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Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by Abagworo(m): 7:46pm On Aug 24
Lol..OkijaAmaka with double K posting pictures of Anambra twenty yrs ago.

It could be Chino's new moniker. He opened Abagworro and Abagworo1 to cause mischief.

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Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by Abagworo(m): 7:44pm On Aug 24
Oga, the last two pictures are the ones you got from Google, they're old pictures.

The second pic with a man kneeling down is a mechanic workshop (no defense there it is usually a mess in every state)

The fourth pic with the woman standing next to a basket of oranges is a market scene..nothing to write home about in markets

The pic with the giant open drainage is an emergency control drainage to halt erosion. Covering it up might spell doom cos rain water empties into that drain

The pic with the giant open drainage is an emergency control drainage to halt erosion. Covering it up might spell doom cos rain water empties into that drain

The fake Okijamakka is out for mischief. The aim is to rekindle negativity in this thread. Like I've always written, Igbos should always write their complaint on the internet but desist from posting bad images as political blackmail. It backfires.


Politics / Re: MTN Makes $4 Billion Per Annum In Nigeria by Abagworo(m): 7:40pm On Aug 24
We have Globacom owned by a Nigerian. In as much as the amount is staggering, allowing the competition will help in efficiency.
Politics / Re: Pictures From The most Beautiful Village In Nigeria by Abagworo(m): 4:58pm On Aug 24
if the reason why you keep insulting other states in the SE/SS doing better than your Imo state is to "attract" Federal projects, I would like to let you understand that it doesnt work, has never worked.

most of the roads in Anambra, federal/state were done by the state govt and in some cases, they then ask for refund from the fed govt.

if you keep waiting for fed govt to do road for you like in the old days, it will never happen except maybe the strategic expressway.

it is on record that the only federal road attempted by the fed govt, Osha/Enugu express in anambra state is in state of disrepair since 2010

these guys really dont care about you. it is your govt in the state whose people pass these roads daily that should be worried and thinking of how to do these roads

the problem imo has it is that it is ruled by a myopic yoruba /islamic party and not a homegrown Igbo party

For the east to develop we must decouple all aspects of our economy from the HAusa fulani alamajari yoruba economy and way of life and do things differently.

that is innovation. you cannot keep doing things the same way and be expecting different results.

I love imo though, they have beautiful girls with big waist. I know cos my aunt is from awo mma mma. they are nice people, its sad that this fulani jihad has to befall them

What I dislike is baseless accusation. I have never insulted anyone or group on Nairaland except on extreme provocation. While you make whatever contributions or tell whatever lies that suit your saTANist agenda I implore you never to accuse me falsely again.

I am one of the few real Igbos that want the best for Igboland and Nigeria. If you dont know just learn now that I am only against those who supported Jonathan in destroying our chances of bringing positive development to the SS and SE .

I maintain my stand that the only way forward is to work for peaceful coexistence with our neighbours and other ethnic groups in Nigeria. If that is an insult, so be it.
Politics / Re: Ongoing Massive Protest At Akpaja Eleme Rivers State By Ogonis (Photos) by Abagworo(m): 8:59am On Aug 24
Protesting against clean up of their own land. If this is their stand then Buhari should equally neglect them like Jonathan.
Politics / Re: Pictures From The most Beautiful Village In Nigeria by Abagworo(m): 7:07pm On Aug 23

abagworo, abagoro, ngeneukwuenu, omenka, passingshot.

Someone must have stolen your monika my sis.
One thing in life is that you can never fool a group forever, one day they will revote.
The last time I visit Orlu, I wept for my state Imo state, through Anambra we did not witness any pothole, on passing Isseke to enter Imo state the first thing that greated us is a pot hole.

Rochas might has good intention for Imo state but his approach is what is distorting his intention.

God bless IMO State
God bless alaIgbo
God bless Nigeria.

Hey while making comments please appreciate the absence of federal presence as a result of Jonathan's neglect of Imo State. When I was screaming about his neglect of SS and SE most people were busy singing appointment praises. Now oil has fallen and money finished. That road is not a State road. During Udenwa/Obasanjo regime, Arthur Nzeribe attracted federal government to that road through Orlu and past Anara as well as the other from Owerri to Orlu and another from Onitsha to Owerri.

Let us rally round Buhari and attract federal presence to our State
Politics / Re: Pictures From The most Beautiful Village In Nigeria by Abagworo(m): 7:01pm On Aug 23
This is not engugu or anywhere close to enugu. This is a stolen internet picture with enugu attached to it.

If fact, you picked the wrong village to claim. This is not Udi because Udi is a grossly neglected town with almost zero government presence...

