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Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2015/16 Applicants by Droidbot: 8:03am
[quote author=Preciousjoz][/quote]

Your blessing dey do morning push-ups!! I really appreciate your response. God bless you wella.

Do have a great day!

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Politics / Re: Army Relocates Female Soldiers From Maiduguri In anticipation Of BH Attack by phlemzy: 8:03am
As at the last check, BH does not use any form of air strike, the reason why the Nigerian Army has not been using the airspace effectively to bring these criminals down is what seems incomprehensible. The reason why the NA army is always on the defensive side is not yet known. It only shows lack of readiness to eliminate these insurgents if the NA have to always wait for BH to attack first. Before they proceed to strike,they(BH) must have converged plan on how to go about their operation. How has the NA army intelligence unit been function as per BH operations. If this trend has to continue, to much damage must have been done to be repaired. I wish the gallant soldiers eventual victory in this great challenge!
Education / Re: Top 15 Things You Can Do To Make Money Inside Campus by Profkunlexxy(m): 8:03am

dats hw u mk ur own money as a student?
I believe she is fron unilag
Business / Re: Bankers For Baba-Ijebu (Premier-Lotto). by capito4967: 8:03am
Prm king(18bk)(54bk)(85bk)
Autos / Re: Very Neat 2004 Toyota Sienna For 1.8m by yousouph33: 8:03am
Very neat
Politics / China To Buy More Crude Oil From Nigeria by eunisam: 8:03am
Following the loss of America’s
market for its crude oil last
year, China has stepped
forward to fill the gap by
pledging to buy more oil from
Nigeria.According to the country’s Deputy Chief of
Mission in Nigeria, Mr. Zhang
Bin, the Chinese government is
looking forward to importing
more of Nigeria’s oil, reported
the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). Zhang said China was
interested in Nigeria’s oil and
that when President Goodluck
Jonathan visited China in 2013,
the country discussed the
possibility of importing more oil from Nigeria. “And I think we are working
on this and we hope that the
Nigerian side would allow us
to import more. “Actually what we are looking
at is improved economic
cooperation between the two
countries, we are the third
largest trade partner with
Nigeria”, he said. He also said the trade volume
between Nigeria and China in
2014 exceeded $16 billion, but
his country was looking at
possibilities of improving
balancing of trade with Nigeria. Zhang said the figure
exceeded that of 2013, which
he put at $13.5 billion.
He said: “In 2013, the trade
volume between Nigeria and
China was $13.5 billion and then according to our
statistics, from January to
November 2014, the trade
volume already amounted to $
16.47 billion. “So that means that in the first
11 months, the trade volume
exceeded that of the year
2013, which indicates an
increase of 35 per cent over
the previous year. “We do have this problem of
trade imbalance and the
Chinese side is going all out to
solve it. “One of the solutions is that
we encourage more Chinese
enterprises and companies to
import more from Nigeria,
especially agriculture products
and also some of the manufactured products.” The envoy explained that a
few years ago, China started
importing cassava and some
agriculture products like cocoa
and palm oil from Nigeria. Zhang said due to the joint
efforts of both sides, imports
into China from Nigeria had
increased by a large margin
last year. According to him, in the first
11 months, there was an
increase of 93.7 per cent in
China’s imports from Nigeria,
adding that the import
percentage was almost doubled. The Chinese official said his
country encourages its
companies in Nigeria to invest
in telecommunications,
agriculture, automobile
assembling, food processing, energy, mines and solid
minerals. Zhang said China’s competitive
telecommunication companies
like Huawei and ZTE currently
supply the Nigeria’s network
operators with terminals and
broadbands. Zhang revealed that the
business volume of just one
Chinese telecommunication
company in Nigeria for a year
was huge, putting it at about $
1 billion. According to him, China and
Nigeria were also working on
other projects like the
rehabilitation projects for the
Nigerian Railway Corporation
and the Zungeru hydropower project in Niger State.

