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Phones / Re: Samsung Note 4 Users Only by knotty(m): 7:06pm On Nov 26, 2014
I still havent bought mine.
What is the experience like on the phone?
Family / Re: A Thread For The 40s Crowd, Discuss Issues Relevant To You, Instead Of Other Ppl by knotty(m): 7:11pm On Oct 16, 2014
Sports / Re: Godswill Apkabio Scrabble Classics 2014 by knotty(m): 4:57pm On Sep 26, 2014
SCRABBLEBOARD: Chai ... na so Nairaland no get Scrabble players ??


make una follow from there jare.....olodos

this is rather obscure.
Seun, Moderators, please, move this to the Frontpage and draw attention to Scrabble, for once.
It is all not about football alone.

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Sports / Re: WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan In Ladipo Mushin Lagos (pics) by knotty(m): 11:35pm On Sep 06, 2014
Falsehood false and fall
Politics / Re: Boko Haram: 1200 Terrorists Killed In Bama As GEJ Declares Full-scale War by knotty(m): 4:24pm On Sep 06, 2014
NA has become very fluid lately, you don't know if Defense HQ is a movie stage where creative imagination run wild and wide.
But, on this one,I am tempted to believe them only that it is difficult to believe them.

Let them lie all they want,BH will die down one day and it will be a critical event.
This child's play will end too.

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Politics / Re: The Insider Story Of Damboa Invasion by knotty(m): 9:15am On Jul 27, 2014
You ought to have remained dead mute.
That tame and lame retort killed you.
Gallant liar.


Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by knotty(m): 12:28pm On Nov 12, 2013
I am grateful, Lord.
Sports / Re: ??? by knotty(m): 1:21pm On Sep 29, 2013
Shame there are no Scrabble players here.
Sports / Re: ??? by knotty(m): 9:45am On Sep 29, 2013
Sports / Re: ??? by knotty(m): 9:37am On Sep 29, 2013
Sports / Re: ??? by knotty(m): 2:52pm On Sep 28, 2013
Sports / Re: ??? by knotty(m): 2:08pm On Sep 27, 2013
Sports / ??? by knotty(m): 2:05pm On Sep 27, 2013
Politics / Re: Change We Can See: Kudos To Gov Kwankwaso Of Kano State by knotty(m): 9:32pm On Aug 23, 2013
omanzo02: KWANKWASO Don recruit e-warrior too? grin grin grin
if appreciating good governance is a mark of being a govt recruit; i have no apologies being one.
but dirt on shekarau, your boss, for wasting 8years of a generation doing nothing.
shameless bunch.

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Kill 44 In Borno by knotty(m): 7:52pm On Aug 23, 2013
Life means nothing to those goons...it is 10 for tuppence
Politics / Change We Can See: Kudos To Gov Kwankwaso Of Kano State by knotty(m): 6:20pm On Aug 23, 2013
i am at the departure lounge of MAKIA, Kano: and i am brooding over the high and low points of my trip to this ancient city.

I have spent a huge chunk of my life growing in this city; I had my primary school here. But it is no longer a primary school. It is now a girl’s secondary school. Its gate also made the news for being the epicenter of a bomb blast that took lives in drove.

Comparing the glorious halcyon days to the needless bloodbaths makes one to want to wash ones past. But, it is hard for anyone to wash away their past you may only wish it away. This is the price one pays for change in life.

The changes that had starred me in the face but which i had been oblivious of, is now visibly audible. You can literally hear Kano speak. The story of Kano of today is a story that personifies change. A visible change, almost a singsong of Obama,s campaign slogan: Change We Can See.

