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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 7:51am
The troops engaged the suicide bomber who probably sneaked out on them in very close proximity to be so close to the MRAP.

The dead driver indicates that they engaged him at sight and probably killed in time before detonation. His momentum saw him crash with the vehicle but nothing happened thankfully.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 10:19pm On Jul 30
I actually made the comment about Nigeria being a 3rd world country.
The lack of some basic amenities, infrastructures and industries points to that. It ranks amongst the top tier of developing countries but still lacks a lot.

Maybe developing would have been a better adjective.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:52pm On Jul 29
I will go with nemesis2u on this one. The BH under Mohammed yusuf fought with bow, arrows and dane guns and in just a few months, BH was making IEDs and spreading their ideology with the sophistication of satellite technology.
BH was a tool in the hands of foreign sponsors, but what their agenda is till date, we do not know. If turkey affiliated schools in Nigeria can be used as a financial conduit pipe to fund coup plots in Turkey without the knowledge of our intelligence agencies then we shouldn't be pondering over who the sponsors of BH are.
Left to me, BH had the backing of both foreign and local sponsor.
Local sponsors and sympathisers aplenty, significant foreign support has not yet been proven. After BH got repressed the first time, they went on to regroup while simultaneously staging raids on local police stations. That's where they got their start ups and their weapons look very similar to what we use. As for efforts to liase with foreign groups within the sub continent and afar, they made contacts with similar groups like in Mali and similarly made entreaties to Bin Laden, one of which they found letter from BH at Abbotabad.

Knowledge of ieds probably came from passing down of knowledge plus downloads off the internet as it was well known they frequented jihadi forums. Nothing is advanced about satellite, all it'll take is for a local skilled in telecoms or smuggle a guy in from abroad.
As for Turkey, meh, Erdogan and his ex allies have scores to settle. Let them provide proof of their wild conjectures.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:26pm On Jul 29
The theory about poor intelligence stems from an example of successive coups previously executed sometimes by people below their noses. Poor intelligence rather than inaction led to this.
Current intelligence are better than before but still not the best.

BH has followed a pattern that came before foreign clerics were ever invited.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 6:28pm On Jul 29
To an extent this is not the dynamics of the situation.
Very little evidence of external support to BH has been proven over the years.
You'd have to be Nigerian or have lived to know why it happened.

Northern Nigeria has always been a simmering hotbed of conservative and almost domineering religious views. The Northern Premier after independence made some controversial statements right from the amalgamation. Few years after independence, it spilled into religious crisis which became a common occurrence. We previously also had a Boko Haram 'lite' in Maitatsine and his followers.

It is no rocket science that a third world country would have poor intelligence but to state that BH is as a result of external preachers is far fetched. BH has been very localised to certain regions of the North, The NE and NC. The spread of sunnis goes across the whole north which then does not correlate with the theory else we would have potential cells all over.
A better example are the Shias who even if not a major headache now are shown to have active backing from external sources.

Its why we got to look into getting the right people and instead we get Islamists like a previous Zamfara governor whose body language leaned more into religiousity than a functional secular society. Those are the people oiling the cogs.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 2:18pm On Jul 29

....But can we really blame the government entirely for Boko-Haram, while discarding the extremist behavior displayed in Nigeria as a country and especially d extreme violence in the North of Nigeria. I mean, we need to look at the likes of Usman dan fodio to see that violence in Northern Nigeria didn't just start today, it predates even the forming of our country.

- Apart from the scrounge of corruption, I do believe that even with Zero corruption we would still have a Boko-Haram problem. We just don't have the resources to properly cater for all our people. This is the cold fact.

- If Boko-Haram is still able to carry out attacks in Nigeria, Chad, Bosso in Niger it just goes to show the group is not defeated. It is not also a Nigerian thing, the French in Mali are still struggling with similar issues, violence in Mali has sustained despite the initial successes recorded in Operation Serval.

Although militarily i can say we've(Nigerian military) been more successful than the French who only managed to kill 1,000 jihadist.

