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Politics / Re: Babatunde Fashola Celebrates His 53rd Birthday Today by Emekamex(m): 8:46am
Religion / Re: The Evidence For The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ by oyeludef(m): 8:46am
Its amazing how so called atheist here feel dey are logical and at d same time betray logic.
The disciples were cowards
All d disciples scampered for safety after Jesus was arrested by the jewish priests and soldiers, one of d disciple i.e mark even ran away Unclad, peter tried following at a distance(perhaps hoping to see Jesus perfom a miracle nd free himself) in d course of doing dis he denied dis same christ thrice.
Jesus was tried, tortured before every eye, non of d disciple could offer to carry d cross for him wen he fell nd someone else was forced to do dat.
Jesus was crucified before their very eyes without any protest and it was Joseph of aramatia dat could go and beg for his corpse to b released. The disciples got the body and buried it in Joseph tomb,
Now do u know wat a tomb looks like? A tomb is a hollow made in a big stone or a rock and d jews usually bury dis way because dey later go back after some years to pack d bones of d dead intact into a box and inscribe d name of such person on d box. There is usually one entrance into a jewish tomb on which a big stone is placed to secure.
Remember at dis time, the world was still under d Roman empire, the Romans had d best soldiers in d world, you can do ursef a favour of reading about d Roman soldiers of dis time online. The penalty for sleeping in duty is death. Even our soldiers of today dare not sleep on duty cos dey risk a court martial.
Now ponder on dis and see how Nairaland so called logical athiest betray everything that logic stands for. Now think about dis, on whose authority were d soldiers stationed there? And tell me the type of men who will av been there. Pilate was the person dat gave the order.
At this period, the jews had a ruler called Herod, and d roman empire also had a representative in israel called Pontius Pilate, pilate was like prime minister cameron while herod was like d queen of england. Imagine president buhari giving and order that a grave should be guarded by soldiers, do u think d army chief will just send recruits? Of course experienced soldiers will be sent. There presence there will send shivers down d spine of anyone who saw dem. Do u think disciples who were standing afar off and denying their master will be bold enough to go near such soldiers standing in front of a tomb with a big stone at d enterance? What type of sleep were dey sleeping for a big stone to be rolled away and d body stolen.
If it had really happened, u wont hear such from trained roman soldiers cos d next thing dey will av done as dey awake is to commit suicide.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Uba Staff Recruitment by KnowMore: 8:46am
Okay. Thanks
Culture / Re: Ooni Ogunwusi Arrives Nigeria Today. Pictured At Murtala Mohammed Airport by NJPot(m): 8:46am
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by chinese8107: 8:46am

Chinese8107 have you seen your guy? Please recommend a bomb for them.

.why there is not air support.I guess the AU knows better than me.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Assassination Attempt Failed by Kobicove(m): 8:46am
I thank God for his life
if it were to be in my country opposition party is in big trouble. they would torture the guy to name name of one of the big wings in the opposing party. imagine giving this kind report without mentioning name of perceived enemy. maturity!

Most Nigerians nay Africans have enemies, whether real or imagined...when we can't find any we blame it on the usual suspect - The devil grin
Literature / Re: First Night by repogirl(f): 8:45am

I was just about rounding up with work for the day and I still hadn't gotten a reply to the message I'd sent Barbie on WhatsApp in the morning.

I checked my phone again for the millionth time to be sure. Nothing, no reply, as I stared at the message I'd sent.

I apologise for my attitude earlier
Make it up to you over drinks after work?

It showed that it had been delivered and received but there wasn't a reply.

Was she still pissed? I wondered as I got my stuff together preparing to leave.

Would you blame her if she was? I asked myself. She had every right to be after how I'd acted.

I decided to check on her as I left and apologise again in person. I wasn't sure she would still be around as almost everyone was gone but I still decided to check.

I took the elevator down to her floor but didn't need to get off. As the doors opened, I was greeted with Barbie's beautiful figure, leaning casually against the wall, handbag and laptop bags in both hands as she'd been awaiting the elevator.

