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Politics / Re: Recap On Pastor Kumuyi’s Powerful Prophesy About Nigeria In 2015 by emmatok: 5:09pm On Jul 29
Why he no come Aba come talk this Rubbish that day.
He think say na d zoo armies go help am

LOL, he was in ABA and nothing happened.
Politics / Re: PHOTO-Rejected By Buhari: Tony Elumelu Shines Internationally by emmatok: 5:07pm On Jul 29
Ibos ibos ibos very very sentimental nd myopic tribe just like d ucking Hausas...... Who told u Tony is an ibo guy again.. Like parasitic Hausas... Like common bandits ibos.... Same as lazy ass Yolobas... Mad zoo called countri

Just wondering too.

People forgot Tony is OBJs frontman in Business.
But how did Buhari rejected Tony.


Politics / Re: House Crisis: Reps Adopt Apc’s Zoning Formular by emmatok: 2:43pm On Jul 28

Yes! you are right.

People are just getting it twisted. I said NASS republic. Are people saying NASS is not a republic on its own, based on the definition of Republic below:

A state in which supreme power is held by
the people and their elected representatives,
and which has an elected or nominated
president rather than a monarch.

The first person that started this, thought i was talking about Nigeria republic on its own rather, i was refering to NASS as a Republic.

Thanks @barcanista

Oga cool down,
National assembly is neither a state or a country, but a legislative arm of a state or country.
The word REPUBLIC don't apply to the National assembly.

If you have counter augment, kindly provide with facts.
Politics / Re: New Well Drilling Moves Lagos Closer To First Oil - Punch by emmatok: 12:19pm On Jul 28
Ogun also got untapped Crude oil deposit.
Politics / Re: Photos Of NDA Cadets Harassing Civilians by emmatok: 11:50pm On Jul 27
I wish everyone who commented above can read my comment. Please forgive these young ones for they know not what they are doing. If you notice, these are all first termers. This is their first break since entering the NDA. During the 3 months prior to this break, we go through a phase designed to instil confidence. This is a result of that confidence (the negative part) and youthful exuberance. All of us did dis in our first year but believe me 80 percent of us, after the first year always felt ashamed Weneva we remembered the shenanigans of the first year. Please note that if you stand up to this young men and refuse the mostly dumb orders, NOTHING will happen. They'll look at you as a civilian that has confidence in himself too. Once again, I apologise on behalf of my comrades. They will learn. Stop relating this to the rest of us fighting insurgents in the NE. We welcome constructive criticism. No need to insult or belittle our efforts in fighting terror. We are the only thing standing between you and the terrorists

If i hear that comment from you again hmm angry angry angry
When thousand of Nigerians are bean killed everyday .
Give every matured Nigerian guns and let see if Terrorists and bandit will have the liver to operate.

I hope the this cadets are ready for RSMs fatigue .


Politics / Re: A Call For Peace And Unity From Our Igbo Brothers by emmatok: 9:03pm On Jul 26
it is with intent plea I write from my heart today on behalf of every Yoruba out there,on behalf of awolowo, on behalf of younger generations I apologize to my igbo brothers, we are sorry for betraying you,we are sorry for starving you, please forgive us and embrace the path of peace..

NB. I know Yoruba is the bridge that holds Nigeria together that's why my Igbo brothers need our support to opt out to Biafra. I assure you of our support hence forth.
let's love each other even in Nigeria or Biafra we are one...

remarkable memories when I was in primary school I had Igbo friends who defended me, loved me they were family and are still family please stop this E..war am Yoruba I love the igbos and I will never stop even if they get Biafra by war or peace... Igbo kwenu


Another one claiming Yoruba.
And how did Yoruba starved and Betrayed them .


Family / Re: How Can I Help My Son Overcome Fear? by emmatok: 9:26pm On Jul 25
Mr exeergeration, so u were Neva spanked by ur parents? if yes, have u hated them this much? or did u run away from home? See oyibo formings ooo. so spanking is now equal to abuse

Says the mother that spanks her child for having an accident without crying. undecided undecided
You need to visit the dictionary for the definition of abuse.
You probably never heard of BOTTLED-UP EMOTIONS that's what your child is experiencing.
Its one of the effect of abuse.
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili Replies CNBC's Tweet That Aruma Oteh Is The 1st African VP Of WB by emmatok: 11:08am On Jul 25
corrected their news

Oteh however is not the first African woman to be appointed to powerful positions at the World Bank. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is one of its managing directors and Obiageli Ezekwesili, Africa Region vice president.

