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Celebrities / Buhari Campaign Picture Gone Wrong.... by nerfetiti: 9:11am On Mar 19
Hello peeps, was surfing the internet this morning and then I stumbled on this buhari campaign pics…and viola I saw the “dontate”, I guess what they wanted here was “donate”.

#hehehe It’s quite funny though…


Jokes Etc / Couple Picture Gone Wrong by nerfetiti: 5:19pm On Mar 18

Jokes Etc / What's Your Take On This Pic by nerfetiti: 12:27pm On Mar 18
couldn't just stop laughing....

Celebrities / Read Note By A Nigerian Girl Who Just Bleached Her Skin by nerfetiti: 11:52am On Mar 18
She just bleached her skin and she is so proud of her new skin...she also said its a big disgrace having black babies..do u all agree with her?

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/03/read-note-by-nigerian-girl-who-just.html

Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson and Mary Remy Attend Movie Premiere in London by nerfetiti: 5:37pm On Feb 27
cute baby

Romance / Re: I Seriously Think My 'girl Friend' Is Possessed... Advice Needed by nerfetiti: 8:24pm On Feb 24
another rooster and bull story
Romance / An Hilarious Letter Of A Married Woman Who Is Sexually Abused To Her Doctor.... by nerfetiti: 5:47pm On Feb 24
Just saw this pic on ridenattyride.com....and i couldn't just stop laughing... grin grin grin grin grin cheesy cheesy wink cheesy grin cheesy

Business / Re: Mike Adenuga: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Him by nerfetiti: 4:20pm On Feb 21
U go get there but u dey NL 24/7 undecided

mind ur business
Business / Re: Mike Adenuga: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Him by nerfetiti: 7:30am On Feb 21

we go get there my sister grin grin grin


Celebrities / Bovi's Letter To The Woman Who Scammed Him by nerfetiti: 7:29am On Feb 21
Rib cracking comedian has given another hidden secret which he had tried to harbour for a while now but feels it’s exactly a year now and he needed to expose how he was scammed on Febuary 14, 2014, in Lagos.
The comedian revealed that it was barely a week he knew the lady online and they planned to meet in an hotel at Victoria Island.

Read his latest revelation;

TO THE WOMAN WHO SCAMMED ME LAST VALENTINE. It's exactly one year today since our relationship started to go south. I had known u barely for one week and indeed we got to meet for the first time physically on Valentine's Day. I parked in the hotel in VI and made my way straight to your room, not sure of what to expect because you actually had no pictures online. When you opened the door, I wasn't disappointed. Neither was I excited too. I mean I had just left my wife at a nearby hotel to be with you. This is where I come clean. Your sweet tongue and deposited cheque into my account made me accept your show at the last minute. My mind was telling me don't. But my pocket kept telling me take it. I did your event and from that day till today, I haven't set eyes on you. U deleted me from bb, avoided my calls and when I did get u on phone, you tried to lure me to your lonely abode. When you ran out of skills, you simply cut off. All your lies of how your church sabotaged you by fixing their program on same Val's day as yours were lies; how you managed style plus, lies. I remember the rude shock on your face when only about 14 people turned up for your 200 people event. How u needed a strong drink and lamented about all the wasted food. Instead of u to beg, u come dey speak English for me say u be lawyer. Thief! Anyway, anywhere you see Tosin Martins, thank him. That's who stopped u from getting arrested. As for the money, I dash u. U win. Meanwhile if u see laugh EFCC laugh me when I carry the dud cheque go meet them, u sef go laugh me join. Those guys deal on huge amounts. As in better fraud cases. Not coins. They looked at me, tried not to laugh, but they couldn't help it. I remember them asking whether na my girlfriend. I replied "God forbid". I'd rather be a priest. They sha referred me to police.


Celebrities / Meet Nigeria’s N1billion Blogger - Linda Ikeji by nerfetiti: 11:59am On Feb 18
From venture-africa.com comes this report about Linda Ikeji:

When Linda Ikeji started blogging in 2006, she never envisioned the amount of success it would become, neither had she the slightest hint that she will become a role model entrepreneur to a teaming amount of unemployed Nigerian youths. “I started blogging out of passion. Something I never thought I could make money from.” Linda has over the years, managed to carve a niche for herself as a blogger extraordinaire, and also enlightened Nigerians to the business of blogging. What started as a hobby for her is today valued to be worth N1.1Billion. Having been a model for eight years, Linda attempted a career in journalism, but this did little for her livelihood. Linda developed an interest for, and started blogging after reading a story of herself on BellaNaija, one of Nigeria’s most popular blogs.

