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Politics / Ohaozara In Ebonyi Oppose Inclusion In Proposed Etiti State by Abagworo(m): 4:28pm On Jul 21
THE people of Ohaozara Local Council Area of Ebonyi State have kicked against their inclusion in the proposed Etiti State following the recent recommendation of the National Conference, headed by Justice Idris Legbo Kutigi, to the Federal Government for the creation of additional states in the country.

  Specifically, the Conference on Thursday, July 3, 2014, approved the recommendation of the Confab Committee on Political Restructuring and Forms of Government for the creation of 18 new states to be added to the existing 36 states in the country.

  Some of the proposed states as read out on the floor by the Deputy Chairman, Ambassador Bolaji Akinyemi, were: Orashi, New Oyo, Etiti, Savanna, Adada, Njaaba/Anim, Apa, Gurara, Ijebu, Ogoja, Kainji, Katagun, Amana, Savannah, Aba and Anioma.

  The conference had during plenary unanimously agreed with the specific recommendation to facilitate the creation of an additional state for the South-East zone to put it at par with other zones of the country.

  The recommendation of the committee, which was amended by the delegates, read: “In the spirit of reconciliation, equity and justice, there shall be created an additional state for the South-East geo-political zone”.

  But in a communique issued at the end of their General Assembly, which held at the council headquarters at Obiozara, the people of Ohaozara frowned at and decried their purported inclusion in the proposed Etiti State, insisting that they would remain in their present place in Ebonyi State.

  The communique signed by 29 members including the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi, Dave Umuahi; a former Minister of Education and now Pro-Chancellor, Ebonyi State University Abakaliki, Dr. Igwe Aja-Nwachukwu and representatives of Ohaozara-West and East constituencies in the Ebonyi House of Assembly, Jerry Onasi, Mrs. Nnenna Choice Nwene and Nze Magnus Eze, has already been transmitted to Governor Martin Elechi and leadership of the National Conference.

  A copy of the communiqué, made available to The Guardian in Abuja at the weekend, has also been sent by the group to the leadership of the South-East delegation, as well as the leader of Ebonyi State delegation to the confab.

  Addressing newsmen on the matter in Abuja at the weekend with some officials of the area, Executive Chairman of Ohaozara Local Council and spokesman of the group, Ogbuefi Enekwachi Akpa, explained that the people were not averse to the creation of additional states for the South-East geopolitical zone or the proposed Etiti State, but that they “are at home in Ebonyi State”.

  He disclosed that the Ohaozara people have vowed to employ every constitutional means, including a referendum, to vote against the purported idea to include them in the proposed Etiti State when the time comes.

  “The reason is not that we do not support the creation of an additional state for the South-East or the said Etiti State, but we contend that we have journeyed so long from Imo to Abia and finally to our promised land Ebonyi State, where we feel very much at home and do not wish to be dragged into any other entity where we may become strangers.

  “We are at home in Ebonyi State and this is because culturally, politically and economically, Ohaozara people are in affinity with their kit and kin of Abakaliki and Afikpo extractions and have nothing in common with the bulk of people in the said proposed Etiti State,” he added.

  The chairman, who kicked against the idea, insisted that the people of the area were ready to employ every constitutional means, including a referendum, to vote against their purported inclusion in the proposed Etiti State when the time comes.

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Politics / Re: 2015 : S’ East APC Moves To Save okorocha by Abagworo(m): 10:43am On Jul 21
More of the invisible performance. Diagnostic centre.

Politics / Re: 2015 : S’ East APC Moves To Save okorocha by Abagworo(m): 10:27am On Jul 21
Politics / Re: 2015 : S’ East APC Moves To Save okorocha by Abagworo(m): 10:18am On Jul 21
karlmax2: its only this imposter who claims to be igbo that see performance in imo state is this not the same imo state that ive been in the past 2days ? Owerri that used to be the cleanest capital in nigeria is now a refuge dump if u claim to be in imo state i challenge u to choose any where we can meet today so that u show me this invisible performance aboki man claiming igbo

Your masters spent 12years without building one single classroom but this man you are hating has almost completed 305 full school buildings in less than 4 years. Your masters spent 12 years without giving Imo one standard Hospital but this man you are hating has already completed one of the best equiped diagnostic centres in Nigeria and on the verge of completing 27 standard hospitals. Your masters spent 12 years constructing less than 50kms of road without drainage and walkways but this same man you are hating has made Owerri a city with underground drainage and walkways. The list is endless.

