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Politics / Re: Should FG Grant Boko-Haram Amnesty? by harakiri(m): 7:38pm On Mar 11, 2013
The very people advocating for "Amnesty" to these cold blooded terrorists are the same people sponsoring them. Isn't it funny that whenever the Northern Elite "speak for their people", its ALWAYS complaints of inadequate funds from federal govt and "marginalization"? All they are interested in is more funds and more importantly, getting back the reins of power. BOKO HARAM IS ALL ABOUT THE 2015 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS and nothing more. If a northerner (e.g Buhari or IBB) had emerged as president after Yar'Adua died, things would have been different. The senseless killings came into full force and progressively skyrocketed and GEJ became president.

Their intention was frustrate his tenure so it would seem as if he is not doing anything about "security" and thus, deter him or anyone that isn't from the North from contesting. Amnesty is given to people fighting for a just cause NOT rampaging lunatics who wipe out entire families in cold blood.

The Northern Elite keep complaining about inadequate funding yet its been revealed that they control 83% of our oil. Apart from that, what do their governors,senators,rep members and LG chairmen do with all the billions they get from Abuja every month?

The Sultan should shut up!!!


Business To Business / FOB (direct Terminal Loading) For BLCO And FLCO Only by harakiri(m): 6:02pm On Mar 10, 2013
Terminal loading is available for BLCO and FLCO. Dollar discount and naira transaction options available. Delivery to tank farm is also open. Price depends on quantity needed and location.

TERMINAL LOADING : No valid vessel details, No SPA. We always vet vessels before deciding whether or not to load them. Reason for this is there are too many blacklisted vessels out there that no sane seller will touch and anyone who does such does so at their own peril e.g MT JAMES TOWN, MT GAVROS, etc. You load such vessels it's either several unknown people start coming out of no where claiming to be the charterers of the vessel or the vessel captain denies being loaded. For those who be claiming to have valid vessel details but can't give it out until SPA is signed, its best you hold on to it because we knows its either long expired, fake or non-existent. And for those of you hoarding valid vessel details, hold on to it dearly till it either expires or its taken off you.

STORAGE DELIVERY : We always vet storage facility docs before drafting SPA. A lot of people who claim to be in control of tank farm/storage facilities are peddling expired or fake documents that are useless to us. They are always the ones that have issues forwarding the documents for vetting because they know the documents are useless. And for those who hoard valid storage details, hold on to it dearly till it expires.

For more details :

Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: UNIBEN Student: Daniel Ike Killed By Cultists by harakiri(m): 6:29pm On Sep 09, 2012
colly227: The intimidation I faced in ekosodun when I went to visit a friend was beyond my understanding. First it was a bit of being unlucky and it was about 7:30pm when I went to buy something to eat from hill crest hostel to Edo street, on getting to the fast food centre I noticed they have closed so I decided to buy suya, while I was waiting for aboki to warm the suya 2 cultist guys approached me from behind and one of them intentionally hit his hand on me just to make sure the Smirnoff drink he held falls of his hands. First I thought it was an accident then I bent down immediately to pick the drink for him backed with I'm sorry.

The guy that owned the Smirnoff said I shouldn't worry while the other guy asked in pretence who owes the spilled drink and his friend said it was his..hmmm as this point the guy pulled me out from the suya stand, ordered everyone to vanish, before I could knew it the street was empty. I begged for mercy trying to explain it was an accident but before I could explain he slapped my ears with both hands..I was shocked and confused, so much panic took over me cos more of their members came out. To summarize everything I got a serious beating and they took my money and phones.

What I'm trying to let people know is that I didn't step on a toe neither am I a cultist but I was just unlucky to be spotted as a target cos they needed money.

If I was killed people will say I must have stepped on a toe or a cultist belonging to another group or even because of a girl.