Like most start-up entrepreneurs, Linda faced common challenges in the birth of a business; her blog, www.lindaikeji.blogspot.com, didn’t garner attention or profit until August 2010, when someone sent her a mail requesting for her advert rate. “I started blogging 2006, and I didn’t start getting that many readers until 2007. I ran the blog for like four years without making money, but August 2010, someone sent me a mail and said can I have your advert rates? And I was like what does that mean? I had to call another friend of mine who was a blogger and I asked him, what’s an advert rate?” she said during an interview on The Juice. Having acquired knowledge of what an advert rate is, Linda started off charging paltry sums for adverts broadcast on her blog until a company offered her a huge proposal for an advert. Then it dawned on her what great business opportunity lay in her hobby – blogging. Now she charges up to $8000 a month, for specific ad spaces on her blog, handling PR services to the most premium brands in Nigeria and even for government agencies. This is in recognition of the amount of followership her blog commands, both within Nigeria and the Diaspora. Linda ad rates Linda’s blog has become a one-stop for many Nigerians to get first-hand information, as well as a content provider for other blogs.

Through her Blog, she has become a voice for social change, making impact to the lives of several Nigerians and Africans in General. In 2012, she published a story of a 19-year-old girl, Blessing Effiong, who was unlawfully detained for four years. Linda also went ahead to get Miss Effiong out of prison, with the help of a few influential friends. As an activist, Linda has consistently called for justice on the case of the gruesome ‘ALUU4’ murder, a tragic case of the brutal killing of four undergraduate students of the University of Port-Harcourt. The young men were killed on the 5th of October 2012, by a mob of villagers and local vigilante over an alleged theft case. On the 5th day of every month, Linda puts up a reminder on her blog that Justice is yet to be served for the death of those young men.

Her latest post on the 5th of February reads, “RIP to the sons, brothers and friends we lost on October 5, 2012, in the Aluu community of Rivers state. Still no justice! Still we wait!” Linda is also involved in several philanthropic activities. Last year, she donated the sum of N1Million at the Future Awards, to fight the Ebola disease which ravaged some West-African countries for most of the second half of last year. In her words, “I want to give back to the society. I feel like I am 10 per cent done, I haven’t done 90 per cent. That’s the way I feel. Hopefully in another 2 years, I will accomplish another 40 to 60 per cent. Before I turn 40, ultimately I would have accomplished 100 per cent,” she said in a recent interview. Kind and generous, her spontaneous Linda Ikeji Blog (LIB) Giveaway, where she doles out cash and other gift items to her teaming fans, is something her visitors look forward to. Linda is dubbed the ‘Queen of controversy’, since her business thrives on the broadcast of controversial stories. She has had run-ins with celebrities, and the law.

Not too long ago, her blog was shut down by Google on a report of Intellectual Property Theft and Plagiarism. When contacted on the deletion of the blog, Google’s Communication and Public Affairs Manager for Anglo-West Africa, Kola Ogunlade, released a statement at the time, saying “Google is dedicated to offering users the best possible experience across our products. We take violations of policies very seriously as such activities diminish the experience for our users. When we are notified of the existence of content that may violate our Terms of Service, we act quickly to review it and determine whether it actually violates our policies. If we determine that it does, we remove it immediately.”

Though her blog has since been restored, the infamous shutdown served as an indicator of how much influence Linda wields and how much her blog meant to the average Nigerian and African. While it felt like good news to her rivals who saw the incident as an opportunity to dethrone the queen of Nigeria’s information cyberspace, she also had a large number of supporters who stood solidly behind her through that trying time. Linda got back on cyberspace, bigger and better. Learning from the unfortunate incident, she has employed professional hands, owing to the visible changes on how posts are updated on the blog. And the attention paid to the authenticity of stories, as well as giving due credits to outsourced information.

