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Politics / Re: Tropicana Shopping Mall: Akpabio Opens N300 Million Facility In Uyo (photos) by KnowAll(m): 4:50pm On May 23
Empty mall! Na wah oh.
Politics / Re: Yoruba People Contributed Nothing To Buhari's Victory - Alhaji Shamsudeen Usman by KnowAll(m): 9:05am On May 13
MR SHAMUSUDEEN , The SW votes in this instance would include Kwara, Benue, Kogi & SE APC votes because there is d saying that " if your enemey is my enemey then that makes us friends" once your enemy becomes your friend and my enemy becomes my friend which was your former enemy then it would mean we both don't need you or in this case " Buhari" .

The core North should know that d progressives in SW would vote in tadem with progressives in the SE, NC and SS.

They should not let d re-egineered figure of 1.9 million votes allocated to them in kano state becloud their minds.
Politics / Re: Buhari Drops Governors Fashola And Fayemi From Ministerial List by KnowAll(m): 12:24pm On May 03
Fashola said he is tired that he wants to rest b4 any appointment. We all know cabinet reshuffle is a reality perharps they can be made ministers when a reshuffle takes place in d future which is inenvitable.


Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 8:06am On May 03
I said then and it has happened. Kudos to Nigerians 4 a job well done.
Politics / Re: Are There No More Wild Animals In Nigeria-re Trekking Madness!!!! by KnowAll(m): 5:58pm On May 02
Politics / Re: Are There No More Wild Animals In Nigeria-re Trekking Madness!!!! by KnowAll(m): 5:56pm On May 02
Politics / Are There No More Wild Animals In Nigeria-re Trekking Madness!!!! by KnowAll(m): 5:55pm On May 02

All these human beings, I mean ( " Nama " ) nama means meat in hausa encroaching on the land of the Lions especially in Northern Nigeria, are they not afraid for thier lives. I feel sorry for those 2 gentlemen, one walking from Adamawa and the other one coming from Borno State passing through Bauchi on their way to Abuja. Are there no more wild Animals in Yankari Games reserve? Abi Boko Haram don kill dem finish!!!!

Back in 1976 my father was travelling from Kano to Maiduguri on an assigment, when a Lion crossed the road he said he thought he would hit the animal because he was travelling at a top speed only to miss it by a few inches. The thought of walking from Maiduguri or Adamawa to Abuja in the dead of the Night makes me start wondering wether we still have wild animals roaming the North as it used to be in the past or have they all being killed

Anyway I wish the lady trekking from Kaduna to Abuja best of luck and I sincerely hope she doesn't end up in the stomach of a hungry Lion or Hyena.
Politics / Re: Lets Analyze This Trekking Guy's Journey From Lagos To Abuja...!!! by KnowAll(m): 7:29am On Apr 21
The guy just quietly walk pass all d SW state only to show up at Bida.......... uhmmmmmmm, this one na 419. shocked


Politics / Re: Lets Analyze This Trekking Guy's Journey From Lagos To Abuja...!!! by KnowAll(m): 10:34pm On Apr 20
To walk from Ikeja to Berger e no dey easy how much more Abuja. This man don craze pata-pata


Politics / Re: English Palava!!! What Do We Call Husband Of A Female Gov? by KnowAll(m): 9:17pm On Apr 16
And what do u call the co-wives as d lady in question is a muslim and d husband could possibly have other wives. I bet 2nd lady, 3rd lady & d husband first gentleman
Politics / Re: Buhari Implicitly Suggests That Certain Aspect Of Sharia Will Be Made Law by KnowAll(m): 4:11pm On Feb 28
The civil law as we know it is an off-shoot of biblical laws. Are we then under a christain law. I believe certain aspects of d sharia law might be commursable with civil and that should be accepted.m
Politics / Re: 'I Knew When Gov. Amaechi Was Wearing A Cloth Everyday For 3 Days' - FFK by KnowAll(m): 7:50pm On Feb 23
We are waiting for amechi's reply!!! Abi na true? Even my mai-guard changes his clothes every day shocked oya to u Amechi defend yourself.
Politics / Re: Breaking!! Shakau captured by KnowAll(m): 7:35pm On Feb 23
Capture without picture is null & void.