Politics / Re: 8 PDP Govs In Secret Pact With APC - Saturday Sun by chimchim1: 8:03am

Lies from Pit of Hell

apcheat are working very hard in buying all the newspaper companies, especially where their CEO comes from SOUTH WASTE

Keep Dreaming, there is no amount of Propaganda that will save such atrocities from Nigeria Most Devilish Political Party

Keep it on
Less i forget

22 states Stands For GEJ and must give at least 1 million Votes

plus Rivers, Imo, Edo, Kano, lagos and more much

I wonder how haters will win

It shows ur ignorance. The Sun news paper is owned by Orji Uzor Kalu. Is he from the south west?
Religion / Re: What If Hell Truly Exist?? by johnydon22(m): 8:03am
If you see the comments of Christians in this thread now you will see that
most of them are scared to the marrow of hell, they worship yahweh cus he
threatened to burn you if you don't... yet he is said to be love and just and
merciful all at the same time...that is like eating your cake and having it but
lets not go into that.
I want whoever is reading this to ask himself "Is a finite sin worth an infinite
punishment?" in plain language The human life as we all know is fleeting
and passes away very quickly lets say like 100years or a little more of that
at most...ok now assuming you start committing sin from the first day you
were born till the day you die (100yrs later) does this worth eternity of
punishment? is it justice? is this characteristic of love? let us leave any
emotional attachment to any religion we practise aside and answer that
question sincerely.
Ask urself assuming their is life after death in what extension will you exist,
in this planet earth our extension is the human body, we have form.
eyes, nose, mouth tongue, hands, feet, brain, lungs and all this are possible
because we have flesh then if their is a conscious soul that exists after
death in what state? in what form or extension will it exist since we all know
all the things i mentioned above are all human traits.
Pains as we know it is as a result of sensory neurons in our skin (flesh)
that sends the data to the brain and then it responds to the stimuli/
stimulus.. ok in this assumed state of existing after death, how would you
feel pain? no skin, no brain? not even shape or form? from whence then
comes the pain?
(4)Assuming you are right and their is heaven and hell, you make heaven
and ur mum makes hell and you are fully aware ur mum is burning for
eternity in hell, is that not a torture of its own? can you live with that for
(5)Who exactly was hell created for Humans/demons? cus from what you
christians hype (Those that claim to have gone to hell and back) demons
are the ones torturing humans even more than the flames... it leaves me
with a question "Was this hell created for demons or humans?..." did this
god just create hell after creating humans incase man fucks up, then gather
some more spirit beings keep em there and use em to torture his so loved
For all the people shouting "repent for hell is real" if you do something cus
of a reward or cus u might be punished is that thing really good? or you
just did it for ur own selfish interest.
that means without the promise of heaven or threat of hell most of you here
will be bad.
But goodness is not about that "Goodness is doing what is right because
you know it is right" Be good for goodness sake.
If you are good to others because of the promise of heaven, that shows
how little you think of others
If you are good to others because of the threat of hell that shoes how little
you think of urself.. Be good cus it is good.
How did you get to know that heaven and hell are real?
(a) A book told you?
(b)someone told you?
(c) Did you perceive them with ur conscious mind
if (a) and (b) is ur answer then is that real knowledge? sure are you
that it is the truth?
if (c) is the case it means you have percieved heaven and hell with your
conscious mind just like you do the earth... we have all percieved this earth
with our conscious mind and we all know earth is real, we cant argue about
that!...But we cant say this for neither heaven or hell cus really none of us
have percieved them with our conscious mind.
After all this my conclusion is Be good for goodness sake; Radiate
boundless love towards everything that is known, the earth and every
creature in it and every human in it regardless of any differences...Then you
will learn the true meaning of goodness (morality)
Business / Re: Learn How To Make Ankara Bags,purses N Accessories Online Free by pgidex(f): 8:03am
Thanks for this.............
Phones / Re: What Should I Do If My Phone Does Not Power On Or Keeps Switching Off On Its Own by Emeka71(m): 8:03am
Sometimes, Phone Memory is jam-packed.
Autos / Re: Cleanest Tokunbo 1999 Nissan Altima For 800k by yousouph33: 8:03am
Factory chilling A/C
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Notice To All Nairaland Graphics Section Members(must READ) by sundalito: 8:03am
Download Davido - The sound ft uhuru & dj beckz.mp3,click here to download now

