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Politics / Re: APC Office Raid: DSS Releases List Of Recovered Items by emmatok: 10:25am On Nov 26
The DSS keeps shaming Nigerians.
They raided the office for PVC that wasn't to be found, and they came up with silly excuses of mmultiple registration.

Multiple registration occurs in every registration process, which is usually corrected during collation.

We are waiting for the DSS to show us more evidence.
Politics / Re: APC Office Raid: DSS Releases List Of Recovered Items by emmatok: 12:24am On Nov 26
It beats my imagination how some people here are trivializing " someone registering eighteen times"...
criminality has become relative... Seriousness of a crime now depends on which party member did it....

LOL, there will always be multiples registration in every system(INEC,National ID etc), which will corrected on the database.

But the recovered items indicated that they came from the APC registration and not INEC.


Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 12:16am On Nov 26

Same thing with the DSS. It is a govt agency tasked with national security.

You don't seem to be following the argument on this thread.
Politics / Re: APC Office Raid: DSS Releases List Of Recovered Items by emmatok: 12:11am On Nov 26
The Department of State Security (DSS)
has released a list of 24 items it
recovered from its raid on the on the All
Progressive Congress (APC) data office in
In a statement on Monday by its Deputy
Director, Public Relations Marilyn Ogar,
the DSS insisted it acted on a petition
that alleged an ongoing cloning activities
of INEC Permanent Voters Card (PVC) by
some unscrupulous persons with intent to
hack into INEC data base, corrupt it and
replace them with their own data at No.
10 Bola Ajibola Street, off community
Avenue, Allen Avenue, Ikeja LGA, Lagos
The statement read: “Consequently, the
Service placed the premises which had no
Signpost under surveillance and was
convinced that unwholesome activities
were ongoing within.
“On 22nd November, 2014, a search
operation was executed at the above
address were a Search Warrant obtained
from the Court was executed. The search
was carried out in the presence of one
Onuchukwu Chika AUGUSTINE and twenty
four (24) others, while and the following
items were recovered: One server, Four
hard drives, One external hard drive, One
HP Laptop, One Server switch, Fourflash
drives, One Samsung tablet, One Apple
computer system without CPU and thirty
one Ghana-must-go bags containing hard
copies of already captured data.
“All items recovered were documented at
the back of the Search Warrant signed by
the Service team leader and was
witnessed by two occupants of the
premises; Onuchukwu Chika Augustine,
an IT personnel and Olaposi Fayemi, a
supervisor on duty.”
The statement also disclosed that
photographs (still and video) of service
personnel entering and exiting the
premises in an operation that lasted for
two hours were taken.
“Exploitation of some of the recovered
items has revealed that one particular
individual had his data captured eighteen
times with different names and addresses
but yet the same photograph. However,
further investigation is ongoing and
findings shall be made public,” it added.

And they didn't recovered any PVC or PVC machines.
SSS keeps shaming Nigerians.


Business / Re: FG, States Debt Skyrockets To N10.84trn -DMO by emmatok: 10:41pm On Nov 24
Nigeria's debt stands at $9.52 billion dollars and America's debit stands at $17,955,169,990.21 (approximately $18billion).

We are in a much better place, we owe half of what America owes.

Will you shut-up


Politics / Re: Biafra Lobby Group Admitted to AU Socio-Cultural Body by emmatok: 10:37pm On Nov 24

Which would still leave Lagos leagues ahead of the foremost biafran town.

The more than half of the population begging to be given chairman post in Lagos? keep fooling yourself, una no reach half people of northern and mid western extraction for Lagos.

More houses for new immigrants to occupy you mean. the biafrans would not even be out of the door yet before some other people move in

exactly what we want. Sanity.

why? are the biafran stake up to 5 % in those industries? I can't spot petty trading in that list!

more people will definitely leave the transportation business and fill up alaba market.

i'm sure they can't wait for you unruly lots to leave for them to take in new and more sensible tenants

Dream on

How many biafrans patronize these people? There is a reason only one mall exist in south east.

