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Crime / Re: Stray Bullet Fired By Soldiers Hits A Sleeping Child In Borno (Photos) by DedeNkem: 8:00pm On Jan 16
There are always "stray bullets" from the world's most corrupt and incompetent military - Nigerian military!!
Politics / Re: 2019: Buhari Remains Best Presidential Candidate For Nigeria – CACOL by DedeNkem: 7:57pm On Jan 16
If crooked murderous tribalist, buhari, is all you've got, then Nigeria is in deep sh*it!!
Politics / Re: Herdsmen In Benue: Cartoon Of The Day By Punch Newspaper by DedeNkem: 7:48pm On Jan 16
na ethic mata na, ipob wanted to destroy the republic, thats treason, them suppose shoot all the agitators self, buhari is nice self, ask ojukwu family what happened to his partners during civil war, try it in turkey and see what they will do to una, biafra is illegal, kanu is illegal, talking abt it alone self na treason

You are clueless! There no where in the Constitution that it says "don't agitate or protest"

What IPOB is doing is not illegal. They don't kill or armed or force any citizen to do anything or destroy public property!!

In fact, it is the useless corrupt buhari government that actually committed crimes and murders!


Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen: Nigerians Misunderstood What I Meant By Cattle Colonies – Ogbeh by DedeNkem: 6:07pm On Jan 15
So instead of arrest or killing murderous fulani terrorists who have slaughtered many Nigerians and still doing so almost daily, the incompetent buhari fulani government wants to appease them! How can you appease terrorists?!!

Tribalist buhari was quick to call IPOB a terrorist group and illegally ordered the corrupt Army to invade and murder it's members for no genuine reason!! A group that conducts peaceful protests, unarmed and doesn't kill people!!

Crooked tribalist buhari has not at anytime said a word against fulani terrorists. He has not done anything to arrest or kill them. He has ordered the army to attack fulani terrorists. And he has not called them terrorists!!! How is this fair?!
Celebrities / Re: King Ayo Balogun: Wizkid's Son Celebrates 2nd Birthday (Photos) by DedeNkem: 3:05pm On Jan 15
All these baby mama sh*it pisses me off!
Sports / Re: Mainz Condemn Racial Abuse Of Balogun, Ujah By Hannover Fans by DedeNkem: 2:57pm On Jan 15
No...you're the M*oron

If you are out looking for attention, go somewhere else, you imb*ecilic psychopath!
Sports / Re: Mainz Condemn Racial Abuse Of Balogun, Ujah By Hannover Fans by DedeNkem: 2:35pm On Jan 15
Who asked you...?

Who told you to respond? M*oron!
Politics / Re: MASSOB Justifies Herdsmen Killings In Benue, Taraba, Says It’s Payback Time by DedeNkem: 2:32pm On Jan 15
Before fulani terrorists started slaughtering communities all over Nigeria, if they had sought and begged for grazing lands through civilized means, I'm sure no State would have refused to provide grazing lands for them.

But instead these murderous imb*eciles resorted to using force and death!

Northern terrorists have slaughtered a lot of Nigerians and looted 90% of all the looted money since the independence.

The best thing would be to split this failed country to let everyone go their separate ways!

Sharing a country with the evil north was and is still a big mistake.


Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Shows 'Paul O' Paul Okoye's Mansion To Shame Those That Pay Tithes by DedeNkem: 2:12pm On Jan 15
Tithe is what crooked Nigerian pastors use to buy private luxurious cars, landed properties and jets, while the majority of their st*upid congregations are poor!

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Sports / Re: Mainz Condemn Racial Abuse Of Balogun, Ujah By Hannover Fans by DedeNkem: 2:02pm On Jan 15
The racism also occurs in Nigeria everyday in the form of tribalism!!

Yoruba hating Igbos, Igbos hating Hausas/fulanis and Hausas/fulanis hating both Igbos, yorubas and others!

