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Politics / Re: We Have Evil Plans Against Igbos : Junaid Muhammed by emmatok: 11:26pm On Oct 27
You came out to prove me wrong, but all you did is contradict yourself. Even from your post, it is obvious that I did'nt frame the topic. And it is obvious that someone, somewhere and his group have evil plans toward some certain people.

MY friend you lied with this post .
Politics / Re: 2015: PDP Govs Confront Jonathan Over First Lady by emmatok: 12:07pm On Oct 26
it is even worst to know that the so called firstlady who's claiming to be smarter than our president is adjudged by many to be a 'semi-illiterate'. Who then do we have in president, if pej is smarter than gej?
*in wike's voice* 'I shedded tears for Nigeria.'

Politics / Re: Lagos 2015: Tinubu Orders Councils To Rent Crowd For Ambode by emmatok: 10:41pm On Oct 24
Most of them sees TINUBU in their dreams.


Politics / Re: Lagos 2015: Tinubu Orders Councils To Rent Crowd For Ambode by emmatok: 10:35pm On Oct 24

You know if they don't put Tinubu's name the gist no go sweet grin next they will say Remi Tinubu fried the puff puff

Abi o my brother. wink

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Politics / Re: Lagos 2015: Tinubu Orders Councils To Rent Crowd For Ambode by emmatok: 10:25pm On Oct 24
Was Tinubu the sender of the SMS, I wonder how people just spread false messages on NL.


Politics / Re: Peaceful Protest In Ado EKITI Against Governor Fayose Impeachment by emmatok: 4:40pm On Oct 24

Na Mumu dey worry your head.
Must Tinubu hold a political post before he can instigate Fayose's impeachment?
Is he not the godfather of the opposition party?
Chairman! Find one place go rest your brain jare

See this one dey make noise.
So is godson cannot refuse godfathers instruction.
Better find something to do with your life before Tinubu matters kill u.
YeYe governor dey see Tunibu for inside dreams.
Politics / Re: Peaceful Protest In Ado EKITI Against Governor Fayose Impeachment by emmatok: 3:42pm On Oct 24

Are you drunk?
You no sabi read English again?

Comprehension is your problem.
So who is trying to impeach Fayose.
Is Tinubu holding any political office in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Sheikh Gumi To Jonathan: You’re Divisive; Drop Your 2015 Reelection Bid by emmatok: 3:12pm On Oct 24
When GEJ supporters openly insult Muslims it is divisive.
The only jingle against APC from GEJ supporters is Muslims or Hausa or Yoruba party.


Politics / Re: Peaceful Protest In Ado EKITI Against Governor Fayose Impeachment by emmatok: 11:18am On Oct 24
there is a peaceful protest going on now in Ekiti state capital, ,Ado Ekiti. people are against the impeachment of the new Governor Fayose which is rumoured to be anchored by asiwaju ,Tinubu. people are chanting words like "we dont want Tinubu to rule Ekiti" pics below

This Fayose guy is drunk.
He is playing a dangerous game.


Politics / Re: Finally, Jonathan Declares Interest In 2015 Election by emmatok: 9:12pm On Oct 23

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday finally declared interest in contesting the 2015 presidential election.

He told Peoples Democratic Party leaders at the Presidential Villa, Abuja that he would procure nomination form of the party before the deadline.

He has also set up a presidential declaration committee saddled with the responsibility of coming up with a formal programme for his declaration.

The committee is headed by a former Minister of Defence, Dr. Haliru Bello.

The declaration would be held between November 7 and 15. Source

What committee
Just announce you are going for another term ON TV and radio.QED

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Politics / Re: Gowon, Jos Crisis And The Nemesis Of Biafran Blood by emmatok: 6:18pm On Oct 23
If General Gowon didn't fight for Nigerian, will we be here today.
Irony the-same people criticizing Nigerian Heros during the first coup and civil war are the once shouting GEJ till 2019
Politics / Re: Why The Silence On Fayemi's N100M Bed But Noise About Stella Oduah Cars by emmatok: 10:53am On Oct 23
Saw this opinion on facebook.

