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Investment / Re: Best Performing Stocks In Nigeria Stock Exchange by ogedanny: 6:06pm
A Martin Zweig screen for Nigeria Stocks.
US investor Martin Zweig has delivered consistently above average returns by screening for companies that have achieved 'reasonable gains in sales and earnings'. A stock screen based on his approach, run by the American Association of Individual Investors has delivered cumulative gains of over 1,329.8 per cent between January 1998 to the end of April 2009.
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Martin Zweig is widely regarded in the US as one of the greatest stock pickers of all time and his easy-to-replicate approach, detailed in his book "Winning on Wall Street", has delivered consistently above average returns. A portfolio based on Investors Chronicle's version of Zweig stock screen produced strong positive returns between 2005 and 2007, but was hit by the market turmoil of 2008. Even so, it has still outperformed the FTSE 100 index by 3.1 percentage points over that period. And the American Association of Individual Investors runs a 'Zweig' screen that has delivered performance little short of astonishing: cumulative gains of over 1,329.8 per cent from the start of 1998 to the end of April 2009, compared with a rise of 9.6 per cent in the Nasdaq Composite and a fall of -6.2 per cent for the S&P 500.
Zweig doesn't like over paying for shares he regards as exciting - his aim is to identify high growth firms at a reasonable price, or as he himself puts it, companies demonstrating 'reasonable gains in sales and earnings'. Above all, he seeks consistency. For Zweig, earnings growth must be seen quarter on quarter, year on year - and it must be seen to be accelerating. In practice, that means he wants earnings that are growing faster than they were a year ago, and over the preceding three years.
But what makes him different from other growth style investors is that he also thinks value investing has a role to play - you shouldn't overpay for shares with poor fundamentals. In other words, he wants growth but not at any cost. So he also wants to buy at a price/earnings (P/E) ratio that is not too far above the average for the market.
But Zweig is also keen on three other key measures - sales growth, buying by insiders and share price momentum. He specifically demands that sales should be growing as fast as or faster than earnings.

This screen delivered PRESCO PLC
Investment / Re: Best Performing Stocks In Nigeria Stock Exchange by ogedanny: 3:37pm
I jst added lafarge Africa Plc as a strong buy.
Investment / Re: Best Performing Stocks In Nigeria Stock Exchange by ogedanny: 11:02am
I am placing a strong buy on Oando shares for long term capital gain>

Despite a slow growth in its 5year EPS down to 5.59% following a poor performance in 2011 as stated in the annual report:

In 2011, the Group witnessed growth, with an impressive 55% increase in revenues, reaching N586.6 billion. With a Profit before tax of 24.5 billion, profit after tax was however lower at N3.4 billion, following necessary write-downs of 9.6 billion which provide a clean slate for future growth.

If you are a smart investor, you will see that the company has a 5year revenue growth of 29.35% which is impressive and above my selection criteria.

Only that its 2011, performance was slowed down by 9.6 billion write down which one-off. If you calculate the firms value without factoring it suct cost, Oando is highly undervalue based on our valuation metrics.

In 2012, the company has reduced the cost of goods sold as a percent of sales, selling, general and administrative expenses as a percent of sales and interest paid as a percent of sales. These improvements contributed to 265.43% net income growth from 3bn to 10bn.

we expect this performance to continue in the nearest future (2013, 2014 and 2015) following some key market moving news that would impact the stocks bottom line:

1. Shell-led group close to selling Nigeria oilfields for $5bn
2. Oando to seal deal for ConocoPhillips’s Nigerian assets

3. Nigeria’s homegrown hydrocarbons sector needs international capital to grow
4. Commodity traders eye Nigerian oil deals
5. Nigerians eye domestic oil production

share your comments and opinion.
Investment / Best Performing Stocks In Nigeria Stock Exchange by ogedanny: 9:56am
Nigeria Stock Market Alert on Best Stocks to buy Now!

I have been an active investor in Nigeria stock Exchange even when the market index has not been showing positive returns in the recent times. What makes me a successful investor is what I want to share with you backed up by my recent equity performance which you will see shortly.

If you are looking for Nigeria Stock Market thread to follow, get latest picks that comes once in a quarter because I am not a weekly trader. I buy a good stock I know will scale through market hurdle based on a simple financial metrics that is valid for over 50years and will continue to be.