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Properties / Re: Please Avoid This Land Investment Mistake by DedeNkem: 1:52pm On Jan 15

Fencing a land of almost 2 hectares is very expensive

Isn't it more expensive now that someone stole it long time ago?
Properties / Re: Please Avoid This Land Investment Mistake by DedeNkem: 4:00am On Jan 15
How could someone buy a land and never visited it for 10 years.

On the other hand, how could someone steal a land and develop it.

When I buy a land I fence it. The fence keeps land grabbers away.
Celebrities / Re: Sharon Nwogbo Wears A Completely See-Through Bodysuit by DedeNkem: 3:52am On Jan 15
Nice body a bit.
But I'm an a*ss and big breast man.

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Celebrities / Re: Sharon Nwogbo Wears A Completely See-Through Bodysuit by DedeNkem: 3:51am On Jan 15
The gal fine small but what is with the akara breast?

You bad oo. cheesy
Romance / Re: Young Lady Writes To All The Fine Boys In Her Church by DedeNkem: 3:49am On Jan 15
Maybe na her right eye problem cause am.
Politics / Re: NAF Takes Delivery Of Final Batch Of Super Mushshak Aircraft. by DedeNkem: 3:39am On Jan 15
They ordered inferior planes from Pakistan?
Politics / Re: Another $44 Million Vanish From NIA Vaults by DedeNkem: 1:25am On Jan 15
APC and PDP are very corrupt. Remember most people in APC were once PDP members.

So it is the same corrupt group of thieves are ruling Nigeria!

Young people should form their own political party without any present or former politicians as members to ensure new generation of leaders emerge!
Religion / Re: The Unrevealed Truth Of The Antichrist by DedeNkem: 12:40am On Jan 15

The antichrist means one who works against Christ and His teachings. It was the antichrist who decieved the people against Our Lord Jesus Christ in His first Advent. So many people think that the antichrist will emerge from no where. This is erroneous, cos the antichrists had always risen from among God's children. The antichrists had always risen from the Church or synagogue (1John 2:18—19). In fact, the antichrist had been and will always be the church. The antichrists are liars who deny both The Father and The Son (1John 2:22).

The denial of The Father and Son by the antichrists can only happen when THE CHRIST assumes a Human Capsule or Nature. This way, The Spirit will be clothed in The Flesh, and Satan will raise so many antichrists to fight Him.

The antichrist is a negative spirit that will possess Clergies and make them believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ has not come in flesh and blood (1John 4:3). This is why The Bible says we should test all spirits so we will know which is of God and which is of the antichrist (1John 4:1—2).

But the antichrist tell their followers not to test all Spirits, cos they know that if they do, their followers will know the Truth and follow the Truth. They tell their followers not to listen to OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU or any of HIS followers.


The Spirit of antichrist has always been satan the dragon, while the chief antichrists vessels where Annas and Caiaphas who were the chief priests (Luke 3:2). Other antichrists included the other priests like Alexander, one John, all other priests and many more who where workers in the Synagogue or house of God (Acts 4:6).

I want you to note that, even the prostitutes and robbers are far better in The Sight of God than the antichrists (Matt 21:31—32, luke 23:39—43). The antichrists always rises from among The body of Christ. The antichrist is the church or synagogue.
Certainly, the antichrists are so many in this last generation. They are the false prophets (2Peter 2:1—3). They have large churches and a huge followership. Just like Caiaphas, Annas, Alexander, etc fought against Christ in His first advent, so are these antichrists of this generation fighting The Returned Christ, HIS HOLINESS OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU.

Just as the antichrists of old believed in the prophets of old (John 8:53—59, John 9:20—29), but never believed in Our Lord Jesus Christ, so do the antichrists of today believe in The old Name "JESUS", but have refused to believe in His New Name: OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU (John 14:17—18). Remember, He revealed to John that He will come back with A NEW NAME (Rev 2:17, 3:12). He also told John that His Name will mean THE WORD OF GOD. We had showed in our Episode 14 that, OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU means THE WORD OF GOD (Rev 19:13). Remember, in His Last Advent, He came as Emmanuel, meaning GOD IS WITH US, which puzzle the whole world failed to get right (Isaiah 7:14). The world always speak good of the antichrists and false prophets, but speak evil of The Prophets of God and even The Son of God and invariably, God Himself (Luke 6:26).

