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Family / Re: Pls Help!! My Wife Fought With My Mother Following A Quarrel. What Should I Do? by emmatok: 8:28am On Mar 28

My take..

First and foremost Sir, you are a married man and your loyalty is to your wife and kids not your mother. This is the harsh and hard truth.

Secondly your mother has the least right when it comes to making demands in your matrimonial home. The mother of the baby refused to give her pictures of the baby and she has every right to do so because she is the mother. Remember that your mother's beef with your wife stems primarily from the fact that she is your mother so technically she is being served with her own medicine.

And the fact that your mother threw the first slap is even most shocking to me. Some wives would have laid her out with one blow.

Finally, if all efforts to genuinely broker peace fails, then in the interest of your immediate family, keep your mother in her home and keep your wife in hers. Nothing says they must be friends. But in all, your primary interest should be towards your wife not your mother.

And when his wife leaves him, he will run back to his mother.
Well our mothers are always forgiven.

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Family / Re: Pls Help!! My Wife Fought With My Mother Following A Quarrel. What Should I Do? by emmatok: 8:24am On Mar 28

there is no fire without smoke. that woman is your wife, while should the mum slap her in the first place. to tell u the truth, your mum is a visitor in your matrimony home and should abide by the norms and condition set be the wife. we nigerians are very sentimental about issues, the mum should be educated enough to know that you can't slap some people and go scot free especially if u re in the person's home.

You forget that she's also the daughter inlaw to the woman.

If she can slap her Mother in law, then she can slap her biological mother.


Family / Re: Pls Help!! My Wife Fought With My Mother Following A Quarrel. What Should I Do? by emmatok: 8:20am On Mar 28

My advice stay and keep your family working. it's not right to send your wife out of the house on the grounds of family instruction.. this is 2015, not 1982 where families decide on whatever they feel like and then leave the pain to you and kids... No matter what, keep ur family intact... Mothers can be the sweetest and also can be the most annoying sometimes, but if she meant peace shld wouldn't have slapped ur wife or take such a decision while you were not at home... No matter what. your Mom will always remain your Mom, no family decision can change that, but as for your wife, it's ur happiness and kids happiness and ur Godly ordained blessings that they want to trample upon. May God give you a complete wisdom to handle the issue right... If it were me, I would scold my mom, my sistrr get friend and the family that said or gave the instruction... What they won't accept, they shld rub it off on u.. Simple!

This is 2015 and divorce rate is on the high side.

The wife is behaving that way to separate t
he man from his mother.This woman will destroying the man, then ru away.Thats code of 2015 selfish wifey.

I won't sacrifice my happiness for any selfish woman.
Marriage is not a must.

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Politics / Re: PHOTO: Is The Military Lying About Capture Of Gwoza From Boko Haram? by emmatok: 6:38am On Mar 28
BBC confirmed the recapturing of Gwoza. So who the fvck is olufamous.com? Or the channels reporter who is on Dele Momodu's payroll.
It's high time we go beyond partisan/ethnic/religious sentiments and say the truth when we see one, acknowlegde victory when we see one, and show gratitude/appreciation when it's required.
Those men on boots and helmets are my real heros..they are offering their today so that we might have tomorrow, so show them some love and gratitude, they have earned every ounce of it.

And how many times will GWOZA be recaptured?

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Politics / Re: Another Look At 2011 Result Breakdown By Region by emmatok: 2:53pm On Mar 27

We've also closed our borders, Buhari won't have Chadians, Malians etc trooping to the north to vote.

What borders, go to the North and see open borders between Nigeria and other countries.
Politics / Re: Another Look At 2011 Result Breakdown By Region by emmatok: 2:50pm On Mar 27
Make them de deceive themselves say them go wing 75% north.
Buhari got 12m when he contested against Obj under ANPP. ANPP had about 8 Governors that time.

Buhari got 6.6m votes when he ran against Yaradua under ANPP. Anpp had 6 Governors as incumbents.

He sran against GEJ and Got 12million votes.

Notice that he always score 12m against Christian Candidates but less against Muslim/Northern Yaradua.

