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The Reaper(one Shot Compilation) by Iamlordroman: 2:27am On Dec 21, 2017
The Night of the Ripping


(December 20,2017)

The music from a nearby studio raised my blood and drove me into an unexpected high as I stood, with a steady gaze,like a predator observing its prey. The music was like a war song, intoxicating, and capable of turning the most timid of men into a lion. The unsteady but regular rhythm beckoned on my soul, hailing and teasing me to let the sleeping evil loose.

I tipped my baseball cap so that it covered my face, preventing any passers-by from beholding my countenance and the sick look with which I peered through the window. Of course, I kept my distance to ensure I wouldn't be mistaken for a burglar.

The night was cold and the sky was starless but the moon remained hidden behind a curtain of clouds like an actor in a performance theater, waiting for it's cue before the curtains would be lifted and the show would begin.

My black jacket was the only thing preventing me from being ripped to shreds by the chilly December breeze. Somewhere else in the world, it would have been snowing. Lately,there have been rainfalls at night and the sea breeze complemented the dry harsh Sahara dust,giving rise to frigid foggy nights with poor visibility. At times one would think his companion had vanished if they walked too further apart.

I saw what I was looking for in the form of silhouettes on the curtains of the candle lit room. The silhouette of a woman, my wife,with her lover who happened to be an employee of mine. I wasn't surprised when I saw Jide's car pull up in the parking lot of this small hotel.

Everyone at work knew my accountant was having an affair with my wife but me. I knew Jide was embezzling money from my company but I said nothing about it. Jide and I had been close friends since we were little and I didn't want to jeopardize that friendship by firing him from the only place where he could work.

Jide had been a delinquent right from time. Everybody knew this. His CV was incomplete but I knew if there was something Jide was good at, it was quick maths. His head was like a super computer when it came to financial accounting and so I employed him as a sign of friendship. This act of friendship was however not reciprocated as Jide went ahead with stealing money from me. After two years of working for me, he rode a better car than me and he had a house to his name.

Financial robbery-which I was okay with didn't satisfy Jide, he just had to touch my Queen. I met Queen while I was serving. She was the hottest chick in the whole camp, even the soldiers were hitting on her and they had to treat her nicely. Queen was a very busty lady,she stood at 5' 7 and her complexion was near perfect. She was the lightest Nigerian anyone had ever seen and her lips were pink like morning roses. Her smooth natural hair was shoulder length and the way her backside would sway whenever she walked was heavenly. Any man would kill to be in the same room with her.

How did somebody like me manage to get married to such a beauty, people would ask. Back in camp she ignored most of the corpers and was always seen going out with older men driving big cars. I was infatuated with Queen and decided to ask her out despite not being in her league. She looked at me from my cheap haircut to my worn out sandals and gave me a smile- a smile that pierced my heart rather then melt it.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. The first day I spoke to her, the first day she smiled at me and spoke to me. Despite the fact that the words she spoke to me that day were : 'Get yourself a better out fit and a nice ride before you ask a girl out', that day was memorable to me and it marked the beginning of what was my determination to succeed in life. Because of Queen,i gave up all my leisure and I never spoke to nor touch a single lady until five years after youth camp when I finally hit the jackpot.

Five years after youth service and I, the orphan son of paupers, raised by an abusive witch of an aunt was wearing designer outfits and riding the latest car in town when I came across Queen at a pool party in the coolest hotel in Nigeria. Queen had long forgotten me and it took a long while to jog her memory to remember the skinny old me that couldn't afford three square meals a day. I had undergone drastic changes. No longer did I wear over sized clothes and sandals, I was doning the trending outfit and cool shoes. My pair of glasses was replaced by contacts and my lean figure replaced by an athletic musculature. Queen accepted my proposal and I felt on top of the world.

That had happened two years ago and as if things had been planned to go wrong by an higher power, I bumped into Jide that same year after being apart for many years. I took Queen to my secondary school alumni reunion party and that was when she met Jide who had just started working for me. I introduced them and they became fast friends. The jealousy I felt when I saw the two of them talking and laughing heartily, I pushed to a corner of my heart as I decided to work on my marriage, believing my secondary school friend wouldn't dare misbehave and trusting my wife to be faithful.

