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Politics / Re: Buhari Refusal To Participate In Debate Shocks Supporters by dustydee: 9:51am
Seun, the title of this thread should read:
"Buhari's Refusal To Participate In Debate Shocks GEJ Supporters)"
Going by the content of that writeup put up by the OP.

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Politics / Re: Don’t Commit Suicide Over Boko Haram , Sambo Mocks Buhari by dustydee: 8:27am
Does Sambo know what it means to lead? undecided
How did we get to this point as a country?

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Politics / Re: AIT's Online Poll Hacking Evidence Was Faked - Gbenga Sesan by dustydee: 7:18am

22. Ladies and gentlemen, AIT messed up! Big time. If you would fabricate lies, don’t be lazy like the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

grin grin grin


Celebrities / Re: Father Kills Himself After Seeing Unclad Playboy Photos Of 18 Year Old Daughter by dustydee: 3:31pm On Jan 29
So who showed him the magazine?
Politics / Re: Pics: See Buhari In A Train Provided By GEJ. by dustydee: 3:10pm On Jan 29
Where is the train?
Education / Re: LASU VC, John Obafunwa Has No PhD & Holds Two Jobs - ASUU by dustydee: 3:03pm On Jan 29
I know a few professors who do not hold a PhD. No big deal. As long as he is qualified to be a professor then he's alright. I can't comment on his suitability for the position though.
Politics / Re: Re: President Jonathan Accused Of Falsifying His Age by dustydee: 11:54am On Jan 29

Nursery school or civil war .
Plausible but he should have finished his primary school before the civil war given that he started in 1961. Nursery school is out of the question.
Politics / Re: Re: President Jonathan Accused Of Falsifying His Age by dustydee: 11:32am On Jan 29
This is in response to this thread where our Amiable President was accused of falsifying his age.

President Jonathan's Curriculum Vitae
Education St Stephen’s primary school ( now state school ) Otuoke, 1961 – 1965
St Michael’s primary school, Oloibiri, Bayelsa
State FSLC, 1966 – 1969
Mater Dei high school, Imiringi, Bayelsa State , 1971 – 1975

Jonathan finished secondary school in Bayelsa in 1975,
Does anyone know why it took him 9 years to get his FSLC?
Politics / Re: Feb 14th 1985 Buhari Praised Islamic Enonomics (with Pic) by dustydee: 8:30am On Jan 29
I see nothing wrong with him expressing his opinions and beliefs. After-all some people believe in Voodoo economics.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo-Iweala Responds To Soludo's Attack (Press Release) by dustydee: 3:02pm On Jan 28
The insults and personal attacks in this write up is uncalled for. NOI has lost my respect. She could have made her point in a matured and civil way.

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Politics / Re: See What This Pastor Said About Jonathan And Buhari WTF? by dustydee: 3:00pm On Jan 27
When the north demanded for a return to power to their region do you think they were talking about having any kafir from the north as their preferred choice?

Jihad is upon us.

Wake up.
Who is this "North" you guys always refer to? Is it the same people that are supporting the president? Most of the Northern elites are in support of the president so do not make blanket statements.
I am from the North (North Central to be precise) and I am for Buhari.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Demands Oil Blocks, Speaker, Finance, Petroleum, Justice And Aviation. by dustydee: 10:25am On Jan 27
I thought the PDP hired a PR firm to help them with the 2015 campaign? They should have hired me for less than half of what the firm was paid and I would have done a better job. Next!

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Education / Re: MUST READ!! Nigerians Crazy English & Their Corrections by dustydee: 9:36am On Jan 27
Nigerian as got the worst part in english let note this ! And correct my mistakes let me know if am wrong in any

1.Gala-this very wrong ! Imagine someone trying to get "rite,meaty,biggy" etc saying i want to buy gala this is very wrong it is called "beef roll"

2.soft drinks or /minerals- both are wrong we suppose to increase our english,no one can drinks minerals ! However theirs so many types of minerals ,minerals are "petrol diesel, kero' etc" it is call "beverages"

3.Garage-you are going somewhere<traveling>u said am going to "garage to get a bus" not garage but "motor park" garage is a place near your house where u park your vehicle

4."miss call" note this u pick up your phone after been ringing for some minutes call back and u said "i saw your miss call so i call u back" who miss the call was it not u so why saying "i saw your miss call" its "i saw my miss call & i notice it was you, so i call back"

5.tout-if we found some silly english we need to consult if dictionary calling some one rude a tout is very wrong, bad english ! Its is "LOUT" bad!how can u say food -seller, its food vendor pls note this

