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A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 11:42pm On Oct 12
This is the second time I have been robbed this month and the fourth time since I moved into this house about six months ago. Several times, I have be advised to move to another house but I have been adamant for three consecutive times and am still learning a lesson?
Movements and unusual cacophony from the sitting room startled me up from REM (rapid eye movement) With a splitting headache, I sat up, roamed my hands on the bed in the darkness in bid to reach my phone but I could not, flash light illuminated the bedroom through the small gap underneath the door.
There it is under my pillow
I picked it up drew the unlock pattern across the screen, it said wrong, I made to try again, I could hear quickened approaching footsteps, I fidgeted and dropped the phone, it hit the floor, the phone back case opened and its’ battery fell out. As I knelt to couple it. The door to my bedroom crashed open.
Immediately, I closed my eyes, laid face down on the floor and did something I had not done in months.
Lord Jesus, please don’t let them kill me please Lord God
Let me not see me
Please I will pay my ….
I basked in the flashlight
A deeper voice than mine shouted at me and commanded me to stand up
I was as silent as a grave yard
You deaf? Another voice asked
Jesus ooooo!!!
I still remained in that position till he gave me a knock on my head.
No sir I… sorry sir,
I stood up my eyes closed and my hands raised up.
Look at this buffoon!!
They laughed hysterically like I did when I smoked too much marijuana.
Where is your laptop?? He asked?


Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 11:44pm On Oct 12
My friends common open your eyes, you mad?? He slapped me; the slap dazed me so much that I packed the laptop in to its bag and apologetically handed it to them
Bring out all the money in this house and where is your phone?
I basically handed them all they requested with their accessories
Oya lie down and close your eyes and any peeemm we will come back
I have been lying down for the past 5 mins ‘make I try adjust small’
As I made to move
Oh God I’m dying I have been shot
I started roaming my hands over my chest until I realized that I just heard a gunshot few meters outside my window as a car drove off.
I was hyperventilating
Have they gone?
Am I safe?
Maybe all these is a dream and I’ll soon wake up or is it true that I have been robbed
I was on a hot sit asking same questions over and over again
Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! Someone was knocking
Have they come back?
They want to finish the whole …….
Royce!! Are you inside?
Royce!! Come out
Is he not answering?
Are you sure he is around?
He is inside look there is no padlock here now
That was when I stood up slowly, walked over the crashed bedroom door to the sitting room


Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 7:55am On Oct 13
They saw me coming out as they made to enter inside
Why didn’t you open since? Iya Racheal Asked
I thought they wanted to use you to make me open the door. I replied
What do you mean were not robbed also? Daddy Prince asked
Ehn I was but …….
Did they use anybody to open the door? Daddy prince continued
We thank God that nobody was hurt, or even shot; I mean it would have be something else Iya Racheal chipped in
All of my other neighbors including the landlord were outside in the corridor sharing their experiences except Titi whose room was opposite mine, she just came out now with curiousity written all over her face obviously she wasn’t robbed.
Titi did they come your room? Emeka asked
No oo who? She asked
Haa you mean that gunshot did not rustle you up asked Daddy Prince
I heard a bang I didn’t know it was a gun. Titi replied
I was speechless
I watched and read lips they kept on talking.
I got so tired of hearing Mathew and Emeka talk about what they didn’t do and should have done to disarm the robbers, kill them.
I said goodnight to them and went inside

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Re: A Finger Deep by Smartkent(m): 6:45pm On Oct 14
This will be Interesting
Following like detective
Re: A Finger Deep by kanayoNickel: 9:18pm On Oct 14
Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 1:09pm On Oct 15
Cool to have you
Following I know I'll tell the whole story thanks
Will be uploading sooner than later
Happy Sunday
Re: A Finger Deep by iamdondanna(m): 4:16pm On Oct 15
so glad I made the front seat where are the pop corn sellers when u need them
Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 5:49pm On Oct 15
It’s been two days since the robbery
Jumoke kept on talking
I didn’t pick all she was saying
How do you keep listening to your errors from another person for the past twelve minutes?
Baby please calm down. I said
All these things you are saying now I have already told myself already
I know I am stubborn now I have learnt my lesson
And I can’t afford to have another experience.