Fayemi and his N100million naira bed is a story worth telling at home, church, mosque, pub, in the bus and even in the grave.

The concluding part is that those that blamed and harassed and haunted and hounded Princess Stella Oduah Ogiemwonyi for buying armoured car have suddenly gone asleep over this satanic bed procured by Fayemi.

Where is Femi Falana, Wole Soyinka and all other pseudo human rights activists? Why double standard? How do you define profligacy, stealing and crime than that a Ekiti that could not pay salary of its workers can spend N100million on sleeping mattress, duvet, pillow and pillow cases for the governor and his wife.

Why should the governor and his wife sleep in separate rooms at State expenses. Now, we know why Ekiti people booted out Fayemi and his N100million bed.Procured

How much does his bathroom slippers, toothbrush and sponge cost? May be N15million. We are yet to add executive pyjamas and I'm sure even the gossy water Fayemi drink might have cost Ekiti State as much as N5000 per bottle.

Shame on our human right community who always go asleep each time APC Molests Nigeria. Shame on those APC members who masquerade as human right activists.

Where is Gani Fawehinmi?
why don't you go a Wake Gani.


Islam for Muslims / Re: Nasir El Rufai | Sanusi...why Don't Muslim Men Shake Hands With Women? by emmatok: 9:21pm On Oct 22

I dont know, I am still researching on it and I need views from my muslim brothers all over nairaland... I also heard that Nasir El Rufai and Sanusi are on nairaland.. I need to know their views

Is the OP a Muslim or pretending to be a Muslim.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Registered Voters By States And Geopolitical Regions by emmatok: 8:44pm On Oct 22
Why is the SE lowest in the INEC registration.
Politics / Re: Obi Replies Bianca Ojukwu, Says he Left APGA Because It Had derailed by emmatok: 8:39pm On Oct 22
The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has reacted to an interview granted to the Sun . “Like my leader and political father, Odumegwu Ojukwu, who was bitterly criticised for ignoring the Zik- led Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP) to join the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), where he felt the interests of Ndigbo and the nation would be better served, I have moved out of a political party which in my own opinion has derailed. I have moved on to a place my contributions towards proper representation of our people would have the level of impact that would make Ikemba rejoice in his grave,” Obi Said Obi said Mrs. Ojukwu, whom he holds in high esteem would later be in a position to judge the propriety or otherwise of recent developments in the party and his actions. He concluded that time will judge all “our actions accordingly.”

So Obi join PDP for IGBO interest.
And when PDP goes back to the North, what will OBI do.
Politics / Re: I Wont Vote APC For Presidency Because: by emmatok: 8:35pm On Oct 22
1. They are too young a party to wrest power from the biggest
party in Africa- what happened to long term planning??
2. Their Governors have not performed "above the charts", they
are using the performance of defected Governors to shine-we are
not blind.
3. The Northerners among them that made the loudest noise
about the security situation did not do anything to engage the
youths or even invest on their states with all their wealth-we
know well.
4. Their possible presidential candidate is an old man and has
the notion that his "old way" of solving problems will apply
now-Habaaa...because it worked in the 80's doesn't mean it'l
work now.
5. They are loud mouthed and make nasty comments-bad leadership
quality, the 21st century leader acts, not talks.
6. They sponsored Bring back our girls campaign, deceiving
Nigerians to think those in charge cared about the innocent
7. They have an "old man" as youth leader, even the youths
don't have a place in their plan-na old cargoes go full
cabinet, Youths BEWARE!!!
8. They have not told us what's in their govt for women-ah!
And they want their votes...
I rest my case

Saw this somewhere and decided to share it...wats ur say Nairalanders

Because you are a TANmite QED
Car Talk / Re: Auto Policy: Stallion Motors Unveils Made-in- Nigeria Hyundai Grand by emmatok: 7:48pm On Oct 22

