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Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 11:20pm On Aug 31
And when are going to start receiving the cards, because most of us registered during the pilot scheme last year.
Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 11:14pm On Aug 31
all4naija: The truth of the matter is that the national identity card scheme is not given to Mastercard. It is clear Mastercard doesn't have any right to the biometric information available to NIMC. [i]The national identity card information solely belong to the Nigerian government![/i]

Yes the NID is not giving to Mastercard, but the payment system for the initial 13 million nigerians getting the NID are going to Mastercard.

Thats way local companies are complaining, also knowing that it will be difficult for them to catch up with Mastercard, if they are allowed to join in the future.

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Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 10:53pm On Aug 31
This, according to experts, can be done through effective development and implementation of local content laws for the country’s payment systems. “Technically, MasterCard will work. There is no technology they cannot support. But it is time to grow our African giants. Why would government give an American company a project like the national identity scheme? Can the US award such a contract to a Nigerian firm?

“Should’nt government be promoting its own? Domestic card schemes should be used for things of national interest such as agriculture farmers cards, national and state ID cards to help protect our soverignity”, said a senior executive at SecureID Nigeria, who pleaded anonymity because he was not authorised to speak.

Christabel Onyejekwe, executive director at the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement Systems (NIBSS) however does not see anything wrong with MasterCard International’s participation in the national identity scheme. In an interview with BusinessDay, she said,”they have the competence and expertise to deliver on this national project. MasterCard have been strong collaborators in Nigeria’s card payment ecosystem. We are in a thriving global economy and MasterCard International is critical to facilitating global card payments. “

Interestingly, about 85 percent of Nigerians conduct local payment transactions. Only about 7.7 percent of Nigerians use cards abroad on foreign webistes. She acknowledged that local card schemes do possess the requisite capacity to handle the national identity project.

Industry insiders say government’s decision to award the contract to MasterCard is questionable, considering that local players in the ecosystem such as Interswitch, E-transact, 3line Nigeria and SecureID have all shown high levels of competency in processing and issuance of payment cards.

Statistics show that Verve, a local card operator controls about 60 percent of the market. In view of this, Ken Ugbechie, promoter of the Nigerian Content Advocacy Initiative (NiCADI), says it is inconceivable that such business should be given to an American company whose primary interest is to buffer their own economy.

“We know that all MasterCard’s payments processing in Nigeria are being handled competently by Interswitch, Card Technology Limited, and Unified Payments. Today, over 70 percent of bank customers in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, use Verve payment cards from Interswitch, Genesis Payment cards from eTranzact and Freedom Card from 3Line Card Management Limited for their day-to-day payment transactions.

“ What then is the rationale for giving the payments transactions of our National Identity card to MasterCard, a foreign company?”, he further added in a press statement.

According to him, the combined workforce of the three Nigerian firms with competencies in payment cards, runs into over 300 highly-skilled staff, “whereas MasterCard can only boast of a handful of Nigerians working as marketing executives for the company”.

Despite the competence of local card operators, NIMC’s contractual agreement with Mastercard stipulates that local card operators cannot come on board the scheme until after the initial 13 million smartcards have been issued.

Omobola Johnson, minister of communications technology, sees this as a wrong approach, especially as it concerns growing local economies.

This is in view of the enormous potential such initiatives as the ‘Cashless economy’, spearheaded by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the national and state identity management schemes and the telecoms industry’s requirement for SIM cards are throwing up. “There are a number of local companies that have the capacity to not only produce cards, but to also personalise them. Direct interventions must be made to ensure that a significant share of this market is captured by firms operating in Nigeria, with of course the neccessary high security assurances in place,” Johnson added, in a recent presentation.

In response to the 50 question on Nigeria’s economy, posed by the House of Representatives’ committee on finance, Okonjo-Iweala, coordinating minister of the economy, said in view of set standards, MasterCard presents the best financial platform for the project. Verve Card, she added had earlier rejected the same project in 2010, claiming it was not profitable. According to her, three Nigerian companies (Auspoint Limited; E-PayPlus Limited; and Telnet Nigeria Lmited) with foreign partners, were recently cleared by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) and approved by the Federal Executive Council (FCC) to produce the cards.

About four years ago, two local consortia (Chams Consortium and OneSecureCard Consortium) had signed an agreement with NIMC as front-line partners for the national ID project.

It was learnt that the structure of the transaction changed completely upon the commission securing FEC approval for N30 billion for the purchase of cards and support of nationwide rollout of operational capacity.

