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Politics / Re: Niger East Senatorial By-election Results by dustydee: 9:30am On Aug 31

BREAKING NEWS The by-election into Niger East Senatorial election has been declared inconclusive as the election will be repeated in some units of six local government area. Rafi, Bosso, Chanchaga, Munya, Paikoro and Shiroro on the 6th of September, 2014. we are calling on our supporters to be law abiding. However, our members in the scheduled local government where election are to be held should turn out in mass as we know the whole world is watching.
Voice mail? lipsrsealed And we expect to move forward in this country. smh
Politics / Re: Niger East Senatorial By-election Update by dustydee: 9:01pm On Aug 30

Report reaching us Paiko Central APC-11433 PDP-791
Tuntugo Gbadai ward APC-1887 PDP-1153
Source: APC state publicity secretary facebook page.

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Autos / Re: My Pre-order Truama With Ademola Of Triple A Autos by dustydee: 10:46am On Aug 30

Triple A Autos is a fraudulent organisation and Ademola is the scammer behind the name.
if the above is true and well known, then nairaland is also culpable in this matter. There is nothing that stops Seun from cancelling his adverts on nairaland. The continuous running of a fraudulent advert on nairaland means that nairaland is aiding fraud.


Health / Re: Two Cases Of Ebola Confirmed In Port Harcourt by dustydee: 11:38am On Aug 28
I think the diplomat should be sanctioned. This is a matter of National security.
Health / Re: Two Ebola Cases Confirmed In Port Harcourt. by dustydee: 10:40am On Aug 28
ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — A man who contracted Ebola in Nigeria after coming into contact with a traveler from Liberia evaded surveillance and infected a doctor in southern Nigeria who later died, Nigerian health authorities announced Thursday.

The death was the first in Nigeria outside Lagos, the commercial capital. The incident raises the number of confirmed cases in the country to 15, including six deaths.

Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu told reporters the man who evaded surveillance has recovered and is now being watched in Lagos. The wife of the doctor who treated him in Port Harcourt is also now being quarantined after she developed symptoms of the deadly disease.

The man is a worker at the Economic Community Of West African States, who was a primary contact of Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer, who flew into Lagos last month and died of Ebola. He recovered after the late doctor treated him for symptoms.

The doctor died on Friday in Port Harcourt and hasn't been buried yet, the minister said, adding that morticians who embalmed him are part of 70 people now under surveillance in Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state and a hub for Nigeria's oil industry. The country is Africa's largest oil producer.

Nigeria doesn't share land borders with the three other Ebola-affected countries — Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea — and the first case arrived into Lagos by air.

The disease has killed more than 1,400 people in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and Doctors Without Borders warned that the tremendous influx of patients in Liberia, in particular, is overwhelming their treatment centers there.
Family / Re: Please Help A Confused Brother. by dustydee: 11:17am On Aug 27
I will advise you to get a job at least to provide for your family. Then rethink your business strategy and identify why it keeps failing. This may lead to a change of strategy. You may want to continue you business on a part time basis pending when things pick up. Also, not every good idea is a graet idea and not every great idea is a profitable idea.
Keep your trust in God.
Travel / Re: Leaving Nigeria by dustydee: 11:44am On Aug 26
MrKnowitall: You asked a very nonsensical question my friend. A better question would be: under what circumstances would you stay in Nigeria. The only circumstance I can imagine anyone staying in Nigeria is at gun point. A reasonable person would get out at first opportunity.
Nigeria is not that bad nah!
Travel / Re: ''if U're Opportuned To Renounce Your Country And Become A U.S Citizen'' by dustydee: 11:38am On Aug 26
I wouldn't, at least not for US citizenship. I will rather keep my Nigerian passport than exchange it for another country's.
Politics / Re: 480 Nigerian Soldiers Flee To Cameroon by dustydee: 5:37pm On Aug 25
I am not a fan conspiracy theory but I am tempted to think that the government is deliberately trying to sabotage the military.
These soldiers keep crying out to the world that they are not well equipped while the military top brass counters by saying it is not true, adding the military has every thing it needs. The president goes to the national assembly to seek for funds and the Military Generals reiterate that they are well equipped. Meanwhile Boko Haram is slowly advancing into the country and we keep hearing of desertions. I suspect that it has something to do with the 2015 elections. The trick may be cause chaos in the oppositions' possible strong holds so that elections will not be held in those places and then capitalise on that to win the elections. I suspect this because even if the president does not posses the leadership qualities need to lead this country, it is evident to the even a secondary school student that these guys need to be motivated in as many ways as possible. A good leader will demand accountability and results from the Generals for all the resources being put into this war against terror. Again this is just what has been on my mind these past few days.

