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Politics / Re: Presidency May Clash With Obiano Over Romance With Amaechi by Abagworo(m): 4:56pm On Oct 30
Those abusing me are silly as the I am not the source of the news. I was also abused when I first wrote that Peter Obi would join PDP. Obiano is progressive minded and I will not be surprised if he ends up with performers like himself.

Music/Radio / Biggie's "Warning" One Of The Best Gansta Lyrics Ever by Abagworo(m): 4:11pm On Oct 30
Who the fck is this?
pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin crack a dawnin
now I'm yawnin, wipe the cold out my eye
see who's this pagin me and why..
It's my nigga Pop from the barbershop
told me he was in the gamblin spot and heard the intricate plot
some niggas wanna stick you like fly paper neighbour
slow down love please chill drop the caper
remember them niggas from the hill up in Brownsville
that you rolled dice wit
smoked the blunts and got nice wit
yeah my nigga Fame up in Prospect
nah dem my niggas nah love wouldn't disrespect
I didn't say dem,
they schooled me to some niggas
that you knew from back when,
when you was clockin minor figures
Now they heard you blowin up like nitro
know they wanna stick the knife
through your windpipe slow..
so thank Fame for warnin me now I'm warnin you
you got the mac nigga
tell me what you wanna do...

Damn niggas wanna stick me for my papers

They heard about the Rolex's and the Lexus
wit the Texas license plate outta state
they heard about the pounds
you got down in Georgetown
now they heard you got half of Virginia locked down
they even heard about the crib
you bought your moms out in Florida
the fifth corridor....
Call the coroner
there's gonna be alot of slow singin
and flower bringin
if my burgular alarm starts ringin
whatcha think all the guns is for?
all purpose war got the rottweilers by the door
and I feed em gun powder so they can devour
the criminals tryna to drop my decimals
DAMN..niggas wanna stick me for my cream
And it ain't a dream things aint always what it seems
it's the ones that smoke blunts witcha
see your picture, now they wanna
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so I can rip through the ligaments
put the fuckas in a bad prediciment
where all the foul niggas went
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I dont give a Bleep about you or your weak crew
What you gonna do when Big Poppa comes for you
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Hold on I hear somebody comin........

[Dogs Barking]

"Come on mothafucka!"
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"Just bring yo mothafuckin' Bottom on come on!"
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"It's right over here"
"Man, are you sure it's biggie smalls crib man?"
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"Oh poo!"
"What? What's wrong man?
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"Oh poo, you got a red dot on your head too!"
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[two gun shots]
Politics / Presidency May Clash With Obiano Over Romance With Amaechi by Abagworo(m): 1:00pm On Oct 30

The cosy relationship between President Goodluck Jonathan and the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willy Obiano as well as the All Progressives Grand Alliance[APGA], may soon hit the rocks over suspected romance between the governor and his counterpart from Rivers State and chieftain of the main opposition All Progressives Congress[APC], Mr Chibike Rotimi Amaechi.

A source in Abuja revealed that there is an uneasiness within the Presidency concerning the suspected cosy relationship between Obiano and Amaechi  as the much talked about 2015 general elections draw nearer.

According to the source, security report has it that some emissaries of the Rivers State governor,led by his brother in-law, Chief Dozie Nwankwo,  have been paying frequent visits to the Government House, Awka and holding discussions  with Obiano of late. It was learnt that following this development, Presidency officials have been monitoring the events closely.

The source who pleaded not to be quoted, revealed that some hawks within the Presidency ,had advised President Goodluck Jonathan to move against Governor Obiano  but that due to his kind heartedness, the President has so far not bowed to such demand. The source said that the governor is some one the President assisted to ascend the thrown and has continued to work closely with him since he, Obiano, assumed office early this year.

The governor was said to have visited President Jonathan recently, with the National Chairman of APGA, Sir Victor Umeh, along with a billionaire businessman, from his state, Sir Emeka Offor,who facilitated the visit, during which very useful discussions were held, bothering on the 2015 elections.

To further show his  soft spot for Obinao, President Jonathan included him in his team to the trip to the Holy land, Israel, for this year’s pilgrimage. The source said that in spite of these measures of goodwill, Obiano has continued to fraternize with allies of the President’s well known political foe, Governor Amaechi.

Both Governor Obiano and the National leadership of APGA, have publicly endorsed the 2015 re-election ambition of President Jonathan. As it did in 2011, APGA has also said it will not field any Presidential candidate for the 2015 general elections. Ironically, Governor Amaechi is diametrically opposed to the idea of Jonathan’s re-election.

