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Foreign Affairs / Re: Air Duel Between The Sukhoi Su - 30 Russian SM And Israeli F-15(pix) by emmatok: 9:58pm On Oct 06

The only reason Putin is flexing muscles is because Obama is a democrat and will always avoid a shooting war. Obama prefers proxy wars and sanctions. Wait till Republicans take over the presidency and watch them tame the lousy Putin. If it were during the era of G.W Bush, he would have invaded Russia like he invaded Iraq by now

undecided and what did Bush do when Russia invaded Georgia.

No country will be so silly to confront Russia.
Politics / Re: If Diezani Stole £13b (3.9trn) What's Nigeria 2014 Budget? by emmatok: 11:32pm On Oct 05

and when did Alison became a minister? bro we're talking of £13 billion pounds here grin no body will loot that kind of money without alerting the world abi you bury am for ground cheesy reason am naaa

You forgot these monies come from illegal oil bunkering and deals.

Allison don't need Nigerian budget to be rich.

Where do you think Asari and ND militants are getting their wealth from.

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Politics / Re: Breaking President Of Gabon Spotted In Nigeria Civil War Pics As A Starvin Child by emmatok: 10:03pm On Oct 04
Politics / Re: Budget Jump For Nigeria @50:yar’adua - N62 Million - Jonathan : N10 Billion by emmatok: 9:35pm On Oct 04
And they were all tell us GEJ didn't budget billions.


Politics / Re: Diezani Alison-Madueke Released On Bail - TVC News by emmatok: 9:42pm On Oct 02
Released on bail, not set free.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 9:33pm On Oct 02
Yeah! Real state of confusion. We call it " confusion break bone"grin

That's what happens when you have Slimy liberals on power,
they always do the opposite of what they tell you.

But Republicans are always straightforward, just listening to Trump and Carson wiIl give it a clear picture of how Republicans behave.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 9:25pm On Oct 02

Like George Bush did with Saddam Hussein and you would be the first person to complain about it as another Iraq.

Yes I don't Support the Iraq war, but Bush was not confused about his Iraqi missions, which was accomplished by destroying Iraq and killing Sadam.

But Obama was telling the world he's antiwar, but he has destroyed more countries than Bush did. Yey he's got no single control over those countries he destroyed.

What happened at the US embassy in Benghazi is an example of US confused state.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 5:20pm On Oct 02

Well, the teleconference is more of a face-saving show by the US. The backlash is getting high by the hours. The American people back home and abroad are begining to question the US role in the whole Syrian bruhaha. They aint buying it any longer, not even the usual MSM steroetyping of Russia killing civilians. Is no longer working, hence the need to have this panick-mode teleconference (you don't just mess around with a nucluear armed power). The truth is, the US knows for sure that with Russia on the ground in Syria, it's plan for the country and the Middle East as it stand, is doom to fail. There is also the fear of possible clashes between the two super powers over the air in Syria, which could definitly lead to open confrontation. Again, the Yankees also need to save face especially now that most of it key players/allies are gradually shifting poles - seeing Russia as an indispensible player when it comes to any decision regarding Syria. France is inviting the Vladinator to address the EU paliament. Cameron is saying Russia's involvement in Syria is a good one. Melkel (though talking from both side of the mouth,) is now saying the Syrian issue can never be solve without Russia. Iraq is fed up with the US double standard, and is now sharing intelligence and coordinating with Russia over ISIS (so much for isolationgrin). Iran is already on ground, any where Putin puts his foot, the Iranians will stick in their heads and butts; while China is tacitly warming up to openly join the fray with the Uyghurs and Xianjing province in Xi's mind, the N.Koreans may just be tempted to gain some international credibility and get some pound of flesh in revenge against the US, especially if Key ally, China, openly joins the blood party. The Serbs and CSTO members (in the event of things getting high up) are most likely to join the Putin gradually forming coalition-all in the name of fighting this hostis humanis generis (ISIS - an enemy of all mankind). And once China is openly involve in the conflict (which is becoming possible by the day), you can bet your money on it that most of, if not all of the entire SCO member states, would be seen throwing up planes and feets over Syria, not to mention that Syria is just a starting point for now. Soon it would be Iraq. Such is the powerful influnce of China and Russia in the geopolitical arena in the East and deeper parts of Asia.

And as it stands, the US has no virtual ally anymore regarding Syria (apart from Isreal, Saudis and Qatarist vassals), its European key allies are tired of the US, though they won't openly allude to it. But on the other hand, Russia's position is getting firmer and stronger, no matter how the MSM tries to paint it; couple with the Putin Rugged stance in his speech at the UN, the hand writing is very clear: Russia will never consider Assad defeat, and if anybody tries to bring that into reality, then he must first get past the Russians. And you know what that means,cheesy
These much the US understands, and the sudden need to have this conference and military to military rapport with the only Nation that can reduce the continental US into a radioactive ash. No joking!

That Putin body language at the UN said it all.

The Russians will go tooth and nail all the way in Syria. The US military brass sees beyond kerry, and the white house foreign secretariat, and thjose bunch of misinformed lunatics aspiring for the White House.

