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Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by dustydee: 10:53am On Aug 27

big four? who are they?
google it, my friend.
Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by dustydee: 11:43pm On Aug 26

Your statement just changed, now you mentioned "If you hold a tier 2 visa", it's different from my comment.

My comment reflects on general legal UK residents who contribute to the UK economy either by Skill or dependency, it's important not to mix the two.

I have reproduced your comment below:

@ the bolded, the minimum number of years that gives you the opportunity for Permanent residency in the UK as a foreigner is 10 years and in some cases 20 years.

Where was it you saw 7 years ?

The new law is even more strict and the minimum duration could have gone up more by now.

You said "the minimum number of years that gives you the opportunity for permanent residency in the UK as a foreigner is 10 years".
I showed you just one way that you can get it in less than 10 yrs and you said I am wrong. You may please point out where I am wrong.

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Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by dustydee: 11:39pm On Aug 26

Thanks for boosting our confidence to some of us here.
plz what was ur course of study if I may ask?
EE but your course really doesn't matter as long as you are good and understand the system. Most of the tier 2 jobs then were with the big four.
Travel / Re: Before Applying Or Coming To The Uk For Studies: Beware Of This by dustydee: 7:44pm On Aug 26
@ the bolded, the minimum number of years that gives you the opportunity for Permanent residency in the UK as a foreigner is 10 years and in some cases 20 years.

Where was it you saw[b] 7 years[/b] ?

The new law is even more strict and the minimum duration could have gone up more by now.

I wonder where you and pedagogue pulled your figures from but I know you can get ILR in 5 years.

You can apply if you have a Tier 2 (General) visa
Check if you meet the requirements for settlement (‘indefinite leave to remain’).

You can apply if:

you have a Tier 2 (General) visa
you’ve been living and working in the UK for 5 years and spent no more than 180 days outside the UK in any 12 months (‘continuous residence’)
your employer (sponsor) still needs you for your job
your job pays £35,000 or more (unless you’re exempt from the ‘minimum earnings threshold’)
you get paid the relevant salary listed in the Codes of Practice


I'll you refrain from making statements of facts if you are not sure.
On the issue of not having enough time to apply for jobs, if between January and April you haven't gotten a job offer (for those that started their masters in September of the previous year) then it is going to be difficult to get one after that. One major problem I Nigerians have is that they believe there are no jobs even before coming. This, I believe, hampers their job search. It's a mind thing. PSW was stopped before I graduated but at least 3 of us in my class got jobs with visa sponsorship (2 Nigerians and 1 Ugandan). My spouse also got a job with visa sponsorship. There are a lot of companies that sponsor work visas and some end up not filling those vacancies. The govt has made it more difficult to hire foriegn non-EU workers but it is still possible if you prepare and sell yourself properly.


Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 9:21am On Aug 25
Please does anyone know which money transfer sites still work for sending money to Nigeria? Western Union and Money gram rates are not too good.
Sports / Re: U-23 US Trip Denial: NFF’s Letter Exposes Sports Minister by dustydee: 10:05am On Aug 22
Oqa what are you saying Its seems you dnt gerrit.. The clueless minister denied knowing about the dream team trip to UK coz sia1 didnt select d player he brought

but lets just say that he recieve the letter from the NFF bt didnt approve.. Let him tell us WHY
If it was not approved and they went anyway, how was he supposed to know?
Sports / Re: U-23 US Trip Denial: NFF’s Letter Exposes Sports Minister by dustydee: 8:35am On Aug 22
Did the ministry approve the trip? If not then he was right to feign ignorance of the trip. The NFF should show us the approval from the sports ministry.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Pay Him N500,000 For A Job? by dustydee: 12:40pm On Aug 19

I thought it was finished for this country until I read your comment and that of the dude above you. It hurts to be reading comments encouraging corruption and yet, we want change in the country.
Seems like paying for jobs is a new norm,al in Nigeria now.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Pay Him N500,000 For A Job? by dustydee: 9:35am On Aug 19
I graduated since 2012 and have been searching for job since then. Though I stopped the search and I am gathering money from a small laundry business I am running to see if I could raise enough money to register to be a bet agent and start a bet shop this new football season, together with MMM hustle. On thursday last week precisely, I ran into an old course mate of mine who is now a customs officer, he was even on his uniform. I was surprised and inquired how he got into Nigeria customs knowing how difficult it is getting in there. He gave me detailed gist about an Hausa man who happens to be a top customs officer, he met three years ago in his business center, helped him got the job. We exchanged contact and he promised to contact the man to see if he could assist me to get one of the replacement slots.

