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Foreign Affairs / Re: Isreal Bombards Gaza. It Is Literally Raining Bombs. by BlackBaron: 12:45am
Both sides are to blame.

Hamas for launching guerilla rocket attacks from within their civilian populations and Israel for hitting back with excessively punitive actions against the civil populace.

Sadly war in this current era has moved off open fields into bedrooms, hospitals and classrooms.

Israeli actions in this conflict has been far too punishing and constitutes war crimes. Hamas too is a terrorist organisation that deserves to have its cadres down to the last man wrung to death.
Phones / Re: Modern Combat 5: Blackout by BlackBaron: 10:11pm On Jul 24
texazzpete: Such a shame to see that with multiple payment avenues open to Nigerians, many of you lot still choose the piracy option. It's $6.99, which comes to little about N1100. Why the frag can't you just man up and buy it officially? That's little more than you spend on a meal, and you get the ability to play online.
At some point, you really do have to grow up.
Lol...get your point. But after paying that, you still get another bizarre and costly decision that vacuums your data/money.

If it's about piracy or hacks, then they better look for alternatives. Quite a few android apps that has been virtually impossible to crack.
Politics / Re: Miraculous Delivery Of Oga Jonah By Chimamanda Adichie by BlackBaron: 9:42am On Jul 22
People fail to see this is a satirical dig to Jonathan's incompetence.

Surely if he had a clue, it wouldn't need a renowned author to dish out lines to him like you give to a child in reception.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Air Force Helicopter Crashes In Bama, Borno by BlackBaron: 5:33pm On Jul 21
It better not be the recently purchased Mi 35M's...
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by BlackBaron: 11:28am On Jul 21
I found an interesting use for the NC earphones that comes with my Z2.
Sony has always touted the 'STM10' microphone accessory for clearer audio sounds when recording a video.

Well, if you plug in your NC headphones and switch the earphone 'sound effects' prompt to STM10 microphone, the earphone captures exceptional quality sound like it was recorded with an expensive accessory.
Politics / Re: Nigeria-our Country, Their Property:taking Hiatus Off NL Bc Here Doesnt Exist. by BlackBaron: 7:28am On Jul 20
Unfortunately, most people here lack 'common sense' here hence they put efforts into futility.

The Ekiti/Osun brouhaha was one of the lowest points for me...contestants 'throwing' rice at the electorates whilst they'll later sit and dine on lobsters and all.

It only dawned on me then that development for us is light years away. Yet we get people on both sides of the demons and the devils fighting it out here trying to paint their side whiter than another.
Politics / Re: Enugu Market Explosion: One Feared Dead, Sevearl Injured by BlackBaron: 7:13am On Jul 20
Most of the comments on this thread are quite disgusting really...

Trading insults and all over the grave of people that died especially in Lagos and Enugu.

Surely you tribalist fückers are several steps from 'humanity'...


TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by BlackBaron: 1:24pm On Jul 18
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
Politics / Re: Lagos, The 2 Faced City. by BlackBaron: 9:48am On Jul 17
I have always thought living in Nigeria is a bit of a false economy. As far as the eye can see,development is still far from touching the common man.

From inadequate transportation links to poor health care. Most Nigerians are yet to see a comparable developed area to use as a benchmark, hence they are unable to notice just how little development has come their way.

I've seen Banana Island videos a few times, sans the mansions I have been left coloured unimpressed with the unkept nature of this supposed Billionaire enclave. Shabby roads, puddles of water and overgrown bushes.
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by BlackBaron: 8:48am On Jul 15
beejay1207: i am an experience member on ebay with more than 4years as a member, and with a very high rating. i want you to know to note the following.

2. no seller recieves a dime until the goods are delivered to the buyer, and their is no complains (thats y ebay guarantees your money)

Not entirely true, in fact most times it gets paid in straight away and I can withdraw or pay stuff using my Paypal Debit card

I normally do this for people wanting UK stuff. They pay into my Paypal account, then I simply purchase and send it off...

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Politics / Re: Allah Gave Us Your Weapons Free Of Charge – Shekau To Nigerian Army by BlackBaron: 12:16am On Jul 15
Those are APCs' not "tanks". Just saying.

