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Forum Games / Re: Come in Here and Share your WEIRD Thoughts by MizMyColi(f): 3:18pm
I had this thought of winning a car at the diamond bank extra savings acct.(that salary for life stuff).
Am yet to open the account. grin

Lmao cheesy cheesy cheesy
What are you waiting for
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 6 by Walspring: 3:18pm
Happy new year friends! It's been sometime.

30 pages to cover.


please don't give up on me, I've been away for real.

I thought as much...

I am not giving up on you since am still looking up to you.. gringringrin

How family

Singing welcome back for you by #Mase ...
Politics / Before Pdp Twists This Story:pdp Thugs On Rampage In Gombe Over Campaign Funds by beopened: 3:18pm
Thug War In PDP Campaign Over Funds

Trouble started at the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) governorship campaign rally in Dukku Local Government Area of Gombe State, when cars belonging to the campaign team in the state, were destroyed by aggrieved political thugs hired to fill the campaign ground and were allegedly not paid for their “services.”

Punch reports that the party thugs resulted to violence when they realised that officials of the party were not willing to give them their “their welfare packages”.

In the ensuing confusion that followed, the wind screens of no fewer than 10 cars, belonging to the campaign team, were damaged by the rampaging thugs, who were wielding cutlasses, sticks, iron rods and many other dangerous weapons.

Other supporters at the rally reportedly fled to avoid being caught in the crisis.

An eyewitness, who craved anonymity for security reasons, said, “The boys (thugs) were promised N50, 000 for the occupants of each of the campaign buses, but none of the officials was willing to listen to them even as the occasion was winding up.”

Meanwhile the Chairman of the PDP in the State, Mr. Shuaibu Sabulu, confirmed he heard about the incident, but had yet to set his eyes on the damaged cars.

“I can’t confirm the incident because my eyes have not seen the cars and no one has brought his damaged car to me. As you heard it, that is the way I heard it. So, even if I tell you that it is a lie, then I’m correct. I’ve heard it but I have not seen it.

“We left immediately after the occasion. We have always advised our supporters to shun violence,” he concluded.

Romance / Re: Guys, Do You Find Ladies With High Cheekbones Attractive? by Nneka123(f): 3:18pm
from victorious sitcom?
Politics / Re: Photos: President Jonathan Campaigns In Nasarawa State! by ceo4eva: 3:18pm
@ceo4eva, you doing a great job as always. A Picture speaks thousand words and it's apparent here. Victory is assured on the 14 feb cuz light and darkness can never have a good Chemistry. Thank u so much, bro.
Thanks bro! I do appreciate!
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Pride Of London by raumdeuter: 3:18pm
chelsea av been trashing bayern 4-2 long..... Well i expect u to blame it on that single mistake

Mistake? Which mistake you made a mistake in the scoreline you made a mistake in the location and you had the liver to call that small.

Last meeting between both sides bayern trashed chelsea.

Even Mourinho got his worst career loss from pep bayern coach.

By every measure in football compared to bayern chelsea is a non entity
Celebrities / Re: Buhari's Late First Wife And Their Kids (Photos) by kingthreat(m): 3:18pm

Because hes someone's father i shouldnt state the obvious huh? Funny
And for my prayer to u, u claimed Buhari is fit. Since we all wanna be fit, i therefore wish u same fitness

Go screw yourself
Phones / Re: Who Says Mkt Phones Like Tecno Is Not Good by lanre316: 3:18pm
Guy you re a fool ooo..

Thanks for your compliment cool
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: INEC Recruitment 2014 (ADHOC Staff Vacancies)-apply by Gideon360t: 3:18pm
i av been to ifo Local no list is pasted, they wi just ask u wether u receive or not. And wi ask u to come wt ur NYSC Certificate or . . .
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: Pride Of London by JigsawKillah(m): 3:18pm

So the 3-2 you claimed at Allianz only happenedin your dreams never happened in reality, grin

do you now agree that you like most chelsea fans are ignorant? It's like the most clueless football fans are gathered to support chelsea

From 3-2 at Allianz top 4-2 at Stamford bridge what next you would say Chelsea beat bayern 100-1 at Bauchi stadium

