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Politics / Re: PanamaPapers: PremiumTimes To Release Names Of 100 Nigerians, Companies by BlackBaron: 8:50am
I don't get it. Do they want T-Fare or handout. If you want to release lies, you are free to do it. Afterall, APC is already a bigtime trader in that.

Dumbington...this is from the same archive that has implicated and caused the resignation of Iceland's PM, seen a Spanish Minister resign and giving the PM of England sleepless nights over his dead father's tax dealings.

From the same troves are the likes of Saraki, Mark, Ibori and so implicated, yet dumbos like you run out even with chains shackled to your feet to cover for those that have enslaved you.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:54am On May 04
Looking at this thread, there's just too much violence and carnage in this country.
Like a wild wild west...

Armed forces be battling BH, herdsmen, rustlers, ethnic militia, pirates, religious crisis, militants et al.
I sure hope the future would be brighter. embarassed
Politics / Re: Tompolo Embarks On ‘fasting And Prayers’ by BlackBaron: 8:24am On May 03
Tis the kind of shite some Nigerians are known for.

Scams you and then would conclude it with 'prayer and fasting'!
Politics / Re: Presidency Rubbishes Oby Ezekwesili’s Criticism As An “unclear Elitist Summary” by BlackBaron: 3:41pm On May 01
I'd say start grooming the next presidential candidates years before elections in order to know their policies and what they'll bring to the table

Too many times we have leaders who I think are out of their depths regarding leading a country.

What results are faulty leadership who know very little to nothing and fail to understand deeply how to steer the ship.
Politics / Re: Armed Men Crossing Benue River En-Route Agatu (Video) - SBM Intelligence by BlackBaron: 5:23pm On Apr 28
This shows up some very negative, dangerous ideology amongst the herders. Swapping human lives for cattle.

Obscene how they can lay hands on assault rifles and amass killers quickly.

This government is toying with fire if they don't nip this new class of nomad-terrorists.

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Politics / Re: Herdsmen: Full Text Of Buhari's Order to Bring Them To Justice by BlackBaron: 6:54am On Apr 28
More Southerners would also have to look into rearing livestock. No law bars us from having cattle.

I'd be more wary than ever now of any attempt to foist herdsmen into Southern communities under the guise of grazing reserves. There's a probability that once settled, the future may see similar patterns of conflicts like prevalent in the middle belt. Their attacks also indicates they are a reasonable threat of terrorism to the any community.

Time for them to modernise, Kenyan nomads ain't exactly walking all across the length and breadth of their country looking for food, so it's untenable fulani herdsmen can not tailor their operations to run in tandem with modern lifestyle.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 2:26pm On Apr 26
Mr Bidexii,

As far as I know, there's no ISHIT in WA, or at least in Nigeria. All I see are a bunch of desperate scumbags looking to gain some level of traction with any external terror group that might support them. With closed ranks amongst other member states like Cameroun and so, BH has seen very little to relatively insignificant levels of help coming their way.

Wasn't BH's correspondence found in Abbottabad amongst the documents carted away with Osama?
Politics / Re: I Handed Over A Nation That Produced Richest Man - Jonathan Blast Critics by BlackBaron: 11:17pm On Apr 24
Country leaders reel out stats on how they lift single or double digits percentages of their populations out of poverty...
Here's your former President praising himself for helping an already significantly affluent Tier one individual(almost monopoly) become the richest man in Africa.


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Politics / Re: Saraki: My Original Sin Was Opposing Muslim/Muslim Ticket In The APC by BlackBaron: 7:59am On Apr 23
Ok... You failed to address your colossal heist anyway including robbing people's savings, looting from your state's coffers and unrelenting efforts to squeeze out funds for your people's development to enrich yourself wherever possible.


*ps. Waiting for the idiot that banned me for 2 days to do that again.


Politics / Re: I Stand With Saraki by BlackBaron: 12:42pm On Apr 18

I deserve the right to support who i want to support, saraki is to me what tinubu is to you
And you think I give a shite about Tinubu, another greater robber.

I went to school with the kids of some of these elites and I laugh at the mental retardation of when both sides converge to defend those that have made sure of they and their generation's stagnation.

Don't worry. Keep wallowing in your barely functional society...

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Crime / Re: Herdsmen Kill father And Son In Benue State (GRAPHIC PHOTOS) by BlackBaron: 11:01am On Apr 16
High time Southerners start rearing cattle and livestock.
This is no longer acceptable to even my most restrained emotions lipsrsealed

Time for a classification as a Terrorist group. It's no coincidence that these same set of people murder Nigerians throughout the length and breadth of the country.
Also its time to resist any forceful conversion of a state's land for grazing. Bullshite!