Spartan MK3, Mowag and a technical I saw from yesterday's video.
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by BlackBaron: 11:56pm On Jul 14
tunshe: After reading through your post, I can assure you that you will get a refund as long as you press with this attitude.
However, I don't advice people outside the US to go for bids. Just a personal advice.
I have had delivery issues on ebay despite living in the US and using the report utility brings your case to hearing.
Also before buying on ebay,check reviews about the seller and take time to read terms and conditions.
On the issue of boycott you raised,people will still do business online because that's the future. I think your anger should be directed to the Yahoo Yahoo boys and not the people trying to protect all users.
I feel your point bro,everything gonna be alright.

It's even more compounded due to Nigeria's status as a beehive of fraud hence their system flags you up especially when sending to a different address than on your PayPal/bank account.

Better off using a proxy. Saves a lot of stress...

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Claim Abuja, Lagos Attacks In New Video by BlackBaron: 10:44pm On Jul 13
This actually portends a lot of uncertainties for us all as Nigerians especially in a cosmopolitan area like Lagos.

Already know a few people relocating and all especially from the 'epicentres'

Besides why are the ingrates turning this into a macabre show of unintelligence?

It's not helping, especially the calls for randomised violence against northerners'
Politics / Re: $49.8bn Oil Funds Not Missing, Says Senate by BlackBaron: 9:57am On Jul 11
What a bunch of bastardš.

So a colossal sum was found to be ' unremmited' but yet no one is to be held accountable for it?

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Politics / Re: Apapa Explosion Was Terrorist Bomb Blast. Shocking!! by BlackBaron: 8:27pm On Jul 08
ImperialYoruba: ...

Cover your head in shame please...
Your education can now be considered to have been a total waste!


Romance / Re: Why Cross-Gender Friendships Don't Work by BlackBaron: 6:19pm On Jun 29
Disagree a tad with the OP. Here goes mine;
I've got 2 tier of friends...
'Close friends'

Now my 'close friends' would go the distance for likewise I for them. (lend money, pay on my behalf, advice, help do some work and so) Now I have evaluated and simply moved almost all females anda few down to tier 2 cos they'll just take the piss without offering you a commensurate effort.(not even sex)

'Friends' on the other hand I offer just about to do limited stuff for. This means out of ten requests I'll do probably 3-4.
So there goes, you can indeed be friends with...just make sure you don't get used 'because she's a girl '
Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by BlackBaron: 9:28pm On Jan 10
You'd have thought if Nigerians were sane and enlightened, they would have been vociferous in kicking this bunch of tricksters out.

But who am I kidding...

The Pro Stella's and Pro Amosuns would soon populate this thread trading diatribes to and from yet failing to see the irony of their stupidity.
Politics / Re: If Jonathan Loses In 2015 Will The Militants Return To The Creeks by BlackBaron: 5:46pm On Jan 08
I'll rather the ND get total resource control before then...with a lil token accruing to others. For their own good, they can apply a caveat for life sentence or death penalty for misappropriation of oil proceeds.

Quite worried at the current state of affairs. Polity seems heated up coupled with snide tribalism, finger pointing and excessive corruption.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Be The Catalyst Of Change In Nigeria by BlackBaron: 2:35pm On Jan 06
A president (in) famous for allowing corruption to thrive doesn't look like a catalyst of change in my books. Last time I checked, EFCC was on life support. Corrupt officials still holding office...

For some, their support of Jonathan is a sort of bulwark for their own selfish reasons.
We deserve examplary leadership rather than a sectional, divisive and derisive leaders.
Politics / Re: Ibadan Kids Spend New Year At The Escalator At Shoprite Ibadan by BlackBaron: 4:12pm On Jan 02

You sure haven't seen an escalator before in your life

I can bet a million Naira on that

I doubt if you even know what it means
Blackbaron has never seen an 'escalator' before!?
I'll be damned.
They wouldn't be able to get a spark of intelligence from you even if they used jump leads.

I'm waiting for a much better retort from you...

P.S. Donate that million naira to a charity if you are a man of your words.

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Politics / Re: Boko-Haram Gunmen Kill 12 At Wedding Party.... DEAD HUMANS [PHOTO] by BlackBaron: 4:03pm On Jan 02
Lionbite: Why cant we just build a border separating the hausas from other tribes in nigeria, that way they can have the president of their choice and religion of their choice......... After that if they like they bomb their fellow citizen its no longer our head-ache
BH is mainly 'Kanuri' not an 'Hausa thing' like most unlearned ilks like yourself like to believe.
Politics / Re: Ibadan Kids Spend New Year At The Escalator At Shoprite Ibadan by BlackBaron: 3:51pm On Jan 02 many emotions at once. grin angry cry

About 'kids all over the world play on escalators'.. Certainly not in 'droves' like in that picture.
There are inherent dangers in using escalator without precautions or as a 'plaything' like in that picture.

