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Re: Untitled Fiction by Enoquin(f): 2:11pm On Jul 13, 2012
dramatic speak:
she Is typIng tru her fone so she cant type in full

My dear, that is no excuse! I just told you I have typed with my phone too before...I typed my observations with my phone...I don't know why you'd want to think what I said was wrong...
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gepheral: 2:15pm On Jul 13, 2012
Nice one dear.. More fireeeee
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sike(m): 2:32pm On Jul 14, 2012
Nice one tho.
Re: Untitled Fiction by dramaticspeak(m): 8:21pm On Jul 14, 2012

My dear, that is no excuse! I just told you I have typed with my phone too before...I typed my observations with my phone...I don't know why you'd want to think what I said was wrong...
so sry ma'am
Re: Untitled Fiction by konari(m): 4:23pm On Jul 15, 2012
dramatic speak:
she Is typIng tru her fone so she cant type in full

Re: Untitled Fiction by konari(m): 4:24pm On Jul 15, 2012
dramatic speak:
she Is typIng tru her fone so she cant type in full


keep up the good work though. waiting for the continuation
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 7:22pm On Jul 15, 2012

The meeting had come to an end at least officially, it was now time for the after-party, while the various 'other' party members were drinking free alcohol and listening to a fuji band play, the 'exclusive' party members were upstairs having another round of meeting.

The table which was oval with twelve seats, one at each end, five on each side, had the chairman of the party, Chief Kosegbe sitting at the head of the table, the governorship aspirant bearing the flag of the party, Chief Shodipo, sat to his right, Chief Balogun who had lost to Chief Shodipo in the primaries sat on his left, at the other edge of the table sat Mr Korede who was the party secetary. The publicity secretary, the financial secretary, the treasurer, the women leader and the youth leader filled the seats on the left respectively. While their assistants sat facing them, there was a cassette recorder on the table.

Coughing hard as a signal for others to keep quiet and stop the mutterings. The chairman started the meeting.

'Let our in-house pastor, lead us in prayer'
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 10:05am On Jul 16, 2012
At the 'exclusive' meeting, it was decided that the party needed to advertise, advertisement obviously is a way of creating awareness to the society, jingles especially the interesting ones had a way of sticking to the mind of people. Posters, handbills, and adverts on billboards will also be done.
The National people's Party (NPP) were not going to play with anything.

The best way to get to a man apart from his throat was to fiddle with his family members or a loved one.

Here was Teniola in the middle of a war and she had absolutely no idea. Bullets were flying around, arrows were aiming for her, death was right at her doorstep, yet she was clueless.

Who the hell sleeps when his roof is on fire?

Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 10:10am On Jul 16, 2012
good work,keep it coming
Re: Untitled Fiction by kemiola89(f): 6:32am On Jul 18, 2012
Wow! Interesting piece full of suspense.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 11:16am On Jul 18, 2012
Teniola's mom walked into Teniola's building, panic written on her face, Mrs Roberts was a woman of 55 years looking more like 40, she was dressed modestly as usual, with no loud make-up, and her usual wedge-like footwear as she was just 5'2 which in her opinion was too short.

Teniola was searching for some files in her cabinet when the door to her office flew open. Raising her head up with obvious anger written on her face, she opened her mouth to ask the person whether his/her manners were left at home this morning. But as soon as she saw that it was her mum, the anger face changed to a worry face.

''Mum!.. Goodmorning''

''Goodmorning Teniola'' her mum replied,sitting down on the chairs opposite her table.

What was she doing here, Teniola wondered. Her Mum never came to her workplace, the only time she had come was during the opening ceremony of that building. Even if she was passing by and they needed to see her, she called her up to come and meet her outside. So her coming in today means there was trouble or something bad had happened.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 11:21am On Jul 18, 2012
gentie,oya do quick &post nah. I go smack you ooo
Re: Untitled Fiction by avicky(f): 8:23pm On Jul 18, 2012
More power to your elbow.
Re: Untitled Fiction by kemiola89(f): 10:08pm On Jul 18, 2012
Oh! Not again! Wats with this short short story sef? Why is this story takin forever? pls come and finish up na.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 10:56am On Jul 19, 2012
Chief Shodipo walked into the supermarket, he loved shopping not because he ate a lot or he was greedy, but mainly because he had the money. He walked to the jewellry section, he was goin to sleep at one of his concubines' place tonight.

