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Religion / Re: Solomon Lange Escaped Death As He Involved In A Ghastly Moto Accident (photo) by dalaman: 12:00am
He's lucky. I know this guy very well. Best wishes Solomon.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi , Alex Iwobi And William ‏react After Today's Match - Read by dalaman: 11:17pm On Jun 22
U dey beat Iceland una de happy? Shame no even catch una.

8 of those players in the whole team are farmers. One is a governor. 5 are doctors. The keeper is a movie director and actor. 3 are primary school teachers.

That squad na just patch up squad yet u dey happy say u beat them 2-0

Religion / Re: Atheists, Has This Happened To You Or Anyone You Know. by dalaman: 10:03pm On Jun 22
Many parents are against their children that are dependent on them going against their political choices talk more of religious beliefs. If you tell your parents that you are dependent on that you no longer believe just expect them to throw you out because to them you've become some satanist that kills people and drinks their blood according to their weird mythical beliefs.
Sports / Re: Musa! Man Of The Match - Nigerian Vs Iceland (World Cup 2018) by dalaman: 6:11pm On Jun 22
Balogun was the man of the match.

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Religion / Re: Who Created God? by dalaman: 8:36am On Jun 22
Men created all the various Gods they worship. All the various Gods are imaginary human ideas and conception.

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Politics / Re: Olujonwo Obasanjo Drags Wife Temitope Adebutu To Court, One Year After Wedding by dalaman: 8:20am On Jun 22
Maybe she's mentally ill. She should be mentally evaluated.
Religion / Re: Atheist, What Would You Consider Evidence Of God's Existence? by dalaman: 6:24pm On Jun 21

Ok like, parting the sea? Lol

Sure, a clear cut miracle in reality like the healing of an amputee, or baby born with down syndrome for examexample.

Logically contingent.

But take for instance the idea that God is a necessary cause for the universe, do you think this idea is consistent with cosmology or observational physics?

Yeah, its a possibility. There could be a creative force or forces responsible for the universe.
Religion / Re: Atheist, What Would You Consider Evidence Of God's Existence? by dalaman: 5:31pm On Jun 21
Anything that consistently agrees with observable reality based on the claims of the said God.

A deist God can not be proven or disproven in anyway because the God concept isn't well defined.
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Replies Leke Adeboye On Farming And Trade By Barter by dalaman: 2:40am On Jun 21
They claimed that after paying tithes they will receive multiple blessings and there won't be room enough to contain it. How come they are broke and begging for money after paying tithe?

Abi the windows of heaven no open?
Or the blessings were not poured out to them?

grin grin grin

Be wise people.... The tithe does not being monetary blessings, otherwise they won't be telling the tithers to go to farm to get food.

End of story.
Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 12:58pm On Jun 20

Hahaha... The word of God is more real than you. Oh, but you can't understand this!. You see, the child in primary school will always think he knows so much. But there is a University to go to, and a higher knowledge to acquire. So it's sheer stupidity to say, I've known it all, and therefore jump into conclusion. Where and where have you gone to?. How many mountains do you know?. How much of the world's oceans have you explored?. What proportion of the Universe have you discovered, let alone studied?. Yet, you open your small tiny mouth to say, there's no God. Then you are and came by mistake!, or aren't you?, a chance that just happened?. If not, tell me how you came about, since God doesn't exist.

See, let me tell you something. Except you repent and give your life to Jesus Christ, you're not alive!.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. The good news is that despite all this things you're doing, He still loves you so deeply and is willing to save you right now!. There's no greater love than this!

Baa baa baa sheep! You are just spewing ancient mythology at me thinking you are doing something important when in reality delusional mythology is what you are spewing. You remain a liar and all what you have stated are empty lies that have no truth in them.

You are delusional! Your God is imaginary that I'd why you are speaking on its behalf, it can't talk to.me and tell.me anything because it remains an imaginary idea that lives only inside your head and the head of other believers like you that subscribe to that idea. Stop telling and spreading lies all over the place.
Religion / Re: Angel Obinim In Ghana Turns Stone To Gold by dalaman: 7:17am On Jun 20
There is no way Africa will ever develop if we keep taking these people seriously and having those useless superstitious mindset.

African pastors be allegedly turning "stones to gold" raising the dead and healing mad men but can not raise and change the African economy for good. Stupid and shameless liars and thieves.
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Wears Thong Bikini (Photos) by dalaman: 8:39pm On Jun 19
She-male bobrisky.


Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 5:23pm On Jun 19

May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on your soul. If only you know.

What he knows is that you are deluded and spreading fictitious mythology as if they are real.
Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 5:22pm On Jun 19

Repent and receive Jesus Christ today!. That's what's important and necessary. Jesus Christ loves you and wants you to be saved, nothing like lie there.