This time, the vote will not be any much different. He doesn't even come close in all previous elections. He de depend on Old ACN wey no fit win SW for Atiku(
2007) and Ribadu(2011). Na loser jare!!!

Lol@NL analyst.
You forget that Buhari will get lots of voters from SE/SS.
The SW has changed from 2011, the candidates the for 2011 elections was Ribadu.

This is the first time Buhari will be getting lots of voters from the SW.
Family / Re: Woman Caught By Her In-laws With Her Husband's Friend In A Hotel by emmatok: 12:12pm On Mar 27
He without sin should cast the first stone.

And your point is?
Are you trying to justify her actions.
Politics / Re: INEC Releases Statistics Of PVC Collected In All 36 States And FCT by emmatok: 8:49pm On Mar 24

Pls before you start rejoicing be aware that there are atleast 2 million igbo voters in NW minus other minority southernerns and Christians that will change the tide. Go further and ask them here in Lagos and know the power of the igbo votes. SE zone is different from Igbo population. Remeber to always multiply the SE zone population by two, then you would appreciate the number of voters. By the way, SE has the lowest number of non indegines living in their zone. we will always give Jona a bulk voute of 98 but never in kano or other states/

SE PVC collections show how irrelevant SE voting power will be during the election.

The same Igbos threatened Fashola with their votes and Fashola still won.
Most Igbos have started shouting about the security issues on saturday, Some will stay at home, some will travel and few will vote.

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Politics / Re: Igbos - The City Builders by emmatok: 2:44pm On Mar 23
grin grin grin grin
....Eze said Igbos build cities.everywhere they go.
grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy

No comment..... lipsrsealed grin grin

I heard they build CAPE TOWN, and New- York
Politics / Re: Obama Speaks Directly To All Nigerians by emmatok: 2:32pm On Mar 23

Oh but they've already been denied U.S. visas and or bounced back at POE grin

It's easy to spot them from their frustrations.

Don't mind the silly TANOIDS, they should take their frustrations to RUSSIA, hope they enjoy liberal Russia grin


Politics / Re: Obama Speaks Directly To All Nigerians by emmatok: 2:23pm On Mar 23
The only people attacking OBAMA are GEJ TANOIDS, just hope they will stay away from getting US visas.

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Politics / Re: Fayose Embarrassing Our Family, Says Brother by emmatok: 1:51pm On Mar 23
The only people supporting Fayose are the ones, who are not related to Fayose either by Tribe or Family.
Some of them don't even know Fayose village.

I hope Fayose I ready to relocate out of the SW when he finally leaves office, because Ekiti people and Yorubas in general are VINDICTIVE and UNFORGIVING.
Politics / Political Parties Spend N4.9bn On Political Adverts by emmatok: 10:07pm On Mar 22
Parties spend N4.9bn on political adverts

By Princewill Ekwujuru

With just five days to the March 28 elections, advertising spend on political campaigns has been estimated to have cost political parties, friends and well wishers of those seeking elective offices a princely N4.9 billion so far. However, federal and state advert regulatory agencies have expressed displeasure over publications of unapproved advert materials.
According to data gathered from different advert agencies and reports from advert regulatory bodies, the print media have so far raked in about N1.382 billion of the advert spend, with the All Progressives Congress, APC spending N332.503 million on its presidential candidate, while its Peoples Democratic Party, PDP counterpart spent N1.049 billion, which is 65.5 per cent higher than the amount spent by APC. Field reports further put other expenses on campaign rallies for PDP and APC at N1.057 billion and N595.082 million respectively. Both parties also spent N224.36 million on outdoor campaigns.
The broadcast campaign coverage for the presidential candidates were put at N508.35 million and N391.05 million for PDP and APC. Electronic media adverts were N733.9million for PDP and N555.6 million for APC respectively, bringing the total amount to N2.5 billion. In summary, a total of N4.973 billion has been spent on campaign expenses, with PDP and APC spending N3.549 billion and N1.424 billion respectively.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Hull City Vs Chelsea (2 - 3) On 22nd March 2015 by emmatok: 7:34pm On Mar 22

the Livescore admin dey vex why Chelsea win. just d way some people dey vex here now grin vex go burst 4 Una belle gringrin

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Hull City Vs Chelsea (2 - 3) On 22nd March 2015 by emmatok: 7:06pm On Mar 22
What happened to LIVESCORE?They decided not to update their site.

