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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 5:58am
Abagworro, please show us more pictures.

My Laptop in which I stored pictures parked for a while now. Will supply more anytime I have chance to take it for repairs.
Politics / Re: Governors Reject Autonomy For Local Government Councils by Abagworo(m): 5:54am
Its just like asking the FG to support true federalism and autonomy of the States. Its cool being a boss and dictating the pace. What I don't like that all Governors do is to use LG funds for their priority projects in urban areas instead of the specific rural target of the funds.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Most Beautiful Buildings (pics) by Abagworo(m): 7:46pm On Oct 23
Where in Aba?

LDS Temple in Aba is one of the finest architectural masterpiece in Nigeria. If you go there you'd probably think you are in Europe.


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:33pm On Oct 22
how many kilometres of quality roads have been delivered to imo people to justify this freedom?
how many industries were built?
how many jobs were created?
igr of imo state kwanu?
did he solve the go slow in owerre?
peaceful government without trouble?

where is the freedom apart from tbe signboard?

You ask too much questions. The Orlu/Owerri highway is longer than The Owerri/Elele highway. 305 schools with more than 200 completed. How many did PDP of 1999 to 2011 build? More than 500km of roads completed and another 300km waiting. How many did PDP construct? The truth remains intact as shown by my pictures earlier on this thread which I doubt if its of any use to repeat them. Imo State is the only State the Governor walks freely along the streets and drives around clearly seen. Government has been demystified and Keke operators, children, market women have access to the Governor.

In Imo State people can be aggrieved and enter or block Government house gate and the Governor or his aid will come out to address them without Police men or any arms. Can #bring back our girls! Protesters be allowed to block Aso Rock not to talk of Jonathan coming out personally to addess them. In Imo there is real freedom. Can D'banj snatch mic from Jonathan and his details will leave him untouched?

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:15pm On Oct 22

Imo State relocation of APCON posing new challenges

Ay John Mgbe
APCON is an   acronym   for “Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria”. It  is  a Federal  Government  regulatory  agency set  up  to  control  advertising in  all its aspects and  ramifications in  Nigeria. It  was  set  up under   Act 55 of  1988,  as  amended by Act  93 of  1992.APCON  is  the  umbrella  body  which ensures  decorum  in the  advertising   profession  as  it  co-ordinates  the    activities  of  a  wide  spectrum  of  advertising  groups  in  Nigeria. Some  of  the  groups  which  operate  under  the  canopy   and   strict  surveillance  of  APCON  include advertising  agencies,  media  independents, media  professionals  and  the  like. In  order  to   inject  sanity  and  discipline  in  the   advertising  profession,  APCON   has  a  number  of  departments  which  focus  on  several   areas  of  its  operations .One  of  such   departments  is  the   Advertising  Standards  Panel(ASP)  which   severely  monitors   all  advertisements  and  any  offensive  ones  are     censured. In  order  to   facilitate  efficiency   in  its  operations,  the  ASP  has   classified  products  into  “Controlled  Products “ and “General  Goods  and  Services” . It  is  mandatory  that  vetting   by the  ASP must  be   carried  out  on  all   controlled  products.
Fact  is  that  APCON   as  a  federal  government  regulatory  agency  is  in  the  same  family  with  other  regulatory  agencies  in  Nigeria. Such  other  regulatory  agencies  include  the  Consumer  Protections  Council,(CPC),  the  Nigerian  Stock  Exchange(NSE), the  Standard  Organization  of  Nigeria(SON), the  National Agency for  Foods  Drugs  and  Administration  Control(NAFDAC),the  Economic  and  Financial  Crimes  Commission(EFCC), the  Code  of  Conduct  Bureau (CCB), Independent   Corrupt  Practices  Commission(ICPC), the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission(SEC), the  Chartered  Institute  of  Bankers  of  Nigeria(CIBN), the  Nigerian  Institute  of  Public  Relations(NIPR)  and    some  others. This  brief  outline  is   an  attempt  to  sensitize  the  reader  on  the   relevance  of  the   topic  under  discussion.
The  crux  of  this  report  is  to   inform  the  people  of  Imo  State  in  general  and  the  executive  and   legislative  arms  of   government   in  Imo  State that  the  APCON   South  East  Zonal  Headquarters  which  has  been  in  Owerri  for  over  ten  years  was  secretly  and  surreptitiously   hijacked  by    some  greedy    cabal  in  Igbo  nation  and  relocated  to  Onitsha  in  Anambra  State. This heinous  impunity   by   Imo  haters  took  place  about  four  months ago. It  is  deplorable  that  a  few   people  in  Igbo  nation  could   gang  up  to   convince  the   top  management  of  APCON  in  Lagos to  swiftly  relocate  a  Federal  Government  institution  out  of  Imo  State   to  Anambra  State. It is  even  more  despicable   and  condemnable   that  those  who  perpetrated  this   guerilla   act  did  not  even  have  the    courtesy  or   any  modicum  of  respect  and  deference  to  the  State  Governor, Owelle  Okorocha,  who  they  know  is  a  warrior on  issues  of  conflict .  I am   thoroughly  perplexed   that  any   group   could   exhibit  such  impunity   even  under  the  watch  of  Owelle  Rochas  Okorocha,  a   politician  every  body  knows  will  not  be  found  wanting  on  issues   of   stoking  or  managing  conflict. If  any   group  could   exhibit  this  temerarious  impunity  under  the  present   combative    regime  of  Governor  Rochas  Okorocha,  then  Ndimo  are  in  for  worse  scenarios  in  the  future.
I  am  therefore   making  a  passionate  appeal  to  the  state  Governor and  the  Speaker  of  Imo  State  House  of  Assembly,  Hon  Ben  Uwajumogu,  to   mobilize  now  and  ensure  that  this  intra-ethnic  racial  prejudice    is   redressed now. What  has  happened  is  a  threat  to  the   territorial  integrity  of  Imo  State   under  the  able  leadership  of  Governor  Owelle  Rochas  Okorocha. It  will  not  augur  well  for  the   profile  of  Governor Okorocha political  hagiographers  to   note  that   it  was  during  the  regime  of  Governor  Okorocha  that  some   groups used   guerilla  approach  to  a  federal   institution  under  cover  of  darkness  and   relocated  it  to  Anambra  State. This  is  not  the  kind  of    record    an  active   and  hyperactive  governor  like  Owelle  Rochas  Okorocha  will  like  to  leave  behind. I am  appealing  to  Governor  Okorocha  to   take   necessary  steps  to   invite  the  top  management  of  APCON    in  Lagos  to   come  and  explain  their   reasons  for  engaging  in  this  guerilla and  covert   approach  to   political  engineering.