Politics / Re: 2015 : S’ East APC Moves To Save okorocha by Abagworo(m): 9:33am On Jul 21
They say performance speaks louder than noise. Imo youths are battle ready for any anti-Rochas moves. Casualties will emerge soon. We are too exposed to be deceived by PDP and their propaganda. Where are the 6 bombers caught in Owerri?
Politics / Re: Rochas And His Monumental Looting Of Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:14am On Jul 20
A reknowned Dj is currently touring 10 campuses in 10 different States. Chocolate City’s Super Star DJ Caise in conjunction with Close Up Naija Herbal toothpaste present “Step Up To Naija Rhythms with DJ Caise”, this event will see DJ Caise host 10 of the craziest parties in 10 university campuses in Nigeria, the event will run from July to September 2014.The parties which promise 5 hours of non-stop jamming would involve rap battles and dance competitions to entertain the students There will be free gifts for the first 100 students at the venues, great music and the greatest party experience with DJ...

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 6:46am On Jul 20

This is typically the reason Nigerians should go abroad to change their warped mentality.Yes, traffic lights work in mega metropolitan centers such as New York, Los Angeles or Atlanta. Even Abuja has traffic lights and everyone knows they don't cause any gridlock as you ignorantly infer. But, the law must be firm to make sure people obey them or they will pay huge fines.
What causes gridlocks is when two opposing traffic are caught at the same time locked and blocking each other in an intersection, then since everybody is usually in a mad hurry and wants to go first. They twist around the intersection and cause a nightmare,which will take hours to sort out. That is what causes gridlocks on all port harcourt roads. Not traffic lights, but their absence and peoples behavior that it wastes their time to obey the traffic light in the few places they exist.
. Are you aware that all junctions in Port-Harcourt has traffic lights but they were turned off to help reduce traffic? Traffic lights are timed and direction of traffic is irregular. In a city like Port-Harcourt if the green lights turns on you still can't move beyond 5meters in 3mins and then it turns red for the other direction to move but one lane will remain stagnant until it turns green again and then red again, hence you remain stuck. However if under human control, the traffic controller will allow one lane to move a bit and create space for the other lane.
Politics / Re: Enugu Market Explosion: One Feared Dead, Sevearl Injured by Abagworo(m): 10:24pm On Jul 19
Mode should please help rescue this thread from tribalists. As usual Abagworo will call a spade what it is. Igbos are the most politically backward people in the world. I just pity Igbos even though I'm one and therefore in a nutshell I have pity for myself. When a bomb was foiled in Imo State many Igbos celebrated it and were wishing that Imo State be bombed so that there will be crisis in Imo and some even went as far as associating the Governors political affiliation. I told them that day that what they wish Imo will 1st befall them and today Enugu has been bombed they are giving excuses. Igbos I'm appealing to all of you to please go learn how to play politics like your Yoruba and Hausa brothers who though not in power remain more relevant in all political parties while you've been relegated to the background. Keep investing your life earnings in other areas like Abuja, Lagos and Kano. Keep creating enmity between yourselves and Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba/Kogi/Plateau etc while the Ijaws and Yorubas extend their hands of friendship to everyone but yet invest at home. Keep feeling wiser than others and running down your own people because of money. Good morning!


Politics / CONFAB Is A Waste Of Billions Of Naira – Prof.utomi by Abagworo(m): 8:22am On Jul 19
Prof.Patrick Okedinachi Utomi is a   distinguished Nigerian professor of political economy and a renowned, internationally aclaimed public affairs analyst with a unique leadership acumen that separates him from his equals.
In this encounter, he speaks on burning national issues, starting with the demise of the renown human right icon, Bamidele Aturu, to the impeachment of Murtala Nyako and the waste of billions of naira on the ongoing CONFAB. Excerpt:    
How do you feel about the death of the legal icon, Bamidele Aturu?
It’s a devastating blow to the project of human right. One of the biggest challenges of our time is helping the voiceless find a voice. Sadly we live in a society of an extra-ordinarily selfish elite who are obsessed with themselves through nazistic culture. So when you find a few who are willing to help the voiceless find their voice, you know that it’s a gift from above. Stephen clovey said that the most important habit of the 21th century is to help people find their voice.
Bamidele Aturu helped his generation to find its voice. Much earlier, when some of us were 18, youth of Nigeria helped Nigeria find it’s voice.
Then, we were demonstrating before we know the reason behind our demonstration, but today’s youths are so focused on themselves, while the voiceless are completely helpless. So when you have a few individuals who are willing to help other individuals find their voice, it is tragic to lose them early. He would surely be missed.
What would you say about the impeachment of Gov. Murtala  Nyako and the resignation of his deputy despite the intervention of elder statemen like former President Olusegun  Obasanjo and his Vice, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar?
It is a very strange conversation for variety of reasons. It is a complicated politics in Adamawa. Nyako on his own, in all circumstances, has his own challenges, but sincerely, our democracy is not being helped by these kind of politics.