Today her blog is number one news content blog in Nigeria; it is ranked at the 13th position on Alexa.com. Through a combination of hard-work, consistency, innovative thinking, and creativity, Linda has over the years been able to prove that there are viable business opportunities around us. She is a member of the prestigious Future Awards Alumni. In 2012, she won the award for Young Personality of the Year, and in 2014, she copped a double as Outstanding Blogger of The Year and Best Gossip & Gist Blog at the Media Broad Awards.


Celebrities / Weddings On Bella Naija??? by nerfetiti: 4:11pm On Feb 17
This gat me laughing real hard.......... grin grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy grin cheesy cheesy grin grin cheesy cheesy grin

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/02/weddings-on-bella-naija.html

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Romance / Crazy Things Ladies Do When They Are In Love by nerfetiti: 11:25am On Feb 17

1. Sports May Become Her New Hobby

Is your #guy really into sports? One of the things women do when in love is mimic their #man a little, by being into sports too. Whether it is playing sports or watching them, when a #girl is in love, typically she will drop her disgust for sports and pick up a bat – or learn how to keep score in football!

2. More Confidence

One of the things #women do when in love that might not be so wild and crazy is have more confidence. When you know that you have a man that loves you and that you can be yourself with, it's hard not to be confident! This is especially true if your #man is constantly complimenting you and making you feel like the most important person in his life.

3. Sexual Fetishes

When a #woman is in love, typically she will be more willing to explore her sexual fetishes. Do you have some fetishes that you've been dying to try out on the right #guy? This is definitely one of the things #women do when in love and only when they are in love!

4. Experimenting

Another thing a #woman does when in love is experiment. She may be more willing to try all kinds of new things sexually with her #man and even indulge in some of his fantasies. It all boils down to confidence, ladies, and when you are in love, you are more confident!

5. More Spontaneous

Did you show up randomly at his work just to have lunch with him? Did you play hooky just to hang out with him? #Women in love are absolutely more spontaneous and have more fun!

6. More Willing to Try New #Things with Her Man

Remember how I said that one of the things #women do when in love is experimenting? Well, it doesn't end with sex. A girl in love will be willing to try all sorts of new hobbies and even new foods with her #man! All because he has asked her.

7. Allow Herself to Be More Vulnerable

It takes a lot for a girl, especially a #girl that has been hurt in the past, to let down her walls. One thing a #woman does when in love is allow herself to be more vulnerable in general. She allows herself to drop her guards and to really give into the #man that she loves.

8. Compromise More

Most women are more willing to compromise with their #man if they are in love with them. Does your #girlfriend constantly fight with you on every little thing with no compromising? It could be a sign!

9. Plenty of Primping

Whenever a woman is really into a guy or especially if she's in love, she'll spend ridiculous amounts of #time primping. Although it might not make that much difference to others, a #woman in love wants to make sure she looks nothing less than her best. So she has no qualms about spending hours doing her #hair, makeup and picking clothes to see her guy

10. Putting Friends on the Back Burner

An often unfortunate side effect to the love drug is putting friends on the back burner. It's natural to want to spend every waking moment talking to or with the person you love, but forgetting your friends shouldn't be one of the crazy things a girl does. Encourage your #girl to spend time with her friends!

11. Spending All Their Money

A bite from the love bug can cause a #woman to want to lavish her love with gifts.This is another common symptom of being in love where women spend all of their extra #money buying their guy gifts.

12. Getting Inked

Even the most conservative women have been guilty of getting inked in the name of love. We all know it's a bad idea and some even think it's bad luck to get inked with your love's name, but some #women just can't resist.

13. Co-signing

Co-signing on something like a car or loan is a big deal. But when you're talking about a #woman in love, it might seem like a logical thing to do. As much as we'd all like to believe this is forever love, protect both of yourselves and avoid going in on major financial commitments together.

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/02/crazy-things-ladies-do-when-they-are-in.html
Celebrities / See What Amber Rose Wore To Church... by nerfetiti: 10:36am On Feb 17
More specifically, she wore this while walking the runway at the Laurel DeWitt Show at the Church of the Holy Apostles on Sunday during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Everyone will be wearing this look for fall.

