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Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 10:24pm On Sep 29

Wailng PDP. More wailing awaits the election riging pioneers. Ngeneukwenu warned when thy were celebrating rape of democracy in Rivers State.
Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 2:44pm On Sep 29
Best thread of the week. Whia dem? All the online voters. Only Edo ingrates and haters voted for PDP.

Wailers how market?
Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 10:25am On Sep 29
Congratulations to APC Edo State for a resounding victory as I predicted. Oshiomole has proven he performed well while we Nigerians allow posterity give the final verdict. This election is one of the best in the history of Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Nkiruhomman Is A Pdp Agent. by Abagworo(m): 10:22am On Sep 29
I would like the admin of this page to stop pushing any news from Nkiru to front page. she is a well known pdp agent from R/s.she is fond of posting lies and fake news just to satisfy her pay masters.
just yesterday, when voting was still going on in Edo state election , she hurriedly concorted some fake result in favour of PDP.she is free to post her news here but such news must be verified before getting to the front page.

She is not from Rivers State. She is from Mbaise in Imo State and is an open PDP supporter.
Politics / Re: Edo Governorship Results: Obaseki Leads - The Nation by Abagworo(m): 10:20am On Sep 29
Final Result
APC won 15 LGAs
7 local govts in Edo South
6 local govts in Edo North
2 local govts in Edo Central
PDP won 3 LGAs
3 local govts in Edo Central
Politics / Re: INEC Postpones Announcement Of Results In Edo by Abagworo(m): 10:05am On Sep 29

So bro you finally accept that there isn't any difference between both parties?? and APC deceived us with change? ? grin

I wasn't deceived because I know of happenings around me. I love Buhari from time and will always do. I only quoted this thread by Ngeneukwenu which is a classic that will always come up for a long time to come


The supreme Court as the final arbiter, has brought to an end, a legal tussle between Nyesom Wike and Peterside Dakuku on the validity or otherwise of the election conducted in April in Rivers State by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

While I am saddened by the judgment that emanated from the Supreme Court, in which, in their "well considered" opinion, set aside the decision of the Election Tribunal and that of Appeal court on the subject matter, but affirmed The election that brought Nyesom Wike into power, as a legitimate and proper one. Though this seems in variance with public outcry both within and outside the country that followed the election, that had been described by many, as the most murderous, Violence- filled, and rigged election ever conducted anywhere in the Country. I am more worried for the fate of the opposition in the elections that are going to be held from now on.

Should The Opposition Be Worried?
I don't think many people especially of the PDP, have not realized the implication of the said judgment in the "life" of free and fair election in the Country, from now on.
It would be recalled that INEC, worried by the cases of incessant ballot snatching, tampering of voters register, snatching of result sheets and other electoral vices, genuinely came up with a masterstroke...a technology called Card Reader Machines, which sole aim was, to instill fear in the would be election riggers and also to render their "efforts" meaningless to an extent.

Consequently, to the Crédit of The Card Readers, a certain President Buhari Of the then opposition party (APC) Won an election, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo(PDP) Won election in APC filled State, Rochas Okorocha Won an election in a PDP Filled State Of Imo etc.

The implication of the Judgment:
Recall, the major ground of Nyesom Wike's Appeal, was on the non admissibility of the Card reader as a part of the election guidelines as enshrined in the Electoral Act and the 1999 constitution as amended, which the Supreme court in their opinion agreed with Wike and discarded the Use Card Readers as a part of election process.

Now what has the Apex Court done? It has returned INEC to the era of Manual accreditation and validation of voters card. It has returned everybody to the era of the "highest rigger takes all". It has energized ballot snatches. In fact it has removed every normalcy in the conduct of subsequent elections.. Yes that is what the Supreme Court has done..

So when next you hear of a political Party boasting of winning all the contested seats, it is not a fluke, it is achievable. And if you are contemplating of going to court, anyway I wish you "Supreme Court" luck..

~Miss Ngene.

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Politics / Re: INEC Postpones Announcement Of Results In Edo by Abagworo(m): 9:54am On Sep 29
This Ngeneukwenu classic will always serve as a reminder that injustice should never be legitimized for boomerang sake. PDP will not win any election again unless given as compensation or charity.


What happened in that Rivers election where people were Intimidated, results written and justice bought means any party in power should use it well without mercy. In 2019 more heartbreaks will come PDP's way.
Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 9:46am On Sep 29

Sincerely Abagworo has never failed in most of his election updates... Let's see if he'll fail this time around

Thank you for that observation. The Edo election has been endorsed as one of the best in Nigerian history by all parties and the figures I am seeing shows minimal vote inflation. Obaseki has won and the wailing session was temporarily delayed.