All the change we are seeing started with the second coming of Gov Musa Kwankwaso as Governor. It seemed he is on a redemption mission. A mission which will forever imprint his name indelibly in the hearts and minds of Kano citizens for years to come. I do not intend delving into the specifics lest I be misconstrued as a paid praise singer. Rather, I am commenting on infra-structural developments that had until now been seen as impossible to happen in Kano but are springing with reckless abandon. None leaves you awe struck more that the prodigiously ambitious flyover that seeks to link the heart of Kano to its tributary arteries in one fell swoop. Without doubt, the project is a brilliant idea; the execution is a masterpiece is urban rebirth.

As for the dead street of Kano suddenly lit at night, I can only marvel at the short time it took all this to happen. While the haters continued to throw bombs, Kwankwaso continued working. The streets that his predecessor had left in eternal ruin, he finished. New ones, he built. Interlocking tiles pave the walkways of the ancient for the first time in 50 years.

Suddenly, a rudderless place like Kano now has direction. A leader they can queue behind in obedience is here at last. Anyone who is capable of outlawing Achaba business (OKADA) in a boisterous and restive city like Kano without any major rehash is indeed a true Leader.

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Literature / Re: Word Of The Day- Improve Your Vocab by knotty(m): 11:57am On Aug 05, 2013
double up

vb (adverb)
1. to bend or cause to bend in two he doubled up with the pain
2. (intr) to share a room or bed designed for one person, family, etc.

Sorry to veer from Word to phrasal verb today. But, i stumbled on the correct usage of this phrasal verb by accident.
i had grown up knowing `double up` to mean hurry up.
My teachers go it wrong in the past.

`After the race, Bode doubled up in excruciating pains.``
Car Talk / Re: The Best Tyre For Nigerian Roads by knotty(m): 4:03pm On Jul 30, 2013

Just wish michelin is this cheap in PH. They gave me the tires R18/265/60 for 46k each.

I wonder o.
Where will you get Michelin tire for 10k
Abeg, budget 60each for a good tire.
Other than that you will have to settle for Korea.
Whatever you do, do not touch Used Tires.
Literature / Re: Word Of The Day- Improve Your Vocab by knotty(m): 9:21am On Jul 29, 2013
Word of the day- COTQUEAN
. Definition-

1. A coarse or scolding woman.
2. A man who busies himself with domestic matters traditionally regarded as suitable only for women
Celebrities / Re: Obafemi Martins Shows Off His Diamond Watches And Shoes by knotty(m): 11:19am On Jul 16, 2013
hard to figure out of the 2 is uglier
the wristwatch or the tattered hand
Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by knotty(m): 12:50pm On Jul 07, 2013
Thanks again, Lord
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Buys Another Porsche? by knotty(m): 2:44pm On Jun 27, 2013
aniola01: @Otunfour... screenshot na screanshot... at least u fit read am.

The former damaged car was simply insured and its been replaced by d insurance company. simple as ABC .... d superior

Make una let Wizkid rest....End of discussion!

Very cool. Insurance companies replacing accident vehicles with newer and superior models within 21days.

believe this, believe also that Jonathan has no second term ambition.
Celebrities / Re: Vector Prays With OJB Jezreel (Picture) by knotty(m): 2:03pm On Jun 25, 2013
texaco1: our politicians arent smart,this is a good way to win ppls hearts and votes ,sponsor the trip and everything .believe some ppl will vote for u just because of this singular act
you forget too well that we are forgetful
the politicians know us too well
so, they rather spread the dash-money than invest in one man.
Politics / Re: Please Is Kano Among The Boko Haram Infested States In Nigeria? by knotty(m): 8:52am On Jun 23, 2013
Katangora: Kano is very safe,no single case of violence & insurgency for the last 20 yrs.. The whites you are bringing in can even walk freely around the streets of SABON GARI at 2am
Hey, hold it there.