Their act of terror is fueling resentment at a time of already ebbing ratings and the Government has so far failed to rebuke these acts in the strongest possible terms!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 7:56pm On Apr 12
Good job with the scum terrorists cleanups.

The convention with captured enemy flags is to hold them upside down.
The terrorists flags are illegal and illegitimate.
Politics / Re: Kwara Pension Law As Reviewed By Saraki Before Leaving Office by BlackBaron: 8:58am On Apr 07
Saraki must go to jail.
But the pioneer of this was probably the Bourdillon thief.
Now, let's also review Tinubu's pension bill too.

If I recall, similar was passed in Akwa Ibom. (may be wrong)

What should follow is reforms to this legalised immoral entitlements by ex governors, and should include commensurate standardised pensions across political positions.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:42am On Apr 07
First time I'm hearing about contractors being able to submit proposals for evaluation.
Hopefully, no more under table dealings with procurement.


Romance / Re: Why Do Intelligent Black Men Prefer Their Women Looking Like This?(photos) by BlackBaron: 3:16pm On Apr 06
I like them smart first then other things are added.
Even though I have a preference for dark skinned females, its not compulsory.

As long as I can hold intelligent discussions with her and I'm attracted to her. That's all that counts
Politics / Re: Saraki's PA Made 50 Deposits Into His Account In One Day - EFCC Detective by BlackBaron: 4:39pm On Apr 05
Some impoverished defenders would soon start jumping in via the tiniest crevices to support a crook who made sure of they and their families underdevelopment.

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Politics / Re: What Happened To The Respect Of The Yorubas? by BlackBaron: 4:29pm On Apr 05
Yoruba respect values does not make it superior to other culture's values in respect or not.

Truth is there's something wrong with the social conditioning of this country. For all I know, I'll wager 85% of Nigerian parents discipline their children yet it doesn't reflect especially in those holding pivotal positions.

Did those stealing from the nations coffers skip the 'thou shall not steal' lesson, how about the one about showing empathy, 'obedience to the law and keeping order', 'cursing out your elders'
With all the implied respect and values passed down, most would still grow up and do the opposite. It's simply because as they all grew, they saw the futility of instructions in a society which taught them respect but had the elders doing the opposite of it.

All the issues coming to fore is simply the chicken coming home to roost.
Politics / Re: Why This Fuel Scarcity? And A Few Others. by BlackBaron: 2:31pm On Apr 04
Looking at the current situation,
I think Nigeria should start critiquing leaders that have aspirations to rule at least a year or two before elections via way of primaries after numerous debates.

Let them begin to state their policies and blueprints of how to alleviate the many problems plaguing this country. Seems like people with just enough clout throw their hats into the ring whenever its time for elections and end up getting there, then they just continue with whatever orientation is best.

All we've had are a 'postulating leaders' and 'accidental leaders'. The rest don't even have a clue how to solve the problem and are there because they're just known!
No fuel, nor modern railway, even harmonised clean pipe borne water(every one has boreholes instead) is a mirage many years after democracy. Roads are in shambles, corrupt politicians are in power, insecurity, no electricity. Just a barely functional society!!

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Politics / Re: Panama Papers: Saraki's Family Assets Uncovered by BlackBaron: 2:19pm On Apr 04
Nigerian politicians collectively sought to fritter away sums of money that could have been used to provide good roads, water, electricity and so.
Yet idiots see fit to support them even with exposures like this.

DGAF if it's Tinubu or Saraki, but why do I then have to share a country with low IQ electorates who choose to trivalise issues of people robbing their unborn generations of decent standards of living.

Ibori is sitting in jail only because foreigners sought to persecute him, meanwhile here, they are celebrated and regaled at every corner yet the politicians are the collective bunch making sure most Nigerians get up everyday and end up cursing the absence of little to no amenities.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Panama Papers Updates Live Thread by BlackBaron: 8:32pm On Apr 03
James Ibori is listed, awaiting more details...Though looks like already known information.

It does show some of the most powerful people in respective countries implicated.
Kojo Annan, son of Kofi Annan amongst others.


Science/Technology / Re: Anambra Teenager Designed And Built This Drone (Video) by BlackBaron: 10:56am On Apr 02
Anambra Teenager Designed and Built This Drone!

While I have previously seen and appreciated the guy's effort in the video. This video was uploaded last year which I found while searching for 'drones Nigeria'. I'm not sure of the need to claim he's from where you claim him to be from while he clearly stated he's from Warri under the original video description.

Gabriel Emerewah is the original owner of this video

Here's the original video link

Mods, Seun, lalasticala, Mynd44

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Politics / Re: Adesina: PMB Does Not Have To Visit Agatu Victims by BlackBaron: 10:15am On Apr 02
This is a terrible precedent being set by this government and those speaking for it.
Apart from an outright condemnation which was never issued rather than a derisive offer of an investigation.


