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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Slaughters 42 Farmers In Kebbi by dustydee: 2:14pm On Aug 17
Hmmmn. This source looks fishy.

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Politics / Re: Niger State Residents React To 24-Hour Light Because Of Presence Of Osinbajo by dustydee: 1:06pm On Aug 15
Niger state is called the power state because it houses 2 electricity distributing dams in Nigeria although we have never ever had a good reason to be proud of calling Niger state (THE POWER STATE) because we hardly see light for more than 4hours daily in its capital city of minna so Yesterday the acting president professor YEMI osibanjo was in minna for Niger state agricultural submit and we have had light for exactly 24 hours now in the whole of minna without the normal 4hours a day rationing...this goes to show that Nigeria has the capacity to grow and be like other sane modern countries but wickedness and greed won't allow it.
see how nigerlites are reacting to this.
Three and another one under construction.
Travel / Re: How Do I Get LSBF, Manchester To Refund My Tuition by dustydee: 9:43pm On Aug 14
Ah! that school is a mushroom school. If you can, negotiate with them to complete your program online except if you have an explicit written agreement that it is refundable. Or you move on.
Celebrities / Re: Davido’s Mobile Police Escorts Arrested For Shooting Sporadically In Lagos by dustydee: 4:43pm On Aug 14
Why should a policeman guard him? He should hire bodyguards.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power And Its Modern Slavery - How True? by dustydee: 1:57pm On Aug 14
It shouldn't be like that. Only those who do not stop drawing stipends from the scheme after securing another job should be punished.

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Food / Re: Nigerian Man Who Bought A Plastic Fish In London Cries Out (Video) by dustydee: 8:33am On Aug 11
Looks like Hake, which has a different texture from other types of fish. Nothing plastic here.


Career / Re: How Does Performance-based Remuneration Works in Your Company? Pls Share Ideas by dustydee: 7:45am On Aug 09
What does your contract say?
Crime / Re: Chinese Man Arrested At Kano Airport With Over 300K All In N5 Denomination. PICS by dustydee: 12:34pm On Aug 05

Do you even know what "polymer" means?

Polymer banknotes are banknotes made from a polymer such as biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP). Such notes incorporate many security features not available in paper banknotes, including the use of metameric inks.[1] Polymer banknotes last significantly longer than paper notes, causing a decrease in environmental impact and a reduced cost of production and replacement.[2] Modern polymer banknotes were first developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and The University of Melbourne. They were first issued as currency in Australia during 1988 (coinciding with Australia's bicentennial year). In 1996 Australia switched completely to polymer banknotes. Other countries that have switched completely to polymer banknotes include; Brunei, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Kuwait and Vietnam. The latest countries to introduce polymer banknotes into general circulation include: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Chile, The Gambia, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, Bhutan, Republic of Maldives, Israel and Nepal.
Happy now?
Crime / Re: Chinese Man Arrested At Kano Airport With Over 300K All In N5 Denomination. PICS by dustydee: 5:31pm On Aug 04

On that polymer note?

Which currency do you know that has value and is printed using polymer notes?
Wawu! Have you heard of the British pound?

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Career / Re: Please Help! My Former Employer Demands I Refund A Month Salary... by dustydee: 7:33am On Aug 04
please i am just pissed off, and i need genuine advice from all especially lawyers. I started working with my former employer 14th April 2016 as an Audit officer and resigned 30th June 2017. All through my stay there, i did my best but had to leave because i got a better offer. now they are threatening to take a legal action against me should i fail to refund them a month salary for not giving them a month notice.

NOTE: while i planned to resign, my compliance manager resigned after a month notice and they offered to transfer me to there head office and double my salary but i had to go because i had already collected my employment letter from my new employer.

now what do i do, do i refund or not?
what does your contract say? Go by the notice period on your contract. If it says one month, no need to debate this with them, just pay or risk losing your new job as well.
Programming / Re: Machine Learning Explained In Less Than A Thousand Words by dustydee: 8:45pm On Jul 30
Machine Learning (or Artificial Intelligence) can not be explained accurately in less than a thousand words. It’s like trying to explain the evolution of human race in a single essay. You can try, but lots of important information would be left untouched.

