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ISIS And Nigerian Hostages
by wellmax. 7 posts & 448 views. 4:12pm On Feb 25 (leofab)
Israel turns Off Power To Thousands Of Palestinians In The Dead Of Winter
by akanke79. 1 post & 187 views. 12:28pm On Feb 25 (akanke79)
Is This Real:ronaldo Pictured Holding "GEJ2015" Placard Endorsing Jonathan
by Aksunrise. 7 posts & 220 views. 11:07am On Feb 25 (Seaen)
I’m Ashamed Of My Country, I’m Ashamed Of My President And I’m Ashamed Of Myself
by moneybag100. 9 posts & 309 views. 11:07am On Feb 25 (Appleyard)
The Covert Origins Of ISIS
by ArtanK. 7 posts & 312 views. 10:05am On Feb 25 (ArtanK)
Join Nigerian Pan-african Organization In The Commemoration Of Malcolm X!!!
by BlackRevolution. 3 posts & 160 views. 4:14am On Feb 25 (barwaaqo)
Two Nigerians Arrested In Ghana For Joining Protest March (1) (2) (3) ... (48) (49) (50)
by Wale112. 1609 posts & 13238 views. 2:37pm On Feb 24 (stantoche)
Boko Haram Does Not Exist!!!!
by MandingoII. 1 post & 189 views. 1:38pm On Feb 24 (MandingoII)
North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un Has A Hilariously Terrible New Haircut - See Pic! (1)
by Tvaddict. 49 posts & 1357 views. 10:39am On Feb 24 (Syphax)
Boko Haram Invades Northern Cameroon, Kills 90 Civilians (1) (2) *
by okiezman. 67 posts & 13614 views. 11:46pm On Feb 23 (mustymatic)
Nigerian Running For Office In Canada
by auroraequity. 2 posts & 212 views. 7:18pm On Feb 23 (igbo2011)
Japan To Make Couples Go On Compulsary Vacations...to Have More Sex
by soochukwu. 2 posts & 140 views. 6:57pm On Feb 23 (whizbee)
Croatian President, Displays Her Hot Bikini Body At The Beach (1)
by ChynoBEATS. 47 posts & 3163 views. 6:55pm On Feb 23 (Centrifude)
Japan To Send Couples On Compulsory Vacations For Sex
by sinorte. 18 posts & 420 views. 6:39pm On Feb 23 (Centrifude)
Breaking News: A No Fly- Zone Has Been Passed On Libya By Un (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by aguiyi. 171 posts & 3781 views. 4:39pm On Feb 23 (Nairalandinfo)
The Strategic Implications Of The Battle For Debaltsevo (UPDATED)
by NairaMinted. 3 posts & 197 views. 2:19pm On Feb 23 (Appleyard)
Kim Jong-un 'sells 100,000 North Koreans Into Slavery Abroad
by Syphax. 6 posts & 300 views. 9:11am On Feb 23 (ArtanK)
Indian Dies In Lagos After Attack By Robbers
by TALKNG. 8 posts & 227 views. 7:06am On Feb 23 (yomi007k)
Coup Plot In Venezuela Thwarted
by NairaMinted. 4 posts & 225 views. 6:00pm On Feb 21 (marvelousabah)
Us And Nato Troops Abandoned In 'debalselve' Of Death.
by Appleyard. 16 posts & 485 views. 4:58pm On Feb 21 (Appleyard)
American Vice President Publicly Flirts With Woman (photo)
by naijabang. 8 posts & 422 views. 7:38pm On Feb 20 (yeayeah)
Sh*t Just Hit The Fan: ISIS Now In Libya
by GBTYO. 23 posts & 391 views. 6:21pm On Feb 20 (GBTYO)
Nigeria's Oil Will Soon Finish
by executioner. 2 posts & 179 views. 11:53am On Feb 20 (Idrismusty97)
Busted: Kiev Mps Try To Fool US Senator With ‘proof’ Of Russian Tanks In Ukraine (1)
by NairaMinted. 34 posts & 418 views. 10:41am On Feb 20 Nobody
George W. Bush Says He Avoids Criticizing Obama Out Of Respect For Presidency
by ifenadi. 5 posts & 174 views. 5:34pm On Feb 19 (Brymo)
Mars One Mission Selects Final 100 Candidates To Colonize Mars
by saxophonist. 1 post & 179 views. 3:17pm On Feb 19 (saxophonist)
I Will Be Deactivating My Account Very Soon
by hopelink1. 7 posts & 226 views. 11:47pm On Feb 18 (Penssuwa)
Are America Scared Of ISIS?