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Politics / Re: Africa's First World Bank VP, Setting The Records Straight. by emmatok: 11:08am On Jul 25
corrected their news

Oteh however is not the first African woman to be appointed to powerful positions at the World Bank. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is one of its managing directors and Obiageli Ezekwesili, Africa Region vice president.
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili Replies CNBC's Tweet That Aruma Oteh Is The 1st African VP Of WB by emmatok: 10:55am On Jul 25
No Sir, NOI was a former Managing Director of WB. Her position was senior to that of Oby and Otteh. Only the President was higher than her when she was there.

NOI was a world bank VP

Prior to her ministerial career in Nigeria, Okonjo-Iweala was vice-president and corporate secretary of the World Bank Group. She left it in 2003 after she was appointed to President Obasanjo's cabinet as Finance Minister on 15 July.
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili Replies CNBC's Tweet That Aruma Oteh Is The 1st African VP Of WB by emmatok: 10:15am On Jul 25
I think CNBC won this arguement, one would expect madam Oby to again refute CNBC's claim that Oby was just VP of african region and not VP of world bank, but she didn't. Guess she realised she lost the arguement.
Anyway, she shouldn't have replied that tweet or should have done better than saying "Google is a friend" wasn't too classy in my opinion.

What's wrong with you people,

World bank has a lot of VPs
NOI was a VP
OTEH is a VP

All are VPs for world bank.
Family / Re: How Can I Help My Son Overcome Fear? by emmatok: 9:34pm On Jul 24
he can keep quiet for a 2yrs old boy to bite his forehead. anybody, be it junior, agemate, senior can oppress him n take his thing, he will not talk but will be pained inside of him. The whole thing looks like hereditary to me. But how can I help him speak up when he needs to

I have seen children in this condition they have adapted to domestics abuse.
Even in school, pupils stop weeping to teachers beating when it is too much.
When you abuse your son, he will start keeping his pains to himself.
He might grow-up hating you and leaving your home.
Politics / Re: To All Acclaimed Biafrans desist from empty war talks by emmatok: 8:33pm On Jul 24
this is the reason blacks are still slaves to white because I could remember u. s. s. r they disintegrated with more than 16 countries but we africa find it hard to do so because in our pain is their gain. We black need to wise up.
Are you pretending no to know the story behind USSR disintegration?

Some countries that left USSR are still suffering till today.
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Humiliated At PH Airport by emmatok: 11:08pm On Jul 23
Buhari will lose SS/SE support faster than a man that wants to ejaculatee

Did the SS/SW vote for Buhari?


Family / Re: solution to this urgent issue if marraige by emmatok: 11:04pm On Jul 23
BREAK UP KE??!! if the father is good with it, the mother will get over it when you marry her and treat her well. besides have you bribed her?

You forgot mothers visit Thier daughters alot when they're married.
And women don't forget things easily.
Without both parents coming onboard they should slow down with the preparation.

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Family / Re: Is This Man Action Justified? by emmatok: 10:51pm On Jul 23
My neighbour and his wife have been married for the past two years but just recently tragedy struck leading to divorce on ground of infedility on the woman"s part.. The man"s properties were shared among the two children after that the man went abroad with the other child leaving the woman with the younger one. Two days ago,we learnt the man was in town,so the ex-wife went to the man house demanding for more money for the child upkeep,instead of harkening to her request,the man not only arrested her but sent some youths to evade the woman"s store... Now my question is_:_ is the man action justified? even if divorced is the man not suppose to care for the other child? Cc: lalasticlala.

In divorce cases it is the court that makes decisions and not the parties.

If the court demands the man pays the woman for children upkeep, good. But if not, that's left for the man to decide.

But the woman can't just walk up to him demanding for money. The child should be sent to his father, If she can't take care of the child.
Education / Re: JAMB Explains Admission Procedure To Protesting Candidates, Parents by emmatok: 8:06pm On Jul 23
This man keeps deceiving people and the ignorant ones will remain mute. This us an infringement of human right

Politics / Re: Opinion!! Was President Buhari Visit To America A Flop? by emmatok: 7:51pm On Jul 23
Every patriotic Nigerian will admit that the President Journey to the USA was more of a National embarrassment and a complete flop. He had nothing concrete to discuss with Obama. Instead of keeping quiet, he mis-called his party name "All Nigeria People's Congress (ANPC)". He couldn't secure Obama's commitment in our fight against terrorism nor even discussed policy issues, and give proposal to Obama on how they can help him achieve success in his policies (perhaps he has no policy). He had nothing absolutely to say.

