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Politics / Impeachment Season!!! Fayose Should Watch His Mouth by KnowAll(m): 7:58am On Jul 16
Atfer a lull of about 5 years Nigerians woke up yesterday morning with d impeachment of Nyako. I would say d penchance of this rutheless way of grabbing power has become fashionable once again. In d light of this new fad in town Ayo Fayose should watch his utterances especially to APC as his new regime commencing from oct 2014 might be stiffled b4 he even start ruling by d majority of the APC members assembly.

If I were Fayose, I would watch my utterances becos I know he would not want to be d first Governor impeached twice. A word like they say is good 4 d wise.
Politics / Re: Hundreds Of Ghanaian Fans Seek Asylum In Brazil by KnowAll(m): 9:43pm On Jul 10
Is life in Ghana that bad that they have to seek asylum in every country in d world. I thought Ghana is d second best economy in West Africa.

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Politics / Re: Aregboshola, A Refrigerator Technician Not An Engineer-omisore by KnowAll(m): 8:50pm On Jul 10
We call it TKO

Below the belt in this context means " eh buu ara " in Yoruba which means an " obvious abuse/condemnation of one's predicament/short-comings or handicapness" it is like telling the whole world, "make them come see blind-man wey no fit see" . That is gross, below the belt. shocked
Politics / Re: Aregboshola, A Refrigerator Technician Not An Engineer-omisore by KnowAll(m): 8:38pm On Jul 10
Aregbesola is a refrigerator technician and not an engineer, this one na below the belt oh shocked


Politics / Re: Dangote Overtakes Bill Gates In Daily Earnings In First Quarter Of 2014 by KnowAll(m): 3:13pm On Jul 10
Dangote is greasing some palms in forbes magazine one good story after d other for this man. Meanwhile people on d ground cannot feel d impact of his wealth. Haba all na wash!! At least when u open any computer one is likely going to see Bill Gates product, wetin Dangote dey sell wey he come dey make this kind money.


Sports / Re: Brazil Vs Germany: World Cup 2014 Semi-final (1 - 7) On 8th July 2014 by KnowAll(m): 9:53pm On Jul 08
i think the Ghanians would be proud of their performance to Germany losing 1 - 2 to Germany.
Sports / Re: Brazil Vs Germany: World Cup 2014 Semi-final (1 - 7) On 8th July 2014 by KnowAll(m): 9:45pm On Jul 08
When Brazillians start leaving their country and start playing in Europe, they should know that they can never be the Brazillians we all know. What we have today is European-Brazil, hence why they are walloped by Germany. Who remember the Brazillian team of 1982 that is one the last true real Brazillian team. All home grown with spectaclar skills.

I thought the Brazillian economy is bigger than the UK's how come Brazillian clubs cannot keep their players at home by paying top dollars $$$$$£££ na wah oh!!!!!!


Politics / Re: I’m Ready For PDP Forces – Aregbesola by KnowAll(m): 12:23pm On Jul 07
Ogbeni means - "Mr Man" , Aregbesola surely belongs to the street, an Ajebuta man like Omisore cannot take Ogbeni's coveted crown. He is the emperor in Osun State.


Politics / Re: I Think I Prefer The Name Naijiria To Nigeria What Is Your Take???? by KnowAll(m): 4:04pm On Jul 06
[quote]What God has named let no man change

which God named Nigeria, "Nigeria" no be Lugard's girl friend name our country Nigeria, not even his wife, his girl-friend we don suffer........ No wonder nothing works in Nigeria

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Politics / Re: I Think I Prefer The Name Naijiria To Nigeria What Is Your Take???? by KnowAll(m): 2:48pm On Jul 06
Politics / I Think I Prefer The Name Naijiria To Nigeria What Is Your Take???? by KnowAll(m): 2:47pm On Jul 06
Most African languages spell words the way they are pronounced hence that is why our youths prefer to call Nigeria - Naija. Rather than choose the short version of this cool name, why don't we just change the spelling of present Nigeria to Naijiria, I think it is much better than that stupiiiid word some folks is recommending that sounds like "Air-gun" abi wetin be that ye-ye name again.

Cote' voire did it a couple of years back, when she announced to the world she would like to be known henceforth as her french spelling in all conferences and official gatherings involving the country, and since then the world seems to have adhered to it except probanly in the UK where they still call her the " Ivory Coast " . Nigeria has being confused with Niger Republic several times in the past, even to the extent that the Nigerien National Anthem has been played as the Nigerian national Anthem.

To avoid this confusion in future we should adhere to spelling our country the "African way" rather than the anglicized way. Also River Niger should be re-named and spelt as river Naija instead of Niger.

what is your take on this ladies and gentlemen.
Politics / Re: Creation Of Additional 18 States: What's Your Take by KnowAll(m): 2:11pm On Jul 06
Some of those states should be created but not all 18.