Jumoke and I started dating few months back. I met her in a mass transit bus they popularly call trackers, while I was heading to the village from Holy Trinity.
I had a job in Anambra for a popular artiste who had requested I came down to work with him on his album. I took the opportunity to go see my aunt who was in the village.
I didn’t take note of the corper that sat near the window initially, until I heard her speak Yoruba to someone through the phone.
We exchanged greetings afterwards as other passengers whispered in Igbo and some made remarks in a bid to show off how well travelled they were or something by interpreting what we said.
We exchanged numbers before I alighted at Aguleri Junction.
Little did I know Jumoke lived in Ikeja while I stayed at Ogba

I returned back to my house after spending a little more than how long I had planned, scared of having been identified or even trailed by one of the robbers.
I stayed back at Jummy’s to see the much talked about elder sister who was in the united kingdom and who I had spoken to more often than any other person in their family was getting married next month.
We went to pick her up from the airport, she was more stunning than I thought, won’t compare Laide’s beauty to Jummy’s. They were simply gorgeous individualistically.
Laide wasn’t as cheerful as I had thought she would be, few hours after we arrived home she was so free that you would almost assume that we have been close friends since we were born.
After a stressful day in the studio: an upcoming artiste with his ‘know it all manager’ frustrated my life. I was asleep in the room when I heard a familiar voice that had laid me on a “hot floor” crackle from the sitting room
Look at this buffoon!
Bring out your phone!
I woke up like the African warrior tribe Masai ready for battle in few seconds, except that I was going to battle; tiptoeing with no chants, arms, implements or victory march.
My mind raced like it never did
Have they trailed me down here again?
They mustn’t see my face oo oh God !!
I looked for every available option, I found non I simply had to help these girls fight off these robbers because jumping through the window if there wasn’t a burglary proof it was just a storey building.
I quickly hid the new HTC mini I got the day before in a secure place .Slowly I tiptoed and opened the door which was adjacent the sitting room. I made to align my sight with the opened space when the door was pushed with a force I jumped back and while screaming as Jummy who had come to wake me up screamed even louder.

What is going on?
What happened? chorused Laide and the two guys that followed her.
Guy how far wetin dey sup? The Buffon guy asked I was spooked I couldn’t break away my gaze
He chuckled while gesturing at me and asked why is he looking like that? he has seen a ghost!!!
Everyone laughed as I managed to regain my composure to about 20%.
We walked into the sitting room as Laide introduced me to them as a music producer and Jummy’s boyfriend I uneasily shook hands with Ben who said he was a lecturer in a school in Wales and Ben’s cousin who said he was an engineer.
I was paranoid and obviously trying hard to be normal. I was “no longer at ease”.

I was relieved and breathed in as much air as could when Jummy called me from the kitchen
Baby, you have been acting strange what is it?
Do you know Austin?
Did you have a nightmare?
She kept asking
I couldn’t answer as I urged her to continue chopping the vegetables; she stopped chopping midway to speak with me.
She continued asking questions, and would not have anything except an explanation.
I tried all I could to get her to stop asking but she never did.
Ok fine I’ll tell you when I get back
I want to go buy airtime okay? I parted her assuredly and made for the door after taking my phone from its secure hiding place.
I told them I was coming back I just wanted to buy card. I didn’t stay longer than ten minutes after I awoke before I left; as soon as I closed the gate behind me I literarily ran to the junction boarded a bus to my house agents place in search of the next available house to move in to ASAP. I felt every second spent around Engineer Austin would make him identified me, if he has not done that already