Oga e done do
Wait till we cross paths again
Politics / Re: I Never Thought APC Would Last This Long – Okupe by sucess001(m): 3:18pm
APC Far Better Than Pdp,Jonathan Very Corrupt- Fani Kayode(video)
Romance / Re: Five Amazing Facts About Ladies by Emodeee: 3:18pm
They claim to be a virgin even wen they r nt.
Phones / Re: Infinix zero discussion thread! by Simran94(f): 3:18pm

Which version, 1gb/8gb or 2gb/16gb?
Wt colour?
Selling for how much?
And, whre is ur location?

My number, 0813 597 1999

. 2gb/16gb, gold in colour and not up to 1 month. still have the pack and receipt. I stay in Abeokuta, funaab
Romance / How Men Communicate In Relationship... Do You Agree With This?????? by jerrymej(m): 3:18pm
In relationships, men express themselves in different ways from women. This stems from the fact that not only is the male way of thinking different, just the simple notion that the body makeup differs is a pointer to the differences in individual’s communication code.
For men, it is important for the significant other to be able to decode how the male partner communicates his needs in a relationship. Eric J. Leech, writer and relationship expert, shares his thoughts.
Straight to the point While a woman has the tendency to dwell on details, men prefer to go straight to the point. Many men do not like to use many words to communicate their feelings.
“He removes all the long, unnecessary details, and gets right down to the conclusion. So, when you ask a man to tell you how his day went, all he’ll say is that it was fine. That means it was a good day. When you ask if he’s happy in your relationship and he says it’s good, take it to mean that he sees you in his “happily ever after.” Just because you don’t get details, it doesn’t mean you’re not important,” Leech observes.
Silence is golden Women are usually in the mood for an array of discussions while men would rather take time to think. This period of silence has the tendency to worry a woman to the point that she thinks she has probably done something wrong. However, as Leech notes, a
man’s silence is actually a form of communication. In this mode, it is necessary for a woman to focus instead on the man’s body language and other non-verbal signs.
According to Leech, “You can assume that your guy is happy when he’s quiet, most of the time. Guys don’t advertise their happiness the way women do, so go ahead and take his silence to mean that he’s content.”
Need to be alone As much as romantic relationships involve being together, men sometimes want to be alone, even when the house is full. Thus, if he can’t find some quiet space within the confines of his home, he may seek solace elsewhere. This doesn’t necessarily translate into the fact that he is uncomfortable with the sight of loved ones, but he may need the time to work out some issue and needs the peace of mind and absolute quiet. Leech advises women to “Give him the respect and the time he needs to work things out for himself. Also, consider that men concentrate on one thing at a time. Sometimes you’ll be the centre of his universe. Other times, it will be his career or his health. But just because he pushes you away, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. He’ll be back.”
Romance / Re: Have Gays/ Lesbians Hit On You Before? Share Your Experiences by goshap(m): 3:18pm

lolllllll.... gay with humor... so u hv a redeeming trait after all

I mean d humor part mind u
IS IT ME OR THIS MUST BE LOVE?, this thing between me and yhu.WELL SORRY I DONT DO NYASHLESS GUYS. not sorry it dnt work out.
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Man Rapes 5-year-old Inside National Stadium by Coolguy89(m): 3:18pm
He shld be kill by castration,I hate rapists.
Politics / Re: I Never Thought APC Would Last This Long – Okupe by AreaFada2: 3:18pm
If you are not from the north, please leave there before Febuary 14, 2015. If Buhari should mistakenly lose whether by rigging or free and fair election, you will be the first casualty, whether you voted Buhari or not. The corpers that died in 2011 are enough examples. If you are not a Niger Deltan, leave that place before February 14. They have been promising hell if Jonathan doesn't return. Nigerians be wise. Do not waste your life on politicians, because not one of them will lose their lives in the coming election. The soldiers and police Meant to secure your lives are attached to each of them in dozens. Jonathan nor Buhari is a magician. Corruption can only be wiped out by you. If you work in the civil services don't help to manipulate figures or systems or taxes and report to work early. Don't give police and FRSC bribes for circumventing the laws. Don't steal from your office till, do not cheat your fellow man. Do not demand money or contracts from politician in exchange for votes. Reject gifts from them. The cumulation of this vices is what is called corruption. Nigeria wil change if we change because APC is PDP and PDP is APC, there is no change in that.

