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Autos / Re: Tokumbo 2005 Model Honda Eod @1.350m by wonder10: 12:12pm
Education / Re: 2014/2015 Uniport Admission Thread by pokodude(m): 12:12pm
Na tru na,u 4 put imsu na quality i dey find oh
so wats D exceptional quality abt Uniport? Careless talk...
Celebrities / Re: See Yinka Ayefele And His Wife On Their Wedding Day Before His Accident by onatisi(m): 12:12pm

grin grin grin I mean bed performance
wrong. Cross check your facts from ppl living in ibadan and they will tell u ayefele bangs ladies .
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by Cutekemitola(f): 12:12pm
seriously ? Am in accounting dept too, av seen my call up no
like seriously,i should knw you then....this present set?
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by dammyg319(f): 12:12pm
how come laveda wasnt immune last week? or is it because she didnt win a 'task'?
laveda didnt win last week HOH was sammy...laveda was d HOH in the first week.. thats why she was immune and all the other 25 HMs were up
Family / Re: Deciding A Child's intimate Orientation? by Odilafta: 12:12pm
It's all in a bid to copy the whites

When he turns out to be gay tomorrow,the same parents would start crying foul,saying village witches are at work

We reap what we sow
Politics / Re: How Lagos Spent N160 Bn World Bank Loan – Fashola by buoye1(m): 12:12pm
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Africa 'hotshots' Official Thread by MoyoGENERAL: 12:12pm
Culled from BBA site

Congratulations to Nhlanhla for winning Head of House for
this week! This only means good things for the South African
gentleman who automatically became immune from
Biggie gave the housemates a task to figure out how many
Jelly beans were in the jar that he had placed outside, in the
garden. The jar had 5954 Jelly beans and the five
housemates that guessed closest to this number were
Nhlanhla, Sheillah , Tayo, Ellah and M’am Bea . The five
housemates automatically qualified to participate in the
Head of House game.
Biggie arranged the “Bobbing for Head of House Task” in the garden in which housemates would challenge each other.
The hands of housemates were tied behind their backs and each had to stand behind a bowl. Each bowl contained both
black and white balls and as well as coloured balls. At the sound of the buzzer, the housemates had to use their mouths
to retrieve only the coloured balls from the bowl. Housemates had to run across the garden to the opposite end of the
garden where they would drop the ball into a plastic tube.
The first housemate to fill their tube with only the coloured balls from their bowl would win the next Head of House.
Nhlanhla won this task and will reign througout this week. Are you happy for him?

e be like say klanklar Will be IMMUNE!!!!
Car Talk / Re: Jebba - Mokwa Road. Where are the contractors by ayusco85: 12:12pm
Hmmmm. Am seeing things. You know if she sees this you in soup.

The road in my opinion is not as bad as the Kogi -okene lokoja road. That's the worst road ever. I followed there during the raining season and it was something else.

this girl u sabi naija roads. but i think that okene-lokoja road is bad during the rainy season. but that mokwa road na hell fire o cheesy cheesy
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Meet New Cool People And Just Make Friends by shegxi(m): 12:12pm
am still alive people grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: F C M B Invite by instinct57vm: 12:12pm
Kindly give d mail u sent ur cv to.. Here's my number n email...any1 will do...Thanks
Health / Re: W.H.O Has Officially Declared Nigeria Ebola Free by M4gunners: 12:11pm
Good news only if US will agreed.
Health / Re: W.H.O Has Officially Declared Nigeria Ebola Free by obailala(m): 12:11pm
Bad news. What becomes of all the containers of hand sanitizer my brother just imported from China? He sold 14 containers in less than one week before importing another 48 that are still at Apapa wharf. Chineke m eeeeeeeeh. Nna mehn, this is bad news!
lol... Ebola isn't the only evil that can be prevented with hand sanitizers. It is still a good hygiene practice to have hand sanitizers in offices, hospitals, schools and all other public places; this is standard practice in developed nations.

Your brother can start a sensitization and still get to sell his 48 containers (albeit at a slower rate) for the benefit of Nigerians.

