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Phones / Re: Sony Xperia Z2 Survives 6weeks In Sea Water by BlackBaron: 2:45pm On Aug 21
It might have survived a few weeks in water, but not all waterproof Xperia's are equal...

Sony's carefully worded their warranty terms to exclude themselves paying for repairs especially if your touted 'waterproof Xperia' gets water damage even if within recommended depths and all.

A few have had theirs 'stone dead' after only few seconds/few minutes in bowls of water and SONY failed to honour their warranty.
Health / Re: Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 11:23am On Aug 18

Avoid bush meat and contact with primates and or wild animals.

Whilst evidence may point to bats as another natural reservoir in previous cases, there has been little evidence to support fruit bats as responsible for this current outbreak according to research from a yet unpublished work by Fabian Leendertz in April 2014. Nevertheless, it is vital to avoid contacts with wild animals, bush meat and extra caution, taking extra care to avoid animal droppings.

• Practice careful hygiene. Avoid contact with blood and body fluids.
• Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person’s blood or body fluids.
• Avoid funeral or burial rituals that require handling the body of someone who has died from Ebola.
• Avoid contact with animals and raw meat.
• Avoid hospitals where Ebola patients are being treated. The U.S. embassy or consulate is often able to provide advice on facilities.
• After you return, monitor your health for 21 days and seek medical care immediately if you develop symptoms of Ebola.
Health / Re: Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 11:17am On Aug 18
The Myths

‘Salt would cure ebola’
Ebola is a virus and thus there is absolutely no correlation to the effects of salt (NaCl) on it. Whilst NaCl is an electrolyte in the body that is regulated by Homeostasis, It is not known to have any possible effect on the virus. There is however a higher chance of Hypernatremia which is likely to induce coma and alteration in mental status if ingested.

Consuming Bushmeat
Whilst there is no proof showing cooked bushmeat as a reservoir for Ebola. There is a possibility of contracting the virus if handling raw, or being in contact with someone that handled an infected animal. Stopping to patronise bushmeat vendors is likely to reduce risk of infection and lessen the risk of an index contact with infected animals especially by hunters. According to epidemiologist and disease ecologists, it is widely believed that human contact with infected wild animals brought Ebola out of the rainforest to cities.

Once down with Ebola, you’re dead
Whilst it has no concrete treatment yet, it is not all doom and gloom. If patients can mount an appropriate immune response quickly, they are more likely to survive. Besides current fatality rates are hovering at about 60%* for this outbreak which is indicative of human antibodies ability to sufficiently fight off the virus.

Bitter Kola can cure ebola
Again there is no empirical evidence/research/finding supporting the efficacy of bitter kola against the virus.
Ebola is air transmissible
No it isn’t. It requires direct contact for the disease to be passed on from one person to another.

Health / Re: Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 10:08pm On Aug 17

Verified hosts includes
Primates (Monkeys,Chimpanzees etc)
Fruit bats e.g Hypsignathus monstrosus
Pigs (Ebola Reston, Philippines)


Known modes of transmission is mainly by contact with infected person's blood or body fluids
or by
Infected objects (cups,spoon, needles et al)
Infected animals

Ebola virus symptoms generally persist within a 14 to 21 days timeframe. Early symptoms include myalgia, fever and malaise. As the disease progresses, symptoms seen includes ‘severe bleeding and coagulation abnormalities, including gastrointestinal bleeding, rash, and a range of hematological irregularities, such as lymphopenia and neutrophilia.’
Terminal stage symptoms include ‘diffuse bleeding, and hypotensive shock.’

Other general symptoms are
• Fever (greater than 38.6°C or 101.5°F)
• Severe headache
• Muscle pain
• Weakness
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Abdominal (stomach) pain
• Lack of appetite

Health / Ebola; The Myths And Facts by BlackBaron: 9:57pm On Aug 17
[center]The Facts[/center]

Ebola virus is a haemorrhagic virus belonging to the family of filoviridae. Filoviridae is a negative stranded RNA, enveloped, non-segmented viruses of varying morphology. The virus family filoviridae is a family that very little is known. The other virus in this family is the Marburg virus which incidentally was the first filovirus discovered in 1967 in Frankfurt,Germany after contact with infected monkeys from Africa.

