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Politics / Re: Minister Dismisses 5 New Cases Of Ebola In Lagos by emmatok: 10:47pm On Aug 20
lekanolas: The Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, on Wednesday dismissed rumour of five new cases of the Ebola Virus Disease in Lagos.

This is contained in a statement signed by Dan Nwomeh, his Special Assistant on Media and Communication.

“Presently, Nigeria has only two confirmed cases of Ebola Virus Disease.

“This clarification follows media reports of five new cases in Lagos State. The report should be disregarded.

“Any doubtful information on the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Nigeria should be verified from the office of the Minister of Health.

“The minister has the sole authority to announce confirmed cases as far as disease in Nigeria is concerned,’’ the statement stated and promised that any new confirmed case would be promptly announced.

The minister has EBOLA, same man who claimed the doctor has being discharged.
Business / Re: Nigeria Sinks Deeper Into External Debt by emmatok: 10:08pm On Aug 20
GenBuhari: I doubt authencity of Thief Obasanjo's economic figures.
A man that can deceive the nation for 8 years that Abacha looted by conducting fake court proceedings abroad and organising the return of phantom "Loot" that nobody has ever traced in our treasury accounts is capable of any level of deception.

For instance I do not know if any economist can explain how Thief Obasanjo managed to devalue Naira 500% from N22=$1 to N135=$1 whilst hiking fuel prices from N20/litre to N75/litre and still maintain Inflation steady at around 10%??

It does add not add up- his finances needs to be fully audited.

You forgot that the CURRENT FINANCE MINISTER was involved in OBJ debt reetucturing .
You might not like OBJ, but give it him he did well concerning our debt.
Politics / Re: Mr President Why The Delay In Aquiring Fighter Jets And Modern Tanks by emmatok: 10:15pm On Aug 19

again, there is a HUUUUUUUUGE difference between better guns that cost $1500 each OR protective gear that cost $500 each and planes that cost $35Milla or tanks that cost $8milla........ what you are saying is as clueless as saying that flying to the moon is the same as flying from Abuja to Lagos.

you want the gov to spend money it doesnt have (and that will better serve in other lacking areas) instead of acting RIGHT and spending the money properly to fight a BH that you CANT fight with jets and tanks!

you are seeing this issue exactly like me....... imagine the overkill and the amount of casualties from the general public if they bomb the forest with jets and tanks. then they will simply call it collateral damage BS.

It will be serious overkill, that will achieve nothing, cos the criminal can still escape .
The Nigeria ARmy need PRECISION in fighting BK.
Health / Re: Dr Ameyo Adadevoh Dies Of Ebola Virus by emmatok: 10:01pm On Aug 19
She was never discharged, Minister of Health gave wrong information.
May her gentle soul rest in peace and good God give the family the fortitude to bear the loss...

So the Doctor, the Minister of Health claimed was discharged is now dead.


Politics / Re: These Are The 24 Selfish Reasons Nigerian Doctors Are On Strike-premiumtimes by emmatok: 11:41pm On Aug 18
imsuboi: ^^ how dare you compare a common engineer to a doctor? Does an engineer deal directly with human lives??

Does an engineer come in contact with disease-laden people daily?

Does an engineer battle for close to 15 hrs daily trying to get a total stranger to at least breathe again?

Does an engineer peep through a microscope daily trying to find a cure to diseases trying to wipe out mankind?

I could enumerate lots & lots of stuff doctors go through daily that you know nothing about. But.. Nah, I won't.

I'll leave you to wallow in your ignorance.

Use your brain dude. It's not for fancy undecided

It's only in this useless country Government messes with doctors undecided


Every equipment used by doctors are built by engineers.
Politics / Re: Mr President Why The Delay In Aquiring Fighter Jets And Modern Tanks by emmatok: 11:24pm On Aug 18
Eragablessen: Mr Brown J must either be residing abroad or he must have skipped his morning pills.

He is right, Nigeria is not fighting anther country like Ghana, Togo or Afghan.

Nigeria is fighting within her territory, and the use of fighter jet has its limitations, cos the terrorist can simply relocate to another village/state if they bombed.

IF you study BK very well they are always on the move.
Will you deploy fighter Jets if BK relocates to ABUJA? knowing its not a standard warfare.

We need proper intelligent system.

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Politics / Re: Position Of The Law When Dad Shoots Son... by emmatok: 11:08pm On Aug 17

how about the issue of possesion of arm by dad? Since he's a traditional ruler maybe the law gives him some cover to posses such arm for self-defense right?

i feel u bro, hehehehe, so why did the police arrest him then??

