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Religion / Re: Morality Demands A Moral Law Giver by harakiri(m): 6:03pm On Aug 03, 2015
what's the different between atheists and freethinker ? If you chose to be an atheist, its your choice , God will not override your freewill it is the holy spirit that will convicte you of your wrong doing. Shallom.

FREETHINKER: Acknowledges the abnormalities and inconsistencies of religion thus in search of truth and enlightenment.

ATHEIST: Some (not all) have gone through the free thinker phase and concluded religion is nothing more than man-made hogwash.

While telling "delusiongirl" that god will forgive her (for daring to have doubts of spoon fed religious trash), you should go on your knees begging the remaining 49,999 gods of other religions round the world that werent brought to your ancestors during the slave trade era. In retrospect, all your ancestors who died before the slave trading missionaries brought christianity must be rotting in tartarus...er..i mean hell fire coz they never knew the christian god. Thumbs up for a loving god.

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Religion / Re: Morality Demands A Moral Law Giver by harakiri(m): 5:17pm On Aug 03, 2015

For starters ,its not every atheist that assumes a big bang theory as an explanation for evolution and some really dont care e.g me. In the same vein a lot theists support the "rock and slime" theory (as you put it). Bottom line is atheists have no religious beliefs.

Talking about morality, IMO its subjective to what society depicts at the time e.g the bible and koran are filled with so many disturbing commands from the so called "almighty" god that would make the likes of shekau look like saints else how do explain abraham hearing voices (dementia) ordering to sacrifice his only son (first degree murder,aggravated assault,inflicting bodily harm) or how to explain the people of isreal hearing voices (mass dementia) ordering them to maim/kill/slaughter EVERY man,woman and child (genocide,war crimes galore).

In today's world such atricoties are not taken lightly yet its acceptable in the "good book" and you see men of fraud making examples of these blood lust fairytales with the mentally depraved church sheeple nodding their thick blocked heads in approval.

I dont need to read a book in order to know murder is wrong. Not only is it against the law but all blood shed (in my opinion) is wrong and that includes animals.

Nigeria ranks among the top most religious countries in the world(if not the first). Can you lie to yourself and claim Nigeria ranks among the top 50 on the "morality index"? You ought to know better.

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Religion / Re: Questioning The Implausibilities (giving Reason A Chance) by harakiri(m): 12:26pm On Aug 03, 2015

I'll save this and show it to that mountain of fire guy, who wants to convert me by force, telling me I'm too young to go to hell. This guy looks at me with the most pitiful eyes have ever seen, like a convict on death row.

Sometimes I feel like planking sense into his skull.

Showing this to bible thumping delusionists is pointless. Why? Anything to you show/prove to them which threatens to burst their fantasy bubble will be misinterpreted as an attempt to "convert" them to atheists. At best utilize whatever info you come across (such as this johnny article) as a defense when the brain dead zombies heckle you with their demented normad goat herder fairytales rather than use it "offensively" .

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Religion / Re: Religious Section Amazes Me!!!!!!! by harakiri(m): 11:44am On Aug 03, 2015

If the slave traders hadnt brainwashed your ancestors with christianity (or islam) the concept of heaven,hell,bible,spirits and all other hogwash would sound nonsensical to you to say the least.

And for the dullards who say atheists hate "god"...perhaps its you who needs to expand your horizons and realize that there are atheists in europe and asia who have been non religious all their lives and have not suffered the great misfortunate of being force fed normadic goat herder stories about virgins giving birth in mangers or feeding a whole 5,000 people with a measly 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish or men walking on water or men being swallowed whole by fish(or is it whales) without being chewed up nor digested for three whole days. NO! Such people suffer the agony of being forced to PRETEND to believe such nonsense all in a bid to appear "normal" and avoid being ostracized by a brain dead society such as ours. That being said...would you say these people hate "god"?

A year or two ago a lady on this forum commented that she would rather marry a kidnapper,armed robber or ritualist than an atheist....wow! Atheists indeed must be the worst people on earth. The people looting Nigeria's resources,sponsoring militant terrorist groups,raping little girls and married women alike are ALL "god fearing christians and moslems" but atheists are the worst people right? The typical average Nigerian utilizes every opportunity given to them to either oppress or repress others e.g armed forces,govt parastatals etc yer atheists are the greatest problems on earth. A lot of you bible thumping delusionists can NEVER aid a dying relative financially yet you find nothing immoral about giving twenty times the amount that relative needed to church as tithes and offerings.