Interestingly, during the first Ebola outbreak, experts thought it was a mutated strain of the Marburg virus until proven otherwise. To this day, there still exists a dearth of information on the virulence factors, pathogenesis or molecular biology of this family of virus. What is known however is, it generally induces immune suppression and systemic inflammatory response leading to shock and multi organ failure.

Ebola Timeline

There are various documented strains of Ebola so named due to their origins or natural reservoirs they came from. They include Ebola Zaire, Ebo-Cote’d Voire, Ebola Sudan and Ebola Reston. Ebo-Z is the most lethal strain due to the high mortality (83% on average) rates and cell assays conducted.

The first recorded cases of Ebola were first documented in the late 1970s in the DRC and Sudan. Whilst infection rates were gradually falling off after the arrival of experts, most were startled at the high mortality rates recorded amongst patients and medical staff alike which limited the scale of investigation.

In 1989, Ebola virus (Reston) surfaced in the US and again in 1996 when infected monkeys of an Asian origin were imported by a Philippine exporter. Whilst infections were recorded in humans, it also was discovered to have lesser pathogenicity than other Ebola strain as all infected survived. This strain was largely non-lethal in humans. Interestingly, Ebo-R has also been found in pigs in the Philippines.

In 1994-1996, a large scale Ebola pandemic was recorded in no fewer than 3 African countries (Ivory Coast, DRC and Gabon).
Noteworthy is as in all previous outbreaks was that all infections fanned out from within/near tropical forests or close to riverine forests. Their natural reservoirs in primates (chimpanzees, monkeys, et al)

Other outbreaks occurred within the new millennia in countries such as Uganda, Russia and DRC.
The most recent outbreak surfaced in Guinea in March 2014 where it has since spread out to 3 other African countries. (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria) The identified strain is the Zaire strain, which is the most lethal.
Politics / Re: FG Saves N160bn From Ghost Workers by BlackBaron: 7:10am On Aug 13
So what happened to the people behind it?

Were they just softly asked to stop and took a light rasp round the wrist?
Or how do you present stolen goods to the public without talking about how it got there or who diverted the money?


Politics / Re: Ebola Scare:2 Feared Dead,20 Others Hospitalised Over Excessive Salt Consumption by BlackBaron: 9:10am On Aug 10
No one has yet offered a succinct medical response...

It's best to look up about 'electrolyte imbalance' and homeostasis.

Their deaths were probably caused by Hypernatremia which means excess sodium in the body.

::Read Biomedical Science at uni, but not practising at the moment::
Food / Re: Coconut Rice Recipe!!!! by BlackBaron: 8:56am On Aug 10
I normally do the coconut white rice.

But always comes out a bit soggy...any tips?
Politics / Re: Abacha Loot: US To Return $480million To Nigeria by BlackBaron: 9:04am On Aug 08
What about the accrued interest (if any) over the years?

Do we get to have it back too?
Politics / Re: President Obama Approves US Military Action In Iraq by BlackBaron: 9:02am On Aug 08
It'll be better if people had a bit of up to date background knowledge before comments like...'until their embassy was threatened '

The IS is currently on offensives on many fronts both in Syria and Iraq. The triggering of this air strikes is due to ISIS continued march expelling and committing genocides on minorities and opposing parties.

They have successfully stormed close by towns to the previously safe Erbil and beaten back the Kurdish Peshmerga that were essentially the only capable bulwark against ISIS protecting everyone from the Yazidis,Christians and other minorities.

Right now, ISIS has continued it's genocide and currently has laid a siege to fleeing Yazidis holed up on Mount Sinjar. For days, they've been resupplied by air drops by combined Iraqi,Turkish and American air support. However the situation is now too dire Asus keepsaadvancing hence the air strikes.

If no one stops them before they reach Erbil, there's likely to be a humanitarian disaster that'll see the relatively few minorities (Christians, Yazidis and all) and not forgetting the Kurds would be wiped out or subjected to the whims of these terrorists.
Business / Re: Dangote, Blackstone To Invest N825bn (~$5billion) In Power by BlackBaron: 8:33am On Aug 06
Greater sums has been spent to no avail... Let's see how this JV would pan out.