Insiders within the Presidency are therefore said to be wondering if Governor Obiano does not reckon with the contradiction in his relationship with the President and romance with Amaechi, which is however yet to be of public knowledge.
Politics / Re: Please What Has Our President Actually Done Wrong(a Must Read 4 Nigerians) by Abagworo(m): 5:38pm On Oct 29
Jonathan this,jonathan that. WHAT IS IT THAT JONATHAN HAS ACTUALLY DONE WRONG? Why are we nigerians filled with much hate for our dear president? Jonathan is the best president so far since the independence of Nigeria. Among all the heads of states and presidents that ruled nigeria so far, who among them can compete against jonathan in times infrastructure,power,food security,transparency,good governance and all other sectors of the economy?. Do we know that Nigeria cleared its debt from the world bank during jonathan administration?, do we know that power is more steady in Nigeria during his administration?, do we know that the price of petroleum products was most stable in jonathans administration compared to the previous one?, do we know that nigeria became the largest economy in africa during jonathans administration?

Everything you wrote up there seems either out of amnesia or you are simply ignorant. I don't know where you live but I'm writing as an Igbo man living in Port Harcourt.

1) The power supply in Port Harcourt is zero despite the fact that Rivers State is generating more power than required. That I suspect is a political weapon employed against Rivers people because the Governor is in APC.

2) Youth groups and militants are being armed and protected to create crisis in Rivers State , courtesy of FG and their affiliates here like Nyesom Wike and Evans Bipi. What it means is that another Boko Haram is being created in Rivers State.

3) The only federal road that is good in this part of the country is Onitsha/Owerri and mostly done by Obasanjo.

4) Nigeria's debt has increased despite our earning highest income from oil during Jonathan's tenures. Contrary to what you wrote earlier, Obasanjo actually cleared Nigeria's debt but it has risen back today.

5) Kidnapping, terrorism, robbery and corruption has peaked under this Jonathan regime. While kidnapping has reduced, terrorism and corruption has skyrocketed.

6) Rebasing being done under Jonathan does not translate to him being solely behind the growth. Most of the growth happened under Obasanjo when telecommunications, Music, Nollywood and banking experienced sudden growth.

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Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 8:38am On Oct 28
Mbano should be in no.5 and that of no.3 Ngor when they speak their dialict it sound some how like orrata with a mixture of ngwa inwhich one might think the person is speaking ngwa untill you notice the orrata part of it. What about Ezinihite i dont notice much diffrence between it and ngwa because the sound alike, the only diffrence i'v notice is the si(ngwa), shi(ezinihite) can you explain more on this.

Ngwa and Ezinihitte are alike except for the nasal differences and some Oratta influence on Ezinihitte. Ngwa seems to have adopted the nasal aspect and their Ezinihitte brothers left that out.

Ngor just like Etche sounds like a mix of Ngwa and Oratta with slight differences like Oratta will say "Ishi nini", they will say "ika nni" or "isi nni" which in central Igbo is written as "isi gini" or "ikwuru gini". However when you move a bit Southwest towards Ikwerre around the Isu-Etche and Ohaji area, the dialect becomes more Ikwerre-like and not easily distinguishable with some Ikwerre dialects spoken around Elele, Ubima, Omerelu etc.

Mbano speaks an Isu dialect just like Mbaitoli, Ikeduru, Nwangele, Amaraku etc. They have their differences as well but are Isu based.
Politics / Re: New Face Of The New Abia State Modern E-library by Abagworo(m): 8:23am On Oct 28
of what use is the E-library when i spent 4 good hours in osisioma just because of bad road. Abia indigenes especially ngwa youths will never get sense.

Why not admit the simple truth that the E-library project is beautiful and a welcome development. After all none existed previously. Theodore Orji is trying his best especially in Umuahia but I do not like an ingrate. He is trying to demonise Orji Kalu who made him everything he is today and yet he claims to be a Christian.

Finally he does not have forgiving spirit. I heard he abandoned Aba just because people pelted him with pure water. When you corroborate this with Orji Kalu's case you won't help but conclude Theodore is heartless.
Politics / Re: Niger Bridge Is Shaking. by Abagworo(m): 8:12am On Oct 28
I didn't exempt Aguiyi Ironsi when I said past leaders. Like seriously,you really wants us to donate money for construction of that bridge? Sir, if you plan it very well I can assure you that even the poorest Igbo man will gladly donate money to such a fine course, but the question is... How do you plan to achieve it? Create a thread for it and carry us along if truly you cares oh.Imanu na ihea faceless forum onye obula nwekwara ike bia koo nke juru ya onu gbafuo

It is not about creating thread. Igbo Governors should meet and agree on it. We the Igbo people will gladly do it. Before 1999, majority of our roads and development was done through self-help using town unions.

