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Politics / Re: Countries With Smaller GDP Than LAGOS STATE (False Information) by dustydee: 4:58pm On Oct 28
Many, just like Africa has almost the same GDP as the state of California.
Question should be how does Lagos compare, developmentally, to some of those countries?
Politics / Re: Amaechi Lied, Jonathan Actually Did Something For Rivers People by dustydee: 5:03pm On Oct 27
I totally "disagreed" with Governor Amaechi on the allegation, that Jonathan had not done anything for Rivers People. The president actually did his best, to bring up quality and life changing projects in Rivers State.

These are top 10, First Class Projects, initiated and completed by our Able Presido!











With the above project, I will Jonathan Till 3030!

Janjawiids go and die tongue tongue
This is Local Government project nah. .
Politics / Re: Nasarawa Youth Attack Maku, Ewuga, Others, Burn Car by dustydee: 3:31pm On Oct 27
A former Information Minister,
Labaran Maku, and a senator, Solomon Ewuga, escaped unhurt as angry youth stormed the palace of Bala Angbazo, the paramount ruler of the Eggon people, on Sunday evening. The traditional ruler was hosting a reconciliatory meeting between three Eggon sons seeking to be nasarawa governor under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
The youth, who trooped to the palace in their hundreds, set ablaze a Toyota Corolla belonging to Chris
Mamman, the immediate past National President of Eggon Cultural Association, ECD. Messrs Mamman, Maku, and Ewuga are all PDP governorship aspirants.

The meeting was being held to choose one a consensus from among the three Eggon aspirants.
Mr. Maku, who was attending the meeting for the first time, escaped unhurt before Messrs Ewuga and Mamman. The two men were rescued
by military officers who came to the scene in three Hilux vans to forestall further destruction of property as the youth had blocked the Mr. Ewuga’s entourage and prevented them from going out of the palace.
Ibrahim Audu, a resident of Nasarawa Eggon, said the youth were angry with Mr. Mamman’s decision to contest the election.
When contacted, the Nasarawa Police spokesperson, Umar Numan, confirmed the attack and that Mr.
Mamman’s car was burnt. He said calm had returned to the area and no arrest has been made.
NYSC / Re: FG Allocates N500 Daily Feeding Allowance For Corp Members by dustydee: 3:46pm On Oct 23
Amongst other things revealed, was the N800 million required to enhance the computer registration system in NYSC. The DG also said, the funds would be used to service a “private sector” who would be responsible for the entire online processes as well as installation of registration equipment at all NYSC offices nationwide.
Haba! N800m ($5m)? For online portal? This to me is ridiculous. Why do people derive joy in milking Nigerians?
Car Talk / Re: Pictures: Presidency Officials Now Use Innoson Suv's by dustydee: 11:03pm On Oct 22
Nothing new here. Remember when Govt at all levels used Peugeot vehicles.

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Politics / Re: Muhammadu Buhari, By Femi Aribisala by dustydee: 3:02pm On Oct 22

You must be living in Cookoo land if you didn't know he said he took a loan.
Show me, show me.
Politics / Re: Muhammadu Buhari, By Femi Aribisala by dustydee: 1:59pm On Oct 22
WOW - true talk. Where does he want to get money to pay back 27.5 m Naira loan for a nomination form?
True talk? please show me where Buhari said he took a loan and how much loan he took . . . or you are a liar.
Politics / Re: Muhammadu Buhari, By Femi Aribisala by dustydee: 1:57pm On Oct 22

The sign was provided by none other than Buhari himself. Since his one credential is that he is a man of integrity who, as president, is
expected to wrestle corruption down to the ground, Buhari decided to burnish his anti-corruption image by revealing that he obtained his
27.5 million naira APC nomination form with a bank loan.
I listened to Buhari's comment and he never mentioned that he took any loan. He said he called his bank manager and asked him to honour any cheque from him irrespective of his account balance.
If he took a loan, how much loan did he take? Even if you don't like someone, at least you can speak the truth and say only what you know.
Religion / Re: Why Does Our Society Frown At Adultery But Normalise Fornication by dustydee: 8:58pm On Oct 20
When a married man or woman cheats most people will condemn it saying it's wrong to cheat also saying its ungodly and sin. However when two people are dating and are having sex nobody condemns it as sinful or wrong. If Christians/Muslims could accept pre marital sex a norm why then frown at extra marital as if one is a lesser sin. Is going against a marital vow of chastity more important than breaking God's laws.
Speak for yourself.
And if two adults are doing what is wrong, you either advise them to stop, pray for them or mind your business.
Car Talk / Re: Jebba - Mokwa Road. Where are the contractors by dustydee: 12:24pm On Oct 20

