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Sports / Re: Amodu: I Almost Turned Down Eagles Job by free2ryhme: 6:02am On Oct 23
Amodu stop lying

did you not prayed, "father let thy will be done" ?

Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Listed As SUPER FALCONS Players On CAF Website by free2ryhme: 5:42am On Oct 23
africa and their endless mistake. a classical case of not verifying before posting

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Sports / Re: Super Eagles Players Listed As SUPER FALCONS Players On CAF Website by free2ryhme: 5:41am On Oct 23
na wa ooo
Politics / Re: Reps Order Probe Into Killing Of Nigerians In Dubai by free2ryhme: 12:39am On Oct 23
... and Nigerians we queue in the blazing sun to vote for these nitwits angry
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 12:59pm On Oct 21

Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic athlete with prosthetic legs quickly became the figurehead of transhumanism and its “infinite potential”. Last month, he was charged for the murder of his girlfriend. Oddly enough, the slogan of his Nike ad was “I am the bullet in the chamber”.
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 12:48pm On Oct 21

Here’s Pistorius giving the Illuminati One-Eyed salute. Yeah, there’s some occult elite Agenda going on with that guy.
Politics / Re: [See Photos] Fayemi & Wife Spent N100m On Their Bedrooms – Fayose's Aide Claims by free2ryhme: 12:28pm On Oct 21
A state with highest number of professors in Nigeria has one of the highest level of poverty.

Is their professorship a total waste

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Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:51am On Oct 21
After 49 days Judge Masipa sentences Oscar Pistorius to 5yrs in prison for culpable homicide 3yrs suspended for firearm charge
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:50am On Oct 21
Oscar Pistorius is now in the holding cells at the North Gauteng High Court. Will possibly be transferred to Pretoria Central Prison later
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:50am On Oct 21
On charge of negligent discharge of firearm sentenced to three years...suspended for five years
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:49am On Oct 21
Oscar Pistorius family confirm no appeal. they expect him to go to prison from court.
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:49am On Oct 21
Oscar Pistorius has to serve 8 months in prison and could then be eligible to correctional supervision.This could be based on good behaviour
Politics / Re: Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:42am On Oct 21
Oscar Pistorius will need to serve at least 1/6th of the 5 year term before being considered for home detention
Politics / Breaking news: Oscar Pistorius Has Been Sentenced To Five Years Imprisonment. by free2ryhme: 9:37am On Oct 21

Oscar Pistorius holds the hands of family members as he is led away

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been given five years in jail for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Judge Thokozile Masipa also gave Pistorius a three-year suspended sentence for a firearms charge.

The parents of Reeva Steenkamp told the BBC they were happy with the sentence and relieved the case was over. The defence said it expected Pistorius to serve about 10 months in prison.

Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide but cleared of murder.

Prosecutors had called for a minimum 10-year term, and the defence had argued for community service and house arrest.

'Feeling of unease'

Defence lawyer Barry Roux said his client was expected to serve 10 months in prison, with the rest under house arrest.

Dup De Bruyn, a lawyer for the Steenkamp family, told Reuters that "justice was served", although he believed Pistorius would probably serve two years.

Pistorius's uncle, Arnold, said: "We accept the judgment. Oscar will embrace the opportunity to pay back to society."

He appealed to the media to "accept the ruling of court and let us move forward in this process and give us some degree of dignity and privacy".

He said the family would support and guide the athlete as he served his sentence.

The BBC's Nomsa Maseko, outside court, says opinion there was divided on the sentence, with some saying it was too light, others that it was fair.

She says Pistorius will be evaluated over the next few hours in prison to decide where he will be staying based on his disability.

Judge Masipa said she considered her sentence "fair and just, both to society and to the accused".

She said: "A non-custodial sentence would send the wrong message to the community. On the other hand, a long sentence would also not be appropriate either, as it would lack the element of mercy."

Judge Masipa said that nothing she could say or do could bring back Reeva Steenkamp, but "hopefully, this judgment on sentence shall provide some sort of closure for the family".

