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Politics / Re: Police release NEW VIDEO: Extraordinary Scenes Inside Nigeria National Assembly by dustydee: 4:33pm
This video, even though doctored, is an indictment on the police force. After Identifying the speaker, why didn't they open the gate for him and his colleagues? Was the senate president left standing outside the gate when he arrived. I understand the police are trying to clear their name given the public out cry that followed their actions but in trying to pin the blame on the members, they are instead tarnishing their reputation.
Agriculture / Re: Dangote Farms Begins Hybrid Tomatoes Production In Kano by dustydee: 5:32pm On Nov 21
The introduction of tasteless tomatoes to the Nigerian market. . .

Anyways it has higher yield.

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Sports / Re: US Embassy Ruins Blessing Okagbare’s Honeymoon by dustydee: 8:53am On Nov 21
How does denial of Visa amount to ruining of honeymoon? I would think there are many more romantic destinations than the US. Go to Mauritius, Seychelles Venice in Italy and so on.
Go to any of those places and I swear she go carry belle before the honeymoon is over.

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Politics / Re: Happy 57th Birthday to President Goodluck Jonathan! Drop Your Wishes for Him by dustydee: 11:00pm On Nov 20

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Arm Forces To Be Withdrawn From Borno, Yobe And Adamawa. What To Expect by dustydee: 8:41pm On Nov 20
What can the army do with a state of emergency in place that they can't do without it in place? Withdrawing the troops will be the Presidents biggest mistake.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Prevent Speaker Aminu Tambuwal From Entering The National Assemb by dustydee: 3:36pm On Nov 20

Lol which NASS members? Abeg no make me laugh. If Tambuwal wants to test ife he still has powers let he try summoning the IGP and see if he will honour him.

What is wrong is wrong. Stop promoting this type of behaviour.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Prevent Speaker Aminu Tambuwal From Entering The National Assemb by dustydee: 3:10pm On Nov 20
Whatever happens, I expect the National assembly to demand that the IGP resign or be relieved of his appointment


Autos / Coconut Coir Turned Into Car Parts by dustydee: 7:47pm On Nov 18
After the piña coladas are drunk and the dancing is done, what do you do with 50 billion coconut husks left over? If you are extremely innovative and ecologically conscientious, you work to find a practical use for the waste. That is exactly what Texas-based Essentium Materials LLC did in a feat of agricultural engineering, turning coconut coir into parts for the 2012 Ford Focus Electric car.

With the concept of “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” the Essentium group received a grant of $1,018,475 from the National Science Foundation to support their “waste to resource” R&grin and mission of “building the next generation of essential materials.” But included in that global mission is to enhance local economies and reduce the use of synthetic materials in manufacturing.

The company developed a composite material of coconut shells and husk fibers mixed with recycled plastics. By incorporating bio-material from waste into the composite, they estimate reduction in petroleum use will be 2-4 million barrels and of CO2 emissions, 450,000 tons less put into the air annually.

The business originated from a graduate school idea to create economic opportunities for developing nations. Recognizing that coconut waste was the most common material available, the team sought to examine its properties and test its viability for products to be sold in North America.

Unlike many other bio-combination processes such as ethanol, no food or tree crop is grown exclusively for the production, because the coconut water and meat inside is used as usual and only the environmentally problematic waste of the shell is used in the composite materials. And don’t think this use of coconut fibers and recycled plastics compromises the quality of end products. To the contrary, the fibers have unique properties that actually work to make molded plastics stronger and lighter, an ideal quality for automotive applications. The high lignin content gives the coconut fibers an added antimicrobial benefit.

The process implemented for collecting the source materials is to work with community development organizations so that local workers prepare the raw fibers which are then shipped to the US for further processing, combining, and fashioning into molded vehicle parts. The line is expanding to include garden mat products and even household items, with new ideas developing rapidly.

One of the company engineers, Elisa Teipel, sums up the philosophy, “Ultimately, our company is about transforming waste in order to transform people’s lives. We want our engineering decisions to improve people’s lives and make the world a better place.”

