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Politics / Re: Meet Igbo Boy Who Wrote A Song On Beyonce's New Lemonade Album by Abagworo(m): 5:32pm
@FreeGlobe and other Igbos who are on this thread, when making post to comment on public forum like this, please refrain from anything that seem like tribal undertone. It does not suit us as a tribe to be too proud in our disposition.

We need to curtail this act of chest beating and pride, what happened to humility? You could have just made the post and list the name, at least everyone would have seen that it's an Igbo person behind it.

Another thing you should note is that the said dude that inspired your ego massaging antic IS NOT the only one who wrote the song, at least you stated it visibly that OTHER artiste participated in writing the song but you made it seem like HE alone did it.

This boastful attitude needs to stop among igbos on Nairaland. There are better ways to showcase our people.

I don't know where ya'll got this boastful attitude from but in my family we are not boastful, we are united and we go about our business as a normal human being.

The person I quoted knew that a Yoruba person was also behind the works of Beyonce but never bothered to create a thread nor made it seem like ONLY the said Yoruba person is behind the work.

When thread about cocaine are created, do you know why it is pushed to front page just disgrace the igbos? It is because of people like you who wouldn't learn to respect your tribe by being humble enough but boastful. How does it make you feel when you see cocaine threads with Igbo names on front page?

In whatever you do, learn to respect the Igbo tribe as a whole even if you do not respect yourself.

It is Anambrians that create that impression of Igbos. Even within Igboland itself they can do anything demeaning to other Igbos and promote themselves.

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Politics / Re: Workers Day: Group Gives Okorocha Ultimatum To Pay Imo Workers by Abagworo(m): 3:34pm
Ndigbo Unity Forum, an Igbo socio-cultural
group, has given Gov. Rochas Okorocha of Imo
an ultimatum of 60 days to pay workers
outstanding salaries and allowances.
This is contained in a statement signed by the
President of the forum, Mr Augustine
Chukwudum, and made available to the News
Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Sunday.
It described as unfortunate that after receiving
bailout funds from the Federal Government,
which the governors and their cabinet agreed
was enough to settle workers, would divert such
The statement said such action was the height
of insensitivity in a democratic setting that holds
a lot of good promises for the people.
``On South East, we observed that the Gov.
Rochas Okorocha of Imo state notwithstanding
bailout funds that runs into billions that he
received from the Federal Government that he
still owes workers in the state many months
``We demand that Gov. Rochas Okorocha should
pay workers in Imo state their salary within sixty
days,’’ it said.
The statement warned that coalition of civil
societies would soon mobilise for the mother of
all demonstration in Imo, if the governor failed to
heed to the advice.


Vanguard! Well we all know them and Rochas are not in good terms.
Politics / Re: No One Can Stop Us From Grazing In The South — Fulani Herdsmen by Abagworo(m): 2:11pm
This herdsmen issue has existed for decades but people who lost power in 2015 are trying to use it and get at Buhari. It can never stop unless all of Nigeria is united in it and tribe or religion removed from the caption.

Eg these two phrases

1 " traders are the cause of roadside garbage In Lagos "

2 " Igbo Christian traders are the cause of roadside garbage in Lagos "

Phrase 1 will help solve the garbage problem while phrase 2 will turn it to ethno religious issue thereby hindering ability to solve the problem.

All Nigerians should say no to cattle herding as it is archaic and is almost extinct in other parts of the world. The Northern part of Nigeria has excess land for ranching and even agro-industrial growing of cattle feed. As long as herding is allowed then we have no reason to restrict their movement.
Politics / Re: Projects Commissioned By Governor Ayodele Fayose Today (photos) by Abagworo(m): 7:06pm On Apr 29
Such a shame.
Politics / Re: ‘Decomposing Bodies’ Of Nigerian Soldiers In Gubio -TheCable by Abagworo(m): 6:59pm On Apr 29

Government of propaganda, And they were denying this.

The only thing this APC government is excelling at is lies/propaganda. What are they going to tell the families of the slain soldiers??... Lets wait for a "robust response" from the chief liar him self - Lai Mohammed.

May the gods punish Buhari and his lying cohorts.

