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Phones / Re: Motorola Will Absorb Lenovo Mobile by ogedanny: 8:35am On Aug 27
Programming / I Want To Learn Programming - Is Java The Best To Start With? by ogedanny: 8:34am On Aug 27
I have B.Sc Accounting with excellent skill in deploying Accounting Software - having implemented for SMEs in financial services, retail and production, real estate and almost all the major sectors in Nigeria.

I runs two profitable word press blogs which I built my self and makes more than my 5 figure salary here in Nigeria

I am beginning to have strong passion for application development as one of the wordpress site is a mobile phone blog that receives 6 - 7k visit per day and had helped a friend attain 11.5k app download in 3 months for free.

Now am asking....Is Java programming the best for me to start with as a novice so that I can move to Mobile app development knowing fully well that I already have an online market for this skill or what do you think? Please Advice Me
Business / Re: 5 Reasons You Should Start An Online Business In Your 20s by ogedanny: 4:49am On Aug 27
Business / 5 Reasons You Should Start An Online Business In Your 20s by ogedanny: 5:27pm On Aug 26
It is never too early or late to chase your dreams and become an entrepreneur. Success comes in all ages, from Sam Walton starting Wal-Mart when he was 44 years old, to Moziah Bridges hitting $150,000 is sales at just 12 years old with his company Mo’s Bows.

While entrepreneurship has no boundaries and can be pursued by anyone, there are several benefits to getting started in your 20s. I was 22 when I started working for myself full time. Here are five reasons I encourage young entrepreneurs to start businesses, specifically online businesses, in their 20s.

1. Fewer commitments when young
Let’s be honest for a minute -- not every idea is going to become a winner and make money. New online businesses are started every day and only a handful become successful. In the event that the business does crash and burn it is easier to bounce back without all of the financial responsibilities and commitments the majority of adults are faced with.

2. Create long-term financial security
An online business can be developed into a stable, almost auto-piloted, source of revenue. In fact, there are multiple ways to create online businesses that make six figures yearly. Imagine if you could spend your 20s learning how to create successful online businesses, resulting in several income-producing assets that will continue to earn money while you explore new ventures and add more online businesses to your portfolio.

With Social Security’s reserves estimated to run dry by 2033, the younger generation needs to think about alternative sources of income for when they reach retirement age. Instead of relying on the traditional 9-to-5 employee retirement plan, an entrepreneur has full control of his or her financial future.

3. Faster personal growth and maturity
Nothing turns you into an adult quicker than the responsibilities of owning your own business. The rules of business don’t bend based on age -- a business owner in their mid 50s has the same risks and responsibilities that someone in their 20s has. Running a business introduces you to many life lessons, and being introduced to them at an early age will allow to develop into a more balanced person sooner.

4. Ability to work from virtually anywhere in the world
There was a popular article on Thrillist that went viral last year that listed several reasons why you should quit your job and travel in your 20s. The reasons ranged from gaining real-world experience to regretting not doing it later in life. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to quit your job and pinch pennies to travel the world. You can do it as an entrepreneur running an online business.

It is possible to run an online business from any corner of the world, provided you have an Internet connection. The work won’t be any easier on a beach in Costa Rica than it would be in an apartment in New York, and you will still have the same uphill battles and challenges that every entrepreneur faces -- but the option to do it from any location or while traveling is very real. The same freedom isn’t going to necessarily be available in your 30s or 40s.

5. Less overhead and financial commitment to start
Before the Internet and ecommerce, it was difficult for someone in his or her 20s to start a business. Bank loans, lines of credit and property leases weren’t easily accessible to young would-be entrepreneurs.

An online business generally has lower overhead when compared to an offline traditional brick-and-mortar business, translating into less of a financial commitment. This allows younger entrepreneurs to chase their dreams right out of college or even skip college altogether.

What are some other benefits to starting an online business in your 20s? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/243553
Phones / Motorola Will Absorb Lenovo Mobile by ogedanny: 3:26pm On Aug 26
ou can expect a lot more Motorola models in the future. Lenovo has decided that in the smartphone market the brand recognition of Motorola is much stronger than that of its own brand and will integrate Lenovo Mobile into Motorola.

That's not just a relabeling though, the President of Lenovo Mobile Group said that much of the organizational structure of Motorola will remain in place and will take lead of what is now Lenovo Mobile.

Lenovo Mobile will cut down the number of models it produces until eventually all new models come out under the Motorola brand. The combined company will rely heavily on Moto's long experience in research and development.

Lenovo's phone business will not be all Moto though, the company recently launched the ZUK brand. ZUK will work on the international scene and wants to become known for its high-end phones.

Lenovo's last financial results showed a slight drop in shipments in Q1 (16.2 million) and a pre-tax loss of $292 million. This may have been the trigger for Lenovo to shift towards the more recognizable brand.

