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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Ar U A Graduate looking 4 a Job? Lets Meet Here by Jacupel: 2:09pm
Graduates looking for jobs? Why wait for the non existent jobs when you can start up a business and give people jobs? I would like to introduce you to a business that Robert Kiyosaki calls "The Business of the 21st century". Before you start saying you dont have money for the start-up capital, this business requires a low start-up capital. If you are interested in knowing more, send your inquiries to
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by currentprice: 2:09pm
grin grin grin grin grin
Travel / Re: Ebola: FG Suspends Airline Operations From Liberia, Sierra Leone by ayusco85(m): 2:09pm
Imagine1: dnt mind him dats wat he deserve...aproko

Na joblessness
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2014/15 Admission Process.... by SegunFlames(m): 2:09pm
Ifyx: na dat past question thingy
Lool! Not revising. I am reading. Since there's no longer time and I want to start a past question by Aug 5th, so I'll only be reading the bolded words. smiley That was why I used the word revising. undecided
Technology Market / Re: PRE ORDER 2.0 - CHEAPEST PRE-ORDER DEALS EVER FROM CHINA. by Thespecialone(m): 2:09pm
Tohpeh: grin I did it! I'll be going Ainol numy ax3....thankssssss
Congrats. Your bill is NGN20,000.00 sir. Your tablet comes fully loaded to the teeth with accessories. #LowestPriceYouCanTrust
Autos / Re: Clean Registered Nissan Primera 1999 @ N450,000.00 Call 08023416552 by Abbycite(m): 2:09pm
Can this ride fly for 350k......very serious buyer
Nairaland / General / Re: Things You Hate To See On Nairaland by jaylorde(m): 2:09pm
chadnezzar0worl: I sincerely feel ur pain, used to be an ardent follower of nairaland, it was a great Avenue to get entertained, informed, with intelligent and analytical submission from sharp minds, even when opinions differed, it was thrashed out logically without hate, bile, prejudice, tribal or religious sentiments. Unfortunately the reverse seems to be the case, nairaland painfully is now occupied by low lifers, void of honor or self values, who turn every thread into a tribal or religious war zone, insults nd vile words are traded without caution, swearing and callous words is now the order of the day! Men are no longer judged on the contents of their heart or strenght of character, but basically by tribe or religion coloration!
I weep for the future my nation is producing, when I see the contents of the heart of today's youth! For even my bible tells me, that out of the content of the heart the mouth speaketh!
Where is the respect for one another, where is the intellectual discourse and reasonable submission! A friend once told me Nigerians would buy basket for fetching water, as long as that basket is made by their kinsmen! We shamefully fight nd loose our peace and self esteem for people that barely care we exist! We ve turned a meaningful forum into a show of shame and hate. I tell Nigerians we have only two tribes, two religion, two ethnicity, two class stratification! The elite group and the common man, those that ve put this nation where we re today and we the citizens, the ruling class and me and you, and no one of them cares about you, they are all motivated by personal interest and materialistic consideration! They would always play the tribal and religious card when things don't go their way! Cos they know we re polarized along such trivial lines!

How often do they ve tribal fights in d senate or in the eucholeons of power? None! Cos they sit and plunder our nation collectively!
Their kids mingle with kids of same social and financial standings, irrespective of tribe or religion! While we sit down here nd tear our selves to shrewds, the least any of you can be is paid lap dogs, and I bet it's peanuts! Yet u mortgage your future, your conscience, ur values, and line up behind men of little honor!

Please and please let's try to restore the dignity of the Nigerian youth, once epitomised by thoughtful and intellectual analysis on forum as such! Let's stop the hate, and for kids who won't grasp my points! I beg to say F....... off
summary pls
Forum Games / Re: Tag And Ask by Acidosis(m): 2:09pm
Exactly. U wouldn't believe I'm still in the bank. It is well with me today o. How's your day been?
still there?
So far, my day's been good
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Top 10 Ways Employees Get Fired by GeneralShepherd(m): 2:09pm
Never eye the boss' office babe, or you'll be gone in 60seconds. Generalshepherd warns
NYSC / Re: Prospective 2014 NYSC Batch B House by fragrant(f): 2:09pm
zerray: wat school
ATBU Bauchi
Music/Radio / Re: A Thread For Keyboardists by jcgodfrey: 2:09pm
Dramadiddy: Lol baba I know there are some really tough classical songs, I've heard maple leaf nd bumblebee to mention a few, yeah theyre tough but theyre based on the basics, Am I wrong?..Being a good player of one of d two(classical/jazz) will stll make you sound impressive but Jazz is more recognised all around the world

