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Politics / Re: Buratai Bought Second Dubai Property Days After Appointment - Sahara Reporters by BlackBaron: 10:50am On Jun 28
Seems Buratai is also as corrupt as they come.
The FG's reluctance to probe or least give a comprehensive answer to requests for his probe is sign of a lack of integrity on this Government!

History would judge... And by 2019, I'll be hoping they get kicked out!!
Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Replies Fan Who Said Her Husband Is Cheating With New Babe by BlackBaron: 3:44pm On Jun 24
Caroline also came in through the window.
She played side chick until the first wife got kicked out


Politics / Re: We Have Kept Our Promise Of Creating Jobs For Nigerians – Lai Mohammed by BlackBaron: 10:49am On Jun 14
I hope the kind of jobs created are also the type Mr Lai's children would be comfortable to work in and enjoy the types of salaries they'll likely dish out.

Unfortunate that since 1999, we continue to endure rubbish from politicians like Mr Lai. PDP=APC...both parties had no ideologies, policies or blueprints.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:54am On Jun 14
Nigerian Army lost a trick by not going for digital camouflage. That same uniform if not stolen from army stocks is available to buy from the famous Chinese wholesale/retail site.

I also want to hope that the Nigerian government monitors the use of ammonium nitrate given to farmers, especially in the north. Apart from the use of shells by the terrorists, fertilisers remains the prominent ingredient in IEDs.
I think the whole subregion/countries suffering should also consider this. It's a First Step, if missed to control their use of IEDs!
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 11:47am On Jun 08


Apologies as not African, but this insurgency mirrors Nigeria's.
Solid guerrilla reporting via VICE news.

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Politics / Re: The 5% Misinformation Against Buhari Debunked by BlackBaron: 11:42am On Jun 08
His comments are still deplorable no matter how you want to dress it. No country is better for it especially when your leader tells it to your face about who he's willing to give preferential treatment.

I struggle with the worship of politicians by most who take it upon themselves to try absolve them of their inadequacies as humans rather than correct them when wrong. Blame your education and your lack of foresight to see that praising leaders even when they're wrong is akin to laying terrible precedents for future generations.


Politics / Re: "Corruption List" To Exclude Names Of Those Returning Money - Sahara Reporters by BlackBaron: 3:51pm On Jun 03
The reason why it's so little recovered is EFCC forgot to investigate the funds stolen by those in the ruling party APC.

Disappointing government...

We need a system where prospective leaders undergo months of primaries and debates instead of the familiar single day primaries where no one can assess what they're made of

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Properties / Re: Interior Architecture In Nigeria Is Very Bad by BlackBaron: 7:35am On May 31
Love this.
Nigerians have mostly never heard of sconces, floating shelf, open plan kitchen, landscaping, downlights, and even inspiring pop designs.

For furniture, Chesterfield sofas, death star lamps or even minimalistic furnishings.
The level of artisanship is poor and mostly left to those who picked up their knowledge from one older person in their community.

Quite a few are trained up to graduate level for these sorts, but their services are yet to trickle down to a point most Nigerians can afford.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 11:18pm On May 30

its not an official propaganda videos from iraqi army , it's a song from shams al maslawi , a bimbo (a music star for some people) ! so nothing serious
Don't mean its government sanctioned, but there are many music videos like this especially with real soldiers, including the 'all black' SF with real combat footage.


Quantity over Quality... If the really are over 100K then that's an immediate indicator to show that their ISOF are sh*t. Its almost impossible to raise 100K SF soldiers that are of World Class quality.
Their ISOF is still their best combat unit which includes units like Golden division (part of ISOF) et al. Feats like battling the shitty state at Baiji refinery when outnumbered after their regular soldier comrades ran. Though If to be belived with 100, I was expecting more. Their true numbers may be tens of thousands.
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 9:48pm On May 30



Those Iraqi music videos are common themes as propaganda videos showing their ISOF with music stars singing patriotic music or praising their army. For a such a well kitted unit, I'd be expect much more from them especially as they're listed to be a hundred thousand strong!
Politics / Re: Shocking Video Of Children Tortured To Death By Nigerian Army by BlackBaron: 2:36am On May 22
...our bids for tucanos. sad

The issue here looks more like lack of empathy than torture though. I'm not sure we should have young persons below 15 years within the confines of Giwa barracks.
Politics / Re: 940m Grazing Reserves For Herdsmen:lawmakers Fault Buhari by BlackBaron: 2:19am On May 22
I'd be more interested in Government encouraging unemployed youths having farms that can produce all the bales of grasses needed for consumption and the cattle rearers in comparison would have to seek out private lands from willing sellers.

