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Educational Services / Re: Experience Getting Into University Of Kyrenia (admission; Visa; Arrival) by achu442(m): 5:08pm
How much is the tuition fee per annum?? Can students work while studying?... how much is ur service fee?
Autos / Re: Shinning White Toks 2013 Rx350,20,000km,keyless,fridge,full Option #9.850m by chigodo(m): 5:08pm

Thanks Tunde
Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Be Declared Winner by LogicPower(m): 5:07pm
Rest assured bro. that it will NOT happen!

I fully understand your apprehension and concerns, considering the history of our democratic experiences as a nation, which has been characterized by various forms of imperfections of the electoral process, including what you highlighted, i.e. complete disregard of the actual result by announcing the loser as the winner, which is the worst form of travesty of democracy.

But even as desperate as GEJ and PDP goons are, they are not oblivious of the fact that the present circumstances are entirely different from all the previous ones; the stakes are much higher, the potential risks for miscalculation are more potently grave; and the Nigerian citizens are far more informed and have much more readily available and instant way of accessing and spreading information, than in all the known previous cases of fragrant subversion of their electoral choices.

In a nutshell, GEJ and PDP must be fully awAre that the popular mandate Buhari/Osinbanjo has just got from Nigerians is a mandate that largely emanates from the ordinary people from all the regions, and across all ethnic and religious divides; as such, any attempt by anybody to thwart to snatch the mandate would amount to daring the ordinary people from across the country.

And as history has shown, no matter how powerful a leader thinks he/she is, there is no way he/she can be more powerful than his/her people; all those who tried it in the past, were eventually proved wrong, as they invariably got crushed by the sheer weight of the people power and condemned to the the dark part of history in the end.
Politics / Re: Apostle Johnson Sulaiman's 2015 Prophecyin RIVERS State State coming To Pass! by Moblord(m): 5:07pm
if that's the case, Jonathan will win, the election will end up in court case
Politics / Re: Gunmen Attack Collation Centre, INEC Office In Bauchi by OROSUNBOLB(m): 5:07pm
PDP sponsored thugs ! You can't deceive us; those guys aren't boko boys.
Politics / Re: PDP Warns Nigerians To Disregard Results On Social Media by PUSH1(m): 5:07pm
Now because it doesn't favour them. They are crying fowl cry.
Politics / Re: PDP Warns Nigerians To Disregard Results On Social Media by ernie1234(m): 5:07pm
I can smell failure already dining with PDP.
Already jittering on APC winning streak all thru the whole better part of the country. Eyahhhh.....This is the electorate time to decide what,who they want to lead them.
Education / Re: Absu Past Post Utme Questions by Joevics(m): 5:07pm
i have it for sale, also stays in portharcourt , trans amadi axis. get to me on 08092998662.
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc 2015 Batch A by leemah4u(f): 5:07pm
Na so we dey hear but na Naija we dey, I won't be surprised when Jonathan is announced as d winner *finger crossed till tomorrow
Looolz* I heard buhari is winning. Hmmm sad
Car Talk / Re: 2006 Audi A4 Vs 2006 Bmw 325i by Siena(m): 5:07pm
How do you expect any real comparison to take place, when you don't give an engine size or drive configuration for the Audi A4?
Politics / Re: We Voted APC Because Of Unpaid Salaries – Benue Workers by Kagame: 5:07pm
grin grin grin.

See him face, i want PDP to lose the centre and retain like 15 states, i want them to stay in opposition and make good efforts to strenghten Nigeria's democracy. PDP must survive o, even if they lose at the centre.

I would like PDP to retain/win economically viable states in the SS and maybe Lagos. Opposition politics needs funding and Tinubu has done a good job by mobilizing funds when needed.

That would streghten the opposition and keep the ruling party on their toes ie if APC eventually wins.

I would not like a winner takes all situation - APC might take nigerians for a ride.
Phones / Re: Any Experiencing Glo Bad Network??? by olajonzin(m): 5:07pm
I think have been experience the same last week..but..whenever it shows H network..it's jst a manage
Politics / Re: PDP Warns Nigerians To Disregard Results On Social Media by mike404(m): 5:07pm
If buhari doesnt lose then who will?
Politics / Re: Nigeria 2015: What Happened In June12 Is About To Happen by tp10: 5:07pm
dem no born those idiots make dem try that madness
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Which Is The Toughest Job Aptitude Test U Ve Written. by owolabiza(m): 5:07pm
aptitude test palava,ts somehow annoying wen pple around u keep asking how far abt wat u went for....(when they see u dress smartly for aptitude test)... they use to feel u went for interview......

