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Events / Re: Couple Have Their Wedding Reception At Shoprit In Ibadan (Photos) by BlackBaron: 11:14pm On Sep 26
There's a disease, 'the blogger's virus ' affecting Nigerian youths who in a bid to make it like the pioneering Linda lie, alter and give sensational headlines.

That picture looks nothing like Ibadan and if you can show proof I'll give the person 5000 naira.

Also to the mods and owner of Nairaland lending their site to garbage like this, I question your education.

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Politics / Re: Diversification: Nigeria Hunts Down 700,000 Firms In Tax Crackdown To Offset Oil by BlackBaron: 8:59am On Sep 23
Even ancient civilizations are recorded to have paid tax. Yet Nigerians...

I'm open to tax BUT if the system is still going to be like this, well no. I can not be happy especially funding the bureaucrats and their current system with my taxpayers money.

Education / Re: Police Arrests Adeyeye Olorunfemi, UNILAG Student Rusticated Over Facebook Post by BlackBaron: 5:38pm On Sep 22
I'm hoping Nigerian police know to what extent their 'power of arrest' stops.

Highly placed individuals using them to arrest or harass citizens is reminiscent of area boys being paid to arrest or abduct others.

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Crime / Re: 4 Ritualists Arrested In Ijebu Igbo, Ogun With Human Heart (disturbing Pics by BlackBaron: 8:49pm On Sep 20
The terrible side of traditional religion.
Human sacrifices and murder of fellow humans...


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:49am On Sep 20
Nigeria need to start carrying out airborne Deep Insertion Behind Enemy Lines and kill or grab high ranking boko haram.
I think they need a lot of assets to support that insertion and extraction. It's possible quite a few may have happened in the past but we don't have details of them in the public domain.

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Career / Re: What A Nigerian Living Abroad Tweeted That Has Set Twitter Nigeria On Fire by BlackBaron: 8:36am On Sep 20
When you live abroad especially in a developed country, you mostly get exposed to a different system which mostly works.

Example, roads get patched up/replaced overnight while you sleep. Their attitude to service, etc.

This doesn't mean after exposure to such, you automatically become 'superior'. I'd bet many Nigerians who haven't travelled may also have similar mindset of purpose and efficient systems, albeit they get frustrated by the current system where quite a few are more interested in keeping it backwards to satisfy their own pocket.

You'll be surprised how many Nigerians came back with innovative ideas only to become disillusioned with the lack of uptake of their ideas and leave disappointed.

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Fashion / Re: Bride Wore Pant And Bra Wedding Gown (pics) by BlackBaron: 11:50am On Sep 19
The dressing is terrible.

However, you can clearly tell those two in the pic look very young to be married. Likely a prom photo. (Reverse search the image)

Nigerian bloggers... 'There's a special place reserved for you and your ridiculous lies'
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan May Forfeit Her Hotel To FG Over $20m Accounts by BlackBaron: 9:13am On Sep 13
I wonder for all these wailers oh!
1. He came from one of the richest family in the SW his grandmother was a slave merchant.
2. He schooled in one of the best universities in the world in Canada.
3. He was a former chief accountant and treasurer of Mobil Nigeria.
4. He was a big drug Baron in the USA and was cleared by the US govt after forfeiting half of his earnings and $50m.
5. He was a former senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria during the second republic
6. He was the former governor of the richest state in Nigeria( makes him entitled to good salary and allowances packages)
7. He is the National leader of the current ruling party in Nigeria.

Wow, You are proudly extolling a slave merchant and a 'drug baron' ?
Maybe his grandmother's chain never left your neck then. (enslaved and doesn't know it)