God bless Nigeria and raise for us a good leader.


Politics / Re: 2015 Election: 1.8 Million Votes Already In The Bag For GEJ From The Southwest by dustydee: 8:51pm On Aug 23
Jaideyone: transformation my a*ss.

only God can save Nigeria from the burden of the corrupt spending of Jonathan's administration.

from the fuel subsidy scam to the 1trillion naira defense budget to the pension scam to the missing 20B dollars to the immigration recruitment scam...

money keeps getting missing. Jonathan's cronies keep enriching themselves at the expense of the masses yet nobody gets prosecuted. But Jona claims he's fighting corruption while surrounding himself with the likes of Madueke, Abba Moro, Bode George et al.

I'm leaving this country if this man wins in 2015
Nice move: Create massive unemployment then at election time, promise the unemployed N10,000 monthly and get them to attend rallies. Now what happens after the elections?

By the way this reminds me of the 2 million man march by Abacha

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Health / Re: American Doctor Treated For Ebola Released From The Hospital by dustydee: 8:07am On Aug 22

What is this one saying? And who are those that gave his post 9 'likes'? Next time you guys have malaria use management care without any drugs and let's see if you can post again in NL.
In your wisdom, which anti-ebola drug was given to the Nigeria survivors?
Health / Re: American Doctor Treated For Ebola Released From The Hospital by dustydee: 4:45pm On Aug 21
May not be the drug but the management care given to him.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Managers, Professionals And Skill Jobs Abroad by dustydee: 3:17pm On Aug 21
tiribolad: Am interested @

What about the Skilled job required in Australia?

I have filled and returned it to your mail. Waiting for your response. thanks.

tiribolad: Thank you, i have received a mail from ielts for the exam registration.

GiftUg: Hi, pls kindly send the registration form to .tnx alot
And then . . .
Could this be the same person as aftatech?

@OP, you don hammer but remember . . . There is God o o o o.
Travel / Re: General Australian Visa Enquiries by dustydee: 2:59pm On Aug 20
ironbender101: Dear All, My IELT'S is out and I had 6.5 over all. Listening 6.5,reading 6, writing 6 and speaking 6.5. I want to know if this is a good band as I intend to apply for msc next year. My brother is facing a serious issue with he's ielts because they haven't released he's ielts certificate. He has just 3weeks to he's resumption date and British council said their results were sent back for remarking after he has gotten an admission with the online result. Now, all we need is the certificate to apply and they keep telling him to come check after some days. Please I need advice on what to do.
Politics / Re: Governor Amaechi Clashes With Commissioner Of Police by dustydee: 4:14pm On Aug 19
This is a good one from amaechi. The police should not allow themselves to be used as tools for political witch hunt. Why didn't they prevent the other groups from holding their rallies and meetings?

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Politics / Re: APGA: Obi’s Resignation, Premeditated APC by dustydee: 9:04am On Aug 19
barcanista: I don't see how Obi's defection or alleged defection affect APC. He was never APC member, he isn't defecting to APC any time soon. APC should please leave him to his personal decision and face issues.
Exactly> Iwas going to say same. I think these people need to be trained so that they just don't reply to anything in the news, there are more pressing nationla issues to be discussed.
Politics / Re: Why Did Pastor Bosun warn nigerians against APC? by dustydee: 10:39am On Aug 18
oluwasegunfummi: I listened to pastor bosun's audio about the "abuja declaration" , at a point in his speech he stressed the fact that nigerians should be mindful APC, I believed every single thing he said including this statement because the man is so intelligent and he has an admirable sagacity, he backed all of his statement with facts and proof, For him to have mentioned APC, that means there's problem. Why did he warn nigerians against APC?
So why are you asking us why if you say he backs his statement with facts and proof? Could it be that he had no proof or fact to back his comments about APC? Then disregard his comments since he has no proof or facts.


Sports / Re: Adidas Terminates Contract With NFF by dustydee: 2:49pm On Aug 15
@OP, Your topic reads "terminate" while the story reads "decision not to renew the current contract". Please kindly change the topic to reflect the true situation.

"Adidas will continue to fulfil its obligations under the agreement as previously communicated"


Politics / Re: Adidas Terminates Contract With NFF by dustydee: 2:10pm On Aug 15
@OP, Your topic reads "terminate" while the story reads "decision not to renew the current contract". Please kindly change the topic to reflect the true situation.

