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Romance / Re: Here Is Why You Should Never Bite Your Fingernails by hardeysola(m): 12:24am
Hopefully, my colleague can stop this act
Politics / Re: Why We Rejected Edo Election Results – PDP by teawhy2788: 12:24am
Evn if truly d election ws rigged,who introduced d rigging into electoral system in Nigeria? Abeg stop wailing jooor! What goes around comes around
Car Talk / Re: Drunk Driver Crashes Employer's Mercedes-benz SUV Into 4 Parked Cars In Lagos by Jdesilentkiller(m): 12:24am
mtcheeewww!! 1 game dey cast ur ticket, no be person play 22 games and NONE of dem enter...gives thank to God in every situation!!
My guy I laughed my issjjj off for your comment. You are are a true gambler
Religion / Re: Why I Can Never Be An Atheist. by KingEbukasBlog(m): 12:24am

I think all atheists should attempt to answer the question above.

Dalaman, frank317, hahn, eyehateGod, hopefuLandlord, mmsen and other coke loving hate mongers.

That's a good question . I mean there are myriads of testimonies of people whose lives changed for good because they accepted Christ . They are so happy in Christ and everything . What can atheism offer to those people ? Hopelessness , loss of any sense of purpose of life , depression , and the illusion of being logical and intelligent of course .
Agriculture / Re: 300 acres of farmland for outright sale along Benin-Okada expressway.#38M by AceRoyal: 12:24am
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Looking Stunning In These New Photos by rokiatu(f): 12:23am
wink where's Johnny
She's looking for Johnny.

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Phones / Re: For How Long Have You Been Using Your Cell Phone ? by ritababe(f): 12:23am
2 months now, i will soon change it i dont use phone more than 3 months.
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Looking Stunning In These New Photos by hotspec(m): 12:23am
Not so nice. Meanwhile, somewhere in Edo, Oshi baba be like.....

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Science/Technology / Re: Get A Feex (fix) For Your Gadget Without Leaving Your Comfort Zone by jonozo: 12:23am
Talk to us today
Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by edi287: 12:23am
Well, He gave us a hint when he picked Nacho ahead of Nolito in the manchester derby for the No.9 role..... And we all know Nolito can play centrally as he did at Celta Vigo... smiley

Nolito is not fit to lick Alexis boot much less put them in the same sentence. Nolito is a poor man's Alexis.
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Looking Stunning In These New Photos by ArchitGreen(m): 12:22am
wink where's Johnny

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Education / Re: National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Students by garripack: 12:22am
please i funded my account through the Remita Portal and i have not been Credited

any Help please
Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by TheSuperNerd(m): 12:22am
Not at the Copa centennario.... smiley

Vargas "the bench boy" was the lead man in attack. He bagged six goals playing as Chile's no.9.


Looks like you missed the last few pages. I posted a chart of Chile's formation at the World Cup and the Copa. Sanchez is the undisputed no 1 striker for Chile. Vargas is merely a bench boy, however, he plays along side Sanchez up front when Sampaoli plays 3-5-2 formation.
Sanchez plays up front on his own if the coach wants to go with a lone striker.
Education / Re: Male Students Sign On Boobs Of Female Students (PICS) by arrested369: 12:22am
Its aint easy 2 gradute,it ol part of history dat wil nva repeat its self[color=#006600][/color]
Romance / Re: Tomorrow Is My Birthday Everyone by Snapchat: 12:22am

sorry nau
Romance / Re: See Leaked Conversation Between Runs Girl And Her Client by charix(m): 12:22am
who comes to a gossip.site for educative threads, fuk outta here punk!
Hence the reason you'd stay mediocre for a longer time than I originally predicted. Nairaland is a resource where one can learn and improve anything, apparently even ignorance.
Celebrities / Re: The Shah Ruh Khan Fandom Awards 2016 Is Here! by YhungPablo(m): 12:22am
Don of life.
Religion / Re: Why I Can Never Be An Atheist. by adoyi8: 12:22am

Show us where the Bible endorses killing.
read first samuel chapter 15 verse 2
" This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. 3 Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys." is this enough?

