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Career / Re: He Bribed His Way And Got A Job But Got Laid Off By The New Governor by BBDelta(m): 2:29pm On Jun 25, 2015
Your last sentence took the words from my mouth, I had already said you must have given testimonies in church, knowing fully well the way you got the job. Be prepared to fail again and again, in what will eventually succeed at the end, than to pass again and again, in what will eventually fail at the end.
Career / Re: Career Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Place Of Work. by BBDelta(m): 2:01pm On Jun 23, 2015
I don't need all these OP. Am the boss of myselfgrin

What's the position of your customers? Watch out for that attitude mate!
Politics / Re: FG To Commission 7 Power Plants, 150 Sub-stations, Says Minister by BBDelta(m): 11:43am On Aug 22, 2013
Another Milestone achievement in commissioning.... I still remember the Lagos - Ore Express way Commissioning and the heavy duty window dressing truck driving by GEJ the rest we know is history....

Abeg, my only fear na the guys when go put on the generator when them go connect near the plant on the day of the commissioning, make them no fall their hand. After GEJ on the switch and light come on, the rest we know will be history….
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Biggest Mistakes 20-something Job Seekers Make - Forbes by BBDelta(m): 1:00pm On Aug 05, 2013

The Biggest Mistakes 20-Something Job Seekers Make

Young job seekers need to get over their sense of entitlement.

There was the young job seeker who showed up at his interview 15 minutes late, failed to apologize, and thenasked if the interviewer had a garbage can so he couldthrow away his gum. There was also the 20-somethingapplicant whose call to the hiring manager went dead in the middle of the conversation. The young woman didn’t call back for two hours, only to explain, without apology, that she had dropped her phone in a tub of water while she was getting a manicure. Then there was the mother who called her son’s boss when he wasn’t hired at the end of his internship, and demanded to know why.

Dani Ticktin Koplik, 58, an executive and performance coach in Englewood, N.J. has lots of stories like these. For the last several years, half of Koplik’s coaching practice has been made up of so-called Generation Y, or Millennial, job seekers. This group, age 20-32, makes a series of job-searching mistakes that stem from their sense of entitlement, lack of deference to authority and over-involvement by their parents. Kopliksays in her own practice, parents frequently call and email, and try to micro-manage the coaching process. To run interference, Koplik schedules a monthly meeting with parents, mostly to tell them to stop meddling. She also coaches them to give their kids a consistent message. Too many parents tell their offspring that they have to earn a living, and then let them live at home indefinitely rent-free. Koplik recommends timetables and limits.

I asked Koplik for a list of mistakes her 20-something clients make, and she had plenty of ideas. Here is her list of the top ten.

1. Acting entitled
One of the consequences of over-involved parents is that young people feel as though they deserve an easyride. Koplik tells of an intern who, on the first day, informed his supervisor that he had to leave early that Thursday for a horseback riding lesson. “It didn’t dawnon this person that he was being totally inappropriate and sabotaging his career,” says Koplik.

2. Starting the process too late
Ideally, college students should start looking for meaningful internships for the summer after their freshman year. Students who assume that they will geta job without too much effort, wait too long to begin the process.

3. Under-utilizing the alumni network
Though parents and their friends can provide good contacts, the network of professionals that comes through a college or university should be one of the first places a young job seeker turns.

4. Using a résumé that’s sloppy and too self-centered
Young job seekers are often weak on résumé basics, like clear, tidy layout, careful proofreading for grammar and punctuation, and use of keywords from the job description. Another big problem: the “objective” section tends to be too much about what they want, and not enough about the potential employer. For example, young applicants often say, “entry level position where I can use my skills, ideas and enthusiasm and I can learn a lot.” Instead, the emphasis should be on what they can contribute to theemployer. Applicants should also leave off menial jobs like camp counselor, unless they can quantify their achievements, like saying they organized waterfront activities for a group of 150 campers.

5. Writing cover letters that repeat the résumé
Many young applicants regurgitate their résumé accomplishments in their cover letters. Instead, cover letters should be short and vivid, and say something particular about what the applicant can bring to the job.

6. Doing poor research
Young job seekers often just glance at a company website before an interview. Instead they should read everything on the site, search for news clippings aboutthe company, and track social media information, like Twitter feeds, on company managers.

7. Failing to clean up their social media profile
All of those drunken, bikini-clad pictures on Facebookshould be removed, or locked down with privacy settings. Everyone, including college students, needs apolished LinkedInprofile.

