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Politics / Re: See What Donald Trump Said About Biafra CNN by femidejulius(m): 11:30pm
E b like say IPOB na the teacher of Lai Muhammed
Politics / Re: Biafra: An Open Letter To Arewa Youths By An Igbo Youth. by nototribalist: 11:30pm
Oh no, another wahala for Afonjas to handle today

Autos / Re: ASK GAZZUZZ by GAZZUZZ(m): 11:30pm

I remember swapping the thermostat housing on my sisters 05 Civic and remember changing the sensor when her engine was changed. Her car is parked now, i will remove hers since hers has since been on direct.

Or will contact the guy we sold the bad engine to, he might still have the old one.

Thanks for the direction. I hope they have the same temp switch range with mine.

same range, no fear
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Carries Another Man With His Teeth In Nsukka, Enugu (Video, Photo) by Dantee005(m): 11:30pm
There is nothing magical or spiritual in this act. It is called trick. Don't be fooled
All these have to do with smartness. The people who do these kind of stuff and other trick are very smart.
It is a skillful and cunning act just to deceive and create an illusion
Try to watch the movie "now you see me"
Then you will know what am saying
I rpeat there Is no jazz in this act

And for those quoting me and saying gibberish. You need to expand your horizon and think beyond the box.
See dis gy dem neva use jazz nack u before.... grin

Foreign Affairs / Re: Battle Field Discussion (picture/video) Of African Military . by jln115: 11:30pm
Yesterday in sambisa, at a post a bush pig also known as river hog/wild pig was killed.

Do you care joing in the suya making.... grin grin grin
that's a Worthing.....unless you call them differently in Nigeria.
Properties / Re: Newly Built 3 Bedroom Terrace + Bq For Sale In Lekki Phase 1 For 60m + pix by Saao(m): 11:30pm
Newly built 3 bedroom terrace with bq attached for sale at lekki phase 1 right. Come with the best facilities.

The penthouse 3 bedroom goes for 50m

Price: 60m
Title: c of o and deed

Call: 08170355577 or 08036529966 for inspection
Politics / Re: In The New Biafra Which Province Is The Capital by EzeUche(m): 11:30pm
It will be decided at the appropriate time.

Do not worry about the affairs of others.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Girl Comes For Guys Who Engage In Anal Sex With Ladies.See Wht She Said by Benita27(f): 11:30pm

Why are you taking this issue personal? Seems you're scared you're gonna get your butthole rammed into.... Just embrace it... I can't wait though.. to slide into your tight butthole... Reserve it... keep it undefiled for my visit
I stopped replying mentions 'cause some guys here already took the whole thing personal, and if I should engage them I'll end up exchanging derogatory remarks. Anyway, my butthole is covered. grin
Phones / Re: Leagoo M8/M8 Pro Discuss Thread by samthomp(m): 11:30pm

I want to root and backup my m8 pro,how pls give me info,ur numberso I can WhatsApp you
Investment / What Can Someone Invest 2 Million Naira In by slayminder(m): 11:30pm
Pls Nairalander, what can someone invest 2 millionaire in dat will give you huge interest, and I have no time for monitoring business, I just want to invest and interest should be coming in
NYSC / Re: Corper Poses With His Mother Who Sold Pap To Educate Him (Photos) by solasoulmusic(f): 11:30pm

That is our nature. We carry the pains and burden without wanting to bother anyone else

One who loves till you close your eyes, is a *Mother*.
One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a *Father*.
*Mother* - Introduces you to the world.
*Father* - Introduces the world to you.
*Mother* : Gives you life
*Father* : Gives you living
*Mother* : Makes sure you are not starving.
*Father* : Makes sure you know the value of starving
*Mother* : Personifies Care
*Father*: Personifies Responsibility
*Mother* : Protects you from a fall
*Father* : Teaches you to get up from a fall.
*Mother* : Teaches you walking.
*Father* : Teaches you walk of life
*Mother* : Teaches from her own experiences.
*Father* : Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.
*Mother* : Reflects Ideology
*Father* : Reflects Reality
*Mother's* love is known to you since birth.
*Father's* love is known when you become a Father.
Enjoy what your father says.
Keep loving your mother.
*This is natural division of labour*

