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Politics / Re: Steve Jobs Stopped Going To Church Because Of Biafra(proof) by KnowAll(m): 9:45pm On Nov 23
And he never went back to church , therby given into d caprice & deceipt who has nothing to offer other than kill, steal & destroy. Ironically he died of deviil given conn55ert.6
Politics / Re: How Can I Get To Port Harcourt Via Railway From Ogun State by KnowAll(m): 6:24pm On Nov 11
Take a train to d north and change at kaduna or kafachan and then head south on d eastern route line to Porth harcurt. The problem is i am not sure d eastern route line is funtioning beyond enugu. Check with Nigeria railway corporation at abeokuta which is d nearest station from sagamu.


Politics / Re: Which Of The Nairalander(s) Will You Like To Meet In Person? by KnowAll(m): 9:21pm On Oct 30
I will like to meet knowall
Politics / Creation Of New States In S-Sudan Whose Idea? by KnowAll(m): 3:50pm On Oct 29
Was this General Olusegun Obasanjo's masterstroke idea of finding a final if not a decisive solution to d long drawn war of attriction in South Sudan. The formal deal on d table was d opposition just like d olx eastern region in Nigeria would be in control of 3 states in present day South Sudan.

The opposition was happy with this arrangement, not until d Goverment of kiir Slavia annouced the creation of an additional 16 states from d disputed region therby reducing d powerful hold of x opposition to 1/ 16th of her present srenght and popularity.

Just like Eastern region in Nigeria, once it was broken into 3 more states removing Rivers & Cross River which includes present day akwa ibom state d agitation lost her momentum as d people of d new state do not want to associate theselves with d agitation any more they were more interested in ruling their own little fiefdom to d detriment of d Biafra cause.

Now South-Sudan has chosen this same route in ending their on-going crisis. I am just inquistive to what led to this familiar terraine are they borrowing a leave from Nigeria 's historical precedence or were thay cajoled into this masterstroke by veteran Nigerian polticians people like OBJ who convinced them that it was d right step in d right direction.

What are your thoughts Nairalanders?
Politics / Re: Lagos Govt To Buy 3 Helicopters To Battle Crime And Also Tackle Traffic by KnowAll(m): 10:48pm On Oct 27
I thought fashola bought one. That means LS would have 4 helicopters. Are they sure these helicopters are for fighting crime and not 4 God Fathers.
Politics / Re: Army Nabs 10 Suspected Boko Haram Fuel Suppliers In Jigawa by KnowAll(m): 6:10pm On Oct 17
People would supply to fuel to d devil if there is money to be made.
Politics / Brigadier Ransome Kuti Sent To 6 Months In Jail & Dismissed From Army? by KnowAll(m): 6:06pm On Oct 17
On one hand d Military acknowledge it was sensible for d General to withdraw his troops from Baga in d face of superior fire power but why jail d man and dismiss him from d Army?

Abi C-inC Buhari dey fear say Fela's newphew abi na niece want plan coup against him to avenge his uncle. I don't understand this ruling.
Politics / Re: "How I Had Sex With My 27 Wives" - Music Icon FELA In Authorized Biography by KnowAll(m): 4:01pm On Oct 17
And one d 27 wives was screw someone else outside who in turn brought d dreaded aids virus into d anikulapo house hold. I believe we all know d consequence of that dreaded liase.
Politics / Re: Osun Lecturers Protest Unpaid Salaries (Photo) by KnowAll(m): 5:01pm On Sep 14
With 50,000 signatures u can recall your house assembly members. Recall them and vote PDP members in who would deal with Aregberascal.


Politics / Re: Translate This Into Pidging English And Win An Iphone 6 by KnowAll(m): 6:09pm On Sep 08
Tadpole wey dey call frog opolo eye no-no say one dey im sef go get opolo eye. Means clearly d failure of d stretegy is pretty obvious that one does not have to be soothsayer to know a new direction is required.
Politics / Re: Translate This Into Pidging English And Win An Iphone 6 by KnowAll(m): 4:38pm On Sep 08
Oh boy this thing no dey work. Make we find alternative?


Politics / Re: What Is The Yoruba Word For Coward? by KnowAll(m): 3:14pm On Sep 05


Or - leh
Politics / Re: Fayose Commences Ado-ekiti Road Dualization by KnowAll(m): 2:13pm On Aug 18
Shame on Aregbesola if Fayose can give his people both stomach infrastructure and real tangible infrastructure. What excuse does Aregberascal have, Is Ekiti not in Nigeria, How come it is only Oshun feeling d brunt of drop in oil prices in Nigeria. Shame on d Refrigerator technician called Aregbesola.