But wait oo, 48 containers? shocked shocked that is pure greed cheesy cheesy grin
Business / Re: Young And Aspiring Entrepreneurs In Abeokuta,let's Meet! by biggboy(m): 12:11pm
Am I still a bonafide member? I didn't get any invite (mail or text) for the meeting. I remember when I was still on BBM I was part of the group. We had bantee, kingwax Mr A.A and the likes then. My BBM name is Da'bishop. Thanks and have a successful enterprise week.
Health / Re: NEW BORN BABIES! Are U A New Mum? Then Lets Discuss Babies Here!!!!! by jboixxx(m): 12:11pm
Jboixxx, thanks so much.

I gave him d cereal wtout milk but added milk to his pap, didn't use sugar though because I tasted it & it was sweet enough.

Great suggestion @ d dropper for d meds & givin it to him inbetween feedssmiley

He eats other foods but very little quantity. Few days ago, he ate semo and ogbono from my plate. He also likes drinking water.
Good. That's how they start...little by little.... Keep trying. He might also want to play while eatn too. My son sometimes won't eat if he's restricted but would do if he's free. There were days he won't eat if his mum try feeding him with another spoon/bowl until she changes to his desired one. Also, maybe your hubby should try feeding him sometimes....if he has a fav toy, give him while attempting to feed him. Make feeding be fun to him - in any way possible.
These are some things we do when my son starts his "funny act".
Politics / Re: Tanmites Protesting In Abuja Yesterday After Being Paid 1k Each Instead Of 5k. by ISpiksDaTroof: 12:11pm
You know, I asked this question before but neva got a good answer. Barcanista and it that you work from home, are jobless or you guys get paid for this? The amount of time and energy being put into this 'cause' is baffling.

Secondly, I doubt any of this has achieved or will ever achieve anything. I believe that going back and forth with accusations and counter-accusations online can achieve nothing.

Buhari's tenure as President also had serious failings. Its amazing that some of you can't pick up a good book to read or have just resolved to ignore the truth. I was one of those who actually wanted the APC to pick Kwankwaso, I would have voted for him and then convinced every person I come across to do same. The man has done wonderfully well and would have been a formidable candidate.

Buhari deserves a rest, if not for the greedy nature of Nigerian politicians, he should have endorsed Kwankwaso and thrown his full weight behind him.

A Kwankwaso-Fashola ticket would have been unbeatable, not so sure about Buhari's chances. Most of us are tired of seeing his face on the ballot paper every four years.

A Kwankwaso-Fashola ticket would have been unbeatable, yes, but all you're going to get in that regards is corruption by a different clique, (maybe) on a smaller--but still significant--- scale. I do not doubt that they are good administrators, I just fear that the duo will not SINCERELY tackle corruption. Tell me, what has been their record in stamping out corruption, indiscipline, physical abuse, assault, violent crimes etc in the various states they've governed? Thats what I want to know. What Nigeria needs is a sharp drop in corruption and creating a business friendly environment which will in turn lead to development. Corruption will never let Nigeria rise!

Imagine a Nigeria where cops don't demand and ask for bribes, are properly funded and compensated for their jobs, properly equipped and trained in modern crime prevention and detection techniques etc. Imagine a Nigeria where red tapism is minimal or non existent. Or one where workers' right are protected in the court of law. Imagine a Nigeria where you can't just assault, hit or even slap someone in the face without facing consequences in a court. A Nigeria where even spitting on someone is considered assault? A Nigeria where the people act civilized and behave in a disciplined and orderly manner. I don't think you understand how much corruption and indiscipline has destroyed basically every facet of Nigerian society. Your country is a jungle and until some kind of sanity and order is restored, all you'll keep having is paper development which will never resonate in the life of the common man.
Business To Business / Re: Make Monney In Mobile Cash Code by Akdams(m): 12:11pm
GAYENI72: am intrested[font=Lucida Sans Unicode][/font] grin[color=#990000][/color]

check your mail.
Thank u.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by CoCoLav(f): 12:11pm
serzly? To me dey are all friendly.....likez of Mr Akindele,mr yusuf nd the security himself.......

Unless they have changed the security. It used to be one old man like that that used to form DSA. Be giving unsolicited advice.