All the best to them.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Video:suicide Bomber Shot Dead By Isreali by BlackBaron: 5:56pm On Aug 05
That looks more to me like a Syrian Rebel/Opposition flag...

Distinctive Green/***/Black.

Don't think it has any connection with Israel.
Sports / Re: Medals Table At The Ongoing Commonwealth Games by BlackBaron: 5:14pm On Aug 01
kwametut: ...

Inferiority complex? Talk about batshit crazy.
Sports / Re: 2014 Commonwealth Games Schedule: Okagbare Wins 100m Gold by BlackBaron: 9:23pm On Jul 31
I love how BBC fails to focus on/ interview event winners.

Blessing Okagbare...what a lady! Being watching her rise since 2012.

Congrats to Brume too.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Isreal Bombards Gaza. It Is Literally Raining Bombs. by BlackBaron: 3:33pm On Jul 27
Well what would you have Israel do? WWII required the destruction of entire countries... two atomic bombs that killed more than 200,000 innocent civilians was needed to stop Japan during WWII... war is war. I do not buy this false sympathy for entire families and children that seems to exist only when Israel has to defend itself.
Take your head out of your asss please!
So in other words, to eliminate BH we'll have to employ a scorched earth policy. Oh, yh...let's just nuke the northern population then...?

Israel has the iron dome to protect her civilian population. The Palestinian population is helpless between Hamas terrorists and Israeli army onslaught.

My buck stops here. Horses for courses like I always say.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Isreal Bombards Gaza. It Is Literally Raining Bombs. by BlackBaron: 8:24am On Jul 27
Israel is not targeting civilians directly. So what's the point?
No one said Israel is 'targeting civilians ' directly. The consensus here is that the collateral damage is too much.

What is hard to grasp about that?
I can't help anyone's bias if they choose to continue looking at this with coloured lenses
Foreign Affairs / Re: Isreal Bombards Gaza. It Is Literally Raining Bombs. by BlackBaron: 12:00am On Jul 27
davidylan: ...
Your argument is ignoring the context.
Israel does have a right to defend itself against aggressors, but the current onslaught has come at a very heavy price for the civilians in between. Entire families and children wiped out was surely not the goal of this campaign.

I'm all for seeing the end of Hamas but not by incurring significant civilian casualties.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Isreal Bombards Gaza. It Is Literally Raining Bombs. by BlackBaron: 12:45am On Jul 25
Both sides are to blame.

Hamas for launching guerilla rocket attacks from within their civilian populations and Israel for hitting back with excessively punitive actions against the civil populace.

Sadly war in this current era has moved off open fields into bedrooms, hospitals and classrooms.

Israeli actions in this conflict has been far too punishing and constitutes war crimes. Hamas too is a terrorist organisation that deserves to have its cadres down to the last man wrung to death.
Phones / Re: Modern Combat 5: Blackout by BlackBaron: 10:11pm On Jul 24
texazzpete: Such a shame to see that with multiple payment avenues open to Nigerians, many of you lot still choose the piracy option. It's $6.99, which comes to little about N1100. Why the frag can't you just man up and buy it officially? That's little more than you spend on a meal, and you get the ability to play online.
At some point, you really do have to grow up.
Lol...get your point. But after paying that, you still get another bizarre and costly decision that vacuums your data/money.

If it's about piracy or hacks, then they better look for alternatives. Quite a few android apps that has been virtually impossible to crack.
Politics / Re: Miraculous Delivery Of Oga Jonah By Chimamanda Adichie by BlackBaron: 9:42am On Jul 22
People fail to see this is a satirical dig to Jonathan's incompetence.

Surely if he had a clue, it wouldn't need a renowned author to dish out lines to him like you give to a child in reception.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crashes In Bama, Borno by BlackBaron: 5:33pm On Jul 21
It better not be the recently purchased Mi 35M's...
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by BlackBaron: 11:28am On Jul 21
I found an interesting use for the NC earphones that comes with my Z2.
Sony has always touted the 'STM10' microphone accessory for clearer audio sounds when recording a video.