By "based on the basics", u mean they play by the book. Partially true. Every kind of music is based on these basics, but I get your point. Jazz employs a lot of IMPROVISATION. So the way Dramadiddy plays a song will be different to the way I play the song, but listeners will knows its the same song.
Only difference is classical music seems to be "set in stone", as in, everyone plays the piece as its written. But even so, u can vary it a bit. And in some pieces, mostly towards the middle and ending, the composer introduces his own improv, and u can do urs too.
But u gotta practice a lot to be good in Jazz, and those basics, u must sabi am wella o. No be small tin. Lol. The basics are not even the hard part. Its how u combine chords, and then RHYTHM ( SYNCOPATION is a big part of rhythm in Jazz). U must learn all these things.
Business / Re: Free Skill Acquisition E-Center by ijebugirl: 2:09pm

I'm a huge fan of condensed milk. I recently discovered that I'm not alone on this, as I keep getting a thank you message from families and friends that I have taught how to produce their own quality condensed milk at home.

Let me know if you are a fan too. That should be our next topic, if we have some interested people here, if not, we move to another thing. I just want to be sure I'm giving us what we really want.

So, let me see the turn up and we move on sharply.


I am interested in learning the production of condensed milk.

Autos / Re: neatly used 750li series 2004 bmw by Gking2014: 2:09pm
stil ava
Education / Study Medicine For 4 Yrs In The Caribbeans... by elphamexcels: 2:09pm
Do you want to study abroad? In the Caribbeans 'Dominican Republic', get quality education in Medicine, just in 4years. That dream of yours could be made possible.

All you need is your valid WAEC results. The fee is affordable, the process is easy.

No payment is made until admission is confirmed from the embassy.

Admission process is currently on, next intake is September 2014.

For further details, contact 08033226290, 08076484842
Kindly help rebroadcast.....
Certification And Training Adverts / Re: List Of All IT Certifications 1611 by jsunex(m): 2:09pm
emorse: Jesus Christ is a christian!
Which one person wan do now?

I dey confuse oo
Family / The Marriage That I Want by Tallesty1(m): 2:09pm
After an analytical survey, I have come to realise that most women do not understand what marriage is about. This misinformed set of people think that marriage is love and laughter, flowers, jewels, pampering and a life made forever beautiful. They imagine living with a benignant man that will forever shower them with gifts, favours and surprises. They believe there is going to be alota romance, sexx, sexx and plenty of sexx. But fact is, marriage as such does not exist. Nothing is forever beautiful.

Alot of married women ended up disappointed after their marriage simply because the life they imagined exists only in their imagination. Their expectation for love and romance was too much. Some turn down genuine husbands because they want to fall in love first. As silly as they are, they have fail to realise that love is indefinable. What they think is love is just a momentary nice feeling.

I don't really need that type love in my marriage, I prefer friendship and Lust. Love is a nice feeling, I know but it has done alot of harm, broken many hearts and taken lives to the extent that I now need an alternativegringringrin

It is hilarious when women talk about being equal, or man being the head and women being the neck or some other part of the body. I don't need a marriage where someone is the head and the other person is the neck. That is really not necessary. Why fight for position when it is just us? We have different responsibilities in this partnership and she needs me as much as I need her.

What I want is very simple, picture this to understand me.

Two soldiers are out in a battle field, fighting side by side, dealing with whatever may come their way. They got each others back. This is what I call mariage. They don't have to look back because they each trust the person there.

The enemies in marriage might be sickness, bad times, foes, poverty or even death but still in it, watching each others back, fighting with everything in them and If the bond is a strong one, then neither of them will have to face the foes alone. True love is not seen Romeo and Juliet that died together but in Grandpa and Grandma grow old together.

The good times we shall enjoy together and endure the hard times together because we are determined to make it work.
Jobs/Vacancies / Urgent Vacancy For A Receptionist (ond): by tolex29(f): 2:08pm
Our Client is a top brand in the pharmaceutical industry in Lagos. Due to expansion, the service of a receptionist has become vacant.
Job Location: Oba Akran, Ikeja (Proximity to work is KEY!)

Job Summary:
The incumbent will act as the first point of contact on behalf of the company, Serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately; notifies company personnel of visitor arrival; maintains security and telecommunications system.

