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Travel / Re: Awka-Onitsha Expressway Collapses, Commuters, Motorists Stranded by Abagworo(m): 6:42am On May 26
That road is the symbolism of the state of the nation.

After one year we have successful passed a budget...

My prayer is that Buhari should focus on States that were truthful about their plight. Some people lied that all their roads and 2nd Niger bridge was constructed by last regime and should manage their lies till 2019.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Takes Over Five Borno Communites In Fresh Attack by Abagworo(m): 3:55pm On May 25
False headline.
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Avengers, The Ecosystem And The Curse Of Crude Oil (pics) Attached. by Abagworo(m): 12:36pm On May 25
Yes the government has neglected us for way too long. Yes enough is enough!
Yes yes and Yes!!
But most importantly what then do we do as a people?
Pipeline destruction is surely not the answer neither is protest nor arms struggle!

We need solutions now not complaints not even apologies.

What do we do now to turn the trends for the better?

Simply look beyond oil. Oil is not wealth but destraction. Dubai is what it is today because they looked beyond oil while Saudi Arabia is in deeper economic crisis than Nigeria despite all their oil.
Politics / Re: Now There Is No Money To Run Government – Amaechi by Abagworo(m): 9:33am On May 25
Amaechi should please shut up.

He should not allow us to remember all the evil he has done in his State.

Which evil please? Amaechi remains the only good Governor ever in Rivers State in this generation.
Politics / Re: Current Price Of Items In Buhari's Administration (pic) by Abagworo(m): 9:27am On May 25
bag of pure is 200 naira here

In Port Harcourt it was 120 Naira but now 150 Naira. Retail price stays same at 10 Naira.
Politics / Re: Current Price Of Items In Buhari's Administration (pic) by Abagworo(m): 9:26am On May 25

Tomato is actually something we do well but a virus affected the crop this year.

I know but it is an eye opener for those who think agriculture is useless to our survival as a nation. We need to make the most use of our good arable soil to feed ourselves.
Politics / Re: Emir Sanusi: Ban Child Brides, Under-18 Marriage by Abagworo(m): 9:23am On May 25
I still think a girl should be up to 23 before she gets married.19,20 is still a no no for me. I still wonder how some muslims will get married to a 15 year old.the thing disgusts me. undecided undecided undecided undecided

Everything boils down to age of bride and groom. An 19 year old groom can marry a 16 year old bride while a 70 year old groom can marry a 45 year old without raising any eyebrows.
Politics / Re: Current Price Of Items In Buhari's Administration (pic) by Abagworo(m): 8:42am On May 25
Nigeria has been experiencing inflation over the years coupled with our growing population and recent dwindling in foreign exchange earnings. Tomato scarcity should be a lesson to Nigerians on the importance of agriculture over anything. We must feed ourselves well before any other luxury.

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Travel / Re: Lagos At Night..captivating pictures of a city on the rise. by Abagworo(m): 11:42pm On May 24
Port Harcourt is so laid back behind Lagos and Abuja. Such a pity.
Politics / Re: First Imo State Flyover 100% Ready by Abagworo(m): 11:39pm On May 24
Governor Owelle Rochas promised ndi Imo that before 29th May 2016 that the first Owerri Flyover will be 100% ready.

Seeing is believing


This doesn't look 100% ready to me. I commend Okorocha for getting to this stage in record 8 months but it should be completed before year end.

Completion means finishing the roads around it with attendant greenery and road markings.
Politics / Re: What Is A Good, Reliable, Unbiased Daily News Source in Nigeria? by Abagworo(m): 4:46pm On May 24
Only eye witness accounts is reliable in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Port Harcourt Vs Enugu Which Is More Developed? by Abagworo(m): 4:40pm On May 24

It's obvious u have not been to owerri or enugu
Calabar is the most over hyped town in Nigeria

Go to new owerri then come and talk

Calabar is the finest. Their only issue is with Calabar South which is a ghetto like we have in other Nigerian cities. Calabar does not have beautiful houses like Owerri or Enugu but there is a very good arrangement of houses that makes driving there much more pleasant to the eyes.

