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Music/Radio / [video] Wizkid – Wonder by OgagaMic(m): 2:00am
Award winning singer/ceo starboy
“Wizkid” returns with his
by releasing visuals to his trending
single “Wonder” which was produced by

Fresh video directed by “Genesis
Lawanson” .

Download , watch Here
Politics / Re: Why Aren't Africans Giving Solidarity For Michael Brown? by gatiano(m): 2:00am
have you ever listened to farrakhan? he not only care about black americans, he cares about all blacks on the planet. now he won't allow any person to just mix with the muslims, not even the arabs. look at the shootings going on now, farrakhan had already said it would happen as far back as 2013, and this is just a tip of the iceberg. also to all other black people of the earth. boko haram is now a means to an end for the europeans to enter nigeria. and several other places. i know you didn't say he pulled the trigger. if he had any part in it and with the ways and the audacity with which he speaks against injustice, don't you think this american justice department filled with ku klux kan members would have fish something out if he had anything to do with it? if they couldn't, then we may as well say he is instrumental in the death of tupac shakur too. The world are on set when farrakhan speaks (people that know of him).


We all do not care about him especially the whites.
Farakahn dosen't care about black Americans unless they are Muslims.
Like I said, he was instrumental in killing Malcom, I didn't say he pulled the trigger.
The FBI my foot.
Autos / Re: Lagos Cleared Luxurious Bus (bluebird) For Sale @ 3.5 M In Ibadan.(give Away) by olumuyiolaoluwa: 2:00am
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by tunazi(m): 2:00am
I flow hard like river nile.......
My approach filled with tactics call em la liga style.......
I bet I could be called Nigeria's jigga.......
cos when I rap sounds like i'm pulling triggers......
if you don't like me have my middle finger........
my rating goes gold so call me the gold digger........
I went from student to something y'all can't reach........
I'm a murder you folks with 8 bars each
Celebrities / Re: Why I Always Grab My bosoms In Photos - Ruth Kadiri by kayalla(f): 2:00am
this not grab, this is holding my bosom.

who ask am sef?
Romance / Re: Which Countries Have The Most Beautiful Girls In Africa Per Ratio? by axum: 2:00am

There's no claiming. The fact of the matter is you said Cushitic people don't live in Tanzania and I've proved you wrong. Like it or lump it, many Kenyan and Tanzanian Bantu ethnic groups have Cushitic ancestry! Deal with it!

Thats like saying Many Europeans and Arabs have Cushitic ancestry. All of humanity is related in that matter.

The fact that these cushitics, are isolated says a lot.

Bantus are vile creatures, backwards, and are ugly.

All of the history, culture of the world emerged from the Horn of Africa.
Romance / Re: Do LOVERS Go CAMPING In NIGERIA? by osile2012: 1:59am
Our environment is just too harsh to express love fully . Thats Sad. No adventure at all. sad sad
Education / Re: Nairaland Mathematics Clinic by Nastydroid(m): 1:59am

hmmmm....a welcome approach...looks more technical than mine... cheesy grin
i prefer urs tho,i seems to understand it easily
Celebrities / Re: Hot Couple: Gbenro Ajibade & Osas Ighodaro At Tayo Faniran’s Welcome Party by mesoade(m): 1:59am
Good luck to them

The guy looks gayish sha
na una dey knw una selves na
Politics / Re: An Academic Document Written By Goodluck Jonathan In 1985, At UniPort by ShakaZullu: 1:58am
A terrorist can never rule a united Nigeria

Buhari will fail and cry like a monkey he is

Buhari is a terrorist
Tinubu is a bastard
Osinbajo is a vagabond
Gej till 2019
Phones / Re: New Release Tecno H6 - The Spec And Price Will "Wow" You by TheTega(m): 1:58am

