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Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Buying Used PS3/PS4 Console On AMAZON Or NAIJA Used. What's Your Advice? by NEROSKY(m): 2:39am On Apr 27
Ive bought from amazon and the console was nice. A used one

Is Amazon shipping to Nigeria? Becos I tried to buy things there and all I see is "can't ship to your location"
Romance / Re: Telemundo Is Affecting My Relationship;please Help by NEROSKY(m): 12:38am On Apr 26
I can be romantic and cuddling but my God I freaking hate Telemundo i think it's for people with lower IQ , even the plot is extremely silly and too predictable. My Mother and I both hate it with a passion. it's not even their real voice too.

Dumb plot i'd rather watch wall get dry in slow motion.

to OP you should be happy don't live life trying to emulate TV, it just shows childiness but then again doesn't mean you shouldn't be romantic also, romance is good but not the over the top (Gay-like romance) like playing a guitar for her in public lipsrsealed

Now That you've said my mind, what should i type
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 8:22pm On Apr 12
guessing his pics was gotten from somewhere

i dont think its available internationally yet!!

Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 5:38pm On Apr 12
Hope you aren't talking to me?
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 12:19pm On Apr 12
The machine has finally arrived..gonna get mine soon

NIce move
Phones / Re: Finally, UC Browser Now Available In Desktop Version, Download And Enjoy The Spe by NEROSKY(m): 1:40am On Apr 12
Nice will try it out moro
Religion / Re: If You Meet God And He Allowed You To Ask Him One Question, What Would It Be? by NEROSKY(m): 1:37am On Apr 12
Why would a group of Islamic terrorist just walkout somewhere and starts killing innocent people..
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 10:10pm On Apr 11
All I need is the Imei of this phone.

Then what happens
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 1:30pm On Apr 11
Before you buy, read this: 5 RIDICULOUS ENGINEERING


LOL.... I can deal with all ur points, my only turn off is the Gorilla Back GLASS, Becos Glass is glass, weda gorrila or monkey glass 4 or 5 grin grin grin and that's that!!
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 8:12am On Apr 11
bro i need your phone number plzx
‪0811 095 2443‬
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 11:51pm On Apr 10
Just anoda way samsung wanna exploit the public

s6 edge $100 more dan s6 ,jst some less dan 0.4inch screen added to it,which can nvr bring balance to the fone when on a plain surface,hell even holding it might just slip through ur fingers

the note 4 edge had the same complain

well lets hope d s6 will be better

inother news

what is going on with htc and sony

dey keep bringing same design,and style every year ,the only difference we get to see is maybe increase in size and processor enhanced!!

Niggas lacking idea and d public buying


Lol, I'm selling my Z3 for poor GLASS built in,(stick with well crafted plastic, like BBz10, or allround metal) & no premium feel, btw the device is amazing aside from the built quality,I like iPhone built quality, i just really hate dia stagnant and ugly OS...
Phones / Re: SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 11:48pm On Apr 10

Bought it already where? how? i Know T mobile & AT&T have started shipping like two weeks ago , and is in US,all device locked with their NETWORK
Phones / SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Was Released Today, See This... by NEROSKY(m): 7:39pm On Apr 10
Who's getting it, for me i'm getting it, SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE 32GB GOLD PLATINUM but the question is, which people is selling it in NIGERIA now?! Btw is around $800 for the S6 Edge & S6 for $700 in USA, market they said they can't ship to NIGERIA

Politics / My Personal Opinion On Tomorrow's Election.. Lagos/enugu by NEROSKY(m): 6:44pm On Apr 10
I wish Jimi Agbaje was in APC, right man wrong party, i would have said Ambode go n die, but unfortunately I hope he wins becos of APC sake (reason been; they own federal government now & Lagos State is economic capital of Nigeria) n continuity, if Tinubu had done what Fashola did in his tenure + what Fashola currently did, I think by now Lagos will be competing with small London, just saying this because Lagos was my home away from home, i grew up there, btw, I'm public administrator & nonpartisan at most, just judging by Good work... Coming to my place Enugu, anybody can win, APC Okechukwu or PDP Ifeanyi, but the possibilities of PDP winning is very huge & understandable, the outcome in Presidential election in Enugu alone will tell you... My 50cent on Gubernatorial election 11th April..
Health / Re: 6 Ways Many Men Are Unknowingly Killing Their Sperm by NEROSKY(m): 7:44pm On Apr 01
My respect goes to JEGA, that man is extraordinary
J - just
E - ended
G - Goodluck
A - Administration

