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Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 5:27pm On Oct 12
Aryzgreat I can see you viewing this thread,missed your contributions in the former anambra thread. Come and spice up this thread together with Chino . cool

Brother with the recent happening in politics section I have decided to be a back chair member of this section. Brothers attacking brothers in the full view of enemies.

My input in this section and NL is henceforth withdrawn till normalcy is returned.

Gonna miss u guys.

GEJ till 2019.

Anambra adigo mma for real.

Igbo ga adi
Education / Re: 2014/2015 UNIBEN Postgraduate Aspirants,lets Meet Here by aryzgreat: 2:40pm On Oct 12
Please will elect engineering write exam?

Urgent reply please.
Politics / Re: Eulogies As Military Bury Benjamin Adekunle by aryzgreat: 7:38pm On Oct 04
See yoruba trying to console themselves the reason why the man they told us is a "Nigerian hero" was given a burial even a church rat would be ashamed of.

They told us not to compare ojukwu burial to odekunle burial..why shouldn't we? We compare Ling it for a reason. It shows how much the odekunle bis regarded in reality unlike what yoruba tried to pass off in the media. One was a rebel, supposedly hated by the entire Nigerian populace while the other is regarded as the best Nigerian fighter and a national hero, loved by all at least that's what yoruba tried to tell us. Yet when the two died, you would except the one they tried to pass of as a hero be bestowed with nothing but admiration by everyone yet nothing came. You'll except the same "hero" to instantly get one of the most expensive, over the top burial with every ethnicity beside igbo, every politicians beside igbo present yet once again, the burial given to him is equivalent to the burial given to all military officers that died. Nothing special, nothing extravagant, nothing memorable, not even a news media covered the burial. Infact, the so called "rebel that is hated nationwide" according to yorubas got more of a hero burial than the "national hero that is loved by all" according to yorubas. It makes a person think.

Next thing they told us is the reason such happened is because ojukwu was a politician and admired by his people thus the politicians came to please igbo. I Don die laughing. So thanks to burial, the yorubas now all of a sudden disregard the man they disturbed us for years as one of their loved, high held, son as a nobody. That is just hilarious. Anyway, let's move on. If we decided to remove the Nigerian politicians that grazed ojukwu ' burial. What reason would the emirs leave their palace to attend the burial? They even got their people to do a dance in the burial. Are they also looking for a political backing? Last I checked emir is not a politicial title and neither is ojukwu an obi, Eze or an igwe. In otherwords, does not fall into yoruba save facing tactics. Next stop is the foreign leaders, once again are they Nigerian politicians looking for support? how strong is igbo votes in their nations? The answer is none. Once again, for what reason would they leave their cozy life in their country, travel all the way to Nigeria just to attend a "hated rebels " burial yet they couldn't do the same for the "loved hero" burial. I wonder if the excuses yoruba are making are they even using their brains when conducting their excuses.

Anyway moving on. For every "hero or national hero" of all nation gets at least some form of international recognition yet ironically the "rebel" got more international coverage than the "national hero". hilarious. Even the nation's media didn't even deemed it worthwhile to cover the "national hero" burial.

From all this is safe to conclude the so called "national hero" title yoruba bestowed on odekunle is just their usual self claimed titles with no backing just another of their delusional, dream, titles such as the most sophisticated, most educated, most developed, etc. By the looks of it, the Nigerian populace regard odekunle as an unimportant church rat. A nobody. just another military man that died. By the looks of it odekunle is only a hero to yorubas and yoruba alone.

Hilarious enough, even their own politicians didn't deem it worthwhile to attend his burial. At least the igbo and other non yoruba do not have to attend the burial since they have no affiliation to him, ironically with all the constant disturbance of odekunle is a hero, he's a respected man, he ended Nigerian war, blah blah by his people, you would think his own leaders would at least attend yet nada. Even fashola that attended had his face all crunched up like he doesn't want to be there. Looking at the corpse of the man like he's looking at a monkey, gorilla and pig mixture. More hilarious about the picture is that the face fashola made is the same face his people use to attack, ridicule and insult GEJ whenever he is pictured with fashola and the man has his face all crunched up like that. I wonder what they'll say now?

What a slaughter


Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS, Aderiye Murderer Arrested In Ado Ekiti. by aryzgreat: 6:39pm On Oct 04
Very soon fayemi will be in jail. By the time these thugs start confessing. Kudos to NPF


Politics / Re: Pathetic: 16yrs Old Girl Impregnanted By Her Own Father by aryzgreat: 6:36pm On Oct 04
Choi is he from wastern naija
Politics / Re: The Light Of The Nation Will As Usual Determine Who Rules The Heartland(Photos) by aryzgreat: 5:55pm On Oct 04
Every true igbo be u Anambra or IMO should desist from commenting on this thread. Stop allowing haters using igbo known monikers to cause disunity among ndigbo.

