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Crime / Re: EFCC Discovers Another Set Of Vehicles From Ex-customs Boss by dustydee: 1:00pm
Good job EFCC
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by dustydee: 11:39am

Anyone thinking of power engr. as a career should visit power engineer central dot ca to check what the job market is like these days, so as to make an informed decision. At my workplace-a large utility coy, power engineers get paid the most..i am hoping i retire into power engineering...they get paid like kilode grin, but a candidate would need at least a 2nd class ticket+plus minimum 5 years experience+very strong family/insider connection+serious God's grace to get an interview. 10 years ago, we would be begging someone with a 4th class to consider working for us. i heard the last vacant position received over 700 resume!

The pay for chief engineer on the site seems low @ $88k or is there more to the pay than what was listed?
Family / Re: I'm Pregnant Again!! Need Moral Support!! by dustydee: 12:36pm On Feb 28
I understand that it could be embarrassing but since there's nothing you can do about it then the best thing is to move on. Your child will be over a year old when the new one is born which is fine. As for your CS, it shouldn't be a problem. Your doctors will advice you on what to do and possible recommend a planned CS for you. Do not worry, I am sure your colleagues will be happy for you, but don't tell them yet.


Politics / Re: Moroophat Obanikoro Loses Abuja Mansion To FG, Appeals (Photo) by dustydee: 10:21am On Feb 28
I like this part:

In his ruling, the Justice Y. Halilu said he could not stop the EFCC from doing its work, adding that all Nigerians must unite in the fight against corruption.

He added, “I shall refuse the application because it is most unmeritorious and specially packaged to deceive this court. God forbid.” grin

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Politics / Re: JTF Destroys 3 Illegal Refineries In Niger Delta by dustydee: 7:35pm On Feb 26

I agree with you. But the protocol involved in obtaining that license you talk about is out of this world. You actually have to be a dangote+otedola to get a license.
Plus I mentioned selling crude to them at below market price in my post.

Although some elements will still bunker. But it's safer for them to buy knowing their investment would be secure. In the long run, bunkering would phase off.

Like I said if the government had 1% sense, they would work out a framework to integrate illegal refiners,
Sadly, they dont
I sincerely don't see how this will work without giving them free crude. And how much will the government sell crude to the big refiners? I agree that the process of obtaining a licence should be streamlined but of the over 20 companies that have the legal right to build refineries, how many of them have built? Those that have not built, why haven't they? These are the questions the government needs to answer and not giving crude away.
Politics / Re: JTF Destroys 3 Illegal Refineries In Niger Delta by dustydee: 10:34am On Feb 26

I'm well versed in the chemistry of refining.
However setting up a refinery is a different ball game.

Like I said what the government can do is standardize the practice.

1. Get a data of the refiners
2. Merge them in groups to increase capability and capacity
3. Create a quota system in which a certain percentage of crude oil is sold to them at half the market price or less
4. Ensure the build refineries that are environmentally friendly
5. Invite foreign partners to educate then and enhance their technical skills
6. Have a standard for locally manufactured diesel.
7. Ensure that the business climate is conducive for them to sell the locally manufacture diesel eg 5% local diesel use law or something

There are a gazillion ways the government can think up to harness this and create entrepreneurs who might in the future drive our industrial revolution.

If only we had individuals with 1% brain capacity in government
The government already has a mechanism in place for awarding refining licenses(although I will suggest that obtaining one should be made easier). If they are interested, they could have obtained one. The illegal refineries are in business simply because they get crude free. They are unable to optimise yield the way they are currently set up. Merging and inviting foreign partners is akin to setting up conventional refineries, so we are back to where we started. No point saying they should be legalised because there is a process for that already.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 1:42pm On Feb 22

So u expect buhari to bribe the judge by himself?
And you expect Buhari to bribe the Judge? And you think Buhari is the lawyer's only client?

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 1:08pm On Feb 22

@bolded... then prove it.
I don't have to prove it because the writer proved it himself.
1. The statement "Why Buhari sent N500000 to Judge . . ." - Buhari was never mentioned as the person who gave the Judge the money. He cannot be held responsible for the actions of his lawyer except if there's evidence that he was complicit, in this case there's none and the lawyer has also admitted that he sent the money in his personal capacity.

Learn to think critically before reaching conclusions. Don't allow the media dictate to you, especially in this age of junk journalism.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 12:41pm On Feb 22

Stop threatening seun in defense of your "saint".
Seun is not the op.
I am not threatening him, in sane societies, do you know that he can be held liable for spreading falsehood and distorting the facts? It is clear that the writers sole aim is to taint the president.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 12:39pm On Feb 22

Wedding gift to a judge hearing your case.
We might need to return Andrew Yakubu's money too since they were 'gifts'
Where does it state that Buhari sent the money?
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 12:37pm On Feb 22
Seun, the money was not sent by Buhari but was given to the Judge by his friend, Buhari's lawyer. Stop spreading fake news. Interestingly, you previously posted the statement from the said lawyer and now you have posted this fake news even though the contents do not match with the headline.
Seun, don't use your hand to destroy your site.

