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Religion / Re: Nigerian Prophet Gives 2015 Prophecies, by free2ryhme: 3:04pm On Dec 20
I term 2015 as a year of Total Victory and
Glory. The way you pray now in 2015 will
determine how glorious 2016 will be.
1. We must pray that there will be election
in 2015. I foresee problems coming before
the election that may stop the election.
What God revealed to me is there will be
no election in 2015 if we do not pray to
avert it.
2. I see serious violence errupting,we must
pray now against the return of military to
power. I see the military taking power by
force amidst violence.
3. I am repeating this again,the military is
secretly planning to return to power. I see
a new leader in a military uniform. We
need to pray to avert this.
4. We must pray seriously against war in
Nigeria. We must pray seriously so that
nothing hinders the coming election.
5. If at all there will be election in 2015,I
see President Goodluck jonathan returning
as president.
6. President Goodluck Jonathan is the last
PDP president.
7. I see APC winning seventy percent(70%)
of the seats but i see PDP taking the
8. If at all there will be election,APC will
claim to have won the presidential
election and will drag PDP to court
9. APC will accuse President Goodluck
Jonathan,PDP and INEC for rigging the
election in favour of President Goodluck
Jonathan,but the court will give it to
Goodluck jonathan.
10. There shall be a cry for a re-election.
11. There will be massive rigging here and
12. If there will be election in 2015,there
will be gross and manipulative conducts in
the election.
13. Four northern states will not take part
in the election due to terrorist attacks.
14. I see an unknown person(christian)
rule lagos.
15. Power tussle between two major
16. There will be a carefully planned plot
against President Goodluck Jonathan to
harm him.
17. INEC guide your offices,i see bomb sent
there! Guide your offices.
18. President Goodluck jonathan has a
good agenda and plan for Nigeria but the
evil and dirty pigs around him are messing
up his work,thereby making him a victim
of public shame.
19. Rotimi Amaechi be careful and
prayerful against troubles.
20. Owelle Rochas be very careful. You wil
be betrayed by APC.
21. Tinubu,your health. Please check your
health. I foresee disagreement between you
and your mentee,fashola.
22. Desmond Elliot,God has remembered
you. Be more prayerful,and rely not on
human strenght.
23. We should pray seriously against break
24. Nigeria will eventually become the
pride of the World.
25. Our airports are porous. Security
should be tightened.
26. Enugu pray,pray for your land. Pray
for your women.
27. Lets pray for our heroes,icons,elder
statesmen/women against sudden death.
28. There will be massive arrests and
imprisonment of human right activists.
29. Total change of cabinet.
30. Electricity will be stable in Nigeria
come 2016.
31. In 2015,the mighty will fall.
32. Confusion between Nigeria and
33. Unusual kidnappings.
34. Many ritualists,kidnappers will be
35. Massive deaths.
36. In 2015,the die hards will be
crushed,the untouchables will be touched.
37. Triple bomb explosions will rock major
cities in Nigeria.
38. Building collapse.
39. Sporadic killings,fire raging and
burnings in public places.
40. I see the ibru family in court again.
The bank issue not over..trying to re-claim
41. Bank reforms on going.
42. Serious rainfall at the middle of the
43. Strange wind blowing off
roofs,building collapse.
44. ASUU you’re getting more
corrupt,beware of trouble.
45. There shall be huge laughter and
celebrations in many homes.
46. Massive restoration.
47. This would be a year of divine
encounter with God for many.
48. Many homes will experience divine
49. A year of total recovery and
50. What you lost shall be restored.
51. Many witches/wizard/cultists shall be
exposed,disgraced and judged by God.
52. Forgotten dreams will be actualized.
53. Some difficult situations shall receive
quick and instant answers to prayers.
Many will be car owners.
54. All hope is not lost for the
jobless,many shall find miracle jobs.
55. Sudden promotion beyond imagination.
56. A sincere cry to God will be speedily
57. Those considered barren shall be
mothers of twins and triplets.
58. If you want to see God more,pray more
this year.
59. There shall be instant judgement of the
wicked and instant promotion for the just.