I even prefer Calabar to Abuja with my reservation being that it is an isolated town with no access road. I stopped going there in 2013 after I was stuck for hours between Itu and Odukpani with my family. It was a horrible experience.
Politics / Re: Balogun-Fulani: We Paid Ransom For Our Freedom, Our Kidnappers Were Fulanis by Abagworo(m): 3:36pm On May 24
These Kwara Fulani men are quite funny. They bear Yoruba names and certainly don't have the dark Arabian looks of Fulani like Sanusi, Buhari, El Rufai, Ribadu etc. but are proudly Fulani.

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Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 1:55pm On May 24

Please argue with facts and stop claiming what is not yours. As to the case of Utomi, when the odds are in your favour, you come up with excuses as to why the Anioma man is not Igbo but when it may be against you, you claim Anioma, Ikwerre etc as Igbo

Please never compare Anioma with Ikwerre. Even when you look at Anioma excellence in academics and business it is purely Igbo unlike Ikwerre. Again Ika and Ukwuani generally have more identity issues but never Oshimili and Aniocha who are Igbos in looks and deeds. I have a feeling you are neither Eastern Igbo, Delta Igbo nor Ikwerre.



Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 11:30am On May 24
A little calculation on the amount of IGR Okorocha forfeited or gave out as subsidy to Imolites in free education which is making some sections unhappy.

Primary School fees. Assuming there are 400, 000 primary school pupils in public schools paying 10, 000 Naira per term or quaterly it means the total amount is 4billion Naira quaterly or 1billion Naira monthly.

Secondary schools at 10, 000 Naira per term with average of 200, 000 students will yield additional 2billion quaterly or 500million Naira monthly.

With population of about 15, 000 students and school fees of 100k per semester IMSU can generate 1.5billion every 4months or roughly 350million monthly.

Let us do a little arithmetics

1billion + 500million + 350million = 1.85 billion monthly.

If we add Imopoly we arrive a little above 2billion.
Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 8:53am On May 24

You know PH is split into 20 political wards. The PH wharf, Old GRA, Seceretariat etc fall into ward Ikwerre areas. I think its Ward 8 or so.

I will upload the map for you when its convenient.

And as we are aware, all Okrika people in PH migrated from Okrika LGA, they ar just living on sandfilled swamps around the waterfronts of PH.

Yours is the Ikwerre version but Okrika version is entirely different. My reason for using was is because the waterside gangs and youth organizations are headed by Okrika boys including presently Abonema wharf. How come Okrika boys are collecting royalty on supposed Ikwerre soil?
Politics / Re: Imolites Are Too Poor To Be Taxed- Governor Okorocha by Abagworo(m): 8:44am On May 24
You are right in a way and the Governor is equally right in his own way. I believe certain things need to be done before embarking on aggressive tax regime and Nigeria generally lacks that.

Chief among the factors is accurate or reliable data base. If I know the actual population of taxable adults and corporations as well as their basic income it will be easy to work out a tax system that will be just and corrupt free.
Politics / Re: Another New School In Osun State Set For Commissioning. Photos. by Abagworo(m): 8:02am On May 24

Do you see what it means to build a new school. Not the one your governor,Rochas will single out an existing block in an existing school to refurbish,leaving the rest as they were,only to come later to announce that he has built a new school.
And sadly,conscienceless people like you will be coming before the world to brandish lies of how he built over 300 new schools.
And it made me wonder if people like you and the rest knows what it means to build 300 new schools or have you so sold your soul to satan like this?
Which areas were these new schools mapped out across the state,where and when was the recruitment of over 1000 teacher needs done, do you know their wage bill on the state?
May God have mercy on the souls of men like you. Men who can call black white for a pot of porridge

Must you turn everything to hate speech? He built new school blocks in 305 existing schools, completely remodeled about 30 others and built at least one from the scratch. The remodelled schools are good as well as the one built from the scratch while the 305 have improved with the addition of new blocks.


Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 7:50am On May 24
Ikwerre is not Igbo, NEVER,

Useless story from useless blog, BTW, that name credited to this silly story is not known in Ikwerre

The writer is not Ikwerre but an Igbo with little knowledge of reality. He thinks Obiri Ikwerre is the name of a town.

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Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 7:48am On May 24

Abagworo, i used to think you know Rivers state, im disappointed.

Of course I do. Where is PH wharf located? Everything after Mile1 is Okrika today. Maybe it was different in the past.

Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Visits Nigerians In Newark, New Jersey, Us(photos) by Abagworo(m): 7:44am On May 24
Go back to school to learn before quoting references without knowledge.

Government borrowed to pay salaries because the 2014 budget ended March, 2015 and 2015 budget wasn't yet signed. You forgot the same government paid fuel importers N200 billion.

$5 billion LNG royalty was still in the bank.


Marketers told Vanguard that they are being owed
about N470 billion in outstanding subsidy claims from
August 1, 2014 till date.

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Visits Nigerians In Newark, New Jersey, Us(photos) by Abagworo(m): 7:40am On May 24
this is gon be the last time I reply you on nairaland. Read what I wrote that you're replying to.

I was talking about foreign reserves. Foreign reserves is a country's bragging rights.

You talking about borrowin, what has Buhari been jetting around the world looking for? He's been looking for loans wch most countries have refused to give. You need to be able to look the part of being able to pay back before one can borrow to you.

Don't think I don't know you man. You're the one going around putting down an entire state and its people just cos a couple of merry men are giving you a tough time. You going around igniting hate against God's people just so you can get back at a couple folks. Speaks to your character man and I want nothing to do with a man like you.

Same people same mentality. You can continue lying to yourself.





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Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Headed For A 'full-blown Economic Crisis'- Yahoo Finance by Abagworo(m): 7:30am On May 24
There is a popular saying that " small thing wey u look throwaway face na im dey bring man down" PRICE CONTROL POLICY, that word govt has never taken serious not even for once. Certain foodstuff are suppose to have fixed price in this country, those are things govt is suppose to subsidize and not petroleum just to enrich certain individual.

I think the Government should loosen a bit on the Dollar control thing. At most Dollar will go for 500 or 600 Naira but it will be free from Government regulation.
Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 7:06am On May 24
I don't know if it is just me Ijaw + Enugu +Ebonyi+ Anambra+ Abia + IMO and the Igbo parts of pH are good enough. All these others will eventually pop up and hinder brotherly government, snitch us if there is war. Umu Igbo kwenu! Most of them say they are not Igbo and Nigeria fought just for their oil perhaps. We can replace them by building electric cars.

Where are the Igbo parts of PH? Maybe you meant Egbema and Oyigbo not PH.
Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 7:04am On May 24

so you're saying with the Onne port in Eleme and the PH wharf close to the secretariat, Eleme and Ikwerre are landlocked.

Assuming Ikwerre and Eleme are different countries from Nigeria, what is the position of International law regarding the use of the bonny river.

Do you think Ijaws will allow your ships pass their creeks without being subject to their terms and conditions? Onne and PH wharf which is presently Okrikaland are no different from Oguta and Onitsha ports. They all lay at the mercy of Ijaws. This includes pipelines for export of oil to sea from hinterland.
Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Visits Nigerians In Newark, New Jersey, Us(photos) by Abagworo(m): 6:44am On May 24
What is this garbage write up. What's the rebuttal in the claim. What did u manage to prove?
How much did Buhari meet when he came in Nigeria? How much is their now?
Buhari has used our money to import grass for his cows and cruised around the world in his crazed "80 days around the world" episode.

Stop wasting up space on naira land with junk man

It is clearly written there that Jonathans regime consumed all the income and borrowed 3billion Dollars ahead of Nigeria's limit of 5billion Dollars for 2015 without releading funds for capital projects. Buhari has reduced the rate of borrowing despite the further fall in oil price and reduced production from pipeline vandalism.


In the face of dwindling oil revenues,
Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-
Iweala, said the Federal Government
has borrowed about N473billion to pay
salaries and fund the 2015 budget.
The Minister, who was speaking in
Abuja on the details of the
N4.493trillion appropriation already
passed by the National Assembly, said
the federal government had to raise its
borrowing level from N570 billion to
N882 billion to enable it meet its
financial obligations to workers and
The minister blamed it on the decline
in oil revenue in late 2014, which
accounted for 50 per cent cut in the
total federally collectible revenue as
well as the low revenue receipts from
non-oil sources.


Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Visits Nigerians In Newark, New Jersey, Us(photos) by Abagworo(m): 6:37am On May 24
The man on red Igbo cap is handsome. What a contrast with Jonathan.

