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Politics / Re: This Is What A Yoruba Man On Facebook Said He Will Do To Igbos by KnowAll(m): 8:26am On Jul 08
The man no get igbo wife. If he has an igbo woman as a wife that woman would divorce him sharp-sharp.
Politics / Re: FG Seeks Uk’s Help To Seize Amosu, Adigun’s £3.2m London Mansions by KnowAll(m): 6:21am On Jun 30
I hope buratai house in dubai would also be recovered ...................oooops lipsrsealed

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Politics / Re: Ojo Maduekwe Is Dead by KnowAll(m): 6:00am On Jun 30
This man work or is it chop till he drops. He was still an ambassador barely 12 months ago. Tell me when a man of his age has time to rest when he is still working at 70 years plus .Does he know what takes 4 an old man to get up every morning rushing to work.

Our people in Nigeria should observe that there is a retirement age 4 a reason.

Greedy octogenerians take note especially those still nursing ambition of being a Govern or, minister or an ambassador.


Politics / Re: $200 Billion To Be Repatriated Back To Nigeria From Dubai In Few Days by KnowAll(m): 7:36pm On Mar 23
May be 200 billion Zimbabwe dollars? undecided

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Politics / Re: Diezani Refund 90 Billion Cnn Comfirm by KnowAll(m): 5:23pm On Mar 23
I thought Nigeria only make 30 billion dollars a year on oil. That mans madame deziani must have stolen all money made in oil irrespective of d fact that this said income is divided every month between d 3 tiers of govt.

Haba, this lie pass lie?

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Politics / Re: Saudi Arabia Just Insulted Us Nigerians! by KnowAll(m): 9:16pm On Feb 24
Buhari went to Saudi Arabia as private citizens. How many private citizen gets welcomed d Gorvernor of Ryard. It is out of c outesy d Saudi sent someone to welcome him. Buhari was there 4 a lesser hajj.
Politics / Re: I Will Restore Naira From 400 To 1 To 4 To 1???? by KnowAll(m): 3:33pm On Feb 22
What of Soludo's solution? Just remove the 2 zeros from 400 to 1 and it would become 4 to 1. Abi I lie, Ghana did d same thing.
Politics / I Will Restore Naira From 400 To 1 To 4 To 1???? by KnowAll(m): 2:53pm On Feb 22
Using Soludos method by removing the 2 zeros from 400. The new ecchange rate would be 4 Naira to 1 dollar. If Ghana can do it for her Cedis I don't see why Nigeria cannot do it to her Naira?

The Cedis b4 re-denomination was 10,000 to 1 dollar!!! kiss
Politics / Re: Governors Responsible For Fall In D Naira!!!! by KnowAll(m): 9:13am On Feb 22
The truth must be told. Buhari cannot fight Govenors on his own side but d only mechanism that can stiffle corruption in d states is my deliberately distorting d value of d Naira through d central bank.

Governors need 400 million to get 1 million dollars. In such circumstances they have no option than to start working in their state.

Together with d BVN d 2 tier foreign exhange has dealth a big blow to would be corrupt Governors.
Politics / Re: Governors Responsible For Fall In D Naira!!!! by KnowAll(m): 8:59am On Feb 22
Abi wetin na think my people?
Politics / Governors Responsible For Fall In D Naira!!!! by KnowAll(m): 8:51am On Feb 22
There are too many naira chasing to few dollars. Who are in d driving seats of these too many Naira, well if u would like to know Governors and other Poltical exposed thieves in power. The average Nigeria probably need about 500 dollars BTA when travelling.

But many of our Governors want to be instant millionares in dollars and d only way they can do it without d authorithies getting to know about it is for these Governors to sought that fund from d black market irrespective of d exchange rate.

The truth is that no hard working nigerian would want to exhange their Naira for 400 to 1. But the Governors and other Political expose persons spend funds allocated to them with wanton abundance knowing they did not sweat for this fund. Even if naira is 1000 to 1 these people with an instiable desire of becoming a millionaire in dollars would stop at nothing in other achieve this their wack, sick, and greedy plan.

I am 100 % in support of 2 tier exhange rate. It would reduce theft in d corridors of power. Let those that desire dollars desperately go to the black market.

Fayose that is screaming blue-mother has not done one thing in his state since sworn in. So I am not surprise he his a cry baby becos now he has to steal 400 naira to get 1 dollar in a time of dwindling allocation from the centre.

I think the 2 tier exhange system should be left as it is. cool
Politics / Re: Economists To The Rescue. What Is Your Professional Opinion On Naira Devaluation by KnowAll(m): 8:21am On Feb 22
The 2 tier foreign exhange system is good. It would discourage theft especially by state Governors. They need 400 milion to get 1 million dollars. Any Governor that steals 400 million from their allocation it would blow open a big hole in d accounts. Inspite of this the Governors are still stealing huge Naira converting it to dollar hence d fall of d naira.