Now is mbaka was right, no mbaka why? Useless sentimental people
Politics / Re: Godday Orubebe (PDP) Accuses Jega Of Bias by NEROSKY(m): 12:00pm On Mar 31
Celebrities / Re: I Would Rather Masturbate Than Have Sex With Prostitutes – Patoranking by NEROSKY(m): 1:32am On Mar 30
Lol, i made this decision 5 years ago!!
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Revealed by NEROSKY(m): 8:57am On Mar 28


I want to know if its Nigeria shop prices, becos come may or june , i'm getting one 32GB dual sim s6 edge, I can buy it same release period buh i want to watch many reviews , i don't want to spend so much money to find out the glass is cheap n fragile like the Sony used on my z3 compact that cracked already, just few inch fall
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 Price Revealed by NEROSKY(m): 2:19am On Mar 28
Politics / Photos; Bet 500k On Gej & Win 700k & Bet 400k On Buhari & Win 800k by NEROSKY(m): 12:03pm On Mar 27
on nairabet, oya doz wey em sure for!!!

Health / Re: What Can Cause This?? by NEROSKY(m): 11:48am On Mar 27
Please what can cause foul smelling menstruation blood. I just noticed it last month on the last day of my period. The smell was so bad that I felt everyone could perceive it. I took some antibiotics and it stopped. but yesterday my flow started and this time it is worse!!! its really so frustrating.
has anyone experienced this before and what did you do. I cant go to the hospital right now cos I don't have enough money. maybe next week. Please I need help urgently. Please help me.

You have a yeast infection, wen u cum i know it smells too!! Goto pharmacy
Politics / Re: Leaders Of International Election Observer Groups Arrive Nigeria - Pics by NEROSKY(m): 12:20am On Mar 26
Buhari till Patience Jonathan that is not even suppose to be a cleaner in AsoRock learn English!

I like GEJ, hates Patience Jonathan, wants Buhari to win, so we can witness positive or negative change! Either way

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Politics / Re: Mama Peace Rice: Eat And Experience Peace In Your Life [pictures] by NEROSKY(m): 8:30pm On Mar 18

Which national cake?? Is everything 'National cake?'
Mumu like u sad No! na em pocket money em take buy am, as clueless as her
Phones / Re: Are You Going To Buy The New $10,000 Apple Watch? by NEROSKY(m): 1:46am On Mar 11
Apple are known as exploit,(with that ugly design and overpriced) i wouldn't even buy the one of $367 for $100, i would rather channel my money on Sony smartwatch 3, very pretty & sleek with price $150, i wouldn't buy it as well.. i spent almost $500 on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, planning to sell it now for this premium pretty Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (Even if Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is more expensive than all iPhones, Samsung price will soon drop sooner or later) .. So Apple products should go to hell, i will consider apple when their user interface goes overhaul change, not every year , the same old story

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Properties / Re: Pics: Which Of These Nigeria Banks Has The Finest Building by NEROSKY(m): 5:20pm On Mar 10
Diamond bank has won already, between I'm using access, gtb n diamond


Celebrities / Kim Kardashian Has The Best Job In The World, Getting Paid For Nothing by NEROSKY(m): 10:08am On Mar 09
She took to social media to ask fans which looks better..I think she's a Dam grin, If na only me dey this world, she wouldn't be famous sad

Phones / Re: Conversation Between Me And OLX Scammers by NEROSKY(m): 2:54am On Mar 07
Base on my own and my colleagues in office conclusion, more than 50% of advert on Nigeria OLX are scam, mostly on Auto,Phone and Tablets.
I tried my possible best to avoid them by not checking on too cheap price of a phone that I know it worth far more than what is been posted, few weeks ago I was in Lagos with my brother checking OLX for a car, I called several people and I was shocked when most of them will never be at where they posted on their Ads. fortunately and unfortunately one of them was in Lagos as it was on the Ads but to my surprise he said he will bring the vehicle to my house for inspection, I agreed on the spot but gave him address to a school close to my house, he later said i will pay for mobilization and fueling of the car, i said no problem when he bring it, then he said i have to pay the money into bank account or send recharge cards, I just cut him off