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Food / Re: Update On Imported ‘india Garri’: Health Minister Now Aware & Taken Actions by dustydee: 11:53am On Feb 21

Although you have raised an important issue worthy of concern. But what is more worrisome is d fact dat we inport what we have in buoyance. Of all commodities, garri is now part of what we import. It does not speak well of our economy. We all must caution our govt, who in the first place, allowed such products into our country and the consumers as well who buy them at the expense of local goods.

Your concerns are valid but rather than focus on the government, I will rather focus on the people. The government cannot keep banning everything, they may violate WTO rules. If there’s no market, then the imports will stop. Honestly, I don’t believe Nigerians will patronise this product in Nigeria, maybe in the UK. I am based in the UK and I have not bought this product although I do not like garri a lot. The two problems with this particular product based on what I read above is
1. It is not NAFDAC registered
2. It appears to have been imported from the UK through Ghana to make it seem like it was coming from the ECOWAS sub-region for tax and duty purposes.
Overall, NAFDAC needs to up its game to check the import of food products to the country.

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Food / Re: Update On Imported ‘india Garri’: Health Minister Now Aware & Taken Actions by dustydee: 10:59am On Feb 21
I know the TRS brand in the UK. The question here is will the government ban it if they find no problem after analysing the product? I know they have mentioned that it has no NAFDAC number, will they also ask that the locally produced garri be NAFDAC certified or is the NAFDAC certification only for imported products?

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Agriculture / Re: Indian Garri Being Sold In Nigerian Supermarkets (Photos) by dustydee: 6:36pm On Feb 19
TRS is a popular brand in the UK. The first time I saw TRS garri was in 2012 in Tesco, in the UK. There's another brand called Island Sun. I personally don't see what the fuss is all about. If there's no market, then people will not import it. Rather than blame the importers, focus on the consumers and discourage them (you don't need to if you have a superior and cheaper product and I believe we do). The writer is just being sensational.
Politics / Re: Control Of Federal Land: Lagos Defeats FG In Supreme Court by dustydee: 5:29pm On Jan 27
People didn't even bother to read the judgement. I weep for the future of our country if we continue like this.

Justice Dattijo Muhammad, who read the apex court’s lead ruling, agreed with the Lagos State Government that the court lacked the power to exercise its “original jurisdiction” in the suit because the Federal Government had “transferred its title in the land to others”.’
In other words, the land no longer belong to the FG so the court could not entertain the matter at the instance of the FG.


Politics / Re: Photos Of IGP, Ibrahim Idris In London With High Powered Delegates by dustydee: 11:57am On Jan 25
Where are the people that claimed he was going to visit the President? Useless journalists we have in this country. Always peddling rumour.
Health / Re: The Death Of Traditional Herbal Medicine In Nigeria by dustydee: 2:48pm On Jan 06
1. In reality, western medicines has done a lot of good, especially to us Africans but it's not enough to totally discard our traditional medicine.

2. Part of my aim for this thread is to highlight how our pharmacists and pharmacologists are being useless as well as the university that produces them.

3. I read an article about the guy that invented alabukun, that pain killer, yea, y'all know it. it's made from herb extracts and it works. So, my rants below is partly as a result of that article and ofcourse the recession.

If there was something I never took as a child, it was the white man's medicine.
I remember following my mum to an old woman's little wooden shop to get some herbs and barks when anyone of us got sick. After my mum would list out the symptoms to her, the old woman would smile and gather some herbs, or seeds, barks, hand it over to my mum with some instructions on how to brew it and the dosage. My mum would do as instructed and within a few days, the sickness is gone. She always had a tomtom handy to gift me with whenever I finished my dosage.
The old woman always complained about not having anyone committed who would learn from her.

What we see around today that is been paraded as herbal medicine is a mediocre to what it really is.(I mean, those bottled herbal gin) So it's important everyone understands that when we make reference to herbal medicines we are not talking about the bottled 'bitters' mixed with alcohol and packed in unappealing bottles. We are not talking about the ones hawked at the bus stops in various colours in transparent plastic bottles.
We are talking about the ones our ancestors had and passed on to our parents.

Why then have we dumped it totally for a white man's medicine? That's treating your diabetes problem and probably breeding the ground for another bigger disease?

Why do we import malaria medicines from India when we have thousands of pharmacy/pharmacology graduates in the country who can learn from this native herbs, modernise it and do what they were trained to do?

And errm, the old woman I mentioned earlier is dead, and her vast knowledge of herbs, died with her.