Source: http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_will_absorb_lenovo_mobile-news-13706.php

Latest Phones: http://www.browsingphones.com
Adverts / Re: Diamond Engagement Rings In Nigeria 08185264049, BBpin 7925346C. Wedding rings by ogedanny: 1:12pm On Aug 26
Celebrities / Re: Celebrity Traditional Wedding Pictures In Nigeria by ogedanny: 10:26am On Aug 26
Phones / Best Android Tablets In Nigeria & Prices by ogedanny: 10:24am On Aug 26
Best Android Tablets In Nigeria – Buy Latest Tablet PC at Affordable Price Online – Specification And Reviews On Jumia Konga

Android Tablets are now gaining lots of popularity in Nigeria, with an estimated growth in market that stands at 12% YoY according to Gartner.

This is no doubt a complete market take over from Apple iPad as they are affordable and can perform day-to-day task like emailing, internet browsing, document storage which enhance business productivity.

Some of them come with a generous 3GB RAM, connectivity that supports 4G Lite and price ranging from N15,000 to N75,000.

Here, you will find some of the best android tablets in Nigeria (based on maker, screen size, memory and storage capacity) and their price offers.

View All Tab and Price Offers: http://browsingphones.com/best-android-tablets-in-nigeria-price-jumia-konga-specs/
Webmasters / Is Something Wrong With Bellanaija.com? by ogedanny: 4:23pm On Aug 24
I tried checking BellaNaija.com but it seems a file is download on my system, someone should please confirm.

Hope its not hackers oo!
Adverts / Re: Quickbooks Dealers In Nigeria by ogedanny: 9:29am On Aug 21
We are Nigeria's no 1 Authorized Dealers - Directly from Intuit South Africa - Click Here: http://magnetgroupng.com/
Phones / Smartwatch and Price Offers by ogedanny: 10:37am On Aug 19
Phones / Re: Innjoo One Android Phone Discussion Thread by ogedanny: 9:05am On Aug 18
Celebrities / How To Penetrate The Movie Industry- Interview With Femi Jacobs by ogedanny: 9:59am On Aug 17
Though has been in the creative space for sometime, Femi’ Jacobs has become a rising brand in the Nigerian Movie space. His big break in the Nollywood industry happened with his role as Makinde Esho (‘Mr. M’) in the movie ‘The Meeting’, starring Rita Dominic and others. Femi is a multiple award winning actor, with his recent award being the AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards (AmVCA). Femi is also a trained Pilot, a recording Artiste and a Motivator.

We asked him on twitter, his views on how startups in his industry could penetrate, and his answer, true to his reputation and depth are clear and worthy of publishing.

The Question: “@FemiJACOBS hello boss. We celebrate what you represent. What 3 Penetration strategies would you share with #Startups in your industry?”

His Answers are in Quote:

#1. “BE GOOD at what you do”

We think this is precise and clear. Knowing your art is the right place to begin. A good product makes penetration easier.

Hear his next response, just what we expected:

#2. “BE MORE than what you do”

He didn’t explain this, but. We perceive he meant that, as a practice, you should always know and (be prepared to) do more than your role is.

Being ‘More than you do’ makes you a master of the art, and startups should stretch (in competence) beyond what they know their role to be.

#3. “BE SEEN at what you do”

This response is worth pinning on the first page of this site.

As a creative startup, it is an invaluable piece of advise to ‘be seen at what you do’.

Source: http://africastartuplab.com/how-to-become-a-movie-star-in-nigeria-nollywood-ghollywood/
Phones / Re: UK Used Phones - Blackberry Samsung Galaxy HTC Iphones Ipad Lumia LG Clearance! by ogedanny: 6:17pm On Aug 16
Fashion / Re: Bella Naija Latest Aso Ebi Pictures For Wedding - Ankara Design Styles by ogedanny: 3:10pm On Aug 16
Celebrities / Re: Celebrity Traditional Wedding Pictures In Nigeria by ogedanny: 1:45pm On Aug 14
Celebrities / Celebrity Traditional Wedding Pictures In Nigeria by ogedanny: 12:08pm On Aug 14
Find all the best Celebrity traditional wedding pictures in Nigeria, attire ideas and available shops online

Source: http://nigeriaweddingshops.com/traditional-wedding-pictures-in-nigeria-igbo-youruba-hausa-calabar-edo/
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs & Price Review In Nigeria by ogedanny: 9:34am On Aug 14
Business / Re: 3 Reasons Investors Will Not Fund Your Startup by ogedanny: 5:19pm On Aug 12
Business / 3 Reasons Investors Will Not Fund Your Startup by ogedanny: 3:15pm On Aug 12
Whether it is private equity, or angel funds, or bank loans or even government grants; providers of funding for businesses will almost always look out for certain performance metrics before they invest or advance you money and it’s in your best interest if you know what they look out for.

