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Politics / Re: Obiano, Emefiele, Bagudu, Ogbe Watching Anambra Rice Being Harvested-pictures by Abagworo(m): 10:35am On Oct 21
This thread is about Obiano and politics hence criticism must be allowed. Rochas Okorocha has no business here.

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Politics / Re: Obiano, Emefiele, Bagudu, Ogbe Watching Anambra Rice Being Harvested-pictures by Abagworo(m): 10:13am On Oct 21
So why do some persons still say Obiano is doing nothing when it's seems to me he's doing some good work.

Can governors be loaned on some free transfer

Labeling a private individuals rice by a State name doesn't give the Governor any credit except of course he attracted the investor. Governor Dave Umahi could as well go about taking pictures at rice harvesting farms in Ebonyi State and label some Ebonyi rice with his photo on the bag. Obiano is nothing but a media showman.

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Politics / Re: Justice Ngwuta Accuses Amaechi Of Begging Him Over Fayose's Removal by Abagworo(m): 12:26am On Oct 21
Begging is nothing to indict Amaechi even if true. You can beg but not bribe.

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Properties / Re: River Niger Overflows In Anambra, Properties Destroyed by Abagworo(m): 9:31pm On Oct 20
If Imo was flooded Radio Biafra, Anambra people and PDP would have celebrated it and one way or the other blame Rochas Okorocha. Imo will soon experience flooding at Oguta and watch how these set people will celebrate.
Science/Technology / Re: Made-In-Aba Stove That Obtains Its Fuel From Cassava Leaf (Photos) by Abagworo(m): 8:20pm On Oct 20
Another good one from Aba.


Politics / Re: Amakohia Market Completed And Delivered By Okorocha by Abagworo(m): 6:56pm On Oct 20
God.. Am ashamed.. . Rochas it will never be well with u

U are proud tp show this as an achievement? ?

Ekiti and imo.. The two most educated states with thousands of professors... Have near imbeciles as Governor

APC have no excuse from expelling roachas... In fact he is the reason i cant join APC

The poster isn't Rochas but this market is a typical open village market that normally consists of thatched open shades. He has built dozens of these markets across the State for various villages. Very commendable and should not be mistaken for a city market.
Politics / Re: Fake SARS In PH by Abagworo(m): 3:13pm On Oct 20
Were you driving a luxury car?
Science/Technology / Re: Ihere-serg Mascot From Ebonyi Assembles A Car, Presents It To Umahi (Pics) by Abagworo(m): 3:02pm On Oct 20
This guy is gifted. Even me sef at my age never assemble ordinary bicycle. Nigeria needs to encourage technology because nothing is better than homegrown.

God bless beautiful Ebonyi State

God bless Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Gov OBIANO EFFECT! Track For Small And Medium Enterprises In Anambra Photos by Abagworo(m): 11:59am On Oct 20
Stop complaining to people unnecessarily. Stop complaining to anyone that passes by, just be committed. Focus on the work we are doing. You ain't seen anything yet. By the time we are done you would have packed out of NL and face your miserable and frustrated life..LOL!

Imagine an old ugly frustrated old man claiming rubbish! You are in your forties and you are yet to marry neither do you live in your house at your old age. The day your poor old mother throws you out from that one room she is managing you will understand how life is. You are so jobless and hopeless that it shows and exudes clearly. You sleep and wake up on NL, jumping from thread to thread like a mad man. Keep deceiving yourself but we know the truth.. cheesy

Brace up because you have seen the real madness that will take us on a long drive.. cool


Stop complaining to people old man..

