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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by PastorAIO: 2:29pm On Oct 21

Good question. I have asked this exact same question several times - and in at least one case I recall asking this same question, and some people were irritated at it -


The human person is very lightly attached through its soul to its mind: which mind is lightly attached to its physical brain - this physical brain is the transponder if you like, which enables the physical body to move about and perceive in the physical world: which physical world, is of course, a temporary illusion.

Oga, I didn't ask you the quality of the question, whether it was a good question or not, neither did I ask you if you'd asked the question before.

I asked in direct response to your claim that just as a car carries a person so does a body carry a person.

Your other vague wishy washy notion of being lightly attached to some wishy washy thing such as mind or soul or whatever does not tally with your definite statement that

"A car carries a person in the same way as a body carries a person."


A car is visible just as a body is visible. A car carries a person in the same way as a body carries a person. The person is invisible to the physical eye.

We are all invisible, only rarely does the inner spirit and its inner eye or self genuinely see another person.

A person in a car is not 'lightly attached' to the car.

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Religion / Re: Seun, Please Come In! I've Gist For You. by PastorAIO: 8:40pm On Oct 20
Instantaneous and on the spot. (Unless you want to deny or explain them away)

(ii) In Sawaimadhopur, after some time, there came a Nazim named – “Safaruddin”. He was suffering from a serious disease and he was unable to cure from that disease even after a long treatment. When he learned about the miracles of Chamatkarji, he also came there to visit. He decided that if he gets cured from the disease, he will construct umbrellas on all the four corners of the temple. Due to the miracles of Chamatkarji, with in a short period. Nazim Safaruddin became free from that terrible disease and felt healthy. Then according to the decision he constructed attractive artistic umbrellas on all the four corners of the temple, these are still enhancing the beauty of the temple. So many times such miracles have taken place here still today many types of miracles are seen by devotees here. Peoples come here to materialize their desires and to get rid from worldly troubles / problems.

On Shrisangha’s request Acharya Dharmaghoshsuri composed Samudra stotra. Once he recited it at the seashore in Saurashtra and a miracle took place. Suddenly a huge tide brought a huge heap of jewels ashore at the feet of Acharya Dharmaghoshsuri and then receded.

I hope you are aware and appreciate that I'm not tasking you for basing your belief in a religion on how ridiculously fabulous it's claims are, but merely pointing out to you that you do not have the monopoly on ridiculous fables. And Instantaneous ones at that.

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Religion / Re: Seun, Please Come In! I've Gist For You. by PastorAIO: 8:19pm On Oct 20
The miracles are not on the same scale as those in Christianity. I don't know all the dos and donts so Jainism so I can't answer the second question.

And what scale is that exactly? I didn't know that there were scales for measuring impossible deeds. Are you suggesting that there are degrees of impossibility?

So you don't know about Jains but you are ready to conclude that there is no religion as hard to practice as christianity therefore Christianity must be the truth.

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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by PastorAIO: 6:45pm On Oct 20

A car is visible just as a body is visible. A car carries a person in the same way as a body carries a person. The person is invisible to the physical eye.

We are all invisible, only rarely does the inner spirit and its inner eye or self genuinely see another person.

A car carries a person either in the drivers' seat or one of the passenger seats, or if you like in the boot.

Which part of the human body carries a person?


Religion / Re: Seun, Please Come In! I've Gist For You. by PastorAIO: 6:42pm On Oct 20
Jainism basically preaches non-violence and ascetism. I cannot think of anything apart from eating animals that Jainists proscribe which Christians do not. I also do not think that instant miracles (however one may try to explain them away) take place in Jainism.

There are miracles in Jainism too. You'll be very hard pressed to find a religion without miracles.

What do Christians proscribe that Jains do not.

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Religion / Re: Seun, Please Come In! I've Gist For You. by PastorAIO: 5:49pm On Oct 20
The standards set by Christ are incredibly high- they border on ridiculous at first glance and at face value. This explains why skeptics appear to be lenient on other belief systems compared to Christianity. This leads me to the rational suspicion that Christianity is the real deal. Add supernatural occurences to the mix and we have a winner.

So christianity is hard therefore it is true. Is that your reasoning?

Then what do you want to call Jainism. Super Real Deal?

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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by PastorAIO: 5:38pm On Oct 20

How therefore is it not possible for a person to see you and know you at once, upon beholding you in the physical?

Contemplate this question carefully and stop giving it shallow thought, absent introspection and settlement:

Are you not therefore invisible?

Indeed, how many times have you seen yourself, much less how many times have you been seen by another person?

Look at a car. Look am well well. Now tell me. Do you know the car at once? How fast can it move? What is the mileage on it? What is the boot's capacity? How smooth is the steering wheel?

