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Politics / Re: INEC Okays Manual Accreditation Due To Issues With Card Reader by free2ryhme: 4:28pm On Mar 28
Let the rigging begins

But God pass PDP

Sai buhari

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Politics / Re: Attention: Ward 022, Ejigbo Lagos Is Being Rigged by free2ryhme: 4:22pm On Mar 28
Na wa ooo
Politics / Re: EFCC Freezes Father Mbaka's Accounts - Daily Independent by free2ryhme: 5:32pm On Mar 26
Breaking news: EFCC freezes all Father Mbaka Accounts

By Ifeoma Ononye

Senior reporter, Lagos

The information reaching us from Enugu says Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) have frozen all accounts of well known Enugu based reverend father Ejike Mbaka.

According to our source who was present at Mbaka’s Wednesday adoration Mass for the sick and needy, the reverend while giving his sermon narrated to his congregation how he went to withdraw money to buy food items for the poor masses that moved down from north because of the election, but to his surprise his cheques were returned.

When he enquired why he could not make any withdrawals, he was told EFCC has directed his accounts to be frozen. He stated that the commission is also inviting him to EFCC office in Port Harcourt for questioning.

The Reverend guessed the order may have been from President Goodluck Jonathan to cripple his activities during the elections that is coming up this weekend.

He further stated that he is not scared but in order to be cautious and not fall victim of assassination, he will not honor the invitation from EFCC. “They have threatened to arrest me at the cathedraticum which will take place at holy ghost cathedral, Enugu.

I won’t fail to be there on Friday” he said

The source who gave his name as Benjamin disclosed that President Goodluck is lucky that it is just one day to the election before the EFCC issue with father Mbaka cropped up. “the situation Would have messed him up”

Another ardent follower of the popular Mbaka adoration confirmed the story. But we could not get the father to confirm the story himself.?

SOURCE: http://dailyindependentnig.com/2015/03/breaking-news-efcc-freezes-father-mbaka-accounts/

if true then dis is bad
Phones / Analysts Brace For Blackberry To Post Worst Quarterly Sales In 9 Years by free2ryhme: 12:09pm On Mar 26
Referring to BlackBerry’s hardware sales as “empty calories,” Goldman Sachs is wondering if the company should be making phone at all. BlackBerry CEO John Chen is certainly pondering the idea of the enterprise becoming a software and services company.

UBS is outright saying BlackBerry should exit the hardware space. Other money-types will be listening very carefully to BlackBerry’s fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal 2015 results, and 2016 forecasts on Friday.

Estimates are floating the BlackBerry will post revenue of $790 million for the fourth quarter, which is 20% lower than the same period last year, and the worst sales number since 2006. Wall Street also expects net revenues to be written in red ink this time around.

One of the demons BlackBerry is contending with is that many of its sales are arguably being deferred to the next year, a result of a delayed debut of the BlackBerry Classic, both directly from BlackBerry and carrier partners in various markets. Quarterly sales of as many as 400,000 BlackBerry Classic smartphones will be an item for Warterloo’s first-quarter fiscal 2016 calendar, not terrible, but it does not help in the here-and-now where Morgan Stanley says as few as 8,000 BlackBerry Passports and Classics have sold combined, though that is still up for debate.

It does not help that BlackBerry’s margins on hardware are so lean it washes out other areas where the company is arguably positioning itself to make more money, such as software. BlackBerry CEO John Chen will be talking a lot about the road ahead for software and other services it hopes to monetize, like BlackBerry Messenger.

Is this death knell for BlackBerry? No, but it reignites suspicions about the company’s relevance in the hardware space, an issue that John Chen has been working furiously to turn around. Could these numbers, and as a result investors, make BlackBerry reconsider its plans to release “several” new phones in 2015? That is a distinct possibility


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Education / Re: Federal University Of Otuoke In Pictures by free2ryhme: 6:50pm On Mar 24
Which secondary school be dis
Celebrities / Re: Rapper MI Acquires 2015 Mercedes G-Wagon to Celebrate 100k IG Followers (Photo) by free2ryhme: 6:48pm On Mar 24
He bought this vehicle to celebrate instagram followers?

We no be fools nah!

Did IG followers contribute the mOney for the vehicle
Politics / Re: See The Restriction Of Movement Issued By The Police On The Election Days by free2ryhme: 6:38pm On Mar 24
Politics / Re: NDI-IGBO: APC Promises Toll-Free 2nd Niger Bridge by free2ryhme: 1:32pm On Mar 24
Free keh! I doubt if dey made dat promise in tinubuz presence. Apc! Liars!