While at it, ask for your school fees refunded from all the institutions that offered you a supposed semblance of education. I think becoming a slave is a better prospect for you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 2:20pm On Sep 12

we are living in unpredictable world,this just happened today

read more https://www.yahoo.com/news/three-women-killed-terror-attack-kenya-police-station-112216914.html
Just a bit related to this, I watched a programme recently of how a country's Counter Terror officers were trained to take out suicide bombers and hostage takers. It involves a bit of human anatomy where they have to shoot them in the head (disconnect brain stem from NS) which if done correctly would immediately render their attempts to detonate or any possible finger twitching which might aid a detonation.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Patriots, NP Political Movement Formed By Topshots From PDP, APC by BlackBaron: 2:05pm On Sep 12
You all better reject your father's and grandfather's mate who were born in the 50's, 40's and older.
They are of the same stock as the two political parties that have tasted power, they have nothing to offer!
Sports / Re: Blessing Okagbare Celebrates Her 28th Birthday Today by BlackBaron: 8:07am On Sep 10
she neva still born?
Shut your bitcch asss little boy, she's out there carrying your country's flag in competitive events and effectively delaying having a baby. Yet you throw jibes at her?


Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 2:59pm On Sep 08
Great demo from the counter terrorism pics...
I see riot shields instead of ballistic shield with the advancing soldiers.

Should be something Proforce may easily knock together if they haven't any.
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by BlackBaron: 11:06am On Sep 07
I'm guessing there's a lot to take in then, reading all the comments.
Not ashamed to say I don't know much about solar terminologies used here even if I am technologically inclined.
I'll be sure to read up and I'll be following this thread.

Probably the wrong place, but is there any other possible forms of energy possible in Nigeria apart from solar...
Wind, biogas or so?
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by BlackBaron: 11:08pm On Sep 02

Good evening @BlackBaron,

(would you like to tell the house what brand of solar panels you may get? I am just curious.)

This is my personal opinion: You will get what you pay. Of course, it is legitimate to double check prices, so nobody is being screwed.

Here are my points why there are many advantages buying from my fellow solar installers/retailers.

1) Will you get warranty/guarantee from your vendor?
If you buy from my fellow solar installers, they will provide warranty/guarantee. If something goes wrong, they will be happy to fix it, because their reputation is on the table. Who is going to fix your inverter in case of failure?
(normally 2 years for workmanship; 10 years manufacturer's material warranty/guarantee and 20 years of performance warranty/guarantee - if the manufacturer doesn't go bankrupt!)

2) I am not sure, if it is cost effective to ship just four panels and one inverter. I'd guess that the shipment of a full 20" or 40" with solar panels will be more cost effective, na?

3) I'd suggest to build a sustainable two-tier solar industry in Nairaland. Do-it-yourself is good, but on the other hand you should trust the expertise and the know-how of your solar installer of choice. You find many gurus here in the house. Two-tier: importer/wholesale -> installer/retail vendor.

4) This forum is good to 'educate' potential customers. So they are prepared to ask the right questions and to have a good idea what size/capacity they need, and what budget is required. You get to know how to judge solar installers. The professional solar installers know what fuses, breakers, surge protection devices and cable sizing is required, so that you neither burn your fingers nor your house - in case of lightning!

Eventually, gurus here are happy to provide free, valuable consulting in order to promote solar energy.

At last, but not at least, it's great that you go solar wink

sunny regards,
It says PV solar kit
Inverter is a 4000W grid tie by Pangea Spain.(8.33)

No warranties as looks like a private seller. Just wanted to make enquiries
Satellite TV Technology / Re: Solar Energy, A Complement To FTA by BlackBaron: 2:50pm On Sep 02
Hi guys
I wanted to find out if this is a good one off offer from a private individual overseas...

250W x 4 solar panels
4000KW inverter

Equivalent amount is #400,000

Please, NOTE...Asking only for my own purchase. Not a seller or whatnot.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 10:06pm On Sep 01

That figure on fuel consumption is either a misrepresentation or it's just plain fraud.

The Terrorism in the North was always going to come to Nigeria. All the ingredients for terrorist activity were present and thriving in the North. Religious fanaticism/extremism, high levels of intolerance, growing wahabbi madrassas, high levels of illiteracy and poverty. Uthman don fodio, "Mastestine", prevalent Kano riots. So as you can see, it was just a matter of time.

The issues in the ND are mainly centered on resource control, mainly political, with also very high levels of potential violence.

What i said was the war on terror was inescapable for Nigeria, so the talk of money spent on the insurgency which would have ordinarily being spent on Infrastructure really should not come up. We are fighting an Insurgency we could not have avoided.
The point I'm making is that whilst the war in the North east was inevitable. The recurring war in the ND is avoidable. We have fought different reiterations of militants through the decades all fighting for the same thing. We keep choosing the harder option of paying off the often opportunistic miscreants rather than negotiating a lasting solution.

