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Politics / Re: Questions For El Rufai by dustydee: 7:23pm On Jul 29

Was he returning from a party? Was he drunk?
Of what use is the information to you?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Provided Armored Vehicles That Saved Buhari's Life by dustydee: 8:12am On Jul 28
Sometime last month, I read a report where the federal government was reported to have increased security around former heads of state because of intelligence report that there were plans to attack them. So for people to claim it was stage managed is surprising. Also the allegation by Buhari and APC that it is an attempt on his life sounds like it is the PDP/FG that is responsible which to me is un called for and baseless.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: First Bank Pays Off It's Staff And Converts Them To Contract by dustydee: 5:48pm On Jul 27

You got it wrong...New entrant into state and federal establishments will get their gratuity while pension will be paid by your pfa.

The people who even got their cheques are lucky the future staff are the people hard hit by such policy.
My mum's gratuity was paid by the PFA and not the state government. You get nothing from your employer if you are on the private contributory pension scheme (except your employer wants to pay you soemthing).
Politics / Re: A Firsthand Experience On Nigerian Train by dustydee: 12:12pm On Jul 25
With the current condition of our rail system, I doubt the OP will plan his family holiday like he has suggested in the write-up.
Politics / Re: Why I Believe Buhari Plotted And Executed The Bomb Attack On His Own Convoy by dustydee: 11:50am On Jul 25


Politics / Re: TRANSFORMATION AGENDA: Abuja Light Rail Will Be Ready In May 2015 by dustydee: 9:43am On Jul 25
Good. But I dont understand this part:

The Idu station is the first station and one can come here and take a train to Kaduna within a maximum of one hour. The train speed is about 150 kilometre per hour.

Bature added that the first stage of the project covered 186 kilometres from Idu to Kaduna , putting the total project cost at $849 million.
If the maximum speed is 150km/hr, how will you cover a distance of 186km in less than an hour?

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Politics / Re: Chibok: Rented Crowd Fights Over Money by dustydee: 2:22pm On Jul 24
egift: The gossip and propaganda against #BringBackOurGirls continues. If they were all fight and entertaining the Journalist, where are the pictures?
They were refering to the fake group sponsored by the government.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Assassination Attempt .. MATTERS ARISING by dustydee: 11:23am On Jul 24
@OP, Have you aver heard of shrapnel before? And quit type in caps, it's not polite on a forum like this. MODs, is typing in caps not an offence? rule 11
Politics / Re: 56 Punch-list Of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) Achievements In 3 Years by dustydee: 8:33am On Jul 24

Why do you attribute high percentage of out of school children to the federal government when you know that Local government and State government are in charge of primary school education.
Industrial revolution is driven by private sectors but you attributes it to government because of the enabling policies.
If things go wrong you blame government so if things go right commends the government also.
That is what I asked you. Which government policy is responsible for number 6? And why is the same policy not yielding results in the North?
Travel / Re: Bayelsa The Pride Of The Nation (pictures) by dustydee: 9:04pm On Jul 23
Sloan: Houston, a city in Texas is oil producing as Bayelsa. Now, I will not even compare them in any way but why on earth can't ALL these roads even be marked and well delineated and landscaped? Yes, I know this was the best or one of the best roads you found and took a picture of but I am surprised you do not see this is a disgrace? Yet Bayelsa has a population of less than 2 M but a budget topping almost all the other states when you factor in their oil derivation component? So, in essence from Alamadeighna and Jonadaft and the 2 loonies that came after him, they still could not make one proper marking on that stretch of road? No sidewalk on that very long stretch?
The roads look well paved but the first thing I noticed was the lack of road markings. This is not peculiar to Bayelsa state but we need to take the safety of commuters serious in this country.


Politics / Re: 56 Punch-list Of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) Achievements In 3 Years by dustydee: 8:42pm On Jul 23
@OP there are many holes in these "achievements" you have listed. For example:

6. 75% Increase in O'Level credit pass in Math and English
How did the government achieve this or what did they do to achieve this given that most of the secondary schools in Nigeria are either run by state governments or private investor? If your assertions are true, please why is the failure rate in the north still very high? Or is GEJ's policy in the south different from that in the north?