Indonesia is a good example, attacks have stalled in the country, however i do think it's a mentality thing, a victory achieved not because of any military prowess but by the fact that the Indonesians themselves are more socially conscious and mentally aware of the actions. A more matured society.

In a sane society our COAS would have resigned, however we aren't that type of a society.
The absence of corruption alone would not be an underlying factor. However, corruption would mean that it erodes any efforts by government to be integrated or significant at local levels. I highlighted that the lack of or inability to enforce secularity over the years led to entrenched and often extreme religious views. Hallmarks of BH were there from the independence with religious riots a common theme. BH continued the trend by attacking government and churches.

BH started at some point after sharia got introduced to Northern Nigeria and the citizens there being tired of the lack of government policies or effects on their societal structure (religious extreme teachings replaced secular education) embraced it or gave tacit support. Example, seeing policemen tax people who have eroded any positives they had of the government. Instead because of their entrenched beliefs (which also saw most resist 'western education') they turned a blind eye to BH until it came back to bite them in their asses. Despite the success so far, the ideology for and against still remains in significant 'splits' which sees us swatting what looks like unending numbers of this human infestation.

Same is somewhat playing out in the ND where Government papers over the crack of effects of their absence in local oil producing populations by bribing those strong enough to engage them to keep oil flowing. Ideally, agitations should see a wise Government looking to diminish the efforts of such armed groups while doing more for the ND citizens. Over time, the same citizens would give little support to any such groups when the Government or actively gets involved.

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Politics / Re: BUHARI HIDDEN AGENDA: Former Muslim Man Coverts Christianity Reveals.. Hmmmmm by BlackBaron: 10:13am On Jul 29
Let's say all others were true.
However a christian advising that ND militants remain armed and implying that paying off armed militants who only care about their own pockets is devil's henchman
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 9:22am On Jul 29
I don't have a functional answer but first blame goes to all the governments till date who ensure an atmosphere for the likes of BH and other arms bearing criminals all over Nigeria to exist. Lack of foresight, development and no social policies means vacuums like this get seized by criminals. Examples of where government failed were areas where our secular values should be preserved (gave BH legitimacy)

Boko haram started out as a gradualist whose beginning saw it actively popular with locals especially the poor where they looked like a group trying to rail against government inadequacies. Eventually Government mishandled the situation which got scaled up to what we have.
Unfortunately, lack of oversight saw BH get integrated at very local levels which showed from the little to no fightback from locals when they went after the Government and what they termed as corrupt (western influences which included Christians and churches) It wasn't until the little bit late efforts of government persuasions to Imams to preach against the group did they start attacking mosques too and eventually the local population after they opposed some of their methodologies.

Sustained military campaigns alone may not be enough, eg Russia with all her military might against Chechnya still continues today. Nigeria is a microcosm of Russia with both having inadequate government policies, plus corruption means efforts to get entrenched locally is limited.

For every area captured, how much or how exhaustive is the Government doing to get reintegrated at local levels of their lives rather than planting soldiers as a show of force to prevent BH incursion. BH is already well and truly dug in to the minds of some of the locals which means active cells still exist despite getting conquered on the battlefield. This is why carefully chosen Government should be in place rather than the current mismatched cacophony of brilliant and dull leaders. People with no solutions to the problem getting elected is only leaving more problems for the future.

In Indonesia, they used a series of efforts such as sustained PR campaigns against insurgents, repressive military actions and a commitment to integrate significant government policies and control while displacing the insurgents ideals in the society.
Nigeria is only doing one of those and we wonder why we have a seemingly endless cadres of destruction still active.

P.S the COAS should be replaced too. he also has to answer for the accusations against him.

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Business / Re: Nigerians Must Begin To Overcome The Fear Of Becoming An Entrepreneur Now!!! by BlackBaron: 11:32pm On Jul 28
The truth is that the business environment in Nigeria is one of the worst on the planet.
Couple weak laws with uneven policies, security and added to the latest volatile exchange rates, you'll wonder how most entreprenuers can scale past this issues.

