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Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 9:20pm On Jan 22

Then never ever complain when things are bad in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 8:43pm On Jan 22

Na true talk now.
Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 8:25pm On Jan 22
We need true patriots after Buhari. Voting 4 Buhari opens d windows of opportunity to many selfless patriots. Nigeria as a nation needs these patriots, a vote 4 Buhari would gurantee a conveyer belt of patriots leading our country.
Politics / Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 7:49pm On Jan 22
There is a problem with d authencity of his secondary certificate yet d man has cult followers not only in d North or d middlebelt but also in d south.

The problem with Nigeria is we have being used to u chop i chop politics . Buhari is a depature from what i term " business as usal" .

With Buhari u bound to get a new generation of leaders that enshewed corruption like Bakare, Kenyamo, Osinbajo, El -Rufia not to talk of performers like Fashola, Kwankwoso and Oshiomole.

Wheather we like it or not this generation needs Buhari to pass d barton to d next generation of forthright leaders. Buhari has d popularity from d North East to d NW, and from d SW to d SE and Ss.

There are millions of igbos in d east who are closet supporters of Buhari. The man is a sellable item any time any day certificate or not.

When u u give a kid some money to get u some items, and d kid comes back and gives u your change plus d fact there was a sale going on he gives u more than u expected would u question such a child's intergrity capital NO.

Buhari is just like d kid mentioned in that analogy, Buhari is d last upright man standing why would anyone in his right mind vote for something that stincks of corruption, how many of us " go see better food come prefer rotten food" I beg my brethrens person wey dey cry no blind oh"

Buhari is d future of uprightness in Nigeria. If we want to continue d rot of d past 54 years then vote Jonathan.
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Sick, Northern Elders Worried by KnowAll(m): 9:02pm On Jan 15
Prostrate cancer is not a death sentenced. If caught early is one of d beatable cancer. I don't suppose General Buhari with his stashed away wealth would not be going 4 medical check annually. If true, d cancer would be caught early & nip in d bud.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Lied: Arms Export To Nigeria From 1983-1985 Facts And Figures by KnowAll(m): 10:45am On Jan 09
544 aircraft !! Haba, maybe model or toy aircraft? It surely cannot be real aircraft.

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Politics / Re: Gmb & Other African Presidents Above Age 70 by KnowAll(m): 2:33pm On Jan 02
What the hell are doing with our grandfather as president? Please let's give the young the chance.

let them fall, make mistakes, and get up strong after learning from their errors.

Buhari is no real deal. Fashola could be.

Experience is King. Especially in the Western world and in the UK specifically. They would take some one that has 5 years experience in a job without a paper certificate of competence than someone with a paper certificate of competence without experience anytime any day. Aso Rock is not where you want an experimental president. We need experience hands on deck. As for Fashola, if you think he is good then field him as your Presidential Candidate or forever remain silent. cool
Politics / Re: Gmb & Other African Presidents Above Age 70 by KnowAll(m): 2:18pm On Jan 02
Tunisia's transition to democracy often has been troubled. Recently they are nuturing a very progressive democracy.

Let's see how their democracy progresses under the new 88 year old president

The bottom line is a principled 88 year old man is better than a young " African Man" who see the country's commonwealth as his personal estate at his beck and call to commit all types and manner of atrocities in the name of ruling. There are some things an aged African man would not do that a young African would embark on. Look at our young Tinubu's strangulation of Lagos State, did the older Otedola did what Tinubu is doing in Lagos when he was the Governor Capital NO.

Not all older men are focused, some are senile, Like Mugabe but some are focus, and I would like to believe Muhammudu Buhari has learnt from all his combined experienced as Governor, Minister of Petroleum, PTF Manager and Head of State, that is some experience. Not too mention his military experience
. cool

Buhari is the real deal.
Politics / Re: Gmb & Other African Presidents Above Age 70 by KnowAll(m): 1:53pm On Jan 02

Tunisian has just elected an 88 year old man as President. Age is a number. If a 90 year old man can put all the looters in jail, clear the mess of Jonathan then there is no reason why I would not vote for Buhari. In fact it is better to vote an aged man who is one foot to his grave than a young Nigerian man who would embark on a debauchery regime of increasing his harem of wives. The Obama's and the Cameron's of this world, in their society infidelity is not condone in any way and manner let alone taking a 2nd and 3rd wife.

And I would advise Buhari to put Bakere in charge of the EFCC when he wins the next elections
. cool
Politics / Re: Gov. Fashola Hands Over New Area ‘c’ Police Command In Surulere by KnowAll(m): 1:52pm On Nov 26, 2014
That facililty is probably better than Lion Building d HQ of Lagos State command. See AC in every office. Fasola has done well oh.