Two days ago, I checked for Q10 and saw some good moderate price deals, make calls and all the people I called were scam crawlers, so i stopped wasting my cards and decide sending messages to them, so one of them replied who is purely and cheap scam daddy and the conversation goes like this:

- He was part of the people i have called earlier, he told me to send him my address where I would want the phone to be delivered.
- The name he used on Yahoo is raymond okey

Raymond Okey: i dont understand what you mean by peace park abuja.

ME: thats the address

Raymond Okey: Is that where you want us to make the delivery to? hope you know you will have to show a commitment, because the money you will send will be what we will use in sending the goods down to you, and we will use the teller number on the deposit slip you will send to us as a parcel number on the receipt we will issue out then at the point of delivery the delivery agent will verify the goods afterwards you pay the balance to the agent.

ME: what money and where am i sending it to

Raymond Okey: your just showing a commitment and that will also be the money we will use in sending the package to you. The payment will be made into the owner of the companys account which is also subject to your verification. if you want the delivery made to you, you will make payment of 30% worth of what of what your buying a day before the actual day of delivery so we can package your goods and make plans for the delivery, after payment send us the teller number because it will be included in your parcel id number on the package.

ME: ok, so how do i send it

Raymond Okey: we have uba and fidelity bank accounts, which one will be convenient for you? when do you want the delivery to be made?

ME: delivery today or tomorrow, give me the two account in case one has a crowd.

Raymond Okey: we will make the delivery to you tomorrow and you have to send me the details of where you want the delivery to be made to and your full name and at least two phone numbers of diff networks because of network problems. i will send you the uba account first and if you find crowd there then you can tell me and i will send the other account to you. Oni Jacob 2070509056 UBA

ME: am replying you from the office, may not have access to internet once i leave for the bank, why cant you just give the two account because i will go to bank road in Maitama where there are many banks close to each other

Raymond Okey: ONI JACOB 6233844960 FIDELITY BANK. ONI JACOB 2070509056 UBA

*** After doing some background search on the name and account number I found out that the full name is ONI EMEKA JACOB***


Raymond Okey: yes sir (Idhioth, saying sir for me and he sound older but I like it sha grin )

Raymond okey: plz we are still waiting for your details.

*** He called me on phone and tell me they are waiting for my information and remind me that i just need to pay 30% before delivery ***

ME: is there any problem if i send it all? (forming O.B.O wink )

Raymond okey: It will still be very okay if you wish to make the full payment at once.

ME: I just hope I can trust you, so how much am i sending now?

Raymond okey: We agreed at #28,000. please send me your details so i can start packaging your order now. (am very sure the mumu has forgotten how much we were dealing with, what is he packing that he need to start quick, na poo? )

ME: for used Q10? nooo, we can only have a deal of 20k

Raymond okey: Sir you dont have cause to worry, this is not the first time we are making deliveries. hopefully after this first transaction the customer relationship and trust must have been establisheed

Raymond okey: the phone you are buying is very clean and it still has all the accessories, because of how clean it is that is why we put 6months warranty tag on it. That is the last price you can get it for. if you get it cheaper anywhere you might be at risk of buying a refurbished phone that will crash soon.

Raymond okey: my manager said i should give you for #27,000 so that we can make you a life time customer.

** He called now, forming another voice acting like the manager, saying his staff said i want to buy a phone and that he has ordered him to sell it for me at price i begged for(beg who? me wey i de catch fun grin cheesy ) that i should send my details after i make the payment, that all they need is paymet slip receipt number, my name and address when i want it to be delivered, I told him I will go pay by 2:30 to 3pm, he sound happy because it was after 2pm already and said he will call me by 3pm***

-- He called exactly 3pm and i told him I am very busy in the office and I will do internet transfer, he quickly use style saying he did not call because of money, that he called to tell me they need my information to start packaging the phone.

