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Politics / Re: List Of The Things Buhari Promised Nigerians - Vanguard by Clerverly: 6:46pm On May 28
Vanguard is gradually turning into a Useless Paper!


Politics / Re: Caption These Pictures Of The Outgoing President: by Clerverly: 6:39pm On May 28
Na yeye una wan do GEJ. e no go work.

Which come be yeye?
Politics / Re: Caption These Pictures Of The Outgoing President: by Clerverly: 6:28pm On May 28
Jonathan: I swear na only $1bn of missing $20bn i take.

Oya come make i show you where i keep am.

grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Caption These Pictures Of The Outgoing President: by Clerverly: 5:53pm On May 28

Let me Help:

Jonathan: To God who made me, na only Five Rooms we dey sleep here:

Buhari: Are you sure?

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Politics / Re: Caption These Pictures Of The Outgoing President: by Clerverly: 5:52pm On May 28
Please wait. How you go take help me beg Baba make him forget #EkitiGate?

Amaechi: Koro! You are going to the prison! No way!

Politics / Caption These Pictures Of The Outgoing President: by Clerverly: 5:51pm On May 28
Let's go!

Politics / Re: PDP Accepts Responsibility For Wrongdoings In The Past 16 Years - Read Tweet by Clerverly: 8:02pm On May 17
With Wike, Fayose and Akpabio still under their torn umbrella, Nigeria will always see them as an evil that needs to be avoided!

Anyway RIP PDP!

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Politics / Re: The Political Fallacy And Hypocrisy Of Those Surrounding Buhari by Clerverly: 9:37am On May 17
We're watching. It's too soon to infere anything. Besides, a lot of happenings in the days ahead will shape what to expect in 2019 and 2023. Therefore we cannot get too far ahead of ourselves.

The guy's fear is misplaced! He is already talking of 2019, when 2015 has not taken off!
Politics / Re: The Political Fallacy And Hypocrisy Of Those Surrounding Buhari by Clerverly: 9:33am On May 17
Buhari has not been sworn in, you guys are already talking about 2019! Where lies the task of governance? If an hausa man can rule for 50 years and delivers the elementary service of governance like electricity, health-care, social amenities etc, I don't think Nigerians would bother!

After all, What did Obasanjo years of presidency bring to the South West! What of the outgoing Drunkard from 0tuoke? What did do for his people?

Abeg enough of these conjectures and imaginative conspiracies!

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Betrayed Me, Niger-delta — Ex-gov Sylva by Clerverly: 9:16am On May 17
OMG...how people lie...i don't just know...Sylva...only God will judge u for d lies ur telling...u brought peace to d niger delta??....u constructed many roads in Bayelsa?? OMG...pls mentioned d roads..
d way Bayelsans hate this man ehn....even in his own clan nebe...nt to talk of other tribes...talking poo...
This was a man termed as d worst governor of Bayelsa ever...

They hate him, yet he delivered his constituency to APC! They hate him, yet a Senator, house of rep and Five house members defected to his party!

Tell me more!


Politics / Re: 4 Bayelsa Legislators’ Seats Declared Vacant After Defection To APC by Clerverly: 8:22pm On May 16
Playing with fire! Wait till may 29th to understand the power of rule of law!
Politics / Re: Top 5 Most Corrupt Government Agencies Siphoning Nigeria's Revenue by Clerverly: 11:24am On May 16
What baffles me the more, is that, these organizations generate Billions of Naira yearly but instead of remitting to the State's coffer, they share it among themselves(staff) and the government ends up allocating more fund for them to share!

NIMASA, NPA, are not paying dime to the FG as generated revenue!

To be fair, it didn't start with jonadafft, it has been the practice since God-Knows-When!

But it got to Stop, for meaningful development to take place!

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Politics / Re: If APC Did Not Win, I Knew I Was Going To Be In Trouble- Gov Amaechi by Clerverly: 3:33pm On May 15

"In the face of dwindling oil revenues" Na GEJ fault grin
Yes I can see GEJ dragging the oil prices dooown. .egbere!!
Where did they borrow the money from? That should be your assignment. ..now get to it

They call him daft...yet buhari is asking for tips on how to run Nigeria from him grin stinking mumu

Demdem is just hitting you hard with intelligent argument! Stop sounding like a broken record mr!


Politics / Re: Ameachi , A ‘general’ In Nigeria’s Revolution, Says Tinubu by Clerverly: 6:54pm On May 14
The Lion of Ubima, the General of the Courageous, the Man who practically stripped the Useless Otuoke Drunkarrd and brought him home to face shame!