Below is a typical road in UDI...

I don't want to derail the thread with with the other horrible stuff in the link, but feel free go through that link and see the horrible state of many roads and living in enugu.

I just don't know why people lie needlessly in face of obvious sufferings and misery...

Everywhere in Nigeria has good and bad roads but these roads are clean. Of course opponent will pick all the bad sites and try to cover up the good ones.


Politics / Re: Why Is Aba The Dirtiest City In West Africa by Abagworo(m): 4:29pm On Aug 23
i reside at phc, igbo are the most dirty tribe in nigeria, just go to all ibo state or any place they have dense population you will testify.
Pls, dont mind the way there men and ladys dress, majority of them are in to prostitude,gay,homosex.

Every city in Nigeria has clean, moderate and dirty areas but market towns generate more waste and hence less clean than administrative towns.

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole & Wife, Iara At NGE Honour (Photos) by Abagworo(m): 12:33pm On Aug 23
This woman is presently the most admired celebrity in Nigeria today. My friend just named his new born baby girl Iara. I expect a lot of Iaras in our higher institutions soon.

Adams is really a blessing to this beautiful lady.
Politics / Re: The Main Reason Igbos Want South South Minorities In Biafra by Abagworo(m): 12:11pm On Aug 23

Your greatest delusion is to think things have change because Jonathan lost election. Just because Delta state people out of Fairness allowed an Anioma person to be governor, Automatically in ur chest beating and greedy brain, Delta state is now Igbo State. You guys quest to grab everytin around you is annoying.

If you give an Igbo man an inch, he will take a mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your unlimited GREED is smelling.

You are more guilty than the Igbos you collectively accuse and hate. All Igbos are nit TANoids and all TANoids are not Igbos.
Politics / Re: The Main Reason Igbos Want South South Minorities In Biafra by Abagworo(m): 12:09pm On Aug 23
I'm not an igbo hater as many people assume. But let the truth be told today, igbos only want south south due to economic gains and nothing else. The South south region is the geopolitical zone in Nigeria and if each south south state where to be a country of its own, it would be one of the richest countries in Africa. Besides Lagos, no other state in Nigeria is richer than any south south state. They all have crude oil in commercial quantities and also access to international waters.

This is the main reason why the igbos are trying to cajole them into demonic union. They igbos always say that south south is not a tribe but an evil manipulation of the north. They say the northerners created the south south in order to divide and rule and call the yorubas all manners of names. The question I want to ask the igbos today are;

Are the people of south south complaining?

Have the people asked them to champion their cause in any way?

Why are they crying more than the bereaved over Gej's loss?

The igbos don't mean well for us. They only want our resources and want to marginalise us. Can a non igbo person hold a position in igboland? Can a non igbo person be sold land to in any part of igboland?

Why then does any sane person think that igbos have genuine intention for us?

Let's assume that biafra is achieved today and the south south joins them in biafra, what will be their contribution to the economy of biafra? What will they bring to the table?

The answer is nothing and the only thing they'll bring to the table is their population. Our history would be wiped out in 10 years if we join them cos they'll igbonise all of us.

An average igbo man is greedy, deceitful and can never be trusted.

You are absolutely silly! No real Igbo man is interested in this your long false assumptions. Some Igbo politicians are busy spreading rumours to justify their role in Jonathan's failed regime and you are busy accussing all of us. Attack Jonathanians and leave Igbos alone.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Pelt Jonathan With Stones If…- Oshiomhole by Abagworo(m): 11:11pm On Aug 22
I think Igbos are the only set of people on earth that have clearly seen the level of failure in Jonathan's regime but yet lie to themselves about it. They are still busy mourning Jonathan while Ijaws have embraced the positive change going on in Nigeria.

I am proud of my stand in supporting Buhari with my all right from 2007 till he won this year and every bit of this regime excites me.

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Politics / Re: After 4 Years, "They" Will Still Be Blaming Jonathan by Abagworo(m): 8:24pm On Aug 22
I think what brings up Jonathan is the sudden improvement in Nigeria which Jonathanians have failed to accept. Right now I have improved power and fuel my car at 87. I have never enjoyed such dual favour all my life.

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Politics / Re: An Igboman Was Once An Oba In Benin Kingdom(how True Is That) by Abagworo(m): 7:11pm On Aug 22

I called my friend from OGUTA, and he confirmed your story as fact

The truth and made up stories cannot be compared. In Oguta you find some Bini names and Bini styled kingship with most of the ruling classifications. You will however notice the Igboness being the driving force while the riverine culture announces the Ijaw aspect. If I come out to say we are from ancient Benin kingdom I will score 80% in my defence.

