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Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Officially Unveiled (Pictures) by ogedanny: 9:04pm On Mar 01
Phones / Rumor: HTC One M9 Discussion Thread by ogedanny: 1:34pm On Feb 27

HTC One M9 Specs And Price In Nigeria – Latest HTC Smartphones Model Reviews

Another smartphone rumor that’s receiving attention lately is HTC One M9 which is expected to be officially available next week. Specs And Features:

Apparently, there are no surprises when it comes to the specs of the One M9. The new HTC smartphone offers a 5-inch 1080p display, and is powered by Qualcomm’s octa-core, 2.0 GHz Snapdragon 810 processor.

More reviews:
Phones / Re: Phone Rumor: Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Specs by ogedanny: 9:23am On Feb 27
Phones / Phone Rumor: Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Specs by ogedanny: 6:03pm On Feb 26

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua which is a successor of the high-powered Xperia M2. The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua is a water-resistant smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop, a mid-range device with innovative LTE connectivity.

I read that it can last for upto 30 mins under the water....what do you think?

Career / Re: CIPM Past Question Paper by ogedanny: 3:35pm On Feb 18
drop ur email on
Career / Re: DOWNLOAD “ACCA PAST EXAMS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS” @ ₦0.00 by ogedanny: 10:17am On Feb 18
Download All ACCA and ICAN Packs on
Health / Buy Exercise Bike In Nigeria - Price Of Stationary Exercise Bike Online by ogedanny: 4:14pm On Feb 17
Buy Exercise Bike in Nigeria - Price of Stationary Exercise Bike Online

Do you want to burn calories, lose weight, remain fitted everyday and looking for the best fitness equipment in Nigeria? Here is a review of where you can get a good stationary exercise bike online and get it delivered to you.

View our stationery bike:
Fashion/Clothing Market / Travelling Bags Price In Nigeria - Travel Bags For Sale On Jumia And Konga Shop by ogedanny: 1:30pm On Feb 17
Travelling Bags Price in Nigeria - Buy Travel Bags and Luggage for Sale on Jumia and Konga Nigeria.

Are you looking for a quality travelling bag or luggage for your business or personal travels? In this review, I will be sharing tips on best selling travelling bags for ladies and gentlemen in Nigeria.

Whether you are travelling within or outside the country, travelling bag(s) is one of the most important luggage you should go along with as it provides convenience and ease in moving your valuables , clothing and accessories along. Now available online, you can select from a wide varieties, sizes, colour and brands of personal and business bags from online stores.

View Our Bags:
Career / CIPM Past Question Paper by ogedanny: 10:11am On Feb 17
Do you need CIPM Past Question (PE 1)? Drop your email address on - CIPM Discussion forum, I will send a scanned copy of CIPM exam papers to you.
Celebrities / Marriage Changed Me –mercy Johnson, Love Is Mercy –odi by ogedanny: 12:47pm On Feb 16
Mercy Johnson and her husband Odi Okojie recently welcomed their 2nd child together, a baby boy named Henry. The superstar actress who returned to Nigeria a few weeks ago and Odi gave a detailed joint interview to Punch Newspaper’s Spice on Sunday. The couple delved into details of their relationship. You can read the complete interview via Punch Online.

See excerpts below

Love in the Air…How Mercy & Odi Met
Odi: I met Mercy for the first time in 2008 on a flight from France. We both flew Business Class and I asked for her number but she refused. She was very down-to-earth even as a celebrity. I know how a lot of them behave but she is different. Being very focused and a go-getter, I did everything I could just to have her including her number after I set my eyes on her.

Mercy: After the flight episode, he came around to Surulere where I was getting my hair done at a saloon. Somehow, he had gotten my number and we spoke. We talked and later had dinner.

The No Frills Marriage Proposal
Mercy: During a conversation, he suggested that we take our relationship to the next level. While we were dating, I knew we would get married because he became a part of my life and we were very passionate about each other. There was a day we attended a wedding and he said, ‘I think our wedding cake should have a tint of this colour.’

No more romantic roles, more conservative clothes & learning hubby’s language in Record Time!
Mercy: He wasn’t comfortable with the romantic scenes. I stopped taking up such roles in 2009 when I realised we were getting serious and headed for marriage. I was so in love with him that I started adjusting my lifestyle and personality to suit him. He is enlightened and well-travelled. He understands the demands of my job and has no problems with my career. He simply gives me space to fly.

