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Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 5:47pm
What exactly is APC using a data centre for?
You think politics is what you read on NL?
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 5:44pm

You are in no position to believe your watery assertion is the law, so keep your free nonsense to yourself.

Much ado over nothing, even the IT juggernauts like MS, apple, google et al., have their datacenter location made public. These are all Mega corporations constantly in fierce competition, who have all to lose in an event of any breach whatsoever.

But according to nairalanders members of the APC, the party was foolish enough to place a flag to show how key the raided datacenter was. You dont have any sense . . .

Kindly shut up please. You are beginning to sound incredibly silly . . . .
Old man, i know you don't give up easily.
How can you compare the locating of MS, GOOGLE or MTN data centers to Political party data centers.
Businesses can compete but they don't physically attack each other offices/data centers, but political parties do attack opponent offices.
Its more harmful for political parties to expose the location of their data centers.
But your DSS claimed they raided the office because nothing shows its an APC office ironic.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 3:11pm

You are such a lousy fool, a data center can be housed any where even in a party secretariat, it is not rocket science. Asking me about a PDP data center amount to sheer foolishness cos there is nothing special in establishing such any where.

The APC folks are claiming that a flag hung on the gate was enough proof that the building had enormous importance to their operations and i insist it is a very foolish point to hold unto.

Next time you quote me, don't be utterly inane in your assertions.

Useless thing.

No PDP secretariat nationwide houses any data center, that i can tell you for free.

And no sensible political party houses their data center within the party secretariat, due to constant political rivalry.

nothing special in establishing such any where

Yeye man don't even know that data centers are heart of political parties.

I see you are one of the new GEJ PDP members, who knows nothing about PDP structure.
Politics / Re: Why Ekiti Speaker And Deputy Were Impeached by emmatok: 2:28pm

Yea Lagos was horrible thanks to Tinubu so shut up and know what you are talking about.

So you know Fashola made Lagos habitable and you are here talking cheap.
Politics / Re: Why Ekiti Speaker And Deputy Were Impeached by emmatok: 1:57pm

Hahaha, Lagos was the former capital territory. Afterall Fashola's father aka baba Ekiti migrated here while Tinubu aka Yekini Amoda is not from Lagos. All these were way before Tinubu and Fashola dreamt of coming to Lagos

God bless Awolowo. The same Awolowo Tinubu insults everyday

Shut it, do you know how Lagos looks like before Fashola came.
You are probably a JJC in Lagos.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 1:54pm

You are such an imbec!le to believe that party flags hung on gate mean they are party bases. An important house like a data center carrying sole APC activities deserve proper party recognition.

You always disgrace yourself online, what professional DATA CENTER have you seen with signpost .
Kindly show us PDP data center with PDP flag on it. I am 100% sure you have no idea about that.
Politics / Re: Emergence Of Frank Nweke. by emmatok: 1:32pm On Nov 22
Frank Nweke Junior is the best government spokesman we ever had in Nigeria.
l remember him during OBJ regime, the man is so confident and nice.


Politics / Re: Police To Invite The Speaker Over The Thursday's National Assembly Crisis by emmatok: 1:14pm On Nov 22
He seized to be the speaker the day he decamped to the APC. Please if he is your brother advice him to honor the invitation of the IGP if not he will be arrested.

Story he will not be arrested, your GEJ will step in and control the situation.
GEJ is thinking about 2015 and any negative news will be controlled.
Politics / Re: 19 Ekiti Lawmakers Writeokonjo-iweala, Others, Against Dealing With Fayose by emmatok: 12:12am On Nov 22
Wonder how our SE people who have not been to Ekiti are now defending Fayose.
Sports / Re: US Embassy Ruins Blessing Okagbare’s Honeymoon by emmatok: 11:15am On Nov 21
It's common knowledge that the US tend to deny people applying for non-immigrant visas when you have close family in the states with permanent residence in this case the wife as the impression is you want to migrate.

