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Celebrities / Re: Pictures From Star Music Launch by montili(f): 2:20pm On Mar 01, 2013

shocked shocked :oHoly Macaroni,is that Weird MC? Just asking
Music/Radio / Re: Video Of Tonto Recording HI In The Studio :D by montili(f): 5:06pm On Oct 30, 2012
Did i hear well? Tot i heard "where's the weed at?" shocked shocked shocked
Phones / Re: MTN To Introduce Nano-SIM Cards by montili(f): 9:07pm On Sep 29, 2012
HQ: Just thinking out loud here - wouldn't a "cutter" simply do the trick? undecided

Your loud thought reached me to make me realize we're both thinking aloud. MTN, everywhere you go, they f&&k u up. Cheers.
Politics / Re: Flooding In Kogi To Last Till November by montili(f): 8:49pm On Sep 29, 2012


The Governor is aware more water will be released from dams and they should evacuate their homes? TO WHERE? some times our Government makes me want to puke all the time, do i make any sense?

Ignorance is a disease and i cry for the flood victims nation wide because our leaders careless about our welfare let alone our survival, they only act positively when they or people close to them are affected in one way or the other. What happened to taking precautions about a disaster you aware of before it occurs or plan towards precautionary measures after it occurs , no being is perfect but it doesn't make us helpless. I remember a movie about human survival titled 2012 and my favourite quote was "The moment we stop fighting for each other that's the moment will lose our humanity"
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Battles Parkinson’s Disease? - SaharaReporters by montili(f): 2:31pm On Sep 28, 2012
Billyonaire: Sahara Reporters has wished our First Lady more than 7 different sicknesses and all of them, FROM RELIABLE SOURCES....lol

I thought i was the only one who noticed that they have so many SOURCES, probably even on their payroll. Yeye sources reporters
Education / Re: Nigeria To Include ICT In School Curricular by montili(f): 2:28pm On Sep 28, 2012
a1solution: ICT without electricity is useless. lets concentrate on electricity first while other things wud be added in due course. thats my opinion.

Very correct, without electricity it is useless.
Politics / Re: Maku Apologises To Senate Over Statement by montili(f): 10:38am On Sep 27, 2012
Now, I was pressed by the press and journalists were looking for headlines. The answer was not the position of the federal government and I took efforts to explain to my colleagues.’’

Omo na winsh press am wen e meet the press? grin grin grin

Anyway, he's already told the truth whether they like it or not.
Romance / Re: Is Kissing An Essential Ingredient In A Relationship? by montili(f): 10:19am On Sep 27, 2012
Chimezie198: Never kissed before.

More like never been kissed. U're missing.
Politics / Re: Lagos Deports Anambra Refugees by montili(f): 10:58am On Sep 26, 2012
wissezy: What is wrong with that thing called ashiomole!! Someone should better go and tighten that loose nut, in that nuts head, before things gets out of hand with his stupid policies.

Guy na Lagos state Governor not Edo state Oshiomole, is your eye sight ok? grin grin
Romance / Re: Is Kissing An Essential Ingredient In A Relationship? by montili(f): 10:42am On Sep 26, 2012
Akposkool: I just cant do without kissing.it arouses the sought of emotions that can last for a long long time.my gf confirmed am a freaking james bond in kissing,n wen it cums 2 intimacy.am Terry g cus i kan knack akpako wit enuf sangalow 2 her angle.

True talk.
Romance / Re: Is Kissing An Essential Ingredient In A Relationship? by montili(f): 10:41am On Sep 26, 2012

sex is more important!
if you kiss better than james bond and you lack the innate ability to make your partner speak in tongues during sex, your partner would sleep with your houseboy/driver/best man/ german shepherd!

Omo take am easy na, kiss is important just as sex is.Kiss + Sex = Sexerecise grin
Family / Re: What Should She Do In This Marriage by montili(f): 8:31am On Sep 26, 2012
coogar: maybe your friend is atrocious in bed - she should go and read some books on kama sutra!

She doesn't need to read kama sutra. She's young and sexually active, besides she's a health worker (nurse) whose has never had issues with sex in the past.
Family / Re: What Should She Do In This Marriage by montili(f): 8:22am On Sep 26, 2012
chaircover: What came first? The pregnancy or the marriage? if it was the pregnancy, then maybe the man feels that he was trapped.