You be correct young lady. You make sense.
Phone/Internet Market / Re: Universal Internet Modem With Card Reader + Memory Card @ Great Price by JesusCrew: 3:18pm
Thnks 4 your enquiries, calls, suggestions, advice & above all your patronage. U ARE SIMPLY D REASON WE ARE IN D BUSINESS!

We there4 maintain our promise dat u'll never be disappointed in our products & services.

Also watch out for varieties of products we'll be coming up with soonest, all at affordable prices: JUST FOR YOUR PLEASURE.
Technology Market / Re: Specuit Cargo || Pre-Order From China, USA, Dubai & The UK | Fastest Freights... by SBOLA45: 3:18pm


Please, specify size and colour.


Charcoal, 44
Nairaland / General / Re: How And Why Did You Join Nairaland? by Nmeri17: 3:18pm
been think say dm dh share naira notes embarassed
Phones / Re: GIONEE M2 Discussion Thread. by BASILJNR(m): 3:18pm
What is this one saying? is anyone bearing Lu ui here?
We not in Thailand bro
L UI ROM BY RGN IS TOTAL CRAP compared to S4 themed ROM by RGN
Celebrities / Re: And Koko Master Dbanj Responds To "Broke" Rumours by Henix(m): 3:18pm
Oga Titus
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Man Rapes 5-year-old Inside National Stadium by ireneony(f): 3:18pm
What do you expect from that trash stadium
Literature / Re: Open Letter To Literature-landers- By D9ty7. by Divepen(m): 3:18pm
I actually read all through this post.

The encouragement part caught my attention, very true. You may have to speak for yourself though, you want the encouragement/criticism...not every writer wants that @ criticism.

I can remember vividly asking a question/criticism on a work here on Nairaland, the writer(I don't wanna mention names) gave me this exegegis on how professional writing works. Yes he/she is a writer, I am a financier- I may not know the Pros and Cons of writing but @least from a neutral point of view I believe I made lil sense. He/she didn't even consider my point.

Since then, I don't comment @ all or I write "you're the bomb" - I actually thought they love to hear that. grin

I have also seen situations were you criticise and some people would come for you like an anticipated prey.
Oh! I remember this case. The guy began to show off his accolade. I could stop laughing
Politics / Re: Photos: President Jonathan Campaigns In Nasarawa State! by Samchelsea(m): 3:18pm
o.m.g see swagggggggggg.......God bless Jonathan for giving northern children hope
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Man Rapes 5-year-old Inside National Stadium by tboyzy(m): 3:18pm
No matter the urge..chai
The guy should be castrated ASAP
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Man Rapes 5-year-old Inside National Stadium by prince2blinks(m): 3:18pm
c wetin buhari dey cause
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Sales Executive Recruitment 2015 by naijaspeak(m): 3:18pm
Nigerian Breweries is discriminating between HND Holder and the Bsc Holders. The company is accepting Bsc Lower credit but rescricting the jobs to HND holders with Upper Credit.

This is unfairs to polytechnic applicants. The minimum should be Lower credit for Bsc holders and Lower credit for Hnd holders. Nigerian Breweries is complicating the application process.

This is really unfair.
Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Man Rapes 5-year-old Inside National Stadium by DavidGodwin(m): 3:18pm
Phones / Re: Tecno Are Bloody Liars: Don't Fall Victim by aliyug79: 3:18pm
1GB...1200 NAIRA
2GB...2400 NAIRA
3GB ...3600 NAIRA.
Call 08053635768 & 08143285527.
Celebrities / Re: Annie Idibia: "I Wish I Was The Mother Of All 2face's Children, Seven Of Them" by farano(f): 3:18pm

Kill yourself/committing sucide .... exactly the reason I called u "Ofeke!"
Lmao! Stop reasoning with your biro.

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