Anambra is cursed

Politics / Re: Gov OBIANO EFFECT! Track For Small And Medium Enterprises In Anambra Photos by Abagworo(m): 11:40am On Oct 20
Abagworo the most successful people are those that love and cherish others achievement,an understanding and like to mingled with successfully people.i hardly brag or start exposing my achievement to people because some regions in Africa hate progress people is a fact anything concerning Africa.Anambra people we look for success and by the special grace we have achieved something and still growing. An going to show you what I do and how I managed to associate myself with successfully people over the years and I thank Chukwu okike abiama for blessing.l just manage to acquire two 2 bedroom apartments in queens park close to Sudbury road in London thanks to my Jewish best friend Paul he inherited his father properties estate agent in Hyde park.But the problem with people like abagworo with jealousy in their blood can never come out from poverty.Am here to view my property with Paul just took the pic 10 mins ago cool

I appreciate success my brother. What is happening here is a direct reaction to actions undertaken by Chino with his numerous monikers and if you observe I've long ignored Chino even with all his attacks on my State and Governor. Be sincere and observe all the Anambra threads if I've ever done what I did recently. The reason I had to get involved is because I was threatened by one Yeske.

As for success I have made my mark academically and in business too. At 25 I had millions of Dollars. I'm in my mid thirties now and I can say I've not grown astronomically but I'm quite comfortable and married with 3 lovely kids.

Congrats on your acquisition but it won't still stop me from reacting to attacks on either Rochas Okorocha or Imo State.
Politics / Re: The Man Peter Obi And The Truth About His Governance In Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 10:57am On Oct 20
Under Peter Obi, Anambra health sector was on strike for a total of 3 years out of 8years. At a point they were on a straight 13 months strike.



AWKA—DOCTORS in the employ of Anambra State
government yesterday called off their 13 months old
The action was suspended when it apparently became
obvious that the state government was not ready to
shift ground on the 60 percent salary increase it
offered the doctors when the strike began last year.
The Medical Association, NMA, in the state, headed by
Dr. Emmanuel Ekwesianya and the state government
team, headed by Secretary to the State Government,
Chief Paul Odenigbo, signed the agreement in Awka
calling off the strike.

The doctors embarked on the strike over the state
government’s alleged refusal to implement the
Consolidated Medical Salary Structure, CONMESS,
approved for doctors working in government-owned
hospitals in the country.
Ekwesianya said despite efforts to make government
shift ground, it remained rigid on the 60 percent
increase it offered to pay the doctors when
negotiations began.

He said the doctors decided to call off the strike in the
interest of the patients, adding that it was not good for
the doctors to remain as rigid as government on the
issue as people were suffering.
“We are serving the people and not government and we
observe that it is the people that have continued to
suffer over the past 13 months the doctors have been
on strike,” he said.

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Politics / Re: The Man Peter Obi And The Truth About His Governance In Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 9:51am On Oct 20
Why the noise
ONITSHA— Doctors in Anambra State Civil Service, under the aegis of National Association of General Medicine and Dental Practitioners, NAGMDP, have described doctors in the state civil service as the least paid in Africa.
Chairman of the state chapter of NAGMDP, Dr. Joe Uyamadu, who disclosed this in Onitsha yesterday, said while doctors in other states in the country were being paid 100 percent of the Consolidated Medical Salary Scale, CONMESS, before the commencement of the strike, doctors in the state were being paid only 50 percent of CONMESS.
Uyamadu, who noted that doctors in the state had an understanding with Governor Willie Obiano to wait until government completed the refurbishment and equipment of general hospitals in the state before implementing CONMESS in full, however, stated that they were on strike because the national body of NMA was involved.
Politics / Re: The Man Peter Obi And The Truth About His Governance In Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 9:42am On Oct 20
More of Peter Obi's devastation. He thinks our memories are short.

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Politics / Re: The Man Peter Obi And The Truth About His Governance In Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 9:37am On Oct 20
After ruling Anambra for 8 years Peter Obi left this.

Politics / Re: The Man Peter Obi And The Truth About His Governance In Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 9:34am On Oct 20
This is Agulu. Peter Obi's hometown.

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Politics / Re: Anambra Seat Of Political Power, Awka The Jouney So Far Photos by Abagworo(m): 9:37pm On Oct 19
B.astard brace up because you are now on a long thing. There is no need to complain just go back to the trenches. That you have been looking for is now looking for you lol

You will commit suicide over the terrible condition state.


We are already used to your fake pictures but for the 1st time you aregetting equal dose.