From what you describe here, it doesnt sound as if the man loves or respects his wife and you need to get to the bottom of it and find out why. A year marriage should still be in the honeymoon stage.

The marriage came before the pregnancy and he proposed so i don't see him being trapped.
Family / What Should She Do In This Marriage by montili(f): 5:48pm On Sep 25, 2012
A friend of mine have been married for a year with a child and is really sad in the marriage due to her husbands behaviour. Her complains is that he doesn't touche her as if she has leprosy, nags and always threatening her. Though he has never gone physical with her but she's scared at what he may do. She has tried so many times to speak to him about what is his problem but he just ignores her rather keeping late nights or sleeps outsides without knowing his whereabouts. Its confirmed he's cheating on her but she seems helpless. They got into an argument so hot he told her 2 go back to her parents before he kills her and threatened divorce, when a family meeting was held to help them resolve the problem he acted as if nothing happened that he was only joking.

please what do u think of the situation? Will appreciate your candid advice.

NB She's a young and beautiful lady. Both of them are working.
Romance / Re: At What Age Did You Start Dating? by montili(f): 4:30pm On Sep 25, 2012
I was in JS2
Romance / Re: My Aunty's Husband Wants To Marry Me. He Says He's In Love by montili(f): 9:31am On Jul 30, 2012
I'll advice u make sure is over between ur aunt and him before bursting d bubble, he may be up to sumtin and wants 2 use u as a bait. Team up with ur family and deal wit d guy.
Politics / Re: Sun Newspaper Editor, Steve Nwosu Shot By Bandits.. by montili(f): 9:06am On Jul 30, 2012

Both of you should get married, so that you would torment each other with immeasurable foolishness for the rest of your lives. . .you deserve each other.

@ Topic, I learnt he was not badly injured, as the bullet merely scraped part of his scalp. Very lucky escape if you ask me. Oga Steve is one of the best in the business and I really appreciate him. I'm so glad he survived. God be praised.

Thank God he survived, dont mind these olodo, i guess they reason with their anu$.
Car Talk / Re: Fastest Speed You Have Ever Driven: Car, Place, Time? by montili(f): 5:31pm On Jul 26, 2012
Ken_Jak: Guys! You've not really broken record at all,well,for me, it was 320km/h, I was driving a jeep made by myself travelling from nigeria to heaven though I'm back now!
Glory be to God.

Guy na wa 4 u o. Couldn't stop myself from laughing till i fell and bumped my head. Who no likw LIFE.


Fashion / Re: Van Vicker & Nse Ikpe-Etim On The Cover Of Complete Fashion Magazine by montili(f): 12:15pm On Jul 11, 2012
kedivory: D hand sign by van vicker.

Which hand sign u dey talk of?
Jokes Etc / Re: Breaking News Another Plane Crash! by montili(f): 1:48pm On Jul 10, 2012
grin~~~Takes out a gun and shoots OP~~~ Blow out the smoke from the gun~~~. AMEN. No try dat kind joke again o. grin
Travel / Re: Why Are There So Many Lizards In Nigeria? by montili(f): 1:25pm On Jul 10, 2012
LizyL: Ever since i moved here last year, i noticed the amount of lizards all over the place. Why are there so many?

Because due to recent Bomb blasts by Boko Haram in the North, the lizards are rapidly migrating. If na u u no go take off from danger zone? grin grin grin
Romance / Re: Why Do Men Cheat? by montili(f): 1:11pm On Jul 10, 2012
Cheating by men and women is wrong, and men should not use such silly excuse that "its in their blood" It goes both ways. cheating may occur for several reasons but it happens if and only if you want it to. Nobody is a saint neither should one brag about such irresponsible act because peoples emotion are toiled with in the process. No sane person would want to be hurt in one way or the other. It is not a disease that has no cure meaning it can be controlled. I feel disappointed the way cheating is taken casually as if its just a meal after which you pass it out as stool not regarding the health danger it posses, emotional trauma, broken relationships and even death it causes. I believe it should be treated with caution.
Celebrities / Re: Gay Chika Nwafor Claims He's Pregnant by montili(f): 11:30am On Jul 10, 2012
This guy must be seriously high on crack and i think he has mega hallucination problem. He's not just an attention seeker but a psycho who needs a shrink or locked up in the psychiatric hospital where he can meet his kind. He may be lucky 2 get his @$$hole wanked, that might clear his hallucination to reality angry grin grin
Politics / Re: Pastor Bakare Hits Harder: “down, Down Jonathan” by montili(f): 10:38am On Jul 10, 2012
Gboliwe: If I were a member of his church, i'll be so disappointed in him. I come to church to get encouraged and sharpened with the word of God but sunday after sunday he feeds me hatred for a government that the bible says i should pray for. He lost an election, he shouldnt be that bitter, 2015 isnt too far even though i wont vote for him then too.
He should organise a politics gathering for his members and feed them his BS but on sundays, he should respect God and feed or attempt to feed my hungry soul

