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Politics / Re: Another Church Building Collapses In Edo (Real Life Photos) by dustydee: 12:48pm On Sep 20
There is something wrong with us if the only solution to every problem is violence and arson. The government should start prosecuting and jailing people, perhaps this will reduce such incidences.
Celebrities / Re: List Of Top 10 Private Jet Owners In Nigeria by dustydee: 4:20pm On Sep 19
Mykel4God: The list has three Christian ministers, as well as 3 Nigerian governors, and is below:
Name No of Jets Types
1. Senator Ali Sherriff : 4 Gulfstream G650, 3 Dornier
2. Bishop Oyedepo : 4 Gulfstream G550, VG450, Bombardier 604
3. Alhaji Dangote : 2 Bombardier Express, Global
4. Dr. Mike Adenuga : 2 Falcon 7X, Bombardier 604
5. Gov. Rotimi Ameachi : 1 Bombardier Global Rivers State Government
6. Gov. Godswill Akpabio : 1 Gulfstream V Akwa Ibom state Government
7. Pastor Adeboye : 1 Gulfstream V
8. Gov. Aliyu : 1 Gulfstream V - Which Gov Aliyu?
9. Folorunsho Alakija : 1 Bombardier Express
10. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor : 1 Bombardier 607
Politics / Re: Nigerian Govt Explanation Unacceptable-south Africa by dustydee: 8:46am On Sep 19

Remember the US Government earlier predicted the break-up of Nigeria in 2015!
So is the US Government trying to make their prediction come to pass by refusing to sell arms to Nigeria or even assisting Nigeria militarily..??


The US had said several times that there is no such prediction. Please show us an official document or video clip where the prediction was made.

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Politics / Re: FG Releases List Of National Award Recipients 2013/2014 by dustydee: 8:43pm On Sep 18
Some of the names on this list ought not to be there.
1. Minimah
2. Badeh
3. Acting Inspector General of Police and many more.
Politics / Re: Govt Officials Blame The US For Arms Purchase Scandal. by dustydee: 10:12am On Sep 18
And did they try the Russians?
Religion / Dozens Of Christians 'including Women And Children' Are Arrested In Saudi Arabia by dustydee: 7:48pm On Sep 17

Islamist police in Saudi Arabia have stormed a Christian prayer meeting and arrested its entire congregation, including women and children, and confiscated their bibles, it has been reported.

The raid was the latest incident of a swingeing crackdown on religious minorities in Saudi Arabia by the country's hard-line Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

The 28 Christians were said to be worshipping at the home of an Indian national in the eastern city of Khafji, when the police entered the building and took them into custody. They have not been seen or heard from since, raising concerns among human rights groups as to their whereabouts.

Nina Shea, director of the Washington-based Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom, told 'Saudi Arabia is continuing the religious cleansing that has always been its official policy.

'It is the only nation state in the world with the official policy of banning all churches.

'This is enforced even though there are over two million Christian foreign workers in that country. Those victimized are typically poor, from Asian and African countries with weak governments.'

Activists are now calling on the U.S. to use its considerable influence in the region to help secure the release of the incarcerated Christians.

A spokesperson for the Saudi government claimed to have no knowledge of the arrests, according to Fox News.

But the English-language newspaper, The Saudi Gazette, as well as several Saudi Arabic-language news outlets, have reported on the arrests.
Arabic-language news channel, Akhbar 24, said the arrests came after the Kingdom's religious police got a tip about a home-based church.

The report also reported that 'distorted writings of the Bible were found and musical instruments, noting their referral to the jurisdictional institutions.'

At least 3.5 million Christians live in the Gulf Arab region, mostly Catholic workers from India and the Philippines.

In Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam, it is against the law for Muslims to abandon their faith, a practice known as apostasy. Proselytising for other religions or practising them openly is also illegal.

Judges have considerable leeway in how to interpret the kingdom's Sharia code of Islamic law and are not bound by sentencing guidelines or a system of precedent. Both capital and corporal punishment are legal.

Last year King Abdullah, who has promoted limited reforms since coming to the throne in 2005, opened a centre for religious dialogue in Vienna that drew criticism because of Saudi Arabia's own lack of religious freedom. In 2008 he sponsored an inter-faith conference in Spain.

