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Politics / Re: ICPC Seizes 24 Property From Three Civil Servants by dustydee: 9:42pm On Aug 16

The Niger Delta ministry officers listed in the document are Poloma Kabiru Nuhu, Mangset Longyl Dickson and Daniel Obah.

I served together with this guy in 2004. The last time I saw him was in 2013 in Abuja, he told me he was with the Niger delta ministry and gave me his business card (which I had to Crosscheck to be sure he's the one). These allegations are weighty especially for a young man in his 30's.

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Politics / Re: NNPC Reform: Nigeria Oil Workers Prepare For Showdown With Buhari by dustydee: 10:12pm On Aug 14
Why are the unions jittery? The GMD hasn't sacked any of their members yet but I know they are afraid the "dead woods" will be purged.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Don't Know What Else To Do!!! by dustydee: 11:00am On Aug 12
I made a first class in Banking and Finance,concluded my National Youth service in February. Though I have a weekend job which pays very little, it is not regular. I have sent my Cv to countless organizations, though I sometimes get job test invites,there's been no positive result yet. Please I really need a regular job. Can anyone help me?
Thank you
Where do you intend to work?
I think you should ask someone to look at your CV (I suggest you contact Jarus). You can also try and build relationships with people that work where you want to work. Also try and prepare for interviews and tests well ahead of time. There are several resources online. I wish you the best.
Politics / Re: Corruption Probe: Peace Committee Shocked In Meeting With President Buhari by dustydee: 10:08am On Aug 12
I would have asked the President to soft pedal but with the new information I have about the former Petroleum Minister, the least I expect is that the funds be recovered from her.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dangote Refinery Is Recruiting, Closes On 15th August by dustydee: 9:20am On Aug 12
can someone please tell me what the job code for the refinery job is. the one thdey said we should mention as subject.....
Dangote Industries Limited needs academically brilliant but hands on and down to earth candidates for a management trainees program
•M.Sc in mechanical engineering Job code: M.E
•M.Sc in chemical engineering Job code: C.E
•ACA, ACMA,or CPA Job code: C.A
•MBA from a reputable university Job code: B.A

method of application: send CV with photocopies of educational qualification and testimonials and passport photograph, phone numbers via email to careers@dangoteprojects.com on or before the 18th of August 2015, using job code as subject of email.

This is for management trainees.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dangote Refinery Is Recruiting, Closes On 15th August by dustydee: 8:26am On Aug 12
Na only engeneers? Abi na engineers wan sweep, clean, account and d rest? We will never stop fooling ourselves sha....Naija.
The engineer will operate and manage the plants so they need to be trained first. The others will be recruited when the plant is ready for operation. The support services staff that are required now are limited.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Dangote Refinery Is Recruiting, Closes On 15th August by dustydee: 7:11am On Aug 12
is the refinery fully completed?.....has it started pumping out fuel...cuz last I checked found out he was building a refinery @ lag.....
to the nigga up there from gh...when the least Nigerian graduate is employed u can then start applying.
You don't wait until the refinery is completed before you start looking for personnel to run it. You make sure you have engineers who will be involved in the design and construction of the refinery, that way they know the plant and will be able to operate it better.


Politics / Re: NNPC Appoints 4 New Group Executive Directors, Reduces Top Management Staff by dustydee: 8:42pm On Aug 11

Well i am not looking at all of these but i can point out a good appointment when i see one
That's the spirit but unfortunately some people are more interested in where they are from.

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Politics / Re: NNPC Appoints 4 New Group Executive Directors, Reduces Top Management Staff by dustydee: 8:20pm On Aug 11
Nice move by the new GMD and the FG,very balanced appointments.....
for the sensationalists and tribalists:
South 11 (GED 3)
North 4. (GED 1)
for the top positions.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Dangote Refinery Is Recruiting, Closes On 15th August by dustydee: 7:49pm On Aug 11
Recruiting for management trainees and executive trainees

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Business / Re: Banks Reduce Withdrawal Limits On Atms - Vanguard by dustydee: 8:51am On Aug 11
Tightening of the whole economy....

Is this sustainable? I hope so.
I think this is temporary. I suspect it is a move to stop some people from siphoning stolen funds out of the country pending investigations into their financial conduct. The measures are uncomfortable especially for genuine users/shoppers.
The restrictions will be lifted sometime as I don't see it as sustainable for long.

