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Business / Re: Free Pick For Football Matches. Happy Earnings by emmybaba: 2:00am
Romance / Re: Women And Humor. 1 Minute Chyking At A Filling Station. by Kiish(m): 2:00am
you will soon use that geh for ritual. she will turn into 50L of petrol. Bad guyz
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2013 Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) Graduate Trainee by artmedia: 2:00am
Pls check your mail.

Anyhow wey dem do am
Family / Re: Women Are Asking My Husband Out On Whatsapp. How Do I Handle This? by Infinitikoncept(m): 2:00am
I think I have a capital A with this. Could evn copy down d msgs n write down a piece of my mind at d bck. Hand it to him n say Baby, u wld luv dix wonderful poem I wrote.
Guess you have never met d crazy husband snatchers before. U never see where olosho dey bet say I go destroy that guy home without knowing him personally before? Send Intimate chats, calls d wife & do enough damage to separate them. D only fault of d guy here is if he leads the so called ladies on with hope of something called love but if he makes it clear yet they persist then the wife needs to communicate with the husband and they solve it together
Politics / Re: Soldiers Shoot At Policemen Along Bauchi-Jos Road In Error by tonguengineer(m): 2:00am
So the policemen did'nt retaliate in error?
Reta what? They wan die. Who is the son of an elephant killer where the son of a man slaughterer is. Dey no be mate sir
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by Abmbola: 2:00am
Kaduna - VFL Akure

Benin - VFL Lagos Stars
BET WONgringrin

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Celebrities / Everyone Has A Story In Life A 24 Year Old Boy by Chysexy(f): 2:00am
Today am going to share with you a simple short but might inspiration story to help you understand that we all have a story to tell. Just read and get inspire. Everyone Has a Story in Life A 24 year old boy seeing out from the train’s window shouted… “Dad, look the trees are going behind!” Dad smiled and a young couple
sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old’s childish behavior with pity, suddenly he again exclaimed… “Dad, look the clouds are running with us!” The couple couldn’t resist and said to the old man… “Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?”The old man smiled and said…“I did and we are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today. Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you. Sweetmorn all. continue http://levelhealth.blogspot.com.ng/2016/05/everyone-has-story-in-life-24-year-old.html

Religion / Re: The End Time Is Imminent Christ Is Almost Here! by KingEbukasBlog(m): 1:59am
The "End times" started when Jesus ascended. Could be 1000 years from now for all i care. If the Bible was written over a period of 4500 years and merely 2000 years later, skeptics think it is taking forever, i can only laugh.

But really, a non-existent God takes a huge chunk of your life, time and energy. I believe that extra time spent on "myths and fairytales" can be used to help yourself or another.

The time most people use to fight against the non existent God though , one can only sit and wonder . It looks like they fight against it to reassure themselves that they made the right choice
Travel / Re: Indian Visa Application by whatever123: 1:59am

This is serious so it means that anybody visiting that country should not smile at all. It means that the country is not for people like me that smiles and laughs a lot, that one no bi dead zone where people frowns like tomorrow no dey. Does it mean that all those smiles they show in their movies are fake? By the way, do you reside in India?

Wow ..you are reading things I havent typed. Did I say never smile ? what do you normally do when a group of men whistle or ogle at you when alone? do you wink and smile at them? In which bollywood movie have you seen a girl smile at those whistling at her. Normally alone girl may just ignore and walk or yell back at them .All I am saying is that when these things happen in India(perhaps many other parts of world) just walk along with a face indicating displeasure. If you talk back you invite more attention. Just a friendly advise to your question. I am Indian not currently residing in India. All the best.
Business / Re: Elance.com, Upwork.com And Other Freelancing Site: How To Succeed Guide. by strongtech2(m): 1:58am


Bro.. Here is my profile... Could u please help me make ur review map out adjustments and mistakes as victor did... At least leme get approved first.

It is saying this page doesn't exist
Literature / Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 1:58am

1. And Deganis, a homo of the land of Chaleb began to increase in his mental ability. And he began to make a vessel from the gopher wood.

2. For the wood was gotten from the lightest tree on earth named the gopher tree.

3. Deganis got the gopher wood from the garden of Nymphidis while he was away in a fight with Ephradite.

4. And the wood was so light that a log of it could float totally on water. Nymphidis got this tree by planting the seed of Caravas and the seed of Melamis tree together.

