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Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 9:34pm On Oct 09

Road enlargements of existing roads many of them now worse than what the roads were before Okorocha government came with earth moving machine?

Road expansion is development where infrastructure that requires influx of humans exist. How many cars do you pass driving Orlu-Akokwa road? If Okorocha is brilliant enough, he ought to have first established infrastructure needing influx of humans to Orlu zone and in that Orlu/Ideato area instead of expanding that road.

You are dividing Orlu zone according to your personal wish and not according to reality. Mgbidi, Awo, Oguta, Ohaji, Egbema are all in Orlu zone. So are Ideato North and South, Oru East and West, Orlu, Orsu, Isu, Nwangele, Nkwerre and Njaba. List what is not in Orlu zone

1) IMSUTH, Imopoly, Nursing school Okporo and Amaigbo

2) Oil rich fields at Oguta, Izombe, Awo, Egbema and Ohaji

3) Pharmaceutical industries, Heineken brewery and other wine manufacturers are there.

4) The highest concentration of Rich people in Imo State and one of the highest in Nigeria is in Orlu zone. It is just a matter of investing home in other things other than building duplex.

This someone's house in Orlu

Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 9:19pm On Oct 09

I detest your way of information processing capacity. It is not up to what is expected.

Detest it as you may the reality still stares you in the face.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 9:12pm On Oct 09
I wouldn't blame most of what igbos are going through on GEJ. GEJ may not have favoured igbos the way he could, but we fared better under his Administration unlike past administrations of yoruba and Hausa presidency. And that's why igbos voted for him.

Again, why must igbos build federal roads while other regions enjoy federal govt built roads. I like the idea of special fund and collective development but not taking up federal government responsibility. So as long we remain part of nigeria, we should enjoy the same rights as other Nigerians.

Igbos did not fare better under Jonathan. We did under Obasanjo. All the Igbo appointees under Obasanjo did their best from Ezekwesili to Soludo to Akunyili to Iweala to Okereke Onyiuke to Ernest Ndukwe to Barth Nnaji etc. The Owerri-Onitsha road even though has started deteriorating from age was equally done by Obasanjo. We must tell ourselves this plain truth.

The Igbos should stop fighting any Igboman that comes into national limelight. Nobody is a Saint but Igbos always try to pull down their own. You can check the history from Zik to Ekwueme to Orji Kalu. Even when Odili nearly emerged Yar'adua's VP he was removed on grounds of having dual loyalty to Igbo and South south while Igbos neglected him.
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 8:58pm On Oct 09

You are smart? You use worse case scenarios to reply to the assertion that Rochas Okorocha refused to do any single meaningful development project in Orlu zone which catapulted him to office;
he rather destroyed much of the infrastructure he met on ground in the zone.
And your answer to this is promise to show pictures of states worse than Imo.

Your argument is pointless. Even if I show 50 projects in Orlu zone, you will try to belittle them. So its of no use.
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 8:43pm On Oct 09
Shut up you deranged goat. Imo state is the worst SE state in every as aspect. Don't worry more pictures are coming. You will commit suicide tonight. grin

This is Nwangele in Ngor Okpala cheesy


Nwangene is in Onitsha.
Politics / Re: One Of The Worst Roads In Nigeria by Abagworo(m): 7:29pm On Oct 09

^^^Shut up you fool! Biafra is what we pray for...whereas Nigeria is the current reality! That rubbish road you reckon it's type can only be found in Igboland is part of the result of the dysfunctional nation you're apparently so proud of!

Nigeria as presently constituted is worse than a zoo, and no part is unaffected! It's fools like you with your block-head buried deep in the sand that are a major part of the problem!

The emotion you and others attached in justifying the state of that road has never come into play when Imo State is involved. Isn't it hypocritical? Post picture of one bad road in Imo State and Igbos are everywhere condemning us Imolites instead of seeing the injustice against all of us Igbos.


Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 7:02pm On Oct 09

Many Owerri people these days wonder why Rochas Okorocha would stay four years in office without any single useful development in his Orlu senatorial zone, instead he struggles with Owerri over land for building the many buildings and other development infrastructures he did only in Owerri.

Orlu people wonder why Rochas would cause so much destruction and damage of the infrastructure already in existence in Orlu when he became governor.

Rochas is preparing himself to become president of Nigeria Lol!!!!

Imo is the best State in the Southeast. By the time a lot of pictures will emerge showing the bad side of other States you'll appreciate Okorocha.
Politics / Re: Breaking: Election Tribunal Sacks Kogi APC Senator by Abagworo(m): 6:57pm On Oct 09
Next is DAT pig dino melaye

I even thought it was Dino Melaye. Buhari is really a good leader to allow freedom of judiciary.
Politics / Re: Is Obiano Working? This Is The Major Road In Akaboezem, Nnewi Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 6:53pm On Oct 09

abagworro. U 're despicable. there is no major road in akaboezem. all the roads in akaboezem either leads to d farm or lead to a stream. some lead to the next community.

akaboezem is nnewi inner boundary village.

I am from a community close to there in nnewi.

I guess they don't need accessibility?
Politics / Is Obiano Working? This Is The Major Road In Akaboezem, Nnewi Anambra State by Abagworo(m): 4:14pm On Oct 09
Governments attention is needed here ASAP.

Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 1:03pm On Oct 09

Nna e! Where did this loser come out from? You never for once see anything good about Igbo. Please leave us alone, na by force?

Your papa there. Which solution have you ever suggested to improve Igboland? None! At the end of the day my ideas will always be the best to solve our infrastructural challenges. You can hate me for being truthful but don't hate my ideas on our development.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 11:22am On Oct 09
Link-bridge collapses in Enugu

A HANGING bridge at Ikem in Isi-Uzo Local Council of Enugu State collapsed yesterday.

Although no life was lost, but the bridge which connects five communities, other local councils as well as Ebonyi and Benue States has cut off the commuters motorists and other road users.


chime's Administration saved the people of that area by constructing an offshoot State Road from the new Nike-Opi road, started a bridge towards the end of the road where it joined a federal road, the bridge is suppose to replace this collapsed one, but it's abandoned at the moment, since Chime left office. I say saved, because the federal Road has similar collapsed bridges, about 3, connecting isi-uzo to Enugu through Nkalagu[Ebonyi State], so as it stands, the people of Isi-Uzo is cut off from Enugu. Like other federal roads in the East, Federal government has not been able to fix the road. I heard recently that Ebonyi State Government plans to construct their part of the road, it might just be a hoax, because I doubt Ebonyi state can muscle out fund to construct the 3 bridges.

Isi-uzo LGA and Adani are like the Agricultural Base of Enugu State, both have very fertile soil for many crops(cassava, rice, yam, vegetables, fruits, and so on), and energetic community men and women, ready to work. But no serious government assistance, so they only do farming at low scale. Even, the sales of produce from the low scale activities is frustrated by death traps called road.

I just passed Owerri-Ph Road yesterday, if you want to know how hell look like then try going through the road with low-set car, esp after rain. Once you get to Rivers-Imo boundary, the road wears an eastern outlook of horror. It's almost impossible for trucks to pass through the road, best are SUV and small buses. The way I see it, is that economic activity between PH and Owerri is broken, at the moment. The same is obtainable once you get to East from any part of the country, in Enugu -onitsha Road, once you pass Asaba into onitsha, the road changes drastically, hampering economic activity between onitsha and Enugu and other parts of Nigeria that depend on that road. In Benue-Enugu, once you pass boundary with Benue enter Obollo Afor, the road turns to purgatory, you will immediately know you're in the East. I pray God punishes anyone involved in this hardship easterners are going through!

During the peak oil boom Igbos failed to gain meaningful infrastructural development. Jonathan duped Igbos and they are still yet to admit that truth but have resorted to attacking APC who just got into power inheriting a weak and almost dead economy.

