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Famous Quotes Of Donald J. Trump - President Elect
by phenase. 2 posts & 108 views. 2:13pm On Nov 15 (kingwax7007)
200 Day Plan -TRUMP
by Forex2020247. 2 posts & 144 views. 1:45pm On Nov 15 (dunkem21)
Ghanaians Are About To Vote For Change
by MatthewDoyin. 1 post & 44 views. 1:41pm On Nov 15 (MatthewDoyin)
Trump Win Sparks Riots Across US As Crowds Burn American Flag And Chant 'not Our
by Orunsolu01. 8 posts & 316 views. 12:53pm On Nov 15 (Orunsolu01)
Trump To Forgo Salary As US President
by olusola009. 4 posts & 126 views. 11:50am On Nov 15 (BashMe1)
Lemme Keep It Here, I Am Coming
by abuayman. 1 post & 42 views. 11:15am On Nov 15 (abuayman)
America Is Bleeding
by BashMe1. 1 post & 63 views. 11:12am On Nov 15 (BashMe1)
Pictures And Stories Of The Victims Of The Orlando Mass Shooting (1)
by masonkz. 64 posts & 977 views. 11:06am On Nov 15 (adebuzz)
Hillary Clinton Chance To Be USA President
by ANNOY. 8 posts & 165 views. 10:38am On Nov 15 (samsono30)
Nigerians Speak Out On Donald Trump’s CRAZY Election Victory
by laraxxx. 2 posts & 75 views. 10:13am On Nov 15 (hahn)
See the Woman Who May Defeat Trump By 2020 To Become First US Female President
by KingEbukasBlog. 30 posts & 701 views. 9:33am On Nov 15 (blueAgent)
Teenage Photos Of Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (1) (2) (3) *
by Cornerstone99. 115 posts & 58026 views. 9:19am On Nov 15 (Cornerstone99)
Trump Names White House Chief Of Staff And Chief Of Strategist
by Adextaiwo48. 6 posts & 203 views. 4:53am On Nov 15 (Lucasbalo)
Canadian Island Offers Refuge To Americans If Trump Gets Elected
by EnlightenedSoul. 17 posts & 834 views. 4:23am On Nov 15 Nobody
3 Body Gestures That Prove Obama And Trump Don't Like Each Other
by vicraven. 7 posts & 453 views. 3:04am On Nov 15 (Donshegxy10)
Watch Donald Trump Insult CNN Anderson Cooper To His Face...
by OLAADEGBU. 3 posts & 397 views. 1:58am On Nov 15 (OLAADEGBU)
Trump Isn't Ideological, I've Concerns For His Presidency - Obama
by SkytrendNews. 2 posts & 240 views. 1:26am On Nov 15 (Emassive)
Who Had To Go :-) - Photo Of The Decade !
by scully95. 3 posts & 79 views. 12:43am On Nov 15 (romme2u)
BREAKING: I’ve Concerns About Trump’s Presidency — Obama Breaks Silence
by Femiolu2000. 4 posts & 170 views. 11:19pm On Nov 14 (Paulgracious)
Trump Set To Immediately Deport Three Million Illegal Immigrants
by james669. 3 posts & 72 views. 11:14pm On Nov 14 (panafrican)
US To Revote On December 19th
by Successdude. 11 posts & 266 views. 9:46pm On Nov 14 (abduljabbar4)
Trump On SCOTUS: I'm Fine With Same-sex Marriage
by Bitterleafsoup. 15 posts & 285 views. 9:28pm On Nov 14 (Bitterleafsoup)
What Barack Obama Brought To Politics
by SAHACO. 2 posts & 130 views. 9:05pm On Nov 14 (adeowo84)
Trump: No 'big' Vacations, No Salary As President
by Joel3. 5 posts & 181 views. 8:00pm On Nov 14 (Bossontop)
Awful Mother Kicks Her Young Child Out For Voting For Trump
by mkoolayinka. 2 posts & 118 views. 5:58pm On Nov 14 (Itulah)
Who Is Donald Trump Jr. And His Role In Trump's New Government
by Uchesdiaries. 1 post & 97 views. 5:48pm On Nov 14 (Uchesdiaries)
Serious Tension In America As Obama Orders Investigation Into Election Results
by tolufase. 6 posts & 371 views. 5:22pm On Nov 14 (TheUmbra)
Come To Think Of It,how Did Trump Win Election While Losing Popular Vote? [voa |
by Hollicom. 7 posts & 187 views. 5:13pm On Nov 14 (Onopa)
Trump Set To Deport Three Million Illegal Immigrants
by newsburster. 3 posts & 105 views. 3:58pm On Nov 14 (koladebrainiac)
Native Americans Are Not Complaining
by Pidgin2. 7 posts & 138 views. 2:16pm On Nov 14 (Pidgin2)
Malaysian Lawmaker In Prison For Disclosing Classified Information
by ifeanyihamilton. 1 post & 41 views. 1:53pm On Nov 14 (ifeanyihamilton)
Tv Interview: Trump Talks About Abortion And Same Sex Marraige
by Lebagroup. 1 post & 88 views. 1:51pm On Nov 14 (Lebagroup)
On Not Taking Vacations And Not Accepting The Salary
by Orikinla. 1 post & 35 views. 1:04pm On Nov 14 (Orikinla)
I Won’t Collect Salary – Trump
by kolaish. 1 post & 108 views. 12:02pm On Nov 14 (kolaish)
Queen Elizabeth Ii Husband Accidentally Flashes joystick(pic)
by Symphony007. 31 posts & 4657 views. 11:55am On Nov 14 (kevinberry)
BOMBSHELL!!! Donald Trump Vows To Overturn Gay Marriage Says It Is Ungodly
by givenbiznews. 18 posts & 683 views. 11:55am On Nov 14 (TrapSoul)
Benjamin Netanyahu Backs Bill To Stop Mosque 'noise
by thebestprice. 1 post & 69 views. 11:45am On Nov 14 (thebestprice)
Obama Chooses Greece Over Nigeria In Final Snub
by igbodefender. 5 posts & 518 views. 11:18am On Nov 14 (bonechamberlain)
South Korea’s Historic “one Million People Protest” To Oust Washington’s Puppet
by ka0s. 2 posts & 68 views. 11:16am On Nov 14 (snezBaba)
Does Hillary Clinton Really Have Something To Hide?