@ OP be circumspect when in unfamiliar territory.
Kano is save but the best safety gadget is made of common sense.
Use it well.
Avoid the densely populated CITY vicinity, if you can.
Get good tour guide, perhaps a Kano based NLer.
Nightlife is still good. Enjoy your stay in the ancient walled city of Tumbi Giwa
Literature / Re: Word Of The Day- Improve Your Vocab by knotty(m): 7:07am On Jun 23, 2013
Matching Quote
"Truth, but not the whole truth, must be the invariable principle of every man who hath either religion, honour, or prudence. Those who violate it, may be cunning, but they are not able. Lies and perfidy are the refuge of fools and cowards."
-Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield, 4th Earl

Perfidy: easy to pronounce \ˈpər-fə-dē\
the quality or state of being faithless or disloyal : treachery
an act or an instance of disloyalty

disloyalty, faithlessness, falseness, falsity, inconstancy, perfidiousness, infidelity, unfaithfulness

Perfidy is easy to be confused with Theft. Please, do not mix the 2 words.
Literature / Re: Word Of The Day- Improve Your Vocab by knotty(m): 12:59pm On Jun 20, 2013
Business / Re: Guaranty Trust Bank: More Branches Needed? by knotty(m): 1:23pm On May 23, 2013
Apart from ATM child-like transactions, have tried any serious banking transaction with First Bank?

Gtb, to me, does not require more branches for now. There only need to work on their Network link which has this annoying habit of going of only when i am expecting credit....ahahah
Politics / Re: Bomb Explosion In Kano by knotty(m): 9:06am On Mar 23, 2013
2days ago, Musa killed okoro,I did not talk because I ve never seen okoro before. | Yesterday,mohammed slaughtered chimezie,I did not complain because he is not my brother. | Today, ibrahim is chasing me with cutlass,he wants to kill me,nobody wants to HELP

how that one come concern me? uh. abeg settle with ibro jor


Politics / Chinua Achebe,s Death And Our Sycophancy by knotty(m): 9:04am On Mar 23, 2013
@ChinuaAchebe30 That is the Twitter handle of Chinua Achebe whilst alive and he had 422 followers, ONLY!!!

The moment he died, he started trending. Things Fall Apart too trended.There were several threads up running about his famous quotes and loved books.

Where were these media junkies when the man was alive?

Maybe we should bottle sycophancy and turn it into an exportable commodity. We will sell, wella.
Literature / Jking- Satire, Parody, Adventureit by knotty(m): 8:03pm On Mar 13, 2013
It so seemed that a certain King must appease kingmakers in the land if he must continue to rule the land. It had been the turn of his clan among the 3clans far flung among the kingdom and as is the tradition; he must relinquish the throne for the other Prince nested across the river.

This he knew as the honorable thing to do and was willing to do . But somehow, he felt pulled by a part of his past that he felt the gods had not meant he must reign for just a meager 4year term. You see, he came from a lineage that had never worn the crown before. His forbears never knew what a horse was much less own one. Forsooth, he never wore a pair of shoes all his growing days.

As the scripts of the gods, besmirched in foreign liquor will play out, he assumed the throne fortuitously and ill-ready: the Lord of a vassal state had committed an abomination in the land and was vacated out of office. He stepped in.

The gods from no where descended among men and sniffed one white powdery stuff and of all days decided to re-write the script of the land on their ill-advised visit. By the time the nation woke from a general slumber: the gods have the power to make even the sun sleep, our King had been made Supreme Lord of the Land.

The deepest stuporous sleep still wears out. Our brothers from across the land where the cows graze roused up from theirs and were going to burn the kingdom for they claim it was their turn to rule as the agreement written among men had declared. Blame the gods for the funny stuffs they have been sniffing lately and not the shoeless King.

Well, what is four years in the life of a kingdom reasoned the royal House that had reign over the land. ``This man is but the son of a fisherman, from their rivers flows the liquid that pays for our luxuries. Let him have a taste of the throne for a while. He is a frail man at heart, he will not betray us``. With this thinking JKing reigned un-peacefully for there existed a certain ilk of the Royal house which never wanted the frolicking fisherman’s son.

continued on the next page.....

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