We were scammed for 12 years with the 2nd Niger bridge and Niger dredging and Onitsha port. I saw all that and proposed we do some of these infrastructural developments ourselves. It is a matter of establishing special trustfund where all Igbos contribute funds for railways and roads linking all parts of Southeast.

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Politics / Re: I Did Not Accuse PENCOM Of Diverting N3.5trn - Oshiomhole by Abagworo(m): 7:42am On Oct 09
Oshiomole is right.
Politics / Re: Akwa Ibom State Governor Orders Reduction Of Workers Salary by Abagworo(m): 7:38am On Oct 09
The reality is that all States face financial crisis. It is imminent as there has been a sudden 40% drop in monthly income. A man earning 100k who suddenly dropped to 60k will have to adjust to face the new reality.
Politics / Re: Delta State: N773 Billion Debt. Largest In Nigeria. What Was Done With The Debt? by Abagworo(m): 7:29am On Oct 09
You are very correct. No jobs anywhere except keke napep or you teach in a mushroom private school and be earning N12k a month. Even DSC Aladja that is supposed to employ thousands of people is left rotting away. Shell has left. Many companies have also left. I recently heard that chevron is planning to leave too.

Its not the fault of Government. When the people are hostile, investors look for friendlier communities. The militant era eqyally caused a mass relocation of company high earners from Rivers to Lagos.
Politics / Re: Delta State: N773 Billion Debt. Largest In Nigeria. What Was Done With The Debt? by Abagworo(m): 7:26am On Oct 09

the last time the list was published Lagos was the highest with 1 billion dollars

other states were far behind

Lagos has by far the highest external debt. The 700 billion of Delta is a combination of all debts of which that of Lagos might exceed 200billion.
Politics / Re: How Yorubas Are Cheating Lagos Indegenes by Abagworo(m): 11:03pm On Oct 08
In Ogun State, Ogun indegenes dominate the government.

In Ondo state, Ondo indegenes dominate the government.

In Ekiti state, Ekiti indegenes dominate the government.

In oyo state, Oyo indegenes dominate the government.

In Osun state, Osun indegenes dominate government

But in Lagos state, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti and Osun states indegenes dominate government while Lagos indegenes are left to eat from the crumb that falls from their tables. What a deceipt, what a cheating and injustice being palpitrated under the guise of- Lagos is Yoruba land. Lagos indegenes wake up from this age-long deceit. Save your future from the hijackers. This is 21st century.

This is the kind of punch I expected from Igbos. That was the propaganda employed by Gowon in Rivers State. Prior to the war, Igbos from hinterland were at the helm of affairs leaving Rivers people with the crumbs on the guise of all of us are Igbos. Same needs to be applied to Lagos.
Politics / Re: Military Can Never Defeat Boko Haram By December – Jide Johnson by Abagworo(m): 12:02pm On Oct 08
Yar'Adua led us into this crisis by killing an unarmed Yusuf. Jonathan's mistake was thinking Boko Haram was a conspiracy by North to disrupt his Government. If he had taken it for what it really was, we wouldn't have gotten to this.
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha by Abagworo(m): 8:10pm On Oct 07

you mean like ohakim and udenwa that can't point to one thing they achieved in Imo state?

Ohakim and Udenwa tried in their own ways but Okorocha is better by a wide margin. Okorocha has been fighting a long standing battle with former political heavy weights both within and outside Imo State. His departure from APGA was seen as a masterstroke to sway the love the Imo masses have for him. They planned to kill his political career this 2015 and boasted of it but just like in 2011, the masses fought for him again.

Seeing that all their tactics failed, they resorted to using the media against Okorocha but it continued to fail until radio biafra emerged. Radio Biafra sold Okorocha as fighting against Igbo interest and almost succeeded until they preached against Catholic Church which made the masses realise they were not of God but of traditional religion or Ogo nmuo. Okorocha has defeated them again.
Politics / Re: I Have Left PDP – Edwin Clark by Abagworo(m): 7:58pm On Oct 07
Igbos are dying for PDP while Ijaws ade leaving the killer party.


