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'We Faked It,' Top Obama Official Stabs Him In The Back With Huge Admission
by OLAADEGBU. 6 posts & 306 views. 8:04am On May 13 (OLAADEGBU)
Anti-Trump Communications Specialist For U.N. Arrested In NYC For Robbery
by OLAADEGBU. 7 posts & 122 views. 8:03am On May 13 (OLAADEGBU)
What Hilton Griswold Did At The Opening Of A Senate Meeting Shocked The World
by tboneybone. 2 posts & 89 views. 6:42am On May 13 (pressplay411)
Massive Ransomware Infection Hits Computers In 99 Countries
by OLAADEGBU. 1 post & 68 views. 4:44am On May 13 (OLAADEGBU)
Trump Threatens To Cancel Briefings; Spicer Back At Podium
by uniquealdehyde. 2 posts & 97 views. 3:14am On May 13 (rose54321)
World War III Inevitable, Be Prepared!!!
by wasol. 6 posts & 262 views. 3:11am On May 13 (hothead)
16 Facts You Dont Know About Gaddafi
by jodababa. 14 posts & 183 views. 8:13pm On May 12 (Ikio)
by enimooko. 3 posts & 79 views. 7:11pm On May 12 (olureignforever)
National Assembly In Deep Shock, As Female Senator Exposes Her Breast During Ple
by mcebisco03. 7 posts & 638 views. 6:23pm On May 12 (psucc)
Robert Mugabe Facing DOWNFALL As Plot To Get Rid Of Dictator Gathers Pace
by SirL0neWolf. 2 posts & 88 views. 4:23pm On May 12 (AbuEzeFemi)
Top 25 Military Powers In The World
by Lilimax. 6 posts & 186 views. 3:57pm On May 12 (whitebeard)
Mugabe Spokesman Claims Mugabe Not Always Sleeping, "Resting Eyes".
by Symphony007. 2 posts & 33 views. 11:58am On May 12 (Omagago)
Here Are Some Of The World's Young Leaders
by tspouse. 2 posts & 107 views. 11:22am On May 12 (mansakhalifa)
Trump Admits ‘this Russia Thing’ Part Of Reasoning For Firing James Comey
by stingged. 1 post & 52 views. 11:19am On May 12 (stingged)
Rest In Pieces:2,500-year Old Mummies Stored In Yemen(Graphic Photos)
by cristianisraeli. 5 posts & 168 views. 10:52am On May 12 (cristianisraeli)
China's Spending $500 Billion To Reshape The World In Its Image
by MyNation. 5 posts & 148 views. 10:22am On May 12 (ifyan)
Fired FBI Director James Comey's Goodbye Letter To Staff Revealed(photo).
by Explorers. 12 posts & 448 views. 9:54am On May 12 (SammieLowkey)
Filipina Joins Israeli Army Unit That Rescued Her Grandmother
by cristianisraeli. 4 posts & 100 views. 9:29am On May 12 (whitebeard)
Mugabe Protecting Eyes, Not Asleep: Aide
by kelechiodo. 3 posts & 83 views. 5:09am On May 12 (kelechiodo)
What Trump Is About To Do Will Shock You
by MrPRevailer. 21 posts & 673 views. 4:53am On May 12 (Lucasbalo)
Japan Sends Biggest Warship To Protect US Supply Vessel (1)
by cristianisraeli. 33 posts & 644 views. 12:50am On May 12 (Appleyard)
Nukes On Parade
by panafrican. 1 post & 92 views. 12:05am On May 12 (panafrican)
Timeline: Trump's Words Contradict White House Answers On Comey Firing
by darol4real. 1 post & 46 views. 11:38pm On May 11 (darol4real)
Graphic Photos From The Scene Of Paris Terrorists Attack (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by jonhemma11. 274 posts & 84537 views. 9:22pm On May 11 (AlphaStyles)
The Women Who Beg To Be Whipped To Show Their Love:(Graphic Photos)
by cristianisraeli. 16 posts & 328 views. 7:15pm On May 11 (Hati13)
Christian Governor Is Jailed For Two Years For Blasphemy Against Islam
by Mrchippychappy. 8 posts & 234 views. 3:55pm On May 11 (ollah1)
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe 'not Asleep Just Resting His Eyes'
by thinkmoney. 1 post & 49 views. 3:47pm On May 11 (thinkmoney)
When The Cold War Came To Africa: Photographs Show Us-backed Troops Fighting
by cristianisraeli. 5 posts & 161 views. 3:00pm On May 11 (Zoharariel)
US President Trump Is Working As Benefit Rolls At 28-year Low Jobless Confirmed
by danchiwasco. 1 post & 77 views. 2:24pm On May 11 (danchiwasco)
Are These Facts True About Europe's Leaders?