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Politics / Re: Goodluck Jonathan Visits Nigerians In Newark, New Jersey, Us(photos) by Abagworo(m): 6:32am On May 24
mehn, one year is enough to save money...how much has Buhari saved so far? GEJ saved more than 45billion dollars in the foreign reserve, thanks to Buhari it's now 20 billion. Buhari has blown through the cash in one year and has managed not to bring 1 naira...all he offers are lies and more lies.
Don't forget oil started falling during GEJ's time. Did he whine about it? No. He quickly found another route, agric revolution and it worked just fine..why don't you educate yourself son and stop acting out

Biko stop spreading lies authoritatively. Thank God for Internet.



The federal government has borrowed 473 billion naira to
meet up with recurrent expenditure including paying of
salaries while it is yet to release funds for capital projects.
According to Reuters, Nigeria has already used half the
borrowing allowance it has budgeted for and has not
released any funds for capital expenditure so far this year,
as lower oil prices eat into its revenues, the country’s
finance minister said on Tuesday.

“We have serious challenges,” Finance Minister Ngozi
Okonjo-Iweala said in an emailed statement. “Things have
been tough since the beginning of the year and they are
likely to remain so till the end of the year.”

The borrowed money has been spent to cover overhead,
including salaries, the minister said.
Lawmakers in Africa’s biggest economy and oil producer
last week passed a 4.49 trillion naira ($23 billion) budget
for 2015, 3.2 percent lower than last year’s spending plans.
It was forced to cut spending after global oil prices

The budget took longer than usual getting through
parliament, worsening the cash squeeze, because of the
closely fought general elections in March, which saw
incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan defeated.
“As a result of the 50 percent decline in oil revenues, the
country has faced a difficult cash crunch … Out of the 882
billon naira budgetary provision for borrowing, the
government has borrowed 473 billion naira to meet up with
recurrent expenditure,” the finance ministry said.
Okonjo-Iweala had projected annual domestic borrowing
last year would fall to below 500 billion naira from 577
billion naira in 2013.

The borrowing requirement this year could crowd out
lending to the real economy, raising domestic interest rates
and yields on government bonds, which could hurt growth.
Forecasts for growth have already been lowered twice this
The ministry said that inflation is still in single digits and
that the Nigerian economy is projected to grow by 4.8
percent this year.

Government revenues have shrunk sharply since oil sales
account for up to 80 percent of them and its currency, the
naira, has weakened drastically, despite the central bank’s
spending billions of U.S. dollars to prop it up.
The lack of funds for capital expenditure means badly
needed infrastructure development will be put on hold.
Funding for large projects such as bridges and roads had
already begun to dry up in 2014, forcing construction firms
companies with government contracts to cut back and fire
thousands of workers.


Politics / Re: Another New School In Osun State Set For Commissioning. Photos. by Abagworo(m): 6:25am On May 24
He put into consideration 2 basic issues most Nigerian schools lack. Serene environment and spacious car park. Nice one.


Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 6:21am On May 24

im tired of talking Igbo, lets discuss Rivers ports and access to sea. Okrika, Eleme, Ikwerre arent on the coastline but have ports on the lands, isnt bonny river an access to the sea??

Every River is an access to sea including Niger, Sombreiro, Orasi, Imo and Cross River which all pass through Igboland. The issue is communities between the rivers and sea which is the creeks of Niger Delta mostly inhabited by Ijoid people not Ikwerre or Eleme. Ikwerre and Eleme ethnic groups are as landlocked as Igbos.

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Politics / Re: "We Are Igbos, But Denied Igbo Because Of Biafran War" Says Ikwerre Youths by Abagworo(m): 10:05pm On May 23

Forget what Ikwerre impostors say on NL, no real Ikwerre man considers himself Igbo.. Its almost an abomination to us.

Access to sea is the Igbo motive in all this.

You are being too extreme. So many actually do but they are in minority. 2ndly Ikwerre has no access to sea. Maybe Okrika, Kalabari or Bonny is more important if the motive is what you think. From my personal point of view I mistook Ikwerre as Igbo earlier because my mother is from Ikwerre and I grew up learning the language and thought it was Igbo. Many Igbos cannot even comprehend Ikwerre language except those at the Southern tip who speak similar language.

Igbos erroneously think Ikwerres are part of Igbo ethnic group because of the similarities visa vis the loose cultural and lingual affirnity inside Igboland itself.

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