You hypocrites really make me sick

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Religion / Re: People that died as a result of thunderstorms is it supernatural or scientifical by harakiri(m): 10:29pm On Apr 25, 2015
The day my people accept natural phenomena as it is will be the day....

Lightning kills people
Floods kill people
Landslides kill people
Earthquakes kill people
Tornadoes kill people
Hurricanes kill people
Volcanic eruptions kill people

Must every single thing be attributed to the "spiritual"? These scammers called pastors have done a big number on the fragile brains of my people.
Fashion / Re: When Fashion Becomes Demonic (pic) by harakiri(m): 10:15pm On Apr 25, 2015
See what religion does to people...a couple of snake designs on a pair of boots now equals "demonic". If you are the type who is fanatical about the illuminati then you would never drive a car or use any currency...but you dont have the nerve now do you?

Holier than thou creeps!!!

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Religion / Re: Atheists Can't Find The "Missing Link"! by harakiri(m): 9:18pm On Apr 25, 2015

You can introduce yours to porn stars!

Do i need remind you that a lot of porn stars are CHRISTIANS!

Religion really dumbs the mind.
Religion / Re: How The Universe Was Created And Who Created It, Disproving Atheism by harakiri(m): 9:11pm On Apr 25, 2015
Your inconsequential opinion has been
duly noted and subsequently discarded as incognizant.

Coming from that empty vaccum you call a brain, i'm of the opinion that you believe you just made a statement that makes sense.
Religion / Re: How The Universe Was Created And Who Created It, Disproving Atheism by harakiri(m): 9:08pm On Apr 25, 2015
Shut up angry

You have nothing meaningful to contribute than tell me to "shut up"? YOU SHUT UP!!!
Religion / Re: How The Universe Was Created And Who Created It, Disproving Atheism by harakiri(m): 5:53pm On Apr 25, 2015
Thank You sir.

Dont thank me. Thank the slave traders who not only enslaved your forefathers but also enslaved their minds plus the minds of their future generations as well e.g YOU. Ever asked yourself if you would be christian today if you were born in kuwait or malaysia? My guess is nil...not everyone's brain is wired to think outside the box.


Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 5:47pm On Apr 25, 2015

This was the same mo.r.on that is asking to show my jamb score as proof that I am intelligent.

Bros, we really have a serious dearth of intelligence and an epidemic of idiocy in this land.

Religion / Re: Atheists Can't Find The "Missing Link"! by harakiri(m): 5:35pm On Apr 25, 2015

The latter seems to be correct

Seconded...it appears smart people turn into zombies once the religious button comes on. It all emanates from childhood indoctrination. As someone said earlier, #KEEP RELIGION AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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Religion / Re: How The Universe Was Created And Who Created It, Disproving Atheism by harakiri(m): 5:25pm On Apr 25, 2015
I am not surprised at all. Atheists have to turn the Bible upside down to press home their points.
Wish u Good luck in your foolery but the Almighty is willing to accept You as his own.

Go to Matthew 5:22 and make an attempt to read the bible you claim to understand.


Religion / Re: How The Universe Was Created And Who Created It, Disproving Atheism by harakiri(m): 4:39pm On Apr 25, 2015
The fool says in his heart that there's no God.

...and yet the same bible says "WHOEVER CALLS ANOTHER A FOOL IS IN DANGER OF HELL FIRE". You my friend just got yourself of first class ticket to hell. Say hi to the horned guy with the three pronged fork.


Religion / Re: How The Universe Was Created And Who Created It, Disproving Atheism by harakiri(m): 3:22pm On Apr 25, 2015
I wonder why theists find it unthinkable that their almighty god created this thread,chatting with them live and direct yet they swallow line and sinker fables from an inconsistent story book that was used to enslave the minds of their forefathers? Its impossible for them to believe the OP but easier to believe 5000 people can be fed with mere 5 loaves of bread plus 2 measly fish and as if that crazy lie isnt bad enough there was 12 baskets FULL as leftover. Talk about lack of proportions and bad maths.

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Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 1:11pm On Apr 25, 2015

It doesn't change the fact that you are lost in your own theories!

and now he says i have "theories". Have you run out of gas or sonething? Your responses dont add up...kinda seems you're burn out and lacking material.

