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Properties / Re: The Making Of The "Owerri 6 Bedroom Duplex" by NEROSKY(m): 1:59am On May 12
following... i don bookspace

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Business / Re: Checkout Today's Naira Exchange Rate by NEROSKY(m): 2:59pm On May 06
Who naira epp?


Science/Technology / Re: How my inverter is saving me in this poor power supply and no-fuel situation by NEROSKY(m): 8:04am On Apr 25
Below is my small 1.2kv mercury inverter with one 200Ah battery. I get well over 12hrs of back up I cant measure how much it saved me but i can tell you the my wife kissed me and said thank you for this. My neighbours envy me, one is planning for his.

The sweetest fact is that we can sleep through the heat with fan and no noise from generators. Because of the scarcity, neighbours have been spending a lot on fuel to run generators. The last fuel i bought was a 5litre at N200/litre. I didnt use up to 1hr when light was restored and thats over 3weeks ago, the fuel remains unused.

To make the sorry interesting, NEPA started a silly regime when we have light throughout the day but blackout at night when its required for good night sleep. Guess what, am not bothered as we sleep with fans till when they restore the light.
Thanks for this, how much is it, i plan to buy it for fridge, fan, sound system n tv only... Tho we get 18 hours of light here in Enugu, at times 3 days straight, i just want uninterrupted power
Autos / I Almost Forgot,how I Stopped Frequent Overheating On My Honda Accord by NEROSKY(m): 10:44pm On Apr 24
I use Honda Accord 2006/2007  known as Discussion continue, i know if i share this, it might help one or two people, anyways, i have been experiencing frequent overheating, i wondered what might be causing this problem, it has lingered for nearly a year plus, so I was driving to another state for a friend wedding, unfortunately I forgot to cover my radiator, the water dried out and top gasket burned, i managed to drive It home with the worse experience ever with car problems, that i can't even type it here, long story short, my mechanic came to my house to fix, it took him a day plus, to get the job done, after fixing it, the overheating became worst, he said the problem is the radiator cover, i doubted him, he insisted he must get it fix, because he was very honest, and he works with passion and patience, he don't care too much about ur money.. Finally,we searched the cover the whole market and couldn't find any, he decided to construct it , because he said the main problem is, the water on the radiator is entering the reserve, which reverse was supposed to be the case, i was like, because of faulty cover?, "ordinary cover o" lipsrsealed, he then constructed something and the water from radiator stopped entering the reserve... Since then, almost 3 weeks now, i haven't experienced overheating, nor have I refilled my radiator since, not only that, my AC chilling have really improved

Lesson learned : if you think little things re not important, try sitting on a needle or pin....


Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 4:14pm On Apr 24

Bro do you have prove that it is SCAM?

I don't have but i'm very certain it's..
Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 7:56pm On Apr 23
Nwanne,my contact no go be for here ooo.
Pm me,then I will send her number to you.
I will also tell her you will call.

done that
Romance / Re: Should I Still Keep Faith In Marrying Her? by NEROSKY(m): 7:55pm On Apr 23

I'm not contesting
My bad...You would av won with only sign language... still would u
Romance / Re: Outrageous Lies Men Tell To Get Laid! by NEROSKY(m): 7:45pm On Apr 23
Women lie, men lie, everybody lies. But when it comes to getting laid, men could tell alot of lies just so they could have some with you. Before sex, is probably the men that lie the most.
Here are some of them;

Add yours. TGIF!!!! grin

Hmmm... if u know all tricks in the book, how then do you get laid grin
Romance / Re: Should I Still Keep Faith In Marrying Her? by NEROSKY(m): 7:42pm On Apr 23

Thanks hunnae...Who are you voting for miss Nl?