The world is currently seating on a keg of thermo nuclear warfare vis any miscaculations in Syria.

Therefore, i am expecting some compromise to come from both sides, particularly from the Yankees side. They just have to let go the silly temerity that Assad must go, otherwise, anything can happen. But i don't see any more meaningful outcome from this teleconference. Putin has already made his point known. Is now left for The US to compromise.

Sadly the truth,

The problem with the US is Obama.

They got all the opportunity to remove AL Assad, but they keep dancing around Syria, the same thing they are doing in Ukrainian.

Now EU is seeing a confused US, while the Americans are seeing a confused and deceptive President Obama.
Even US Demarcates like Harry Reid and co, are not a happy with Obama.
We all saw the Benghazi Embassy saga and Hillary Clinton's role .

Any body banking on US support for now will suffer, because US is currently in a state of confusion.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 11:37pm On Oct 01

You are correct. Possibly, I couldn't explain it better from that very intelligent perspective you gave here. I think Syria is the only country where Russia has its military base outside of Russia. Nevertheless, I don't think it is going to be easy for Russia. It is going to lose a hell of money and casualties at the end.

Well Iranian troops are already on Syrian soil.

Russia might not spend much money since they don't fight like the US. But lots of casualties for sure because these Russians fight dirty, just like the Israelis.

You don't spend much money when you fight dirty.
Just keep bombing and destroying everyone opposed to Al Assad.
Romance / Re: Beauty Vs Manners, Who Should I Marry? by emmatok: 11:18pm On Oct 01
I am limping between decisions, I need your piece of advice to buoy my wobbling senses. A well educated lady is in my radar, I like ladies that control grammar very well, in fact I am a sucker for such ladies. This my lady controls grammar so well and she is beautiful, a graduate.

Now, I also have a young lady that comes around, and I observed that they are both different in manners. She is not a graduate, she stopped at secondary school level due to finance problem.

When this not so schooled lady comes around she always notices disorganized things and would arrange them, would notice dirty floor and mop up,wash dirty dishes etc. She would not greet me without bending her left knee slightly to show respect. She is not as beautiful as the educated lady though.

The graduate lady do none of these things, all we do is just gist.

Lately the school cert lady makes me feel the warmth of a caring lady, I am beginning to notice her more.

I am a graduate with tastes, I don't know what I want again, I am confused, somebody advise.

Guy her good manners might be to inferiority complex.
So she has to stoop to conquer. If you understand that phrase.

And she will change immediately you marry her

But the educated lady is showing her true self, and I suggest you go for the educated.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 10:59pm On Oct 01
I just hope the Republicans produce the next POTUS .

Even Trump has promised to send those Syrians migrants back to thier country.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 10:58pm On Oct 01

The Russian fighters can't differentiate between ISIS and those rebels fighting Al Assad for freedom means they might end up bombing the government troupe and Al Assad himself with time.

That is what you get from unreasonable military superpower. I hope the USA government won't be blamed again for killing people in the past. Over to you Russia! Smh...!

Russia is not just fighting ISIS they are fighting every opposition w Al Assad .

Thier aim is to strengthen Al Assad.

This is where Obama and his European friends messed up, now they are going through migration crisis and Russia is taking advantage.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Begins Air Strikes In Syria Against ISIS by emmatok: 9:48pm On Oct 01

Iranian Ground Troops Are Joining Russians in Syrian Offensive:

Hundreds of Iranian ground troops have reportedly arrived in Syria over the past 10 days to join an offensive supporting embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, two anonymous Lebanese sources told Reuters Thursday.
Education / Re: Only A Genius Can Interpret This (photo) by emmatok: 9:15pm On Oct 01
Theory of Venus Revolution(round the sun) and Rotation(on its axis anti-clockwise )
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Technocrats From The SS,SE And Politicians From SW by emmatok: 9:31am On Oct 01
It is very hard for me to believe that FreeGlobe cannot differentiate between a Technocrat and a Politician. Strange!

Even Soludo is a Politician, I remember how he was rejected at the Anambra governorship primary.
Politics / Re: Buhari Meeting With His Chief Of Staff Over Ministerial List- Sahara Reporters by emmatok: 5:00pm On Sep 30
Whats is all this noise over the List.

Is Buhari doing us a favor appointing ministers, this man i taking Nigeria for granted.

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Phones / Re: Five Hardly Known Things You Can Do With Android 5.0 Lollipop Smartphones. by emmatok: 4:35pm On Sep 30
Why are you talking about 5.0 when 6.0 has being released.

Android 5.0, 5.2, 5.1 and 5.1.1 are all old news
Celebrities / Re: Stop Showing Off Expensive Things On Social Media-Police Warns Nigerians &Celeb by emmatok: 4:23pm On Sep 29
I'm yet to see Mike Adenuga , Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote or these big men to show off their belongings but all these accidental celebs will show-off their singlet,pants,bra,toothbrush just to oppress others.
may God deliver them.

