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Politics / Re: Breaking..... Igbo Community In Lagos Endorse Jimi Agbaje by emmatok: 12:37am
why are these non Lagosians running amok on this thread. smh
Why do you IGBOs always like looking for trouble.
Never call any Yoruba man Non-Lagosian on Lagos.
I noticed that most Igbos are rushing to the East for election, so who will vote for your JIMI.
Politics / Re: The Southwest And Buhari, A Jealousy Alliance by emmatok: 5:29pm On Jan 25

How many vote did GEJ got from southwest in 2011? Yoruba did not vote in 2011. fact!

SW was the reason GEJ is in power today, remember OBJ and the Save Nigeria Group.
GEJ won in every SW state except Osun.
But today he pretending he didn't know the SW .

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Politics / Re: BREAKING - Katsina College Releases Buhari's WASC Results by emmatok: 10:20pm On Jan 21
The result is forged. WAEC started pasting passports of candidates on results in late 1990s. My father's WAEC result in 70s doesn't have passport and it is original certificate.

This is not a certificate but a statement of result, because certificate are issued once even from University.
If you lost your original certificate you will only get statements from your school no more certificat.
Phones / Re: Whatsapp Banned Me For 24hours by emmatok: 10:05pm On Jan 20

WhatsApp Is Killing Popular 3rd Party WhatsApp+ Client By Temporarily Banning Users Until They Switch To The Official App
Posted by David Ruddock in Applications, News
Politics / Re: Jonathan And His Government Steal 400,000 Barrels Of Oil Daily - Tinubu by emmatok: 9:34pm On Jan 18

Alaye don't let ur anger darken ur sense of reasoning

If Nigeria divides today... Ss will be the best beneficiary.. Do you think if they share oil among themselves if wouldn't stupendously rich?

Lemme ask how many large scale commercial farmers dey SW?

What is the market value of these products

How long will it take us to sufficiently produce for ourselves before we start thinking of exporting

How will farmers will be financed or supported

. Do you think impromptu dissolvement of NIGERIA we benefit all religion

How much do we SW contribute to national income

The SW has one of the largest amount of GDP in Nigeria .

If the Nigeria dissolves the SS will become another gunrunning country filled with militias.
While the west will be buying their oil through black market at cheaper price.
Politics / Re: General Olukolade And Oby Ezekwesili Vent Anger On Each Other Over BIU Crisis by emmatok: 11:42pm On Jan 15
i have always suspected this woman to be an agent of BOKO HARAM

Whats so special about your national security, when people are dying daily.
I other countries government use Hotline and social media to get necessary information
Politics / Re: General Olukolade And Oby Ezekwesili Vent Anger On Each Other Over BIU Crisis by emmatok: 11:42pm On Jan 15
i have always suspected this woman to be an agent of BOKO HARAM

Whats so special about you national security, when people are dying daily.
I other countries government use Hotline and social media to get necessary information.
Politics / Re: General Olukolade And Oby Ezekwesili Vent Anger On Each Other Over BIU Crisis by emmatok: 11:35pm On Jan 15

Is she on the ground and does she have any genuine report apart from what she is reading online herself? A former minister is not a privileged citizen that can reach the military if she has anything concrete to inform them with?

Was the Army on ground when BAGA was attacked?

It took the same General 9 days to respond about Baga Massacre, while international news agencies are already over the issue.
Politics / Re: Actress, Angelina Jolie​,​ Condemns Baga Attack by emmatok: 11:24pm On Jan 14
[quote author=ROSSIKE post=29800327] See this one. ISIS are a terrorist group. Many of their recruits are former Al Qaeda militants. The terrorists may have changed their name, but they've gone nowhere. ISIS is even stronger than Al Qaeda, having captured swathes of territory across Iraq and Syria. Is that not a US/UK ''failure'' despite all the bombs they've dropped there, for this to be happening?? If it was the Nigerian govt now, you would have called them all sorts of names.

Fact is ISIS is not Al Qaeda, ISIS started during the Syrian revolution. Most of them were Syrian Rebels armed by foreign governments.