A true Anambra son like me will not open this kind of thread no matter our political difference. This op does not represent us ndi anambra. A word is enough for the wise.

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Politics / Re: Eulogies As Military Bury Benjamin Adekunle by aryzgreat: 8:20am On Oct 04
War are fought and reconciliation are made. Obj fought Biafra, he was professional about it. He never exhibited extra ordinary hatred for d people, infact he escorted his son to ebonyi last year to marry a wife.

Gowon declared war on biafra, he was diplomatic about d war, at d end he declared no Victor no vanquished, even though he did not reconstruct biafra, we forgave him cos he acted not on hatred.

These two men frequent igboland and are welcomed.

Ode.kunle used Biafra war to show the world d hhatred he has for igbos. No red cross, no caritas, no Pope, I want to kill the igbos not biafrans. I will shoot at anything that moves when we enter the igbo heartland. He was specific about igbos. Not biafran army . A tribslist in army uniform.

He got rewarded in due time and died a pauper. Rot in hell ode.kunle

The igbos u hated are matching on.


Politics / Re: Eulogies As Military Bury Benjamin Adekunle by aryzgreat: 7:50am On Oct 04
TribalEAST: ....all because he soiled your plan to steal the oil rich region.

As he was made to believe, but later came to realise he was used and dumped.

Anyway .happy d killer of women and children lived to see where igbos are today

He died gnashing his tobacco stained teeth.


Politics / Re: Eulogies As Military Bury Benjamin Adekunle by aryzgreat: 7:46am On Oct 04
And the Chief of Air staff didn't even deem it worthy of his attendance, he sent a representative.
From the depth of your heart, does this look like the burial of a ''hero''? No TV stattion even bothered televising it
What a shame

Televise wetin? Look at the picture again, d burial dud not witness turn up of people. The TBS venue was just the field with few canopies. The whole place was desolate.

This is called karma. Abandoned in life, abandoned in death.


Politics / Re: Eulogies As Military Bury Benjamin Adekunle by aryzgreat: 7:34am On Oct 04
Lmao not even a presidential cleaner was sent, this one na family burial. The coffin no reach 3k. So osun state no fit buy coffin from ebony undertakers. The vegetable even got swallowed inside the roadside made coffin that fashola was bending neck to see if anything was inside.

See the poor looking family on cheap baby lace. What a way to bury a 'hero'

Rot in hell ode.kunle

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Politics / Re: Mark, Tinubu Hold Closed-door Meetings With Obasanjo! by aryzgreat: 7:25am On Oct 04
Watch out as thief.nubu sell out apc again . GEJ till 2019

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Politics / Re: Urgent Igbo Matter by aryzgreat: 11:14pm On Oct 03

Trust me this can't go on under my watch never did it degenerate to this until my compromised administrative inactivity on Main Politics Board

I was always there to clean and bring back sanity within a short time of their madness

Please help us instill discipline and restore order here. I am ashamed of reading childish rants from old men . Umu Oke okpa na agwo ofe.

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Politics / Re: Children(chino) And Politics by aryzgreat: 10:50pm On Oct 03
ok, the one posting on imo thread

Yea. Yoruba impostor, check out d monkers he always invite in all d threads

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Politics / Re: Children(chino) And Politics by aryzgreat: 10:30pm On Oct 03

is he truly chino?

The real lasgidiowner without caps and small font is chino. This one is an impostor trying to hit igbo heads together.
Politics / Re: Urgent Igbo Matter by aryzgreat: 10:04pm On Oct 03

You should not make a comment just for commenting sake. You folks let Chino ride roughshod all this while, and now you have the guts to talk when I decide to challenge him? If you are a coward, I am not. Or, if you are an Anambrarian and secretly enjoy all of Chinos' efforts to put a wedge on Igbo unity on Nairaland, then you must be a hypocrite.

Who is this fool?

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Politics / Re: Children(chino) And Politics by aryzgreat: 9:48pm On Oct 03
tsolz400: What is this OP spewing?

When chino was defending biafra and Igbo land, where were you?

When eze chino bravely fought the yoruba insurgents on NL,where were you?

Now you feel he is a child..

Karma is a Biatch..

If you don't wana face the insurgents, stay away from chino

U mean the Yoruba impostor chino with mixture if caps and small fonts moniker lasgidiowner? Keep deceiving ur selves
Politics / Re: Urgent Igbo Matter by aryzgreat: 9:44pm On Oct 03
VANHELLSING: Where's ngwakwe, afam4ever & co, can't u guys contain the excesses & madness of chino,abagworo & Francis5. This 3guys are embarrassment& disgrace to the igbo nation.