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Politics / Re: House Of Reps Move To Ban Hiace Buses Over Bayelsa Auto Crash by KnowAll(m): 12:16pm On Feb 21
Those vechilee need to be banned they are not fit for human habitation for 5 minutes let alone 5 to 10 hours. As someone said earlier they are moving coffin.
Politics / Re: BH: GOC 7 Division And The Commander 5 Brigade Leading The Fight From The Front by KnowAll(m): 12:04am On Feb 20
Pixture of d General fighting from d front.
Politics / PDP Would Win????? by KnowAll(m): 12:53pm On Feb 18
I agree with Governor Lamido, d hype in social media can make u think d elections are a foregone conclusion. I was carried away by d hype that this form of media ensued 5 years ago when Governor Obi slugged it out with Soludo. Soludo ruled d social media like an emperor overlooking his empire. Every commentator said it was going to be soludo, this soludo, that soludo. I was carried along haplessly by d social media hype.

On d day of reckoning, when d election took place Soludo not only loss but came 3rd, i was shocked, perplexed, and bewildered about what transpired. What might have gone wrong I thought!!
It took me time to realise that d social media bubble was a bubble of affluent minorities shearing & exchanging views , ideas and concerns. The majority of d real voters were oblivious of this intellectual discuss, in hind sight i should have known better.

Having said that, and knowing my onions now, d hype of APC is another elitist exchange of ideas whilst d enmeshed majority of hungry looking Nigerians would cast their votes as dictated by their benefactors without doubt, and i can say confidently d people would vote PDP. The APC hype is a mirage that does exist in d streets of Gwagalada, Ajegunle, or Sabon Gari.
Politics / Re: Ambode & Fashola Share Gifts While Campaigning In Alimosho Today (photos) by KnowAll(m): 9:59pm On Feb 09
Alimosho largest LG in Lagos populace wise with 1 million votes. They sure need to share largesse to d people.
Politics / Re: Chadian Soldiers Patrol Gambaru After Recapturing It From Boko Haram (Photo) by KnowAll(m): 6:45pm On Feb 04
Motorized Infantry- Fantastic Mobility 4 the chadians. Give Nigerian Generals fund to buy vechiles thereby creating a mobile infantry, they will chop d money, nothing to show for. The chadians has spent their limited funds wisely. Kudos to them. cool


Politics / Re: Video Of Pastor Adeboye Endorsing Osinbajo In Pres Gej's Presence Is Trending by KnowAll(m): 11:17pm On Jan 29
This is just like d annoiting of King David when King Saul was still on d throne. Osinbanjo is a VP candidate to a sickly Presidential candidate. In d event of this man dying (Buhari ) Osinbajo like jonathan b4 him would mount d throne. The irony is all this is happening b4 Jonathan. AMAZING!!!!!

God is truely great. Mark this event down, and watch it, come to pass.


Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 9:20pm On Jan 22

Then never ever complain when things are bad in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 8:43pm On Jan 22

Na true talk now.
Politics / Re: Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 8:25pm On Jan 22
We need true patriots after Buhari. Voting 4 Buhari opens d windows of opportunity to many selfless patriots. Nigeria as a nation needs these patriots, a vote 4 Buhari would gurantee a conveyer belt of patriots leading our country.
Politics / Buhari? by KnowAll(m): 7:49pm On Jan 22
There is a problem with d authencity of his secondary certificate yet d man has cult followers not only in d North or d middlebelt but also in d south.

The problem with Nigeria is we have being used to u chop i chop politics . Buhari is a depature from what i term " business as usal" .

With Buhari u bound to get a new generation of leaders that enshewed corruption like Bakare, Kenyamo, Osinbajo, El -Rufia not to talk of performers like Fashola, Kwankwoso and Oshiomole.

Wheather we like it or not this generation needs Buhari to pass d barton to d next generation of forthright leaders. Buhari has d popularity from d North East to d NW, and from d SW to d SE and Ss.

There are millions of igbos in d east who are closet supporters of Buhari. The man is a sellable item any time any day certificate or not.

When u u give a kid some money to get u some items, and d kid comes back and gives u your change plus d fact there was a sale going on he gives u more than u expected would u question such a child's intergrity capital NO.

