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Politics / Woman Tells Jonathans Story As A Young Boy In Oguta Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:27pm On Jan 29
Jonathan was nicknamed, ‘Aguduma,’ as primary school
boy in Oguta before the war
For those who grew up in Oguta, in Imo State a few years
before the Civil War, the name “Aguduma” would bring back
memories. It was the qualification of a young boy, whose
friends considered too handsome and therefore, nicknamed
him “Aguduma,” meaning “Handsome Goodluck.”
That boy, today, has become a man. He’s not an ordinary
man, but one, who has risen from, perhaps, a nobody to the
pinnacle of Nigeria’s leadership. That boy is today the
president of Nigeria. That boy is President Goodluck Jonathan.
Yes, President Jonathan once lived in Oguta. While there,
before the war, he attended St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Primary School. He was nicknamed ‘Aguduma” by his peers in
primary school.
Telling Daily Sun the story of Jonathan, as a boy growing up
in Oguta, Madam Emilia Ajie, from Ogbaru area of Anambra
State, revealed that the president lived with his uncle,
popularly called Chief and his son in their (Madam Emilia)
compound at the Kalabari Beach, in Oguta 11. According to
the septuagenarian, Jonathan was always ill-treated by his
uncle, who never bought him school books, sandals or other
things he needed for school. She revealed that Jonathan was
always the last, among the pupils who lived in the compound,
to go to school daily because of house chores he must
complete every morning. Madam Emilia further revealed that
President Jonathan has always been a quite and respectful
person, who, even in the face of hardship inflicted on him by
his uncle, refused to accept unsolicited gifts from people. She
revealed that even when his uncle left him behind for home,
the young Jonathan engaged himself in menial jobs to survive.
According to her, “Goodluck is a very quite and respectful
person, even in the face of hardship inflicted on him by his
uncle, who was popularly called Chief and we always felt
sorry for him because of the way his uncle was treating him.
They were then living in our boys’ quarters. His uncle’s son
usually did nothing. It was Goodluck, who did everything in
the house, including cooking.” Madam Emilia recalled that at
the end of the civil war, in 1970, President Jonathan’s uncle,
who she said had married an Izombe woman, left him and his
son, who were yet to finish their primary school education at
St. Paul’s Anglican Church Primary School, Kalabari Beach,
Oguta 11, behind and promised to come back for them. She
stated that the uncle later sent for his son, while the young
Jonathan was left behind in Oguta to fend for himself. “When
Chief, Goodluck’s uncle, left with his wife, who was from
Izombe, for their hometown, he had left behind his son and
Goodluck because they were still in school and had promised
to come back for them. But after his son finished his primary
school, Chief sent for him and left Goodluck behind,” she said.
She revealed how Jonathan once had an accident that
frightened everybody. According to her, “one days, while
Goodluck was still living in our compound, he had gone to
pluck mango with other young boys, but fell from the tree
and as I was returning from the market I heard children
shouting that ‘Aguduma’ had fallen off the mango tree and I
quickly rushed to scene and used my head-tie to bind his
fractured right hand. “My husband’s brother, popularly
known as Ajasco, who was returning from the farm, had
carried him (Jonathan), with the assistance of other children
and took him to a popular traditional bonesetter in the
neigbourhood, called Nwanyiogu from Mgidi but married to
Kalabari man. And while he was receiving treatment for his
injured hand, we were always bringing him food because both
his uncle and the son had gone back to their hometown.”
Madam Emilia pointed out that since Jonathan left Oguta in
1972 she has not set eyes on him again nor heard anything
about him. She revealed that she only got to know that
Jonathan had become the president of Nigeria when she saw,
in 2011 an Almanac bearing his photograph and had
exclaimed: “Look at Goodluck!”
She stated that as she shouted, the man who was selling the
almanac asked what happened. On telling him that she knew
Jonathan, she said, the man told her that Goodluck was the
president of Nigeria. Waxing philosophical, she said:
“Whatever God has destined for anybody must come to past
because nobody will ever have thought that Goodluck will,
one day become the president of Nigeria. I thank God for his
life because he really suffered under his uncle and most times
I had asked him then if his parents were alive and he always
said yes, but through out his stay in our compound, his
parents never visited him.” Also, talking about his experiences
with Jonathan, Patrick Ajie, Madam Emilia’s son, who is now
a staff of the Imo State Fire Service, recalled how the
president and his uncle and son lived in their boys’ quarters
at Kalabari Beach in Oguta 11.
He said that when President Jonathan arrived Oguta with his
uncle, he started at Primary Four, at the St. Paul’s Anglican
Church Primary School, which was established by the Kalabari
people in Oguta 11. He revealed that Jonathan finished his
Primary Six in the school. Ajie corroborated his mother’s
story that even after Jonathan’s uncle invited his son home, to
join him and wife, President Jonathan continued to live with
On how Jonathan left Oguta, he stated that they did not see
him for about two days, at that time, and therefore made
inquiry from some Ijaw, who told them that he had gone to
Egbema in search of one of his relatives. According to him,
that was the last they heard of him until they heard about his
emergence as president. “President Goodluck Jonathan had
lived with his uncle and his son, who was younger, in my
father’s compound at Kalabari Beach in Oguta. We occupied
the main building, while they lived in the ‘Boys Quarters’. It
was from there that he completed his primary school at St.
Paul’s Anglican Church Primary School and he had started at
From Four. Of course, he was my senior in the same school.
Even his uncle returned to their hometown, with his new wife
from Izombe and left behind Goodluck and his son. He had
promised to come for them when they were through with
their primary school education. But later his uncle sent
somebody to bring his son back to their home town and left
Goodluck behind with us.” Ajie said Jonathan later left
between 1972 and 1973, first to Egbema, in search of one of
relatives and finally to his village.
On whether he had ever met Jonathan, since he became
president, Ajie said no, as nobody has allowed him into the
presidential villa of the president’s Otuoke home. Said he: “I
have tried severally to see him. I had even gone to Bayelsa
and Abuja, but my all efforts have proved abortive. I wanted
to see him at least to rekindled old times because we had a
very good relationship with him while he and his uncle were
living in our compound.”
Asked if he though Jonathan would recognize him in a crowd,
as they parted ways as young people, he stated that he was
not sure, but added that the president would never forget that
he ever lived in the compound of the Ajies in Kalahari Beach,
in Oguta.
Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Rally In Port Harcourt, Rivers (Photos) by Abagworo(m): 8:03am On Jan 29
Hahaha I thought ameachi said that rivers state belong to apc ?...............but what am seeing here today is something else o.............willnt be surprise if rivers give buhari 0.2% vote.........that one amechi head will be cut off