The greatest of all limiting factors are electricity, corruption and access to capital. Ideally the private sector would have been able to recruit a bulk of employees rather than the government but with the wrong environment, very few are able to expand large enough to sustain significant employees.
Politics / Re: The Menace Of Crop-Destroying Cattle, And The PEACEFUL Way Forward by BlackBaron: 12:55pm On Jul 27
Tomatoes, cabbages, pumpkin, green leaves amongst others are popular with Nigerian cuisine. Bit arbitary and I would not feel comfortable if I knew my beans or corns even though encased were previously sprayed with dung.

There's no such thing as free nor do the herdmen owe any grassland or are entitled to pass through if the owners no longer feel comfortable. A very robust refusal and passing of state laws should be used and anyone flouting the law can consider themselves to blame.
Politics / Re: The Menace Of Crop-Destroying Cattle, And The PEACEFUL Way Forward by BlackBaron: 11:14am On Jul 27
An outright ban on nomadic grazing is better than spraying foods that would probably be consumed by humans with cow faeces.

Let all the states concerned overtly refuse and pass laws in that regard. Like I said countless times, nothing also stops Southerners from ranch farming. If done well, the level of competition would probably drive hersmen into more sustainable business practices lest they lose their source of livelihood.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 1:04pm On Jul 24
Condolences to Zionx

Cut me so deep. I offer you my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this time in your life.

For the Armed forces...
I'm hoping our training doctrines would keep getting better and better.

Apart from the limited efforts to try to produce locally, Nigeria still lacks some of the most basic foundations that can sustain facilities producing.
Unless you run a business in Nigeria, you'll probably not understand or believe when a most common item in developed countries can not be found in any nook and crannies of our country.

Notwithstanding, the few producing in-house are still getting ignored because of those who want to cream off the icing for their pockets.


Politics / Re: Dambazau Owns Real Estate In The US, Billions In Abuja - Sahara Reporters by BlackBaron: 7:36am On Jul 22
I could argue that from the first day some people here came into the world, it had been decreed they'll lack integrity.

After numerous expose, sycophants whose progress has been limited by the actions of those in Government institutions are the ones actively encouraging them.

Kontinu, as you all continue to support evil doers no matter what party the bastardss are from, the more you'll experience recession in your life.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 11:13pm On Jul 12
Just seeing that BH video, still showcases their lack or very little external assistance by trying to suck up to the two warring terrorists groups. The insertion of a dead Alqaeda leader and an ishit leader in same video shows their lack of direction in ideology.

Niger looked like the weakest link of all the armies fighting BH and so were looking ripe for such attack especially with that weakly defended base looking more like a picnic retreat camp than a base that should be alert at all times.
My only fear is BH still retains a wide level of support or at least grassroot levels of assistance to continue like this.
The push on Sambisa (dont know the dynamics), not much is heard for a while...
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Lounge - Hillary Clinton vs Trump vs Gary Johnson! by BlackBaron: 5:57pm On Jul 08
You are correct to certain extent in your post. The difference between Blacks on Blacks crime and White police officers killing Blacks is that the officers are sworn to serve and protect. People vigorously condemn Blacks killing each other. I live in Chicago land and Chicago is notorious for gang killings . So I disagree that people dont condemn the killings of Blacks by Blacks. We have black love and other anti violence measures in Chicago and other cities in US. That doesn't bring ratings to the TV stations and that's why they don't cover the events. Yes all lifes matters. If those two guys were Whites, I bet you a dollar to doughnuts, they would be alive today.
All well and true about the possibility of two equivalent white guys not getting killed. I very much agreed from the onset, America has a race problem, gun problem and an issue of police brutality.
Those factors alone exacerbates the current situation.

Whilst not denying the issues of addressing black on black crime. I'm still implying very little is done or spoken of versus a similar trend when it comes to violence on Blacks from police.

Celebrities for example seldom champion the narrative in their communities. Beyoncé,Chris Brown, and so haven't so much gone beyond shouting out only when a non white kills a black person.

