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Religion / Re: "Pastor Suspends Members For Watching T.B Joshua's TV Channel". Photos by zimbarere: 4:15am
why did the so called Journalist post this topic? i did not get his message. I am wandering his motives. Why was he so occupied with this when we have burning issues about our economy(exchange rate, inflation rate, unemployment), education (ASUU strike), the power sector, there is hunger in the city! Yet no palliative measures from the government, the government has banned rice where there was no strategic plan or support for Nigerian farmers to have increased production, we have touts extorting money blatantly in the city of Lagos in this 21st century, you don't even need to look far before you see fake preachers selling miracles in the street and yet this naive Journalist has nothing else to write. His write up has a catchy caption and i read it expectantly but i did not get his message.
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by megainvest: 4:15am
Just after selling my fbn @ 3.15 on Monday at a loss embarassed embarassed embarassed
Anyway I will use the money for a better deal. This NSE don tire me grin grin
Still keeping my uba and ucap.

Patience is key. Just make up your mind that no matter how long it takes, you will hold your position until you realise your reasonable target profit. The most important thing is the right entry price. Why the hurry?
Phones / Re: MTN Customer Care Thread by seunlayi(m): 4:15am
I got a message last October that I should go and re register my sim card. Can I still go now or I should just continue using it. 2. Can I do a sim swap for 4g?
Education / Re: 20 Facts About North Korea by Dominiquez: 4:15am
I won't be surprised to see an igbo man living in North Korea.
Investment / How To Make Free Bitcoins And Extra Income Using Less Cash! by MChaze25(m): 4:15am
Want to learn how to make make free bitcoins without paying any money and also make extra income with as low as N1,000 as your start-up plus other good stuffs, drop your number here and get added to my whatsapp group.
If you cant afford to risk the exposure of privacy as a guy or lady, send INTRESTED to patrickaroh@gmail.com or 07063988862 to get added up to the group
Literature / Re: Blood For Blood:a Tale Of Treachery by Yewandequeen(f): 4:14am
Good morning, how was ur night? I hope I Ill have enough updates to read by the time I get back from office? Keep the good work going man.

In anticipation.....
Politics / Re: Corruption: I’m Not Ready For Trial Now—justice Ngwuta by tit(f): 4:14am
Nice one by the judge. By the tine he unleash his seminal prowess on brainless buhari, buhari go cry for tv again.
Celebrities / Re: Kenneth Okonkwo Shares Testimony At Shiloh 2016 With His Wife (photos) by kellybrisibe: 4:13am
Lord you alone is GREAT..I TAP into the GLORY..FATHER give everyone looking for the fruit of the womb children IN Jesus NAME AMEN..
Politics / Re: Resource Control Bill Passes Second Reading by Seenyo: 4:13am
Finally! The bill that 'll reset the dumb nomad's brain & eventually coerce him to throw in the towel!
Buhari's ONLY achievement is the VERBAL diversification of nig's mono economy!...pathetically clueless dude!
Religion / Re: "Pastor Suspends Members For Watching T.B Joshua's TV Channel". Photos by monica40: 4:12am
Those picture of Jesus you see is not Jesus is Idolatry someone image. Biafrans remember Jesus die burial and rose went to heaven.Jesus have be off the cross.Our Jesus is a spirit in heaven not statues or images.if you want to know who is Jesus please go read(Revelation 1v13v14)Jesus is black not white only black people have wool hair.white people never have wool hair.
Politics / Re: "I Don’t Accept Gifts From People" - Aisha Buhari by exlinkleads(f): 4:12am

has it ever occurred to you that she's a beautician?
watin she dey beautify wey go give am money to buy just wrist watch worth 24m?

ur Zombism don start again
Travel / Re: Visa-free Travel To Canada For Mexican Citizens by dre4u(m): 4:12am
lalasticlala, fynestboi, ishilove, Seun
Politics / Re: FG Targets 7% Growth With Economic Recovery Plan by tit(f): 4:12am
Na beans?
Buhari na person?
Investment / Re: Sure Way To Increase Your Bitcoin By 20% Daily by Greatken007(m): 4:12am
Why is the sign up button not responding?
Technology Market / Re: ORDER UR GOODD from EBAY ,AMAZON,CRAIGSLIST ,OFFER UP AND LETGO! by onatisi(m): 4:10am