The judge begun reading her decision by saying there must be a balance between retribution, deterrence and rehabilitation.

She then summarised the evidence brought before the trial. She described the evidence of defence witness and social worker Annette Vergeer as "slapdash and disappointing".

Ms Vergeer had argued Pistorius would be "a lot more vulnerable than the normal man" in jail.

But Judge Masipa said she was sure prisons were equipped to cater for the requirements of a special needs inmate.

She also said she had a "feeling of unease" at what she called an overemphasis on the athlete's vulnerability.

However, she said Pistorius had made an "enormous contribution to society", in his charity work and in changing the public perception of disability.

The judge also said: "It would be a sad day for this country if an impression were to be created that there was one law for the poor and disadvantaged, and another for the rich and famous."

The three-year suspended term was for unlawfully firing a gun in a restaurant, in a separate incident before the Steenkamp killing.

The International Paralympic Committee told the BBC it would not allow Pistorius to run at any of its events for five years, even if he were released early.


Pistorius, 27, an amputee sprinter who became the first athlete to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, killed Ms Steenkamp on Valentine's Day last year.

He says he shot her by mistake, fearing there was an intruder in his house in the capital, Pretoria.

Ms Steenkamp, a 29-year-old model, reality TV star and law graduate, was hit three times by bullets fired by Pistorius through a toilet door.

The high-profile, seven-month trial has captured public attention in South Africa and beyond.

However, despite the sentencing being announced, the case may not be over.

Both the prosecution and the defence have the right to appeal.

The prosecution service said it had not yet decided and the defence has not yet commented.

Celebrities / Re: Ella Mensah Engaged To Oritse Femi:actress Says She’s Getting Married To Him. by free2ryhme: 6:29pm On Oct 19
Ella Mensah Engaged To Oritse Femi:Actress Says She’s Getting Married To him

“I Broke Up With My Ghanaian Boyfriend, Now I’m Getting Married To A Unique Nigerian”

Popular Ghana-born actress Emmanuella Gift Mensah aka Ella Mensah has opened up on her rumoured affair with popular Nigerian singer Oritse Femi.

The actress in a new interview with The Entertainer opens up on what attracted her to Nigeria.
See excerpts from interview below:

Obviously, you are engaged to a Nigerian.

That’s very correct.

Do you share the popular notion among women that virtually all men are unreliable?

The truth is that not all people cheat and I am talking about both men and women; it is individualistic. There are always reasons why people cheat. For instance, someone may tell you that he or she has issues in their relationship but because they are not ready to quit, they do something to keep themselves happy. In the same vain, people always have a reason for staying in a relationship. However, every man has a weakness and it is the same with women. Whatever we have in men, there is its equivalent in women. But in life, once you make a choice, you should be ready to face the consequences; good or bad. Every man is a man and every woman is a woman. It all depends on how you play your cards. As an actress, I travel a lot. So, even if I date a Ghana­ian or a Nigerian, I’m always somewhere outside home and away from my man. Would I ask my man to follow me everywhere? That is where trust comes into play.

So, what at­tracted you to this Nigerian?

Basically my man is unique. Though every man is unique but some are more unique than others; he is a spe­cial man. But as for why I chose a Nigerian man instead of a Ghanaian, you never can predict who you will fall in love with. I had a Ghanaian boyfriend, we broke up and now I’m getting married to a Nigerian. Whether he is a Ghanaian, Congolese, Sudanese or Nigerian doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I love him and I am comfort­able with him. My man is romantic and hot; what more could a woman want in a man?

Would it be safe to de­scribe your current visit as business turned into pleasure since your man is a Nigerian?

That is what it is. I flew here to work. But my man’s presence has made things a lot less stressful. I have done a couple of jobs and more are on the way.

Ella and Oritsefemi met in May

She make sense fa!

Love is sweet
NYSC / Re: FG To Mainstream NYSC Into UN Programme by free2ryhme: 5:49pm On Oct 19
...and you are the first example!