The good part of my pick is that it takes less than 15 minutes to screen for stocks to buy based on a stringent fundamentals that uncover most profitable, liquid, sound and low risk companies.

Here are my best stock performances:

You can join our whatsapp group: add me on 08084219399 and I will add u on Nigeria Stocks To Buy Group
Career / Re: FREE ACCA Past Questions For ICAN New Syllabus Exam by ogedanny: 10:07am On Aug 29
Jobs/Vacancies / Auditor Needed In An Audit Firm. by ogedanny: 10:03am On Aug 29
Auditor needed in an Audit firm.
Auditor needed in an Audit firm.

An Audit firm located in Jibowu axis of Lagos requires the service of an energetic young person who is goal oriented with good learning abilities.
JOB TITLE: Auditor.
REQUIREMENT: BSC/HND 2-4 year’s experience in Audit and Tax.
Career / Re: FREE ACCA Past Questions For ICAN New Syllabus Exam by ogedanny: 5:38pm On Aug 27
click d link and register
Career / FREE ACCA Past Questions For ICAN New Syllabus Exam by ogedanny: 1:36pm On Aug 27
Do you need past questions on application level exam for your ICAN?

Follow this guide:


Drop your email address on the forum above, you will receive the past question for free in your mail box
Romance / Re: 15 Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry by ogedanny: 12:47pm On Aug 27
Romance / 15 Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry by ogedanny: 12:43pm On Aug 27
When you’re dating a guy, it’s easy to think he’s perfect. You’re in a love haze, so be careful because there are definite differences between the boy you date and the man you marry. It’s true that people can change, so don’t ditch a guy just because he seems like a slacker at first. It’s okay to give him a chance to prove himself. However, if you don’t eventually see some of these characteristics, don’t be afraid to dump him and move on to someone new. If you’re young and having fun at this point in your life, it’s okay to date around and have flings, but before long you’re going to want to settle down, so make sure you do it with a quality man, not an immature boy.

The boy you date asks you to “hang out,” which involves less commitment than a date. He wants to have fun with no strings attached.
The man you marry asks you out on dates and is clear about his intentions with you. He wants to be with you and wants you to know where you’re headed.
The boy you date talks with you about people you know from your past, or pokes fun at that guy at the bar, or only shares funny stories because he can’t connect on a deeper level.
The man you marry can hold a conversation with you about books, movies, music, and other common interests. This makes for a more substantial relationship in the long run.
The boy you date will say he never wants to get married or have kids, and nothing will change his mind. Don’t try–this is a red flag that he’s not Mr. Right!
The man you marry might change his mind about wanting to marry and have kids after he’s met you.
The boy you date hears your attitude, takes it personally, and starts firing it right back at you until it spirals into a major fight.
The man you marry can handle your attitude and talk you down from a ledge. This is especially important when you have major life crises or a bad day at work.
The boy you date calls you mean and immature names to make himself feel like a winner.
The man you marry fights fairly. He doesn’t call you names or use physical force, no matter how angry he gets.
The boy you date cares too much about looks, and will tease you for looking sloppy until you fix yourself back up to his standards.
The man you marry understands that everyone has good and bad days as far as looks go, and won’t hurt your feelings or love you less if your weight fluctuates or you have a bad hair day or forget to shave for awhile.
The boy you date will say “I’m sorry” because he just wants you to cheer up or stop nagging him. He says “I love you” because he doesn’t want to lose you, even though he doesn’t really feel the meaning of the words.
The man you marry will say “I’m sorry” because he honestly is, and he never meant to hurt you with his words or actions. He says “I love you” because he truly means it, and wants you to feel that love every minute of your life.
The boy you date will expect to have things done for him because that’s what his mom did, and that’s what other girls have done for him, and he doesn’t have to take care of himself.
The man you marry will know how to take care of himself: how to cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills, and more–because he’s already a man. It’s important for people to have this figured out before they’re ready to marry, which is a great way to tell what type your guy is.
The boy you date doesn’t want to meet your friends because he just wants to be alone with you all of the time.
The man you marry wants to hear stories about your friends until he can meet them and get to know them himself.
The boy you date well, you’re too embarrassed to take him to meet your parents, not that he’d ever bring it up himself.
The man you marry wants to meet your parents, and impresses them when he does.
The boy you date is always the one you fantasize about marrying, because he’s cute and all you do is have fun together (until the first big blow-up…).
The man you marry is never a sure thing. You hem and haw over if he’s right, if you should settle down with him, if your relationship can make it long term.
The boy you date doesn’t listen to you or fully engage in conversations. He nods while you talk, then changes the subject or just tells you what you want to hear.
The man you marry cares about what you have to say. He wants to know your thoughts and opinions on anything from major issues to tiny moments from your day.
The boy you date runs at the first sign of trouble because it’s too much drama for him, and he doesn’t want anything tying him down.
The man you marry sticks with you through tough times because he’s committed to you and the relationship, and wants to see it through to the end.
The boy you date doesn’t reach for the check, and huffs if you ask him to split the bill with you.
The man you marry pays when he takes you out, even after you grab the check and insist five times that it’s your turn to pay.
The boy you date never gives you security. You don’t know how he feels or what he’s up to when he’s not with you, and your friends might even have money riding on how long you’ll last.
The man you marry will make you feel secure. You’ll always know he loves you, you’ll be able to trust him, and you’ll know that you two can make it through anything.
Romance / Re: 14 Differences Between The Girl You Date And The Woman You Marry by ogedanny: 9:05am On Aug 27
true talk
Romance / Re: 14 Differences Between The Girl You Date And The Woman You Marry by ogedanny: 5:42pm On Aug 26
Romance / 14 Differences Between The Girl You Date And The Woman You Marry by ogedanny: 2:45pm On Aug 26
Think about one of the questions below for a moment.