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Politics / Re: Lol Ikwerre Too Sabi Scam by Abagworo(m): 8:09am On Oct 28

I thought Peter Odili is from ndoni?Is Ndoni also ikwerre?

Leave he who judges without knowledge to continue with ignorance. E be like panadol no make am panadol even though both are analgesic.
Politics / Re: Asari: Amaechi Betrayed Saro-wiwa & ND With His Pro-gambari APC Rally Speech by Abagworo(m): 8:02am On Oct 28
Asari and his fellow liars should just park one side. Why are you and your Madam against Ogoni being Governor of Rivers State? Why have you people been marginalising Ogoni in almost everything but yet you are claiming to be Saro Wiwa's friend. The truth is that Amaechi has opened the eye of Ogoni to the scheme of things in Rivers State with developments and political emancipation. He has built Stadium Road and named it after Ken Saro Wiwa and he is a pillar behind the Ogoni project 2015 which every Nigerian with conscience should support. Will it be a sin if PDP fields an Ogoni man as its Presidential candidate or are they not also South-South?

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Politics / Re: Niger Bridge Is Shaking. by Abagworo(m): 7:57am On Oct 28
Was Nnamdi Azikiwe a northerner? Less than 1 year because the bridge is not wide enough

Lol! Nnamdi Azikiwe was a ceremonial President but the Prime Minister was Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. I only wrote that as a response to the tribalist who wanted to blame Northerners. Amaechi the other day listed what Northerners did in Rivers State and it cannot be disputed. My take is that y'all should stop creating North/South dichotomy and face the real issue.

I want Igbos to build that bridge without being ridiculed by Jonathan or whoever is in charge. I will personally donate 10million and I expect other Igbos to do alike according to their capability. We can raise the money in one month.


Politics / Re: Niger Bridge Is Shaking. by Abagworo(m): 7:26am On Oct 28
But we have been using that bridge since 1960? Nobody should insult GEJ on second niger bridge being built or not,after all we have had leaders since 1960 and non thought it wise enough to build a second bridge except Jonathan. Note: I don't care whether he wins or losses his next election but second niger bridge built or not should never be a yardstick. He don try sef as he don moblize workers to start.past leaders no even do tikom there

The only one was built by a Northerner! in 1965 and it took less than 1 year to complete.


Politics / Re: Niger Bridge Is Shaking. by Abagworo(m): 7:25am On Oct 28
If not for people like Peter Obi and his cohorts, Igbos can come together and build that bridge in less than one year. The Imo airport and Abia State university was built with voluntary funds contributed by all Imo State adults and extra from the millionaires.

Even this one they claim to be building will still be funded indirectly by mostly Igbos.


Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 12:06am On Oct 28

Bro, I know the typical Owerri. Our neighbours were Owerri and it's indeed different from the general Igbo in Owerri township. If you doubt me, all you have to do is listen to core Owerri songs by Owerri musicians such as Chima Obareze.

We both agree that Owerri has nasal effects but that was and is still not the argument. I came in because you assumed that Igbo spoken in Owerri is Oratta dialect and I only made it clear that they are not the same. Around that Owerri axis there are 4 related but distinct dialects.

1 is Uratta which is the original dialect of Owerri township and its immediate environs

2 is Ezinihitte/Mbaise

3 is Etche/Ngor

4 is Ohaji/Ikwerre.

5 Mbieri and Akabo speak Isu with noticeable Uratta influence.
Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 11:34pm On Oct 27

I also know the o'u(otu), u'u'u(ututu) renderings of 't' sound in Owerri. In fact, I speak it to my soon-to-be landlord here from Mbaise. Lol. But urban Owerri has modified sort of that Owerri speakers switch between 'otu' and 'o'u', the use of the latter being used more when speaking natively within themselves. Some Owerri people speak 'o'u' anytime anyday though. And when they pronounce the 't' sound in some sounds, there's also that nasal sound undertone to it equally.