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Politics / Re: Buhari And Amaechi Enter A Police Van In London (Video) by emmatok: 8:05am On Mar 22

Sir, I do understand and appreciate your passion for watching reality TV, but I must remind you that such armchair observations recorded from the comfort of your living room in Lagos are of very limited practical significance, when it comes to understanding the operational policies of police forces outside of Nigeria.

Have a good day, and keep trying for that UK visa, so that you too can see with your own eyes how the law works outside of Nigeria.

LoL, you people can talk anyhow here, so UK visa is now so difficult.

I am surprised you don't even know the UK police arrest procedure.
Politics / Re: Photo Of Oil River Chiefs And Their Servants In The 1890s by emmatok: 12:33pm On Mar 21
Oil Rivers (present day Rivers State) Chiefs and their servants in the 1890s.


Those men never saw the oil.
Computers / Re: How To Detect An Hidden Camera In A Room by emmatok: 11:13pm On Mar 20
Culture / Re: Where Was Africa When The World Was Developing ? by emmatok: 12:53am On Mar 20

Now we are converging! This is a definite possibility. Although my thought is that it should be recognised in passing and move on! I do my best to help.

I have been coming to Naija for 15 years training people.

Once on my course was a guy who kept arguing against everything I was teaching. He was easily proved wrong but at the end to cover his embarrassment he said:

Why do we need to pay you guys so much and bring you from Europe to train us. Why not use another Nigerian?

(A VERY valid question by the way and one I have GREAT sympathy for)

I answered simply:

If you had anyone here who COULD do it them you would be using THEM and not me. (Lack of Airfares etc would make it MUCH more economical).

Then I added:

If he had spent less time arguing (and it was simply that he wanted to prove an oyinbo wrong) and more time learning then HE could very well be one of those who WOULD be doing the training instead of me!

Lets stop looking for things to blame and work together to progress Africa!

This is exactly what the Asians, Japanese, Chinese e.t.c are doing to get developed.


Culture / Re: Where Was Africa When The World Was Developing ? by emmatok: 12:04am On Mar 20

Typical spoon-feed-me question, why can't you go do your research and share your findings with us here ?

No need for unnecessary bickering.

The liberalized mind develops fasters .
Culture / Re: Where Was Africa When The World Was Developing ? by emmatok: 11:47pm On Mar 19

When fools with lazy arse can spend time and effort to research and investigate sh1t out just as the likes of me have done for years and is still doing, they come here to ask sh1tty question.

Your question isn't really a question, it is a presentation that presumes to assert a Eurocentric belief system which you've been fed since infancy like the majority of Africans on this platform.

Forumites who knows sh1t shouldn't fuel this guy's intention to provoke unnecessary racial-like arguments. If he's unable to go conduct research on his own for he knows not where to begin, sources and books can be recommended to him.

Go read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa like someone suggested, go read The Lost Science of Africa, go read God Is Black by Naiwo Osahon, go read all of Cheikh Antah Diop's book from and in the meantime you may begin with the following thread to clear some wrong notion in your thoughts.
thread 1

While you at it, let me get back to writing my critical response to the racist propaganda film Exodus: Gods and Kings'

Typical blame game, why didn't the Europeans Underdeveloped Asia.

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Culture / Re: Where Was Africa When The World Was Developing ? by emmatok: 11:45pm On Mar 19

Yea, the white got what it takes to make it happened then. We seems coward, novice and too respectful to challenge anything.

The common trend among developed countries, is the ability to to question their rules, tradition, cultures and leaders.
But africans just follow these rules, tradition, cultures and leaders.


Culture / Re: Where Was Africa When The World Was Developing ? by emmatok: 11:19pm On Mar 19
I have always wanted to ask this question , where was Africa when Europe and the rest where developing ? how come we don't have great early inventors or physicist such as Einstein and iseac newton ?what were we doing around the early 1900's or 1800's ? contributions are needed

Liberalism and Exploration help Europe.