Borno State as it is, is far too large to police not to talk of manning the whole trouble spot within the state. Sambisia forest was said to be as large as Lagos State. So by creating a "Savannah State" to the South of Borno State covering the areas of Chibok, Biu and other Southern areas in the state would not only allow effective monitoring, prompt curbing of any of the excesses of Boko Haram and a timely nipping in the bud of any other trouble spot that might rear her ugly head within the context of the state.

The only clog to this state becoming a reality would probably be her population.
One of the criteria for the creation of a new state was the proposed state should have at least 1 million people.


Politics / 10,000 Man March In Every Ward- A Good Strategy For APC!!!! by KnowAll(m): 9:41am On Jun 29
To counter rigging by d PDP, d APC should adopt a show of force 4 weeks to d election proper. That is 3very Saturday APC faithfuls would line up in their wards armed with their voter's card for a head count. THE Aim of this strategy is even b4 d el3ction proper APC would know how many votes are coming from their various wards.

I call it d 10, 000 man march where APC faithfuls would gather, show their strenghts and tharwt any rigging by d PDP . This strategy would work because if a ward is recording 2000 faithfuls every saturday and on d election proper 200 people were recorded for d APC then the whole world would know there is something wrong. I belive this strategy of coming out en-masse and showing solidarity would go a long way in assuring victory for d APC . Other things can be done on d said day includes linning up musical talents to entertain d faithfuls and d availabilty of food & drink. These would go a long way in pacifying the masses.

I hope PDP would not adopt this strategy, as d suggestion is aimed at APC.
Politics / Fayose's Election Victory Good 4 SW. Governors Now Sitting Up!!!! by KnowAll(m): 3:03pm On Jun 28
Governor of Amosun of Ogun State gave all councillors in Ogun state brand new cars and furniture allowance irrespective of party affilation. Looks like siiting Governors have realise Governance starts from d bottom and not ffom d top. Aregbesola after almost 4 years on d saddle is now prepared to pay compensation for peoples houses destroyed while expanding various roads in d state.

Looks like Fayose's triumph in Ekiti State has started doing wonders in neigbouring APC states, victory is no more a stroll in d park, they would have to work and earn it d hard way. This kind of politics can only be good 4 d SW as it would accelerate d dividends of democracy to d common man on d street. I just hope d said Governors who are now sitting up and doing what they should have done are not only doing eye service. After they might have secured their second term revert back to their lackadiscal ways.

All in all and in summary this new awareness and awakeness by those vested with power would bold well for d SW region.

It is well oh!!!


Politics / Re: Will You Vote Goodluck Jonathan If He Contest In 2015 by KnowAll(m): 2:45pm On Jun 28
I would rather commit suicide than kill myself. Oooooooops did i just quote someone
Politics / Re: Patrick Obahiagbon's Reaction To The Ekiti Election Results? by KnowAll(m): 11:47am On Jun 28
What he is saying in excess was APC should have allowed internal democracy to reighn within d party and d most popular person should be allowed to be d flag bearer not necessarily d incumbent. Fayemi was an aloof leader disconnected from d man on d street. Probably if MOB ran against Fayose he would have put on a better show than Fayemi.

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Politics / Re: Ekiti Election: Shocking Facts Emerged!!! by KnowAll(m): 9:26pm On Jun 27
It is not possible for all those calibre of officials to lose all d said elections. An APC chieftain said his household numbering 11 persons voted APC, but when d results came out, inec said only one vote was recorded in that gentleman's ward.

Definately something is not adding up in this election.
Politics / Re: Hand Over Of Party Structure To Saraki Will Spell Doom In 2015-kwara APC by KnowAll(m): 7:13am On Nov 29, 2013
The old APC members would become PDP members and with the support from d centre, PDP would defeat Saraki's APC. Just like in 1983 when UPN won Kwara State after squabbles in NPN.
Politics / Re: 409 Nigerians In South Africa’s Jail by KnowAll(m): 12:02pm On Nov 28, 2013
make dem arrest another 10 so that we go know say na 419 Nigerians dey S.A. Prisons
Politics / Re: BREAKING: Gov Lamido, i remain In PDP No Matter The Challenges by KnowAll(m): 10:04am On Nov 27, 2013
Lamido has more to gain being in the PDP than being in d opposition. Worse case scenerio he would wait another 4 years to allow GEJ to finish his term then after that PDP would be his for d taken. Can he get that kind of clout in APC, capital NO.
Politics / Re: CBN To Roll Out N5000 Note In March 2014 by KnowAll(m): 6:00am On Nov 27, 2013
5000 new naira note and exulting d virtues of a cashless society seems to me 2 policies at variance of each other. Sounds to me like two policies pulling away from d centre in opposite direction. Is someone confused !!! lipsrsealed
Politics / Re: $129 Billion Fraudulently Transferred Out Of Nigeria In 10 Years - EFCC by KnowAll(m): 5:48am On Nov 27, 2013
Meanwhile Anhgola spent $3 billion dollars building a new city Nigeria can only dream off. Using $3 billion as a yard stick, it must be said the so called $129 billion that left d shores of our dear country can build 39 new cities like d one built by d Angolans in Nigeria if only we have thinking men in Nigeria.

