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Politics / Re: An Igbo Man Running For Governor In Lagos State by BlackBaron: 10:53am On Sep 21
So many learners here...

If you'd lived in Lagos, you'd have seen various campaigns for non SWeners.
Though I think you'll have to have a heavy following plus endorsements from prominent people; Obas and so in Lagos for you to pull it off
Politics / Re: Nigerians Spent Millions On Parties but 200,000 School Fee Is A Problem -Oyedepo by BlackBaron: 7:58am On Sep 20
Not all Nigerians can/do spend millions on parties and of course those that can do send off their wards to private universities.

Though I support quality education, I'll not go as far as putting down others for not being able to gather 200 grand for school fees.


Celebrities / Re: Nick Cannon Rocked World Most Expensive Shoe Worth $2.2 Million (see Pictures) by BlackBaron: 9:26am On Sep 18
The shoe is damn ugly.

Looks like a Chrome footwear.
Politics / Re: Disturbing: B H Used Konduga Battle To Test Army Defences Around Maidugiri by BlackBaron: 6:55pm On Sep 16
Don't forget BH has also got similar weapon systems. Yet they're able to hold ground. It's more than meets the eyes.
Celebrities / Re: “where Did Olusola Come From?” – Lagosians Mock Desmond Elliot’s Campaign Poster by BlackBaron: 3:16pm On Sep 14
So much vitriol!

And the tribalism against your own kind?!

Hope it is not some kind of 'entertainment recession' right now that every entertainer is now declaring for elective position?
Phones / Re: Apple Unveils The 4.7-inch Iphone 6 With Retina HD Screen by BlackBaron: 4:36pm On Sep 10

I know people who had used iPhones for years without a dent. Not that they're careful or anything but the phone is more durable than most other oems

Can't say the same for the Samsung users out there. Even my s4 cracked after 8months of usage before selling for the Oneplus

That Sir, is conjecture.
I also know quite a number of people with broken/cracked iphone screens...But I stopped short of calling iphone 'fragile'
Phones / Re: Apple Unveils The 4.7-inch Iphone 6 With Retina HD Screen by BlackBaron: 4:20pm On Sep 10
You sure or you know only a few people with iphones? No manufacturer has gone on to claim that they have a more durable smartphone. There's a saying that 'these days, smartphones are more fragile than eggs'.

Fanboy battles all over smartphone has the ultimate edge over others.

In my 2* years of life, I've only seen two shattered iPhones but the number of Samsung phones wey their screen don break fit give man ebola

Fanboy battles all over smartphone has the ultimate edge over others.
I preferred my Z2 over 5s for 2 major reasons.

The battery life for is MAJOR. Mine goes the distance easily with heavy use. A full day with juice left after using Emulators,web surfing, videos and calls included.
Another is water resistance, since I never lost a mobile, mobile insurance against theft (cerberus installed as safeguard) is pointless. I am covered against water loss.
Noise cancellation is extra benefit, don't use it all the time but beneficial in noisy environments.
Phones / Re: Apple Unveils The 4.7-inch Iphone 6 With Retina HD Screen by BlackBaron: 12:25pm On Sep 10
Eh...actually the iphone 5s came last in a camera shootout between other flagships. (Z2,S5,H1, Lumia 1020,G3 and Oppo 5)
Sony needs to up their software side too;came second last

The same sensor and all are reused in the iphone 6.
So until actual pictures pop up, no one should already start posturing the Z3 is inferior to the iphone 6's camera.
Phones / Re: Apple Unveils The 4.7-inch Iphone 6 With Retina HD Screen by BlackBaron: 11:00am On Sep 10
If only the Tegra K1 was available on smartphones rather than tablets alone...
Phones / Re: Apple Unveils The 4.7-inch Iphone 6 With Retina HD Screen by BlackBaron: 8:54am On Sep 10

What is contract price ??

kindly expatiate
It refers to a type of package where you pay a fixed monthly amount and they in exchange give you a brand new phone plus minutes and data.