Business / Re: Why Linda Ikeji Makes More Money Than Nairaland by dustydee: 4:32pm On Sep 17
I can count the number of times I have visited Linda's blog on one hand and on all occasions, I believe, it was through a link on nairaland.
Travel / Re: Applying For Sweden Visa From UK by dustydee: 7:04pm On Sep 16

so I have no need of UK permanent residency for whatever reasons.
Your family is a very good reason to have one. I suggested it not for you to relocate permanently but for ease of movement and your convenience. Wish you the best man.
Politics / Re: New Intelligence Reports On Boko Haram by dustydee: 11:43am On Sep 16

I gave up on your autism
People without a superior argument sometimes resort to insults so I am not surprised. Have a lovely day.
Travel / Re: Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program-timelines Here by dustydee: 11:25am On Sep 16
It's your duties that matter. Read the thread.

Travel / Re: Applying For Sweden Visa From UK by dustydee: 11:16am On Sep 16
It would have been easier if you had a residence permit. Since your wife is based here and a citizen for that matter, I wonder why you have not obtained your residence permit so that you don't have to apply for a UK Visa in the first place. With the permit, you can apply from the UK as a resident.

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Politics / Re: New Intelligence Reports On Boko Haram by dustydee: 11:09am On Sep 16

You are a confirmed dolt!.

Abdulmutalab was radicalized in Yemen by Al Qaeda elements
So what links does he have with Sanusi? His dad yes, but the boy? And Abdulmutallab is the family name so learn to differentiate between the two since we are not in your head to know which of them you were referring to.
Travel / Re: Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program-timelines Here by dustydee: 10:57am On Sep 16
Hi all,
please can a Telecoms Engineer apply under NOC 2133 (Electrical and Electronics Engineers)?.
Family / Re: Before Sex Destroy My Marriage by dustydee: 10:49am On Sep 16
Maybe one of your girl friends has "kidnapped" your thing. Find out which of them and pay the ransom.

On a serious note, talk it over with your wife, it's obvious that there is no spark between you two anymore.
Politics / Re: New Intelligence Reports On Boko Haram by dustydee: 10:43am On Sep 16
RevDesmondJuju: Abdullmutalab and links to radical elements in Sudan making him prime sponsor.

Does Abdullmutalab have links to Boko haram or any other terrorist group?
Business / Re: NNPC Moves To Avert Workers' Strike Over Pension by dustydee: 10:17am On Sep 16
speaktome: Mtcheeew! PENGASSAN dat sent my Uncle fomer NNPC Manager Kaduna on a course nd he was been murdered. Dia is God shaa
How can PENGASSAN send a manager on a course when he is not a member of PENGASSAN? Except your uncle lobbied for it or was greedy I see no reason why he should accept a PENGASSAN training in the first place.
Politics / Re: What Does Buhari Do For A Living? by dustydee: 6:32pm On Sep 15

i asked u a question and u are busy quoting all unquotable.
do u have any member of ur family,friends and associate recieving such money?
if yes,can u prove?if no,then keep quiet
So you used the N10,000 to entice the unemployed to join your TAN team? That is the height of wickedness. I shall say nothing more since it seems like you have no conscience.
Politics / Re: What Does Buhari Do For A Living? by dustydee: 4:29pm On Sep 15

who are the recipient of such money and since when?
do u have a relation that is recieving such money?i'm a strong pdp guy and i know that there is no one that earns a dime from TAN.i'm sure if TAN is paying such money,u wouldnt mind dumping tinubu and cry cry buhari to join TAN so as to reap from it.

tan is a non-governmental organization designed to promote good governance. It consists of individuals of impeccable character fostering the continuation of transformation by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ). The Group is comprised of professional men and women, youths, businessmen and women, artists, artisans, sportsmen and women, physically challenged persons, widows associations, Christian, Muslim and native religious groups, community, traditional and market leaders, opinion molders and analysts, farmers, school teachers, trade unions and all masses of Nigeria committed to the ideals of good and quality leadership, order, unity, peace and progress of our nation under the Constitution.

Benefits of been a TANite....
1) JOB CREATION;tan focuses on creating one million jobs for Nigerian youths in the next four years. These jobs shall be created through targeted strategies and tapping into uncommon areas of our economy.

2) GRANTS; Trained members in specific and goal driven skills will be awarded interest free loans and grants to be able to start up businesses on their own with special guidiance from profesionals who will benchmark their successes and recommend successful ones for more assistance as an attraction for more youths to join enterpreneurship and self-reliance.