Ameachi You are Indeed the Fearless Lion Of Our Time!

Nigerians Love You!


Politics / Re: Rivers Killings: We’ll Not Forgive Nor Forget, Says Buhari by Clerverly: 8:28am On May 14

Goatee...The Daura dullard is a toothless mongrel dog I repeat, He won't do anything, no need dragging this issue, You will see.
Touch wike and set Rivers on fire.

Useless and jobless Empty Chest beater! Always spending 23hrs a day online spewing rubbish! Moronic slave! I spit on you!

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Politics / Re: HRH Sanusi Speaks Again On The Missing $20b And The PWC Report. by Clerverly: 12:13am On May 14

If nobody goes to jail on account of this missing monies that will be the end of Buhari and APC in 2019. The biggest reason they will be booted out.

Not only going to Jail! The money must be recovered or they should be publicly executed, using anti aircraft tanks! Rogues!

Where is That Northern Korean's Leader, when you need him?

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Politics / Re: BREAKING!!! Jonathan’s Senator, Rep, Others Defect To APC by Clerverly: 12:03am On May 14
SS/SE Can Never Play opposition politics! Apc will surely clinch the Governorship Seat there!

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Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Activities And Cramjones Initial Release... Former Employee's Opinion by Clerverly: 11:34pm On May 13
That Man is a rogue! A cousin of mine who equally worked under him, has been laughing at his latest outburst! According to him, the man stole money from NTA and used it to turn around his private station!

Politics / Re: Apc Plotting To Take Over Rivers, A-ibom, Delta...pdp Alleges by Clerverly: 10:54am On May 13


Okay! Why are they now scared of the Tribunal? Yeye dey smell! At least what the APC are asking for in those states is simply Re-Run elections not to claim victory!
Politics / Re: Gej's Defeat: A Huge Blessing In Disguise To The SS/SE by Clerverly: 10:12am On May 13
All these yeye threats would end in 2019, when APC must have been controlling 9 of the 11 states in SS/SE! It may not even get to 2019!

Yeye people! Just because your useless jonathan was voted out, you suddenly remembered Resource control! Lazy idiotus!!


Politics / Re: Apc Plotting To Take Over Rivers, A-ibom, Delta...pdp Alleges by Clerverly: 9:22am On May 13

Everybody's got hands on deck ensuring cancellations of votes in Abia, A-ibom, Rivers, Plateau... Why didn't you folks advocate cancellations in Kano, Kastina and Jigawa in the just concluded presidential election?! I still cannot believe that kano had no single cancellation/ vote error

What is stopping PDP in those states from approaching the Tribunal, if they were so sure of their position? Do you know that the Tribunal is the last Leg of an electoral process? Why are The PDP contesting the governorship elections in Lagos, Ogun, Zamafara etc States? Why didn't advise them to concede defeat? Do you think we are in a Banana Republic, where anything goes? Abeg shift!


Politics / Re: Apc Plotting To Take Over Rivers, A-ibom, Delta...pdp Alleges by Clerverly: 9:03am On May 13
Why are the PDP now afraid of Tribunal?? The same party on three election had Rigged Buhari our, and advised him to proceed to the Tribunal and he heeded! What's the fear now for the same process??


Politics / Re: Apc Plotting To Take Over Rivers, A-ibom, Delta...pdp Alleges by Clerverly: 8:53am On May 13

Cleverly, after spending over 12 years living in an okrika village in phalga ward 20 and over 10 years in an ikwerre village in obio akpor ward 1, I can confidently claim I know a little bit about rivers politics.

A rerun now will favour APC because my brothers don't play opposition politics or stay far from a centre controlled by hausa/Fulani but the election of April 11th was PDP's to lose. Of course it would have been close. Of course APC would have won substantial house of assembly seats but with the money Wike had spent and the mobilisation he'd done, it would have been a miracle for dakuku to have won at first ballot.

They built too much hatred for amaechi. The election wasn't even seen as wike vs dakuku but rivers vs amaechi.

I give up! However, I know one way or the other, they have shot themselves on the foot! Any Re Run election under APC's Airforce, Army, Civil Defence, Navy and Police will be a different ball game!


Politics / Re: Apc Plotting To Take Over Rivers, A-ibom, Delta...pdp Alleges by Clerverly: 8:39am On May 13

God bless you immensely for this comments; it has always been my position.

