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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Pinkfeet: 10:55pm On Jan 08
Sorry for the long break, been really really busy!! Medical school ain't no poo!!

Would try to round the story up real soon!!

Thanks for your understanding!!

okay ooooo

am waiting
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:48am On Jan 09
The Legacy
Chapter Ten (page 5)
Dave walked in silently into the cave taking notes of every corner in it, he tried to be as quiet as he coach of be as he walked past the entrance of the cave. Placing a silencer over his gun, he gripped it tightly with his right hand and used his left hand for support.
Walking into the vast area of the cave where most of the meetings with the maidens and some part of their trainings was done, he saw a figure which he immediately recognized as the head standing on the rock in the center of the opening, her gaze fixed on something on the wall of the cave and her back turned to him.
He skipped a twig just where he was about to place his right leg and was grateful that he saw it on time to avoid getting her attention, he wasn't sure yet of the woman's capabilities, something in him told him she was more dangerous than she let on.
"This painting here.....", her voice came startling "...was drawn years ago, long before I was born".
Dave paused in his position, making sure the shade from the top of the cave was covering him and he was not standing where he could be easily detected. There had to be another person in the room, oh, maybe Lilian, the girl that had always been by her side. How could he be so stupid and not confirm and make the move, thank God he wasn't standing where anyone could have spotted him.
He turned his gaze around the cave, surprised that the cave remained calm and no response was forthcoming. He returned his gaze to the old woman and almost jumped out of his pant in shock when he caught her gaze looking in his direction.
" My master when she was alive always told me of a time when I would be faced with the two hardest decisions o my life and I was begining to doubt it until the day I saw you walk through that postal. Dave Stilenski". She chuckled and turned back to the painting on the wall.
Dave loosened up a bit when her gaze was off him, he walked cautiously out of the shade into the light where he evening sun seemed to be setting. He was oblivious of the next step to take, should he continue with his plan and end her life where she stood, which was obviously going to be hard based on the fact that she was aware of his presence and could easily raise an alarm, he also contemplated on stopping all this and just give up although the layer meant his sister was also going to have her life ended. He felt his heart tightening.
The old woman looked over her shoulder towards him. "Come, come join me on the rock".
Dave stood dumfounded not knowing what she was up to.
Claire panted as she ran through the garden towards the village, she had lost the sight of Dave and hadbeen running using her instinct and her tracking skill. She hurriedly climbed down the hill that led to the first hut in the village and looked around, that was definitely the end of any trail he could have left behind, the village was filled with people going about their work happily, oblivious to what was happening.
She hurried to the first person she found, it was a man sitting beside his hut, sharpening the wood he was holding. It looked like he had been thee for a while, judging from the pile of bark that heaped beside him.
" E... excuse me". She said trying to steady her breath.
The man looked up from his chore, staring at her like a hapless child bit seeming disinterested at the same time. "Can I help you". His masculine voice came.
Claire sighed, finally able to catch her breath. " Hi, I and my friend took a walk to the garden", she blushed, smiling. "We needed some time alone".
" Oh", the man muttered understandingly.
"Well, we were playing hide and seek in the garden but I can't seem to find him. I think he might have returned to the village, maybe because he couldn't fish me out". She bit her lips at her worst lie, she knew she sounded dumb but the emotion in her voice was enough to do the trick".
The man paused, obviously into thought, he wrinkled his fore head in realization. "A tall guy with broad shoulders, putting on a shirt and a jeans...".
"Yes", Claire sadi before he could even complete his statement. " That's him".
The man ran his eyes over her suspicious at her anxiousness. "He went that way not long ago". He pointed his finger to the road in the right.
" Thank you". Claire said as she hurried away, not minding the glance he was giving her.
Dave finally stepped on the rock after muv contemplating and hesitation, he had convinced himself that the old woman could not throw any surprise at him, he was stronger than she was and could easily maneuver her.
