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Education / Re: See Snake That Was Killed This Afternoon At The Front Of AAUA SENATE BUILDING by BlackBaron: 10:20pm On Aug 31
Used to see the scrawny newly hatched babies whilst in secondary school.

It's a Gaboon viper. Easy to identify with intricate triangular patterns, large head, fat mid section. Very venomous.

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TV/Movies / Re: "Concussion": Will Smith Plays Nigerian In New Movie by BlackBaron: 5:56pm On Aug 31
It's like in Hollywood always only got 1 same generic accent for every country in Africa.
Sounds like the product of a Ghanaian and South African accent. undecided

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Politics / Re: Nigeria_bound ISIS Chief Coming On Invitation. Daily Trust by BlackBaron: 12:57pm On Aug 28
Makes a bit of sense for Hezbollah to snitch on his impending visit. The two terrorist groups are locking horns in Syria and in Lebanon.

I think in the face of all this BH problems, Nigerian Immigration should key into the Interpol database or at least share a database with international intelligence agencies to cross match their biometrics against any impending visitors especially from foreigners of certain nationalities.

Travelers with suspicious travelling history visiting or linking known terror hotspots should get thrown up and vigorously inspected.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Faults Attack On Fashola by BlackBaron: 10:09pm On Aug 26
I don't care if Fashola was the best thing that happened to Lagos or not. The fact points to huge misappropriation of funds and I think he should be put under scrutiny.

The country or states are collectively bigger than this individuals. A bunch of people who think they're untouchables who then get away with laying the foundations for underdevelopment that still holds us down till today.
Family / Re: Female Problems - Why Sweet/nice Guys Seldom Win by BlackBaron: 8:10pm On Aug 25
You should define an alpha male first. And also define a 'bad boy'. Some of their characteristics are parallel to each other, it's not even close.

Most 'bad boy's can be likened to boys with ADHD and mostly get hit upon for their spontaneity.
Politics / Re: PETITIONING PMB: Stop The Killings In Plateau State and the Middle Belt by BlackBaron: 7:40pm On Aug 25
I'd also hope cattle nomadic lifestyle would be limited to regions with less possibility to overlap human population.

Ranches should be carved out of the huge landmass in the north rather than the constant conflicts these rustlers instigate when they encroach on other people's space
Politics / Re: $1b Loan, $466m Jets Top As Buhari Probes Arms Deals by BlackBaron: 6:55am On Aug 25
Figures for weaponising Pumas are outrageous, if true.
There's the reason why hardware purchases should be made transparent.

From Fashola's borehole sinking to this, those in the corridors of power seem excessively prone to steal.
TV/Movies / Re: Nollywood At It Again!!! Caption This(photo) by BlackBaron: 6:47pm On Aug 24
Chop no pay...
Politics / Re: Chad Is A Co-conspirator With Boko Haram - Fulan Nasrullah by BlackBaron: 6:17pm On Aug 24
Some of it sounds implausible to be honest and I take some of his writings as a bit of wild guesses.
Plausible for support from external sources but not for our own intelligence service to turn a blind eye to another external government apparatus funding insurgents in our country.

Of course, the Kanuri which forms the bulk of BH stretches across the other 3 countries involved in the fight, so you'll expect that it'll be easier to form logistics network and also foot soldiers. That is already well known to anyone that's conversant with the whole crises.
Weapons, safe houses, smuggling is therefore possible for the terrorists to gain access to.
Politics / Re: Coas Buratai Leads Operations Against Boko Haram Photos by BlackBaron: 11:14pm On Aug 22
Damn...balls of steel.

Very rare to see a Nigerian army chief on the frontline or newly liberated areas in modern times. That's how it should be...not like those ex chiefs sitting easy in Abuja.

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Politics / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 3:40pm On Aug 22
Those radios. smiley

Now can we see more of them. Each platoon should have at least a signaller embedded with them.
Politics / Re: Inaccurate View Of The North By Southern Nigerians - Mark Amaza by BlackBaron: 1:59pm On Aug 22
I am from the south and I am not oblivious of facts concerning the North.