..towards constructive criticism.
Politics / Re: Akin Alabi Joins Politics by free2ryhme: 4:59pm On Oct 19
But who the hell gives a fuccckk angry


That is why he is nigerian

You can get your own form rememeber anyone can vote and be voted for

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Sports / Re: Okocha Annoying Hype by free2ryhme: 4:32pm On Oct 19
It is sometimes very annoying wen some people say Okocha is the best footballer ever, and that he is not recognized becos he is Nigerian.
Some even say he is better than Ronaldinho because he benched Ronaldinho wen dinho was only 20, and was yet to adapt to european football. Y not just say giggs is also better than C.Ronaldo because he benched him wen he was new in Man United or that Guily is better than Messi because he benched messi wen messi was still very young

Yaya toure is an african nd he is leading man city, Eto was Barcelona top striker for abt 4 years and a nigerian also played for barca in the 1990s, mikel(a nigerian) was nearly thorn apart by man u and chelsea, they wanted him badly.. my point is african/nigerian or not, you would be rewarded accordingly and sought after if you are that good. Okocha is jst over hyped

Okocha was overaged and as a smart ibo guy he sharply resigned before it back fired in his face
Family / Re: TWO Years In Marriage!!! The Feeling, The Realization And Surprise. by free2ryhme: 4:29pm On Oct 19
Hello Peep, i need ur advise,, i am married to a woman i tot was of a certain characteristics upon marriage and two years down the line my only source of happiness are the two children (Boy and Girl) we have.

Despite all I do (as bread winner) to please her she is not appreciative, she disrespect me, she doesn't cook for me, she complains too much, she compares me to her father daily even though i have told her her mother has a better character than her that is why her father would do anything to please her.

I am always unhappy becos of her character, i am thinking of seeking divorce.

What do u guys think?

There are several question I would like to ask you

How was her xter before marriage?

Did u both got involve in marriage counselling before Marriage, that's if u are a xtian?

Is her parents aware of your current situation with her daughter and has their been any form of support to resolve it?

What kind of family does your wife comes from?
NYSC / Re: FG To Mainstream NYSC Into UN Programme by free2ryhme: 4:14pm On Oct 19
This post made frontpage and no single relevant comment to the OP 's post. This is one obvious reason why the educational level in this country is the way it is.

And the products are what is been exhibited on this thread.
Celebrities / Re: Every Part Of My Body Is An Asset — Anita Joseph by free2ryhme: 12:57pm On Oct 19
were ni e,why will u quote all because you want to say sth,ha o ga o.

Why the insult?

Must you quote me? Oh, I have seen you since u desire some attention

Now go play with your mates. Scat!
Celebrities / Re: Every Part Of My Body Is An Asset — Anita Joseph by free2ryhme: 12:53pm On Oct 19

u need deliverance. do u hv to quote d whole thing for dis ur one liner?

I can quote an entire wepage if I like becos I use microwave you can't becos u beg phone networks for MB.

This is the difference between me and you.

Poverty mentality
Health / WHO Declares Senegal Ebola-free by free2ryhme: 3:46am On Oct 18
The World Health Organization declared the West African nation of Senegal to be free of Ebola on Friday, a rare success in dealing with a deadly virus that has rampaged uncontrolled in neighboring countries and prompted alarm around the world.

Senegal’s achievement came as the health organization was reported to have internally acknowledged its own stark failure to arrest the disease months ago. The internal document reportedly went far beyond the self-criticism that organization officials have expressed publicly about their response.

The W.H.O. announcement on Senegal officially concluded a monitoring period of 42 days, twice the maximum incubation period for the virus, in which no new infections were found. The last recorded case in the country was a young man who was entering by road from Guinea; he recovered and returned to Guinea last week, the organization announced.

Senegal’s proximity to Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the three countries at the heart of the epidemic, “makes the country still vulnerable to additional imported cases,” the organization said.

More than 4,500 people have died from Ebola and more than 9,200 have been infected in the current outbreak, according to the latest W.H.O. tally posted Friday on its website. The number of cases is still doubling every month.