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Re: The Reaper(one Shot Compilation) by Iamlordroman: 2:27am On Dec 21, 2017
Things went south after my marriage. It was after my marriage I began to realise the deficit in the accounting records made by Jide. In just half a year, Jide had gotten more than a million naira from me- excluding his salary. Jide still wasn't satisfied. Then I started hearing rumors- people talking behind my back, calling me names. Some said I was foolish, leaving Jide to work with me. Jide who was stealing my money and having an affair with my wife. I decided to ignore them.

I first got the hint that my wife was cheating when her attitude towards me changed. She no longer welcomed me when I came from work and when I move close to her at night for body heat and the likes, she always found a way to excuse herself from my romantic gestures. Two years later, a week ago, I was approached by my general secretary whom everybody knew had a crush on me. 'Kolade' she whispered when we were both alone and out of earshot of the other employees. 'I won't deny the fact that I have feeling for you but because of these feelings, I have decided to tell you something about your wife. I just hope that once you are over with her, you can give me a chance to be with you.'

'Irene.' I replied defiantly. 'if it's about your crush or whatever it is feelings you have for me, just know it won't work out. I am a married man.' I said waving my ring in front of her face.

'I know. ' Irene said. Unsure of whether now was the right time to tell me that my wife was cheating or not. She could tell me and I might not believe. A lot of people were of the opinion that my wife had me under a spell. On the other hand, we were alone and she could try to make a move on me. She was lost in her own thoughts for a minute. With a finger in her mouth, Irene made up her mind on what to do. She dropped a brown envelope on my table and walked round my desk to my side. 'I have proof for you that your wife is cheating. '

'What are you saying. ' I asked the secretary. 'If it's a joke, please take it back. '

'I mean every word' Irene said and sat on my lap. I don't know how she managed to avoid the chair's arm rest, all I know was that her ass skillfully found its way to my groin. The feeling was like non I had felt before and I almost indulged in the pleasuring experience. 'Your wife is cheating on you with your best friend who has been stealing your money. '

The last part of her statement made something in me snap as I raised her off my thighs and on to the floor. 'You're fired. ' I roared at her. 'Get out of my office. ' Irene was dumbstruck and she couldn't say anything as she walked out of my office. I couldn't help but stare at her rolling gait as she left. Queen might have been the bustiest woman I knew but Irene had the biggest ass I'd ever seen. 'I'm a married man' I cautioned myself, I didn't have the pleasure to think about stuffs like that but I found myself staring at the palm with which I carried her big ass off of me. Come to think of it, I had never been with any woman apart from Queen. The sensible part of me stopped me from having wild thoughts.

After Irene left, I began to wonder if all she had said and all I had been hearing from people around me were true. Was my wife really cheating on me? I knew we'd been having issues but did she really have cause to cheat on me? I instinctively picked up the envelope Irene dropped and went through the contents. There was an account mapping of my companies finance for the past three years mapping the unauthorized flow of cash from my company. There was enough information to pin down Jide for laundering and embezzlement. Of course,i had known about this for a while, I just didn't know he was taking this much. So, people had been right to call me a fool, I had a thief under my nose and i still accommodated him as my friend. There was still one truth I didn't want to accept.

Queen had been having an affair with non other than my “best friend”. The thought made me mad as I locked through the pictures of a small hotel downtown and the catalogues. Apparently,twice a week my wife and my best friend always visited the hotel. Queen gets to the hotel two hours before Jide and goes to room 56 under the false name Ayodeji Tolani, my mother's maiden name. Jide arrives two hours later as Kazeem Balogun who was a jester from our secondary school days. They always spent between three to five hours after which Jide would leave an hour before her.

I looked at the days of the week when Queen and Jide met. They were the same days when Queen would tell me she had gaenecologist appointment. She always blamed the traffic any time she arrived late. I still wanted to believe that she actually had appointment with a doctor. And so, tonight - this night- I set out as early as I could so I arrived at 4:55 and witnessed Queen drive into the hotel parking lot a few minutes past 5:00. I waited two hours more till I saw Jide pull up in the same garage. He was far away but I could sense the pie eating grin in his face and the bounce in his footsteps. He would soon be having sex with the hottest Nigerian woman and he knew it. He had to love that fact.