Buhari recorded more crowd than Jonathan in both Imo and Rivers States.

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Politics / Re: The High Points Of Port Harcourt Rallies (PDP Vs APC) In Pictures.. by Abagworo(m): 7:54am On Jan 29
What baffles me is the excitement of the crowds at APC rallies and their seemingly programmed looks at PDP ones. I am judging from Imo and Rivers States. Another noticable difference is that Jonathans rallies has a lot of uniformed groups.


Politics / Re: Simple Question Do You Think That Buhari Can Win Jonathan Yes Or No? by Abagworo(m): 7:46am On Jan 29
If the election is free and fair Buhari shall win over 75% of total votes. Rigging or announcing false result will lead to mass action by the youths which might be bloody.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:43am On Jan 29
Captain Ihenacho parades Owerri streets.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:23am On Jan 29
Well kept lawns that characterise new Owerri.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:15am On Jan 29
IMSU junction.

Politics / Re: With This Kind Of Support For Gej In Portharcout Apc Is Finished by Abagworo(m): 6:47pm On Jan 28

silly question.
What does who controls AIT have to do with the number of supporters the president has in Rivers state despite APC propaganda. Or are u trying to imply that AIT made that crowd go to the stadium?
Sometimes it is better to shut up.

Is the crowd more than that of APC? I doubt.

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Politics / Re: Bomb Explosion Destroys Ohanaeze Secretariat In Enugu by Abagworo(m): 9:43am On Jan 28
This is serious
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Has 5,000 Churches So Don't Vote For Buhari - Sambo In Jigawa State by Abagworo(m): 8:39am On Jan 27

So you did not listen Sule Lamido of Jigawa State the other day. On national TV. I wonder what other video evidence can be more than that. Do you also know that you can Lynched for publicly showing your support for Gej in northern Nigeria? I am sure you know these things. You are just feigning oblivion. But no stress. We are watching and most importantly, God is watching. It is only the will of God that will be enthroned in Nigeria. No matter the machinations and manipulations of detractors...Only HIS will.