5. And the gopher tree measured up to two hundred cubits in height and a hundred cubit in width.

6. And Deganis had made a great invention to cut down the tree. And he did this in no time at all.

7. The aim of Deganis was to traverse the oceans with it to fetch Mother Earthus.

8. For he strongly believed that she had returned to the ocean with Eartum.

9. But Eartum and Earthus were still in the desert where they had escaped to. And Earthus said, Eartum, my soul desires to retun to the water. What do we wait for in this place?

10. Our creatures would be now weary of our absence. Let us return to the ocean, for we are safer there than here.

11. And at the third year of the pleadings of Earthus did he listen to her. And they returned into the water.

12. And Deganis had assembled a thousand homos. And Nymphidis thought to lead the war. But he knew not where Deganis got the wood for the large vessel.

13. And Nymphidis doubted if the large vessel of Deganis would float on water. And Deganis said, my lord, Nymphidis, the vessel had been tested on the four rivers which flowed into your garden.

14. Apenas was there as well as Cirius when I put the vessel on the rivers and it stood.

15. And when Nymphidis asked where he got the wood from, he said he got it from the land of Chimides (for Chimides was the creator of many trees).

16. And Nymphidis himself carried the vessel in his hands and led them to the continent of oceans.

17. And the vessel was so light in the arms of Nymphidis that he doubted if it would be able to carry their weight.

18. The weight of the vessel was about eighty-two shekels. But the weight of Nymphidis alone was about thirty-eight thousand shekels.

19. The weight of Deganis was nine-thousand four hundred and eighty two shekels. And the weight of Cirius was eight-thousand five hundred and two shekels. And the weight of Apenas was seven thousand and one shekel.

20. And the weight of Aeriel was six thousand four hundred and eight shekels. And the weight of Chapetan was six thousand two hundred shekels.

21. And altogether, the weight of all the homos and Nymphidis was in millions. But the weight of the gopher wood was only eighty-two shekels.

22. Then Nymphidis would not accept that they travel in the vessel because it would be destroyed by their weight.

23. And Deganis said, my lord Nymphidis, I have made a lot of findings and I know that the waters will support us with its own force.

24. For when I pushed my hands inside the river Euphrates, it pushed it back.

25. Our weight shall not break the vessel of gopher because the force of the ocean shall support it.

26. And again, Nymphidis said, we are so many. Our weight shall sink the vessel and Eartum shall have us by surprise.

27. Again Deganis replied him and said, we shall spread throughout the vessel, for it is large enough to contain everyone of us such that no two people shall be together at a spot in it.

28. So did Nymphidis listen to Deganis and they entered the large vessel through the ocean called phiph.

29. And they sailed for many days and soon came to the ocean called phidarth. And when they came to the ocean eartum later, they got set to trap mother Earthus, for Deganis sent a loud noise down the ocean and from the response he got, he told them all to get ready to catch Earthus with a huge harpoon crafted by Marad.

30. Then Rauel entered into the harpoon and they let him down into the ocean, right at the centre where Earthus and Eartum lay.

31. And when Earthus saw the harpoon and Rauel trapped in it, she felt pity for him.

32. Then did Earthus persuade Eartum that they should come to the rescue of Rauel, for she knew him by his name.

33. And Eartum said, let us hold our peace because Rauel is a follower of Nymphidis.

34. And what is our concern if Nymphidis has intended to punish one of his followers by drowning him in the ocean?

35. Then did Earthus continue to adjure him, but Eartum gave no ear.

36. And Earthus said, my lord Eartum, only this once shall I disregard you. For you know not what pain I carry in my heart whenever a homo has died.

37. I shall rescue Rauel from this great cage and he shall be one of us in the oceans.

38. Then Earthus leapt forward and caught the harpoon with the intent of opening it for Rauel to come forth.

39. But she knew not that he had begun to cleave her long strand of hair with the harpoon.

40. And in a twinkling of an eye, Nymphidis lifted up the harpoon from the waters when he felt that it had become heavier.