I rely more on neutral people for information than party affiliates which makes my predictions right most of the time. Elections are won more by intrigues than voting proper.
Politics / Re: "The Operation To Change Results Begins By 12 Midnight" - Lere Olayinka by Abagworo(m): 12:10am On Sep 29
Result for 13 LGA and 950 polling unit pdp-109,783 & apc-73,864 vote

Turned upside down. Trust me its impossible for PDP to win an election in a long while to come. Nigerians have come to know what happened in the past 6 years and will never allow it happen again. After this suffer we no go gree we children suffer join. Congratulations Obaseki.

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Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 11:53pm On Sep 28
Breaking News...........
"Godwin Obaseki is the Governor Elect of Edo State!!!! Take this to the Bank... Good Night folks"
The APC is leading after counting 950 Polling Units.
APC 109,783
PDP 73,890
Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 10:15pm On Sep 28
Abagworo make sure you have a handkerchief close to you cos this night in your dream something fit hapPy ooo

Hehehe Edo South and North have already been won. Prepare your wailing tanker because basin no go contain your tears. Meanwhile a Doctor took this photo of Ije ayamu.

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Gov. Wike And Sen. Akpabio Commission Igwuruta/chokocho Road by Abagworo(m): 6:58pm On Sep 28
This news is not completely true. The road has been constructed up to an appreciable level with the new bridge nearing completion. Kudos to Wike for remembering Etche but he should extend some relief to Oyigbo.
Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 6:20pm On Sep 28
Those publishing fake results are adding some catalyst to the eventual wailing.

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Politics / Re: Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 2:11pm On Sep 28
I never knew Mr. Abagworo is this Jobless.
No offence

I'm only worried by the spate of suicide in the society. This thread might serve as an avenue to save some souls.


Politics / Official Thread For Wailing After APC Is Declared Winner In Edo Elections by Abagworo(m): 1:44pm On Sep 28
Going by reports from friends in Edo State it is almost more like a confirmation for Obaseki than a competition. With the imminent victory of Obaseki knocking loudly on the door I hereby declare this thread open for wailing. NB I am neither APC nor PDP.

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Politics / Re: The End Of Crude Oil And Its Implications for The Igbo Identity In Rivers State by Abagworo(m): 10:31am On Sep 28
The introduction of the fracking process has dealt a huge blow on the international crude oil market. Since the fracking technique boomed in the US in October 2014, the U.S. has shed roughly 100,000 oil and gas industry jobs, some 16 percent of employment at its peak. The U.S. economy has added over 3.5 million jobs in other sectors over the same period.

Read more: Fracking Definition | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/terms/f/fracking.asp#ixzz4LWE3rVQ7

The discovery of the fracking process dealt a huge blow on the international crude oil market and it has helped the US and Canada to effectively maximize crude oil extraction in its own borders, thus, heavily reducing its reliance on crude oil imports from other countries. Before the fracking boom, the US and Canada were major crude oil importers, importing huge amounts of crude oil from countries such as Nigeria, Algeria, etc. needed to support the energy demands of its population. With the huge reduction in demand by the US and Canada for crude oil importation, international crude oil prices fell from as high as $140 before to between $30 to $45 per barrel. This has left a huge scar on the economies of oil producing countries that rely on oil exports for survival. Many of these countries have been battling to find their feet since their major source of income was largely diminished. The impact has been felt worldwide, most oil companies have laid off oil and gas staff workers. Within 2 years, the Nigerian economy has fallen into a recession. From all indications, the international oil market does not seem likely to rebound to its former lucrative status, at least, not in the next 100 years.