Politics / Re: Breaking News: EFCC Declares Nyako Wanted by dustydee: 8:03pm On Jul 22
What of his deputy? won't they arrest him? undecided
Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS ; Jonathan, Mark Meet Chibok Girls’ Parents Behind Closed-doors.. by dustydee: 3:20pm On Jul 22

If the little girls from Pakistan did not come and mess him up, he will not hear the word of reason. Over 90 days your Girls are missing, a father of the Nation is hiding in the dark, dancing skelewu in kano and reading children book in the dark.

Kindergarten Presidency!
Father of which nation? Biko, stop that play. He is the president simple. In any case, a father will not act the way he did when this abduction took place.

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Politics / Re: Behold The Words Of The King Of Haram... By FFK by dustydee: 11:29am On Jul 22
Do people still pay attention to this man call Femi Fani-Kayode? I wouldn't.
Politics / Re: DSS Denies Arresting Ezekwesili by dustydee: 4:36pm On Jul 21
She was out at the park yesterday, why didn't the DSS question her then? Why did they wait until she was on her way out of the country before stopping her, collecting her passport and briefly detaining her? What is wrong is wrong. Tomorrow it may be any of us and if we are not as popular as she is, we may end up being detained unnecessarily without any just cause.
In any case, why is the federal government antagonistic towards the #bringbackourgirls campaigners? I bet the protest will seize as soon as those girls are returned to their parents.

These people make me sick a times. angry


Politics / Re: Characters In Chimamanda's Miraculous Delivery Of Oga Jonah by dustydee: 6:37pm On Jul 19
egift: Below are some of the characters mentioned. Who are they?
- Oga Jonah - Pres. Jonathan
- Man Friday
- Foreign PR firm
- Girl From Pakistan - Malala
- Two Big Men in the Armed Forces "the ones stealing most of the money meant for the soldiers"
- Big Man in the Armed Forces "He ate some roasted groundnuts before making the call"
- Mohammed "In Port Harcourt"
- People who check cars "Will they pour water on the bomb to defuse it?" - Military men at check points
- Paris summit
- Man Thursday "Short and stocky"
- Bourdillon - Tinubu
- Sharp Woman
- PR people, Kikelola Obi, Bola Usman and Chinwe Adeniyi
- Oga Segi - Pres. Obasanjo
- The Man From Lagos - Fashola?

If you can name and identify these characters. Add if I missed any
Did I try? wink

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TV/Movies / Re: Why Isn't NTA Showing 'A.M EXPRESS' Again? by dustydee: 8:20pm On Jul 17
eusuph99: wat is a.m express,is it d name of a BISCUIT?
No, it is the new trains commissioned by the government.
Politics / Re: Resource Control : Asari Dokubo threatens Northerners by dustydee: 8:04pm On Jul 17
This Asari guy truly is an illiterate. Referring to the north as barren is proof of this.

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Politics / Re: [LEAKED] $1.2 Million Contract Between Nigerian FG And PR Firm!!! by dustydee: 3:20pm On Jul 17
I am sure this one won't make front page since the powers that be on Nairaland won't want to offend the government.

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Politics / Re: INVESTIGATION: President Gej's Niger Delta Region ‘epicentre Of Electoral Fraud' by dustydee: 1:51pm On Jul 17
This is no longer news to the discerning mind.Please who has the official email address of the APC?
Politics / Re: 10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. by dustydee: 11:06am On Jul 16
banega: Loolx, I was pulling your legs dear!! Ibadan is definitely a state capital.. Oyo.State•

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Family / Re: Wife Needed - Anyone Around The Corner - Seriously Searching by dustydee: 11:04am On Jul 16

I just read the letter. My heart goes out to him. He needs more than a wife and I have this strong feeling that you can help.
Idowuogbo, I agree. Afterall you once said on nairaland "na craze dey cure craze". grin
Politics / Re: 10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. by dustydee: 10:30am On Jul 16
banega: No Ibadan is a provincial capital!!
Don't know about that, the topic refers to state capitals.
Politics / Re: 10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. by dustydee: 10:00am On Jul 16
Calabar for me is number one.