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Politics / Re: SERIOUSLY NEED HELP. Show Me Where The "South-south"... (Picture) by KnowAll(m): 1:44pm On Aug 18
There is something like south-south. The South- South refers to d Southern-most part of Southern Nigeria which happens to be between Bonny in Rivers State and Brass in Bayelsa State. Even taken d world as a whole as refrence point, South-South refers to countries in and around d South pole.

Do u guys know there is a South-South co-operation commision and it includes countries like Argentina, Chile, Antartica , Australia and Newzealand among other nations.
Politics / Re: Photos From My journey to ph Today, Owerri port harcourt Road How Bad It Is by KnowAll(m): 6:10pm On Aug 16
That is d face of corruption.

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Politics / Re: How Governors Turn Govt Houses To Sex Havens: Punch by KnowAll(m): 3:32pm On Aug 16
Pisure or na lie!!!!
Politics / Re: Da Rocha- Nigeria's First Millionaire What Has Happened To This Family ? by KnowAll(m): 3:16pm On Aug 16
It has come to light rather lately, that Dantata had all those Groundnut pyramids in d 1920's and also Ojukwu's father was d wealthest Nigerian in d 1950's who then was d first Nigerian millionaire between Dantata, Ojukwu and Da Rocha!!!
Politics / Re: Person Wey Dey Cry Dey See Road Now!!!! by KnowAll(m): 2:06pm On Aug 15
The $475 OR £295 Million or 94 Billion Naira Rail Project that already being completed. Why is it so difficult for Fashola and Rotimi Amechi to complete their own projects. Lagos makes 20 Billion Naira a month!!!!

Politics / Re: Person Wey Dey Cry Dey See Road Now!!!! by KnowAll(m): 11:46am On Aug 15
Looks like fashola is fighting tooth and nail to remove his name from d mud, this mud has stuck wether he likes it or not. If Ethopia can build a mono-rail system for $475 million dollars why is our own different in Nigeria. Fashola built 3 km road for several billion Naira at Lekki yet d road has not being completed. His rail project is stuck in d rut, left for his successor to complete.

Why should we trust d man has a minister? Anyways they say when there is life there is hope. Who will think General Buhari will ever be a born again. Even our one and only Mr Critics Professor Wole Soyinka testifies to this fact. But if d truth be told, Fashola has really fallen our hand with his purported performance in Lagos which is mediocre at best. He could have done better than he did.
Politics / Re: Person Wey Dey Cry Dey See Road Now!!!! by KnowAll(m): 5:01pm On Aug 13
Buhari please name your ministers ke, i look forward to that list of 36 saner Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Person Wey Dey Cry Dey See Road Now!!!! by KnowAll(m): 1:03pm On Aug 13
Politics / Re: Person Wey Dey Cry Dey See Road Now!!!! by KnowAll(m): 12:49pm On Aug 13
Dem Talk say Argebsola na Refrigerator(even that word Refrigerator is too posh for Aregbesola I mean "Fridge"wink technician no wonder that state is in a comatose state! undecided
Politics / Person Wey Dey Cry Dey See Road Now!!!! by KnowAll(m): 12:41pm On Aug 13
1. Rotimi Amechi have misappropiated 256 Billion Naira and yet Mr Integrity Our only one President Buhari wants to offer this turn-coat of a man a ministerial post. I don't get it undecided

2. Enough of Aregbesola's excuses, we know be mumu now undecided Is it not high time this scalawag of a Governor throw in the towel. Even a husband that mis-appropriates the family finance we get a talk-down not only from the madame of the house but even from all the children of the house. How come APshiiit is allowing this Nincompoop called Aregbesola to fester in his ignominy. undecided

3. What is wrong with Buhari, he wants to give amnesty to Boko-Haram? His Chadian collegue does not see d wisdom in that proposal, abi d man won use style-style dash "Kanuri" people money!!!! Me I do not see d logic behind given them Amnesty. If I am correct " dem still bombed market yesterday for Maiduguri where 50 people lost their lives undecided e be like say I need interpreter because I am comfused!!!!