Automatically I grinned, seeing her. Fate couldn't have done a job of putting her in my way.

She rolled her eyes as she registered my presence on stepping into the elevator. We were the only ones in it.

“Hey.” I said casually.

“Hey.” She replied without a glance.

“You still mad?”

She spared me a glance briefly before looking away and I got the vibe that she meant to ignore me.

“You're still mad.” I said. “I'm not sure how many times I need to apologise, but I'm sorry again, I know I shouldn't have attacked you like I did and I'm sorry but you also did your part to provoke me.”

She frowned turning to me, “Provoke you? Seriously?”

“Yes seriously.” I replied as the doors opened and we stepped out. “You don't call a guy self centered, arrogant, conceited and what else….” My voice trailed as I struggled to remember the last word.

“Unfeeling.” She supplied and I nodded.

“Unfeeling, you don't call a guy all that and expect him to be happy about it. I agree I can be quite arrogant but I don't need you pointing it to my face.”

We walked through the lobby, I helped with the revolving doors and we got out, making our way to the parking lot.

“But that's exactly how you were acting, thinking you were so awesome that I had to stalk you, get a job at your workplace, just to be close to you...gosh.” She said as she shook her head. “The bloody conceit! “

“Alright, okay maybe I made some conceited conclusions but I did apologise...doesn't that count for something?”

She stopped now turning to me and I stopped also.

“What apology? That half assed apology in the elevator?”

“WhatsApp.” I replied. “Didn't you get my message, it shows it was delivered and you read it.”

She frowned again and all I could think was how cute her pretty doll face looked.

“Wait…, are you the weirdo named Cyborg, with no display picture?”

I nodded smiling, “Guilty.”

She shook her head as she continued walking and I followed.

“How did you even get my number? Was it Simi?” She asked without looking at me. “Please don't tell me you told her about our night together.”

“No, what do you take me for? Of Course I didn't tell her and she didn't exactly give me your number…” I told her, I'd actually stolen it from Simi’s phone without her knowledge, there was a huge difference. “But that's not even relevant, what's relevant is that I apologised.”

“Dave… you apologised via WhatsApp without a display ID or your name, how in the world was I supposed to know it was you?” She asked just as she stopped by the side of a red Range Rover Evoque. “For a smart guy, you are kind of veering off into the dumb lane.”

I rolled my eyes, consciously deciding to overlook her last statement before I did something rash once again.

“Okay, but now you know it's me, so can you just accept my apology already, so we can move past all that?”

She shrugged, turning to me. “Sure, why not?”

I grinned, “Seal it up with drinks?” I asked.

“No.” She replied opening the back door of the car and placing her bags in. “I've accepted your apology and that's done… I don't need to have drinks with you that might lead to whatever else, besides I have some other appointment.”

“Trust me, I just want us to have drinks, it won't lead anywhere else.”

Closing the door, she turned to me with a knowing smile. The first time she smiled since wed met at the elevator, I realised I had missed seeing her smug smiles, there was something so sexy about it.

“Knowing your type, Dave, a drink will always lead somewhere...anyway, like I said, I have another engagement.” She said with a tone of finality as she opened the driver's door and got in.

“What do you mean by knowing my type?” I asked and all I got for a reply from her was a knowing look, like she saw through my antics.

I sincerely had nothing ulterior planned, but of course I wouldn't mind if she agreed to go over to my place for a repeat of the last time's activities but it was her call, I wouldn't make her do anything she didn't want to.

“Okay, tomorrow evening then?” I tried.

“I'm also busy then.” She said shutting the door.

Resignedly, I stood by watching as she expertly manoevered the vehicle out of the parking space and drove off with a brief wave at me.

I turned and made my way to my own ride, trying to handle the rejection well. Females were putty in my hands especially after spending a night together but Barbie was different. She was immune, she was her own person and she seemed to hold her feelings tightly guarded just as I did.

You don't become that way without some sort of personal experience triggering that reaction. I couldn't help but wonder what her story was. I could ask Simi but doubted that was a good idea.

