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Autos / Re: Tokunbo Volkswagen T4 Bus(petrol engine)Long Chassis #780k by alexrufabot(m): 2:26am
Phones / Re: Finally!!! The Good News Is Here by snehgang: 2:26am
grin tongue tongue
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND ~ Pride Of London by raumdeuter: 2:26am
and u call it mauling?

Given The stats of the play that day. It was mauling
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Family / Re: I Caught My Husband Sniffing My Niece's Pants by spyjulius(m): 2:26am
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Phones / Re: New Phone Purchase by BustScam: 2:26am


Although, your English is not correct, I will still help you!

NairaLanders are people of esteem and you should talk with us not in abbreviation but proper English grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Pmb Never Said That Insurgency Would End By December by Hefemale: 2:26am

Apc is a viral disease that attacks the brain and mouth thereby rendering one incapable of speaking the truth.....it can be contacted through constant argument with the host... So beware... As its more deadly than ebola..
grin grin grin grin grin
Business / Re: How Can One Buy Bitcoins With Naira? by ecrestglobal(m): 2:25am
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Religion / Re: Wives Of 9 Powerful Nigerian Pastors (photos) by femcruz(m): 2:25am
what of Mrs Shade Olukoya, the list aint compelete yet!!

Romance / Re: Would You Change Your Religion For Love? by spyjulius(m): 2:25am
Etisalat Internet Data Plans for all devices

Etisalat Internet Data Plans for all devices with exception of blackberry.

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Sports / Trigger To Turn The Cylinder by nthoernorele: 2:24am
Business / Re: Forex Trade Alerts - Season 15 by frenchman2: 2:24am
sell stop on oil @44.40
tp 43.40
Sl 45.00
Lets see how it plays out
Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by bolajibreeze: 2:24am
What does an undefined colour even mean, lol, Aunty look at tinubu, obasanjo and fashola, they ugly as poo even after the money but their wives are beautiful as Bleep. You think they were blind or they were silly? If you see somebody that is 'focused' or has good motives towards you clinge am o, u won't be young forever my dear, two of u go ugly, soon u no go know who ugly pass, if love is in between all these things like 'head shape' 'undefined color' become trivial
Politics / Re: RRS Police Deploys Surveillance Drones To Monitor Crime In Lagos (Photos) by wolexy2020(m): 2:24am
Mmhh... Let's hope this is not the toy version of a surveillance drone. undecided
Celebrities / Re: D'banj Is Finally Getting Married; Wedding Billed To Hold On 12th December by atilla(m): 2:23am
Hope it's not a concert he is trying to hype like bringing that girl last year?
Webmasters / Why You Most Likely Won't Succeed As A Blogger by tierthefirst: 2:23am
Let's face it, since Linda Ikeji bought a house at Banana Island, the number of Nigerian bloggers has sky-rocketed. Everybody wants to lay their hands on some of that sweet, sweet blogging money and, if not buy the plot beside her, at least be able to rent a flat at 1004. So the number of new blogs has at least tripled, meaning Nigerians now have to suffer even more half baked, plagiarized content than ever before. Well, before you jump into that pool, you might want to slam on the brakes first. Before I start, let me just point out that I'm not a bad-belle person or someone that wants to pour sand-sand in anybody's garri. Just a realist that wants anybody who wants to start blogging here in Nigeria to know exactly what they're getting into and what their chances of success are. So here goes;

You Probably Didn't Plan For It: Of a huge percentage of bloggers I've come across in the past one year, at least half didn't plan to be bloggers this time last year. And of the number that have their own blogs, a huge majority did not (and still haven't) give any real thought as to what content they would post on their blog, what their niche is, who their target audience is/are or what parameters they would measure the success of their blogs by. For most Nigerian bloggers, this is the thought process to blogging;
i) Start blog
ii) Make money

Anybody who has blogged for an extended period would tell you this is not how it works. You don't just jump in the pool before learning how t swim. Like success in any other field, you need to plan to succeed as a blogger - and this one crucial part is the part most Nigerian bloggers skip.

You Are Probably Not Skilled Enough For It: "Hey, wollup!" you might say. "Isn't blogging one of those things that you don't need to go to school and get a certificate to do? How come you're talking about skill again?". Well, here's one other thing about blogging: you need to know what you're doing to be successful at blogging. Too many Nigerian bloggers think blogging is just writing anything, anyhow; coming up with ridiculous topics for posts (that are misleading at least half the time) and generally just filling up the Nigerian blogosphere with total nonsense. Well, you might need to wollup too! Consider some of the best bloggers. They don't just write anyhow - they write pretty well. They have a style that appeals to their readers and they have at least a working knowledge of whatever they're blogging about. A lot of Nigerian bloggers write at random, about things they know nothing about (and rarely ever bother to do research), have no style and know next to nothing about presenting content. It doesn't take long before people figure out that you're not telling them anything meaningful; and at that point they're gone from your blog, never to return.
Webmasters / Free Domain Name Giveaway!!! by iwriterng(m): 2:23am
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Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by Princess4eva(f): 2:23am
There is no magic bout it when you feel nothing for a guy. Don't get into a marriage out of pity. I was once in your shoes during my undergraduate days. The guy was so much into me, pocket money, food stuff,etc. He even brought travel documents to UK but I declined. He was crying, you know what it is for a grown man to cry? It is deep affection that will help you to overcome the many challenges marriage will throw at you. Thank God I am happily married now to a man I love and who loves me double.
Celebrities / Re: Fans Slam AY For Wearing One Shoe Repeatedly by BABANGBALI: 2:23am