Five hours, I'd been waiting for them to be done with whatever it was they did together. I never believe things I don't see with my eyes and I always want to know people's reasons for doing things so I was waiting for Jide to leave so I could speak with my wife in private,ask her why she has been doing whatever it was she was doing with Jide. I had been hoping they would done after three hours but they weren't. It had gotten darker and their sillhoutes became clearer on the curtains and I had a vague idea of what they were doing at certain times. I'd seen my Queen take Jide's member into her mouth, seen him trust his schlong in between her chest and when she bent over for him I couldn't stand the sight. I hit my fist against the wall closest to me, my knuckles bled but I left them be. I kind of enjoyed the pain.

I tipped my cap for the hundred and first time that night as I watched Jide bounce out of the hotel room towards his car. How convenient of him, sleeping with his boss and best friend's wife and the leaving in a car bought from money he had gotten from said boss and best friend. I entered into the hotel complex and gave the attendant ten thousand naira in one thousand naira notes to silence her from asking questions or writing down my name.

'Come in' I heard Queen mutter after I knocked twice on the door. As I got into the room, I realized she wasn't even dressed. What was wrong with her that she would expose herself to just anyone and anybody that happened to walk in.

'Kolade' I could almost see the shock in her voice.

'Why' I asked. 'Why did you do it. The truth, I want the truth... No lies. '

Queen stared at me for a fraction of a second. 'Look, I'm not the relationship kind of person. You claimed to have known me since youth service days, if you really did, you would know that I never stick with the same person for too long. '

I looked inwardly and thought back to when I had first know Queen. Yes, she was never a saint, she was always going around with different men and it sickened me then, feeling me with jealousy. I thought that was just her rebellious state and she would have out grown it. I couldn't fathom a married woman having affairs. But still I wanted answers,i wanted to know what I had done to deserve this.

'Why.' I said,reminiscent of myself. 'Why Jide. Don't I satisfy you? Why did you have to go round and sleep with my best friend. '

Queen stood up and walked towards me, unclad. Her Unclad body looked like honey and chocolate at the same time,promising sweetness and cheer. As her huge breasts dangled across her chest, I expected myself to have an hard on but unexpectedly my body had become physically incapable of being aroused.

My wife placed her arms on my shoulders and whispered into my ear. 'You satisfy me. No man can satisfy me like you do,not even Jide.'

'So you say. But it doesn't explain why you cheated. This just doesn't make sense.' At this point, I was starting to believe my wife was innocent,maybe Jide blackmailed her into doing it? Maybe, just maybe.

'I did it for the thrill.' My heart stopped at this point. 'The fear of being caught actually puts me on edge and makes me orgasm faster. ' She pressed her body against mine trying to seduce me or what could I call this. My own wife. 'I still have yet to be satisfied.' She hinted what she wanted and I could feel her hand in my crotch. 'Let's have fun. '

My head was going to explode. What if I wasn't the one that had entered, would she have been trying to have sex with the person? It was then I realized why she always left an hour after Hide had left. It was the same reason she had said 'come in' so casually when I knocked, the same reason she was unclad when I came in. She wasn't only cheating on me with Jide. There was another guy. Other guys.

My wife is a nymphomaniac, I realized. But that wasn't the problem. As a married person, everything related to you sexual or no should be directed to your significant other but my wife had decided to take it out on other men. She was probably ashamed of herself and couldn't bare to face me which led to her turning me down for sex or was she afraid i would figure out she was cheating. Come to think of it, this was the lady because of whom I was celibate for more than five years of my life.

My fist struck hard and fast as I sent a powerful blow that wasn't meant for a lady into my wife's face. She fell on the floor and struggled to get her footings right. The way she sounded, the way she struggled and the way her skin felt against my hand sent a bolt of lightning through my heart. It was a great feeling and I wanted to feel it again so I hit her on the chest making her fall back to the floor. I didn't have a mirror but I could tell-from the way I felt that I had an happy expression to my face.

