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Family / Re: Pls.....explanation Is Needed. by BlackBaron: 7:18am
Hello nairalanders, pls, i just need you guyz to explain something to me.
I want the married people here(unmarried peoople included) to please tell me what it takes to be married. How to know that you are ready for marriage. And how marriage affects ones life (as a woman).
Thanx in advance.

Bit of counselling before marriage greatly helps I suppose.
Politics / Re: Money Laundering: Court Frees Fani-kayode by BlackBaron: 11:54am On Jul 01
The Judiciary is in the pocket of all these politicians.
I await the day there'll be a high profile conviction of a politician for fraud, money laundering related issues.

Yet, the judiciary just like the toothless EFCC, are always proud to show off by handing out incommensurate 5 years+ sentences to one small fry who has stolen a mobile phone.
Politics / Re: Security Agents Comb S/ East For Operators Of Radio Biafra by BlackBaron: 9:34am On Jun 30

If you have actually listened to the so called radio. Why not list out the hate speech you are referring to? Or are you mindlessly jumping on the bandwagon?

Sir, correct me if I'm wrong, but calling out supporters to stone and disrupt a SW's pastor's buses and threatening to disrupt their assembly. Asking yoruba preachers stay clear of the SE.

Calling out non 'Biafrans' derogatory names; jihadists, killers, baboons, monkeys, etc. Go on and read their twitter handle.

These statements are divisive and inciting. Ethnic goading...
Politics / Re: APC Requests Resignation Of Judge Who Called For Aregbesola’s Sack by BlackBaron: 5:14pm On Jun 29
APC Osun state is a failure!

Aregbe Rascal should be impeached or resign. He clearly lacks the mettle to run a state.
Politics / Re: Wike Impounds Another Amaechi’s Aide’s Vehicle by BlackBaron: 10:18am On Jun 28
As much as Wike is a thug and militant and it seems a witch hunt, a bulletproof RR is not one that Assistants can just pocket as a parting gift. That's close to Twenty -Thirty million naira vehicle.

If you'll all just be partisan or sentimental for once and read the message contained within.
Politics / Re: List Of Former Governors Under Efcc Watch by BlackBaron: 7:45pm On Jun 26
All fine and dandy.

But I never hear much about going after local government Chairmen, or is it that it doesn't make the news?
Politics / Re: PDP Members Shield Dogara During Fracas-video by BlackBaron: 2:20pm On Jun 25
Shameful and disgusting from all sides!
Is there a way Nigerians can depose this lot and install new NA members.
Politics / Re: Radio Biafra And Nnamdi Kanu: A Threat to Nigeria's Stability. by BlackBaron: 9:57am On Jun 25
Fair enough, Igbos have the full rights to self determination if overwhelmingly disenfranchised with the state of the nation (everyone is)
It's the methods this guy is deploying to achieve that means, calling out for attacks and harassment is already an half step closer to terrorism. Let him just remember, that it'll only take an to carry out his bid and then he'll get arrested and incarcerated in the UK for inciting violence.

There are many youths unemployed, disenfranchised and are easy to manipulate, it started that way in the north with Boko Bastards. It seems to be taking roots in the SE with the constant threats, hate speeches and all. It'll only take a day for the cup to boil over and that'll be it.


Politics / Re: Some Insane Military Training Around The World. by BlackBaron: 3:48pm On Jun 24

I get where you're coming from. I believe the rules of engagement for Spetnaz is about getting the job, regardless of how they do it, albeit that has changed a bit recently. Unlike the SAS for example, which is about being clinical, and emphasis is always on minimal casualties. Also, it depends on the mission and the level of difficulty/hazard encountered during the operation cos you can never plan for that. A classic example was the US SEALS and Black Hawk shot down in Somalia - with that you have to fight your way out and survive, and being clinical is the last thing on ya mind. Ditto the recent botched US SEALS operation in Somalia, where they all had to run for their lives. So ability to survive in the worst scenario, with unshaken/great endurance will always be paramount before anything else. And most special forces would rather die than be captured, and even when they're captured, they have to be able endure whatever punishments they're put through - to maintain that code of silence.

Do you remember the suicidal Operation Mikado/Plum Duff by the SAS during the Falklands war? Imagine if they had embarked on a mission as suicidal as that one - being clinical would've been the last thing of their minds.

Anyway, the new Spetnaz gear looks nice as well. SAS still remains the best. Then maybe the SEALS - the Germans/French aren't that bad. The Alpha Group in Spetnaz haven't been on enough missions to grade them yet. But their training is the craziest.
Now you get my point, all this boils down to how this 'extremes' fits into training. Some more useful than others while some are just plain useless. Eg flying over barbed wires and throwing an axe whilst upside down. It looks cool, but would also likely get them punctured full of bullet holes before they hit the ground.

