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Politics / Re: Pictures Emerges Of Brutally Murdered Soldier By Bokoharam As Nig Army Denies by BlackBaron: 10:41pm On Nov 24
Why would anyone post up a status depicting his dead colleagues body just to wish him RIP.
Lack of etiquette or what!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Near Syrian Border by BlackBaron: 5:00pm On Nov 24

So F-16 shooting down SU-24 is the cause of ya joy, no? grin

Why didn't the F-16 go near the MiG-31?
No care in the world for Turkey. They should get stuffed with barrages for all I care. Clusterfucck of situations in ME.

Turkey has been one of the most baffling countries, simply letting others walk through to Syria. I couldn't care for them.
Putin too, with his blowing up of a civilian airliner gets taste of his own medicine. But Turkey with their own Caligula of a President is the greater evil. I hope they get a Russian whack a mole treatment.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Near Syrian Border by BlackBaron: 4:50pm On Nov 24
Turkish jets blew up Russian jet.
All sorts of conspiracy theorist suddenly moved their bed and pillows to camp here. grin

The Turks on the other hand... ?
Radar showed only the smallest window of incursion, yet pulled the trigger the sidewinder trigger.
Culture / Re: YORUBA COMMONWEALTH AND POLITICS by BlackBaron: 6:17pm On Nov 20
You should be scared of extremist ideology. I read from a blogger with deep knowledge of BH and so, seems the guy is also a bit of a radicalist too. Spoke a bit about potential groups in Kogi and its the reason why round after round of prison breaks have been recorded in the state due to the sympathisers in the state.
Politics / Re: Dasuki Releases Breakdown Of Arms Purchases, Says “nigerians Will Hear A Lot” by BlackBaron: 4:41pm On Nov 19

Is that so? Please do share how much the Iraqis spent & what they got in return. While you're at it, please do add those items you refused to add like the Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), MRAPs (CS-VP3 Bigfoots, Igirigi, Police Springbok, Streit Spartan Mk1-3s, REVA MRAPs), those new police Bell helicopters, the Police's dedicated Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN), Abuja's dedicated surveillance system, the Isreali Elbit network monitoring system, the basic patrol vehicles and troop carriers. Add to all these funds for those specialists and tactical trainings home and abroad. Finally, include the funds required to run the various Ops from intelligence gathering to security ops, to major military offensives. Maybe then you'll truly understand and appreciate the fact that our counter insurgency effort dont come cheap
Dude. Wake up...

I specifically highlighted the delivery of piecemeal hardware in bold.

14 tanks(10 from Ukraine, 4 from Czech) 10 refused Iraqi BTR 4s, 10 drones armed and unarmed, 10 Streit, 10 Igigiri, possible 6 alpha jets and 3 king air. (?) mi 17/35,
Plus the unbolded all up in your list, you want to say it's up to a billion?

REVA + Bigfoot (~$330000/ $500000 respectively) are probably close to close to 130 or little bit more.

By the way, that's just the accounting for one tranche of sums released especially for boko haram. $2-3 billion alone was released within the last year and you can put your hands on your chest that that's reasonable with the released list?
Politics / Re: Dasuki Releases Breakdown Of Arms Purchases, Says “nigerians Will Hear A Lot” by BlackBaron: 9:35am On Nov 19

Did you include the MRAPs, IFVs, APCs, LCAVs,? UAVs, UCAVs, MLRSs,Gun trucks, Fast Assault Vehicles, Attack helicopters, refurbished transport helicopters (PUMA), new Light utility helicioters (Gazelle), new attrition replacement Alpha jets, new Airforce ISR platforms (Beechcraft aircrafts), tactical vests, assault rifles, pistols, ammunition, new gravity bombs, etc?
I will buy all those over and out with just a little under a Billion.
Before quoting me again, go look up the numbers bought versus the amount spent.

The bolded are indicative of the piece meal we got after the supposed billions spent.

14 tanks
(?) BMPs
2 defanged civilian Alpha jets (second hand from an American company)
(?) MRLS
(?) Mi 17/Mi 35
(?) Armed drones and other drones
(?) well used Gazelles

Only the gullible would see this and take it as valid explanation.
Now go read up how much Iraqis expended and what they got in return for their billions, while at it, can they release the invoices for all the items bought above to compare real world prices versus Nigerian inflated prices?
Politics / Re: Dasuki Releases Breakdown Of Arms Purchases, Says “nigerians Will Hear A Lot” by BlackBaron: 8:47am On Nov 19
The issue is, the money made available for weapons were not commensurate with the weapons on ground. 14 tanks! Just 14!! After the billions of dollars spent. cry
Country is bleeped!!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 11:17am On Nov 18

Hope you know that Navy S.F have much more different types of Camos than Army?