[Video] Download Davido - the sound ft uhuru & dj beckz.mp4,click 2 download now
Phones / Re: Blackberry 10 Devices Home: Z10, Q10 Etc by reaky(m): 8:03am
Seems is becoming weak or something undecided I had to change my apn to before data comes on my phone and the poo don't even browse sad if Glo don tire make them tell us na make we shift.....abi how far?! angry

Your location is having a bad
From my side it has been all good
Celebrities / Re: Empress Njamah Is Asking Her Fans If She Should Keep This Baby Lion As A Pet by sKeetz: 8:03am
Is it just me or this ain't a Lion.

I think it's just you cheesy
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: ASP Escapes Mob Lynching After He Raped 9-yr-old Girl by creepsyme(f): 8:03am
The pst claimed he saw the policemans joystick inside the little girl and he asked him to stand up, which means even wen ppl were there he insisted on finishing wat he started. Na wao!
Business / Re: Opening A Verified Paypal Account In Nigeria by bedfordng(m): 8:03am
but it can only be used to make payment
yes for now.maybe they would lift the limitation in the future.
Phones / Re: Come In For Important Android Free & Paid Apps® [Android Apps Headquarters] by Daniel2802(m): 8:03am
Yes Sir
Let me go and root it ASAP after all my warranty period has expired.
Webmasters / Re: I Need A Good Business Website At N10,000 by ediko5: 8:03am
And, of course, there are different ways to make a website. I can just dispose him off to CMS and templates, and host them on free web host or a free site builder and his job is done. I'll take no liability for any damage that results after my hands are off the project.

and you think i don't know the difference between a free and paid host. and besides my template will be a little custom cos i have to give you the design pattern.

Read my post above for the design pattern and get back to me, so i can schedule how you will begin the job.
Romance / Re: I Hate Females In Nigeria by kevinberry(m): 8:03am

I know...but u shd also note that out of d abundance of d heart d mouth speaket...n thats a product of d issue n pressure d heart is faced with...I rest my case...I just finished my devotion have u done urs..ask God for help...I leave u with d peace of d Lord
Thanks..let leave religion out of this
Politics / Re: 8 PDP Govs In Secret Pact With APC - Saturday Sun by WisdomFlakes: 8:03am
This is speaking from a neutral perspective and not as a supporter of any party.
This is actually not soo surprising. I've observed recently that of all the governors in the PDP fold, the most vocal in this campaign for Jonathan seems to be the governor of Ekiti State.

Why hasn't any other PDP governor lunch similar attacks against the APC ? In fact, considering the fact that Ekiti State is one of the least well off interms of resources among these PDP states, once will still excuse Fayose for acting within the limits of his resources(if he choses to).

The fact that the likes of Akpabio, Jang, Uduagan, etc have been at most passively campaigning for Jonathan despite all the goodwill they've enjoyed makes me thinks that all may not be well with the ruling party.

I will expect at least one PDP governor or aspirant to match Fashola or Oshiomole in terms of direct criticsm of Buhari, but apart from all these lies about certificates and someone saying that Buhari will not be good to rule the country as he's not computer literate, I can only describe the support from these governors as passive or blunt.

Are these governor's trying to play safe to avoid the consequences should things not go as planned for Jonathan ? Honestly, anyone will want the likes of Fayose in his camp because of the level of commitment he's shown to Jonathan and he's won my admiration for that but when one looks at the attitude of the other PDP governors, honestly, I pity GEJ and wether or not he wins the election, I'm not sure he's lucky enough to have the kind of support he needs at this critical time.

