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Politics / Re: King Mohammed Of Morocco Arrives Nigeria, Received By Osinbajo (photos) by BlackBaron: 8:45am On Dec 02
I'm surprised many bar one lacked the foresight to know that his visit can not be unconnected to Nigeria's I'll advised support of the secessionist Western Sahara which

How terrible it is that some of you can claim to be educated yet are empty husks instead

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Politics / Re: We Made A Terrible Choice. Did We? (buhari's Failing) by BlackBaron: 2:33pm On Dec 01
Jonathan was rightly shown out of the door.
As for Buhari, he sooner than later showed that after all his noise and promises, he had no answers to the problem on ground. Took as many months to elect a cabinet only to see same old faces almost bare of technocrats.
As for trying to combat corruption and insecurity, his scores are as much as 5 and a 4 respectively. Economy at the moment is a paltry 1. Boasts of technical defeats and untenable press releases about foreign nomadic marauders only shows the level of falsehood and lies by this government.

Inconsistent policies led to the painful dips in recession. The exchange rate was easily the worst with people exploiting the ridiculous loophole to get richer meaning the poorer had to bear the brunt of costly produce because retailers were paying more for foreign exchange.
It's not enough to suddenly lock off the country without providing the right infrastructures for local industries to take off, how much more limiting their access to produce by killing the exchange.

Just like I could see the disaster of the last government less than 2 years in, we are now enamoured with the prospects of the consecutive worst governments running back to back.
Phones / Re: Why NCC Asked Big Operators To Raise Data Tariffs by BlackBaron: 10:44am On Nov 30
This is quite unfortunate. This is more to do with ill thought policies that gave undue disadvantage to CDMA operators by way of high priced licenses or non committal to assist the companies in laying down the right infrastructure.

After collection of their money, it then got passed on to the citizens right to pay them off?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 10:35am On Nov 30

How Bleep on heart does these look like peccavi's write up.

Better be sure about something you don't know.

An who the Bleep is peccavi's? ..you can post his link for people to read if it looks any close to is write up.

Now apologise to me and everyone you lied to! angry



Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:28am On Nov 30
Pretty sure that is Peccavi's write up. On the IED issue.
Give him credit

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Religion / Re: God Says We Should Not Kill, But How Will A Professional Soldier Cope In War? by BlackBaron: 4:05pm On Nov 27

And God said the battle is mine.
As you fight spiritual battles, you'll also fight physical battles. It's like you have a security guard at the place of work or home. There's a verse in Mark that talks about the strongman coming to knock down and plunder your house because there was no one strong enough to fight him.

BH has laid desolation to swathes of land in the NE. People have to push and beat them back else you won't be here typing. At the end of the day, you can theoretically choose to some extent what department to serve if not comfortable with frontline duty.
Religion / Re: God Says We Should Not Kill, But How Will A Professional Soldier Cope In War? by BlackBaron: 3:13pm On Nov 27
Being a soldier is a profession. It entails you fighting to protect the integrity and citizens of your country. If it involves killing evil people, then so be it.

It's when you manipulate the power you have to oppress and kill unjustly, POW, civilians, then you'll likely face the consequences.
Sports / Re: Prince Kennedy Is WPF, World Power Lifting Champion 2016. Photos by BlackBaron: 11:07am On Nov 21
Sumo squats.

Congrats to him.
90KG is his body weight not what he lifted by the way.


Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by BlackBaron: 12:35pm On Nov 17
Gauging interest if any for

Xperia Z5 compact going for #85000?
Politics / Re: Nigeria Ranked Third Most Terrorised Nation In The World - GTI Reports by BlackBaron: 8:38am On Nov 17


It's very easy to think we are in the worst case scenario. The daily numbers from the countries I mentioned is in 50s or 100s. Multiple civilian incidents in Syria everyday.

A single suicide attack killed 50+/- in Yemen yesterday excluding other frontline engagements.

Libyan actors are fighting for control everyday, yet we are number 3?
Business / Re: From Lagos To Igbo Land: My Business Move by BlackBaron: 11:09pm On Nov 16
Impressive reading and efforts from the OP.

In terms of a business, think of a problem that requires a solution. I believe business is basically like this,
If you sort out a $200 problem for example, you will get paid $200. If you can sort a $1000 problem, you;ll get $1000.

The issue mostly is raising the capital, without money or capital easier said than done. In most cases, I think offering a service based business at the beginning may be the answer to raising a capital that you can then use to start another bigger business.

You can for example think of more modern ways to solve local problems.