More expensive phones might require you to pay extra 'upfront' fees ranging from $49-above. That's simply the case there.
Phones / Re: Apple Unveils The 4.7-inch Iphone 6 With Retina HD Screen by BlackBaron: 6:57pm On Sep 09

$199 and $399
Contract price, that.

More likely about $600-800 for the 4.7 and the plus on payg.


Politics / Re: Video: NA And Residents Moving Out Of Mubi by BlackBaron: 6:54pm On Sep 09
Quite shocking. shocked

Less likely to see civilian and soldiers driving off at speed in the same direction to a battlefront?
Business / Re: Lagos City Hotel Rates Are The Most Expensive In Africa by BlackBaron: 9:35pm On Sep 04

So which country has the highest cost of cement ? fact, I might have been wrong. We do have the most expensive cement prices on the planet.
Added to my first post.
Business / Re: Lagos City Hotel Rates Are The Most Expensive In Africa by BlackBaron: 5:03pm On Sep 04
Nigerian hotels are 'states' on their own. They provide for their own water, security, pay over the odds for fast internet,electricity.

Also the cost factor of building; Our cement prices are the second highest in the world.

In fact... I was wrong we do have the highest cement prices in the world.
Profit margin of 52% for Dangote cement against a global average of 6%. The biggest Cement maker in the world makes only 18%.

A tonne of cement in Vietnam is $67/tonne. Nigerians pay $263/tonne.

Read here


Politics / Re: Boko Haram: FG Acquires 12 Fighter Jets by BlackBaron: 8:39am On Sep 01

And probably meant higher calibre weapons not shilkas.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Lied! He Can’t Afford The Acquisition And Maintenance Of A Private Jet, S by BlackBaron: 7:58pm On Aug 29
Politics / Re: El-Rufai Is Boko Haram’s Executive Commander – Ihejirika by BlackBaron: 9:04am On Aug 29
Never seen a more useless country.
Your leaders without no answer to the 'enemies at your gates' trade conjectures and hot air round the clock, supported in kind by a bunch of gullible masses.

Keep on chucking chairs and hot hair until the demon spawns finally touch the coast of the southerly states, OK. cry
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana’s Once Golden Economy Plunges To ‘ground Zero’ - New Report by BlackBaron: 8:42am On Aug 29
Unfortunate. Got a soft spot for Ghana.

Hope they bounce back.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Who Has The Strongest Military On Africa? by BlackBaron: 11:14am On Aug 27
Still arguing?...

My own take is that no one in the Nigerian Armed Forces is taking notes and developing new technologies.
Most of SA's in house hardware were developed while in the middle of the Bush Wars.

Same can't be said for us...

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Health / Re: Ebola:dr Congo Confirms First Ebola Case by BlackBaron: 11:04pm On Aug 25
Might be a pointer to a migratory animal passing on the virus.
Politics / Re: North MUST Sabotage Jonathan If He Corners The PDP Ticket by BlackBaron: 1:19pm On Aug 25
tit: Sloan,
I am watching shekau's latest video.
it looks like shekau has lost his armored cars?
Are you sure you watched all...cos I could surely see an artillery piece on display.

Plus tracked armoured vehicles and a T55 in the assault on that outpost. This was never known to be in their inventory before.

@ OP, after sabotage then what next?
Politics / Re: Watch Soldiers fighting BOKO HARAM **3 REAL WAR VIDEOS** BBC & SKY NEWS by BlackBaron: 7:15am On Aug 25
All I'll say is this Government is been lying to her citizens.

The attacks on the Military outpost consisted of mostly seized Nigerian Army technicals/Toyota. Also I never wanted to believe the countless stories of 'BH invading with armoured tanks and all' but I could see an APC, 1 or 2 tracked IFV's and a T55 tank at the end. They also would have seized the more than 10 military vehicles left behind plus their ammo stocks.

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Phones / Re: Sony Xperia Z2 Survives 6weeks In Sea Water by BlackBaron: 2:45pm On Aug 21
It might have survived a few weeks in water, but not all waterproof Xperia's are equal...

