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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Access And Document Control Officer: Job Roles And Functions by dustydee: 8:14am On Apr 10

Establish and coordinate schedule for creating databases for tracking all technical
and nontechnical documents and provide status update on a regular basis.
Receive technical drawings from various discipline engineers and ensure revision
accuracy before issuing to the client/Vendor & any third parties.
• Ensure data accuracy in {deleted}and Documentum.
• Distribute internally copy of transmittals within the project team and site (if
deemed fit) as per distribution matrix assigned. Receive reviewed documents
from client and make
• respective log entries and assign the approval codes for the commented drawings
in TDR
• (Technical Document Register). Also transfer these approvals internally as per the
project distribution matrix.
• Interface with the vendor and obtain descriptions essential for the Vendor
• Register such as date of submittal, vendor document number and number of
vendor revisions. Maintain file for the attached purchase orders from vendor, on
receipt of the vendor documents along with the reference of the transmittals
distribute to the respective engineers and quality engineers for review.
• On request send vendor documents to the client for review. Communicate all
comments received from client to the vendor.
• Liaise with vendors and expedite for timely submission of all documents as
mentioned in the VDR.
• Obtain the vendor recommendations for spare parts for the next three years
operation and maintain a record of the interchangeable parts. Follow up with the
vendors to submit the same. Distribute this spare part interchangeability record
to the concerned discipline and to the client for approval.
• Maintain records of shipping notifications and follow up with the vendor to submit
the final document of the purchase order.
• On completion of the contract prepare the project dossier reflecting all compiled
• Answer all day to day queries from Disciplines/Projects in regard to document
• Verify if the MRB (Manufacturing Record Book) and the Operating Maintenance
Manual is in conformance with the quality standards in co-ordination with QA/QC
Team. Maintain a comprehensive list of the entire quality test plans needed to be
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Access And Document Control Officer: Job Roles And Functions by dustydee: 8:08am On Apr 10
Good day people. Happy Sunday. I need help and I need it fast. I have an interview tomorrow for the above-mentioned job role and I have no idea what the position is all about. (P.S: I can't even remember applying for the job but the invite is legit and it's with a big, well-known company.) I have done some research online but I am not satisfied as almost of all the results I got explained the job role in foreign countries. Anyone currently serving in the capacity in any organization or have experience of what the position is about should help a brother please. Thank you.

Oga Lalasticlala, please help me.
If it's an engineering company, a document controller is to ensure proper filing (electronic and hardcopy) of documents and transmittal of same to the client if necessary. For example, an Engineer prepares a specification, he gets it signed and approved by the relavant authorities, the engineer then passes it to the Document controller who scans the document and also obtains the native file (soft copy) and files it in the companies electronic filing system (most companies I know call it "documentum"wink. The document controller usually has a distribution matrix which shows where each document goes i.e the recipients. for example, a specification may go to the originator, the Engineering manager, the Project Engineer etc. and the client document controller (who will have his/her own distribution matrix). This is like officially handing over a document to the client. It makes it traceable and also useful for revision control so if there is any change, it still goes through the same process and so you know which document is the most current.
After the project, the DC also files the hard copies and sends to the archives.


Celebrities / Re: I Go Dye Supports Efe With N1Million To Ensure He Wins Big Brother Naija by dustydee: 6:34pm On Apr 05
It would have been better if he gave the money to him.
Politics / Re: Pension Scam: I Made $544,000 Selling Pure Water — Defendant by dustydee: 8:08am On Apr 05
Nigerians are very industrious people.
Imagine where we will be if we have 100 of such pure water manufacturers. grin


Politics / Re: Senate Committee Recommends Suspension Of Ndume For 6 Months, Clears Melaye by dustydee: 2:48pm On Mar 29
So in essence, you are no longer allowed to ask for an investigation into an allegation of a Senator.
They question is:
1. Did Ndume allege that Dino did not graduate from ABU?
2. Did he allege that Saraki was the owner of the impounded vehicle?
He merely asked the senate to investigate the allegations made in the media. This is totally unfair and a petty way of trying to get back at Ndume.
But good for Ndume, he helped enthrone Saraki against the position of his party.


Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili Blasts NASS: "Senate Of Scandals, Fat Allowances, Tragi-Comedian" by dustydee: 1:39pm On Mar 29
I don't often agree with Oby, but on this, I agree.
waiting for the senate ethics committee to invite her.
Phones / Re: History And Net Worth Of Telecommunication Companies In Nigeria by dustydee: 8:16am On Mar 28
Op, if you are a tech blogger, you should know Glo doesn't only operate in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Speaks On Behalf Of Muslims In Court Today (Video) by dustydee: 5:14pm On Mar 20
Oh! so it is not only Buhari that detains people without trail. Even the "Hero" of democracy detained people since 2012?
Na wah for Nigeria(ns).