It can only happen if far majority are in support of Buhari and hate Jonathan. What this means is that Buhari is getting 95% in North and thats a winner already.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:21am On Jan 27
that guy is ikwerre my friend

He is not. I previously fell for the pranks. If he is let him mention his village. He will claim Emohua.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 3:21pm On Jan 26
Armed forces day with Royal but humble Imo State deputy Governor Prince Madumere.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 3:18pm On Jan 26
Crowded Wetheral road on APC campaign day

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 2:55pm On Jan 26

Nothing gives better joy than seeing your sisters do their thing as prostitutes in PH...They must pay their taxes in full and the leftover will be sent to your poor old mother in the village...Thats the oil company she claims to work in PH.

You are not an Ikwerre man my friend. Enough of this derailing from you mr fake Uga man.
Politics / Re: PDP Chieftain Gunned Down By Suspected Assassins In Owerri. Graphic Pictures by Abagworo(m): 9:56pm On Jan 25
What are APC saying this time, Rochas and Liar Mohammed should speak

PDP is in shambles from a rigged primaries. I dont think there will ever be peace in Imo PDP again. As for elections, Okorocha is way ahead of the non-entities fielded by other parties.


Politics / Re: IMO GUBER ; Ohakim, Ahamba And Amadi Unite With Ihedioha Against Okorocha. by Abagworo(m): 9:51pm On Jan 25
The aggrieved man is Araraume.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:32pm On Jan 25
Orlu rural road at Urualla Ideato with streetlights and wide drainages.

Politics / Re: Jonathan Campaign Bus And Hilux Set On Fire At Suleja by Abagworo(m): 7:20pm On Jan 25


PDP has a lot of aggrieved people everywhere as a result of flawed primaries. Therefore one cannot be sure of the causes of their woes. As for Presidency, the world powers are backing majority of us to oust Jonathan from power to avoid turning us to another Somalia.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:12pm On Jan 25
Orlu to Akokwa rural road.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:07pm On Jan 25
Orlu road around Alvan.


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 3:08pm On Jan 25

I have to continually make inputs in this thread as there are Ikwerres native to Imo State....i need to always speak on their behalf as their kinsman.. grin

.The Ikwerre are said to be related or share common ancestry with the Ogba and Ekpeye people (Akalaka brothers).[citation needed] They trace their origins to Benin and elsewhere. They constitute the majority of Rivers state, Nigeria, although there are other populations in neighboring states(Imo state??). ..From Wikipedia

The Ikwerres in Imo State are Ohaji people if you say so. However unlike Rivers people Ohaji is an accepted dialect of Igbo distinguishable from Isoma neighbours but sharing affirnity with Ngor/Etche, Ikwerre, Uratta who are of course traditionally a cultural group in Igbo nation formally identified as Oratta/Ikwerri Igbo and clearly distinguishable from Akpohio/Ekpeye.

Of these related people Ikwerre and Etche have recently emerged as distinct ethnic groups and are therefore no longer identified as Igbo.
Politics / Re: What The Igbo Need To Know Before They Join The Ijaw For Civil War by Abagworo(m): 11:03am On Jan 25
If Asari wants war let him join the army and fight Boko Haram. The MEND people are generally noise makers who thrive in harassing unarmed citizens in their land. I've lived with them and laugh off their giri giri. Fulanis, Beroms,Kanuris, Langtangs, Hausas, Tuaregs etc. are real warriors that are fearless and ready to die fighting for their just course. Let Asari fight them alone with his other Ijaw militants and die in their thousands. We Igbos want peace for the sake of our businesses and families.
Politics / Re: What The Igbo Need To Know Before They Join The Ijaw For Civil War by Abagworo(m): 10:56am On Jan 25

Excuse me!!!! Did you just vomit all these assumptions or fairytale from your progenitors who wrote their own stories? No way!!! No judge has ever been allowed to judge his own case; another does Sir. Hello!!!! Are u there? Pick your pop corn, drink and follow me in this journey of dismantling Nigeria history. What makes Igbos naive than any other ethnic group in the whole wide world is their inability to ask questions from their progenitors with open mind, fairness, impartiality and of course neutrality; they just believed and followed. Having said that, Igbos are not that silly, they know what they are doing and more often than not, their sense of reasonings are being controlled by pure tribalism; that is what it is. The evidence to support my point is all over the internet; N'digbo as a cultural and tribal group dictates where you go just like Hausa/Fulanis................You might fault my write ups as a patriotic Igbo man but the truth and facts will continue to stare you in the face

Let's quickly answer these simple questions before we proceed in our journey to demystify the mystery of Nigeria history Sir:
If you are truly honest person not tribal jingoist, pls answer these following questions and tell me what you think............