Still, Senegal’s success in isolating the infection sets an example of good practice at a moment when the organization is trying to strengthen the readiness of 15 other countries in Africa to deal with arriving travelers who are infected with the disease.

The W.H.O., a specialized United Nations agency with its headquarters in Geneva, is responsible for coordinating international responses to contagious diseases.

Dr. Margaret Chan, the director general of the agency, and her top aides have said that all agencies and governments dealing with the Ebola outbreak — including her own — underestimated its severity. But a draft internal document, reported Friday by The Associated Press, uses significantly stronger language in faulting the organization’s performance, citing incompetent staff and scant information.

“Nearly everyone involved in the outbreak response failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall,” the news agency quoted the document as saying.

Tarik Jasarevic, a W.H.O. spokesman in Geneva, declined to comment on the agency’s report and said he had not seen the document. “We will have a time to review how the response has been handled and we will certainly do that but for the time being we want to focus on helping countries make their response as efficient as possible,” he said.

In Sierra Leone, where Ebola’s ripple effects have led to severe food shortages and hunger, the World Food Program and its partners began what they called the biggest single food distribution operation to date.

Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main storyContinue reading the main story
Gon Myers, the program’s director in Sierra Leone, said in a statement that more than 800 tons of food had been distributed to 265,000 people on the outskirts of Freetown, the capital, enough to last them for a month. He said the distribution was meant “to prevent this health crisis from becoming a food and nutrition crisis.”

At the United Nations, Sarah Crowe, the crisis communications chief for Unicef, told reporters after a five-week visit to Liberia that “Ebola has hijacked every aspect of life” and left 3,700 orphans in the affected countries.

In another ripple effect, the United Nations Population Fund said that health facilities overstretched by Ebola threatened the needs of pregnant women, who are afraid to visit clinics or are turned away.

More than 800,000 women in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are likely to give birth in the next 12 months, the agency said.

“The reality is that pregnant women are facing a double threat — dying from Ebola and from pregnancy or childbirth, due to the devastating impact of Ebola on health workers and health systems,” said the agency’s executive director, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin.

Politics / Anenih Loses N500m Libel Suit Against Oshiomhole's CPS, TV Station by free2ryhme: 3:35am On Oct 18
An Edo State High Court sitting in Benin City has dismissed a N500 million libel suit instituted by the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Tony Anenih against the Chief Press Secretary to Edo State Governor and the Edo State Broadcasting Service (EBS).

In a judgment delivered by Justice U.I Erameh in consolidated Suits Nos: B/285/2010 & B/366/2010 between Chief Tony Anenih (CFR) as Claimant and Mr Peter Okhiria (Chief Press Secretray to Edo State Governor), Edo Broadcasting Corporation and Bendel Newspaper Company Limited who are the Defendants, the court refused the prayers of Chief Anenih to declare that a Press release issued on behalf of the state Government in 2010 was libelous and therefore refused the prayer for N500 million damages, among others.

Chief Anenih had sued the defendants, claiming that a Press release issued on behalf of the Government by the Chief Press Secretary libeled him and sought N500 million in damages.

Justice Erameh in her judgment held that the defence of privileged ocassion availed the first defendant (Peter Okhiria, Chief Press Secretary) on the ground that he acted on the instruction of the Chief Security Officer of the State, (the Governor) to educate and inform the public on security happenings in the state and that such statement was made by the Chief Press Secretary in his official capacity as the spokesman of the government of Edo State and as such he could not be held liable for libel because statement made on privileged occasion
are a defence to libel.

The Judge added that prior to the publication of the press release in issue in the consolidated suits in respect of the bomb scare incidence at the premises of Edo State House of Assembly and Edo State Broadcasting Services , there was serious security tension in the state and as such the publication was necessary in order to keep the public abreast with the security situation on ground in the state.

The court however entered judgment against Bendel Newspaper Company Limited for failure to defend the suit and awarded minimal cost against the 3rd Defendant (Bendel Newspaper Company Limited).
However, Bendel Newspaper Publishing Company had sought to defend the suit before the judgment by filing all the necessary court processes but his Lordship refused the application to defend the suit on the merit on the ground that they failed to enter appearance timeously.

