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Politics / Re: Help Jonathan Avoid Disgrace- Lagbaja Appeals To Nigerians by BlackBaron: 6:16pm
Democracy embarassed This song was released 2001

Still waiting for the dividends in 2015
Politics / Re: Help Jonathan Avoid Disgrace- Lagbaja Appeals To Nigerians by BlackBaron: 6:13pm
Politics / Re: Buhari's Certificate Matter - Tune Into Channels Television by BlackBaron: 9:16am On Jan 21
'How come all of you don't have light?' So who's being lying about Jonathan's achievements in power...

I dey watch Channels right now and the press conference never waka come. lipsrsealed

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Politics / Re: Corruption: UK Police Arrive Nigeria Over Prosecution Of Ex Govs by BlackBaron: 9:08am On Jan 20
Names like Dariye
Uncle Alams
Possibly Tinunbu.

It's taken Jonathan's regime the good part of the end of a six year rule to remember there's something called anti corruption.

People like Tafa Balogun, Alams, Dariye and more got kicked out for impunity.
Under Jonathan, only yahoo boys and fake pastors get prosecuted and then you see Jonathan praise singers hailing. Smh

Alams is still wanted in the UK for the record. Same one Jonathan cleared and now running for another political office

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Family / Re: Acne And Depression :: Think ,i Have Lost The Battle by BlackBaron: 4:59pm On Jan 18
You're 18, not a kid anymore...go on and see a dermatologist.
Some parents are fond of saying 'ordinary pimples/spots' if only they felt how much it dents your self confidence. undecided

At this stage, a lot of people would start advising you on different creams and what works for them, avoid this. Too much creams and whatnot might lead to permanent hyperpigmentation. See your doctor and then they can advise you best.


Business / Re: Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account Down To $2.45 Billion by BlackBaron: 10:29pm On Jan 17
I think it's time to start asking questions from the President or any of the aspirants on how to generate money.

Taxes for the richest should be a starting point.

This is some mega bs. Other countries stashed enough during the rainy day. Saudi has a trillion foreign reserves, another trillion in sovereign wealth fund.
Here we are, in the same boat as countries like Venezuela and co.
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Visits Maiduguri by BlackBaron: 4:10pm On Jan 15

i wonder what made him go eventually?

insults from Julius Malema?

condemnations from the international media?

cries of the victims and soldiers?

condemnations from all Nigerians?

Meeting with OBJ?

or the elections coming in 30 days time?

whichever one it is, i wish him a nice and safe time there cool
They should have broken the news after he's visited soldiers on the frontlines, done a photo ops and then reveal it later in the evening. Too hot for him to be moving around openly.


Politics / Re: President Jonathan Visits Maiduguri by BlackBaron: 3:57pm On Jan 15
After how many years was that? shocked

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Politics / Re: Who Pays Buhari's Daughter £30k Tuition Fee At University Of Surrey, UK by BlackBaron: 12:54pm On Jan 15
No UK international university school fees is £30 grand. angry

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Politics / Re: How I Engage With APC Supporters And Win Them Over Offline. Part 1 (Corruption) by BlackBaron: 9:46am On Jan 15
Funny when they say he fights corruption. If you believe that then the devil is not a liar.

Uncle Alams got a pardon after all he stole? This is a criminal that can't even step the shores of an Western nation else he'll get arrested and extradited.

Fuel subsidy thieves are still at large. Pray tell how a President fights corruption when all he does is close out the source and then pats the criminals at the back of their hands? Ibori's charge sheet included stealing from the state treasury, same with Alams, yet your President goes on national TV to redefine it. He's the same dude that stated 'he doesn't give a damn'

A company CEO, discovers massive frauds in various departments and chooses only to close the loophole whilst smiling away at the doers abi? Its that how real life works you corrupt scumbags!!!!


Politics / Re: Comparison Of Military Spending:buhari Vs Gej - Abike Dabari by BlackBaron: 8:49pm On Jan 12
Buhari definitely did not buy 541 aircrafts, most of them fall into engines, parts and so.

Jonathan has also purchased a substantial amount of weapons. There's the Naval ships from China which alone cost $42 million, recent $1 billion for armaments and a bunch of helicopters amongst others.

Comparatively Jonathan has bought more than Buhari but it was never true that he never purchased any weapons as alleged by Jonathan.

Jonathan may have also purchased far more than known but because of the grossly corrupt way that weapons have been bought, they are simply never itemised, Previously all arms deals were known and most done directly via the government to government or to company. Unfortunately no longer the case as it is now known that Nigeria has bought so much that even the UN arms register failed to pick. This practice of under the table deals started long before Jonathan.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Pledges 2 Million Jobs Annually If Re-elected by BlackBaron: 5:13pm On Jan 12
An analogy.