Na geisheki. Ina fata ki na lafia lau ko?

I am bery bery haffy walahi. Bery bery haffy to meet a bery viewtipul yariyan on a pederal road thread.

Hab you eba trabelled on zhat Mokwa Road bepore, shege, you will see dipperent sizes op holes. Eh, akoi cooking-fot size, shoe size, bed size and eben swimming fool size. You will see turailers dancing azonto.

Truly, Nijeriya is moobing poorward

shocked shocked grin


Politics / Re: Defection: Bianca Ojukwu Lambasts Peter Obi, Shuns Ex-gov In Netherlands by dustydee: 10:36am On Oct 20
I thought APGA was a branch of the PDP? So why all this talk about betrayal?


Politics / Re: Tanmites Protesting In Abuja Yesterday After Being Paid 1k Each Instead Of 5k. by dustydee: 8:25am On Oct 20
The picture you posted doesn't tell us anything. Put a better picture if you expect us to believe you.

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Politics / Re: President Obama Credit Card Declined At A New York City Restaurant by dustydee: 8:52am On Oct 18
President Barack Obama's credit card was declined at a restaurant in New York City last month, he said.

"It turned out I guess I don't use it enough," Mr Obama said. "They thought there was some fraud going on."

Fortunately, he said, First Lady Michelle Obama had a credit card on hand and paid for the meal.

Mr Obama told the story at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as he announced new protections for debit cards used to deliver federal benefits.

An estimated 100 million Americans have been affected by identity theft in the past year, including high-profile security breaches at retailers like Target and Home Depot.

"I was trying to explain to the waitress, you know, I really think that I've been paying my bills," Mr Obama said. "Even I'm affected by this."

The US president is paid $400,000 (£250,000) per year, as well as given a non-taxable $50,000 expense account.

The last sentence got me thinking about Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Took Bank Loan To Purchase APC Nomination Form by dustydee: 5:56pm On Oct 17

My main contention isn't about taking the loan or not.
Is about why so much an amount of money.
if you think beyond the means by which the money was secured-either own money or borrowed you ll reason that is only natural and a littl amount of time once he/ whoever gets the post before he recoup back what he's paid for the ticket.
This pushes them to deep more and more into the public purse and farther and farther away m staunch selfless(even if a little) public service that we all need.
Infact let me use your own words-as regard perhaps getting the funds from his supporters.

Bickering not intended pls.So just saying I might not be inclined to counter-respond in future Inrrespective of what anyone deem to comment.
You have a point. I personally think the amount is too much.

As for others paying for him, they do that, and it is allowed, so as to be able to influence policies should the aspirant win. This happens in the west (I know of the US and UK) and also in Nigeria (Dangote, Pascal Dozie ) and many others are major financiers of the PDP. What would be wrong is to try to please these donors at the expense of the masses. And even if he pays from his pocket, he can recoup the money within a year without dipping his hands into the treasury (even though the president's annual salary is not up to N5m). The allowances that come with the office is enough to cater for someone who is not greedy and extravagant.

I admire your civility and your engaging in intellectual discourse.
Politics / Re: Buhari Took Bank Loan To Purchase APC Nomination Form by dustydee: 10:14am On Oct 17
I guess a lot of people have a problem with comprehension so let me break it down.
1. Buhari never mentioned that he took a loan.
2. He said he called his banker to inform him that the nomination forms were ready and if he gets a cheque from him, the cheque should be honoured whether he has sufficient funds or not (which apparently the banker agreed).

For those of you who said he took a loan, how much loan did he take?

