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Phones / Re: How To Know If Your Android Phone Is Fake Or Original by dustydee: 10:30pm On Nov 28
This is for which phone model? Nokia or what?

Op, do you have idea how IMEI are coined??

These are following parts of an IMEI:
Type Approval Code (TAC): 6 decimal places, centrally assigned.
Final Assembly Code (FAC): 6 decimal places, assigned by the manufacturer.
Serial Number (SNR): 6 decimal places, assigned by the manufacturer.
Spare (SP): 1 decimal place.
Thus, IMEI = TAC + FAC + SNR + SP. It uniquely characterizes a mobile station and gives clues about the manufacturer and the date of manufacturing.

What you refer to is the old IMEI numbering system where location of manufacture can be found in the imei

TAC: **-**** -
FAC: ** - indicating where phone was made.
SNR: *****- uniquely identifying a unit of this model
CD: if it is a GSM Phase 2 or higher
SVN: ** - The "software version number" identifying the revision of the software installed on the phone.

Be double sure of what you post.
Thumbs up. The OPs explanation does not hold. IMEIs are unique identifiers and has nothing to do with determining the quality of a product.


I hope this help.
Oga you are wrong, please learn from the guy I quoted above or do a simple internet search.

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Career / Re: Advice Needed:a Masters Degree To Aid My 2.2 Or A Life-changing Trip To Italy? by dustydee: 9:39am On Nov 28
I am currently stucked in the middle with my head hurting so bad from thinking progressively..

I had a 2.2 in metallurgical and materials engineering and with this system of employment in nigeria- massive graduates, limited jobs, I must confess that i am forced to look elsewhere for my lifetime opportunities..

i believe in myself...YES i do!!! however, quite obviously, my chances of been gainfully employed are low, that is even if they meagerly exist..

so... i have made up my mind... perhaps, because i am still very young or because i am from a lowly background where my father nor my relative can give me a huge amount of money to start a lucrative business..therefore, i want to go all out by myself..

now.. i have two resolutions..

should i go for an eighteen months full time master program to supplement my 2.2 or take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go hustle for myself abroad..??

which is better??

matured advice needed with experiences...
how did you made it to the top on your own especially when you started from the rock bottom??

Mods please help a brother get to canaanland by doing the needful
What visa are you going to Italy on? From all indication, please correct me if i am wrong, you hve no job offer in Italy and so will be going on a temporary visa (tourist, business etc.) or Illegally. Now if you do that you cannot work legally and the way things are going now you will suffer. You will not make any meaningful earnings as most employers (if any will treat you as a slave) because they know your status. The only way you can make money if you go into drugs and other crimes. Stay where you and do your masters or start a business. If you have money to travel to Italy, you are not poor and you have the money to start a small business.

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Politics / Re: How Abubakar Audu's Sons Serially Raped A Young Girl Years Back. by dustydee: 5:56pm On Nov 27
This isn't rape, it is consensual because she kept going back to them hoping he would change.

Sugabelly is a notorious liar but i think at least part of the story is true but seriously exaggerated
When you force someone to have sex with you, it is rape. You don't force someone if it is consensual.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Won't Succeed In 4 Years - Cramjones by dustydee: 5:47pm On Nov 27
Moment of truth...

5. For the past 6 months, Nigeria has had little or no policy directions. We have only 1.5 years to, and campaigns for elections will begin. Recall at this time most of the money needed for capital development would be diverted for elections.
If Buhari fails to stop this trend of using government money (from agencies like NNPC etc.) to fund elections as was done in the past, he would have failed completely as a leader.

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Career / Re: My Worst Day On Earth And Some Thoughts On Suicide. by dustydee: 10:27am On Nov 27
God bless you all. And have a great day.

One of the problems is that a lot of Nigerians do not understand mental health issues. Rather than seek for help, people just keep to themselves either because they do not know that they need help, do not know where to go or for fear of the stigma of being tagged a mental health patient. I pray the government and NGOs will create awareness on mental health issues and provide centres for dealing with such issues.

