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Business / Re: MAKE 5K Daily Using My Basket Ball No Overtime Strategy #ASTRO by KingMeezy: 1:15am
We just want to create awareness that you can't win in betting without information,that is why a game keeps cutting peoples ticket...on my page,you can see our 3weeks free tips without loss
Romance / Re: Her Ex-Boyfriends All Ran Away Because Of Sex by chinguk: 1:15am
Education / Re: Federal University Of Technology Akure(futa) 2014/2015 Admission Session by seyirock(m): 1:14am
abeg make person tell how to access hostel,l mean how much we go pay?when we go pay? And when we go start dey use am...thank u.
Technology Market / Re: Very Neat Iphone 5c Green Up For Giveaway Price by NEROSKY(m): 1:14am
Business / Re: How To Make 100k Residual Income As A VTU Airtime Distributor by mobileincome(m): 1:14am

Link sent
Romance / Re: I Don't Wish To Date Someone From Nairaland by MrCork: 1:14am
I can't date someone from Nairaland. Most times, even when I don't need any advice, I just post things to get the view of others, their perspective. And also to clear the guilts I'm harbouring. If I'm dating someone on Nairaland, there will be lot of things I won't be able to post, mostly when it's about him. The idea of dating a Nairalander seems crazy to me. What about you?

Business / Re: How To Make 100k Residual Income As A VTU Airtime Distributor by mobileincome(m): 1:14am
Pls sent me the link,

Link sent
Religion / Re: Thread For Mormons by briantext(m): 1:14am

GOD won't judge me because I have warned you just the same way I did warn a couple of my friends.
This is the last time I'll reply to your texts because its obvious that your bent on acting on mere rumors that the Father of lies(Satan)feed you with.... I pray the holy Spirit reveal the truth to you when ever your willing to learn.....
If i may ask, what do you hold as a backup for your accusations against the church of Jesus Christ...
It is only the devil and his demons that are against the church of Jesus Christ...... Brother i plead with you not to say things that you know not of..
I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints is true... I know that Jesus Christ is our redeemer and also the only Begotten Son of our Heavenly Father.... I ask you to read the scriptures and discover the truth within it with the assistance of the Holy Spirit... I leave this with you in Jesus Christ name...... AMEN!!!!
Nairaland / General / Re: Your Help Is Highly Needed. by charix(m): 1:13am

You've to include:

1. The hospital he's in and its location. A nairalander would go confirm then report back to confirm authenticity. His doctor's number (although optional) is needed to know how serious his present physical state is now.

2. His phone number so nairalanders can call and send prayers in addition to goodwill messages.

3. Pictures of the patient to ensure its not already too late for assistance.

Also mods and the admin's attention to bring this to frontpage and attract more attention. Done by using mention code cc: Ishilove & Seun.

Would think of more details later but for now these three're most important of all.
Events / Hurray, Its My Birthday Today!!! by njideoby(f): 1:13am
Is somebody in the house? Please join me in praising God for He has graciously added another 365 days into my life today. I'm a year older. It is marvelous in my sight. [i][/i]dancing
Come and join me sing halelluiah, Jehovah Jireh has done me well.....
Health / Re: Salt Vs Sugar by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 1:13am
Both are essential, in moderation though. You can't choose one over the other, in excess, both can be harmful to the body.
Are you a doctor? Because it seems you have a vast knowledge about medical stuffs.
Politics / Re: Kebbi Assembly Impeaches Speaker At 10: 25pm by Curlieweed: 1:13am
Is there a curfew for impeaching ashewo politicians in the constitution.
Rap Battles / Re: Compilation Of My Favourite NL Lines by Emaprince: 1:13am
I spark innovation/ to brand the occasion
when your performance is over. . . I clap alot. . . call it a standing ovation~~streetwize

He wants to reign/ but I'll let d gun xplain/now son is slain
and u still wont hav 'yah-way'. .  if u were born again~~~streetwize

So stop claimin d best guy/ cuz im waitin ta deck ya
while ya girl givin head 2 Streets. . . like muslims prayin in mecca!!! ~~streetwize

The picture you paint is a sad depiction/
I get p*ssy. . . you get nun. . . like a Catholic mission!/-Ibime