Stop deluding yourself by spreading deluded lies. What is important and necessary is that you get your delusions off your head.
Religion / Re: God Vs Allah - God Of Israel Vs Allah The Unknowable Crescent Moon God Of Islam by dalaman: 11:37am On Jun 19
What nonsense is this? Both Gods are imaginary human construct.
Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 11:34am On Jun 19

I pity you o. Seriously, I feel for you because you don't know what you're doing.

Know this, after your noise, refusal to believe God's word, abusing and cursing God, If you don't repent, you will without fail, bow down and worship Him (God almighty) and you will confess Him as the Lord and master. SMH. You will without fail stand before Him for judgement. You will surely give account of how you managed the life given to you. The choice is always yours.

You just don't know, that's why you're saying the things you're saying. Ignorance and pride are big disasters. Pray they don't destroy you.

Jesus Christ is the way. You can't deny it. Repent and be saved.

Ogbeni stop telling lies.
Romance / Re: Couple Swear Blood Covenant In Order To Remain Loyal. Photos/Video by dalaman: 11:09am On Jun 19
This is nonsense, if they break up and go their separate ways tomorrow nothing will happen to them. Blood convent is baseless superstition.


Religion / Re: How Does Non Muslims Feel About Muhammad Knowing Number Of Joints In The Body by dalaman: 8:51pm On Jun 18
he could have taken a dead body, and counted the joints in the skeleton.

how did you think ancient physicians and scientists knew

I just tire for these people. Even the ancient Greeks had some little knowledge of human embryology, cosmology, and basic engineering, it's number of joints that the acient Arabs can't know when their environment is littered with skeletons. Nonsense!


Religion / Re: The Mental Disorder Called Atheism. Must Read For All Nairaland Christians by dalaman: 2:42pm On Jun 18

That anas09 is a talented liar, that's how he said the moving story about watching a "real life" video of an event while adding lies to make it sweeter and fit his agenda. He must be related to Lai Mohammed or maybe, as hopefulLandlord use to say, Yahweh sent lying spirit to him like he did to Ahab's prophets

Anas09 is a woman. She's a dangerous liar. No one here takes her seriously cos of her endless lies.

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Religion / Re: Over A 100 Million Atheists In Nigeria, Who Knew? by dalaman: 9:42am On Jun 18
OP is angry. Nigerians are the most religious bunch I know but yet Nigeria remains the most rotten country I know and I've been to a lot of countries.

Belief in God doesn't make people good at all.


Sports / Re: Nigeria 0 - Croatia 2 Loss: What Do You Think We Did Wrong? by dalaman: 10:16pm On Jun 16
Buhari is what we did wrong.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari Calls Super Eagles On Phone: #World Cup 2018 by dalaman: 10:03pm On Jun 16
Buhari has passed his total failure to the Eagles. If he hadn't called them they would have scored a goal. His call made sure they lost the game without scoring a goal because Buhari is total bad luck.


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid And Naomi Campbell Jet Out To Milan by dalaman: 12:49pm On Jun 16
Seems Wizkid has something for older women.

If you know you know.
Religion / Re: The Mental Disorder Called Atheism. Must Read For All Nairaland Christians by dalaman: 8:30am On Jun 16

The funny thing is that they won't admit that it is their opinion, they would claim that it is from God. just look at the nonsense from butterflyleo

grin He said you are to test every spirit and that you are fleshy and can not understand things deeper than you, empty words he throws around so that he can keep deluding himself.

The various sects in Christianity that are constantly at each others necks over various differences show that he is a liar that doesn't know what he is talking about.

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Religion / Re: The Mental Disorder Called Atheism. Must Read For All Nairaland Christians by dalaman: 8:17am On Jun 16

@ bold,

This is why every pastor has his own way of remixing the bible. Any fool can claim God told him the truth through personal revelation.

This is how Joseph Smith, a convicted fraudster, used "personal divine revelation" to start a racist church called the Church of Later Day Saints.

cc Johnydon22, hopefullandlord, dalaman, budaatum

God is an idea that is made up inside the human head. Make it up as you go is the name of the game. Why do you think there are various sects in Christianity each with divergent and opposing views from each other? It's because they keep making things up and claiming it's revelation from their God, but in reality it is just their opinion and thoughts of what and how they feel their God should act or behave. It's called self projecting your self as God.