You, and the people who 'liked' your comments are compound illiterates with zero knowledge of how the automative industry operates. For your information, no car maker on earth has all its parts manufactured in-country or in-house. Virtually everything they use to assemble their vehicles is sourced from various vehicle component manufacturers from across the globe. All the car plant does is build or 'assemble' the vehicle using those parts. The car manufacturer rarely manufactures their own parts. In the UK for instance, they have BMW, Honda, Toyota, etc with assembly plants there producing vehicles (over 1 million per annum), and these vehicles are all 'foreign designed' with parts sourced from across the globe. Britain today, despite this, is seen as a major car manufacturing nation. Nobody there says ''Ah.. the Honda brand is not designed in the UK, neither was the BMW, nor were the interior parts made in UK so it is not a made in UK vehicle''. Only ILLITERATES IN NIGERIA REASON LIKE THAT. Fact is WHEREVER a vehicle is built, which is the SAME THING as ''assembled'' is where the vehicle was built. SIMPLE. South Africa today produces 300,000 cars per annum. 95% of that output is from international manufacturers like BMW, Toyota, Hyundai etc etc based in South Africa. The vehicle industry provides jobs and livelihood to millions of South Africans, while enhancing technological development, through the rise of many ancillary services. Nigeria is doing exactly the same thing now. Meanwhile our resident negative-minded, ignorant semi-literates, rather than go learn about the industry, can only pour scorn on what they know nothing about. If you want to contribute to 'indigenization' of the car industry, why not go and learn how to manufacture a component so you can sell to the manufacturers? Is that not what folks do in SA, China, India? Do you expect govt to establish component manufacturing plants too? Instead of you to see the developments as an opportunity to contribute, all you can do is pour scorn. Sit there waiting for govt to wipe your noses. Stupi.d, ignorant mumus.

Do your reseach before insulting people online.

This is not Hyundai Motor Company

This is STALLION Motors is a subsidiary of stalliongroup.

Owned by the Vaswani Family

They are major importers in Nigeria for over 40 years.
Politics / Re: Okonjo-iweala Urges Nigerians Tobear With The Nature Of The Economy by emmatok: 11:26pm On Oct 21

Yes we pay taxes.. And there is no effective taxation in Nigeria. That is why they are doing what they are doing.. And if you charge the cost to consumers, will they not pay, if they stop paying, that means your service was not meant for them initially.

My simple advise is #WAKE_Up.
Don't expect anything called best from the GOVERNMENT.

Nobody is asking for best from government .
We are asking for basic.

Consumers have no choice, they must pay the high cost.


Car Talk / Re: Auto Policy: Stallion Motors Unveils Made-in- Nigeria Hyundai Grand by emmatok: 11:15pm On Oct 21
People should learn to read.

This is not Hyundai Motor Company

This is STALLION Motors is a subsidiary of stalliongroup.

Owned by the Vaswani Family
Politics / Re: Okonjo-iweala Urges Nigerians Tobear With The Nature Of The Economy by emmatok: 11:00pm On Oct 21
[quote author=Oyedey4u post=27341918][/quote]

Please don't push government responsibility to the people.

IF I provide power for my bussines- Generator
IF I provide extra security for my bussines
IF I provide water for my bussines
IF I provide basic amenities for thesame bussines

Then whats the function of the government. Businesses will surely transfer these cost to the consumer to stay afloat.

Yet we pay TAX and Revenue to the same government.


Politics / Re: Okonjo-iweala Urges Nigerians Tobear With The Nature Of The Economy by emmatok: 10:34pm On Oct 21
She urged Nigerians to bear with the nature of
the economy, adding that it was the reason
every effort was challenged to ensure the
economy was diversified.

FOR HOW LONG. Didn't we hear this during OBJ regime?
At the end the Government will blame NIGERIANS and the Opposition for their failures.