I smash n wreck/ You slam the deck/ when my jab connects/
You might be handsome. . . . but you wont pass the acid test!/-Ibime

I beat you blue and purple/ till ya crew desert you/
Take the lead. . .and get a shell in ya back. . . like Mutant Turtles!/-Ibime
Technology Market / Re: I Need A Brand New 2014 13" Apple Macbook Pro Retina - 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD by 8ightball: 1:13am
If you wont mind a "tear rubber" brand new mac book air, then lets talk.
Autos / Re: Reg/Toks 2011 ACURA ZDX (5.5m/7m) & Customised 2012 PORSCHE CAYENNE by rickkychidex111(m): 1:13am
Still selling.
Business / Re: How To Make 100k Residual Income As A VTU Airtime Distributor by mobileincome(m): 1:12am
Technology Market / Re: Microsoft Window 8 Surface 64GB. Its Tablet/ Laptop | For Give Away Price by NEROSKY(m): 1:12am
Business / The Challenges Of Financing Small Farmers And Msmes In Africa by Tectono: 1:12am
A value chain is often defined as sequence of value-adding activities in a supply chain – from production to consumption, through processing and commercialization. Value chains in agriculture can be thought of as a set of processes and flows – from the inputs to production to processing, marketing and the consumer. Each segment of a chain has one or more backward and forward linkages. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link and hence the stronger the links, the more secure is the flow of products and services within chain. It is important to note that the benefit of value chain finance goes beyond that of the financial flows within the chain. Yes, it is about finance with agriculture and agribusiness within a chain but also about aligning and structuring finance with the chain or because of it. Simply being a part of a secure market chain makes one a better credit risk.

For centuries traders have provided finance to farmers for harvest, inputs or other needs such as emergencies. Many of the traders in turn receive finance from millers and processors who in turn may be financed from wholesalers or exporters who are farther “up” the chain from production to marketing. We all understand how trade finance typically works. But we also want to note that there are many entry points and many factors involved.

The term “value chain” therefore describes the full range of activities that are required to bring a product or service from conception, through the different phases of production (involving a combination of physical transformation and the input of various producer services), delivery to final consumers, and final disposal after use .

While approaches and applications vary, most value chain approaches have several common characteristics, including: a market system perspective; a focus on end markets; an emphasis on value chain governance; a recognition of the importance of relationships; a focus on changing firms’ behavior and transforming value chain relationships; targeting leverage points; and, empowering the private sector. In the international development field, projects utilizing the value chain approach generally tend to shift the balance of power within value chains through the formation of associations; branding; alternative financing; support for market systems; market or supply diversification; and, changing the basis of competition (generally from price-based to quality-based).

One major discussion across Africa since globalization has been; can small firms and farmers compete in international, national or even local (globalized) markets? Will the poor be marginalized more by globalization? Or can they learn to compete? Africa has a large and growing population, and an increasingly industrialized and urbanized economy. All people need access to reliable, cost-effective and diversified sources of high-quality food, and the best source of this food is from the region itself.

There is also the vast export potential to be considered, especially in Middle Eastern and Asian markets, where food consumption is rising rapidly. However, African agriculture continues to be relatively uncompetitive, especially in relation to developing counterparts in Asia and Latin America. The continent’s over reliance on food imports creates unnecessary trade imbalances, fosters anxiety over food security, and is also a missed opportunity for promoting prosperity.

There is a serious danger that, through its inability to structurally reform agriculture, Africa is forced to make ever greater concessions to powerful foreign interests to guarantee food security. Whilst foreign investment should be encouraged, it should not be negotiated in desperation but from a position of confidence.

A healthier development would be the orderly financing of a competitive domestic agricultural sector underpinned by a robust local financial sector; and there are reasons for optimism. In general, Africa’s financial sector is deepening and improving rapidly. Currently, however, agriculture is not broadly an attractive market for commercial financial institutions. Development agencies should build on the momentum in the financial sector however, to work more closely with financiers to facilitate access to finance for agriculture.