Nobody in the public really knows the number of S.F units we have.
I just give up then.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 11:09am On Nov 18
(on my mobile right now) But ^^ search for 'NA SF' under 'foreign affairs'. See the variations. All black, Tiger stripes, digital Russian, Digital grey, all the sorts.

How many types of SF do we haveif I may ask?
we shouldn't water down any exclusive looking soldier as SF nor because they got trained by units abroad. I'd thought they would have drawn up tailored requirements of what we wanted from our special forces rather than outsourcing their training to others.

The Navy seems to have its act together unlike getting confused with the Army's.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 10:20am On Nov 18

Dude you make me......... grin grin grin!!!
Nigeria army currently uses. 2 - 3 camouflage, except for soldiers who still wears the old types of camouflage? Now those guys that just came from eastern Europe ; I mean the SF uses only two types of camouflage. It's serious capital to standardize a army of over 200,000!
The picture below shows the three basic camo variants the NA uses.
Nah bro. It's way too many varieties... Scroll back 3 - 5 pages. SF units inclusive(getting trained in different countries don't automatically mean all are SF), how many kinds of varieties have they got on?

Add to the regular soldiers with their different blends of woodland, desert and digital camo. It's an eyesore.
Tis a professional army, not a militia. Or is it different Divisions have chosen their own clothing.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:05am On Nov 18
I could once tell Nigerian soldiers by their uniform. Now, with over 9 - 15 different patterns, you'd never be sure who's a soldier or not.
Politics / Re: Why Do Nigerian Like Living In Lagos by BlackBaron: 3:47pm On Nov 17
Imagine if Lagos had good transport links (trains, ferries,etc) from other nearby states. Probable outcome would have been more people preferring the more relaxed outskirts living, shuttling in to work and jetting back to their respective locations. Before
Politics / Re: Okorocha Urges Restructuring As Military Warns Pro-biafra Agitators by BlackBaron: 2:52pm On Nov 17
That was always going to be a possible solution.

Country's structure needs to be seriously revised.
Politics / Re: Questions For My Muslim Brothers And Sisters. by BlackBaron: 2:45pm On Nov 17
Muslims need to start telling themselves the truth.
The actions of ISIS does more harm than a cartoon depicting their prophet.

Claims of not being Muslims is akin to stating BH are not Nigerians from the North East. People hold demented extreme views which gave rise to IS and the likes of BH, chant Allahu Akbar, yet they say they're not Muslims.

The LRA is also a demented, extreme group in Uganda which professes Christianity and carries out acts which are very far from christian beliefs, however they choose to tag themselves Christians, which I cannot willfully take away. I'll also be very worried if various such groups were scattered all over the planet committing just about the same modus operandi.

However, if that was the case, I'll then have to admit generally that there was a problem with interpretation of messages or doctrines. It'll be foolish trying to deny they weren't Christians if they were committing heinous crimes the world over in the name of Christ!

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Properties / Re: Banana Island, Lagos: What You Should Know (with Pictures) by BlackBaron: 10:58pm On Nov 15
Spaces or properties located within an area of barely there infrastructures at Hollywood prices. lipsrsealed
Religion / Re: Can A Soldier Go To Heaven? by BlackBaron: 12:11pm On Nov 15
If they're holy and all...

Soldiers are also professionals ala they're protectors of a nation which means they'll have to kill, attack and defend sometimes.

Killing on the battlefield ot fighting belligerents are part of their mandate, however murdering in cold blood, oppressing and all that. Surely not!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 5:54am On Nov 11
Good ol' pontoon bridges.
Solid work...
Food / Re: Entertained With An Hyena In The Village- See Pictures by BlackBaron: 10:56am On Nov 10
It's a civet...

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Politics / Re: The Dominance Of The Igbo Tribe In Nigeria Football - Aderonke Bello by BlackBaron: 9:33pm On Nov 09
True to an extent. I think it motivates youth to see people like them from the same kindred,localty or so to become stars. Just like saying the Yoruba Muslims mostly dominate in table tennis for some reason or the sizable northern contigent in basketball.

The dominance of the falcons to mostly SS/SE could also be attributed to the successful female teams of Pelican stars etc which are SS/SE championship teams. Though this does not explain to an extent the dominance in the male team. Though dominance or not, some of the successful teams would not be as successful if there were missing ingredients like key defenders, midfielders or strikers.

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TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by BlackBaron: 4:03pm On Nov 09
Attack on titan Junior High.
Yep, a mini/Chibi spin off of the more gruesome anime.
Politics / Re: 24 Bad Pictures Of What Some Ladies Wore To Church by BlackBaron: 12:25pm On Nov 09
Tis the reason why some of you twats normally get arrested. Your lies are just incurable.
Sports / Re: Tottenham Shows Interest In Victor Osimhen by BlackBaron: 9:06am On Nov 09
Good for him. Probably looking like a U17 player.Would do wonders like Nacho of MC.