I know about the different languages, ethnic groups and don't call every 'northerner' I meet Hausa or fulani. Though I can't deny I'm more familiar with southerners than northerners, I do not exhibit any of the aforementioned ignorance mostly from southerners to northerners.
We're not smarter than northerners but comparatively the literacy gap is my greatest gripe with that part of Nigeria. (not all part of the North)

I keep hearing leaders are to blame, well the southerners also had their collective fair share of terrible leaders who preferred to pocket money for good schools than anything. However, the difference is that the southerners chose not to be limited by this.

Most strived, even if to put their wards through the poorest schools. Even building community schools themselves. Others tried to at least get to a decent level of education before dropping out if no longer capable of financially paying tuition.

It is very different in the core north where it is not preferred by the guardians to educate their children. Maybe to do with religion or plain recalcitrance to 'foreign teaching' I can not tell.
This is as a result of an 'engrained culture' that'll require shaking off by those heavily affected areas in the north.

The same way the northern majority pushed aggressively for introduction of sharia should be the same way they should aggressively push for bridging the massive educational gap with the south. Now there lies my 'misconception' with the North.

And the other being the religious extremity in certain areas of the North.


Politics / Re: NNPC To Explore Community Based Pipeline Protection Model by BlackBaron: 1:43pm On Aug 22
It'll be better off this way, to engage the communities at a local level where each would ultimately be accountable to the NNPC than conferring total control to an individual.

Responsibility for each area would be designated to a local authority who would also be held responsible for lapses.
The last administration inspite of the largest security contract ever dished out, still managed to oversee the largest oil bunkering in our history.

Shell & co which a lot of people don't know deploy mercs/private contractors to guard in their operations closer to them and saw less losses comparable to previous years.

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Pets / Re: Rescue Of A Boerboel by BlackBaron: 8:22am On Aug 20
Wow. Great stuff from the OP!
Politics / Re: Dr. Ugo Okoli First African Woman Medical Director & Director, UK Public Health by BlackBaron: 9:12pm On Aug 18
She's got really impressive credentials.
Her family looks like a line of high achievers too.

Congrats to her.


TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by BlackBaron: 4:56pm On Aug 18
'Shingeki Kyojin'
Attack on Titan live action.


My set up
Education / Re: 10.5m Children Out Of School In Nigeria – UNICEF by BlackBaron: 4:45pm On Aug 18
I hope a bill would be passed to make it a criminal offence for guardians or parents of children below 16 years to keep them out of school.

Not forgetting that MASSIVE contribution should be made in the educational sector. It's just as important as the quest for power, hospitals, infrastructures, etc.


Politics / Re: What Is All These With Igbos And Yorubas? by BlackBaron: 4:37pm On Aug 18
I maintain its joblessness and lack of exposure.

How 'supposedly grown' men would spend hours on the internet trading words because they happened to be born into any of the other tribes. Despite the massive amount of hate and vitriol I see here everyday by warring tribalists, it doesn't move an hair on my person.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Air Force Deploys Additional Combat Aircraft To North East (Photos) by BlackBaron: 7:23am On Aug 14
who ask you stories.ova sabi,mr i 2 know{ITK}
You could easily have jumped over my comment.

The F7 is 'supersonic' moves too fast to engage ground targets. It may also explain the sometimes lacklustre effect of the Airforce in battle when they can not hit ground targets effectively because they fly too fast.

The Alpha jets are made for this type of stuff with extended hardpoints to effectively counter enemies on ground. It's also subsonic and can deliver better performance than the F7.

An SU 25 pairing with the alpha jets would see BH scampering every time those 2 jets are deployed against them.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Air Force Deploys Additional Combat Aircraft To North East (Photos) by BlackBaron: 4:41pm On Aug 13
F7 are 'Interceptor jets'. They use Air to Air missiles.

The one primarily used in the fight against BH are Alpha Jets.
May be a stop gap measure in the absence of ground attack jets


Politics / Re: Onyeka Onwenu Finally Reports At ICPC, Granted Bail. by BlackBaron: 7:48am On Aug 12
The last government was a 'Heist Government'.

Their theme song in Aso Rock then was 'Make it rain' by Lil Wayne, Fat Joe. cool

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Politics / Re: PDP Drags Amaechi To EFCC by BlackBaron: 6:20am On Aug 12
I like Amaechi, but if he's a thief, then he's a thief. Let him face the full wrath of the law.

This is about the country and no man is bigger than the interest of the collective interest of millions of Nigerians.

Uncle Alams
Are the others I'll like to hear prosecuted.