Politics / Re: Amaechi Spent N53bn From N55bn Reserve Fund – Panel by Abagworo(m): 7:55pm On Oct 07
Saint Amaechi nwannem nwoke ole way. I dy come collect my on shareoooo lipsrsealed

Anybody can write balderdash in the name of judging Amaechi but Amaechi is extremely innocent and is a very upright man. Nothing can change that reality.
Politics / Re: PHOTO: Okorocha Pays Condolence Visit To Tambuwal Over Hajj Stampede Death by Abagworo(m): 6:33pm On Oct 07
That's the spirit of oneness. Christian Igbo leader shares in the grief of his Moslem Fulani brothers. God bless Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 6:21pm On Oct 07
This only further illustrates my earlier comments. When Okorocha was in APGA they tried to dominate him but he refused and clashed with them on several occasions. He knew he was more popular across Nigeria than all of them but their plan was to kill his political career locally as was done to Orji Kalu.


Why Governors Obi And
Okorocha Are At War
Stanley Uzoaru
— Jan 28, 2014 4:21 am | Leave a comment
They threw brickbats at each other for the
most part of last week. Governor Rochas
Okorocha of Imo State, and his Anambra
State counterpart, Mr. Peter Obi, were
literally engaged in a verbal warfare over
the dwindling political fortunes of Ndigbo
within the Nigerian context.
Governor Okorocha stoked the fire when he
blamed politicians from Anambra State for
the inability of Ndigbo to actualise their
long standing quest to produce a Nigerian
president of Igbo extraction since the
beginning of the present democratic
Governor Okorocha made the remark during
the inauguration of the South-East interim
committee of the All Progressives Congress
(APC) at the Ahiajoku Centre, Owerri, the
Imo State capital.
He said politicians from Anambra State
have the predilection to collect money from
politicians from outside the zone, and in the
process sabotage the Igbo agenda to give
the country a president that would transform
the country to a land filled with milk and
According to Governor Okorocha, politicians
from Anambra State, more often than not,
go for juicy contracts and appointments at
the federal level in every election year,
rather than join forces with their
compatriots from other states in the South-
East to fight for the realisation of the Igbo
agenda to produce a Nigerian president
from the zone.
He even alleged that former Vice President
Alex Ekwueme, as well as erstwhile
governor of the old Anambra State, Senator
Chief Jim Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, were
politically naïve and even aloof in the
struggle to produce a Nigerian president
from the zone. Ekwueme, a distinguished
architect, lawyer and politician hails from
Anambra State, while Nwobodo, known for
his enduring charisma, is from the present
day Enugu State.
Governor Okorocha rode to power in 2011
on the platform of the All Progressives
Grand Alliance, (APGA), but later joined the
nascent APC, where he commands
considerable respect and acceptance
among APC governors, and members of the
Governor Obi, who was also elected on the
platform of APGA, and who had remained in
the party since 2003, felt that governor
Okorocha’s statement was an inult to the
entire Anambra people.
Governor Obi, who spoke through his media
aide, Mr. Mike Udah described governor
Okorocha as a rabble-rouser, an ingrate,
and a desperate politician who joined the
APC to realise his ambition to rule the
The Anambra State chapter of Ohanaeze,
the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation,
as well joined the fray. Chief Chris Elemuo,
state chairman of the organisation, said
governor Okorocha had forgotten so soon
how APGA, widely regarded as an Igbo party
provided him the platform to become
governor. He expressed shock and dismay
that governor Okorocha dumped APGA, and
joined the APC, which he described as a
party of Northerners and Westerners.
It’s instructive that both Dr. Chris Ngige,
senator representing Anambra Central
senatorial zone in the upper legislative
chamber, and Senator Annie Okonkwo were
present at the event where governor
Okorocha made the controversial statement.
Both politicians are from Anambra State, yet
they didn’t raise even a whimper against the
statement credited to the Imo governor.
Perhaps, they choose to toe the path of
dignified silence because they share the
same party platform with Governor
The implication is that governor Obi would
have clapped for his Imo state counterpart
with both hands, if he (Okorocha) had
remained in APGA. But given the
leadership configuration in APGA; the loss
of vision as well as the crises that had
bedeviled the party since 2005, not a few
described Governor Okorocha’s exit from
APGA as a welcome development, since the
party is not in a position to provide Ndigbo
a platform to produce the president.
While Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu
Ojukwu was alive, he was the national
leader as well as the chairman of the
party’s Board of Trustees (Bot). The
founding national chairman of the party,
Chief Chekwas Okorie, who hails from Abia
State, was dethroned after a long court
battle. His position was usurped by Chief
Victor Umeh, then national treasurer of the
party. Ojukwu hailed from Anambra – the
same state where Chief Umeh comes from.
Though APGA was designed as a national
political party, its founding fathers in their
wisdom thought that first of all, it should
provide Ndigbo a platform to realize their
political and socio-economic aspirations
within the context of a united Nigeria.
But soon after Chief Okorie was squeezed
out of the party, APGA became more or less
a community party. Both Governor Obi and
Umeh come from the same Anaocha local
government area of Anambra State.
That’s not even the main issue. Some
political observers in the South-East said
Obi had surreptiously handed over APGA to
the PDP; a development which they said
would make it difficult if not impossible for
a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction to
emerge even in the next 50 years.
But in the calculation of Governor Okorocha,
APC provides a practical route for an Igbo
man to assume the highest political office in
the land. He, however, reasons that if an
Igbo man fails to become president in 2015
on the platform of APC, at least the vice
presidential slot would be given to a
politician from the zone.
Not a few say the current face-off between
Governor Obi and his Imo State counterpart
has no bearing on Okorocha’s description
of Anambra politicians as cash-and-carry
politicians. They are convinced that the
confrontation between the two Igbo
governors could be located at Okorocha’s
defection from APGA to APC.
More succinctly put, Obi seems to be
sympathetic to the PDP over its current
travails in the hands of some of its high-
heeled members who had left the party in
droves to join the APC. He also seems
unable to understand why a governor in the
South-East, and more so, one elected on the
platform of APGA should also defect to APC.
That perhaps informed the decision of
APGA, which recently pronounced him the
national leader of the party and chairman of
the party’s BoT, has gone to court to
challenge Okorocha’s defection to APC, and
ultimately use the court to remove him as
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 6:10pm On Oct 07