Jonathan has been deceiving your people for the past five years and approved the comPletion on paper of the second niger bridge

Ibo people too smart but easily deceived

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Religion / Re: I Have Repented From GAYISM, Jesus Be Praised by free2ryhme: 1:12pm On Mar 24
hmmm maybe, maybe not. Lets leave it to God to decide. Remember the woman who was brought to jesus, caught in act of fornication, christ said"i do not accuse you, go and sin no more".

-he dnt rebuke her nor did he cast out demons from her, as his popular for. So is homosexuality demonic?, is fornication and adultery demonic?.

So where exactly do the twenty first 21st century Christians, get there notion from. Cause jesus was mentally sane n balanced.

This is not a case of accusation

Guy I don't need u to tell me who is devil when I am looking at one
Romance / Re: Am 29 And Am Scared Of Marriage! by free2ryhme: 1:08pm On Mar 24
Am scared of the idea of stucking with one woman for eternity,forever, for the rest of my life.

and we all know a woman will never show Her true colour until she is in, what if she Is a nagging woman am I going to live with that for eternity,forever, for the rest of my life? Am sure that man won't hit 50years.

Am scared!!!!!!

You think we will have pity on you becos u are scared of marriage? U must be out of your mind.
If you like marry oor not it will nvr be our business.

Go get a job
Romance / Re: Help!!! He Is Turned On By Ladies with Stretch Marks !!! by free2ryhme: 10:19am On Mar 23

A friend of mine that i met recently can die for ladies with stretch marks and asked me if I could get him a lady with stretch marks.l was able to get him one and was rewarded handsomely but the relationship didn't work out
. This guy is stinking rich and is well educated with a degree in Sociology.. His current girlfriend .mehn ..all covered in stretch marks and he loves her like his life.
My people is this normal ,can a man be turned on or love women with stretch marks?? How can I help my friend from this awkward behaviour??

Why u dey lie just to make frontpage
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Governor Akpabio Collapses, Rushed To UK Hospital by free2ryhme: 5:17am On Mar 23


The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godwill Akpabio
reportedly collapsed yesterday at a function in the
state and rushed to an undisclosed hospital in the
United Kingdom, newspunch.org has exclusively

This is following the defection of former governor
of the State, Victor Obong Attah from the ruling
Peoples Democratic Party to the opposition All
Progressives Congress. Attah publicly endorsed the
APC candidates in the State, despite being a BoT
member of PDP

Since the governor’s collapse, his close aides,
family members and the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP has been keeping the news from the
reach of the media. But, a source, close to the
governor, but who pleaded anonymity confided in
newspunch.org that the governor collapsed
yesterday and had since be rushed to an
undisclosed UK hospital

Developing report…. details later.

how come moderators allow this rubbish to hit frontpage
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Meet Ghanaian Actress Who Is Two Times More Endowed Than Nicki Minaj by free2ryhme: 4:27am On Mar 23
uhm ....not hating or anything...just she looks dwarfish... plus something doesn't seem ryt wit the shape...

is nicki minaj not dwarf
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Got A Job! Thank U Speedaccess. by free2ryhme: 4:11am On Mar 23
I was browsing last week when i came about d recruitment firm online. I called I was asked to come down to dia office at Ojodu Berger.
I was given different type of test including verbal reasoning which u did well in each test.
I was asked to give them a week but bfor d week ran out I was called for an interview with a firm around ojodu Berger. That same day among the pple that went for the interview I was d only taken for that post.
Make una follow me thank God o.
The Lord will do it for u guys too IJNA.
Thank u speedaccess.

pure scam attracting traffic

don't be too desperate to be fooled

his stories don't even make sense

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Politics / Re: BREAKING!!!: Lee Kuan Yew Is Dead!!! by free2ryhme: 3:52am On Mar 23
91 year old former prime minister of Singapore , Lee kwam yeew just passed away few minutes ago as a result of pneumonia. He had been bed ridden since the month of July before finally giving in to the terrible disease.


Religion / Re: I Have Repented From GAYISM, Jesus Be Praised by free2ryhme: 11:58pm On Mar 22
gay folks have more jesus, then you. Look into the church in Nigeria very well the gay practical run the church, secretly and in denial. Too bad they see the church as an Avenue for penance.

gay is devilish and demonic
Celebrities / Re: Adokiye Pictured In Bed With Two White Men by free2ryhme: 10:14am On Mar 22
Virgin has now bin a title abi?