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Already Ordered All MDAs To Operate Single TSA in January by dustydee: 10:44am On Aug 10

So Buhari only just re-issued an order already issued by GEJ[/b]
Cc lalasticlala
If GEJ did, why was it not complied with? And why did he wait till the twilight of his administration before making the order?
Politics / Re: Looted Funds Must Be Returned - Buhari Tells Jonathan by dustydee: 10:24am On Aug 10
If Nigerians knew the scale of corruption perpetuated in the last four years, they'll weep. I used to believe that some of the allegations against the former minister of Petroleum were exaggerated but I was wrong. An inside source reeled out the scale of known financial mismanagement to me recently and my eyes were filled with tears. First the flight charter service allegation is true as a bill was sent to the NNPC to which the former legal adviser asked the NNPC not to pay and was unceremoniously fired. (Didn't know he was fired because it was not announced, he was replaced by a professor who apparently was ready to do the minister's bidding). The deal with Neconde and first atlantic?, I was told is a conduit pipe. Although the agreement was 55-45%, NNPC paid 100% as the JV partners did not pay their share. The crude oil produced was however shared 55-45%. Meaning those companies got 45 barrels for every 100 barrels produced even though they provided $0 investment (apart from operational costs). So in essence Nigeria is "dashing" those companies oil. I cannot reel out all the allegations here but was told the day GEJ conceded, madam started moving raw cash (dollars) from her safe at home. If you love Nigeria, you'd pray for her to get well and face the consequences of her actions.
There was also monumental corruption in the FCT. The former minister was alleged to be collecting bribes from land buyers in the FCT. For estate developers I was told that you'd have to cough out millions in bribes before he gives his approval. The guy practically stalled development of new housing schemes in Abuja.
The sad part is that GEJ may not have been aware of most of these things (or maybe he was but I doubt because if he knew and kept quiet then he should be held liable).


Career / Re: Please Advise. We Were Told To Resign by dustydee: 10:06am On Aug 10
You are entitled to your salary and you can sue for it. Go to the industrial court.


Nairaland / General / Re: Flight Attendant Shares Warm Story Of His Encounter With A Nigerian Man Travelin by dustydee: 9:57am On Aug 10
Cool. It's good to travel and I'm glad he did.
Nairaland / General / Re: Checkout This "Made In Mbaise" Copter (photo) by dustydee: 9:17pm On Aug 07

lols,Nigerian are creative sha,found this pic online and decided to share.


Lol at the aircraft ARTCRAFT. grin

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Politics / Re: Senate President Saraki Lied In His Official Election Forms - Sahara Reporters by dustydee: 8:47am On Aug 07
On the basis of the evidences presented, Saraki has no case to answer. His responses, though evasive, cannot be held against him in the court of law as they are totally defensible. For example, he did no voluntarily accept the citizenship of another country neither did he change his nationality.
Properties / Re: Military Officers Seize Onikoyi's Land At Banana Island (Pictures) by dustydee: 3:05pm On Aug 06
The writer didn't give any reason for the action of the military. Does the Land belong to the Military? Is it a disputed land? Is the original owner owing a bank? Was the land sold to two or more people?


Politics / Re: Dasuki Releases Images Of Sophisticated Weapons Acquired Under Jonathan [PHOTOS] by dustydee: 2:59pm On Aug 06






Thought Shekau was dead?

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Politics / Re: Dasuki Releases Images Of Sophisticated Weapons Acquired Under Jonathan [PHOTOS] by dustydee: 2:53pm On Aug 06
Will it not be easier for Dasuki to release pictures of the equipment in Nigeria rather than when the equipment were still abroad?
Travel / Re: My Big Brother Wants To Send Me To USA, Please Advice. by dustydee: 11:38am On Aug 06
Send you to the US as what? On what type of Visa? Since he's based in naija, he's likely to send you as a student or on a Business visa ($500K?). shocked
Guy bone your brother, if he wants to send you to school fine but work? Na you sabi.


Food / Re: Beans Dish Replicated In The Uk By Nairalander by dustydee: 8:34pm On Aug 05
Recipe please.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 2:38pm On Aug 05
Hello friends,

Thinking of relocating to either Canada or Australia after my MSc graduation here in UK this september.

Yes i know nothing is sure; I just need people in the know to kindly advice me on what are the possible opportunities available in these countries and what visa type is better in either country.