Politics / Bayelsa Community Marks "Day Of Resistance" Against Biafran Soldiers by emmatok: 8:07pm On Oct 20
october 19th of every year is a day seen as a "liberation day" for the Tungbo clan in the Sagbama area of Bayelsa State, as they mark the Ebe-Benimo-Oge Festival to remember when their gods saved them from the hands of Biafran soldiers who had wanted to wipe out the entire community for leaking information of the Biafra Operation Camp in Tungbo to the Nigerian army during the Nigerian civil war of 1967.

Highlights of the festival include firing of cannon shots to declare the festival open, the appearance of the traditional war boats, a re-enactment of the days where the boats served as war armory to convene warriors to the battle grounds, wrestling bouts among able young men, and a sacrifice to a crocodile, which is the Tungbo's symbol of power and authority. The people believe that no crocodile can hurt them so they revere it.
Politics / Re: Muazu Hands Over Jonathan’s Critics To God by emmatok: 2:25pm On Oct 20
I agree with PDP on this, APC is a party of angry and confused politicians, their followers are not any different, spreading propanganda does not win vote, contracting people to troll on the internet does not win vote as only 2 % of the voting population will come across those propanganda. PDP / APC, same wine different bottle.

Story, after more than 14 years of PDP rule we get terrorism.


Car Talk / Re: Jebba - Mokwa Road. Where are the contractors by emmatok: 2:21pm On Oct 20
My brother is beyond Goodluck Jonathan issue...that guy is one of the best if not the best president Nigeria has ever had.

Ibadan-Lagos Expressway that Obasanjo and co abandoned, GEJ came to rescue it...Apapa-Oshodi Expressway nko?

Nigeria is just too complex and corrupt to be handled by one man without other key-Nigerians' maximum support.

Goodluck is being sabotaged even by past Nigerian leaders who wants him to fail like them...and I keep wondering how Nigerians expect him to turn to a magician that will change Nigeria's long-lasting mistakes overnight.

Our brothers from the north ruled Nigeria for many decades without doing anything aside looting money for themselves and their Nigerian cried fowl except for few...Obasanjo who was the next God-sent man to have turned Nigeria's misery into success never did it, instead he further spread public fund looting, political witch-hunting via EFCC, silent killing of oppositions, etc and now a man with the heart of a servant, Goodluck Jonathan comes in and all Nigerians woke up from their forever sleep to criticise and curse him daily and demanding for magic; God is watching all of us.

Goodluck Jonathan, pls keep doing the best u can and leave the rest for God, simple- when u are gone, Nigerians will start celebrating u, that's their way since 1960 of course.

As for those talking bout not voting for Goodluck come 2015, I have a message for you all- whether u vote for Goodluck or not, Goodluck has already won the election because there is no better candidate so far and I see none coming forth soonest.

Confused citizens!!

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Politics / Re: Sagamu Residents Cry Out Over Bad Roads. by emmatok: 12:48pm On Oct 20
Lagos West senatorial district which includes Sagamu and Epe (where former Gov of Lagos State, Late Otedola hails from) is not considered by Tinubu and Fashola as part of Lagos.

If you want to see deciet, just drive to the so called Lagos Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) after Ibeju-Lekki, and see how poor and backwards the villages and communities around LFTZ are. You will weep. Along the way you will pass Tinubu's Jin Hua door and stainless steel railings completely knocked down (CKD) assembly plant. It is opposite Amen Housing Estate on a colonial two-lane road re-built by Sir Michael Otedola when he was LASG governor. This Jin Hua business, just like his Oriental Hotel near the 1st toll plaza on Lekki Expressway is fronted for Tinubu by Chinese.

Since Otedola left office, Lagos West has seen no meaningful development.

You don't even know simple lagos geography
Shagamu is in Ijebu ogun state while Epe is Lagos.

The LFTZ is located at AKODO , while Jin Hua is on Eleko road off Epe express road.
Webmasters / Re: How to Spot Rogue Web Developers before giving a project by emmatok: 10:03pm On Oct 19
Most people don't do their home work before giving jobs to web developers, that is why this web developers defraud a lot of Nigerians.