I am not disputing anything people said about the guy but they are chances he might have died of what he doesn't know about . Rip bro

Please tell them.
Business To Business / Re: 2mbls BLCO On TTO Selling @ $15gross by harakiri(m): 11:03am On Aug 31, 2012
Properties / Property Needed In Ikoyi by harakiri(m): 11:02am On Aug 31, 2012
2,000 to 4,000 sqm needed. Budget is open. Forward whats available to or 08179621694
Business To Business / Re: Oil by harakiri(m): 5:16pm On Aug 27, 2012
You can check out my thread for BLCO on TTO. I am working directly with the seller. $15gross. For more details,

08179621694 (Peter)
Business To Business / Re: 2mbls BLCO On TTO Selling @ $15gross by harakiri(m): 5:13pm On Aug 27, 2012
Note that the seller is the one handling all expenses for ATB, moving vessel,getting tug boat,naval gun boat/naval clearance, etc. The only thing negotiable in procedure is the point of Q&Q meaning it can be Ghana,Togo,Sierra Leone,Canary Islands, etc. It's only a genuine buyer that can meet up with the line of credit requested by the seller to serve as a conduit to facilitate procurement of product. Funding of $1,000,000 via the line of credit is done by the seller to the buyer via Bank of America.
Business To Business / Re: I Need Genuine Crude Oil Sellers In Nigeria by harakiri(m): 4:44pm On Aug 17, 2012
2mbls BLCO on TTO @ $15gross. Clean SPA. I'm working direct with the seller.
Business To Business / 2mbls BLCO On TTO Selling @ $15gross by harakiri(m): 5:09pm On Aug 10, 2012
I'm working with the seller on this (therefore SPA is clean and i'm not battling commission issues with anyone). Below is the procedure :

1. Buyer and seller sign and seal SPA, and copies sent to their banks.

2. Equity Line of Credit Account of the buyer given to the seller for verification and to be credited with Equity Loan of US$1,000,000.00 by the seller

3. Buyer send to seller his supercargo information’s including his testimonial page of his international passport, cell phone number, full name, e-mail address and buyer’s inspectors details plus buyer’s ATB format.

4. Seller sent POP to Buyer for confirmation through tracking of loaded vessel.

5. Buyer through MT 799/MT 760/ MT 103/23 SWIFT readiness to sellers bank or buyers issues irrevocable BG from a reputable American or European Bank (acceptable to seller), in favour of seller.

6. Seller moves the loaded vessel to Ghana waters for the Q&Q to be conducted.

7. Within six days, the Q&Q MUST me conducted and the result out so that the seller can link the buyer with the vessel owners for it to be re-chartered by the buyer in their name.

8. Once the Q&Q result is out, and the total out turn barrels are known, seller will assigns all documents to buyer in buyers name.

9. Seller takes on the buyer super cargo on board at sellers cost and there shall be no up from payment in this transaction at all.

10. Payment is effect by SWIFT transfer within 24hours of the terms of the BG being met to seller and intermediaries.

11. Buyers vessel is granted clearance to depart from point of anchor immediately after the payment.

1. Clean Ocean Bill of Lading, One (1) Original and three (3) copies.
2. Seller’s Commercial Invoice, One (1) Original and three (3) copies.
3. Certificates of Quality and Quantity, One (1) original and three (3) copies issued by NNPC at the port of loading.
4. Certificate of Origin issued by NNPC, One (1) Original and three (3) copies.
5. Authority To Sell issued by NNPC, One (1) original and three (3) copies.
6. Master’s Receipt for Samples.
7. Master’s Receipt for Documents.
8. Cargo Manifest.
9. Charter Party Agreement.
10. Certificate of Ownership/Title of Cargo issued to the seller at the time of loading by NNPC at the loading terminal.

NB: For further inquiries, i can be reached on 08179621694 or
Properties / Property Needed In Ikosi Urgent!!! by harakiri(m): 6:20pm On Aug 01, 2012
A property is needed for school purposes within Ikosi axis (preferably four flat structure for sale). Buyer's budget frame is N18million. For further details, call 08179621694 (Peter)
Business To Business / Re: 50-100kmt Of Ago@123+2 Terminal Loading by harakiri(m): 3:13pm On Jul 26, 2012
AGO terminal loading at 116+2. Loading at PH.Email for SPA.
Business To Business / Re: Allocation Papers For Ago,lpfo Urgently Needed by harakiri(m): 3:12pm On Jul 26, 2012
For LPFO allocation, LOI is written by buyer.
Business To Business / Re: Racket Ago,lpfo,blco,etc by harakiri(m): 3:09pm On Jul 26, 2012
wysenas: Racket Ago@93+5.buyer must hv vessel and be ready 2 settle JTF and other security 08189900207