Just to help; I have 2.1 in Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria Uni; MSc in Subsea Engineering from UK Uni.

Have had about two (2) years working experience with a oil and gas contractor company in Nigeria before coming for my MSc in UK.

Your advice is appreciated, Thanks.

xfire, justwise, spikesC
check out this thread for migration to Canada:

You may start by writing IELTS and also evaluating your certificate (once you finish you masters).
Politics / Re: FG Will No Longer Tolerate Illegal Mining: Buhari by dustydee: 11:59am On Aug 05
Illegal mining is being carried out by Nigerians and foreigners (especially Chinese) in various parts of the country. I was told that there are Chinese carrying out illegal mining in some parts of Niger State and ordinary citizens cannot challenge them because they carry weapons and can kill. Makes one wonder what our security agencies are up to.
Politics / Re: Senator Ighoyota Amori Marks 63rd Birthday Boat Cruising With Girls (Photos) by dustydee: 8:20am On Aug 05

11 women i counted in this picture, for only him. Amori is a well known PDP Political bulldozer in Delta State, and some people keep wondering why the PDP Government was kicked out of power. Look at what an incumbent PDP Senator is doing, and he is a representative of our country.

A PDP Senator, who instead of passing meaningful legislation, is busy on a cruise ship having wild o-r-g-i-e-s with 11 women. He should enjoy his 2 minutes of fame as a Senator, because he will not last in this political dispensation.

Did he not get the MEMO that Goodluck Jonathan lost the election?and thievery is no longer celebrated? okay, he will get it soon.

To the wailing wailers, so these are the kind of people, you guys wanted to FORCE down the THROAT of Nigerian's? since you guys are good in defending mediocrity, i am waiting to hear your excuses this time about this PDP Senator.

His political affiliation has nothing to do with his behaviour.

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Politics / Re: Emmanuel Ibe-Kachikwu Is New NNPC GMD - Sahara Reporters by dustydee: 2:59pm On Aug 04
Sai Baba! Finally, a technocrat for NNPC top job after a long while.
What do you mean by that? NNPC has always been headed by technocrats for as long as I can remember.
Travel / Re: Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program-timelines Here by dustydee: 2:20pm On Aug 01
People, I will like to advise that we know what to write on open forum like this. On this same thread early last year, this issue of POF "runs" came up. (Solomonwis, Fermadiko, Mertil, Damkollins and other seniors of these thread); The logical conclusion then was to threat this outside the forum - privately. There has been cases of CIC checking out people on Linkedin for true work history, Checking the forum for info (India to be precise). Please don't think Nairaland is only within Nigeria...IT IS WORLD WIDE WEB!!! Be careful!!! The whole world is watching.

Good bless you all and good luck...
That shouldn't be a problem if it is legitimate. Only the guilty are afraid. Those people you mentioned always advocated that things be done the right way so no need to hide.


Politics / Re: Evidence That DSS DG Is An APC Member by dustydee: 3:50pm On Jul 30

What is SEC? How does SEC come into play here? I am talking of DSS and you are talking of SEC.
You referred to the civil service so I had to draw your attention to SEC which is also part of the civil service and headed by a political ally of the former president.
Politics / Re: Evidence That DSS DG Is An APC Member by dustydee: 2:33pm On Jul 30
The DSS is part of the Civil Service like other Security Agencies. No member of the service are supposed to be linked with any political party. The loyalty of the DSS boss is to the Nation first because he has constitutional mandate. The position of DSS is not like the NSA or Ministers. It is a shame that Buhari is bent on soiling the reputation of the service in the name of partisanship.
Who is the DG of SEC and which party does he belong to?


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 5:15pm On Jul 29
i just want to be sure about the companies cos there are so many safety officer job openings supposedly in uk and it feels weird and unreal...plus i am working in dubai...so i just want to clarify

the websites are careerstructure.com and totaljobs.com......both supposedly based in UK

In that case I will assume you were interviewed by the companies and have an offer letter. Totaljobs is a popular site but I am not aware of career structure. Before you leave your job, make sure you have a job offer and a valid work permit. Also note that immigration into the UK is getting tougher.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 4:06pm On Jul 29

This may not be necessary especially if it's an agency/recruitment firm
What I am driving at is how he got a job offer without first applying for the role. If they are making him a job offer, I assume there will be a company name and the terms of the offer except if he meant "job vacancies".

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