GOOD Afternoon Dear fathers

Well said but you guys need to be more present in your children's lives
Romance / Re: What Was Your Reaction When You Were Caught Cheating Or Caught Your Partner? by bonifieldstun(m): 11:30pm
When I have a 7.5 inch joystick so what else are u looking for??
Politics / Re: Thieves Who Robbed A Polythene Bag Seller Of His Money Today Caught In Umuahia(p by NwaNimo1(m): 11:30pm
Education / Re: Fulani Man Killed By Unknown Hoodlums In A Bush At Uniabuja P-site by Nbote(m): 11:30pm
Jus last week Sunday, d same fulanis kidnapped a Chinese national while d others who were with him barely escaped before going to get help around dat same locale...
Politics / Re: Thieves Who Robbed A Polythene Bag Seller Of His Money Today Caught In Umuahia(p by Shelloween(m): 11:30pm
sad ipobarecriminals,it is in them like peak milk can,I'm out a here
Pets / Re: Black Boerbel Pups For Sale by forreelinc: 11:30pm
Black boerbuls? That's rare
Investment / Re: How Do We All Make Money...lets Discuss by obawolea(m): 11:29pm
I think we should gather to do a fast track on one of the networking business in town now. E.g Jamalife Helpers Global. Since we are much
Career / Re: Medical Doctors' Forum: Let Us Know You! by Enocan(m): 11:29pm
Great piece man....thumbs up.
[quote author=Chartey post=26291791][/quote]
Politics / Re: Dino Melaye Sue INEC, Exposes Onoja’s Corruption Case [SEE DOCUMENTS] by NwaNimo1(m): 11:29pm
Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Aboard A Flight To Lagos (Photos) by keypad1: 11:29pm
abeg no wake my prick o
hahahaha.....no vex. Tell am make he go back to sleep.

Operation no divorce in nigeria.....my mission
Politics / Re: CRS Removal: The Lies And Ignorance, Curriculum Was Reviewed Under Jonathan by koboko69: 11:29pm

I think u are one of the most ignorant person I've come across in my life. You are trying to sound intelligent, but u are just one big ignorant fool.

Why the fuss about Arabic being taught??...like seriously??

The two largest economies in the world are the United States and China. Do any of these countries speak Arabic

Is the curriculum not suppose to give us an edge globally??

United States and China speak ENGLISH and MANDARIN respectively. As Nigerians we already know English....as a smart guy, what should be the next best thing to add to our curriculum??

Please Mr. Fuss, tell me one benefit of studying Arabic. Arabic that is spoken mostly in the middle east?? Where ISIS is terrorizing OR tell me this, when u read on the worlds emerging economies, did u see any Arabic speaking country

I just need u to use ur brain...think out one benefit of including Arabic studies into our curriculum.

French is very understandable...Nigeria has more relationship with France or even French speaking countries than with any Arab country.

When such decisions are made, dey are suppose to be made for the general benefit of the populace. There is Mandarin, there is Spanish, there is even Hindi...it's Arabic.

How does Nigeria benefit from including ARABIC STUDIES into her curriculum.... I'm waiting sire

Oh really?? cheesy

Damn!!!! Just Look at this cheesy
Phones / Re: Check Out The Inscription On The T Shirts Of This Father And Son (PHOTO) by 7footre(m): 11:29pm
Me and my son's go sha connect well... make oluwa just do me well
Investment / Re: Port-harcourt, Aba, Owerri, Bayelsa Grab This Opportunity Now!!! by Mathias2015: 11:29pm
https:///0n67wEPov7fAlQXxnG0ngD. This link is working.
Romance / Re: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend Aboard A Flight To Lagos (Photos) by Adeoluwa7070(m): 11:29pm
Make i hear word abeg , which one dem come snap with the pilot and poverty looking air hostess angry are they the first

All this broke people wen they book ticket 6 months ahead so dem go get cheap ones , forming posh look him fake tshirt self spits
u get problem
Education / Re: See What This Teacher Was Spotted Carrying In Class(photo) by fuckerstard: 11:29pm
Protecting himself from fulani herdsmen, before you know they don pack all thier cows enter school.
Romance / Re: Who Else Has Done That Risky Unclad Trip From Bathroom To Bedroom? by Gourdoinc(m): 11:29pm
I remember a crazy incident when I was travelling to KADUNA at cn okoli park. I had a runny stomach and after using the loo felt it decent I shower since it was night bus. on inquiry about the location of the bathroom, I was shown a shanty in the centre of the bus park facing the road. due to my desire to be fresh incase I have a beautiful female seat mate, I decided to brave it and bath like dat.