What then does this imply for the oil-producing Igbo-speaking communities of Rivers state, where many members deny their Igboness, partly due to the impetus derived from crude oil discovery in their backyards? Crude oil discovery in many communities in Nigeria has caused war and division between formerly united and peaceful people. The creation of oil-rich Rivers state in the late 90s and the inclusion of Igbo-speaking oil-producing communities, such as Egbema, Obigbo/Oyigbo, etc., in this new state has been a driving factor in leading many of them to deny being Igbo to curry favour with the Nigerian government. These communities have since then enjoyed their newfound friendship and status with the FG to the detriment of their relationship with their Igbo-speaking relatives in the SE. The crash in the oil market brings with it new implications. Now, crude oil is no longer valued as it used to be. When the US sells its fracking technology to other countries and other countries adopt the fracking process, the international oil market is doomed and the international demand for crude oil further reduces, thus reducing Nigeria's crude oil exports and potential earnings as the demand is no longer there. This would prompt Nigeria to look at exploring other possible sources of income. With the chips down and the politics of crude oil fading away, are these communities starting to realize that they no longer enjoy a titled status with the FG as before as their crude oil is now of little value? What does this imply for Igbo unity? Can we expect these people to reach out in efforts to re-unite and reaffirm their Igbo identity? A few months ago, an Ikwerre youth, Adiele Samuel, openly proclaimed his Igbo identity on the internet. In recent times, I've seen more and more Igbo-speaking people from Rivers and Delta states re-affirming their Igbo identity, this being most likely due to the fading away of the importance and independence attached to crude oil. Like big brothers looking out for their younger ones, are the Igbos of the SE willing to welcome these people back into the Igbo fold with embracing arms? Or would they continue to propagate their distinctness regardless?

Please take note bigfrancis21 Igbos in Rivers State have never denied their heritage to warrant this thread. Oyigbo and Egbema have not at any time attacked Southeasterners or deny being Igbo. Ikwerre, Etche and Ogba are not Igbos and owe us no apology for their political choice.


Politics / Re: The End Of Crude Oil And Its Implications for The Igbo Identity In Rivers State by Abagworo(m): 10:25am On Sep 28

Quite the contrary ndoki are igbonized Ijaws , the question u would ask yourself is who are their ancestors, Isn't nri the father of Igbos again?

Same way Kalabari, okrika and Bonny are Igbos with Ijaw mix. lol


Politics / Re: The End Of Crude Oil And Its Implications for The Igbo Identity In Rivers State by Abagworo(m): 10:23am On Sep 28

Look at this one, you are not from rivers state or even any state in south south, the Aminadokiari (ndoki apu) are just ijaws in diaspora how then do you explain them bearing names like Opusunju, and epelle, you guys are just pathetic imagine the author saying ijaws in bayelsa are igbo descendants. Land grabbers

If we start digging deep then I can tell you authoritatively that Bonny, Opobo, Okrika and Kalabari are Igbos not Ijaws. If Ndoki is Ijaw then these people I mentioned are Igbos.


Politics / Re: ‎edo Governorship Election 2016 – LIVE UPDATES by Abagworo(m): 9:44am On Sep 28
Note: I'm not for any political party, APC sharing money already here in my area at ekewan road. Supporters are arguing for money.

It means APC has won that area already. Nigerian politics remains amala politics or thuggery till the change starts with the citizens. As for me I will collect the money and still vote my choice.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Backs Sale Of National Assets by Abagworo(m): 9:39am On Sep 28
The use of media as anti-government policy weapon should be discouraged as it does us no good. It is a fact that Jonathans government sold all the electricity distribution companies to cabals but it was never politicized. Government policies should be allowed to stand and criticism based on their success or failure.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Abagworo(m): 7:01pm On Sep 27
You're right bro. The Igbo language is like a big umbrella accomodating all Igbo groups in every area and clime. An Ika man for instance does'nt need to understand Igbo Izugbe before he tells what an Nnewi man is saying, so fort and so on. I for instance understand Ika, Ukwuani and Ikwerre no matter how much the speaker try to twist the phonetics. Most to the dismay of my Owa friend who kept asking me whether I usually eavesdrop on his family whenever they speak their Ika in close doors.

What you just wrote is a fallacy. You cannot claim to understand every Igboid dialect without actually living or interacting with the speakers. Maybe when written down you can deduce the meaning using the similarity in lexis or the shared words. Ika will be difficult for even Onitsha Ugbo to understand not to talk of Imo State lime you. In Igbo language you understand dialects proximal to yours or you've interacted with.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Abagworo(m): 5:48pm On Sep 27

I don't get you at all. Igbanke people wrote a petition and yet you are arguing with them. Obi of Agbo's name is Ikenchukwu which is an Ika name or you are one of those Bini trying to erase Ika heritage of Igbanke because of the Igbo similarity Like they wrote in that petition Ika names like Chikwe were modified to Ehikwe in order to spund similar to Bini. IMHO changing names is only a factor but I doubt if it can change the heritage.