"Adidas will continue to fulfil its obligations under the agreement as previously communicated"

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Romance / Re: My Mugurised Neighbour by dustydee: 7:48am On Aug 11
Mind your business
I scrolled down to type the same thing. God bless you.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 7:23am On Aug 11
For those that keep asking how they can work offshore, I will suggest you concentrate your efforts on getting a job with one of the majors or any indigenous company then hope that you get the opportunity to work there. For me I think it is something to experience once (maybe a few months) and move on.
Wish you the best.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 11:28pm On Aug 10
NGN50000/day in field allowances amount to 9million naira a year. So some of the field guys look at going to Office/Land as Taking a Pay cut. And Everybody knows the Highest Position that a Nigerian can occupy in these organizations so no point dreaming. Except you plan to make backhand money via contracts, there is really no motivation for going to the office.
He said he preferred operations and also the money was a factor. He said he didn't care about title. grin
But I don't know how much they pay the guys here per day offshore. his base would have been GBP 60,000 that's about N16 million.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 11:21pm On Aug 10
15% pay rise works considering inflation figures. And yeah I heard pension is same or even more than your previous base salary. isn't that insane? Why would someone retired earn more monthly salary? My Wife invited a friend over for Christmas and he works at NNPC. I was in shock the whole night. Don't know how that salary structure can be sustainable.
They are gradually trying to correct it. Currently if your final pension is higher than current pay, then your pension will be frozen until your salary catches up before they will continue "growing" together again. FG just relinquished its stake in stallion holdings to NNPC pension last week to bridge the pension gap. If there was no intervention, they will become like Nitel pensioners.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 11:17pm On Aug 10

I am not so concerned about his pay package (top10nigeria). Maybe his years of experience dates back to when he started working offshore at the age of 18 (probably started as a technician before gaining an engineering degree). I wouldn't even want to discuss remuneration here.

But I wonder if the 15 years experience is all offshore related. I can't see an engineer working offshore for 15 straight years (only technicians, operators, drilling supervisors, cook, etc. do that). It's almost impossible (for various reasons).

Most engineers in the oil industry don't like working offshore. They will rather work in the office and do a 9-5 job. It's quite hazardous working offshore. The life over there is regimented, and the living condition, though okay, are not as comfortable as a usual home. Many who work offshore are looking for office functions.

Most people who admire offshore jobs know very little about oil and gas industry. Once they get into industry, they get a better picture and prefer office roles.

I agree with you. But it is also a matter of choice. A colleague of mine (a Cameroonian) applied for a technician role in my company because he wanted to go offshore. I tried convincing him not to but the guy no gree.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 11:13pm On Aug 10

I heard the NNPC guys start low and then have huge amounts as pension/gratuity. I remember my boss told me last year his gratuity would be 110million. I think any more than that range would be insane by any company to pay retiring staff. And maybe that's why NNPC is not working. LOL!!!!!!!!!
The pay is small at the beginning but increases as you grow. Used to be minimum of 15% pay rise every year before I left so the more your pay, the more the increase. Then fall into management and their scale is different. The former GMD should be smiling to the bank with around N250m if I'm right. Looks big but when you compare it to his international counterparts, na chicken change. grin
Their pension is still struggling because of the massive payout. You earn slightly more per month when you retire (depending on number of years served) but the difference is you don't enjoy some of the allowances.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 11:04pm On Aug 10

NNPC is Paradise. You make millions for doing almost nothing. Only in Nigeria.
Not exactly, but paradise for the lazy. Having said that there are a lot of hard working people there.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 10:40pm On Aug 10

Now I get your point. Sounds fair then. I guess that's where NNPC is better cos your pay keeps rising till you retire.
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by dustydee: 10:11pm On Aug 10

Eg. Personally I earned a total remuneration of 32million

shocked 32 million for someone with 15 years of experience sounds small to me. I would have thought the majors pay better. if I may ask, are you a technician?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Are Chinese Companies In Nigeria Maltreating Nigerians? by dustydee: 10:01am On Aug 10
Because a lot of Nigerians don't know their worth. Also we do not have an active Labour union that will fight for the rights of workers.

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Family / Re: A Nairalander's Low-budget Wedding- For The Budgelistas.:) *pics* by dustydee: 7:49am On Aug 09

Your wedding gown is kiss
But this is still expensive for 15 guests
Family / Re: Abandoned By Wife, Found Love In The Househelp. by dustydee: 4:38pm On Aug 08
simbaddsailor: wash my cloths
Please is this compulsory for a wife? I personally don't think so. You can buy a washing machine if you have no time to wash your clothes. I agree she should cook and keep the house though.


Health / Re: Suspected Ebola Victim In Victoria Island Lagos (Pictures) by dustydee: 4:23pm On Aug 08
Nairaland Super mODs are not helping matters. Where is the dead victim? Did the victim have Ebola? Please lets wait for confirmation before we rush to push stories to the frontpage.

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