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Pastor Tunde Bakare Says FG Should Apologise To Boko Haram
by petruska. 6 posts & 67 views. 8:49am On Jul 28 (Ikpewe)
No Wonder The Blood Of Christains Was Flowing In The North Just After Elections
by chinedumo. 13 posts & 2792 views. 8:47am On Jul 28 (careytommy)
El-zakzaky: They Attacked Us, We Returned Gun Fire In Self Defence ~ Army
by victorVIC1. 6 posts & 207 views. 8:41am On Jul 28 (Ikpewe)
North: Forget Power Shift
by peleson. 1 post & 58 views. 8:40am On Jul 28 (peleson)
dend: jonathan Visits Lagos(western nigeria) is considered international crime (1)
by musiwa93. 33 posts & 531 views. 8:32am On Jul 28 (musiwa93)
Dr. Okurounmu’s Opportunism
by ooduapathfinder. 2 posts & 66 views. 8:24am On Jul 28 (jerseyboy)
North: Forget Power Shift
by peleson. 1 post & 45 views. 8:20am On Jul 28 (peleson)
How APC Relates With #bringbackourgirls’ Campaigners
by Sincere9gerian. 9 posts & 137 views. 8:15am On Jul 28 (stebell)
Life Is Hard, But It Is Harder When You Are silly
by activatenigeria. 2 posts & 48 views. 8:05am On Jul 28 (mstik)
Frsc Denies August Deadline For Enforcement Of New Number Plate.
by martolux. 2 posts & 73 views. 8:03am On Jul 28 (hapyneso)
Unpaid Salary: Lawmakers May Impeach Okorocha
by supereagle. 5 posts & 258 views. 7:55am On Jul 28 (macpetrus)
Nasir El-rufai Criticizes GEJ For Trying To Save Al Makura's Asss (1) (2) (3) *
by homesteady. 121 posts & 21754 views. 7:16am On Jul 28 (Onyiido)
Bomb Blast at St Charles Catholic Church Kano
by ignis. 11 posts & 1254 views. 7:05am On Jul 28 (Obinoscopy)
What You Like Or Hate About Nairaland. Share Your Thoughts Here!
by faithugo64. 32 posts & 177 views. 7:03am On Jul 28 (faithugo64)
Letter To Nigeria -where We Are Coming From,where We Are & Where We Are Headed?
by ajibsca. 1 post & 38 views. 6:51am On Jul 28 (ajibsca)
Kaduna Bombing: El-rufai Alleges Assassination Attempt On Buhari (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by nnamdibig. 209 posts & 19727 views. 6:19am On Jul 28 (yinkarh187)
Kaduna Bombing: PDP, APC continue Trading Blame
by luigiajah. 1 post & 37 views. 6:19am On Jul 28 (luigiajah)
Omisore, LP Candidate Shun Osun Gubernatorial Debate With Aregbesola
by Ayekotoo. 6 posts & 108 views. 6:19am On Jul 28 (Ayekotoo)
Anyone Who Feel Western Nigeria Should Not Be Removed Is A Rappist/abuser-Musiwa
by musiwa93. 5 posts & 72 views. 6:16am On Jul 28 (musiwa93)
Welcome to the country of Western nigeria -- President Musiwa
by musiwa93. 2 posts & 63 views. 6:14am On Jul 28 (musiwa93)
Is Coming, To Take Over The Whole World Government!! (1)
by Raotito. 39 posts & 2447 views. 5:46am On Jul 28 (Raotito)
Law Of Western Nigeria should Supercide Any Nigeria Law Under Int Law--musiwa
by musiwa93. 7 posts & 55 views. 5:16am On Jul 28 (bloodykiller)
There Would’ve Been Crisis If Buhari Was Killed –jonathan
by talk2smat. 11 posts & 187 views. 5:14am On Jul 28 (byrron)
Why Abacha Stashed Billions In Foreign Accounts – Ofonagoro
by Ofonagoro. 7 posts & 271 views. 5:09am On Jul 28 (KingAdeOluomo1)
Kaduna Bomb
by manck. 5 posts & 89 views. 5:04am On Jul 28 (KingAdeOluomo1)
Indomie Noodles Cause Eruda/oja- Iya Mayhem In Ilorin
by yusufadebayo02. 3 posts & 161 views. 4:40am On Jul 28 (KingAdeOluomo1)
Wives Of Top Nigeria Politicians (pictures) (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9) *
by LMAyedun. 294 posts & 44024 views. 4:31am On Jul 28 (M4gunners)
2015; The Predicted 'dooms' Year For Nigeria
by pavy. 3 posts & 122 views. 4:27am On Jul 28 (hushmail)
13 Suspects Arrested For Visa Fraud In Lagos
by oilyngbati. 9 posts & 246 views. 3:46am On Jul 28 (oilyngbati)
10 Most Developed State Capitals In Nigeria. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by nwabekeyi. 175 posts & 4136 views. 3:41am On Jul 28 (cruise14)
Nigeria In 2050 (pictures) (1) (2) (3) (4)
by ROSSIKE. 139 posts & 5975 views. 3:03am On Jul 28 (igbo2011)
Does General Buhari Think Nigerians Have Forgotten?