Why PDP chooses to rig even in an election it's poised to win is what I don't understand. How can they be so senseless in rigging that up to 90% voters turnout was recorded while recording about 85% of the votes for Wike. It was so unnecessary to go that line.

I never expected APC to win Delta, Rivers and Akwa Ibom but not to lose those elections scandalously to the extent that Dakuku was said to have scored that ridiculous votes in Rivers.

All PDP needed to do was to ensure that APC was unable to rig and they would have easily won those elections. Resorting to rigging only arms APC to go to tribunal because they can surely convince the tribunal of the massive rigging of PDP.

Lastly, PDP should stop blackmailing APC and Nigerians with GEJ's conceding of his loss. If they have good evidence they were rigged in any states, they should do the honorable thing by proceeding to tribunals. It is what the tribunals are established for. They need to grow up and stop threatening APC or Nigeria as a whole.

You people should stop all these "poised to win" Wike and Udom Can never win Rivers and Akwa Ibom States in any free and fair elections! You are not ground! So stop allocating victories! The villagers, market women and artisans who form the bulk of the electorates are not on Nairarand!

If not, why are the PDP afraid Of Re-Run? Why the subtle black mailing of the APC? If they are so confident of Victories as you guys postulate here why the threat from Oliseh Metuh?

The same way they wanted us to believe that Rochas was not going to win any other election in Imo State but what happened? Pls let's wait for the Tribunal first!


Politics / Re: Apc Plotting To Take Over Rivers, A-ibom, Delta...pdp Alleges by Clerverly: 8:29am On May 13

Forget Delta....not only does APC not stand a chance there, the gov election went relatively well and I can confirm Okowa won fair and square (was in Delta that week). APC can't challenge Okowa's election. Even Ogboru is wasting his time. Same can't be said for Rivers state where we see videos and reports of killings and other forms of extreme violence.

While I believe PDP would win gov in Rivers considering how Amaechi has been successfully demonised, I can't understand the need for the extremes Wike and PDP took the whole matter.

Why kill so many in an election you're poised to win? Why wipe out a family of a man (Chief Adube) when you know his opposition couldn't stop your victory? PDP, Wike and 'go-round' (PDP chairman) just wasted lives for nothing in Rivers state. APC would have gotten some assembly seats but PDP was sure to carry the day. Imagine almost every local and international observer confirming that NO ELECTIONS HELD IN RIVERS STATE. Then the card reader report will also make the job of the tribunal easier.

Akwa Ibom too is another state where they carried out totally unnecessary acts when they were also poised to win.

Are you on ground or rely on the evil rants by the Children of anger here?

If you must know, Wike, Udom can never win a free and fair election in Rivers and Akwa Ibom respectively! If you had taken time to digest the above rants by The PDP, you would have noticed that, it smacks of fear for any re-run that may be ordered by the tribunal!

If they were so confident of the re-run why the subtle threat and intimidation above? Remember Rochas Okorocha, the children of anger painted him blue and black, watered down his chances and made us believe Rochas can never be re relected, but what happened?

My brother Wike and Udom are goners unless the tribunal sustained their cases which I doubt!

The Re-Run elections would be different from the allocation of votes we saw in April! There will be no cover for Udom and Wike! Watch out!

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Politics / Re: PWC Audit:NNPC Additional $1.5 Billion Salaries And Benefits Questions by Clerverly: 4:36pm On Apr 28
If you see the kind of "armed robber" Salaries those idiots working In NNPC pay themselves yearly for doing nothing, you cant but weep for our dear country!
Politics / Re: Femi Aribisala: 'Dear Buhari, You Cannot Fight Corruption With Corruption' by Clerverly: 2:21pm On Apr 28
lalasticlala, your penchant for bringing Femi's hateful essays to the Frontpage of Nairaland is nauseating and irritating! Haba we have thousands of Newspaper opinion writers in Nigeria yet you always find only his own interesting!

I understand you maybe under the pressure to balance news here but giving
constant attention to this particular sad man is really putting one off this site! Please check it, it is really intellectually unhealthy!



Politics / Re: What Is The Implication Of This Qualifying Statement From Pwc On NNPC Audit by Clerverly: 11:07am On Apr 28
lalasticlala! How many times?
Politics / Re: Senate Presidency: Tinubu Bows To Pressure, Dumps Akume by Clerverly: 10:48am On Apr 28
Vanguard and their conjectures! I don't take the paper seriously!


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