I had finished and while applying soap to my face, I mistakenly leaned on the poorly constructed door, and it gave way. this is me tumbling outside stark Unclad to the view of everyone, as I tried my best to rush back inside, I slipped and fell flat and due to the slippery ground, slipped all the way to a ditch. infact those who didn't see me earlier had now been alerted by the laughter of others. as soap was in my eyes I couldn't see amidst the tears.

everyone at iddo motor park saw my jolonjolo Dat day.
Sports / Re: Asisat Oshoala Defends Falz For Blasting Yahoo Boys And Their Praise Singers by tollyboy5(m): 11:29pm

Yahoo steal from everybody, both foreign and locals. What I'm saying is that we don't have to wait till the tree is cut down b4 cutting the grass. By that I mean, we should not wait till we r able to bring down corrupt politicians b4 we decide to take down the yahoo boys. All r bad and we should take them down as fast as we can.
I would not want to use insultive words so lemme use my brain. those people condemning G-guys are ignorant to the the core I wanted to open another thread but no need years back when dollar was #150 to $1 how many g-guys do we have then? now is it the fault of the G-guy that naira is now #350 to $1 its just like keeping your house dirty and expecting no cockroach ? is not possible instead of the fools to work on their corrupt a they they condem young people taking advantages that are nt harmful to our citizen our government are the reason why we are among most corrupt nations in the world not g-guys as they want you to believe. white men are the producer s of all hacking software G-guys use but they won't tell you they are corrupt have you ever joined any black movement world wide and see several injustice white people does to black , how they kill them falsely accuse them and nothing happen because they control the media and would tell our stupid government to keep chasing innocent guys.
falz is just being stupid and that's all. let dollar be #0.5 and tell me if guys won't find other thing to do. black Americans to my surprise are nt against g-guys only those religious people and politician that has done us no goog speak against good guys
Business / Re: Your Fiverr Experience Guarantee You Over $4000 On People Per Hour. Learn Here by Mcslize: 11:29pm
I don't think it is possible to change IP to create a foreign account on PPH. I tried and tried and tried , it wasn't possible. I hooked at the stage of Capcha verification . I just jejeje off my VPN and create with naija IP, it was once it went through.

Investment / The Second Crash Of Ghwwx: An Unending Scam Story by sgtponzihater: 11:29pm
It's the end for GHWW, take heed and avoid the coming fire. Cash out if you can, and if you have little cash there ignore it and take it as a little sacrifice for involving in a monkey business.

In the first crash Ponzi hater was blamed erroneously, now that this is imminent, I wonder who it would that would be blamed. GHWW is pure scam, and the bubble will burst in few weeks, millions would be lost, but the wise will survive.

I love you all and pray for u everyday, even if some have taken me as a public enemy.

Shun Ponzi Schemes,


Chief Sgt Ponzi Hater
Politics / Re: Biafrans To Burn Their Inec Voters Card by olalekan90(m): 11:29pm
see how this guy is just playing with d gullible followers IQ
Religion / Re: "Any RCCG Pastor That Is Not Humble Wasn't Ordained By Me" - Pastor Adeboye by omoelerin1: 11:29pm
Let him try and correct Nepotism and ethnicity cos if one is not Yoruba, you rarely feel comfortable in that church... is it the music or even the whole procedure. Winners Chapel abit balanced theirs, just that Yoruba pastors and deacons control everything even in a non Yoruba state.

With the way churches are been run in this country, if God don't raise another set of giants to take over....very soon churches won't look attractive anymore to anybody. The prosperity messages which is almost all their focus don't yield result anymore and it's as if members suffer more after practicing the wrong method of prosperity preached to them.
the issue you raised in the first paragraph of your comment(tribalism) is what gives you concern, not the second issue (prosperity preaching)

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