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Phones / HTC One M9s Price In Nigeria - Specs Jumia Konga by ogedanny: 9:19am On Nov 20
HTC One M9s Price In Nigeria - Buy Latest HTC One M9 Android Smartphones Online At Cheap Price - Specification And Reviews On Jumia Konga

HTC has launched another One series which notably looks like the HTC One M9 except the hardware configuration. The device is tagged HTC One M9s and It packs 16GB expandable storage memory for massive file and app handling.

Full info: http://www.browsingphones.com/htc-one-m9s-price-in-nigeria-specs-jumia-konga/
Career / Microsoft Dynamics Training Partner In Nigeria by ogedanny: 5:31pm On Nov 18
Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the all-important tool you need to connect your entire business. From financial and supply chain management, through your operations and human resources, to the business intelligence and reporting you need to make smart decisions. Start with what you need now and easily adapt as your needs change – in the cloud or on your servers the choice is yours.

Learn Microsoft Dynamics At Your Own Pace

Learn Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

Solution for enterprise organization:

Read full info: http://accountingsoftware.com.ng/microsoft-dynamics-training-partner-nigeria-kenya-ghana/
Certification And Training Adverts / Re: Becoming A Certified Professional by ogedanny: 5:22pm On Nov 16
Career / 10 Things Every Accounting Student Should Know About Accounting Software by ogedanny: 5:05pm On Nov 12
What does it take to be a good accountant?

Traditional answers to that question might include things like: “an eye for detail,” “a mathematical mind,” “an ability to spot patterns,” and “above-average organization skills.”

In today’s day and age, though, you can go ahead and add “comfort and experience using business software” to the list.

Because of its computational, data-intensive nature, accounting work has become inseparable from the software applications that enable efficient and accurate financial record keeping.

Software savvy is now among the most marketable job skills a professional accountant can possess. To keep up with the changes, there are a number of things every future accountant should know about how software is affecting their chosen profession.

1. You will use it.

No matter what kind of accounting you specialize in or whether you work for a private company or a public firm, you’ll use accounting software on a daily basis.

Inc.com describes the centrality of software to contemporary accounting this way:

It used to be that keeping “the books” for a business was literally a paper-based process, involving a ledger, lots of columns, and a pencil to record a business’ essential financial data. In the digital age, however, even the smallest business can benefit from a wide variety of small business accounting software products on the market.
2. Employers want accountants with software skills.

According to a survey by Accountemps, the second most in-demand non-traditional skill for accountants was “expertise in information technology.” The study polled a sample of CFOs who ranked the desirability of IT skills in accounting job candidates ahead of “communication skills,” “leadership abilities,” and “customer service orientation”

3. Accounting software isn’t slowing the demand for accountants.

You may have read articles talking about technology eliminating the need for accountants. Don’t believe the hype.

The American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) reported that 43,252 new accounting graduates were hired in 2014—the largest class of newly hired accountants since the organization began compiling accounting job market data in 1971.

4. Software is driving an evolution in the role of the corporate accountant.

While software might not be eliminating the need for accountants, it is changing their roles.

Software is making the computational, task-oriented style of accounting work a thing of the past. Tedious calculations and long, manual records reviews are out. Jobs relying on accountants to provide strategic insights on business decisions from a financial perspective are in.

Technology advancements have enhanced the accountant’s ability to interpret data efficiently and effectively. He/she now has the ability to interpret the language of business with such ease that the accountant has become a corporation’s most trusted business advisor. Source: CPAPracticeAdvisor.com
5. If you studied it, there’s software for it.

Software developers have created software for every imaginable business accounting process. Beyond core accounting modules such as the general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts payable, software functionality exists for job costing, bank reconciliations, cash management, budgeting, tax preparation, forensic accounting, financial statement compilation, asset depreciation, and beyond.

(Check out a list of 54 various accounting and other business management application types.)

6. QuickBooks is popular, but not the only option.

With a huge chunk of the small business market share, an extremely low pricetag, and an easy-to-use interface, QuickBooks is the go-to program for many new accountants looking to familiarize themselves with accounting software.