Well said jare. No matter his hatred for the government, he belittles himself in front of the congregation spreading hatred round the church for those who cares to listen though. He already failed by merging religion with politics when he contested. I guess his just preaching what he practices. grin grin grin
Family / Re: HELP S.O.S- My Wife's New Job by montili(f): 11:04am On Jul 04, 2012
chaircover: Is MissyB a nurse ni?

On a serious note, if I were your wife I will be pretty offended that you think that way. You are indirectly implying that you can’t trust her.

Which job will your wife do that she won’t be exposed to other men? Do men toast married women YES!!! Do men toast me? Yes!! In the shops, on the plane, on the street, driving along in the car . . . . . . I just politely tell them to Fcuuk off.

Even if your wife was a housewife, there is still the washerman, driver, gateman, when she goes to the market etc

You have to trust her, however if she has given you any reason not to trust her, then you need to discuss it and iron things out Now Now because if you don’t, then every time she is 5 minutes late from the marker you will be thinking the worst.

Now back to the job, I personally don’t like husband and wife being away from each other and 3 weeks out of every 4 is a long time to be apart. Money is not everything and investing in building your relationship together is more important than money. Sit down, put your heads together, focus and pray together and surely a job closer to home will soon appear.

Well said jare.
Culture / Re: Why Do Nigerians Look At White People As Advanced Humans by montili(f): 11:01am On Jul 04, 2012
Amalaaba: MY LONG HELD OPINION ABOUT THIS TOPIC: We Blacks are clearly inferior to the Whites in so many ways.[b][/b]
I have studied the following in the last 20 years and my opinion has remained the same. Here are some of them:

1. History and documentations of same
2. Calligraphy
3. Science
4. Community/Society Organisation
5. Civil control within and without

Just to name a few! We are so far ahead that a recent survey demonstrated that it was only Africa that regressed using all statistics of development in the last 30 years.

Every time i have opportunity of visiting western nations i marvel at their incredible mental power that makes otherwise impossible, possible!

We too can reach their standard if we want. The white man takes time to invent things no matter how long in order to get a global recognition at the end but we're just after the benjamins (money) that is why Africa esp. Nigeria are major consumers of their products. Oyibo get winsh just like us, but dem dey use their own well while we dey use our own the other way round. wink
Food / Re: Coke And Pepsi Contain ALCOHOL, - French Research by montili(f): 8:28am On Jul 04, 2012
Why im i not suprised coke (slang for cocain had always had traces of cocain back in days mayb even now so im not suprised if alcohol is inclusive. I never allowed my neices drink those stuff coz the first which was also the last time i gave them, i noticed how hyper-active they were. I hate the sugar level and it gives me an allergy.
Family / Re: I Mistakenly Impregnanted My Wife's Sis And Cousin... by montili(f): 8:19am On Jul 04, 2012
mistake my a$$, Hardworking by making his joystick his COMMANDING OFFICER instead of his brains. I pity the wife jare. As for the sister & cousin dem sef no try at all. Since he feels he's man enough to impregnate all three, let him be man enough to face the reality b4 him. Msssheew.
TV/Movies / Re: Foreign Movies Copied Into The Nigerian Home Videos by montili(f): 9:32am On Jul 03, 2012
Why did i get married (hollywood movie), Brides Wars (Nollywood version)
Politics / Re: Governor Uduaghan's Cousin Kidnapped In Broad Daylight by montili(f): 5:09pm On Jun 14, 2012
I wish it was the Governor kidnapped, msheeew.
Family / Re: Please Help Ayomide - An Abandoned Child by montili(f): 9:53am On Jun 14, 2012
montili: Please send me account details. Thanx.
email is kryptonblue2004@yahoo.com

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