This is real life and beyond Nairaland.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 9:09pm On Oct 22
according to Abagworro, this road to umuguma cannot be completed because they are fighting government grin

What's the use of posting bad roads? It changes nothing but puts you up as someone out to dent the image of Owerri. I can post same pictures from everywhere in Nigeria including Abuja. Owerri even has very little of it compared to every other city in Nigeria.

Roads are not just basic infrastructure but part of the aesthetics of the environment. It therefore, offers the mind some pleasure to see well paved roads that are clean and adorable.

The beauty of good road networks has always been the flower designs, street lights and in some places ornamental trees planted either at the middle divide of the streets or by the street corners.

But it is not so in Nyanya, a part of the Federal Capital Territory  through Mararaba to Masaka in neighbouring Nasarawa State, as side walks in these places are lined with heaps of stinking and decomposing refuse dumped in no fewer than  30 dump sites all along the road.

To people of these areas, cleanliness and a beautiful environment are no longer requirements of life. They seem to prefer filth and dirt to a clean world.

As a major road, the Abuja – Keffi Expressway, which ought to be a free flowing expressway, is lined with dirt which spreads and expands everyday, covering   close to one lane, thus leaving thousands of commuters with just one lane to struggle for on their way to and from the City Centre.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:55pm On Oct 22
how does that generate revenue for the government? apart from the job creation these hotels provide,I don't see the economic benefit of hotels flooding owerri.
enlighten me biko!

If 20,000 people enter Owerri every weekend with 15,000 Naira each, it means an extra 300million Naira enters Owerri every weekend from other States as raw cash.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:32pm On Oct 22
so apart from hotels,nothing else can make the hospitality business in Imo state boom?

Let me give you a hint. Are you aware that a lot of events like wedding, parties, meetings by Port-Harcourt based people are now being held in Owerri?
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:28pm On Oct 22

but please educate me
Why the double standards, why is it you never placed any billboards for rotimi Amaechi?
is there no positive change in river state?

