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Politics / Re: Jonathan Should Go Home In 2015! by Clerverly: 7:58am
Is either he goes back home to Otuoke or he goes back home to Kirikri! These are his likely homes in 2015!

Remember A Bandit Is In Power!

Politics / Re: Don't Blame Me For Your Party's Self-Inflicted Woes - Jonathan Tells Buhari by Clerverly: 6:49am
They Shouldn't Blame you, when you say 16 is greater than 19.

They Shouldn't blame you when you provided security for 5 legislators out 31 in River State just to impeach Amaechi.

They Shouldn't blame you when you deployed soldiers and mobilized 5Billion Naira to impeach Nyako.

They shouldn't blame you, when you provided security for 9 legislators out 28 in Edo State to carry out an impeachment against Oshiomole.

No, they shouldn't blame you, When you and your cronies are stealing Nigeria blind.

No they shouldn't blame you, when you are exhuming convicts and providing them with state resources to destabilize their various states.

Mr. Jonadaft, this is just the BEGINING of your downfall.
Politics / Re: We Didn’t Say APC Has Islamic Agenda -PDP by Clerverly: 11:30pm On Jul 21
grin > cheesy Dem go show jonathan in 2015!
Politics / Re: 7 Reasons Why Jonathan Must Not Come Back In 2015 by Clerverly: 10:47pm On Jul 21
Do We Even Have A President? That should be the question not Re-election! We cannot be talking about re-electing a non-existent being!


Politics / Re: 2015: Top 10 Achievements Of President Jonathan-cleverly by Clerverly: 10:30pm On Jul 21
Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Attempt To Suffocate Opposition Not Good For Democracy – Buhari by Clerverly: 10:16pm On Jul 21
ola6: Old man, pls go and sit down, and enjoy your loot stolen while in government. You are a coup plotter, an extremist and a free rider, yes, you are riding on Idiagbon's work NOT your work.

Another foolish mumu, who doesn't know his left from the right! Must you comment?


Politics / Re: Jonathan’s Attempt To Suffocate Opposition Not Good For Democracy – Buhari by Clerverly: 10:14pm On Jul 21
I Pity jonathan, sincere9igerian And Ndigbo!

Una go regret very very soon!


Politics / Re: Breaking News: Ebonyi Speaker Impeached by Clerverly: 9:18am On Jul 21
Is Ebonyi a Nigerian State?


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Ezekwesili Arrested, and Released - Premium Times by Clerverly: 9:08am On Jul 21
Sincere9gerian: So who is funding this movement? Who funds her movement to and fro London?

Meanwhile, Nigerians can grand-stand. If the Bringbackourgirls campaigners can DO things better than our military, why not they move to Sambisa forest and rescue the girls themselves? Nonsense

Yes they should move to Sambisa while that useless, incompetent and bandit of a President would sit in Aso Rock and collect 1.3B Naira yearly for food condiments only, just for doing nothing other drinking Ogogoro! You are really a cursed Herbalist!


Politics / Re: EXPOSED: Osun Police Command Lambasts Pdp’s Desperate And Vicious Lies by Clerverly: 8:58am On Jul 21
VictorCiza and Mogidi Handiwork! Wretched e rats!


Politics / Re: APC Presidential Race: Atiku Dig In by Clerverly: 9:33pm On Jul 20
Calling Fani Kayode, a nonentity, stalwart, renders the article useless and a classical gossip!

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Politics / Re: How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 8:49pm On Jul 20

You are entitled to your opinion sir!!!

Kwankwaso was elected on the platform of PDP. It is no longer news that he wants to be president. Something he can never achieve on the platform of PDP as long as GEJ is in the picture.

He defected to APC to further his quest. You and I know how difficult it will be for Kwankwaso to emerge APC presidential candidate. Forget party affilitions, that's the raw truth.

If you believe the 5 governors that defected did so because they love Nigeria, then you'll believe anything. It's all about personal interests.

All the 5 governors with the exception of Abdulfatah of kwara (who's more or less Bukola Saraki's stooge) will complete their 8 years in 2015. What does that tell you?

Is there anything wrong in having ambition? The last time I checked, it was still under his constitutional right to do so. So why bringing your hatred for Tinubu into the discussion.

Or do you people want the opposition to just roll over for the drunkard currently in Abuja?

I don't have any problem, if you stayed on the topic to discuss his chances rather than venting your hatred for a Man who is not even occupying nor contesting for any election.
Politics / Re: How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 8:15pm On Jul 20

You are so right!!!

All this noise is just to gain relevance and see if he can progress his political career with APC.

But he obviously haven't heard of the chronicles of a certain TINUBU

I used to see you as decent poster, I never knew you were this foolish!
Politics / Re: Osun Pdp Floods Party Secretariat With Kerosene Tankers To Induce Voters by Clerverly: 7:18pm On Jul 20
Proceeds from kerosene Subsidy Scam by jonathan!