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Politics / Re: Jubilation As 5000 Mega Watts Of Electricity Achieved For The First Time Ever by Abagworo(m): 4:59pm On Sep 27
This present FG promised us 10000 megawatts by 2019. I'll score them 80% if they achieve 8000.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Abagworo(m): 11:19am On Sep 27
Its in d same ika community they bear names like bosede,adebayo,omosefe,adesuwa so plz don't make names as an excuse to add ika ppl as igbo really

What you just quoted was an official petition by Igbanke people to the FG. Read it very well and know their stand not propaganda.
Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Delta-Igbo: What A Guy Posted On Facebook by Abagworo(m): 10:34am On Sep 27
spot on!!!! Likewise The ppl of igbanke. The migration of igbo ppl into their land caused the whole ish. My father told me that wen he was growin up they basically spoke bini until some migrants(igbos) who came to d community to teach and trade.

Ordinarily your ignorance deserved no response from me or Igbos in general but I present to you the full petition written by Igbanke people. The Igbanke is rather an evidence of a prehistoric Igbo settlement conquered by Benin empire of old.

Now read patiently as written by Igbanke people.


Language and culture are two of the most fundamental factors that unite and identify a people . A people and their race go into extinction once their language is dead. Once a group of people who share similar linguistic and cultural affinity are dismembered or have other language and culture super-imposed on them, the resultant effect is gradual, systematic and eventual disintegration of the people, their language and culture.A classical example of a people who have suffered aforementioned linguistic and cultural annihilation were the Sects. Sects, the original owner of the present-day England were, in the 4th century, attacked by the three Germanic tribes- Jutes, Saxons and Anglo-Saxons. The imposition of the dialects of the three Germanic tribes led to the total extinction of the Sectic language.Though, the descendants of the Sects are still in England, but their linguistic and cultural identity have gone into oblivion.To this extent, the people of Igbanke in Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo state are face the Sects experience. Igbanke is one of the few Ika-speaking communities in Edo state. For this singular reason, they are subjected to all forms of discriminations and marginalization.


The language and culture of the good people of Igbanke are losing their envious identity and relevance in culture-linguistic market-place in Edo state in particular and Nigeria at large.Several reasons are evidently present to support the fears and anxiety of the people of Igbanke that our identity as a people would go into sudden extinction if urgent measures are not quickly taken to address our emasculation by Bini language dominance. The following points support the facts of the subject matter:1) Igbanke is one of the few communities in Edo state that speak Ika language2) Igbanke is located in Orhionmwon Local Government Area, Edo state.3) Igbanke, by name is in Orhionmwon LGA, but geographically, we do not share common boundary with any community in the council4) From the eastern flank, Igbanke shares common boundary with Mbiri, an Ika speaking community in Delta stae, from west, it’s bounded by Oghada, another Ika speaking community in Uhunmwode LGA in Edo state. In the northern sphere, Igbanke has boundary with Ekpon, Ika speaking community in Igueben LGA while from the south, it has Agbor and Oza-Nogogo, Ika communities in Delta state as neighbours.5) Igbanke is in Edo south senatorial district6) Igbanke people and community came under the Bini empire during the latter’s expantionist programme.7) Most of other Ika speaking communities that were conquered by Bini empire same time with Igbanke have gotten their independence in Delta state while Igbanke, Oghada, Otobaye, Iru, Ekpon and Ogbeka etc are selfishly scattered in three local government areas with the attendant linguistic discrimination and political marginalization. Igbanke are gradually losing their linguistic and cultural identity as a result of our involuntary affiliation to the Bini language-speakers dominated Orhionmwon LGA.


Consequent upon the facts drawn from the subject matter, some issues could be deduced to support Igbanke search for linguistic and cultural identity. These issues would go a long way in justifying our position.1)Igbanke was deliberately, but selfishly carved into Edo state during the 1991 state creation irrespective of the linguistic difference between the people of Igbanke and the dominant Bini speaking population of the state.2) Over 96% of Ika speaking communities in the defunct Bendel state were carved into Delta state while Igbanke and a handful other Ika speaking communities were severed into Edo state where they are presently subjected to acute linguistic and sundry discriminations3) Because of linguistic factor, the people of Igbanke feel more at home with their kiths and kins (Ika speaking people) in Edo and Delta states.4) Igbanke is made up of six (6) autonomous clans: Ake/Obiogba, Idumu-Odin, Igbontor, Oligie, Omolua and Ottah. These clans were governed by traditional rulers called ‘’Eze or Obi’’. These terms were of Ika origin, but have been forcefully changed to ‘’Enogie’’ a Bini term by the conquering Binis.5) Our ancestral heritage like language, names and beliefs are being systematically destroyed by the domineering power of the Binis.