Owerri has some nasal effects which lack in Mbaise like I stated earlier but you seem to erroneously believe that Owerri dialect is similar to central Igbo spoken in Owerri township. It isn't at all and many people in Owerri township cannot even speak Oratta dialect. Owerri township speaks the same Igbo as spoken in Port-Harcourt, Aba, Umuahia, Afikpo, Orlu, Okigwe, Bonny, Abiriba, Igbere, Obehie, Umuebulu, Obigbo, Eberi and other towns who use that type of Igbo as a means of general communication even though they all have their own dialect or in some instances distinct language.


Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 11:00pm On Oct 27

Truly, Owerri and Mbaise are nasal indeed. From the pronunciation of new as 'ohnhurnu', to 'ihnu'(face), 'hne'(ihe), 'ihnuoma'(ihuoma), 'otnu'(one), etc. The 'n' nasal sound seems to always accompany the 'h' letter, 'n' letter etc. This is one distinguishing factor of Owerri/Mbaise from central Igbo where all nasal sounds are dropped.

In addition to 'la'/'go', vocabulary also distinguishes both NCI and SCI ie 'mbosi'/eshi(day), anyasi/abali(night), uutu/ututu(Enugu/Onisha versus Owerri/Aba), Eifie/Ehihie(afternoon), banye/biiga(enter) etc.

You do not know much about Igbo dialects I guess. Owerri has silent "T" in their dialect and hence "o'u" is the typical Igbo "otu" , Anyasi or uchichi is dialectal as central Igbo is abali/abani for north/south, banye is banye or bai. Biiga becomes dialectal just like bii. Owerri has some nasal sounds which lack in Mbaise or Ezinihitte.

Other words are just interchanged.

"Ori kpa ori imekpa umu'akiri ogbede ahu" is a typical Owerri which you of course will find it difficult to translate.

"Judith nne'm ayola" is another very simple phrase you cannot interpret either.
Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 7:10pm On Oct 27
It's the same way people who are not so conversant with Imo state assume by default that the main dialect spoken in Imo state is the Owerri-Mbaise dialect not knowing that there are other dialects that exist in Imo state as well different from Owerri.

The general language spoken in Imo State emanates from street slangs of Aba which often times is modified in Onitsha and spread to Northern axis which also relies on Onitsha for its street slangs.

Owerri and Mbaise don't speak nasal form of Igbo and do have a different structure from the Igbo spoken from Orlu to Anambra State. So I wonder how you could even make such assumptions of it being used as Imo State Igbo.

"Ole ka idi" Or "Kedu ka idi" or "kee ka idi" is typical "how are you" in Igbo(South and North) but Owerri says "I ri kpole" or "Imela kpole". What I think really differentiates central urban Igbo on North and South basis is the "la" and "go" suffix as the other letters are interchangeable.

Ighotago and ighotala, Ibiago and ibiala etc.
Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 4:19pm On Oct 27

I think iwai stands for money in certain parts of Imo state....

That's Ohaji of course which shares language affirnity with Ikwerre and more like "awai" in that axis. I don't think Okpogho or Ikpeghe was borrowed but rather it evolved at the same time among many tribes in Southern most tip of Nigeria. Ngwa for example used "ikpeghe" for money and so did Ogoni, Ndoki, Asa, Etche and Eleme. So also did some parts of Imo State like Obowo, Mbaise and Ihiteuboma. Okpogho was used when you move a bit Northeasternly and is also a shared name for money between many tribes of Ibibio, Igbo, Akoi background.

Ego on the other hand starts appearing after Owerri or in Isuama all the way to Delta State where it assumed other form like "igho" among Urhobo.

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Politics / Re: 2015: Orji Uzor Kalu's Senatorial Bid Crashes by Abagworo(m): 3:58pm On Oct 27
While I have little or no stake in Abia politics, I must say this bitter truth about Theodore Orji. His level of cruelty and ingratitude to Orji Uzor Kalu who single handedly made him everything he is today depicts the true nature of satan in human form. No matter the wrong Orji Kalu might have done, Theodore Orji should still kneel down and kiss his feet.


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:51pm On Oct 27
the soil type here looks different.

They are 3 different hospitals. I only posted them as an update and I like the use of aluco-bonds in place of paint for the finishings. Also I now believe they can be completed this 1st tenure. The buildings are completed and interior is ongoing. The next should be equipping before facing the exterior.
Politics / Re: Federal Government Projects In Rivers State List And Locations by Abagworo(m): 12:46pm On Oct 27
I'm not a child like you please.

Why involve South South /South East in Rivers State matter. That means you've nothing to lie again.