Blood Kerosene, Good People Of Osun Beware!

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Politics / Re: PICTURE Of IGP MD Abubakar Controlling Traffic In Abuja by Clerverly: 6:07pm On Jul 20
The most biased IG since Nigerian Independence


Politics / Re: Armed Robbers Attack VP Sambo Wife’s Car, Kill 2 by Clerverly: 5:54pm On Jul 20
So she escaped?

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Politics / Re: How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 4:37pm On Jul 20
caseless: another asinine on the lose! Kwankwaso is not d reason ur bf left u, so dnt transfer ur agression to him.

His name is Jamiu, he lives in Uyo, where he works as a Toilet Cleaner/ e rat! If you didn't know, You are exchanging words with an irredeemable idiotu!
Politics / Re: How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 4:33pm On Jul 20

Says the shameless Iponri Ghost shopping liar and twerp . . . .

See as dem dey disgrace you here, I am very ashamed on behalf of your parents!

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Politics / Re: How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 4:16pm On Jul 20

Coming from a bilious and a bitter caseless clown renowned for his geneologic inspired insolence and vile idiocy is quite rich . . . .

You always sound like a frustrated fool, Jamiu why?


Politics / Re: 10 Political Dictators Who Shamelessly Looted Their Countries by Clerverly: 12:22pm On Jul 20
Politics / Re: How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 12:19pm On Jul 20
^^^^Agents of darkness on the panic button


Politics / How We Will Give Jonathan The “malawi” Treatment In 2015 – Kwankwaso by Clerverly: 11:34am On Jul 20
Excerpts of the interview:

PT: What is your view on how the Federal Government is handling the state of insecurity in Nigeria, especially in the north?

Kwankwaso: The issue of security is key. Any government that cannot provide basic needs of its people means it is simply not there, that is why even the International Community feels like there is no government on ground in Nigeria.
A leader from America said his government has wasted too much time waiting for a government in Nigeria that is almost non-existent. He is not a Nigerian, and that is exactly the fact of the matter.
So many people have advised this government, especially on the issue of the North East . The North East should have a special Marshall Plan to support them. Every leader has his particular challenge, when President Yar’Adua came to power he had a challenge from the South-South, in the Niger Delta and he did his best to tackle that challenge. By the grace of God the situation is much better there.
Today whether you are from the South or North, Christian or Muslim does not matter; what really matter is how to get peace back. We have seen a situation in this country where some people are raising their own flags, It doesn’t help anybody. Every square inch of this country belongs to Mr. President; it doesn’t matter what religion, culture or people they are. People are being killed, maimed and even taken away on daily basis, like needles, people just disappear.
As we speak we have thousands of Nigerians in Niger Republic, Cameroun and Chad as refugees and nobody is even talking about them. They are just there at the mercy of their hosts. These are the issues on the ground that must be tackled instead they are going from church to church to bring in sentiment on the issue.
The people being killed and stolen are both Muslims and Christians, but it took them 18 days to agree that over 270 Nigerian children were stolen. They never wanted to believe that it happened. The woman leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was even asking for their pictures, asking what their names are? They were being mischievous over the matter.
A government in a blessed and rich country like Nigeria cannot protect its citizens. [b]Any government that cannot protect Nigerians doesn’t deserve to be in office.

Being a president is not about personal enjoyment, it also does not mean protecting some and ignoring others. Once anyone is elected as a President or a Governor, you are no more the Chairman of your party, you are no more Edwin Clark, who is the leader of the Ijaw nation, but you are the President for both who voted for you and those who did not, those who like you, and those who do not like you.
We are seeing a situation where people are at the helm of leadership but still feel that they are cheated.

PT: Let’s talk politics now. Are we likely to see more governors joining the APC?

Kwankwaso: Of course, it is possible but what I know is that whether governors join us or not, the people are already with us. I have not taken the time to go to the South to study what is happening, but I had time to study the North. In the 19 states I don’t see any state where under free and fair election, people will go and vote for the status quo. The status quo is not good for anybody because they have failed to provide the basic services to justify why the people voted for this government.
They may think they are still popular, not only do they lack the capacity, the people around them are even worse, because they don’t tell them the truth, and that is why things keep getting worst by the day.
Funny enough, they don’t even have the true position of things. As far as they are concerned, everything is ok and the country is moving in the right direction. That is what they tell the President.
Well, of course, that is not good, but politically, I think that is good for our party. They will be shocked. Nigerians will do to them what the Malawians did to their government. We will Malawi them in 2015.
Jonathan will be number three.
I hope APGA and Labour will stop deceiving themselves. If they can get a good presidential candidate, he will be number three. He will be number three pursuing third term.

PT: During the controversy generated during the appointment of the new Emir of Kano, we understand the president planned to go to Kano, but when the current emir was the one who emerged, he changed his mind. As governor, were you informed that the President was visiting?