..I need direct link to job jare!!!!.......
Investment / Re: Make 120% In 12 Days From This London Company by olaeffect(m): 5:07pm
Never again.
Romance / Re: Name Ur Favorite Romanceland Character by sylvalord(m): 5:07pm
Fvck it! How many times will this blasted topic be brought up?

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Business / Re: Bankers For Baba-Ijebu (Premier-Lotto). by emperior23(m): 5:07pm
On the business of lotto my digit will never be more than #4 digit#

Dats is y I am having fun playing this game called lotto.

Watch movie on my p/ lucky.

(Bomb) (bomb) #500
Autos / Re: Toyota Corolla 2009/2010 @ 2.35m by musty17: 5:07pm
Nice Ride with so much comfort.
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc 2015 Batch A by chidexSmokey(f): 5:07pm

madam even you? what are you seeing
Me ke,to talk? Iro ooo *lipsaresealed* lipsrsealed
Webmasters / What Bulk Sms Component Is This Site Using by darthv: 5:07pm
Hey nairalanders please do anybody know the bulk sms component/script this site is using www.dagscitysms.com?
Romance / Re: Picture Of The Girl I .... Yesterday Night by ItsAnderson: 5:07pm

Romance / Re: Woman’s Butt Implants Explodes During Rough Sex With Boyfriend [GRAPHIC PHOTOS] by ojun50(m): 5:07pm
Romance / Re: Somebody Help.. by Harbosede02(f): 5:07pm
Watz the question again??
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 2 by Fizzywah(m): 5:07pm
Try Dr Jeanie Huynh at West Houston Medical Center. Her fee is 2000 whether vaginal or c section. Her email obgynh@yahoo.com. Be patient cuz they only reply emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For those considering this Doctor.....check this out. https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/11813/Dr-T.%2BJeanie-Huynh-Houston-TX.html
The link reveals her reviews from patients. Hope it helps.
Politics / Re: Checkout This Pro-PDP Advertorial On Punch Against Card Readers by ismyheal75: 5:07pm
I saw this on punch today...what do u think?

1. What exactly is their point?
2. Were they unable to vote because the CR isn't working as expected?
3. What was the purpose of the incident(ce) form?
4. Who approved the budget and use of the card readers in the first place?
Politics / Re: Nigeria's Election Update - 29-03-15 3:50 Pm by lalasticlala(m): 5:07pm
INEC Card Reader Machine Fails to Authenticate Jang, Wife, Others . . . 4:25PM
By Seriki Adinoyi in Jos

Plateau State Governor, Jonah Jang, and his wife, Ngo Talatu, have expressed disappointment over the failure of the INEC Card Readers to authenticate them and many other voters at their Ladura II polling unit in Jos south, local government area of the state.

He and his wife had to fill Incident Form for accreditation.

The Governor, who was visibly upset that many people at his polling unit and indeed the state could not be authenticated by the Card Readers, queried the need for the use of card readers in the first place.

He said, “I and my wife could not be authenticated with the Card Reader in this place. And I don’t know how many people have suffered a similar fate in the state. Besides, so many people are crying that they don’t even have the PVC. That is why we are wondering whether INEC is really prepared for the elections. Presently I don't know what decision INEC wants to take, but definitely from all indications many people would be disenfranchised in the state.

“I am even told that the Card Reader could not capture Mr President.
And the question is if the card reader could not capture the number one citizen of this country, and could not capture me as a Governor; then i wonder what the Card Reader is all about, and I just sincerely hope this card reader would not mess up this elections.

“I think Jega can be advised that he can state a decision on the card reader now.

“I have said it that those with TVC have the right to vote because the electoral law said any citizen that has been registered with his name in the register, and has the voter’s card, is eligible to vote. The law didn’t specify whether it is PVC or TVC. So these people with TVC have the right to vote. They had used this card in 2011, in bye elections and LG elections.”

Meanwhile, across the state, late arrival of INEC official and the problems with the card reader machines created initial hitches in the exercise.

At Alama Junction, Bassa and Rukuba Roads the INEC officials arrived at about 11 am.

While in most polling units at Jos East and at Abattoir the Card Reader machines were working quite well, the situation was not as good at Mista Ali A and B, where the machines were brought without memory cards. At Anwa Tofa, inpatient voters started leaving the units one after.

Frustrated Shendam LGA Chairman, Mr Kemi Nshe was worried that the many card reader machines in his council failed to work. He however commended the high turn up of voters and their peaceful conduct. He called on INEC to do something about the card reader machine immediately.
Politics / Re: PDP Warns Nigerians To Disregard Results On Social Media by Willie2015: 5:07pm
Waiting for INEC to announce authentic elections results. APC would understand the meaning of politics by the end of tomorrow

Very funny! PDP can only rig the votes from SE and SS..