How about 120%? you like that ehn? see your big mouth cheesy!

You mean airlines will stop going to london?

really? tell us more, please!

Of course, na only una dey do armed robbery for night na

Is that so?

I'm sure air travelers to china will reduce drastically but other places will still get their full passengers complete.

Empty? 95% FDI into nigeria in 2013 was retained in the south west alone, the ports will never go empty buddy, just de-congested.

Here is the likely scenerio in the new biafra

1. Over population with its attendant problems;
a. food scarcity
b. sharp increase in crimes (thankfully most of the criminals terrorizing the southwest would have returned home to help build/destroy biafra)
c. all manner of diseases and pestilences (i'm not wishing you bad its just fact, the poor sanitation in most south east coupled in with sudden migration of millions of displaced people is sure recipe for epidemics).

2. Economic meltdown; there will certainly be too many petty traders in that tiny new country. the ensuing poverty no go get part 2.

3. Housing problems/dispute; this should have ordinary gone under the first point but the considering how passionate biafrans are about ancestral lands i foresee some sort of civil war arising quickly due to land dispute.

4. Breakdown of fragile infrastructure in biafra; everything will simply breakdown due to pressure it will come under. schools will be over crowded, banks will be over crowded, courts will adjourn for years, prisons will be overcrowded, roads will breakdown in days, in fact its going to be a total disaster out there, some apocalyptic shiiiit.

5. Foreigner status in the southwest; the few biafrans left in the southwest would henceforth be handicapped in the way the live and do business as they will most likely face resentment from erstwhile country men.

All the best to the Biafrans

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Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:40pm On Nov 24

Google don't attack Microsoft data centres.......but the FBI sure as hell strike hackers' hideouts.

FBI and NSA are government agencies. They have their powers.

Just imagining PDP got a DATA center in that secretariat.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Inciting Nigerians Against Jonathan – Kashamu by emmatok: 8:39pm On Nov 23

Tinubu is also wanted in America for drug related offence, the silly writter is biased for including that, because I don't see a nexus between been wanted and reporting the new

Tinubu always travel to the US and nobody has touch him.
Let PA Kashamu mistakenly enter a US bound plane.


Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 8:13pm On Nov 23

Foolish kid, how can an ordinary citizen walk into an organization and demand to see their data center. Don't you see how daft you sound ?

Using Unilag for example, it is common knowledge that their datacenter is at CITS. Every organization worth her salt has her server rooms tucked safely within her walls or located externally for numerous reasons.

Like I said, keep shut lest you continually appear bizarrely ediotic.

I know you will make a u-turn .
You said datacenters isn't a top secret affair earlier.

And who told you UNILAG datacenter is at CITS.
Do a little Research on Co-location and outsourcing.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:59pm On Nov 23
They should have upgraded to Oracle 12c although might be difficult for them due to technical-know-how

Politics is seasonal and not an everyday event. So investing in such is difficult.
Political parties in US actually outsource the whole process to their TRUSTED MEMBERS who owns IT firms.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:44pm On Nov 23
Even at that they should have some backups over the CLOUD.
Well you have convert hard copies(forms e.t.c) to digital copies first before backing up to the CLOUD.
Thats what i think they are doing at the office.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:40pm On Nov 23

Little kid, the common denominator is that datacenters are involved and[b] it isn't a top secret affair[/b].

Your strenuous attempt to justify your defeated stance is not only null but hilarious
Please save yourself the stress of straw grasping to no where.

Old man probably hearing about data center for the first time.
I will suggest you walk into First Bank HQ Marina, and demand to see their data center.
If you will not end this year in EFCC or FSARS office.

Since DATA CENTERS isn't a top secret affair to you.
You no dey shame!!!
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:30pm On Nov 23
What they have there is a "mini data centre". Are you telling me that that's the only place their data is centred? If so...that's very dangerous. They should have rented some high end Servers in a very secured and sophisticated Data Centres different from what they have already where their main centralised server can be connected to in case of any eventuality. Now how are they going to retrieve all data computed since all connected servers has been eroded unless there have been several backups till the last computation?