The State Solicitor-General, Wole Iyamu esq said Bendel Newspaper has already filed a notice of appeal and stay of execution against the said judgment as it concerns Bendel Newspaper Limited.

The Court awarded N50,000 cost against Chief Tony Anenih in favour of the Chief press Secretary and Edo Broadcasting Service.
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor was represented by Stanley Omeike Imhanruor Esq, of Femi Falana (SAN) Chambers while Edo Brodcasting Service was represented by O.A Otamere, esq. Chief Tony Anenih was represented by Chief Alfred Eghobamien (SAN).

Sports / Re: Ebola: Morocco Will No Longer Host 2015 Nations Cup by free2ryhme: 3:12am On Oct 18
We should not blame them from withdrawing their hosting right because they put the safety of their citizens first before other things. This should be a way to do things. Life is very important than football.

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Phones / Apple Sim allows you to choose a service plan from any participating providers by free2ryhme: 3:01am On Oct 18

Apple unveiled new gadgets on stage today, but they didn’t discuss one of its most interesting new innovations – the Apple SIM. As detailed earlier by TechCrunch, the new SIM card lets you switch between participating carriers, which include AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the U.S., and EE in the U.K. So far, those are the only carriers who have signed on, but Apple is likely hoping more follow suit once they see customers appreciate a choice in short-term data providers.

It works by allowing you to choose a service plan from one of the participating providers without having to go to a store, show ID or even get off of a tarmac at an airport – so long as you have a signal. That’s a huge advantage even in the U.K., where signing up for a pre-paid data plan is as easy as using a vending machine just outside the gate of your arriving flight; it still represents more friction than waking up your iPad and choosing a plan, even if only because you have to physically remove and swap SIMs.

As for the carriers not on Apple’s list of supported providers, there’s no technical barrier preventing them from participating – Apple is very clear that there’s only one model of cellular iPad this time around, with enough LTE bands to cover most networks in most markets. It’s much more likely that the reason players like Verizon are holding back is that they’re reluctant to hand over so much customer control to Apple, even if it is in the relatively contract-free world of iPad data plans. The problem is more the precedent, in a market that’s already showing signs of potentially moving to favor pre-paid, bring-your-own-device arrangements.

Apple is only shipping the Apple SIM with new iPads with cellular connectivity, but the company will also be offering ‘replacement’ Apple SIM cards in store for $5 each, which conceivably means that others not already using them will be able to take advantage for older devices. If Apple does indeed offer them to anyone who comes into a retail location looking, that could quicken the pace at which new carrier partners see the light and sign up.

As others have pointed out, as of right now the Apple SIM isn’t a huge threat to the existing smartphone sales model – contract subsidies are too attractive to customers. But ultimately, Apple is almost certainly hoping to replace the physical Apple SIM with a software solution built directly into devices; in fact, it was working on such a plan back in 2010, before that was axed by opposition from a coalition of European carriers in particular.

Starting with a more flexible version of the existing hardware SIM that works only with data-limited devices like the iPad is a good way for Apple to get its feet wet with similar ambitions, and the plus side for its design department is that an in-built SIM removes the need for a SIM tray, which my editor Matthew Panzarino points out should make one knighted British designer very happy.
Family / Re: DEATH OF Bode Thomas PORTRAYS PRIDE kills, humility spares(A True Life Story) by free2ryhme: 2:58am On Oct 18
food for thought
Family / Re: Which Of Yr Parent Is The Strict One? by free2ryhme: 11:16pm On Oct 17
as they say, its impossible for the both parents to be strict, one is usually less strict than the other


my father is the strict one
the disciplinarian

my mother is as cool as ice
shes only strict when it comes to the opposite sex
my father is kinda shy abt relationship issues tongue

well the apple didnot fall far from the tree
Education / Re: Court Upholds Ban On Use Of Hijab In Lagos Public Schools by free2ryhme: 11:10pm On Oct 17
No hijab, no vote!
we cannot come out of purdah.

rag head dafts


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