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Politics / Re: How Allison Madueke Worked With Buhari by dustydee: 8:48am
How is 1999 to date over 20 years?


Travel / Re: Photos: See The Current State Of The Streets Of Calabar. by dustydee: 8:16pm On May 21

You only referenced Ikom and not Calabar.

Ikom is not in calabar. It is a place in cross river state. The topic is misleading @op
I blame the moderator that put this on the frontpage without verifying. An to think that seun pays them is disturbing. I think he should aask for change because obviously they are not doing a good job. This is the second misleading post I know moved to the frontpage today.
Business / Re: Beware Of Scam That Requests Filling Of BVN Online Form by dustydee: 8:59am On May 21
Whoever moved this to the frontpage should modify it before others will receive similar email and think it is genuine.
Seun, ishiilove, Lalasticlala please modify the title to indicate the fraudulent nature of the email.
Business / Re: Beware Of Scam That Requests Filling Of BVN Online Form by dustydee: 8:54am On May 21
Good day everyone!

I was surprised receiving an e-mail this morning from this bank
that my ATM card will be disabled if I don't have BVN. Below was what I received:

"Dear Valued Customer,

Please note that your ATM Debit card will be disabled soon from performing transactions,Pending your registration for the new ATM card bank verification number(BVN) as directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria,Please note that this registration is Mandatory.
Simply copy and paste the link below in your browser and fill in the registration form to reactivate your ATM card immediately"

I wonder what having this BVN number is turning into. Is it a must I have it nor make use of it?

End time thing I think.... What do you as well think of this BVN or no BVN issues?
Scam! BVN registration can only be done in your bank not online.
Career / Re: How Access Bank Treated Us Unjustly by dustydee: 8:44am On May 21

@ poster

It's a pity but there is a platform that you can discuss this issue on. I am sure they will contact you and help resolve your issue. My sister was a victim such an act. Its a non-governmental organization. The ActRight Initiative. you can send me a message so I explain further.

Thank you
Why don't you explain here so that others in a similar situation can learn?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 6 Reasons Why Discrimination Against 2.2 & 3rd Class Graduates Should Stop by dustydee: 8:20am On May 21
This is based solely on my personal opinion and is not binding on anyone or organization. It is however to encourage all graduates that they can succeed in life regardless of their grade. Read on:

SOURCE: http://www.jarushub.com/6-reasons-why-discrimination-against-2-2-and-3rd-class-graduates-should-stop/

I agree. I graduated with a 2.1 and there are some of my course mates that graduated with 2.2 that are very good technically and can compete with some 2.1 and 1st class graduates.
One graduated with a 2.2 (CGPA 3.48) because his result, in one of the courses we took, (Workshop practice-which was quite easy) was missing and he had to resit (under a different lecturer who was probably not as friendly as the first one).
Politics / Re: Old Classmates Of Buhari Visit Him (Pictures) by dustydee: 9:56pm On May 20
They look older than him. Money good oh!


Business / Re: 10 Highest Selling Products In Nigeria by dustydee: 3:14pm On May 20
According to researchers on www.GidiLink.blogspot.com

*Coca cola is the highest selling product in Nigeria and also around the world.

Among other products, we have the following in no particular order.

*MTN Network.

*Indomie noodles.

*Close up toothpaste.

*Omo detergent.

*Techno mobile.

*Sandisk memory cards.

*Alomo gin.

*Maggi seasoning.

*Toyota automobiles.

Do you agree with www.gidilink.blogspot.com and what other products do you think should be on the list?
Is MTN Network a product?
What of Petrol?
La Casera?
Pure water?

Or did you just feel like starting a thread? And to think someone pushed this to the frontpage. undecided


Career / Re: What FCMB Contract Staff Said On Reading UBA Contract Staff Complaints by dustydee: 8:34am On May 20
This is terrible sha. But I blame graduates who have decided it's either a white collar job or nothing.
My younger sister is in the fashion business, she is constantly on the lookout for good tailors but has to go as far as togo or cotonou to get some. And those guys dictate their pay, she pays nothing less thank 60k a month, not including the compulsory accommodation you give them. She has a friend that pays hers 100k a month sef, so she's even lucky. This is in Benin o where things are relatively cheap, I don't want to imagine what these guys earn in Lagos and Abuja.
We're currently building and in the plastering stage and again all fingers pointed to the togolese/ Benin Republic guys as the best people for the job. These guys are in the range of 15 to 22 years and they take nothing less than 600k-1mn for a standard sized duplex. A job they complete in 2 weeks.
These are people who aren't even licensed to work in this country, getting more jobs and earning more than most Nigerian youths.
So until Nigerian graduates learn to think outside the box, this situation will sadly continue. Get a skill. Stop the craze for white collar jobs. As one of my lecturers used to say back then, "poo money does not smell"
This is not naturally a job for graduates but for technicians and artisans. What you should advocate for is the revamping of our technical schools so that not everyone has to go to the university especially does who are unable to gain admission into one. But A lot of us want to form big man and consider these jobs demeaning.
Career / Re: What FCMB Contract Staff Said On Reading UBA Contract Staff Complaints by dustydee: 7:15am On May 20
na im girls de pray to marry bankers ? messengers in civil service re paid 25k here in akwa ibom state
Fresh graduates in Niger State civil service earn less than 30k a month.
Food / Re: Is This Animal Edible, Just Killed It In My Lodge by dustydee: 8:12pm On May 19
Dont even know the name but i heard it is a delicasy in some parts of the country