I only expanded your scope of choice. And please I'm not a child.
Culture / Re: Igbos Attention Needed Here For Enlightenment .... by Abagworo(m): 12:42pm On Oct 27
I think we are rather getting the root of this 'classy' and 'unclassy' dialect wrongly.
This phenomenon is present in any 'multi-dialectal' language. It is not the structure or tone of the dialect that should be referred to as 'classy' or 'unclassy' but the unexposed speaker or the in/ability to speak a dialect that unify the people in that area in their demographic conglomeration, which is usually a city. (this should not be mistaken for the situation in England in the Elizabethan era or thereabout, when there was a class difference between the language of the high class educated people and the ordinary pub commoner).
For instance, in Aba, there is an urban dialect spoken there which is quite different from Ngwa. Now, if someone from Alayi or Igbere for example, who has never left his/her enclave for the most popular city in that area, he/she will likely use his/her local dialect to communicate because toning it down to suite the common urban dialect there may be difficult. Now, having that in mind, even more exposed family members who have lived in that city for long may refer to that person as "onye Ime obodo". The "Ime obodo", is not the language itself, in our Igbo situation but a reference to the unexposed experienced to a unifying dialect.
This situation I mentioned above is just only appropriate for people who dwelled mainly in Igbo speaking regions.

Now, for someone like me who wasn't born there and grew up learning my local bende/alayi dialect, I just tone. down my dialect or join the Igbo Izugbe and other anambara and aba and whatever dialect, mine might sound a bit off. Now will I be termed as "Ime Obodo" noting that my English is quite clear and unaffected by any regional influence (its really hard to point out my ethnicity from my English, which is usually a mark of classiness, at least, where I grew up)

And to my dialect, the use of some terms is completely strange or foreign to other igbos..
e.g we say 'opO' (the capitalised 'O' stretched) to mean money I.e 'ego'. although we use ego too. I was thinking, this ' 'Opo' could have been a long lost ancient medium exchange of goods and services in that area. is there any of such situation in other places? Some of these words may be archaic meaning of some terms in general use or words which have switched to mean other things with time. Dialects sometimes can be a very veritable way of tracing our history and heritage and even adding more words to our lexicon.
We also tend to use 'e' 'pen' in place of 'a' in 'pant' in some instance
e.g. eka for aka (hand); eziza for aziza (broom); ekwukwo for akwukwo (book). However, many like azu (fish), ala (land) and anu (meat) remains the same.

While some names are very funny to me e.g 'Uzoeru' (road to eru) we call 'arochukwu', 'eruchukwu' grin 'Ugbalu', I.e 'ogbenye alu' (Not to be married to the poor), 'Lekwauwa' (see the world), Uguru (harmattan) Okai (dont know the meaning)
we bear okoronkwo, okorie, okereke but I have never heard of 'Okoroafor'
while we pronounce some names differently but spell them differently. e.g we pronounce 'enyaele' but spell 'Anyaele', egwu for 'Agwu'.
These are the ones I remember.
However one thing am proud about my people is that we still maintain these names.

Okpo, Okpogho, ikpe, ikpeghe, abii, ayo are older versions of "money" in Igboland. You might notice it mostly in preserved ancient names like you have artist Munachi Abii or Late Dee Sam Mbakwe's wife Ahuikpeghe Mbakwe.

The reality is that the Southeast part of Nigeria has experienced a kind of language unification with few isolated cases in Northeastern Ebonyi State. We've all lost some parts of our original dialect to a centralised Igbo that unites us the more. That way even if you speak your corrupted dialect, someone from another area will be able to comprehend as we now share a lot in common.
Politics / Re: Federal Government Projects In Rivers State List And Locations by Abagworo(m): 12:24pm On Oct 27
Is that road not part of East West road under construction? How do you expect it to be in perfect condition?

For the past 5 years East-West road has been under construction and I can bet it will not be completed this year. Niger Bridge will also not be started not to talk of completion. Enugu/Ph expressway will not be completed this year, Uyo/Calabar road will remain bad till next year, Onitsha/Enugu highway will not be completed this year, Aba/Ikot-Ekpene highway will not be completed this year.


Politics / Re: Federal Government Projects In Rivers State List And Locations by Abagworo(m): 12:21pm On Oct 27
I live in Rivers State, you won't believe that most of the so called school being paraded as Amaechi's achievement is actually belong to UBEC, a federal government parastatal. I raised the same alarm in Imo where Okorocha is parading UBEC schools as his achievement.

That lie has long expired. Why have other States not built over 300 schools like Imo and Rivers or the UBE funds of Imo and Rivers is different from others?