Politics / Re: Justice Okoro Lied. Evidence by Abagworo(m): 9:35pm On Oct 19
Holy Mary! even after giving you the dictionary and legal meaning of alibi ,you still goofed? So if a person says he reported he reported an incidence he claimed happened in the past to anybody as an alibi ?for the CJN is anybody not recognized here unless you can bring an official letter written by Okoro as at the time of the incidence to the office of CJN copying the police , SSS etc, and reactions of these legally recognized bodies inform of prompt investigation eg tracing Anarchist's phone's GPS within the said hours which are not even evidence of an alleged bribery.

Even photo or video like this one is nonexistent.

Politics / Re: Anambra Seat Of Political Power, Awka The Jouney So Far Photos by Abagworo(m): 9:06pm On Oct 19
Aba gworo my boy...when will u learn? is it necessary to dig all the IMO bad roads and use it in littering this topic? can see that u are nothing but an internet lunatic!

My boy galaxy4rep tell them to apologize and stop attacking Imo State and our Governor then I will stop. Every Igbo must promote all of Igboland not castigate others and expect them to keep quiet forever. The threshold was reached 2 days ago.

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Politics / Re: Justice Okoro Lied. Evidence by Abagworo(m): 9:02pm On Oct 19
By Ugochukwu Nnamdi Ukamba

I had seen Hon. Justice Inyang Okoro’s letter to His Lordship, Mahmud Mohammed, Mahmud Mohammed, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) and decided to ‘unlook’ because I try to restrict my engagement on social media to discussing issues and not people.

‎A good friend tagged me on a thread that was discussing the issue ostensibly to get my attention and perhaps elicit my opinion which she had considered ‘pedestrian’ on another thread discussing the DSS actions. I am not afraid to offer pedestrian opinions because one day those opinions will mature and ‘take flight’.‎

‎His Lordship’s letter raises some concerns that I hope we have, shorn of our emotional and political reactions, directed our minds to. I do hope His Lordship sought the opinion of Counsel before writing or dispatching that letter because, unwittingly, he appears to have shot himself in the foot -I think he may have shot His Lordship, Mahmud Mohammed, the CJN also.‎

‎The concerns:

1. How has His Lordship carried himself in the discharge of his judicial functions that politicians are comfortable enough to sit with him to openly discuss the prospect of rigging the decisions of the Supreme Court? First, Mr. Rotimi came to His Lordship and thereafter Mr. Umana, in the presence of a ‘Pastor’, offered gratification. ‎(or was the visit the other way round?)

Maybe I am a little old school but I know that before now, it was unheard of that a judicial officer would be found in the same vicinity as a litigant (or person remotely connected to the litigant) in a pending litigation.

Except His Lordship is suggesting that politicians routinely visit all his other learned brothers to discuss pending matters, I don’t see how that is a brilliant excuse for his current travails.

2. So politicians walked into His Lordship’s home, offered him a bribe to secure his assistance to influence a decision that might be assigned to him and His Lordship’s best response was ‘it doesn’t lie within my power to grant your request’. The law resides in His Lordship’s bosom and His Lordship knows or ought to know that the alleged conducts of Rotimi and Umanna amounted to criminal conducts contrary to sections 98A and 126 of the Criminal Code Act. The punishment in each of those sections are 7 years each. Had His Lordship complied with the provisions of our law and arrested (or caused to be arrested) the named politicians, the courts would have been able to try and sentence them appropriately. Our country would have been rid of at least two corrupt people for at least 14 years. No, His Lordship decided to ‘unlook’.

3. His Lordship said Mr. Rotimi also told him that he (Rotimi) had spoken with the CJN and that the CJN had agreed to make His Lordship a member of the panel that would hear the appeal. Inherent in that statement is the fact that Mr Rotimi has the power to influence the CJN’s decision. If Mr Rotimi was offering His Lordship money to get His Lordship on Rotimi’s side, would it be a far stretch to assume that Mr. Rotimi also offered the CJN money and perhaps the CJN accepted seeing that, according to His Lordship, the CJN had already agreed to do Mr. Rotimi’s bidding?