*Prof Utomi
In some ways I am tangentially related to Adamawa politics and as part of my work with the oppressed, I have done quite a bit of work in some part of Adamawa state during the flooding. I spent time visiting those areas providing them trucks full of relief materials from Lagos. So I know how they feel about their leadership in Yola.
However, I think we are in a transition society and there are some delicate things we need to manage in a certain way to navigate that transition so that we do not create enough of a groundswell that would result into a violent storm at the end.
All these issues happening, reminded me of 1966! And we knew where the tragedy of 1966 led us as a nation. This is a period we need to be very careful.
Some people are of the opinion that the politics of cross-carpeting from one political party to another is not ideal for our democracy. What is your view?
I find it very disgusting; it’s the main reason why some of us pushed to register a political party based on strong ideals and values. It is an ideological orientation that keeps one in a political party, not the convenience of an electoral machine.
It is totally bad that people would swing from one party to the other because of an electoral possibility and making mess of the very essence of a political party. This was why I was frightened when I heard about speculation that I would still be joining the People’s Democratic Party PDP. Not because there is poison in the party but I believe that the fundamental reason for involving in politics should be for building institutions. Institutions are what preserve the future.
These politicians jumping from one party to the other are looking for their moment. Politicians should not be thinking of the moment but the future of their grand children. If we can’t build a strong institution like a strong intent political party then we are not mindful about the future of our grand children. It does not matter what anybody does to me, I would remain in the party I believe is in the progressive left to any other side.
With the split of the South and the North over derivation, do you see the confab coming up with solutions to the problems facing Nigeria as a country?
Without being temperamental, I have very little time for the CONFAB. If this group of people can recommend a 19 state for Nigeria, they have no idea of what they are doing.
How do you mean?
The reason is very simple, the CONFAB delegates were selected from yesterday and their focus is on yesterday. So somehow they cannot see tomorrow. Imagine yesterday’s quarrel being re-fired and yesterday’s sharing formula is being thought through rather than tomorrow’s bills being discussed. So they are focusing on yesterday challenges and losing sight of tomorrows challenges.
The national conference is a waste of billions of naira of the tax payers’ money. Lest we forget, I was one of those who pioneered the call for a true Sovereign National Conference   but it appeared it was manipulated in a way that the wrong people were called upon to be delegates.
Although there are some good selected few among them that see more clearly but their understanding is so limited which would do lasting damage on the country. The understanding of most of those in the conference is so much on yesterday.
With all the challenges rattling our polity, do you perceive a breakup come 2015?
My prayer has always been that Nigeria will remain united and learn from her mistakes and forge ahead. I have always hoped that the generation that see the strength of Nigeria will take advantage of it and build on those strength in a way that we would all become penny wise pound foolish.
What structure do you think is most suitable for Nigeria?
More decentralisation, greater devolution of power, bigger sub national structures and something like the six regional structure instead of the malady we are facing today, where politicians want to be addressed as “Your Excellencies.”
Back then, these offices were being run by DOs who wore knickers and rode bicycles but today you see leaders flying around in private jets.
With failed leadership, do you see unity as the best solution to Nigeria’s challenges?
A bigger country is always a better idea economically. My view is that Nigeria is not even big enough. We should even think of merging together with few west-African countries.
The thought of breaking it further would not be in the best interest of the Nigerian People. Consider the United State of America, for instance. It comprises of smaller countries that came together to form a formidable nation.
Then what would you make of the contentions between the South and the Northern region delegates?
There had always been differences between smaller units in any great nation’s history.
The south of the United State fought Civil War with the Northern for a longer period, but today nobody is talking about it. Even in America, nobody remembers it, except for history lessons. In the same vain, I have many friends who hail from the North and we relate normally.
Our problem of division is just the lazy and selfish elite that are trying to share our commonwealth. So they don’t elevate conversation, they just look for how to find ways for themselves and that is the reason we are in the mess we find ourselves as a nation.
How best can we get out of these predicament?
My friend, Prince Odukumaya, once said that Nigeria is in serious need of a Nigerian Jrry Rawlilngs but I am not sure if that is the only way to resolve our problems. Sincerely, we need a revolution that will wipe out these characters.
More importantly, we need to recognise that leadership should not be for dullards. According to Bishop Coker; the brightest in our society goes to acquire degrees while the less intelligent people rule. Nigeria has reversed everything.
While in other societies, only the brightest leads. The American President, Barack Obama, is a professor in constitutional law, the British Prime Minister is typically a graduate of the prestigious Oxford University. But in Nigeria we have the opposite whereby those at the bottom runs our society.
I remember  you anchored on a national TV, a program titled Patitos Gang in which Reuben Abati was a member of the ‘gang’. The program proffered solutions to national problems.
(Laughed)…I think my people are too involved now in the sharing of the cake than to think of the solutions we proffered then. But God is not sleeping.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 11:35pm On Jul 18
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 11:19pm On Jul 18
From Rochas facebook page. Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha
My people, my people. I took a facility visit to Ochiedike Diagnostic & Renal Centre and I am happy to inform you that the project has been completed and will be commissioned in August. This centre will attract medical tourism to Imo thereby boosting our internally generated revenue and reduce the cost associated with traveling to obtain specialized medical attention abroad. Imo Must Be Better.

