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Romance / Re: When A Man Loves A Woman.......... by Skipfr(m): 3:58am
Nice piece. only if all dese babes go gree. U want mak e dy cal u honey pie, treasure, Dearie and all what not. It is more romantic to call each other by your first names I bet u. It resets ur mind to default setting when you tend to go off track .
Music/Radio / Re: What Music Are You Listening To Right Now? by mayapop(f): 3:58am

Hey Ya!-Outkast..

This song never gets old to me cheesy
Phones / Re: How Good Is Opsson P6 And Other Opsson Phones? by olaadisatoyin(m): 3:58am

You are very correct. A friend has one and the downside of this phone is that the camera is super poor... it will make Ramsey Noah look blacker than Jim Iyke.

Also the screen is made out of some material I dont know. The pouch alone scratches the screen instead of protecting it.

Apart from those two downsides its great on battery... it also has a very strong internal antenna... picks gsm service even in remote places and the two sim slots both have 3g standby capacity.

Choose wisely.

what can you say about switching off my phone when I wanna sleep, then the next morning, when I woke, I switched it on only for it to get bricked. Funny right? But painful. Note, I never root the phone and I only use it to browse, whatsapp and do bbm. Opsson product sucks. My friends that uses it had same experience. Especially p6
Education / Re: Imo State Emerges As The Winner Of NNPC Annual National Quiz Competition 2014 by all4naija(m): 3:58am
Are the winners from one of the 'Magic centers'? I can't trust the East on their ability to engage in malpractices.
Romance / Re: When A Man Loves A Woman.......... by zicoraads(m): 3:58am
:osoftsparkyy...u sleep @ all? shocked

Nice piece OP. True love still around tho, finding it is the major ish!
Politics / Re: Students Protest Non-native's Appointment As Amosun's Advise by NaMe4: 3:57am
Very Unfortunate.

And these are supposed to be part of today's youth expected to bring the desired change to this already dysfunctional nation.

Special adviser! Not even ward head or Councillor or LG Chairman.

seanet01: Why should an Ibo boy be representing Ogun students? Ogun Central Senatorial Youth forum of APC have already made our position

Okay, this is what APC is all about
TV/Movies / Re: Trailer For AY's First Movie '30 Days In Atlanta'. by Yugosng: 3:57am

which a-list actor did you see

At least you'd agree that RMD is a veteran... undecided
Education / Re: University Of Nigeria [ UNN ] 2014/2015 Admission Thread by SammyT95(m): 3:57am
Phones / Re: Unlocking Trial Version Of Repligo Reader On Bb by Heyliesha(m): 3:56am
Its 2A97652F sir.
Autos / Re: 30 Vehicle Manufacturing Plants Take Off Soon by Yugosng: 3:56am

With these developments, no shoes for my kids!
There must be a correlation between shoeless-ness and doing the right thing. May our ancestors grant us more shoeless presidents in the future.

In another development, the world bank says that the poverty rate has actually been reduced by half of what it was during the civilian dictatorship of OBJokes. The Shoeless one has also cut our food import by more than 50%.

The people are ecstatic while the Janjaweed are in mourning.

I couldn't agree with you any better!

Mr. Prez., keep doing it!!
Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by sammu(m): 3:55am
thank YOU Jesus
Business / Re: List Of Verified Scammers On Nairaland by Lesgupnigeria: 3:54am
thanks OP for bringing up this comedy show at this time.
what a stress relieving thread!
anyway,for those people that wants to make legitimate cash from agribusiness kindly visit this thread
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Sparks Outrage with Photo Of Her "Maid' Wearing Her Gucci Sandals by Yugosng: 3:54am

Hehehe...i could be closeby. You never can tell grin

Haha. Ok na. Meet me for behind mama Nkechi shop - under that udara tree grin
Autos / Re: Good Cars ,good Millage,good Price And No Delay: by SkyLinkss(m): 3:54am
Our Services is to help you buy clear and deliver we make sure you you get value for your money. In cotonou you have options of. Selection and bargaining.

Customer Satisfaction has been our strength from the beginning, with our team of auto medics guru we make sure you are buying a problem free car at a pocket friendly price.

We also make sure you walk home with genuine documents.

Call : 08137926998 let us know what you love drive we get back with the price once you are ready we meet in badagry and move to cotonou to check the cars together.

Clearing and Delivery is 48Hours after buying.