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/02/see-what-amber-rose-wore-to-church.html

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Celebrities / How To Keep A Nollywood Affair Secret......... by nerfetiti: 4:58pm On Feb 16
When it comes to keep adultery under wraps, Steve Kroft seems to have neglected the most important element: location, location, location. The married 60 Minutes newsman's purported affair with a married Harvard-educated lawyer landed him on the cover of the National Enquirer, which also published many of the lovers' text messages — some provocative, some cautionary, with Kroft reminding his partner that flashy attire might be conspicuous at one Washington hotel where they were to meet. Unfortunately for Kroft and his mistress, sartorial discretion hardly suffices when your name is of the boldface variety.
The appetite for information about extramarital tete-a-tetes is as aggressive as ever — and the more salacious the details, the better. Which means the cloak of secrecy around an affair, especially for those in the paparazzi (or tourist cellphone) line of fire — as well as all who work in the surprisingly small town of Nollywood — must be darker and tighter than ever before.

The right location can allow a romp to remain a secret. But despite the sprawling Nigerian Metropolis and around it, Nollywood offers slim pickings for shadowy restaurants or off-the-beaten-path hotels where you won't see someone who knows someone who knows someone — unless you don't mind getting gritty at a rent-by-the-hour drug den or a dive bar. Forget the secluded park in the Valley, the Westside watering hole or the Echo Park eatery because that junior-level development executive who sort of looks familiar could pop up at one of them.

So, what's a cheater to do?
According to sources surveyed by RideNattyRide, it's no longer trendy to have affairs in such posh hotels as because the risk of being discovered is too high. These days, it's all about the private condo, the best friend's apartment, an Airbnb rental or places you only and your siblings know — Awards Night or the best location of all: on location.

Longtime gossip columnist Janet Charlton, whose website specializes in "character-revealing" celebrity dish, confirms that hotels are out for the most part, unless it's a high-rise hosting a big event "with a lot of ins and outs that wouldn't arouse any suspicions," she notes. "Social media and the paparazzi have changed tryst-having in Hollywood because everyone is a photographer, and they're all over, outside of all the hotels," adds Charlton, who covered an infamous hotel scandal in the '90s when Michael Douglas reportedly was caught cheating at the Beverly Wilshire by his then-wife Diandra with one of her friends. "It's difficult to get away with anything anymore. You're going to get caught."

Adulterers are going to great lengths to cover their tracks and avoid getting caught in the way such stars as Tiger Woods or Kristen Stewart have in recent years. "TMZ has absolutely changed the game," explains private investigator Dan Hanks, better known as Detective Danno. "People have hideaway condos now because there's more privacy there. With hotels, you always have a bellboy or a desk clerk who is willing to drop a dime to get on a regular payroll [by selling a story]." Private Apartment are whispered to be a favorable option for cheaters, with several sources manipulation the Wilshire Corridor's stable of luxe high-rises as a popular destination for affairs. Another source cited in Hollywood of how a well-known producer who once kept a property in the Bird Streets neighborhood of L.A., where he and several male pals used to bring women who weren't their wives for adult fun.

However, those arrangements are available only to the top tier of Hollywood types who can afford to shell out the cash for additional properties or pay powerful lawyers to cover their tracks, adds one source. More common? Affairs on set. "Being on set during a production is akin to summer camp," relays one notable manager. "You're all housed at the same place, having the same experience away from your regular life, reality and responsibilities. And everyone is Hot." A producer sums up the small-town vibe: "There's nothing else to do!"

The music/video awards night are also said to be rife with sex-crazed industryites who allegedly engage in affairs they might avoid if not for the freewheeling lifestyle delivered by its organisers. "It's late at night, you're high or drinking and suddenly you're sleeping around," says one veteran of the biz. And the alibis provided by the locations might as well be dished out on silver platters.

Cheaters who prefer to keep their dalliances local rely on the discretion of powerful gatekeepers, like maitre d's and restaurant heads. "I often find that someone won't have two [different] women on the same night in the same room but instead on consecutive nights — on a Friday and on a Saturday — so what I won't say is, 'Didn't I see you last night?' " explains The Palm's co-chairman and co-owner Bruce Bozzi. "You have to know sometimes when not to acknowledge that you've seen somebody."

But ultimately, the greatest discretion is required of the cheater (and his or her partner), and adultery is the type of risk-taking behavior that often comes hand in hand with a (false) sense of invincibility, especially in a city of movers, shakers and dealmakers. "In Nollywood, people feel they have license to do whatever they want to do," says the a veteran from nollywood. "Everyone feels they're untouchable." That is, until they get caught.

