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Celebrities / Re: Top 15 Most Kissable Nigerian Male Celebrities ( Photos ) by badoolee(f): 7:57am
nickz: angry angry since when did i become your uncle cry cry??
i'm too young to be your dad or mums sibling na shocked you wan come hear spoil my market
ejo ni tori olorun!!! grin grin grin grin grin grin
Business / Re: 10 "Foolish" Ways You Lose Money Daily In Nigeria by Eberex(m): 7:57am
Not true!
It takes less then 45mins from Lagos to Asaba by air whereas you spend almost 6 hours by road.
Considering the time, safety and comfort; it's worth it undecided

Time??: One can always schedule the time to suit the journey.
Safety: who says road aint safe when we now have good roads.
Comfort: what are the bus seats made of? plank? We are talking about saving money here!!!!
Religion / Re: God knows I love Frank by 3cycle: 7:57am
Ogene doh by frank edwards
Whenever I call you are there
Whenever I pray Lord you hear me
I’m not alone, this I know
What can I bring to you Lord
But this song of praise

Oghene doh
Doh doh doh
Oghene doh
Oghene doh
Doh doh doh
Oghene doh

For the things you’ve done for me
Kiri doh doh doh
Kiri doh
For the life you gave me yeah
You brought me close to you
Kiri doh doh doh
Kiri doh
And You call me your own
What more can I say

Oghene doh
Doh doh doh
Oghene doh
Oghene doh
Doh doh doh
Oghene doh

Doh doh doh Oghene doh
Doh doh doh Oghene doh
Doh doh doh Oghene doh

Oghene doh kiri doh doh doh kiri doh
Oghene doh kiri doh doh doh kiri doh
Oghene doh kiri doh doh doh kiri doh
Oghene doh kiri doh doh doh kiri doh

For the things you’ve done for me
Kiri doh doh doh
Kiri doh
For the life you gave me yeah
You brought me close to you
Kiri doh doh doh
kiri doh
And you call me your own
What more can I say
Oghene do
Health / Re: Kaduna Suspects First Case Of Ebola? (ABU Student?) by yerimastyle: 7:57am
what a silly talk
ProfCorruption: Did he attend GEJ's TAN rally in Port Harcourt?
Romance / Re: Read What An Ss3 Student Wrote To Her Facebook Friends?what's Ur Reaction? by MisterLongman(m): 7:57am
Justeenaleo: That's my kinda girl!!!!
She said it all undecided
You don't have to tell us.... Your signature already confirmed it that you belong to the same category undecided
Satellite TV Technology / Re: FTA Live Football Matches Announcement Thread by loj1: 7:57am
Gd a.m my noble bros,im planin to help my bro install nilesat 7w with 1.2m dish to get d mbc film channels in ijebu ode,is dis posible pls??....... I remain humble
Rap Battles / Re: * * ~ Brutal Clash III { Season 2 } : Ibime Vs U3 ~ * * by iamaromolaeran(m): 7:57am
MVGT- U3......

full verdict later in the day.....
Nairaland / General / Commodities You Can Package For Exp0rt by DonKins: 7:57am

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Canada and
Some part of Eur0pe.

Here in Nigeria, most of us are yet to know that Bltter k0la is one of the agricultural pr0duct one can exp0rt and make well over 100 percent profit !.

Do you know that the International price for Bltter k0la nut is 19 dollars per kilo gram in Eur0pe as at Feb 2014.

Do you know that exp0rting Bltter K0la does not require any Machine for processing as it can also be exp0rted raw.

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following number with the w0rd "GUIDE": (O.8.O. ), (O.8.O.

Politics / Re: Man Remanded In Prison For Attacking Amosun On Facebook by ayukdaboss: 7:57am
Autos / Re: 3 Week Registered 2002 Toyota 4 Runner @ #1.350k by AUTOCRATIC: 7:57am
Politics / Re: 16 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa by ikes9(m): 7:57am
Idrismusty97: With this picture! Your madness is officially at critical level now. The mods need to do something ASAP!! grin
NYSC / Re: Lagos State NYSC Batch B 2014 (Stream I&II) by Prettytahill(f): 7:56am
dotchez: In Iyana Ipaja
camp aiidy. Who's here? *big grin*
TV/Movies / Re: Mtn Project Fame Season 7.0 Official Thread by temi4fash(m): 7:56am

Both parries were wrong no doubt and Clement is still a kid. I mean he's 18 or something so he has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to women & provocation (this is not to excuse his behavior. No way). Flourish on d other hand who kept shouting "I'm not your mate" didn't act mature. She started d shouting match which provoked Clement to get up.

Bottom line is dat girl has quarrelled with almost everyone in d house David, Oge, Taiwo, Ugo. No matter how u want to look at it, her attitude is terrible. How can she tell Clement he wasted his vote by voting Oge? And "If u like fall and die!" Like... What is that?