"All my whole life, I've tried to protect this village like heads before me had". She paused, her gaze fixed on the painting." But my tenure was different than theirs. They didn't get to witness the end of it all, the end of everything we worked for, the end of the resistance, the end of the Trinksonias, the end of the human race". She paused again as if reminiscing on her last statement.
Dave raised his head to her face when she suddenly stopped speaking, he had never seen her this sad before, her face was twisted at an awkward angle and the wrinkles on her face suddenly looked bigger, she was definitely very old, contrasting the strength she displayed.
"My master told me that one day, I would have to decide between my life and that of mankind, I didn't understand what she meant until recently". She sighed. " There has never been a profecy that failed to come through, ever. But still I tried to stop this one from happening even though I know that I'm sending them to their deaths. You can't beat nature, it does what it wants." She looked at his neck and back to the wall. "I know I've failed them and will never get the chance to redeem myself. I want nothing more than to protect my people, but if that's going to be taken from me, I don't think I want to live".
Dave's muscle tightened, her words were definitely disarming the resolve he had before coming into the cave.
The head turned to him and he could see that her countenance had change, her face looked more grudgy.
" Do it, shoot me".
Dave stare at her like she had lost her mind, she wanted him to kill her? Even if he had that in mind moments ago, he definitely didn't anymore. Contrary to his thoughts, he watched as his hand rose against his intuition, the fun pointing to the old woman, he tried to control his hand but it seemed like it had acquired a mind of it own. His finger squeezed the trigger twice and in a blink of an eye, she slumped to the ground. He fidgetted as he watched her laying on the ground, a wide smile plastered on her face.
Claire ran with all her strength between the villagers, all the the direction she had received from them led to the cave and she prayed inwardly that it was not what she though Dave was going to do. She bumped into Lillian some miles from the cave and almost lost her feet.
She turned to her, lookin wild. "I want you to go get abled men from the village and bring them to the cave, make sure they are armed".
Lillian stared at her like she didn't understand a word she said. " Why should I do that?" She questioned doubting Claire's sanity.
"Just do as I say, the head life is in danger". She left her and hurried into the cave.
Dave bent beside the body of the head, confused on what to do. She was loosin lots of blood and although she remained conscious, she didn't look like she would be for long.
He heard a footsteps just beside him and he looked up to see Claire's shocked face, she was staring at him with disgust.
Dave shooked his head. " Its not what it looks like".
Claire walked angrily to him as he stood to his feet, she sent a blow to his stomach and another to his jaw sending home to the ground. Dave groaned and looked up at her, he had always suspected her and she just confirmed his suspicions. He watched her walk to his side and pick up the gun beside him, instinctively, he rushed to her and they struggled for the gun, a loud bang broke and Dave watched with shock as Claire went to the ground holding her stomach which was bleeding. He dropped the gun as he rushed to her, he pressed down on the wound trying t prevent her from loosing blood.
"I'm sorry". He said looking into her eyes, she still had the same anger in her, looking like she could murder him in any instant.
Dave heard some noise coming towards his direction and he stood up immediately. " I have to go". He said to Claire, tears begining to form behind his eyes as he wondered how things had gone from bad to worst. He hurried out of her sight.
Dave rushed past the villagers, running wildly until he came to Bella's hut, be found her some metres away, staring at the sun set. He rushed to her.
"You have to leave this place, It's not safe". He said after getting her attention.
" Why, what happened?" Bella asked, worry written all over her.
"I can't explain that now, I have to go".
" Where to?"
"I have to go warn frank and the others, they are walking into a trap".
Bella gasped. " I'm coming with you." She hurried towards him.
"No". Dave said sternly as be pulled the device off his neck and broke it. Some moments ago, he would have been happy with her decision, but things had taken a turn and he regretted his actions. " You can't come with me, your life is in danger."
Bella walked to him with resolve. "I'm not going to leave Frank out there alone, I must come with you and I'm not asking." she stormed past him.
Dave grunted as he hurried to her.
Seth stood outside the portal as be watched the portal gradually opening, he knew the deed had been done and he gave a wicked smile at this. He turned his back and thousands of beast stood behind him. He smiled to them. "It's time".
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:49am On Jan 09
You guys should help me manage that!!
Would try to be more consistent until I'm done with the chapter!!