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Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 1:04pm On Apr 25, 2015

Parental? I don't think so! You served that!

...and that came after swallowing tons and tons upon insults from you. And now you want trade blames? Would jesus do that? Arent you supposed to be a shining example of the biblical super hero?Hey...i even turned the other cheek for you repeatedly but couldnt hold till 77....buhuhuhahahahaha.


Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 12:48pm On Apr 25, 2015

At least I didn't go insulting. That better than your dumb post!

Its one thing being unable to read what others write. Its worse if you are unable to comprehend what YOU wrote. Now you wanna be sneaky huh? Go back to every single reply you directed at me and post just ONE that is devoid of rude remarks. If you cant eat it, dont serve it.


Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 12:27pm On Apr 25, 2015

I bet its only at night with your witchcraft parents! The focus is on survival in fluid!

...and in that vacuum you call a mind you just made a lot of sense right? Reminds me of a programme called DUMB and DUMBER.


Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 12:17pm On Apr 25, 2015

You're very funny! Do you know the womb of your mother which you survived in for 9months was filled with fluid/"water"?! Amniotic fluid. And you rather doubt someone surviving in the belly of a fish! Have you ever flown?! And you doubt Christ's miracles! Keep doubting. Its not like your offering money was anything to write home about!

I try as much as possible to avoid daft posts ladden with emotion...today isnt one of those days.

First you probably didnt make it to your O'levels else you would know the words BELLY and WOMB have nothing in common. Your food goes into your stomach/belly. A baby develops in the womb.You dont have a womb. Fish swallows straight into the stomach NOT womb. Get the book "basic biology for dafts".

Second, if you expect me to believe a man parted the red sea with a stick plus virgins can be impregnated by spirits all because of a book that was and is still used to enslave you and your forefathers...then you are long over due for a brain transplant.

Third...you seem to think everyone who comes is on the same broke a$$ level as yourself. Last time responded on one of your dumb threads you asked if i have a hummer. Now its if i have flown....if thats really you in that picture then i have been flying long before you were born kid...probably long before your parents started dating.

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Religion / Re: Since I've Joined Nairaland,what I've Learned About Atheism by harakiri(m): 11:14am On Apr 25, 2015
***same boring over-recycled threads...oh well***

For starters not every freethinker or atheist base their disbelief on scientific findings. In the same vein a lot of deists and theists who profess science agree with these findings so its not an "atheist thing" as you and countless others before you unashamedly paint it to be.

Personally i didnt dump christianity based on some science book or atheist novel i read. I had already given up on religion long before i knew the word "atheist" existed. A book that tells me a grown man can survive in the belly of a fish for THREE DAYS without food,water,oxygen or getting chewed up sounds completely nonsensical. Need i add a man who walks on water,feeds 5000 people with just 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish,resurrects a dead body that has been degutted and embalmed,resurrects after being killed,steals corn from another man's farm and justifies it by terming himself "the lord of the sabbath"etc...the list is endless.

Furthermore i look at religious people around me and i must say this...i have met very very very few that can stand on the same moral grounds with me. A lot of you that come here attacking atheists have little or no moral standing. How many you would report to the bank if N1billion was transferred via error to your account? NONE!!! You would say its the work of god and even give tithes plus testimony on sunday. Some of you reading this are in bed with someone elses wife but so long as you claim you "have christ" you are better off than an atheist right? WRONG!!!

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Religion / Re: All u need to know abt speaking with TONGUES by harakiri(m): 10:09pm On Apr 18, 2015
Last time i checked, a tongue or tongues means language thus speaking in tongues means speaking languages. According to the biblical tale, the holy spirit came upon the worshipers and they SPOKE IN TONGUES UNKNOWN TO THEM plus people around them witnessed this strange development and UNDERSTOOD thus got coverted in great numbers on the spot.

What this implies is that i can be in a gathering in Greece and beginning to preach in GREEK even though i have no prior knowledge of the language. In religious circles such phenomena would be called a miracle.

That said...what ALL churches claim to be "tongue speaking" is the absolute reverse of what their bible says and they re-write their bible via saying you need grace to understand the remamamaskinbobo crap they spew endlessly.