Sony's carefully worded their warranty terms to exclude themselves paying for repairs especially if your touted 'waterproof Xperia' gets water damage even if within recommended depths and all.

A few have had theirs 'stone dead' after only few seconds/few minutes in bowls of water and SONY failed to honour their warranty.
Health / Re: Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 11:23am On Aug 18

Avoid bush meat and contact with primates and or wild animals.

Whilst evidence may point to bats as another natural reservoir in previous cases, there has been evidence to support fruit bats as responsible for this current outbreak according to research from a published work by Fabian Leendertz in August 2014. Nevertheless, it is vital to avoid contacts with wild animals, bush meat and extra caution, taking extra care to avoid animal droppings.

• Practice careful hygiene. Avoid contact with blood and body fluids.
• Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person’s blood or body fluids.
• Avoid funeral or burial rituals that require handling the body of someone who has died from Ebola.
• Avoid contact with animals and raw meat.
• Avoid hospitals where Ebola patients are being treated. The U.S. embassy or consulate is often able to provide advice on facilities.
• After you return, monitor your health for 21 days and seek medical care immediately if you develop symptoms of Ebola.
Health / Re: Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 11:17am On Aug 18
The Myths

‘Salt would cure ebola’
Ebola is a virus and thus there is absolutely no correlation to the effects of salt (NaCl) on it. Whilst NaCl is an electrolyte in the body that is regulated by Homeostasis, It is not known to have any possible effect on the virus. There is however a higher chance of Hypernatremia which is likely to induce coma and alteration in mental status if ingested.

Consuming Bushmeat
Whilst there is no proof showing cooked bushmeat as a reservoir for Ebola. There is a possibility of contracting the virus if handling raw, or being in contact with someone that handled an infected animal. Stopping to patronise bushmeat vendors is likely to reduce risk of infection and lessen the risk of an index contact with infected animals especially by hunters. According to epidemiologist and disease ecologists, it is widely believed that human contact with infected wild animals brought Ebola out of the rainforest to cities.

Once down with Ebola, you’re dead
Whilst it has no concrete treatment yet, it is not all doom and gloom. If patients can mount an appropriate immune response quickly, they are more likely to survive. Besides current fatality rates are hovering at about 60%* for this outbreak which is indicative of human antibodies ability to sufficiently fight off the virus.

Bitter Kola can cure ebola
Again there is no empirical evidence/research/finding supporting the efficacy of bitter kola against the virus.
Ebola is air transmissible
No it isn’t. It requires direct contact for the disease to be passed on from one person to another.

Health / Re: Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 10:08pm On Aug 17

Verified hosts includes
Primates (Monkeys,Chimpanzees etc)
Fruit bats e.g Hypsignathus monstrosus
Pigs (Ebola Reston, Philippines)


Known modes of transmission is mainly by contact with infected person's blood or body fluids
or by
Infected objects (cups,spoon, needles et al)
Infected animals

Ebola virus symptoms generally persist within a 14 to 21 days timeframe. Early symptoms include myalgia, fever and malaise. As the disease progresses, symptoms seen includes ‘severe bleeding and coagulation abnormalities, including gastrointestinal bleeding, rash, and a range of hematological irregularities, such as lymphopenia and neutrophilia.’
Terminal stage symptoms include ‘diffuse bleeding, and hypotensive shock.’

Other general symptoms are
• Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
• Severe headache
• Muscle pain
• Weakness
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Abdominal (stomach) pain
• Lack of appetite

Health / Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 9:57pm On Aug 17
[center]The Facts[/center]

Ebola virus is a haemorrhagic virus belonging to the family of filoviridae. Filoviridae is a negative stranded RNA, enveloped, non-segmented viruses of varying morphology. The virus family filoviridae is a family that very little is known. The other virus in this family is the Marburg virus which incidentally was the first filovirus discovered in 1967 in Frankfurt,Germany after contact with infected monkeys from Africa.