And name ONE PERSON that was punished for those 'lapses'. Or even reprimanded. JUST ONE.
Court documents offer glimpse into 9/11 security lapse, attorney says

......Security screeners at Boston's Logan International Airport allegedly had trouble communicating in English, were unable to detect weapons -- such as a chemical spray called Mace -- and were operating under a general manager who was unaware of the al-Qaeda terrorist threat.
"What it came down to that day was that entities did not do their job," said Mary Schiavo, attorney for the Bavis family.
Politics / Re: Actress, Angelina Jolie​,​ Condemns Baga Attack by emmatok: 10:56pm On Jan 14

Really? Ever heard of ISIS? Why are people still dying in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, if ''most of them are dead''?

Old MAN ISIS is a new terrorist movement, just like BOKO-HARAM, when last did you hear from Bin-ladin and other 9/11 attacks.

Who took responsibility for the security 'lapses' that allowed 9/11 to happen, killing 3000 Americans?
The US government took responsibilities for 9/11, and all classified security document about lapses that led to the attack were revealed at hearings.

How do you know they were in Abuja? You saw them from your dirty balcony? You don't know we have thousands of officers and troops stationed in the north east as we speak? Ignorant Dullard
Duh, it took our government 9days to talk about BAGA massacre, with all the officers and troops stationed in the north east.
While foreign news agencies already covering the BAGA issue.