8. Not showing enough appreciation for the interviewer
Young applicants often fail to conclude an interview with an expression of gratitude for the interviewer’s time. Always thank the interviewer in person, make it clear you would consider it a privilege to work at the company and ask about the next step in the process. Then follow up with a handwritten thank-you note or email that references specifics discussed in the interview.

9. Failing to show generational deference
Koplik tells of the summer intern who, at the end of his time on the job, marched into the office of the chief diversity officer at a big company and said, “Could I give you some feedback on my internship?” Young people are so used to being included in conversations, they fail to grasp their position in the pecking order.

10. Relying too heavily on listings and job fairs
I write this in every article about job search mistakes, because it’s a chronic problem. Koplik says that young job seekers are just as guilty of spending too much time applying to online listings, and through anonymous job fairs, as their more senior peers. We say this over and over: People find jobs through people they know, rather than through advertisements.If you see a listing for a job, try to find a personal connection to the employer and use that as your entry point.

Sources: Forbes

To Get a job: Click Me!

21. The twenty-first BIGGEST mistake is to waste your time reading all these instead of sending your CV's to different employers.
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Sets Friend Ablaze For Dating His Mum In Enugu State by BBDelta(m): 12:52pm On Aug 05, 2013
byvan: The dead man did everything wrong because he is married with four kids!!

Na products of poligamus homes dey first dey rush make this kind comment............

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Nairaland / General / Re: Man Sets Friend Ablaze For Dating His Mum In Enugu State by BBDelta(m): 12:50pm On Aug 05, 2013
yahrant140: What a shame less mother!Good for his their deed

You get sense? So the woman no fit clean kpekus again? Because she get pickin, Highest the boy go do na to stop being friends with his mother's boyfriend and draw the line whenever he needs to relative personally with his mother.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Total E & P Nigeria Ltd, Recruitment 2013 by BBDelta(m): 3:23pm On Jul 31, 2013
oxygen47: Are there no positions open to people aside Engineering? embarassed

Yes, I hear they have positions for Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba Language Graudates.... You dey see Total E & P(EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION)you think say na MTN Customer Care


Nairaland / General / Re: Why Are Some Nigerians Crazy About Title? by BBDelta(m): 10:31am On Jul 31, 2013
Feraz: Good evening all! Recently, I went to a function and while they were calling out the names of the guests, I noticed a common trend which was attaching a title before the person's name. It reminded me of when I was in my school's lab and a guest came looking for someone. He told the lab. attendant that he was looking for Mr..... and the lab attendant replied harshly, "Is it Mr.....or Engr.....?" The guest was like "oh, sorry! I mean Engr...." before he replied that he was the one. In my mind, I was like WTF??!!!! undecided When I say title, I don't mean Mr./Miss/Mrs; I mean titles like Pastor Mr., Sir Engr., Bishop Evangelist (is it that both don't preach the word of God?), Dr. Engr., Prof Chief abi na Chief Prof.? Even our supposed lecturers are not left out of this? Try addressing a Dr. or Prof. as Mr. (even if it is a mistake) and watch his reaction....Some have as many as four titles.....does title mean achievement for some?.....Is it only in Nigeria or am I the only one who has noticed this?
What are your views on this?



Politics / Re: Ibadan Strange Fish Was Baby -octopus- Police by BBDelta(m): 6:50am On Jul 25, 2013

I thought I was the only one that noticed that part.

Why are they still holding the person?

Tension!, Tension!! they said, and very correct I must agree. With all the bunch of Religous/Illiterate and Gullible Ibadan people around, Dem fit go stone her to death for bringing evil to the land>>>>lol.
Religion / Re: Does Christianity Support Underage Marriage? by BBDelta(m): 12:47pm On Jul 21, 2013
Krasid: Is it right for an Underaged person to get married in the church?.What does Christianity say about underage marriage?

Stop bringing Religion to everything you do in life. Use your common sense and ask yourself and others who you wish to agree with on this. Can a Girl child of 7 - 17yrs be a wife? Would she face any kind of health, psychological issues? Would she be mentally stable? Would she have gotten enough training to bring up another child? Why would you want to marry a girl of that age?