My goal is not to discuss all about machine learning in this article (my understanding of the subject is also very limited), but rather to share few details that will change your status from being a novice to a slightly informed individual on the subject of machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Doing away with the big term; it’s basically having a computer perform complex task based on available data and previous experience. Take for instance; your Facebook feeds is a product of basic machine learning. It will only show status and post from people you’re familiar with or those you’ve interacted with. This explains why users have dynamic feeds based on their interest.

The algorithm (sorry, no better words) that sort users feed has learn to show only status and post that will appeal to them based on their interest. If you have a crush on Facebook, and you check his or her profile often, you’d realize that every of their post would always show up in your news feed.

That’s a very basic example of how machine learning works.

It basically analyze big data, makes sense of it, then make decision based on the data and previous experience. The goal of machine learning or artificial intelligence generally is to get a computer (software or hardware) to perform a particular function or task without getting gigantic instruction.

It’s like giving a computer a mind of it’s own. Traditionally, programming has always revolved around logic; if A happens then proceed to B, if not, execute C, if B is executed, Run D while E records users action from point A.

Traditionally programming has always been a this or that instruction. Machine learning takes it beyond that. It tells the computer; you have A, B, C, D and E at your disposal, make sense of what can be done with the resources and give a good result.

That sounds complex because it is. Machine Learning is complex.

Another example of machine learning product that a novice can easily relate to is Google Search Engine Result Page. Google automatically rank results based on hundreds if not thousands of factors. The ranking is done by algorithm that does not only understand the data available to be processed, but also understands the behavioral pattern, location and interest of the person doing the searching.

This explains why a somebody searching for “best restaurant” from Nigeria (Lagos) will get a different result from somebody searching with the same strings but from Paris (France).

Back to the Facebook example of application of machine learning (Facebook because I know most people are familiar with this). Have you ever uploaded a picture on Facebook, and you try tagging your friend, but facebook automatically recognize the person in the picture even before you input the person’s name? Well, that’s machine learning.

If you’re having a bad internet connection, and a picture fails to load on Facebook, a text usually appear in the image box, the text would be something like this: “image probably contains, animal, female human, plant” Something like that…

Machine learning (Artificial intelligence) at work.

What’s the Craze All About?

ML and AI has been on the upward trend lately. Lot’s of seasoned programmers are delving into the field of machine learning. As a matter of fact; ML is currently considered a buzzword of the season.

Machine learning is the future of technology. Getting computer to run on their own with little or no human input is the next big thing. It’s a very huge field niche in computer science, and it overlap several other complex field such as mathematics, statistics, physics, software engineering and several other fields based on your preferred sub-niche.

From the paragraph above, you would deduce that a deep understanding of mathematics, statistics, software engineering is needed to attain a “beginner” status in the field of Machine learning.

Although it’s not a new field, but learning resources available for this field is still in the primitive stage, meaning, you have to combine the pieces from different fields together to make sense of how things works.

-Data is money.

Although very people can make sense of “jargons” (data), the very few people that can make sense of it get paid a lot of money to put their knowledge into action. Averagely, a machine learning programmer in the US earns about $150,000 per year. While data scientist earns about $160,000 per year on the average.

With that being said, it’s not hard to conclude on what the craze about machine learning is all about. People want to build something super for the next generation of human race, they always want to get paid handsomely while doing what they love.

Most machine learning programmers generally have less than 10 (ten) years of experience, it’s a field that is just gaining traction and as such, knowledge in the field put you ahead of millions of people walking the surface of the earth.

What Can You Make Of This Information?

For one, you know what machine learning and artificial intelligence is all about now. You won’t look clueless when a discussion about the subject comes up. Although it’s advisable that you stay silent when experts are talking about the subject so you can learn more.

If you’re the curious type, your interest is probably piqued by now, and you would go on searching for resources on how to become a machine learning programmer.

In the future, I intend to write about available resources to get started with learning machine programming.

That’s machine learning in less than a thousand words. Use the comment box for specific questions.

Source: http://www.growth.ng/machine-learning-for-novice/
In God we trust, everyone else bring data.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What You Must Know About DPR Aptitude Test by dustydee: 8:18am On Jul 21

You don't get my point, we didn't have to protest to get offer letters bro, the leader of that protest (I have forgotten his moniker) got the offer.
Strike the Shepherd and scatter the sheep
True, no one has to protest before getting a job offer. I followed it for a while on the other site and indeed he got the offer, along with others. I was a bit disappointed when his tone changed after that.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What You Must Know About DPR Aptitude Test by dustydee: 7:52am On Jul 21
Op stop this madness right now, you talk as if your know what it takes to get into such organization in Nigeria.