Are you sure? Don't try to unravel me okay.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:22pm On Oct 22
I don't think rochas is the problem
the real problm is street urchins like Abagworo wbo sponsor billboards to praise the charlatan for using state moni to build culvert and call it bridge.

diaris god oooo cheesy

At least you agree with me that none of the billboards were done by him or with State funds. Many of us doing it neither know him nor are interested in politics. It is that same way that we are now investing at home. Its an obvious sign of positive change.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:17pm On Oct 22
Hotels! Hotels!! Hotels everywhere!!!


That's good for Owerri as hospitality industry is booming. Events hosting business is the latest boom and very soon the proliferation of event centres will become noticeable like that of Hotels and joints.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:12pm On Oct 22

without noise? the day rochas stops making noise is the day dogs will grow horns on their head grin

It depends on what you call noise. I heard he has a program on AIT but since I barely watch AIT I've not seen the program. However on the internet which I visit frequently I've not seen any website or propaganda spot which belongs to Rochas. What I've seen is just individuals like myself who are impressed and just take out their personal time to appreciate. For example the Owerri/Orlu highway which I never knew was being dualised until I personally plied it 2weeks ago.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:02pm On Oct 22
Abagworo is this not the culvert that separate old and new owerre,
culvert or bridge, na like this otber bridges amaech build in port Harcourt dey
and you are build billboard to praise rochas
na mock you dey mock am grin

How many of such bridges/culverts with roads have been completed without noise? You showed one but they are more than 5. The difference between a bridge and culvert is mainly length. A culvert that is more than 20feet long becomes a bridge.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 4:47pm On Oct 21
Building statues to celebrate your own election victory is madness and barbaric. Are you Saddam Hussein? Imagine Obama or David Cameroon doing this. In fact name a sane leader that has done this

You're wrong. The victory is not his but that of Imo people. Imo had never elected a popular candidate until the entrance of Okorocha which saw the end to few individuals choosing our leaders for us. It has come to stay as our political culture today that the people have the final say.

It is the same with Buhari winning in 2015. The level of joy in Nigeria will be unprecedented and all the people that looted and killed Nigeria will cease to dictate who leads us henceforth as the voice of the masses will start to matter.

America and England achieved that feat many years ago and that is why the people's choice rule.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Lose If He Contests — Rivers APC by Abagworo(m): 4:40pm On Oct 21
some persons just want to make headlines and be relevant at all cost.even if ameachi is the running mate to anyone,Gej will sweep Rivers.

I dey laugh. He should believe that at his own peril.
Politics / Jonathan Will Lose If He Contests — Rivers APC by Abagworo(m): 4:31pm On Oct 21