Also in terms of a business, think long term. A business that people would have to repurchase every time is a good one to have.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Ranked Third Most Terrorised Nation In The World - GTI Reports by BlackBaron: 9:59pm On Nov 16
Probably the same type of faulty Western analysis/methodology that polled Clinton as probable President.

Countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan in that order individually outstrips our combined nationwide insecurity issues.
Not that we don't have our problems.

Other countries like Yemen, Libya are engaged in day in day out state wide conflicts, yet we are number 3?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:48pm On Nov 16

Very comprehensive report.

Yes Nigeria was never mentioned in the 50 page report but let's think of it these way, if those weapons have really find there way to Chad then it's in the north wast already.

We have vast and porous borders and the government of countries involved is not really doing something to check the situation. The two SA-7 MANPAD'S That appeared once appeared in shekau's propaganda video is from where?

There is serious fire on the mountain.........
Arms from Nigeria wasnt mentioned/investigated in the arms proliferation report, however 5 mobile phones and sim used in IED activation were found in Mali. They were previously supplied to a Nigerian distributor months earlier.

Arms from the terrorists attack on a hotel in Mali were also from the same batch seized by YPG in Kobane, Syria. Country of origin was Libya.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:29pm On Nov 16
For Jonathan and Buhari supporters. I'll say leave your sentiments at the door, who bought or who didn't is still signs of poor leaders.

[...] (contents edited)

Buhari is doing the same, even if not by way of weapon fund theft. We are dealing with an almost incoherent strategy to fight BH. We also have some killer fulani hersmen causing havoc to other groups here and there.

Read between the lines, this is not about whom you support, there's a lot left undone with soldiers lives used as cannon fodder to paper over their lack of efforts or strategy. So when we criticise don't mention tit for tat response of what the last and previous regime are doing as a sort of counter.



Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:14pm On Nov 16
Here's a report of why Africans need to start taking active roles in what happens especially to countries within their regions. The failure of those interfering on the continent who seek only to remove without having at least extensive controls on those state institutions like Border, Army and so.

>Though Nigeria was not mentioned, it details the spread of weapons from mostly Libya to places like Mali, Chad, Niger with Niger and Chad as transit points.

>How Tuaregs in faraway Mali were resupplied weapons by convoys of Tuaregs from Libya after Gaddaffi's fall.

> Proliferation of arms like SAMS (SA7b) from Libya which found their way to various regions.

>Ivorien arms proliferation(probably during the regime change of Gbagbo) also in extensive use in various countries in WA.

>Supply of arms through the Sahel, Algeria and other points filtering down for use to cause chaos.

>Loss of weapons even if captured by terrorists from Government forces are still in use to fight and terrorise many years after.

No point saying BH probably got some via various means.

Convoy interdiction and border enforcement should be part of the MOU signed with especially theMNJTF if it wasn't.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:50am On Nov 16
Impressive work on the drones.

Meanwhile, after all the press releases about technically defeated, we are dealing with a new wave of resurgent attacks and most disappointed that very senior Commanders are paying the price.

This Government like the previous certainly hasn't learnt lessons, dragging it's foot and still not any closer to getting priorities right.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 10:12am On Nov 13
The Nigerian state has perfected the act of chasing pavements for so long.
Can we just have a foolproof acquisition without the Americans involved. Gosh!

Heaven forbids another territorial capture and we'd still have a hierarchy content on window shopping with unwilling sellers.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs Clinton: America Decides 2016 by BlackBaron: 1:07pm On Nov 09
Donald Trump's piqued the interest of older millennial and working class communities by saying what they wanted ; issues such as immigration and 'world policing' at their own costs.

Hilary was beginning to look like another line of Family dynasties like the Bush which seems to be against the anti establishment feeling beginning to gain traction in western countries. It's the reason Bernie Sanders had popular support but was unfortunately not preferred by the Democrats hierarchy.

The only thing is just to see how much depth he has to himself, advisers and his cabinet.
I got no bone in this fight.
The world is watching.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 2:07pm On Nov 08
What's the Mission Capable Rates for the aircrafts in the Airforce?
We've seen more use of jets than rotary wings in CAS.

RIP to that Commander.
Tired of complaining about the little urgency in fast tracking new purchases in.
Politics / Re: Artillery Weapons Bought By Jonathan, Used By Late Col. Abu-led Troops (Video) by BlackBaron: 2:01pm On Nov 08
Ignorant fanboys with pass me down information from the beer parlour.

If you're worth your onions, you'll know about stuff like SIPRI, Janes Defense and would also know about regular press releases from the Armed Forces about weapon acquisition.

The truth can be verified but Nigerian youths waste their lives exhibiting their ignorance arguing unnecessarily about who bought and who hasn't.