I just looked up on another record holder in Chrisantus. Let's just lol cos there's no way that dude is 25 now looking like that. embarassed

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Business To Business / Re: Bulk Cooking Gas For Sale by BlackBaron: 10:30pm On Nov 04
Got any leads on helium gas?
Health / Re: Nigerians Dig Up, Eat Contaminated Chicken Buried By Customs In Rivers (Photos) by BlackBaron: 10:21pm On Nov 04
Utter shame,ignorance and illiteracy. shocked

Shameful that we have people willing to go on and dig what looks like condemned poultry stock.
And why couldn't Customs just incinerate the damn thing!! embarassed
Business / Re: 10 Businesses You Can Do To Earn Atleast 50k Per Month As An Undergraduate by BlackBaron: 12:51pm On Nov 02
Subjective article
You can't just postulate their minimum earnings without taking other factors into consideration.
Besides, where are your statistics to support these earnings if I choose to be pedantic?

Truth is some will make more or far below the listed. Better you start out something innovative, a niche, than trying to fight already overpopulated market sectors.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 12:42am On Nov 02

Katyushas are always crude. But theyve been wrecking havoc in Isreali border communities. Do not underestimate these rockets
And the Israelis always reply back to source with pinpoint accuracy. No longer a huge problem with the use of patriot batteries.
I still stand firm this are useless as the terrorists don't hold any proximal space close to maiduguri or civilian populations to launch this very limited range rockets. This are one third or 2/3 the size of qassams by the way.

Best they can do is to use when launching their theft runs or if the army is advancing against them. The latter would mean close air support or spotters to find out launch coordinates.


Politics / Re: What Would Niger Delta Gain From Biafra? by BlackBaron: 7:00pm On Oct 30
I'll say other than factors such as a more cohesive population, greater resource control, amongst others, other factors would have to be negotiated. It's impossible to gauge realistic answers online of how a new country would run unless there are well drawn out agreements, goals, etc. Your representatives if it comes to it would have to sit and map out agreements.

You only have to look as far as South Sudan after getting rid of their oppressors turned on each other cause of a lack of deeply negotiated agreements.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:11am On Oct 30

This is how it starts, with nothing more then just pathetic small Amateurish looking rockets and if they are giving enough time, they'll be producing Hamas style kind of Rockets, and with the designs of Hamas Rockets easily available online I'm just hoping that these tiny rockets are where it will end.

I wouldn't really down play something like this, it reminds me of when B.H began 6years ago everyone thought nothing of them, or that they would turn into such a formidable... I pray that N.A is sending S.F units to hunt down such weapons and their creators.
For that reason they need to suppress this group rapidly to the point where they can't even compile scraps.

The whole escalation to this point is due to the Nigerian way of doing stuff. Counter battery is now a must to reply rockets attack with artillery or if in the battlefield, relay to the CAS team for response.

I agree to SF style raids but knowing limited intelligence capacity, it won't be the easiest to spot... Nigerian government does not understand the word 'urgency'

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:33pm On Oct 29
Not convincing. At best they look like the crudest form of rockets. Nothing fantastic or scary about this.

Employ counter battery to ascertain launch positions and God bless there's an armed drone over the sky at launching, they'll be replied back with instant gnashing of teeth and heat.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:45am On Oct 29
yea so everyone can know who we are looking for. @Blackbaron do you want to become a head hunter for incentives? Just kidding though. The army need to make this declared wanted terrorist public. All local police stations need to have a copy of that banner. Either in the NE or not. It is with that kind of seriousness that we can win this fight.
Lol. Well it figures that the high unemployment rate especially in the NE might motivate some to actively seek to remember and recollect about spotting, the whereabouts or known location of terrorists.

More than just mere hanging out on the walls at Army HQ, let them aggressively push out for their capture or death via every possible means. Heck, even post out on social media. A twitter user on a farm might be the one that might even spot the deranged bastard called Shequack.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 7:17am On Oct 29
About the most wanted boko haram terrorists. Do they have a way of publicly disseminating to the especially NE citizens? (Drop leaflets from helicopters, display in idp camps, pass around northern motor parks, display in market places, etc)

Also can they publish if they haven't on a website page with names, pictures and probable nom de guerre of the terrorists? Ascribe incentives to information leading to the capture or death of any of these vermins.

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Politics / Re: Eziachi: My Open Letter To Nigerian Biafra Fantasist by BlackBaron: 8:44pm On Oct 28
Agree and disagree.
Everyone's talking about it but with his OTT rhetoric, it'll only take a couple of extreme nut cases to spark off a social crises. I don't want to get dragged into alternatives apart from the flawed massob style.

But let's just say, the state government is a way to nudging this to national and international consciousness.

At the moment, Mr N.K reminds me of someone like Prabakharan of the Tamil tigers whose approach only bought them an uneasy secession which got reeled back. Pity our democratic process is flawed, but the state level or Rep members can start, no?

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