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Career / Re: Stop Calling Everyone An Entrepreneur by dustydee: 7:48am
Source? https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/294549


We have gotten a bit carried away with the “entrepreneur label” stop it. So many people in Nigeria consider themselves entrepreneur without even knowing what been an entrepreneur entails. In Nigeria, every Wale, Musa and Chidi goes about with the entrepreneur title not knowing that they are small business owners. Entrepreneurship is so much more than having a business.

Too many people confuse entrepreneurs from small business owners. A lot more people are qualified to run a grocery shop than take companies from inception, through market, funding and growth to IPO.

Now you may be asking, "who is an entrepreneur”

An entrepreneur is someone who is motivated to begin a start up. They seek to provide radical solution to huge problems with the use of breakthrough technologies that will make that solution possible. An entrepreneur has an insatiable need for more, more and more. They can’t stop. They are fearless and driven to maximize opportunity. An entrepreneur aims for improvement over what currently exist. They don’t dare to be different, they are different.

A small business owner, on the contrary, build business incrementally, bit by bit. They often solve smaller, localized problems with their business and are not looking to radically move the needle. These people are the broad base of employment in Nigeria. Everywhere you go in every street are littered with small businesses. They cover a lot of surface area but aren’t disrupting the status quo, creating entire new fields, or accelerating an entire market forward.

Small business owner seek lower risk and their goal is sustaining a living for themselves and their employees. Furthermore, their products and services often live in the realm of the known and established. They live and operate in their local community. That local tailor that has been in your street for 20 years is a business owner also that young guy that just opened a barbing salon in your area, that bet 9ja agent and that freelance web designer are all small business owners not entrepreneurs.

When we talk of entrepreneurs, we need to mention those people who discovered a new world, who aim for improvement in fields and business ideas that already exist, who provided radical solutions to problems that we never thought possible. People like Aliko Dangote who gave us a FCMG company we can be proud of, Linda Ikeji who open our eyes to what blogging is, CEO’s of Konga and Jumia who introduced the E-commerce gig to us, our very own Seun Osewa of Nairaland and Mike Adenuga who without him we wouldn’t have known what per second billing is all about.

These people are true entrepreneurs. Bigger is always better for them and that’s the one facet of their business that has held lasting values with customers through the years.
Travel / Re: What Special Services Do You Receive When You Fly Business/First Class? by dustydee: 2:24pm On Jun 27
For the 'ajepakos' like me who cannot afford to fly Business/First Class at least for the time being, I always book my return ticket in the Economy class.

And I wonder what those, the 'ajebutters' who fly Business/First Class normally receive when the curtains are drawn to prevent us in the Economy wing to see them.

Have you flew Business/First Class before? It could be within the country or to other countries. Kindly share your experiences as a first class pax.

Who knows, if the services are really juicy, I may start to save some extra bucks to book a Business/First Class return ticket to a neighboring country during my annual leave.

@ bigtt76, Jazmiynne, amicable09, davide470, justi4jesu, qualified, ishilove

come and share your experiences here. You all fall under the 'ajebutter' class.

Never flown Business class myself but a colleague did (London to Abu Dhabi).
1. He had access to the executive lounge at the airport with free drinks and food plus massage.
2. He was dropped off at the Hotel in Abu Dhabi by a Limousine.
3. More leg room and priority service before boarding, after boarding and when you arrive.
4. In flight food is better than economy (Variety, quantity and quality) - For first class some airlines have a chef onboard who will cook the food for you.
5. More air miles.
6. More baggage allowance
7. etc.

For first class the benefits are even better than those listed above including shower facilities, bed so you can lie down and other complimentary services.

If I am paying, then Business class will do (can't afford it for now) but won't mind 1st class if my company is paying.
Business / Re: Aba Shoemakers Jittery Over Chinese Shoe Magnete’s Investment In Aba by dustydee: 8:14pm On Jun 23
"Magnate" not "magnet"
Travel / Re: Any Nigeria Citizen Living In P.a Usa by dustydee: 2:50pm On Jun 22
Any nigeria citizen living pennysylvania usa especially ..lancaster or near..i am new here and i am trying to make new friends and feel at home..lets hook up
You mean you left Nigeria all the way to the US to go and meet Nigerians? Ok, locate the nearest RCCG, winners or Deeperlife church.
Business / Re: Nigeria Misses Digital Switch-over Deadline Again As Scandal Rocks NBC by dustydee: 9:10am On Jun 21
No, they settled out of court with Pinnacle.

Politics / Re: Northern Youths Shortlist 12 Names For 2019 Presidency by dustydee: 9:38am On Jun 20
Bala Mohammed, the former FCT minister? Are they serious at all. If the "youth" can include such a name then we are finished in Nigeria.