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Blasts El-Rufai Over Memo To President Buhari by dustydee: 10:36am On Mar 17
One thing I like about the APC is that they criticise each other unlike the former ruling party that stuck its head in the sand and even saw criticism from the opposition as a threat.

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Religion / Re: False Evidence Against Apostle Johnson Suleman REVEALED. by dustydee: 11:06am On Mar 13
Give me your car number
Religion / Re: False Evidence Against Apostle Johnson Suleman REVEALED. by dustydee: 10:34am On Mar 13
Bros, even at that, the image of the plate number is not visible enough to ascertain that the graphic image it was matched with is the same number or do you see the plate number? I am not referring to the graphic image on the top right corner of what sahara reporter gave. i MEAN the plate number as seen behind the card. If you can see the number clearly, please show us.
I just want to point out that this revelation was made by a nairalander as far back as December last year when the girl posted the pictures of the cars. Apparently as at December, the name of the owner of the vehicles was displayed along with other information without having to view the source. When it was brought to the attention of the responsible authority, they edited the code but did not remove it completely. The same nairalander (ip212.....) then highlighted the fact that he had linked the two subjects (Mr Suleman and Ms Okeke) as far back as December and gave instructions on how to view the source (Which I also did myself). The fact that the bug has been fixed doesn't mean that it is untrue. Sahara reporters did not make the discovery, a nairalander did and he even asked for an acknowledgment from SR.


Politics / Re: Senate Threatens To Remove Hammed Ali As Customs DG Over Vehicle Duty by dustydee: 5:14pm On Mar 11

Please quote the section of the Act that grants them the power to Mount road blocks in the street and check import duty documents. The National assembly, the custodians of our constitution, cannot be wrong when they say its illegal. Except you're privy to a hidden section of the act that grant them that authority. Please share if you're indeed privy.
As soon as you quote the act that says the Police should intercept robbers after they have left the scene of the crime.
Politics / Re: Senate Threatens To Remove Hammed Ali As Customs DG Over Vehicle Duty by dustydee: 10:53am On Mar 11
This is one of the rare cases where I have to agree with dino "omo alé" melaye. The customs has no right move from the borders to the streets and harass car owners. Its not in our laws. I understand that its almost impossible to man all the entry point on our borders and that enforcing duty payment will discourage smuggling, but it its just not legal for the customs to move to the streets. Period.
The customs act actually gives them that power. It is perfectly legal. In fact the law permits them to enter private properties of they suspect that there are smuggled goods there.
Politics / Re: Senate Threatens To Remove Hammed Ali As Customs DG Over Vehicle Duty by dustydee: 10:50am On Mar 11
I would mind them removing the insolent man. He knew full well job required wearing uniform and accepted post. Now he wants to bring up millitary tradition. I doubt the have will to remove him over this issue.

Btw everyone this isn't just about uniform. Read the article

How's market grin you celebrate old headline now look. I told you what he's doing is illegal. Laws trump exuactive orders. Go take a college level government instead of talking out of your neck.
Is there any law saying he must wear the uniform? And does wearing the uniform affect his capabilities?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Flights To New Zealand Are Offered To Job Jeekers With IT Skills. by dustydee: 10:42am On Mar 11
It was after he asked that explorer changed it to Austin. Houston was initially in the post.

Oh! ok, I didn't know that.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Flights To New Zealand Are Offered To Job Jeekers With IT Skills. by dustydee: 10:06am On Mar 11
There's Houston and there's Austin, both in Texas. Austin is more popular 'cause it's the capital.

Yes I know. Austin was clearly stated, I wondered why he was asking.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Flights To New Zealand Are Offered To Job Jeekers With IT Skills. by dustydee: 8:08am On Mar 11

Is that Houston or Austin?

Austin not Houston
Travel / Re: Am Thinking Of Running. by dustydee: 8:53am On Mar 09
Your father did not owe you University education, yet he sent you to the University and all you can think of him is ill? Anything he did for you after you turned 18 is a favour not your right. Grow up man. I understand that you may be disappointed in him failing to keep his promise but have you tried to find out why?
Living under the bridge is not easy especially with evil people everywhere.


Romance / Re: 10 Countries Where Government Beg Citizens To Have Sex by dustydee: 1:21pm On Mar 07
They key is moderation - Not having too many, more than you can cater for (which sadly is the case in some parts of Nigeria).

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Senate Stops Nigerian Customs Vehicle Duty Ultimatum by dustydee: 1:10pm On Mar 07
Can they? I doubt they can stop it. They can only advise.