Simple tasks to consider before talking to a web-developer-

1.Purpose of the website i.e, e-commerce, education e.t.c
2.Web structuring and presenting language i.e HTML5
3.Security i.e SSL certificate
4.Web platforms i.e Mobile, PC e.t.c
5.Payment gateway i.e webpay, interswitch, banks payment platforms e.t.c
6.Cost of structuring and presenting registration i.e .ng ,.com e.t.c
7.Cost of structuring and presenting

Just to mention few.

NOTE- You don't need to give 3,5,6 and 7, any web developer, because their are companies doing those task.
Most fraudulent developers always insist on handling task 3,5,6 and 7, but insist you prefare going to the companies in-charge.
Politics / Re: Yoruba Movie Producers Please Mind Your Translations by emmatok: 12:37am On Oct 18
He fvcked me thoroughly.
grin grin grin

Politics / Re: Yoruba Movie Producers Please Mind Your Translations by emmatok: 12:37am On Oct 18
Hahaha grin grin grin angry
Una go kill me for dz NL one ,
"Falls down yakata,!"

Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by emmatok: 12:26am On Oct 18
Lemme make some point clear 2 u

1. We are in a country dat supposely supports freedom of religion. D muslim here is only saying; Look, my religion says I should cover my hair ( use the Hijab once I attain puberty) just allow me to practice my religion since my country is not against freedom of religion.

2. D muslims here ain't saying everybody (Christians & idol worshippers inclusive) must use the Hijab

3. Head-covering does not in anyway go against any religion here (Nigeria). Infact, if u know ur Bible very well, the word "Veil" shouldn't be a strange thing to you. #AcientChristianity... Peace unto you bro.

GREAT , if your religion says you should cover your hair ( use the Hijab once I attain puberty), and my religion says I should cover my hair with Veil. Than we should bout be free to wear our Veil(christian) and Hijab(Muslims) to school.


Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by emmatok: 12:13am On Oct 18
Sir, Imagine there is IRK/CRK as a subject with a very wide curriculum in our schools and there is no way Hijab wouldn't be taught as a model of dressing in Islamic Religion Knowledge(IRK) , then how disheartening would it be for a student to discover she's been barred to dress in compliance with her faith which doesn't constitute disturbances to anyone !!

This is in total contravention to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which allowed for freedom of Religion !!

This student/pupil are being denied their constitutional right in dressing to fulfil their religious right ....... (This doesn't constitute moral/ethical disturbances to anyone) !!

Lagos state will lose this one !!
IRK/CRK is just one subject out of all subjects thought in schools.
IRK/CRK is not compulsory for many WAEC O level.
Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by emmatok: 12:01am On Oct 18
Muslims are not talking about practising religion in schools
They are talking about wearing hijab by ladies - a dressing that is compulsory outside the home
Seriously how does this affect anyone? Nobody is imposing it on anyone
What? Hijab wearing is a religious practice.

If you remove religious practice from schools, Christians will suffer more, I assure you
They will not be able to subtly preach or hand out tracts!
Christians will not suffer .
Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by emmatok: 11:54pm On Oct 17
It is part of their faith, belief and their very essence of life .... It is like going to school without your head !! ..... If a girl aint complete as Oriented that can dis-focus such girl from her study !

The Judge cited religion as not part of education but Religion is education in its own right and education involve religion thus I wonder what the essence of Religion studies in our schools if at the end of the day we won't be allowed to practice what we learned in the curriculum !!

Appeal court is the answer and this should be takened as far as Supreme Court !! .... Hijab is a model of dressing for a Muslim and this pupil/student should never be discriminated against !!

What the Judge is saying is that Nigeria a secular state and that government must maintain neutrality at all times.
Those school are MIXED Religious and gender schools, and uniformity is need.

If Muslims insist on hijab, school uniform should be ban.


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