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What Is Jonathan And PDP Planning At The Thick Of This Night?
by suwailad. 5 posts & 392 views. 12:53am (Rapmaestro)
The Alleged Akwa Ibom Rigging Video What Next?
by akanbiaa. 2 posts & 117 views. 12:51am (Rapmaestro)
Betting:',gej Still Wins
by henryangelo. 2 posts & 131 views. 12:50am (Jaypea98)
Man Cries In Kano After Voting President Jonathan In Error
by idupaul. 13 posts & 835 views. 12:50am (san316)
As It Stands So Far.....with INEC Announcements In States
by codedruns. 5 posts & 362 views. 12:48am (codedruns)
Presidential Election Results So Far: PDP In Early Lead (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by dtruth3. 171 posts & 37041 views. 12:46am (asiwajumi)
With 25% Election Requirement Pdp Wins
by raystanley. 7 posts & 395 views. 12:46am (dachpee)
Inec Results Of Presidential Election: Buhari Leads
by sammy187. 2 posts & 64 views. 12:43am (seuntope8)
Even If Jonathan Decided To Lose, He Can't!!! (1)
by clevvermind. 41 posts & 849 views. 12:43am (MzJackBaueress)
Buhari Wins In Bauchi With Wide Margin
by morgist. 3 posts & 527 views. 12:41am (Scatterboss)
Unconfirmed Delta State Presidential Election
by Raiders. 4 posts & 766 views. 12:40am (ayukdaboss)
DSS, Others Bar Journalists From Collation Centres In Imo (1) (2) *
by Abagworo. 90 posts & 13717 views. 12:39am (Cousim)
2015 Elections In Nigeria: Results
by Mouth123. 22 posts & 971 views. 12:39am (Mouth123)
Lessons Learnt From The Announcement Of Results
by walenack. 2 posts & 141 views. 12:38am (henribj)
For Those Saying Buhari Got 25% In Imo, You Will Be Shocked (1)
by RebelChip. 39 posts & 1869 views. 12:36am (ayukdaboss)
Breaking News: GMB Leads After The Anouncement Of 17 States
by TheHeadlinerngr. 12 posts & 908 views. 12:35am (seuntope8)
Can Someone Prove Mathematically How Gej Will Win With 2032226 Margin So Far
by 4much. 8 posts & 648 views. 12:35am (OAM4J)
Election Deciding States
by millan0. 6 posts & 567 views. 12:35am (OAM4J)
Results From Abuja - Vanguard (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Deadlyviper. 188 posts & 74950 views. 12:31am (innovativeame)
Buhari Wins In Sokoto - The Nation (1) (2) *
by KingEbukasBlog. 79 posts & 36200 views. 12:29am (delors)
Current Result Update @10pm Today!!!
by Naruto87. 4 posts & 407 views. 12:23am (Naruto87)
Elections To End In A Run-off;nigerians Should Get Ready To Vote In 7 Days Time
by chronique. 7 posts & 609 views. 12:21am (slybe)
TVC Presenter, Dapo Covering His Nose From Bad Breathe...
by ikorodureporta. 4 posts & 417 views. 12:20am (ikorodureporta)
Aura Care Cleaning Services....
by Moyosore84. 1 post & 21 views. 12:19am (Moyosore84)
Presidential Election Results So Far - APC Now Leading
by akinjuly77. 2 posts & 82 views. 12:17am (akinjuly77)
The Results So Far For The Second Stage
by Franiey. 1 post & 58 views. 12:17am (Franiey)
Presidential Race Comes About So Far - APC Now Driving
by mascotbest. 2 posts & 98 views. 12:15am (ORACLE1975)
INEC Sets Up Panel Into Allegations Of Rigging In Rivers State
by IbnSultaan. 1 post & 47 views. 12:15am (IbnSultaan)
Will Buhari Even Remember Us?
by nellyelitz. 6 posts & 214 views. 12:14am (deejay2x67)
I No Fit Laugh A Beg... #picture
by praxs. 2 posts & 260 views. 12:13am (darksuit)
I Know What Will Happen After 2015 Elections.