Mercy: I learnt how to speak his language, Ishan, in less than a year. It wasn’t difficult for me because I was crazy about him. I bought CDS and Ishan literature and my husband also spoke the language to me whether I understood or not. I also wanted to be part of the discussions as well. It didn’t take me up to five months and I already knew the basics before we wedded. Also, I cut down on my Unclad dresses. He made me understand that with age, you have to let go of certain things because life is a phase.

The Money Question – Joint Account?
Mercy: He is concerned about the welfare of the family and has been like that from the outset of our relationship. While we were dating, he would give me money to make my hair and buy make-up irrespective of the fact that I also earn my own money. He does things that every husband should do for his wife. It was his idea. I am the sole signatory but my money is not in the account.

Odi: I love her dearly and I just want her to be independent and have access to funds whenever she desires without my permission.

Staying Faithful – Can you cheat on your spouse?
Mercy: Never! Moreso, I have absolute trust in him.
Odi: God forbid that I do such.

Career / Re: FREE ACCA Past Questions For ICAN New Syllabus Exam by ogedanny: 7:25am On Feb 14
Phones / Innjoo One Android Phone Discussion Thread by ogedanny: 9:23am On Feb 12

Innjoo has delivered yet again another outstanding smartphone which boasts amazing features and a sleek design. It offers a stunning display and a sturdy build. Having been integrated with a powerful processor, the Innjoo One guarantees high performance while conserving power and its highly efficiently battery ensures long use. It supports LTE/3G network so superfast connection is assured at all times. The camera of the Innjoo One has been built for capturing beautiful images so whether it is the 5MP front camera or the 13MP back camera, you will be able to relive all your fun moments. It comes preinstalled with useful applications that will keep you engaged. Register today and be the first to know about the availability of the Innjoo One. This is a smartphone you are definitely going to love.

The customized InnOS allows you to get a true Innjoo feel. On board is the InnStore where you can update the phone with the latest applications and games, InnCloud which offers unlimited storage space and InnBrowser which gives you access to all websites. Do more on the Innjoo One smartphone; it has been built for high performance. It measures 6.9mm in thickness and weighs 123g which makes it not only comfortably to handle but also handy to carry around. This is the perfect smartphone for work and play. To enjoy an exclusive feel and A-level experience, all you need do is signup today. The Innjoo will surely light up your world and keep you connected with friends and family.

Jumia is now accepting pre order for Innjoo One Android Phones. What do you think?

Career / Ican Study Pack For Public Sector Accounting by ogedanny: 2:36pm On Feb 11
Are you looking for ican study pack for public sector accounting here is the place to get all your ican exam materials - You must register to view download link
Career / Re: Ican Study Packs: Governance, Risk And Ethics by ogedanny: 2:34pm On Feb 11
Romance / 5 Ways You Know You’ve Found The “right Woman” by ogedanny: 10:01am On Feb 10
When I met my wife at church in Huntington Beach over ten years ago…I wanted to date her because I thought she was hot. That is how most 21 year old guys operate. Nothing wrong with that. However…”looks” won’t get you through life’s struggles and if “looks” is your main concern, it’s likely you’ll become a statistic spending thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and confusing the bejeebies out of your kids. Guys…In order to save you the trouble, I’ve provided 5 ways you can know you’ve found the right woman. But here’s what you’ve got to promise me. When you do find her… you’d better take good care of her! Too many silly guys out there are ruining a good thing with the “right woman” because of selfishness. So if you’re not going to treasure her…then please… just save her the trouble and move on. Here is my list…

1. She Gets More Beautiful With Time

Yes… I know “she’s got a sweet spirit”… but you need to be physically attracted to your wife and have a physical relationship with her. You’ll want to kiss her and hug her and flirt with her. You’ll find yourself thinking about her when you get bored at work and you’ll look forward to walking in the door when you get home. She’ll be a “sight for sore eyes” to you and a vacation away from her will be painful. If she is the right woman, you will be more attracted to her as she gets older. After she has your kids…and she thinks she is at her worst, you’ll think she is even more beautiful…and you should tell her. She won’t believe you… but you should tell her anyway. You’ll regularly emphasize the things about her that you are attracted to and it will make her shine. Everyone has a natural desire to feel attractive, but especially women. The more attractive she feels, the more confident she’ll be. The more confident she is, the more attractive she’ll be.

2. She Has a Happy Disposition

You neeeeeed to figure this one out quick. For goodness sake, you’re going to be spending the rest of your life together. She’s going to raise your kids and they’re going to take after her… not you. Nothing is more attractive than a happy person…and happiness is an attraction that can last. Even a shriveled up 90 year old great-grandma can be attractive just by wearing a permanent smile. Conversely, a 30 year old beauty queen with a frown…could turn your world upside down. If you can observe the way she treats other people at church, work ,or within her own family, you’ll get a good idea about how the future is going to turn out for you. Observe her parents. If they are happy people, then there’s a good chance she’ll be happy at their age as well.

