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Politics / Re: Oritsejafor And Company: Tainted And Jittery - Nasir El-rufai by emmatok: 11:19pm On Sep 17
Anthony Olubunmi Okogie is the best CAN president i have ever known, this worked with activist against military rule in Nigeria .


Politics / Re: Seized Aircraft: CAN Attacks El Rufai, Lai Mohammed by emmatok: 2:50pm On Sep 17
Oritsejafor from all indications has a hand in the whole scandal. Why should a Bishop who acquired an aircraft supposedly for mission work lease same to Government to seal a deal on arms importation? Does mission or ministration work involves arms importation or security services?


Religion / Re: Atheist Must Swear To God -- Or Leave US Air Force by emmatok: 11:29pm On Sep 16

Those "personal sentiments" are valid. They infringe on his rights. This is a man who has served happily under the old pledge. His patriotism isn't in question here.

Let's agree to disagree..

We are talking about the MILITARY here, personal sentiments are not allowed.
You obey first before appeals.
As I said, if he doesn't like the rule he either get out of the Military or pressure legislators to change it.

Even lawyers have rules that override their sentiments.
Religion / Re: Atheist Must Swear To God -- Or Leave US Air Force by emmatok: 10:29pm On Sep 15

How is it not an issue of religious belief?

Why must they?

Are you saying a national pledge is not binding on her citizens due to his/her religious believe?

The ARMED FORCES are supposed to be the most patriotic people in any Nation, and if they start disobeying the country's rule its Treason.

The best thing to do is push the politician to amend the laws by removing the word GOD, and not disobeying law due to personal sentiments.

Remember we use to have O GOD CREATIONS but now the have ARISE O COMPATRIOTS.
Religion / Re: Atheist Must Swear To God -- Or Leave US Air Force by emmatok: 12:09am On Sep 15

It is.

They don't.
I don't get you?
Religion / Re: Atheist Must Swear To God -- Or Leave US Air Force by emmatok: 11:43pm On Sep 14
EnlightenedSoul: The original pledge actually didn't include the "under God" portion, which was added in 1954. It used to read: "I pledge allegiance to my flag and (to*) the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Now it's: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

The issue here is that citizens should be free to exercise the religious beliefs or non-belief as they see fit, and the government shouldn't be advocating for or against supernatural agents. You can believe what you want regarding religion, but you don't get to co-opt the power of the state, or our shared civic institutions to gain an advantage in pushing religious based views on the rest of society, especially children who are more easily indoctrinated as a captive audience. I bring children into this because children as young as kindergarten age are taught to face the US flag and pledge their allegiance using the above words. They're essentially being told to make a pledge of allegiance to a government before even understanding what it means offer allegiance.

As for the US military, trust me they have plenty of Atheists. They simply utter the words "under God" without meaning.

It is not an issue of religious belief, but a standard procedure.

If the word GOD is in the pledge, then every American soldier must say it.
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 9:25pm On Sep 14
Bawss1: ^ Of course we are users, who else is the OS made for if not the end user?

I have VLC media player working on my Win 8.1 device just fine. If you can't find an app in the Store you can still install the .exe file as you would on Win 7. With Win 8 you can install legacy applications as well as the mobile versions(if its available in the Store) How is this a bad thing?

Any company that is in need of an upgrade and refuses Win8/8.1 because of it's novelty needs to take a hard look at its IT department.

People are just spreading FUD about Win8.1

Sorry the highest user of Windows OS and Servers are companies and corporate clients.
Users buy preinstalled OEM, while While companies buy multiple licence.
And MS makes much of thier money from multiple licence.

IT department don't migrate to new platform any how, they consider the usefulness , cost implications and time. If Windows7 can perform everything we want why do we need Windows8?

On the VLC issue, I stated clearly that various versions of the software works well on Windows 8, but the App store only recognize VLC for Windows 8. And that is common with many other applications.

This is a major flaw, because developers are now forced the write applications for Windows8 store plAtform.
That's why a lot of fake applications are floating on Windows 8 app store
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 12:33pm On Sep 14

You don't get it do you? The fact that there is even a slight update of Windows 8 (which is 8.1), then that means Microsoft noticed fundamental flaws which they rushed in to fix. There was never a Windows 7.1 and others before it, instead there were only the security fixes.