President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised not to bow to the pressure being mounted on him by selfish groups and individuals to contest the 2015 presidential election. Giving the advice in a statement in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, predicted that Jonathan will lose if he allows himself to be deceived into seeking re-election next year.
“The handwriting is already on the wall for President Jonathan in view of the calibre of leaders and unprecedented masses that attended the historic declaration of Muhammadu Buhari to contest the 2015 presidential election. It has therefore become imperative for President Jonathan to start writing his handover notes as his game is up,” Rivers APC said in the statement signed by the Chairman, Davies Ikanya.
According to Mr. Ikanya, “It is now clear why President Jonathan is scared and reluctant in accepting the call to contest the 2015 general election as evident in his recent statement: ‘In deciding on an appropriate response to such calls, I will place the greater interests of national harmony, cohesion, unity, security, political stability, progress, equity, justice and fairness above any personal ambition or sectional agenda.’ We must commend him for this wise stand as he knows that his contesting will not be in the greatest interest of national harmony. He must, therefore, perish the thought if he really loves Nigeria and wishes to promote the greatest interest of national harmony.”
Rivers APC said that “If Dr. Jonathan however succumbs to the pressure of haters of Nigeria to contest the 2015 general election he should prepare to be the first sitting President to lose a general election since there is no basis whatsoever for him to win any election again as his record card shows that he is a failure. Today, Nigeria has never had it so bad as the present leadership under Jonathan has inflicted unimaginable suffering on Nigerians.”
Mr. Ikanya noted that apart from the imminent failure awaiting him at the polls, Mr. Jonathan very well knows that his participation in the 2015 election would be totally immoral since he is not qualified to run, as he is presently enjoying a second term in office. “The Constitution of our country makes it clear that no one can enjoy three consecutive tenures as President and Jonathan is bound by the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution,” Mr. Ikanya declared.
He expressed happiness over the quality of tested and trusted leaders who have indicated interest to fly the flag of APC in its rescue mission. “PDP’s reign these past fifteen years has brought shame and hardship to our nation and we must unite to salvage this nation from the hands of the present confused leaders of PDP,” he said.
Rivers APC aligned with the position of its Leader, Governor Chibuike Amaechi, who recently asked President Jonathan from where he intends to get the votes that will get him elected in 2015 knowing that he has lost Lagos, Kano and Rivers states before the election as rigging will not be considered for the 2015 general election.
The statement concluded by echoing Amaechi’s position: “For us as APC, we will line up behind the party. Go back home now and get your voters cards. We will punish these people. Rivers State is not in their hands. Lagos State is not in their hands. Kano State is not in their hands. So, tell me where we are going? They are banking on using security against us.
We shall teach them a lesson. We will fight with our body, with our lives because there must be change this time.
“And I have said it again and again, there is no aspirant in APC that is not better than the aspirants in PDP. What we must do is not only to vote for the aspirants in support; we must also take the voters card so that when we finish nominating our candidate here, we will line behind that candidate and ensure that we will vote out Jonathan.
Politics / Why I Want Buhari To Rule Nigeria by Abagworo(m): 8:12am On Oct 21
I've sat down keenly to take a good look at the situation we've found ourselves in Nigeria and I believe a lot of progress has been made but its impact can never be felt until the root cause of Nigeria's problem is tackled. I've analysed the successes of the Obasanjo administration especially in Agriculture, telecom and Banking which is a proof that Nigeria can work. Jonathan has tried to consolidate the gains and is not doing badly but we seem to have lost the impact of the successes. At the twilight of the Obasanjo era, the refineries were sold at low price to a consortium involving Billionaire Aliko Dangote and if not for Yar'Adua's misguided actions, that move would have paid off by now. Obasanjo also initiated the conversion of flaring gas to power through the importation of turbines and laying of pipelines to supply gas to the turbines. This idea was a birth child of former Rivers Governor Peter Odili and it consumed so much of State funds. Obasanjo also made history of awarding the 1st private owned power generation plant to a genius from Enugu State known as Prof Barth Nnaji. That will be the cradle of power privatization. Yar'Adua/Jonathan came in and inherited these positive moves out of which some successes have been recorded but Nigeria remains in darkness. The reason is simply because of that fundamental issue which has remained untackled.

As at 2009 when Yar'Adua was still the head, there was still subsidy on petrol, diesel and kerosine and the total amount paid for subsidy was 270 billion Naira. 2 years later in 2011 subsidy was completely removed from diesel and petrol price was increased from 65 to 97 Naira but yet subsidy increased by 1000% to 2.7 trillion Naira. Why? Because the fundamental issue has not been tackled.

What is the fundamental issue?

The fundamental issue holding us down is corruption and as pointed out by Sanusi in one of his famous presentations coupled with the fear of vested interest. Jonathan ordinarily looks to me like a good man with good intentions but the fear of vested interest has lead him to tolerate impunity and open corruption from everyone around him.


Vote in Buhari. My birth coincided with the emergence of Buhari as military head of State but the impact of his short stay and its legendary stories have lived till this generation. His War against indiscipline and hard stand against corruption when he was a youth is an evidence that as an elder today his stand against corruption will be tougher. I'm not supporting Buhari Presidency because I want him to turn Nigeria around like Obasanjo or embark on building of towers or even roads and rails. I'm supporting him to use 4 years and end corruption once and for all before handing over to a younger man/woman.

I love Nigeria greatly and the reason for most of our woes is corruption.

God bless GMB

God bless GEJ

God bless OBJ

God bless ABAGW

God bless Nigeria.


Politics / Re: !!!breaking News On Our Flight From Abuja To Owerri, Governor Aliyu Wamakko by Abagworo(m): 7:30am On Oct 21
I just can't wait for Rochas to leave Douglas house with his Islamic agenda come 2015.
That Islamic school and the one in Ebonyi should not see the light of the day, the land should be used for something more important.

Ibiakwala with this una hatred. Read that article and see where they complained that they've not received support from Mr Okorocha and the the Mosque's roof is leaking. These things preceeded Okorocha and several Governors have come and gone from 1977 till date but you chose to attack Okorocha who is there for 3 years because you're scared of Igbo President not coming from your side. Next is for you to demand Okorocha destroy Mosques. Ijiot!!