Do you know anything about the process for collecting NYSC id card?
Politics / Re: 2015: Fashola Debunks Notion Of Being Buhari's Running Mate For Presidency by fkaz(m): 12:11pm
Why is vanguard the only new outlet spreading anti-fashola VP news? Well, they're PDP's.

The name Buhari/Fashola is now a threat to PDP and their supporters, the combo is wicked one.
Nairaland / General / Funny Pictures That You Will Look Twice by timawoku(m): 12:11pm
Here are some pictures that you will look twice!

Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 6 by eddy20: 12:11pm

Well, I get your point sha. I didn't pay attention to details. But then again, is the solution to book and pay for accommodation near the main campus that I will be using maybe once or twice in a week Then what if I then book a place close to the main campus and then in this present application, the VO then notices that my own campus is that of Calgary, won't it still cause same issue??
Sorry to ask plenty questions ooh, buh I really need to be sure of the next step to take
just book a hotel close to the skool or accomodation for just 1 or 2 months and include it in ur application.then wen u arrive their u can start living with ur sis....
Celebrities / Re: This Is Probably A silly Question. by kingolovich(m): 12:11pm
I tell my mummy i love her everytime we talk on phone but to her face, i havent been able to. kiss

my daddy is a "military" man so no such drills! angry
yes. on fone
Business / Clickbank Secrete Formular Exposed! by Bolic(m): 12:11pm
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packaged in pdf format and could be delivered electronicaly to u anywhere around the world. whatsapp me on +2348171729945.
this is just for a limited time.
Education / Re: 30 Harmful Things To Stop Doing To Yourself by thernee: 12:11pm

U no understand? Tiny brain ain't no brain: the head alone will overwork the useless "wool" u've got there. Now imagine that's what y'all share? grin one tiny brain divide by the number of y'all losers grin grin
Ignoramus angry
you shoulda just kept your pit shut instead instead of coming here to display your level of stupidity.
Career / Re: About Sap? by afrobaby(f): 12:11pm

Yes, It will boost your Cv for sure.. We at Simcura, South Africa. We are SAP B1 Partner and our Software Prices beat most in Nigeria.. We offer sales of B1 Software, Implementation, Training and support as me: or

Oh, thanks but we've already given the contract to another company
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Urgent Vacancies In A Guest House by Joy83(m): 12:11pm
executive marketers needed please
What are the job functions like and the environment including remuneration
Politics / Re: Defection: Bianca Ojukwu Lambasts Peter Obi, Shuns Ex-gov In Netherlands by 1stola: 12:11pm

Keep quiet,you ugly son of a village prostitute!
I don't blame you OK.
Na your papa, dat bus conductor drunkard and your wh0re old hag mother from aluu community I blame.
Bastárd flat head son of a whôre.
Politics / Re: Defection: Bianca Ojukwu Lambasts Peter Obi, Shuns Ex-gov In Netherlands by Tinyemeka(m): 12:11pm
Just like her late husband she accepts political appointments from the same people who were responsible for murdering over 3 million of her people, shame on you Bianca and everything you stand for.

Only in a backward country full of ignoramuses can you be taken seriously.
Just take a look at what you are saying.

Who exactly did she receive that political appointment from? You are flying off at tangent.
Phones / Re: Gionee Pioneer P2 Discussion Thread. by Warlord3000(m): 12:11pm

Lol...longest time bro.

See I finally flashed the JellyMixi ROM smiley and I'm loving it.

I mentioned you to help me in taking screenshots o. You know say you be my Oga as far as customizing is concerned.

Lol... No problems sir

Very very good ROM .. Told ya you will love it..

If the combo keys of power and volume doesn't work well for you..

I prefer using gravity box with xposed installer to tweak your fone..

That way u don't need to press any key again.

Just draw down the up screen drawer and press the Screnshot option ..

Whatever screen you are on at that point get captured..

Try it..

Politics / Re: Nigeria’s New Auto Policy Drops import By 20% by Ikengawo: 12:11pm
It makes buying new local cars cheaper than new foreign ones.
Celebrities / Re: Mr Ibu And Family(pics) by buoye1(m): 12:11pm
D picture self dey make laFf
Car Talk / Re: Jebba - Mokwa Road. Where are the contractors by gistmelove(m): 12:11pm
abandone project grin grin

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