But there are lots of other product options that deserve attention. The software market for medium-sized and enterprise businesses is not nearly so heavily dominated by a single solution. And, medium to large businesses are where many of the accounting jobs are.

7. There are amazing resources available to build accounting software skills.

Most accounting degree programs now include requirements for course work dealing generally with business technology and specifically with accounting software. But additional accounting software training and expertise can help new graduates get a headstart up the job ladder.

Future accountants looking to gain specific product expertise have access to both developer and independently offered interactive online training series, user created YouTube instructionals, seminars, certification programs, books, user community forums, and a host of other resources.

8. Learning how to get up to speed on new accounting systems is an important skill to master.

According to Senior Accountant and industry thought-leader, Nate Roth, from Sitzberger Hau & Co, SC, he’s used roughly 30 different individual programs in the last seven years. When it comes to getting up to speed on new software, Roth says that he’s “always found the ‘undo’ button a great help.”

On a more serious note, though, Roth explains that, “Learning systems takes time and hands on practice.” His advice for accountants working with new software is to, “Find the right reports for the decision makers, then tackle how to create those reports as quickly as possible, because accounting data is only useful if it is timely and provides management with the info they need to make decisions.”

9. Software and technology expertise can pad your paycheck.

“Information technology accountants” ranked third on a list published by Accounting-Degree.org of the highest paid accounting job specialties.

The median salary for IT accountants outpaced the annual earnings for “senior financial analysts,” “risk and compliance professionals,” and “international accountants,” among many other accounting job specializations.

10. No amount of software knowledge can replace a firm understanding of accounting fundamentals.

A question many accounting students will ask themselves is this: With sophisticated software so readily available, should I focus on learning software or on accounting practices and theory?

The answer of course, is both. Software skills are necessary—but not a substitute for accounting expertise.

In an article published on AccountingToday.com, CPA, Stephen Yoss, had this to say about the value that knowledgeable accountants will continue to provide:

We realize that while our clients might utilize the same accounting tools that we have, they do not have the essential training or expertise to be able to use the tools as effectively as we can. Additionally, they may not be able to translate exactly what the numbers mean, and validate whether the information is accurate. Therefore, they still require the assistance of a financial professional.

Source: http://findaccountingsoftware.com/expert-advice/10-things-every-accounting-student-should-know-about-accounting-software/

More Guide: http://www.accountingsoftware.com.ng/
Technology Market / Jumia Black Friday Sales Deal In Nigeria Kenya Ghana by ogedanny: 11:46am On Nov 09
Jumia Black Friday Sales Deals In Nigeria Kenya Ghana – Buy at Discount Price Offers Online Free Shopping Vouchers

Black Friday Sales Deal is term use to describe the period after thanksgiving in US where merchants offer mouth-watery and jaw-dropping discount (of up to 90%) on all items. Online shoppers get to select from wider varieties of their favourite packages – from Mobile phone, tablets, home appliances, gaming consoles, fashion and beauty, electronics and lots more.

Jumia Annual Black Friday Deals

View Full Details Here
Events / Re: Can You Spend N2m On A Wedding? by ogedanny: 9:34am On Oct 28
its not me ooooooooooooo! Only saw it on Pulse.
Events / Can You Spend N2m On A Wedding? by ogedanny: 12:51pm On Oct 27

My name is Adeyemi Phillips and I am about to lose a woman I love and hope to get married to, all because her family are not being reasonable over their demands on our wedding.
I met Chinwe while we were in the university in Lagos and she is from the eastern part of the country while I am from the Yoruba speaking part of the west. We have been dating for over six years and this year, we decided to make our union formal by tying the knots.
We went for our introduction and it went smoothly and I had high hopes that the traditional marriage, the one they 'Igba Nkwu' would be as smooth but when the gave me a list of things to provide, I had to sit back and have a rethink. The items they requested was so much and ridiculous that one would think they are selling their daughter.
When my family and I sat down and made the calculations, it amounted to N2.2 million and that is far from the budget I have in mind.
My parents have advised me to look for a Yoruba girl to marry and forget Chinwe but I love her so much and do not want to lose her.
But my problem is that I cannot afford such an amount and even if I do, how will we start life as a young couple?