The agricultural sector is essential for job creation, food production and overall economic growth in many developing countries. Africa’s agricultural potential is largely untapped, however, with value chains often unproductive and uncompetitive. This is due to a number of environmental, economic, and social factors. One of the key challenges is lack of finance to fund the growth of African agriculture. It is against this backdrop that African governments, commercial financial institutions and the international community have reinforced their efforts to close this gap, also spurred on by the recent global food and financial crisis.

Agrifood systems worldwide are being transformed in unprecedented ways. Market integration and stringent specification of quality and timing of produce has never been so important. Farm production and distribution are rapidly evolving from the simple relationships and points of interaction of the past to the highly integrated linkages and closer alignments among business partners we witness today. Value chains are being promoted as the business development frameworks of choice in the agrifood sector.

There is much more attention being paid to inter and intra-organizational efficiency in production, processing and logistics. There is increased focus on marketing, product differentiation and product niche development. Furthermore, the competition is now global: prices are less affected by local conditions, seasonality and markets. All these developments make a solid financing structure even more important than it has always been. Market competitiveness and market risks are becoming the drivers of financing decisions in the new agrifood systems.

Yes, much is changing and much is not. While African agriculture, agribusiness and finance is evolving rapidly in some parts of the globe, in others there is little change and whole communities merely subsist and become less and less competitive, often also stricken with HIV-AIDS. Many sub-Saharan countries are affected by this scenario. It is important that value chain opportunities be available to all but to do so, finance and capacity building are critical components.
To read the full research work, click:
Sports / Re: Kelechi Iheanacho And Nwakali Training With Manchester City's First Team by Yungwhy(m): 1:12am
Its not about training with them... Its all about playing with them
Rap Battles / Re: NL Rap Battles chatroom by LooNat11kk: 1:12am
BTW, Prince and Prints are homophones. . .

Right, on to the next one:

I would like to spar Krone then Loona in that order.

Call out:


Chairman, I think that our battle will have to be on hold

Sorry for the buzz kill, I aint got much spare time on me for the rest of this year

Plus I'm still stuck on one 28bars battle on facebook which I have no choice than to squeeze out time to write.

When I'm ready, I'll holler bros
Education / Re: Unilag 2014/2015 Admission. by ayanfe96(f): 1:12am
'Una weldone o'
this boy fa
Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by tola9ja(m): 1:12am
ilorin study centre

Politics / Re: Why UNILAG, Lasu, OAU, Futa, Doctors Etc Are Supporting Emperor Oduwa Ademusiwa by tpia5: 1:12am

You didn't take notice of what's happening in the gathering. It's a protest which has the possibility of escalating into a riot where they could be tear-gased. If that happens, there might be need to scale fences while scampering for safety. You can do this easily with a skirt on, hence the need to wear trousers and appear fit and ready for any eventuality.

Girls still wear skirts, though it is worn more for official purposes these days, and not as much as trousers again.

Can you post any picture of girls looking the way university students used to look in nigeria.

Would like to see some.
Romance / Re: 19 Things People Do When They Are Bored And Alone. by dancok(m): 1:12am
I think people on this thread is mixing loneliness with idleness loneliness is a thing of the mind,while idleness is when u have nothing to do..when ur mind started telling or u are feeling loneliness then u are lonely in deed.,even if u have married.
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by ROYALD: 1:11am
yes oooooooooooo

Business / Re: MAKE 5K Daily Using My Basket Ball No Overtime Strategy #ASTRO by KingMeezy: 1:11am
nawa o.... who is fooling who among the two now?

It is better you play over 0.5 in a football match than to send your money to him to double it
Romance / Re: The Most Beautiful Ebony Lady with a very bright future behind her by Rikidony(m): 1:10am
I refuse to sin. But this is too much
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by ROYALD: 1:10am
on Ochiedike diagnasis

Family / Re: What Attracts You To A Particular Nairalander? by Lacomus(m): 1:10am
The level of intelligence or joke I find in his/her contribution
Nairaland / General / Re: The Execution Of 'Doctor Oyenusi' A Notorious Robber by kunle2014: 1:10am
It is a pity that armed robbers were/are so many in Nigeria. the economic situation of the country contributed to this honestly. how much is being stolen by armed robbers compared to the sum looted by political public officers? I am not justifying armed robbery but rather to sensitize us that if the country were to be very economical viable, crimes would be very less.

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