Useless lots

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Religion / Re: I Have Repented From GAYISM, Jesus Be Praised by free2ryhme: 9:42am On Mar 22

Satan I cast you too! grin

You spirit of lies and deception I plunge you deep into the abyss of 7th level hell fire! grin

Now, can I get an AMEN from the house? grin

You indeed operate with spirit of lies and deception. Its obvious your manipulations will never succeed here

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Religion / Re: I Have Repented From GAYISM, Jesus Be Praised by free2ryhme: 7:11am On Mar 22

There is no such thing as 'repentance' from homosexuality. Anybody who claims to have been 'healed' is merely deceiving himself. Truth be told, homosexuality and heterosexuality are variations of human sexuality, which are nature's expression of the ever divergent continuum of human diversity. Extensive research has shown that even so-called gay-to-straight reparation therapy does not work. The attraction of the human body is intrinsic in that you are born with it and it stays with you till you die.

Some people are won't to equate homosexuality to sexual activity, however, just like heterosexuality, homosexual people are attracted to members of the same gender both emotionally and sexually. You cannot change the fundamental part of your human attraction. Do not deceive yourself when you think you are 'healed' of homosexuality. Know this: while you can succeed in suppressing your attraction to the same gender, you cannot eliminate it. Subsequently, you cannot increase your desire for the opposite sex if your sexuality is 100% homosexual, except you are bisexual in the first place. You are not the first person towing this path. Hundreds of thousands of young men and women have towed the direction which you are taking and most have had to learn to love themselves the hard way. You wouldn't think that Kenny Bradmuse, 10 years ago when he married his wife, thought that he was 'cured' of his 'sickness' and the 'issue' was settled once and for all only for him to embrace himself 10 years after, after realizing he could no longer keep deceiving himself?

The environment which you find yourself in might be exceedingly disapproving, however you have to remain strong. Be yourself, love yourself for who you are, and always know that you were created for a purpose for God does not make mistakes.

PS: some of you might not agree with me however it is not in your duty to try to attack me for being liberal and standing for enlightenment. I am a liberal person. If you don't agree with me and wish to slander on in ignorance, don't even bother quoting me. Do some research yourself and get enlightened. This is only a tip of the iceberg.

This is the devil speaking through this guy

Satan I cast you out in jesus name. Whom the son of man has set free is free indeed you have no hold over that soul

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Religion / Re: I Have Repented From GAYISM, Jesus Be Praised by free2ryhme: 7:07am On Mar 22
Today I share my testimony with all my friends... i have lived my life deceiving my self to be a Christian, while I only practice it yet live in the world ignorantly, the world and it character push me doing things I never thought can kill me for ever, brethren except a man is born again he can not see the kingdom of God.

I have been in the world but now a changed man, a new creature for the glory of God. I used to smoke, drink, and defile my self with boys(homo sexual), but the Lord open my eyes through a child of God to see no gain in it but death, condemnation. My brothers and sister's let us change if we do such things and embrace Jesus Christ the Savior of all. God bless you as you read and accept the fact that everything is useless but the kingdom of God last for ever.

Your testimony and salvation reMains permanent in jesus name. I bless God for your life and believes that any homosexual and LGBT persons will come to accept Jesus as lord and personal saviour and their actions only plunges theM further to hell.

And that they will find the strength and courage using the power of Jesus name to snap out of the demOnic trance of LGBT placed upon them

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Health / Re: Please Help! How Can I Help Him Stop Smoking Weed? by free2ryhme: 7:01am On Mar 22

will you say that if you had a kid that smokes??..thought christianity preaches love and care, if you dont atleast try to change him, who will..if u dont know how to interpret ur bible or use its quotation in the locus of the context being discussed just shut up!!!

If a man can't change himself u can change him. Any ma that desires chamge will not engage in such evasive lies put up there by the op. If he cnt comE clean himseif that ur efforts is in vain. Acceptance and the self will is the first step in change, using the bible quote is to butress the fact that light and darkness has no connection.