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Religion / Re: Who Is God??..... Part 1 by harakiri(m): 9:52pm On Apr 18, 2015
There are people (mostly europeans) who have little or zero inclination towards supernatural beliefs thus not everyone thinks or rather imagines the god concept. Furthermore there is a wide array of religions which include diverse sects and methods of worship a.k.a doctrine. While adherents of one religion imagine theirs to be a white man wearing white robes sitting on a golden throne others see a fat guy with sleepy eyes meditating. At the end, its all man made hence diverse perpectives on the god conceot.
Religion / Re: Atheist Pls Can U Help In Explaining This by harakiri(m): 9:26pm On Apr 18, 2015
I believe magic is real, magic is limited and magic doesn't prove the existence of any god, God, Dog etc

Wanna see real magic? Me and two guys can consume 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. That amount of food allegedly fed 5000 people in the bible fable. And i can assure you w'll eat anything left in the basket. Miracles dont get any close to this.
Religion / Re: Any Evidence That Christ Really Exists Without A Bible Backing by harakiri(m): 9:20pm On Apr 18, 2015
He probably existed. probably a regular guy performin magics and tricks till he got nabbed and stapled to a tree.
but dont believe the God of the Bible. He is soo clueless

As in...TOTALLY!!! Remember the part where he and his disciples broke into someone's farm to grab corn to eat on a sabbath? Thats stealing plus invasion of private property. I guess the "thou shall not steal" and "thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods" commandment got thrown out of the window during that moment of hunger.

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Religion / Re: Why Christians/Muslims Get Offended By Atheists by harakiri(m): 9:05pm On Apr 18, 2015
@reedmund...There are thousands of other religions whose believers would make the same claims as yours with reference to unavailable evidence plus religious scrolls as "hard facts" but not to worry...you worship the one and only "true god" right?
Religion / Re: Police : Muslims Threw Christians Overboard During Mediterranean Voyage - AP by harakiri(m): 8:50pm On Apr 18, 2015
Even in Poverty the hate runs deep in their hearts.
Imagine Senegalese, Malian and Ivory Coast doing these to fellow west African fellows from Nigeria and Ghana.

Too bad.

That's the fruit of religion...same way the afghan bombs his fellow pakistani even though they are the same race. Same way the shia moslem sprays bullets on sunni yet they all claim to worship allah. Same way the biblical isrealites committed repeated acts of genocide all because their all knowing god says so...same ppl say "we are all children of god".
Culture / Re: Check Out How Ondo People Are Appeasing The Gods For The Epidemic Disease by harakiri(m): 8:36pm On Apr 18, 2015
I can't believe this kind of thing is still in existance in this 21st century. God have mercy

How different is this from people who worship the abrahamic god plus believing donkeys have vocal chords, 5000 people can actually be fed with 5 loaves of bread 2 fish and end up with 12 baskets full,virgins getting impregnated by spirits, sticks turning into snakes, using a stick to part the red sea,a man walking on water gets killed and awakes after 3 days,telling the sun to stand still...the list is endless. How different are these ridiculous tales to what these folks believe in?


Culture / Re: Check Out How Ondo People Are Appeasing The Gods For The Epidemic Disease by harakiri(m): 8:21pm On Apr 18, 2015
No amount of education can take tradition and culture from Yoruba people grin

No amount of education can free the minds of most africans from brainwashing imported religions e.g christianity and islam.

No amount of education can take tribalism and ethnictism from the minds of most africans (as you displayed above) yet you all scream RACISM when the "white man" does the same.


Religion / Re: Any Evidence That Christ Really Exists Without A Bible Backing by harakiri(m): 8:14pm On Apr 18, 2015
Defending the existence of the biblical christ with the bible is same as defending christmas with santa claus.

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Religion / Re: Atheist Pls Can U Help In Explaining This by harakiri(m): 7:50pm On Apr 18, 2015

Is there anything spiritual if I transfer music from my phone to your phone via bluetooth?

You forgot uploading files to cloud storage, pilotless aircraft (and recently cars too) or even sending letters via email. Perhaps its all the power of juju.
Religion / Re: Religion Teaches People To Do Things For Themselves. Christ Taught Otherwise! by harakiri(m): 7:45pm On Apr 18, 2015

Why should your opinion count?!

Now you're seriously beginning to sound nuts but again why should my opinion count...perhaps other posters might think different.

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