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by nkemdave(m): 9:17am On Jan 09
Nice update bro. grin

It feels good to be back smiley
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by nkemdave(m): 10:36am On Jan 09
Dave why?

Some people will never make the right decision until its too late. cry

How I wish he (Dave) had done the right thing at the right time embarassed

Where is Danny

I really do need him now.

Nice work#Frankline461
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:30pm On Jan 09

Frankline I owe you a very very big hug. Happy new year darling. You rock!
grin grin would wait on it!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:30pm On Jan 09
Dave why?
Some people will never make the right decision until its too late. cry
How I wish he (Dave) had done the right thing at the right time embarassed
Where is Danny
I really do need him now.
Nice work#Frankline461
Thanks bruv!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 3:31pm On Jan 09

okay ooooo
am waiting
Its here, thanks for your patience!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Gucciqueen38(f): 6:27pm On Jan 09
Interesting piece.. Weldone Frank
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by AndyGlobal: 10:35pm On Jan 09
Tnx man
Nice work kip it coming
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Eyinimofeoluwa(f): 2:40pm On Jan 10
So, as we enter into the final chapter of The Legacy (series 1), I'd love to appreciate everyone that had been there from the begining of the story and had tallied along till now, thank y'all a lot.
Sirvictor21, Adeculate, ftosino, baski92, itsandi, marvin902, nifeola, ikdbabie, lonesome501, Evajael, toyhin123, queenitee, horladstar, supizino, cbella, gucciqueen38, hantonia, andyglobal, nkemdave, olive4, favch, genius43, chigold121, oseriki9, omotayelolu, wilsolzy, kakakoshina, jiikye1, hirdrhis, chiexcel, pinkfeet, Godwinfury, lildiamond, emilykang, Amsmart, twinkle004, Eyinimofeoluwa, empress101, badohemmy, marvin902, boosiryormi and so many others, including the ghost readers and guests. Its been a pleasure having you guys on board and happy new year in advance!!
U are mouthed Frank u re too good...Happy new year oya chop kiss

grin grin
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by itsandi(m): 3:10pm On Jan 10
Interesting... Enjoy other interesting stories on Tushstories via


Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 7:25pm On Jan 11
The Legacy
Chapter ten (page 6)
Seth smiled as the beasts rushed into the village growling, he walked in the opposite direction towards a chopper, he entered it and it flew into the air.
Lilian sobbed as she bent beside the old woman. Her eyes were still opened as she smiled weakly at Lillian. Lillian ran her fingers across her face, removing the hair that was blocking her view, she grabbed the old woman's hand and sobbed again.
" D..d..don't c..cry". The old woman whispered as she struggled to talk.
Lillian sniffed, trying to cub her tears but it don't bulge as it rolled down freely down her cheek.
"It's all meant to happen, for the better good". She continued. " You can never defy the prophesies and expect no consequences".
"But we didn't". Lillian argued.
The old woman smiled, coughing heavily. " Not that you know about. They may think it's over, they may think they've won, the prophesies suggests that they'll win, but there's one thing you should know, the prophesies only last a while, another would surface".
Llian shook her head. "No, without you, were lost".
" Not when they still have you". She raised her hand to Lillian's face and caressed it. "I've taught you all you need to know, but your would be different. You will have full access to your powers after tonight, make sure you use it for good and make sure the remaining Trunks use theirs in a good way too". She coughed again, this time severely. "Leave and go to mount Talbot, there awaits the perfect weapons to fight the beast, go with as much Trinks you can save and leave now, it's not safe here any longer, the enemy is here".
" No, I can't leave you here".
A man ran in at an alarming rate panting heavily. "We are under attack, beasts are killing everyone, the village is in chaos". He announced in one breath.
" Go now". The old woman ordered. "You're the last hope". He gasped for breath and passed away.
Lillian knelt beside the old woman crying. "I can't do this without you". She screamed.
A man came behind her and held her shoulder. " Come on, we have to leave now".
Lilian wiped her face as she stood to her feet. Some men helped Claire to her feet and they hurried out of the cave.