The girl has serious attitude problem. In the show yesterday she was just frowning through out and the house was looking tensed.
Romance / Re: Caught Cheating A Day To Marriage Proposal by 2sExy1(m): 7:56am
Politics / Re: Military Takes Delivery Of New Hardware, Insurgents’ Death Toll Rises In Bama by Amanwulu1(m): 7:56am
Family / Re: What's It That Your Parents Taught You That You Will Not Teach Your Children? by Apatheist: 7:56am

cool grin cheesy
I'll teach my beibees to think for themselves. I'll try not to influence nor teach them what to believe or un-believe, albeit, I have a contagious lifestyle.......they just might catch it cheesy
So you'll raise your children agnostic?
I'll make it easier to confide in me, without fear of being stoned or judged. (I just started confiding in Mom lately).
I'll do the stoning. angry tongue

I'll teach them that no tribe is inherently bad, no tribe is superior to another. At the base of our beings......we are like God. They must learn to see people of all race, tribes and nations that way.

I'll teach them to embrace idealism more than realism.

I prefer realism.
Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by Clandestine60: 7:56am
Bethiano: If you come across any of my post on this thread you will know am the fellow who subscribes to cost effective ways of doing things, thus creating opportunities for prospective students who are not financially buoyant to take some measures, but benefit from the goodies germany has to offer.
The only mountain I have not been able to conquer is the issue of financial proof I.e 8040 euros or sponsor letter or scholarship.
The last option I.e the scholarship has not been explored by members of this thread, so I wonder why. The truth is; for applicants who can't provide the 1st two options, their best bet is the scholarship. Now the bigger question, how do we get scholarships.

Mind you, daad scholarships is not enough to go round. Besides the competition 'no be here ooooo'.

In all this, what is the way out for an applicant without these options. I am not of the opinion that because his or parents are not rich or thieves in the govt house, then he should dash the dreams of gaining quality education.

All am saying is , let's begin to have a conversation on how to get scholarships in germany, or other alternative means of funding other than the first two.

What if there is a means to have an arrangement with a company, willing to employ this nigerian student and he is expected to pay his bills from his wages. Meaning this letter of employment or hire stands as a financial proof. Bearing in mind that education is free and you only need to pay for living expenses.

Am just thinking aloud.
What kind of "arrangement" are you talking about? Presenting an employment letter you know is not even genuine? Please let's desist from such and not complicate things for ourselves. The germans are no fools, are straight foward and have already clearly stated the two means of substinence. Let's not give them any cause to toughen up their rules against Nigerians as you know our reputation already precedes us. I am very sure other embassies like the Canadian,American etc, were once lenient with Nigerians and obviously had to toughen up when they noticed we abused the system. So please and please, let's not give the German's any reason to do same. If you feel u can't afford the blocked account, you can try all you can to hustle a German resident sponsor as it doesn't have to be a relative. Cheers

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Religion / Re: Individual Madness Of Nigerian Churches: The Christ Embassy Analysis by frank317: 7:56am
You can say that again. When a man is having troubles, iidiots like the writer of this article are the first to bring out their drums to beat in joy and celebration. Rubbish post

Sis how far? Watin I do u? Thought we were friendz
Education / Re: Unilag 2014/2015 Admission. by Ayo081: 7:56am
@ayozainy,i did mine yesterday also. were u able to locate were d data capture is being done?
Celebrities / Re: I Be Thief? Don Jazzy Denies His Car Collections Is Worth Over N200 Million by Asek1(m): 7:56am
Its Don Jazzy again!
No fear bro. It's ya sweat.
Enjoy it
Rap Battles / Re: NL Rap Battles chatroom by Guykhena(m): 7:56am
YoungDaNaval: The Way You Guys Been Treating Ma One And Only CaptainFlash Is Totally Uncool Ooh! Nigga'd Been Begging 4 A Brawl Since He Finally Found His Way Here. Abeg Make Una Open Thread 4 The Poor Guy Na. Mikuz Guykhena Laguna. Biko Make Una Attend To Captainflash jor!

grin you dey whine the guy abi........

Btw there's the "Lord Of The Rings Tourney" going on
Agriculture / Re: Enugu Set To Export Pineapples To Europe by shizzleStar: 7:56am
Good news, nice one from the governor. I felicitate with ndi Enugu cool
NYSC / Re: Batch B 2014 : Posted To Adamawa State, Let's Meet Here by ammier(m): 7:56am
Anyone moving from Abuja on Friday or Saturday??...
Food / Re: What Are The Foods And Beverages To Avoid During Pregnancy? by samuelfemo(m): 7:56am
really, oga o

Science/Technology / Re: Build Your Own Mini, Solar Power Unit. My Experiences Shared 100%! by umar2: 7:56am
Trippledots: Are you on a budget? will like to have a mini solar setup to power an emergency backup light bulb, run a table fan for 24/7 (useful for babies that cry alot due to heat when there is power outage), charge a laptop, charge phones and mobile devices, intermitent tv use (e.g to watch news or football matches)?

Join me as i share my experience down the road in building a mini solar 300va working unit. Works without mains charging whatsoever! (mains charging will be an additional benefit).