Politics / Re: My Son Wants To Kill Me- Apiti Of Rumueme by Abagworo(m): 9:30am On Jul 18
phantom: the apiti of rumueme. is that not OCC?is he still alive?
. I thought you still live in Port-Harcourt. OCC is very much alive though he incurred a lot of bad records of land fight in the past. So Timothy is now fighting his own father for land. Remember "eli gbala oso" by Buckwild. "Land no dey run". Both you and your father like every man will one day die but land will remain.
Politics / Re: Photo Proof Of One Of The Many Ways Rochas Plans To Murder Us All In Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:14pm On Jul 17
UnknownT: I passed that route last week 4rm PH to my hometown. When I saw that, I thought maybe he was trying to turn that flyover Ohakim started into another design by using d blocks n Reinforcement bars! He has already turned the flyover to a roundabout nah
. The roundabout is part of the design. I think it was 1st created as a palliative to ease traffic while the construction is ongoing. You can see the roundabout at this one in Lagos.

Politics / Re: Photo Proof Of One Of The Many Ways Rochas Plans To Murder Us All In Imo State by Abagworo(m): 10:11pm On Jul 17
UnknownT: I still believe that that structure is not a bridge. The blocks u said will be pulled down, can u see Reinforcement bars inside them, after casting, if u pull down d bloccks, there won't be any space for pedestrians as u r saying. Me believe he is trying to turn that place to anoda structure in ccontinuation of his beautification of the town
. 2 parallel concrete walls will be cast there with the block used in designing the pillars while the middle is filled up with laterite(red soil). That is how the longer sealed part of flyover is built. The pillars support the bridges while the sealed part is used to create the slope towards the bridge filled with laterite.

Politics / Re: Photo Proof Of One Of The Many Ways Rochas Plans To Murder Us All In Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:34pm On Jul 17

Please intimate we illiterates how it makes engineering sense to build a block to create a space for another wall. Still begs the question sir what is the purpose of the 6 inch block wall
. A man who does not know the difference between kelbs and block is quite ignorant. I also guess you think that using blocks in place of planks makes a work substandard.

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Politics / Re: Photo Proof Of One Of The Many Ways Rochas Plans To Murder Us All In Imo State by Abagworo(m): 6:33pm On Jul 17
Uclloyd28: is not about the road construction, is how long is has been going on. Rochas is a show man, can u imagine what he did last December cuz of people coming back for xmas. his not honest, his just water logging the whole state capital. we can't wait for 2015, this man can kill us all before the 2015 we imolites planned to ouster him.
. How long has it been going on? This overhead bridge was recommenced late May 2014 and you expect it finished by July. The contractor must be a magician. I personally believe that by december some significant work must have been done. You and your likes wrote same about almost all the finished roads and very recently the conference centre.