The big difference between us and these liars is that you cannot find anyone of us come out to refute Igboness even though inhouse we classify in our own way. We are proud Igbos and equally proud of our heritage.
Politics / Re: Suggest Propaganda Topics For Buhari/APC And Win Prices by Abagworo(m): 2:30pm On Aug 22
BUHARIPHOBIA! Titus now back to three fishes from reduction to two during Jonathan's tenure.


Politics / Re: How Unfair Can We Be To Jonathan? by Abagworo(m): 2:08pm On Aug 22
surprisingly they even rate obasanjo above GEJ. Except comnig from Southwest and making sure our vote never counted, telling us to our face that election is a do or die affair, that even Jesus cannot conduct a free and fair election here, he did nothing. Yet they sentimentally rate him above GEJ with no conscience at all.

Obasanjo did everything the writer wrongfully ascribed to Jonathan. Jonathan/Yar'Adua could not build on Obasanjo's success hence there era will be forgotten. Obasanjo is synonymous with GSM/Telecoms, Banking, Stoch Exchange, EFCC, NAFDAC etc. Gas to Power and construction of power plants was equally Obasanjo's brainchild which Jonathan inherited at very advanced stage but could not achieve results because of corruption, political interest and impunity.



Politics / Re: Why Are Igbos Running Away From Their Land by Abagworo(m): 10:42am On Aug 22

Yorubas must really torment you, for you to see anyone attacking your hypocrisy as Yoruba.

How bad could it be in Iboland? Even Boko Haram victims don't run from their region as much as you do. Ever since I was born, Nyamiri have been flocking to my region in 'attachment' on your escape buses.

Imagine standing all through a 15 hour journey just to get to the North, then you turn around and try to insult the region. Pathetic.

You can never be a Fulani man. A Fulani man cannot write this

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Politics / Re: Wike Kick-start the construction of Elelenwo-akpajo-eleme Road. pics by Abagworo(m): 8:14pm On Aug 21

Ask people in Rivers, Wike is working and stop the hatred.

Dualization of slaughter road already completed with bridge. So what makes u feel this is propaganda. Remove Sentiment and acknowledge the right thing.

LMFAO! Which slaughter? Amaechi did Slaughter. Wike should just continue with the remaining parts from Slaughter to Garrison at least.

I wonder why all the canopies and celebration to kick start a road.

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Politics / Re: An Igboman Was Once An Oba In Benin Kingdom(how True Is That) by Abagworo(m): 8:00pm On Aug 21
The truth is that Anioma.....ikwerre...and other parts of ibo land including inside Anambra ......are Benin..... angry

Some parts of Igbo have Benin influence but Ikwerre has zero Benin influence. Ikwerre society was kingless and lacked the Benin monarchical society.

In the East only Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni/Oguta/Onitsha/Ogbaru areas have Benin influence. Their origin if we must use what I know from my people is from a place known as Ado n'Idu inhabited by Igbos but at the fringe of Benin territory. Most of these tales are illogical but I have been able to deduce that Igbos were actually part of warriors in Benin but later fell out with a wicked Oba which led to an exodus towards the East. On their way back they realised other Igbos had already occupied some areas but many settled along the way while others moved on and crossed the Niger ferried by Ijaw sailors who joined the expedition. These Ijaw people and some Benin loyalists joined the Igbos to form the Igbo speaking peoples inhabiting today's Aboh, Kwale, Ogba, Egbema and Oguta. Onitsha, Ndoni and Ogbaru people were ferried by Igala men who equally became part of them. Igbo language has always been the language of all these Niger River Igbos right from Ado n'Idu era.


Politics / Re: Suggest Propaganda Topics For Buhari/APC And Win Prices by Abagworo(m): 11:42am On Aug 21
l am really enjoying this joke. OP should change the title and move it to jokes section before Buhari's searchlight beams on his/her corrupt caption.


Politics / Re: Ebonyi Assembly Suspends The Minority Leader, Honourable Maria Ude Nwachi by Abagworo(m): 10:47am On Aug 21
grin grin Afikpo Chic Welcome to Nigeria Politics! You think, that place is your useless Ndigbo Forum on Facebook, where you preach hate, violence against other ethnic groups?

Perhaps your run-away boyfriend, Nnamdi Kanu will come to your rescue. Ndi Ara!