ME:Name: Omugo Olelomo ( that is a Yoruba language meaning Omugo- silly, Olelomo- Thiefchild)
Phone : Q10
Address: peace park, Utako, Abuja

BUT WHY ? I have sold and bought online and it was a good experience then, but why some Nigerians are ready to damage any good platform out of laziness, People should just try to be very careful with this people, they can plan to meet you at a place for delivery of goods and they will practically plan to rob the buyer from that point since they know the buyer may go with cash

MOD - please move to appropriate section and let people learn because this people are draining Nigerians seriously and that is why they are many

*** UPDATE***

I guess he just saw my details and he replied back as one Nairalander has said he will still contact me thinking I actually want to transfer money to him, he replied back and the game continue.

Raymond okey: ok thank you i have seen your message, but you have not shown your commitment to enable us take off with the delivery

ME: Will do transfer once I get to office this morning

Raymond okey: ok. you are yet to send us your details. please send it to us so we know where we are making the delivery to (he lost memory due to suffering from Scamoeboliasis)

ME: Check your email well, I have sent it to you, also I have two other colleagues in office that want the same phone, so I will be paying for 3 phones (I ping his dirty brain back to life grin cheesy )

Raymond okey: i have seen it now. so how many of the Blackberry Q10 special edition should i package?

ME: 3 (gave him more courage to plan on how to spend more money) Mumunotu

Raymond okey: ok. i will do that now, and delivery will be made to peace park abuja right? please once the transfer has been made just alert us so we can take off immediately. ( Hideeot need my money fast so he can go to ATM to cash out fast- OLE)

ME: I have transferred 60,000 thousand Naira to your Fidelity Account, so Please let us get our phone today by all means. thanks ( I just login to my GTB and do as if I wanted to transfer the 60k and snapshot it for him, am sure the mumuboi has run to ATM to cash it,)


Raymond okey: Sir the payment has not been credited yet, just said i should inform you. (go kill yourself, mumu)

ME: No no no, I taught you wanted to say you are at the Location already, what is all this? Please don't play game with me because I have been debited already

Raymond okey: Sir we dont play games with our customers here, its just that the money transfer has not been credited to our account you can confirm from your bank

ME: Can you send me your office address

Raymond okey: No. 59 adetogun street behind third cemetry by Forte oil and gas station lokoja Kogi state. (99% sure is fake address, anybody in kogi can verify, NA him papa go go Cemetery, omo jatijati)

Raymond okey: Sir what is the situation now?

ME: I have contacted my bank and I was told the money has been deposited into your account, I may drive down to your office tomorrow and we will go to your bank together to know if the money was in your account or not

Raymond okey: Sir why should we lie to our first time customer, knowing it would not be suitable for our business reputation. up till now we have not gotten the credit. i dont understand why a transfer would take so long to deliver.

ME: I was told your Account has been flag for Scam that is why the money is on pending, Bring those phones and let meet face to face

ME: are you really a scammer and why?

He just run and stopped calling me, all this conversation took like 3 to 4 days oooo, slow and dullboy
Heeees!!! U get sense, i love the conversation

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Phones / Re: New Samsung Galaxy s4 For Sale At 60k In Enugu by NEROSKY(m): 2:36am On Mar 07
Hey friends. ..have been using windows phone so i decided to switch to andorid....bought samsung galaxy s4 at 72k ...i just feel like am used to windows phone...so i wana resale it at just
Location: Enugu ... if u are intrested let me know
S4 60k U never won sell d phone, wey s6 just show

Romance / Re: Qualities A Man Must Possess To Become A Suitable Husband by NEROSKY(m): 11:19pm On Mar 04

No offense, but you sometimes sound/write like a teenager

You Must Be a sadist, u need a therapist, una no dey joke 4 ur family
Phones / Re: Nokia E5 4 Sale by NEROSKY(m): 10:54pm On Mar 04
The phone's hot cake ooo.... Peeps prefer it 2 modems.
4 Ur mind?
Phones / Re: Nokia E5 4 Sale by NEROSKY(m): 10:53pm On Mar 04
Phones / Re: Nokia E5 4 Sale by NEROSKY(m): 1:32am On Mar 04
cheesy, 4 this generation

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