I’ll drink to that! Pass the lime and coconut, please.
Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Suicide Bomber Caught And Set Ablaze In Gombe State by dustydee: 3:28pm On Nov 18
In other news

Inec has lifted the ban on campaign, so here is my widows mite. Odikwa manageable nna e

grin grin grin grin grin

Did you guys drink expired garri? This your campaign can rig elections.
Education / Re: My CGPA Is 2.79, Can I Still Make 2.1 Or 1st Class by dustydee: 3:25pm On Nov 18
Hi in my 3rd year in skul..studying Ά̲̣̣̣̥ 4yrs course...currently in my 1st semester..can I still make Ά̲̣̣̣̥ 2.1 or Ά̲̣̣̣̥ 1st class with my CGPA?
Yes you can as soon as you learn how to calculate your CGPA yourself.
Politics / Re: Tompolo Frees Kidnapped Journalists, As Itsekiris Call Jonathan A Coward by dustydee: 5:12pm On Nov 17
Is Kidnapping as crime? We shall soon find out.
1. It is a crime if Tompolo or whoever is responsible for this is arrested.
2. It is not a crime if Tompolo or whoever is responsible for this is not arrested.
Travel / Re: 10 Things UK Illegal Immigrants Cannot Do - Is UK That Worth It Anymore? by dustydee: 3:03pm On Nov 17
Lives of UK illegal Immigrants is increasingly difficult. The government is making it harder for them to live a decent life. This is very sad for the honest and hard working people who unfortunately belong to this group.
What an irony. How can someone be an "illegal" immigrant and be a "honest" immigrant at the same time?


Celebrities / Re: Bauch Market Blast Update: See The Decapitated Head Of The Suicide Bomber by dustydee: 2:44pm On Nov 17
Are people that heartless? Why would a sane person hold the decapitated head of a human being and pose for a picture? Are we now numb to tragedy?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Sad Story by dustydee: 2:41pm On Nov 17
@OP, first, why were you exempted from NYSC?
What type of job won't you take?
Education / Re: My Cgpa Is 3.09,can I Still Graduate With A 2.1? by dustydee: 8:04am On Nov 17
please is it possible for me to graduate with a 2.1? my cgpa is currently 3.09.I also need your advice on what to do pls.Am in first semester final year now.
How do you expect to get 2.1 when you can't calculate or forecast simple CGPA?
Politics / Re: Nigeria Buys Helicopters From Russia by dustydee: 4:13pm On Nov 14

They use democracy as a gimmick to install their proxy heads even when it is obvious they don't even practise true democracy.

The likes of tinubu is a good example of a political hitman. Obasanjo, MKO and IBB are also part of their motely crew.

What they do is they get a stooge who will emerge through their own doing be it via a coup or through the ballot. They will look the other way if this stooge is corrupt or brutal as long as he does what they are told.

The stooge is also required to put his stolen wealth in specified banks of their choice. When the stooge dies the wealth becomes the CIA's.
MKO was supposedly very wealth but after his death his wealth vaporized. Today kola abiola is a mere landlord overseeing his father's real estate.
This is why tinubu is allowed to go and come as he wishes but when he kicks the bucket all those stolen wealth he has stashed abroad is transfered to another secret account held by the CIA which they use to fund clandestine operations world wide

I watched a documentary on Thomas Sankara and Patrice Lumumba last night and it made me angry towards the West. The US and Belgian Governments killed Patrice because he stood for his people and was leaning towards the soviet Union. It is sad that some of us allow ourselves to be used by these imperialist who are only after their own good. I pray God will raise for us a true African Leader who will once again stand up to these people.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Was Very Very Corrupt (see Facts And Figures Inside) by dustydee: 5:17pm On Nov 13
If these are facts, then I would have expected your principal, who is touted as seriously fighting corruption, to have taken him to court and prosecuted him.
Or how you see am?
Religion / Malaysia's Sharia Law Costs Non-muslims Their Kids by dustydee: 7:39pm On Nov 12
IPOH, Malaysia (AP) — It was the last round of a recurring argument: M. Indira Gandhi's husband wanted her to convert to Islam. A committed Hindu, she refused.

He threatened divorce. Both started shouting. Neighbors came looking. Suddenly, he snatched their 11-month-old daughter from the arms of an older child, tucked her under one arm and sped off on his motorbike.

That was more than five years ago. Gandhi hasn't seen her child since, even though a Malaysian civil court awarded her custody.

Her husband — who converted to Islam shortly before taking his daughter away — won custody in an Islamic court. Because Gandhi is not a Muslim, she was not even called to appear. Police have been unwilling to enforce the civil court's decision.

"I am pining to see my daughter. No mother should ever have to endure this pain," said Gandhi, a kindergarten teacher, in her small rented home in Ipoh city in Perak state, about 200 kilometers (124 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur, the capital. "Give us a chance. We are all Malaysians. We should have equal rights."

Gandhi's case and others highlight perils of Malaysia's divided legal system, where majority Muslims use Shariah courts for religious and family issues such as conversion, divorce and death. The other 40 percent of the country — mainly Christians, Buddhists and Hindus — use a secular legal system inherited from the Southeast Asian country's British colonial rulers.