What? You can't tell these things just by looking at the car at first glance? Is it not therefore obvious and ineluctable and evident ..( and all other such grammar and jedijedi vocabulary you like to throw in at this point) that the car is in fact invisible.

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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by PastorAIO: 5:32pm On Oct 20

Roaming far and wide. cheesy how body?

cheesy cheesy cheesy

Like fada like son.

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Religion / Re: Spirituality: Who E Don EPP? by PastorAIO: 5:28pm On Oct 20
Oga Mark! I hail o! Long time.

Guess What? I found a copy of In The Light Of Truth. I've started reading it. But small small. I'm reading so many other book as well at present.

I found a metaphor I liked. About a tree at the foot of the mountain of spirituality, and some people have climbed that tree (false religions) and believe that they are advancing spiritually but they are totally unaware of the mountain. Until they fall from the tree before they can realise their error and begin the proper ascent of the mountain.

Recently on NL my motive has been to give those trees a good shake, or even if possible to chop the entire tree down. Lol. For this reason many have concluded that I'm an atheist, but I don't care. I even enjoy it.

Anyway, I just dey hail you.

@OP. Spirituality is the unfolding of our real self, the living essence in us. Such unfolding leads to self realization and a recognition of who we are, our place in the cosmos and out inter-connectedness with all that exists. Buried in our essence is the unimaginable talent to love without reservation. Spirituality permits this love to unfold, transform it from a talent into ability and then overwhelms us and our near and far environments. This love links us to the invisible power that pulsates in the Universe, the last condensations of this power, you plataeo normally refer to as energies. In the course of this spiritual evolution, the individual will at some point come to the recognition of the source of the power that pulsates in the Universe. Now, giving and receiving love is the basis of spirituality and without it, their is no life, no motion and all is dead. Connection with the vibration of Love (conscious or unconscious to the human brain) is the source and driver of all lasting progress. There is no person that has not at one time or another experienced genuine love. In those moments, your are linked with the the living power that created and maintains all creations and at that moment you can tap into this power and exposed to "infinite" possibilities of progress in all spheres, from simple things as a spontaneous charming smile to your neighbor to the most astonishing scientific invention. The so called Eureka moments on which many scientific inventions spring from, I will argue are not because the inventor has become creative, rather he/she spontaneously tapped from the power of "LOVE". Genuine love is an inherent manifestation of true spirituality. Where there is no love, their is no life, no progress, no motion but a dead, motionless mass of creatures and creations. Stay blessed.

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Religion / Re: BIBLE: The Author And Believers Are Still Primitive! by PastorAIO: 8:04pm On Oct 19

I used to think you're one of the theist that still retain some minute intelligence.

But not now, your conflicted mind has obviously degenerated into imbecilic copy-cating.

The buffoon you copied is inexistent to me, albeit until you embraced his emptiness.

Na so! They always try to exercise some minute intelligence at the start but once they realise that logic does not serve them they dive fully into unabashed imbecility.
Religion / Re: What Were The Inquisitions? by PastorAIO: 10:19am On Oct 19
interesting take, though i think punishment of any kind (except maybe excommunication) wouldnt have been posible in apostolic times since xtians were a persecuted bunch who didnt have d power to dish out punishments. I think d inquisition took d who idea of punishment to a whole new level.

True, they lacked the political authority to punish. I think this was true of Jews too though, especially in the diaspora. In Judea I think they Romans gave them some authority to carry out a few punishments of their own, but mostly legal correction was done through the Roman civil system.
Religion / Re: What Were The Inquisitions? by PastorAIO: 9:15am On Oct 19

I meant the punishment in the Christian church during the times of the apostles.

The early christians of the first century were Jews and so would have followed the mosaic laws. There was friction due to the teachings of Paul on dietary concerns and such but first century christians still went to synagogue and practiced judaism.
Religion / Re: What Is The Difference Between Iniquity, Sin, And Transgression? by PastorAIO: 9:03am On Oct 19
Correct guy. I see that you've backed up what you are saying with bible passages. I want to see if the OP can produce one bible passage to support the position he is going to proclaim.


Why don't you own a CONCORDANCE?

Read every reference, and learn for yourself?


. 1st JOHN 3:4.

4. Whosoever committeth Sin
Transgresseth also The Law:
for Sin is the Transgression
of The Law.


. NUMBERS 15:27-31.