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Technology Market / Re: UK Used HP Laptop Core2duo,2g Ram,2hr30m batt,120G HDD 4Sale @25k by FKMagazine: 12:22am
Carry it now
Business / How I Make $250 Monthly Working 1 Hour Daily by drey22: 12:22am
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Religion / Re: The Truth About Christ Embassy Healing School by Gombs(m): 12:22am

Who isthusTipiai sound like, will like to get to know her, and no I'm not in Lagos.

Oh... Tipia ruled nairaland years ago... She easily had enemies on every section of nairaland.

Just Google "tipia: nairaland"... Because she had like 8 monikers. Read her posts and e-fights.. You'd be blown away... And yes, you sound like her.

Where do you stay? smiley
Religion / Re: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Moses by EyeHateGod: 12:21am

Would you kindly quote the verse from which you have drawn this conclusion though I do not deny the[b] laws on slavery penned down in Leviticus.[/b]

Go and read them!

Agreed, Moses was probably dark-skinned. Even Tzipporah said to her father "An Egyptian helped us"

So why the Lies?

God gave laws but there are laws attributed to Moses himself like that of divorce.
Investment / Re: MMM Nigeria Panic? by intbizoil: 12:21am

Bros na so u get time reach way u they follow dis illiterate talk... ? Leave him in his ignorance while we continue to make money from our financial messiah( mmm )
yea he talks like one by next month he will join ask ak47young
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by Enocan(m): 12:21am
Hello house,
I wish to thank everyone for their meaningful contributions. Please, be not offended if this issue have been addressed before now. I have tried to carefully follow this thread since creation in September 2015 but have been unable to find answers to my question.

Please folks, I wish to travel to Sweden (first choice if there's anything as such), Australia or Canada to work and live or further my medical career (residency training). For this reason i contacted a travel agency - Rich Global Travels, Ibadan, where i was told processing to Australia and Canada was possible by them for a token. My first questions:

1). Does anyone know about this agency? Are they dependable, real or scam?

2). Better still, is there a way I can achieve this dream on my own through the guidance of the gurus in the house?

3). Please explain to me what Canadian express entry and federal skilled worker (the title of this thread) actually means.

I sincerely wish to be guided.
Please, all contributions will be highly appreciated.
Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by edi287: 12:21am
Nacho's potency stats came after a full season. Podolski's is about just "3 games"... So there's no correlation at all. smiley

Nacho deserves the spotlight even though he still has a long way to go.

Nacho at 19 (20 by Oct.3rd) is already "Golden" and can be "Even better".... That's the scary part.

No we are talking about this season since we're comparing him to alexis as a 9...if we're talking last season, then Nacho isn't even fit to polish Lucas Perez feet. Nacho hasn't even done anything to be considered ahead of Giroud much less Perez of last season.
This hype is almost as bad as when Rooney was called "roonaldo" or "the white pele". This is crazy.
Technology Market / Re: Very Clean & Cheap HP Compaq For Sale @ 21k by FKMagazine: 12:21am
go get it
Sports / Re: "The New Super Eagles Thread: Russia 2018 World Cup and The Dawn of a New Era" by TheSuperNerd(m): 12:21am
During the Copa centennario, Vargas was Chile's No.9 thru out..... He scored 6 goals to emerge top scorer. #fact

Sanchez did his thing from the wings.


Yes he plays there whenever Vargas isn't playing or as in a front 2 with Vargas.

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Celebrities / Re: Nairalander Fjb’s Exclusive Birthday Party (photo Gallery) by menix(m): 12:20am
Poping Goldberg
What a razz gig...
Culture / Re: .. by jophins(m): 12:20am
mo ki gbogbo ile 08082988576 ero ibani soroo mi ni yi e add me si whatsapp group.
Investment / Re: Invest Just 0.003 Bitcoin To Get 1 Bitcoin Within 3days by namedo: 12:20am
Family / Re: 26 Rules For Preventing Your Housemaid From Snatching Your Husband by Chubhie: 12:20am
Men are now endangered species being policed with standing rules?
A rather futile lifelong attempt to keep a goat away from yams.
Literature / Re: The Current Most Celebrated African Author by leofab(f): 12:20am

Don't you have night duty in the brothel where you work? silly dirty mgbeke forming funky. Learn to express your opinion without insults or enroll your uncultured behind in some school that teaches basic etiquette.
lpw..life ain't gat no spare time your irk..get a life outside social prison... #yolo

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