Politics / Re: !!!breaking News On Our Flight From Abuja To Owerri, Governor Aliyu Wamakko by Abagworo(m): 7:17am On Oct 21
This is no good news ! Dnt like the idea @ all this might one day bring abt wahala jst like most tins attached to islam! And again they will never allow a church to be erected in a sokoto community! #vegadontalk#

It will only bring about wahala when politics is allowed to infilterate the free minded society.
Politics / Re: !!!breaking News On Our Flight From Abuja To Owerri, Governor Aliyu Wamakko by Abagworo(m): 7:15am On Oct 21
This is horrible
I don't think so. Oguta has sizeable traditional religionists and aetheists also.
Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 7:06am On Oct 21
There has been a whole lot of fallacies committed on this thread. Imo, Anambra etc are mere imperfect demarcation of boundaries occassioned by politics. The major reason people who fall into the Anambra part of the artificial creation seem to live in delusion is their dominance of the old Eastern region because they had better relationship with Europeans than others. After the creation of old Imo State from East-central State in 1976, it took very little time for the gap to be filled as new spirit of State nationalism arose in Igboland and the Imo part experienced rapid development.

38 years later we've gone through an era of falsehood orchestrated by the new found nationhood at State level among Igbos of 1970s. It is most prevalent in Anambra State and till this day an inborn hatred or a lighter word "envy" exists when Owerri is mentioned. My advice to them is to stop the nonsense and face reality. Today It is not a hidden fact that they are scared of Okorocha emerging as VP or President and rather than support him will kill any dream of Igbo Presidency.

People from Imo, Abia and Ebonyi are far more free minded and care less about this new found Statehood. Enugu on the other hand is mixed.

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Culture / Re: Igala Language In Anambra State. by Abagworo(m): 2:02am On Oct 21

see I'd be polite by not asking whether anything is wrong upstairs neither would I give a flying fvck about how good you're in geography. undecided
all those groups you mentioned are in delta and rivers states..unless you yourself carved them up into Imo !!
as per Abia,that name sounds Igbo to me...itu mbauzo which means itu in diaspora.
brush up on your geography bro..NL isn't a place to yarn shiyt!! angry

You have refused to seek knowledge and write out of ignorance. The language spoken in many parts of Ohaji area of Imo State is Ikwerre language. Egbema in Imo State also speaks same Egbema with the part carved into Rivers State. Oguta speaks Ukwuani/Aboh and parts of Ngor-Okpala speak Etche. Itu Mbon Uzo is not Igbo but an Ibibioid language.

Read that link

Location. The Ibibio are located to the south and southeast of the Igbo, in southeastern Nigeria. This includes the former Calabar Province (the Itu Mbuzo subgroup is in the Bende Division), Owerri Province, and certain villages of the Obong. The Eastern Ibibio, or Ika, have attached their village groups to the Ndokki Igbo of Owerri.

Now when you come down to Aba area there exists several "Mgboko" villages that speak Ngwa and are Ngwa today. Try to find out the role of Ibibio in Mgboko formation. In fact Mgboko is another name for Ibibioid people.***EDITION***

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 2:37pm On Oct 20
On the red soil issue, it isn't to be played politics with. Much of Igboland from Orlu area all the way to Awka, Okigwe and Nsukka have red soil that stains houses and roads while the Southern part which covers much of the Owerri, Umuahia and Port-Harcourt area has sharp sand.

To prevent the stains we have options
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 2:32pm On Oct 20

You have started again spamming this thread with pictures from Owerri and insinuating it is a better place than Enugu. When Chino and other people start bad mouthing Oweeri, you will pretend as if you didn't know what you did. We have already seen those pictures in Imo thread, no need spamming Enugu thread with them just to cause trouble and start e-war with someone here.

By the way, there is NOTHING like "red soil". The quantity of Zinc oxide in the soil determines its color from dirty brown to orange color. I was in a city called Savannah Georgia in the USA and you need to see the soil is "redder" sic than Enugu. Yet, they planted their grass & flowers making the city very beautiful.

What you don't get because you always stay in Nigeria is that you are not supposed to see raw soil anywhere. It should always be covered by grass whether it is white sand, red or purple sand, it should be covered by a layer of green carpet grass.

Everyone knows the picture was from Lagos. It is written right in the picture itself.The "Obodo Oyibo" expression is a figure of speech.