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Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by BlackBaron: 3:45pm On Jan 02

i love android.
Nights and clockwork knight, here i come

All good.
Have you managed to run any games so far...
I'm not sure what else is good on DC except Power Stone.
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by BlackBaron: 1:23am On Dec 27, 2013
^ ^

You'll simply need to run benchmark tests to know read and write rates of the sd cards.

Anyone seen and used 'Reicast' app?

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Politics / Re: "They Are Political Pr0stitutes"- Soyinka Blasts APC Leaders by BlackBaron: 7:26pm On Dec 25, 2013
I once said 'na the same mama born them' [politicians]
Sounds like they could trade the citizens for a few pieces of silver.

At this rate, it'll be better to support independents than either of these 2 crooked political parties.
Politics / Re: APC Platform Will Include Free Education For Nigerians At All Levels by BlackBaron: 7:06pm On Dec 25, 2013
Considering our large population, free education would be unfeasible. You run the risk of running a watered down education.

To implement quality education requires intensive capital commitments [not like the current education jamboree where ASUU dilly dallies with a government that continually denies having enough funds]

Even at that, by studying current trends in education rankings. We would need to be spending at least $8000 (oecd average) per head yearly to be able to be on par with some of the best education systems in the world. Our oil receipts alone would certainly not be feasible
Politics / Re: Video: Gulma Tactical UAV (nigeria's First Indigenous Drone) by BlackBaron: 11:09am On Dec 20, 2013
Can you lay down the full specs please...

Besides, have you any idea on the upcoming EOD robot?


When was the wind tunnel completed ? Pics would be nice too.
Phones / Re: Android, Anyone? Part II by BlackBaron: 12:25am On Dec 20, 2013
You guys should check out the Tegra Note tablets made by Nvidia. Quad core, stylus, 720 IPS HD screen and a Tegra 4 processor. On sale in the UK right now for £99! Snap that up if you can.

No other tab comes close at that price point.

Anyway, next year I hope to start a pre-order business as a throughput for items shipping exclusively from the UK to Nigeria. All I need now is a pay merchant that will accept Nigerian debit cards and so. Delivery methods will also be by FedEx or a local Nigerian courier company.
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Economy Largest In Africa As Rebasing Boosts GDP To $405bn by BlackBaron: 9:23pm On Dec 19, 2013

You know India is the 3rd largest economy in the world bigger than Germany and Japan! Which are countries that can boast of rural cities more glamorous than Indian capital, Mumbai! India's rural areas are poorer than any village in Nigeria or Burundi! But, they are working on it.

Likewise, don't expect Nigeria to displace South Africa in terms of infrastructure overnight. It is a gradual process that will span over many years. That is if we decide it is better to spend our money on infrastructure than buying weapons to fight ourselves in a 2nd civil war after 2015.I don't trust black people to making good choices for their countries. Only time will tell which option Nigerians will rather spend their money.

In other words, India is your benchmark as to why our economy is growing on paper whilst other indices show little to no improvements. [LOL]

Besides, India is not the world's 3rd largest economy. [Depending on whom you choose to quote]

Why didn't you pick China in your like for like comparison seeing it is the biggest economy in Asia?


Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Economy Largest In Africa As Rebasing Boosts GDP To $405bn by BlackBaron: 8:44pm On Dec 19, 2013
Of course, we can see how once been the largest economy on the continent for SA was synonymous with good roads, hospitals, power, transport facilities and whatnot.

Meanwhile in Nigeria...

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Travel / Re: Places To Go For A Holiday And Sightseeing In Nigeria by BlackBaron: 8:29pm On Dec 19, 2013
Some places at Taraba state thump some on this list, only if they were to be developed.
Politics / Re: Iyabo Obasanjo's Letter To Her Father by BlackBaron: 5:22am On Dec 18, 2013
Can best best be described as a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

This, Uncle Jo. and many more are the kind of leaders the citizens could vote into power?

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