All these screenshots seem easy to you but if you were into software development you would appreciate the philosophy of simplicity of software better

Just leave this Win8 people alone, they're mostly USERS and they don't deploy on large scale.

They don't know that 8.1 is a service pack for win8 just like Windows 7 sp1.

80% of the company I supply don't like Windows 8 or 8.1.

The App store don't recognize Apps not designed for Windows8 even when the Application runs well on Windows8.
E.g VLC for Windows7 runs well on Windows 8, but Windows8 App store don't recognize it.

People should stop jumping at every technology release out there.
Politics / Re: Bringbackjonathan2015: The Wages Of Impunity By Wole Soyinka by emmatok: 9:07pm On Sep 13

Be careful what you asked for.

Wole Soyinka was always a critic and became quiet when IBB offered him a portfolio so he was part of that military junta under IBB junta and escaped during Abacha and went on exile. What did you expect from him ? He returned when his kins man was President and kept silent cos of DNA. Are you pondering what I am pondering ? He became very loud under Yaradua and went on crusade for GEJ expecting a Ministerial appointment, when he got none, he went ballistic on all 2 exhaust pipes without common-sense.

You asked for it, now you got it. You want some more ?

You ignorantly attacking WS for standing up for Nigerians.

Wole Soyinka was the biggest critique of OBJ till date.


Politics / Re: Warning To Eggheaders, Anago900, Anago90, Anago0900, Anago18 by emmatok: 9:02pm On Sep 13

I will not, i believe in respect. I will never post his picshures if he agrees to leave nairaland.

LOL, you don't really have any pictures then
Politics / Re: Photos Of Gen. Benjamin Adekunle From The Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) by emmatok: 8:33pm On Sep 13



Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 2:47pm On Sep 13
oluafolabi: For those who prefer Windows(7, Vista, XP) to Windows 8 I have this to say to you; The 21st century illiterate is not one who cannot read or write but is the one who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

You're wrong my friend, companies and individuals adopt technology that works for them.

Why do you think XP outshine Win Vista due to legacy support.

When Windows7 came with XP mode people embraced Win 7.

Windows 8 is less than three years old and MS is about killing it.
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 12:03am On Sep 13
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 12:01am On Sep 13

Oga are you manufacturing these stories? Win 8 has sold more than 200 million licenses as of date, and while this is behind Win 7, it is anything but a slow sale.

Which PC manufacturer in 2014 is making news devices with Win 7?

LOL, You are probably not in PC business.

Just a user.

OEMs are still releasing WIN7 PC.
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 10:16pm On Sep 12
all4naija: Who is it going to lose them to?

Win 8 sales is very slow according to MS.

Most PC makers are actually going back to Win 7.
Win8 reminds me of VISTA.
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 9:42pm On Sep 12

Nigerian Banks and their cost management style. They will switch instantly when hackers start taking advantage of the loopholes due to discontinuation of XP support. They are all vulnerable to attacks

Not only Nigerian Banks it s a world wide issue.

Do you know MSE don't work on win 8 and Win defender don't auto scan and update.

Most APPs in the APP store not the same with the standard apps. e.g You can installed old version of VLC on win8, but the VLC in the APP store is different so you cant update the old one unless you install the one from APP store.
Computers / Re: Windows 9 Is Coming. This Is What It Looks Like by emmatok: 7:39pm On Sep 12
sniperwolf: Anybody complaining of Windows 8 forgets that the world evolves and they should too. The earlier issue I had was that I was unable to play Halo 2, but I found a way to play it on Windows 8.1

It's not all Technology innovations you adopt because some of them are actually flops.

Why do you think most ATM stayed on with Xp until MS decided to discontinue XP support.

People don't just adopt technology because it's new, but because it's works.