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Re: A Finger Deep by Smartkent(m): 7:24pm On Oct 15
so glad I made the front seat where are the pop corn sellers when u need them
In a husky voice
'For where...? I don dey the front seat already...'
Thats why you no fit see the pop corn sellers..
Ah don send them away, con import aboki to provide me with KILISHI and SUYA
Re: A Finger Deep by iamdondanna(m): 7:57am On Oct 16

In a husky voice
'For where...? I don dey the front seat already...'
Thats why you no fit see the pop corn sellers..
Ah don send them away, con import aboki to provide me with KILISHI and SUYA
hen that on sef no bad we fit share am together na bring out my ak47 make you behave oo no noise
Re: A Finger Deep by chara019(f): 9:09am On Oct 16
Following the suspense is captivating, well done
Re: A Finger Deep by chara019(f): 9:10am On Oct 16
Following the suspense is captivating, well done
Re: A Finger Deep by chara019(f): 9:10am On Oct 16
Following the suspense is captivating, well done
Re: A Finger Deep by Smartkent(m): 2:20pm On Oct 16
hen that on sef no bad we fit share am together na bring out my ak47 make you behave oo no noise
Shey you no check my moniker nih
Am very smart ehnn...
I con get
Therefore ah fit do anyhow
Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 9:54pm On Oct 16
I asked my agent to look for a very comfortable mini-flat around anywhere: far from Ogba probably Ojota or even Berger. I left after he assured me and placed few phone calls to some other agents. I wasn’t ready to go see the available houses yet, my stomach was churning in hunger the Lagos traffic had dealt greatly with me.
I got home at about 18:00 famished and faint. I was in the kitchen preparing noodles when my phone rang for the umpteenth time I wanted to ignore the call again, since I left their house Jummy never stopped calling I picked once; few minutes after I left their house and lied to her that I was already coming back to the house because her questions were full of concerns and worries, almost an hour twenty minutes have passed now so I thought it better to pick the call. I put it on speaker while I emptied the noodles into a pot.
“Royce!!! Why did you stop picking my calls Ehn”? Her voice boomed from the phone.
“Jummy I had to ….. “
She interrupted and said “is okay.”
It’s obvious she wasn’t as concerned as before there was a different kind of emotion in play here that I could not fathom until she said
“The girl you were going home to see have you met her?”
I was surprised “how did you know I was going home?” I asked
“Ohm you thought I won’t know when you finish with her you will come and explain what the hell is chasing you.”
“What do you mean”? “Nothing is chasing….”
“Royce can you help me with your ….”
On hearing that I spurned quickly to meet Titi’s gaze she was aghast by the way. She was standing close to the kitchens’ door. Obviously I left the entrance to my apartment open in my haste to make something to eat.
How could I be these careless with everything I had experienced this month?
I obliged her request to lend her matches.
Jummy had stopped talking for a while it seemed like she was eavesdropping because immediately Titi left I heard “so it’s true”
“True what?” I asked
You know when Austin told me he saw you at Ogba I didn’t believe”
We spoke for a while after gave her some believable ambiguous explanation.
I forced myself to eat it seemed the hunger had vanished
The thought of Austin monitoring me
It obvious he was skeptical about me or something but’ seeing me at Ogba’ had just said more than enough.
I couldn’t sleep, my head was hot with thinking, I went to the bar close to my house; the mission was to clear my head or useless my too much thinking. I finally sat in a very inconspicuous place, after observing from the door for a while, with the chair facing the door to know who is coming. I was more relaxed until.
Re: A Finger Deep by iamdondanna(m): 11:01pm On Oct 16