2011 NNPC exam, done and dusted, got invitation letters for final interview, went for same and nobody in the country was called thereafter, was it on NAIRALAND or naijahotjobs (can't remember) we raised money to make publications in the dailies and organized a rally, the spoke man then Dr. Levi ajunuma died that Sunday from plane crash in Lagos. Rumors had it that he was to come and address the protesters the next Monday. RIP cry

2012/13 new application, wrote the test again, done and dusted, Phillips consulting even sent us congratulatory messages and said they would get in touch in a fortnight, omo na four years we dey go so, we no see their hand let alone the touch.

Bitter truth remains, federal character means awarding job opportunity slots to governors and traditional rulers at the detriment of the youths! angry
To be fair, after the delays, some here and naijahotjobs got their offer letters after that protest.
Going for a final interview does not mean you have gotten the job. Just don't give up.
Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 1:08pm On Jul 20

I'm sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about. Unless Canada has a bunch of jobs for MBA graduates, this absolutely does not apply in the US.
Exactly the mentality I talked about earlier. "Think you can or think you can't either way you are right". I guess the over 80% of MBA graduates in the report that had offers were lying.
Nigerians need to believe in themselves and strive to be the best they can be.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 11:38am On Jul 20

So why are you advising your brother to do an MBA in Canada instead of securing a more secure job as a pharmacist?
Because he stands a better chance of securing a job and accelerating his career than as a pharmacist. Knowing what I know today, I'd have gone for an MBA.
Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 11:15am On Jul 20

Sir how many Nigerians are going to Ivy league schools in the US? Also be careful with those figures. What you don't see is what I have seen up close. A person may have been working a job for 15 years, but company policy changes and they want the person to get an MBA to justify why the person is getting a high salary. The person then enrolls in a program, obtains the degree and the job is advertised. People interview for the job, but they don't realize someone else is already guaranteed the job. It's just smoke and mirrors.

I didn't even realize such things happen, until I was actually employed in such a manner. My degree is another field, but the interview process was a sham, because the company was only waiting for me to get my degree. They kept interviewing to make it seem legitimate. Statistics would show I got the job simply due to obtaining the degree and it's not true. Unfortunately for one of my associates who obtained a MBA and MPH, the jobs never came. After working at one of the local hospitals, she realized she never had a chance because of a similar setup. The same people had been working in administration for years, but industry standards were changing. The company was sending the staff back for degrees while advertising fake vacancies.

If the op pursues a pharmacy degree such things are less likely and he could potentially open a pharmacy, if all else fails.

To each his own. We seem to be talking about different things. A company will likely send it's staff on an EMBA if they are paying. Which school did your associate do his/her MBA? As I mentioned earlier one thing they emphasize is networking. More than 70% of jobs are not advertised, that's where the school's Alumni is very valuable. If I attend Kellogs for example, I will have access to their alumni network from where I can make contacts and probably land a job. Or I can find those that attended the same school on linkedin and network with them. There is no guarantee but I'll take an MBA from a top school any day than a masters except if I want to remain in the technical or academic line.
That many Nigerians are not going to IVY league schools is down to our mentality. Some get intimidated easily or not willing to put in the shift. Some are also on the lookout for shortcuts, which probably is the case with your associates. I WILL NOT GO TO THE US FOR A MEDIOCRE MBA!
Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 10:35am On Jul 20

The lie is that you need 3 years of work experience before schooling for an MBA. Should 3 years of work experience at McDonalds qualify for admission into an MBA program? I know what I'm speaking of because I was accepted into one, then later turned it down because I realized none of my associates were able to obtain jobs with their degree. The requirements for Ivy league schools may be different, but be assured those jobs are given primarily through connections or to those who went back to school after obtaining the job.

You can't get into an MBA (a good one) in America without at least 3 years work experience
I have quoted my comment above. Show me a good school in America where they don't request for at least 3 years work experience. If you have 3 years work experience in McDonalds and the school finds you a good fit for their program, then they are likely to admit you. McDonalds is not all about flipping burgers.
Your point highlighted simply means it is no a "good" school. Check employment report of all good MBA programs in the us and you'll see that for most programs, over 80% of graduates have jobs or start their own businesses within 3 months of graduating.
In the last FT ranking, 51 US MBA programs were in the top 100. Only 4 had employment report below 80% after 3 months of graduation.

Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 9:55am On Jul 20

That is a lie. I schooled with many people who now have useless MBAs. Most MBA graduates do not come from Ivy league schools, but I will agree that those who do are likely more employable. What you are forgetting is that many of those attending the Ivy league schools are already well connected to the wealthy or make those connections through school, thereby creating a pipeline to well paying companies. Let the op not be deceived. I've seen some Nigerians who came for MBAs and Masters of Public Health, only to end up in nursing school later. The MBA path is a dead end for him (at least in the US).
What exactly is a lie? Please let me know so that I can address that point.
Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 9:28am On Jul 20

I can't speak on Canada but MBA degrees are almost worthless in the US without strong experience and the right connections. A pharmacy degree almost ensures a job.
You can't get into an MBA (a good one) in America without at least 3 years work experience and an MBA is built mostly on networking. Big schools like Havard, Stanford and the rest value their alumni so much. In fact, the high fees is partly due to the value they place on their alumni.
Career / Re: Quitting My Lucrative Job For A Degree In Canada by dustydee: 9:15am On Jul 20
Hi nairalanders please I am currently about taking a decision regarding my future. I am a 26 years old single guy. I currently work in a company where I earn between 400-500k monthly( salary, allowance and personal hustling)... Now the issue is that I am contemplating on travelling to Canada to study pharmacy with the intention of staying there permanently after school or do a professional MBA here in Nigeria with the aim of growing through the ranks in the pharmaceutical industry. Please I need your contributions...

NB; cost of obtaining a pharmacy degree in Canada is about 10M...Should I invest the money in a business?

if you have at least 3 years experience, I will advise that you go for an MBA instead of a masters in pharmacy. With a degree in pharmacy and 3 years work experience in the field, you are a good candidate for an MBA. Do not go for another degree in pharmacy if your ultimate aim is to do an MBA later.
check findmba dot com for schools in Canada that specialise in pharmaceuticals.
Rotman is no.1 for healtcare MBA:
Check out the top schools for healthcare in Canada here:



Thanks a lot...The issue is that I just wanna leave this country for good...And since am already in the pharma industry I want to simply get a Pharm.D and work as a pharmacist in Canada... You will get a good job soon...
Disregard my post above if this is what you want. Then no need for an MBA.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Just Landed Another Job Via Nairaland!! by dustydee: 7:47am On Jul 19
morning guys. I got this mail below yesterday.i cant remember when i applied..How genuine is this?


6th Floor
3 Shortlands
W6 8DA. United Kingdom.

Date: 18/7/2017.

Ceona is a heavy sub-sea construction contractor in the deep water market, specializing in turnkey engineering, pipe-lay, construction, drilling, project management and execution, including floater installation. We aim to challenge conventional thinking to deliver enhanced efficiency and create sustainable value in the international sub-sea drilling/construction industry.

We seek to have qualified drillers, technicians of various
backgrounds to join our work force. We are also in
need of qualified professionals in the management, Construction,
Engineering/Administrative fields. We offer equal opportunity to the
qualified. On indication of interest, do forward a copy of your updated resume for evaluation on the email below.


Patrick Green
HR Operations Director.
+44 7924 524865.
Haba! you should know this by now. If they need workers, they know where to get them and not solicit individuals privately unless there's a specialist skill they require. RUN!
Career / Re: Help!!! My Colleague Is Stealing Our Company's Money And Changing Records by dustydee: 7:54am On Jul 18


You are an accomplice if you don't report.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FG Exposes Illegal Recruitments by dustydee: 10:13am On Jul 17
Just warning? Why not sanction those responsible?
The government should stop granting waivers and allow due process to be followed? How do you justify granting a waiver for the recruitment of over 600 people?

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Culture / Re: Ooni Ogunwusi Performs Incantations On A Plane To Canada. Photos/video by dustydee: 11:59am On Jul 12
The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II caused a scene as he boarded a plane to Ontario in the Republic of Canada yesterday with his aides and other high chiefs. The revered monarch's aides had to perform a brief spiritual rite/incantations on board the plane in front other other passengers before he (the Ooni) sat down.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2017/07/ooni-of-ife-oba-enitan-ogunwusi-boards-a-plane-to-canada.html

Watch video

Canada is not a republic. It is a constitutional monarchy.
I have noticed that national helm's stories on nairaland are always error filled. Seun should ban stories from this website.