Please bro, how do I go about ordering on craigslist,can u give me ur contact or just add me with my contact in profile, I want to make some enquiries. Thanks in advance
Mikky will answer all your questions pertaining to criaglist and buying things from usa. I only deal in currencies
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by tdayof(m): 4:10am
Politics / Re: Trouble In Portharcourt City!! by nabiz(m): 4:09am
Silly kid keep on asking stupid question,don't go out and confirm what is happening. Keep on sitting in your dirty toilet and to be posting idiotic comments grin
... are you alright at all? I think the moderator should start screening people before allowing the to join nairalaand
Foreign Affairs / Re: African Militaries/ Security Services Strictly Photos Only And Videos Thread by tdayof(m): 4:08am

Travel / Visa-free Travel To Canada For Mexican Citizens by dre4u(m): 4:08am
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau formally announced the new policy that will make Mexican citizens travel to Canada without having to apply for a visitor visa (Temporary Resident Visa, or TRV).

The lifting of the visa requirement on December 1, 2016 means that Mexicans traveling to Canada by air will need an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before boarding a flight. Mexicans traveling to Canada over land require neither an eTA nor a TRV; these visitors simply need to present their passport at the port of Entry (border).

You will recall that American president elect, Donald Trumpt promised to build a great great wall' on Mexican-American border to prevent free inflow of the Mexican citizens, but now Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau opening Canadian border by giving visa Free Travel to Canada to the Mexican citizens, what an irony, some one said you are useless while the other said you are valuable.....http://www.enatoblog.com/2016/12/visa-free-travel-to-canada.html

Romance / Re: Who Blinks First, A Tale Of How 3 Girls Fought Over One Guy by wizzlyd(m): 4:08am
Anti-story Pls mention me when you update o Pls nice write up
Literature / Re: Who Am I? by oludare007: 4:08am
Flakkydagirl, Tummyyoung, Nancywealth, kingDELE, repogirl, PrettySpicey, Blessinzy, Nancydearie, ellahzy, Smallville10, saraphina,repogirl, Nancydearie, ritababe, obianuju95, nekanzee, osman1996, nancywealth, aprilwise, missmossy, mubzay, morsadh, nabla, shakyroh320, jblake, supersuave, poik, maoolakanm, oluplus, goodyj, uncjay, idyraph, mojysiola, itsawrappp, mhiz, kinmayor, phintohlar, odunsco01, mynd44, teeghurl, obiwann, mrsheddy, omotayo9177, dave16, jerrythafinisher, priestcharm, jolay554, niwdog, tolababa, morsadh, tori46, Fortunate32, ka52y, hermanie, analysiscorner, veraisbae, Nostradamus, flippycbk, aishat39, SPDAZZY, phintohlar, missmossy, chizzyMaris, morsad, mhiz, damirexnuga, ChizzyMaris, immatex, alexblazzzer18, fresho4real,

Chapter 12

I continued in prostitution and I used the money to buy my baby needs. I stopped when the belly was seven months and prepared myself for delivery. My mom and I weren’t as close as before and I didn’t give a fucck anymore. She said Carlos said I had to leave the house after I gave birth to my baby. He said he couldn’t afford to feed another mouth after I rejected the option to give up the baby for adoption.

The last months of my pregnancy was tough as hell. Both of them showed nothing but hatred. I could only be thankful that I had some cash stashed away. I fed myself, most of the times. It would have been better if I left the house, but I had nowhere to go. None of the guys wanted a pregnant lady as a girlfriend- I understood that. I became a damaged goods and it was more hell, walking the same neighbourhood I once walked like a queen, as a pregnant beggar.

My water got broken at the tenth month and I gave birth to David. Surprisingly, Carlos said I could stay. My mom was happy and she took care of the baby herself. Within two weeks, I was back to shape and was ready to hit the street to provide for myself and David. I did every exercise against the doctor’s instruction to rest for some weeks and in no time, I was the same old Rosa. Tall, beautiful, full lips, flowing black hair, wide hips, soft round butt, long fingers and clean nails. I was back to my full beauty, only with full and bigger better boobs!

I was adoring myself in the mirror, one day, getting ready for the evening, to get to work, when Carlos came inside with my baby.

‘Where’s mom?’ I asked as I collected my baby from him.

He was staring at me and I was scared, but more scared to show it.