41. And Earthus followed the lifting up because her hair had been entwined with it.

42. And when Eartum saw this, he leapt in the water and caught the limbs of Earthus.

43. And the vessel shook greatly for the forces of the sons of God.

44. And Earthus cried for pain, but none of the sons of God was ready to leave her.

45. Nymphidis pulled her by the abdomen while Eartum pulled her legs, which was the only place left for him to pull.

46. And the pulling continued for a whole day, from the rising of the sun to another rising of the sun.

47. And Earthus' body was dissected by the forces of the two sons of God.

48. And Eartum parted with her two legs while Nymphidis got her torso, besides her hands.

49. And the water of the ocean was turned into blood.

50. And in anger, Eartum reached out for the vessel from beneath the ocean and struck it with a great force.

51. Then did the vessel break into pieces but Nymphidis had flown out of it before the wreckage.

52. For he had taken away the body of Earthus with him, except her legs which were in the ocean with Eartum.

53. And Eartum wept greatly. This was the first weeping of a son of God.

54. And his tears filled the ocean, tasting like the tepex with which Reverad made his priests.

55. Thus did every water into which the ocean eartum flow begin to taste tepex until these days.
Romance / Re: When A Man Likes Sex More Than His Woman by ScamChange: 1:58am
this is wrong. Its just like saying all women love money more than men.
I never insinuated that and that's not even the focus of the question..
Celebrities / Re: What Is Really The Catch About Dubai Wedding? by jeyselassie(m): 1:58am
Wrong.yall dont even know the reason sef. Its because "the asssociation of marriage breakers" that come to wedding just to object the solemnization of wedding when the priest asks dont do international trips. When they think about the money they will spend going alone and the aso ebi sef, they jus change their mind and depend on the "yoruba demons".
Foreign Affairs / Re: In Moskow - This Is How The Boss Of All Bosses Rolls. by tdayof(m): 1:57am

If a group of exploiters, warmongers & mass murderers from the west, whose greed, arrogance & cruelty have caused untold misery to the world, embark on a rampage of conquest - plundering Nations, harvesting organs, orchestrating coup d'etats, subverting democratic governments, invading sovereign Nations under false pretext, propping-up terrorists & enslaving developing economies; and then an honourable & fearless man appears from the east and says to these blood-sucking vampires - Enough!

Goddamnit! If I do not have financial, physical & human resources to support this man in his fight against the tyranny of these kleptocratic elite, the least I owe him is my unflinching loyalty!

This honourable man from the east is non other than Vladimirovich Putin - The nightmare of Amerika & the slayer of her pet project - ISIS.

Amerika - Because you have plundered many Nations, now all the survivors will plunder you. For you have shed human blood, you have destroyed lands, cities & everyone in them - Habakkuk 2:8

Please don't quote me with your shiits... send that to Russians cos I ain't one.
Autos / Re: ###################### Clean Registered 07/2008 Honda Crv ##################### by msochi: 1:57am

Call; - +2348123163293,+2347046400277,+2348073917643,



Twitter: @megyucyautos

Facebook: www.facebook.com/megyucyautos
Nairaland / General / Re: British Airways Denies Pulling Out Of Nigeria by Flexherbal(m): 1:57am
Good, that they have denied the report.
Career / Re: A Retired Teacher That Returned Money To His State Treasury. by bammo: 1:57am

Disgrace to yourself. It's my Life. Look @ you. I'm an hypocrite like you. I tell you my mind.

you can call yourself an hypocrite once more.

You must know that just coz a man enters a garrage doesn't make him an automobile.
stop misrepresenting Christians
Islam for Muslims / Re: Islam For Muslims: Side Talk Station by sino(m): 1:56am
Congratulations !!! grin

Welcome To Islamic Den cheesy grin

I'm NOT Mod.

Mac is No Longer Mod either.

There is nothing you can really do as far as I know.

All you can do now is hola @holyspirit to take the cup away from you grin

Which post are you trying to comment on? .

Quote it and let's see how we can help.

The "Testimony of faith" will eventually disappear. For now, you are muslim grin don't get your bp high. It's all good, buddy. Does it hurt? grin grin grin
grin grin grin
I hope @Kendzyma do have a good sense of humor, Just avoid posting on this section for a while, maybe a week or so, the "oat" would be removed, I believe. Meanwhile, may I also congratulate you coming over and wanting to contribute to a thread here, feel free to read through, ask questions and enjoy your time being a "Muslim" wink
Travel / Re: Give Birth In Uk For Visitors,cost And Procedure by jamal080(m): 1:56am
What of if the child is not born outside UK (Nigeria) and his parent apply for his british passport right here in Nigeria....
What will be the child stand when he treavl to UK ?
Art, Graphics & Video / Where To Get Complete Autodesk Maya Software In Lagos Or On The Internet by Mckayce(m): 1:55am
please guys where can.i get.softwares like autodesk maya or cinema4d.in lagos or on the internet
Politics / Re: Buhari: The Unbiased Report: What We Expected,(what We Got Report By Idu Paul) by Babacele: 1:55am