And have you checked the meaning of incantation? The video doesn't show any incantation.
Politics / Re: Two OSBC Workers Suspended For Celebrating Ademola Adeleke's Victory by dustydee: 10:25am On Jul 12
I guess it is against civil service rules to be involved in politics.
Civil servants are supposed to be apolitical, but it is very difficult to be.
Religion / Re: Olumba Olumba Reveals When President Buhari Will Return by dustydee: 7:59am On Jul 11
When? I didn't see the revelation he made.
Properties / Re: Suleja Floods; See The Surprise Birthday Gift This Woman Got Yesterday by dustydee: 7:57am On Jul 11
Hopefully the state government will learn from this and improve the drainage system in Suleja. Suleja is one big slum.

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Travel / Re: How Do I Get Bus From Abuja To Minna Or Kontagora by dustydee: 8:09am On Jul 10
Hello NLers,

I would appreciate your help as I need to know how to get bus tickets from Abuja to Minna (or to Kontagora preferably).

Also would appreciate a Minna to Kontagora guide as my end destination is Kontagora.

Fom Abuja to Minna, go to Jabi park and you will find a vehicle to Minna. If you are around Kubwa, your best bet is to go to Zuba motor park and take a vehicle to Minna. From Jabi park, they'll likely drop you at Abdulsalam park in Minna. Ask them for directions on how to get to Kontagora.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by dustydee: 8:05am On Jul 10
Hello all,
I work in Canada. I would like to send money to my family back home. What method do you guys use to send money to loved ones back home? At least some method with better exchange rate. Btw, I live in British Columbia.
Thank you.
Try transferboss.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by dustydee: 5:38pm On Jul 06

That is Normal to be honest, but do they do reviews and all for pay , and are you getting better offers ?.
Your situation happens well in Nigeria. If you have used over a year your next move could be the big pay or decent one.
They do, or used to but once you are a staff there's the tendency that your pay rise will crawl especially when you are visa tied to the company.
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by dustydee: 4:22pm On Jul 06

So a typical example if a job advertise for 7 years experience and you had like 3. So if you were too honest and you just put 3 even if you can do the job you might miss out because of competition. If you worked as NYSC or intern no need to specify even if its voluntary, the whole idea is you don't want to be 30 years with 2 years work experience when people are 25 with 5 years experience or put job role like Junior Software Developer and co.

Also you can take your time to negotiate better, however if you not having so much offers you might want to go for the job that comes and its decent.

Just boost your skills cos of competition. Networking is also LinkedIn or using some agency and getting as many interviews as possible.
Thank you.
I literally started again as a graduate even with a few years experience under my belt because I thought my experience was relevant and I wasn't confident in my abilities. My company has been using me at a grade or two above my actual grade. For example even as a graduate, I was being asked to do the job of a Principal Engineer. When I saw the rate they were charging the client for my services and compared it to what I was being paid I cry .
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant by dustydee: 11:19am On Jul 06

Nice, I also had offers to Concordia university in alberta and humber college, thank God I was patient .
Schooling is never the same as working you paying money and not earning also the job opportunities are not amazing.

Being optimistic and doing a good research plus good packaging and networking is the key , was talking to an older friend yesterday who went to work, yesterday even thou its public holiday , a contract job in IT he was like missing work is like 500$ per day.

So yes be optimistic but do u self research, its very easy . I got a job in less than one month and had over 6 phone calls as in contacts, thou some said know cos the position was really high all those Deloitte, Accenture looking for 10 years experience i still applied and gave it a shot...like withing three days got a call about an offer in Montreal but they did not go further cos of french

..summary lots of opportunities depending on your field.

Except graduate entry level job, your GP does not matter if you have work experience.

Except may be some specific jobs like google requiring P.HD or M.Sc , 90 percent of IT jobs just want any degree, people just do m.sc and co for immigration purposes. Your Experience is the key. And don't sell your self short
Hi Fussion,
you mentioned some important points.
Can you please drop some networking and "packaging" tips here?
Five years ago I undersold myself and today I am still paying for it but that will change in a few months. It is very important not to undersell your skills but I didn't value the skills I acquired while I was in Nigeria.

I am in the Europe and not Canada.

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