Guy you no get shame?.
I hate Chino11 for always bringing anambra first before Igbo in Igbo affair. .
for example if p-square or flavour is mentioned here,he will b d only person to start making noise and shouting and praising anambra and I also hate him cos he,just like you turn every thread into Anambra vs Igbo thing. though I still believe he is still a kid cos he is d only anambra person that does that here. .I HV seen so many mature anambra people here who see every Igbo as one and superior to non.
but Guy I hate you more cos you are useless and silly and blind even in d face of d truth.
you are so blinded with this your illution of Okorocha becoming d president that you can no longer use your empty skull.
even when it is so clear that He is a scam and a useless man who can not do anything Good for d Igbo nation but instead will be favouring d north while his Igbo nation gets nothing.
just like Jona did for d north.
Shame on you Abagworo.
instead of you to face d truth you HV turn this eye opening thread into Anambra vs IMO as usual. .
d day you and your useless Rocha's will step your dirty foot in Ebonyi state.
DAT will be d day you all will know how angry we are with Rochas
and shame on you Chino11
instead of you to kip pressuring him to face d truth,you even joined him to turn this thread into Anambra vs IMO.
Ndi Nzuzu.

Raining abuses on me will not change the fact that Okorocha is the best out of our present political elites. Blaming him for Jonathan's wickedness won't solve the heaps of bad federal roads littered across Southeast and South south. To associate with Northerners and other Nigerians is a good thing. My business is so large and successful because I have all ethnicities including non-Africans working for me.