7.indomie-how can u send your kid out to get u "indomie" u want to buy the brand name or the company! Its is "noodles" what if your kid return with golden penny noodles " was that indomie

8."bird of THE SAME feather flocks together-imagine an english teacher said this! Well the correct one is "birds of a feather flocks together" pls note no one is above mistakes ,and every one needs correction if am wrong let me know it is "fish monger"

10.hens-- very wrong why hens why not fowls ! When their rooster or absent of rooster ! Cattle very wrong it renamins property! Property cant be single or plural it remains property

12.garium- calling "garri" garium is very wrong

13.dis virgin!- i have n't found this in my dictionary its "deflower" correct this

14.tost- tost as a meaning so check your dictionary ! U cant say u wanna tost a gal very wrong! When she is not a BREAD u can only woo her

15.machine-machine are many most equipment use in industries are machine why calling "motor bike" machine ! Was it transport machine

16.globe- which globe type ? When you bought it was globe written on it ? Well its "bulb" check this

17.use of 's :is-"st. James 's anglican" church- very wrong ('s) means "is"

18."baaf" -calling your kid "come & baaf o" too bad we it is "come &take your bathe"

19. Quaya- am i wrong is that not what you call choir in your church but if am wrong with the spelling let me know

20. Radionic- i have nt found this in any dictionary & is very wrong! Does repairing all this things are also engineers
Too many errors. Please if you must correct others, ensure you minimise your mistakes too.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Has 5,000 Churches So Don't Vote For Buhari - Sambo In Jigawa State by dustydee: 4:57pm On Jan 26
As reported by daily trust

Published on Thursday, 22 January 2015 05:00
Written by Turaki A. Hassan, Musa Abdullahi Krishi & Balarabe Alkassim
Hits: 6271

It is no longer news that the running mate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Prof Yemi Osinbajo is a senior pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).
However, what may now seem to be news to Nigerians is that Prof Osinbajo has 5000 churches across Nigeria, even though he is not the owner or founder of the church.
Well, Vice President Mohammed Namadi Sambo it was who revealed this at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential rally in Dutse, Jigawa State capital yesterday.
Sambo took to the podium and told the large PDP supporters that PDP is not a Christian party as some members of the opposition APC, especially in the far north, would want Nigerians to believe. If that is true, he said, what will he be doing in the PDP as a Muslim, whose name remains “Na Madina, Na Madina, Na Madina?” he said in a chorus.
Sambo also insisted that he has links with Madina, which is why his name remains ‘Na Madina.’ He had said a similar thing in Zamfara on Tuesday.
Repeats that Azikiwe was Balewa’s deputy
Sambo repeated at the Jigawa rally that Azikiwe was Balewa’s deputy. He had said a similar thing in Katsina on Tuesday.
Azikiwe was Nigeria’s ceremonial president between 1963 and 1966 when the military took over power, while Tafawa Balewa was the Prime Minister at that time.

Buhari can’t still remember Osinbajo’s name?
For those who watched APC presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign in Imo State last week and Jigawa on Tuesday, it must have sounded somehow when he couldn’t pronounce the name of his running mate correctly.
Buhari, while observing the usual protocol, called the name of his running mate as ‘Osibode’ in Imo. But many would have thought that his handlers would remind him that the man’s name is Osinbajo. That was not to be as he repeated similar thing in Jigawa Tuesday.
Anyway, Buhari may not be alone in so doing as some national dailies had written the man’s name in different ways with some writing ‘Osinbajo,’ others ‘Osibanjo,’ yet some wrote ‘Osinbanjo.’ But the party seemed to have put that to rest in its numerous statements by referring to the man as ‘Osinbajo.’
Politics / Re: Fani Kayode Accused Of Forging Email To Disclaim Buhari's Statement Of Result by dustydee: 3:34pm On Jan 26
On Monday, Suraj Oyewale , a chattered accountant and blogger, said Fani-Kayode
Read more at: | TheCable
Jarus, good job. I wonder the type of journalists we have in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: How Detrot Bomber Father Paid For General Buhari Apc Nomination Form by dustydee: 2:47pm On Jan 26
And what if he did? Is there anything wrong with that?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Has 5,000 Churches So Don't Vote For Buhari - Sambo In Jigawa State by dustydee: 11:46am On Jan 26
Still not on the frontpage . . . hmmmn!
Politics / Re: Buhari/apc Will Christianize North - Sambo by dustydee: 9:54am On Jan 26
Why hasn't Seun taken this to the frontpage? I am certain if it was Buhari that said this it would have hit the frontpage by now.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Has 5,000 Churches So Don't Vote For Buhari - Sambo In Jigawa State by dustydee: 9:52am On Jan 26
I was surprised when I saw the video on facebook yesterday. I couldn't believe my ears. And it was reported by daily trust as well. Why are we bent on ruining this country?
Here's the link to the video:

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Politics / Re: President Jonathan Disrespected My Office By Taking Over Stadium - Amaechi by dustydee: 8:58am On Jan 26
Amaechi should just keep quiet. He should have allowed the PDP use the stadium and avoided this embarrassment.