If you are married, in what way is the girl you dated different from the woman you married? If you are single or dating, in what way do you want the woman you marry to be different from the girl you are dating? What thoughts come to your mind? I bet you have a few thoughts, I also do.

After being married for over 3 years to my awesome wife, l can testify that the girl l dated is different from the woman l proudly call my wife. She has definitely improved in ways I never imagined, and for the better.

If you go through dating and your marriage journey, you will inevitable look back to realize the girl you dated is different from the woman are married to. To clarify, l do not mean she would become a brand new person. What l mean is that her priorities and perspective about life and marriage will improve in many ways. Hopefully, for the better.

Either way, the woman you marry will not be the same as the girl you dated.

1. The girl you date does not want to meet your family or friends, she wants you all to herself.
The woman you marry wants to know your family and friends. She knows without them, you would not be where you are, and who you are today.

2. The girl you date is overly worried about her nails been done all the time, her eyelashes looking in a certain style, and being beautiful for her peers. Her physical beauty is important to her.
The woman you marry is not overly worried about her nails being done. Instead, she is worried about being beautiful for her man, even if that means wearing no makeup. She focuses on her internal beauty and character building, because she knows real beauty comes from within.

3. The girl you date only cares about her career and her vision for life. She comes before the relationship, and does not make her future plans with you in mind.
The woman you marry cares about your career and your vision of life as well as her own. She knows you also have a plan, and works together with you to achieve the goals you both have. The marriage is her priority.

4. The girl you date loves the financial cushion you can provide. She also expects something back whenever she gives.
The woman you marry wants to build a financial cushion with you. She believes that two heads will always be better than one. When she gives, she does not expect anything back.

5. The girl you date believes she knows everything.
The woman you marry is open to learning something new, and knows there is always room for improvement.

6. The girl you date is scared to tell you her deepest secrets.
The woman you marry will share her deepest secrets with you, even if it means losing you. She trusts you, and shares everything with you. She knows honesty is always the best policy.

7. The girl you date does not get excited about marriage and children (even if she wants to have some one day).
The woman you marry gets excited about marriage and starting a family with you.

8. The girl you date shows her cleavage all the time.
The woman you marry is more modest because she knows her attributes are for your eyes only.

9. The girl you date is not concerned about cooking for you.
The woman you marry loves not only to cook, but chooses delicious and healthy meals. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all, right?

10. The girl you date is overly concerned about how long you will be around, and how she can keep you.
The woman you marry is not too concerned about keeping you because she knows you want to have a future with her. She is mature enough to know you can never force someone to stay and that you each have to choose each other every day, again and again.

11. The girl you date is not willing to compromise with you.
The woman you marry is willing to compromise, and sees compromise as a necessity for a healthy marriage

12. The girl you date thrives on constant attention from you.
The woman you marry mirrors your affection and thrives on providing you with the love, support, and respect you need.