I went towards the door and locked it.

'Kolade,what are you doing?' She asked me in a voice that brought joy to my heart. A tearful, frightful voice.

'You wanted to have fun. We're going to be having a lot off fun all night long. ' I said not even sparing her perfect nude body a look. I took a few steps to the kitchen and I returned with a very sharp knife. I used the knife to cut up part of the curtains into strips with which I tied my wife to the bed post. In no time,i had her flat on her back with her hands and legs spread. Each limb fastened with a piece of cloth to the bed posts.

'Do you like this.' I asked after slapping her succulent breasts with the palm of my hand. Queen nodded as she couldn't speak. I had gagged her with some clothes.

I traced a line from her left boob down to her abdomen while she moved slowly, reacting sensitively to the tender touch of my fingertips, trying to break free from her restraints.

My hand stopped at her crotch region where I started drawing circles and making lines with the tips of my fingers. The inner of her thighs looked sensitive and I could tell from the look in her eye that she wanted to indulge in conjugal intercourse. She didn't know I didn't feel the same way.

Watching her gagged moan and body movement seemed boring to me. I was tired of seeing her happy all the time when only a few minutes ago she had been cheating on me. She was either stupid or extremely high on post conjugal endorphins to believe I wanted to have sex with her after tying her to the bed. Did she think a man with a sharp knife in his hand could have any good intention?

The incision I made on her inner thighs were quick,precise and artistic. Her skin gave way like fresh tomatoes being carved with a sharp knife and the blood dripped out of the shallow cut like the fluid from said fruit. The sight of her blood and Queen's reaction when she realized what the sharp pains in her thighs were gave me a rewarding smirk which was plastered on my face. She was shaking violently like she had a convulsion.

That jerking motion of her body to the rhythm of pain, her face squeezed in anguish and surprise, her boob's flapping against her chest like the sails of a pirate ship and the blood slowly dripping down her thigh all made for a phenomenal feel. Then, for the first time since I arrived,i felt a bulge in my pants- I was aroused. Never had I felt anything like this and tonight, I was willing to go to the extremes of this new sensation.

Time flew and before I knew it, both Queen and myself were covered in blood. Her ,from the carefully incised cuts which I traced round her body like protective marks given by Yoruba herbalists and me from rubbing myself against her and nibbling and sucking on certain parts off her body after bleeding them. Queen's convulsive struggle had subsided and her shaking was barely visible. I ungagged her only to hear her struggle against death while muttering the words. 'I'm sorry. '

'You are sorry? ' I asked in a low whisper. 'This will teach you to cheat on me. ' I said making more cuts on her lips which I took her in a deep kiss. I exhaled after she didn't resist. It was time to end it. With my left hand, I pulled her eye lids over her eyes the whispered 'I love you' into her ears before plunging the cold steel knife into her throat. She barely struggled as she choked a couple times before dying as blood spewed out of her opened throat.

Her body was still warm and I needed that warmth. How do I get it I thought. After feeling her body for the warmest parts, I cut open her lowers abdomen and brought our her internal organs. I wore her intestine around my neck like a garland and placed the others to my chest as I lay on the floor, a lit cigarette in one hand.

'Why have I never thought about doing this in my life?' All my life everybody had been mean or rude to me but now I would do whatever I like, I won't sacrifise my happiness for anyone like I did with Queen. It always ends with sadness and death. Yeah, death. That I like now, it isn't bad to do that once in a while. I just killed a person and I liked it, I'm sure going to do it again. 'What do I do before I claim my next victim?

'Well, I'll employ Irene back just so I can have intercourse with her and I'll make sure I sleep with all the ladies in my company and the wives of all the men then I'll kill Jide and leave this God forsaken country. ' I thought as I took the last drag of the cigarette as it turned to ashes.

I could still hear the loud music from the club as I made my way out of the hotel. I went to my car and looked at myself in the mirror, my whole body was soaked in blood but I thought I looked cool and I gave a long loud laugh as I gazed at the sky. The moon shone full overhead without any hinderance from the clouds.