A point in time would come when they would not be able to do that again. I think we have not reach that threshold yet.
Business / Re: 1 Dollar = 39 Gambian Dalasi???? by KnowAll(m): 8:09am On Feb 22
Mr moderator return post to poltics read d content b4 putting business section. It is in support of buhari.
Business / Re: 1 Dollar = 39 Gambian Dalasi???? by KnowAll(m): 8:05am On Feb 22

Do the maths 40÷400=10

I think 1 dalasi is 10 naira.
Business / 1 Dollar = 39 Gambian Dalasi???? by KnowAll(m): 8:00am On Feb 22
How come the Gambian Dalasi has not fallen to 400 to one. The Gambian economy is also a monolithic economy based on tourism like d Nigerian economy. They have not yet diversify their economy yet it seems their currency appears to be stable. So what is going on in Naija. Dem cuz us! undecided

Abi na demand & supply. So how come other countries are not so crazy about d green bucks like Naija. I suspect this insantiable demand for dollars is fueled by corrupt Governors and others who in a hurrid quest to become instant millionaires in dollars are converting huge naira in their possession into dollars no matter d rate. Or how else would any sane Nigerian that buys local products and consume local produce be interested in what is happening outside d country.

I am in support of this two tier exchange rate. People like Fayose screaming knows b4 he can steal 1 million dollars he has to convert 400 million naira into dollars. If he does that considering that what he gets from d federral govt has dropped, stealing 400 million from an allocation of 2.5 billion if not less would blow open a big whole in d account which would be visible even from outer space to say d least.

I am in support 100 % of d 2 tier exchange rate let those who require dollar desperately go and seek for it in d black market.

Nigeria is not d only country that operates such a system. Cuba also those so.

I think i have answered d question of why d Gambian dalasi has not fallen and d Naira seems to be going on jolly good ride into oblivion.

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Politics / Re: Why Are So Many Of Buhari's Foreign Trips So Unceremonious? by KnowAll(m): 12:09pm On Feb 20
The first france travel he had a red carpet reception. But subsequent ones is like a refugee gate-crashing into france. Na wah oh!
Politics / Re: Biafra Tension: Inspector General Issues Stern Warning To IPOB by KnowAll(m): 1:36pm On Feb 18
Silly IGP , When fulani herders are killing people this man cannot find his voice. No action, No solution to that problem.
Politics / Re: 4th Mainland Bridge, Now That APC Is In Power Who To Blame? by KnowAll(m): 1:13pm On Feb 18
I remember serving in katsina state. Camp was at Malumfashi, once a car drive past it would take about 45 miniutes for next car to drive past yet we want to build a brand new dualised road between kano -kastina. Na wah oh undecided
Politics / Re: 4th Mainland Bridge, Now That APC Is In Power Who To Blame? by KnowAll(m): 1:07pm On Feb 18
Politics of our zone need this or that would stall meaningful development above board. There are loopsided developments across d polity. I know four sure if Fashola has his way he will let this critical infrastuture see d light of day. But u and i know it is not his calling. The bulk stops at PMB table and the President calls d shot in Naija.
Politics / 4th Mainland Bridge, Now That APC Is In Power Who To Blame? by KnowAll(m): 12:51pm On Feb 18
We now have an ex executive Governor as the ministed of works and power. The lies used to be that d federal goverment would not support d construction of such an edifice that would change d landscape and how we travel in Lagos Metropolis.

Today the Tinubu-Fashola-Ambode hagenomy has being in power for 17 years now and still counting nothing has being said or muted about this life changing infrastruture that Lagos critically need otherwise Lagos in d not too distanced future would be d most gridlocked city in d world.

To be sincere, I do sympathasise with Fashola going by d wrantings of our friends in d SE who accused d Bhuari goverment of marginalsing them by given them a paltry 2.9 billion Naira for fixing d deplorable infrastrutures in that zone. People are up in arms accusing d current goverment of being insensitive to the plights and sufferings of millions of Nigerians east of the Niger River, Not withstanding d facts that d most commercial corner of our great country is d SW zone and d number of vechiles plying d Lagos -Ibadan route if a vech8le censor where to be recorded d SW zone would probably have 20 times more vechile than d both NW and d NE and 10 times d vechile traffick volume in d SE and SS.

So what are we saying in excess, why build a 4 lane road going to know-where in d north when her vechile traffic volume is low compared to d SW or d SE. GOING by vechicular traffick volume I personally think d 2016 budget did jusctice to d SW to some extent. I still don't understand d propose Kano -,Katsina dualisation was this project inserted into d budget in other to satisfy Mr President when d SE need a second Niger bridge!

Coming back to d topic at hand 4th Mainland Bridge, with d kind of poltics we play with our critical infrastructure today, this I must say may never see d light of day in d next 100 years, 17 years have gone already so we are down to 83 years more of anguish, sorrow and blood if u live in Lagos.