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Politics / Re: NNPC Blames Fuel Scarcity On Vandals, Unscrupulous Oil Marketers - VANGUARD by dustydee: 9:39am On Nov 27
Arrest them and stop giving excuses. Stop sounding like the past administration.
Crime / Re: FED Poly Ado-Ekiti Student Commits Suicide Because Of An Extra Year (graphic) by dustydee: 9:33am On Nov 27
Seun, Lalasticlala, mukina2 please correct the topic on the home page. It is not FUTA but Fed poly Ado-Ekiti.
Politics / Re: PDP To INEC: Declare Wada As Winner Of Kogi Election by dustydee: 4:45pm On Nov 26
Such foolishness ought to be unlawful in Nigeria and people like Metuh, Wada and the PDP lawyers propagating this ought to serve jail term.

You should have no right to be this silly
Madam easy on the guy nah. He probably doesn't know what he is saying. grin

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 5K: How Will Federal Government Capture Data Of All Unemployed Youths? by dustydee: 11:00am On Nov 26
Hello Nairalanders, I have been wondering about the recent trends and campaign promise made by Federal government to Pay Nigerian teaming unemployed Youths 5k monthly without foul play? this 5k of a thing seems not feasible to me.

The process of Gathering data alone would be defeated as political bigwigs would hijack it and favour only those fanning them.

Please drop your view below cos I want to register but don't know where to start or how to go about it.
BVN . . . Each unemployed youth will have a BVN. With that the only thing left is for the government to find out those who are unemployed. I do not expect them to "dash" them the money but demand a level of community service. That way it will be difficult to hold a job and claim benefits as well. Also, they can monitor the extra funds going beneficiaries bank account that indicate that they are employed or engaged in some form of business.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari’s Most Recent Missteps by dustydee: 3:59pm On Nov 25

I've always said it that anyone offering blind support to any politician is either benefiting directly from them or he's being plain silly. The only thing the common man gains from the political class is the good governance provided. So, why blindly supporting politicians who fail to perform.
I agree with you. I wish many Nigerians will realise this.

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Politics / Re: President Buhari’s Most Recent Missteps by dustydee: 3:27pm On Nov 25

You are free to create a thread of those you know that I have failed to include. Or you don't know how to create threads?
I appreciate your honesty in pointing out some of the presidents' failings. That is the kind of spirit we need for our democracy to survive. If GEJs supporters had done the same, he probably will still be president today but most chose to be sycophants.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Between A Multi National And Lecturing Job by dustydee: 11:10am On Nov 25
Lecturing job.


1. Job security

2. Less headaches

3. So that you will give me the multinational

4. You have always wanted it

5. You'll upgrade your certs faster

6. Pension

7. If its about the pay, your salary increases with your qualifications
Just joking bout number 3, but i hope the others make sense
The other job also has pension which is more than that of the lecturing job because of the higher pay.


Politics / Re: Suntai's Daughter, Mariya, Set To Wed by dustydee: 10:23am On Nov 25

Note all Hausas are fulanis .
This your comment get as e be. It's like saying not all Ijaws are Igbos, does it make sense?

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Politics / Re: Suntai's Daughter, Mariya, Set To Wed by dustydee: 10:21am On Nov 25
First Hausa high profile wedding weh I go see a fat wife be this, this dan baba sef just get many k-leg. Wishing dem happy married life in advance.
Did you study social studies in primary school? Perhaps you may want to go over your text books again to learn more about Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by dustydee: 5:18pm On Nov 24
wait o
when did IELTS become 52k?
This is extortion from BC if you ask me.....Gosh
Why do you think it is extortion? Is the price different from what is obtainable globally? or is the cost of conducting the examination far less than the charge? I will appreciate if you can let us know why you think they are extorting us. Thank you.
Celebrities / Re: Halima Abubakar Hits The Pool In Sexy Wear by dustydee: 4:50pm On Nov 24
Nairaland and double standard, shey na sexy wear now whereas when someone wore something similar to an event it was titled "see what xxxx wore to an event". What is the difference between this and the other lady that wore a revealing dress? Are they not both end time dresses? undecided
Career / Re: How To Survive In The Oil And Gas Industry? by dustydee: 4:44pm On Nov 24
Good day all

I saw thread about how to survive as a contract staff in the banking industry and couldn’t help but create one for the IOCs.