Receptionist Job Duties:
• Welcomes visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries.
• Directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions.
• Maintains security by following procedures; monitoring logbook; issuing visitor badges.
• Maintains telecommunication system by following manufacturer's instructions for house phone and console operation.
• Maintains safe and clean reception area by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.
• Dealing with compliant tactfully, calmly and politely
• Reporting and documenting issues for resolutions.
• Maintains continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.
• Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
• Any other duty as assigned from time to time.

Desired Qualities:
• Ideal Candidates must be assertive, self-disciplined and meticulous.

Qualification & Skills:
• OND !!!

• Must possess Telephone Skills, Verbal Communication, Microsoft Office Skills, Listening, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Organization, Informing Others, Handles Pressure, Phone Skills, Supply Management

• N40, 000/M (Gross Pay)

Qualified candidates who reside in Ikeja and its environment should please forward CVs to using ‘OND Receptionist’ as subject of mail. Only experienced and qualified candidates will be shortlisted and invited for an interview. Closing date is 4th, August, 2014.
Business / Re: Young And Aspiring Entrepreneurs In Abeokuta,let's Meet! by ntyce(m): 2:08pm
Good to read such, the name is Ola - a budding entrepreneur.
Partially based in Abeokuta, am an agriculturist specialized in poultry farming.
Phones / Re: The Telegram Messenger Is Better Than Whatsapp by omoelu1(m): 2:08pm
Ok, I think I have seen one thing where this telegram beats whatsapp, - it can send files (not just images,videos and audios).
TV/Movies / Re: Movie Download Sites by tolchoot: 2:08pm
please can someone send me a tvtorrent invite??
Foreign Affairs / Re: Cameroon Fires Two Army Officers After Boko Haram raids! by Tinyemeka(m): 2:08pm
ignis: Hope GEJ is learning. ...
This could be you.

Romance / Re: Can You Give You Bf/gf Your FB Password? by salomycruz: 2:08pm
By that you mean if people still log on to Facebook via its website right? Rather than via the app, which doesn't require one to log in every now and then.
well you don't need 2 log in2 bbm or whatsapp.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UAC Management Trainee 2014 Applicants Lets Meet Here by cc150615: 2:08pm
slimmey: Plz wots d diff btw job n career?
a job is you're just working for someone nd Offcos making money,but when you have a career, you're not just working but developing yourself nd buildings a future for ursef not just building a future for ur employer
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Futminna Admissi0n Thread by dreydee: 2:08pm
How do they mark the post jamb? And how many questions per paper?
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Another Look At Optical Illusions (can You Spot The Faces) by Youpele52: 2:08pm
See how blackberry wants to overthrow Apple and Samsung
Romance / Re: 14 Reasons Why Every Lady Should Marry A Nigerian Man + Photos ! by aflyingbird: 2:08pm
@#16, y does she has 3?
Phones / Pls Help Me, Connected But No Internet Access by dipopooo(m): 2:08pm
I have been using my office wifi with my laptop and phone for long but now some of us have been disconnected by the guy in charge. My laptop and phone are connected but no Internet access. Pls gurus what can I do to override the 'NO INTERNET ACCESS' issue. Thanks
Nairaland / General / Re: Nairaland Under Attack??? by Seun(m): 2:08pm
We are aware of the glitch... it was due to some mistakes made during a routine micro-upgrading of the forum.
Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 2 by justwise(m): 2:08pm

What if I can get my leave moved to a month from now? Besides I'm not sure I would even want to go to U.K. By next leave, I have a different country in mind for next year.

Will that not look suspicious? Since you have submitted one leave letter already.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: *lanicky Chat Thread* Join My E Family On NL. by charijee(f): 2:08pm

Love! I don't fall in love, I can't fall in love...I've stop loving a lady long time ago.
oh sorry o
Nairaland / General / Re: Top 10 Most Expensive Military Planes by basty(m): 2:08pm
Forum Games / Re: Text Twist by HFOG(f): 2:08pm
Krasid: need,den,deen,ten,teen,tan,tar,rather,dean,ran,eat,deal,red,read,real,rat,earn,enter,anther,and,tea,lead,learn,thread,netherland
stain, crept, pins, reason, font, person, crops, fin, rain, pants, spin, pint, fat, trap, paint. Crap, print, rest, faint, nation, ration, sin, caps, son, treason, trip, pain, rants, feast, sat, fast,

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