Those are rich men with real wealth.
Politics / Re: Buhari Team Accuse Ambassador Joy Ogwu Of Sabotage by emmatok: 9:51pm On Sep 28
And why is SR trying to blame the Professor the Buhari's lapses.

Hope they're not also cooking up plans to replace her with another Northerner.


Politics / Re: Sen. T A Orji Denies Being Booed In Abia by emmatok: 8:57pm On Sep 28
Not surprised,

If Saraki can deny stoning even with video evidence.
Orji can denial is a small thing.


Jokes Etc / Re: One Word For Uncle Andy Please!! by emmatok: 8:53pm On Sep 28
Uncle Andy is not nice at all sad

Why, but addressd reason why her car broke down.

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Romance / Re: After Dating For 3yrs Without Sex..she Is Getting Married To Someone Else by emmatok: 11:18pm On Sep 27
Since she is calling u,pick her calls and hear her out,secondly if u re really in luv with her,respect her decisions.u re not a fool for spending ur money and time on her,u did it for d sake of luv.

What love
Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 12:45pm On Sep 27

Which one is direct access to the sea? Do you think Porthacourt or Apapa wharf are on the coastline or by the sea? They are not. The are inland and ships go through waterways to get to them. It is not having coastline that is important, what is important are waterways. Anambra has the river Niger running between the borders of Onitsha and Asaba. Imo has the Imo River, Abia has Obuaku. Even Ebonyi has the river at Ikwo which I completely forget about. Of the 5 Igbo States, 4 have waterways through which they have access to the Ocean

You are still on this topic.

A coastline or a seashore is the area where land meets the sea or ocean, or a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake.

Any country with coastal areas can establish inland Port.

US inland Ports can access the US coastlines to the Sea
China inland Ports can access Chinese coastlines to the Sea.

But Bolivia(landlock) inland ports can't access Peru or Chile coastlines to the Sea without an agreement.

To answer your questions APAPA wharf and Port is on the coastline(seashore)

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Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 11:40pm On Sep 26
ok,let me educate u a bit,the UN law governing territorial water stated that a country which do not have borders directly with the sea but has a body of water flowing from it territory directly into the sea has the right to dredge the river/lake for trasportation purposes without the neighbouring country interrupting them.

You will need the an agreement to do that.
Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 11:26pm On Sep 26

There are no coastal Igbo towns or lands, that's what I mean.

Oga, leave this children to their imaginations.

It's seems they don't understand simple geography.

Yet none of them can show us any Coastal area in SE.


Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 11:17pm On Sep 26

This is where you get it wrong. There is "NO" treaty needed for access to the sea. The only treaty or agreement needed between the south-east and south-south is where the territorial water claim starts and ends ( which I know will be done in a peaceful and civil manner). Other than that, the south-east don't need any port situated in the south-south or Nigeria for that matter.

Lol, its not that easy

kindly check the Map of South America and notice that Bolivia its landlocked, but very close to Peru and Chile.

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Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 10:57pm On Sep 26

I marvel at your ignorance. I am from the so called 'south south'. Has that deduced the fact that my community is in Igboland and will remain so regardless of any changes in the geo politics of the current British amalgamation? What's actually your point?

We are discussing based on the 5 SE States having access to the Sea.

Understand the discussions before jumping in.


Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 10:46pm On Sep 26

The simple answer to your question is "NONE" BUT you need to understand first of all, that South-East only make up 3/5 of Igbo land. The rest were merged into the south-south during state creation after the Civil War.
There are indigenous Igbos on Delta, Rivers, Akwa ibom, Cross river, Benue, and Edo.

The point I am trying to make is that Even If south east Igbos are the only ones to break away from Nigeria, they will still have access to the sea even if the river goes through a Non-South-east territory. The reason is because If a body of water is shared between two nations, that river is an International water. Blocking that river is an Act of war according to the United Nations.

Well look at it this way,

The coastal areas belongs to the SS, why the river is shared between the SE and SS.

If those two regions are different countries.

The SE will have a treaty with the SS to use the Sea.

Because there will be defined boarders(land,aqautic and air) for each country.

SS can't just allow ships from the Atlantic ocean into their country, going to the SE.

No country just with her coastal areas.

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Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 10:40pm On Sep 26
''entirely enclosed by land'' is SE entirely enclosed by land? Half backed education is dangerous

And why did you ignore the second definition. That's why I made it bolder.
Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 10:35pm On Sep 26
do u know how countries ships heading to Nigeria pass before getting to Nigeria? Hate has made u to lose ur sense of logic

What country, Nigeria has direct access to the Atlantic ocean from the SW to SS.

That is why we have seaports.

No more reply for you.
Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 10:31pm On Sep 26
if that is ur own definition of landlocked then u have to go back to school

To the educated one.

A landlocked state or country is a sovereign state entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas.

Tell us which SE States does not fit into the bold.

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Politics / Re: Question: Is Igboland Landlocked? by emmatok: 10:23pm On Sep 26
Assuming the 5 SE States forms a country A and all the SS states forms country B.

How will country A get access to the Sea without going through Country B.

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