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Re: The Reaper(one Shot Compilation) by Honeydawealth(f): 7:33pm On Dec 26, 2017
More!!!! Plsssssssss!!!!
Re: The Reaper(one Shot Compilation) by Iamlordroman: 2:39pm On Dec 27, 2017

[December 26,2017]
The Second Coming was a big pleasure organization and I had a comfortable look on my face as I drove down the road and into the parking lot at about 7:00pm. It had rained heavily and there were puddles of water in pot holes here and there,dotting the road like a cheetah's hide. I cut the engine and sat in the car for a while, both hands on the steering wheel as I engaged in some light thinking.

It was just six days after Queen died and I had found love again. It happened a day after her death while I was at work. It was Friday and I took an early tea break so I caught Philip, the IT guy unawares. He was sitting close to the water dispenser where the Wi-Fi connection was strongest. I asked what he was doing and he replied that he wasn't doing anything,even opting to show me his PC which had no programs running. Unbeknownst to him, I knew one or two things about the computer and I realized he had just opened a new window. I switched back to the previous window and discovered he had been watching what I thought was porn and deciding to punish him, I confiscated his laptop and put him on cleaning duty for the rest of the day.

I don't know how or why but I feel like I derive certain pleasure from making other people hurt. Whatever it was I felt punishing Philip was no where near what I felt the night Queen died. It was a marvelous experience and I still can't explain the feeling.

Once in the privacy of my office, I played the video Philip has been watching. It turned out he was on live stream with a stripper from The Second Coming. The lady was confused when she saw a new person viewing the video and was ready to terminate the transmission when I offered extra payment. She was quick to comply and the bee sheet she had used to cover her body when she saw the new face,dropped like the tail of a frightened lizard.

It didn't take long for me to get mesmerized by the beauty on the other end of the screen. The way she moved, the way she parted her lips and how she touched herself I had never seen anything like that in my whole life. Queen might have been the hottest lady I knew but her luscious body was all there was to her appeal. At least to me,it was. I couldn't say the same for my employee and best friend,Jide.

My two year marriage with Queen had been eventless. Quite boring, now that I look at it. We weren't best of friends or anything and she always refused to share anything with me that doesn't end up with her asking me to give her some money. In fact, the only times we ever talked were when she wanted to ask for some cash. At least she was courteous enough to ask me face to face and not demand via text message or whatsapp. Our sex life was so uncool and I only took her in missionary. Our relationship had poor communication and bad sex-I wonder how I ever thought the relationship would last.

As time went by, I kept on losing more money to the lady who was by now richer than most of my employees. I didn't realize it but I had my eyes glued to the screen for nearly an hour before common sense finally set in and I began to question my own actions. I ended the session only after I was able to book a private session with the lady at her work place. That day, I left work early with only one destination in mind, The Second coming.

Since then till today, I've visited this pleasure organization everyday in search of my newly found love who I addressed as Valerie- though it wasn't her real name but she was more comfortable with that name than 'doll face' which I had earlier opted to address her with. Valerie and I had developed a mutual liking for each other I thought. She always seemed to understand everything I said or did and she helped me solve most of the things bothering me. Mostly things related to sex and sexual preference along with a few day to day problems like where best to get fuel during this period of scarcity and the likes. Our relationship never reached the point where I didn't pay her for her services. Basically, no relationship does because even married women demand money from their husbands because of the nuptial ties between them and the various services the woman renders.

Based on the growing relationship between Valerie and I, it wasn't at all awkward when I opened up to her about the fact that I felt more pleasure from more physical pains and hurt than I did with having the the sexual status quo. Her reaction still baffled me till today. She merely smiled and told me it was okay, that it was a normal phenomenon and she could help me with it. Help me adjust and learn the limits of my unusual emotional inclinations.

Valerie introduced me to what I thought was a torture chamber the very first time I stepped through it. It was a large wooden room with a medieval type door lock and the room seemed to contain several equipments which I was a stranger to. There were bars-horizintal and vertical ones, shackles, belts,face straps, and a variety of whips amongst many others. I didn't understand at first what was happening and I thought Valerie had brought me to a shrine to consult an herbalist for my 'ailment'. I felt a little offended and a little fear thinking I was going to be used for rituals. My new lover saw the unease in my face and told me to relax that it was going to be fine.