Family / Re: Is There Anything Wrong With Bein A House Husband by dustydee: 8:18am On Jul 16
chukxy44: If women could just sit at home and take care of the house, can't a man do the same. Is there anything wrong in dat?
Nothing particularly wrong with that as long as you can adequately provide for your family while siting at home.
Family / Re: US Father Takes Unclaimed African Kingdom To Make Daughter A Princess by dustydee: 2:24pm On Jul 15
Nigerians be like: where is their embassy? I want to go there and hussle. grin


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Governor Murtala Nyako Impeached by Adamawa House of Assembly by dustydee: 2:08pm On Jul 15
tarryT: Anyone that call GEJ clueless, Jonadaff, weak, or whatever name.

Cc.. demdem, berem, gbawe, cleverly et al..

Janjaweeds and neonatal politics.

GEJ till 2019.
If this is a sign of strength then we are in trouble. This can only be attributed to cowardice.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Netherlands by dustydee: 1:55pm On Jul 15

Many Dutch managers, directors, recruiters etc use Linkedin very a matter of fact, they dont like it if you have none.Its their way of snooping (Dutch are very intrusive) and getting to know you.
Yes, the invites have been trhough linkedin.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Netherlands by dustydee: 11:22am On Jul 15
missyjolanda: Hello,

Excellent, like the way you broke it down. What I don't understand is this: my wife sometimes gets invitations to apply for jobs in the Netherlands, why is that so given the job situation? Is it that there is skills shortage in some displines? She's an Engineer.
Politics / Emerging Nations Plan Their Own World Bank, IMF by dustydee: 10:10pm On Jul 14
WASHINGTON (AP) — Fed up with U.S. dominance of the global financial system, five emerging market powers this week will launch their own versions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa —the so-called BRICS countries — are "seeking "alternatives to the existing world order," said Harold Trinkunas, director of the Latin America Initiative at the Brookings Institution.
At a summit Tuesday through Thursday in Brazil, the five countries will unveil a $100 billion fund to fight financial crises, their version of the IMF. They will also launch a World Bank alternative, a new bank that will make loans for infrastructure projects across the developing world.
The five countries will invest equally in the lender, tentatively called the New Development Bank. Other countries may join later.
The BRICS powers are still jousting over the location of the bank's headquarters — Shanghai, Moscow, New Delhi or Johannesburg. The headquarters skirmish is part of a larger struggle to keep China, the world's second-biggest economy, from dominating the new bank the way the United States has dominated the World Bank.
The bloc comprises countries with vastly different economies, foreign policy aims and political systems — from India's raucous democracy to China's one-party state.
Whatever their differences, the BRICS countries have a shared desire for a bigger voice in global economic policy. Each has had painful experiences with Western financial dominance: They've contended with economic sanctions imposed by Western powers. Or they've been forced to make painful budget cuts and meet other strict conditions to qualify for emergency IMF loans.
Now, says Thomas Wright, a fellow at Brookings' Project on International Order and Strategy, "they want a safety net if they fall out with the West."
Developing countries have also been frustrated because the U.S. Congress has refused to approve legislation providing extra money to help the IMF make more loans to countries in trouble. The money is part of a broader reform program that would give China and other developing countries more voting power at the IMF.
Uri Dadush, an economist with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, sees no problem with the BRICS countries' development bank and financial crisis fund. But he worries that the five countries' decision to go outside of existing institutions provides more evidence of the "fracturing of the postwar (economic) system that gave us so much peace and prosperity. The system has not been able to adapt to the new reality, the rise of the new powers."
The IMF and the World Bank seem to be taking the new challengers in stride.
"All initiatives that seek to strengthen the network of multilateral lending institutions and increase the available financing for development and infrastructure are welcome," said IMF spokeswoman Conny Lotze. "What is important is that any new institutions complement the existing ones."
Answering a question about the BRICS development bank earlier this month, World Bank President Jim Kim said: "We welcome any new organizations ... We think that the need for new investments in infrastructure is massive, and we think that we can work very well and cooperatively with any of these new banks once they become a reality."


Good initiative. It will provide alternatives for countries.
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by dustydee: 7:53pm On Jul 14

I was adviced no to do so. that it shows lack of manners
Ok. I thought she may reason with you and probably leave your husband alone. Apparently that isn't a good idea. My apologies.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Agip 30 Days Training/ Recruitment by dustydee: 4:18pm On Jul 14
Sometimes I wonder which school award degrees to some people. @Op, keep sending your CV to people who are clearly out to defraud you claiming they haven't asked for money yet. Have you heard of identity theft? ok, kontinu ...


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