Till date our President is yet to talk about the BAGA issue.
Politics / Re: Leaked!!! Questions OBJ Asked Jonathan At The Abeokuta Meeting. by emmatok: 10:32pm On Jan 14
BUHARI IS NOT THE CHANGE WE WANT DEAREST NIGERIANS, Let me not talk about the PDP's, but THESE ARE THE APC GUBERNATORIAL FLAG - BEARERS: (1) SOKOTO - Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (former PDP) (2) KEBBI - Abubakar Atiku Bagudu (former PDP) (3) KATSINA - Aminu Bello Masari (former PDP) (4) KANO - Umar Abdullahi Ganduje (former PDP) (5) KADUNA - Malam Nasir El-rufa'i (former PDP) (6) JIGAWA - Alh. Abubakar Badaru (former PDP) (7) BAUCHI - Barr. Muhammad Abubakar (former PDP) (cool GOMBE - Alh. Inuwa Yahya (former PDP) (9) NIGER - Abubakar Bello Sani (former PDP) (10) ADAMAWA - Umar Jibrilla Bindow (former PDP) (11) PLATEAU - Mr Simon Lalong (former PDP) (12) BENUE - Dr Samuel Ortom (former PDP) (13) TARABA - Aisha Jummai Alhassan (former PDP) (14) RIVERS - Dakuku Perterside (former PDP) (15) IMO - Rochas Okorocha (former PDP) (16) ENUGU - Okey Ezea (former PDP) (17) ABIA - Dr Nyerere Anyim (former PDP) (18) EBONYI - Dr Steve Egbo (former PDP) NOTE ALSO THAT more than 60% of the State & National Assembly Candidates are also all former PDP members! Let me not also forget to state that AUDU OGBE, APC's chieftain was a former Chairman of PDP (2001-2005). Do I also need to mention Atiku Abubakar? Or Rotimi Ameachi who was a PDP Speaker of Rivers state Assembly for 8 Years then Governor for 7 years? The list goes on and on. If PDP wasted and stole our time and resources for the past 16 years, my dearest citizens, the names listed above and many more are part of these bunch of criminals who stole and wasted these our resources. They were and are part of the people who lied and lie to us. My people, YES! We want change, but if I am a thief in Agbada, would wearing a Nnyika make me not to be a thief? Would I stop being a thief because I changed gang? Some of us will always argue that the states controlled by these thieves are better than the others, but let me ask: Did Ameachi do all he did for Rivers in the past 1 year that he became a memebr of the APC? Was it last year that APC was formed that the transformations in KANO took place or began? Was it APC's Government that did the stuffs in IMO? Dearest Citizens, for 16 years we have been under the PDP's Umbrella. Yes, but which person in this APC has not been in the corridor or close to the coridor of power in these past 16 years? Not only am I so disapointed in us as citizens, I am ashamed to be a part of this generation. We revolved & continue to revolve aroung the same group of people since Independence yet we seem to be comfortable with it. If they're saints as they claim, we wouldnt be where we are today. Do I need to start mentioning their names and potfolios? If I cant mention all, at least I know for a fact that as far back as 1982, Audu Ogbe was not only a speaker of his state assembly, he also was a Minister in Nigeria. Infact, he held two ministerial positions. I also know without doubt that Gen Buhari apart from being a PTF Chairman, rose to become the President of Nigeria as far as 1983. Very resently, Atiku Abubakar was an 8 years Vice President. I cant believe that at 72 some one who was President at 41 wants to be president again. I cant also come to term with my self when ever I read that Gen Yakubu Gowan was about 23 years old when he became Nigerias President. Well, I am above 23 now and I cant even feed myself. My dearest citizens of the Republic, do we continue rotating our leaders and expect to move forward? Do we expect to be in 2015 and have some one who ruled us decades ago rule us? As a child, I heard of Shehu Musa Yar'dua. As a teenager, I had Umaru Musa Yar'dua rule me as president. When do I see Akpan, Taofeek, Olanipekun or Emeka at 25 , 35 or 45 year old be my president? When do we see a 25 or 31 year old Nigerian from any part of Nigeria be governors or senator or even ministers? Dearests, Gen Martin Luther Agwai, the former Chief of Army Staff is now the Chairman of SURE- P. David Mark, former governor of 2 different states is today our Senate President. Tomorow, if PDP no longer favours him, he will join forces with APC or which ever party there is. We are where we are today because our fathers failed in their reponsibilities to plan for us. Are we going to let our children suffer what we suffer by allowing these people rotate offices among themselves? Whether we like it or not, Buhari as a former president recieves a Pension of 22.7 million. Whether you like it or not, when Jonathan completes his tenure, he will also recieve his millions as pension and the cycle will continue. One thing is sure, if Jonathan retains his presidency next year, he will not employ me in his government. One thing is also sure, if Buhari wins, he will not employ you in his government. Who will they then employ? Ofcourse, they will employ the same old crooks to help them out. This is not Change, APC is not change. When we see change, we go know! God Bless Your Hearts! Apc has their slogan as change but on this note i think pdp is the party that represent change because all the old thieves has gone to rival APC
Politics / Re: Actress, Angelina Jolie​,​ Condemns Baga Attack by emmatok: 9:50pm On Jan 14
[quote author=ROSSIKE post=29797710]

There is a WAR going on. What ''take responsibility'' nonsense are you on about? When did Bush or Obama ''take responsibility'' for the lives of US soldiers lost in Iraq and Afghanistan or in New York on 9/11? Was it not simply a ''blame the terrorists who caused these crimes'' response? In your case it is automatically the GOVT'S fault when BH kill people. Is that not stupidity and madness on your part?

LOL, Do you really mean what you wrote here?

Simple answer= the US government when after the terrorist, and today most off them are dead.
Its a known fact that US government always take responsibility for the lives of Americans.

At least they tried to count the casualties, unlike the Americans who ''don't do body counts'' according to their own generals.

LOL, how do you know they tried to count the casualties, when they are all speaking from Abuja.?
Politics / Re: Actress, Angelina Jolie​,​ Condemns Baga Attack by emmatok: 9:25pm On Jan 14

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Politics / Re: Actress, Angelina Jolie​,​ Condemns Baga Attack by emmatok: 9:15pm On Jan 14

My friend please shut your trap. So we should all keep quiet and accept that ''2000'' Nigerians were killed when that is a bold faced LIE? No. 150 were killed. If that correction upsets you, go jump in a river. In Europe and America over 100 million died through mass slaughter and conflict just this last century. What mayhem surpasses that? How many people there resigned or were ''held responsible'' for ''security failings''?

