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Buhari On Hard-won Path To Historic Victory - Premiumtimes (1) (2) (3) *
by lalasticlala. 112 posts & 32257 views. 5:16pm (motherlode)
Fayose Praises Buhari, Urges Nigerians To Accept Election Result
by teejaykkr. 1 post & 56 views. 5:16pm (teejaykkr)
Nigeriadecides: Fayose Praises Buhari, Urges Nigerians To Accept Election Result
by Farnesyl1989. 4 posts & 77 views. 5:15pm (LordCenturion)
Funny Election Pictures
by maxibrainz. 3 posts & 99 views. 5:15pm (Heycube)
Fight Erupts At Inec Abuja Collation Centre
by wkoleeee. 1 post & 119 views. 5:14pm (wkoleeee)
Buhari Is Winner Of The Presidential Elections!
by SageOfSixPaths. 7 posts & 256 views. 5:14pm (SageOfSixPaths)
UNCOVERED: Post-election Plans (1)
by donigspain. 36 posts & 1553 views. 5:13pm (donigspain)
PDP To Challenge Presidential Result In Lagos (1) (2) (3) *
by lalasticlala. 106 posts & 31391 views. 5:13pm (dammytosh)
Picture: See Obasanjo's Reaction To Jonathan....
by Nzeokafor. 7 posts & 762 views. 5:13pm (iphanyiuma)
Drop Your Congratulatory Message's For Our President Elect.
by AdesinaOlajide. 2 posts & 32 views. 5:11pm (OrigamiIII)
Political Poetry
by Ngutor. 4 posts & 34 views. 5:11pm (Ngutor)
Mr Patrick Obiahgon At It Again Ooo
by masseratti. 8 posts & 215 views. 5:11pm (sinizia)
Picture Of Popular Pdp Nairalanders Reaction To Election Result
by oyeludef. 3 posts & 158 views. 5:10pm (godsamist)
Picture Of Gov Okorocha In A Joyous Mood
by ujoatu. 1 post & 159 views. 5:10pm (ujoatu)
Okorocha Catches Alleged PDP Loyalists With Ballot Boxes In Imo (photos) (1) (2) (3) *
by lalasticlala. 97 posts & 36884 views. 5:10pm (gbemi514)
Fayose Praises Buhari, Urges Nigerians To Accept Election Results
by bettercreature. 5 posts & 137 views. 5:10pm (bettercreature)
Congratulation To Goodluck Jonathan For Winning The Election.
by softapple. 17 posts & 549 views. 5:09pm (dazdilijae)
Ex Millitants Has Been Mobilized To Distrupt The Venue Of The Election Coalition
by studio5200. 3 posts & 215 views. 5:07pm (yomi007k)
PDP Calls For The Cancellation Of Election Results In Kano (1) (2) *
by chibecanglobal. 89 posts & 13187 views. 5:07pm (Rizin)
And The Winner Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by inception101. 1 post & 56 views. 5:06pm (inception101)
For The Nollywood Actors
by Bluestarry. 3 posts & 132 views. 5:05pm (Bluestarry)
New Word Meaning Of Jega
by Ayesman. 1 post & 112 views. 5:03pm (Ayesman)
Finally Fayose Accepts Defeat And Salutes GMB.
by expertman. 3 posts & 167 views. 5:03pm (Slickest)
Jonathan Set To Concede The Election For The Over All Good Of The Country.
by jerseyboy. 4 posts & 225 views. 5:03pm (Mutuwa)
Final: Inec Collated Presidential Results 2015 - Buhari Wins With 15m Votes
by sammy187. 4 posts & 395 views. 5:02pm (sinizia)
Did We Realise That Election Have Made Us Forget All These
by YoungestMuller. 1 post & 92 views. 5:01pm (YoungestMuller)
Fayose Praises Buhari, Urges Nigerians To Accept Election Results
by curiouses. 3 posts & 122 views. 4:59pm (ikaboy)
Breaking News : Oxford Dictionary Gets New Word
by sholikay. 7 posts & 275 views. 4:58pm (olaboy001)
2015 Presidential Election Result So Far -33- States Declared Buhari Is Leading
by 9jaroof. 5 posts & 351 views. 4:58pm (NaijaTalkTown)
Amaechi Declares Curfew In Rivers State (1) (2) (3) *
by CharlesPhc. 112 posts & 26696 views. 4:58pm (Neally)
Osogbo Residents Monitor Poll Results On Billboards
by Adimine. 5 posts & 223 views. 4:56pm (PaulJohn1)
Gen Buhari Has Had 25% Of Votes In 24 States Already
by harbdulrasaq88. 2 posts & 154 views. 4:56pm (Namady)
The peoples General watching the announcement of results in Abuja. pics
by IbnSultaan. 19 posts & 704 views. 4:55pm (Glowstone)
#Buhari Can Never Be President
by ZACHIE. 2 posts & 201 views. 4:55pm (ZACHIE)
Ayo Fayose Already Congratulates General Muhammadu Buhari For Winning
by dhamstar. 3 posts & 204 views. 4:55pm (domopps)
Election Results So Far In Excel Format (JPEG)
by PerfectFortune. 2 posts & 121 views. 4:55pm (kilode100)
Jega Should Relocate To The South East/south South Before Things Go Awry! (1)
by onomeasike. 56 posts & 1557 views. 4:54pm (Uricas)
Wanted! Please, Help Locate And Find this man(pictured inside)
by nickxtra. 3 posts & 202 views. 4:54pm (egift)
The Sins Of President Jonathan
by yourstruly5. 6 posts & 186 views. 4:53pm (socialmediaman)
Congratulations!!! General Mohammadu Buhari...