Wonder why Obama left him to Secretary of State John Kerry and travelled to Kenya? Because he realised that the man he invited is a complete joke. Obama means business

May God Help Us

A Biafran has no business telling us about patriotism
Politics / Re: Atiku Formed Dubious Coalition With Saraki And Obj Because Of 2019 - Omatseye by emmatok: 5:09pm On Jul 23

whether Atiku becomes president or not is not for OBJ to decide.That old fool is no longer relevant in the scheme of things

And who told you OBJ is no longer relevant.
Didn't you people make the same noise(OBJ is no longer relevant) during GEJ regime and while sensible politician including President Buhari where busy rushing to OTA for consultations.
Education / Re: Ongoing Protest At Ait Road, Alagbado Lagos State by emmatok: 5:04pm On Jul 23

pls I beg u gather your facts right b4 commenting on issues like this....if someone with 233 was eligible for medicine and someone with 260 wasn't eligible...then what is the cutoff mark?

Cool down,

The official cutoff mark for Jamb is 180.
Its the universities that gives out another set of cutoff mark for their departments base on the population .

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Education / Re: Ongoing Protest At Ait Road, Alagbado Lagos State by emmatok: 1:19pm On Jul 23

I get your point.....but what you don't understand is some students chose those universities specifically because of their courses....for instance unilag is one of the best when it comes to Law,medecine,Economics and political science.some students chose Unilag because of that reason.....you get?

But these student didn't meet these universities cut-off, which above Jamb cut-off.
The normal thing is to move these students to other universities instead of waiting another year.
Education / Re: Ongoing Protest At Ait Road, Alagbado Lagos State by emmatok: 12:28pm On Jul 23
It's really sad to read about this from jamb. I tell anybody that cares to listen that corruption is a way of life in Nigeria. This is a clear case of an individual trying to benefit financially from a useless policy at the detriment of people's future. This is a serious threat to our nation's peaceful co-existence.

My humble suggestion is, JAMB should be scrapped! Universities should conduct their aptitude tests directly. Candidates should be selected based on their grade points in their ssce examinations. In addition to that, there should be a set out method used for calculating grade points from ssce results.

Furthermore, to digress a little from the topic, I would love to appeal to the government to scrap NYSC! Its essence has been defeated. Money used for nysc should be used to empower graduates for small and medium enterprises. Graduates should be qualified for a grant of 250,000 each immediately after graduation. If you calculate 19,800 for 13 months, it amounts to almost the same amount.

The problem is not Jamb but the Universities.
Jamb official cut-off for this year is 180.
But when this schools set their cut-off higher, Jamb got no choice, but to move students to other Universities.
Education / Re: Ooni Of Ife Intervenes In OAU Crisis, Workers Suspend Strike Action . by emmatok: 12:17pm On Jul 23
Why is this OAU always in the news? A school that isn't even among the top 1000 Universities in the world. Before you crucify me, i am a Computer engineering graduate of OAU but immediately I started my masters at University of Portsmouth, I realized that 0AU is just an overrated School.

HA HA tell them.
You need to see how Nigerian degree holder are sent back to school in UK.
But OAU is a school with sadistic and mean lectures.
Family / Re: 23yr Old Barren Woman Steals 5-yr-old Boy In Rivers (photo) by emmatok: 4:36pm On Jul 22
23yrs ?

She is still young.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Ministers Sold One Million Barrels Of Oil Per Day- Buhari by emmatok: 2:51pm On Jul 22

If they steal directly from the wells then how do they transport this stolen oil? I am aware that we have illegal refineries in Nigeria. I have never said that oil is not stolen in Nigeria. What I am saying is that I do not believe the figures being stated (1 million bpd).

Haven't you heard of crude oil tanker disappearing on the high sea, even in the presence of the Nigerian Navy.

Add that to lots of crude oil proceeds not remitted to the government after sales.
Family / Re: My Uncle's Wife Is Killing Me. by emmatok: 1:11am On Jul 22

Why are people giving the impression that the woman has every right to be rude, troublesome, spiteful and discourteous to the young man?

Whatever is bad is BAD.


Welcome to the women's world.