What is this one saying.
Do you mean nobody should take responsibility for unfortunate deaths of Nigerians.

And yet you blame the international Media misinformation that the Nigerian government are also responsible for.

The Defence spokesperson, Chris Olukolade, is not even sure about the figure.
Politics / Re: Youwin Is Not A Loan-president Jonathan by emmatok: 7:19am On Jan 14

This clueless man wants to ruin businesses for the young men and women. How will they operate efficiently if they are not paying back mk neybwith interest?. Most businesses operating on grants and gifts close down in the first year. How do you even justify giving to some people and denying others?.

Just another opportunity for more stealing.
Politics / Youwin Is Not A Loan-president Jonathan by emmatok: 10:39pm On Jan 13
"YouWIN is not a loan. It is a grant. You don't pay back"-President Jonathan #GEJNigeriasVal
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Shares Chart Showing Arms Purchase Between GEJ & Buhari's Govt by emmatok: 11:40am On Jan 13
Uncle Jo didn't actually lie. He said that because that's what he was told by his crew. This guy hasn't learnt, he needs to always confirm what they tell him before opening his big mouth in public. See who will surfer misinformation now sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

Are you joking, irrespective of who advised him, he lied.
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Shares Chart Showing Arms Purchase Between GEJ & Buhari's Govt by emmatok: 12:19am On Jan 13
So shall we conclude that GEJ lied saying Buhari did not buy a rifle during his regime?

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Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Shares Chart Showing Arms Purchase Between GEJ & Buhari's Govt by emmatok: 12:18am On Jan 13
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Shares Chart Showing Arms Purchase Between GEJ & Buhari's Govt by emmatok: 11:54pm On Jan 12

Oh the internet is wonderful. Here you go chief:

I think this settles this matter for good. Oh, and here's the link to the original content:

You deserve a bottle of ORIGIN

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Politics / Re: Read Asari Dokubo's 15 Quotes On #rubbinminds Today by emmatok: 11:54pm On Jan 11
The leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo, was guest earlier on on the Ebuka Obi-Uchendu-anchored Rubbin’ Minds program on Channels TV. Below are 15 quotes adapted from Asari’s answers to the questions from the host:

– If elections are not manipulated, Goodluck will win.The president will not lose elections. He cannot lose
– I stand by my words; no girls were abducted.I stand by my words; no girls were abducted
– I tell the president the truth whenever I see him.Education fix it, road fix it and he does
– My relationship with the president is clear; he is an Ijaw man, I am an Ijaw man. Like attracts like
– I’m a businessman, I own 4 schools in Cotonou, Benin republic
– MEND exists on only newspapers, people’s laptops and ipads
– Henry Okah was my arms dealer. He is a coward and an . He was my friend and he is now my enemy

– I was a prominent member of the ACN in Rivers state until 27th October 2010. I have never been a member of the PDP

– The president has done well in fighting Boko Haram

– I never said I would overrun Yoruba land if Goodluck fails. It is a lie concocted by the APC. I have a Yoruba princess in my house

– The election has been won, I would only invite you for celebrations

– I never said I will wipe Yorubaland. It’s not that I am afraid of anybody BUT I never said it

– Nothing is happening on my trial

Yorubas seems to be giving ASARI sleepless night.
Now i know why FAYOSE and AGBAJE are afraid.

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Politics / Re: AMERICA WONDER ; APC Produces A Cyber Cafe Certificate For Buhari. Picture. by emmatok: 10:20pm On Jan 11
Wonder shall not end, in a desperate move to deceive Nigerians on Buhari certificate saga, APC has manufactured a brand new CYBER CAFE certificate for Buhari.

Does that document look like certificate to you?

It was a reply to an enquiry. grow up
Politics / Re: Jonathan And Buhari Images In 1977: Compare And Contrast by emmatok: 9:46pm On Jan 11

Mr don't know me so u have no clue whether am intelligent or not but the fact remains that any country that's a major producer of oil in OPEC can influence the price of oil at international level by using its supply power and other ways.