The correct thing will be to apply for an immigrant visa class and not non-immigrant visa based on the wife's status.

For all those claiming America embarrassing Nigeria etc sorry but bit nigerians aren't the only ones applying for visa. Indians, Chinese, Filipinos etc all applying so stop this entitlement attitude you guys have.

It's Nigeria who make decisions based on do you know who I am rather than do you meet the criteria. The mentality there is different e.g. there is a video on the Internet where Obama visited someplace and the security lady asked for his I'd to sign him in.
Woe betide anyone who tries that with Jonathan. Even with some lowly councillor.

That's the difference - do you know who I am culture. Cus she is an athlete from nigeria means nothing. UK rejected snoop dog from entry a few years ago. The rule of law applies not the rule of who you are and anything goes.

Give that Man a bottle of Origin


Politics / Re: Presidency Backs Police IG , Says He Carried Out His Constitutional Functions - by emmatok: 9:26pm On Nov 20
He wasn't like this when he was in Obj's government

Okuigbe is high on Origin, he is now Asari spokesman.
Politics / Re: Why We Invaded The National Assembly And Fired Tear Gas At The Speaker-Police by emmatok: 4:01pm On Nov 20

He was running around NL nakked the day the Speaker adjourned the house sittings.....shouting that Ihedioha will soon reconvene the house.

He obviously lack basic understanding of house rules....

The guy is just has no shame.


Politics / Re: Why We Invaded The National Assembly And Fired Tear Gas At The Speaker-Police by emmatok: 3:54pm On Nov 20
Well done IGP for your timely intervention which prevented _APC thugs from gaining control of the NASS.More grease to your elbows

I remember your noise making during MBA period with Amechi.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Prevent Speaker Aminu Tambuwal From Entering The National Assemb by emmatok: 2:01pm On Nov 20

I dont knkw howmuch I know about politics.but are you not forgetting something.the majority party in the hoise produces the speaker?so by vertue of him decamping.ho no longer belong to the majority in boise he is no longer the action needed to remove him

Election 101.
The Majority comes by voting and not party affiliate.
It is two-thirds of both PDP and APC members in the house .

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Security Operatives Take Over National Assembly Ahead Of Reps’ Sitting by emmatok: 12:44pm On Nov 20
If lawlessness breaks out, APC will not be the beneficiary and our democracy may be cut short

So all those encouraging Tambuwal should be careful what they wish for.

There was a chance for the court to settle this once and for all but Tambuwal withdrew his own case but refused to resign because he wanted to create this lawless situation we are now seeing?

The only why he can be romoved is to be impeach. What we are seeing is executive lawlessness.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Qualifier (2 - 2) On 19th November 2014 by emmatok: 7:58pm On Nov 19
because they are not yibos grin


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Politics / Re: Azare Bombing: Death Toll Rises To 31 by emmatok: 7:57am On Nov 18
Government with conflicting figures.
Politics / Re: Speaker Of Ekiti State House Of Assembly Impeached By Seven PDP Lawmakers by emmatok: 3:24pm On Nov 17

Alabosi ni e

Rather than ko so otito oro.

What truth, how can 7members impeach a speaker.
Politics / Re: So Amnesty International Was Right Afterall? by emmatok: 9:43am On Nov 17

Ofcourse... If I was the Victim, I would be on the streets of Abuja with a placard calling for 1billion Naira in compensation.. And if the current guys do it, I would support them..

But again I say!! THIS IS WAR... angry

All non-combatants should have left the area.. The Nigerian Army are running scared.. They are fighting against an unidentifiable enemy. So what happens is when they enter an Area, all Men (and now Women) of combat age are arrested and filtered through.

I dont blame the Nigerian army for this approach of clean sweeping an Area, my Problem with the Army is the time it takes to investigate and identify the innocent ones from the insurgents.. angry

And like I said:: All is fair in War..

Are suggesting every innocence Nigerian from the North, relocate to the south. What will you do if the insurgence relocate with them.