The next few hours were a new and very different experience as Valerie handled me and the grotesque equipments with such delicacy and sureness that it felt like she had a degree in the art. My heart beat came in pounds as I was hooked unclad onto what I could only describe as a crucifix in the shape of an X. I was chained spread eagle and she placed what looked like kitchen mittens on my hands. The only difference was that these didn't have a separate spot for the thumbs so all my fingers and my thumbs went in the same spot. When I asked Valerie what they were for, she simply smiled and said it was so I couldn't grasp anything or clench my fist when the pain came.

Of course I was on a pain induced high once Valerie started and my moans were loud and irregular. I couldn't explain it but with each hit I got in sensitive regions, I felt something new. It was painful pleasure and I was all too ready to indulge in the throes of ravaging desire. All night, I whimpered and cried. It was a cry of pain and joyful satisfaction. Ever since that night, I made it my sacred duty to visit Valerie and the second coming at night. We were almost inseparable.

Two days passed and it was Christmas,the mass of Christ. I didn't put up any Hanukkah decorations and if anyone asked why, I simply told them it was because I thought my wife had dumped me. Queen's body had not been discovered and if it had been, it wasn't disclosed. This didn't bother me one bit as I knew no one would be able to trace her death back to me. Any detective would be able to see it as a love affair gone wrong once news about Queen's and Jide's affairs were made public.

It was on that note that I pushed every thought of Queen and whatever it was she meant to me aside. She had meant a lot to me at one point but now that I look back at it, she didn't mean enough. She was replaceable. And she was replaced so fast by someone who to my eyes was the perfect woman. Valerie. I didn't ask for her real name but I knew it would be something pretty. She was probably an hausa-fulani girl raised in the the east because of her accent. She must have been through the university because of the way she spoke- she was intelligent and her knowledge in many aspects and her winning personality added more appeal to her already luscious body.

Christmas passed like a stranger. Unwelcome in my heart and soul. My day I spent half sober moving from mall to cinema. The afternoon and early part of the evening was spent playing with fire works and the likes. Christmas night I spent in Valerie's torture chamber after which I slept in her laps, passed out from the overexertion of the day.

On this night, i sat in my car with my hands on the steering wheel as I stared through my windshield at the wall of the parking lot. The warm draught coming from the heater warmed me and I shivered at the thought of being outside alone in this December period. It had been so cold and a silver mist hung in the air all day, hugging both nearby and far away structures on the horizon in an embrace that seemed infinite. One could have swore it snowed judging by how low the temperature got.

I was at The second coming,the pleasure Organization which I had grown fond of over the couple of days but I had a hard expression on my face. A sight that was rare whenever I came here. The singular reason for this was because I had received a call earlier in the day. It was the morgue, informing me that my wife's dead body had been found. If the next thing I heard had not been made mention of, a true detective might have named me as a suspect because my expression had been stoic till it was mentioned. Queen's body had been found in the boot of her car, wrapped in black tarp. Here was the thing, Queen died in the hotel room and I didn't move her body. She couldn't have moved herself from where I lay her in a pool of her own blood. Or could she. Is my life a Horror Story? A story of how my dead wife comes back to life to haunt me in revenge for her death at my hands?

That was out of the question because I didn't believe in ghosts and what you don't believe in can't hurt you, can it? The only reasonable explanation why Queen's body could have been found the way it was, I told myself, was perhaps the work of someone unknown,a new player in what I thought would spiral into a game of madness. Another thought struck me. It could have been Jide. He might have returned to the hotel in search of something. Something he misplaced,maybe his wedding ring and finding Queen in her state felt like he would be the first suspect so he tried to cover up by wrapping her up and dumping her body in the trunk of her car. Who else would have recognized her car and know the location of her car keys?

It was obviously an haphazardly thought of plan to hide a body. Even I knew that touching tarp can leave fingerprints which can lead to whoever it was that moved the body. The person might have done me a solid by implicating themselves in Queen's murder. 'The 'murderer' would soon be found and I need not worry myself about a situation that's resolving itself. ' I thought as I alighted from my car, locked the doors and strolled to the entrance of The Second Coming.