A striker that can produce 30 goals a season would have been showing signs of promising ability especially if he has played for the same club for 6 years.


Politics / Re: Nigerians Take Part During French Charlie March Against Terrorism by BlackBaron: 2:52pm On Jan 12

Boko will bomb that protest. Those animals nor go stop unless their funders stop.
They'll blow up a protest if staged in Lagos?
How have they not blown up the #Bringbackourgirls protest?

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Take Part During French Charlie March Against Terrorism by BlackBaron: 2:37pm On Jan 12
Has your President given us as much as a Press Release?
Is he your President?
I think I did see Buhari comment on it during one of his rallies.

Anyway, don't care about both. How about we have a solidarity march just like the French. 12 French citizens that did not have to die solicited a million man march plus world leaders. 10000 plus died in Nigeria in 2014 and maybe 300-2000 in Baga alone this year.Where is the protest ? Or are we that inhumane here that we now see it as normal for people to get killed under the most extraordinary of circumstances.
Politics / Re: President Goodluck's Administration 2011-2015 Positive Change Report in Pics by BlackBaron: 2:18pm On Jan 12
The main critical hallmarks which are

Power,security, health and corruption - he has failed massively. If you can put your hand on your chest and say he has made any worthwhile impact here then the devil is a liar.

The worst is his corruption creed. A man that puts it out there that stealing is not corruption is just a despicable scum I'm sorry.
Ibori is in jail in the UK for what exactly...?
How about Alams that got pardoned and now running for elections again.

They both have something in common, they stole/siphoned off their state allocations for their own benefits. Now how does anyone want me to see much to savour when the number one man tells me '...Is not corruption'.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by BlackBaron: 2:09pm On Jan 12
One Sunday meal like that.

Rice, plantain, grilled meat, tomatoes and peppers


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by BlackBaron: 11:44am On Jan 12

invite me god i use beg u
No worry. I won't forget you when next I'm cooking stuff like this.
Jokes Etc / Re: Buhari Shares Pics Of Some Nigerians He Will Take To Aso Rock If He Wins by BlackBaron: 11:35am On Jan 12
Elf Rufai? lipsrsealed... Mbanu

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by BlackBaron: 9:04pm On Jan 09
Stuffed chicken cooked in the oven and garnished with varieties tongue

Pic 3 is Spaghetti bolognese with carrots and broccoli and cheese.
Got so much more...cooked with my uni mates then

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Foreign Affairs / Re: President Mahinda Rajapaksa Lost In A Surprised Presidential Election by BlackBaron: 9:00pm On Jan 09
February will be interesting. But knowing Nigerians, they can explain themselves out, after every event, no matter what their opinion or position were prior.

Remember what happened after both the Osun and Ekiti elections, despite all the chest beating on Nairaland prior, each side has swallowed their injured pride and had moved on.

What people don't know was that the centre right had been ruling Nigeria since independence at centre under civil rule and military.
NPC-NPN-NRC-PDP are the same group of people. When UPN won in 1979, they used some mathematical manipulation and conservative judiciary to hand over power to NPN.
SDP won with Abiola in 1993 they were denied the mandate by centre right persons in the military.
In 1999, they spranged a much conservative OBJ from prison to stop a more socialist inclined Olu Falae.
If Buhari win this election, it might be the first time the centre left socialist has ever ruled Nigeria.

In during the junta period the same scenario played out. No leftist military government had been allowed time in government without being overthrow-Ironsi-Murtala and Buhari.
Compare that with ring wing military government of Gowon-Obasanjo-Babangida and Abacha/Abdulsalam.

History favours the PDP and Jonathan in this election eventhough momentum were with APC and Buhari.
February will tell.
Indeed Sir,
It'll be interesting to see how this pans out.
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Mahinda Rajapaksa Lost In A Surprised Presidential Election by BlackBaron: 11:31am On Jan 09
All I know is after February 14, some people on either side would start crying and weeping
Politics / Re: Both Buhari And Jonathan Cant Be Trusted by BlackBaron: 11:22am On Jan 09
Let's shock them and vote for one of the lesser known presidential candidates from other parties.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Lied: Arms Export To Nigeria From 1983-1985 Facts And Figures by BlackBaron: 11:18am On Jan 09
I'll just point out that some of the aircrafts categories were actually parts, engines. Certainly not 500 aircrafts.

Nevertheless, stuff like radars, Swingfire missiles and super pumas/cougars were ordered during that regime.
His most notable buys were tanks and arty systems.