Windows 8 is a technology flop and MS admits that.
Politics / Re: Full Nigeria Army investigation report on Boko Haram. *picture by emmatok: 12:22pm On Sep 12
This is no news bro, this is purely a strategic military information. Please tell me of what use is the knowledge of BH password and their camp formations as revealed by a captured member to a civilian/ ordinary Nigerian? Are you planning on going to join BH? Or is SH broadcasting this so that BH will know that they've been compromised and take cover. Amongst all these multinational media firms u mentioned, can you show me anyone of them that have at any point published such news as it concerns war or any military campaign. Any journalist will tell you that there are stories you kill and the ones you tell
NB: all your story references had nothing to do with security and military intelligence but rather government cover ups, in which case you can call it whistle blowing.

Is that three pages document, really a strategic military information?LOL.

Most NSA leak are online and reported by Aljazera.

Journalist don't kill news that will make them popular, and they have protection from prosecution because thier information is Insurance.

Why do you think they're the first to always get asylum to other countries.

Sowore has always had issues the Nigerian government and the US is protecting him.
Politics / Re: Full Nigeria Army investigation report on Boko Haram. *picture by emmatok: 11:53am On Sep 12
Do you really think they were given this piece of information officially? Kindly take a good look at that picture again, you'll know whoever gave them this hastily took photos of these documents with probably a mobile phone. Is that how any official document is released? Any news outlet that really knows their onions won't ever consider publishing this. In a bid to utterly rubbish the government these guys have trampled on all known written and unwritten codes and ethics guiding journalism. Does it give you joy to hear that NA troops are steadily ambushed and slaughtered like animals? When you keep having moles and outlets like SH supporting such moles then these guys will keep knowingly help BH to murder our compatriots in the NA sacrificing their lives so you and I can sleep eyes wide shut at night.

LOL, this is what news organizations like most, reports the odd news first.
CNN,BBC , FOX do this all the time.

SR are popular for breaking the odd news to Nigerians.
Remember Yaradua and his cabinet saga, Abacha saga, GEJs wife saga.

Most Nigerian government officials and journalists give SR this information first hand.
Politics / Re: Man Runs Into GT Bank Thinking He Is Invisible And Begins To Steal Cash. by emmatok: 11:09am On Sep 12
Fake news and old picture
Politics / Re: Reuben Abati Lied by emmatok: 7:56am On Sep 11
django1: I'm watching this thread closely, I want to see how manny4life spins this.

The guy ran away.

1 Like

Travel / Re: 10 People You Will Meet In A "Danfo" Bus by emmatok: 7:55am On Sep 11
purplesummer: Then the lady with the low waist jeans flashing her butt at any body who is plagued with
the misfortune of sitting behind her

That's the worst part.
Politics / Re: Reuben Abati Lied by emmatok: 11:32pm On Sep 10
benardtotti: no mind am! You notice he has disappeared from the thread!

LOL, he come back with another ringtone.
Politics / Re: Reuben Abati Lied by emmatok: 11:01pm On Sep 10
benardtotti: . Find your way to channelstv on youtube and go search for it,after all your d one who is doubting,go and do your due dilligence and if its a lie you can counter this thread.

I just gave him the link lets see how he is gonna spin it. grin


Politics / Re: Reuben Abati Lied by emmatok: 10:55pm On Sep 10

This isn't about GEJ fan or not, I will tell it like it is.

Unfortunately I can't confirm this, post a link to him confessing such... If he did say that, there are million ways to verify such. 547 persons aren't 54 persons; imagine the logistics involved, the coordination, as a matter of fact, who granted 547 persons travel visas?... Please tell me another story.

Post the Channels link, and if he did say that, then I will "calm down" like you have requested... Till then... undecided