by Kazrem. 1 post & 108 views. 12:13am (Kazrem)
by Ajiswaggs. 1 post & 32 views. 12:11am (Ajiswaggs)
This guy Wants Sectarian Killings And Ethnic Cleansing Of All Igbos 4 Voting GMB (1)
by angelchi2. 35 posts & 786 views. 12:11am (henribj)
Photos Of Army Punishing Civilians In My Area Earlier Today
by dorocent. 3 posts & 231 views. 12:11am (dorocent)
The Polling Units Under My Watch
by mcdokwe. 5 posts & 75 views. 12:10am (Weeke)
Presidential Election Result Breakdown In Picture
by unitysheart. 4 posts & 316 views. 12:09am (IykeChukz)
Live : Election Results For All D Other State Till The Last Result
by akinjuly77. 11 posts & 849 views. 12:09am (akinjuly77)
See What President Jonathan Was Caught Doing In Picture.
by fredraf. 6 posts & 959 views. 12:06am (enoqueen)
Heart Beating Figures In Presidential Election Result
by yemolz. 1 post & 114 views. 12:04am (yemolz)
Get An Admission Into Any University Call 08140793849 For Urgent Admission
by William080. 2 posts & 17 views. 12:02am (Pureview2008)
Buhari APC Took Jonathan PDP By Surprise.
by Kenrichest. 10 posts & 967 views. 12:00am (Kenrichest)
Violence Around Egbeda And Iyana Ipaja Over Senate Election
by unitysheart. 4 posts & 423 views. 12:00am (enoqueen)
Is 48hrs Really Necessary For Collation Of Results
by MIKOLOWISKA. 1 post & 31 views. 11:57pm On Mar 30 (MIKOLOWISKA)
Election Result Continues Tomorrow Tuesday - Jega
by Pelwal44. 6 posts & 235 views. 11:55pm On Mar 30 (winsome5)
Check This Before You Continue.
by Esdb3. 2 posts & 151 views. 11:54pm On Mar 30 (dammany)
Governance Of Tit For Tat In Nigeris
by omolami. 2 posts & 57 views. 11:54pm On Mar 30 (slybe)
Election Update: Presidential Election Results So Far - APC Now Leading
by olasoji1. 1 post & 105 views. 11:51pm On Mar 30 (olasoji1)
Presidential Election Results So Far - APC Now Leading
by 9jaroof. 2 posts & 151 views. 11:48pm On Mar 30 (enoqueen)
Jonathan Records 1.48 Million Votes In Rivers State -Punch News (1)
by zikclassiq. 42 posts & 2997 views. 11:48pm On Mar 30 (Samfilo31)
2015 Presidential Election Results
by serverboy9. 1 post & 104 views. 11:43pm On Mar 30 (serverboy9)
PDP Beats APC In Abuja (1) (2) (3) *
by buharisambisada. 99 posts & 21111 views. 11:43pm On Mar 30 (missionmex)
A Nairalander With Family And Neighbours Watching INEC Presidential Result
by kingar. 18 posts & 445 views. 11:42pm On Mar 30 (zimoni)
Is It Goodnight And Goodbye To Goodluck?
by Naijiant. 1 post & 91 views. 11:41pm On Mar 30 (Naijiant)
Presidential Election Results So Far - APC Now Leading
by quadrado. 1 post & 154 views. 11:36pm On Mar 30 (quadrado)
24 States And FCT, Results Firmly Place Buhari Ahead.
by olapluto. 9 posts & 1437 views. 11:34pm On Mar 30 (OGEmerald)
Why Is Jega Making Us Feel We Watching UEFA Final
by Luedave. 4 posts & 113 views. 11:34pm On Mar 30 (Luedave)
Live Inec Presidential Election With Pictures
by dexterinc2003. 3 posts & 112 views. 11:32pm On Mar 30 (dexterinc2003)
INEC Website Hacked - Hackers Exposed (1) (2)
by Enouwem. 66 posts & 1788 views. 11:31pm On Mar 30 (Enouwem)
Presidential Election Results For Lagos (updates) (1) (2)
by Shymexx1. 81 posts & 9464 views. 11:31pm On Mar 30 (SirShymexx)
Don't Sell Your Vote(photo)
by Sermwell. 11 posts & 235 views. 11:30pm On Mar 30 (ilovecritics)
Collation Of Presidential Election Results Suspended Till Tomorrow
by cuteboy2. 2 posts & 129 views. 11:27pm On Mar 30 (sweettease)
Election Result Continues Tomorrow Tuesday - Jega
by kindas. 1 post & 139 views. 11:27pm On Mar 30 (kindas)
CHANGE Is Here!!
by Pipsland78. 1 post & 41 views. 11:27pm On Mar 30 (Pipsland78)
INEC Officially Releases Presidential Results. (1) (2)
by UrennaNkoli. 77 posts & 14937 views. 11:26pm On Mar 30 (XPresie)

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