Source: http://pulse.ng/gist/morning-teaser-can-you-spend-n2m-on-a-wedding-id4297543.html

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Romance / Re: Nairalander Is This A SIN? by ogedanny: 2:45pm On Oct 22
Romance / Re: Nairalander Is This A SIN? by ogedanny: 5:40pm On Oct 21
Romance / Nairalander Is This A SIN? by ogedanny: 5:32pm On Oct 21
Is it a Sin for a couple who is only married traditionally to have Sex?

Please share your opinion!
Celebrities / Re: Blogger,linda Ikeji Talk Say She Never Sleep With Any Man For Money by ogedanny: 5:19pm On Oct 19
Celebrities / Blogger,linda Ikeji Talk Say She Never Sleep With Any Man For Money by ogedanny: 12:02pm On Oct 19

This pretty blogger write on her blog say her name na Linda Ikeji,she be blogger,she be 35years old and she never sleep with any man because of money and not only say she never sleep with any man,she never even consider the thing for her mind....and see her now with her house wey cost her half a billion naira.

She come say make una listen,you dey beautiful and even strong pass the way u know sef.She say nothing dey wey u no fit achieve if u put your mind to do am.Uptill 5years ago she be struggle entrepreneur,she no fit count how many offices for Lagos she don sit down for hours where she dey wait to see people wey fit support her business........but most times she no dey even pass the reception area.But she no give up and stop believing, now see her today where she dey.

See Full Amebo: http://ameboqueen.blogspot.com.ng/2015/10/bloggerlinda-ikeji-talk-say-she-never.html
Career / Re: Accounting Software For Manufacturing And Pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria by ogedanny: 1:22pm On Oct 09
Politics / EFCC Don Go London With The Documents Wey Them Find For Diezani House For Abuja by ogedanny: 9:25am On Oct 05
The Presidency don confirm last night say the Department of State Service(DSS) dey join body with National Crime Agency (NCA)for Britain to get to the root of the bribery and money laundering accusation against the former minister and four other people wey them never mention.

EFCC don make plans to send some of their teamto London make them go witness the trial of Alison Madueke.

Source: http://ameboqueen.blogspot.com.ng/2015/10/efcc-don-go-london-with-documents-wey.html
Celebrities / Re: Is Vector Dating Chidinma Now? by ogedanny: 12:07pm On Oct 02
Celebrities / Is Vector Dating Chidinma Now? by ogedanny: 11:01am On Oct 02

Hmmmm! this one wey this two people dey look theirself like this,plenty things dey involve ooo! because this picture no show say them be just colleague!

I no talk anything o! but e get one old talk wey talk say pictures dey talk plenty thousand words.Well sha we go they watch.

Source: http://ameboqueen.blogspot.com.ng/2015/10/why-vector-and-chidimma-dey-look-in.html
Phones / Best Android Phones In 2016 - Nigeria Kenya Ghana Price On Jumia by ogedanny: 5:16pm On Sep 29
Best Android Phones & Price In 2016 - Nigeria Kenya Ghana - Buy Latest Samsung Galaxy Infinix Tecno Innjoo HTC Sony Xperia Android Smartphones On Jumia Konga

Gadgets are fast becoming important in Africa and smartphones are the foremost leader in this 21st-century trend.

In 2015, there was a countless influx of new devices into Africa where Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana are selected destination for mobile makers.

In spite of this, there will always be leaders and losers among these brands.

Few weeks ago, we posted a list of top ten best selling smartphones which revealed Infinix Hot Note, Infinix Zero, Samsung, Tecno and Innjoo One as market leaders across the first half of 2015 in Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya.

Top Android Phones In 2016

Smartphones to watch in 2016

Firstly, I want to reiterate vital tips I shared when I posted a list of affordable phones and price offers in Nigeria. In that guide, I shared the top features you should watch out for before buying your next smartphones and here they are:

Always check the battery life (>2000 mAh)
Check the processor and download speed (> 1.3Ghz)
Check the RAM to ensure it can open different apps at same time without slowing down (>1GB RAM)
Check the camera for quality image output (>5MP)
Check the internal storage so you can be sure of getting enough space for your apps, music, videos and personal document (>5GB)

Phones / Wiko Phones Prices In Nigeria by ogedanny: 5:29pm On Sep 28
Wiko Phones Prices In Nigeria - Buy Latest Wiko Android Smartphones Online At Cheap Price - Specification And Reviews On Jumia Konga

Wiko is a french mobile brand that offers quality smartphones to consumers at an affordable price. They integrate the latest technology into phones to ensure you get optimum performance all times.