In the end, I believe the entire N27.5m was not paid by him but by his supporters. (I reached this conclusion because I don't see any reason why he would sign his own cheque and hand it over to Timipre Silva to present to the National Secretary).

Let's learn to reason before we jump into conclusion(s).

Thank you.


Politics / Re: No Governor Can Take Credit For Wining Ebola War – Jonathan by dustydee: 11:19pm On Oct 16
No governor has claimed credit for containing Ebola but we all know who claimed or tried to claim credit for containing the disease before the record was put straight. I am glad the president got the message and has corrected the impression his spin doctors tried to force down our throats.

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Forum Games / Re: Age Discriminating Optical Illusion by dustydee: 9:20pm On Oct 16
Still looking for the girl. Someone please trace the outline for me please. cry
Finally seen it. Since morning. cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Stunning Pictures Of Bianca Ojukwu, Nigerian Ambassador To Spain by dustydee: 1:59pm On Oct 16
Where are the stunning pictures?
Politics / Re: 2015: Buhari, APC Woo Okorocha For VP by dustydee: 10:47am On Oct 16

This is how the states will vote come 2015

7. Benue - Goodluck
This can swing either way going by the current Governor's performance.

As for the VP slot, it would be nice to give it to the SE but there are not many I know who have good leadership qualities. I personally like Ogonnay Onu but don't know much about him. And there's this former minister - Chikelu (Chukwuemeka?) but he belongs to the PDP. So the options are limited. The people of the SE should participate more in the opposition and not put their eggs in one basket. Okorocha, for me, is a no - no.
Politics / Re: "Horn Free Day": Lagosians, What's The Situation Report At Your Place? by dustydee: 12:00pm On Oct 15

I agree on the intimidation part but flashing of full light is NOT a traffic offence anywhere in the UK
I wasn't sure hence my use of the word "MAY". And for the avoidance of doubt, it is actually not an offece.

Flashing headlights: Only flash your headlights to let other road users know that you are there. Do not flash your headlights to convey any other message or intimidate other road users.

Politics / Re: "Horn Free Day": Lagosians, What's The Situation Report At Your Place? by dustydee: 10:25am On Oct 15
Driving without a horn is not possible anywhere.
Make 1 mumu danfo come scratch my G55 wagon..
The devil is a liar.

Which kind mumu idea b diz frm brain dead pple.
It is very possible sir. The horn was not intended for use the way we use it in Nigeria. In advanced countries, it is a traffic offence to use the horn indiscriminately especially in residential areas. You are only allowed to use the horn to draw the attention of other road users to you if you percieve that they cannot see you and may hit your car(maybe while reversing or entering a road). To say it is not possible is not entirely correct.
Politics / Re: "Horn Free Day": Lagosians, What's The Situation Report At Your Place? by dustydee: 10:19am On Oct 15

It is possible. I drive for days in Lagos without horning

Flashing of full light is more effective

Horn is actually for prompting animals and extreme cases
In the UK flashing your full light may be a traffic offence - it is seen as intimidating other road users.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 10:09am On Oct 14

Okay. What course did you study there

Please I need help....can someone kindly recommend a university for me in Abadeen Scotland for MBA programme, a university their tuition is not outrageous and again I heard some universities request English proficiency test from international students,am looking for one that recognized naija as an English speaking country. Thanks
I don't know about Aberdeen but University of Strathclyde's MBA program is very good and not as expensive as some of the "big" schools. check
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 8:11pm On Oct 13

Really, that's nice smiley. Am studying Advanced Computer Science - MSc.

When did you finish
Cool. 2012.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 2:35pm On Oct 13
Hi all, anybody here studying in university of strathclyde or in Glasgow, arrived here yesterday and got to say, it's cold and wet more than how I thought it would be. And I have not seen plenty black people and it's making me feel lonely.
Hey! That's my Alma mater. There are lots of Nigerians in Glasgow. I miss that town and the school. Which course are you going for?
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 2:33pm On Oct 13

Was quite straight forward..just went to THREE office said I want iphone on contract..she just collect my details like passport address nd my Barclay card details..£100 upfront nd £45 monthly..iphone6......dazall
I think that is quite expensive. If you must do contract, I usually advice sim only. I think you have a few days to cancel if you wish. I have never used a contract line - currently use vectone- Unlimited data (3GIG), 500 mins (UK and International) and 3000text. All for £10. If you can afford it then you may retain the phone/line otherwise, I see no reason to pay for an over priced gadget. With £200 you can get a decent smartphone.
Entertainment / Re: Vegetable Seller (iya Alata) Donated Over 50 Million Naira To Charity by dustydee: 9:54pm On Oct 11

But how has a woman with such a modest profession accumulated so much money to give away in the first place?