60. There shall be angelic visitations and
61. Those close to God in 2015 will
experience total victory.
62. Every act of honesty will be rewarded
this year.
63. For holy people,they will experience
unusual dimensions of grace and power.
64. Nollywood still pray for your
members. Pray against deaths for your
members,also top musicians and
65. Pray against scandals that will affect
them internationally.
66. A particular artiste will be accused of
67. Some will also be arrested for
smuggling drugs.
68. God says many are into
lesbianism,homosexualism and occultism
for fame and power. Unless you come
together and cry to God in repentance,you
will be in open shame.
69. Pray against heartbreaks in
relationships,divorces,sicknesses and
70. God says some are into covenants with
the devil and presently experiencing the
consequences. Unless you repent and cry to
God,more will keep going.
71. Many occultic churches/ministries and
preachers will be exposed and disgraced.
72. Ritualists parading themselves as
preachers but are kidnappers,defilers and
ritualists shall be exposed.
73. Mind where you go for prayers. I see
one collapsing and dying in a church and
that will lead to serious allegations.
74. Some ministries/churches will gain
international recognition. I see God using
them to perform unusual miracles that
will stand them out.
75. Mighty revival explosion in Auchi.
76. This is a warning to those who talk
recklessly against anointed men/women of
God. This year make sure you don’t try it
as God’s judgement will come suddenly on
people this year. Whatever you don’t
understand,it is better to keep quiet and
pray instead of criticizing or insulting
preachers. May your destiny not be cut
short in Jesus’ name. God will defend his
servants this year…
77. Revival will emerge in CAC. God is
raising an evangelist like Apostle joseph
78. God says Assemblies of God,Nigeria
will come out from its present crisis. God
will thoroughly purge and weed out all
fake prophets and then finally restore all.
The government should consider the
following areas and effect changes where
A. Education: This should be taken
B. SECURITY: Ensure that people are
safe,propertiessafe too. This will encourage
investors to come.
C. Create avenues for job security for
school leavers and job seekers.
D. ELECTRICITY: Citizens,investors need
E. AGRICULTURE: Encourage citizens to get
involved in this. Support those in need of
finance to do this.
youths to invent things with supervision.
Celebrate our locally made products and
promote it by exporting them rather than
importing things every now and then.
G. Allow individuals to excercise their
human rights without harrassments from
the police etc.
H. Stop all forms of corruption starting
from the top to the least government
I. Allow each state to manage its resouces
to the best of their abilities. Every state
should be allowed to have storage centres
where their resources are stored and
managed for the betterment of their states
and people. Some percentage could be
remitted to the Federal. This will make it
easier for states to grow and manage their
resources effectively hereby removing
unecessary burdens on the Federal.
79. China and Japan unsafe yet from
earthquakes and natural disasters.
80. Russia be warned or you will be
reduced to dust.
81. Some parts of USA will be hit by
natural disasters.
82. More international plane crashes.
83. More missle strikes in palestine from
Israeli soldiers.
84. Haiti will be remembered again.
85. Syria be warned.
86. Ghana your president should be
careful of betrayals from unfriendly
87. Cameroun more road constructions
and economic change.
88. Uganda,God’s glory shall dawn on you.
89. I see God intervening in kenya.
90. After series of violence in. Egypt,there
will experience rest steadily.
91. There shall be a massive yearning for
92. Lawlessness in parts of Europe.
93. Scientific breakthroughs.
94. There will be more inventions in 2015
95. The issue of terrorism shall become a
major concern to be handled.
96. South Africa your country needs
serious prayers against more deaths. Your
leaders have turned away from God.
Repent now and God will heal your land.
97. Jacob Zuma,i see people accusing your
government and policies. I see serious
allegations against you that could threaten
the peace there. Many are against your
return to power.
98. Efforts should be made in South Africa
to stop kidnapping and robbery especially
at the airports.