‘What do you want, Carlos?’ I managed to say.

‘You know what I want, Rosa.’ He smiled from where he leaned against the doorway.

‘Please, don’t do this. Please!’ I begged. My voice was shaking, I was betrayed by it.

He closed the door and locked it. I started to beg and held the baby against my chest as a shield. I was sure that he wouldn’t attack me with the baby at hand, but I was mistaken. Carlos charged at me like a bull. He struggled to yank the baby away from me but I held him tight. He pulled the baby with one hand and punched me continuously in my face until I let go. I crashed against the mirror and it shattered. The shards rained all over me, where I lay.

Carlos threw the crying baby on the bed like it was never alive and pulled me by my hair, dragging me on the floor as I bruise myself against the shards of the shattered mirror. I screamed as my path left trails of blood as he dragged me along. He punched me again and again until I was helpless. My vision was blur, my head was banging as I watched him unbuckle his belt. He pulled down his pants and started to unbutton my jean. I tried to hold his hands but he punched me twice again and I fainted.

Minutes later, I came back with voices in my head. First, it was the sharp pitched voice of David, crying. Then I could hear mom and Carlos argue.

‘Why the fucck will you break down my fuckin door?’ Carlos shouted at mom, who was also shouting back!

‘What are you doing? Why is my daughter lying Unclad on the floor?’

‘I thought I sent you to the grocery store, you idiot?’ Carlos screamed.

‘So, you can do what? Why are you even wearing your trouser in half? What is this, Carlos?’

Carlos charged at mom and slapped her hard across her face! Mom turned to protect David as Carlos raised his arm for another blow, and slammed herself against the door frame, which ricocheted both mom and David in different directions. David wailed and I started to cry. I could hear my mom scream and David wail. Somehow, those gave me strength. I pulled myself up and didn’t bother to cover my unclothedness. It was apparent he was already in the act when mom interrupted him- I could feel it between my thighs.

I held on to a long sharp shard of glass as I crawled towards the wife-beater! Mom was trying to fight back. David was screaming hard. I drew more strength within and got to his back. Mom was already helpless-she lay still with a swollen face as Carlos continued plummeting her face. I climbed on his back and before he could swung me aside, I stabbed him in by the side of his neck with the shard. I held onto it as he struggled to be free- swinging like a pendulum. I stabbed him again and again, screaming in fulfilment and glued to his back like a laughing bad-advice, after a consequent.

Carlos was strong. He stood up and rammed me against the wall. I screamed but I refused to let go. I held on to the shard on his neck and held it in place; pressing it hard. With me on his back, he ran towards the flat screen TV and slammed me against it. This time, I fell off his back.
‘Dam!’ He said huskily. ‘You are fucking dead!’ He sprinkled out blood from many places through his neck as he talked.

I couldn’t explain where the strength came from, I charged towards him and pushed him hard. He tripped against a furniture and fell flat on his face. I grabbed a shard from the TV screen and stabbed him again- right beside his ears as he was trying to stand. He stood still… and fell back. I starred at his dead body, face down. His hands on the shard in his neck, I felt relieved.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that David was no more crying.

‘David!’ I screamed and sprang on my feet.

But I stopped immediately as I was faced with my mom with a clam face, with David in her hands, sleeping peacefully.

‘Mom…’ I wanted to explain.

‘I know, I know.’ My mom interrupted.

‘He raped me!’

‘I know, baby.’ My mom said. She spread her other hand and I curled myself into it.

‘I killed him.’ I cried softly.

‘It is okay, Rosa. Don’t think about that.’


‘Look at me. Go inside, pack your things and go to my brother, Pablo. U know him?’
I nodded.

‘Good. Tell Pablo exactly what happened and he is going to come take care of this mess. I will take care of David. You need to leave. Pablo will get you to the America.’


‘Listen to me, Rosa. You need to get your head cleared. Get out, now!’

And that was it. I never told my mom that the child belongs to Carlos, the jerk. Pablo got me to America, and that was the start a new really fuccked up life- the same one you have been reading about!

End of 12
Food / Soup Delivery In Abuja - Soup Embassy by businessMODE(m): 4:07am
If you could have a ready-to-eat pot of soup shipped to you at your home simply by placing a web-order, would you take the offer?