4. According to His Lordship, after this invidious attempt by politicians to ‘hijack’ justice, His Lordship only made ‘a verbal report’ of the incident to the CJN. Perhaps, over a light banter at dinner. We should all be collectively worried that a Justice of the Supreme Court (the final court of the land, the court with powers to uphold a death sentence on a human’s life) does not think that an incident, such as the grave allegations he has just made, is worthy of a formal petition to either the CJN or relevant law enforcement agencies. We should be more worried that these incidents allegedly happened in February 2016 and we are only just hearing of it in October -we perhaps would never have heard of it if His Lordship is not going through the present travails.‎

5. The, not-so-minor, reference of His Lordship to Mr. Rotimi trying to influence the outcome of the election appeal emanating from Abia State ‘at all cost’ is also very curious considering that Mr. Rotimi’s party wasn’t even part of the Abia Poll.

Perhaps this was a freudian slip.‎

‎Again, I do hope His Lordship sought legal counsel before writing this!

Ugochukwu Nnamdi Ukamba is a Legal Practitioner based in Lagos.


Barr. Ugochukwu thinks I am right.
Politics / Re: RE: Justice Inyang Okoro’s Letter - His Lordship Has Shot Himself In The Foot by Abagworo(m): 8:58pm On Oct 19
The plan was for APGA to take over and decamp to APC. The guy
was in romance with APC and that was why Federal government
gave the APGA aspirant SSS, full security and many benefits
immediately he won Appeal.... We knew their game.... So the Judge might be right. If the Judge is wrong they should sue him and stop making noise in media and papers...

APGA and APC are wide apart. Stop typing thrash like we don't know the happenings in Abia and above all most PDP members in Abia were and are still in support of Alex Otti. Alex Otti won the election and if indeed APC supported him he would have regained his mandate. Till this day most Abians are not happy. I was and I'm still one of the core supporters of Ikpeazu because I believe Otti wanted to subvert the turn of Ngwa.


Politics / Re: Anambra Seat Of Political Power, Awka The Jouney So Far Photos by Abagworo(m): 8:50pm On Oct 19

Politics / Re: Anambra Seat Of Political Power, Awka The Jouney So Far Photos by Abagworo(m): 8:47pm On Oct 19

Crime / Re: Police Smashes Baby Factory In Rivers State Where Children Are Sold Between 100- by Abagworo(m): 6:42pm On Oct 19
To NCAN they are not Igbos just in case. Bearing Igbo names and speaking the language is not enough. They are Etche ethnic nationality in Rivers State.
Politics / Re: Justice Okoro Lied. Evidence by Abagworo(m): 4:39pm On Oct 19

I don't think I've quoted you before. But this thread doesn't show you to be intelligent.

Even that of Abia was orchestrated by APC. The information leaked. Not everything is meant for the media. besides, Bribery is the least of things politicians do to win elections.

This thread is needless.

APGA is not APC and they are no partners. The Abia case is PDP infighting as the APGA candidate was even a PDP member. Nothing links APC with anything in Abia State.


Politics / Re: Justice Okoro Lied. Evidence by Abagworo(m): 4:37pm On Oct 19
Abagworo, chai Mazi don finish you.
See as you come resemble illiterate like me. cool grin

I don't get. The Judge lied clearly with point 1 debatable and point 2 undebatable. Abia APC had no case at the supreme court.


Politics / Re: Justice Okoro Lied. Evidence by Abagworo(m): 2:14pm On Oct 19

Let's examine this critically.
Amaechi visited him b4 the 27th of January and he only reported the matter to the CJ on 1st February-5 days after delivery judgement on the case, right?

That's fair enough

There are 2 issues here. He included Abia in the letter while Abia APC had no case.


Politics / Re: Justice Okoro Lied. Evidence by Abagworo(m): 1:46pm On Oct 19
That is not enough to say the judge lied.You don't know how desperate ameachi and pmb needs river state.Buhari even blasted the Judge after the judgement was delivered in wike's favor but he praised the judge who ruled in favour of apc in Lagos and Ogun state election petitions.

There is equally that of Abia State that had no APC case. The case of Nyerere Anyim was struck out at tribunal stsge and he never went for appeal nor supreme court. It is 2 evidences here with one being arguable and the other unarguable. It is 100% lie in the case of Abia.


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