Not that I know how to survive but anyone working there can educate the house.

I work in a bank but most times I always wonder if it is the same thing in the oil and gas industry. Maybe because I aspire to work there someday.

The discrimination is real! I can’t help but wonder, in all them oil companies is it the same level of discrimination? Is it as bad as it in banks?

The banks discriminate financially, benefit-wise even when it comes to work, the contract staff get a larger share and the worst part is that there is no hope of being converted to a full staff

So i`m calling on those who have worked in the oil and gas sector, please enlighten the house.

Cc jarus xfire scantee

I think what they refer to as contract staff in the banking sector is really "outsourced" positions and not "contract" staff in the real sense of it. So those in the banking sector actually work for a different company other than the bank itself. A contract staff strictly speaking is SELF EMPLOYED. But most companies will not directly hire you except through an agency or umbrella company. So the companies pay the agency and the agency in turn remits the money to you after taking their share. Contract staff are often paid more than permanent staff because of the risk (can easily be fired without compensation) and also because it relieves the hiring company of other responsibilities like medical care, insurance (in some cases) and other benefits. You may look at some of those benefits as being "monetised" if you wish. I am currently a staff but wish to be a contractor later except I get into management. When the oil prices were still high, some of my colleagues charged up to £80 per hour.
The downside is if you don't go to work (due to sickness or any emergency) you don't get paid for that period whereas a permanent staff gets annual leave and sick leave with pay.

Finally, those "contract" staff that work in the banks need to wake up and demand what is due to them. If you are an outsourced staff, you deserve other benefits including sick leave, pension contribution and other benefits enumerated in our labour laws. Don't let these companies take advantage of you.
Politics / Re: DPR Gives Out FREE Fuel To Motorists In Kwara by dustydee: 2:13pm On Nov 24
I as much as I discourage goading of petroleum products, I condem the action of DPR. This is not constitutional and if the owners of the facility get the mind, they need to go to court and seek redress.
I agree with you that the action may not be legal but they will be the ultimate loser because even if they win in court, DPR can impose a stiffer penalty on the company for violating its license conditions including revocation of the stations' license.
Politics / Re: Troops Engage In Clearance Operation,Destroy More Boko Haram Camps In Borno(pics by dustydee: 6:57pm On Nov 23
Some of the pictures look like pictures posted sometime ago.

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Crime / Re: Two Nigerians In Street Fight In Italy, One Kills The Other (Video) by dustydee: 9:47pm On Nov 21
This was published today on Youtube.....

What could have caused this?OMG!

They are speaking Bini Language....


The foreigners were just watching wicked people.
Cccc Lalasticlala
You are talking about the foreigners (probably Nigerians who may be illegals), what about the "Italians" who were there? They could have called the police.
Celebrities / Re: Frank Edoho's Wife Sandra Flaunts Her Bikini Body In Hawaii by dustydee: 9:30am On Nov 21
Nairalanders and hypocrisy. If it's someone wearing skimpy dress they will shout to the high heavens - indecent dressing. But this one is bikini body abi?
Sports / Re: Give Our Age Grade Teams A Break! by dustydee: 12:03pm On Nov 18
I also complained to seun about this. The mod should read and go through a topic before he decides to carry it to front page...Everything is not about generating viewing traffic.
Sadly he has refused to listen thus far.