Good article. I currently live in the west and I have seen that there are treatments that we have back home that the west does not know. I discussed with my mum about acquiring knowledge of some of these traditional medicines. I also mentioned some plants that we had in our garden and she told me the uses of those plants including bitter leaf. I used to think bitter leaf was only used for cough but now I know it has other uses. I will like to learn more about plants in the wild and probably develop them for commercial use.
Travel / Re: Northern Agenda And Why Abuja Airport Should Be Shut Down by dustydee: 12:29pm On Jan 06
Reasons why we are shutting down Abuja Airport: The reason we chose to close down Abuja airport for 2months to use Kaduna Airport as alternative

Federal Government of Nigeria On January 6, 2017 as at 12:50 The Federal Government of Nigeria just yesterday January 6/2017 came up with their own style of excuse why they are not using the three closest airport close to Abuja saying that the three airports very close as a matter of fact it’s just a stone throw from Abuja Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, do not meet the criteria and standard set for alternative airports to Abuja. This however, didn’t ground well to the understanding of the stakeholders in aviation industry, who expressed fowl play on the alternative airport and the total closure of the Abuja Airport from March 8 to April 19, 2017 saying it’s on heard of.

Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika, during a stakeholders forum in Abuja, yesterday January 6/2017, said three other airports close to Abuja the Federal Capital of Nigeria which are Minna Airport in Niger State, Jos Airport and Ilorin Airport in Kwara state did not pass the criteria set by the Federal Government as alternative airports. The minister, while explaining the criteria used in making Kaduna Airport the choice airport just to convince the stakeholders, said:

“Niger and Kwara states are probably thinking they are better alternatives, they are very good alternatives for sure but unfortunately, there are quite a number of criteria we looked at which the other airports did not meet before we chose Kaduna. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. “The three are good airports close to Abuja but they simply did not meet with the criteria we used. Minna, Ilorin and even Jos airport as well.”

The Minister while stating what necessitated the rehabilitation of Abuja airport runway, He recalled that the Abuja airport runway was constructed in 1982, adding that it has been over used and that the designed life span has been worn out by 14 years, leading to distressed and failed portions of the runaway. Giving stories of past experiences of airlines on the Abuja runway, saying:

“On December 4, 2013, a Saudi Arabian cargo plane damaged its landing gear in a major incident at the Abuja airport runway, which led to the closure of the airport for several hours, from the night of December 4 to the evening of the following day. “In August 2016, there was also another major incident involving South Africa Airways flight that got damaged when it landed on the same Abuja airport runway. “Just last year, Emirates aircraft was also damaged when it landed on the same runway and it was one of the reasons the airline gave for stopping operations to Abuja airport, while other international airlines were considering pulling out of Abuja airport like the Kenya Airways because of the dangerous runway and multiple incidences of landing gear damages that had been reported by operators of private jets caused by the poor condition of the Abuja runway. “This administration with safety and security as its priority, has decided to face the problem head on. The cooperation of all stakeholders is, therefore, required to enable us go through this transition period with minimal discomfort.”

On the path of Stakeholders the closure of the international airport to that of Kaduna is not ideal, the stake holders Expressing their grievances about the decision of the Federal Government, stakeholders like the (AON )Aviation Operators of Nigeria, (NANTA )Nigerian Association of Travel Agencies, International Airline Operators, IAO; embassies in Abuja, among others did not see any concrete reason behind the choice of Kaduna to other close airport to the Federal capital and the total closure of the Abuja airport Chairman of AON, Capt. Nogie Meggison, said operators were in total support of the rehabilitation of the Abuja airport runway but do not understand why an international airport will be closed down completely because of a runway that could be divided into two sections while one section will be on repairs. Meggison said

''the 3900 meter runway could be divided into sections while a section is undergoing repairs, the other is left open till the repairs of the closed section is completed''.

He is of the opinion that the runway should be divided that even with the division of the runway that half part of the runway can accommodate a Boeing 737 adding that all international flight can could go to Lagos or Kano for the period of repairs. wondering if Kaduna airport has the capacity to accommodate the traffic of passengers and if Kaduna has what it takes to house aircrafts. However Executive Secretary, Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency, Mallam Gambo Hamza Responding to Nogie Meggison said Kaduna was ready to take the huge traffic while the state had made provision for security with 20 policemen on standby at every kilometre.
"fowl" play indeed.
And what makes you think Ilorin and Jos airports are closer to Abuja than Kaduna airport?