by CyberWolf. 7 posts & 183 views. 4:53pm (Intrepid01)
Gen. Buhari Watching The Final Results Of The 2015 Presidential Election -photos
by argob44. 4 posts & 120 views. 4:53pm (argob44)
#nigeriadecides: 7 Reasons Why We'll Never Forget The 2015 Elections (1)
by biafranqueen. 42 posts & 731 views. 4:53pm (anigbajumo)
Fayose ‘salutes’ Buhari, Accepts Poll Results Read More At: Http://www.thecable
by sluvy4tune. 1 post & 46 views. 4:52pm (sluvy4tune)
Positives Of The Jonathan Presidency For APC Supporters
by Jbenue. 14 posts & 302 views. 4:52pm (Jbenue)
Professor Who Couldn't Read Hand Writing Result. How Does He Mark Exam Sheet
by Joel3. 15 posts & 383 views. 4:52pm (Joel3)
Fayose ‘salutes’ Buhari, Accepts Poll Results
by MrFairplay4ume. 1 post & 55 views. 4:51pm (MrFairplay4ume)
Photo: GEJ n GMB Awaits Result #lol
by nwonufestus. 2 posts & 141 views. 4:50pm (godsamist)
Fr. Mbaka See What Your Curse Is Causing
by etudaddy. 6 posts & 329 views. 4:50pm (MurderX)
Picture Of Nigerians Watching Presidential Election Result
by Rotjijatau. 4 posts & 105 views. 4:49pm (san316)
What Are Your "Top 5 Tasks" For Mr. President-elect; Gen Muhammadu Buhari
by naijaedutech. 2 posts & 34 views. 4:49pm (NewsEmpireNG)
Has Any Of The Front Runners Ganner 25% In 26 States?
by olabukola. 1 post & 61 views. 4:49pm (olabukola)
Photo : Will Mandela's Statement On Buhari Become Prophetic? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by KingEbukasBlog. 176 posts & 51469 views. 4:49pm (Fourcade)
Is This True About Our Professors?
by wunmi590. 1 post & 69 views. 4:48pm (wunmi590)
Avoid The Talk Of War And Make Nigeria Your Priority...
by lordizak. 1 post & 22 views. 4:46pm (lordizak)
Buhari Is A Loser!
by tit. 3 posts & 243 views. 4:45pm (Balyz)
Possible Newspaper Headlines After Feb. 14th Election (1) (2)
by Zakkyoz. 85 posts & 2310 views. 4:44pm (Zakkyoz)
I Beg, If Buhari Should Win This Election,what Happens To Fayose And Fani Kayode
by Drabeey. 1 post & 40 views. 4:44pm (Drabeey)
General Olusegun Obasanjo Tweets
by inception101. 25 posts & 2606 views. 4:44pm (MrCEO69)
Hilarious Obasanjo Comment About The Remaining Election Results
by fleps. 18 posts & 1589 views. 4:44pm (MurderX)
Champions Of Our Present Democracy
by Metrofox. 1 post & 26 views. 4:44pm (Metrofox)
How GEJ Was Decieved
by uchedydy. 6 posts & 527 views. 4:42pm (ItsMeAboki)
If I Were To Goodluck Jonathan
by daniwealth. 10 posts & 173 views. 4:42pm (Gbawe)
Buhari Wins It After 4th Attempt, Like Brazil's Lula.
by WisdomFlakes. 3 posts & 99 views. 4:40pm (Ayoakinkahunsi)

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