To get into your religious unending debate.... I would ask you how old was Mary mother of Jesus when she conceived Jesus Christ and when she became Joseph's wife? From whatever source you check, she was damn under 18yrs and IMPORTANT question to make your Religious position on this usse irrelevant would be, does that means Christainity support under 18yrs marriage?
Family / Re: Why Do Women Remain In Terrible And Abusive Marriages? by BBDelta(m): 6:03pm On Jul 04, 2013
A.) Because of the love they have for their hubby

B.) Because of what the people or the society will

C.) Because they are afraid of been alone

D.) Because of their lack of financial independence.

E.) Because of the kids.

Personally i think most of them is because of what
the people and the society will say and because of
their lack of financial independence,(some worry if
they will be able to pay the kids school fee and
stuffs) and some genuinely because of the kids
(because they want them to grow up with both
What do you guys think?


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Career / Re: SAP Training Kit (video,ebook,sap Server And Others) by BBDelta(m): 1:18pm On Jul 03, 2013
ehizo25: What's SAP please?

SAP = Systmes Applications and Products in Data Processing. It's just a realtime network integrated project software that can be tuned to fit most operational activities in the industry today.
Career / Re: SAP Training Kit (video,ebook,sap Server And Others) by BBDelta(m): 11:35am On Jul 02, 2013
Fran6ixesq: Please post the links for download here. Thanks

Frab6ixesq: Make your downloads here: http://www.sapdb.org/7.4/sap_db_downloads.htm
Education / Re: UNILAG Students Involved In Car Accident Along Airport Road, Lagos by BBDelta(m): 2:51pm On Jul 01, 2013
feyiona: Not sure i believe this story that first picture is that of the student shot by police in ilorin not sure of the others

Bloggers these days>>>> You are informed! you took that out of my mouth. I expect our moderators to be also highly informed before front page things... I read that story and saw that first picture of the boy in a taxi shot by a policeman in a van.

Secondly, you can't have same accident with different times. One Day and the others night.
Politics / Re: NIGERIA 2015 Championship......presidency FC Vs Pro-ameachi Utd, Today 8pm LT by BBDelta(m): 11:45am On Jun 26, 2013


Hei...Should I take this as a fight between the fans of both teams before the real clash?

I heard, Presidency FC signed two new strikers (Paul Erokoro SAN and Tayo Oyetibo SAN) yesterday to play no. 9 (same role) without each knowing of the other.

At the Abuja High Court training field both of them embarrassed themselves, but the Football Governing body had to adjourn the training session and sent both players home to put their houses in order. Though the two new signings of Pro-Ameachi Utd ( Femi Falana SAN and Yemi Osibaja SAN) both strikers who came for training at the same field had a filled day.

Let the debate continue…………… before the match proper.
Politics / NIGERIA 2015 Championship......presidency FC Vs Pro-ameachi Utd, Today 8pm LT by BBDelta(m): 8:35am On Jun 26, 2013
As preparations continues against the Presidential 2015 Championship, there shall be a crucial warm up match today in Abuja between the Presidency FC and Pro-Ameachi United by 8pm Local Time today.

It will be recall that Pro-Ameachi United trashed Presidency FC 19 - 16 in an earlier friendly encounter last month, though Presidency FC blamed it on poor officiating despite the use of high modern technological gadgets’ to reduced irregularities.

Presidency FC has since their earlier defeat reshuffled their coaching crew and as such Pro-Ameachi United must understand that they are facing a different Presidency FC side.

Happy Watching! Stay tuned for live updates as the different teams and supporters moves to the stadium, it’s not clear at the time of reporting who the referee of the match would be but evidences of adequate security is on ground to forestall any kind of break down of law and order.

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TV/Movies / Re: Omotola Makes Her US TV Debut On 'Hit The Floor' by BBDelta(m): 4:41pm On Jun 25, 2013
biafranqueen: My daughter was in one commercial for 2 seconds and made $38,000.00 in residual check that is over 6 millions in 9ja
How many will make that in one year?
Give respect where it is do

Well done sexy mamma we r proud of you

Hello BiafranQueen, How can I meet your daughter? I am a Biafran Prince, maybe the Princess and the Prince can have 4 seconds. Residual or any sidual check, I won't mind.


Politics / Re: Adeboye Doesn't Comment On National Issues To Avoid Influencing People by BBDelta(m): 5:50pm On Jun 01, 2013
General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has explained that he is careful in making public comments to avoid mistakes.