Missed opportunity for nomads looking at purely beef, ignoring the possibility of further profitability via dairy farming, leather and sale of manure. The latter is also possible for biogas to sell on or produce their own off grid electricity like done in India and Kenyan farms.

Ultimately, except within the confines of ranches, rearing bovine livestock outside of designated areas should be a chargeable offence.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Generate 12,000 MW Of Electricity — Fashola by BlackBaron: 11:26am On May 21
Shame we still don't have the right people in the right position. Fashola is a lawyer but I'm not so sure about him in the power sector. We need technocrats and not party faithfuls who get rewarded for loyalty.

There's such other stuff like Biogas which is a net contributor in countries like Denmark, Sweden.
Solar farms are also possible...


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 2:38pm On May 20

I now know another about Dasuki smiley

Now anyone worth his salt in education would have been able to sieve out the improbability of $2.1 billion surrounding Dasuki and co. My mention this morning started about Mr Badeh's diversion of Airforce funds of #500 million monthly just before everything started 'flying in through the window'.

In the case of Mr Dasuki you've stated and the case of Badeh's whose case I posted this morning...'Both from EFCC testimony(ies)'

My question this morning still goes thus...
'why was the last government so lax?'...for pilfering to occur?

I don't get the eagerness to divert my 'question' with what 'Mr Buhari' did or what ONSA released?

Besides, questions still remains about budgeted sums for defence procurement in tandem with whats on ground in previous years versus whats available, however until facts emerges, I have not pointed fingers. But for today, Mr Badeh's the issue and those are the kind of 'diversionary retorts' I get
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 12:51pm On May 20

You are making claims you can't prove, yet are comfortable dolling out figures.
When you accuse Mr A of theft, you should provide all the evidence you have against Mr A.
It is outright lunatic to accuse Mr A of theft, then go on to say he should provide evidence that he didn't receive the full funds. When you, the accuser haven't even been able to proof that you gave Mr A all requested sum.
I can't say you stole 1,000 naira i asked you to keep for me, when i can't even proof that i even gave you 1,000 naira in the first place.
Oh great!
Now I've heard it all...

Was expecting better retorts to be honest.
My initial question was 'why the previous government was lax'... Goal posts got moved to how about what Mr Buhari bought and now to prove how much was given to them by ONSA or Finance Ministry (so a case can be proven against them)

Pilfering of liquid funds 'allocated' is what we are talking about here. I don't belong to the crew of $2.1 billion embezzlement believers. Rather I'm all for knowing the percentage of released funds that got utilised for the actual purpose it was meant for.
Sir, by all means...Since you asked me a question, I'm guessing you know, please reel out what got released and got used.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 12:05pm On May 20

You keep brandishing figures about, while likely hoping that somehow they would turn out right.

However, you've made a lot of comments but have unfortunately said nothing.

The question still remains, how much was released by the ministry of finance to the ONSA or Defence ministry?

And I'll know that because I signed the cheques?

Onus is on you to prove they didn't receive no or little of what was budgeted for
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 11:55am On May 20
If you want to know how much was budgeted, I'd wish there were copies of the defence budget one could reference.
Budgit only has one of the past 5 years available for Jonathan's.

2012's budget for defence and security then was a colossal $6 billion (of course included salaries and overheads for all)
2013-2014 saw very little by way of set aside funds for defence procurement. However it included procurement for 6 Mil 35s and activation of L39 fighter jets. Despite that, 2014 was the year Arthur Eze got ousted for a crazily inflated deal to get cobra choppers which got cancelled. Same 2014 was the year an extra $1 billion was mooted for hardware procurement by Jonathan in the wake of BH's attacks then.