Cc lalasticlala
Why did you kill it? undecided

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Politics / Re: Woman Recounts How B’haram Prepares Girls For Bombing Missions by dustydee: 6:38pm On May 19
This is heart breaking. How can people be this heartless?
Politics / Re: NPDC Staff Protest Transfer Of Assets: See Pictures by dustydee: 5:23pm On May 19
Last minute looting?
Politics / Re: Borno Gov To Buhari: Give N/east 13% Oil Derivation by dustydee: 10:38am On May 19
The Borno State governor, Kassim Ibrahim, yesterday appealed to the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd, to allocate 13 per cent of petroleum revenue to the North East region which has been ravaged by insurgency when he assumes office.
The governor, who made the demand known in a paper which he is expected to deliver today at Day-Two of a conference organised by the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (SCDDD), asserted that the current insurgency was the direct outcome of the inequality in oil revenue distribution.

Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by dustydee: 10:30am On May 19
I already addressed that. It is inland and the harbour is small so it capacity is small in terms of the number of ship s that it can handle as well as size and tonnage so yes it is a good thing to have bu it is SMALL even at maximum potential

In terms of security while I appreciate your preference what really matters is the opinion of the insurance company who dictate to the shippers through their charges. Inland ports are considered riskier in terms of pirate attacks,accidents etc . Thereby attracting a higher premium. Still if you ship to Calabar you will still have to evacuate your good by passing through the roads in Akwa Ibom which will add to your cost and expose you to that same "unstable" security
Ok. I get your point but in the absence of an alternative port for now, we need to maximise the use of Calabar port.
Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by dustydee: 10:03am On May 19
Calabar port is an inland port. The harbour is very small limiting the possible maximum number of ships that can berth but also move at the same time
Dredging is not a permanent and it is not cheap.It will have to be repeated from time to time.
One thing a lot of people overlook is the unintended or unpredictable environmental consequences of dredging. 2 or 3 years ago we witnessed an unprecedented flooding event .We can expect a lot more of that the more we dredge. There are few forces on earth more powerful than water and we just do not have the competency to handle that . Yes there is a need to spread the entry point for cargoes but there is a responsibility to provide evacuation infrastructure. Akwa Ibom is a better place than Calabar and the money spent building that Uyo stadium would have gone a very long way. The Money Ibori stole etc. The other problem is security. If you own a ship you must have insurance and your insurer will charge you more for going to the Niger Delta than Lagos or Cotonou and so you will charge the customer more. So as a shipper sending a car by Roro to Lagos for 600 euro or Calabar for 600 Euro what will you do especially when you know that you will get more money selling in Lagos or sell quicker.

Akwa Ibom is probably the best competitor for Lagos and in good place because it is almost virgin territory that can be properly planned. A road and rail network linking the port to the rest of the SS,SE ,NC and NE . This needs vision and partnership . Imagine if 5 or 6 states start a company and bring in other investors and the FG as well as NDDC. This is where visionary leadership is required. Instead of GEJ BORROWING money to build Abuja light rail that adds nothing he should have invested in such an idea which to my mind would be $2-3 billion. It is painful to think that yet another opportunity of HIGH oil prices has been squandered
Why I prefer Cross River is because of security. Cross River, in my opinion, is more stable than Akwa Ibom. I do not know the relationship between dredging and flooding. I thought dredging will create more room for water?
I have looked at the map again, and although Cross River is classified as a non littoral state, it still has links to the ocean. The port there used to handle international ships, I see no reason why it shouldn't now.
Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by dustydee: 9:20am On May 19

the Calabar port is not deep enough to accommodate big ships same for all the other port - that is why Lagos keep getting everything.

Good luck would have done another deep sea port in Bayelsa but the guy like most Niger Deltans saw small money and forgot his generation.
It can be dredged as well. I believe moving some cargoes to other parts of the country will lead to rapid development of those areas and the country at large.
Car Talk / Re: KIA Motors Unveils Multi Billion Naira Plant (25,000 Cars/year) In Lagos by dustydee: 7:19pm On May 18
Why in Lagos? Other states need this plants and industries more abeg.

Lagos is already too freaking populated. They could have opened it in Rivers or Alwa Ibom kf they are worried about closeness to the port and hence materials.

Even the excuse of market is not feasible as deliveries can be made. The concentration of industries in one state is causing more pressure on Lagos which is it smallest state according to landmass already.

Just what I was thinking, left to me, Calabar should be the location. It is close to the sea and peaceful. The only problem is that it is far.
Politics / NPDC Staff Protest Transfer Of Assets: See Pictures by dustydee: 7:11pm On May 18
Check the second picture grin

Staff of the Nigeria Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) in Benin City are calling for a reversal of the sale and transfer of operatorship of Oil Mining Licence (OML) 42 from a private company known as Neconde.