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Sports / Re: Give Our Age Grade Teams A Break! by dustydee: 7:38am On Nov 18
^^^^abeg help me talk am. Tomorrow when I say make Seun give me mod work, e go be like say na play, see the incompetent person that posted that rubbish on FP......I swear the thing is still annoying me
You are very sensible. I have advised Seun several times about the attitude of his moderators and a need to train them but they keep posting unverifiable stories on the front page.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Swaziland : World Cup Qualifier 2 - 0 On 17th November 2015 by dustydee: 5:31pm On Nov 17
Politics / Re: Court Of Appeal Sacks Bashir Marafa, PDP Senator From Taraba... Sahara Reporters by dustydee: 5:27pm On Nov 17
Y is it biased
Was it?, I don't know the details of the case or judgement hence my questions to you for more information since you seem to know much about the case.
Politics / Re: Court Of Appeal Sacks Bashir Marafa, PDP Senator From Taraba... Sahara Reporters by dustydee: 4:57pm On Nov 17
Is dis justice or a campaign to sway true democracy in naija? I don't understand change anymore
Why? Do you think justice wasn't done?

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Politics / Re: Court Of Appeal Sacks Bashir Marafa, PDP Senator From Taraba... Sahara Reporters by dustydee: 4:56pm On Nov 17
Ewo! Fayose over to you.

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Swaziland : World Cup Qualifier 2 - 0 On 17th November 2015 by dustydee: 4:22pm On Nov 17
not working
Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity: FG Should Legalize Illegal Refineries - Murray-Bruce by dustydee: 12:45pm On Nov 17

Why are most Nigerians so shallow in reasoning. The Senator said such businesses should be licensed. Now these guys have the skills whereas our government cannot refine the product optimally, why not train them, equip them, monitor them and give them necessary support to become useful in the downstream sector. Some of you should make out time to study the economies of the Asian Tigers to understand how they grew economically. We are selfish in this country honestly.
If they are licensed, they will go out of business because it won't be profitable. The cost of buying crude, lab tests, optimising production, taking care of the environment, salaries etc. All these will bring you to what the government has already done by licensing modular refineries which have not yet taken off.

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Politics / Re: Fuel Scarcity: FG Should Legalize Illegal Refineries - Murray-Bruce by dustydee: 12:33pm On Nov 17
To be honest I agree with him because if the legal ones can't provide the product they should register and observe the illegal ones so that they would supply the products it would bring competition to the refineries and everybody would have to seat up somebody once said that if you can't beat the join them the only reason why fg is destroying them is because the oga's are the top are not receiving their own share of the oil money unless they would be working with full efficiency to supply and this issue of fuel marketers would cool down a little
They are in business because they steal their crude. Are you aware of the damage these refineries do to the environment? Do you know that they do not check the quality of their products? DO you know the damage illegally refined products can do to our vehicles? I do not support it because it will not be profitable for the operators, lead to waste of crude oil, damage the environment and also damage our vehicles. Coming from a Bayelsan who should be concerned about the already polluted environment just makes you shudder.
I am beginning to belive the saying about Ben murray Bruce: "Looks like Obama, thinks like Obanikoro".


Politics / Re: N10million Bribery Scam: Presidency In Dilema Over CCT Chair by dustydee: 8:44am On Nov 15
The problem is that there is no sufficient evidence against him. The PA claimed that he gave the money to him in cash while the EFCC claimed to have recovered the money from the PA. So where did the PA get the money from? Did he pay from his pocket? While the CCT chairman can be removed on moral grounds, I don't see how he can be convicted except the EFCC has sufficient evidence that he took bribe.
Politics / Re: FG Spends N5.8bn On Presidential Jets In Six Months by dustydee: 9:08am On Nov 14
How much is spent on maintaining the presidential fleet? - We don't know
Where did Punch get their estimate from? - based on assumptions and data obtained from COMMERCIAL airlines.
Is their estimate correct? - Highly unlikely since commercial airlines spend more on fuel, maintenance and crew.

My verdict - sensational journalism.


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