Buhari is just like d kid mentioned in that analogy, Buhari is d last upright man standing why would anyone in his right mind vote for something that stincks of corruption, how many of us " go see better food come prefer rotten food" I beg my brethrens person wey dey cry no blind oh"

Buhari is d future of uprightness in Nigeria. If we want to continue d rot of d past 54 years then vote Jonathan.
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Sick, Northern Elders Worried by KnowAll(m): 9:02pm On Jan 15
Prostrate cancer is not a death sentenced. If caught early is one of d beatable cancer. I don't suppose General Buhari with his stashed away wealth would not be going 4 medical check annually. If true, d cancer would be caught early & nip in d bud.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Lied: Arms Export To Nigeria From 1983-1985 Facts And Figures by KnowAll(m): 10:45am On Jan 09
544 aircraft !! Haba, maybe model or toy aircraft? It surely cannot be real aircraft.

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Politics / Re: Gmb & Other African Presidents Above Age 70 by KnowAll(m): 2:33pm On Jan 02
What the hell are doing with our grandfather as president? Please let's give the young the chance.

let them fall, make mistakes, and get up strong after learning from their errors.

Buhari is no real deal. Fashola could be.

Experience is King. Especially in the Western world and in the UK specifically. They would take some one that has 5 years experience in a job without a paper certificate of competence than someone with a paper certificate of competence without experience anytime any day. Aso Rock is not where you want an experimental president. We need experience hands on deck. As for Fashola, if you think he is good then field him as your Presidential Candidate or forever remain silent. cool
Politics / Re: Gmb & Other African Presidents Above Age 70 by KnowAll(m): 2:18pm On Jan 02
Tunisia's transition to democracy often has been troubled. Recently they are nuturing a very progressive democracy.

Let's see how their democracy progresses under the new 88 year old president

The bottom line is a principled 88 year old man is better than a young " African Man" who see the country's commonwealth as his personal estate at his beck and call to commit all types and manner of atrocities in the name of ruling. There are some things an aged African man would not do that a young African would embark on. Look at our young Tinubu's strangulation of Lagos State, did the older Otedola did what Tinubu is doing in Lagos when he was the Governor Capital NO.

Not all older men are focused, some are senile, Like Mugabe but some are focus, and I would like to believe Muhammudu Buhari has learnt from all his combined experienced as Governor, Minister of Petroleum, PTF Manager and Head of State, that is some experience. Not too mention his military experience
. cool

Buhari is the real deal.


Politics / Re: Gmb & Other African Presidents Above Age 70 by KnowAll(m): 1:53pm On Jan 02

Tunisian has just elected an 88 year old man as President. Age is a number. If a 90 year old man can put all the looters in jail, clear the mess of Jonathan then there is no reason why I would not vote for Buhari. In fact it is better to vote an aged man who is one foot to his grave than a young Nigerian man who would embark on a debauchery regime of increasing his harem of wives. The Obama's and the Cameron's of this world, in their society infidelity is not condone in any way and manner let alone taking a 2nd and 3rd wife.

And I would advise Buhari to put Bakere in charge of the EFCC when he wins the next elections
. cool

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Politics / Re: Gov. Fashola Hands Over New Area ‘c’ Police Command In Surulere by KnowAll(m): 1:52pm On Nov 26, 2014
That facililty is probably better than Lion Building d HQ of Lagos State command. See AC in every office. Fasola has done well oh.

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Politics / Re: Wow! The Youngest Nigerian Presidential Aspirant Ever by KnowAll(m): 12:42pm On Nov 22, 2014
His age has already disqualified him. I doubt whether this guy is up to 40 years. Our constituion stipulates that a would be President should be or have attained d age of 40. Sorry mate, u have some grow up to achieve b4 running 4 d Presidency.
Politics / Re: We can get American Weapons?????? but we must know Whats-Up??? by KnowAll(m): 10:51am On Nov 20, 2014
Everthing na politics. Lobby d Republicans properly and b4 long d weapons would turn up in our door step. Don't forget right wing American Politicians hates any islamic terrorist in whatever ramifications especially after 9-11.

Lobby d widows & Widowers of 9-11 emphasasing on d fact that Boko Haram left to flourish would be tantamount to more Mutallabs hiding explosives in their under pants. American may well be at d reciving end of this attack if Boko Haram is left to fallow.
Politics / Re: Speaker Of Ekiti State House Of Assembly Impeached By Seven PDP Lawmakers by KnowAll(m): 12:06pm On Nov 17, 2014
I wish d judges can be given d power to pass a judgement of public flogging on eering politicians. These 7 legislators need to be thought one or 2 things about democracy by way of public flogging.

These legislators know what they are doing is illegal and d worse that would happen is d Judge would pass a judgment of return to status quo.

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