I totally agree with your submission. In fact, to buttress your point, I had to express my concern along the same lines recently in a convo with a friend as to why someone like Mimiko isn't matching Fayose naira for naira in his support for GEJ. My best guess is that these folks are disgruntled and are not really committed to Jonathan's re-election.
Pets / Re: How To Catch A Loose Dog, Asides From Chasing. by tdayof(m): 8:02am
Amefrica if I try it and my dog runs away hian
Politics / Re: "Igbos Hate Me Because Of Biafra War" - Buhari In BBC Hausa by omonnakoda: 8:02am
Fact if Eboes do anyhow dem go see anyhow. You can express that in more diplomatic language but the fact remains the same.Infact anyone dat does anyha after this election the punishment will be permanent. We will evacuate their lands and resettle those displaced by Boko Haram. Whether SE or SS .Pikin wey say him mama no go sleep him eye no go see sleep
Autos / Re: 2003 Toks Toyota Highlander For 2.250m by yousouph33: 8:02am
Very neat
Romance / Re: Readers Respond: At What Age Should Teens Start Dating? by bobolizim(m): 8:02am
ok,thanks for ur opinion....but why did u choose 18 nd also is dt wen u can or did start dating?
Politics / Re: "Igbos Hate Me Because Of Biafra War" - Buhari In BBC Hausa by NafeesaAA(f): 8:02am
You cited BBC HAUSA as your source but you gave one fictitious and useless link as your source.
Which one bi
Politics / Re: Delta State And Its Home-grown Billionaires by blink182(m): 8:02am
Good one. I remember my days in Delta. Then,rubber(latex) was the big business most young men were involved in. Majority of them would bring the raw rubber home and it used to smell badly. But that smelly stuff fetched them lots of money with which they built houses,bought several mercedes benz cars,and cruised the prettiest chicks in town. People like Victor Odebala and Apkeki,made so much money from rubber and timber business. Rubber business was so lucrative to the extent that people were being killed an assassinated over rubber jobs.

At that time,the oil industry there was still a nascent one and the few people who worked in oil companies then,worked with companies like total,mobil,elf,national,shell,agip and nnpc. Very few Deltans could go into oil exploration. I can't remember what people like Omatseye,Okonmah,Omoraka and the likes specialized on but I know there was a young chap who had an oil exploration company called Leone star drilling. He was the first person I saw driving a toyota land-cruiser jeep then. He and Akpeki lived behind my estate(Inikoro estate) along Otite road. All these were as far back as the 80's doll wn to the early/mid-nighties. It feels good to know that the oil industry there is booming now and young lads are getting rich via oil contracts. I'm sure a good number of my childhood friends would have towed this line now. When rubber was a big business,almost every young rugged guy was into it. Now that oil is the in-thing,I expect them to follow suit.

How I miss the good old days of the Delta.
You call the owner of Lone star drilling a young chap? I know you are not older than his sons most likely same age with Edirin.
Politics / Re: Open Letter To President Jonathan By Army Officers by nagoma(m): 8:02am
This is the handwork of APC. Everybody knows how he begged US to sell ammunition and they said no, even at that time he was begging the NA to approve a certain amount, they were prolonging it, GEJ was forced to go to black macket when many places were blocked to procure ammunition through SA, SA blocked it, he again begged US and US gave some conditions which is detrimental to Nigeria , Finally Russia agrees to sell weapon to Nigeria, The only route to lift the ammunition is through the Arab countries, who said Nigeria should not fly those weapons through their air space, the next option is through the see which will take a very long time, GEJ is a true leader.

You mean the covered up Orestijafor arms smuggling scandal?

Politics / Re: I Sacrificed My Presidential Ambition For Buhari –Tinubu by barcanista(m): 8:02am
Thats why you gave us Buhari, hoping he dies in a few months abi?
na you go die
Politics / Re: I Sacrificed My Presidential Ambition For Buhari –Tinubu by phe44u(m): 8:02am
let him even sacrifice his life for Buhari , that does not change the price of gari in market.
mean while GEJ till 20-------19
Politics / Re: Describe This Governor Amaechi's Photo In One Word by ceejayluv(m): 8:02am
Politics / Re: AIT Accused Buhari 's Supporters Of Falsifying Online Poll by DoctorStephen(m): 8:02am
Is this the way to fight corruption?
Webmasters / Re: Learn Web Design LIVE On Nairaland!!! by sundalito: 8:02am
Download Davido - The sound ft uhuru & dj beckz.mp3,click here to download now

[Video] Download Davido - the sound ft uhuru & dj beckz.mp4,click 2 download now

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