1)Most Igbanke indigenes who have Ika ancestral names like, “Emeka”, “Maduka”, “Chukwuka’’, “Chinyere”, “Amaka and “Ogorchukwu etc are often confronted with all forms of harrowing experiences when there are needs to visit our council headquarters, Abudu to process one official documents or the other. We are often denied the issuance of documents like, ‘’Certificate of Local Government of origin’’, Protest Letter’’, To Whom it May Concern’’ etc on the guise that we are Igbos not Binis.2) Those who have the likes of the Ika aforementioned names, but can speak Bini language are rarely subjected to the above embarrassments and discriminations. This act goes a long way to vindicate our fear that there is a subtle, but carefully planned agenda to make us lose and abandon our ancestral linguistic and cultural heritage.3) In order to escape from these unnecessary embarrassments, some have no other option left than to change their identity from Ika to Bini names.4) Today, we, the good people of Igbanke are gradually losing our once envied linguistic and cultural identity.5) Some of the eminent sons and daughters of Igbanke, whom out of their outstanding contributions to the development of the community, were recognized and given chieftaincy titles had had such titles changed from their original Ika origin to Bini equivalence. For example, few years ago, one of our sons who addressed himself as “Chief Orike-Eze” in Oba of Benin palace was shamefully harassed, insulted and forcefully forced, right in the palace to change the title to its Bini version. According to the palace, the title, “Orike-Eze” had its origin from Ika and Igbo nations.5) Most times, when we have cause to attend meetings with the Binis in our local government area or senatorial district, deliberations are often conducted in Bini in language without considering the fact that the people of Igbanke in such meeting neither speak nor understand the language. Often than not, when we attend such meetings, we left the venue more confused than we were before we went.6) In Edo state, Igbanke is only tolerated, not respected, seen, but not accepted. Today, in Edo state, plans are underway by the state Ministry of Education to introduce the teaching of Bini language in Primary and Secondary schools across Edo south senatorial district including Igbanke. Unfortunately, our indigenous language, Ika is not in any way considered qualified and appropriate to be taught in schools in Igbanke. To us, its another deliberate attempt to send our linguistic identity into extinction.7) Our people have also suffered several inexplicable discriminations when it comes to political appointments. During the 2013 Edo state local government elections, one of our sons, Mr. Peter Ikem was refused to contest the chairmanship position in Orhionmwon local government area. Reason? His surname, “Ikem” was an Igbo, not Bini name.


Sir, based on the foregoing, we therefore, solemnly ask for the folling:1) A local government be created that would comprise all Ika speaking communities scattered in Orhionmwon, Uhunmwode and Igueben LGAs of Edo state. Some of the Ika speaking communities in Edo stateinclude:Orhionmwon LGA ----Igbanke, Iru, Ohezenaka, Otobaye, UgbekaUhunmwode LGA ----- OghadaIgueben LGA ------- Ekpon2) Where, for any reason, creation of a local government area that would consist all Ika speaking communities is not in the immediate possible or feasible, we therefore ask that Igbanke be severed from Edo state and merged with our kiths and kins in Ika south local government area in Delta state.3) The people of Igbanke should be seen, recognized and accepted as Ika people residing in Edo.4) That Igbanke people, based on our forceful membership of Edo state, reserved the natural and inalienable right to decide, at any time, either to continue our membership with the Binis in Edo state or join our Ika kiths and kins in Delta state.


Igbanke is an Ika speaking community in Orhionmwon local government, Edo stateWe, the people Igbanke are gradually losing our linguistic and cultural identity as a result of our forceful membership with the Binis through conquest.If urgent measures are not taken, our linguistic and cultural identity would sooner than later go into sudden extinction. In order to avoid the impending extermination of our race, we therefore, ask that a local government area be created that would consist of Igbanke and other Ika speaking communities in Edo state.Alternatively, if local government creation is not feasible or possible, Igbanke, should therefore, be severed from Edo state and merged with Ika south local government area in Delta state.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Lost 3000mw Of Electricity In The Last Six Months – Fashola by Abagworo(m): 9:56am On Sep 27
Simply put the activity of Avengers has been counterproductive to Nigeria. Our foreign exchange earnings have been affected as well as gas supply to turbines. IMHO a full scale war that will either be won by one side should be fought once and for all.
Politics / Re: Otuoke Road Overtaken By Flood, Indigenes Lament by Abagworo(m): 9:37am On Sep 26
Jonathan being from Otuoke doesn't make him God to control flooding and natural disaster. Everything is not politics. We've had many Presidents and none can claim to have turned his hometown to heaven.
Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 6:56pm On Sep 24

My brother, duplex plenty for PH true true but, what % of the population can afford it? This will still push the majority towards flats. We may meet one day Sir. I love making friends.