A vocal movement, influential people and so... That's the kind of outreach also needed in black communities to reduce such issues.

A law enforcement officer enforces the law. In the case of America, due to their society most often it relies on being able to carry arms to all and every call out. It also means that the boundaries becomes blurred in the use of firearms to control situations.
Disproportionate response to incidences means a possibility of discharge.
Couple that with racism, it becomes an avenue for a non black officer to feel he's within the law to shoot and kill which is despicable.
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Lounge - Hillary Clinton vs Trump vs Gary Johnson! by BlackBaron: 2:28pm On Jul 08
Unfortunate events the past few days...RIP to all involved in the tragedy; the black men and the cops

This is how I see America (at least in the areas concerned for now)
It has a race problem, a police brutality issue, gun rights problem plus others.

My take has always been 'All lives matter' due to many reasons that other Americans have also gotten executed due to their system of 'aggresive policing and procedures'.

The deaths of the 2 black men that spun off this whole episode in my opinion were completely unjustified and thus really warrants angry remonstration (including outcries about racial prejudice) from all concerned. It is yet another killing by the bunch of militarised 'law enforcement' police officers in the US.

My reason for all lives matter boils down to the dynamics of violent death in black populations in America whose numbers for black on black murders outstrips that of police on black murders. The former seems not to be a significant political conversation from BLM compared to police killings.
I feel it to be double standards or probably a lack of will to also aggressively protest black on black crimes. Not saying that racial profiling and killings should be ignored or wished away. However, their voice has not been heard any louder whenever black - black violence occurs which takes place every week.
Hopefully all Americans can get their heads out of their asses sorting out their racial differences, policing issues and their communities.
In Europe, issues like this are far and between...
Politics / Re: Fayose Empowers Woman With Grinding Machine In Ekiti by BlackBaron: 8:16am On Jul 08
N1.5 billion later,

He goes on to 'empower' the people he governs with an item worse than crumbs.

Would Mr fayose empower his own children with a grinder.
Science/Technology / Re: What Kind Of Snake Is This? by BlackBaron: 2:58pm On Jul 06
It's extremely ignorant for anyone to suggest that the eye shape of snakes can be used to predict if venomous or not. embarassed
Lots of venomous snakes are in Nigeria, from Gaboon vipers, puff adders, west african green mamba, green bush viper, tree cobra, spitting cobras.

A common problem is a lot of Nigerians especially in the North/Middle belt die because of almost no known anti-venom laboratory here in Nigeria. Unless you're very knowledgeable, stay the fucck away from snakes.

Besides, most snakes tuck their fangs in until ready to bite and infuse venom, So it is retractable.
Politics / Re: Buratai Bought Second Dubai Property Days After Appointment - Sahara Reporters by BlackBaron: 10:50am On Jun 28
Seems Buratai is also as corrupt as they come.
The FG's reluctance to probe or least give a comprehensive answer to requests for his probe is sign of a lack of integrity on this Government!

History would judge... And by 2019, I'll be hoping they get kicked out!!
Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma Replies Fan Who Said Her Husband Is Cheating With New Babe by BlackBaron: 3:44pm On Jun 24
Caroline also came in through the window.
She played side chick until the first wife got kicked out


Politics / Re: We Have Kept Our Promise Of Creating Jobs For Nigerians – Lai Mohammed by BlackBaron: 10:49am On Jun 14
I hope the kind of jobs created are also the type Mr Lai's children would be comfortable to work in and enjoy the types of salaries they'll likely dish out.

Unfortunate that since 1999, we continue to endure rubbish from politicians like Mr Lai. PDP=APC...both parties had no ideologies, policies or blueprints.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by BlackBaron: 8:54am On Jun 14
Nigerian Army lost a trick by not going for digital camouflage. That same uniform if not stolen from army stocks is available to buy from the famous Chinese wholesale/retail site.