The man who opened this thread did as a comparison claiming Anambra is better than Imo. You can go back and check. Rochas Okorocha's only sin is refusing to support clueless Jonathan and leaving the Anambra dominated APGA for a more national APC knowing fully well that PDP has no future.
Politics / Re: Traffic In Lagos As VP Osinbajo Visits (Photos) by Abagworo(m): 4:58pm On Oct 07
I remember the time GEJ was in Lagos and sometime like this happened. He was accused of being responsible for robbery and murder.

I hope nothing untoward happens today, except for the normal discomfort mere mortal like us have to bear for the sake of these titans that should be our servants... That is, if the report is true.

If this is as a result of Osinbajo's visit then it should be condemned in its entirety. I doubt this though. Osinbajo is too humble for this.
Celebrities / Re: Top 10 New School Artistes Whose Song Gave Them Fame In 2015 by Abagworo(m): 4:50pm On Oct 07
What of Lil Kesh? Though Shoki was last year, I think he has cemented his place with hits upon hits including Efejoku, Gbese, "Is it because I love you". YBNL is good.
Politics / Re: Zahra Buhari Visits IDP Camp, Shares Food To Them (Photos) by Abagworo(m): 4:36pm On Oct 07
She's pretty. Looks like my lil sister.
Politics / Re: See The Mistake Made By NTA During Last Night's Network News On Adams Oshiomhole by Abagworo(m): 4:31pm On Oct 07
Glad the Iara frenzy is dwindling and he's back on khaki. I like him more on khaki.
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 4:29pm On Oct 07

Hear this Abookie imported to Imo state from far north yawning.

Okorocha won second term because of people's fear that if he failed to come for second term, the projects he deliberately started would rot away.

Okorocha must be telling himself that he is the fastest thinker in his Ideato. But he is pouring sand for garri for future Ideato politicians as far as Orlu zone politics is considered.

Okorocha has amply demonstrated that he has no business with Orlu zone. He has no single business anywhere in Orlu zone, his only house in Orlu, he knocked it down when he was demolishing other houses in Orlu, unlike in Owerri where he has innumerable businesses including hotels, hospitals, private mansion etc.

Ideato should allow others produce Governor for justice and equity. Oguta/Ohaji/Egbema should take it next.
Politics / Re: Exposing The Real Rochas Okorocha! Imo People, Are U Hypnotized & Jazzed? (pics) by Abagworo(m): 4:27pm On Oct 07

Igbo people do not beg.
Let Buhari not deny Imo state what's due for the state ,: that is all we demand from Buhari. What extra goodies do you expect a northern man to bring to Igboland!!!!

We don't need to beg as we Imolites are already in APC. We only need to avoid joining the bandwagon of those fighting Buhari. Let them suffer as we suffered under Jonathan.
Politics / Re: Again, Fulani Herdsmen Invade Falae’s Farm - VANGUARD by Abagworo(m): 3:32pm On Oct 07
Am writing a novel with the name 'The Audacity of the slave masters'! The Fulanis seems to be laying a huge claim to the ownership of conquered territories in the west of the Niger and other willing lands in the middlebelt........before i forget,it is one Nigeria.

This issue is beyond Nigerisn territory. These herdsmen transverse via many routes spanning over several countries. They have a traditional route which they've been grazing for centuries but their activities seem to be moving deeper South as a result of desert encroachment. We need to plan on gradual stoppage of nomadic farming.


Politics / Re: Again, Fulani Herdsmen Invade Falae’s Farm - VANGUARD by Abagworo(m): 3:27pm On Oct 07
This story is more believable than the crap about Falae's abduction.

The government needs to come up with a comprehensive national plan to resolve this grazing issue.

We must set aside grazing highways nationwide to make up for the encroachment of the herdsmen's grazing areas which they've used for hundreds of years.

Until we do this, expect your crops located along the paths of the herdsmen historical grazing area to be eaten by cows, by hook or crook. embarassed

Fortunately our President is Fulani man. He should invest in educating his people on modernisation and population pressure.


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