Frank walked towards the edge of the highland he was standing, looking down it to where mass graves laid, all lined up in rolls, the end of which he couldn't see even standing on a high land.
Eric walked to him, his gaze also on what stood beneath them.
" Perfect place to lock them away, scary and frightening". Eric's voice came.
"It gives me the creeps". Ella said approaching them.
Frank turned to them, running his gaze on the maidens that were all alighting from the large truck they came with, the atmosphere was getting dim and the sun was already far set on the other side of the grave yard. He put his ears to the ground, listening carefully. " This place is awfully quite". He pointed out.
Ella shared at him like a lost kid that didn't know where he was. "Yes, because it's a graveyard, a large one at that". She looked away.
" No". Frank looked around again. "Something is not right, they are supposed to be here by now and if my dad is still as I know him to be, he'll have men distributed everywhere to prevent any problem".
" Well, maybe he didn't expect us to try to stop him". Eric inputted.
Frank wasn't that convinced, something in him kept ringing danger. "You don't..."
His voice trailed off to the heavy sound of an helicopter approaching them. He quickly placed his hands on Ella and dragged her down. "Down, down, everyone". He shouted.
They all went down as the helicopter drove over them towards the graveyard, it disappeared down it.
" Do you think they saw us?" Eric asked rubbing the dirts off his jean.
Frank rose, watching the helicopter go out of sight. His face tightened. "I don't know, bit either way, there's no going back now, we'll finish what we came here for".
William picked up another broken as he shone his torch on it, he had been seeing different broken woods in he forest in his way here, he wondered what could have broken them, because being this numerous, he didn't think anyone could have gone wood breaking during this Apocalypse. He was exhausted as he dragged and felt very thirsty, thirsty to the extent that he didn't think a river could quench it. Just around the corner now he assured himself, pulling out the bracelet the old woman had given him when he wanted to depart. He raised his head and stopped shut to what he saw.
The whole village was right in front of him without him accessing the portal, he took some wary steps towards the village and he could hear shouts and screams from it, half the village had been set on fire and beast devoured the villagers who were all running helter skelter.
" Oh no". He muttered as he dropped his bag.
He brought out his gun and hurried into the village with one thing in mind, to rescue the old woman and her daughter Lillian.

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by chiexcel: 11:04pm On Jan 11
Tenks sooo much 4 d update
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:20am On Jan 12
Tenks sooo much 4 d update
You're welcome bruv!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by hidhrhis(m): 8:27am On Jan 12
thanks for the update
chain the fall of what should I call it
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by AndyGlobal: 10:47am On Jan 12
Frank Frank!tnx for the update
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Gucciqueen38(f): 3:07pm On Jan 12
Thanks Frank.. Nothing should happen to Your namesake abeg
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:17pm On Jan 13
Frank Frank!tnx for the update
Thanks Frank.. Nothing should happen to Your namesake abeg
Thanks a bunch people, really do appreciate you guys
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 6:19pm On Jan 13
thanks for the update chain the fall of what should I call it
Thanks bruv, didn't get that last statement tho!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by hidhrhis(m): 6:48pm On Jan 13

Thanks bruv, didn't get that last statement tho!!
I wanted to write the fall of the hidden city never knew I wrote that lol
u are a genius bro
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 7:29pm On Jan 13
I wanted to write the fall of the hidden city never knew I wrote that lol u are a genius bro
Alright bro, will be dropping an update soon, stay tuned!!