You... of course kiss

For payback, lemme take u out for a date undecided
Romance / Re: Should I Still Keep Faith In Marrying Her? by NEROSKY(m): 5:21pm On Apr 23

I wish...they are contacts embarassed
See ur big eyes, u no bad sha kiss
Romance / Re: Problems Only Pretty Ladies Will Understand by NEROSKY(m): 5:07pm On Apr 23
1. We can't just have a day off without receiving numerous calls from annoying set of toasters and so called friends.
Like seriously? Can't you guys just keep to yourself and don't bother us? You call morning, noon and night and all you keep saying is "how are you, how was your day, have you eaten, what are you doing at the moment, OK I will call you later" are you an FBI agent? Mtchewww undecided

2. We are tagged as flirts. This especially I hate to the bone. Even here on nairaland. So because she is pretty and she clubs and dresses with swag does that mean she is an olosho? Too many kids in this country undecided

3.we can't just walk without being noticed. OK, I am not all that pretty but can't I just walk pass a street without guys stopping to say hello? Can't i just go to a store to get something without someone offering to pay? Can't i just eat in peace without you offering to pay my bills and get to know me in the process? Leave me alone! angry

4. Too many DM, PM...do I need to say more about this? I get nothing less than 100 messages on fb in 2days. I am lucky, my bestie gets more than 500 messages daily grin she had to delete her fb messenger because the messages are just too much grin
Even instagram isn't helping matter. Should I start with nairaland too? angry

5. We are tagged as unserious students. Imagine someone saying the pretty ones are the dumb ones why the ugly girls are intelligent. Just imagine, well my gp speaks for me. Not all pretty girls rely on their beauty

6. We are called lazy and dependant grin this is the funniest grin
I have 2 jobs and I pay my bills myself. why will I want to depend on your peanut? grin

7. They call us proud. This is saddening. Sometimes it is just about having a high self esteem not pride sad

8. Most guys just want to show you off as trophies and have sex then move to the next pretty girl. This is why we take a very long time to study you before allowing you in but most guys will become too desperate and loose their chances.

#drops pen
Op, If you pretty make i no wetin cus am
Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 2:41pm On Apr 23

Are you in Enugu?
Business / Gtbank Now Collects #100 To Buy Airtime by NEROSKY(m): 10:17pm On Apr 21
Just saw it... Business centres should dust their umbrella now, more people will patronise them henceforth ...

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Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 9:39pm On Apr 21

You have to collect the decoder.

Get in touch with my agent if you wish,she is honest and will give you every detail you will need.

That would help, please drop her contact here, or should i mail u
Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 1:35pm On Apr 21
Well I do transactions with them.

I pay in a certain sum everyday,I intend to do it for 6 months.
I have a personal relationship with the agent that picks my money.
Which state are you in?

There is also the one I gave a huge sum,at the end of every month,they pay 10%

But 10% is minus VAT,decoder subscription charge (they give a decorder ...montage)
If you don't want the decoder,they will be paying 5%.
I don't know if you get.
This interest will commence 6 weeks after the money is dropped.

Then when you want to take the bulk money back,you will give them a period of 8 weeks to gather the sum.

That's about what I know and the transaction I do with them.

So far they have been delivering.

Wow... I'm in Enugu, i wouldn't want a decoder becos i have DSTV xplora, which is better? to collect the decoder or not? becos i'm looking forward to be doing business with them this month end
Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 3:20am On Apr 20

I stay in Enugu. My research led me to a coach. My coach. He saved 500k. He showed me the alert. Now he has added another 1m.
I think it will take a lot of time for it to go wrong.
A lot of people are there already so even if it goes wrong,(G-d 4bid cos my money is there, incubating) you won't be the only victim grin

cool.. how do i contact u biko?
Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 3:19am On Apr 20
Which contribuation are you talking about.