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Religion / Re: Gods Are Always A Reflection Of Man by dalaman: 4:02am On Jun 15
For ~14.7 Billion years no God was worshipped. The earth came about 4.5 billion years ago and life began. Only a few hundred thousand years ago humans emerged. They started by worshipping stones, rocks, trees and animals. They then worshipped the fire. Some worshipped the sun and the moon. Then worshipped other humans as Gods. Over time humans started worshipping groups of invisible people living in the sky. Then the people living in the sky sent humans as messengers to guide other humans. Then God became a single person in the sky. Now we worship a God that lives outside of our universe whom we can never see nor verify and is a mysterious force. Do you notice a pattern? It seems God and worship is a very human concept that keeps receding into mystery. A concept coined by archaic humans who were oblivious to the reality of the cosmos. There have been thousands of Gods in history, but only your's is only right? And your invisible God hates and will torture all other humans that don't worship him. Did God really create man in his image or man created God in his?



Religion / Re: Why Are Gods So Powerless Nowadays? by dalaman: 9:47pm On Jun 14
He can cure Headache cheesy

Imaginary headache.
Religion / Re: Gods Are Always A Reflection Of Man by dalaman: 9:45pm On Jun 14
Buyterflyloe was busy telling me how some prophesy was fullfilled in the bible when America moved it's embassy to Israel. I read the entire passage and saw Yahweh warning the people that he will strike all horses and make them blind and inflict their riders with madness.

Yahweh for got that people today now ride cars, trains and fly airplanes in Israel that assuming the nonsense written there as anything to do with what is happening in the world today.
Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 11:33am On Jun 14

The ear that will hear will hear!. Your refusal to believe will not change a thing, except on your person, soul and spirit. When Jesus himself came preaching and telling the jews and pharesses, that look, I am the Son of God, how many of them believed Him?. Was that not the very reason they gathered to kill Him?, for telling the truth?. They asked Him to give them a sign from heaven as a proof and He turned it down, and so for that He was talking trash as far as they are concerned. Yet, at the cross, even the centurion who was never directly preached to, affirmed that truly, this was the Son of God!. So, who was the loser there?. You, man, can never dictate for God, have you no respect and reverence at all?. What you can't do to your human leaders, you dare try it with God?. I feel horrified for you guys seriously!. But God is so patient and kind, but it's a serious gamble of death to drag on in fleshly wisdom and pride to suffer God's patience and grace.

Ask yourself, what happened, how and why did top people, reknown in science and wisdom, like C. S. Lewis, come to accept this Jesus and His way, did they hear God calling them from the sky or what exactly happened?. Is it that they left being wise and intelligent to become foolish and stupid?. That is to say, you and your likes currently are wiser than they, though they had gone deeper than you and have seen more than you in both research and learning. I will keep praying for you that your eyes may be opened to the realities of God and eternity. Shalom.

Jesus Christ is the only Way!.

Stop regurgitating empty mythology to me. Prove your assertions.
Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 9:59pm On Jun 13

You are responsible for what you choose to believe. I am not telling you a lie. The word of God is given to you. The bible is my evidence. I will not go beyond that.

If you want to hear God directly, come into His family and hear Him speak. You can't be outside demanding the rights of Sons. Which is why we preach to you. If you say no!, until I have physical evidence, then I will ask you to wait, because you and all who believe like you, will not only hear Him, but will also see Him. Then you can ask Him why He refused to call your name from heaven and tell you He loves you as a prove of His love. Be rest assured it will come. You will Remember this word.

Dear Lord I wish not that this one find out the truth when it's rather too late. May your grace that bringeth salvation appear to him so that he may be saved in Jesus name Amen!.

Before reknown atheists and scientists the turn around from this way of reasoning to believe and accept God, it takes only grace. Except you say, you're now wiser than they are.

Jesus is Lord forever?!.

So you were talking empty talk after all? OK continue.
Religion / Re: Explaining The Animosity Between Atheists And Theists by dalaman: 4:07pm On Jun 13

Really, these are the things that gives you headache?.
Wait a minute, if I tell you what God says now, will you believe?. I told you how much He loves you and how He desires to have a direct relationship with you, so that you will be the one asking Him any question you want, but no you said!. So how will you believe me if I tell you His reply?. You don't need me to record anything for you, rather, you need to hear it yourself,
that's more authentic, and it's open to all!. The bible tells you about such opportunity and I have echoed it to you, don't you think it's pride and laziness not to take that advantage? You can't mock God at all.

So, God must dance to your every tune and satisfy your every wim before you believe He exist?. You don't seem to know where you are, if you do, you won't blink an eye first before accepting His offer of salvation. The very thing fallen angels are dying to have, now offered to you freely, but you, the needy, is the one asking and giving conditions. A drowning man can not give conditions for his freedom. But know this, one day, you will see and know and understand everything I am saying to you now. Only pray, it doesn't happen when it's rather too late.

Jesus saves?

You made a claim, prove that you aren't a liar by providing evidence. Failure to substantiate your claims means you are a liar. I am tired of your empty talk.

Stop lying to me.Just prove your claims and that's all.

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