I always knew PDP is behind Boko Haram. Your joy at this fake news further solidifies that. Nigeria is winning your terrorists and I'm writing this as one with knowledge of what's happening in the battlefield.
Politics / Re: Wike Inspects Ongoing Road Projects In Rivers- Photos by Abagworo(m): 10:26am On Apr 29

Don't mind them, the likes of omenka dat will never speak good of anything outside APC.
I never liked Amaechi or Wike neither did I like PH but with what this man is doing now, fixing d roads, the street lights, clearing trash. I believe he will be far better than that lousy ex-governor

Don't compare Wike with Amaechi please. PH is dirtier now and drainages are getting blocked because of poor refuse management. Be sincere
Politics / Re: States In Nigeria Owing Their Workers' Salary........(photos) by Abagworo(m): 10:23am On Apr 29
my friend, better make your investigation right before posting rubbish here...... if i hear say na three months KWARA dey owe? it's better you call kwara people and hear from horse mouth and make confirmations....

Whoever produced this chart is as mischievous as Vanguard newspaper. They should compete for award winner in false journalism. Rivers workers in LGAs and teachers are owed 4 months as none has received salary in 2016 while a continuously delayed verification is used as an excuse.
Politics / Re: Wike Inspects Ongoing Road Projects In Rivers- Photos by Abagworo(m): 10:19am On Apr 29
how can he complete monorail when 85% of roads in Rivers State are bad
Monorail is like building castle in the air

Oyigbo needs a total overhaul. The roads in that semi-urban is terrible.
Politics / Re: Wike Inspects Ongoing Road Projects In Rivers- Photos by Abagworo(m): 10:16am On Apr 29
NGN50,000,000,000 loan in action

Wike is doing some short and small basic roads which is good but I think he should stop claiming some of Amaechi's projects. The dual carriage road on that picture is Rumuokwurusi to Igwuruta road almost completed by Amaechi. Wike is doing well to round it up but it is crime against God and humanity to claim he started it or that he met it less than 85% completed. He made same claim at LNG road just by painting the road and opening a bridge almost completed by Amaechi.

Oroigwe, SARS and Igwuruta/Chokocho is to his credit if he completes them. That of SARS or Obio/Akpor modern market has been completed by Wike but the New Airport Road is more important than all of these tiny roads.

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Politics / Re: Obiano's Absence At Governors Meeting In Abuja,a Sign Of Seniority & Confidence by Abagworo(m): 12:37am On Apr 29
On my own opinon,obiano knows what he is capable of,not the weeping governor of enugu,
if you want is by fire,you receive it by fire,why do you think he has been avoiding any southeast governors meeting this meeting that,if you cant protect you people as the chief security officer as the governor you are then you are not worthy to be a governor,you are just a weakling and a coward
Going to the president and meeting after meeting will it stop the next attack by them,obiano,the no nonsense man has armed the vigilantes,village youths,whats the use of meeting while you are ready.
Was it not the other day that the same weeping enugu governor sign a memorandum of understanding with this rampaging islamic extremists called herdsmen.
Aluta continua

true to God if this useless southest governor give an inch of our tiny space called region to this marauders,i will spit on their moon head

Your epistle is unnecessary as he was equally helpless when herdsmen killed his people last month and have been killing his people since 2014. Or do you want links to the dozens killed so far since 2014?



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Politics / Re: States In Nigeria Owing Their Workers' Salary........(photos) by Abagworo(m): 12:30am On Apr 29
This list is wrong, Delta State is owing Primary School Teachers 4months Salary

The list is so wrong.
Politics / Re: States In Nigeria Owing Their Workers' Salary........(photos) by Abagworo(m): 12:30am On Apr 29
Rivers good things......wike continue,we luv u

Rivers is owing teachers 3 to 4 months salary. So don't be in a hurry to praise anyone.

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Politics / Re: States In Nigeria Owing Their Workers' Salary........(photos) by Abagworo(m): 10:34pm On Apr 28
This should be disregarded as it's completely flawed. Rivers State is owing 4 months but It's not reflected on that chart.


Politics / Re: Governors In Abuja To Persuade Buhari To Share Excess Crude Funds by Abagworo(m): 4:31pm On Apr 28
Ok. But Sam Daddy should continue in the Senate by 2019 to learn the ropes more. He will possibly be senate president if Hope Uzodinma and co permit. For now, Nda Emma ga chi anyi.

Whoever will rule Imo will be a decision of Orlu zone. If we back Uzodinma and Okorocha supports him nobody can challenge Uzodinma. Owerri and Okigwe can never come out in one voice. The only way an Owerri or Okigwe will emerge Governor is if he has the backing of Okorocha. Hope's campaign vehicles are ready and waiting.

Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's Parents Protest In Belgium - Photos by Abagworo(m): 4:21pm On Apr 28
What's the reason for the protest?
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 4:20pm On Apr 28
how do you fight people with ak 47 if you do not have similar or superior weapon? My anger with what you wrote was you feeling you from Imo is somehow more 'authentic' Igbo than those people you are maligning...if you make statements like these then you have no right to attack that irritant that always attack Imo people

I'm surprised that an Imo citizen could portray such attitude found amongst one of our neighbouring States. Meanwhile same thing has been happening in Imo and other States for decades.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 4:10pm On Apr 28
My take is we should adopt these there basic approach which
i. Searching every truck transports cows and it equivalent within the region.
ii. Creating security group that will foresee every activities undertaken in our forests. Track down herdsmen with illegal fire arm.
iii. Creat a policy that ensures herdsmen respect their host community.

Nothing will work except we all cooperate to apply a lasting solution. Like I wrote earlier herding is outdated and there should be steps towards its total abolishment. Thats the only way out.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 4:05pm On Apr 28
Oga read well before you comment. Learn to understand the difference between an open invasion of a community and secret killings of farmers in the bush. One is an affront, the order is an act of cowardice. And I have every reason to doubt the genetics of those cry babies.

I hate when Igbos try to feel themselves better than their fellow Igbos even when they face same challenges. Nimbo people have been fighting with herdsmen for ages. The herdsmen hired mercenaries from Adamawa why can't you IPOB support the Nimbo people? You cannot deny having full knowledge of the planned invasion.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 3:38pm On Apr 28
Every Igbo person should be worry and wary about this new development in Uzo-uwani in Enugu state because we may not know where next they might visit, they're like cancer that spread from one spot to another.
The Governor of Enugu is not even helping matter at all, while travel to Abuja with a smiling face while your kinsmen are being butchered like ram?

They've been visiting everywhere not only Enugu State. Almost every State in Nigeria has been attacked yearly by herdsmen in the past 10 years.




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Politics / Re: Governors In Abuja To Persuade Buhari To Share Excess Crude Funds by Abagworo(m): 3:20pm On Apr 28
I trust Buhari.

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Politics / Re: Ayade And Kuru Ride On Calabar Monorail by Abagworo(m): 3:16pm On Apr 28

I think you should be shameful, calling someone a liar with no facts. Are Nigerians divided into either APC or PDP touts? It is a fact that the Cross river mono rail is absolutely incomparable to the Rivers. One is a tourist transit train and the other a mass transit train. Cross river is a steel track while Rivers is concrete. Cross River has 1 track while Rivers has 2 tracks. Cross River train is a P8 while Rivers trains are P30 models of same brand. Cross river is 3km while Rivers is 20km. Cross River has 3 stations while Rivers has 14. Lastly, for the fac that Rivers is doing this within the city tells you how difficult and expensive it most be against the tourist version.

I guess people like you dont see anything good unless its done by PDP, thats how your leaders stood by and watched the Hausa Senators redistribute funds meant for the Lagos calabar rail.

The cost of compensation in Rivers State in some instances surpassed the cost of actual construction.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 1:49pm On Apr 28
My condolences goes to all members of the community may they never witness such again.

If there was any indication or prior warning then the army really failed this community and something needs to be done to find lasting peace all over.

How were they caught unawares? How can people who got prior notice of an attack suddenly became caught unawares. Why didn't the youths of the community mobilize themselves to forestall the attack? Tell that your rooster and bull story to fellow weakling as your Governor. If it were in the past, the youths of that community would have been publicly stripped Unclad, flogged and banished. What insolence?
A group of fools saw signs that some nomadic herdsmen were planning to attack their village, rather than arm themselves and lie in wait, the coward efulefu's all went to bed early and pretended as if nothing would happen. If I may ask, how can a handful of herdsmen come to a community, kill, rape, pillage and overpower agile grown ups in their ancestral land. It's unheard of, especially in Igboland for that matter. Ew! Chineke ekwele ihe ojo. Inshort, that area should be ceeded to the middle belt, I am beginning to doubt the genetics of those weaklings.

This cycle of violence has been going on in that community for several decades. They are strong enough and have been fighting with herdsmen as well. In this instance the herdsmen employed mercenaries but still resisted by the youths. The casualties is not as reported.
Politics / Re: Ayade And Kuru Ride On Calabar Monorail by Abagworo(m): 1:45pm On Apr 28

25% abi. Why not compare revenues. Does Cross-River earn up to 25% of what Rivers gets. Does Cross-River have up to 25% of tax generating businesses and industries or populace. What about Federal or Multi-national presence. Can you drive a challenging 5 hrs anywhere on the highway in Rivers State. Cool down. Don't compare the two states at all. Cross-Rivers since the time of Duke has been punching far above its weight. The challenges it faces are just monumental. The only state capital I know serviced by a single lane highway and only one access. What they are robbed of and lack in resources they have more than made up in relatively good and stable leadership. I challenge any state to match it in the provision of rural water supply and now power infrastructure. You cannot compare any South-South state to Cross-River in the quality of human life pound for pound or should I say naira for naira.