Romance / Re: Promiscuity Of Some Single Moms by dustydee: 9:04am On Jun 20
This is not an attack thread but based on personal experience.

Came across some single moms who do abortion alot.

They kept their first pregnancy to draw public sympathy as "despite all odds, she kept the baby" etc

Subsequently they continue their reckless behavior and keep aborting with justification as "how can I have two kids without marriage" etc

It's really a sad trend.

Are you assuming that they impregnated themselves or were impregnated by "MEN"?. If the latter is true, can we then say that the men are promiscuous?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Edo to absolve select N-Power volunteers into state civil service by dustydee: 7:42am On Jun 20
"Absolve"? Hmmmn, Seun's moderators with their copy and paste mentality.


Crime / Re: Man Buries Goat Alive On His Brother's Land In Anambra (Photos, Video) by dustydee: 5:45pm On Jun 19
Where did the story mention "his brother"?
These bloggers and their fake news. Seun and nairaland will not stop promoting them.
Politics / Re: Supreme Court Unable To Deliver PDP Ruling Due To Political Interference by dustydee: 8:26am On Jun 19
I believe the CJN is not clean hence Buhari's hesitation to forward his name for confirmation. But like most things in Nigeria, once you introduce religion or ethnicity, you are likely to succeed.

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Travel / Re: Best Sim To Call Nigeria From The UK Is by dustydee: 4:21pm On Jun 18
download white calling app from the play store, load the app and make calls at 6p per minute.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Head Start: How To Secure A Job Before You Graduate by dustydee: 8:19am On Jun 18
let tell ourselves the truth, there are no jobs out there, unemployment is increasing everyday imagine 29,000 people applied for N-POWER job within 3 days.
the only solution to this problem is to become self employed and that is just the way forward.
I.m advising the young graduates to stop looking for white colla job and establish business of their own no matter how small it is and with time and dedication the business will grow. Nigeria is not an industrial country like China where everything consumed are produced by them, but here we import almost everything so where are u going to work. Let us start now and embrace entrepreneurship and erase the old mindset that was inculcate to us by our parents that when u go to school and have a good grade automatically a good job is out there waiting for you,well this was only attainable during the 60s and not now because things has dramatically changed unlike then.
Start up something today and watch yourself smile to the bank.
Keep saying there are no jobs while people are changing jobs every day.

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Politics / Re: Abdulsalami Abubakar Celebrates His 75th Birthday Today by dustydee: 8:56am On Jun 13
Mr Silent Embezzler.

It's rumoured he has the Minna-Abuja road contract and owns the power distribution company supplying Niger state.

Check all projects executed by him. Very poor. The man like money pass anything. Don't be deceived with the gentle looking face grin
The damage he was alleged to have done during his 8 or 9 months in power is unrivaled. People who were privileged to go to his soon after he left told stories of an underground car lot filled with brand new cars. No one has investigated him simply because he handed over power to the civilians (similar to what GEJ is enjoying now).


Business / Re: 5 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Before Starting A Business by dustydee: 7:41am On Jun 13
Every women?
And seun's moderator pushed it to FP without correcting it. Nairaland na wah.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 3:34pm On Jun 12

Thanks, lemme rephrase my question. Not like i don't know abt the school. Just thought someone in the school that could assist clear some doubts and possible make my arrival easier.
Ok, contact the student support center of your school. They may arrange airport pick up for you and give you all the information you need. Ask them if they can arrange a pick up at the airport as that will save you some money. If they can't, they can direct you on the best way to get to the school. I am surprised they are not supporting you already given that you have accepted their offer (I am assuming you have paid your deposit).
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 1:55pm On Jun 12
Hello House,

I just got admitted into Bournemouth University UK, Can i get anyone in the house who has got information about bournemouth and the University cos i barely know nothing about the place and the school.

Why would you apply to a school without knowing anything about the school and town?
Your first point of call will be your university website which will have information for international students. After that you can now search online for more information before you ask specific questions.
Before I arrived for my masters, I knew how to get to my department from the airport. I missed the student pick up and I was able to find my way/bearing using the street signs and building which I had looked online several times using google maps street view. It was as if I had been there before.


Romance / Re: Singapore Man Shocked After Unknowingly Sleeping With His Biological Mother by dustydee: 11:13am On Jun 12
Very sad story. I hope they both fully recover from this experience.
Travel / Re: Lagos To Bida ( Help ) by dustydee: 9:20am On Jun 12
Yes you can. I used to take from Oyingbo (near mainland hotel) but not sure if they still leave from there.


Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by dustydee: 8:33am On Jun 09

She actually is and that's why this is news and trending
Well I can't confirm that so I will stick with her own narrative. If she is, then I believe she will be the more than happy to spread the news but instead she said she's the first from the University of Saskatchewa, which I believe.