2012 ~ $6 billion
2013 ~ $2+ billion
2014 ~ $2+ billion (+$1 billion extra budgetary allocation for hardware procurement)
2015 ~ don't know the figures

These figures includes salaries and more including budgets for all other expenses.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:46am On May 20

If Jonathan didn't buy any weapons then what magnitude of firepower was seized from the military bases
Pray tell, where did I write Jonathan never bought any weapons?
The issue here's how so much money was possible for hardware buying and how little was bought.
The budget for the Airforce over the last few years should have us flying a healthy bunch of fighter fixed wing and rotary assets. Yet we got 2 more alpha jets and more helicopters in 4 years.

I'm not sure why you're so pained on this issue. Are you for the army or you're just another political jobber with bits of interest in military issues still pained Jonathan got kicked. I'll call out Jonathan just as I'd call out Buhari in aspects like this.

Buhari, if he doesn't fix up would get kicked out by 2019 for all I care. Besides that, it's only early days, let's see what comes of Buhari's acquisition.

Sorry Bidexiii, your thread got derailed a bit.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:30am On May 20
And how lax is this present administration if we are buying 5 tomatoes for 200 naira?

You can't keep on blaming Jonathan forever.

At a point you have to sit down and start working

We are getting sick and tired of all these trial by newspapers and innuendos where you still can't convict anybody in a court of law...

Ok boss, let's conflate human lives to the cost of tomatoes to demonstrate 'laxity'!

Surely the rot wasn't started from Jonathan, but with stories like this showing hard nosed thieving in the middle of a war, I got to ask that question.

Highest oil levels and we still barely scratched the surface in levels of hardware.

For all I care, the new president would have been better as EFCC chairman seeing his handling of other sectors but this is a military topic and I sure would ask over again as to what Jonathan was doing.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 6:58am On May 20
A cashier at the Nigerian Air Force headquarters, Emmanuel Abu, who earlier testified in the case as the second prosecution witness, had narrated to the court the role he played in the alleged monthly diversion of N558.2m from NAF accounts by Badeh.

Abu said he routinely converted the N558.2m to dollars, which the prosecution alleged was being handed over to the former air force chief monthly.

Abu, who was led in evidence by the lead prosecuting counsel, Mr. Rotimi Jacobs(SAN), on Wednesday said he converted N558.2m monthly removed from NAF’s Personnel and Emolument account for 14 months between November 2012 and December 2013.

He said within the 14 months period, a total of over N7.8bn was set aside and converted to dollars

Source: http://www.punchng.com/how-badeh-received-n1-1bn-abuja-propertys-title-document-witness/

In context, $44+ million diverted (conservative estimates of 2012-2013 exchange rates)

Got to ask, how lax was the previous administration that grand heists like this took place.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 10:35am On May 18
I hear a new system of purchases is in the offing.
Everything would be public tender and companies vying for contracts would be scrutinised. So less risk of misdemeanours of giving out over inflated contracts to friends and cronies like Dasuki and others.

I hope this would be the norm to have a better equipped army. I can't deal with the fact that the country has so much internal security issues, from the tips of the Sahara to the oil rich southern coastline. Lack of appropriate hardwares fitting the varied environments are part of the core issues affecting the armed forces.
Phones / Re: I Showered With The Galaxy S7, Made It Pass Through Other Water Mishaps by BlackBaron: 1:02pm On May 14
anybody that has over 200k to buy s7 dosent need a video review.
its for those that will price 2nd hand in 2017.
besides most of you watching like say una go buy.. only tecno boom wey dey say na 40k people begin they swear for the owner of tecno.
on another note,waterproof no fit be selling point for me...i need a good strong battery and a phone free of the slightest lag.
Waterproof is actually a tipping point cos I prefer to have a device that can withstand accidental spillage or falls into a liquid enclosure especially if its an expensive device. Besides, I don't know about insurance in Nigeria.

All my phones since 2013 have been waterproof.


Phones / Re: I Showered With The Galaxy S7, Made It Pass Through Other Water Mishaps by BlackBaron: 9:12am On May 14
You need a better microphone, barely hearing you.

About the review, I think waterproof phones are good but dipping it in water too often or too long has 'long term effects'. May take a year or more but eventually in some cases, you may begin to see sections of your screen suffering from screen bleed or minor discolourations to it.