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/02/how-to-keep-nollywood-affair-secret.html
Politics / PDP Shades Apc In New Pic by nerfetiti: 4:03pm On Feb 16

Celebrities / Stars To Watch Out For This Year In Nollywood by nerfetiti: 9:07am On Feb 14
From LeaderShip Newspaper:

The Nigeria Movie Industry is likely to witness a turnaround this year with the presence of talented and alluring thespians PATIENCE IVIE IHEJIRIKA, takes a look at some of them


Funke Akindele who started her acting career as far back as late 90s in the family television series, “I Need To Know” as Bisi, has carved a niche for herself, especially with her comic character. She is today identified as one of the few actresses who can compete favourably with the likes of Nkem Owoh when it comes to comedy.
The actress who is also a producer grabbed attention and won a lot of fans for her role in the movie “Jenefer”. She has since clinched several awards as well as endorsement deals. Funke is certainly going to do more this year, even as she plans to launch another version of her movie “Jenifer”.


Charity Eke, popularly known as Chacha, has become a household name in the Nigerian Movie Industry. The actress has made a name for herself, having featured in over 50 movies in just few years.
The actress who started acting in 2009 through the “Miss Nollywood Talent hunt/Pageantry” is now reckoned as one of the current hot stars as well as the most sought after actress in the industry. She is certainly going to draw more attention this year with her charm and acting skill.


The charming and alluring actress who had her first appearance on screen in “The Maid” where she played the role of a possessed house help has never looked backed ever since.
The actress who revealed that she once worked as a housemaid to survive, has today emerged as one of the most admired Nollywood stars. Her being a wife and a mother could not even stop her from appearing in almost every current movie as every producer wants her appearance in their movies.
The proud mother of two was one of the inaugural winners at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards 2013, for her role in the comedy film “Dumebi The Dirty Girl”. She won the 2009 African Film Award for best supporting actress. She has lots more to offer.


Temitope Tedela, popularly called Tope Tedela, is one of the rising stars in Nollywood. The dude has gained recognition for his role in the television series, Edge of Paradise. He came into limelight after playing the lead role in the 2013 film, “A Mile from Home”, through which he was nominated for Most Promising Actor at the 10th Africa Movie Academy Awards. Tope has also received several awards for his role in the film, including Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award, Nigeria Entertainment Award, Best of Nollywood Award, Nollywood Movies Award, Golden Icons Academy Movie Award and Express Star Award. He is certainly one of those to look out for this year.


The upcoming actor won the award for Best New Actor of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards 2014. Daniel’s recognition in his 2014 performance is perceived as the beginning of his achievements in the industry, he is surely one of those to look out for this year.


Chika Nancy Ike is another actress who can keep your eyes glued to the screen for hours. She started her acting career at the age of five in church plays. In 2005, she appeared in her first lead role in a movie called “Bless the Chi”, directed by T. Chidi Chikere. Ever since, she has starred in over 100 movies.
Chika has received several Awards for her performances including the African Youth Society Award, 2008, Best Role Model In Africa 2009, City People Entertainment Award 2012, African Heritage Award 2011, Donven Club Award Best Actress 2011, UN Ambassador for Peace 2006, African Movie Academy Award, Best Upcoming Actress, Nomination 2009: African Movie Academy Award, Best Actress in a supporting role, Nomination. She featured in so many movies in 2014 and she is not likely to relent this year.


The Nollywood queen has of recent become the face in the every movie poster. She is said to be the big star in almost every film shot in Asaba and Enugu. Her fame has also been attributed to her comic character which she acted in most of her recent movies. The skill has given her an edge just like Funke Akindele. In 2011, the one and only queen in the industry was named ‘Most Scandal Free Actress’ at the Best of Nollywood (BON) awards. It is likely that more of her skills will be displayed in 2015.


The actor is one of the outstanding dudes in Nollywood. He has done perfectly well for himself and he is has become a household name in just a short period of time. He has many awards to credit, including Best Actor in a Lead Role at the Best of Nollywood (BON) awards among others. He is surely one of those to look out for this year.


The Nollywood legend took a break from Nollywood for some time. Upon her return, she bagged a prestigious award in recognition of her contribution towards the development of the Nigerian film industry; Legends of Nollywood award, for her outstanding role in Mirror in the Sun. She also won the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the 10th edition of the Africa Movie Academy Awards for her marvelous performance in the movie, Apaye, and several others.