The issue now is that he introduced me to the man as promised and I got to contact the man and he gave me his official email account and instructed I send my CV and photocopies of my credentials to him via email, which I did. Today he called me to tell me, he has 4 slots for replacement scheduled for October, (that some officers who are due for retirement will be leaving by the end of september) that I should pay him N500,000 (five hundred thousand naira),N50,000 (fifty thousand Naira) down payment and N450,000 when I get my appointment letter and start work. I contacted my friend and he told me I shouldn't worry, that he will loan me the N50,000 to pay him, but I should hustle the remind balance to pay him immediately I land the job.

My friend has sent the N50,000 into my account today to my greatest surprise, but I don't know where to get the balance N450,000 b4 the end of september and I don't want to go back to my friend that just assisted me with N50,000. I need advice if it is advisable to take a loan for such venture and where can one get such loan. Pls your opinion please, because I am kind of confused here. I need a job badly.
Report both of them to the authorities. Don't pay for jobs, it is illegal. Contribute your quota to bringing and end to cash for jobs. That way you and your children will have a better chance of landing government jobs.


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode: Obasanjo Used Sheriff To Destroy APP by dustydee: 12:00pm On Aug 15
Ok, so PMB asked Fayose and Wike to make Sheriff PDP caretaker chairman and then asked him not to vacate the seat?

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 3:12pm On Aug 08
I understand that foreign students are allowed to only work for 20 hours a week, that's too small you know considering that for someone like me that wants to go for masters, it's only one year. Please my ogas, can I get a side job dat can offer me extra cash, aside from the allowed allocated 20 hrs per week. It's too hard you know. Please guy clarify me
The law is the law. If you think you can't afford it, I suggest you look for cheaper countries like Germany.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 12:41pm On Aug 05

Azimo has stopped operating
Chai!, when I checked a 2 days ago they seemed to be fine. I hope Rhemito stays active.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 11:40am On Aug 05

grin waste of money with those, have used both before but not willing to use them again


Via WesternUnion, MoneyGram and RIA. grin
I used Rhemito yesterday at N485, WU and money gram use ridiculous rates. Apparently Azimo too works but their rates are low.
Politics / Re: Nigeria States By Landmass. Lagos Would Shock You by dustydee: 10:10am On Aug 05
Rank State km²
1 Niger State 95,363 76,363
2 Borno State 92,898 70,898
3 Taraba State 54,473
4 Kaduna State 46,053
5 Bauchi State 45,837
6 Yobe State 45,502
7 Zamfara State 39,762
8 Adamawa State 36,917
9 Kwara State 36,825
10 Kebbi State 36,800
11 Benue State 34,059
12 Plateau State 30,913
13 Kogi State 29,833
14 Oyo State 28,454
15 Nasarawa State 27,117
16 Sokoto State 25,973
17 Katsina State 24,192
18 Jigawa State 23,154
19 Cross River State 20,156
20 Kano State 20,131
21 Gombe State 18,768
22 Edo State 17,802
23 Delta State 17,698
24 Ogun State 16,762
25 Ondo State 15,500
26 Rivers State 11,077
27 Bayelsa State 10,773
28 Osun State 9,251
- Federal Capital Territory 7,315
29 Enugu State 7,161
30 Akwa Ibom State 7,081
31 Ekiti State 6,353
32 Abia State 6,320
33 Ebonyi State 5,670
34 Imo State 5,100
35 Anambra State 4,844
36 Lagos State 3,345. Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nigerian_states_by_area

Can the moderators please correct the above information?
Seun, lalasticlala, mynd44 please lets give Nigerians the correct information especially the students amonst us.
Family / Re: Teenager Gives Birth At Ilu Iboro Without Being Aware Of Pregnancy (photos) by dustydee: 12:51pm On Jul 28
Lol! She be witch?