19 Northern States and 6 from SW is enough to give 24 states to Buhari. We are waiting for 25%

Edo =
Rivers -

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Politics / Re: PDP Warns Nigerians To Disregard Results On Social Media by leisuretym: 5:07pm
So, PDP blindly believed that they youth with no job will still vote for them? Set of idiots... Rig this election and you will see hell.

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Religion / Re: Of What Use Was Noah's Flood If It Couldn't Stop Wickedness? by Pr0ton(m): 5:07pm
God was merciful

but then...
Politics / Re: Breaking News: INEC Office Set Ablaze In Rivers by staymore: 5:07pm
All those posters above me shouting Ameachi, the thunder wey go fire una still dey recieve instruction from god. Was Ameachi mentioned in the article or are you guys blind? Anyway, no one can stop the wind of change.
Sai Buhari!

Your reasoning is like those fools that will blow up themselves because of 72virgins.

Even as GEJ is leading in 22states you are still shouting sai Buhari.

Are you not aware Amaechi is planning to take a permanent residency visa in one of the European countries?
Politics / Nigeria's Election Update - 29-03-15 3:50 Pm by lalasticlala(m): 5:07pm

We'll Reject Attempt to Falsify Election Results, Says APC - 29-03-15 3:50pm

Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has warned against any attempt to tamper with the results of the elections that were concluded
nationwide on Saturday, saying Nigerians have voted peacefully and massively and they know who they have voted for.

In a statement issued on Sunday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said it has the authentic
results from every polling unit where voting took place on Saturday, and will not accept anything contrary to those signed results.

It decried the dangerous kite now being flown by the PDP, through some of their paid media channels, seeking to appropriate unearned victories across the nation.

''We have always said we will accept the result of any free, fair and transparent elections. We stand by that avowal. However, what we will not accept - and which we are sure Nigerians themselves will reject - is any move to rewrite the results and thwart the will of the people under any guise. We will not accept that.

''We have heard of the desperate moves to cancel the results in areas where the APC has beaten the PDP embarrassingly. Nigerians will definitely not accept that,'' APC said.

The party said it is aware of the ongoing efforts to force Electoral Officers and Presiding Officers in Imo State, some of whom are being
picked up by the military as we write, to rewrite the results of the elections in the state.

''We have the results from every polling unit in Imo State and we know that we have won in over 80 per cent in the presidential election. So there must be no shenanigans,'' it warned.

APC also said the same attempts are being made in Sokoto, Enugu, Ekiti, Ondo, Lagos and other states, wondering why anyone will be seeking to reverse the results that are already settled.

''In the Nsukka Local Government Area, INEC officials, instead of collating results, handed over the exercise to PDP Nsukka zone to
write. They holed up inside ADADA House (a Local Government guest house) to write results and change figures, and were provided with security by the police. APC candidates and agents were chased away. In collaboration with INEC, they refused to let the card readers function and no result sheets came to most polling booths.

The party said result of the Apapa Local Government in Lagos is yet to be announced the which has been ready since yesterday, apparently in a move to manipulate its outcome, warning that voters will not agree with any attempt to steal their votes.

APC Posting Fake Results- PDP Alerts - 29-03-15 11:50pm

…..Says INEC Still Collating Authentic Figures

Chuks Okocha in Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has charged Nigerians to totally disregard misleading figures being circulated by the APC in the social media as results of the Presidential and National Assembly elections in some polling booths.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh in a statement on Sunday said the figures were “fake and do not represented the true results which are currently being collated by INEC, the only body authorized to release and announce results”.

“The APC in its desperation for power has resorted to posting fake results in the social media in a bid to ambush the electoral commission, mislead the unsuspecting public to believe it is winning, all in furtherance of its grand plot to cause confusion and set the stage for violence when the authentic results are finally released.

“We therefore alert Nigerians to be on their guard and close ranks in resisting the APC’s plot to plunge the nation into chaos and anarchy. Our democracy has come to stay and the will of the people must prevail over and above the parochial ambition of a selfish few.

“Finally, we strongly caution the APC against its acts of desperation and use of dishonest methods including physical attacks against our members and supporters as these pose great threat to our democracy, the unity and stability of our dear nation.

Hiccups: Buhari Rules Out Polls Cancellation...29-03-15 7:50pm

commend INEC's performance

Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Daura, Katsin

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari has said that the level of hiccups witnessed during Saturday's presidential election will not be enough to seek for annulment of the polls.

Buhari's assessment of the polls came just as the APC expressed satisfaction with the use of the card reader for voting accreditation, describing it as successful despite some delays.