All these bloggers sef.
Politics / Re: Jonathan, Diezani, Others Shared $1.3b In Malabu Oil Fraud—italian Prosecutors by dustydee: 10:47am On Jan 06
Ah! The witch-hunt and media trial has gone international. grin


Crime / Nigerian Gang Of 19 ATM Robbers Arrested In Sharjah, UAE by dustydee: 10:07pm On Jan 05
The gang managed to flee away with an amount of Dh 1.8million

Four gangs of 19 robbers targeted ATM vehicles and fled with Dh1.8 million, the Sharjah Police have revealed. As reported by Khaleej Times earlier, the Nigerian robbers had come to the country on visit visas specifically to commit the robberies. They assaulted security guards accompanying the vehicles to carry out the robberies.

Addressing a Press conference, Colonel Rashid bin Bayat, director of police operations department, said the robbers committed four daring and violent robberies targeting money transportation vehicles that were delivering cash to ATMs.

The first robbery was committed at the ATM of the Dubai Commercial Bank on King Abdul Aziz Road, where the robbers assaulted security guards and fled with Dh340,000. After two days, the gang struck again, this time at an ATM near Saferr Mall in Al Nahda area, where they fled with Dh700,000. They then attacked a cash tramsportation vehicle in Al Muweilah area, making off with Dh710,000. A fourth attack at an ATM on Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road was foiled by the police.

According to the police, the suspects transferred a part of the robbed money to their home country. The police have recovered the rest and restored it to their owners.

The suspects were arrested from several apartments occupied by 30 to 40 people of the same nationalities.

Col. Al Bayat said that the gang members entered the country on visit visas and carried out the robberies after assaulting security guards. the gangs were busted in a short period of time after the robberies were reported. The suspects were identified and arrested based on CCTV footages obtained from the banks and money exchange offices, said the police.

Source: http://khaleejtimes.com/news/crime/gang-of-19-atm-robbers-arrested-in-sharjah
Foreign Affairs / Re: IIhan Omar Sworn-In In USA As First Female Muslim Lawmaker (Photos) by dustydee: 11:27am On Jan 05
Lies, she's not the first female muslim lawmaker in the US as stated in the topic.
Nairaland, stop misleading people.

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Politics / Re: NNPC Spends $546M On Failing OKLNG, Wants $4.5M for other expenses (PICS) by dustydee: 9:41pm On Dec 28, 2016

I asked because this was exactly what earned Mallam Sanusi the Emirship of Kano amid applauses from Nigerians and the then opposition notwithstanding the incorrectness of the disclosure.
Sanusi never disclosed the content of his letter to the president until someone in the presidency leaked it and he was put on the spot.
Amaechi was reported recently (I cannot confirm if it is true) to have said that he leaked the Sanusi's letter.
Politics / Re: NNPC Spends $546M On Failing OKLNG, Wants $4.5M for other expenses (PICS) by dustydee: 6:42pm On Dec 28, 2016

Did you ask this question when Mallam Sanusi and co accused NNPC and Jonathan's administration of either unremitting or misappropriating $48 billion?
Does that then make it right because someone leaked a letter then?
Politics / Re: NNPC Spends $546M On Failing OKLNG, Wants $4.5M for other expenses (PICS) by dustydee: 6:32pm On Dec 28, 2016
This is not good, how did this memo leak? No secrecy in government anymore.
OP, the $4.5 is to fund the project activities on value preservation and not solely for the relocation of the staff. Stop misleading people, read the second prayer.
Education / Re: Breakdown Of The Result Of AROR OGHENERUKEVWE From The Database Of OAU by dustydee: 7:47pm On Dec 23, 2016
I wish all universities in Nigeria were this responsive and transparent.

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Education / Re: Provost Of Health Sciences Oau Gives Reasons Why Mrs Aror Wasnt Admitted by dustydee: 11:41pm On Dec 22, 2016
I also think there was a mistake in the computationa..maybe u should create a thread for that and mention him
from your attachment, I can see where her problem came from.
Only 7 out of 8 subjects were loaded during her screening meaning either her or the school left out one subject when filing the screening form.
Travel / Re: How I Was Scammed By A Hotel / Booking Agency At Murtala Mohammed Airport by dustydee: 7:22pm On Dec 22, 2016
|Please what did you do when you returned to Nigeria? Hope you went to ask for your money back?


Nairaland / General / See What I Saw Trending On Facebook by dustydee: 12:56pm On Dec 21, 2016
Imagine where nairaland would be if it reduces the number of fake or misleading headlines to the home page. Unfortunately this misleading headline slipped through.

Politics / Re: Senate Did Not Reject Magu’s Nomination – Ndume by dustydee: 4:21pm On Dec 19, 2016
The president must do something about the SGF if we are to take his anti-corruption war serious. The minimum I expect from him is to ask him to step down pending investigation into the alleged contract award.

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Politics / Re: SGF Babachir Lawal Corruption Case : Company Documents Leaked (pics) by dustydee: 2:32pm On Dec 17, 2016
Where's the document that shows he resigned this year?
Where is the contract documents?
Why is the account statement not legible? How do we know the money was transferred as alleged?

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