by talkintruth. 19 posts & 443 views. 2:31am On Jul 28 (thunderrider)
Message To Islamic Terrorists: Caution Graphic Videos
by Ramnon2. 2 posts & 121 views. 2:16am On Jul 28 (ChrisOD)
FRAUD SCAM ALERT: FUTA Students Arrested For OPEC Scholarship Scam
by bcomputer101. 2 posts & 76 views. 2:12am On Jul 28 (ChrisOD)
The Chibok Girls: A Statement Issued By The Middle Belt Dialogue
by bestads. 8 posts & 252 views. 1:47am On Jul 28 (bestads)
Have We Forgotten This Vow We All Took? The National Anthem
by wizzy11. 7 posts & 64 views. 12:55am On Jul 28 (lonelydora)
More Revealing Pictures Of Woman Battered By Husband Over A Piece Of Fish
by dondumexx. 1 post & 169 views. 12:51am On Jul 28 (dondumexx)
Your Future Is In Your Hands , Osun People
by hopelink1. 4 posts & 100 views. 11:50pm On Jul 27 (Descartes)
Points From Aregbesola's Question And Answer Session Held 26th July, 2014 (1)
by bamoza. 35 posts & 630 views. 11:30pm On Jul 27 (emiye)
Calamity Would Have Befallen Nigeria If... Says President Jonathan
by kennydee05. 3 posts & 138 views. 11:27pm On Jul 27 (simdam500)
Opinion: The Best Way To Create State For Nigerians.
by classicEntity. 1 post & 48 views. 11:25pm On Jul 27 (classicEntity)
Jonathan Campaigns For 2015 On London Buses
by lagbaja. 31 posts & 1446 views. 11:24pm On Jul 27 (jericco1)
Man Shot At PDP Rally For Wearing An Apc Shirt In Osun
by RealSleek. 31 posts & 968 views. 11:03pm On Jul 27 (Jesusloveyou)
Killing Of My 3 Sons Planned By GEJ—Nigeria’s Shiite Leader, Sheikh El-ZakZaky (1) (2) (3) (4)
by Clerverly. 136 posts & 2923 views. 10:54pm On Jul 27 (kakakent)
Why Abdulmutallab’s Bomb On Board US Plane Did Not Detonate
by victorVIC1. 3 posts & 112 views. 10:50pm On Jul 27 (Bunchersstab)
Brakeing News Boko Haram Kidnap The Wife Of The Depute PMOf Cameroon
by KingAdeOluomo1. 8 posts & 250 views. 10:42pm On Jul 27 (KingAdeOluomo1)
For Fun: Picture Of A Janjaweedan
by stanech. 5 posts & 262 views. 10:41pm On Jul 27 (koboko69)
SALLAH: Sultan Urged Insurgents To End Terrorism
by Kingspin. 3 posts & 58 views. 10:07pm On Jul 27 (Mogidi)
Nigeria Would Be In Turmoil If Buhari And Sheikh Dan Bauchi Were Killed-gej
by victorVIC1. 3 posts & 74 views. 10:07pm On Jul 27 (chaberry)
FG Orders 40 Attack Helicopters From US, Russia (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by SenseiX. 230 posts & 22328 views. 10:03pm On Jul 27 (Mickeywilliams)
Nigeria Would Have Been In Turmoil If Buhari, Bauchi, Were Killed-Jonathan
by Clerverly. 19 posts & 311 views. 10:02pm On Jul 27 (Clerverly)
Breaking News! Jonathan Wooed To Become Biafra First President (1) (2) (3) ... (13) (14) (15)
by tochukwuifeduba. 510 posts & 6485 views. 10:00pm On Jul 27 (onyeokwu)
Wow:- Checkout Photo Of Governor Rochas Okorocha Riding A Bicycle
by femi4. 14 posts & 329 views. 9:59pm On Jul 27 (jerseyboy)
Nigerian Military Uncooperative, Slow To Learn – US Hearing
by zboyd. 2 posts & 58 views. 9:58pm On Jul 27 (oduastates)
Nigerian Govt Must Stop Provoking Shiite Muslims; We’re Focused On Martyrdom
by bankyblue. 6 posts & 282 views. 9:56pm On Jul 27 (bankyblue)
I Give Up On Nigeria
by motif8. 19 posts & 286 views. 9:55pm On Jul 27 (BRAV0O)
Boko Haram Is Not About Religion - Buhari
by GenBuhari. 16 posts & 199 views. 9:50pm On Jul 27 (nerodenero)
APC Brought Ebola To Lagos – PDP
by 500GP. 4 posts & 207 views. 9:46pm On Jul 27 (vedaxcool)
Group Wants Southerners Barred From Entering Northern Nigeria
by bestads. 17 posts & 459 views. 9:26pm On Jul 27 (bestads)
Nigeria Can Be Great Again If.......
by ekeroyal. 7 posts & 79 views. 9:22pm On Jul 27 (ekeroyal)
If Buhari Had Been Killed , The North Would Have Razed Nigeria Down (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by bestads. 166 posts & 4070 views. 9:22pm On Jul 27 (bestads)
The Delusion Of Grandeur Of Ahmadu Bello At Independence In 1960
by MAYOWAAK. 22 posts & 4670 views. 9:16pm On Jul 27 (bestads)
Right Of Reply
by Holaneeyee. 1 post & 41 views. 9:10pm On Jul 27 (Holaneeyee)

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