The girl must have watched a lot of yoruba movies for her using that excuse...

"I never knew I was pregnant"..

And the mother be like "I know she's seeing a guy at her aunty residence"...

I didn't blame her sha since the bricklayer dude is giving her #500 everyday.


Can a woman be pregnant without knowing?..........What happened to the "big stomarch"? undecidedCan a woman be pregnant without knowing?..........What happened to the "big stomarch"?

see a similar story in the papers today.

Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 1:41pm On Jul 15
Hey guys,I will like to know how these transfer works. Is it when you have a UK account and you can then transfer your pounds to a Naira bank account in Nigeria? Please I wl appreciate some insight.
cc: justwise,dustydee,claremont.
For transferboss, yes.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 11:36am On Jul 15

Apart from Azimo is there any other agency with a better deal for sending money to Nigeria?
try transferboss.com I have been using them for quite a while now. I was using worldremit until they started giving ridiculous exchange rates.

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Career / Re: How Can I Collect My Employment Letter From My Employer by dustydee: 7:04am On Jul 14
What is the use of Labour Ministry and labour unions in the godda.... country if foreigners can come in treat us the citizens this way

Imagine the Chinese man has already learned how to bully us do away with law in our own country. And labour is so cheap for them because of high rate unemployment. Damn! angry

Sorry sister, I don't know how to help you here.
Labour unions are not ubiquitous. They may not be aware and the refusal of the OP to name the company or lay a formal complaint will not help. I believe we should initiate change if we want things to change. For the OP his fear is unemployment and so is willing to be a slave than liberate himself and others. There are a couple of things he could do to inform appropriate authorities about this practice.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: David Cameron Personally Carrying His Property Out Of 10 Downing Street by dustydee: 1:42pm On Jul 13
nairaland and lies

Thursday, April 05, 2007
Feel free to copy, there is no copyright on an anoneumouse montage.

David Cameron Moving House

Months of planning and building came to fruition for David Cameron today when he and his family moved to their new home.

Builders were still at work but Mr Cameron said: "Moving into our new home is fantastic." (Daily Mail)

As David Cameron and his family prepare to leave 10 Downing Street, their home for the last six years, a picture of the outgoing British Prime Minister is widely being shared on social media. Hailed as the 'coolest thing' by some on Twitter, the picture shows Mr Cameron lugging a removal box titled 'handle with care.' Here's the thing though - this is not a picture of the Camerons currently moving out of 10 Downing Street, it dates all the way back to 2007.



Politics / Re: President Buhari Spotted In Gucci Shoes Worth $640 (N223,905): Nigerians React by dustydee: 1:01pm On Jul 10
Seun and lalasticlala
I have a few questions:
1. Where is the Gucci shoe you claim he's wearing? How can we confirm that the shoes are made by Gucci? I couldn't tell from the picture.
2. How were you and the OP able to determine the cost of the shoe when it is not possible to determine the make of the shoe, where and when it was bought?
3. Why are you guys hell bent on destroying this site with unconfirmed stories and pass them on as if it's true?

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Politics / Re: Is This A True Representation Of Nigeria's Geo-political Zones? by dustydee: 4:19pm On Jun 30
How many Geo-political zones do we have in Nigeria?
Health / Re: I Have This Rare Disease 'Mucha Habermann', Please Help - PIX by dustydee: 10:49am On Jun 29
feels like the initiation of a scam
do not understand why a person would come to a general discussion forum to ask for diagnosis of a rare skin disease



don't know how you expected much from this iteration of NL

ultraviolet light means get a tanning booth. unfortunately, we are black here, so those may be hard to find.
The sun - Free UV light.
Politics / Re: Yahaya Bello Barred From Traveling Abroad, Ordered To Return Home - Kogi Reports by dustydee: 9:18am On Jun 29
Even tho the reason is understandable
But dose the presidency have such power??
If yes am in full support but if no a public applalogy should be issued instantly
The Nigerian Passport is the property of the FG and it can be withdrawn at anytime. He should be able to travel if he has another passport other than the Nigerian passport. But I doubt this report.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 8:21am On Jun 29

Hi Justwise......I am applying to switch from tier 4 to tier 2. My sponsor is A rated has stated ticked in my CoS that they certify maintenance for me.