What political party formed the first political alliance with Hausas/Fulanis party from the South despite the former party leader is far more educated than the latter party leader?

Who killed other regional leaders under the pretence of Revolution? The revolution that didn't kill the same people who formed the same Igbo politicians in the same corrupt government. Who does this for crying out and loud? What we had then was Parliamentary/Westminster system of government, only two political parties formed that government; one party led by Nnamdi Azikwe and other was led Ahmadu Bello but shockingly the politicians from the part of the coup plotters in the same corrupt government were spared, not touched, exonerated as a good citizens I presumed.

Who was the acting prime minister after Tafawa Balewa was killed? Igbo

Who became the first military leader/president? Igbo

A quick one about this Igbo regime; not only did he appointed his only Igbo brothers and sister to all the sensitive positions but equally sent the coup plotters to Eastern prison, compromising the integrity of Nigeria Army. As if that was not enough, he single-handedly subjugated our existing regional system of government then; pure federalism so as to control other regions which Hausas/Fulanis/Kanuris/Yorubas/Ijaws/Edos/Ibibios/Itsekris didn't do. Why Igbos at the central of all these? No Igbo man has been fair to himself to ask questions

In second Republic, who was the Vice president? Igbo

Who came up with Unitary system of government that was inherited by Hausas/fulanis? Igbo

How come the same peole with born to rule mentality(Hausas/Fulanis) agreed to regional government in 60s? That was what was sold to you by your forefathers who wants you consistently in war with these people for their own reason

How come the same people agreed to share/rotate power between the south and the north prior to 1999 election so as to do away with the same cheap assertion southerners have tagged them with?

How come they voted for Abiola in millions despite their born to rule mentality?

How come they allowed a southerner in person OBJ to rule over them for 8yrs before you southerners bleeped them up as usual..

How come the same people allowed someone(Gowon) from middlebelt to rule over them despite the fact that they are thousands of them in the military who could occupy that position

How come the same people you despise so much allowed your brothers and sisters to be employed to their civil services until u started calling them names which led to the pogrom?

Bro, pick up neutral books and read about how Ojukwu was supported by other nations with personnel and of course ammunitions. You don't even need to go far, google it.....

And as regards the war, I have never seen anywhere in the history of humans even in the Holy bible that a fighting civilian gives his assumed enemies a clue as to how a war should/could be won.

In war, it's a war not friendly matches between Igbos and Yorubas, necessary measures are always put into war so as to win the war. You don't want to be part of a country but you want the same people you hate so much to feed you and your children for God sake. Who does this in a full war? Why can't America drop another chemical(To save the children and women) along with their atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima which instantly killed over 300,000 people including thousands of children and women. It's called War.

Holding Awolowo responsible is like holding my father responsible for the failures of your father or better still, is like Germany holding Churchill of Great Britain responsible for their woes in World war. Be real and honest with yourself;self appraisal as it were.......

Clamouring for another war is like our fathers proverb that says A child is allowed to swallow an apple seed as long as his anus is big enough for easy passage of the apple seed. Take a proper look at N'digbo map and tell me how they intend to execute their war to victorious level if there is a war today................War are not won by words of mouth and millions of ammunitions and missiles but by what you have upstairs. Germany have the same hope at Second World War but failed to consider some vital measures which I m not ready to spit out here. I don't need to be in military to know how to capture the whole Eastern region if there is any need for that. There are thousands of Awolowo today who are watching Igbos making all sort of threat just like the way Ojukwu was ranting in 60s but I pray it does not happen again cos then in 60s Yorubas people are not sensitive to Igbo utterances and political issues like today but if anything happen today, it won't be funny and I m not ruling you guys out, but hmmmmmm......................... That ll seal your fates in south west for life just like in the North. The only thing UN would be able to do is to let you have your Biafra nation, nothing more. Sudan and India is a typical example of what I m trying to say......