In its reaction to Saturday's election, the party's National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said from the reports it has received from its field agents, "it is clear that that the card reader, as a tool to enhance the credibility of elections in the country, has so far proved effective, despite the delays.

''The card reader is a novel tool in our elections and naturally there will be some initial hiccups. We understand that the delays were due to the failure to remove the protective films on the lenses of many card readers, the poor network of some of the sim cards in the card readers and the effect of jamming devices on the card readers," it said.

APC warned against the resort to manual accreditation in some parts of the country, where the card readers are being bypassed, saying it is against the electoral guidelines.

However, while addressing Journalists at his country home in Daura after casting his vote Buhari said though there was some incidents in about five states, it is not enough to necessitate total annulment of the election.

Buhari who came back to the polling unit to cast his vote at about 4.56pm, amidst hundreds of jubilant supporters, said he was impressed by the integrity of the system.

"I also base it on the performance of INEC. If I could recall, I even referred to the submission by the INEC chairman of their activities from the end of the last General election in 2011 till how. I said the document was very good and even INEC said they were ready to conduct this election".

Card Reader Hiccups Avoidable - PDP... 7:41pm

Warns against under-aged voters
Chuks Okocha in Abuja

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the poor working of the Permanent Voter Card readers in Saturday's Presidential and National Assembly elections across the country could have been avoided if INEC had listened to sound advice from well meaning individuals and organizations including the PDP regarding their deployment without proper testing.

National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh, said in a statement on Saturday said the last minute resort to manual accreditation by INEC hours into the exercise against its earlier guidelines clearly shows the failure of the system.

"The unfortunate development is a vindication of our earlier position that as good as the idea of card readers is, it was too virgin to be successfully used in a general election without proper testing especially in an environment as ours that is not entirely digitally proficient”, it said.

The party described as a huge national embarrassment the that the card reader had problems in accrediting President Goodluck Jonathan, Governors Jonah Jang, of Plateau, James Ngilari of Adamawa, Isa Yuguda of Buachi among others and called for thorough explanation from INEC.

The PDP equally frowned at reported cases of accreditation of under-aged persons in some states especially in the northern part of the country and called on INEC not only to ensure that such unqualified persons are not allowed to vote but also to prosecute its officials involved in the crime.

The ruling party said it is seriously concerned about the developments given the avowed commitment of the President Goodluck Jonathan-led PDP administration to hitch-free, fair and credible electoral process.

8 killed in Gombe . . . 6:25 PM

Segun Awofadeji in Gombe

No fewer than seven persons were reported to have been killed this Saturday morning when suspected fleeing members of Boko Haram invaded Shole village in Nafada Local Government Area of Gombe State.

Shole is at the border with Yobe State and our correspondent gathered that the villagers all ran out of the village just before the commencement of the general election.

THISDAY checks also revealed that several cars and houses were burnt and that the suspected insurgents invaded the village on motorbikes and Hilux vehicles.

The insurgents were said to have moved to Biri in the same Nafada LGA where they killed one Policeman and ran away with some card readers and some election materials.

They were said to have moved to Dukku where they disrupted election processes as they shot sporadically.

No casualties have been reported yet from Dukku but an aspirant to the Gombe State House of Assembly Usman Mohammad Jafun told our correspondent on phone that the attackers were dressed in military uniforms.

It was also gathered from the Dukku attack that following some resistance from the people in Dukku, one of the attackers was killed while three persons from Dukku sustained injuries.

When contacted over the incident, the Gombe Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Fwaje Atajiri said he was not aware of it but promised to get back to our correspondent after he is through with an urgent meeting he was attending.

However, the election process was reported to have commenced on time in some polling units visited by our correspondent in Gombe, the Gombe State capital as at the time of filing this report. A large turnout was also observed.

A feature observed from most of the polling units is that many youths were stationed at the gates of most of the schools with iron detectors ensuring that people don't get into the polling units with dangerous weapons.

Tambuwal: It’s God that Made this Election Possible Despite Odds . . . 4:45 PM

By Mohammed Aminu in Sokoto

Speaker of the House of Representatives and the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, Saturday said it was only by the grace of God that Nigerians were able to witness another election despite all the efforts to prevent it from holding.

Speaking, shortly after he was screened at the Kofar Ajiya polling unit, Tambuwal described the election as historic and critical in the history of this country.

"Today is very special and critical in the history of Nigeria and for us to witness it is only by the grace of God because effort had been made to stop it from holding," he said.

He commended the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, for insisting that the elections must hold as scheduled in spite of all odds.

He also advised the media against broadcasting or revealing unofficial result, saying it may create a lot of tension in the country.

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