Read the story you posted and you'll find the answer to your question.
Let me help you:
The donations included money inherited from her father, royalties from a book written about her and cash prizes for her work. To some people, it might seem like madness to give away most of your wealth.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 7:19pm On Oct 07

Please, any pointers to some companies that my be willing to sponsor. I am a frequent user of Targrt jobs, been getting emails with graduate opportunities but most of these companies still write iy boldĺy that they dont sponsor. I going to one job gairs at the University of London hosted by Target jobs. I hope I get on the useful info I am searching for...
ENgineering companies I know that sponsor:
1. BP
2. Woodgroup
3. Foster Wheeler
4. Petrofac
5. BT
6. Rolls-Royce
7. Jaguar Land rover
8. Arup
9. Atkins
And many more
Other companies are:
1. Accenture
2. EY
4. Pwc
6. and many more.
Even if it is stated that they require UK/EU citizens, there is no harm in applying as I have heard of a few people who have done that and were sponsored.

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Business / Re: Audit Report Of Missing NNPC $10.8b Ready Soon, Says Okonjo-iweala by dustydee: 1:18pm On Oct 07
Nigeria: No money is missing but we are looking for the "missing" money.

According to the minister, “initially it was $48 billion, then $20 billion, but the figure we have always had is $10.8 billion.

Oh, so $10.8 billion was actually missing? undecided Our leaders, una weldone o!
Politics / Re: South African Media Confirms Legitimacy Of Nigeria's $9.3m Arms Deal by dustydee: 10:57am On Oct 07
There's nothing in the article to suggest that the money was legally taken into South Africa. They may have legally taken it out of Nigeria (which is subject to debate and interpretation) but by violating the South African law simply by not informing the authorities makes the deal Illegal.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 11:39am On Oct 06
For those of you that intend to stay back, please start applying for jobs now. The earlier the better. By december/January, most big companies that sponsor candidates would have filled their graduate intake positions for Septemeber start next year.
I was lucky I got this advise from a recruitment fair early enough. You may want to check these sites as the graduate programs have openned for most companies:
and - for science and engineering courses.

it may be worthwhile to have your CV reviewed (free) through your career services and rewritten if necessary by professional writers. You can search online for "CV writing services" or "professional cv writers" or use this link ( I used this recently and was the cheapest I could find):

there are others like -

Your major problem, as you will findout, is filling the forms and writing good cover letters. I will advice you utilise your schools' "career services" as they will review your CV, and cover letters and also organise workshops on how to apply for jobs. Also, don't be discouraged because you are going to get many rejections but just keep applying and you may be lucky. (I personally applied to many companies before getting an offer).

I will alos advice that you know what you want - this will help you narrow down the companies to apply to and will also keep you focused.

Wish you all the best.


Education / Re: Is It Too Late For Me? I Have Made A Very Big Mistake In Choice Of Career. by dustydee: 2:15pm On Oct 03
@ yissi
I don't think you are far off. If you love electronics engineering as you have said, then you can specialise on that when you are doing your masters. Electronics engineering is a key component of telecoms engineering (circuit design, DSP etc.) As for electrical, it will limit you a bit but there's still something for you even as a telecoms engineer (Satellite power systems, power electronics, etc.). Just concentrate and come out with good grades and you will get a scholarship to study for your masters in electronic engineering. You can check MERIT maststers scholarship - I think it is Erasmus Mundus scholarship, you will see the relationship between electronic and telecommunications engineering. You can the do further research from there. By the way, I am a telecoms Engineer. cheesy

See link:

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