It depends on the parameters employed in the analysis. My point is not even comparing Rivers with Cross River. I came in defence of Amaechi who was falsely accused by one contributor. The Opobo link Road surpasses 90% of all projects in South South and it was done by Amaechi.

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Politics / Re: Ayade And Kuru Ride On Calabar Monorail by Abagworo(m): 1:06pm On Apr 28

Liar, APC tout. Are you ashamed that Imoke succeeded where Amaechi failed. All through the construction, we did not hear "P" about it. Unlike Amaechi that was blowing his trumpet from Jalingo to Kuje

Rivers monorail looks much more solid and demolitions were involved. This one cannot cost up to 25% of the one built by Amaechi. Politics made Amaechi's own not to be put to use but phase one which is longer than this Cross River monorail has long been completed.

Finally Amaechi did not blow any trumpet as you accuse him of. There was no billboard of Amaechi in Rivers State and he rarely did commissioning jamboree but yet he did more projects than all the Governors of his time.

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Politics / Re: Ayade And Kuru Ride On Calabar Monorail by Abagworo(m): 1:00pm On Apr 28
Nigerian governors need to borrow wisdom from this executive individual. Governance is not always about painting your name on all projects around but preserving and ensure the legacies left behind does not decay.

I wish we could all make this our watch word.


Politics / Re: Street Protests In Enugu Over Herdsmen Massacre by Abagworo(m): 12:58pm On Apr 28

Don't worry, we are planning an Equaliser. When we strike, both the greedy governor and the Terrorist President will be jaw- dropped

Please if you are equalising make sure it is with the criminal herdsmen not innocent people lest they equalise with death of milliins of innocent Igbos.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 10:57am On Apr 28

Question from a defeated soul.....
Mind you GEJ only ruled for 5 & not 6yrs.
More so,GEJ is history.. He's probably somewhere devoid of Fulani herdsmen attack while you wallow in a Fulani ridden environment...
Instead of you to bow your head in shame that you voted an idiot who went to Abuja to have fun while his people are still mourning the dead.

Why didn't he end the herdsmen crisis all through his 8 years in power?

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Politics / Re: Ayade And Kuru Ride On Calabar Monorail by Abagworo(m): 10:14am On Apr 28
This monorail is not same standard with Rivers monorail.


Politics / Re: Count Me Out Of Double Emoluments — Ngige by Abagworo(m): 10:08am On Apr 28
Mr ngige just decamp to PDP today, that is when we will no the truth of your claim.

They all have skeletons in their closet but bear it in mind that most APC members like Ngige who were formally in PDP have become born again and washed the PDP sins away.
Politics / Re: Buhari And Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi At Presidential Villa{ Photos} by Abagworo(m): 9:28am On Apr 28
Am I the only one is disgusted by these pictures of Ugwuanyi with Buhari?

Tens of your people have just been slaughtered in cold blood, and you go to visit a man who controls the police and army who can do something about it and you are laughing like a fool who just won lottery.

Is he star-struck the opportunity of shaking hands or taking pictures with Buhari or what?

Is this a normal way to display outrage? Why all this fawning as if a houseboy went to meet his master?

Buhari is old enough to be his father.
Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Nnamdi Okonkwo For Receiving Diezani’s $115m by Abagworo(m): 9:24am On Apr 28

Which world supports Buhari n which leader the world is against. Zombie needs detoxification cos it is a chronic ailment! Nigeria was working b4 buhari stopped it from working like he did in 83/85. May God save us from this ineptitude. Amen

PDP will cry well by late 2018 when 80% of their leaders will be sentenced. I am certain a lot is being kept for later stage.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 12:11am On Apr 28
Stop voting for idiots.....

See Enugu state governor that was shedding crocodile tears earlier in a happy mood with Buhari while his people were killed like rats...

Slave boy bowing to slave master

W embarassed
Stop voting for idiots.....

See Enugu state governor that was shedding crocodile tears earlier in a happy mood with Buhari while his people were killed like rats...

Slave boy bowing to slave master

What did GEJ do about it for 6 years he held sway?

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