Inside, I was welcome by the sweet smell of passion and lust which seemed to ooze out from the ladies who were dressed flamboyantly and accurately sexualized. The ladies were like models displaying their wares to whomever cared enough to be interested in them. Amidst the sea of bodies and the rampant cacophony,i noticed a lone pair of eyes staring at me but once my gaze shifted to that direction,i noticed the lady seemed to turn round and seemingly vanish. This wasn't the first time I would experience such. A smile crept into my face as I deduced what was happening,or at least I thought. The lady must have seen me visiting regularly and had developed a sudden interest. It must be my good looks or maybe the size of my pocket. Anyway, I ignored the occurrence and walked on ahead to the room where my heart lies.

As stated, my heart was lying on the bed inside the room where we had our sessions. She had on a red coat which she is took off to reveal a very fitting lingerie which held onto her body perfectly, presenting her goods on a silver platter. Her luscious body beckoned on my soul, bidding my inner demon welcome. The thought of the on coming pleasure made my mouth water and the heat I already felt made my blood boil as she led me to one of the pleasure devices. The electrostimulation machine worked in such a way that through electricity flowing through my body, my hormones and sexual endorphins were electrolysed from my body, releasing them in bulk into my my blood stream so that had the feeling of sex without actually having it. Only thing was I wanted pain, I wanted to cause pain not have an orgasm.

All this while,Valerie danced in front of me while I had that sick twisted look on my face. After all the pain therapy, I had Valerie in the old school sex move which all couples practiced. It was literally boring to me and I hated every moment of it but I had to satisfy Valerie too or else she would lose interest. I couldn't risk that because I had fallen in love again.
Re: The Reaper(one Shot Compilation) by Iamlordroman: 2:40pm On Dec 27, 2017
Hours later and Valerie and I were asleep in bed. It had fast become an habit for me, sleeping over at the second coming and leaving the next morning. Usually it wasn't possible during working days but it was a festive season and there was an holiday. Valerie lay beside me, facing away from me like the last thing she wanted to do was be with me. I lay on the other side of them bed, facing her rear with one hand around her. At first she kept pushing my hand off unconsciously until she woke and then she apologized and let my hand slip into her bossom while she lay half awake.

It was around midnight when I was still awake and feeling the urge to take a pee when I heard a noise in the bathroom. I thought it was rats and I stood to take a pee. After I was done, I wiped my face with water and looked into the mirror. I was shocked when I saw a lady standing behind me through the mirror. My heart jumped into my mouth. Queen's ghost had come to haunt me.

I turned round only to see the lady try to stab me with a pair of scissors which I avoided by grabbing her by the wrist. 'No ghost will take my life today' I thought to myself as I grabbed her by the neck and push her up against a wall,squeezing her neck.
I left her when I saw she was choking. This was no ghost and it wasn't Queen either. 'Who are you. ' I inquired,not expecting an actual answer.
The lady only raised her head, red faced and hurt as she said. 'You can't have her. She's mine. ' She literally spat out the part where I couldn't have her.
'How long have you been here.' I asked. 'I'm always here in case anyone tries to hurt her. ' The look in her face made me realise how much Valerie meant to this lady. I saw a particular resemblance in her and the person I saw before meeting Valerie. Finally I had found my stalker.

As I left her in the bathroom,something crept into my mind and I woke Valerie from sleep. 'l just met your guardian angel in the bathroom. ' I teased when she was fully awake. 'That must be Roxie. She's a good friend of mine.' Valerie had this distant look in her face when she said that. But I didn't care, all I knew was that Valerie meant allot to this Roxie character. All I knew was that Valerie belonged to me and me alone. And I was going to display my ownership of her.

'I want to try something,i whispered in Valerie's ears. 'What's that' Her response sounded forced to me but I just ignored that. She had just been forced to wake and I didn't expect her to be at full mental capacity. 'Let's try that bondage stuff.' I said with a glint in my eye. 'We've tried that a lot of time. Why are you bringing it up like its a new thing' She was almost yawning. It was evident all she wanted to do was sleep.