by apostle ogochuku amaukwu

is there any prophecy for corruption to reduce in 2015 and jobs for the teeming unemployed youths I just dey ask ooo

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Career / Re: Lagos Workers Get 15% Salary Bonus For December by free2ryhme: 3:02pm On Dec 20
this xmas are go sweet for some people ooo


Politics / Re: Enough Of The Excuses, Resign If You Cannot Perform – Tinubu Fires At Jonathan by free2ryhme: 1:40pm On Dec 20
Failure has no excuse and Jonathan is a failure


Politics / Re: Enough Of The Excuses, Resign If You Cannot Perform – Tinubu Fires At Jonathan by free2ryhme: 1:40pm On Dec 20
The Lion of Bourdillon has spoken



Romance / Re: 5 Places Where Not To Chyke A Lady by free2ryhme: 1:39pm On Dec 20
Celebrities / Re: Soso Berekon Flaunts His New #100note On Instagram by free2ryhme: 11:11am On Dec 20
Soso Berekon the manager of Five star music flaunts his bunches of New #100 note which was just released yesterday on Instagram... flaunt yours here if you have gotten yours

money wey no reach beggar buy kola

it was the same way with N5, N100, N50, N20 N500 when it was initially launched
Celebrities / Re: (Photo)-John Okafor (Mr Ibu) Takes Selfie With Ruth Kadiri And Nkem Owoh. by free2ryhme: 7:29am On Dec 18
Beautiful selfie from comedians
Nairaland / General / Re: Police Bans Use Of Fireworks (Banger) In Lagos by free2ryhme: 3:10pm On Dec 16

Like I didn't read this your comment!
Something meant for your safety, and you didn't even hesitate to rain curse.

Safety u say?

I shake my head for your ignorance

How Many properties or lives did u destroy when doing fireworks?

Boko haram and corruption and ritualists and bad leadership has taken the lives of innocence nigerian and. None was fireworks related

How many did the sole called nigeria police ever get to solve

You better close your mouth and face your front
Nairaland / General / Re: Police Bans Use Of Fireworks (Banger) In Lagos by free2ryhme: 2:49am On Dec 16
na so dem wan spoil xmas for children ooo

well sha God dey

as dem deny people this little enjoyment for this hard time Na so there own go lost amen


Celebrities / Re: Chika Ike Turns Secondary Virgin, Says She's Going Celibate by free2ryhme: 2:11am On Dec 16
from lindaikeji to frontpage undecided


Education / Re: Nigerian Law Graduate Makes History In The University Of Reading UK (Pictured) by free2ryhme: 2:07am On Dec 16
anoda linda ikeji frontpage material
Celebrities / Re: 4 Popular Nigerian Showbiz Stars Die In 4 Days by free2ryhme: 10:45am On Dec 15
This is so sad
Celebrities / Re: Surulere! Patoranking Reveals He Used To Be A Bricklayer And Rat Poison Seller by free2ryhme: 10:39am On Dec 15
It was good he channeled his God given talent properly

Celebrities / Re: Toolz Stuns In New Look As She Heads For The Headies 2014 by free2ryhme: 9:33am On Dec 15
like ur sisters

Since this is you then it is a pic of desperation
Celebrities / Re: Toolz Stuns In New Look As She Heads For The Headies 2014 by free2ryhme: 9:22am On Dec 15
Hope she isn't in the category of ladies you mentioned.. Let's get the statistics well. 1.If you sell you whole entire family and property, it can't still buy this lady. 2. She belongs to the illustrious Oniru family of Lagos island whose wealth has no boudary. 3. She aint cheap born with silver spoon, breed with silver spoon. 4. I don't know if urs is wooden actually.. But get with it....... When you see people, you just don't comment anyhow bout dem.. Pls go and drink Coke you have short memory.