First of all, you may not need more capital, find out in this article. But your business will grow up to a point or will need to grow up to a point, when it will require additional investments or funding, and be sure those days will come.

What Startups often miss is, preparation for those times. I often advise startups to prepare early for the big needs.

Providers of funding will almost definitely be looking out for some or all of the following; and if you will be a beneficiary of their funding or investment, you had better be ready for them:

#1 Track Record of Competence

Every investor or provider of capital wants to see, in clear terms, and backed up by data, the story of your competence as a business.

I don’t mean rhetoric. I mean track record.

Here’s how it affects you as a startup. You must, from day one, begin to record your performances in a usable and report-able format.

Incorporate your business from day 1, don’t be in business and incorporate after three years, no. Depending on the ease of business registration in your country, do some form of business registration.

If the requirement of a financier is that they will not advance funds to any business incorporated less than three years, whereas your business has been on for five years, only that you either aren’t incorporated or have just done so less than two years ago, you won’t qualify.

Keep record of orders, no matter how small and insignificant. Keep records of clients and services you render on a periodic basis.

In fact before it’s needed, prepare and collate a track-record manual, we call it bragging rights. Strive to solve real problems by providing credible solutions and record them systematically.

It’s important for it to be systematic, because it’d be difficult for you to suddenly remember your performances of the past five years if they have not been archived systematically somewhere.

One way to do this is to have a website, a blog, facebook account etc and update them regular with your performances and successes.

Bragging rights are important. That you have a well collected and collated track-record of performances with dates, is in itself a track-record.

This is important because, many startups waste their performances, while some have no track to record, many have tracks that are not recorded.

#2 Financial Capacity (Cash flows)

Too many startups approach financiers and all too soon they realize that they don’t have enough data to prove that they have capacity to deserve the funding they require.

Especially in many parts of Africa where Financial Inclusion is still low, you find that the data available to financiers don’t match the kinds of capacities the startups claim they have.

The disconnect is obvious. Reporting. So you find that in the early days, startups trivialize reporting.

Transactions are done either off business accounts or without business accounts at all.

Cash trading is predominant and you find that, even where businesses maintain a business account, they all too often don’t realize the importance of building their Account Turnovers.

Account Turnover is one method used, especially by debt providers to judge financial capacity.

And the account turnover is simply a summary of all the inflows to your bank account and the outflows therefrom.

So if you don’t diligently and consistently ensure that your income and expenses regularly pass through your business bank account, what will happen is, when you need to prove to financiers that you have done business what so much, it will then be your words against theirs, your rhetoric against available data.

I recently asked a fashion designer in Nigeria who’s been in business for over 3years. Do you have a registered business name, he answered ‘No’. Of course from that answer, he also didn’t have a business bank account, no website, etc. So I asked him to subscribe to our blog.

From day one, make all your financial reputation be traceable. HAVE A BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT and use it.

#3 Build Assets (Collaterals)

Assets are important for your business. While assets could be anything from property, to equipment, to vehicles, to stock, to cash, to goodwill and so on; it’s important to build assets in forms that are most convenient for your business.

Invest in stocks, treasury bills, insurance policies, real estate, etc as much as you can.

Sooner than later, these investments, first serve to improve the valuation of your business and then also help to serve a collateral where it becomes a funding requirement.

The point is to think like this from day one, so that you’re not groping around in the event that you require to show proof of any of the above, as a financing requirement.

In the long-run, it pays to be systematic.

Source: http://africastartuplab.com/before-you-raise-startup-capital-for-your-business-startup/
Fashion / Bella Naija Latest Aso Ebi Pictures For Wedding - Ankara Design Styles by ogedanny: 12:16pm On Aug 12
SO EBI Bella is a popular mix of traditional wedding attires (ASO Ebi) featuring creative Ankara designs and styles for ladies and gentlemen in Nigeria.

The reason I love these features is that you can get top class design ideas and styles for your fashion designer to use without extra cost on fashion magazines.

View More: http://nigeriaweddingshops.com/bella-naija-latest-aso-ebi-pictures-africa-ankara-traditional-wedding-nigeria/
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh's Marriage Introduction Last Weekend (More Photos) by ogedanny: 6:06pm On Aug 10
Phones / Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specs & Price Review In Nigeria by ogedanny: 11:15am On Aug 07
what do u expect?
Phones / Re: All Microsoft Lumia Phones To Get Windows 10 Os First by ogedanny: 5:19pm On Jul 31
Phones / All Microsoft Lumia Phones To Get Windows 10 Os First by ogedanny: 9:20am On Jul 31

The desktop version of Microsoft Windows 10 OS has been rolled but we are yet to see the Mobile variants of this OS. Meanwhile, Microsoft is selecting some branded Lumia phones that will experience the update to Windows 10 OS based an official announcement yesterday.