After Black Hawk Somalia, the US probably went on to doctor their doctrine regarding when to be methodical vs fighting your way out of death. I know the recent flopped exercise but we can also count hundreds of others where the missions were kill or capture which they accomplished. The failed Somalia one saw at least no member captured or killed and they had to fight their way out of there after more Al Shabab reinforcements poured in. So maybe at least now, they've touched up with the 'maximum force aspect'. Not going to lie though, there's also a huge array of support via stealth, overwhelming firepower by way of AC 130s well above monitoring if shite hits the fan for the Americans and British. Though in how applicable their training regimes/doctrines are, Spetsnaz are lagging. Maybe in hand to hand combat, then heck no, I'll vouch for the Ruskies but it boils down to how much hand combat is usually applicable in today's world.

In all, I'm just implying some doctrines are more balanced than others. The Spetsnaz fair enough are not getting exposed to more different situations so may explain how their doctrines are honed based on available scenarios they are exposed to. The Americans and British are trying their hands at different environments, theaters.

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Politics / Re: Some Insane Military Training Around The World. by BlackBaron: 1:55pm On Jun 24

I don't think the Iraq special forces fled from ISIS - there was a lot of sabotage involved, with all the Sunni commanders crossing to the other side. And you have the US sabotaging a lot of things there. Then again, those are regular forces - not special forces. Iraqi special forces are trained by Iranian Quds Force.

Also, this training is for endurance, not for doctrine/rules-of-engagement. When it comes to endurance, no one can outlast Spetnaz...and maybe SAS. And in engagement, it's not always about how clinical you're, it's about getting the job done.
Yeah, some of this are to prepare them mentally for the most extreme of conditions. Plans may go off course from time to time and may push soldiers into dire situations. Getting captured and tortured, forced to take extreme routes in order to accomplish a course of action etc.

When I allude to clinical, I'm referring to their records against hostage crises for example. Beslan school massacre. Though if comparing gears, Spetnaz may be outmached compared to maybe SEALS and SAS.
I'm just saying Spetznaz is mainly more brawn than tactics , not discrediting them but in the top tiers of SF, I won't place them on top of my list.

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Politics / Re: Some Insane Military Training Around The World. by BlackBaron: 1:07pm On Jun 24
Some of these military training have not translated to clinical results though.
E.g. the Iraqi army in spite of their 'insane training' still fled from IS.

Spetnaz is not just clinical enough ala hostage situations.

And please don't tell me 'planting' heads as they do in Nigerian military circles is training. Its not.
As yucky as eating bugs,snakes and so, survivalists have to go through it especially if you're a soldier. I suspect it is not entirely engrained in the Nigerian training regime, someone please correct if I'm wrong.

When the SA mercs came on for training troops and engagement of BH, they brought to the fore extensive jungle/savanna type orientation which saw them mount lightning attacks and relentless pursuits of BH elements.
Politics / Re: More Photos Of Victims Of Akwa Ibom Bombing emerges by BlackBaron: 5:03pm On Jun 22
As sad as this is, why do you lying bastards pull out photos from the archives to deceive.

Please why!?
This photo is from 2012!

EDIT: The kid is South Sudanese by the way


Foreign Affairs / Re: An Ultra Modern Recreational Park In Kumasi-ghana by BlackBaron: 9:00am On Jun 22
Impressive. Hope it can be maintained, maintenance is sadly the bane of Africa.
Politics / Re: National Assembly Jumbo Salary: Labour To Shut Down The Economy by BlackBaron: 8:54am On Jun 22

I think the focus should be on their allowances.
There should also be accountability and visual evidence of how they spent the money given for the constituency.

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Politics / Re: Addiction To Biafra Radio by BlackBaron: 8:52am On Jun 22
The owner is either a scammer or the step cousin of Shekau. His constant hate speeches and labelling would gradually lead up to a young unbalanced dude to go and massacre non Biafrans living in the SE.

By all means, if it's the wish to have their new country and if wanted by majority, then so be it. If you think you can carve out a state via hate speeches, then I'll be surprised.
Asking people to stone pastor's et al...? When the idiots gullible enough to do biddings of a man seated comfortably in Europe run out of stones, they'll switch to bows, arrows and guns to attack innocents abi?

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Travel / Re: Captain Hadiza Lantana Oboh, Nigeria Airways’ First & Only Female Pilot by BlackBaron: 9:54pm On Jun 19
Terribly sad story. cry

Please you want to tell me no mugshots or even fingerprints were taken of the killers?! What an indictment of the way things are run in the country.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Presidential Jet On OLX by BlackBaron: 6:49pm On Jun 19
LMAO grin This is too funny

Can we bid though? I don't think I have enough for it yet.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Spends N4.62 Trillion On Security In 5 Years, Yet Widespread Insecurity by BlackBaron: 7:56am On Jun 19
The F7s were bought before 2011 by Obj too. Very sure of that.

The infographics is also missing a few other assets and hardwares bought.
Agreed for a probe nonetheless. The collosal sums expended on security does not tally with the equipment bought. Example was the failed monumental Arthur Eze's fighter jet scam!
Politics / Re: U.S. Donates $5bn To Joint Task Force To Fight Boko Haram by BlackBaron: 7:56pm On Jun 15
$5 million I read on The Punch's website.
Politics / Re: Five Reasons Not To Apply To A UK University by BlackBaron: 8:03am On Jun 15
I endorse this message. Very true to the last word.