3. She Loves God More Than You

It’s actually the most important thing in my mind. She knows there is something bigger than herself. There is something bigger than you. Her world revolves around her commitment to God. This love she has for God will translate into how she treats others and how she treats you. Her mantra will be “serve others first”. It will make her a better mother and you’re kids will be raised knowing what service really is. She will give you a kick in the pants if you ever start getting spiritually lazy and she’ll rebuke you on the spot for treating others unkind. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt because she knows that everyone has a struggle. She doesn’t care about money, popularity, and power because she knows that “we brought nothing into this world and it is certain that we can carry nothing out of it.” All she wants is to keep her family in tact and live a life that is pleasing to God.

4. She Has Interests & Hobbies

This may seem like a weird item to be on the list but it’s super important to you. It doesn’t matter what she’s interested in, but it does matter that she’s interested in something other than you. She doesn’t need to be interested in what you are interested in either. She needs to be engaged in things that she is passionate about and then you need to support her. She’s a pretty little bird that needs to fly without having her wings clipped or being put in a mental cage by a possessive husband. A person with no interests normally watches their life go by and becomes unhappy because of it. A person that gets excited and upbeat about various things in life is more apt to keep that “happy disposition” we talked about above. You will no doubt feel her excitement and it will excite you as a result. I can honestly say that seeing the face of my wife light up with excitement is one of the greatest joys of my life. Therefore…the more things she is excited about…the more attractive she is going to be to you. The more you support her in her interests, the more she’ll support you in your interests.

5. She’s Got Your Back

Whether the kids are trying to go around you or the lady at Church is bad mouthing you in the halls, she’s always looking out for your best interest. She has no desire to make you look bad in front of others. If she has a problem with something you’re doing, she’ll punk you in private. She tells you whats up and then lets it go. She never throws mud from 5 years ago or recites a laundry list in your direction. She knows your faults better than anyone and she isn’t afraid to “help you get better” but you’ll never find her telling stories about all your shortcomings to her friends at the gym. She knows that you’re self esteem is just as fragile as her’s which is why she always finds a way to compliment you and make you feel like a man. She knows that you never feel like you are measuring up. She sees how hard you are on yourself and never stops letting you know that she is there for you. Her loyalty to you is unfailing and you’d better reciprocate.

Ok…so…I’m not saying that every waking minute with your dream wife is going to be a party because life is a struggle sometimes. What I am saying is that the “right woman” is out there waiting for you and if she carries with her these five attributes, you’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime. So don’t be a fool. All you’ve got to do is find a way to make her feel special and there will be no end to the love she pours out upon you…because it is in her nature.
Phones / Re: Monday Give Away – Share Your Answer & Win Free N500 Airtime by ogedanny: 5:05pm On Feb 09
click d link and submit ur answer
Phones / Monday Give Away – Share Your Answer & Win Free N500 Airtime by ogedanny: 4:23pm On Feb 09
Phones / MTN Browsing Phones And Price In Nigeria by ogedanny: 4:13pm On Feb 07
MTN Browsing Phones And Price in Nigeria – Free MTN MB Data Bundle for Free Browsing on Sale

Yes! You read it. MTN, the foremost and largest telecommunication company in Nigeria now offers a customized smartphones for sale online via Jumia online store.

Available at a very cheap price, it comes with MTN Sim card, free browsing data plan on activation, connect to the internet, download apps, chat on all social networks and much more.

One of these smartphones is the MTN Sm@rt S720i. It is a smartphone that has been designed for people on a budget who still want the same functionality found on all high-end phones. It has all the features and functionality you will ever need from a smartphone. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system running on the S720i is sure to fascinate you and its 4-inch touchscreen makes the experience more enjoyable. A 1.3GHz processor powers the S720i and is backed up by 512MB RAM which makes for fast and smooth running of applications. Integrated with 4GB internal memory the S720i provides you with enough storage space for all your pictures, videos, documents and more and if you feel it isn’t enough then you have the option of expanding it to up to 32GB with the use of a microSD card.