Alex Ekubo, the actor who is also a model was first runner up at the 2010 Mr. Nigeria contest. In 2013, he won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role award at the Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in the movie Weekend Getaway.
He is surely one of those to look out for in Nollywood this year.

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/02/stars-to-watch-out-for-this-year-in.html
Romance / 10 Things Men Find Unattractive by nerfetiti: 6:46pm On Feb 13
Women love gossip. They notice the smallest things that men do wrong and then discuss them with their girlfriends. What about men? Do they notice ladies’ mistakes?
Does an average guy whose occupation has nothing to do with fashion really understand anything about women’s outfit, perfume, or makeup? Some do. And here are 10 things they find unattractive:

1. Intricate Hairstyle
An intricate hairstyle is alright for a carnival or an extravagant photo session in a studio. In all other situations natural-looking hair is preferred. It’s far more pleasant to see and touch hair that is free of styling gels, sticky hair sprays and other hair products.

2. Heavy Foundation
Foundation is created to hide fine lines, blemishes and little flaws. It makes your skin look healthy and smooth. It can even out your complexion and improve your skin tone. If it is visible, then you do not apply it right. Foundation is supposed to be invisible to others and even you. Thoroughly blend it with your skin – that’s the only way to avoid the mask effect

.3. Glitter and Shimmer on Your Eyelids
If you are not a professional makeup artist, it’ll better if you avoid using glittery and shimmery eye shadow. Very few succeed in applying it anyways. Matte shadow is always better because it does not cling to the eye crease.

4. Gummed up Lashes
This is what usually happens when you apply too much mascara. It clumps and does not make your eyes look sexy and tempting at all. Use mascara of good quality. Experiment with several brands and pick the best one for you – the one that does not smudge under your eyes or rub off after a couple of hours. Finally, use a special brush to comb your lashes and remove the clumps.

5. Badly Shaved Body
Whether you like it or not, men prefer smooth skin. Take care of your entire body. Make sure that your legs and armpits are perfectly clean and hairless. Such things play even a greater role than makeup. It tells a lot about your hygiene and there is no point in applying makeup if the rest of your body is not totally neat!

6. Dry Skin
It’s unpleasant to touch dry skin. Scurfy elbows or heels look awful. Use moisturizing and nourishing shower gels, creams and body lotions after shower.

7. Bad Breath and Yellowish Teeth
Yellowish teeth and bad breath will never attract the opposite sex. Think of the reason what causes the problem. Are you a smoker? Or is it just your poor hygiene? Maybe you drink too much coffee, black tea, or red wine? In either case, do your best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Use whitening toothpaste or strips to make your smile brighter and carry breath dragees in your handbag.

8. Wrong Lip Liner
If you have been invited on a date, probably you will also be taken to a cafe or a restaurant. Think ahead about how your lips will look after you have eaten your dinner. If you use lipstick and lip liner, then after eating food out of the two only lip liner will stay on your lips. You will probably agree that this won’t look attractive at all. It’s even worse if your lip liner is much darker than your lipstick or your natural lip color. Such a contrast is totally inacceptable. Let your lip products be as close to your natural lip shade as possible!

9. Too Much Fragrance
Perfume is created to help you express your individuality. But too much of a good thing is never right. A drop of your favorite aroma is enough to make a man pay attention to you. Make your aroma your little secret. That’s the best way to keep a man wondering and imagining a lot of beautiful things about your personality.

10. Public Grooming
Trust us, men do not want to know or see how you make yourself attractive. This ruins their illusion. Let them think you are effortlessly beautiful. All major makeup procedures should be performed at home, not in public.


Family / Bride Breastfeeding Her Child On Wedding Day (pics) by nerfetiti: 2:12pm On Feb 13
Saw this pic on ridenattyride.com.....it gat me laughing...... grin grin grin wink cheesy : ;DD grin cheesy cheesy grin cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy wink cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Webmasters / Re: I'll Get You 1,000 Active Users For Your App/website For 1,000 Naira by nerfetiti: 5:50am On Feb 13
promote this site ridenattyride.com reach me ony email gistbanker@gmail.com
Celebrities / Ortisefemi Cooking Up A Collaboration With Rihanna... by nerfetiti: 8:41am On Jan 23
Just when some people thought fast-rising singer, Oritsefemi was going into oblivion in the Nigerian music industry, he surprised many with the release of ‘Double Wahala’, phrase popularised by late Afro-beat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

The song took him to where he may never have imagined to have reached in his life. The same single turned him into a sought-after musician and even to the presidency.