And yes, SIPRI is an authentic source of weapon information and widely used and quoted all over the world for research purposes.
Family / Re: My Childhood Experience: In Line With This Topic: No Don't Touch Me There!!! by BlackBaron: 12:40am On Jan 09
So sad. I weep for poor Amaka. This just shows we must never leave our girl child unsupervised in the presence of a male that is not their father EVER. Even with the father sef we must be vigilant. it only a female child you'll protect or you never heard boys get abused too?
Both sexes are at risk of abuse by either older males or females.

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Phones / Re: 65-inch Android Tablet With 4k Display, Tegra X1 Processor, And 4gb Of Ram (pics by BlackBaron: 11:00pm On Jan 08
The news here is the Tegra X1 chip.

Still wishing to see a Tegra K1 android tv box.
Politics / Re: 30 Reasons Why I Will Vote For GEJ & 12 Reasons Why I Will Not Vote For Buhari by BlackBaron: 10:50pm On Jan 08
All this lies you're sharing...Diaris Godoo shocked

Dangote's wealth is part of Jonathan's achievement. wow grin

Goodluck opened up paypal to Nigeria lipsrsealed

Won Nations cup but kept quiet we did not qualify this time. embarassed

Nothing about BH, power, security,health or 'kworruption'

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Family / Re: Can A Man "RAPE" His Wife? by BlackBaron: 10:20pm On Jan 08

Murky waters. I don't advise any man swim in them. I will say this much;

1. She's a thief and should be charged accordingly grin.

2. I can't speak conclusively on your conjecture about her motives, but if she had claimed rape - in the West - you would have undergone a very bad experience - even if you got off. And nothing would have happened to her - even if you could prove her allegations were baseless.

3. You made yourselves vulnerable for no reason - I hope you learned a valuable lesson.

Well. Let's just say where I live would have hit hard on stuff especially of this nature. I had no intention of doing anything, tend to be pragmatic... too much sometimes and naturally wouldn't welcome a lady I barely know into my home.

But I thought at the back of mind being roped in as an accomplice or whatever.
I'd thought either she was planning blackmail for money or then if it got escalated anyway we'd be looking at cooling our asses in a court.
Politics / Re: Another APC Lie Bursted by BlackBaron: 7:09pm On Jan 08

So if the Minister of Defence in Nigeria now goes to Russia to buy weapons under GEJ's government, it is reasonable to assert that GEJ bought the weapons not the Defence Minister?
Yes, it means Jonathan acquired them as it was under his regime however Jonathan was wrong on today's statement.
Politics / Re: General Buhari Did Not Buy A Single Rifle For Military As Head Of State – GEJ by BlackBaron: 7:00pm On Jan 08
the mooted point by the Presidency whilst mundane shows the level of careless talk occasionally thrown from both sides

36 Mk.III tanks+5 ARVs+6 ABLs in
24 Albatross jets
75 units of Steyr 4K-7FA APCs

Homework for everyone is to guess who ordered this and with reference.
I am sitting with the arms register right about now.

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Politics / Re: General Buhari Did Not Buy A Single Rifle For Military As Head Of State – GEJ by BlackBaron: 6:48pm On Jan 08
I'm tired of all these pointless comments by both parties.

If you're widely read enough, all you have to remember is that this is such a thing as SIPRI or the UN arms register which would show arms purchases for every year and by which country. Is it lack of nothing to say or offer that led to this? Or is that the President surrounds himself with advisers who don't know their onions?

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Family / Re: Can A Man "RAPE" His Wife? by BlackBaron: 6:30pm On Jan 08
Don't know where this fits...but

A lady came to stay the night with a friend,he'd only known her about a week. At about bed time, she had a shower, changed into a towel, oiled up all her body and crashed between 2 guys on a sort of large camp bed sprawled out in the sitting room whenever we watch movies. She had no underwear on (bra or panties were left in the bathroom) At first my friend tried to coax her if she wanted to bang which she declined several times even though almost completely Unclad except she tightly wrapped herself up in a towel. I also think she had a bit of drink that night whilst we were watching films. As she said no, we all left her and slept off anyway.

In the morning, she was up and when we'd left for work, she quietly grabbed stuff she could lay her hands on; laptops,tablets,etc and absconded whilst someone was using the bathroom.
Now every time I think about it I wondered what her motive was. If she had secs that night, would she have alleged rape in the morning or chosen to blackmail us? If say it got to court, where we stand against something like this especially seeing she chose to lie with guys she wasn't that familiar with. What would the court say about this?
Politics / Re: Highlights Of Jonathan's Speech In Lagos Rally by BlackBaron: 6:03pm On Jan 08

That will not produce your almajiris general's certificate.
Whatever rocks your boat dude...

'Your general' or 'my general'

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