Ben Uzor Jr

Why Verve Card rejected the project baffles me, now MasterCard will be smiling to bank.

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Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 10:46pm On Aug 31
rhymz: I clearly understand your point, and to tell you the truth, I also have issues with that but when you consider the fact that this is business and the best negotiations many times win over national allegiance or any local consideration, you will slightly adjust your views.

You and I know MasterCard came with the big break that the project needed FUNDING and technical know-how that none of the locals were Willing to give even after many of them have had the opportunity to do so. You can't fault government or MasterCard for this, it is all business and profitability. Both MasterCard and NIMC aim to make profits from this, outside of the benefits this exercise it is all business.

The bolded is exactly where i'm heading to.

And if MasterCard is a funding partner, then they(MasterCard) have have the right to make money from this investment.

But when other Nigerian payment companies like INTERSWITCH and ETRANZACT, realize this they are gonna raise dust and start a media campaign against MasterCard and the Government.

I can tell right now that some Bank are not even happy that Access bank is the only bank on the scheme.

But as you said lets wait and see if other payment systems and banks join the scheme in the future.
Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 9:30pm On Aug 31
rhymz: OK, so your argument has taken a shift now to the appropriateness of just MasterCard handling the whole payment structure of the entire exercise. Just so you know, this is pilot exercise and the plan is to use just MasterCard to get 13million PPl on the payment platform after which the main exercise will take off involving others, for now it is a pilot project. perhaps you should take your time to understand how this things work. The database is still strictly going to be with NIMC and any information shared with third party payment platform is going to be encrypted, hope you know they also have some data encryption companies working in the project as well.

Just the way your bank shares account related information with verve vise and their likes when you use your ATM. they don't store your data, the banks do that, that's why they have data centers...master card to the best of my knowledge does not have database here in Nigeria. so make una relax.

I am looking at this issue from a business standpoint.
Giving MASTERCARD 15 million Nigerians is not a small deal.

MASTERCARD is not an NGO, they are out to maximize profit from this deal.
Thats the WALL-STREET style.
Why didn't the government liberalized the system(allowing other payment platform) from the beginning.
Giving Nigerians option to choose which payment platform they want.

I am surprised that Nigeria own INTERSWITCH and QUICKTELLER were not involved.
Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 8:28pm On Aug 31

Yes when he leaves and Nigerian disintergrates.

Nigeria is not gonna disintegrate, Governments come and go.

The same way the new CBN governor is reversing SLS policies.

The same way GEJ policies will be reversed when he leaves office.

Welcome to Nigeria.
Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 4:33pm On Aug 31
Douglasdale: Fact. The National I'd card has come to stay. The President and commander in Chief of the Armed forces has approved it. There is nothing u guys can do about it except sulking.

Well the agreement will be reversed anytime GEJ finally leaves office.
Didn't he do the same to OBJ national ID scheme?

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Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 1:17pm On Aug 31
rhymz: Many of you just write nonsense even when you don't understand or know jack how this things work. How old are you by the way? You are probably an excited kid trying to tag along...I am yet to see any cogent reasons to criticize this very good initiative. Can you lot just keep shut and stop regurgitating El Rufia's nonsense? The ed!ot has MasterCard powered payment card I can assure you that, he gladly submitted himself to MTN, Airtel and Etisalat for biometric registration, so what the hell is he raising the dust for? Just another one of his many young lads should learn to have your own independent opinions and views of things and not just tag along because it is a popular one.

You still dont get it, MasterCard is a commercial entity just like VISA and VERVE.
I have Cards on all the payment platforms(MasterCard,VISA and VERVE).

Its it totally wrong to force MasterCard on all nigerian NID holders.
Which means millions of transactions from nigeria NID holders will be going to MasterCard alone.

Why not allow Nigerians to choose which payment system(MasterCard,VISA or VERVE) they want on their cards.
Politics / Re: SCANDALOUS: Outrage In Nigeria As Government Brands National ID Card With Master by emmatok: 1:05pm On Aug 31
all4naija: Silly Nigerians keep throwing away every good opportunity thinking they no better. It is a shame for those who are against this national ID in conjunction with Mastercard. It is no longer exclusive to have modern hand extended to the ordinary citizens in a more secured way than this. What a great idea indeed!

Corruption remains a major issue in Nigeria, however, and has been credited by Transparency International as being the root cause of the rise of the terror organisation Boko Haram.

Civil liberties NGO Privacy International, which has raised concerns about misuse of surveillance data in Nigeria in the past — including the arrest of four journalists last year — said that the ambition of the data integration is worrying.