13. The girl you date tries to change who you are and compares you to her ex.
The woman you marry accepts you for who you are and will not compare you to her ex. She knows you are the best and that you cannot change another person no matter how hard you try.

14. The girl you date has to be entertained.
The woman you marry is someone you can have fun with, relax, do activities, or do nothing together and still enjoy each other’s company.

What are your thoughts on these differences between the girl you date and the woman you marry?

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Programming / Re: How To Create A Mobile App For Your Blog/websites In 5 Minutes Or Less by ogedanny: 5:57pm On Aug 20
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland Tribute To Dr Ameyo Adadevoh by ogedanny: 5:57pm On Aug 20


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Programming / How To Create A Mobile App For Your Blog/websites In 5 Minutes Or Less by ogedanny: 9:37am On Aug 20
This article will help you create a mobile application for your blog/website in less than five (5) minutes.
There has been a steady decline in mobile web over last few years and apps are now ruling the mobile space. Stats from Flurry suggest that in 2014, mobile users spent 86% of their mobile using time on apps, up from 80% in 2013. Publishers also value app users more than web users, and ‘Download App’ ads are plentiful on mobile sites. Mobile users find it more convenient to use apps than mobile web and the traffic to the WAP sites has been reducing.
Recent trends show popularity of apps among mobile users, and hence it is logical for WAP site owners to ride the prevailing trends. Leading publishers across industries have developed their apps. It’s time you also have an app for your mobile web contents

Continue here
Programming / Re: Should We Make Mobile Apps Or Web Apps For The Nigerian/African Market? by ogedanny: 5:16pm On Aug 18
Mobile app is the best

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Computers / Lg Lcd Led 3d Tv Price List In Nigeria - Lg Tv Shops Online by ogedanny: 12:54pm On Aug 18
Lg Lcd Led 3d Tv Monitor Price List In Nigeria - Lg Tv Shops Online

Are you looking for a durable and lasting LG LCD LED 3D or Flatscreen TV to buy online in Nigeria and pay on delivery? Here is a guide on how to buy an original LG brand TV from an authorized LG shop and get full value for your money.

4K HD Resolution

The only commercially-available TVs that have resolution better than 1080p are 4K TV (sometimes called QuadHD, UltraHD, or 2160p). These new-to-market panels offer a 3840x2160 resolution, which is four times that of 1080p HDTVs. Though this spec might sound impressive, there are very few sources of content available at such a resolution; most of the time you'd just be watching 1080p video on a screen that could handle much, much more.
Overall, 4K is best suited to early adopters who want in on the latest and greatest or next-wave of technology. But 4K isn't necessary for the everyday consumer — yet. If you're thinking of buying a new TV, don't put off buying a 1080p screen in fear of it becoming outdated by 2160p new technology any time soon.

Many basic LG LCD LED 3D or Flatscreen TVs refresh their images at a rate of 60 times per second, or 60Hz. This is perfect for video signals, as they come in at 30 frames per second and allows each frame to be refreshed twice. A 60Hz refresh rate clarifies the video image. However, since film is recorded at 24 frames per second, a 60Hz refresh rate can also get in the way. In order to properly display a movie, the TV's hardware does something called "2:3 pulldown;" essentially, it takes the 24 frames of film image (from a DVD or the like) and displays the first frame three times, the second frame twice, then the third three times, and so forth. When displayed on large TVs, this process can become very apparent, revealing itself through jerky motion called "judder" and a blurring of the image during scenes with fast motion.
Alternatively, 120Hz televisions refresh an image 120 times a second, which works out perfectly for both video at 30fps and film at 24fps because each frame can be refreshed at a constant rate: four times for video, five for film. A 120Hz refresh rate results in smoother and clearer images, especially during action scenes and sports events. Most brand-name TVs these days will have 120Hz refresh rates, although third-tier TVs are certainly not excluded from the spec.
TVs with a 240Hz refresh rate are currently being pushed by LG manufacturers as some of the best TVs available, but a higher refresh technology adds a premium price, too. However, for 99% of consumers a 120Hz refresh rate will suit all TV-watching needs just fine. And because 240 is also a multiple of 24 and 30 and the difference between 120Hz and 240Hz is not as apparent as the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz. In fact, side-by-side, the improved quality of a 240Hz over 120Hz is barely noticeable.