I dont think that place is a Core Data center.
What they doing at that office is probably Data entry and collation.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:14pm On Nov 23

Foolish kid, you are just blabbing to no where. I just showed you that locating and siting data centers is not a top secret affair the public must not be aware off.

Those companies I referenced have a whole lot to lose if their information center is breached than what any political party can even think off. These are multi billion dollar companies whose DNA are solely dependent on the efficiency and safety of their datacenters.

You should do us a favour and shut your hole. You are beginning to sound like a toddler.

Old man, how many times do you see GOOGLE physically attack MICROSOFT data center, or MTN attack GLO offices.
Glo and MTN even co-locate on each others facilities.

But politics if different, PDP and APC offices have been burnt down at different times.
Politic attract violence and protests due to ambitions.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 7:04pm On Nov 23
Have you heard of cloud computing?

LOL, everything you do on cloud computing are stored on Servers at data centers.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 5:47pm On Nov 23
What exactly is APC using a data centre for?
You think politics is what you read on NL?

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Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 5:44pm On Nov 23

You are in no position to believe your watery assertion is the law, so keep your free nonsense to yourself.

Much ado over nothing, even the IT juggernauts like MS, apple, google et al., have their datacenter location made public. These are all Mega corporations constantly in fierce competition, who have all to lose in an event of any breach whatsoever.

But according to nairalanders members of the APC, the party was foolish enough to place a flag to show how key the raided datacenter was. You dont have any sense . . .

Kindly shut up please. You are beginning to sound incredibly silly . . . .
Old man, i know you don't give up easily.
How can you compare the locating of MS, GOOGLE or MTN data centers to Political party data centers.
Businesses can compete but they don't physically attack each other offices/data centers, but political parties do attack opponent offices.
Its more harmful for political parties to expose the location of their data centers.
But your DSS claimed they raided the office because nothing shows its an APC office ironic.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 3:11pm On Nov 23

You are such a lousy fool, a data center can be housed any where even in a party secretariat, it is not rocket science. Asking me about a PDP data center amount to sheer foolishness cos there is nothing special in establishing such any where.

The APC folks are claiming that a flag hung on the gate was enough proof that the building had enormous importance to their operations and i insist it is a very foolish point to hold unto.

Next time you quote me, don't be utterly inane in your assertions.

Useless thing.

No PDP secretariat nationwide houses any data center, that i can tell you for free.

And no sensible political party houses their data center within the party secretariat, due to constant political rivalry.

nothing special in establishing such any where

Yeye man don't even know that data centers are heart of political parties.

I see you are one of the new GEJ PDP members, who knows nothing about PDP structure.

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Politics / Re: Why Ekiti Speaker And Deputy Were Impeached by emmatok: 2:28pm On Nov 23

Yea Lagos was horrible thanks to Tinubu so shut up and know what you are talking about.

So you know Fashola made Lagos habitable and you are here talking cheap.
Politics / Re: Why Ekiti Speaker And Deputy Were Impeached by emmatok: 1:57pm On Nov 23

Hahaha, Lagos was the former capital territory. Afterall Fashola's father aka baba Ekiti migrated here while Tinubu aka Yekini Amoda is not from Lagos. All these were way before Tinubu and Fashola dreamt of coming to Lagos

God bless Awolowo. The same Awolowo Tinubu insults everyday

Shut it, do you know how Lagos looks like before Fashola came.
You are probably a JJC in Lagos.
Politics / Re: Why We Raided A Computer Office In Lagos - DSS by emmatok: 1:54pm On Nov 23

You are such an imbec!le to believe that party flags hung on gate mean they are party bases. An important house like a data center carrying sole APC activities deserve proper party recognition.

You always disgrace yourself online, what professional DATA CENTER have you seen with signpost .
Kindly show us PDP data center with PDP flag on it. I am 100% sure you have no idea about that.