*The false prophet or antichrist will have a form of godliness, but will deny and reject The Power of God (2 Tim 3:5—cool.
*The antichrists or false prophets will be offering materialism to people. They will make people to believe that, if you are a servant of God, you must be rich in worldly things. This was why Christ admonished us against it earlier in Luke 18:24—25 and Mark 10:23—25. Remember, the devil offered Christ the material things of this world, but Christ rejected them. Sadly enough, satan has raised so many antichrists/false prophets who offer these things to people as a bate and the people of this world are busy swimming in their deceit (Matt 4:8—10). No wonder they call their churches names like "home of success, mountain of fire, home of back to sender, home of prosperity, house of long life, home of signs and wonders, etc.
*The antichrists or false prophets will arrogate to themselves tittles meant for God. You see them today bearing names or titles like: Papa, General Overseer, etc (Matt 23:5—10).
*They give you stickers, bracelets, necklaces, etc for protection, but they themselves have heavily chested men and police security for themselves. Have you ever asked yourselves this question? Did Our Lord Jesus Christ wear all these things? Did His disciples wear them? The Power of God does not need rings, bracelets, bangles, perfumes, necklaces and all the likes as a medium of performance. Please, be not deceived anymore.
*The antichrists are apostles of the dragon. This is why you see them calling Holy Ghost fire every minute. You see them praying with very high degree of aggression, and noise (Rev 13:4—14), even commanding The Holy Spirit to move. All these are attributes of the dragon. The Churches we see today and people flock into them, are all churches of the antichrist. Have you ever seen a LAMB produce fire? Not at all.
*The antichrists\false prophets lie against The Returned Christ and also fight against Him. But has anyone ever fought God and worn? Can anyone fight God and win? Of course never.
*The antichrists\false prophets beat drums in their churches. But Christ didnt beat drums. He and His disciples only sang hymns and spiritual choruses (Matt 26:30, Ephes 5:19, Colo 3:16).
*The antichrists\false prophets wear shoes into their churches. But Our Lord Jesus Christ never did. He and His disciples didnt wear shoes when going on ministry (Luke 10:3—4).
*The antichrists/false prophets talk to God as if He is there mate or subordinate. They can't even shout at their biological Parents like the way they talk and shout at God when praying. Another word for prayer is "request". But the true worshippers of God talk to Him with fear and trembling and with absolute humility and reverence, just like the publican did.

Beloved, a stroke of the cane is sufficient unto the wise. This gospel is for those who have ears to hear.
See you in the next Episode where we shall treat THE BEAST AND HIS MARK.

Peace be unto you all.......
Thank You Father.
By Kingso Quintin Osuogim

Your post is nonsense because according to your fictitious book (Bible) your imaginary god also created the so-called Antichrist!!
Politics / Re: Buhari Won't Save You In 2019, PDP Tells APC by DedeNkem: 12:38am On Jan 15
PDP and APC, the two most corrupt political parties in Africa, are ready to rig elections left and right!
Celebrities / Re: Different People's Reactions To Funke Akindele's Removal From The Avengers Cast by DedeNkem: 12:33am On Jan 15
Was this thread set up by a toddler?
Politics / Re: Bukola Saraki's Face As His Men Kneel Down For Him In Kwara State by DedeNkem: 12:28am On Jan 15
Nigeria is the only country in the world where the citizens worship their corrupt leaders!

Saraki steals billions while these morons bow to him for a small bag of rice!

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Celebrities / Re: Abasiodiong Eyo Inyang Smokes To Celebrate Her 20th Birthday; Goes Braless by DedeNkem: 12:24am On Jan 15
A teenager is someone between 13 to 19 yrs. old. This girl is a woman and can do whatever she likes.

Secondly, she's not half n*aked. What I see in the pics doesn't equate to being half Unclad!!