How did she end up with someone who smokes if she has no priority coming from a well brought up background? Since her parents don't smoke she should not negotiate her priorities if she has any. And. Lastly only animAls and insane persons use the word shut up against someone else
Health / Re: Please Help! How Can I Help Him Stop Smoking Weed? by free2ryhme: 7:43pm On Mar 21
A week ago, I smelled something like cigarette on him though I wasn't sure because I've never seen him smoke and he doent look like someone that smokes. As in, no trace of it in him. The smell was so strong that I was forced to ask him.

Me: Did you smoke?
Dele: No, why?
Me: Are you sure?
Dele: No I didn't
Me: But I smell something like cigarette in you
Dele: I didn't smoke

I was so convinced that he smoked but I had no strong evidence to prove that he smoked. The next day, in the afternoon precisely, I perceived that same smell on him which wasn't so in the morning. I was forced to ask again.

Me: You smoked today again. Don't even deny it.
Dele: *Speechless*
Me: I knew you smoked yesterday but I wasn't so sure of what I smelled in you. Today that same smell is on you and its so strong. So tell me, Do you smoke?
Dele: Yes but not cigarette.
Me: What?
Dele: Skunk (don't know if I got the spelling right)
Me: What's Skunk?
Dele: He explained though I didn't understand any of his explanation since I was hearing it for the first time.
Me: For how long have you been smoking Skunk?
Dele: For years. I wasn't like that before not until some circumstances pushed me into the street. Mumsy and everyone doesn't know I smoke. No one knows.
Me: Please I want you to stop smoking. I don't feel comfortable with smokers. How can I help you stop?
Dele: I'm not an addict. I can stop right away.

I was so happy that I thought it was that easy to stop. Right there I believed he had stopped smoking skunk. A day after our discussion, I saw him with something that looked like grinded grass or dry leaf wrapped in a small white nylon. I was so curious to know what it was, so I asked.

Me: What's this?
Dele: Thyme
Me: what kind of thyme is this?
Dele: Its Thailand Thyme. Its used in cooking soup and its also medicinal. When you use it to cook, you will like it.
Me: wow, I will like to try it. Can I have some?
Dele: (This time around, laughing out), its weed ooo.
Me: you mean Igbo?
Dele: Yes Igbo. Its also called Weed.
Me: (Not suspecting he smokes weed too) is it the same Igbo that is being mixed in hair creams?
Dele: Yes but not this one. If you want that one, I will get it for you. This one is being put into tea or chewed. Its medicinal.

Dele explained the medical benefits of taking weed (In tea or chewing). I never knew he smokes weed not until a day he went out with his friends, his eyes was bleeding blood like he was given blow in the eyes. His eye balls were out and scaring. This time around, I walked up to him and asked if he had been smoking and he said Yes. I was furious. He promised to stop smoking skunk but I was surprised when he told me it wasn't skunk this time around but weed. I was so down. He promised to stop again.

Just yesterday, I caught him smoking. He didn't know I was coming. I saw him smoking the white paper. I was heart broken. I was speechless. I ran inside. He came in, he knew I was angry but he didn't know what to say. Not long, he slept off. I searched d whole house. I found wraps of weed in a nylon. I also found some in the varandah under a chair. I threw them into the water closet and flushed them. I placed the wrapper closed to where he will see them. He woke up and saw the wrappers emptied. He asked and I told him I ate them all. He didn't believe but I insisted that I ate them all since that's what he likes doing too. Ever since then, I've been keeping to myself.

I want to help him stop his smoking habit. I don't want him to damage his health due to excessive smoking. I'm afraid if he continues this way, something bad might happen to his health.

Please fellow Nairalanders, I need him to quit smoking, how do I help him stop. Matured advice only.
Thank you.

You can never change a man

If your parents don't smoke and abhor smoking what business do u have dating an igbo smoker

Never be equally yoken with an unbeliever
Politics / (PIC)Lai Mohammed (apc)interviewed Right Now On Inside Story. Aljazeera by free2ryhme: 6:47pm On Mar 21
Lai mohammed being interviewed on Aljazeera right now

Romance / Re: Annoying Replies When Caught Cheating. by free2ryhme: 2:57pm On Mar 21
Which of these replies is the most annoying when someone is caught cheating. ''I can explain'' ''It's not what you think''

It is the devil's hand work
Education / Re: See The Leaders Of Tomorrow In An Exam Hall(pics) by free2ryhme: 2:43pm On Mar 21
The guy no even dey shame self

Why e go shame e thief 200 million dollars or e inflate contract price
Family / Re: How Can A 37 Yrs Old Single Lady Attract Suitors? by free2ryhme: 11:46am On Mar 21
am creating ds thread 4 a friend who is on d verge of desperation.she sought my advice on what else 2 do 2 attract eligible serious guys 2 herself!