Having licensed gun is not a right to shoot anyone.
He will be arrested and interrogated even in if it is self defence.
Politics / Letter To The Editor, The Times, Aug 12, 1968 by emmatok: 10:46pm On Aug 17

Politics / Re: ‘Lai Mohammed Detained For Abusing Jonathan’ by emmatok: 4:57pm On Aug 17

Put the emboldened in the right perspective!!! Loitering during a curfew is an offense for which anybody can be arrested.

What curfew at 12am.
Now I am understanding why the military ruled for so long.

Even during Abacha regime people still still talked and protested.
Politics / Re: Position Of The Law When Dad Shoots Son... by emmatok: 12:23am On Aug 17

But does the law protect one in case of claims of self-defence of the accused? In real truth the son has been in stiff oposition against the dad, the monarch; truth also is that his son made attempts to stop his dad with mob for preparing to host the governor who was on an inter LGA tour in the monarch's LGA who happens to be the comunity of the governor's key oposition in the state who also is the minister of state for education. Now could the law blame the monarch for using his right of self-defence to save his life?

Son being opposition to DAD is not enough evidence for self defence.
But attempting to use mob against his dad, can justify the self defence case if the DAD's life was in danger.

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Politics / Re: Position Of The Law When Dad Shoots Son... by emmatok: 11:48pm On Aug 16
wealthinfos: I wanted to ask, whats the position of law should a father shoot his son who have always been in opposition against his dad who is a monarch?

Its attempted murder , if he dies its manslaughter.

In both cases the father commited crime and should be arrested.

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Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 10:16pm On Aug 14

There's thick darkness at 12am.

Historically, Nigeria's elections had been compromised by politicians' shenanigans using the darkness as a cover.

Weapons, fake ballots materials, political thugs etc are moved from one place to the other under the cover of darkness to do serious harm to humans beings and compromise the result of the polls.

Having these in mind, security agencies often deploy their men to curb politicians' excesses and safeguard Nigerians' lives and property, as well as protect the sanctity of the elections.

Everyone found at this time is quickly questioned regarding their mission at that time of the night.

People who can explain their mission are promptly released, others who cannot are restraint until further notice.

That's what is special about 12am.


Its election eve, movement is allowed due to early morning restrictions.

You forgot that some APC official were arrested @ home by the same DSS.

Don't give any excuse for these actions, it might be your turn tomorrow.
Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 9:56pm On Aug 14
Pataki: All these noisemaking by APC should stop.

Go to court and address the madness by DSS.

I am getting really bored with all this newspaper noise making.

I think the DSS is making more noise these days, they have talking since OSUN DECIDE ended.
Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 9:43pm On Aug 14

Was any caught at 12am?

Whats special about 12am.
Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 9:23pm On Aug 14

Was Chris Uba caught at 12am during Osun election?

Was any PDP officials arrested angry

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Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 9:21pm On Aug 14

Go back and read the allegations.

Show me where the DSS mention APC has the bribe giver or bombers.
Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 9:14pm On Aug 14

They are masters at propaganda and diversion of public attention.

Instead of addressing a very weighty bomb throwing and 'bribery' allegation that the DSS spokesperson has made they are here talking about human rights bla bla bla.

Normal human beings who have nothing to hide will by now be in a competent court suing the daylight out of the DSS if they are sure the allegations are false.

Our people are only interested in how to hoodwink the public?

Every time someone takes them on, and when they don't have any coherent response they resort to innuendos.

Nigeria will outlive all those throwing bombs and killing innocent people in the name of politics.

Did the DSS mentioned the bribe giver or bomb blast criminals.
Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 9:00pm On Aug 14

Do you make any sense yourself?

Must opposition spokesperson be in Osun?

Emphasis on his 'Kwaraness' means he is not an electorate in Osun. Doesn't reside in Osun, did not register to vote there and is not from there.

Must you suddenly exercise your freedom of movement at 12am on election day?

And what is Chris Uba doing in Osun during the election.

The evil you support today, will surely hunt you tomorrow.


Politics / Re: APC Accuses DSS Of Crass partisanship by emmatok: 7:13pm On Aug 14
atlwireles: The DSS Spokesperson has been speaking on the arrest of the APC National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, during the governorship election in Osun state.

Speaking on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, Miss Ogar explained that Mr Mohammed had no business in Osogbo, the Osun state capital, on an election day and that he was arrested for wandering.

“As per my last account, I think Alhaji Lai Mohammed is from Kwara State. That’s not to say he has no rights, there’s freedom of association and all that, but we know about the time he was picked up, it was a few minutes to 12AM in the morning.