Well, if you plug in your NC headphones and switch the earphone 'sound effects' prompt to STM10 microphone, the earphone captures exceptional quality sound like it was recorded with an expensive accessory.
Politics / Re: Nigeria-our Country, Their Property:taking Hiatus Off NL Bc Here Doesnt Exist. by BlackBaron: 7:28am On Jul 20
Unfortunately, most people here lack 'common sense' here hence they put efforts into futility.

The Ekiti/Osun brouhaha was one of the lowest points for me...contestants 'throwing' rice at the electorates whilst they'll later sit and dine on lobsters and all.

It only dawned on me then that development for us is light years away. Yet we get people on both sides of the demons and the devils fighting it out here trying to paint their side whiter than another.
Politics / Re: Enugu Market Explosion: One Feared Dead, Sevearl Injured by BlackBaron: 7:13am On Jul 20
Most of the comments on this thread are quite disgusting really...

Trading insults and all over the grave of people that died especially in Lagos and Enugu.

Surely you tribalist fückers are several steps from 'humanity'...


TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by BlackBaron: 1:24pm On Jul 18
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
Politics / Re: Lagos, The 2 Faced City. by BlackBaron: 9:48am On Jul 17
I have always thought living in Nigeria is a bit of a false economy. As far as the eye can see,development is still far from touching the common man.

From inadequate transportation links to poor health care. Most Nigerians are yet to see a comparable developed area to use as a benchmark, hence they are unable to notice just how little development has come their way.

I've seen Banana Island videos a few times, sans the mansions I have been left coloured unimpressed with the unkept nature of this supposed Billionaire enclave. Shabby roads, puddles of water and overgrown bushes.
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by BlackBaron: 8:48am On Jul 15
beejay1207: i am an experience member on ebay with more than 4years as a member, and with a very high rating. i want you to know to note the following.

2. no seller recieves a dime until the goods are delivered to the buyer, and their is no complains (thats y ebay guarantees your money)

Not entirely true, in fact most times it gets paid in straight away and I can withdraw or pay stuff using my Paypal Debit card

I normally do this for people wanting UK stuff. They pay into my Paypal account, then I simply purchase and send it off...

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Politics / Re: Allah Gave Us Your Weapons Free Of Charge – Shekau To Nigerian Army by BlackBaron: 12:16am On Jul 15
Those are APCs' not "tanks". Just saying.

Spartan MK3, Mowag and a technical I saw from yesterday's video.
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by BlackBaron: 11:56pm On Jul 14
tunshe: After reading through your post, I can assure you that you will get a refund as long as you press with this attitude.
However, I don't advice people outside the US to go for bids. Just a personal advice.
I have had delivery issues on ebay despite living in the US and using the report utility brings your case to hearing.
Also before buying on ebay,check reviews about the seller and take time to read terms and conditions.
On the issue of boycott you raised,people will still do business online because that's the future. I think your anger should be directed to the Yahoo Yahoo boys and not the people trying to protect all users.
I feel your point bro,everything gonna be alright.

It's even more compounded due to Nigeria's status as a beehive of fraud hence their system flags you up especially when sending to a different address than on your PayPal/bank account.

Better off using a proxy. Saves a lot of stress...

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Claim Abuja, Lagos Attacks In New Video by BlackBaron: 10:44pm On Jul 13
This actually portends a lot of uncertainties for us all as Nigerians especially in a cosmopolitan area like Lagos.

Already know a few people relocating and all especially from the 'epicentres'

Besides why are the ingrates turning this into a macabre show of unintelligence?

It's not helping, especially the calls for randomised violence against northerners'
Politics / Re: $49.8bn Oil Funds Not Missing, Says Senate by BlackBaron: 9:57am On Jul 11
What a bunch of bastardš.

So a colossal sum was found to be ' unremmited' but yet no one is to be held accountable for it?

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Politics / Re: Apapa Explosion Was Terrorist Bomb Blast. Shocking!! by BlackBaron: 8:27pm On Jul 08
ImperialYoruba: ...

Cover your head in shame please...
Your education can now be considered to have been a total waste!


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