3) SCHOLARSHIP; Scholarships shall be awarded to graduates and undergraduates who shall undertake and pass the annual tan-Scholarship Exam which will be carried out in a fair and transparent manner allowing candidates to participate from all parts of the country through registration in various tan state offices nationwide.

4) SKILL ACQUISITION SCHEMES: We will embark on enormous skill acquisition schemes for Nigerians with widespread skill centres in all states of the federation delivering first hand training to participants in various fields of human endeavour.


The Benefits of being a One Star tan Ambassador are enormous.
a) You have access to firsthand tan activities.
b) You have access to offers and opportunities which include travelling , training , Job opportunities etc.
N10,000.00 logistics money.
c) You become a ward coordinator and may rise to a State coordinator.
d) You represent your ward in a national meeting of tan Ambassadors.
Oga refer to the quote above. Don't defend the indefensible.
Education / Re: Can I Still Make 1st Class With This Low Cgpa? by dustydee: 3:20pm On Sep 15
Saimeritus: i finished 2nd yr with a cgpa of 3.79,6 semesters remaning for me to graduate. can i still make first class if i work extra hard? candid advice needed
If you can't determine that yourself, how do you hope to graduate with a first class?
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 10:33am On Sep 15

I use it but it may just be temporary and may soon be replaced by another product. So enjoy it while it lasts.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 10:31am On Sep 15

Wow. My nonsense uni had Internet in the uni accommodation but they were wired. Do you can't use them on your phone's, except of course you did something fishy, but the IT technicians would track you fast fast.

So in such a situation, I would just grab the unlimited data plan.

Use connectify. It uses your laptop as a hotspot.
Politics / Re: What Does Buhari Do For A Living? by dustydee: 9:17am On Sep 15

Ifeanyi uba,arthur eze,udenta udenta and others.of course u know those guys are billionaires
N10,000 x10,000,000 people= N100,000,000,000 per month
So for the love of Jonathan, these guys cough out 100 billion naira every month when their states will be radically transformed with a fraction of that money. And you think Ifeanyi UBA that is allegedly broke surely doesn't have that kind of money to waste. And mind you, how will they recoup their investment?

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Politics / Re: What Does Buhari Do For A Living? by dustydee: 8:43am On Sep 15
Why are some people afraid of Buhari? What you should be asking is who is funding TAN? and where did they get the funds to pay the "millions" of volunteers?
Politics / Re: Why President Jonathan Couldn’t Avoid Modu Sheriff In Chad – Presidential Aide by dustydee: 9:35am On Sep 13
Who do we believe?
Abati said he was part of a delegation of Nigerians living in Chad that came to welcome the president and now Vanguard is saying he was part of the Chadian president's delegation.


Politics / Re: I Didn't Travel To Chad With Sheriff, Says Jonathan by dustydee: 7:58pm On Sep 11
sCun: looking a the pic below, it is 100% clear that Sheriff was part of the team WELCOMING Jonathan not part of the Presidential entourage. So the Presidency's version of him actually being in Chad before the is true.
The question then should be in what capacity was he invited to sit at the "meeting" between the Chadian president and the Nigerian president?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Jonathan Asks Board To Create Three Million Jobs by dustydee: 7:22am On Sep 11
I thought that was the responsibility of TAN.
Travel / Re: Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program-timelines Here by dustydee: 2:43pm On Sep 10
Well done guys. 100 pages. wink
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Oil And Gas Vacancies by dustydee: 2:20pm On Sep 10
Please which company? I guess it is an EPC?
Politics / Re: Before We Lost Kwankwaso In Aso Rock. by dustydee: 10:07am On Sep 09
If this write up is supposed to showcase the qualities and achievements of Kwankwaso, then the writer will do better by editing and articulating his points properly. Some of the points were neither here nor there.
I wish him the best.
Politics / Re: U.S. Pentagon Finalizes Plan To Fight Boko Haram -by Attorney Patryk Utulu (USA) by dustydee: 8:15am On Sep 08
Anything to root out Boko Haram will do.
I move that Nigeria be made the 51st state in America since we are bereft of leaders.

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Family / Re: 4 Medical Doctors Suspended In Niger State For Negligience by dustydee: 11:12pm On Sep 06
coolhayor: Four doctor at the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, Niger State capital



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