Simi was still curious as to how I'd met Seye's cousin. I might have to divulge that information before she would tell me anything she knew and I wasn't ready to let she and Irene know about my one night stand with Barbie.

I should probably just let Barbie be and back off. It was what she wanted anyway and it would be better I respected her wishes before I became pesty.

I'd had my share of pesty girls who didn't want to let go, and I knew how annoying that was. There was no way in hell I was going to become one to some girl.

Politics / Re: Text Of Speech By Adeosun On Linking Capital Markets With Affordable Housing by brunofarad(m): 8:45am
Our mathematician grin
Politics / Re: English Should Be BANNED In Brussels After Britain Leaves, Top French Politician by MidasTouche01(m): 8:45am

Reality is the outcome of the vote did not reflect the desires of young and educated Brits. They believed so much in the referendum ending with an 'IN' victory, somuch so that there was tremendous voter apathy in their ranks, but they horribly underestimated the resolve of the older, archaic, conservative and bigoted (in actual fact, racist) Brits. Brexit was really all about clamping down on immigration.

The anger is red hot and serious moves are being made by Labour to ensure that Brexit is not implemented. The EU is enraged, the economic migrants (Polish, Romanians etc.) are livid and insecure, and everything is going the opposite way. Just yesterday, the British credit rating was cut down from its enviable AAA rating to AA.

To the extent that the younger active majority were extremely naive and lackadaisical, you are quite right.

Seriously u understand the issue perfectly....

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Who Else Got This!!!factbaseconsult by ayokunle032(m): 8:45am

no, I didn't get any invite oh, although my CV had some lil errors sha, but I really passed d test well and answered d questions the man asked including d one inside his little jotter. so I don't know sha, I'm hopeful.

ok bro pls let me kno if yu get any further information from them!
Food / Re: Seller Tampers With Expired Lipton's Date Before Selling It(Pics) by Spain007(m): 8:45am

We know the tribe that does this, even themselves know. I am not been tribalistic here. I have leaved in a compound by this same people where Red Label and Don Simon drinks were produce and you cant even tell the difference from the imported ones, they sell to supermarkets and bars at cheap price and these people sell them out the same price with the original and even more in bars.

That was how I was crippling down with malaria, nazo I use my leg go one chemist close to my area in Port Harcourt. They gave me fake Autesonat with original tracking number. Went home took it for good 3 days and it got worst that I couldn't even move, I was rushed to the hospital and the pharmacy in the hospital confirmed the drugs were fake and clone with original tracking number. Was treated of malaria with injections and some drugs in hospital before I was discharged.

From that time I knew people are heartless. Bought a drug to treat myself and ended up buying a drug that almost killed me.
My friend next time u need doctors prescription first.
Politics / Re: Text Of Speech By Adeosun On Linking Capital Markets With Affordable Housing by Okijajuju1(m): 8:45am
Literature / Re: My Sister And I by slyIsaac: 8:45am
Still reading......
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by hustla(m): 8:45am
Loop Detected and Disbursed

N4400 Profit...

Oga share this loop na
Romance / Re: Reasons Why Black Women Are Considered "Ugly" Than Other Races by foolinlove(f): 8:45am

Hey strahovski1, i discovered Indian has a form of aristocratic government.

For you to say,the curry-smelling,ginger-smelling Indians like yourself view the blacks as slave from Africa is degrading grin cheesy grin.

Have you seen yourself lately?

Indians are not white,you people are yellow / brown.

Indians are genetically caucasian.

India is one place I'd never go though. The government has bad attitudes to women, racist to everyone, caste system. Plus the food makes you sh!t bricks for three days and no proper toilet facilities. Ew.
Sports / Re: Rollover Bet.... ( SEASON 1) by tobodex(m): 8:45am



Am interested
Phones / Re: The Infinix Dual Noise Cancellation Earphone by numtums(m): 8:45am

Sorry not a perfect picture, but that's what I use. Bought it for N2000.