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Politics / Re: Wow! The Youngest Nigerian Presidential Aspirant Ever by KnowAll(m): 12:42pm On Nov 22, 2014
His age has already disqualified him. I doubt whether this guy is up to 40 years. Our constituion stipulates that a would be President should be or have attained d age of 40. Sorry mate, u have some grow up to achieve b4 running 4 d Presidency.
Politics / Re: We can get American Weapons?????? but we must know Whats-Up??? by KnowAll(m): 10:51am On Nov 20, 2014
Everthing na politics. Lobby d Republicans properly and b4 long d weapons would turn up in our door step. Don't forget right wing American Politicians hates any islamic terrorist in whatever ramifications especially after 9-11.

Lobby d widows & Widowers of 9-11 emphasasing on d fact that Boko Haram left to flourish would be tantamount to more Mutallabs hiding explosives in their under pants. American may well be at d reciving end of this attack if Boko Haram is left to fallow.
Politics / Re: Speaker Of Ekiti State House Of Assembly Impeached By Seven PDP Lawmakers by KnowAll(m): 12:06pm On Nov 17, 2014
I wish d judges can be given d power to pass a judgement of public flogging on eering politicians. These 7 legislators need to be thought one or 2 things about democracy by way of public flogging.

These legislators know what they are doing is illegal and d worse that would happen is d Judge would pass a judgment of return to status quo.
Politics / Re: updated: Review Of Apostle Suleman's 2014 Prophesy.....confirmations by KnowAll(m): 11:45am On Nov 17, 2014
Myles Monroe seems to be bang-on correct. It suprising TB Josiah did not see that coming.
Politics / Re: Breaking: 7PDP Ekiti House Of Assembly member sitting to Impeach Speaker by KnowAll(m): 11:21am On Nov 17, 2014
Why can't d rule of law be enforced in Nigeria. If we don't want democracy we should just invite d military to take over. This nonsense happened in Ogun State during Gbenga Daniel's tenure. What is wrong with us. How can 7 men impeached a speaker in 28 member house of assembly. !!! undecided

Instead of a minority powered Governor to treat d legislators with caution & reverence he is trying to enforce his will on grown-up adults. What kind of country is Nigeria.

I don tire 4 all these nonsense.

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Politics / Re: We can get American Weapons?????? but we must know Whats-Up??? by KnowAll(m): 1:20pm On Nov 16, 2014
Yes we can get those weapons.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Eyes Yola As Hong Andgombi Falls by KnowAll(m): 1:12pm On Nov 16, 2014
What do we do when u have a very-very-very low moraled armed forces. It is better to start eqipping town folks that are more motivated. NA is finished! undecided
Politics / Re: Soldiers Reclaim Seized Chibok Town by KnowAll(m): 10:22am On Nov 16, 2014
Only for them to lose it in another few days. The problem is we do not have the personnel to hold recovered Towns. I was Watching Al-jazeera yesterday and some analyst said the Iraqi Army needs about 80,000 troops to hold Towns and territories recovered from ISIS. Do we have 80,000 troops to hold all the areas in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa State.

If NO is the Answer, then this victory would be a hollow victory. It would not worth the paper it is written on!!!!
Politics / Re: 75 Year Old Plateau Governorship Aspirant Dies In His Sleep by KnowAll(m): 8:22pm On Nov 14, 2014
No 70 year old can pull d votes in most Western nation today, so what is wrong with Africans & dying on d throne. Na wah oh!!!
Politics / Re: We can get American Weapons?????? but we must know Whats-Up??? by KnowAll(m): 7:30pm On Nov 14, 2014
Politics / Re: We can get American Weapons?????? but we must know Whats-Up??? by KnowAll(m): 7:17pm On Nov 14, 2014
Who is even our foreign minister?
Politics / We can get American Weapons?????? but we must know Whats-Up??? by KnowAll(m): 7:13pm On Nov 14, 2014
We are going about procuring leathel weapons from d US d wrong way. When Yardua was dying in a Saudi Hospital, lobbying those that matters was what broke d camels back. I learnt from realiable source brown envelopes where exchnged with those who held power in d US.

One ex president was given $250,000 so was one former British Premier. What transpired after these under hand dealings was d current President of d US called Saudi Arabia King informing him d US would break all trade and diplomatic relations with her if that dying Nig?er is not sent packing.

The Saudis value their relationship with d US than some alimanjeri from Northern Nigeria. That was how our dying President was sent packing and of course u all know what transpired thereafter.

So this issue of acquring arms from d US must be done with dexterity, craftiness, and a bit of guile. The Republicans control d Senate & Reps now, we have men who can finance this covert operation b4 long Obama would be telling us to pick whatever arms we want.