Proficient as a word means a lot. It equals to you having skills (advanced level and 'experienced') at a high level. If you know you're only at a beginners level, I'll just state that you start video tutorials via Youtube straightaway. There's a lot to learn; macros, databases, etc.

Good luck.
Politics / Re: Fashola Is A Criminal by BlackBaron: 9:33pm On Aug 08

Once we start seeing any and every man held accountable for their actions. Then Nigeria would move forward.

Please, EFCC should do the needful.
Politics / Re: FG To Increase VAT To 10% by BlackBaron: 11:03pm On Aug 07
you are a fool. a very big one at that , show me your your tax records, idiots

you dont even know that companies add all taxes to cost of production, hence it falls on consumers.
you are very silly, not to know that every item you purchase the VAT has already been added.

Did UAE become rich over night?? what did they use to develop their cities??
How do countries without oil survive??
You are beginning to give answers to your stupidity smiley

Now we hope that you'll continue to gain knowledge and would go on to acquire a decent education (your current education has been inadequate) of how nations work. Not just what the Kardashians did or what the latest bodycon trend is.
Politics / Re: FG To Increase VAT To 10% by BlackBaron: 10:44pm On Aug 07
see how foolish you are.....

lecture us what you know about VAT, do you think you are talking to kids or fools.

Grow up and mind the words you use online

UAE is rich enough to afford no VAT so also Saudi. Have you checked their oil revenues against their population? Besides now, with low oil prices they are considering introducing... Show me one developed country without a tangible money spinner that has even 5% VAT. I'll be waiting! I want the GDP and Per Capita too so we can start drawing up a pattern.

Nigeria's oil revenues would never carry 170 million of you. FACT!
SO tell me Einstein, what other revenue source would be open to build up the country. Don't mention Agriculture, etc

All you are thinking is your pockets, how you'll use the rest for makeup and not pay tax on it. Do you know the kind of taxes people pay alone then VAT added. Must be the only country where citizens don't want to sweat but want roads to fall from heaven.

End of this discussion. Like I have said, when you gain a bit of exposure and knowledge! Come back.

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Politics / Re: FG To Increase VAT To 10% by BlackBaron: 10:01pm On Aug 07
stop comparing Nigeria to other nations,

those nations have better facilities and infrastructure and they don't have 18500 as minimum wage.

Salaries have not increase, expect prices of goods to increase by 15-35%.

Companies are struggling esp manufacturing sector and they are the ones to be worst hit by the policy.

government can raise IGR through other means not impoverishing the masses, any government policy that does not benefit the people is wrong, no matter how good it seems, the government was instituted because of the people.

when NLC embarks on strike, we will start complaining that they are wicked
Lady, VAT is tax on goods! This is the only part of the world where the citizens think only oil would give them the standard of living they aspire.

Fine, don't pay it! Kontinu...with your shabby roads, electricity, no water and expect that a massive oil windfall would fall to give Dubai's standard of living. You all need exposure man!

No one's fault that most of you never knew there was something called 'Value Added Tax'. Other countries pay minimum 15% VAT but my fellow countrymen want to almost commit riots over taxes.
Politics / Re: FG To Increase VAT To 10% by BlackBaron: 9:03pm On Aug 07
Nigerians don't like to pay tax but want good roads, schools and hospitals?

Even at 10%, it's one of the lowest in the world!

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Politics / Re: Re: Equipping Of Nigeria Army And Airforce by BlackBaron: 5:17pm On Aug 07
The crux of the matter was BH started blowing up the ceiling eons ago, Jonathan then embarked on a weapon spree beginning of 2015 prior to election (knowing he would lose) $2 billion got released and there was where the chaos set in.

So many dodgy deals left and right, including Arthur Eze trying to pay over the odds for a bunch of cobra choppers that Israel have now gifted to Jordan. Other invoices showed up the overpriced sums paid out for weapons which in a time of war is just insane. No reason Dasuki should go through third parties, we are not under embargo with anyone unless the Americans.

This whole kerfuffle was just majorly depressing seeing soldiers fighting and dying everyday while their ogas played 'roulette' with the money allocated for weapons or decided to jollificate with money for arms!

Step 1: Abolish secrecy in weapon acquisition - must be the only country in the world where they can maybe buy a submarine but only the army chiefs know how much they paid for it.


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