Politics / Re: So Amnesty International Was Right Afterall? by emmatok: 9:07am On Nov 17

Considering the fact that you're more likely to turn to crime after your services will no longer be required to spread online propaganda next year, I believe you'll be experiencing the wonders of a correctional facility very soon.

I actually have put in much more energy in campaigning against Boko Haram than you have.

Good thing we've heard BOTH sides of the story now that the Army has released hundreds of innocent people they had illegally detained, just like Amnesty International alleged.

I will advice you to stop arguing with this GEJ boys , their so call patriotism is tied to their master and not Nigeria.
They hate anything called truth.

They are now telling us that everybody living in the North should be giving Boko-Haram treatment, forgetting there are SE,SS SW living in the North.

You will see their truth color when an innocent IGBO or IJAW man is detained in North.


Education / Re: Internet Revolution Can Destroy Scholarship - Soyinka by emmatok: 12:12am On Nov 17
Prof., that is the more reason we dont need people like you and old men as the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria.....If a Prof. could reason this way now imagine the likes of Buhari, Bamanga Tukur, anenih et al....These guys brain are running on android version 2.1 and cannot be flashed to a custom ROM of 5.0.

Prof. you had better convert all your hard copy books to ebook.....Students in this 21th century don't have excuse not to read story books or novels, because you can download books like things fall apart - Chinua Achebe for 121KB, half of a yellow sun - Chimamnanda for 341KB, long world to freedom - Nelson Mandela for 512KB etc.....

It is the likes of the Prof. that give students "grin" instead of "A" because they feel how can a student watch La liga, Premiership, UEFA, hangout with his/her lover at the staff club, visit social media and still do very well in both examinations and continuous assessment.....I call it envy!!!!

Typical of Nigerians, shouting envy when they are corrected.
Excuse me, what do a Prof got to envy from an undergraduate students.
That how students are rusticated for unnecessary arrogancy.

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Politics / Re: I Will Beat You To Death Anytime I Catch You – Tompolo Warns Festus Keyamo by emmatok: 11:53pm On Nov 16
does the vote of a coward from the south west really count,Goodluck does not need the votes of stooges and chameleon from the south west to win in 2015...
Why should i ask if warri is an itsekiri land,when there are three tribes in warri,cant i complain about the age long oppression of the other tribes( the urhobos and ijaw ) in warri..we from the souti south dont sweep our problems under the carpet,the go behind to complain or csy wolf,we are not pretenders.....can you mention one person from your region that is more qualified than president Goodluck

If not for SW will GEJ ever be president.
How many Asari and Tompolo came out to protest when Yorubas are fighting for your brother.

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Education / Re: Internet Revolution Can Destroy Scholarship - Soyinka by emmatok: 8:29pm On Nov 16

where is your "s"

I have most of my documents both hard and soft copies.

But i noticed it is easier to read hard copies for a long duration.

Most Nler don't even reading long articles online.
They shout it is too long.

WS onpoint here.
Education / Re: Internet Revolution Can Destroy Scholarship - Soyinka by emmatok: 8:20pm On Nov 16
The only time our professor is wrong.

We've been reading and writing a lot on Nairaland I don't know where he got the idea that there's a decline in reading and writing.
With the introduction of cheap smart phones and cheaper data bundles.. one would think It's an encouragement for we Africans to explore the internet the more; having been previously rated as the most backward continent based on internet use by the West.

If professor thinks otherwise then he must really be high on 1860 books.

my 3coins!

Coming from Nigerians who can't read four paragraph on nairaland.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Is Worst Nigerian Leader Ever - Sowore, Publisher, Sahara Reporters by emmatok: 12:17pm On Nov 16
I don't really know this guy but I know some ethics in journalism and this goes against it. I think he was pushed by the recent news about 5million dollar mansion in the US but this shows his immaturity cos he finally came and confirmed what Nigerians have been saying that saharareporters are a one sided media house. Their major ambition is bringing the Jonathan govt down. What if GEJ is voted out and someone he prefers is voted in, what will happen to saharareporters afterwards? This really confirmed that he is being sponsored by APC.
SR is a whistleblower.
SR has opposed every Nigerian government since 1999, including Tinubu and co.
It's not about GEJ.