And don't go around calling people "unintelligent" in a faceless forum like this because for instance, you don't know the academic qualifications of people you meet here, so don't think you are better off academic-wise or intellectually.

Are you new to NL ?

Learn to ignore Billy......


Politics / Re: Police Confirms Bomb Attack On APC Office In Rivers by emmatok: 9:10pm On Jan 11
APC will stop at nothing to keep the attention on themselves. Attention seekers I tell you. What's in the okrika office that is worth destroying? Mcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

And APC burned their own flag in the the SE state.
Politics / Re: GEJ's LOSS Likely A POSITIVE For Nigeria - Former Goldman Sachs Chairman by emmatok: 12:11am On Jan 11
Jonathan failed the North, he failed the south, he failed the business community, he failed the religious community, he failed the intellectuals, he failed the children (chibok girls still missng), he failed the military (mutiny everywhere), he failed the diplomatic community, he failed the international community, he failed his duty as a husband, but he pleases the looting class and the Tompolos of this world.

Now i see why the stock market is closing negatively.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Document Exposes Plot To Collapse Nigeria’s Economy By US & Britain by emmatok: 11:36am On Jan 10

And that needs to stop if as black Africans we want to forge ahead. I think, we need to be less dependent on the West. We need to look inward to solve our myriads of problems. Anyways, the enemies of Nigeria and indeed Africa must die! Shikena.


One day, USA will pay dearly for all the calamity she has caused worldwide. She is mystery Babylon and the bible in the book of Daniel tells me that she is destined for destruction. I am watching.

As long we still have corrupt leaders, the USA we continue playing us.
Politics / Re: Jonathan to Buhari: How Did You Spend Your Defence Budget? by emmatok: 8:28pm On Jan 09
this is not a matter of someone being a decorated general or not. Tell Buhari to give a breakdown of how much he allocated to defence in his budget and also how much he spent on purchasing weapons as well as the number of weapons he purchased during his tenure as head of state. This is a democracy and there is no need to keep things in secret any more. There is need for insults, please.

GMB defeated insurgents during his time.
Politics / Re: SS Youth Can Shut Down Economy If Jonathan Is Not Re-elected – Jimi Agbaje by emmatok: 8:46pm On Jan 07

I believe he is just stating the obvious. Niger delta militancy + falling oil prices will doom a Buhari Presidency and Nigeria.

The Economy is already doomed.
Oil price is falling.
Naira is falling.

What other DOOM are we expecting.

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Politics / Re: SSS Displays Documents Recovered From APC Office In Lagos(with images) by emmatok: 8:42pm On Jan 07
APC logo on APC documents. How is this DSS business.
Let INEC come and tell us they were hacked.
Politics / Re: SS Youth Can Shut Down Economy If Jonathan Is Not Re-elected – Jimi Agbaje by emmatok: 6:21pm On Jan 07
Thesame oil the world is rejecting.
Jimi should check the current oil prices, oil is no longer sustainable.
ND can shut down thier oil.


Politics / Re: SSS Displays Documents Recovered From APC Office In Lagos(with images) by emmatok: 5:45pm On Jan 07
The evil planned by the useless APC is coming out in the Open. angry angry

DSS and thier claims, after all the noise they ended up allegeding nothing.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Attacks Jonathan Again, Accuses President Of Squandering Oil Savings by emmatok: 6:29pm On Jan 06
See how silly Obasanjo is?...see how st.upid the janjawee.ds supporters and leaders are?

To simplify their voodoo reasoning: Obj and the APC nonen.tity on nairaland are saying a father with a wife and children who has a savings of 100,000 in the bank must not touch the savings even if the roof of his house he got from his own father that was not properly built has been destroyed.Past leaders who can be likened to GEJ father handed a house with leaking roof and poor foundation, now the clownish old grandpa Obj does not want infrastructures built but prefer the money to be in savings. $65b left and with the decay in infrastructure all over the country Obj and his kind left,he should be happy we still have $40B inspite of billions in building infrastructures all over the country

And what infrastructure did GEJ fix after taking our savings.
Oh he will have to borrow more.

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