He smiled at himself, he loved this particular concubine. She was intelligent and smart, they did not meet at one of those numerous clubs he visited but at this same supermarket at the jewellry section. If not for publicity reasons, he wished he could send Mama deji who was his first wife out and have his beautiful darling inside.

Mama deji had only secondary school certificate which she claimed she passed, but Chief Shodipo was not even sure she did. Because her spoken english was so bad that when she spoke, people fainted.

But his concubine was so perfect in english, flawless infact, she was not bred outside the country but she had an oyinbo's accent. 'She would be good for a first lady' Chief Shodipo thought. He would find a way to get Mama deji out.

Running his feeble fingers through a necklace, he looked at the sales girl beside him, and asked

'How much is this?'

Smiling, the sales girl answered

'It goes for 70,000 naira sir'

''I'll have it'' He replied.

'Beautiful people deserve good things.' he muttered to himself.

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 11:12am On Jul 19, 2012
i hope mama deji isnt synonymous with dame p?

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Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 11:13am On Jul 19, 2012
*****************************Teniola smiled at her mum
''Mum, i know you want the best for me, but right now, i can't''

''Teniola omo mi, abike, its just three days now...''

''Mum..do you know what can go wrong in this office in three days?'

''Teniola when you were sick, this place did not fall apart, and that was for more than 3 months, so u cannot spare three days?'

''Mum,30 minutes infact i cannot spare'

''I knew you would be strongheaded like this, that was why i ddn't come immiediately i was told, but then the dreams would not stop and then i was told it was urgent you came, they infact told me that something terrible would happen if u don't come today.''

''Mum..you know i do not like all this idea of...''

''I would not take that as your final answer, think about it and call me.. Sho gbo? Abike mi joor''

''Mum, i have heard, I'll think about it.''

Rising up as a cue to show her mum that this discussion was over. Teniola said

''Maami, let me see you off to the elevator''

''Don't worry, oko mi, go back to your work''

She picked up her bag and walked to the door, at the door she looked back and said

''Teniola, think about it well''
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 12:43pm On Jul 19, 2012
Sighing for the umpteenth time that day, Teniola thought about what her mom had come to see her about yesterday. Her mom had once again gone to one of those white garment churches. She did not even know what to believe, her mom had said it was the prophetess that called her, but she had this feeling that it was her mom who went, but whichever way it was, it ddn't make any sense.

Her mom was a spiritual woman, she ddn't know maybe her mom visited traditional priests but she knew her mom could visit any church. From the rosary-praying ones to the saturday-worshipping ones to the white garment churches. So far they worshipped a God somewhere, she would go especially if it had to do with a dream.

Her mom was a dreamer, she jokingly called her, 'Iya Alala' sometimes. But everyone knew that most of her moms dreams usually come to pass. The other day she had warned Teniola's elder brother not to go out, but he had gone and he back home with a bloody face. The next time it was their neighbour she had warned against fueling the generator without holding a torchlight and that one had laughed it off and went ahead to do it without holding a torchlite of course, and a snake had bitten him. The list was endless.

Now, her mom had dreamt about Teniola being the cause of so many calamities that was goin to occur soon, calamities that if not curbed might finally lead to her death.

Teniola was not spiritual, or maybe she was a little, but she did not actually care if there was a God or not. Things would happen if they are meant to happen, that was her thought...

Her phone rang, cutting into her thoughts, picking it up and looking at the screen, she sighed, it was her mom. Thinking of what she would say, she ignored the call, but then her mom called back again like Teni knew she would and this time she had to pick.

''Maami, goodafternoon''
Ignoring the greeting, with obvious tears in her voice, her mum screamed
''Teniola, your dad has had an accident''.
Re: Untitled Fiction by tpia5: 3:26pm On Jul 19, 2012
Gentiejag: 55 views nd no one is commenting....dis is so discouraging

Maybe you should call specific nlers to come and comment?