"Centralising and combining government databases makes it easy to link together pieces of information about an individual and build a near complete picture of someone’s life," said the organisation’s legal officer, Anna Crowe.

"This type of capability is extremely invasive. The crucial issue is to put in place safeguards that guarantee fundamental principles of data protection are being respected, such as only using data for the purposes for which it was collected. This is extremely challenging for any country, let alone one that already faces significant challenges around corruption and ensuring respect for human rights."

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of the cards, however, is that they combine a civil national identity scheme with a strongly commercial initiative. The new cards won't just operate as proof of identity for citizens — they also function as payment cards backed by the local Access Bank and carry the Mastercard logo on the back.

"National ID schemes can prove problematic in many respects, but commercialisation of such a scheme raises additional, and serious, questions," Crowe said. "What does Mastercard and the bank's involvement entail? Will data be shared for commercial gain? How can Nigerians be confident that their right to privacy is being upheld?

"When you register to vote you are doing so for a specific purpose — to be able exercise your rights — not to see your information handed on to a private company without your consent or knowledge."
Politics / Re: Ibadan Isn't, Lagos Is The Largest City In Africa. by emmatok: 11:25pm On Aug 28

You must be igodye. Are you a clown, and please start considering yourself as one. You are looking at size right!!! Now lemme kindly ask you? Can you proudly call the whole ibadan a city?? With the slums, mud houses et al.

Why the insults,
Educate yourself, Ibadan is city divided into 5 local governments.
I thought you created this thread for intellectual discourse, not knowing its another ANTI-IBADAN rant by Bigots.


Politics / Re: Ibadan Isn't, Lagos Is The Largest City In Africa. by emmatok: 10:58pm On Aug 28

I said Lagos and not Lagos state. And please be corrected, ibadan is a place in oyo state. Lagos island is a city. Thank me later

Stop arguing blindly.

You said So, I went to ibadan to see its holds, all they got is 2 tertiary institution, a mini-zoo, a mini-museum, hotels, banks and one old cocoa house. I doubt if its a city or town.... I strongly think Lagos is the largest city

Are those amenities present in Lagos island ?
If Ikeja is bigger and more developed than Lagos island, how can you compare Lagos island to Ibadan.

You simply don't know the geography of Lagos

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Politics / Re: Ibadan Isn't, Lagos Is The Largest City In Africa. by emmatok: 10:31pm On Aug 28
gbanikiti: So, I went to ibadan to see its holds, all they got is 2 tertiary institution, a mini-zoo, a mini-museum, hotels, banks and one old cocoa house. I doubt if its a city or town. Right now, some cities like owerri, port harcourt et al are all ahead of ibadan. I strongly think Lagos is the largest city. I stand to be corrected though. But if its deduced by landmass, kano and kaduna should take the slot. Table your arguments.

Ibadan is a city in Oyo state, but the whole of lagos is not a city.
The Lagos city are some parts of lagos mainland and lagos island.
Business / Re: Is A Customer Always Right ? by emmatok: 1:37pm On Aug 27

Abi o, the customer is right because I want his/money.
Computers / Re: Two Nigerians Among 10 Most Powerful IT Guys In Africa by emmatok: 1:19pm On Aug 27
Where are the Kongas and Jumia
Politics / Re: Defence Headquarters Statement About Nigerian Troops In Cameroon. by emmatok: 11:07pm On Aug 25
splashbaby: So our army fought so hard that during the thick of action they can't read their map and don't know when they are in foreign land.

Politics / Re: Defence Headquarters Statement About Nigerian Troops In Cameroon. by emmatok: 10:54pm On Aug 25

Defo at the bold. Crazy fire power with anti-craft guns blazing at people. grin

The sound of those heavy weapons alone is scary. But the fact that couldn't hit those guys is a mystery. Perhaps, they don't have snipers in their rank.

I doff my hat to those poor guys in the naij army - that's real patriotism right there. Risking their lives for ingrates and corrupt souls.

Nigerian heroes right there.

If you watch from 26min of the video.
Those guys actually matched and took-over that military base. Thats a classic war movie.

Waiting for the Army to dismiss the video with their usual lies.
Politics / Re: Defence Headquarters Statement About Nigerian Troops In Cameroon. by emmatok: 10:47pm On Aug 25
Sincere9gerian: These Tinubu attack dogs are so predictable. They swallowed the unconfirmed BBC reports hook line and sinker and had a massive celebration on that thread.