Politics / Re: Buhari Bans Rice Importation For Humans & Okays Grass Importation For Cows by BlackBaron: 11:36pm On Mar 27
Probably going to be Alfafa grass seeds and not importation of grasses. If one can also grow them and process them into bales of hay, another business opportunity. Hopefully would keep the marauding militant herdsmen at bay.

Also rice importation if the demand can be met is better in the long run. Thousands of farmers on the Fadama and elsewhere produce rice and so would be better we support local farmers than far flung humans from distant countries.
Romance / Re: Sex And The City! South African Lady Sells Her Body For Dollars (leaked Pix) by BlackBaron: 8:34am On Mar 27
Not surprised...

During the holidays, very few students studying abroad, Nigerian or not, come down to Nigeria for this sort of stuff.
Get paid especially by your politico class for 'bangs'. So much money gets paid you see some of the students lodging in expensive hotels during their stay here.
Politics / Re: 'All Former Air Force Chiefs Diverted N558.2million Monthly'-Ex-NAF Finance Dir. by BlackBaron: 8:55am On Mar 25
I read somewhere that Nigeria's defence allocation was on par with the Algerian armed forces for probably the last 5 years.
Comparison of what was bought during the 2 countries during that period would show you the level of wickedness here.

Like for like, Algeria has been able to massively develop and acquire enough hardware plus enabling them to become better trained to deter any large scale type of insurgency or powers that be to want to mess with them.
Their hardwares are light years away from ours plus the benefits of having a well funded army.

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Politics / Re: CCT Trial: Why Saraki Cannot Be Allowed To Go Like Tinubu – Justice Umar by BlackBaron: 8:49am On Mar 25

Tinubu was cleared in Error under the leadership of your Hero and beloved party (PDP) .
Couldn't care less for any party. The society suffers cos of peeps like you supporting thieves from either of the major political parties.

I'll gladly support anyone that can finally nail thieves be they PDP or APC.
Go on and look at the Brazilian example, prosecuting all and sundry cutting through party lines, they're better for it.
Politics / Re: "How APC Destroyed Nigeria For 16 Years" by BlackBaron: 8:44am On Mar 25
I personally believe the concept of democracy in Nigeria is a political system that can be open to abuse especially by undiscerning electorates.
Lack of political maturity means most suddenly end up electing or abating the wrong people into pivotal positions in our society.

I'm somewhat sympathetic to this government cos I wanted to see our worse problems tackled like corruption. Unfortunately, their work has gotten tainted by we electing the same demons that messed up the system.

Until there is an ability by voters to drill down to the ideologies and mindset of those ruling, there'll be a problem with any corrective efforts to place us on the right path.
Politics / Re: CCT Trial: Why Saraki Cannot Be Allowed To Go Like Tinubu – Justice Umar by BlackBaron: 8:30am On Mar 25
Some children of hate from SE will not like the news that Tinubu's trial was an error as they hold the belief that Tinubu is corrupt.
No one needs to be from the East to know see through your intentions. It's clearly written Tinubu was cleared in error and not cleared of corruption.

I'm hoping even if Buhari can't, there'll be another opposition government powerful enough to convict the thief of Bourdillon.

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Politics / Re: "For Me The End Has Come" - Abubakar Shekau by BlackBaron: 8:36am On Mar 24
Seen the video on YouTube but don't understand the spoken language nor can I know if authentic.
Blurry visuals and so.
Romance / Re: Any Guy Who Doesn't Have A House And A Car Should Not Get Married Or Even Date! by BlackBaron: 6:07pm On Mar 20
I kinda have same mentality as a man but funny enough I get same ladies, women and sundry all pestering about getting married as soon as they see a potential partner. Also if a guy doesn't have a threshold for being comfortable and keeps going until he's probably as rich to afford luxury, what is in it for a lady who would probably tire of waiting for the guy to decide when its ok?

I'm struggling with your point with your car bit especially as you say you live in Europe where many don't see the point of a car as transport systems are very good, are you implying that a car is a prerequisite for marriage now?

Besides I'll also like to know if you mean outright home ownership or what?
I also as a young man do not believe in marrying especially a female who is a liability. There'll be no need to be reminded if married of fatherly duties of provision for family but I'd not expect a scrounger too.

Meanwhile, kindly state the requirements needed of a female looking to get married?
And you living in Lithuania might explain your mentality I think...

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Phones / Re: Samsung S7 And S7 Edge Price In Nigeria, Got Mine Today by BlackBaron: 10:13am On Mar 19
Boils down to disposable income. If he has enough, then why not.
Naturally, I used to upgrade regularly until I saw the futility of upgrading just because there's a new phone out. The previous generation are just as capable as the new with just subtle alterations.

So probably not my cup of tea anymore but if he's got the money, it's up to him to spend as he sees fit.


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