Just tell us u created this thread for yourself. Don't hide behind the lie u posted or did u obtain ur friend,s comment and permission to divulge such sensitive information about her

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Current Vacancy At The European Union Nigeria Office by free2ryhme: 11:19pm On Mar 20
Politics / Re: Gmb's System Of Fighting Corruption $ Gej's Which Is Better by free2ryhme: 1:53pm On Mar 20
Buhari promised to kill corruption if elected!


But here is my personal submission.....

buhari can never kill corruption!!!

he couldn't kill corruption when he had absolute power as military dictator,
but think he can do it now as a constitutional president, what a joke!!!

first, buhari do not know how to fight corruption! supposing he did know, Nigeria would have been corrupt free by now, because buhari was once a head of state!

secondly, l prefer Gej's way of fighting corruption to that of buhari!

buhari believes in fighting corruption by jailing people with little or no care on the root cause!

while Gej on the other hand believes in building corrupt free system that can last even when he is no longer there!!

but unfortunately most Nigerians prefer action with no result,

for instant, do you know how many people buhari would have sent to jail because of fertilizer scam without solving the problem itself!
but Gej came in change the corrupt system that have been there for years even to the time of buhari,
But now it is impossible for corrupt people to operate with the new system without making too much noise about it.

and it will forever remain a personal opinion and not a statement of fact


Romance / Re: What Is Wrong With This Picture? by free2ryhme: 1:21pm On Mar 20
Politics / Re: Mimiko Blackmailing Ondo Teachers To Vote Jonathan - Sahara Reporters by free2ryhme: 12:57pm On Mar 20
400 naira and 100 naira

this is the height cry cry
Politics / Re: ”APC To Release Scandalous Documentary Against President Jonathan" FFK by free2ryhme: 11:30am On Mar 20
Femi Fani Kayode, in a new statement released today, has cried out that the APC has hired 3 well known international spin doctors from two western countries and budgeted $2million to produce a blockbuster documentary that slanders President Jonathan and his government. And that they are planning to release the documentary 3 days to the elections.

Read his press release below:

There are three issues that we wish to bring to the attention of the Nigerian Public today, all reflecting the sheer desperation of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to get power.

• One:

It has been brought to our attention by members of the covert and special operations unit of this Directorate that certain unpatriotic steps are being taken by the opposition in an attempt to discredit not just the President, but also his government and indeed our entire country.
As we are addressing you, a scurrilous and utterly baseless documentary and video has been commissioned and compiled by them. It is titled ‘’Nigerians…What Is Going On’’. In the documentary the opposition has listed some areas which they claim reflect the
corrupt nature of the Nigerian people, the nature of the President and the nature of the government that he is heading.

All manner of lies, deceit, fabrication, slander, falsehood and misrepresentation of the basic facts are in thedocumentary. The whole thing is simply an attempt to denigrate the Nigerian people and bring is into disrepute and opprobrium before the International community.

Two million dollars was budgeted for this irresponsible and shameful project and the services of no less than three specialists and well known international spin doctors from two western countries were procured.

These specialists are now in Nigeria to put finishing touches to their project. The whole idea is to perfect the work and then release it to the international television networks and the Nigerian public three days before the elections. I will not go into detail about the contents now but some of the subheadings are as follows:

*$15 million US Private Jet Arms Scandal
*N5 trillion stolen under Jonathan
*N21 billion Pension funds embezzled
*N10 billion private jet scandal.
*N1.6 trillion oil subsidy scandal, and much more.

These are the obvious ones we can talk about here. They have targeted the oil and gas sector in a particularly brutal and shameless manner and they seek to tarnish the name and image of Mr. President and those that run that sector with sleaze, dirty lies, disinformation and unsubstantiated allegations.

Every single heading that we have just listed, plus all the others that we have refused to list here, are not backed up with anything tangible and are devoid of truth and substance. Their foundation are nothing but lies, deceit, falsehood and malevolence and the whole enterprise was put together simply to demonise the individuals concerned, to demonisethe government, to demonise Nigeria and to make the Nigerian people look like a nation of hardened criminals.