PS: An ex student

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Politics / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 5:10pm On Jun 12
NA loadout has improved greatly but still lacking that tactical functionality.

Needs pouches for a total maximum of 8 magazines plus 1 already chambered on their rifles. The worst thing is to run out of ammo in battle.
Politics / Re: Salaries Of Federal And State Legislators - Vanguard by BlackBaron: 1:06pm On Jun 12
While everyone is goading and coaxing each other over The NASS. It seems no one caught wind of NNPC's reason for non remittance of $11.6 billion oil proceeds.

Collective acts of impunity and the disgusting salary scales above are part of the reason why this country is still crawling.

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Politics / Re: Buhari rejects proposal for Chad, Niger to head central force against Boko Haram by BlackBaron: 6:16pm On Jun 11
Title doesn't relate to what was stated in the article.

It simply states ... there'll be no swapping of the head of MNJTF as advised by other countries involved and not that a MNJTF was refused. Of course it is needed, especially to cut off funding and refuge for BH who will mill to and from across the borders.

EDIT: Title now changed

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Crime / Re: 14 Foreigners Arrested For Oil Bunkering In Nigeria (Photo) by BlackBaron: 6:13pm On Jun 11
You such a f**king i d i o t. The Nigerian big shots who gave them the contract should be brought to book or these men were just doing their jobs.
Why am I getting idiots quoting me lately?

You want me to throw a dictionary+a thesaurus at your empty head before you know that 'accomplice' also means even those higher up the chain. Where did you get your education from?!
Crime / Re: 14 Foreigners Arrested For Oil Bunkering In Nigeria (Photo) by BlackBaron: 1:14pm On Jun 11
Notice the difference in treatment between foreign oil thieves and local ones.
No handcuffs and even still carrying backpacks.

They should spill on their Nigerian accomplices.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Tunde Bakare Saw An Igbo Giant Pursuing Him In Dream - Sahara Reporters by BlackBaron: 1:54pm On Jun 10
Tribal war grin

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Politics / Re: Breaking News: APC Senators Leave National Assembly During Session by BlackBaron: 1:50pm On Jun 10
When APC was receiving all and sundry into their folds; saints, sinners and demons, they were celebrating thinking they were getting stronger. Now the guerrillas that have struck from within, there's incredible tension all over with baying mobs on both sides.

If this country was rightly run...
Tinubu would have no impunity to select whoever he prefers. He'd also be in jail for misappropriating funds and strangling of the SW finances.
Saraki would obviously be chilling in prison (yeah, I know so much more about him than the average NL. Think pre EFCC saga and during! )

The bigger picture is that this would complicate processes which the citizens were hoping for. Quests for punitive controls for corruption and smooth anti corruption stance would be greatly affected. I'll just say move on and get things done. These fuckwits politicians are the reason why the population continues to suffer!
Buhari would need to force his way through anyone that is wants to sacrifice the interest of the nation for their own personal interest.

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Education / Re: Secondary School Girl Brings Her Entire Family To Beat Up Her Teacher by BlackBaron: 9:56am On Jun 10
Thug family grin grin

Where's the girl's dad anyway?
Politics / Re: A Plea For The Release Of Chief James Ibori. by BlackBaron: 7:32am On Jun 10
A man that collectively siphoned off your people's wealth; hospitals, roads, homes, increased standard of living, infrastructures and all. Converting it for the benefits of his own self, family, mistress and unborn generation.

You want him released?
Chai cry

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Politics / Re: Saraki, A Northern Yoruba by BlackBaron: 7:26am On Jun 10
No No No.... I won't stand for that. this Man just wrote a wonderful piece. He should be commended for that. Let us not discourage our people from doing research and documentation. This is useful. Let us just critic it and ask him questions where necessary. I ask again what are the solutions and why ddnt your Kwara ppl take advantage of GEJ who is niether a Yoruba Man nor Hausa/fulani person to get your emancipation?

All leaders so far have been weak. Obj was also a yoruba man and did nada, just as GEJ did not a lot for the SS by way of correcting some anomalies.

Truth is that the creation of the states was somehow muddled and would need people to be reorientated to the fact that displacing you outside of a region you're supposed to be naturally doesn't signify you no longer belong.
Music/Radio / Re: Davido Ft. Meekmills- Fans Mi (official Video) by BlackBaron: 3:09pm On Jun 09
The guns and the drugs, is he implying he made his money from drug dealing and gang banging?
Africans acting like wanna be gangsters. Stop projecting false images to youths.

And stated he remembered when 'I (he) had no money in my (his) bank account'
Isn't his dad a billionaire ?


Politics / Re: Pictures: The Nigerian Women Football Team For Canada 2015 Are Biafrans by BlackBaron: 8:49am On Jun 09
Ethnic supremacy at its best!

OP forgot to include The current under 20s male team.
Shallow mindedness...

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