by AllBusiness. 5 posts & 233 views. 1:21am On Feb 18 (AfroBlue)
George W. Bush Says He Avoids Criticizing Obama Out Of Respect For Presidency
by nigerianvenom. 24 posts & 531 views. 8:07pm On Feb 17 (mrking3)
In The Mind Of Evil
by panafrican. 1 post & 127 views. 3:59pm On Feb 17 (panafrican)
Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive By ISIS (pictures) (1) (2) (3) ... (9) (10) (11) *
by chrisandy100. 379 posts & 30818 views. 10:44am On Feb 17 (ERODEDEAST)
Shocking Photos: ISIS Throw Man Off Tower Block,Stone Him To Death For Being Gay
by msmon. 19 posts & 1253 views. 10:07am On Feb 17 (sostoz)
Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Down ISIS Social Media Accounts (#opisis)
by learnine. 1 post & 215 views. 6:40pm On Feb 16 (learnine)
Online Poll : Should Obama Be Impeached ?
by talktimi. 1 post & 143 views. 6:28pm On Feb 16 (talktimi)
Pictures Of Nigerian Roadside Prostitutes In Italy (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by Babasessy. 311 posts & 85634 views. 10:04am On Feb 16 (Cooloo11)
Breaking News: Most Silent Mps In Kenya Report By Mzalendo Trust
by jaldesa. 1 post & 179 views. 9:52am On Feb 16 (jaldesa)
Muslim Terrorism Is Fake, A Perspective From Australia
by yeahjulian. 6 posts & 327 views. 8:01pm On Feb 15 (Appleyard)
Old Woman Schools Isis
by akanke79. 2 posts & 181 views. 3:47pm On Feb 15 (charix)
Africa, A Continent In Limbo
by muhsin. 5 posts & 231 views. 7:56am On Feb 15 (muhsin)
A Nairalander's Experience-liberian Civil War (1)
by nedu2000. 53 posts & 786 views. 5:34am On Feb 15 (nedu2000)
Will Nigeria Welcome UN Troops on Its Soil To Fight Boko Haram?
by panafrican. 11 posts & 342 views. 12:26am On Feb 15 (barwaaqo)
Go Back To England, Mugabe Tells White Settlers (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by borga112. 196 posts & 19197 views. 12:20am On Feb 15 (barwaaqo)
BREAKING: Uniformed, Armed American Caught On Camera In Mariupol
by NairaMinted. 24 posts & 700 views. 12:00am On Feb 15 (Appleyard)
Punches In South Africa Parliament
by AfroBlue. 6 posts & 349 views. 5:00pm On Feb 14 (sostoz)
Putin Crushes Bbc Smartass
by Appleyard. 24 posts & 459 views. 4:26pm On Feb 14 (EVarn)
Ukraine’s Military Commander: No Russian Troops Are In Ukraine
by NairaMinted. 10 posts & 300 views. 12:03pm On Feb 14 (slex)
How To Obtain EACC Self Declaration Form In Kenya (leadership And Integrity Act
by jaldesa. 1 post & 165 views. 10:17am On Feb 14 (jaldesa)
Did You Know That The CIA Once Tried Using Cats As Spies?
by UncleSnr. 4 posts & 221 views. 9:06am On Feb 14 (UncleSnr)
President Mugabe Becomes AU Chairman
by panafrican. 29 posts & 453 views. 6:44am On Feb 14 (ArtanK)
In China Imams Forced To Dance In Public, Swear Never To Teach Children Islam
by kindas. 5 posts & 400 views. 12:18am On Feb 14 (ggrin)
ISIS Sneak Into Iraqi Base
by filiks. 1 post & 159 views. 7:16pm On Feb 13 (filiks)
Nigeria Global Pan-african Group Invites All To 50th Commemoration Of Malcolm X
by BlackRevolution. 1 post & 146 views. 6:27pm On Feb 13 (BlackRevolution)
Why Perish In Poverty When Wealth Is Allyours? Call +2348140840827
by ILLUMINATIAGENT. 1 post & 141 views. 5:26pm On Feb 13 (ILLUMINATIAGENT)
Wealth, Power, Fame All At Your Door Step
by ILLUMINATIAGENT. 1 post & 134 views. 5:13pm On Feb 13 (ILLUMINATIAGENT)
by Mrprofit. 1 post & 124 views. 2:30pm On Feb 13 (Mrprofit)
Obama On Break
by panafrican. 1 post & 131 views. 1:58am On Feb 13 (panafrican)
Zionazi Defeat Now Inevitable
by AfroBlue. 3 posts & 229 views. 12:44am On Feb 13 (birdman)
Egyptian Court Orders Release Al-jazeera Journalists
by superior1. 5 posts & 151 views. 7:07pm On Feb 12 (superior1)
Ukraine Ceasefire Deal Reached Aftermarathon Minsk Talks
by Onyi42. 1 post & 138 views. 6:05pm On Feb 12 (Onyi42)
Is Peace Or War At Hand? — Paul Craig Roberts
by NairaMinted. 3 posts & 165 views. 1:05am On Feb 12 (Appleyard)
Sa Ready To Join Nigeria To Fight BH (1)
by sostoz. 51 posts & 937 views. 10:30pm On Feb 11 (sostoz)

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