I also want to hope that the Nigerian government monitors the use of ammonium nitrate given to farmers, especially in the north. Apart from the use of shells by the terrorists, fertilisers remains the prominent ingredient in IEDs.
I think the whole subregion/countries suffering should also consider this. It's a First Step, if missed to control their use of IEDs!
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 11:47am On Jun 08


Apologies as not African, but this insurgency mirrors Nigeria's.
Solid guerrilla reporting via VICE news.

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Politics / Re: The 5% Misinformation Against Buhari Debunked by BlackBaron: 11:42am On Jun 08
His comments are still deplorable no matter how you want to dress it. No country is better for it especially when your leader tells it to your face about who he's willing to give preferential treatment.

I struggle with the worship of politicians by most who take it upon themselves to try absolve them of their inadequacies as humans rather than correct them when wrong. Blame your education and your lack of foresight to see that praising leaders even when they're wrong is akin to laying terrible precedents for future generations.


Politics / Re: "Corruption List" To Exclude Names Of Those Returning Money - Sahara Reporters by BlackBaron: 3:51pm On Jun 03
The reason why it's so little recovered is EFCC forgot to investigate the funds stolen by those in the ruling party APC.

Disappointing government...

We need a system where prospective leaders undergo months of primaries and debates instead of the familiar single day primaries where no one can assess what they're made of

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Properties / Re: Interior Architecture In Nigeria Is Very Bad by BlackBaron: 7:35am On May 31
Love this.
Nigerians have mostly never heard of sconces, floating shelf, open plan kitchen, landscaping, downlights, and even inspiring pop designs.

For furniture, Chesterfield sofas, death star lamps or even minimalistic furnishings.
The level of artisanship is poor and mostly left to those who picked up their knowledge from one older person in their community.

Quite a few are trained up to graduate level for these sorts, but their services are yet to trickle down to a point most Nigerians can afford.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 11:18pm On May 30

its not an official propaganda videos from iraqi army , it's a song from shams al maslawi , a bimbo (a music star for some people) ! so nothing serious
Don't mean its government sanctioned, but there are many music videos like this especially with real soldiers, including the 'all black' SF with real combat footage.


Quantity over Quality... If the really are over 100K then that's an immediate indicator to show that their ISOF are sh*t. Its almost impossible to raise 100K SF soldiers that are of World Class quality.
Their ISOF is still their best combat unit which includes units like Golden division (part of ISOF) et al. Feats like battling the shitty state at Baiji refinery when outnumbered after their regular soldier comrades ran. Though If to be belived with 100, I was expecting more. Their true numbers may be tens of thousands.
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by BlackBaron: 9:48pm On May 30



Those Iraqi music videos are common themes as propaganda videos showing their ISOF with music stars singing patriotic music or praising their army. For a such a well kitted unit, I'd be expect much more from them especially as they're listed to be a hundred thousand strong!
Politics / Re: Shocking Video Of Children Tortured To Death By Nigerian Army by BlackBaron: 2:36am On May 22
...our bids for tucanos. sad

The issue here looks more like lack of empathy than torture though. I'm not sure we should have young persons below 15 years within the confines of Giwa barracks.
Politics / Re: 940m Grazing Reserves For Herdsmen:lawmakers Fault Buhari by BlackBaron: 2:19am On May 22
I'd be more interested in Government encouraging unemployed youths having farms that can produce all the bales of grasses needed for consumption and the cattle rearers in comparison would have to seek out private lands from willing sellers.

Missed opportunity for nomads looking at purely beef, ignoring the possibility of further profitability via dairy farming, leather and sale of manure. The latter is also possible for biogas to sell on or produce their own off grid electricity like done in India and Kenyan farms.

Ultimately, except within the confines of ranches, rearing bovine livestock outside of designated areas should be a chargeable offence.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Can Generate 12,000 MW Of Electricity — Fashola by BlackBaron: 11:26am On May 21
Shame we still don't have the right people in the right position. Fashola is a lawyer but I'm not so sure about him in the power sector. We need technocrats and not party faithfuls who get rewarded for loyalty.

There's such other stuff like Biogas which is a net contributor in countries like Denmark, Sweden.
Solar farms are also possible...


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