In an interview recently, Oritsefemi spoke about what motivated him to do the song.

"The challenges that I have got and encountered everyday (inspired me to do the song). For example, one of the challenges is I have been doing some hits; classic hits, you know. Those hits made waves, people accepted it, but so many of them underrated me.

"It was not their fault, just that they needed more of my works. They needed that ability (in me). This made me to sit back and relax. I asked myself (this question), 'Am I supposed to be forcing myself? I need to work! I need something that would keep people embracing me.' So I decided to bring out something dynamic," he revealed.

He also spoke on the reported international collaboration with Rihanna which has not seen the light of day at the moment.

"I contacted Rihanna’s manager that I am an artiste from Nigeria and I would love to do a collaboration with her. Her manager said she was busy. But I am patient and she has not finished what she is doing. There will be other collaborations with other international artistes too," he said.

source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/01/ortisefemi-cooking-up-collaboration.html

Celebrities / Re: I Don't Mind Flaunting My Curves - Emma Nyra by nerfetiti: 8:42am On Jan 22
But u no get curves na undecided u r straight.
she get curves...just google her pics
Politics / Re: If You Vote For The APC, You Are A Fool - Says Veteran Tv Presenter,Yemi Shodimu by nerfetiti: 8:20am On Jan 22
Sombody please tell him that
''I am a proud fool''
Politics / Boko Haram Leader, Shekau Diplays Ammunitions He Just Obtained From The Nigerian by nerfetiti: 5:57pm On Jan 21
From Olufamous.com:

Our security agencies and the government keep claiming that there is no enough weapons to defeat Boko Haram but the ones they have are been captured by Shekau and his boys.

The photos above are the heavy weapons Boko Haram captured from the military after they attacked and massacred hundreds in Baga.


Politics / If You Vote For The APC, You Are A Fool - Says Veteran Tv Presenter,Yemi Shodimu by nerfetiti: 3:39pm On Jan 20
Veteran TV presenter, Yemi Shodimu, has said only fools will decide for the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the 2015 general elections.

The ‘Gbarada’ anchorman made this declaration at the President Goodluck Jonathan re-election campaign rally in Lagos some days ago. The event took place at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Onikan.
The former aide to ex-Governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State was one of the hosts of the rally in Lagos with another veteran broadcaster, Bisi Olatilo.

He warned Nigerians to be careful with their votes, saying that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has delivered.

“If you vote for the APC, you are fools,” he said.
He emphasized that if they allow the opposition party to occupy Aso Rock in Abuja, it means they are ready to go to prison for 32 years because of the dictatorial spirit that exists in the mind of candidate of the opposition party.

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/01/oif-you-vote-for-apc-you-are-fool-yemi.html


Celebrities / Re: It Wouldn’t Be A Problem If My Husband Is Caught Cheating - Yeni Kuti by nerfetiti: 11:02am On Jan 19
African men are programmed not to stay with one wife so any woman expecting a man to be faithfull to her is on a long thing or on her own

it is wrong for a man to cheat on his wife
Celebrities / It Wouldn’t Be A Problem If My Husband Is Caught Cheating - Yeni Kuti by nerfetiti: 9:51am On Jan 19
Yeni kuti who is the first daughter of the late Afro-master has opened up on her opinion about infidelity among men. She took a position in an interview with Tribune.

According to her, she does not expect so much of fidelity from a man after growing up in a polygamous home. She said
“ I still got married, but does not expect my husband to be faithful. I didn’t demand or expect it.
She reluctantly added that it wouldn’t be a problem if her husband is caught cheating. “if he was unfaithful, it would not cause any fight between us”.

However, she expressed her thought about the African woman’s right and equality.
“we have more right, yes but equal rights, I don’t think so”.

She disclosed how she was denied to own a gun because she is a woman.
“When I tried to buy a gun, they said they don’t sell guns to women”.