Finally i give kudos to IBB 4 building d 3rd Mainland bridge d longest bridge in Africa today, despite all d negatives of that regime, this bridge did at least for posterity put a critical infrastrure on d ground. If IBB played poltics with this infrastruture Lagos and Nigeria at large would have being robbed off this critical infrastru ture. We must commend his audaciosness for not allowing parachoial sentiments blind his eyes.

If IBB did not build this bridge, d only way Lagosians in mainland would be able to get to d island would have still being through d Carter and Eko bridge. Can u imagine a lagos without 3rd Mainland bridge, to say d least it would be hell on earth.

Thanks and kudos to IBB for saving us in Lagos State.
Business / Re: When Crude Oil Has Gone Up 4%.. Why Is Naira Still Going Down? by KnowAll(m): 10:22am On Feb 16

The Questions you should be asking was, how come the value of the Naira did not fall to say 100 Naira to the dollar when oil price was selling for $114 per barrel during Jonathan's regime? if it did not fall then, why should it fall or appreciate now for only a 4% upward movement? undecided embarassed

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Politics / Re: Okowa Budgets N25Billion To Maintain State House by KnowAll(m): 8:48am On Feb 10
Looks like El-Rufai's allocation to d Goverment is d most reasonable. I personally think this diminutive gentle man from kaduna should assume or take d mantle of leadership of our country if our beloved president decides to throw-in d towel. He is d only guy that can finish this battle Buhari started.

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Politics / Re: Okowa Budgets N25Billion To Maintain State House by KnowAll(m): 8:42am On Feb 10
Okowa is a by-product of Ibori haegonomy, and with Ibori out of jail a broke and dishevelled man, one does not have to wonder why d Governor's office allocation is in d stratosphere. Okowa is just being a loyal , pre-emptive and well thaughtful servant who will beckon at his masters call at a moments notice.
Business / Re: U.S. Dollar Collapse: Analyst Issues Dramatic Warning For The U.S. Dollar by KnowAll(m): 6:50pm On Feb 09
Since most african contries trade extensively with china why not all african contries adopt d yuan as d currency of choice in africa.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Controls Half Of Borno, Says Senator Garbai by KnowAll(m): 10:29am On Feb 08
It is high time to replace all these generals with colonels and its eqivalence in d other services. All d Generals from d ex ones to Buratai are all compromised.

Is it really true he slapped d Governor of Borno state?
Politics / Re: Saraki: No Right-thinking Apolitical Yoruba Should Jubilate! by KnowAll(m): 9:11pm On Feb 05

Does Saraki sees himself as Yoruba? I can remember his father glorifying his malian heitage, Sarakis are hausa wannabe and they should face the music their Hausa/Fulani cousins are unleashing on them. Jusst becos u speak yoruba does not make u yoruba. The Beroms in Jos speak Hausa on a daily basis as a language to communicate does that make them Hausa / Fulani capital NO. undecided

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Politics / Re: Supreme Court Judgements Are Celebration Of Impunity – TMG by KnowAll(m): 8:04pm On Feb 05
don'T blame supreme court. Blame our electoral laws, if left unchanged then we would continue to witness this kind of persieve sham judgement. End of the day if those APC lawyers cannot proof their cases beyond resonable doubt do they expect the supreme court to hand over favorably judgments to them without showing visible evidence.
Politics / Re: It Is High Time We Make The Card Reader The Only Legitimate Way To Vote. by KnowAll(m): 7:41pm On Feb 05
Politics / It Is High Time We Make The Card Reader The Only Legitimate Way To Vote. by KnowAll(m): 6:32pm On Feb 05
To be sincere the Judgements being dispensed by the Supreme Court are UN-inspiring to say the least, anyways we do not blame them, they can only work with what they have got, that is the rather ill conceive provision in our current electoral laws which recognized the card reader, manual verification and manual voting b4 one can cast their vote. I think as concerned citizens of Nigeria, it beholds on all us to push for a bill enabling only the card reader to be the only recognized instrument or gadget required when voting.

Manual Verification and manual voting should be discourage and banish in its entirety. We do not want to go back to the ballot snatching days when results of elections were written out in hotel rooms and beer parlours.

Even if it is 5 people that their card readers are functioning on election day, those 5 people would be the only recognized and legitimate voters.

Pass-on to your house of reps man and senators.
Thank you brethren.

On behalf of Nigerian Revolution Party.
Politics / Re: We Have Mopped Up Over N2.2 Trillion Using The TSA - President Buhari (video) by KnowAll(m): 6:10pm On Feb 05
Just done calculation about 3.5 billion dollars? that is huge sum lying fallow in the Ministry of defence account and NNPC Accounts.
Politics / Re: We Have Mopped Up Over N2.2 Trillion Using The TSA - President Buhari (video) by KnowAll(m): 6:07pm On Feb 05
how much is 2.2 trillion in dollars?
Politics / Re: Anioma Nation Not Part Of Biafra — Okowa by KnowAll(m): 1:29pm On Feb 04
are the yoruba's in republic of benin part of nigeria? I think d Governor has a point. undecided

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