Critics accuse the ethnic Malay Muslim-dominated government of doing too little to resolve problems when those legal systems collide. The government has become increasingly reliant on support from Islamist and right-wing pressure groups as other constituencies flock to the opposition.

M. Kulasegaran, an opposition lawmaker who is also Gandhi's lawyer, said there are many similar cases, including several he plans to file once Gandhi's case is resolved. Some earlier cases have turned out even worse for non-Muslims than Gandhi's case has so far: In 2007, the top civil court ruled that a Muslim spouse had the right to convert his children without the mother's consent.

Some lawyers and legal experts say spouses in especially bitter custody battles sometimes convert to Islam to gain an upper hand. A Muslim with a non-Muslim spouse who seeks custody from the Shariah court is almost certain to win because the spouse has no standing.

The government has long pledged to tackle legal ambiguities related to religious conversions. But a Cabinet decision in 2009 to allow minors to be converted only with both parents' consent has yet to be made legally binding.

In southern Negeri Sembilan state, Deepa Subramaniam's Hindu husband quietly embraced Islam in 2012 and formally converted both their children without her consent. He was then granted custody of the children by a Shariah court. Deepa turned to the civil court, which annulled her marriage on grounds of domestic violence and granted her custody of the children. Two days later, her ex-husband abducted their 5-year-old son.

National police chief Khalid Abu Bakar has refused to act on court orders to return either Deepa's son or Gandhi's daughter to their mothers. He has been cited for contempt but is waiting for a higher civil court to weigh in.

He was quoted as saying by local media that police were "sandwiched" between legal systems and proposed that children caught in custody tussles be placed in welfare homes. Khalid did not return text messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.

The abduction of Gandhi's daughter, Prasana Diksa, came days before her first birthday. Her mother had bought her a Minnie Mouse blouse and jeans, and had planned to take her to the temple for ear piercing, a traditional Hindu practice when a child turns 1.

Gandhi repeatedly called her husband and begged him to return Diksa, who was still on bosom milk, in the hours and days after she was taken. Her husband, an odd-job worker now called Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, initially told her again to convert to Islam, then stopped replying to any of her requests.

Gandhi found out that he had officially converted to Islam when she went to a police station to report the abduction. There she learned that he had also changed the birth certificates of the couples' other two children to state they were Muslims. Fearing that Islamic authorities may seize them as well, Gandhi went into hiding.

The Shariah court granted Riduan temporary custody of all three children days after he abducted Diksa, and granted him permanent custody a few months later. No grounds were given by the Islamic court. In Perak and some other states, Shariah allows one parent to convert children to Islam without the consent of the other.

Gandhi turned to the civil court, which in 2010 awarded her custody of all three children and ruled that the Shariah court had exceeded its jurisdiction.

Last year, a civil court quashed the children's conversion to Islam in a landmark ruling. Civil courts had in the past said they had no jurisdiction in such cases.

Riduan appealed the civil court's custody decision but lost. His appeal of the ruling on his children's conversions has yet to be heard.

In May this year, the court ordered police to arrest Riduan for contempt of court and return Diksa, now 6, to her mother. Yet with police refusing to act, she is no closer to her daughter. The case continues to go through the civil court system, where it may take years to resolve.

Riduan declined to speak to a reporter. His lawyer, Anas Fauzi, said in an email that Riduan refused to comply with the civil court ruling because he was bound by the Shariah order.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has urged parents to resolve their disputes in the Federal Court, the nation's highest civil court, but has not condemned the abductions. An aide to Najib declined to comment further on the cases.

Many Islamic clerics view the prospect of a Muslim child being brought up in a non-Muslim household as unacceptable.

Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, who heads the Islamic right-wing group Isma, defended the Shariah courts' actions, saying the Muslim fathers are in a better position to raise the children as Muslims. He said the law should be changed to allow Shariah courts to hear petitions from non-Muslims, and added that "its decision must be final."

But Muhammad Asri Zainal Abidin, an Islamic scholar and a former state mufti, said children caught in such custody battles should be able to live with non-Muslim mothers as long as they care for them well.

"There is no compulsion in Islam. Nobody can force others to embrace a religion, not even their parents. Leave the matter to the children to decide when they are old enough," he said.

Diksa, now called Ummu Habibah Muhammad Riduan, lives with her father in a Muslim community in northeastern Kelantan state. His lawyer, Anas, said she has adjusted well and that "both the father and the daughter receive moral and physical support from the local society."