At 93+5, the seller must have included the costs to the gross. Mine is at 90+5 (Anything lower than that means the buyer must put upfront funds and settle maritime and security agencies involved). Funny thing is that most of all these TTT's and TTO's out there are actually racket deals with legit documents (master receipt,discharge certificate,etc).
Business To Business / Re: Racket Ago,lpfo,blco,etc by harakiri(m): 9:16am On Jul 25, 2012
PMS @ 65gross

AGO (NNPC grade) @ 95gross
Business To Business / Re: We Sell DPK, PMS And AGO by harakiri(m): 7:35pm On Jul 16, 2012
Check your email.
Business To Business / Re: 500,000MT AGO For Sale In Lagos by harakiri(m): 7:33pm On Jul 16, 2012
TTO's are the most demands at the moment. Long time no hear.
Business To Business / Re: I Urgently Need An Advice On How To Sale My Plots Of Land In Lekki by harakiri(m): 7:32pm On Jul 16, 2012
You can either give the brief to an agent to market for you or do it right here in the property section of nairaland. Specify the size of land,location,title hold documents,asking price and if possible pictures (optional).
Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:58pm On Jul 01, 2012
defbond1: Why are you being aggressive? It all sums up who you are doesn't it? Lecturers can afford to buy plane tickets sir! If I was in Nigeria I would be able to send you abroad either way.
All the best. I thought I was talking to some enlightened human being!

You have just killed yourself. A lecturer indeed! You can afford to send me abroad? I CAN AFFORD TO BRING YOU BACK TO NIGERIA, FEED YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND SET YOUR LIFE STRAIGHT!!!


You think everyone on nairaland is as hungry as your folks. E-diot.
Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:55pm On Jul 01, 2012
defbond1: Wouldn't argue with you! I gave you a list of worlds most expensive car, you gave a list of richest people! You are not just dumb also slow! How many times will I say if that Bugatti has got added accessories Then it will cost triple that amount of the maybach.
Now I'll be rude: shut up! End of.

Now i know that you are indeed dumber than a sack of bricks!!! Did you even check the websites?

Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:43pm On Jul 01, 2012
defbond1: Wouldn't argue with you!
One day you will get wise!

FOOOLLL!!!! Do you think being abroad is an "in thing" anymore? These days,people travel abroad mostly for shopping or holidays and they are back to Nigeria making their daily bread. Fools like you think being abroad is an achievement. Fools like you probably can't even afford a plane ticket back home...e-diot! And he calls himself "wise"...what a waste!

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Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:34pm On Jul 01, 2012
defbond1: Boss, you are in Africa. Im not. If I wanted to be rude, I would have added shut up. Be good.

From the way you keep hinting on me being in Africa, it's quite obvious that living in a foreign land means the whole world to you. You are probably one of those that went either by road or in a ship hence the reason your head is still in the clouds at your "achievement". Anyways, being abroad doesn't translate into being enlightened (but that's something ignoramuses like you wouldn't understand). Anyways, look up these links and update your empty brain :


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Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:17pm On Jul 01, 2012
defbond1: Boss, get your facts right!
If an ordinary maybach comes with other accessories e.g bullet proof etc , then it can be that much. The stand alone cost of a maybach is not as expensive as a Bugatti!
I won't get into arguments with you as you clearly are concerned about cars. I'm concerned about ur plight in Nigeria

Please read well before replying. I said MAYBACH EXCELERO not Maybach sedan. Google up "Maybach Excelero" and see the price tag for yourself.
Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:14pm On Jul 01, 2012
Billyonaire: There is Maybach in Lagos too.....have the pix on my BB but I cant upload...

I'm not talking of Maybach sedans that cost between $400k to $500k. I am talking about a supercar built by Maybach called the Excelero. Google it and i can bet you, even in the city it was built...there are few people that have seen it with their two eyes.
Car Talk / Re: Picture Of Bugatti Veyron In Abuja. by harakiri(m): 7:05pm On Jul 01, 2012
With a price tag of between $1.7 to $2.5 million dollars, it's not the most expensive car in the world. The most expensive car in the world is the Maybach Excelero tagged at $8 million dollars.


Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Blacks Are An Inferior Race - PW Botha by harakiri(m): 6:35pm On Jun 30, 2012
@chief batiatus

Peter Botha said the plain truth! Blacks cannot rule themselves and that has been proven by Nigeria's history since 1960 after the white people allowed us to rule ourselves. Our fundamental problems are;
1. We are self-deluding
2. We are irresponsible
3. We are quick to adopt happy conclusions
4. And we are just plain dumb (reason why politicians are stealing insensible amounts of money)

Tell them.

I will expect some so called intellectual answering my post with all manner of shortsighted and unverified claims (eg mention of philip emeagwali who has been exposed as a fraud) but that is your hopeless business.
Thank you Mr Botha.


Blacks should be slaves to whites and the world will be okay. In Nigeria's case, let us invite expartriate president, expartriate lawmakers, expatriate governors, expartriate clergy and maybe even expartriate citizens. We are damned souls period.

Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Blacks Are An Inferior Race - PW Botha by harakiri(m): 5:52pm On Jun 30, 2012

I agree with most of your points but here's the keyword I have for you. ''We allowed ourselves to be toyed with by the westerners''. We were the engineers of all our current predicaments.

Thanks for replying him. That's exactly the point i have been stressing to these sentimentalists. Some of the ignoramuses are saying Africa had a "civilization" before the white man They think Ethiopians and Egyptians grade themselves as "Africans" If the white man hadn't come to West Africa, we would still be walking around butt n.a.k.e.dd and living in the forest.

Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Blacks Are An Inferior Race - PW Botha by harakiri(m): 5:40pm On Jun 30, 2012

I am Dasparrow and I strongly endorse this post.

And i'm "HARAKIRI" here to save the Sounds more like one of those cartoon boss characeters from my childhood way back in the early 1980'

I agree 120% with all you have said including the bolded part. This is why I stated in another thread that I have no respect for Nigerians. Cap28, I have never in my life seen a more self hating group of black Africans like them.

This is what i call EL CLASSICO. You have no respect for Nigerians and yet you have never seen people that hate themselves more than Nigerians. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot with a blunderbuss at close range! You are the worst culprit of the same thing you condemn people for. Talk about hypocrisy at it's finest.

They make so much noise, talk too much but yet fail to read, research and educate themselves about their history and the elements responsible for our people being reduced to what we are today.

ROFLMAO grin grin cool

All the visionary African and black leaders that had good intentions for her citizens were killed by these same europeans and americans that these ignorant daft Nigerians adore.

ROFLMAO!!! grin grin cool You're killing me! And how many of these visionaries where killed without the complicity of their own? Do you really think these supremacists can come down to Africa and ride rough shod over us without the cooperation of fellow Africans? All it took was a handful of "white men" too lock Africa down. Ponder on that for a minute.

How can a group of people have so much hatred in their heart for their own kind?

Aren't you the same person who earlier said you have no respect for your own people? Apart from being hypocritical, you're also being unnecessarily sentimental (same thing Botha hammered on). You have to see things beyond your nose broda. It is only when you are matured enough to admit your own short comings that you can work towards the desired change you want in your life. That's the truth. Living in self denial will get us no where. Admitting the truth in the face of cold clear facts is not "hatred". You're way off the mark and too sentimental (You are proving Botha right my man...not the way to go).

How do Nigerians and indeed Africans intend to grow economically when many of them believe the lies that have been told to them by the western world and by whites?

Please mention ONE lie that Botha said.

As Africans, we cannot expect to be treated with respect when we have no respect for ourselves.

I agree with you but once again, aren't you the same person who earlier said you have no respect for Africans? ROFLMAO!!! grin grin cool

And here I was thinking of raising my kids in Nigeria rather than in america but I am begining to have a serious change of heart.

...sentiments tongue

Why would I want to raise my kids amongst a bunch of self hating, low self esteemed negroes with an unhealthy high dose of inferiority complex?

...more sentiments shocked

I don't want my kids growing up around people with such a terrible mindset.

So where do you want to grow up? In a white man's land of course. You are cutting yourself to pieces with a chain saw my You are reloading and shooting yourself in the foot over and over and over again.