Is it the one of 10% at the end of the month?

be specific,I have being in partnership with them for long.
Tell me the one you are into.
Oya tell us, i went that place and someone told me is been 2 months since his guy that received alert that don't know what's the problem..
Business / Re: How Safe Is Lets Partner With You Ltd by NEROSKY(m): 1:51pm On Apr 11
I heard the same stuff but I don't know how safe they are. or what security options your fund has. still asking about. Tho I know a couple of people who are in it, and one showed me his bank alert
Even though i know the man is very rich, i mean the owner, i'm a bit scared o
Phones / The Best Cheapest High-end Smartphone In The World by NEROSKY(m): 11:59am On Apr 11
The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the best phone from one of the fastest growing phone companies in the world – Chinese Xiaomi. Xiaomi is big in China, but unfortunately, its phones – known for their great value for the money – are not available in the United States. The Mi 5 is particularly impressive; it’s the most affordable phone that has the powerful Snapdragon 820 system chip, it features an original and very good-looking design, and the feature-rich MIUI custom skin on top of Android 6. The Mi 5 also features very capable camera that can shoot good-looking images in low-light and features a very advanced optical stabilization (OIS) system..... Among all is sold for just $400

See the full Specs here http://www.mefindout.com/around-the-world-global/the-best-cheapest-high-end-smartphone-in-the-world-xiaomi-mi-5/

Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 11:41am On Apr 11
It's all over Nigeria not particular to Lagos
Huge lie.. do you know how many state i have spent more than 2 years on
Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 4:47pm On Apr 10
Cc Obinoscopy, Lalasticlala, mynd44

Food don ready
Come credit a job well done
They went to church wink
Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 11:20pm On Apr 09
All these depend on where you living
But no2 traffic jam ..I dobale 4 Lagos
Yes for sure buh, i'm talking about major places, where average Nigerians stay, not the wealthy tho, but on my list, even Governor of Lagos state might experience one or two
Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 11:10pm On Apr 09
5. Workaholic, Roughness
See H'ere http://www.mefindout.com/in-nigeria/5-good-reason-you-should-not-stay-in-lagos/

Stick around for advantages or reason why you should stay in Lagos on my blog and NL… will post it tomorrow..
Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 11:07pm On Apr 09
4.No Electricty

Power cuts are endemic in Lagos, and it therefore comes as no surprise that the market for generators is one of the biggest in the world. As a result there is a constant humming sound emanating throughout Lagos, now that there’s fuel scarcity plus heat in lagos due to no constant flow of air because of rampant deforestation (on like,Enugu or Abuja for example ) You wouldn’t want to stay in lagos or else you’re okay, by okay, i mean living above average Nigeria, wh…

Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 11:04pm On Apr 09
3 Drivers (esp. commercial bus driver )
[/b]Weaving in and out of traffic like a Cristiano Ronaldo through the defensive line of a rival team, Danfo bus drivers are the kings of the road and nobody messes with them. Do not argue with them. Do not question their driving proficiency. They are always right, they how know to insult

Politics / Re: 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 11:03pm On Apr 09
2 Terrible traffic jams

In the time that it takes someone to fly from Lagos to Houston, Texas a person living in lagos may be lucky to have reached Victoria Island from the airport by car. Perpetual traffic jams are par for the course in this city and something the locals know how to deal with well

Travel / Re: Updates On Price Of Dollar , Euro, And Pounds Today by NEROSKY(m): 10:49pm On Apr 09
Nice one....waiting patiently

sorry for late reciprocation, the app is ready, buh the problem is how to upload it on playstore, they've refused to charge any credit i bring forward
Politics / 5 Good Reason You Should Not Stay In Lagos by NEROSKY(m): 6:25pm On Apr 09
Lagos is Africa’s fastest growing city and the 7th fastest in the world. With tenacity and unique energy that goes through it, Lagos has around 22 million people, So you will come across different species of people, 95% of this article is personal experience, i grew up in Lagos but i left because Lagos is too rough for my liking, though the advantages that Lagos posses outweighs the disadvantage, which i will discuss on my next post..

1 Flood & Dirty Street
In Lagos, if you don’t go to flood, flood will come to you during raining season

, and it doesn’t end there, the poo that floats on top the water are unbearable, i don’t want to mention names of streets, but this one is common in lagos…

See What Some Streets In Lagos Look Like After Heavy Rainfall (photos)

See More at http://www.mefindout.com/in-nigeria/5-good-reason-you-should-not-stay-in-lagos/

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