Kwankwaso: Well, someone called me and told me he was coming. But, when they realised that they were inducing crises, he refused to go.

PT: On this allegation of inducing crisis, did you on your own reach out to the president, since it became clear to you that he had a hand in what was happening?

Kwankwaso: Well, I am yet to get in touch with them, but I will get in touch with them. I am sure they will know my position even through you. I keep on advising them that in democracy, governors are not important. Who are important are the local government chairmen, councillors, press men and the ordinary people.
They should open a channel of communication. That is the responsibility of the leader. In Kano for instance, it is very easy
for me to communicate with anybody, and if I don’t want to communicate with you, there is no way you can communicate with me. The same thing applies with the president.
The mistake started long ago, but reached its peak when we had our election at the governors’ forum and elected Rotimi Amaechi to be our own chairman. The Governors forum is like a club, an association, and at the end of the day, Amaechi won by 19 votes. But he and his party, recognised the man with 16 votes. That was the beginning of our problem. We have never seen something like that. That association is not even constitutional. It is just a union of group of friends, but under this administration, even governors cannot choose their monitor. They will have to decide for us. That was the genesis of the crisis and at the end of the day, everybody was kicked out except the 16. They are the ones getting billions of naira in the name of ecological fund. He just dashes them the money and that is unfortunate.

PT: But are you protesting?

Kwankwaso: We did and we are still protesting. We can’t allow them to continue getting billions, while we get nothing. Even the appointment of an emir which is ordinarily the job of the Local Government, the President wanted to hijack it. When it comes to appointment of persons at the federal level they put our enemies who are their friends. That is not fair.


Politics / Re: I Will Never Withdraw My Memo – Nyako by Clerverly: 10:37am On Jul 20
brownlords: Long story short, Oga did you steal public funds? that is what we want to hear, not senior Abuja citizen or foreigner nonsense you are spewing here

Another senseless post from the Neutral Brownfool!


Politics / Re: 22 Anti-impeachment Protesters Arrested In Nassarawa by Clerverly: 9:08am On Jul 20
PDP Moderators In Action!


Politics / Re: 2015 : S’ East APC Moves To Save okorocha by Clerverly: 8:52am On Jul 20
kaorama: Is it Imo state they are talking about or another state? Rochas has already failed re-election in Imo state. We are only waiting f the announcement of the election result. He himself knows he cannot make it.

I am certain you don't even have voters card! Mark it here Nwokem, Rochas would have his way! And maggots like you would cry foul!
Politics / Re: 2015 : S’ East APC Moves To Save okorocha by Clerverly: 8:48am On Jul 20
Unuane1, do you have any other job except opening useless and Anti APC threads on Nairaland?
Politics / Re: I Have Told My People That Unless They Give Me N100 Each,i Won't Run - Okorocha by Clerverly: 12:46am On Jul 20
idumuose: Rochas game is up.Another party will take over the state next year.

Even if another party took over, you would still remain the wretched character we saw in a picture! Ediotu!

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Politics / Re: 10 Political Dictators Who Shamelessly Looted Their Countries by Clerverly: 12:20am On Jul 20

Is jonathan also looting?

Which kind question be that?

Was it not in your face, that he stole 20Billion Dollars in single day?

Share 2trillion Naira Oil subsidy fund with his criminal friends!

Stole over 30billion Bayelsa money in conjunction with Alamesiegha his godfather?


Politics / Re: 10 Political Dictators Who Shamelessly Looted Their Countries by Clerverly: 12:04am On Jul 20
Any List Without That Bandit Called jonathan is Useless!

Moreover, those people you listed were/are petty thieves when compared with jonathan.

Where do you place a president who stole 20Billion Dollars in a single day?


Politics / Re: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Speech To Hamas by Clerverly: 11:36pm On Jul 19

Stop displaying your illegitimate roots and improper upbringing like that of your bastard jagabantic kleptomaniac thiefnibu.

I suggest and urge you to pull out further from mentioning or quoting me just as your aboki trailer driver of a father should have done in your paraga pomo retailing mother of a wh0re

Incoherent rants from a child molester!
Politics / Re: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Speech To Hamas by Clerverly: 11:30pm On Jul 19

Hamas is related to Boko Haram. Boko Haram is your militia wing doing the bidding of your FrogFathers and Janjaweed Jihadis in the APC.

Yea, and they will soon wipe away your entire lineage to make way for sensible people!
Politics / Re: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Speech To Hamas by Clerverly: 11:25pm On Jul 19

It is on record that your frog father cum agbereo commander thiefnibu demanded for amnesty for his boko supporters and is currently crying more than the bereaved for Nyako a confirm boko sponsorer.

U apeshits are by far the dumbest hypocritical dunces to ever walk the planet

A confirmed Boko supporter, was a member of your evil party PDP for 7 good years and you couldn't raise a finger. Idiotu wannabe PDPig the joke is on you ewu!


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