Politics / Re: How To Identify A Bokoharam Sympathizer by emmatok: 10:53pm On Sep 09
In football, when the team
you are supporting scores a
goal, you announce it by
shouting goaaal!!. Even your
neighbours who don’t have
Television will know that your team have scored. When
the other team scores, you
keep quiet and those outside
won’t even know that a goal
was scored.
Now this is how you know
the supporters of Terrorism.
When they hear that
terrorists have bombed
Nyanya or Madaballa, they
announce it all over facebook, post
pictures to prove it, source the
net for the most horrible
pictures they can find so they
can spread, all to magnify the
efforts of their team.Even when the authorities say 30
people were killed, they say
its a lie, and claim it was up to
10,000 people. They do
everything to magnify the
efforts of the terrorist.
But when they hear that
Nigerian soldiers have killed 50
terrorist, they keep quiet.
Even when they talk, they
mock the story, arguing it
was exaggerated. Some even ask for evidence . When they
hear that a terrorist have been
arrested or extradited, they
keep quiet, mock the efforts
of the security officers and
try to diminish their efforts.
Some have made themselves
Boko Haram Public
Relation Officers. While the
military is struggling to
spread information and inspire
people,create hope and encourage their men at the
fronts, Boko Haram won’t
even spend money and some
people will spread their evil
gospel for free, create panic,
spread fear and gradually paint a picture of
hopelessness source ACHEKWU BUNZA fb

Normal blackmail from people who can't reason well .
Politics / Re: Battle Of Ex Governors! Bukola Saraki And Peter Obi Knock Horns As They Battle F by emmatok: 9:39pm On Sep 08
asadike: Bukola saraki,pls what happend 2 savannah bank or do u want enterprise bank 2 go d way of savannah bank?

Savannah bank is now Heritage Bank
Politics / Re: Emperor AdeMusiwa not lier,50 Cities not lag,Ibadan Incountry of Western Nigeria by emmatok: 12:08am On Sep 08

another Western nigeria city , not the one above and not Lagos or Ibadan

The second one is OSHODI -OKE, looking at the roof of the electronics market.
Politics / Re: Sahara Reporters Spreading Propanganda For The Enemy,they Deserve Punishment by emmatok: 9:37pm On Sep 06
Afroconnect: It is now clear in the eyes of every sane Patriot to his homeland that Sahara reporters is working for boko haram and their sympathizers.

Let us take a cue from the way the Egyptian government used their laws on Aljazeera and locked up journalists from the station caught in egypt spreading falsehood and propaganda.

Nigerian government should use our laws to fight off our enemies-Sahara reporters should be banned and any of their staff caught should be arrested,they re peddling falsehood with an agenda of toppling th government/cauding chaos in Nigeria that will lead to the loss of millions of life.

We need to ban Sahara reporters from our territory.

When the same SR was busy fighting Yaradua, Abacha,and OBJ you probably sleeping.
Now SR is unpatriotic because they are giving us the true pictures of.things in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Prof. Itse Sagay To Ihejirika(must Read) Pics by emmatok: 7:58am On Sep 05

Yes because he fits the profile after saying that it was the 13% oil derivative that rendered the NE poor causing BH to rise

Ok let's get this right.
Devis is wrong For mentioning Ihejirika, but he is right for calling SA Sherif and SL Sanusi.
I sense Hypocrisy here .


Politics / Re: Prof. Itse Sagay To Ihejirika(must Read) Pics by emmatok: 7:44am On Sep 05
And when the same man mentioned SA Sherif and SL Sanusi. You believe him.


Politics / Re: My Adventure To ELEWE ERAN. By Falola Ahmed.. Pls Read! by emmatok: 9:01pm On Sep 04
SLIDEwaxie: I expect a comment for someone with brain and not a toddler like u..

If you are pained, change ur school and get a life!

Apart from medicine and law, OOU is a complete joke!

Allow Saburi (the new VC) to work and allow the govr some slack!

And abt comprehensive reasoning, u are so damn dumb dt u didn't knw that I dnt av to go on a one way traffic with u!!

And like u asked, my farming business is working just fine.

If must knw, I'm just planning to go into plantain plantation by next year. Land already acquired at ago iwoye. And the cassava farm is prospering,

The different btw u and successful people is common sense. There's nutting that concern u and my farming business, and people who knws that balotelli is crazy but an asset understood that business is diff from other things!

If by chance you leave school and cldnt get a job on time, contact me and I'll help u start up a little farm. Ur backyard won't be a bad starting point.

If u're pained, leave school or go die!

Did you bother to read the post at all.

What has all this got to do with illegal detention of the young man

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