Do I still need to have maintenance money in my account?
I switched like you and didn't show any maintenance fee. Recently renewed and still didn't. Your sponsor usually guarantees it and UKBA will also be made aware of your salary so no need. You may need to show maintenance funds for other family members though except if your company is applying for them.
Agriculture / Rotimi Williams Is Kereksuk Rice Farm Nasarawa Owner by dustydee: 3:38pm On Jun 27
Nigerians consume more than 5 million metric tons of rice every year, with a significant portion of its consumption needs sourced from imports. Rotimi Williams, an ambitious 36 year-old Nigerian entrepreneur and rice farmer, is on a quest to change that.
Williams, a former Journalist, is the owner of Kereksuk Rice Farm, the 2nd largest commercial rice farm in Nigeria by land size. His farm, which is situated in Nasarawa state in northern Nigeria, currently sits on 43,000 hectares and employs more than 100 indigenes of Nasarawa.
I recently caught up with the budding entrepreneur in Lagos, and had a brief chat with him where he recounted his journey and mused on how Nigeria can attain self-sufficiency in rice production in the near future.
What’s your educational and professional background?
I attended King’s College in Lagos. After attending secondary school at King’s College I proceeded to obtain my first degree at University of Aberdeen where I graduated with a degree in Economics. I also obtained a Master’s Degree in Economics from the same institution. My quest for more knowledge led me to enroll for yet another Master’s Degree at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London where I gained an MSc. in Finance and Development Studies.
Upon graduation, I landed a role as an analyst at the European Economics and Financial Centre in London. Afterwards, Euromoney Magazine- employed me where I covered the African space.
I would say that this is where my journey truly started.
Given your background as a journalist, what informed your decision to venture into rice farming?
While at Euromoney, I had the opportunity to travel around a few African countries. These trips exposed me to countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Ghana. A common thread amongst the aforementioned nations is agriculture. Agriculture is at the very core of these countries and this got me thinking. After a few more trips, I decided to move back to Nigeria and sink my teeth into the agricultural space. Nigeria remains the largest economy in Africa from both a GDP perspective and also the strength of the size of our population.
Upon my arrival back in Nigeria, I got a job at a premier Bank where I was promised to sit on the agriculture desk – my hope was that I would gain enough knowledge of the Nigerian agricultural industry and develop myself from there.
Unfortunately, the agricultural desk at the Bank never quite achieved its set goals. I pushed hard for the Bank to adopt policies and gain inroads into the agricultural industry but my attempts were somewhat frustrated. I sincerely feel that the bank wasn’t quite ready to launch fully into the agricultural space.
As my frustration grew, I decided to quit banking and planned to go it alone into agriculture. Frankly, my decision led to a challenging sojourn as attempts to raise funding with my partner proved difficult. We started a Structured Trade and Commodity Finance company. After a while I started consulting for small agriculture companies seeking to raise capital both locally and internationally.
You currently own the second (2nd) largest rice farm in Nigeria with 45,000 hectares in Nasarawa, Nigeria. What’s the story behind your acquisition of such vast land, and what are some of the challenges you’ve encountered in farming in the volatile northern region?
Two years had past and we still had no funds, so I made an offer to the farm owner, that with a 50-50 split, I would develop the farm with both personal funds and external funding. He agreed and that’s how I became part owner of 17,296 hectares of farmland. Knowing that agriculture would become the integral area of focus in Nigeria, I was bullish and ramped up the land to 55,000 hectares. I later parted with my partner as a result of unaligned views and strategy. I maintained 45,000 hectares for myself and today we have started producing, with our quality paddy being sold to major milling companies in Nigeria. However, I must add the following, I often have people ask how I learned abut farming, as everyone thinks you need a special degree in agriculture to be a farmer, but I always tell them the truth, I learnt it all on Google. I downloaded every article I could find on rice production, consumed it and then practiced it in the fields.
Frankly, my experience working alongside indigenes of Nasarawa state has been exceptional. I have learnt over the years that if you approach people with respect even more so while one seeks to set up a business venture. Having a healthy sense of community makes all the difference in attaining one’s set objectives. I lean heavily on the wisdom and cultural approach of the indigenes to carry out farming on such a scale here in Nasarawa.