Africans are too conservative.


Education / Re: Are Science Students Really More Intelligent Than Art Students? by emmatok: 10:53pm On Mar 19

intelligence and creativity are two distinct qualities and some theories believe there's a relationship btw both. A science student is more likely to show intelligence than creativity because learning is repetitive with little top ups once in a while. there's repetition of theories n formula passed from one generation to another. that does not mean that science students cannot be creative as well. hence the tech innovations, new formula etc. This also does not mean students in arts classes aren't intelligent. knowledge is passed but arts classes are more prone to allowing new ideas. hence d much creativity here.

A science student- intelligence
An arts student -- creativity

Business student-intelligence + creativity
TV/Movies / Re: Alibaba Says Nollywood Was Built With Money Gotten From Fraud by emmatok: 8:01pm On Mar 19
Yes reminds me of all the Money Rituals Movie's in early 90s.

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Politics / Re: PDP Coordinators Beat Up Zonal Secretary (Photo) by emmatok: 3:22pm On Mar 19
And some people will be shouting PDP is United in Ogun, PDP, elders are known for extream greed.
They'll never share money they collect within thier party.
Politics / Re: Gej Cannot Win South West (personal Opinion) @barcanista by emmatok: 11:17pm On Mar 18

I repeat you do not understand the politics of SW. The mere fact that Osinbajo is from SW against a candidacy of GEJ/Sambo will nullify all those you mentioned.

You expect SW not to vote for their own or what?

Don't mind them, 80% of those people (Obas, and co) PGEJ gave money won't vote.
More than 90% of Yorubas that didn't get a penny from GEJ will be voting, and they will not vote GEJ, inother to disgrace those AKOTILETAs.
Yorubas are very vindictive and unforgiving when it come to Politics.

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Politics / Re: OPC Council Disowns Gani Adams, For Betraying Yoruba Nation by emmatok: 9:52pm On Mar 18
Omo We the Niger Deltans are keenly watching! The whole drama in the country. When the worse turn worse we sink the economy and achive our goal zero

The economy is already down, what else are gonna sink.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Shoot At Professor Abdulahi's Car For Overtaking Their Convoy In Bauchi by emmatok: 8:39pm On Mar 18

Assuming any of the bullets hit him (God 4bid) you and I would be proving whether he committed any crime or not; and it would have ended in the same apology.
Maybe you need to ask those that lived in PH during the militancy era to educate you on how they use to comport themselves

If the bullets hits him, PGEJ will be apologising to the North until election is over.

Prof Ango Abdullahi is not just anybody, he is an elder statesman.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Shoot At Professor Abdulahi's Car For Overtaking Their Convoy In Bauchi by emmatok: 7:06pm On Mar 18

I think your comment is second to the worst i have read on this post. I don't type much, but try what the prof. did and see whether you will be alive to narrate your story.

To those of you trying to justify prof's action, please sell your pride and buy common sense.
And what crime did the prof commit here?
You probably fail to follow the story that the Military has already tendered apologies to the prof.

The Prof is a top Northern leader, killing him at this time won't be funny.
Politics / Re: "I CAN'T PROTECT YOU!", Akwa Ibom CP Tells PUNCH Correspondent by emmatok: 12:17am On Mar 18

My fellow youth, I guess you did not read what I read or maybe you don't understand. I did not support the commissioner neither did I support the journalist. Journalists in Nigeria are too "one sided". They need to be more professional. Why didn't the journalist go to court, sue the police and or whoever.....
Well, these old men who ruined our nation are still hanging around in both parties, from the presidential candidate of the APC to all those old folks surrounding President GEJ.

Did the Journalist told the commissioner to Kneel before Madam?
Journalist did his job, like any other Journalist worldwide, even American Journalists poke their First lady all the time.

But the CP is drunk for saying he can't protect certain citizen, why is he a Policeman.
Politics / Re: "I CAN'T PROTECT YOU!", Akwa Ibom CP Tells PUNCH Correspondent by emmatok: 12:13am On Mar 18
Twenty will be wasted for every cop killed...

Like they wasted Odi and Apo 7. tongue

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