We are not claiming to be the best but who is better?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC 2014 Aspirants by poundsmaker(m): 3:54am
Today makes it a month the forms closed (24th of June to 23rd of July).@ Nnabugwu8590, carrot and stick leadership style is using a motivational factors to boost the output of workforces in an organization (where carrot is output and stick is the workforce). *one of the Management leadership style* while the question 1&2 depends on individual perspectives.
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Direct Entry Admission, University Of Ibadan by Spotless180(m): 3:54am
What is the address to send my transcript to?
Politics / Re: Test Run Of Port Harcourt Mono Rail (photo) by justi4jesu: 3:53am
Your ignorance stinks, metro rails all over the world competes for space in urban cities, across mall, over and under buildings and even under knowledge of things before hitting your key boards!

Will u shut ur bush and go eat that pounded yam u ve been pounding since 2010.

Ignorance ko oversabi ni
Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Nigerian Army's Campaign In The North Eastern Theatre. by Ibnsultan(m): 3:53am
So sad. But is this officer one of those in the helicopter that crashed? If so grossly disturbing.
not sure
Business / Re: My Bitter Experience Shopping On Ebay!!! by olamide1: 3:51am
If you need help in buying anything in the United States, I can help you. but you have to pay for the shipping, my agents ship to Nigeria and they charge per pounds, I know they use kilo in Nigeria. I have my flat rate which is not negotiable $50 for all purchase. I guarantee you that you will never have any headache with buying things over here. I am a Nigerian but live here in America. I don't allow people to ship to my house, I don't help to clear silly cheques I don't know about. all I do is help to buy cars, goods, pay student SEVIS fees. and help you to call your school if you are in the process of coming here to school and not running away. If you need my help contact me. $50 or no business. Time here is money.
Music/Radio / Re: What Music Are You Listening To Right Now? by mayapop(f): 3:51am

No love- August Alsina Ft Nicki Minaj
Family / Re: 20 Things You Should NEVER Ask Your Bf/husband To Do by spicy244(f): 3:51am
Nice one tho'........ BUT if u can't ask yur bf/hubby all these, then give a list of 20 things u can ask ur bf/ hubby to do for you.
Investment / Investors Needed With Good Roi by omotosin11(m): 3:51am
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I m offering this idea out to any person that is interested to invest a minimum of $100 dollars or a maximum of $500 dollars and get 10% of your money,that means when you invest $100 dollars,you will make $10 dollars weekly and you will get your interested paid every monday into your account or you can collect it by yourself,no stories whatsoever.

i put the interest rate to that low level so that i will not fail you and that the whole risk will be on me,and that there will be no stories at all.
No Bank or any online business can pay you that much in a short time,i bet can request for your capital after one month of trading with it.

if you are interested in the offer,kindly ring me on 08066302576,OR 08110477244.pls don't bother to flash because i will not bother to call you.if you are not ready for it or you are not interested at all,pls don't bother to call at all.

NOTE:It is not by force to invest,so pls if you have been a victim before in this kind of dealing,what you should know is that we all are not the same.we are different and i only need one person and after that one person is gotten,then the offer will be closed until after the one month tenure of the trade.

pls for those that will not want to invest,don't frustrate those who want to give it a is for only lagos resident only,some who we can meet one on one and finalize the whole thing will surely come back with testimony after the one month duration.i will go with your own suggestion for the fact that it is your money,goodluck.

Education / Re: UNIBEN 2014/2015 Admission Guide Thread by Nimen(m): 3:50am
Entering Benin today can't we all get together after the exams?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by dayokanu(m): 3:50am

why was fat ronaldo a galactico & beckham isn't? try & address that & watch me undréss you publicly.

whether he was bought as a bench player or not isn't my concern. it was his status that matters. florentino perez bought him & that makes him a galactico member.

owen had the highest min/goals ratio as a madrid striker while he was there. so your points are getting weaker by the day. ronaldo @ £26m was a galactico to you but beckham @ £25m isn't a galactico?

dayo, i am starting to think you lack adequate proteins to keep your brain functioning. limit your stupidity to the other club threads. don't ever come here & display such insanity cos I shall humiliate you over & over again.

The foolishness in the bold alone deserves a prize.
You have just been making a fool of yourself here.
You become a galactico the moment Perez buys you. I have never seen such such stupidity in black and white

I guess Kroos Isco Illaramendi are all galactico, Thomas Gravesen, Walter Samuel, Woodgate are all galacticos even Julio Baptista

If you have any shame you should log out and go drink kunu
Family / Re: Which One Do You Prefer? Tissue Paper To Clean-up After Pee Or Water To Clean-up by alutacontinua(f): 3:50am
tpia be dictating what people do or not do, say or not say, quote or not quote on NL and then she turns around to say 'get a life out of NL' cheesy cheesy cheesy

Even Seun does something much better with his life than watching what people quote and unquote cheesy
Phones / Re: Glo Users, Were You Successful In Changing Your Android IMEI Number? by kenny1795(m): 3:49am
Must my fone be rooted before I can change my imei? It's mtk bdw
Phones / Re: Cheap MTN Data Plans From 250MB - N400 by chillykelly86(m): 3:49am
@psucc and @jerrico1,

If you really are interested in protecting fellow Nairalanders, this your "everything-is-evil" approach is not the best.
It will cost you only a few minutes to investigate and verify powerhq's integrity on the internet, including its age and orders fulfilled.
Or at worst N400 to try out the cheapest of the plans so that when you speak against my business, you will be justified that you are uprooting "weeds" and not "genuine plants".