That’s exactly what the folks at Soup Embassy are offering. You can now order fresh soup online from Soup Embassy and get it delivered within hours. There cant be any better way to keep up with your busy schedule and still eat healthy than this. You get a pot delicious home made soup from Soup Embassy specially prepared to your specification.

According to their website, to order a pot of soup, you simply choose from a wide range of popular Nigerian soups and stews such as Efo riro, Egusi, Edikaikong, Afang, Okro, Ogbonno and get to pick “your choice of or a combination of beef, chicken, turkey” to go along with it – just as you would at your home kitchen.

Each pot is 4 litres of soup and costs between N7,500 and N9,500. For now the service is limited to Abuja but will move to Lagos, Port Hacourt, Ibadan and Benin City by January 2017.

Looking for >>> Soup Delivery In Abuja ? Trust Soup Embassy.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Lies Alot, What Should I Do? by veronicababy: 4:07am
Four years shocked shocked shocked shocked mba
Jokes Etc / Re: Who Mumu Pass Out Of These People by seunlayi(m): 4:07am
Definitely this :
9. A fulani man who choose to drink fanta because he thought sprite was unripe.
#See what they've turned our highly rated economy into
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 2 by TWoods(m): 4:07am
Good day house, I have been a guest long enough, I have been following silently long enough, so today. I will share my experience.
I applied for B1/B2 visa for me, my two sons (6, 4)and my sister, (14years) and we were scheduled for interview today. Below is my transcript.

First when we went in after all the clearance, we were directed to window 5.(abuja embassy) the lady there only took my little sister's finger print. and said that's all she needs. We then went to line up.
Unfortunately for them(not me shaa) against all my prayers there it was that very wicked VO in window 6 that was dashing yellow paper out like it's some naira bills that we were lucky enough to be in front. OK.. .

Vo:.... Ma'am... Please give me your passport
Me:.... Here: Good morning (gave her all four)
Vo:..... You are with them all... . (can't remember how ... ... she actually said it)
Me:..... Yes, my two sons and my sister, I touched them
VO... (looks at her system) mentions my sister's name' .. ...... .. is your sister, and 'mentions my sons name' are .. you sons..?
Me:..... Yes ma'am.
Vo:....... Have you travelled before?
Me:...... No
Vo:..... Where are you going to?
Me:. .. .New York
VO:..... who are you going to see
Me:..... My cousin, (mention's her name)... (though I mistakenly choose 'sibling' while filling the DS 160. ....... form, didn't tell her this though but I guess she .... .... .. can see that anyway

VO :........ What does she do?
Me:..... .. .Errmmm... I think she is a nurse (in the form I ticked do not know)

Vo:.. ..... Are you married?
Me:....... No
Vo:.......... Why are you going to New York.?
Me:.. .. .... Well first of all its Christmas holiday, I want to take the kids on a vacation, at lease let them not feel the vacuum of a father in their life, and again. In my office, our private aircraft is going to the US for maintenance, so I thought it'd better I used that opportunity too as it's gonna cut down on my spending much. (can't remember word to word, exactly how I responded. But I these were the points I stated clearly for her. (while I was speaking she stopped whatever she was reading to look at me. Her face lit a bit.)

Vo:..... What do you do?
Me:.... I am a geologist
Vo:..... Which school did you go to
Me :.. .I told her
Vo:.. ..What is ignous rock
Me:... I chuckled, (in my mind I was like, Haba naa, so elementary) I answered.

Vo:..... Where are your parents?
Me:..... My dad is late, my mum is here, at home.
Vo:... . You don't have your finger prints taken..
Me :... yeah. She didn't ask me, she only tool my sister's own, she Said it's the one she wanted.

VO... Ok, sorry, go back and get it done, then come back. Leave them here.

Me:.. .. I went, it's just next window. The lady attended to me immediately, while I was gone, she started interviewing my Lil sister

VO:....................How are you
My sister:... .. . Fine, thank you
Vo:..... ... ... .. .. What does your father do?
My sister :...... .He is late
Vo:...... ... ..... ...Owh. Sorry for your loss
Vo:... ... .. ....... What does your mummy do.
My sister :...... She is a teacher but she is retired now
Vo:..................(pointing towards my direction) is she your only sister, same parents?
My sister:.. . Yes

I now came back to her window. Gave her back my passport.

Vo:.........Ma'am what did you say you are going to US with your sons and sister.