The repetitive military campaigns such as in the creeks is what I refer to. We smash them, ignore the problems...until another self styled 'liberation force' springs out from another rabbit hole.
For us to develop faster, we have to be able to sort this rather than fight, destroy, rebuild. Developed countries are not exactly sending their national armies to engage in pitted battles against their own citizens simply because state institutions have taken care or limited the possibilities of issues like ND militants ever happening.
Politics / Re: Appreciating The Administrations Of Obasanjo, Yar'adua, Jonathan, And Buhari by BlackBaron: 9:49pm On Sep 01
Earlier primaries would mean people can see and decipher over a period of time what prospective candidates have to offer.
Just like Jonathan got there and lacked in so many areas is the same way Buhari is now there and also slacking.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 5:34pm On Sep 01

You guys should quite all the sentiments...
Not exactly sentiments especially for a country whose finances can be used to greater effect. Having a well equipped army does not mean you should sit easy and wait for the next miscreant to awaken and start trouble.

I disagree with your 'sentiment' about war would always come to us...
That's like implying a fight, destroy, rebuild in a repeated order.
We are back in the ND fighting similar issues successive governments fought against.

Some battles however need to be fought out, no doubt. Especially with the irredeemable terrorists.

I'm implying battles should be picked nipped wisely and not waiting for another to come from around the corner because you can fight them.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 4:05pm On Sep 01

Multiplying that figure with 12 months that is running into billions,aircrafts alone. what about vehicles,equipment,logistics, maintenance,......etc

What if Nigeria is not an oil producing state.....?

..... shocked
The North East's, has raged for over 3 years.
The monthly expenses on aviation fuel alone is enough to do quite a haul of infrastructural projects.
Then losses as hardware is another...

The worst is the loss of personnel. The investment in training and their experiences means that somewhere along the line, we would have to seek knowledge again, sometimes at great costs from foreigners.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 12:33pm On Sep 01
^^ The reason why war is expensive. That sum excludes hazard pay, food, maintenance, weapons and ammo.

Better off nipping the bud than spend billions in trying to correct avoidable scenarios like BH and ND militants.
Politics / Re: Imagine Fighting Boko Haram Two Days Without Food At Sambisa Axis. (pix) by BlackBaron: 2:25pm On Aug 31
Field rations are not exactly the most elaborate meals especially on the frontlines.
If in doubt, go check out other countries and what they eat on the battlefield especially due to logistics and security if the area's not properly secured.

It could be better, but it's not exactly terrible...
Business / Re: Buying household stuffs From China For Personal Use by BlackBaron: 7:36pm On Aug 30
You'd have to get in touch with someone shipping in probably a bulk order (container) from China.
Your shipping costs would be significant and or you'll be ignored by sellers as the logistics of it is not going to be worth their efforts.
Politics / Re: The Meaning Of "KOWA" - KOWA Party by BlackBaron: 5:46pm On Aug 29
Who are your leaders and credentials...
You can start by articulating your party's manifesto, your leaders, ideology and so via Youtube.

We would rather see a party who can say over the course of a year, state how they can solve some of the problems.
We want to see debates from your candidates against each other which should run many months before your party's primaries.
Politics / Re: Fayose Distributes Foodstuffs To Ekiti Residence Yesterday (photo) by BlackBaron: 11:08am On Aug 29
The state is one big IDP camp, however they don't know it...

'Most learned state' my asss

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Politics / Re: Tunji Abayomi Writes Tinubu Again- SaharaReporters by BlackBaron: 7:50am On Aug 18
One day this man would get his recompense.
How he continues to select and deselect at his own will.

He's the brain behind selecting Mr Ambode of Lagos over names like 'Hamzat' and co.

He also imposed others over someone I know personally in Ondo state over his own choice.
Eventually they got rejected by the people at the polls over there
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 12:27pm On Aug 16
That video is why Dasuki and others deserve hanging.
We might have a bit of fixed and rotary wing assets to fight BH, but not rocket science to know that these hardware have down times which requires constant maintenance and fixing issues. I reckon that period in between is when these imbeciles are able to stitch together this their one in a blue moon attack propaganda videos. Enough air assets would mean that these fools can be constantly engaged anytime they crawl out of their foxholes.