“With all due respect and intent, was he supposed to be roaming about the streets when he knows that security was on alert?

“He talked about being thrown into a black bus. Let me tell you truth, you know when Nigerians find themselves in a free environment, they talk in such a manner that you will take them as champions, like they can wrestle the lion with their bare hands.

“When he was taken to the office, I am told, he was totally disoriented because of fear and could not even utter a word.

“He said that they told him to enter a bus and he refused, nothing like that actually happened and he wasn’t kept for two hours. I think the highest he spent within our premises was 45 minutes.

“It was the Director that graciously asked the senior officer to take him because he was just asking ‘where am I? What am I doing here?’

“If he wasn’t physically conscious of where he was and what he was doing, what was he doing outside?” Miss Ogar said.

Miss Ogar was reacting to an earlier Channels Television interview with Mr Lai Mohammed, during which the APC Spokesman accused the DSS of being biased during the Osun State governorship election.

If this comment was made by the DSS woman, we have serious problem in Nigeria.


Foreign Affairs / Re: German Economy Falters As Russia Sanctions Take Their Toll by emmatok: 2:02pm On Aug 13
LOL, as if the Russians are also not feeling the heat.
Politics / Re: President Goodluck Described Patrick Sawyers As Pure Madness And Craziness by emmatok: 9:20pm On Aug 11
Truckpusher: What isn't crazy about a fellow that knew that he has an infectious disease but decided to board a commercial airline?

In fact, he is a medical terrorist.

Its wrong coming from the President, its a sign of anxiety.
Politics / Re: President Goodluck Described Patrick Sawyers As Pure Madness And Craziness by emmatok: 9:14pm On Aug 11
crusader01: President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday
at the annual Interfaith Conference in
Abuja describef the actions of late Patrick
Sawyer, the man who reportedly
imported #Ebola into #Nigeria, as pure
‘madness’ and craziness.
Excerpt from Vanguard :
"My conversation with the WHO DG, Dr
Margaret Chan was revealing, she said 60
per cent of the transmission was spread
during burials. That is why in my
announcement, I’ve been saying that
people should be careful about burials.”
“Some people like burial ceremonies. This
is not the time for burial ceremony,
somebody is dead, he is dead, leave him
there. This is not the best time for those
“If he is dead, he is already dead, Sawyer
that brought this Ebola to Nigeria; his
sister died of Ebola. And he started acting
somehow, his country asked him not to
leave the country, let them observe him,
but the crazy man decided to leave and
found his way here.”
“As a government, we promise that we
will do everything humanly possible to
contain the #Ebola virus."

Why is he using the word "crazy".
Career / Re: Offshore Oil Worker,lets Meet Here by emmatok: 7:59pm On Aug 10

Lol. Like Dave pointed out, your moniker is a contradition to your comment above. PiperAlpha was an offshore platform in Aberdeen Scotland where d worst oil rig disaster in history occurred, I think sometime in d fall of '89. I recall researching on it during oil pollution nd control class in my futo days.

Nice inputs all. @ocman, excellent nd articulate summary you put up there. That line 'one more night' got me thinking. Its an in-house joke I thought were only exclusive with folks I do shifts with. Nice to know we're not alone.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Nuclear Bombers Keep Roaming Closer To U.S. Airspace by emmatok: 10:49pm On Aug 09

U still here talking trash.
If u so love Russia just pack ur bags n move to Russia n let us hear abeg.
See if they can give u a tenth of d opportunities uk or us can offer u.
I think u just ve a hateful persona or a brainwashed Muslim or both

Best comment so far, most guys shouting Russia here cant stay in Russia for one year, practicing their so call "Free speech".
Will SNOWDEN be alive today if he is a Russian dissenter.


Politics / Re: Osun State: The Politics, The Mud And The Rust by emmatok: 10:18pm On Aug 09
Is Chino now claiming to be a Security personnel? i wonder why he is busy calling people "bloody civilians"


Politics / Re: SSS Maskmen In Osun: Security Or Criminals? by emmatok: 9:57pm On Aug 09
They are Militants, according to LAI MOHAMMED the same guy were deployed in EKITI.
Culture / Re: For Those Still Doubting Igbo jewish link read Carefully by emmatok: 10:46am On Aug 09