In the news today, there is a lot of talk about Farmers clashing with Fulani Herdsmen, but we think our approach has been successful. We created a scheme called the Farm Out Of Poverty initiative which I will talk about a bit more later. Under the FOOP, we are able to train approximately a hundred Fulani women in rice farming, at the same time, employing their men as our security and finally, feeding their castles from the rice straws after harvest. Today, we live in peace and all work towards the success of the farm.
What’s your fundamental objective in rice production?
In recent years there has been a concerted effort by the Federal Republic of Nigeria to adopt more wholesome agricultural reforms and policies. These initiatives are highly commendable as they seek to empower Nigerians to also engage and thrive in this industry. Quite frankly, with Nigeria’s swelling population we simply have to look inwards and increase our agricultural prowess as a nation. These initiatives have been further highlighted when we take a candid look at our importing structures. Nigeria imports a whole lot and the numbers reveal that this is not sustainable.
Kereksuk seeks to contribute its own quota to reduce the weight on our economy to keep importing rice – which is consumed in such high demand in our country.
Your farm, Kereksuk, is currently not running at optimization. Why is that?
Kereksuk’s land mass stands at 45,000 hectares; as such, we have been focusing on developing the land in phases – based on our modular plan we seek to reach full optimization by the year 2020. Our expansion plans require significant fund raising too – the scale of our planned operations would explain this.
So how much rice are you producing annually?
We’re currently doing 8,000 metric tons a year, but we are embarking on an expansion programme that’ll see us doubling our output next year.
Have you taken any steps to make your farm more environmentally friendly?
Kereksuk has taken a few initiatives to adopt environmentally friendly measures. For example, we apply organic fertilizers – fertilizers we gain quite seamlessly through our healthy relationship with the indigenes of this beautiful state. Furthermore, we feed straw from our rice to livestock and while I am not at liberty to divulge the details, we are actually working on a project that seeks to generate power from rice.
I see myself as a social entrepreneur – I appreciate engaging the collective through community involvement. This has actually inspired Kereksuk to set up a few initiatives.
Our pioneer initiative is the farm-out-of-poverty initiative. This strategic initiative targets secondary school children. The Nigerian secondary school system is evenly split into two halves – the Junior Secondary School (JSS) years and the Senior Secondary School (SSS) years. Each half lasts for three (3) years. We focus primarily on the Senior Secondary School years by selecting ten (10) students per SSS year to visit our farm.
While on the farm, the 30 students are exposed to the production and economics of rice farming. At the end of the year we set aside N50,000 ($160) per student per year. This accrues to N150,000 (approximately $500) at the end of the 3-year programme per student. We ensure that this sum is matched by a like-minded cooperative organization and the cumulative amount of N300,000 ($1,000) goes towards paying fees at the tertiary education stage.
This programme seeks to alleviate the burden of debt often associated with students and empowers the student through experience in a real-life work environment.
Kereksuk is confident that this initiative inspires and acts as an incentive to those at the lower education cadre to remain in school and aim for excellence in life.
The second phase of the FOOP involves the engagement of Fulani women in rice farming. This concept is unprecedented as there is a misconception that Fulani people are only
What reforms must government implement to ensure that Nigeria attains self-sufficient in rice production?
There is a lot of talk at the moment about rice production and self-sufficiency, but I believe that the Government needs to look at its approach closely. The aim of the government is not only to create jobs, but create wealth and at the same time boost production. However, I believe that for jobs to be created, the notion is quite straightforward, create a plan and make funds available, however, for such development to be sustainable and for wealth to be created, there is much work yet to be done. For example, in rice production, simply growing paddy and selling at market price would not create the necessary wealth for the farmer, without appropriate value addition such as milling. However, because the government lays much emphasis on integrated rice mills and par-boiled rice, these small farmers are already priced out. So for the newly created job to be truly attractive and sustainable, government needs to start thinking about the value additions by the same farmers to enable them grow their operations organically.