27. "And if any Soul
Sin through Ignorance,
then he shall bring a she-goat
of the first year for a Sin Offering.
28. "And the Priest shall make
an Atonement for the Soul
that sinneth Ignorantly,
when he Sinneth by Ignorance
before The LORD,
to make an Atonement for him;
and it shall be forgiven him.
29. "Ye shall have One Law
for him that Sinneth by Ignorance,
(both for) him that is born
among the Children of Israel,
and for the Stranger
that sojourneth among you.
30. "But the Soul
that doeth (ought) presumptuously,
(whether he be) born in the land,
or a Stranger,
the same reproacheth The LORD;
and that Soul shall be cut off
from among his people.
31. "Because he hath
despised The Word of The LORD,
and hath broken his Commandment,
that soul shall utterly be cut off;
his Iniquity (shall be) upon him."


ATONEMENT does not cover iniquity.

God does not HAVE TO forgive Iniquity.
Religion / Re: What Is The Difference Between Iniquity, Sin, And Transgression? by PastorAIO: 9:01am On Oct 19
They've started again. The inventors of orishirishi doctrines. This time based on a quirk of the Englisn language.

English is full of synonyms due to it's history. Any word can easily be substituted for about 5 or 6 others.

English was original a Germanic language. Then in 1066 the Normans (from France) conquered England and imposed their French and Latin language on the Germanic peoples of England. Although English was still spoken on the streets the language of Court was French.

So many French and Latin words eventually infiltrated the English language, enriching it.

Then the English became traders and started building empires all over the world and everywhere they when they absorbed influences into their language from the people they came into contact with. This added more words.

Then the english became great inventors and explorers. Whenever they invented something or discovered something they would give it a name based on some Ancient greek word or latin word. e.g. Tele Vision. Tele means 'remote' or 'far' in ancient greek.

Also back in the day, the Vikings also invaded England and settled on the eastern coast of England. They too brought their language.

There is no language in this world as rich as English for have so many different words for the same thing.
Religion / Re: The Nature/character Of Temptation. by PastorAIO: 12:37pm On Oct 18
PastorAIO.... i salute your wisdom

Thank you sir.
Religion / Re: The Nature/character Of Temptation. by PastorAIO: 8:56am On Oct 18
What about if the act of 'paying undue attention' to something is not autonomous, but rather something that the subject cannot help doing?

Like in a neurosis.


This is meaty. I'll have to get back to you on the philosophy of states of consciousness, which happens to be one of the more difficult problems in philosophy.

For now, I will like to clarify that my whole argument is actually based on the idea that whatever we pay undue attention to may multiply in our consciousness. Temptation in itself is not the problem, but paying the wrong kind of attention to it will increase susceptibility. In terms of the question in the OP, Yes, Jesus got these same temptations but he didn't pay the sort of attention to them, that weakens his own resolve to deal with them (that is what sinning is).

E.g. If I know that a particular colleague at work already has a thing for me and with the right words I can definitely get in bed with her, the fact that the thought crosses my mind at all is not a problem - it is a temptation. But the more I think about approaching her, the exact words to say, I plan the day or time that it will happen, and plan to set it all in motion, then I have begun to sin (this falls under the "wanting your own way" part of the three major types of sin in my previous response i.e. "wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear important" i.e. "lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life" ).

As Christians, this is why we are charged to be careful what we think.
Prov 4:23 "Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life"

Edited to add: there were a number of other points you brought up, that I will likewise address in my next response.
Religion / Re: I Still Don't Understand The Concept Of Christianity. by PastorAIO: 1:24pm On Oct 16
Wait o, there is something I don't understand about naira land. I typed Jesus in capital Letters and it came back to small letters though leaving the first letter capital. What's going on, hope it's not that what am hearing about naira land is true, that it's full of atheist.

Religion / Re: The Supposedly Wisdom Of Solomon by PastorAIO: 11:14am On Oct 16

Hahaha. I can see ur google isnt working today.
Cheers, anyway. cool

Oh, I see. So your source for your argument is google. O ma se o!!
Religion / Re: Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit. by PastorAIO: 10:51am On Oct 16
What does it really mean to blaspheme against the holy spirit, the bible says that all sins will be forgiven except the sin against the holy which is the only sin that will not be forgiven. Can any body tell me what it really means to blaspheme against the holy spirit?

The passage that talks about it explains the reason for the sin. 'Because they said he has an unclean spirit'.

The way this passage was explained to me was as follows.

The process for forgiveness of sins is as follows. First, one recognises the sin. Secondly, one is remorseful and repents from the sin. Thirdly, the sin is forgiven when forgiveness is prayed for. There are other factors but those are the main pertinent points for understanding this passage.

Since it is important that first someone ought to be able to recognise sin as sin before the process can even start then what hope does someone have if that person has his moral compass so distorted that he cannot recognise the difference between Good and Evil again.

If someone is going around doing good things, healing people and helping the poor, casting out demons, and what you see when you observe this is evil, the work of the devil then you cannot even fulfill the first stage of the process. You are incapable of recognising Good from Evil. You see good things and you're calling it the work of the devil. You see evil things and you are calling it the work of God. You are a non-starter!! You've failed before you can even start.