Shey you no check my moniker nih
Am very smart ehnn...
I con get
Therefore ah fit do anyhow
henhen bullet proob abi. stand up count 20 steps backward bring out my bazooka oya what was that your last statement
Re: A Finger Deep by Smartkent(m): 11:29am On Oct 17
henhen bullet proob abi. stand up count 20 steps backward bring out my bazooka oya what was that your last statement
My last statement huh!
Like seriously??
Is that all you got??
Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 3:45pm On Oct 17
“What are doing here?”
“This is the first time I am seeing you chilling here”
Emeka pulls a chair and sat opposite me. We discussed at length from business to world politics till late into the night, we headed home I wasn’t bothered seeing Austin; the fear lurked in a big shadow in my mind.
The next day I got a call from Jummy they were heading to the beach in the evening she doesn’t want to be left out as Austin is bringing his girlfriend along also.
I had thought before I see Austin it would be forever I planned to even give Jummy space for the time being but what if Austin hasn’t yet figured me out, maybe I should confide in some one before endangering myself. Or should I just do like….. but he already saw me at Ogba the best thing to do is to ignore the invitation.
My mind was made up I switched off my phone that instant
Throughout the day I never turned up my phone till later at night immediately I powered it on Omoh’s call came in
“Baba wha gwan?”
“Bad man where you dey?” Erick voice filtered in.
These guys are already drowning liquors
“Ohboy!! Wetin happen me and Erick don dey call you since morning where you day? Omoh asked
“I dey house“
“Ok we dey drive come your side now we day that Allen house”
“Wetin dey happen?”
“Guy prepare we don they come oo “
Its only one thing that can make him to be that excited
It took us about 30 minutes navigating traffic to get to our favorite club; we climbed the stairs to the VIP section of the exquisite lounge. We had some ladies from a private university keep us company. I wasn’t entertaining the flirtatious advances the one sitting next to at me I was preoccupied with the bottle and instagram. We heard a loud shattering noise I stood abruptly.
We stood by the railings, it was a commotion down there everything was initially blurring I could see some people interfering. Surprisingly another guy from nowhere walked to the bar and climbed over the white and black marble slab reached out and picked up a baseball bat shaped wine bottle, climbed down and smashed it on the more aggressive guy who was not trying to be restrained or calmed.
DJ Waves just smashed a bottle of wine on a guy’s head the guy went down on the floor quiet and bleeding
We quickly climbed down. I was at the fore-front of the rescue party when I got closer to the victim who was struggling to stand up the bottle wasn’t giving him an easy time. I stood back and started withdrawing as soon as the disco light shined on his face
Re: A Finger Deep by tstx(m): 7:34am On Oct 18
Re: A Finger Deep by Dutchey(m): 7:36am On Oct 18
Re: A Finger Deep by toluxa1(m): 7:38am On Oct 18
Re: A Finger Deep by BornnAgainChild(f): 7:39am On Oct 18
The first thing that crossed my mind when i saw " the finger deep " was tì kaá bò dì undecided
Re: A Finger Deep by Tamass: 7:41am On Oct 18
Nice Story bro, very good... I was captivated by your plot
i am sure you can still do better..bigger you i pray!
Re: A Finger Deep by latexxbro(m): 8:33am On Oct 18
Great story... Bin long I read an interesting story here....hope there is some romance in it??
Re: A Finger Deep by DollyB(m): 9:49am On Oct 18
Where is the remaining? First time am actually reading a nairaland story.
Re: A Finger Deep by kay29000(m): 10:40am On Oct 18
Cool story.
Re: A Finger Deep by Roycemadeit(m): 11:35am On Oct 18
Thanks I appreciate the comments and follow.
I'm gonna upload another episode soon;
I am a little busy in the studio but be rest assured that I won't keep the suspense for much longer.
Re: A Finger Deep by QveenDaisy(f): 12:01pm On Oct 18
Berra oo...
Re: A Finger Deep by QveenDaisy(f): 12:02pm On Oct 18
I'm following...
Re: A Finger Deep by Smartkent(m): 12:04pm On Oct 18
The first thing that crossed my mind when i saw " the finger deep " was tì kaá bò dì undecided

All this small small girls yaff spoil finish
And you be BornAgainChild
Re: A Finger Deep by QveenDaisy(f): 12:12pm On Oct 18

. All this small small girls yaff spoil finish And you be BornAgainChild
that was what was on my mind too ooo

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