by ItuExchange. 2 posts & 61 views. 11:12am On Nov 14 (Punstar)
Trump Names Chief Of Staff, Chief Strategist
by marryjesus. 1 post & 86 views. 11:09am On Nov 14 (marryjesus)
Zimbabwe Drops Charges Against Cecil The Lion Hunter
by onedayatime. 1 post & 36 views. 10:58am On Nov 14 (onedayatime)
Mauritanian Clerics 'demand Blogger's Execution'
by onedayatime. 1 post & 32 views. 10:41am On Nov 14 (onedayatime)
Donald Trump Vows To Move Aggressively Says Americans Have - Trudigest.com
by amJoe. 1 post & 44 views. 9:53am On Nov 14 (amJoe)
I Won’t Collect Salary – Trump
by bet9ja. 2 posts & 66 views. 9:42am On Nov 14 (Eastactivist)
"I'll Deport Three Million Illegal Immigrants Immediately & Build Wall -trump
by Urukpe. 11 posts & 188 views. 9:39am On Nov 14 (NgeneUkwenu)
Trump Challenges Africa To Grow Economically!
by fyneboi79. 4 posts & 105 views. 9:30am On Nov 14 (fyneboi79)
Donald Trump Would Be Paid $1 A Year
by entrepreneur07. 3 posts & 82 views. 9:26am On Nov 14 (entrepreneur07)
New Zealand Quake Kills Two; Tsunami Alert Lifted
by Sipcyp. 2 posts & 42 views. 8:58am On Nov 14 (ybalogs)
Did Donald Trump Really Rig US Elections?
by IJOKOSBLOG. 2 posts & 227 views. 3:34am On Nov 14 (omofela85)
Old Photo Of Donald Trump Will Give You Hope
by Jobdrillers. 3 posts & 637 views. 12:34am On Nov 14 (Bari22)
Trump : America Not Planning On Deportation.
by cornoil. 3 posts & 164 views. 11:22pm On Nov 13 (ojdollars)
What Obama And Trump Have In Common Is ...
by panafrican. 1 post & 41 views. 11:06pm On Nov 13 (panafrican)
Trump Selects Reince Priebus As White House Chief Of Staff
by michellhilton. 2 posts & 75 views. 11:02pm On Nov 13 (realglobe)
Had Hillary Won
by panafrican. 1 post & 49 views. 10:58pm On Nov 13 (panafrican)
New Balance Burned For Praising Trump’s Trade Stance - Vanguard
by Tunexclusive. 1 post & 53 views. 10:53pm On Nov 13 (Tunexclusive)
Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring Investigation Into Election Results; Revot
by elose. 4 posts & 220 views. 10:52pm On Nov 13 (dunkem21)
The Electoral Triumph Of Donald Trump. By Sir Don Ubani, Okwubunka Of Asa.
by mecedonia. 1 post & 48 views. 10:28pm On Nov 13 (mecedonia)
Obama's Last State Of The Union Address: What To Expect
by panafrican. 1 post & 29 views. 10:21pm On Nov 13 (panafrican)
Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring Investigation Into Election Results
by Danfuster. 6 posts & 169 views. 10:15pm On Nov 13 (awelekiti)
Trump Didn't Say He Would Deport Nigerians
by ruxxz. 1 post & 46 views. 10:11pm On Nov 13 (ruxxz)
Can The Electoral college vote Change The winner of U.S election?
by Dildo. 2 posts & 112 views. 9:36pm On Nov 13 (jimcollins136)

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