Interestingly, during the first Ebola outbreak, experts thought it was a mutated strain of the Marburg virus until proven otherwise. To this day, there still exists a dearth of information on the virulence factors, pathogenesis or molecular biology of this family of virus. What is known however is, it generally induces immune suppression and systemic inflammatory response leading to shock and multi organ failure.

Ebola Timeline

There are various documented strains of Ebola so named due to their origins or natural reservoirs they came from. They include Ebola Zaire, Ebo-Cote’d Voire, Ebola Sudan and Ebola Reston. Ebo-Z is the most lethal strain due to the high mortality (83% on average) rates and cell assays conducted.

The first recorded cases of Ebola were first documented in the late 1970s in the DRC and Sudan. Whilst infection rates were gradually falling off after the arrival of experts, most were startled at the high mortality rates recorded amongst patients and medical staff alike which limited the scale of investigation.

In 1989, Ebola virus (Reston) surfaced in the US and again in 1996 when infected monkeys of an Asian origin were imported by a Philippine exporter. Whilst infections were recorded in humans, it also was discovered to have lesser pathogenicity than other Ebola strain as all infected survived. This strain was largely non-lethal in humans. Interestingly, Ebo-R has also been found in pigs in the Philippines.

In 1994-1996, a large scale Ebola pandemic was recorded in no fewer than 3 African countries (Ivory Coast, DRC and Gabon).
Noteworthy is as in all previous outbreaks was that all infections fanned out from within/near tropical forests or close to riverine forests. Their natural reservoirs in primates (chimpanzees, monkeys, et al)

Other outbreaks occurred within the new millennia in countries such as Uganda, Russia and DRC.
The most recent outbreak surfaced in Guinea in March 2014 where it has since spread out to 3 other African countries. (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria) The identified strain is the Zaire strain, which is the most lethal.
Politics / Re: FG Saves N160bn From Ghost Workers by BlackBaron: 7:10am On Aug 13
So what happened to the people behind it?

Were they just softly asked to stop and took a light rasp round the wrist?
Or how do you present stolen goods to the public without talking about how it got there or who diverted the money?


Politics / Re: Ebola Scare:2 Feared Dead,20 Others Hospitalised Over Excessive Salt Consumption by BlackBaron: 9:10am On Aug 10
No one has yet offered a succinct medical response...

It's best to look up about 'electrolyte imbalance' and homeostasis.

Their deaths were probably caused by Hypernatremia which means excess sodium in the body.

::Read Biomedical Science at uni, but not practising at the moment::
Food / Re: Coconut Rice Recipe!!!! by BlackBaron: 8:56am On Aug 10
I normally do the coconut white rice.

But always comes out a bit soggy...any tips?
Politics / Re: Abacha Loot: US To Return $480million To Nigeria by BlackBaron: 9:04am On Aug 08
What about the accrued interest (if any) over the years?

Do we get to have it back too?
Politics / Re: President Obama Approves US Military Action In Iraq by BlackBaron: 9:02am On Aug 08
It'll be better if people had a bit of up to date background knowledge before comments like...'until their embassy was threatened '

The IS is currently on offensives on many fronts both in Syria and Iraq. The triggering of this air strikes is due to ISIS continued march expelling and committing genocides on minorities and opposing parties.

They have successfully stormed close by towns to the previously safe Erbil and beaten back the Kurdish Peshmerga that were essentially the only capable bulwark against ISIS protecting everyone from the Yazidis,Christians and other minorities.

Right now, ISIS has continued it's genocide and currently has laid a siege to fleeing Yazidis holed up on Mount Sinjar. For days, they've been resupplied by air drops by combined Iraqi,Turkish and American air support. However the situation is now too dire Asus keepsaadvancing hence the air strikes.

If no one stops them before they reach Erbil, there's likely to be a humanitarian disaster that'll see the relatively few minorities (Christians, Yazidis and all) and not forgetting the Kurds would be wiped out or subjected to the whims of these terrorists.

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