Me: I repeated same things I told her initially. Not words to words though. I think it's this time I stressed the fact that joining our jet to US will greatly bring down cost for me. And the kid's always asking to travel on holidays like their mates at school...

Vo:.... Unfortunately ma'am... You are not qualified for a visa, go through the paper, bla bla blah... Gave me a yellow paper.

I almost froze, after all the plenty questions? Thought we would have broken the jinx of her not giving out visa this morning, after all the Visa fees for 4.? cry cry cry I ve been so sad since morning though. Didn't wanna talk to anybody. Didn't wanna eat. Been sleeping since then. Just woke up and decided to share this with you my wonderful family.

Please tell me where I went wrong, what could be done to right it. I really want to go with our jet and crew,.. They will be leaving by 2nd or 3rd week of December. (by the way..two of our pilots are Americans, they were begging me to have them send an invitation for us. And be our contact person. Cause I don't know, maybe it's cause I used my cousin or what.) and if I can go with my family, I will be the happiest person on earth. I love my job. And can't even think of leaving my mum here, that will kill her. I and my sister (adopted though) are her only kids. If I can reject every marriage proposals just to be with her and take care of her, why then will I even think of leaving her. If I am ever gonna relocate anywhere, I have to take her there first. no way.

I am just baring my whole heart to you people as I don't know what else to do, who else to talk to. My mum is happy somehow though. I won't mind her. wink wink

Cc: AbujaNIV, Mayflowa, Justwise

It was easy to refuse you:

1. As others have said, you're going with all your ties - kids with no dad to return to, only sister.
2. The only reasons you gave for traveling - free flight and your kids wanting to experience what their mates experience. Doesn't seem like you had a focus.
3. Most important, you seemed to have very little idea of who you claimed to be visiting.

Best advice, try the UK and then in about a year or 2, re-apply to visit on your own. Go and come back once or twice then apply for your kids.
Politics / Re: ‎FINALLY!!!! APC Owns Up, Says, Our First Steps In Office Created Problems by QuotaSystem: 4:06am


Always finding a way to defend the undefendables...
They may own up tomorrow about the national governance... hope you will defend them?

It take lies to hold onto lies but truth will prevail in its own time...

You must be having a really hard time...
Scrawling Nl to fish out threads that threatens your paymasters. grin

Your ilk thrive on misinformation, hence your irritation at my clarification wherever I stumble on such deliberate attempts to deceive the public like the thread title set out to do. As much as I would love being a stubborn bone in your wailing throats, financial analysis leaves me little time to dwell on wailers shenanigans as you amusingly suggested.

Run along now, you've been noticed (and will be accordingly ignored henceforth).
Health / Re: Typhoid Fever by nnamdiokere45(m): 4:05am

Thanks, I lost appetite before treatment but i have been eating after the treatment barely a week ago, but i have not regained my weight.
calm down...it is easier to lose weight dan gain weight.jst take ur mind of it n u wld b fyn
Celebrities / Fastest Growing Record Label Signs Star by YBMBgod: 4:05am
Dizboy with full name Uwanna Chinweizu signs to Dope Musik Entertainment.

The fastest growing record label signed the young rapper who happened to be an engineering student of University of Nigeria Nsukka

Go download his debut single
Dizboy - Bone That Thing

am just a #Dizboyan

Politics / Re: Resource Control Bill Passes Second Reading by Jelomy: 4:03am
DOA. People like Aregberascal would clearly see a reason not to pay salaries and infrastructural development.
States like Lagos and Ogun go use tax pursue people comot.
The northern governors would turn their people into refugees in their own land.
As for the Eastern and the South South governors, Na season of plenty(Ebonyi state excluded)
It's a good form of development, but it can never happen.
why is Ebonyi state excluded? Do you know anything about Ebonyi in relation to mineral resources? Smh for you..
Music/Radio / Re: What Music Are You Listening To Right Now? by Calculux95(m): 4:03am
Jon Bellion - Guillotine

The human condition is an amazing album

Business / Re: Currency/E-currency Market Deals by onatisi(m): 4:02am
Neteller needed
Business / Re: Michael Ibru’s Service Of Songs In Lagos (Photos) by jared007: 4:00am
One of the richest man in nigeria before the civil war. The 3 richest men then was Dantata, Ojukwu and Ibru.

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