However, when the Nigeria Army released an official statement on the incident, though also unconfirmed (just like that of the BBC), they reject it as a lie. The few Tinubu attack dogs that showed up on this thread are up in arms against the report while others, like Gbawe, are conspicuously missing.

The question then is why are Tinubu attack dogs pro-Boko Haram, anti-Nigeria Army and anti-Nigeria? Why are they massively propagating Boko Haram propaganda with statements such "Boko Haram is better armed than the Nigeria Army"?

Nigerians do not need to look any further than Tinubu attack dogs for the ENEMY of their country

What has Tinubu got to do with these now.

Our Army tactical followed Boko Haram toward Cameroon border, just for the Cameroonian troops to disarm our men.

Does it make sense to you?

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Politics / Re: Ignorance Of Those Praising APC/ SW Debts by emmatok: 10:11pm On Aug 23

If you cared to read my post

You will see that I said govt should used borrowed money to invest in profitable ventures


If they must use borrowed money to build infrastructure, they should burrow extra and use that extra to invest in ventures whose profits are large enough to wipe out over time the loans and interest on loans of both that invested on infrastructure and the one invested on profitable ventures.

My friend Government has no Business doing Business, government has to provide enabling environment?(infrastructure, security e.t.c) for businesses to grow.

If businesses grows government will generate enough revenue to pay her loans.


Business / Re: Nigerian Non-Oil Industry Discussion Thread by emmatok: 9:53pm On Aug 23
Idrismusty97: And of the highest 10, two are in the North and only one in the Landlocked region. Surprisingly, those two are not oil producing States.

A region with a high population is much much more likely to have a high GDP as you can see with Lagos, Kano, Kaduna etc GDP doesn't reflects the true condition of a region. Lagos have a GPD bigger than that of Kenya and Ghana yet we are still the ones flooding into Accra and Nairobi for vacation, education and leisure(That's for the few who even have the money).

This is the estimated population for each Nigerian States;
As you can clearly see, yobe and Gombe has one of the lowest population in Nigeria just a little over 2million. Even Ekiti and Ebonyi thats why they are among the lowest in terms of GDP.The rest that made it to the top 10 in your GDP lists(Apart from Lagos,Kano, Edo and Kaduna state) have a population of at least 4million and are oil producing States.

I agree with you that states with high popolation tend the produce higher GDP, this is due to increased consumerism.


Business / Re: Nigerian Non-Oil Industry Discussion Thread by emmatok: 9:48pm On Aug 23
yorubakid: ode,am a full blooded Yoruba man from illesha in oshogbo state. I and eggy are from the same state

Business / Re: Nigerian Non-Oil Industry Discussion Thread by emmatok: 8:59pm On Aug 23
eaglechild: See list of Nigerian states ranked by GDP

OP go and sleep
Rank State PPP GDP (2010;
in millions
of USD)
1 Lagos State US$74,674[3]
2 Rivers State US$21,073
3 Delta State US$16,749
4 Oyo State US$16,121
5 Imo State US$14,212
6 Kano State US$12,393
7 Edo State US$11,888
8 Akwa Ibom State US$11,179
9 Ogun State US$10,470
10 Kaduna State US$10,334
11 Cross River State US$9,292
12 Abia State US$8,687
13 Ondo State US$8,414
14 Osun State US$7,280
15 Benue State US$6,864
16 Anambra State US$6,764
17 Katsina State US$6,022
18 Niger State US$6,002
19 Borno State US$5,175
20 Plateau State US$5,154
21 Sokoto State US$4,818
22 Bauchi State US$4,713
23 Kogi State US$4,642
24 Adamawa State US$4,582
25 Enugu State US$4,396
26 Bayelsa State US$4,337
27 Zamfara State US$4,123
28 Kwara State US$3,841
29 Taraba State US$3,397
30 Kebbi State US$3,290
31 Nassarawa State US$3,022
32 Jigawa State US$2,988
33 Ekiti State US$2,848
34 Ebonyi State US$2,732
35 Gombe State US$2,501
36 Yobe State US$2,011
We can see the moribund states up north

Of the lowest ten
7 are in the north
3 in the south 1 SE and 2 SW

The BOLDED are the top Non-oil producing states in Nigeria.


Politics / Re: Minister Dismisses 5 New Cases Of Ebola In Lagos by emmatok: 10:47pm On Aug 20
lekanolas: The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, on Wednesday dismissed rumour of five new cases of the Ebola Virus Disease in Lagos.