Abi how you for do am.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 6:01pm On Jul 19, 2012
@tpia...U shld v noticed dat i wrote that at d early stage of my posts...

Am nt discouraged anymore
Re: Untitled Fiction by dramaticspeak(m): 8:50pm On Jul 20, 2012
Gentiejag: @tpia...U shld v noticed dat i wrote that at d early stage of my posts...

Am nt discouraged anymore
dats d spirit miss
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 12:23pm On Jul 24, 2012
Mama deji sat on the torn mat which was on the floor, she cld barely see her feet clearly, this was her baba, the one who had never let her down, she ddnt look around like she normally did when she was in other people's residence. This was a residence of the gods, she dare not look around. For a moment, bright light filled the room, it was baba wo had opened the curtain covering the entrance.

''Baba, e kaasan' she greeted on her kneels.

''Iya deji, how are you? Gbogbo ile nko?''

''We are all fine baba'' she replied, still on her knees.

''This one that you visited me today, hope there is no problem?'' Baba asked.

''Baba, you are the one who says when i smell problem coming i should not hesitate to come and see you....'' she said, still on her knees.

''Iya deji,joko, let ur mind be at rest''

Iya deji sat on the mat and faced baba who was sitting at the other side of a big calabash that separated them.

''Baba, i told you the last time that Baba deji is running for governor''

''Beeni, you told me but i gave you some things to....''

''Baba, its not about that one, am sure he will win this election but baba, am scared..''

''Scared of what, mama deji?''

''Am scared baba, Baba deji came home some few days back, i ddn't need to be told that he was comin from one of his concubines house...'' Mama deji said

''Mama deji, i told u to let me prepare a potion for you that will keep him at home....'' Baba cut in.

''I dont want that one baba, he can have as many concubines as he wants, but baba am scared of what he might do when he wins the election''

''What he might do bi ti bawo?''

''Baba, he might not make me the first lady o, you know how men behave''

'Hmmm, that's true' Baba replied, nodding.
''So what do u think we should do?''

''Baba, there is this particular concubine am suspecting he might want to put there, i want you to...''

''I understand you'' Baba said, cutting in.

''But i will need her picture and her full name and her parents own too''

''No wahala baba, i'll get it''

''Baba thank you, i will be back tomorrow, have this for the gods''
she said giving baba a brown envelope and at the same time standing up from her knees.

''A da fun o, oju o ni ti e'' baba prayed.

''Amin baba, ese''
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 12:47pm On Jul 24, 2012

''Hey man, i have been trying to get a hold of you'' Micheal said into the phone.

''Am sorry, have been very busy,just got back from a mission the boss sent me'' Ales replied.

''So have you found out anything yet?'' Micheal asked.

''No, have not, you know how missions are, but i promise i wil check immiediately i get back to base'' Alex said.

''Please man, am counting on you''

''I will do it, i promise'' Alex said.

''Thanks,man'' micheal said, ending the call.


Teniola paced the corridor leading to the theatre. She looked at her wristwatch again, she had been checking the time every two minutes. Her dad had been in surgery for the past 4 hours, although some doctors had been coming out to give her updates on how the surgery was going, She just prayed that the surgery would be over and her dad would be okay.

Nature was not dealing too well with her infact it had been unfair this past few months,

She sat for some few minutes, her eyes were heavy from being sleepless and crying. Her eyes had doubled their sizes.

They had to stabilize her dad first before he was taken into surgery, her dad had been hit by a truck which was said to have sped away as fast as it could after the incidence. Some eyewitnesses had told her mum that whoever it was that hit her dad's car was bent on killing him cos it was said that he had repeatedly hit the car over and over trying to cause as much damage as possible.

Whatever the true story was, she just prayed her dad came out of the surgery alive.

Her mum had of course gone to the hospital chapel to pray, Her mum had also gone ahead to call some of her pastore and imams. Teni hoped their prayers would work this time. She could not lose her dad.

She felt a shoulder around her, it was her mum, fresh tears rolling from both their eyes.