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Politics / Re: It's time to Boycott Sahara Reporters by emmatok: 12:13am On Nov 16
Earlier on I voiced my opinions on Sahara Reporters and I called for a Boycott. The topic got on the nerves of some bootlickers and the topic was blacklisted....

I just to let them know that my views remain the same. I have read worse articles on this site and yet I hardly see ths Mods take down these topics... I hereby demand for a full explanation on why my topic was taken down.

If I never had a valid point, the topic should have been left alone so fellow nairalanders can voice their opinions.

I fully condemn this barbaric show of power and it has now exposed nairaland mods who kiss Sowore's A s s.

My view point on Sahara reporters remain the same.... SAYNOTOSAHARAREPORTERS..

Hope you won't go to SAHARAREPORTERS when GEJ is no longer in power.
I remember must you rushing to SAHARAREPORTERS for latest jist during Yaradus regime.

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Politics / Re: I Will Beat You To Death Anytime I Catch You – Tompolo Warns Festus Keyamo by emmatok: 11:04pm On Nov 15
Comments here show the Niger Delta is a ticking time bomb.
Anytime GEJ leaves power these boys will reactivate militancy.


Politics / Re: I Will Beat You To Death Anytime I Catch You – Tompolo Warns Festus Keyamo by emmatok: 6:44pm On Nov 15
Tompolo Warns President Jonathan

Former Niger Delta militant leader, Chief Government Ekpomukpolo alias Tompolo, and other Ijaw youth leaders have warned President Goodluck Jonathan to stay away from the groundbreaking ceremony of the $16 billion export processing zone project scheduled for Friday at Ogidigbenm Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

Ekpomukoplo and his kinsmen issued the warning on Wednesday at Oporoza, his country home, where they addressed a world press conference to express their protest against the naming of the project after Ogidigben, an Itsekiri community.

They threatened to resort to self-help if steps were not taken to rectify the anomalies with the naming of the project.
Politics / Re: Lagos State Governorship Aspirant, Special Adviser Arraigned For Murder by emmatok: 11:55pm On Nov 12

I'm appalled and at the same time disappointed by the comments of everyone here. Please before you comment on anything, read it at least 3 times to understand the legality of the facts presented, then read the laws of the land governing that section, and then look at the facts presented by the prosecutor and the defendant attorney. Finally, understand the decision of the judge. If you're not satisfied, please comment on the legality, the fault of the judge, attorneys and any other involved based on the information presented and the legality of the case in question. If not, please be very quiet. Stop being a slowpoke. Uneducated fools or idiotic in your state of confusion and lack of knowledge.

You didn't make any useful comment here, why insult people for making their comments.

The lagos state prosecutor hurriedly took over a case involving the same lagos state official.
And granted bail.
I smell BS here.

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Politics / Re: Soyinka Denounces Jonathan Support Group Over Fabricated Report by emmatok: 4:19pm On Nov 04
a slave will not want to be seen as challenging his master otherwise his life will be put at risk, dude is gradually becoming an intellectual burden .

other than spewing trash from one media house to another, tell me what this fellow has contributed to alleviate the suffering of the common man in his home state and the nation (Gani did many in his capacity ) or everybody must be an office holder to make an impact, mtchew

i expect insult from his fellow slaves of the gambaris angry angry

After all your lies, you still come oonline and attack the professor.

For you information WS is one of the reason you're enjoying freedom of speech today.
Even GEJ own gratitude for his fight against Yaradua cabal.


Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Who Dies In This Picture? by emmatok: 11:35am On Nov 03
Well D must die for sure.

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