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Politics / Re: Buhari's Bank Sponsored His Election And It Wasn't Corruption. by dustydee: 3:13pm On Jun 26
Did Fayose file loan application forms for the purpose of purchasing nomination form? Was any collateral tendered for a loan that wasn't even applied for?

I really do not understand why Nigerian youths pretend to be stupid just so they can convince themselves that a crime committed was not a crime at all, while looking for the most irrelevant comparison to vindicate their argument?

Now answer this question, since we know Buhari legitimately sourced loans from a bank to purchase the nomination form of the APC, how exactly did Fayose's bank legitimately sponsored his own campaign?

Some people truly think every Nigerian is an idiot who ought to support the criminal acts of politicians.
Did Buhari ever say he took a loan to buy form? It's the newspapers that took the loan on his behalf. I listened to him when he made a comment about informing his bank to honour any check from him whether he had money in the account or not. Now how is that the same as I took loan to buy nomination form?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Seekers Cvs On The Floor Of The Entrance To The NLNG HQ Construction Site by dustydee: 9:05am On Jun 25

You should come down and see for yourself or ask find a source in Rivers state to verify the story by coming down to Eastern bypass portharcourt.

People shook their heads as they passed by. I decided to share it on nairaland. I don't see anything wrong in that.
I am not disputing your claim that there are envelopes by a construction site. What we don't know is the content of the envelopes. It may be CVs it not be. The fact that you could not go closer to confirm the contents lays credence to my assertion.I and many others are not quick to believe everything we read online especially on nairaland where members and moderators throw false information around. Of recent we saw the supposed picture of the women "beheaded" in Kano. It turned out that she was not beheaded but a member posted it and till date some nairalanders still refer to the incidence as a "beheading". Only a fool will believe everything he sees or reads online, I choose not to be one. Again it may be people's CV or something else. I have a right to ask questions when I am in doubt and that shouldn't call for insults especially when the question is valid. I am just concerned about nairaland's new found penchant for posting and promoting unconfirmed stories as facts hence my request for more information. This has made many intelectuals to leave this forum. I am also gradually becoming less active here. Have a nice weekend.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Seekers Cvs On The Floor Of The Entrance To The NLNG HQ Construction Site by dustydee: 8:28am On Jun 25

That's as close as I was allowed to get. Have you ever openly tried taking photos in front of multinational companies in Rivers state. B*tch please.
So how did you know it contained CVs? You also said "huge" which is an exaggeration so how sure are we that you are not being sensational?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Seekers Cvs On The Floor Of The Entrance To The NLNG HQ Construction Site by dustydee: 8:14am On Jun 25

What kind of a f00l are you? Until you find your uncle's CV amongst those envelopes you won't believe they're . Bleep off with your pointless recognition-seeking moniker. Nitwit
Why the insults? All I can see are envelopes of various sizes, why should I believe it contains CVs?
Travel / Re: Nigerian Students In The Uk How Do You Survive? by dustydee: 9:16am On Jun 23
And to everyone in Uk currently, do not forget Today is today o. BREXIt. I am so voting that Uk leaves the EU. Voting closes 10pm.

I pray that UK leaves the EU and that PM resigns. My prayer will be so answered. I so dislike that man.
I'm IN. I like some of Cameron's policies. I don't want him to resign.

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