Fashion / Re: Make Up And Cosmetics Products by homesodear: 3:48am
Are you aware what’s in your cosmetics?

Each day, we are exposed to some 200 synthetic chemicals – without our knowledge. Skin, hair, body, and beauty products are loaded with potential irritants, carcinogens, neuro-toxins, and hormone disruptors. Let’s stop poisoning ourselves with deadly chemicals and preservatives. Read labels and become an empowered consumer. Live better and look better with flawless by Sonya cosmetics, (Paraben and chemical free!!)

Sonya is the essence of more than just beauty: it is an expression of rejuvenation, admiration, and love. Its formulation of ingredients including aloe vera, fruit extracts, white tea and superior moisturizers give back to your skin.

Why Flawless by Sonya collection loved all places?

• Anti ageing nutrients for the skin. These cosmetics are infused with aloe Vera gel extracts, vitamins from seaweed which moisturizes, soften and nourish your skin all day long.
• Goes on easily. This creamy foundation (has a matte finish which is rare for cream foundations) micronized powder goes on smoothly and blends with each other, thereby making it economic to use.
• Makes your face super soft. The textures of this makeup makes your face soft smooth and velvety
• Stays on all day. Because this make up blends so well, it stays all day
• Covers all the bases. You don’t need to look elsewhere to complete your look. The Sonya colour collection has it all, foundation, powder blush, eye shadow, eye liner, lip liner, volumizing and lengthening mascara, lipstick, lip-gloss and even makeup remover.
• Suitable for all skin types. Oily dry combination, young and oil.
• Doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. Sonya makeup contains chamomile to calm easily irritated skin and reduces redness
• Keeps your skin young. Aloe Vera in Sonya cosmetics stimulates collagen production to promote and preserve young looking skin
• Cruelty free. Helpless rabbits, mice monkeys and dogs didn’t have to suffer for you and me to look good.

To view more kindly visit or call/whatsapp 08034917464, 08083767721
Properties / Re: The Making Of The "Port Harcourt Mansion" by omobashua1: 3:48am
hi,pls how much is d amoula pvc per bundle and how many pieces are in the bundle ? thank u

NO. It does not include woods for ceiling.. we did the wood for ceilings when we are actually doing the ceilings.
Ceiling wood costs = N51,400 and Carpenter Labor for the ceiling wood=N25,000 Total=N76,400
Look at the photos below, the white/cream woods you see going across four ways is one made for the ceiling.
Also, you can see the ceilings using PVC bought from Amoula Paragon in Alahusa area.
Hope this helps.. If you need more details, send it thru email, so we do not derail this thread here.

Hajji Mufutau
Health / Re: FG Will Not Print Money To Pay Doctors by prettyprettywow: 3:48am
please where can one buy jamb form? I want to write another jamb to study medicine so that I can become a super human. thanks and God bless
NobleIcon: Hello bro, it's too much of this your noise making. You are taking this matter too far and giving us the impression that you are feeling inferior in the field u said u are aspiring 4. If you are jealous of doctors salary, it's not let for you to go and retake waec and switch to science nd go 4 ur MBBS. Then you will know that bending is not working. Mtchwwwwww
Education / Re: Imo State Emerges As The Winner Of NNPC Annual National Quiz Competition 2014 by cruise14(f): 3:47am
Anti Yoruba judges robbed ogun on this one. There is no way they beat the Ogun team. We all know nothing works in abuja, and this is one of them. The shot-on frog eyed dinsane allison had probably told them she won't release funds if they allow Yoruba to win this.
Romance / Re: Virgin's Forum by Teeboi4real(m): 3:46am
I can see this is d sign of end time when people are no more value their vaginity. Do u know that any body that disvirgin you both of u had life convenant and quote me wrong if you are not opportuned 2 marry dat guy if u later see him in the future the first act will surely sink back in 2 ur mind nd dat satanic act wl stl developd in u again either u av got married or not. No wonder it is difficult 2 have life marriage nowadays becoz nothing to prove ur self in d presence of ur husband. we that we are complete i said congratulation nd U that u av lost dat glory pls is better ask for the forgiveness of sins.

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