To join, simply quote me and drop ur whatsapp contact.

ps: All info shared or discussed are 100% personal effort, experience and research work ( thanks to and as such are in no way professional or certified submissions. All risks is solely borne by the user. thanks

Autos / Re: Very Clean 02/03 Honda Crv Reg(1st Body) 890k See Pix.... by tunnero2012(m): 7:56am
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Bayern Munich Champions Of Europe! by toba: 7:56am

Meaning what?
What i just said
Who does not know all this?
You're acting as if you don't know

The point is we had a valuable player in the final year of his contract who was unwilling to sign a new deal! We don't or didn't need Guardiola's consent to sell him off. If he is not happy he could always resign
He doesnt have to resign. Kroos was unhappy and needed to step up. Guardiola and sammer also talked to him about staying, but he made up his mind to leave

Simple metaphor you no fit understand! It seems ear-wax now occupy where your brains used to be
Metaphor? lol. What's the similarity or basis of comparison here?

So why are you bringing him up in the discussion?
Any crime in doing so?

How productive is it and how does it help Bayern's case?
You dont know how it helps Bayern's case.

Why have you not ever taken it upon yourself to discuss his matter in the right fora?
Where is the right platform for such to be discussed?

You are still shadow-boxing with yourself!
No. Im not

At least you didn't include [b]Friedrich and Podolsk[/b]i in your list anymore so we are making progress in my Tutorial.
Done on purpose cos it seems wider scope are difficult for you to understand.

Now for yourself you can see the players you listed aren't they virtuosos in their field? You can now realize the elite company the Boa-TANK is amongst
its not so elites cos many footballers would easily switch/combine roles. We've talked about kroos playing different roles for Bayern and Germany, which you easily discarded when the argument is against you

Hahahaha this troll is confused!
You can now see yourself vividly. Define trolling and tell me if what you've been doing here inst trolling. I guess my posts are 'infatuating' you

By posting Loew's comments against France you claimed Mertesacker was rested for cold and to counter the speed of the French.
I posted it here cos Low actually said so. Did he say so or not? Answer that simple question

You were asked a simple question you cannot answer and you are now playing the assumption game asking me to do your job for you loool you are a noob.
Nooooo Nooo Nooo. You didnt ask any obvious question. Thats more of a rhetoric. You are the deducing here and you would do better in telling us what actually happened. I'm more aligned with the status quo

Sorry Boa-TANK also played those games! Mertesacker's role was not more important than Boa-TANK
Please tell me which positions are more important and in proximity to the goal keeper in the back line?

Like what? SARS, Ebola, Tuberculosis? Bwahahaha
Yea. Isnt it possible that cold could have led to any other form of reaction? yes or No

That would be a bloody waste of time
I'll take this as an impossibility on your part.

Would you give your employee a 2 week paid leave because of a cold??
depends entirely on the situation at hand

Stop telling story for the gods
I have never told one

More like realistic! Two ACL tears is not beans even Ronaldo was never the same again it is downright eediotic to not tread cautiously

You hope for the best and expect the worst
In this case, it was about Badstuber pairing Dante in the defense and my optimism has paid off. Against Schalke, they were together and against VFL

Were we lacking options when we signed Benatia? You mean you would have been ok with just Boateng, Badstuber and Dante? Learn to always compare like scenarios
Honestly you're very very deceitful and cunning. You love to change argument when ever its against you. Stop making it look as if club transfer policy must be rigid. No more DVB, Martinez, hence the need for a CB to come can never be over emphasized. One CB can get injured and the other can be suspended. Thats Why against Man u, we had no Schweini in the midfield in Munich
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Uniport Admission Thread by Kindy: 7:56am
Sir Otoks,
Many thanks for all your kind assistance in dis forum. God bless u immensely and I know some day, many of us will appreciate u tangibly.

Pls how can I get a reliable source to press buttons for my sister's name to be in Suppl. List. She scored 201 in Jamb n 160 in Post Ume , History n Dipl Studies; from Imo but wasnt in d metit list. My email

I await your advice.

Thank you once more
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa Postponed Due To Fire Incident At BBA House In SA! by F117A: 7:55am

Being the entertainment capital doesn't make one an economic hub, mate. In terms of development and infrastructures, we set the pace, others follow. Nigeria may have the bigger GDP, but that doesn't mean anything.

South Africa will always rule, till your country gets their shìt together.
As you've rightly agreed ;Nigeria has the bigger GDP,which means there is more business going on in Nigeria than anywhere else in africa which makes it africa's economic hub.
Though i agree,SA has the better infrastructure, which is why SA has a stronger and more developed manufacturing sector than Nigeria.

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Literature / Re: Siblings............. by Princesschi(f): 7:55am
This brotherly and sisterly love btwn Osas and Adesuwa, hmm anyways, i comment my reserve.

Flakky i'm so glad that 'my husband' wil soon be back, buh wont that be too stressful? Jah is ur strength all d same.
Autos / Re: LOUd in IBADAN***Super Clean 2004 Toyota Corolla Sport @#1.550k by AUTOCRATIC: 7:55am
Romance / Re: Read What An Ss3 Student Wrote To Her Facebook Friends?what's Ur Reaction? by MisterLongman(m): 7:55am
Rantings of an idle kid......... Am very sure she would flop in an essay competition.

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