Nigerians are mentally too primitive!
Family / Re: A Married Mother Of 4 Had Sex With My Abroad Friend, Who's Her Ex Boyfriend by DedeNkem: 12:12am On Jan 15
Married Out Of Frustration

It was painful for me as i saw a married woman, mother of four as we were all together yesterday drinking with her old love that just came into the country.

The woman said she waited for the guy and as the guy not ready she got married to a man she never loves but just managing.

After the drink, A room was paid for in the hotel and my man had sex With the woman, a mother of four, somebody's wife.

I became weak and dumb.YES I told my guy no, don't do it, its somebody's wife but the effect of the alcohol was great, in fact the woman was rubbing my dick with her foot under the table, I told her I'm not with her.

I now wonder what's marriage this days and as we all drinking the hubby called, the poor dude wish i can tell him the kind of killer he married. GOD HELP US ALL.

wanna cheat, get a single lady but mind u,cheat on ur wife, she also cheats on u. Marriage on no love is ZERO. I JUST FEEL DIRTY LIKE IM THE ONE THAT DID IT. WHAT A WORLD

Why not end your relationship with that id*iot?
This almost exact thing happened to my brother.

I arrived home with my elder brother and one beautiful lady he once dated at school visited.

I knew this particular lady. She was very very pretty. She told my bro that she doesn't have good relationship with her husband who was abroad that time.

I took my bro outside and warned him to NOT sleep with her.

A married woman is a married woman. A married man is a married man. Sleeping with a married woman or man is like accepting that's ok to receive the same treatment. If you bed someone's wife or husband, you have no right to complain when someone sleeps with yours!

There are millions of single men and women out there one can date, than seeking a married person!


Crime / Re: Missing Man Found Dead In A River In Imo (Disturbing Photos) by DedeNkem: 11:53pm On Jan 14
ask who is owing him money or his brother that became rich recently lipsrsealed

So that's how you find a killer, before finding out who became rich?

Oh my, some Nigerians still have horrible mentality in 2018!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Expelled By Liberia's Ruling Party by DedeNkem: 11:46pm On Jan 14
This can never happen in this zoo called Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Micky Kazzim Carrying Items On His Head In Ogun (Photos) by DedeNkem: 2:36am On Jan 13
This is a good example of what greed and the insatiable hunger to loot public money causes. See what he is doing to deceive his people! And some id*iot will hail him!

If you ask him what he did for his constituent after they elected him the previous time, he won't list anything!!

Nigerian politicians are ALL thieves and murders!!
Career / Re: 30 Aba Shoemakers Sent To China For Training Start Their Practical Classes by DedeNkem: 2:50pm On Jan 12
Should have sent them to Italy, home of great shoes. China is not known for shoes.

If you wanna help people, help them well.
Crime / Re: Stray Bullet Hits Man Sleeping At Home. He Survives (Photos) by DedeNkem: 12:14pm On Jan 12
Bullet nearly killed you and you thanked your imaginary god? What a slowpoke! I don't understand why accident survivors thank their non-existing god!

How did your god do that? Why did your god allow the bullet to go off and hit you in the chest in first place? A bad thing happened to you and you thanked your god! It makes no sense at all.

You survived by chance. If your imaginary god loved you so much, he won't allow this to happen at all!!

It happened because in life accidents happen. And sometimes humans and even animals get lucky. It has absolutely nothing to do with any imaginary god.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 15,000 Cameroonian Refugees Flee To Nigeria Amid Crackdown On Secessionists by DedeNkem: 11:54am On Jan 12
They should have ran to other neighboring countries because Nigeria is a complete mess and wrong place to run to.
Travel / Re: 6 Nigerian-Owned Guest Houses Burnt In South Africa - Nigerian Union by DedeNkem: 3:07am On Jan 12
Leave South Africa NOW! Those south african imb*eciles hate Nigerians.
Events / Re: Kenya Tycoon Buried While Sitting In His Car (Photos) by DedeNkem: 1:23pm On Jan 11
That is unbelievably st*upid!!

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