Well said. But what has wole soyinka done ? Who he help ?
he help my sister,he give am belle
Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by akinladejo: 2:23am
Tell her to walk away cos she will not be happy and the marriage will not last.
Celebrities / Re: Fans Slam AY For Wearing One Shoe Repeatedly by BABANGBALI: 2:22am
abi him too no get shoes like that man from Bayelsa?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Story by funkyjms: 2:22am
...Today I have a job not because I am the best, but because God show mercy on me. ...As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Always think right...
Politics / Re: Starting Business In Nigeria Getting More Difficult – World Bank by Ups01(m): 2:22am

grin True

Last week, we entered one compound, the man is building more houses and buying cars. One of the visitors was like, " Sir everything has changed "..

Bros no matter the climate, the weather or the economy WE ARE COMING OUT TOPS.

Happy New Month!!
Politics / Re: Top Ten Poorest State In Nigeria (2015) by Hefemale: 2:22am
Hmmm.....this Ebonyi state sef! watin e dey do among all this Northern states undecided
Technology Market / Re: EXPOSED Secret: The Bigger Boys New Method Of Importation. Part 2. A Must See!!! by youngwarrior(m): 2:21am
85 % of people that goes into importation fail because of not being appropriately informed of the dos and donts
Romance / Re: Would You Change Your Religion For Love? by VivaVivre: 2:21am
NO!!! To you I'm an "infidel" to me you re an "unbeliever"
Romance / Re: Would You Change Your Religion For Love? by Ups01(m): 2:21am
I am in love with a a staunch catholic

And we r worried..

Besides cathedrals and catholic weddings.. I dont /wouldn't wanna have anything else there..

And she thinks my church is a club cos of the lightnings..
And i think hers is a shrine.. Too many images with pitiable eyes and halos

I feel you bro, especially when you go to a church like COZA.

my recomendation for you is that you make her see the brighter side


the message is simply WAKE UP AND LIVE!!!!
Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by Ballmer: 2:20am

Huh? So caring, do you care for his contact? undecided
You should rather drop your own contact instead.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 8 by bigfrancis21(m): 2:19am

mine is 4.16... pls wats d conversion

4.16/5.0 will come out to be at about 3.5/4.0 on the US 4-point scale.
Phones / Re: $$$All Blackberry (BB) Problems post Here for Solutions### by ensign: 2:19am
good day friends. kudos to all engineers helping out. pls i havent being able to browse with my data laden airtel sim on my blackberry 9700 for the past 5 days and once i put d sim in my glo modem it connects and start to browse. i have called d call center repeatedly but no response yet. pls is the problem from my fone or the network provider cos i learnt airtel did some upgrading last week. Anyone experiencing thesame predicament
Politics / Re: How Jonathan's Own Goal Gave Nigeria Extra Time by Gayigaskia(m): 2:19am
When Jonathan congratulated Buhari and conceded defeat none was most surprised than Buhari and the APC. Pictures of Liar Mohammed and Amaechi looking surprised and elated at the same time was beamed across TV sets in Nigeria. Even Buhari's first 2 mths showed that he and the APC were not in any way ready to assume leadership.

The Plan did not conceive Jonathan accepting "defeat" in an election that was full of so many irregularities and manipulations such as high PVC and voter turnouts in the north, underage voters, mass rigging and defranchisement of voters from the SE.

By "Plan" I mean Washington's agenda to keep to their timetable of balkanizing Nigeria.

That simple and brief phone call by Jonathan to Buhari was what stopped Nigeria from slipping into anarchy and war.

The north was itching for war at all cost and they had been stockpiling weapons and mobilising their illiterate masses in mosques to get ready for it.

But for that phone call. That humble acceptance of "defeat" to keep the dogs of war on their leash.

It is not over.

No. The Plan is still on. Just the date.

The Planners are pushing the agenda further by down playing the sectional and bias tendencies of their puppet. It is their plan to instigate resentment from the 5%.

In as much as I believe in the Biafran project purely because Nigeria is not working (I am not Ibo btw), I know for fact that the hand behind the movement is the same behind the lunacy in the northeast.

The Planners are pushing Buhari towards dictatorship and sectionalism and also fueling the anti Nigerian project in the SS/SE.

Buhari is that perfect unapologetic bigot who they selected to catalyze the final dissolution of the thread bare unity of a multi ethoreligious nation like Nigeria.

So next time you see or read or hear about Jonathan - the man who conceded an own goal for his team for the sake of peace - know that your fragile unity and graveyard peace was renewed by him for just a little extra time.

The OP is daft and ignorant about the phone call. The phone call was made by John Kerry and David Cameron to GEJ, right during Orubebe rant and right after INEC finished the count . Jonathan and his crew were not ready to go without a fight, the unofficial results clearly show that PDP lost for days.
I can't believe people are blindly celebrating mediocrity , Jonathan is not a democrat .

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