4. We don tire to dey hear say $10 trillion dollars was stolen. Abi Buhari and his attack dog Oshio-baba(Oko iyawo) dey just dey demo for us!!!!(demonstration of craze) if dem born Buhari well make dem begin d trial all these people wey steal our common-wealth or dey should just shut-up. Haba!!!, Nigerians are fuxxxxkiing tired of all these Trillions of dollars wey dem talk say some people don steal. undecided cool

5. So Fashola sef na bent Governor undecided May God help us, using state money 70 Million Naira(thank God no be dollars) to build his own personal web-site. Yoruba people talk say "Nko Be!!!" - d meaning be say somethings dey happen wey pesron no know. So no holier than thou for this Obodo Naija

6. Jonathan talk say Stealing is not Corruption abi na Corruption is not stealing which ever one, e b like say Senator Bruce sef na double-speak man sef undecided I only travel on economy class, " Business Class is not First class" This man wey I think say na better man nai come dey yarn opata!!! embarassed

Anyways d jury is out on Buhari


Politics / Re: Latest Update From Ile-ife: Abobaku On The Run by KnowAll(m): 1:29pm On Aug 12
Abobaku are meant to enjoy what d king enjoins while he was alive. Eat what d king eats and sleeps with d woman d king sleeps with obviously if truely he enjoins all these entitlements if death comes 4 d king he will more than happy to take his life too. But if he is short-changed he would have to do a runner, if na u nko. undecided
Politics / Re: Funny:Ghanaians Don Suffered,see What Nigerians Are Saying About Them On Twitter by KnowAll(m): 9:08am On Aug 11
Is it hightime d moderators put this topic in d racist section? undecided
Politics / Re: Funny:Ghanaians Don Suffered,see What Nigerians Are Saying About Them On Twitter by KnowAll(m): 8:40am On Aug 11
Nigger's calling Nigger' s black both sides are idiooòots.

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Politics / Re: An Insult On My Alma Mater(photos) by KnowAll(m): 4:20pm On Aug 08
The thread has now being closed. Thank God.
Politics / Re: I Will Bring Sahara Reporters Down - Barr Francis by KnowAll(m): 12:31pm On Aug 08
I really need everyone to feel free and comment. I need the opinions of everybody as regards Sahara Reporters to err their bias and sentiments be it good or bad. I opened this thread needing such opinions, I did same on Facebook and some blogs. My commitment remains unshaken, I will pursue this case to a legal conclusion, for the sake and interest of Nigeria. I would not mind political bias and regional sentiments.

I promise to bring Sahara Reporters down. I will use the Sun newspaper as my print media platform to publish any information regarding the case even as I update on all social media platforms including Nairaland.

Thank you
Barr (Dr) Francis Oloruntoba

And keep us posted on your Radio Biafra law suit aswell Mr Barrister
Politics / Re: Clampdown On Corrupt Nigerians Will Be Sustained –DSS Boss by KnowAll(m): 12:27pm On Aug 08
Relax boy, don't get all worked up. I see you've been busy searching Google and getting information. The purpose of all my lecture was to educate you so you could know more. Consider yourself educated. Now go ye to the world desist from further.... Well complete that.

I believe yourself, and millions of Nigerians have being well educated now. People who think the DSS is an outfit from outer space would now have a different view, having shown pictures of operational raids of the DSS one cannot but be more than convinced that they are working within the embers and confinment of the laws of the land by involving the police in their so called raids. I hope this revelation would be an eye-opener to all asunder including all those educated illiterates amongst us. Stay blessed my friend. cool
Politics / Re: Clampdown On Corrupt Nigerians Will Be Sustained –DSS Boss by KnowAll(m): 12:08pm On Aug 08
Thank you very much for pointing that out. Now if you argue this point, then there is a question you should ask yourself.

If the DSS is empowered to do all the work of the police, then why did they bother to include the police in that raid since they could do everything?

If you could use a small piece of your brain, then you would understand that such a raid necessitated inter-governmental participation in order to stay within the confines of the law. If only the DSS had gone, and subsequently arrested that man and charged him to court, a competent lawyer would argue that the DSS broke at least a dozen laws for carrying out that arrest and there entire case could be thrown out by their carelessness.

That, my dear boy, is food for your thoughts. Again I'll educate you... The DSS is not empowered by law to do the works of all security agencies in Nigeria. Their duties are well defined and only relate to matters concerning state security.

You don't get it, they are one the DSS and Uniformed Police(whether they wear uniform or not), Haba!!! Abi u wan make I open your brain up and install this vital information into it? Don't tell me u have a block head!!!! undecided
Politics / Re: Clampdown On Corrupt Nigerians Will Be Sustained –DSS Boss by KnowAll(m): 11:50am On Aug 08

In this picture check-out the DSS Operatives. Behind them you can see some Mobile Police officers working in tandem with DSS operatives, this goes to show that both the conventional Police as we know them and the DSS are one both in mind, body and soul and cannot be separated.
Politics / Re: Clampdown On Corrupt Nigerians Will Be Sustained –DSS Boss by KnowAll(m): 11:37am On Aug 08

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