Brightness is a measure of the intensity of light that the TV panel is capable of emitting, and it's listed as candelas per square meters (cd/m2) or as "nits" (one candela per square meter). A candela is equivalent to the amount of light a single candle emits. Therefore, an LG TV with a brightness of 300 cd/m2 (or 300 nits) is capable of emitting as much light as 300 candles do in a square meter of space. Naturally, a higher brightness number means a brighter picture. This specification is more important for TVs that will be viewed in an environment with a lot of light, as you'll want your screen to be able to overcome the ambient environmental light.

Read More Buying Tips Here
Career / ICAN Website Is Down! What Happened? by ogedanny: 10:25am On Aug 18
I notice that ICAN Website is not coming up again..What could have been the issue?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lets Discuss High Paying Unannounced Jobs In Nigeria by ogedanny: 9:13am On Aug 18
Accountant at Accrossgates Nigeria Limited:

Accrossgates Nigeria Limited is a major distributor of computer systems and offers ICT support to both public/private companies and the general public. Acrossgates is an accredited reseller of HP products. A professional service company which engages in Information & Communication Technology Services and supplies.

Acrossgates is poised to take advantage of opportunities to become highly distinguished and a recognized leader in the communications industry.

Our critical success factors will be to identify emerging trends and integrate them into our existing company operations and distribution network, respond quickly to technological changes, provide high-quality services, invest time and money in marketing and advertising, expand into specialty markets and stay ahead of the "technology curve."

Accrossgates Nigeria Limited seeks to fill the position below:

Job Title: Accountant

Location: Lagos

OND/HND qualification.
Minimum of 3 years experience.
Highly attractive.
Application Closing Date
29th August, 2014.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications to:
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lets Discuss High Paying Unannounced Jobs In Nigeria by ogedanny: 11:45am On Aug 13
Audit Officers at Intercontinental Distillers Limited:

Intercontinental Distillers Limited - We are a foremost indigenous company operating in the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Sector of the Nigerian Economy. As a result of expansion and growth we invite self motivated and result oriented professionals to join our team.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Audit Officer

Ref: AO/IAC/HRA/002
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Lagos

Key Responsibilities
The appointees will amongst other things be responsible for;
Carry out internal control audits when the need arises.
Prepare and report on internal controls views in a timely and accurate manner.
Carry out authentication and verification spot check when the need arises.
The Suitable candidates must possess:B.Sc, HND in Accounting, Economics, Statistics or Business Managerial Studies.
A minimum of 2 years previous Audit experience will be an added advantage.
Must not be more than 30 years.
Must be a team player with the ability to work with little or no supervision.
Must be computer literate with a strong work ethics and personal drive to succeed.
Must be hardworking, willing to learn and with a high level of integrity and attention to details.
Application Closing Date
26th August, 2014.

Method of Application
If you meet the specifications stated above and are desirous of working as part of a team of highly motivated and target driven people, please send your hand written applications, photocopies of your credentials and detailed curriculum vitae, providing full details of contact address (not P.O Box) and quoting the reference number of the position applied for, to:

The Human Resources Manager,
P.M.B. 21410,
Ikeja - Lagos.
NYSC / Download NYSC Mobile App For Android Phones - NYSC Latest News Today by ogedanny: 12:35pm On Aug 11

I just came across an interesting headline today which I know would be useful to some of my blog followers and readers. You can share this post to inform your graduate friends and relatives about the new National Youth Service Corps mobile application available for free download online.

The management of National Youth Service Corps ( NYSC Nigeria) has built a mobile app application primarily to "Put NYSC in the pocket of every corps member in Nigeria ".

You don't need to stress yourself seeking guidance and counselling from senior colleagues, get all the necessary NYSC tips on the go.

Read More Info
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lets Discuss High Paying Unannounced Jobs In Nigeria by ogedanny: 11:21am On Aug 11
Finance Officer at Mercy Corps Nigeria -

Mercy Corps works almost exclusively in fragile and conflict-affected environments. While we recognize that these are difficult places to operate, we believe that transitional environments – countries affected by civil wars, economic and political crisis, or natural disasters – offer tremendous opportunities for positive change. We currently implement over 30 integrated peacebuilding and economic development programs in some of the world’s toughest places, including Ethiopia, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan, and Uganda.