Click Here:
Phones / Cheapest Tablet Phones Price Under ₦20000 In Nigeria by ogedanny: 4:06pm On Feb 06
List of Cheapest Tablet Phone Price Under ₦20,000 Online:

Lenovo A7-30 A3300 Quad Core-1.3GHz (1GB,8GB HDD,3G,WiFi) 7-Inch Android Tablet: View Price

Key Features

Screen Size: 7 – Inch

Processor: Quad Core-1.3GHz

RAM & HDD: 1GB, 8GB HDD, 3G, WiFi)

Camera: 2MP Rear Camera, 0.3MP Front Camera

OS: Android 4.2

Innjoo F1 MTK Dual Core-1GHz 7″ (3G,WiFI,0.512GB,4GB HDD) Android Tablet

Screen: 7”

Processor: MTK Dual Core Cortex A7 1.0GHz

Memory: 4GB Internal Storage , 512MB RAM

Operating System: Android 4.2

Camera: Front & Back – 0.3MP

Battery: 3000 MAH Battery

Connectivity: 3G with Phone Call Functions

SIM: Dual


+ 100MB Data

+ 100% Bonus Data on 250MB and above x12 Months

+ Data will be activated automatically by MTN within 5-10 working days

Innjoo Leap Intel Quad Core-1.33GHz 8″ (WiFi,1GB,16GB HDD) Windows 8 Tablet + Free Microsoft Office 365

Key Features

​​Screen‎:‎ 8 ‎”‎HD IPS display

Processor‎:‎ Quad Core 1.33GHz

Memory‎:‎ 16GB Internal‎,‎ 1GB RAM

Operating System‎:‎ Windows 8

Works with the Innjoo ikeyboard(Sold Separately)

WiFi: Yes

Colour: White

Free Office 365

60mins free (Monthly) skype call credit

For 1 year

View All @

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Phones / Tecno Phones Price Under ₦20000 In Nigeria by ogedanny: 12:30pm On Feb 05
Tecno Phones Price Under ₦20000 In Nigeria:

Tecno P5

Key Features

Colour: White

OS: Android 4.2 jelly bean

Camera: 5MP (Primary); 2MP (Secondary)

Screen: 4 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen

Memory: 512MB RAM; 4GB Internal Storage (Supports Up to 32GB MicroSD)

1800mAh Battery Capacity

Talk time: 8.5hrs; Standby time: 288hrs

Network Supported: 2G (GSM 900 / 1800); 3G (HSDPA 2100)

Network Supported: 2G (GSM 900 / 1800); 3G (HSDPA 2100)

CPU Frequency: 1.0GHz Dual-core

Bluetooth Version: 3.0

Dual mini SIM

Tecno F5

Key Features


camera- 5mp

internal memory- 4gb

os – andriod os

dual sim

Tecno H5

Key Features

SNS integration

MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player

MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player

Document viewer

FM radio

Image viewer and editor

Voice memo/dial/command

Predictive text input

Google Search, Facebook, Gmail,

YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk

Tecno D1E

Key Features

SNS integration

MP4/MPEG4/H.263/H.264 player

MP3/WAV/eAAC+/AC3/FLAC player

Document viewer

FM radio

Image viewer

Voice memo/dial/command

Predictive text input

Google Search, Facebook, Gmail,

YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk

Romance / Re: The 5 Dollar Game For Ladies by ogedanny: 3:22pm On Feb 03
Career / Re: FREE ACCA Past Questions For ICAN New Syllabus Exam by ogedanny: 3:21pm On Feb 03
I have posted all ACCA past questions on

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Career / Re: New ICAN Syllabus - Exam Registration 2014 - Lets Meet Here by ogedanny: 3:20pm On Feb 03
you can find all relevant info and share with concern with your fellow ICAN student on
Webmasters / I Need Someone That Will Help Me Upload A Dating Script by ogedanny: 5:16pm On Feb 02
I bought a social networking script and I need help on how to upload it to my hosting account.
Celebrities / Would You Allow Him Grow In Nigeria? See Photo by ogedanny: 5:36pm On Jan 30

If this baby is yours, where do you think is the best country to nurture him - Character and Career!

Order Android Phones, Pay on Delivery + Free MTN Data, Click Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What An Excellent CV Looks Like And Know The Reasons Why! by ogedanny: 1:47pm On Jan 30
Career / Re: Calling All Cipm Students! by ogedanny: 11:10am On Jan 29
Pass Your Professional Exam

Download Exam Materials for Free, Share Syllabus and Past Questions

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What An Excellent CV Looks Like And Know The Reasons Why! by ogedanny: 10:01am On Jan 29
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What An Excellent CV Looks Like And Know The Reasons Why! by ogedanny: 4:16pm On Jan 28
thanks guys

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