The sin of being unable to recognise the Good from the Evil around is a sin that cannot be forgiven since forgiveness requires repentance.

Some people are doing evil and even praising God for it. Nigeria is full of them. It is usually caused by partisanship. Instead of recognising evil for what it is they will excuse it if it is being done in their church, or by their pastor. Meanwhile if they see someone they oppose doing good they will never recognise it but will rather condemn it as the devil's work.

This is the sin against the Holy Spirit. No Moral Compass.

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Religion / Re: How Biblical Is Seed Sowing? by PastorAIO: 10:35am On Oct 16
Seed sowing is agricultural. It works if you're a farmer. I don't know about other disciplines though.
Religion / Re: The Supposedly Wisdom Of Solomon by PastorAIO: 10:33am On Oct 16

How do u normally find information u use for your arguments?

From all kinds of sources. Some I'm told directly by an informant. Some I read in books. Some I see with my own eyes. Some I experience myself. I'm open to all kinds of sources.

However what does your question have to do with my request for you to share your archaeological evidences with us?

I think I've been here with you before. You do not actually have any sources so instead of answering the questions you respond with another question that is totally irrelevant. If that is the case, please just stop here, and don't respond to this post.

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Religion / Re: The Supposedly Wisdom Of Solomon by PastorAIO: 9:12am On Oct 16
I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill, but time and chance happeneth to them all
^^^^ Only one filled with immense wisdom could have said the above.

They are wise words indeed. The person, whoever, who said them must be wise indeed.
Religion / Re: The Supposedly Wisdom Of Solomon by PastorAIO: 9:10am On Oct 16

Stop embarrassing urself.
There are archeological evidences of King David and Solomon's reigns.

Please share. Where can we find the archaeological evidence?
Religion / Re: "Would You Dare To Remove A Charm Placed On Your Doorstep?" by PastorAIO: 5:38pm On Oct 14
Sometimes the devil deceives us and make everything seem alright so that we will never find the need to seek Jesus.

@ Topic I will pray over it, pick it up with my bare hands
and discard it undecided

So the person whose life 'seems' alright is the person that should be most worried.

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Religion / Re: "Would You Dare To Remove A Charm Placed On Your Doorstep?" by PastorAIO: 12:09pm On Oct 14
Kevoh na man. Hahn sef na man. I no understand this exchange.
Religion / Re: "Would You Dare To Remove A Charm Placed On Your Doorstep?" by PastorAIO: 11:34am On Oct 14
The original version of such juju is used to evict strong-headed tenants without hassles.
The charm works the moment the tenant sees it; he/she would start packing to any available spaces e.g garage, under-bridge, lagoon etc.
NEVER try to push it, that won't stop it's potency.
A lizard is included in such charm.

Religion / Re: "Would You Dare To Remove A Charm Placed On Your Doorstep?" by PastorAIO: 11:31am On Oct 14

Will watch it... But u suppose know Naija and mb things

Oh, okay. Na facebook video otherwise you could have been able to play it here.

It addresses that gimmick that landlords use to try to get troublesome tenants out of their house.

Religion / Re: "Would You Dare To Remove A Charm Placed On Your Doorstep?" by PastorAIO: 11:03am On Oct 14
I can't believe that no one commented on my video that I posted. It answers all the questions on this thread.
Religion / Re: "Would You Dare To Remove A Charm Placed On Your Doorstep?" by PastorAIO: 11:32pm On Oct 13
I think this following video answers all your questions. Seun


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Religion / Re: Olokun Great Goddess Of The Sea ~ Worship, Divinations, Initiations, Invocations by PastorAIO: 11:50am On Oct 11
I spent sometime in an edo village with a big olokun cult, chalk nd earthwares were d most visible thing in their place of worship.
i think d binis associate olokun with all river bodies not just d ocean, it is almost like d yoruba yemoja, but particularly d river ethiope.

I hadn't even heard of River Ethiope. I've just googled it. It seems to be located amongst the Delta ibos and the call it Onoku which I presume is related to Olokun. Very fascinating river.

Religion / Re: My Thoughts And Questions About Religion by PastorAIO: 10:45am On Oct 11

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Religion / Re: Are Bible Characters Real Or Fictitious? by PastorAIO: 8:42am On Oct 11

If u equate "0" to "0 Ad",

sorry to say bros, u dont know the system.

No, I don't know. You know more than me. You're the guru.


I need to know if u made a mistake or not.
At least let me begin to assume on ur behalf.
because ur claim doesnt match reality.
Afterall, u laffed it out

It's okay, I was wrong and you are right. I'm gone.

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