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Politics / Re: Emergence Of Frank Nweke. by emmatok: 1:32pm On Nov 22
Frank Nweke Junior is the best government spokesman we ever had in Nigeria.
l remember him during OBJ regime, the man is so confident and nice.


Politics / Re: Police To Invite The Speaker Over The Thursday's National Assembly Crisis by emmatok: 1:14pm On Nov 22
He seized to be the speaker the day he decamped to the APC. Please if he is your brother advice him to honor the invitation of the IGP if not he will be arrested.

Story he will not be arrested, your GEJ will step in and control the situation.
GEJ is thinking about 2015 and any negative news will be controlled.
Politics / Re: 19 Ekiti Lawmakers Writeokonjo-iweala, Others, Against Dealing With Fayose by emmatok: 12:12am On Nov 22
Wonder how our SE people who have not been to Ekiti are now defending Fayose.
Sports / Re: US Embassy Ruins Blessing Okagbare’s Honeymoon by emmatok: 11:15am On Nov 21
It's common knowledge that the US tend to deny people applying for non-immigrant visas when you have close family in the states with permanent residence in this case the wife as the impression is you want to migrate.

The correct thing will be to apply for an immigrant visa class and not non-immigrant visa based on the wife's status.

For all those claiming America embarrassing Nigeria etc sorry but bit nigerians aren't the only ones applying for visa. Indians, Chinese, Filipinos etc all applying so stop this entitlement attitude you guys have.

It's Nigeria who make decisions based on do you know who I am rather than do you meet the criteria. The mentality there is different e.g. there is a video on the Internet where Obama visited someplace and the security lady asked for his I'd to sign him in.
Woe betide anyone who tries that with Jonathan. Even with some lowly councillor.

That's the difference - do you know who I am culture. Cus she is an athlete from nigeria means nothing. UK rejected snoop dog from entry a few years ago. The rule of law applies not the rule of who you are and anything goes.

Give that Man a bottle of Origin


Politics / Re: Presidency Backs Police IG , Says He Carried Out His Constitutional Functions - by emmatok: 9:26pm On Nov 20
He wasn't like this when he was in Obj's government

Okuigbe is high on Origin, he is now Asari spokesman.
Politics / Re: Why We Invaded The National Assembly And Fired Tear Gas At The Speaker-Police by emmatok: 4:01pm On Nov 20

He was running around NL nakked the day the Speaker adjourned the house sittings.....shouting that Ihedioha will soon reconvene the house.

He obviously lack basic understanding of house rules....

The guy is just has no shame.


Politics / Re: Why We Invaded The National Assembly And Fired Tear Gas At The Speaker-Police by emmatok: 3:54pm On Nov 20
Well done IGP for your timely intervention which prevented _APC thugs from gaining control of the NASS.More grease to your elbows

I remember your noise making during MBA period with Amechi.


Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Prevent Speaker Aminu Tambuwal From Entering The National Assemb by emmatok: 2:01pm On Nov 20

I dont knkw howmuch I know about politics.but are you not forgetting something.the majority party in the hoise produces the speaker?so by vertue of him decamping.ho no longer belong to the majority in boise he is no longer the action needed to remove him

Election 101.
The Majority comes by voting and not party affiliate.
It is two-thirds of both PDP and APC members in the house .

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Security Operatives Take Over National Assembly Ahead Of Reps’ Sitting by emmatok: 12:44pm On Nov 20
If lawlessness breaks out, APC will not be the beneficiary and our democracy may be cut short

So all those encouraging Tambuwal should be careful what they wish for.

There was a chance for the court to settle this once and for all but Tambuwal withdrew his own case but refused to resign because he wanted to create this lawless situation we are now seeing?

The only why he can be romoved is to be impeach. What we are seeing is executive lawlessness.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Africa: AFCON Qualifier (2 - 2) On 19th November 2014 by emmatok: 7:58pm On Nov 19
because they are not yibos grin


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Politics / Re: Azare Bombing: Death Toll Rises To 31 by emmatok: 7:57am On Nov 18
Government with conflicting figures.

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