I think the protest went out of hands. Her Facebook page is still being used to preach hate and division rather than love and unity.
Politics / Re: PHCN ON STRIKE. Rivers State In Total Blackout by Abagworo(m): 9:54am On Aug 21
true not true

true in ur area not true in other areas.

though in my area there was no light but saw light where I went to. as I type this there is light.not gen o

Light is back. They called it off this morning.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:58pm On Aug 20
Saw this on The Nation newspaper and it's quite disappointing. Imo security guard workers protest against 7 months debt. If Okorocha cannot handle his recurrent expenditure, then the free education should be scrapped and the money used for payment of salaries. It is useless building roads or giving free education to hungry people and I hope this is not true.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Now Generate 5000MW Electricity by Abagworo(m): 10:41pm On Aug 20
in my area around rumuola ph ,electrity supply is up to 18 hours a day for the past 2month

did the strike not affect you? Ours has been off since yesterday after 2 months steady power.
Politics / Re: Concrete Facts To Prove That Ikwerres Are Not Igbo But Edo by Abagworo(m): 10:38pm On Aug 20

Ok, good point about the authography. But the rate at which Ikwerre changed Igbo names after the war lends credence to my fears.

There is nothing like uniqueness. Abiriba , Onicha, some Aro and many others in Igbo land are believed to have migrated from somewhere into Igboland. That does not make them less Igbo than anyone else.

Where are u from?

Ikwerre changed the names back to Ikwerre. You can't come to another man's land and change his name to whatever suits you. Ikwerre disagrees being Igbo and the dialectal variation lends some credence to the claims. We need to actually let them be. The reason I have been contributing to this thread is not to claim Ikwerre is Igbo but to correct a flawed rewrite of history.


Politics / Re: Balkanized Igbo Territories by Abagworo(m): 10:04pm On Aug 20
these are some of the Igbo territories that have been balkanized:-Ikwerre land,opobo,Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni,Anioma and Igbanke
Igbos,the most envied ethnic group in
Africa.enemies will try to pull us down,but
they will never succeed.igbo bu ofu,united
we stand;divided yorubas enjoy.
Say no to divide and rule tactics,save the
future of our children

Opobo is nowhere near Igboland.
Politics / Re: Concrete Facts To Prove That Ikwerres Are Not Igbo But Edo by Abagworo(m): 9:55pm On Aug 20

Read the above. Akalaka a Benin man gave birth to Iwhnurọhna = both the name of the father and his son are Igbo names and yet he's from Benin.

See also:



Impressed at the ingenuity at bastardizing and creatively mispelling Igbo names. See gymnastics. Quite astounding.


"Iwhnurọhna, in Ikwere parlance, means the face of the community (town, city or village)."

Iwhnurọhna = Ihruọha = Iruoha =
Iroha = face of the community (town, city or village or public or public face in Igbo.


So tomorrow someone can say my name is not debola, it's dhebolar and insist on its accuracy.

Anyway, no comment.

Failure is an orphan. Success has many fathers. Focus on yourself. Build your house well. If u do, others will identify with you. They will even beg you for citizenship. US is a case in point.

O gwu m, n'onu.

Ihuruoha is simply "face of the people" or Ihuoha or ifuora in central Igbo. The "Hn" or "whn" was conceived in autography to address the nasal and accented pronounciation.

The origin and uniqueness of Ikwerre would not have been a long discussed controversy if common sense was allowed to come into play. Migrations came from everywhere with Etche and Owerri being very significant but the most solidly placed and easily proven root is Cross River Igbo area rather than Western Igbo or Bini.

I write this because I feel more connected to Ogba and Ukwuani and I notice a lot of similarities aming us but never Ikwerre.
Politics / Re: Some Part Of Edo State Is Igbo Land A Case Of The Igbanke People by Abagworo(m): 9:44pm On Aug 20
The difference between Igbanke Igbo claims and Ikwerre Bini claims is the obvious evidence in language, culture and names. Oguta Bini claims is equally provable with some traits and nomenclature.
Education / Re: Is This Kind Of Waec Result Possible - ( Photo) by Abagworo(m): 9:17pm On Aug 20
I saw this waec result from my friend cousin, I was wondering is kind of waec result possible in Nigerian. OK if it is possible, did the candidate use is own brain to write this or did the person used any expo or is it a mistake from waec.

This are the questions I do ask my self. So see for your self is this possible in Nigeria?

Very real. Mine was same
Politics / Re: NBC Begins Work On Nigeria Largest Mega Plant In Imo by Abagworo(m): 9:12pm On Aug 20
Is the Epicenter of manufacturing shifting to the east.
I once posted that the gdp of the former east might have overtaken other regions. This is gradually being confirmed with the mega Outfits and factories coming to the east.
I don't Know the choice of okigwe though. Could it be accessibility to other states or availability of land, power etc

I think they already had a plant at Okigwe which they acquired from Limca bottling Company. That might have informed their decision to site this one in Okigwe.

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