This is contained in a statement signed by Dan Nwomeh, his Special Assistant on Media and Communication.

“Presently, Nigeria has only two confirmed cases of Ebola Virus Disease.

“This clarification follows media reports of five new cases in Lagos State. The report should be disregarded.

“Any doubtful information on the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria should be verified from the office of the Minister of Health.

“The minister has the sole authority to announce confirmed cases as far as disease in Nigeria is concerned,’’ the statement stated and promised that any new confirmed case would be promptly announced.

The minister has EBOLA, same man who claimed the doctor has being discharged.
Business / Re: Nigeria Sinks Deeper Into External Debt by emmatok: 10:08pm On Aug 20
GenBuhari: I doubt authencity of Thief Obasanjo's economic figures.
A man that can deceive the nation for 8 years that Abacha looted by conducting fake court proceedings abroad and organising the return of phantom "Loot" that nobody has ever traced in our treasury accounts is capable of any level of deception.

For instance I do not know if any economist can explain how Thief Obasanjo managed to devalue Naira 500% from N22=$1 to N135=$1 whilst hiking fuel prices from N20/litre to N75/litre and still maintain Inflation steady at around 10%??

It does add not add up- his finances needs to be fully audited.

You forgot that the CURRENT FINANCE MINISTER was involved in OBJ debt reetucturing .
You might not like OBJ, but give it him he did well concerning our debt.
Politics / Re: Mr President Why The Delay In Aquiring Fighter Jets And Modern Tanks by emmatok: 10:15pm On Aug 19

again, there is a HUUUUUUUUGE difference between better guns that cost $1500 each OR protective gear that cost $500 each and planes that cost $35Milla or tanks that cost $8milla........ what you are saying is as clueless as saying that flying to the moon is the same as flying from Abuja to Lagos.

you want the gov to spend money it doesnt have (and that will better serve in other lacking areas) instead of acting RIGHT and spending the money properly to fight a BH that you CANT fight with jets and tanks!

you are seeing this issue exactly like me....... imagine the overkill and the amount of casualties from the general public if they bomb the forest with jets and tanks. then they will simply call it collateral damage BS.

It will be serious overkill, that will achieve nothing, cos the criminal can still escape .
The Nigeria ARmy need PRECISION in fighting BK.
Health / Re: Dr Ameyo Adadevoh Dies Of Ebola Virus by emmatok: 10:01pm On Aug 19
She was never discharged, Minister of Health gave wrong information.
May her gentle soul rest in peace and good God give the family the fortitude to bear the loss...

So the Doctor, the Minister of Health claimed was discharged is now dead.


Politics / Re: These Are The 24 Selfish Reasons Nigerian Doctors Are On Strike-premiumtimes by emmatok: 11:41pm On Aug 18
imsuboi: ^^ how dare you compare a common engineer to a doctor? Does an engineer deal directly with human lives??

Does an engineer come in contact with disease-laden people daily?

Does an engineer battle for close to 15 hrs daily trying to get a total stranger to at least breathe again?

Does an engineer peep through a microscope daily trying to find a cure to diseases trying to wipe out mankind?

I could enumerate lots & lots of stuff doctors go through daily that you know nothing about. But.. Nah, I won't.

I'll leave you to wallow in your ignorance.

Use your brain dude. It's not for fancy undecided

It's only in this useless country Government messes with doctors undecided


Every equipment used by doctors are built by engineers.
Politics / Re: Mr President Why The Delay In Aquiring Fighter Jets And Modern Tanks by emmatok: 11:24pm On Aug 18
Eragablessen: Mr Brown J must either be residing abroad or he must have skipped his morning pills.

He is right, Nigeria is not fighting anther country like Ghana, Togo or Afghan.

Nigeria is fighting within her territory, and the use of fighter jet has its limitations, cos the terrorist can simply relocate to another village/state if they bombed.

IF you study BK very well they are always on the move.
Will you deploy fighter Jets if BK relocates to ABUJA? knowing its not a standard warfare.

We need proper intelligent system.

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Politics / Re: Position Of The Law When Dad Shoots Son... by emmatok: 11:08pm On Aug 17

how about the issue of possesion of arm by dad? Since he's a traditional ruler maybe the law gives him some cover to posses such arm for self-defense right?

i feel u bro, hehehehe, so why did the police arrest him then??

Having licensed gun is not a right to shoot anyone.
He will be arrested and interrogated even in if it is self defence.
Politics / Letter To The Editor, The Times, Aug 12, 1968 by emmatok: 10:46pm On Aug 17

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