Enugu is different from Owerri in many many many respects that I wouldn't waste time indulging in.
Suffice to say that such a Median can be made out of Chime avenue if it can work anywhere in Lagos of all places.They fenced off the garden portion and left gaps where people could cross the street. The picture you posted about new owerri median is not better than the present look of Chime avenue median now.
Enugu is a city filled with educated individuals and premier institutions much beyond any other city in SE Nigeria.

Its either you are deliberately trying to act the usual Igbo cowardice or you deliberately chose to ignore my points and create issues where there is none. The last Photo on that my post is from Enugu and its also green like the ones of Owerri and Lagos. Chime Avenue is a general area where all sorts of people live. They will not resist the urge to cross the road through the green grass thereby killing them. Its like Wetheral road in Owerri. Independence Layout on the other hand is inhabited by more enlightened people that have value for aesthetics. Using Owerri as an example is no crime just like using Lagos.
Politics / Re: Another Bad News For APC by Abagworo(m): 1:13pm On Oct 20
Every good news for Nigeria is always bad news for APC. That is always the case for a party armed against the Nigerian people.

If I'm not mistaken Amaechi and Fashola are in APC and played key role in the control of Ebola. All Nigerians are part of the success including social media activists, artists, health workers, PDP/APC, Commedians, religious organisations and market people.

If we can handle Nigeria the way we handled Ebola, we would not be at this level as a Nation.

Congrats to all Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 12:57pm On Oct 20
I'm hating that project the more i look at it! After holding much promise at the onset, the finished product looks like it was done half-heartedly, with no regard for safety and ambience! Why can't they green-up the area with trees, shrubs and grass to make it look welcoming?

I think the soil type of Enugu has more to do with the low aesthetics of the bridge or maybe the sweepers aren't regular. Use of concrete is usually preferred around busy business districts because traders in Nigeria have little value for greenery. This picture of such concrete median in Owerri does not look red or sandy because of the soil type.

The feasible solution is to keep painting the roads on regular basis.


Come to think of it, it may not cost up to N200,000 naira to pay horticulturists to plant aesthetic flowers and trees along the median of Chime avenue to reproduce the likeness in the picture.If our amiable governor is listening as some of you have alluded, please make Chime avenue median look like the median in the picture!

This will truly be a spectacular feat for Enugu to have a major road like Chime avenue resemble an "oyibo" man's road. Gov. Chime please give this to us as your parting gift to crown your legendary transformation of the coal city.

That picture is from Lagos and not "Obodo Oyibo". A lot of factors is involved in maintaining lawns including most importantly the public attitude. It is working in New Owerri because most inhabitants are enlightened with less traders and unread people who see flowers and aesthetics as waste of money. In Enugu Independence Layout is the area it can work or maybe Trans-Ekulu as seen in the picture attached after the post.

Politics / 2015: Fashola Dismisses Speculation Of Being Running Mate To Buhari by Abagworo(m): 12:04pm On Oct 20

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By Olasunkanmi Akoni
Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, yesterday, debunked rumours making the rounds that he planned to be the running mate of former Head of State, General Muhamadu Buhari (retd) in the 2015 Presidential elections.
Fashola, who gave the clarification at the commemoration of his 2,700 days in office and account of stewardship in the last 100 days in Ikeja, distanced himself from any plan to present consensus candidates in the 2015 general elections, saying there is due process for candidates to emerge in All Progressives Congress, APC.
It will be recalled that speculation was rife after Fashola who was at Abuja last week where former Head of State, General Muhamadu Buhari declared intention to contest the 2015 presidential election if given the opportunity by the APC.
The governor, who was brief on the issue, said he was at the declaration event because Buhari personally invited him, being an APC event and based on the respect he had for him stressing that there was nothing extra-ordinary about his presence.
“My presence at Buhari`s declaration was because he came to Lagos to personally deliver an invitation letter to me. It was a pointer that I respect him. it was a pointer that it was an APC event. And it was pointer that I went to a party event. “he said.
Fashola, therefore, urged residents to vote to retain the APC in the next election, saying experimenting a government led by another party might not do the state any good.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:26am On Oct 20
please dont. i was partially raised in otown with my family house still there. Berem if you actually know world bank , you will know that what the guy is saying is true. though i have not been there for like 4years but i know they have never had good roads in and out.
the cosmetic touch ORO is doing in owerri is good but he needs to take a cue from chime and do serious work even at grass roots level.
we are imo people and are not known to tolerate or praise sing mediocrity for sake of crumbs or for empty chestbeatings rather we keep governements on their toes with criticisms for better improvements. we imo people are not cheap, you can ask ikiri.
onye shi ala owerri ari hu mma ya kwara liiii