If you own any of the following Lumia phones, you will be among the first users to experience Windows 10 mobile.

Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 535, Lumia 540, Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 and Lumia 930.

If you currently not using any of these Lumia phones, don’t fret as Microsoft is only using the listed device as first line of updates. We expect the OS to be available on all Lumia models soon.

Source: http://browsingphones.com/microsoft-lumia-phones-windows-10-os-specs-jumia-konga/
Phones / Top 10 Best Android Phones In Nigeria - Kaymu First Half REPORT For 2015 by ogedanny: 8:58am On Jul 30
In this report, I will be introducing you to an infographic report released by Kaymu, one of the leading online classified product listing portal in Nigeria.

The report titled ‘Top Selling Smartphones’ which spans across first half of 2015 revealed that a fast selling Infinix mobile occupies the first and second position with BlackBerry holding third position while Infinix mobile grabbed the forth position.

The only non-android smartphone here is BlackBerry which we believe is common among female folks. Nigeria is still a loyal market for BlackBerry device but Android phones hold the largest share.

Source: http://browsingphones.com/top-10-best-android-phones-in-nigeria-jumia-konga-price-specs/
Technology Market / Buy Gym Equipment In Lagos Abuja Port Harcourt Nigeria - Cheap Fitness Excercise by ogedanny: 3:30pm On Jul 28
Buy Gym Equipment Online Sale in Nigeria - Cheap Fitness Home Equipment in Bulk

Looking for where to buy fitness equipment at cheap price? Here is guide!

s the doctor will always recommend, we need to exercise our body, burn fat and utilize the value of gym and fitness equipment in order to save medically.

When you subject your body to consistent physical fitness and exercise, you will definitely control your blood pressure and eliminate the dreaded hypension while at thesame time give a real fitness as an athlete

Not all Gym and Fitness equipment can provide these benefits as some are developed for just short term function with high maintenance cost while we also have durable home, sport gym or fitness equipment on sale.
Read more: http://www.computeraccountingblog.com/2014/06/buy-gym-equipment-online-sale-in.html
Jobs/Vacancies / Career Opportunity In A Financial Technology Company by ogedanny: 10:20am On Jul 27

We are searching for a strong, motivated and goal oriented Sales/Account Executive. The Account Executive will be strong individual contributor that will know how to prospect, close business and grow a particular offering.

About the job
We are looking for people who love sales. It’s as simple as that. Are you the most competitive person you know? Do you push yourself, long before a boss or co-worker has to give you a nudge to get fired up? Are you looking to finally find that company where you can get the recognition you deserve while breaking records while breaking records and setting the pace for your peers.
We are searching for a strong, motivated and goal oriented Account Executive. The Account Executive will be strong individual contributor that will know how to prospect, close business and grow a particular territory. This role is primarily an inside sales position, but occasional travel may be required. You will be responsible for the sale of web based HRMS solutions to B2B organisations and will qualify, develop and execute sales strategies to achieve our revenue goals.
We have had a steady growth in our customer base, and are seeking an individual who can, not only sustain, but accelerate our momentum. As a mid-size organisation, we need someone who can match the high energy and enthusiasm of our team. Magnet Consulting Associates Limited has strong client service and marketing teams in place. The Sales Account Executive will be well supported!
 Demonstrated ability to achieve and exceed quota.
 Demonstrated ability to forecast pipeline within 5% margin of error.
 Strong understanding of on-line web based technology required.
 We are looking for a candidate that can match the energy of our organization and thrive in our fast moving environment.
 A good degree.
 Metrics oriented outlook to sales.
 Consultative sales experience is strongly desired.
 Appreciation of an open, transparent and fun working culture.

 Minimum of 2 years of B2B sales experience.
 Commission, Bonus, paid Training and more……
Magnet Consulting Associates Limited is leading provider of cloud/in-premise solution for HRMS. Magnet Consulting Associates Limited is a business technology consulting company based in Lagos city, Nigeria. It has carved a niche for itself as the leading technology provider for organisations in Nigeria.
Over the years, MCAL has continued to partner with large, medium and small business organizations by guiding and defining clear-cut IT and business solutions and services that drive their businesses to excellence and provide more visible ROI (Return on investment)
MCAL, through persistent innovation and unique but calculated alliances provides state of the art ICT and Business technologies that address enterprise challenges and proffer simple and yet effective solutions.

Anyone interested should email info@magnetgroupng.com


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Webmasters / Re: Get Your Website To First Page Of Google Nigeria by ogedanny: 6:04pm On Jul 24
Phones / Re: Free 1 GB Data When You Solve This Phone Puzzle by ogedanny: 10:55am On Jul 24
Post ur answer on d blog
Career / Re: ICAN November 2015 Diet Exam - Let's Meet Here by ogedanny: 9:09am On Jul 24

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