifeola: 6:52pm On Sep 09, 2017
Breathtaking..... more wisdom IJN

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Herbertyne(m): 10:31pm On Sep 09, 2017
Me self wan join the story lovers....,
No forget me

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by itsandi(m): 10:40pm On Sep 09, 2017
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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Donvalentino(m): 7:53am On Sep 10, 2017
nice article niggi ��

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 8:04am On Sep 10, 2017
hey niqqa ...come drop some hits for us na ....

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 9:42am On Sep 10, 2017
Wow! Interesting story

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by sirblero(m): 2:35pm On Sep 10, 2017
thanks for the mention bruh!
your story gat me glued.

keep it coming and happy Sunday


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by heryoub22(m): 3:31pm On Sep 10, 2017
Oga writer kip it coming. But d way u dey use our presido name lyk dis e no good o. Abeg jst use anything else
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by FlourishBliss(f): 4:35pm On Sep 10, 2017
beautiful .. keep it coming

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by mamatdgolden(f): 9:36pm On Sep 10, 2017
nice writeup, keep d flag flying

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Holakizzo(m): 6:57am On Sep 11, 2017
using presido name..... Dont worry ... Baba knows ur house address ...
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by PASCALSILVA(m): 8:08am On Sep 11, 2017
which kind story be this one nah...1post in a week ..issoriite
Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by aobmedia2017(m): 8:50pm On Sep 11, 2017
Dedicated to:
CC: MichaelBlake40, FlourishBliss, Nifeola, Damibiz
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Criis, xaviercasmir, meneski, darkid1, Remyboyhefty,
Lildiamond, Momoh7, boffinjay, pnet22,

Episode 20


There were police men everywhere both in and out of the dean's office, any reasonable person could tell that is either the president come visiting or any of all this money looters

"Please calm down senator, believe me the school is doing its possible best to make sure the killers of your son are brought to book trust me" the dean pleaded

"What do you mean calm down! For days now my son was murdered in cold blood and all you keep telling me is calm down! I blamed my son for this, I warned him, I warned him about his decision of schooling here in Nigeria but he wouldn't listen, now look at it. what will my friends say, that I was being economical with my wealth! Look here dean, i don't care how you do it, i want those who killed my son arrested and prosecuted in two days else you won't like my next plan of action"

"Sir I assure you, we will do as you have said, much arrangement has been made, the IG has promise to deploy more of his men today, we shall give you positive result soon"

"Wait a minute Professor Tunde Babawale, could it be that proper action has not been taken all this while, why is the IG just deploying his men today? Oh you heard I was coming that's why you decided to put a call to the IG, look, that boy was my only son and I will stop at nothing to ensure that the killers are been prosecuted.

Before the dean could utter any other word, he stood up and made for the door while the officers guide him to his bullet proof car.

Politicians of this country are only concern about their own safety, loot the country's treasury and then leave the masses to kill themselves over nothing.

Paulker Ikechukwu was the capon of the green beret confraternity who got killed by Fodio and his gang on that faithful day Ázé and Debby went to have a photoshoot, due to his ego on his father's wealth.
Before the load that broke the horse's back, Paulker Ikechukwu was known for raping, bullying, killing and causing all manner of Havocs on campus.
The last girl he raped and killed before he went to live with the devil, happens to be Fodio's cousin who just gain admission and that was what close his chapter.

Unilag aproko girls gist.

"Babe, you see this my two legs, I dey see them for my papa and mama house tomorrow" said one of the two girls who where coming from class, she was putting on a brown colored wig, mere looking at her, one could tell she was a runs girl.

"ahaha......" the other girl laughed hard

"Come why u com dey shyne teeth na, this thing wey I talk na laughing matta? She asked looking serious

"Jennifer, sheybi na u talk say your bf name na Gadafi, say nobody fit touch you for this Campus, abi he don give you red card ni? She said in mockery

"So you wan mea wait make all this SARS people come put handcuff for my hand abi?"
"eeh, SARS people dey Campus?"

"No na church people wan come host crusade, abeg come mak we dey go jare, revered sister Lola"

"O yes you can say that again, at least I won't be looking for where to hide my head, Jenny give your life to Christ and be free.........

Hola guyz, i'm really sorry for keeping you all thirsty, I wish I stop saying sorry and just keep updating but.......................Try to scratch the dots and see why. #GodBlessYouAll


Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by francis6611(m): 9:23pm On Sep 11, 2017
welcum back dude...nice one but dis update is too short for my likely

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Nobody: 9:32pm On Sep 11, 2017
Thanks for the update

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Herbertyne(m): 9:44pm On Sep 11, 2017
Well.... Bro ghost.... I appreciate it effort.....
More ink like no end orgasm to your pen cool

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by FlourishBliss(f): 9:50pm On Sep 11, 2017
no pee boss
hehe... where is that camera sef? hide it no more Azeme & cos

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by mjay05(m): 6:50am On Sep 12, 2017
Nice one bro...

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by saxwizard(m): 7:44am On Sep 12, 2017
Weldone bro

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by collinometricx(m): 10:28am On Sep 12, 2017
nice update OP

but too short

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Re: AZEME : A Campus Crime Story by Lildiamond: 10:40am On Sep 12, 2017
Nice one


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