She defended her reason to owning a gun as a means of self defence.
“Armed robbers had attacked us at home and i needed a gun to protect myself”.
Asked if she could use the weapon, she excitedly said she had gone for a shooting training a while ago.
“ah, if my life or my child’s life is in danger, yes , i will fire the culprit without thinking twice. I did a gun practice a while ago”

She added that she cannot cope with lazy men as that may be the only thing that may cause problem between her and her husband.


Celebrities / It Wouldn’t Be A Problem If My Husband Is Caught Cheating - Yeni Kuti by nerfetiti: 9:42am On Jan 19
Yeni kuti who is the first daughter of the late Afro-master has opened up on her opinion about infidelity among men. She took a position in an interview with Tribune.

According to her, she does not expect so much of fidelity from a man after growing up in a polygamous home. She said
“ I still got married, but does not expect my husband to be faithful. I didn’t demand or expect it.
She reluctantly added that it wouldn’t be a problem if her husband is caught cheating. “if he was unfaithful, it would not cause any fight between us”.

However, she expressed her thought about the African woman’s right and equality.
“we have more right, yes but equal rights, I don’t think so”.

She disclosed how she was denied to own a gun because she is a woman.
“When I tried to buy a gun, they said they don’t sell guns to women”.

She defended her reason to owning a gun as a means of self defence.
“Armed robbers had attacked us at home and i needed a gun to protect myself”.
Asked if she could use the weapon, she excitedly said she had gone for a shooting training a while ago.
“ah, if my life or my child’s life is in danger, yes , i will fire the culprit without thinking twice. I did a gun practice a while ago”

She added that she cannot cope with lazy men as that may be the only thing that may cause problem between her and her husband.


Celebrities / Burna Boy At War With Former Record Label - Aristokrat Records by nerfetiti: 9:43pm On Jan 18
The music industry may soon be set ablaze by the duo of Burna Boy and his former record label, Aristokrat, if situations are not quickly looked into by some concerned industry stakeholders.

The young artiste has decried an alleged attempt by Aristokrat to truncate the success of his forthcoming single entitled 'Rockstar'.

The 'Check and Balance' singer took to his Twitter page to ask his fans not embrace the version of the song released by Aristokrat.

“The original ‘RockStar’ drops with the video soon and it sounds nothing like d 1 u see on blogs right now,” Burna Boy disclosed.

“Please stop promoting the cheap effort of Aristokrat Records to sabotage the release of my new single titled RockStar,” he added.

The singer has also concluded plans to make his former boss pay for the spite.


Celebrities / Re: 2015 Oscar Nominations: The Complete List by nerfetiti: 9:35pm On Jan 18
Everyone is just surprised that the LEGO MOVIE is not in the best animation category.

yea...one of the best movie for last year
Celebrities / I Don't Mind Flaunting My Curves - Emma Nyra by nerfetiti: 9:34pm On Jan 18
Emma Nyra is a budding sensational music star, so sexy and beautiful and doesn’t have any qualms about flaunting her curves.

"The For My Matter" star revealed in a recent chat that she flaunts her curves because she's so proud of what she got.

“I just wear what suits me. I am not trying to be sexy. I just don’t mind flaunting my curves. I am happy with the body God gave me," she said.

The leggy diva also opened up on her plans for the year 2015, “What I will be doing differently this year is to expand my brand especially with bigger accomplishments such as endorsements and my album will definitely be released later this year.

I am extremely surprised at how far the song 'For my matter' has gone. The video has one hundred thousand views in one week of release,” she revealed.


Celebrities / Tonto Dike Set To Disgarce Men Toasting Her... by nerfetiti: 9:24pm On Jan 18
Controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, is not happy with how some of her male fans keep harassing with love messages. She also expressed frustration over how these men got her phone number in the first instance.

She said most of them send ‘funny’ messages to her and to prove her point, she posted a text she received from one of them, who composed a poem in order to prove how good he is with words.
Tonto explained that the person further asked her to connect him to Cossy Orjiakor, who recently listed what she wants from a sugar boy.

She wrote, “Don’t know how these creatures got my number. But I deal with this shet in 20's daily. Some1's husband /son/boyfriend, who knows? Keep it coming sons, I will embarrass your as*.”

Source: http://www.ridenattyride.com/2015/01/tonto-dike-set-to-disgarce-men-toasting.html

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