Mercy Corps implements a UKAID-funded integrated peacebuilding and economic development program in the Middle Belt states of Nigeria. This three-year program, which began in December 2012, incorporates strong economic development and natural resource management elements in order to address underlying drivers of conflict and build cooperation between conflicting communities and build links between communities, private sector and governmental processes. The CONCUR Project Officer will provide technical assistance in implementation of this program, including travel to the target states of Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa, and Benue.

Mercy Corps is recruiting to fill the position of:

Position Title: Finance Officer

Duty Station: Gombe, Nigeria
Position Category: Full-time
Salary Level: 3
Reports Directly To: Senior Finance Officer
Works Directly With: Finance, Program and Operation Teams.

Program/Department Summary:
The Mercy Corps Finance Department is responsible for all financial functions including accounting, payments and banking, payroll, budgeting, financial reporting, and grant financial management and compliance. The Mercy Corps Finance Department ensures compliance with donor regulations as well as Mercy Corps’ internal policies and procedures. In its role as a support to the Program Department, the Finance Department provides timely reports and assistance to the Country Director and the Program team to ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively.

General Position Summary:
Working in the Finance Department under the direction of the Senior Finance Officer and Finance Manager at the Mercy Corps Nigeria office in Abuja, the Finance Assistant will assist in the processing and recording of payment transactions in timely and accurate manner.

Essential Job Functions:
Maintain custody of the office cash fund and make daily payments of approved transactions
Review expense reports (travel expense reports and operational expense reports) for accuracy and completeness and ensure that expense reports have been fully approved before payment
Perform daily Safe management with the Senior Finance Officer
Maintain the uncleared cash advance file and prepare past due advance report for the Finance Manager
Prepare checks or wire transfer requests based on fully approved documents and present to approved check-signers for review and signature.
Prepare bank payment vouchers and ensure that all bank transactions are properly and fully documented
Record payment vouchers daily in the bank sub journal
Prepare photocopies of vouchers and other supporting documents as required for the monthly reporting package to HQ Finance
Liaise with statutory bodies and make statutory remittance to relevant bodies
Knowledge of an efficient filing system such that files are updated, complete and safeguarded
Conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to Mercy Corps and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission.
Other duties as assigned.
Supervisory Responsibility: None

Knowledge and Experience:
Three or more years of bookkeeping, accounting and finance. Experience in development sector is desirable.
A degree in accounting or a relevant business field is desirable.
Strong computer skills in MS Office programs, particularly Excel is a must.⦁ Accuracy in the processing of cash transactions, mathematical aptitude and attention to detail
Excellent oral and written English skills
Success Factors:
A clear understanding of finance and procurement ethics as well as the willingness and ability to enforce compliance with Mercy Corps and donor policies and procedures is essential. A high level of personal integrity, honesty and transparency in all cash handling is absolutely essential. The ability to interact effectively with international and national staff members is required. A demonstrated ability to work quickly and accurately, meet deadlines and process information in support of changing program activities is necessary.

Application Closing Date
15th August, 2014

Method of Application
Please submit CV and cover letter addressing the key criteria above, to: with the subject FINANCE OFFICER GOMBE by 15th August, 2014

Looking for accounting jobs? click here
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lets Discuss High Paying Unannounced Jobs In Nigeria by ogedanny: 6:47am On Aug 10
I heard dt UBA Capital is true is d info?
Career / Re: Wyse Or Pye Tutorial Centre? by ogedanny: 5:33pm On Aug 08
Join ICAN Student forum in Nigeria - Click Here
Jobs/Vacancies / Lets Discuss High Paying Unannounced Jobs In Nigeria by ogedanny: 5:27pm On Aug 08
This thread is created to help fresh and experienced graduates discuss unannounced jobs you will never see on media.

Accountants at a Reputable Oil & Gas Company - Click Here To Apply

Share your comments - No advert please
Career / Re: Qualified Chartered Accountants In Here..pls Help The 2013 ICAN Aspirants!!!. by ogedanny: 5:06pm On Aug 08
Are you looking for accounting jobs in Nigeria?

Get Latest Accounting Job Offers In Nigeria, Click Here
Career / Re: Professional Accountants In The House? by ogedanny: 5:06pm On Aug 08
Are you looking for accounting jobs in Nigeria?

Get Latest Accounting Job Offers In Nigeria, Click Here
Career / Re: Professional Accountants, Let's Meet Here by ogedanny: 5:06pm On Aug 08
Are you looking for accounting jobs in Nigeria?

Get Latest Accounting Job Offers In Nigeria, Click Here

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