Port Harcourt has housing challenges because of the housing pattern. The natives mostly build clustered bungalows while non natives build family houses either as fenced bungalow or duplex.

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Politics / Re: Enugu, The Pride Of The East. by Abagworo(m): 6:46pm On Sep 24

Is there anyway of making any meaningful change if you don't take things personal and effect the change you want to see? You have complained so much about the types of houses you think should be in places you think.

I just advised you to take a step further, complain to the appropriate authorities since you are uncomfortable with what you see. Making comments on nairaland cannot change anything on the ground. I don't just visit Port Harcourt, I also live in Port Harcourt and have built over 16 houses there.

Be the change you want to see.

If you've actually relocated to Port Harcourt that's good as you will explore newer challenges. Over here people build more of duplex than block of flats anyway but your challenge will be the terrain as many areas are swampy.

As for me being an example read this.

Similarly, a section of the law prescribed that “it is an
offence to erect shanty within the Owerri Capital Territory”,
and defaulters shall be liable to three months imprisonment
or N100,000 fine or both.
“Failure to comply with directives of Imo State Government
to renovate a dilapidated structure within Owerri Capital
City, shall be an offence and if defaulted, such building
shall be sealed by the Imo State Government”, the Bill
However, in a subtle way of not making the law to look as if
it was principally targeted at Ekeukwu Owerri, government
made three other additions.
“No Attention of any structure considered a shanty within the
Owerri Capital Territory. All drainage shall be kept clean
and made to allow free flow of drainage water at all times
by all residents”, the Bill prescribed.
Another arm of this Bill, which an Owerri indigene called
“the diversionary tactics of the state government, is the
prescribed decent look of houses in the city”.
The Bill states: “Houses within the Owerri Capital City must
maintain a decent look, in compliance to the directive from
the Imo State Government, from time to time”.
Politics / Re: Ipob Sit At Home Protest Fails Woefully In Imo State by Abagworo(m): 4:48pm On Sep 24

Yes! I accuse you of being Ikwerre, because half of you is Ikwerre, and often time, you let that Igbophobic Ikwerre part of you control you, as you come up with igbophobic comment.

Its hard knowing when the Igbo or the when the Ikwerre part of you will turn up, you are simply an avoidable risk.

I never for once said that Ndiigbo were responsible for the emergence of the Ogbia man as the VP, I made it clear that we hand no control over his emergence, but simply supported him, once he emerged next in line to Yaradua's throne.

The only senseless one here is you, gloating over lack of success of IPOB order,and then trying to villify Ndiigbo for Odili failures, shame on you.

You still got it all wrong. IPOB is busy fighting Igbos that they should elevate because they are PDP funded that's all. Imo State has the highest number of pro Biafra but we hate IPOB because they are attacking our Governor without reason. None of their members has ever been killed in Imo State and our Governor has never attacked them verbally or otherwise but everyday they fight Rochas Okorocha because they don't want him to be politically relevant. Can you mention one thing Okorocha has done wrong against IPOB?

Ndigbo waste more energy fighting their stars than elevating them because of jealousy. We need to understand that no politician is a saint and stop the pull him down mentality once and for all.

I'm Igbo with Ikwerre mother and Nembe grandmother. My family right from time always married Southwards and I did too.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Abagworo(m): 4:39pm On Sep 24

this is a good thing as it would reduce the marauding tricycles causing confusion in the city.

I so much dislike the sight of tricycles on major roads. They should move into the hinterland as Owerri develops.
Politics / Re: Imo Strikes Partnership Deal For Industrial Park (pics) by Abagworo(m): 4:36pm On Sep 24
I don't have anything to say to you again, just remember that you must read whatever you're sowing.

Why not dare me by mentioning the city. I live in Port Harcourt and there are hundreds of bad roads here and hundreds of good ones too. If I am a political jobber I can go about snapping photos of various bad roads to blackmail the Governor or to ridicule Rivers State. What you people are doing cannot change fact that Owerri has good roads compared with other cities.

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