Wiki phones boot on Android OS platform which provides unlimited access to apps and games.

As at when I did a search online, here are some of the best Wiko devices available at top online stores in Nigeria:

View All Wiko Phones & Price Offers Here
Phones / Gionee Android Phone Price In Nigeria – Cheap On Jumia by ogedanny: 5:22pm On Sep 28
Gionee Android Phone Price In Nigeria – Buy Latest Gionee Android Smartphones At Cheapest Price From Dealers Online – Specification And Reviews On Jumia Konga

Gionee phones are receiving lot of attention in Nigeria and the reason is not far-fetched: They are one of the few Android smartphones equipped with lasting battery that promises long hours of talk time, internet browsing and multi-media experience.

As at the time I did a search on Gionee Android phones available at top stores in Nigeria, here are few of the best in store.

View Here: View Gionee Phones & Price Offers Here
Adverts / Buy Airtime Online - MTN GLO Airtel ETISALAT In Nigeria by ogedanny: 5:26pm On Sep 23
Buy Airtime In Nigeria Online - MTN GLO Airtel ETISALAT - Buy Recharge Cards Pin Dealers And Sellers- Top Up With ATM Card - Lagos Abuja Port Harcourt

The internet has made life so easy now a days that you can do virtually everything online without stepping an inch out from your home or office. From product searches, communication and even airtime top up.

See Full Details Here: http://www.browsingphones.com/buy-airtime-nigeria-online-mtn-glo-airtel-etisalat-recharge-cards-dealers/
Business / What Business Model Should I Use For This Domain Name? by ogedanny: 4:56pm On Sep 23
I spotted a domain name which was available before I grabbed it ( AccountingSoftware.com.ng) and now I am thinking of the best way to turn this domain to a start-up.

I did not grab the domain because it was brandable, I did it on the ground that I have a solid bar ground in Accounting (B.Sc) and expert in deploying accounting software. Having deployed several packages in different sectors and on a multi-user environment (on Server).

In addition to that, I am an SEO expert - helped my company to gain top position on Google search result for accounting software related queries which generated over 4m sales in 3month.

I own a blog and earn in hundred as income too.

But now, I am thinking of building a marketplace for genuine accounting software where I will connect dealers to SMEs and get paid on every successful deal while offering support with my skill OR turn it to a blog where I can share tips on accounting software and monetize with my service.

Which is better? And again, the second option seems to be against my company's policy as I will be diverting client.

Please advice.
Politics / Re: Buhari Don Order IG Make Them Go Save Falae Immediately by ogedanny: 4:23pm On Sep 23
Celebrities / Re: Today Na Micheal Majid Birthday by ogedanny: 4:22pm On Sep 23
Politics / Re: Buhari Don Order IG Make Them Go Save Falae Immediately by ogedanny: 1:49pm On Sep 23
Celebrities / Re: Today Na Micheal Majid Birthday by ogedanny: 1:03pm On Sep 23
Politics / Buhari Don Order IG Make Them Go Save Falae Immediately by ogedanny: 1:01pm On Sep 23

Presido don order Inspector General of police and other security agencies make them go save Chief Olu Falae wey them kidnap for him farm since on Monday.

The special adviser to the president on Media and Publicity.Mr Femi Adesina talk say Buhari condemn the actions of the kidnappers wey kidnap the former Secretary to the Government and elder statesman.

Source: http://ameboqueen.blogspot.com.ng/2015/09/buhari-don-order-ig-make-them-go-save.html

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Celebrities / Re: Today Na Micheal Majid Birthday by ogedanny: 6:13pm On Sep 22
Celebrities / Today Na Micheal Majid Birthday by ogedanny: 5:50pm On Sep 22

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