'On me, we have. But on you...' I paused, making her imagination do the talking. 'I don't like it, it's you who likes it.' Her reply was more like offensive than it was defensive. She was probably thinking I was a weirdo, getting turned on while being hurt and she would do anything but become a weirdo like myself. I was going to show her. Taking pain turned me on but I knew dishing out pain would do better. I knew that because of what I felt as Queen died.

After a few coercive words and wallet flashing, I was finally able to get Valerie suspended and spread eagle in between two vertical posts. I tied her body with some soft roles that wouldn't causing her skin to chaff. She was suspended a few inches from the ground and her hands and legs spread sideways and each limb had cuffs with which the were attached to a pole at either side by chains. 'I'm scared' she whispered as I put the posture collar around her neck. I placed a finger on her lips then I wore a gag strap over her face and the gag which was a metallic sphere,i placed in her mouth to muffle her screams.

I took the show to the road by first rubbing her body with two horse tail whips,one in each hand. I rubbed the feathery material on the sensitive part of the female body. Gently,tenderly,slowly and carefully rubbing from behind her ears down to the sides of her neck then forward and downward to her breasts, intentionally hesitating at the nipples then flowing down and backward along the lower armpits and her side, savoring the ticklish reaction that emanated from her as I forayed down her hips to her lower back before regrouping my hands at her thighs and started the whole process again, starting from her thighs and ending at her face.

Valerie must have been anticipating what would come next as I stood behind her for a while not doing anything. Just standing and observing and admiring her wonderful body from the rear. The next sensation hit Valerie like a wave of fear and surprise. She shock in her bondage trying to get free of this monster. That's what I was, I monster all of a sudden. One moment,i was caressing her body with horsetail whip, the next moment, I struck her with her leather belt. I rubbed my hand over the part of her butt where the belt had hit her, trying to absorb the pain or something. It was however impossible to absorb someone else's pain so I just spanked her on the assignment with the palm of my left hand. What I wasn't expecting was my wedding band reflecting light into my eyes.

The disgust I felt when I realized I still had that thing on my hand was great and I immediately took it off and tossed it onto a nearby table. Was that how Queen's ghost was going to hurt me? Interfering when things were just getting interesting. That wasn't going to put me down so I cast the thought out of my mind and instead focused on the task it hand. Whipping the whimpering woman who writhe in pain wrought a most whimsical gay feeling in me. I was elated and aroused by the way her muffled groans and wailing sounded as she have been begging, pleading to be let go. I could see her hands curl into fists, grabbing onto the ropes she was tied to. It was then I realized what the hand restraints were for. They made sure the pain wasn't transferred to anything else. Made sure the pain coursed through the body. I was willing to make Valerie feel all this pain, so I borrowed one from her book and put the hand mittens on for her.

A smile crept into my face as I heard a rapping noise from the bathroom. That was Roxie. She must have been trying to sneak up on me but I had locked the bathroom door and there was no way she could come to Valerie's rescue. Not that She needed rescue, I wasn't about to kill her. Or was I now. Knowing how Roxie must have felt seeing Valerie undergo bondage, the grief,the fear,the anger, the pain. Yes,the pain, I felt it for her too and it added to my sexual high sending me into a most high erotic crescendo which could only get more stronger as I kept at poking Valerie's bound body.

Finally, I hugged Valerie from behind, my loins pressing against her rear as I held her in a neck lock strangling her a bit. A took off her nice collar and the gang strap just to hear her voice and opinion. 'It was nice' She whispered,surprising me. I was taken aback a few second until I reared my head backwards and shook my head thinking. 'There's nothing money can't buy. '

The next day, two days after Christmas, I sat up in my bed thinking about how I would cope when work started once more. A thought came to my mind and I decided to call Irene. It's been a while since I fired her. I had to apologize to her and get her hired back, maybe even give her a promotion and increase her pay. Just so I could have my way the lady.

I was surprised when I hit her voice mail the fifth time. The Irene I knew would have been awake at this time of the day. I smiled and realized she was probably ignoring my call and that only meant she was still pissed at being fired. This year's was going to end well. But how would the next year go. I thought as I lay back in bed and went into a deep sleep.
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Happy New Year, folks! smiley

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