Nigeria is truely a failed state.
Politics / Re: Nigeria's New Political Power Map by KnowAll(m): 7:03pm On Nov 26, 2013
Well said.
PDP is strong in Rivers but presenlty under APC
APC is strong in Benue(from 2011 election result), but under PDP.

Akala's 400,000 soldiers from Ogbomosho would not give APC the necessary walk-over in Oyo State either
Politics / Re: Isn't It Time We Nationalized Pidgin & Made It An Official Lingo by KnowAll(m): 6:07pm On Nov 24, 2013
Consider this statement, a typical modern Pidgin speak, (Starts off with standard English)- " Yesterday I went to the shopping mall with my wife and kids ", Switch to pidgin - " na so I jam Emeka, the boy don hammer, come see bathing, I ask am which ones now", he was just smiling, saying (Emeka replying in pidgin) "na God oh" (back to standard English) I now said to him we need to talk, so I took his number and we went our different ways.

This is the way modern 'pidgin speak' is done, there is a constant switch between Standard English and Pidgin English for most educated folks.
Politics / Re: Isn't It Time We Nationalized Pidgin & Made It An Official Lingo by KnowAll(m): 5:53pm On Nov 24, 2013
The day you can translate the phrase, "The exclusivity of an event" to pigin without losing its meaning, na de day I go give 100% support for wetin you dey yarn.

What u don't understand is modern pidgin is not "wholly pidgin English exclusively" it is a combination of good standard English and Pidgin English. To translate that emboldened word into modern pidgin would be something like this " Na the exclusivity of the event na im I dey talk about here" . Some people might beg to differ by saying " Na the koko of the event" but we must not loose the fact that Pidgin is not Pidgin French, or pidgin spanish but Pidgin English therefore from time to time pidgin like any other sub-major language would borrow expressions, idioms and prose from the mother language.
Politics / Re: Luanda, Angola - The 'African Miami' (pics) by KnowAll(m): 12:40pm On Nov 21, 2013
Why do we still build roads without side-walks in Nigeria in 2013 haba !!!! The least we should expect from our Governors is to build side walks on any new road.

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Politics / Re: Luanda, Angola - The 'African Miami' (pics) by KnowAll(m): 1:09am On Nov 21, 2013
NIGERIAN Leaders should cover their faces in shame only to share ghana must go is what they know.

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Politics / Re: Saraki Will Decide If Kwara PDP Can Join APC - Governor Ahmed by KnowAll(m): 2:32am On Nov 08, 2013
You people are missing d point. !!! The Governor is simply shifting d responsibility of joining APC to saraki knowing d so called APC leaders would not go and meet Saraki. On what or as what capacity would they meet Saraki?

The Governor was smart not commiting himself or state to a new party, , he simply diplomatically and kindly declined an APC invitation.
Business / Re: Banks To Replace ATM Card With Finger Print. by KnowAll(m): 1:11am On Nov 06, 2013
We expect finger prints in elections not the charade we have at d moment. As it is, i have a vague inkling who is going to win d Anambrs elections even b4 A vote is cast. Elections in Nigeria is just a sham.


Politics / Re: Gov. Peter Obi Doing Bowling In One Of His World Class Roads (pic) by KnowAll(m): 9:00pm On Nov 01, 2013
Why would any sane Anambrian want to vote Obanio ? Even a blind can see and perceive this dirt from a million miles away let alone being submerge in d filt like this shameless man called d Governor of Anambra State.

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Politics / Re: Video: Gej Promised One Term Only - Says Obj & Ijaw Group by KnowAll(m): 8:00pm On Oct 30, 2013
For baba iyabo to come out to say jonathan said so it means it is true. Uncle jona 4 years don come and go in a whimsical, no be your fault, na so e dey be, too much enjoyment does not make a man know say time don go!!!
Politics / Re: Anambra State Governorship Election Debate On STV on Oct 25th, 2013 by KnowAll(m): 10:22am On Oct 27, 2013
I watched d debate and as an independent observer, this how I rate d debaters:

1st - The young dark man not d Professor.

2nd - Ngige

3rd - The Professor

4th and d last and least Obanio.

We all know d young man has not got a chance in hell winning. Given this obvious fact Ngige should carry d day, any thing short of this would be a serious mis-carriage of justice. You may beg to differ !!! cool

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