go and read "streamside exchange" by J.P Clark, you will see the answer there
oh J.P Clark the writer! I surely will sir.
Romance / Re: Unbelievable Sex Stories From Married Women In Nigeria by Flexherbal(m): 1:55am
Give you wife a powerful sex. Get our very potent herbal tea.
Autos / Re: [G-WAG ENTHUSIASTS] Sales On Tokunbo And Registered Mercedes-benz G-class..... by saxy4c: 1:54am
After you sold my white one, nothing moves me here again for such great quality and price combination.
Nairaland / General / British Airways Denies Pulling Out Of Nigeria by mediang: 1:54am
British Airways, Monday, denied reports that it was pulling out of Nigeria due to the operating environment. There had been reports quoting Mr Kola Olayinka, Country Manager British Airways, as saying that the “U.K. carrier is struggling to repatriate its share of the $575 million that Nigeria currently owe the airlines from tickets sold in Nigeria.”

A statement from the airline, Sunday, denied the reports and indicated that Nigeria remains a strategic market for the airline and will continue to operate in Nigeria The statement in part reads thus “ Our attention has been called to reports in several newspapers Sunday that British Airways is considering an exit from Nigeria.”

“British Airways has a long history in Nigeria, having begun operations in the country 80 years ago as Imperial Airways.
Literature / Re: These 5 Books Helped Me The Most In Life. Let Me See Yours. By Ilegend by multibalotel: 1:54am
I legend pls wud nid a copy . multibalotel@gmail.com
Religion / Re: Anita Ebhodaghe: I’m Still Divorced, Not A Part Of Christ Embassy by LAFOCUZY: 1:54am
I did not say 'change' I said 'review'...

The old testament of the bible preached an eye for an eye, the new testament preapches turn the other cheek.

The old testament preached destruction of all who sin against God, the new testament preaches salvation and forgiveness of sins.

There was a review, there was a 'change'....that you don't see it that way, doesn't mean there was no shift in stance.
Family / Re: Women Are Asking My Husband Out On Whatsapp. How Do I Handle This? by Infinitikoncept(m): 1:54am
Naija women ehn.
When my wife sees such chat on my phone WhatsApp. Her only advice is simple, teminikan let them know you are married and please don't lead them on raising their hopes. My wife is fully competent to pick my calls so if you be snatcher then na OYO case.
My simple point; doing sth crazy will make you look crazy even when you have proofs. The best way is sitting him down and asking jokingly who those olosho be & why dem dey disturb your Behind & handsome bobo. U go gaga den u will understand why they say men get ego.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Ramadan Check: Tarawih Is Bid'ah (innovation) by Empiree: 1:53am
"Do you have a narration that specifically and explicitly prohibit nawafil in Jama’ah?! Please provide evidences…."


Thank you. I have asked them to provide evidence where taraweeh in congregation is prohibited by the prophet(saw).

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Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Nigeria Army Captured Tompolo's 2nd In Command by BlessedFellow01: 1:52am
Nigerian Army, in the wee hours of Saturday, invaded Oporoza, the traditional headquarters of Gbaramatu kingdom.

The soldiers arrived at about 2am and were were still laying siege in the community as at 8.00 am...

The soldiers reportedly stormed the community in gunboats, allegedly beat up residents, including an octogenarian community leader, Chief Atiti Mala, with the butt of a gun.

They were asking the helpless villagers to produce former militant leader, Government Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, and members of the Niger Delta Avengers.. Finally progress was made by capturin...Readmore..

Folks, don't be deceived by this dodgy folk. He made up the story and the link redirects you to : http://naijarealestate.com/2016/05/0-66-acres-of-land-for-sale-in-northridge-califona/
Phones / Re: About Mtn #25 Night Browsing by vernalsage(m): 1:52am

This 'zap' word clearly is sweet to a lot of nairalanders so they're always looking for every slight opportunity to use it even when it doesn't really apply. This night plan costs N25 and it is 500mb. Below is my proof, show us your own proof that it super zaps like mumu as you alleged.

I can attest to the fact that MTN doesn't zap.
I intentionally took this screenshot to prove it but forgot until I saw your post

There's no such thing as "zap", at least not in MTN.

Romance / Re: Why are girls usually vulnerable while dancing?? by sainty2k3(m): 1:52am
Or let's just say they dance when they are vulnerable. Lol

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