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Politics / Re: Buhari/apc Will Christianize North - Sambo by dustydee: 10:04pm On Jan 25
A few weeks ago, they claimed he’d islamise Nigeria. Now, “he wants to Christianise the North”? LOL

But why is the vice president telling his people in hausa language not to vote for APC because osibanjo has more than 500 churches?
source, pics and YouTube video to backup your claimssmiley

Wow! Just saw the video now on face book and did a search online as well and it was reported by daily trust. Why are politicians bent on ruining this nation?

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Celebrities / Re: Niyola, EME First Lady Takes A Selfie With Just Her Underwears (PHOTO) by dustydee: 7:16pm On Jan 25
What is the meaning of selfie? That doesn't look like a selfie to me.
Politics / Re: …babangida Defends Buhari by dustydee: 10:14am On Jan 25
Abeg all these malams should encourage Buhari to allow the Cambridge publish his result ans allow all these drama to rest.
Quota system don do us something for this country.
How can Cambridge publish the result you claim he doesn't have?
Politics / Re: IBB To Jonathan: The Two Resource Men You Offended Against Your Own Ambition by dustydee: 10:54pm On Jan 24
Looks like even PDP leaders know where the pendulum is swinging. Pres. Jonathan allowed his minders to deceive him, making him to lose the goodwill he had in 2011.


Politics / Re: Breaking News: Buhari Sues Fani- Kayode Over Certificate Forgery Claim by dustydee: 10:49pm On Jan 24
I was expecting this. After this, FFK will be ruined financially - probably for life.
Politics / Re: Return Jonathan Or Forget One Nigeria – Ijaw People by dustydee: 4:11pm On Jan 24

If the Ijaw First President and probably the last for the next 70 years or more is not allowed to conclude his tenure then chaos is the least Nigeria should expect.

The Ijaws are today in a better position than yesterday to collect all their oil wells from Northerners and their accomplice by fire and force.

I thought a tenure was 4 years or why do we have to conduct an election of everyone that occupies the position of the president automatically gets another term?
You don't know what you are wishing for because war will not benefit anybody.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Permission Required For Confirmation Of Results - Cambridge by dustydee: 7:37pm On Jan 23

I've been thinking along the same lines and I have a feeling that it is the General Buhari's camp that is actually distracting the PDP.

But on a more serious note, why do our people like concentrating on trivia so much? embarassed
I thought I was the only one thinking the same.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Defence Website Hacked ISIS Style; See The Guy Claiming Responsibility by dustydee: 1:12pm On Jan 23
These guys are running out of ideas. At least try and be covert in your attacks so that people will not know you are trying to undermine your opponent. I won't be surprised if it was orchestrated by the DSS.

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Politics / Re: Revealed: Jonathan Plotted Own Stoning In Katsina- Fejiro Oliver by dustydee: 10:38am On Jan 23
Stop the lies, please.
What the so called protesters did was wrong and was condemned by the APC. Unfortunately, in a crowd, you would usually find bad people who will hide under a banner to carry out their evil desires. The APC has said it does not subscribe to this. I wish the PDP had come out also to condemn the assault on APC supporters around the country.
Politics / Re: Drama As Northern Group Seeks ICC Prosecution Of Buhari by dustydee: 10:33am On Jan 23
Buhari has repeatedly urged the present government to implement the Justice Kutigi led post election violence report. The President setup the committee and Buhari was not found culpable- or why hasn't the government arrested and prosecuted him if he was culpable?
Politics / Re: Sammie Okposo Slams Buhari, Says He Should Be Flogged For Forgery by dustydee: 10:02pm On Jan 22
We need to flog Sammie for his inability to conduct a simple research.
Politics / Re: Here Is A 1959 Cambridge School (WAEC) Certificate by dustydee: 9:36pm On Jan 22
Buhari has no WASC certificate.

WAEC doesn't give certificate if you fail maths.

grin grin grin
Let me quote you before you modify your post - The minimum requirement to obtain a WAEC certificate is one Pass (cool.


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