Haba, jonathan u fall my hand oh!!!! undecided
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole To Jonathan: You Have No Scorecard To Show Nigerians by KnowAll(m): 5:01pm On Nov 13, 2014
Mr Governor must first of all go down low by sorting d roads in GRA Benin city. As far as we are concerned & know d roads in Abuja and especially roads within Aso Rock pricint are in prime condition need I say more.

If d poshest neigbourhood roads in Benin are in a terrible state what are we to expect from d rest of d state. Mr Governor has gone to sleep in his 2nd term.
Politics / Re: Hunters Kill 80 Insurgents, Reclaim Mahia by KnowAll(m): 9:56pm On Nov 12, 2014
Local people knows d terraine hence why local militia almost always overwhealm intruders in many teartha of war. Vietnam is a good example. Our Army should incorporate d local militia into their operations.

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Politics / Re: President Barrack Obama Of United States Of America To Visit Akwa Ibom state by KnowAll(m): 10:29pm On Nov 11, 2014
Is Obama really visiting?

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Politics / Re: Seven Years Of Fashola: My Take Away (1) by KnowAll(m): 3:51pm On Nov 09, 2014
Fashola is slightly better than tinubu, but with d kind of revenue at his disposal a smarter money man would do wonderous and mouth watering things unfortunately Fashola a smart 419 lawyer has only succeded in duping lagosians in his second term.
Politics / Re: Thinking Men As Governors In Times Of Dwindling Revenue??? by KnowAll(m): 1:59pm On Nov 09, 2014

Fayose is not a thinking man. I pray he would be d last delusional Governor ever elected in Nigeria. What d faccccckkkkk is stomach infrastruture. He as inherited a proper Governor'S Residence, he does not have to build another one. Instead of him to provide insightful projects he his busy witch hunting his predecessor. Ekiti is on a long thing for d next 4 years.
Politics / Re: Why Do Most Nigerians Have These Natural Love For Gen. Muhammadu Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 1:40pm On Nov 09, 2014
Last honest man standing! cool


Politics / Re: Thinking Men As Governors In Times Of Dwindling Revenue??? by KnowAll(m): 1:36pm On Nov 09, 2014
Ekiti former Governor Fayemi said a pieace of land bought and built on by Adebayo in 1999 that cost d N700 millin then is now worth N4.5 BILLION Today. THat was a piece of good investment by an insightful man. I believe many of such examples abounds d polity.
Politics / Thinking Men As Governors In Times Of Dwindling Revenue??? by KnowAll(m): 1:25pm On Nov 09, 2014
It is high time Nigerian electorates elect thinking men & women in time of dwindling revenue from d centre. Men & women who would invest 1 Naira to make 100 Naira. Men & women that would think out of d box. Men & Women who would take unconventional but legal ways of increasing d revenue in-flow to d states.

Nigerians by now should be tired of these men & women parading themselves as Governors commissioning one phantom project in other to enrich themselves.

Some ideas that came to my mind includes d following amongst others:

1. Invest in buying prime lands in choice areas in Lagos and Abuja build beautiful apartments and rent them out to expertriates or high net Nigerians.

2. Invest in propertise in choice areas in London, Paris, New York, if they can buy outright d better. The income from d rents would be in £$ € this revenue stream would go a long way not only increasing d foreign exchange capability of d nation but that of d state e.g Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some Arabian countries are well known good investors in London's prime estates. So it is not ßomething new.

3. Mechanised industrial farming with d sole aim of marketing produce both in Nigeria, Africa and d world at large this would also go a long way of enhancing d foreign exchange capabilties of d state. Afterall Cocoa was used to build Cocoa house in Ibadan, Western Nigeria Television Authority. That same revenue stream was also used to build University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University ile-ife.

4. Building of toll roads amongst other high yielding infrastruture facilities like d once touted Lagos Metro project or under-ground train station would be a welcome idea.

5. Building houses, low, medium and high income bracket houses and sell to d public in form of a mortgage.

6. More suggestions needed!
Politics / Re: Dangote Drops To 37th Richest In The World Under 24hours by KnowAll(m): 10:34pm On Nov 07, 2014
Devalution of d Naira meant Dangote shares has taken a serious battering. Don't forget Nigeria stock exhange index has recorded an all time low in past few days thereby making Dangote,Otedola and any other listed billionare's fortune to dwindle.

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Politics / Re: Why Didn't Blaise Compaore End Up Lik Mammmur Gadafi by KnowAll(m): 8:06am On Nov 07, 2014
Gaddafi should have escaped when he had d chance. But pride, he thinking to himself how can these people who are given everything rebel against me. They say pride goes b4 a fall.

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