This your response is too deep, personal and assumptuous. I am an Igbo man. My grandfather was a Biafran soldier and my father was a child soldier during the war. I am deeply inlove with my ethnic group and represent the true sufferings and successes of the Igbo nation.

Never judge Igbos based on internet rantings from people paid by Jonathan to campaign for him. I have been fighting these people both here on Nairaland and elsewhere. We all want Nigeria to succeed and be a nation of pride and we are the most dispersed people in Nigeria taking advantage of its vast land and population.


Politics / Re: Breaking News: Muhammed Abacha Returns To APC In Kano by Abagworo(m): 10:41am On Jan 25
Your defection can't stop general from collecting our money that your rudeness father looted i also pray ibb will not spend the rest of his life in prison abdulsalam bukola saraki and peter obi

I have never believed Abacha looted all that with oil selling at barely 10 Dollar per barrel.

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Politics / Re: An Unconfirmed Report: Buhari's Principal Killed Few Hours Ago by Abagworo(m): 10:37am On Jan 25

A troubled helicopter conveying sympathizers to a funeral in
Bayelsa state, burst into flames on Saturday, before plunging
into the creeks, killing the governor of Kaduna state, Patrick
Yakowa, a former National Security Adviser, Owoye Azazi, and
four others in the nation’s fourth air disaster this year.
Messrs Yakowa and Azazi, and their aides, Dauda Tsoho and
Mohammed Kama; and the pilots, Murtala Daba and Adeyemi
Sowole, reportedly died in the inferno, having been badly
burnt beyond recognition, witnesses say.
The chopper, owned by the Nigerian Navy, is said to have
carried out repeated shuttles between Port Harcourt, Yenagoa
and Okoroba, a town in Ogbia local government of the state,
where the father of an aide to President Goodluck Jonathan,
Oronto Douglas, was being buried.
The fatal trip, which was to convey the governor and the
former Security chief to Port Harcourt, enroute Abuja, was to
be one of the helicopter’s last for the day.
But at about 2.30 p.m., minutes after takeoff, officials say, the
chopper crashed, sparking an emergency crisis, and plunging
a shocked nation, well-known to air disasters but unused to
them, back to fright and mourning.
Last picture of Governor Yakowa and Gen Azazi alive…
Photo: Cosmas Asogwa
President Jonathan said in a statement he was shocked and
saddened by the accident, and said the losses were “extremely
painful” for the nation.
“The President extends deep and heartfelt condolences to the
families and friends of the deceased, and the governments and
people of Kaduna and Bayelsa States,” the statement said. “He
describes the sudden loss of these distinguished Nigerians as
extremely painful to the entire nation.”
The president was away from Bayelsa, his home state, when
the incident occured. Mr. Jonathan has ordered an
Politics / Re: An Unconfirmed Report: Buhari's Principal Killed Few Hours Ago by Abagworo(m): 10:33am On Jan 25

Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills Former
President's Host, Rejects Peace Move
5 August 2012 , By Aruga Joe Omokaro and Maxwell Oditta,
Source: The Moment
IT was a rude shock for former President Olusegun Obasanjo
yesterday as Boko Haram hardliners killed his host in Maiduguri,
the Borno State capital.
In what seems a strong message of rejection of Obasanjo's
peace overtures, gunmen suspected to be members of the
fundamentalist Islamic group killed Baba Kura Alhaji Fugu, the
eldest son of the late Baba Fugu in broad daylight.
Fugu met with Obasanjo on Thursday to discuss the plight of the
family left behind by the late leader of Boko Haram, Mohammed
Yusuf. News of Baba Kura's murder by Boko Haram militants
broke out last night. The Moment On Sunday leant that Baba
Kura had just concluded a press interview and was meeting with
his family members, when his mobile phone rang.
He was reportedly shot dead when he stepped out from the
meeting to answer the call. Borno State Commissioner of Police
(CP) Simeon Midenda confirmed yesterday evening that Alhaji
Fugu 'was shot dead at about 1.30pm'. According to Midenda,
the killers apparently were not happy with the press interview
he granted. He said no arrest has been made but that
investigation has commenced.
Controversy had deepened earlier in the day over Obasanjo's
surprise visit to the family of the slain leader of the violent Boko
Haram sect.
Contrary to the widespread impression that the trip was a
private initiative by Obasanjo, The Moment on Sun-day learnt on
good authority that it might have been part of a secret strategy
being worked out by government to solve the problem.
'The trip was part of the recommendations of a panel set up by
the top hierarchy of the Nigeria Police to investigate the Boko
Haram crisis and proffer a solution to it,' a usually reliable
source said.
'There's no way Obasanjo could have gone to Maiduguri without
the knowledge of the Presidency,' the source added.
Obasanjo, it would be recalled, had during his visit to the family
home of Yusuf on Thursday held a closed-door meeting that
lasted two hours with with family members. The former
president who arrived Maiduguri alongside a Kaduna-based
human rights activist, Comrade Shehu Musa of the Civil Liberties
Organisation (CLO) was received by state government officials
and the eldest son of the slain father-in-law of late Yusuf, at
their demolished house- hold behind the railway quarters,
He reportedly told the meeting that he merely came to condole
with the family over the killing of their breadwinner and finding
a lasting solution to the lingering crises and bloodletting in the
Shehu Sani of the Human Rights Com- mission brokered the
meeting. It would be recalled that Yusuf was allegedly executed
by policemen in the wake of the crises in Maiduguri in July
2009. His followers said the recent bombings and gun raids in
Borno, Abuja and other parts of the country are meant to
avenge Yusuf's killing. The ex-President, who was ac- companied
to the rendezvous by a thick retinue of security officials, insisted
that everyone should wait outside the building as he intended to
hold the meeting privately.
However, reliable source within the former President's retinue of
aides said Obasanjo's trip was far from being a condolence visit.
He was said to have gone to appeal to the members of the
family to beg Boko Haram members to sheathe their swords and
end the spate of bombings in the country and informing
President Goodluck Jonathan of the outcome of the visit.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:25am On Jan 25

@bolded...Nice line..Lil Wayne needs to see this.

I think we have had enough dose of Ikwerre here. Lets limit our discussions to Imo State and politics.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:12pm On Jan 24

My Post hit u hard, u had to quote me thrice...

Only a fool compares Las Vegas to Owerri...

Owerri is a small income town, deal with it...You live in Owerri and feel attached to it but it doesn't change the fact that it is a small town filled with low income dwellers..

Everyone cant work in Oil companies so dnt expect all Ikwerres to work in them...and if your are looking specifically for Ikwerres, you will have a field time cos the names are quite tricky...Now get tha hell outta my space...tanx grin

Owerri is not a low income small town like you just wrote. Maybe you have not been there. It has decent housing and expensive cars in bulk. All of central Igbo area is quite rich in terms of individuals. It is however impossible to compare Owerri with Port Harcourt but its future is very bright as a potential Las Vegas.
Politics / Re: Man Knocks Out Friend’s Teeth while Arguing Over 2015 elections by Abagworo(m): 1:04pm On Jan 24
Buhari must win and save Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:28pm On Jan 24
Rochas we know!

Politics / Re: Return Jonathan Or Forget One Nigeria – Ijaw People by Abagworo(m): 11:52am On Jan 24

Senibo, Kala kala menji oh.

You as an Okrika man and an Ijaw man know the fire that runs in the blood of the Ijaw race.

We have Oil they have groundnut. Who will the west support??

We have Generals, they have Shekau who kills his own people. Who can lead them?

We should all tread carefully in this country and always pray for peace.

No one has the monopoly of violence but the Ijaws have the monopoly of Oil in Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria

Egusi Soup'

Ijaws have nothing to lose because they live mostly in Bayelsa State and do not have investments. Asari and his fellow opportunists are banking on puting the lives of over 20million Igbos in the North at risk. Igbis should exonerate themselves from the nonsense and openly declare our allegiance for any winnee. Let Ijaws fight their war alone.


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 11:25am On Jan 24
lol... I once came to owerri for dat same reason, but I didn't see any gal dat meets dat criteria... most of the ladies I met dress decent... and I just don't know y I normally hv dz thinking dat decent girls re no go area... for such kind of stuffs... I was looking for d bitchy types like sm gals I ve met in Aluu... but I never saw them... pls where re dz gals that ppl re always talking abt.

He does not mean the girls on the streets or in their mama's house. What he means are those girls at the clubs or those that hang around busy joints and hotels at night.

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