No matter how you tried to paint it, what you just wrote above smells of attempt at calling white black. Writing that Okorocha who is in almost every rural area in Imo with roads, schools, free education and hospitals is not impacting grassroots is lying to yourself. There is no basis for comparing Chime of 7years with Rochas of 3years. Chime has tried in his capacity but he didn't build 305 schools and he didn't build 27 modern standard hospitals and education is not free in Enugu either and other cities were not upgraded as done for Orlu and Okigwe.

Like I wrote earlier much has been done and a lot is left to be done. The World bank area which has had its challenges from time has not been transformed but a lot of factors including land dispute is inhibiting Government and private infrastructure in that area. IMHO, facing the rural areas is more important at the moment than World bank. Let the projects in the rural areas be completed 1st and in the next tenure, Umuguma people should try and be peaceful to get Government presence. Same with Ohaji people who are busy importing Dee gbam and Dee well into Imo State.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:12pm On Oct 19
This artwork at Warehouse roundabout depicts a man who struggled to break a strong chain to set himself free. That's the symbol of what happened in 2011 and Freedom square is located right beside it in memory of that. The masses now have a say more than godfathers.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 7:04pm On Oct 19
Let me analyse what most Igbo PDP affiliates do. They pray hard for Imo State to fail because Okorocha is in APC. Each time they are in Owerri and see the development, cleanliness and beauty, it pains them in the heart and they start looking for one fault or the other to over-emphasise on to feel good. It is indisputable that Owerri as a city is one of the most beautiful in Nigeria and the most modern in the Southeast by a wide margin. Modern in the sense that the buildings were erected mostly after 2000 unlike other places that have buildings of 70s,80s,90s en-mass. What these haters do is to find the remotest parts or any single fault to use and talk down Imo State. They are everywhere including twitter and facebook. Right now I have more than 500 pictures out of which I have unveiled only about 70 to 80. If Imo has as much bad roads as other States we won't have space to even say one word here. The bad roads or flooding pre-date the emergence of Okorocha and he has worked hard with the little funds to the amazement of these haters. Right from his 1st month, they termed all his projects abandoned.

Finally this thread though portrays much of Okorocha's contributions does not in any way insinuate that the beauty of Owerri is solely Okorocha's doing. That's a fallacy.

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Politics / Re: Like OBJ, Like IBB, Like Buhari: The Generation That Pocketed Nigeria. by Abagworo(m): 6:47pm On Oct 19

The most annoying aspect is that they have bewitched the younger generations with deception.
Some of our younger ones believe that their hope lie with this men.

How did we get here?

In terms of real change Obasanjo remains the best in every way you look at it. Handed over government twice and changing banking, power, telecommunications, agricultural sectors. Buhari to me is what Nigeria needs most at the moment. People like Jonathan have no place in a sane society. How could subsidy rise from 260billion to 2.7trillion in less than 2 years? By the time Buhari gets there we'll be spending less than 100billion on subsidy and our refineries will start working. Every sane mind should support a Buhari candidacy for now.

Watch this clip from Sanusi and reason with a free mind to realize how wicked our leaders can be. Imagine a Church leader going to President to cover a fraudster that defrauded millions of innocent people. He was left unharmed while Sanusi was haunted like he predicted on this lecture. All the people working with Jonathan today deserve to be jailed forever and ever.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 4:14pm On Oct 19
Abagworo be thoughtful for a moment: if your type of BUCK PASSING is continued by Imo state government, and as expected, flood washes away most of the roads in Orlu in the immediate future, who shall be the loser? Imo state govt and Orlu, of course.

The so-called erosion control contract awarded by federal government for erosion control in Orlu, and which you and your principals continue to present in order to enable IMSG evade its responsibilities in Orlu: if the contract is genuine, why was it not executed then? The contract was not genuine, so only a heartless fellow must continue to rely on such a 2009 phoney contract papers and watch all the flood damages go on in this area.

Who do you people think you are fooling with your impression that it is the duty of the federal government to provide urban drainage systems in the states?

You are a coward scared of saying the truth. You've seen and read the news from 2005 till date but chose to play the cowardly role of exonerating FG. Imo Government is the best in Nigeria. Take it to the Church.

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