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Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by dustydee: 11:06pm On Jun 08

Don't say what you don't know . . She's in Saskatoon in Canada and a childhood friend. We talk daily
If she was indeed the first black biomedical PhD in Canada then she'd have said it herself. My point is the OP misrepresented her message.
Education / Re: Adebola Olubamiji: First Black To Get PhD In Biomedical Engineering In Canada by dustydee: 3:44pm On Jun 08
In Canada? Nairaland can lie oh. Even the lady didn't make such claim.
Seun your misinformation crew are at it again.
My name is Dr. Adeola D. Olubamiji and I’m the first black person to have received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada (5th of June, 2017).


Travel / Re: Help.... I Need A Traveling Plans... Pls by dustydee: 1:00pm On Jun 08
Germany,Canada or Austria, the kinda of Visa that relocates one...LOL
Vist the Canada EE and Australia skilled visa threads here. They have more than sufficient information on how to go about it.
Travel / Re: Closed by dustydee: 12:58pm On Jun 08

Okay, I'll ask him to try Germany, he is still yet to finish his bachelors, he wasn't even done. Thanks.
Here's the link on xenophobia in S.A, na serious issue o: https://www.google.com.ng/amp/www.vanguardngr.com/2017/03/xenophobia-attacks-nigerians-south-africa/amp/
You said Nigerians are getting killed and I asked how many? Is he going to SA to do petty jobs?
Crime / Re: "I Started This Business With My School Fees And Robbers Did This To Me". Photos by dustydee: 12:53pm On Jun 08
A heartbroken entrepreneur who was a victim of burglary some days ago in Surulere area of Lagos has lamented the loss suffered by the ordeal after the entire shop was cleared. Sharing the sad news, the fashion designer revealed how the business started years ago after lots of savings and planning. Read what was shared online.

I started this business years back with my school fees,without help from no one but God,i kept pushin it,i didn't sleep at nite for years,surfing net for latest designers..I still suffer a lot of pains in my head till date,i keep pushing because I have to tak care of my family and I was on my lane and no single help from No one...now robbers came to burgle my store in surulere and cleared,my sweat,pains and sleepness in vain...took me years to save and finally open a shop and robbers does this to me..t[b]hey and their family members won't see 2018[/b],only HEAR it!!! Thank u all LOVERS OF DOPEWEARS

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2017/06/heartbroken-enterprenuer-laments-after-being-robbed-in-lagos.html

In other words, if your family member was involved, you won't see 2018? Well done.
Travel / Re: Help.... I Need A Traveling Plans... Pls by dustydee: 11:28am On Jun 08
Which type of visa and which country do you want to go to?
Travel / Re: Closed by dustydee: 8:36am On Jun 08

True talk, but we searched the internet and found that some countries don't even ask those questions, and that their schools apply for the visa on behalf of the student. I no wan mention the countries before spy go check see am dem go come start to dey ask about criminal record. Anyway, OK I'll tell him to try Germany but aren't their programs taught in German? Yes I have heard about someone who got deported from Malaysia but later left for S.A, but I heard that South Africa isn't so good for Nigerians and that Nigerians are getting killed due to xenophobia. But that's a very good option.

Thanks man!
I recommended Germany with the assumption that he is going for a PG program.
How many Nigerians have been killed in SA?
Travel / Re: Lagos To Bida ( Help ) by dustydee: 8:34am On Jun 08
Take a bus to Minna, tell the driver to drop you at Bida. Bida is on the way to Minna (1Hr).

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Travel / Re: Closed by dustydee: 2:55pm On Jun 07

Which forensic evidence, I know am him no go fit do anything like that and no be even rape, she said he hit her when na lie, becuz he asked them for pictures of the bruises but they had none so obviously racism involve there. White lawyer talk, dem hear, African lawyer talk dem, no gree. Well na solution I dey find for am here o, no be to rain blames on him. Do you have any solutions for him?
It's not a case of racism going by your narration. He pled guilty and was given a suspended sentence and his immigration lawyer (a different case from the criminal case) could not stop his deportation.
There's hardly any Western country that does not require you to disclose any criminal convictions so the whether Canada shares the information with them or not is in consequential.
He can try Germany, they may be more lenient if he is able to explain his crime. He can also try South Africa.
He can also try migrating to Canada or Australia, perhaps the criminal record may not be too important for those situations.
Travel / Re: FAAN Bans Luggage Screening At MMIA Departure Hall by dustydee: 2:40pm On Jun 07
Excellent! No "quarantine" issues again. Those customs officials that delight in exploiting passengers will have to come up with another way of doing that.

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Travel / Re: Masters Degree In Abroad by dustydee: 8:00am On Jun 07
You can google universities in those countries and look out for funding. Fees in Australia is expensive but then I don't know how deep your pocket is. Another country you can consider is Germany with low or no tuition fees and opportunities to stay back and work

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