Politics / Re: Federal Government Projects In Rivers State List And Locations by Abagworo(m): 12:17pm On Oct 27
Why you always take joy in advertising your stupidity at any given opportunity. I expected you to lie like your father in crime, Amaechi, that there is no single federal project in Rivers state.
So unfortunate..

Is NDDC project federal project? Repair of toilet, change of bulbs, cleaning of shoes, ironing of clothes etc. are the federal projects culled from NDDC project list. List one finished federal road in Southeast or South-south to prove me wrong.


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:10pm On Oct 27
Ongoing general hospital at Isiala Mbano LGA.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:08pm On Oct 27
Ongoing general hospital at Mbaitoli LGA

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 12:07pm On Oct 27
Ongoing general hospital at Ideato LGA.

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 8:18am On Oct 27
If you notice, my dear, i do not throw insults on people and i will not let you draw me down that lane of infamy. I will not keep quiet and allow anybody truncate the truth in the land of my birth. That is why i bother to respond to posts like yours. My question remains, who owns the university at Ogboko? Does it have a name?
The so-called university at Mbaise, what is the stage of completion right now? The Imo college of Advanced studies,(built by Rochas) what has become of it now? What has happened to the school of health technology Amaigbo under Rochas?
I may not blame you(that is if you are merely one of his victims) because we are up against a great scammer who can deceive even the very smart.
If Rochas has surpassed Mbakwe like you claim, why do Imo sons and daughters troop out of the state in search of livelihood? Mbakwe built many viable factories. By now, Imo would have been the toast of the nation. The truth is bitter. Rochas has taken us back by sooo many years. Stop selling these lies because they may haunt you for many years to come.

You said you pass through Imo state regularly. Do you honestly think that is enough to make you an authority in Imo politics? Think again, my brother.

For your information, i don't even understand the mechanism of banning and unbanning people on this forum so quit barking up the wrong tree.

Relax and think deeply before giving your tribalistic self up. Mbaise people should learn to contribute to the development of Imo State rather than creating political instability.

Igbos generally believe in moving out of the village in search of fortune and you cannot come up with lies about Imo people "trooping" out when in actual fact more people from other States have migrated en mass to Imo State since 2011. Development in Imo is not on paper like Jonathan's own but clearly visible. The biggest mistake made by Mbakwe was government venturing into industry and it is what led to most of the debts being owed by Imo and Abia States today. What Rochas has done with Concorde and Imo palm is the best solution which is to relieve government of financial leakage and allowing private investors run business. It is also his aim with Avutu which for now is being run by government till private investor is attracted. The shoe industry in Owerri has also started working but you failed to see that. The best thing he has done is that most of us outside the State are looking home for investment quite unlike in the past. The effects of this change will make physical impact in about 5years from now.
Politics / Re: Federal Government Projects In Rivers State List And Locations by Abagworo(m): 12:12am On Oct 27
The list is very funny. We could even break down one of Amaechi's schools to 1000 items on the funny list.


Politics / Re: Amaechi Has Lost Decorum, Says Presidency by Abagworo(m): 12:02am On Oct 27

Let us just be realistic. All the sectors you've just mentioned had all been influenced directly or indirectly by GEJ'S local and foreign policies. Do you know the essence of making policy? Government policies can even influence the price of coke, garri and the least things in our local market talkless of the macroeconomy.

I agree with you that policies do affect all sectors of economy but sincerity of purpose and inability to curb corruption makes it useless. Take for example the subsidy we pay for petroleum products which is more or less fiction than reality. As at 2009 when Yar'Adua was President we spent 290 billion on subsidy despite the fact that petrol was sold lower and subsidy was also paid on Kerosine and partly on diesel but 2 years later in 2011, fuel price was increased from 65 to 97 Naira while subsidy was completely removed from diesel but ironically the amount paid for subsidy increased by 1000%. Things like these make me wish for revolution. A wiseman that wants to steal could have increased sunsidy to 330billion and collected only 50billion but it was increased to 2.7 trillion and what it means is that 2.5 trillion Naira was just shared and it has not dropped below 1trillion since then.


Politics / Re: Federal Government Projects In Rivers State List And Locations by Abagworo(m): 11:48pm On Oct 26
I just can't stop laughing!!! NDDC is what you just listed. Funny enough 98% of them were before Jonathan or just met by him and have already gone bad. NDDC execute palliative projects as a form of alleviation for oil bearing communities hence their projects are short lived and simple.


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