by slivertongue. 2 posts & 122 views. 2:18pm On May 11 (Appleyard)
African Voodoo | The Plight Of Child Witches In Africa
by bondito2016. 1 post & 34 views. 1:50pm On May 11 (bondito2016)
Brazilian Footballers Who Survived Colombian Plane Crash Disaster
by cristianisraeli. 4 posts & 51 views. 1:47pm On May 11 (cristianisraeli)
Education Sec. Devos Booed During Commencement Speech
by Alphasoar. 1 post & 27 views. 1:45pm On May 11 (Alphasoar)
My Wife’s 24 Years Older Than Me, So What? French President-elect Asks
by jona4real92. 2 posts & 135 views. 1:08pm On May 11 (MrBrownJay1)
Norwegian Prince Breaks Protocol As He Dabs At Royal Birthday Celebration (photo
by faseblex. 4 posts & 190 views. 1:04pm On May 11 (space007)
How To Apply For A Aadhar Card In India?
by tushargoyal357. 3 posts & 183 views. 11:36am On May 11 (Pranalisharma)
Here's An Interesting Fact About The New French President You May Have Missed
by Thisis2raw. 1 post & 89 views. 11:34am On May 11 (Thisis2raw)
The US Military Has Killed Abdul Haseeb Logari, Leader Of ISIS In Afghanistan (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by themonk. 200 posts & 46440 views. 8:52am On May 11 (Ikio)
Former FBI Director James Comey Home In Virginia After Trump Firing (PHOTO)
by reporterslab. 8 posts & 1000 views. 8:45am On May 11 (Dgunnerz)
Donald Trump Sacks FBI Director For Investigating Trump's Link With Russia(pics)
by broseme. 5 posts & 123 views. 8:21am On May 11 (Alleviating)
Russia's President Putin, The Most Powerful Man In The World
by stingged. 10 posts & 232 views. 7:43am On May 11 (seunny4lif)
US And South Korea Preparing An “arab Spring” In North Korea?
by Streetcurb. 2 posts & 235 views. 2:03am On May 11 (acenazt)
Journalist Arrested: Right Or Wrong?
by panafrican. 1 post & 33 views. 1:13am On May 11 (panafrican)
North Korea On Obama, Clinton, Kerry, And Former South Korean President
by panafrican. 3 posts & 87 views. 12:35am On May 11 (HsLBroker)
Opponents Leak ‘NUDE PICS’ Of Woman Running For PRESIDENT In Rwanda - 18+
by donqx. 11 posts & 351 views. 12:25am On May 11 (beckNcall)
Emmanuel Macron Addresses The International Obsession Together With His Wife’s
by patrick6971. 1 post & 90 views. 10:22pm On May 10 (patrick6971)
See The Letter That Terminate James Comey's Appointment
by kinibigdeal. 3 posts & 73 views. 9:25pm On May 10 (DeadlyViper000)
Vladimir Putin Shows Off Russia's Terrifying Firepower As 10,000 Soldiers
by cristianisraeli. 10 posts & 385 views. 9:05pm On May 10 (SalamRushdie)
Mexico Was Second Deadliest Country In 2016
by RevolverOcelot. 3 posts & 105 views. 8:26pm On May 10 (DozieInc)
Top Interesting Facts About The Newly-Elected French President, Emmanuel Macron
by gensteejay. 2 posts & 78 views. 7:19pm On May 10 (gensteejay)
My Wife’s 24 Years Older Than Me, So What? French President-elect Asks - Punch
by farem. 6 posts & 163 views. 5:07pm On May 10 Nobody
91-Year-Old Queen Elizabeth Driving Herself In Her Jaguar (Photos) (1) (2) (3) *
by noetic5. 115 posts & 50246 views. 4:43pm On May 10 (bestpunterever)
Top Interesting Facts About The Newly-elected French President, Emmanuel Macron
by Opinionated. 5 posts & 74 views. 4:10pm On May 10 (maclatunji)
French Far-right MP Marion Maréchal-le Pen, Has Said She Is Quitting Politics
by Ojabe. 2 posts & 69 views. 3:03pm On May 10 (enimooko)
UAE Plans To Drag An ICEBERG From Antarctica To Provide Drinking Water
by cristianisraeli. 9 posts & 269 views. 1:48pm On May 10 (cristianisraeli)
Iran News Update: Iran’s Election Campaign Heats Up As Presidential Poll Nears
by eventsms. 1 post & 60 views. 12:32pm On May 10 (eventsms)
Like Buhari, Mugabe Jets Out For Medical Check-up In Singapore
by Fonereporters. 14 posts & 116 views. 11:18am On May 10 (mansakhalifa)
Trump In Trouble For Sacking FBI Boss Comey
by NAIJASHOWBIZ. 4 posts & 142 views. 10:49am On May 10 (beamtopola)
Erdoğan To Palestinian Pm:'protect Jerusalem Against Attempts Of Judaization'
by cristianisraeli. 5 posts & 105 views. 10:18am On May 10 (cristianisraeli)
Barack Obama's Presidency In Fascinating Photos By Pete Souza. (1) (2) (3) ... (11) (12) (13) *
by Explorers. 418 posts & 53110 views. 10:03am On May 10 (ourleader)
Robert Mugabe Flies To Singapore For Checkup
by iceboy4752. 1 post & 81 views. 9:40am On May 10 (iceboy4752)
BREAKING: Trump Fires FBI Director Comey
by KENNING2010. 2 posts & 79 views. 9:07am On May 10 (HsLBroker)

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