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Crime / Re: EFCC Discovers Another Set Of Vehicles From Ex-customs Boss by dustydee: 1:00pm On Mar 01
Good job EFCC
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by dustydee: 11:39am On Mar 01

Anyone thinking of power engr. as a career should visit power engineer central dot ca to check what the job market is like these days, so as to make an informed decision. At my workplace-a large utility coy, power engineers get paid the most..i am hoping i retire into power engineering...they get paid like kilode grin, but a candidate would need at least a 2nd class ticket+plus minimum 5 years experience+very strong family/insider connection+serious God's grace to get an interview. 10 years ago, we would be begging someone with a 4th class to consider working for us. i heard the last vacant position received over 700 resume!

The pay for chief engineer on the site seems low @ $88k or is there more to the pay than what was listed?
Family / Re: I'm Pregnant Again!! Need Moral Support!! by dustydee: 12:36pm On Feb 28
I understand that it could be embarrassing but since there's nothing you can do about it then the best thing is to move on. Your child will be over a year old when the new one is born which is fine. As for your CS, it shouldn't be a problem. Your doctors will advice you on what to do and possible recommend a planned CS for you. Do not worry, I am sure your colleagues will be happy for you, but don't tell them yet.


Politics / Re: Moroophat Obanikoro Loses Abuja Mansion To FG, Appeals (Photo) by dustydee: 10:21am On Feb 28
I like this part:

In his ruling, the Justice Y. Halilu said he could not stop the EFCC from doing its work, adding that all Nigerians must unite in the fight against corruption.

He added, “I shall refuse the application because it is most unmeritorious and specially packaged to deceive this court. God forbid.” grin

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Politics / Re: JTF Destroys 3 Illegal Refineries In Niger Delta by dustydee: 7:35pm On Feb 26

I agree with you. But the protocol involved in obtaining that license you talk about is out of this world. You actually have to be a dangote+otedola to get a license.
Plus I mentioned selling crude to them at below market price in my post.

Although some elements will still bunker. But it's safer for them to buy knowing their investment would be secure. In the long run, bunkering would phase off.

Like I said if the government had 1% sense, they would work out a framework to integrate illegal refiners,
Sadly, they dont
I sincerely don't see how this will work without giving them free crude. And how much will the government sell crude to the big refiners? I agree that the process of obtaining a licence should be streamlined but of the over 20 companies that have the legal right to build refineries, how many of them have built? Those that have not built, why haven't they? These are the questions the government needs to answer and not giving crude away.
Politics / Re: JTF Destroys 3 Illegal Refineries In Niger Delta by dustydee: 10:34am On Feb 26

I'm well versed in the chemistry of refining.
However setting up a refinery is a different ball game.

Like I said what the government can do is standardize the practice.

1. Get a data of the refiners
2. Merge them in groups to increase capability and capacity
3. Create a quota system in which a certain percentage of crude oil is sold to them at half the market price or less
4. Ensure the build refineries that are environmentally friendly
5. Invite foreign partners to educate then and enhance their technical skills
6. Have a standard for locally manufactured diesel.
7. Ensure that the business climate is conducive for them to sell the locally manufacture diesel eg 5% local diesel use law or something

There are a gazillion ways the government can think up to harness this and create entrepreneurs who might in the future drive our industrial revolution.

If only we had individuals with 1% brain capacity in government
The government already has a mechanism in place for awarding refining licenses(although I will suggest that obtaining one should be made easier). If they are interested, they could have obtained one. The illegal refineries are in business simply because they get crude free. They are unable to optimise yield the way they are currently set up. Merging and inviting foreign partners is akin to setting up conventional refineries, so we are back to where we started. No point saying they should be legalised because there is a process for that already.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 1:42pm On Feb 22

So u expect buhari to bribe the judge by himself?
And you expect Buhari to bribe the Judge? And you think Buhari is the lawyer's only client?

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 1:08pm On Feb 22

@bolded... then prove it.
I don't have to prove it because the writer proved it himself.
1. The statement "Why Buhari sent N500000 to Judge . . ." - Buhari was never mentioned as the person who gave the Judge the money. He cannot be held responsible for the actions of his lawyer except if there's evidence that he was complicit, in this case there's none and the lawyer has also admitted that he sent the money in his personal capacity.

Learn to think critically before reaching conclusions. Don't allow the media dictate to you, especially in this age of junk journalism.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 12:41pm On Feb 22

Stop threatening seun in defense of your "saint".
Seun is not the op.
I am not threatening him, in sane societies, do you know that he can be held liable for spreading falsehood and distorting the facts? It is clear that the writers sole aim is to taint the president.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 12:39pm On Feb 22

Wedding gift to a judge hearing your case.
We might need to return Andrew Yakubu's money too since they were 'gifts'
Where does it state that Buhari sent the money?
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Sent N500,000 To Judge Accused Of Corruption by dustydee: 12:37pm On Feb 22
Seun, the money was not sent by Buhari but was given to the Judge by his friend, Buhari's lawyer. Stop spreading fake news. Interestingly, you previously posted the statement from the said lawyer and now you have posted this fake news even though the contents do not match with the headline.
Seun, don't use your hand to destroy your site.

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