Riduan does not provide financial support for his other two children, now 16 and 17, who have remained with Gandhi throughout the dispute. Anas said that since his client converted, "the conditions and the circumstances do not even allow both disputed parties to have any relationship."

Gandhi did, however, finally receive recent pictures of her youngest child this year. In one, a smiling Diksa is clad in a black Islamic headscarf, posing with her father.

Every day, at an altar in her home, Gandhi lights a candle for Diksa and prays that she comes home.

"Whether she is a Muslim or not, it doesn't matter," she said. "She is still my daughter. All I want is to hold and embrace her. I have missed many precious moments with her. I will fight until I get my child back."
Foreign Affairs / Re: Evidence That Putin Is Strongest Man And Obama Is A Filthy Whimpering Dog by dustydee: 2:55pm On Nov 12
Who ever put those pictures together deserves some credit. Funny, can't help but laugh. grin grin
Obama don suffer.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Ambassador Blasts US Refusal To Sell Arms by dustydee: 9:52am On Nov 12
The same US sells weapons to oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia. I am with Nigeria on this one.

But Mr Ambassador, truth be told, our military does not know what human rights is all about given the way they treat the ordinary man on the street.

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dustydee: 10:00pm On Nov 08

The one made in Nigeria can be bought 5 for £1 in a few shops and 4 for £ in others. Tge whole box of 40 is being sold for 6 £6.99.

Chai! the Naija man here sells 1 for 40p. I don't think he sells carton. That must be London I guess?
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dustydee: 10:45am On Nov 08
indomie again. I use the ones made in Egypt. I prefer them to those made in Nigeria and they are slightly cheaper (3 for £1)


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dustydee: 10:32am On Nov 08
My emergency Jollof rice. grin


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dustydee: 10:29am On Nov 08
Rice and beans with beef and vegetable sauce. Yummy.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by dustydee: 10:27am On Nov 08
Indomie noodles and grilled lamb strips.


Career / Re: Between Master's Degree And Professional Course by dustydee: 3:06pm On Nov 07

With a BSc in industrial chemistry, you can definitely go for a postgraduate degree in chemical engineering. Many chemists follow that route.
Just make sure you graduate with good grades.
I know someone who went straight from Chemistry to Chemical Engineering and currently doing his PhD (not sure if it is still in Chem Eng).
In the UK you can only proceed to your masters if you meet the minimum requirement for MSc after your course work otherwise you get a PGD or Certificate. Those registered for PGD can choose to proceed to a masters (which is just the Thesis) if they do well.
Career / Re: Between Master's Degree And Professional Course by dustydee: 2:56pm On Nov 07
c.eng as in?
Chartered engineer, equivalent to COREN registration.
Career / Re: Between Master's Degree And Professional Course by dustydee: 2:26pm On Nov 07
For Engineering courses, a masters degree is a plus. In the UK for example, most Oil and Gas Engineering companies prefer to employ masters' degree holders because they are likely to get their professional registration faster than BSc holders. Also most Engineering students here do their MEng direct before leaving school.
Also, masters' level think is different from BSc. I didn't realise this until I went for my masters'.
I have also seen job adverts in Nigeria for 2.1 BSc holders or 2.2+ a masters' degree.

My company values an MSc much more than any other professional qualification for Engineers (apart from C.Eng).
Romance / Re: Seven Reasons Why You Should Never Get Married - For Guys Only by dustydee: 1:13pm On Nov 05

disclaimer: its ironic when people say honesty is a virtue yet can't bear to hear (or read) the truth.

nota bene: I am not prejudiced towards women. I hate all equally.

Bravo! Well articulated and I like your line of reasoning. I however do not agree with your points as I see (and take) your points from a different perspective which time will not permit me to state here (apologies, given that you took time to lay your arguments).
Politics / Re: History Of Nigerian Presidents & Their Religious Beliefs by dustydee: 3:56pm On Nov 04
What about Pagans? When will they get their chance to lead? Since some people said we should give the "minorities" a chance, should we consider them too since they are in the "minority"? Just my thought. . .
Personally I think religion should be left out of this even though I know some Muslims and Christians will object.
Politics / Re: Introducing The Youngest Officials In The PDP Government by dustydee: 2:56pm On Nov 04
Why is the title on the front page "APC Team Posts Pics Of "Youngest Officials" In PDP Government "? I hope they title Pro PDP threads as such.

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Politics / Re: S/West PDP Leaders Ask Jonathan For Speaker’s Post by dustydee: 1:37pm On Nov 01
I thought the legislature was independent? What is the president's business in determining the leadership of the house? Or do they want a puppet as the speaker?
Well, there is still a sitting speaker so no vacancy.


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