Royalty don't seek cheap attention there money no fit but oba of benin handkerchief
Politics / Re: Irate Youths Hurl Stones At Mimiko, Accuses Him Of Corruption by free2ryhme: 8:38am On Dec 15
All the corrupt politicians the end is almost near

Change is coming

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Politics / Re: Irate Youths Hurl Stones At Mimiko, Accuses Him Of Corruption by free2ryhme: 8:37am On Dec 15
We are getting there next will be jonathan and the others


Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Photo: Man Arrested With 104 Bags Of Marijuana In Cross River by free2ryhme: 8:30am On Dec 15
Thugs and area boys must high dis election period ooo

Make dem let the guy go
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Photo: Man Arrested With 104 Bags Of Marijuana In Cross River by free2ryhme: 8:29am On Dec 15
The guy wants to sell during the election abi dem no wan make e hamMer lol
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: I Killed My Boss Because I Needed 150,000 Naira For Dubai Trip-motor Boy by free2ryhme: 7:57am On Dec 15
Money the root of all evil
Celebrities / Re: Toolz Stuns In New Look As She Heads For The Headies 2014 by free2ryhme: 7:15am On Dec 15
If u she her face to face you go disagree With this photo painting here

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Celebrities / Re: Toolz Stuns In New Look As She Heads For The Headies 2014 by free2ryhme: 7:14am On Dec 15
Attention seekers would do anything if possible go Unclad. Na becos say na naija we dey some ready do. Am


Celebrities / Re: Toolz Stuns In New Look As She Heads For The Headies 2014 by free2ryhme: 7:12am On Dec 15
What do u expect from cheap ladies
Politics / Re: Rochas Okorocha Asked To Apologize To The Igbos For Losing APC Primaries by free2ryhme: 7:08am On Dec 15
A chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South-East, Osita Okechukwu, has accused Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha  of allegedly gambling with the chances of the Ndigbo to bargain for Vice President slot  in the 2015 general elections, noting that his (Okorocha) failure contributed in weakening that opportunity.

Okechukwu, who is the spokesman of APC in the South-East,  in a press statement Sunday stated this while reacting to Governor Okorocha’s statement after his failed bid to get the presidential ticket of the party.

According to him, “His Excellency’s statement is one of self denial, for rather than apologizing to Ndigbo for his gambit, which made Ndigbo to lose the national chairmanship of the APC, placed us in a weak position to vie for Vice President, he is regrettably justifying the unjustifiable.

“One had thought that as a leader he could had placed the collective interest of Ndigbo above his Nollywood show, since he is quite aware of the position of the party as regards zoning.

“For the avoidance of doubt, in a South East Caucus meeting at His Excellency, Dr Ogboninya Onu’s residence at Abuja in July, 2014, some of us agreed that he is eminently qualified to vie for presidency, but given the prevailing understanding that the presidency is going North, we should vie for chairmanship and vice president slots, waiting for the next 8 years when it is coming South.  He refused and boasted that he is going to win the presidential primary.

The question I asked myselve here is Do they think Okorocha has got the National muscle to win the primaries in the first place? Who dey decieve who here?

This is not about being ibo it is more of one man's selfish selfcentredness


Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: 18-Year-Old Cultist Arranged The Gang Rape Of His 16 Year-Old Girlfriend (Pic) by free2ryhme: 7:05am On Dec 15
Space booked
Politics / Re: Why FG Is Reluctant To Reduce Petrol Price by free2ryhme: 6:50am On Dec 15
Agitators who expect the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to reduce the prices of petroleum products may be disappointed, as investigations have shown that it is not currently being considered.It was learnt that the considerations of the federal government is that what should have been a direct benefit to consumers as a fall-out from the crash in the prices of crude oil in the international market has been lost to the devaluation of the Naira.