The objective of the planned documentary is to incite the people, to destabilise the country and to bring the President into utter disrepute. In order to achieve, these effectively consistent personal attacks will be launched on key government officials.

This documentary, which we consider to be very dangerous, is full of false and irresponsible postulations about what is going on in this country and if it is released in its present form it is capable of setting Nigeria on fire.

We are letting the Nigerian people know about this in good time in order to pre-empt it and we want the opposition to be fully aware of the fact that we know what they are doing, what they are planning, when they were planning it and who is involved. We also know the amount budgeted for this project, who is disbursing the money and what their real intentions are.

We also want them to be fully aware of the fact that even if General Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi or any of them are in their toilets, in their bedrooms, in their covens or anywhere else they may choose to hide and hold their secret meetings, we know what they are doing.

This document was passed on to us by a loyal and patriotic Nigerian who is working with them and who is a key officer in one of their most sensitive and secret cells and covert intelligence units.

This individual was so disgusted at the level of fabrication and propaganda that they were indulging in that he felt that it was important to share the information with us. We commend the courage and patriotism of this person and we assure him of his safety. He made this vital information available to us and we commend him greatly for it.

Finally we want to say that such an irresponsible course will not achieve the objective for which it was set. This government, this country and our dear President will not be destabilised and distracted and Nigeria will not be set on fire.


Again, gentlemen of the media, our attention had been drawn to the existence of an illegal Radio station called ‘’APC RADIO’’ or ‘’RADIO CHANJI’’. This radio station has been broadcasting falsehood, propaganda and inciting comments periodically over the last few days and since inception.

We seize this opportunity to call on the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to set its house in order while ensuring that its rules are followed. We call on them to use all means available to stop this illegal radio station from operating and if necessary to block its illegal transmissions.

The person that is heading this operation is Ambassador Yusuf Mamman, an APC leader and stalwart who has much experience in the world of special ops and disinformation and who has been given millions of dollars to start this illegal radio station.

The objective of the radio station is to serve as a propaganda tool to fight the government after they lose the elections on March 28th. The brain behind the operation is the former governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi who equally founded Radio Kudirat during the days of NADECO when the government of General Sani Abacha was being fought by a number of people in Nigeria.

The opposition know that they would lose the election and after this happens it is their intention to begin to use this illegal Radio Station to incite Nigerians against the government. They seek to create mayhem and cause panic and create a toxic and bellicose atmosphere in which their supporters will be encouraged to slaughter and kill innocent Nigerians whilstthe country burns.

They also intend to use the radio station to incite the armed forces to mutiny. They intend to create a major division and utter chaos within the Nigerian state, using religion and ethnicity, and they will take that opportunity to either call for full blown military intervention or the establishment of an Interim National Government.

It is through the auspices of this illegal Radio Station that they intend to announce members of their planned shadow and parallel government, to nominate their ministers and to then create major crisis in our country.

The truth of the matter is that this will not work. However it is important for the security agencies to arrest Yusuf Mamman and question Kayode Fayemi, Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi and the APC Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari himself on the operation and illicit and dangerous agenda of this illegal Radio Station.

We will not sit back and watch them achieve their objectives. We will not allow them to destabilise Nigeria and we will not allow them to create a parallel government after they lose the elections.


Our sources within the Buhari and APC camp have also revealed to us that Gen Muhammadu Buhari is in a quandary about what to do about the very serious allegations that have been made against Bola Tinubu when it comes to his tenure as Governor of Lagos state and thereafter.

Buhari is said to be overwhelmed by the staggering allegations and compelling evidence that have been documented and exposed in the last few weeks about Tinubu and his closest associates.

Our sources have revealed that Gen. Buhari has resolved that in the event of his winning the Presidential election, he will issue an ultimatum to Bola Tinubu.

The ultimatum will be that either Tinubu would forfeit and give up 50 per cent of the money, property and the illicit gains that he has fleeced and garnered from Lagos state over the last 16 years or he would face the full wrath of the law and be prosecuted for corruption.

It is clear from this that all is not well in the APC’s camp and that their de facto leader, Bola Tinubu and their presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, are on a collision course. These two people and their party simply cannot be trusted with the future of Nigeria.


this FFk smoke something


Crime / Re: Neighbour Insists Murdered Silverbird Staff Was Pregnant For Man Who Killed Her by free2ryhme: 11:30am On Mar 20


my question remains what is this fine girl doing with a married woman when there are countless single men who will be willing to take her as wife

na wa ooo

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