Goodluck and Buhari have purchased weapons. I'll

My last pence on this thread.
Politics / Re: Artillery Weapons Bought By Jonathan, Used By Late Col. Abu-led Troops (Video) by BlackBaron: 7:32pm On Nov 07
Don't let them know you've not been able to access the internet since Jonathan left.

Multiple news stories about finite hardwares acquired are regularly in the news with the current administration just as they were also stated during Jonathan's era.

You lots here are just ignorant keyboard warriors with a pity of what you think is education.

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Politics / Re: Artillery Weapons Bought By Jonathan, Used By Late Col. Abu-led Troops (Video) by BlackBaron: 6:47pm On Nov 07
Fair to say most of you on this thread need education.
Your biases on both sides are clouding your responses.

Jonathan bought hardware
Buhari has also bought hardware.

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Politics / Re: Military Rejects Jonathan’s Claim That He Bought Warships And Aircraft by BlackBaron: 12:45pm On Oct 27
Jonathan bought warships, helicopters and the alpha jets in question.

What is clear to everyone is the funds released did not match what were delivered.

His best military legacies remains the two Chinese OPVs, T72 tanks, MRAPs and a bunch of other hardwares.

His lack of oversight also saw diversion of funds that could have procured far more than what was bought by his administration.
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 8:56am On Oct 26
The C295 news sounds great. However I'd always wished for the AC 295 configuration than the regular one.
Costs for it I guess would be very prohibitive, shells, missiles and so.
Politics / Re: First Set Of Lagos Light Rain Train Delivered To Site by BlackBaron: 10:53pm On Oct 22
Takes too long to build developmental projects like this. Maybe every little would have counted better if Fashola and others stopped pocketing N70+ million for websites.

Not hit 30 yet, but at this rate our grandchildren would soon meet us still trying to fix up our lack of infrastructures.

It's good regardless rail is coming to Lagos. More needs to be done, especially with Lagos population. The transport options available are currently a nightmare.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh's Ex-Boyfriend, Michael Awujoola Shades Her Over Her New Lexus Car by BlackBaron: 9:07am On Oct 21
Coming from one who wears his wealth on his hands and neck.

He showed up the probable reason she left a 'man child' to getting married to another man. Half brained git...
Phones / Re: Who Pays More For A Whatsapp Call? The Caller Or The Receiver? by BlackBaron: 6:52pm On Oct 19
Whatsapp call only costs about 3MB or so anyway.
Politics / Re: Aisha’s BBC Interview – She Got It All Wrong, My Respect For PMB Just Soars by BlackBaron: 6:38am On Oct 15
Actually this is how Jonathan supporters continued to give out false vibes and narratives despite the many vices going on then. The same ol' is playing out here.

The OP failed to touch on points where she brought up issues of change the party promised versus whats on ground at the moment.

Nigerians are enduring one of the worst economic crisis at the moment, due to oil prices but also due to inconsistent policies. Trials and errors has been the order of the day using government instruments to try to balance the economy. The common man is paying the price with almost unbearable standards of living and massively decreased buying power.

The current trend is while Nigerians may score him a 5.5 on corruption. He's certainly hovering on a 3 in other areas.

Statements like 'belongs in the kitchen' or other room is an unacceptable term frowned upon in educated societies. A leader implying this is as degrading the role of half the population that they are no worth more to the society than cooking and reproducing.

It's telling a female child that no matter how educated she is, she's to be subject to archaic thinking of limited opportunities.


Politics / Re: Buhari: "My Wife, Aisha, Belongs To My Kitchen" (video) by BlackBaron: 7:08pm On Oct 14
I know one thing for sure now.

Mr Buhari would lose at the 2019 polls. shocked

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Politics / Re: Nigeria's President Buhari Warned By First Lady - BBC by BlackBaron: 8:50am On Oct 14
His named cabinet members after many long months of waiting was the beginning of disappointment.

Nigerians expected technocrats rather than the collective bunch of half baked party hopping sycophants who continue to offer same mediocrity as before.
Politics / Re: Fayose's Stomach Infrastructure Hits The Streets (photos) by BlackBaron: 8:44am On Oct 14
The state is one huge IDP camp with their principal as Ayo Fayose.

The level of brainwashing means those within that huge compound don't know it...

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Politics / Re: Kaduna Youths Drag Body Of Shiite Member Through Refuse (Photos) by BlackBaron: 11:55am On Oct 13
The North and their intolerance is trying to birth another rebel group with this macabre display.

Unacceptable we have to endure situations with people who are intolerant to anything but of their own...


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