Do you know the history of the JEWs.
Politics / Dele Momodu: Why Today’s Election Is A Battle For The Soul Of Yorubaland by emmatok: 10:19am On Aug 09
This is the reason for the declaration of war in the South West. If our security forces showed the same level of preparedness and seriousness in the States ravaged by terrorism Nigerians would have felt extremely secured.
Fellow Nigerians, as you read this, the battle for which political party controls the State of Osun, in South West Nigeria, should be reaching a crescendo. The PDP and APC are locked in a duel of monumental proportions. Anything, and everything, possible and available has been thrown into what has become a war more than a mere election. Sadly, this is how we now do it in our neck of the woods. The Party responsible for letting us degenerate into such moral abyss is none less than the rampaging PDP which sees as its goal the vision of Nigeria as a one Party State.
Rewards from electoral victories are often stupendously heavy. Now, under the PDP, it has become even more so. While it may be easier to win elections in other parts of our nation, Yorubaland has always been a battleground for political gladiators. This is because the average Yoruba electorate is perceptive, knowledgeable, conscientious and equally critical and demanding. I will come back shortly to the reason why this zone has become all too important to our new breed politicians.
This fight didn’t start yesterday. It began decades ago, or even centuries. You only need to read the history of the Yoruba race to see how tough it is for any individual to Lord it over them. The people are highly territorial and would normally fight to protect their provinces. They also believe in development and emancipation. Hence, there have been too many wars fought, including Kiriji, Ekiti Parapo, Ibadan/Egba, and many heroes and heroines have emerged as various Yoruba communities struggled for self-determination. They include several Aare Ona Kakanfos’ from Oyo, Ogedengbe of Ijesaland, Ogunmola and Efunsetan Aniwura of Ibadanland, Sodeke and Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti of Egbaland, and many others.
The Yoruba respect men and women of valour and accord them the highest esteem. They received education quite early and understood the meaning of human rights, fairness and justice. This consciousness has made them somewhat difficult to govern because they believe that they have a right to be governed properly whereas a lot of politicians do not care about governance but are concerned only about their selfish interests and self preservation.
Not even the Yoruba kings are allowed to trample on their subjects.
In the famous Oyo Kingdom, a semblance of democracy as we know it today has been practised since time immemorial. The Oyo Mesi in Council in their role as Kingmakers not only appointed the Alaafin, who was a truly paramount and maximum ruler, they also held the King in check in their primary role akin to Senators in dual Parliamentary system. The Ogboni, headed by the Oluwo, further acted as a check on the excesses of the Oyo Mesi almost as a lower house of Parliament does in modern times based on their composition and functions.
In most, if not all, of Yoruba kingdoms, Kingship is rotated amongst the ruling houses. And there are always conditions to be met. Even if the collapse of education plus the incursion of stomach infrastructure are beginning to affect the Yoruba adversely, they still possess a substantial degree of self-respect and self-worth. That is why the phrase Talika Alagidi refers to a stubborn poor fellow. He’s ready to duel with the rich man if he feels insulted.
The Yoruba sometimes suffer from mood-swings. They can hail you today and disgrace you tomorrow if they feel you’re playing God and feeling too cool with yourself. They have subtle ways of rejecting and resisting oppression. Pele o Baba Olowo is a satirical way of telling the big man to take things easy. Oba Mewa, Igba Mewa suggests that power is transient and it is turn by turn.
In recent memory, the Yoruba have been involved in leadership tussles. The most significant being the tussle between Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Ladoke Akintola. Such a tussle has been lately re-enacted between Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and former President Olusegun Obasanjo but it never reached the epic proportions of the 1960s because the calibre and depth of the gladiators and juggernauts of those times is not matched by that of the present day protagonists. Indeed, whereas the Awolowo/Akintola duel was to the death, by a quirk of fate, Tinubu and Obasanjo have suddenly found themselves on the same side of the political divide, sharing the same aspiration of taking the Yoruba back to their vaunted position of leadership in the development, morality and ethos of the Nigerian polity......
Phones / Re: SHOCKER! Mike Adenuga’s Glo In Serious Debt Mess! Alcatel Drops Glo Over Unpaid by emmatok: 9:35pm On Aug 08
elobyobi: Yorubas are poor managers , simple. Mtn nigeria is managed by an igbo person and u can see the difference.
Am still laughing at the mofo that called yorubas intelligent because other nigerians make so much money from lagos , leaving them impoverished due to laziness. Taxes indeed, stipends that go to tinubus purse alone.
Go to core yorubaland , u will see backwardness.
YOrubas can only be rich by the back door like adenuga did. However, indebtedness and lack of mgt remain their bane, its in their genes. IBB , must have withdrawn his suppOrt cos he is one of the political sponsors of glo.
Even yoruba petty traders live on loans , igbOs start small, save, invest and reap.

LOL, you dont even know the owners of MTN.

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