Family / Re: My Uncle's Wife Is Killing Me. by emmatok: 1:08am On Jul 22

She is right at the bolded. It is her home and for reasons best known to her, she does not want you there. Perhaps her husband did not ask of her permission before allowing you in there. Perhaps your mother did something or said something about her. You are the guest there and she does not want you. You should not talk back at her or run around doing childish stuff.

I think you should leave her home but if you have nowhere to go, keep quiet. If she finds your trouble, keep quiet and move on. She will get tired with time. Just ignore her. Greet her, if she dey form vex, crack one small joke if you can and move along. All the best. Try and get something small even if its teaching job. Anything to get you out of the house and out of her hair. May God open doors and help you bro.

Comments from some women on this thread is so crazy.

So it's ok for a woman treat her husband's family anyhow, you ladies forget that same woman might need the assistance or support of the husband family in the future.

All this gra gra she is making about its my house Will disappear of something bad happens to her husband and his family aid is needed.

Some women can be shortsighted.


Webmasters / Re: Why Do People See Having A Website For Their Business A Waste Of Money?? by emmatok: 9:58pm On Jul 21
This is the reason why businesses fail, if i may ask why are u not using 3310 phone or the old school pentium 2 laptops? the world has evolved more than a reputable company not having a website, for example i know an online store that made over N64,000,000 sales last year from online sales, these store have a physical store too, it will just get to a point where people naturally will sit at the comfort of their homes to make transaction the businesses that cant adapt will just automatically start making losses then later fold up

Not every business need online store. The cost of PAYMENT GATEWAY alone will drive them away.

Go check Jumia and Konga, 80% of the their sales are paid on delivery, most people don't pay online that's Nigeria for you.

If a business website is not driving down the running cost and increasing profitability, that business don't need a website.
Webmasters / Re: Why Do People See Having A Website For Their Business A Waste Of Money?? by emmatok: 4:42pm On Jul 21
40% of the businesses in Nigeria will naturally die in the next 5 years why? Because they refuse to embrace technology

Most Nigerian business have lived more than 10 years without technology, while some so called technology survey business are dead.

@OP to sell a website to your client, you must emphasize efficiency and cost cutting.

I always let my clients see the business efficiency side of owning a website, this way we can reduce unnecessary cost in that business.

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Politics / Re: Rivers Tribunal: CJN Confirms Wike Visited His Office Twice by emmatok: 1:43pm On Jul 21

I am not surprised that APC lied against Wike, that's what they know how to do best - LIES AND PROPAGANDA.

Was Wike at the CJN chamber?
“A senior official in the CJN chamber intercepted Governor Wike and advised that it is a policy of the CJN not to entertain visits of politicians, especially those with cases in the courts.

“Consequently, Governor Wike left at that point, even though he tried to state reasons for his visit, which included the issue of the appointment of substantive Chief Judge for his state and to thank the CJN for sending the Bayelsa State Chief Judge to swear him into the office.
“In fact, his Lordship was not even aware of the visit until the next morning. The CJN therefore did not see the governor as reported in the said dailies.”


Foreign Affairs / Re: British Police Force Demands Anyone That Wants To Join Must Learn Yoruba, Italia by emmatok: 10:51am On Jul 21

Lmao. You sound pained - don't cry lol. I had tons of Igbo co'ds growing up and none could speak Igbo and the average Igbo out here is involved in crime as well, ditto Edos. But you can't blame Yorubas for speaking their language everywhere and stamping their culture all over London.

Heck, 99.9% of Nigerian business in London are owned by Yorubas and most Igbos in London also speak Yoruba (I don't know why but maybe it is cos they lived with Yorubas in naij).

I reiterate: Congolese folks, Somalis, and Ghanaians commit all the crimes Nigerians commit out here - how come their languages aren't on the list? Heck, Congo boys have a big gang in North Ldn, and run a big fraud and drug syndicate. Ditto Ghanaians. And Somalis are some of the most violent people you will ever meet.

In-fact most Nigerians abroad in London comfortably speaks Yoruba


Family / Re: Husband And Wife Issue by emmatok: 11:10pm On Jul 20

What mentality?

If a husband believes He is the c in c, He must pay for it.

Not saying that 's What is happening here; that is the belief behind the mentality.

Like a Yoruba adage:

You cannot give a family a wife and add kneeling down (respect/begging) to it.

Even if the man is the C in C, she's your mother and not your mother in law.

You will be the one to cry if anything goes wrong with her.

Why wait for you husband to pay for you mum's hospital Bill.

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