Imagine if with good and adequate communications to every unit engaged against BH, there would be masses of these scums dying every week.
I also wish there was an equivalent of a javelin to combat those VBIEDs.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 5:46pm On Aug 14
How vast is Sambisa (assuming the girls are still there) BH must be in a tight spot insisting an exchange of hostages for their captured fighters.

Also, with the release of multiple media from this terrorists, how much metadata is our intelligence services gleaning from it?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 10:07pm On Aug 13

Mate we av to fight these type of in-house terrorists. They pose a greater threat than BHT.

Many REVA's, BMP-2', BTR-4's and t-72s already out of service,not that they where damaged in combat...... how come newly purchased btr4's and REVA MRAPS will out of service with out seeing any major combat. I came across a picture showing clean Reva MRAPs without tyres and already rotten btt4s...... embarassed

It saddens my heart that our top brass went for hardwares like that, no wonder why united states gave us MRAPS that where damaged....
I think the REVA's are good though which maybe expected that some would get grounded due to usage and needing parts for replacement. What I don't know is how extensive the level of support we agreed with the SA company knowing that these items would be in use very frequently.

A pity that we should have had more than adequate platforms yet year on year, our acquisitions ended up looking like we got contributions from a few poorer African countries just to get on with fighting an active war.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:40pm On Aug 13
Apart from the evil religious bastarrds in the NE,
We have another group of terrorists working in government appointed roles all over the country disguising as leaders, political office holders and so on. Their numbers have grown exponentially throughout the decades.

Unfortunate that despite almost brought to our knees by terrorists, some effectively went all out to buy dodgy, broken, outrageously priced hardware, so that many years later, we are still struggling to end an insurgency by a bunch of largely uneducated terrorists.

I never even knew our BTR 4s were no longer in good working order. Well, as it is we are many years away from having an effective system devoid of stories like this.
Politics / Re: Fashola Interviewed On BBC Hardtalk (Video) by BlackBaron: 10:02pm On Aug 12
I have looked on at the gullibility of Nigerians.
Celebrating this 'servants' when they build far and between structures thinking they have made your lives better.
I lost the little respect for Fashola when the news of the website came up and his ultimate retort to 'not signing cheques'.

Buhari on the other hand played his cards early when I saw his assembled crack team of Ministers, I lost it.

Looking on to 2019 is all I can say. You need to grill your potential Presidential candidates for at least a year to understand their policies if any in order to know what solutions they got. Unfortunate to say, this Government has lost the plot!!


Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 6:35pm On Aug 09
Another possible Libyan proliferation that may have slipped under the radar.

A possible identification of AK-103/101 found with cattle rustlers in Zamfara.
Libya was the only known buyer of this model but later found its way all through the sub regions battling insurgencies.
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 9:29am On Aug 08
When a country buys a MANPADS system, they get a standard package which includes several different types of training missiles. One type is a simple, non-functional cut-away dummy which is used to train operators on the basic construction of the weapon. They also get some non-functional models which are used for very simple training (pointing, etc.) The most elaborate type is a functional trainer which operates like the real thing and has a functioning seeker (but not a warhead or rocket motor) so that the trainee can understand what happens when they operate the real thing. The most elaborate type is a trainer that hooks into a desk-top computer simulator where the computer can be used to generate targets that are viewed on a small video device attached to the gripstock.

... On MANPADS, the gripstock (the lower section with the trigger, thermal battery and electronic package) is reusable, while the missile in its launch tube/transport tube, and the thermal battery are replaced for each launch.

Details on how Russian iglas work. By Steve Zaloga as featured on BrownMoses' blog

Those shown in the video are now confirmed to be missing essential components. The thermal batteries are also the most difficult to get as shown where Syrian rebels have captured quite a few dozens but lack an important bit rendering them useless than just for photo gratification.
Whilst the video is unclear, it does look like a Libyan green colour scheme
Same found their way to Niger at some point.

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