In an interview with Haaretz newspaper during a visit to Jerusalem, Adeboye said he had shied away from speaking out on national issues in order to avoid influencing people in the wrong way.

He also said he was aware of the enormous responsibility on his shoulders as the leader of a global church with millions of members.

“At times it’s frightening. In Africa you have a saying, the man who is carrying a basket of eggs must walk gently … whatever mistakes you make, you affect destinies,” he said.

Adeboye stated that his transformation from a Mathematics lecturer at the University of Lagos to a pastor was a divine call, noting that he has a mandate to preach peace everywhere he goes.

“I’ve always said turning a mathematician into a pastor takes only God. In my work with God, I’ve learned that he has a sense of humour,” he stated.

The pastor, who has led the RCCG for three decades, arrived for a meeting at the Dan Jerusalem Hotel, surrounded by an entourage of eight loyal aides, who treated him with the awe normally reserved for heads of state, the paper said.

Speaking on the growing global influence of African preachers, he said the seeds sowed by missionaries who brought Christianity to Africa were producing fruit.

“When you reap, after a certain period you begin to sow. Today, in many parts of the Western world, people have gone rather cold toward the church. Fortunately, the seed sowed in Africa has germinated and the harvest is now coming back to them. So, they are merely reaping what they sowed.


Ok, Let's even leave the Martin Luther King statement....

What of people kneeling down and him laying his hands on them....don't that influences people?
Business / Re: 5 Ways To Increase Your Intelligence by BBDelta(m): 12:55pm On May 28, 2013
alpha conde: Ask God to give u wisdom.
Here's a prayer
O God who in the light of the holy spirit did instruct the hearts of the faithful grant in the same spirit that we would be truly WISE and forever rejoice in thy consolation through christ our lord amen.

Its the spirit that directs

35 likes!!!? Well, all I see is 35 gulliable religious people. RELIGION.

The ops said intelligence and not WISDOM.
Politics / Year 2013, Our Year Of Governors' Fora...... by BBDelta(m): 7:09am On May 27, 2013
This is our Year of Governors' Fora......

Abeg see current list with chairmen and you can trust we are still expecting more......

1. * Nigeria Governors' Forum - Gov. Rotimi Amaechi

2. * Presidency's Governors' Forum - Gov. David Jonah Jang

3. * Northern Governors' Forum - Gov. Aliyu Babangida

4. * PDP Governors' Forum - Gov. Godswill Akpabio

5. * South - South Governors' Forum - Gov. Liyel Imoke

6. * South - East Governors' Forum - Gov. Peter Obi

7. * APC Governors' Forum - Gov. ******* ******** (........coming soon)

8. * Militant Governors' Forum - Gov. Asari Dokumbo

9. * South - West Governors' Forum - Gov. ******* ******** (..........coming soon)
Politics / Re: KANO Bans Street Begging! by BBDelta(m): 5:22pm On May 26, 2013
If this is correct, then it's Good Move!
Politics / Re: 2,000 Soldiers, Jets Deployed To Borno by BBDelta(m): 11:46am On May 15, 2013
Orikinla: This is what Orikinla has been calling for.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
The Nigerian military can put an end to terrorism in Nigeria.
As the son of a brave Nigerian soldier, I know what brave Nigerian soldiers can do to save Nigeria when the chips are down.
This is long over due.
Let us put an end to the bloody madness of the lunatic fringe of Muslims.

You started very well and ended up badly...... What has (lunatic fringe of muslims)got to do with bad people fighting against the good people of Nigeria. I am a Christian, A Southerner...... I have always and will always campaign against analysis that's based on religion / ethincity sentiments, either to promotes/demotes any of them, when it comes to National issues or issues that's between evil/good, crime/upholding law, good/bad. You can analysis issues effectively without bringing in religion / ethnicity.


Nairaland / General / Re: Soldiers Beat-Up Transport Union Official Over Dues by BBDelta(m): 1:49pm On May 14, 2013
youngay: Agbero just like abuja.nice one grin

Can you hear yourself? That's a human being with life....
He has a mother and a father just like you....