The workers, who took a peaceful protest round the company office along Sapele Road in Benin City the Edo State capital, in a statement made available to Channels Television alleged that the process of sale and transfer of the licence was shrouded in secrecy and did not follow due process.

The statement, signed by the Chairman of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PENGASSAN), NPDC branch, also noted that all attempts to get the management to revisit the transfer process proved abortive.

Phones / Re: Benin Girl In Canada Answers An Annoying Phone Call Her Response Is Priceless by dustydee: 2:16pm On May 18
grin grin
The babe harsh sha.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Blackmailing President Elect- Senator Rowland Owie by dustydee: 2:10pm On May 18
I believe the report is well researched by intellectuals and so should be credible. We shouldn't ignore it simply because it was commissioned by OBJ.

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Politics / Re: Amaechi: Tough Times Await Wike In Rivers by dustydee: 11:59am On May 18
Amaechi should just keep quiet.

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Travel / Re: Is This Juju (magic), Sciece Or Technology? by dustydee: 5:08pm On May 16

Hahaha you are right. But what about the silver painted guy? I saw him moving his hands, legs, head etc, i still cant figure what hes standing on?
Is that shovel giving him any kind of support or something
Look at what he is holding. It goes right into his jacket, down his body to his feet.
Politics / Re: Chukwa Umunna Withdraws From Labour Leadership Race by dustydee: 12:07pm On May 15
The federal government should try and reduce the no of political party in nigeria just like americans it ll enable them fish out thieves and reduce desperation for power....

How many political parties do they have in America?
Education / Re: The Only University Without Unemployed Graduates In Nigeria. by dustydee: 7:28am On May 15
National Open University of Nigeria. Can your school beat that?
How did you arrive at this conclusion? Did you or any other person carryout a survey of past NOUN graduates? Please stop misleading people if you have no emperical evidence to back your claim.
NYSC / Re: How Nysc Corp Member Almost Lost His Life To Torture In Camp by dustydee: 9:13pm On May 14

How NYSC Corp Member Almost Lost His Life To Torture At Camp
He tried explaining to them that he was sick and needed to take his drugs but they did not listen to him, rather he was told to start ‘frog-jumping’.Bunmi quietly explained to them that he might not be able to ‘frog-jump’ because of his health status.

The next thing I saw was that the security operatives (who were obviously Hausas, because they communicated fluently in Hausa language) told asked him if he was Hausa or Yoruba. When he told them he was Yoruba and he hails from Lagos state
Those security guys must be dealt with.
Meanwhile you communicated well in English, therefore based on your conclusion above, you must be English.
Politics / Re: Buhari, Sanusi, APC Should Stop Deceiving Nigerians- Barcanista by dustydee: 1:41pm On May 14
According to Barcanista, it is APC's fault for the failure of this PDP government from prosecuting Sanusi. How ridiculous does that sound?


Politics / Re: HRH Sanusi Speaks Again On The Missing $20b And The PWC Report. by dustydee: 7:24am On May 14
As someone with some level of knowledge on how things work in NNPC, I agree with the former CBN governor that a substantial part of the $18bn was diverted. That explains why the NNPC has been unable to show proof of contracts awarded for pipelines repair. The NNPC can show (or forge)contract award papers but they cannot forge the process (public invitation to bid, the bids and bid evaluation and so on) because it is in the past.


Travel / Re: [PHOTOS] BEAUTIFULL CITIES IN NORTHERN NIGERIA by dustydee: 10:45pm On May 13

The Op will remove it since u already told him about it..
Are you suggesting Ilorin is not a Northern town? What is it then?
Politics / Re: Murray-bruce Proves He Doesn't Fly First Class by dustydee: 8:53pm On May 13
Few weeks ago, Senator-elect and chairman of the Silverbird Group announced that he has never flown first class before.

Last night,Murray-Bruce who has become an over night sensation on Twitter shared a picture to back his claim.

Does the plane have first class cabin? Most airlines that fly to Nigeria do not have first class but business class.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Deceiving Nigerians - The Ben Murray-bruce I Know (pics) - Cramjones by dustydee: 8:41pm On May 13

We all know that it was after he left NTA that he became rich despite his salary as DG being N200,000 per month on average while he ran the institution. He then went to establish the Silverbird group which has been fairly successful. I am not against being rich and successful.
He established Silverbird before his appointment as NTA DG. Please get your facts right.


Politics / Re: PDP Reps ‘ll Vote Dogara For Speaker – Okwu by dustydee: 3:37pm On May 13
The funny thing is, femi is more qualified than this dogara of a guy.

But as expected the SS and SE Will betray the SW to the north just to spite their brothers in the west.

These people didn't discuss Tinubu in 2011 when he worked for jonathan victory.

I just dey laugh, cause the northern knows the igbos are not smart hence they will use them and dump.

Instead of these people to lobby apc north to vote an igbo speaker or south south speaker, they will rather the north control both house

To what end?

To spite the south west
Please sir, how did you arrive at this conclusion? What is the minimum qualification for becoming a speaker? And how do the two compare based on those criteria?


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