The 3 of them and their likes are not igbos. They are persona non gratas


Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 5:33pm On Oct 03
1025: no matter your personalities, your achievements and all that you have boasted of here, u are still the problem of the igbos. u are the reason the igbos cannot make a headway in anything we do.
the political problems of ndigbo started in 1979 when Anambra presented a presidential candidate(ZIK) under the then igbo party-NPP and anambra also produced a vice president(Ekwueme under the Hausa party then -NPN. very greedy set.
how did the igbos lose the biafran war? greedy ojukwu wanted to be everything and have every other person under his ampit.
did Alex Ekwueme not rig the anambra state gov's election which was won by Jim Nwobodo(NPP) in favour of ono(NPN)? did Jim Nwobodo not pay him back in 1999?
when Evans Enwerem of Imo state was made senate president in 1999, did the wisest man in the world not conspire with non igbos to vote him out? he must rule and he ruled and died a shameful and greedy death.
look at apga, family business turned to igbo party. look at ojukwu's wife inheriting her husband's party and then asking igbo elders to be under her-shame.
did chris uba not chase ur elected gov out of the state? where else has such nonsense happened in nigeria?
look ifeanyi uba vs coscharis, two brothers ready to kill each other over money.
what about chris uba vs andy uba, same mother same father, show of shame just for money.
it is either an anambra man or no other person. with the level of greedy and self acclaimed wisdom biafra can never exist. who in this world is ready to have anything to do with anambra ppl.
ojukwu joined NPN when he returned from his exile only to form another selfish and personal party at old age.
every other igboman is a fool to a typical anambra man and we are watching u.

Ok thank u.

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Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 5:28pm On Oct 03
@ FKO81 kudos. Please can u also upload Unizik pictures. Heard a lot of structures has been built

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Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 4:52pm On Oct 03
FKO81 weldone. Ina eme ofuma cool
Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 4:49pm On Oct 03
FKO81: Estate spring up in Awka, Bus-stand, Ziks avenue rd Awka

Nice. Obiano picked that enugu bustand design. Love it. Awka ecstatic beauty will soon blossom before 2 years of obiano on sit.
Politics / Re: Burial Arrangements For Benjamin Adekunle - KTJ Minimah, COAS. by aryzgreat: 4:44pm On Oct 03

One day you too will decay. If you don't stop hating that day will come sooner than later.

My family will not abandoned me . They will give me a befitting burial when am gone. Ode.kunle died with catarrh nose.

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Politics / Re: Burial Arrangements For Benjamin Adekunle - KTJ Minimah, COAS. by aryzgreat: 4:41pm On Oct 03
asadike: Balkan nwanem, have u heard anything about d burial coz me av nt. Was he buried lyk a hero or a rat? Ow many shops nd offices closed up 4 him. Pls i rily want to know.

Heard d odour emanating from the mat they rolled him in can cause asthma.

The drunkard was buried like a dog killed by a hit and run tuketuke

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Politics / Re: Burial Arrangements For Benjamin Adekunle - KTJ Minimah, COAS. by aryzgreat: 4:38pm On Oct 03
By now ode.kunle vegetable body go don dey decompose exponentially. Chai. Dis man was really abandoned by his people. Not even 1hr live telecast. EWuchim angry

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Politics / Re: Awka is the Dirtiest Capitals In The East by aryzgreat: 10:55am On Oct 03
LasGidiOwner: CC: Reborn, Scatter, Alababoss, Mrojukwu, Generaladekunle, ebankole, tsolz400

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

U are calling the yoruba enemies to come and laugh at ur father and u want me to believe u are igbo?

am beginning to suspect many monikers claiming igbos here.



Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 8:57pm On Oct 02
olodoowoh: Abakaliki has a more serene environment than anambra, I don't know why you keep disgracing igbo land with these dirty roads and streets you are posting.

OK, thank u. And u now rest?


Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 8:31pm On Oct 02
Chuksphil2go: I Hate IDC sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

Thought I was d only one that hated that construction company. I don't like their slow pace. Ccecc or RCC would have been better.

FK081. Ur pictures are current. I am sure u took time to tour Awka and onitsha to keep us abreast of the development in our state. God replenish u.

Weldon bro.


Politics / Re: Anambra State Light Of The Nation,economic And Political Power House Of The East by aryzgreat: 8:15pm On Oct 02
OP, God bless u.

Caveat! Faun and chino are not wanted in this thread.

Weldone OP.


Politics / Re: AWKA: A Capital City In Race To Catch Up With Others by aryzgreat: 7:43pm On Oct 02
Energito: Awka north and south are both part of state capital.

What do u know about Awka? This is my town. Please bug off.


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