Do not for whatever reason which a fellow human being like you bad.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Learning Printing Process From Scratch To Finishing - by BBDelta(m): 12:48pm On May 14, 2013
pinehazel: Printing Production Process and Analysis:
My name is Mosiu Adelabu Kazeem I will be your host on this platform all through, teaching you everything you need to know, and also to become a printing agent in less than a month. In this, article you will be taught step-by-step how to start any kind of printing project from start to finishing. Projects like Calendar production, invitation card, jotter, shopping bag, handbill, posters, business cards, letterhead, etc.
I will not only teach you how to do all these, but also show you the secrets to costing any form of projects no matter what quantity it is. All for free!
Flier Production Process:
Flier is also known to be handbill. It is usually recognized by a particular size called as in printing term. This size may either be vertical or horizontal depending on the choice adopted by the graphic designer who created it as stipulated in the brief by the owner of the project.
If you want to dabble into production of filers; certain number of factor must be considered, starting with design source. Who is that person or company to handle the art work.
This is a very important aspect that must be handled with care; because whatever is designed will be used in the remaining stages of the production process.
What do I mean?
In any form of printing, art work plays a major role which can make or mar any project.
I will advise you to pay much more attention to where, who and why your design or artwork has to be trusted in to the custody of a particular person or agent.
Your artwork must be handled by an expert in that field; who has made every necessary bad and good judgment in that profession with years of experience is qualified to handle such delicate and sensitive stage of production. I will be there for you, should you have anything to involving graphic design/artwork. Contact me for honest and professional advice.

Requirement For Hand Bill Production .
a. Artwork d. Paper
b. Digital film e. Impression
c. Plate making f. Finishing
Obviously, we have spent some valuable time discussing artwork, but doesn’t mean we still don’t have relevant things to mention. This time around I only want to make a salient point on your design presentation and setting. Designs are meant for various purposes; church program flier design is expected to wear a different look from that of entertainment industry. Make sure that you are not carried away with the beauty of any design. Be certain that it suits the category it is meant for, before proceeding to filming stage

Digital Filming: This is the stage when designed artwork is being transformed into film by a machine called Digital Separation Machine. This machine is programmed in such a way that all colours present in any artwork design is separated into one, two, three or four process colours that will eventually enable plate making. Note this: before an artwork gets to late making stage you must consider the number of colours involved in the designed artwork.
An artwork could be single colour, 2colours, 3colours or 4colours termed cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colors formed the basis on which price is fixed on printing machine. The process whereby film is exposed on to the surface of a plate sheet is called lithography.

Impression Running: Here is the stage where images that are exposed on the plates is being transferred to the surface of paper material. This process could be better understood if you can take a visit in form of excursion to a nearby printing press around you. This is just for you to physically comprehend what I am teaching you in theory. But if you are going to have challenge with that; I can organize one for you in my printing press. Depending on the quantity needed, a printing machine could print as many as possible quantity of project at hand. Lest I forget, quantity is usually measured in number of papers (print run) to be used.

Paper: This is a crucial stage in printing where choices are made in what kind/type and quality as well as quantity of paper material needed to execute a printing project.
There are different types of paper available for printing predominantly we have papers and card. In the paper category; present are art-paper, mart-paper, bond-paper, conqueror etc. While in the card category, we have art-card, mart-card, alabaster-card, vanguard-card, chip board etc. The choice of kind of paper or card to be used depends largely on the nature of the project before you.

Printing Run /Quantity: This is the most important part of this article, and I will advise you pay utmost attention to every single point mentioned.
For an aspiring printing contract agent; understanding the quantity and cost implication in any project will be a pointer to your success in this industry. Let’s take for instance, you have an order to produce 20,000 copies of 6”x 9” handbill; the pertinent question should be “how much am I going to charge per copy? And how do I go about determination the cost involved?.

Don’t worry; you are not alone …..
To start with, I will want to make a check list of what is required to produce such quantity of handbill as well as the cost attached to each.
Check list;
a. Art work d. Paper
b. Film Making e. Impression
c. Plate making (Lithograghy) f. finishing
Before any cost could be determined, you must firstly consider the type of printing machine you want to use for printing-run, which is going to be the yard- stick for the cost of each item on your checklist.
There are different types of printing machines available, but at this stage of learning, I will want to restrict you to the most commonly used.