Please How can I get one
Education / Re: 2016/2017 Uniben Admission Thread Guide. by Fynestboi: 8:45am
Politics / Re: Past Government Refused To Save For The Rainy Day – Buhari by onatisi(m): 8:45am
Only an incompetent someone blames others for their actions..i never believed someone cld be so stupid at old age nd wit status like buhari

Career / Re: My Boss Asked Me To Go Back To School. Before I Slip Into Depression, Help Me. by odedeleisaac: 8:45am
We are now in the erra of modernizing technology everyday. Get up and improve upon your ability to prove you are current with new ways of doing things and update your school kowledge to new day practical technology world wide
Politics / Re: Buratai Bought Second Dubai Property Days After Appointment - Sahara Reporters by castrokins(m): 8:45am

If The Accused Was On The Other Side Of The Divide, You'd Be Massaging Buhari's Balls.

Is it his fault that he is the COAS , it is a crime to be a soldier, y u hasara reporters are all over him.
Autos / Re: Buy Cars from Cotonou without stress and your car(s) will be delivered 48 hours by Tadeus(m): 8:45am
Good morning Good People Of Nairaland
Crime / Woman Kills Husband For Ritual Purpose In Benue State!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by rita25(f): 8:45am
shocked a woman known as Mrs Abull killed her husband in kastina ala ,benue state yesterday.. she achieved her evil crime with the support of her brother.
information gathered has it that the deceased is a lecturer 'mr Abuul" in college of education oju... the lady who is said to have been separated from her husband for sometime and they recently reconciled asked the man to accompany her to kastina ala ...on getting ther her and her brother killed the man and the woman used a knife to remove the deceased's heart which was intended to be used for ritual purpose and the corpse was thrown into the river kastina ala for disposal.
when efforts were furtile at the search for the deceased, the younger sister of the deceased now alerted the people of the clothes worn by mr abuul brother as said to belong to the missing man and that was what he had on the day he disappeared, police swoped in on the guy and after interrogation, he said all that transpired between him,his sister and the deceased.
investigations are still ongoing ..
will keep the house updated as events unfold for now the lady has been picked up for investigation.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: If You Have Problems/mistakes With Your Npower Application, Read This... by chawtinz(m): 8:45am
Plz wen is the deadline? I wanna knw so that I won't miss out!
Technology Market / Re: Perfectly Working Lg G Pro For 26k by blueprint77(m): 8:45am
I have one for sale. what's your location?
Culture / Re: Ooni Ogunwusi Arrives Nigeria Today. Pictured At Murtala Mohammed Airport by Silkmoth33(m): 8:45am
Ah! Welcome!



Op show here first make I buy you mama nsikak rice you don try!...

Politics / Re: Ogun: Militants Engage Soldiers, Police In Gun Duel by Jaycool18(m): 8:45am

I'm not God's child. I'm my father's child.
then behave like your father...
Career / Re: Breaking news : ICAN releases the result of 2016 May Diet Exam by mohioma: 8:45am

Thanks fellow and I say ameen to your prayers. Come see me jumping up and down like a kid.
SFM really gave me a tough time, wrote it four times. It was the only paper I sat for in the last diet and passed it with oriyomi 50 marks.

I am really greatful to God almighty. I spent four years plus writing ICAN

same here, but am so scared to check it......
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by toritt(m): 8:45am
Loop Detected and Disbursed
N4400 Profit...
show us d way baba
Romance / Re: Winner Of Miss Nairaland (lanicky) Unclad Pics Leak By Ex by dauntless15(m): 8:45am
See the yeye op thagift inside the ass

Sports / Re: Post Your Best Soccer Pick Here by oyewale15: 8:45am
my best is barca vs granda barca vs eiber
Travel / Re: Difference Between England And United Kingdom. by wunmi590(m): 8:45am
Very educative thread.

lalasticlala, justwise, i think this thread should be able to enter heaven (front page), and i believe their are some angels (nairalanders) waiting to accept it with open arms.

at least it would educate our new generation of nairalander in the near future.

Good morning

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