Politics / Re: Photo Proof Of One Of The Many Ways Rochas Plans To Murder Us All In Imo State by Abagworo(m): 6:07pm On Jul 17
spyder880: Came back 3 months later and. ......runs into my bunker before I receive an e-slap.
. You are an engineer I guess and probably a civil engineer at that. Laterite is being piled up and a heavy rain falls, what do you expect? The best thing to do is to wait till when the work has reached certain stage before making any remarks. Every road construction site looks this way after heavy rains.


Politics / Re: Breaking! Alegeh Emerges As President-elect Of NBA by Abagworo(m): 8:17am On Jul 17
Politics everywhere
Politics / Re: First Cargo Ships Berth At Onitsha Seaport by Abagworo(m): 11:52pm On Jul 16
ChinoElects: There is no way big liners can berth in Onitsha Port. The only thing that can berth in the city port is barges etc..

. Why then were you abusing me? Guy you are disgusting.
Politics / Re: First Cargo Ships Berth At Onitsha Seaport by Abagworo(m): 11:20pm On Jul 16
ChinoElects: For you to say that Ijaw blocked anything is nonsensical, because Ijaw as a group cannot and does not have any such power to block an FG project. Which port is in your village? You mean Oguta jetty that does not make any economic sense? When last did you hear about it? I am sure FG has realized that it will not be viable that led them into abandoning it!

. 27
Onitsha River Port Rusts as Government Prepares to Concession

The Federal Government may be set to concession the River Ports in Baro, Oguta and Lokoja even as the newly commissioned River Port in Onitsha has started to rust as a result of poor patronage.

Commissioned by President Jonathan after splashing over N3billion in a project which indigenes of the commercial city said was yet to meet their expectation, the River Port looked ghostly as no genuine activities was taking place, aside from the presence of some of the workers who were seen strolling in and out of the premises.

Of course, this was not the dream of Mr. President when he went to commission it, with fanfare. But what can anyone do, when we all know that a River port does not function without a regular supply of cargo, explained a trader near the Onitsha Bridge head.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Transport has indicated government’s willingness to hurriedly complete, commission and concession the River Ports at Baro in Niger State., Oguta in Imo state and the one at Lokoja in Kogi state. The Minister says the Ministry would ensure that things work better this time as the project would be complemented by enviable maintenance dredging of the lower River Niger channel as an ongoing project that would suffice, after the completion of capital dredging.
Politics / Re: First Cargo Ships Berth At Onitsha Seaport by Abagworo(m): 11:08pm On Jul 16
As you can read from this link, the dredging started from Obasanjo era and so also was its resistance.
Politics / Re: First Cargo Ships Berth At Onitsha Seaport by Abagworo(m): 11:03pm On Jul 16
ChinoElects: You must be out of your mind to say that Ijaw blocked anything! Who are the Ijaws to block an economically viable project as the inland water ways, a federal government project that spans about 3 geographical locations? Lemme make it clear to you Ijaw or whatever you call them did not block anything and cannot block anything because they do not have the damn power nor might to do so!

The Onitsha Port has been concluded and concession is ongoing!

. I don't think we have any arguments Mr Chino. The Niger has not been dredged deep enough to contain large vessels as planned earlier but like I already wrote the ports can still be put to use for inland transport of lighter goods and smaller vessels till the issue of dredging is resolved. A port is also located in my hometown.
Politics / Re: First Cargo Ships Berth At Onitsha Seaport by Abagworo(m): 10:45pm On Jul 16

This one na story, you & I know nothing will happen.
. It will happen but large vessels won't be involved. The dredging was meant to make inland Nigeria more accessible to larger vessels but was grounded by the EIA which reported possible negative effects on aquatic life that made Ijaws block the move. However smaller vessels can still make use of the inland waterways until a compromise is achieved.
Politics / Re: 10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. by Abagworo(m): 10:38pm On Jul 16
My brother I don't think size adds up to a city or country being developed else most countries that make up Europe wouldn't be considered developed. In fact I'd say size is a minus. Consider big nations like China, India and maybe Brazil with their large economies and technological advancements yet they are not considered as 1st world countries. The development has to be spread evenly (at least to most parts). No sentiments bro but if you haven't visited Uyo you might think this is all fake hype.
. I do visit Uyo regularly and Ibadan once in a while. Beyond the size, Ibadan is still more advanced. Uyo has a long way to go and its just at the earliest stage of development. Along the new and few major roads are some good landscaping and government structures but Uyo town is not developed and has very bad narrow roads and poor housing. Ibadan on the other hand has some parts that date back over 200years and some that are very modern but everything Uyo is still trying to have, has long existed in Ibadan even though its still rusty as we all know.


Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 10:23pm On Jul 16
To save this Enugu thread all the discussions about Onitsha port should be done here. Thank you all.


Politics / Re: First Cargo Ships Berth At Onitsha Seaport by Abagworo(m): 10:20pm On Jul 16
This is an old thread created way back in 2011 with a glimmer of hope that the Onitsha port was already functional. Today we are still hoping but realistically writing I think more focus should be on human and light goods transportation as its almost impossible to achieve dredging enough to transport sea-going vessels.
Politics / Re: 10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. by Abagworo(m): 7:53pm On Jul 16
Well you only criticized other people's definition of development without putting forward what development entails to you. I believe development has a lot to do with infrastructures such as roads, bridges, housing structures etc and has more to do with updating these infrastructures to meet the global trend. Trust me the present day Uyo is more developed than present day Ibadan.
. Uyo cannot be compared with Ibadan in any way. It still has a long way to go. Ibadan is ancient but also has modern parts 3 times larger than Uyo metropolis or even more. In the East Port-Harcourt is by far the most developed city in everything including population, size, roads, business, housing, entertainment, number of standard Stadium, corporate organizations, largest oil industries in Africa, 2 refineries, one petrochemical, oil export terminals and rigs, standard hotels and high concentration of wealthy people.

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Politics / Re: Apete Bridge,ibadan Collapses Again! What A Government! by Abagworo(m): 3:37pm On Jul 16
People have refused to look into some allegations lately with regards to substandard steel and cement in circulation.


Politics / Re: Alamesiegha’s Visit To okorocha Unsettles Imo Pdp guber Aspirants by Abagworo(m): 2:10pm On Jul 16
C0llynzO2: One thing I am 100% sure of is that APC will never win in my state.
If we don't want PDP, there is always APGA (where Rochas won) and PPA under which Ohakim was elected.
. Who has the track record or god-like following enough to cause problem for Rochas? None is the answer. Rigging is the only hope left but I doubt if it will work going by the fact that Imo election holds same day as others unless they device a means of postponing it.
Politics / Re: Alamesiegha’s Visit To okorocha Unsettles Imo Pdp guber Aspirants by Abagworo(m): 1:37pm On Jul 16
All the aspirants in Imo State are what is called "achikota ekwe onu" in Igbo language. None of them has a good record but they are only busy paying people to come online and lie against reality in Imo State hoping on rigging with the help of FG in 2015. Alamiesigha's visit might be on personal note as he is Okorocha's friend or on the other hand he might have delivered a message from the Presidency free from politics of 2015.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 12:35pm On Jul 16
Evergreen123: I think that Abagworos article is correct, I heard that kind of thing before.
They had allowed the FG to pollute their lands in the process of oil exploration but they are rejecting a wonderful project/breakthrough for the eastern region .
But I don't want to believe the ijaws hold the yam and the knife in this port this port issue.
The FG can have her way if she wants to, all I see is lack of will
. Its not as easy as you think. Large scale dredging of the Niger will have a multiplier effect on the riverine area including the direct tributaries going shallow and some sub-tributaries drying up. A lot of compensations need to be paid as livelihood is the most important aspect when it comes to issue of compensation. The Onitsha port can be opened for smaller vessels with small scale dredging of Niger for easy passage or for marine passenger transport.

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Politics / Re: 10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. by Abagworo(m): 11:40am On Jul 16
phayvoursky: Is it not this same IBADAN that celebrated its 1ST FLYOVER BRIDGE some months ago at MOKOLA.

Take a CUE about organization from ASABA.

So what's the development about.
. I don't know why some supposedly sane people are here putting themselves to ridicule. The OP wrote developed and not modern or fine. Ibadan is largely an ancient city but by far one of the most developed in Nigeria. Building 3 roads and flyovers. And 2 hotels is not all it takes to develop. Maybe if beauty was to be used then Owerri, Calabar, Enugu, Uyo. Etc. "could be" rated above Ibadan but never in development.


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