Types of printing machines:
1. Speed master (SM) 4 - 5 colours at a time
2. Sord - 2colour at a time
3. Kord - 1color at a time
4. Gestetner-1colour a time

to be continued in the next 48hours .... Thank You and God bless ....Mosiu Adelabu Kazeem

Nice work Kazeem, keep it up!
Politics / Re: Picture From CPC Convention In Abuja by BBDelta(m): 5:45pm On May 11, 2013
Sincere 9gerian: What an irony. When it comes to political rallies for selfish political ambitions Buhari and other leaders of the north will pull CROWD. But when it comes to solving national problems, like rein in on Boko Haram insurgents to stop the mayhem, leaders in the north become POWERLESS. Why cant northern leaders organise anti-Boko haram rallies in the north? Why cant APC governors of Borno and Yobe, alongside Buhari (as leader of APC in the north) organise anti-Boko haram rallies in affected states? Is it that they dont consider the Boko haram menace big enough to warrant such intervention? Wont it be to the credit of APC if thru such mobilizations the current mayhem in those states stops?

Rather than participate in finding solutions to the problem, APC and Buhari are trying to ride on the back of the blood shed in those states to Aso Rock.

Anyway, since the political and religuous leaders in the north have decided to be lukewarm on this issue of Boko haram and if eventually the ongoing dialogue efforts fail, the govt will be left with no other option but to continue and INTENSIFY the military campaigns in affected states. One thing is certain, those who hope to climb to Aso Rock through the blood shed in the north will be FATALLY disappointed

Wait oh....... I could really speak simple and correct English Language, Seun you would have to excuse me on this, I need to express my mind to this fellow in pidgin.

O Boy dem send you come? Make Buhari/Govs use which money take organise rally? na who wan pay them for the time and resources? may monkey dey work and baboon dey aso rock dey chop abi? why GEJ/PDP Govs for north no organize the rally, abi the above 25% votes them get no reach? plus our taxes and oil money wen dem they thief, no reach.....?

I for cause, but dem don talk say causing no follow again.... open your eyes oh.... Na new Nigeria we dey see so with this merger, so no spoil my happiness......


Romance / Re: "7 Signs You Are In A Relationship With A Single Guy" by BBDelta(m): 4:06pm On May 11, 2013
Emylexray: The topic or caption is clear. "7 signs to know that you are in a relationship with a "single" guy". The word single in that context connotes "a player".

Why was I confused? I noticed I was not alone though..... ok explaination gotten...

Next time spoke, oh sorry sparke!, oh I mean speak in the context we all understand. Never knew single could actually be used for player...... am learning fast.....
Romance / Re: "7 Signs You Are In A Relationship With A Single Guy" by BBDelta(m): 3:50pm On May 11, 2013
Dygeasy: I don't understand really. Im confused.
Afam4eva: Are those signs that he's into you or the opposite.
Dygeasy: I don't understand really. Im confused.

I think this should be

"7 Signs You Are NOT In A Relationship with A Single Guy"

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Deep Ocean Fluid Limited Invitation For Skill Competency Test!!! by BBDelta(m): 6:30am On May 01, 2013

I have an interview iv for 8th May @ PTI.... stankion could you please elaborate on how unserious their office looked and If your friend could help check again.. they claimed to be a well financed bluechip company, and from what I saw they have money but low packaging... their interview invitation letter na die "...we would like to suggest that you attend an interview at PTI...."

Osa2: What did you see that indicated "they have money"? I only want to have an idea who are their major partners or major clients and the scope of the jobs they are into.... You know professionals would like to know exactly what is the strenght of the organization they are affiliating with. Not some guys that secure a 3 - 6 months contract job for painting / blasting etc.. and start doing some kind of recruitment exercise...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Deep Ocean Fluid Limited Invitation For Skill Competency Test!!! by BBDelta(m): 8:34am On Apr 28, 2013
stankion: Actually I dint take it cos I sent a friend to chk out their office in warri and he said d pple there looked unserious so I dint waste time to go to warri from lagos.

Thanks Mate. I think they need more industrial actions, I try to find out their past activities or affiliations in the oil and gas sector, I am just coming out blank. Their website is not even fully developed. 404 errors everywhere.

I am not such there anything to worry about.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Deep Ocean Fluid Limited Invitation For Skill Competency Test!!! by BBDelta(m): 4:51pm On Apr 27, 2013
Hi, Stankion & Mojounited, I got the invitation too though I didn't attained as I was offshore. I contacted their HR and we spoke after some considerations they said they would include me for their interview. Just saw the invitation today for 7-May-13, but unfortunately am not sure if I would be able to make that too as it's outside my off period.

Any updates on this recruitment process would be highly appreciated. Did you guys take the test?

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