''He's going to be ok mum'' she said, it was not a sentence,it was a prayer.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 3:03pm On Jul 24, 2012
''We tried all we could, but he had already lost a lot of blood. Am sorry.''

Teniola knew that when a surgeon or a doctor started his sentence with ''we tried all we could'', it was not goin to end well. When the surgeon stepped out of the theatre with that look on his face, she knew it was goin to be bad news, but she stil hoped and now are hopes were dashed.

Her mom yelled ''Won ti dami loro o'' when she heard her husband was dead. Her friends who were around held her, she sat on the floor. Teniola sat back on the chair, her head in her hands, she cried like she had not been crying since yesterday.

A loud and agressive 'NO' brought her head up. It was her brother, he looked at teniola shaking his head and walking towards her at the same time.

''Teniola, its not true is it?'' he asked.

''Olajuwon, we are fatherless'' she muttered.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 8:34pm On Jul 24, 2012
It was 2 weeks after her father's death, Teniola's father had been buried 5 days after, his wife insisted that no party be thrown despite the fact that some of the deceased relatives had said he had lived a fulfilled life and deserved a glorious burial.

Mrs Roberts saw no joy in her husband's death, people kept saying that he had lived a fulfilled life, that he had kids who were successful, that he himself was successful. People asked her to be strong.

But how could she be strong? 'This was the beginning of bad things' That was what iya woli had told her.

She had specifically asked Teniola to go and see the woman, but she was not going to hear any of it.

''Ah, Temi bami'' she screamed.

Her friends held her, but she could not hear a single word of what they were saying. All she knew was that hands were all over her.
Re: Untitled Fiction by yesboss20(m): 9:03pm On Jul 24, 2012
Mama Deji aka Dame P! Lol. I wonder the name of the nation's "first kid" as a matter of fact!
Great job @Gentiejag. Keep 'em coming ma'am.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 10:27am On Jul 25, 2012
Teniola paced her room, Simi her friend had just left, not of her own will, teniola had asked to be left alone. Here she was, back in her father's house, in her room, she wished her coming back to this room had not been of sadness. Her dad was dead, she was fatherless. No one was going to walk her down the aisle if she ever got to that stage.

She could not even cry anymore, she had cried enough, she had to keep this family together, it looked like she was the only one that was still sane. Olajuwon had resorted into getting drunk and smoking cigars, her mom would not even come out of her room.

But that was not the main cause of her worries. The fourth day after her father's death, when she had gone to the morgue to pick up her father's remains. A nurse had walked up to her and told her something very disturbing. The nurse said she was part of the surgical team who operated on her father, as she helped in passing the clamps, towels and all that were needed. She said her father was strong, he was battling for life even though he was under.
The nurse went further to say people dying on the table was not strange to her, but this particular one was.
The surgery according to the nurse was almost over as the surgeon was closing up already, when he was finishing the stitching, a tear had occured right from the chest down to the pelvic area. The nurse told Teniola that it was like somebody was tearing her father's skin off. She said during the course of the tear, the surgeon could not move, it was like he (the surgeon) was in a trance and that by the time he could get back to reality and ask for towels to stop the bleeding, lots of blood had been lost.

The nurse said she would not have counted the incident as anything significant except that the amount of blood lost was not what the cleaners found after the surgery. It was like her dad had lost a bucket full of blood and the cleaners had found just a bowl.

In the nurses' words, Teniola's father had been murdered by the evil ones.
Re: Untitled Fiction by AngelEbi(f): 12:46pm On Jul 25, 2012
D native doctor dat did dat work must be very strong
Re: Untitled Fiction by Infamous(m): 9:35pm On Jul 27, 2012
So far, so good. Keep writing, Lady.
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 9:39am On Aug 20, 2012
Gentiejag,abeg continue the story nah. Since jul 25? Haba! Must we use God to beg Muhammad??
Re: Untitled Fiction by Gentiejag(f): 10:02am On Aug 20, 2012
Eeeerrrmmm....am komin
Re: Untitled Fiction by Sapphiredamsel(f): 10:09am On Aug 20, 2012
Gentiejag: Eeeerrrmmm....am komin

you had better start c.u.m.i.n.g,oppps sorry, i meant coming

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