So even though it says waterproof. Avoid dunking your phone in water.

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Politics / Re: David Cameron Describes Nigeria As A Fantastically Corrupt Country by BlackBaron: 4:05pm On May 10
Our legal system is the biggest joke right now...for far too long, giving succor to those that have rinsed out the country. The SANs and the corrupt judges giving the thieving ingrates more impunity to sit easy even with mounting evidence.

I don't agree with Mr cameron's adjective however.


Politics / Re: Panama Papers Go Online, Tinubu & Saraki Files Thrown Open by BlackBaron: 9:05am On May 09
Still more surprised politically exposed persons like David Mark, Saraki and so can still hold continue to hold their offices despite their involvement in siphoning public funds over the years.

No need to be told of their lack of credibility, but more so its showing the level of impunity which the Nigerian society has descended to.
Politics / Re: The Dilemma Of Solution To Militancy; Yaradua's Mistake Pmb's Choice by BlackBaron: 7:08pm On May 07
All our leaders have been short sighted!

When you provide better levels of living conditions, clean up their environmens, this will give them every reason to fight off any ingrates that'll want to sabotage their communities.

Bribing militants to allow oil to flow is another example of corruption as done within higher political echelons. 'Bribe so I can pass..'
The fake freedom fighters as soon as they cornered their own share swiftly moved on. Meanwhile, every day they are birthing potential armies of youth who might grow up to think that's the best way to eke a living.

Once and for all, let them sort out the ND issue which of course who imply there should be greater transparency in areas especially of finance plus other attributes of a sane society.
Politics / Re: PanamaPapers: PremiumTimes To Release Names Of 100 Nigerians, Companies by BlackBaron: 8:50am On May 05
I don't get it. Do they want T-Fare or handout. If you want to release lies, you are free to do it. Afterall, APC is already a bigtime trader in that.

Dumbington...this is from the same archive that has implicated and caused the resignation of Iceland's PM, seen a Spanish Minister resign and giving the PM of England sleepless nights over his dead father's tax dealings.

From the same troves are the likes of Saraki, Mark, Ibori and so implicated, yet dumbos like you run out even with chains shackled to your feet to cover for those that have enslaved you.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:54am On May 04
Looking at this thread, there's just too much violence and carnage in this country.
Like a wild wild west...

Armed forces be battling BH, herdsmen, rustlers, ethnic militia, pirates, religious crisis, militants et al.
I sure hope the future would be brighter. embarassed
Politics / Re: Tompolo Embarks On ‘fasting And Prayers’ by BlackBaron: 8:24am On May 03
Tis the kind of shite some Nigerians are known for.

Scams you and then would conclude it with 'prayer and fasting'!
Politics / Re: Presidency Rubbishes Oby Ezekwesili’s Criticism As An “unclear Elitist Summary” by BlackBaron: 3:41pm On May 01
I'd say start grooming the next presidential candidates years before elections in order to know their policies and what they'll bring to the table

Too many times we have leaders who I think are out of their depths regarding leading a country.

What results are faulty leadership who know very little to nothing and fail to understand deeply how to steer the ship.
Politics / Re: Armed Men Crossing Benue River En-Route Agatu (Video) - SBM Intelligence by BlackBaron: 5:23pm On Apr 28
This shows up some very negative, dangerous ideology amongst the herders. Swapping human lives for cattle.

Obscene how they can lay hands on assault rifles and amass killers quickly.

This government is toying with fire if they don't nip this new class of nomad-terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Herdsmen: Full Text Of Buhari's Order to Bring Them To Justice by BlackBaron: 6:54am On Apr 28
More Southerners would also have to look into rearing livestock. No law bars us from having cattle.

I'd be more wary than ever now of any attempt to foist herdsmen into Southern communities under the guise of grazing reserves. There's a probability that once settled, the future may see similar patterns of conflicts like prevalent in the middle belt. Their attacks also indicates they are a reasonable threat of terrorism to the any community.

Time for them to modernise, Kenyan nomads ain't exactly walking all across the length and breadth of their country looking for food, so it's untenable fulani herdsmen can not tailor their operations to run in tandem with modern lifestyle.

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