The Central Bank recently devalued the Naira from a long-standing N155==$ 1 to N168==$1, owing to pressures on the currency at the foreign Exchange market.The Petroleum Products Pricing regulatory Agency, PPPRA, claimed in its Thursday, December 11, 2014, that it was buying products from foreign refineries at the rate of N171.36 ==$1. PPPRA’s Pricing Template indicated that as at Thursday, its Offshore Nigeria Price stood N78.67 per litre and a Landing cost of N88.90 per litre. When all distribution margins and other costs are added to the landing cost, Expected Open Market Price got to N104.39 per litre, thus still leaving the federal government with a subsidy of N7.39 kobo.

State actors claimed that the federal government now needed much more Naira to buy the products which should have cost consumer more but for the reduction in the cost of crude , as well as, subsidy it pays on the products.Brent prices have fallen to about $ 70 per barrel, with industry experts forecasting further fall to as low as $ 50 per barrel in the months ahead. Products prices across several countries around the globe have been cut by marketers in countries like the United Kingdom where the prices have been deregulated. In that country, ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburry have reduced petrol prices by at least 2 per litre, bringing prices around 112 . 7 per litre.

Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka also officially cut their petroleum products’ prices, some by as much as 6 per cent. The federal government while responding to the development in the international crude oil market has cut 2015 subsidy budget to about N 458.68 billion, down from N 971.14 billion in the current Fiscal Year. It has also reviewed downwards it oil price benchmark twice to avoid being caught napping in the crashing oil prices scenario.

It originally proposed $78 per barrel of oil for the 2015 budget, but later revised to $73 per barrel and lately $65 per barrel. Agitation for the a cut in prices of petroleum products have been mounting with Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, last week, criticizing the federal government over its reluctance towards reducing the pump price of oil from the current N97 per litre, after a significant decline in crude prices.

The Governor spoke while addressing hundreds of youths at the Lagos State After School Graduation Development Centre, AGDC, IGNITE Employability Project 5, Ikeja. His words, “Now, we should be enjoying cheap fuel if the price of oil has dropped globally. And even as we import the product, a major component has reduced in price. While this has reduced, the pump price of fuel in the country still remains the same. Something is wrong. “If the price increases in the country when the price of oil goes up globally, then it should also reduce when the price of crude oil drops. “I am not an economist but I have some logic and common sense to ask critical questions. For instance, if one buys flour at N10 per kilogram, and the bread is sold at N1 per loaf, if the price of flour drops, the price of the bread should also change”.

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has also joined the agitation by calling on the federal government to reduce pump prices of petroleum products in line with falling crude prices in the international market as has been done by other countries. General Secretary of NLC, Dr Peter Oso-Eson, told journalists midweek that NLC was worried prices of products have remained static. According to him, ”The area that worries us very seriously is that crude prices are falling. In order countries, what that is immediately translating to, is that the price of petroleum products and pump head is coming down. In the United States, in the last one month, the price of a gallon of petrol, has come down from $3 to $2, in response to this price adjustment. In our country, we are not allowed to enjoy that benefit.

What government is doing is that in order to shore up its naira revenue, it has gone to devalue excessively, the naira; $13 devaluation in one day, and then a continuous process of depreciation. “What that does, is that, because we import petroleum products largely, the gains from the falling price of crude which ought to translate to consumers, is prevented by that devaluation; because, by devaluing the cost of the head price, it might even increase. ”We say that that is wrong and the benefits of the falling price of crude, must be translated to Nigerians. Therefore, going forward, we want a situation in which the pump of petrol and other petroleum products should actually be adjusted downwards.”

- See more at:

Jonathan okonjo and deziani are thieves

Never did they make decisions in the interest of the masses

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Nairaland / General / Re: Fuel Scarcity Looms As Oil Workers Threaten Strike Action From Tomorrow by free2ryhme: 6:24pm On Dec 14
God help this country

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