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 8:07pm On Jan 13
The Legacy
Chapter ten (page 7)
"Shh". Frank placed his finger over his mouth as he looked around.
Standing in front of him was a grave yard, built like a hut, with a riddle placed on it. To the right was the chopper they had earlier saw ride over them, it was empty and the rest of the graveyard in the same state, empty and quiet. He had been having butterflies in his stomach for a while now, ever since he had dropped from that truck and had a feeling that things were about to go horribly haywire.
The pack slowed down behind him with Ella walking up the few steps towards the building.
"I have rivers without water, Forests without trees, Mountains without rocks, Towns without houses. What am I?" Ella read aloud, turning to face them after the last statement, contempt written all over her face.
Frank turned his gaze to her. "What's the riddle doing there?".
Ella turned to the door, running her eyes over it. " Apparently, without answering the riddle, I don't think we can gain access to whatever is on the other side of this".
Eric sighed. "Guess this explained why your dad didn't see the need to put guards on standby, he didn't think we'll be wise enough to answer this riddle".
Frank sighed, that explained it to some extent and only to that extent, he wasn't buying this. Be walked up the step to the building and read the riddle again, this time slowly.
He shook his head and turned to the others." Anyone with an answer to this?"
He didn't need to say more as the blank faces they gave him said it all, be sighed again and turned to Ella. "We have to find an answer somehow".
" Well, I we're are going to find an answer..". She walked down the step to join the others. "..we have to get it fast." She nooded to the position of the moon. "Its about to get cozy in there". She placed her gaze on Frank's confused face.
William sent a bullet to the beast that was charging towards him, sidesteppimg it in time before it crashed on the hut behind him, he didn't wait to know its fate as he hurried through the pandemonium towards the hut, praying in his heart that nothing had happened to them.
He barged into the room, breaking the door with a strong kick, he was disappointed to find the room empty. Where could they be he wondered, his mind not wanting to take the fact that they could have been killed. He turned and ran his eyes across the village, most o it was on fire and beast ran all across it, it looked like there was a world war going on in the little village, with screams and howls filling the air.
His eyes caught a lady some miles up the hill, running away from a beast. He quickly charge towards them in rage his mind screaming Lillian. He got close enough to send four bullets into the skull of the creature, with the full knowledge that that wouldn't do much but weaken it, he picked up a pot cover on the floor and ran towards it, depositing the cover tip into the beast skull and the rest was story.
He quickly rushed to the girl who was laying on the floor whimpering, her face to the floor.
"Lillian?" William muttered bending hurried beside her and raising her face to him. "poo". He muttered when be found out that it was not her.
He stood up and looked around again. Finally, his eyes found her some miles to the garden, helping somebody who seemed injured. He ran as fast as be could to them.
"Lillian". He said when he got behind her, startling her. He saw the fear his voice had brought up in her. " I'm sorry, didn't mean to startle you".
He turned his gaze to the person she was helping walk, she didn't look like the old woman, her mother. "And she is?"
Lillian turned grunting as she turned Claire to him, Claire raising her head weakly. William couldn't believe his eyes.
Claire raised her eyes weakly to him, shock also on her weak face. "William".
" Think, think, think". Frank muttered to himself as he paced up and down the building.
The others were also trying to find the answer to the riddle, at least most were, the others had given up.
"Even if we get the answer, are we supposed to just say it or what, this building doesn't look like it has a voice recognition software in it, or a map that shows it if we are right". Eric said non chanlantly, he was among the few that had given up on the riddle.
Frank raised his head, eyes opened widely. " Yes". He screamed running up the step to the building to read the riddle again. "I have rivers without water, Forests without trees, Mountains without rocks, Towns without houses. A map". He screamed turning to the others who were gathering after his outburst. " It's a map". He repeated when he saw that they stared at him like he'd gone but.
"Oh, yes". Ella said joining him. " Why didn't I think of that earlier?" She turned to the building. "So how do we tell it our answer?"
Frank walked to where the name of the person in the tomb was written, be clicked on the "M" alphabet and it went in. He turned to Ella smiling. He clicked on "A" and "P" and a loud rumble ensued as the door gave way to a corridor that led deep into the building.
"This is it". Frank said looking into the building as Eric joined them. " The show has just began".

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Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Pinkfeet: 10:53pm On Jan 13
nice work frankline461
hmmmm but alot of people ave died in this story .
but don't let bella and frank die
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Gucciqueen38(f): 11:56pm On Jan 13

Thanks a bunch people, really do appreciate you guys
You are welcome wink
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Gucciqueen38(f): 11:57pm On Jan 13
[quote author=frankline461 post=64167712]
Thanks a bunch people, really do appreciate you guys[/quote Thanks for the update.. You are the best smiley
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 1:58pm On Jan 14
nice work frankline461
hmmmm but alot of people ave died in this story .
but don't let bella and frank die
Well, we will see about that!!
can't say anything tho!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by frankline461: 1:58pm On Jan 14
[quote author=Gucciqueen38 post=64176563][/quote] Thanks ma'am!!
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by lonesome501(m): 2:20pm On Jan 14
nyc wrk,, frankline ,, but i dnt lyk d idea of frank/bella,,i dnt want to think bella has been having d idea of eliminating frank's galfwend for her to be with him((not literally))..it is too sudden..
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by Jiikye1: 7:49am On Jan 15
nice work man
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by AndyGlobal: 10:34am On Jan 15
Frank what's happening?
I'm tired of checking o
Re: "THE LEGACY" By Frankline461 by jupitre(m): 1:11pm On Jan 15
Frank..You should tell us when to expect update na...I'm tired of checking checking checking...Nice Piece though ..

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