***Does anyone smell gun powder?***

How can any self respecting black person applaud a white rascist?

Even blacks are more "racist" to themselves. Does ethnic-ism and tribalism ring a bell? What on earth are you yapping about?

Go and see what France did to Haiti when they revolted against them. They sanctioned them and placed embargos on them crippling their economy. Today, that great nation called Haiti who was the first black nation in the world to get independence from her colonizers/oppressors is now the poorest country in the carribean.

All this complaining and tantrums won't get us anywhere. The same people who have Africa under their thumb tried the same thing with Asia. Remember Gandi from India? They diplomatically fought for their independence. They tried it in Japan...those sushi boys took the heat to them and actually triggered world war 2. The Americans will never forget the harakiri pilots who under the oath of budoshi, plunged and crashed their fighter planes direct into American was a They tried the same with China,South Korea...but these people fought back in one way or the other. Today, America is going cap in hand to seek financial aid from China and as at the time Obama won the presidency in 2008, the US was indebted to China to the tune of over N10 TRILLION USD!!! Ponder over that for a moment.

The same was done to visionary African leaders. They were killed or even sent into exile. When will Nigerians understand that europeans and americans are the root causes of many of our original [/b]problems on the African continent?


[b]Even if Nigeria ends up with a president who places the interests of Nigerians first, best believe the europeans and americans will find a way to remove him because he will be considered a threat to their 'interests.'

Listen to yourself. You have already accepted defeat before the change starts. Can a Nigerian go to the western world and do such? And yet you have psychologically accepted that such can happen here. Like i said, the supremacists can't do such without the compliance of fellow Africans.

Look at what they did to Gadaffi. Today Libya is in complete disarray and will remain in disarray in comparison to what Libya used to be when Gadaffi was alive.

Yes and it was people like you that were against Khadaffi (Gadaffi) when he was alive.

Nigerians forget that our leaders are string puppets to the western governments and once they go against them, they will send NATO to that country and fabricate all sorts of lies to validate their decisions to bomb the place.

Is this news? You just got around knowing this?


Cap28, I tell ya, Nigerians are daft, unintelligent, loud mouthed self hating individuals.

Wow Wow!!
WoW WoW WoW!!!

There you have it. The very thing you are condemning Botha for is what you have already done. Or is it Botha that typed the bolded above? ROFLMAO grin grin cheesy

Not even all the degrees they bag around the world will change the fact that they are daft.

It keeps getting better grin grin cheesy

Other than on the world wide web, I don't mingle with Nigerians in real life except for my family members.

Wow! And yet, you call Botha a racist.

Most Nigerians are poison to the soul and I will forbid my kids from mingling with most Nigerian[/b]s too until Nigerians grow a brain.

Am i the only one reading this?

I cannot stand self hating, low self esteemed Africans or blacks. [b]They make my skin crawl.

If it was Botha that said this, he would be accused of racism.

Peace, out!

Peace indeed!!!

Funny sentimentalists.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Blacks Are An Inferior Race - PW Botha by harakiri(m): 5:05pm On Jun 30, 2012
buzugee: you mistake me for someone who cares about the opinion of a leprous neanderthal called botha

...and the sentiments keep flowing endlessly.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Blacks Are An Inferior Race - PW Botha by harakiri(m): 4:54pm On Jun 30, 2012
buzugee: glad to know that

I would have been shocked if you had made an attempt to deviate from sentiments. You are the reason Botha is right.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: Blacks Are An Inferior Race - PW Botha by harakiri(m): 4:46pm On Jun 30, 2012

As they say, the victors writes the history.

Are you quoting from the same history books your white masters wrote for you? Oh i hear you, on account of Mungo parks other personal explorers diaries right?

Rubbish. Grow some watermelon balls and be the change you want to see. Others like thomas sankara, patrice lumumba sacrificed their with other unknown brave black foot soldiers.

Is your life more precious than theirs?

Actually, i don't need to read Mungo Parks stories. There are slave holding camps and depots that are still standing today scattered mostly in the West Africa region (some of the cells still have the holding chains for the necks of the slaves). Do i need say more?

***Same old sentimentalists***

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