Drop ur digits, let's talk on WhatsApp

Politics / Re: PDP Has Created Many Wealthy Nigerians- Jonathan by Lucasbalo(m): 1:58am
I doubt if Obama would make such a statement of its citizens where more than 50% of them have access to basic necessities of life. In Nigeria d reverse is d case, more than 60% of its citizens are denied access to basic necessities of life e.g shelter,food and employment. I love u Mr President, but I hate d way u talk most times, it seems u don't know how more than 70% Nigerians struggle to survive everyday?
Way more than 50% of Americans have access to basic necessities of life. Will put it at 85% to 90% of Americans. Anyway, your assertion is still right on point on the inept GEJ.
Nairaland / General / Re: 200 Workers(cleaners) Needed How To Work In Dubai... by osile2012: 1:58am
Na so Dubai dirty reach? grin grin grin grin
Music/Radio / VIDEO: Wizkid – Wonder by djgunz: 1:57am
As promised Wizkid continues his #StarBoyMonday series as he puts out the visuals to the Del-B produced single “Wonder”.

Enjoy the raunchy flick, directed by Genesis Lanre Lawanson (MadHouse)


Celebrities / Re: Maheeda Turns Down N30m To Star In A Pornographic Movie by mesoade(m): 1:57am
#30m . . Is just too much 4 her . . Na #100 recharge card dem supose offer am
Family / Re: Is This How Much Money Can Change People? by missdebs(f): 1:57am
money reveals the true character of a man
Phones / Re: Why You Can Never Guess Correctly A Recharge Pin! by icycoolmik: 1:57am
if you have ever generated prime numbers in a computer program between 1 - 100,000, you will find out that a lot of the numbers that you see on any recharge cards are either prime numbers, or multiple of primes.

with this information the probability of guessing the correct sequence of numbers on a recharge card is not as low as you think.

if you scratch any recharge card and reveal the digits, dividing any of the numbers you see on the card by the appropriate factor (either 3, 5, or 7) usually yields a prime number. grin

just don't get your line barred though. DO NOT STEAL AIR TIME CREDIT

(a prime number is a number that can be divided by only itself and 1)
Celebrities / Re: Amazing Facts (photos) by Missmossy(f): 1:57am
cheesy Hahaha grin

Jackie Chan's story is so amusing!

1 Like

Politics / Re: Why Aren't Africans Giving Solidarity For Michael Brown? by Duru1(m): 1:56am

You complain if we call ourselves African Americans stating that we aren't Africans, now you complain that we hate Africans and don't want to be called African Americans but Black Americans, boy are some of you fickle.

Real African does not protest the death of a petty criminal such as Michael Brown.
Music/Radio / Re: Top 10 Songs That Rocked Nigeria In 2014 by Ochillary(m): 1:56am
wetin be orezi?
Politics / Re: An Academic Document Written By Goodluck Jonathan In 1985, At UniPort by ShakaZullu: 1:56am
^^^ my guy this trash you upload to depend your pay master shall not work out here. The Otueke drunkard rent is over and the landlord is no more interested,2015 February he must pack and go period.

BUHARI will cry again


Buhari is a terrorist
Tinubu is a bastard
Osinbajo is a vagabond
Gej till 2019


Politics / Re: Graphic Photos From Scene Of Bomb Blast In Gombe Today by M4gunners: 1:56am
This won't stop Gej from wining.Who God has blessed no can curse.Anyway RIP to the dead!
Can you imagine.Na fire wood wen dem use dia hand feche.
Religion / Re: Blogs Of Ex-members Of Christ Embassy Church? by donstevico(m): 1:56am
if only people could focus on serving God.
Politics / Re: Why Aren't Africans Giving Solidarity For Michael Brown? by khia(f): 1:55am
have you seen any bold leader as louis farrakhan? show me except for malcome x and elijah muhammad. show me one and still standing.

The hell with being bold, anyone can run his mouth, what has he done?
Webmasters / Re: Get Free Massive Traffic To Your Website Instantly by osile2012: 1:55am
I hope there are no long registration forms on these sites.
Education / Re: List Of Nigerian Undergraduate Scholarships And Their Worth by Nastydroid(m): 1:55am
can a ND1 student apply
Romance / Re: What Will You Do,if The Wrong Guy/girl Loves You Right. by missdebs(f): 1:55am
i swear m in d same dilenma
Webmasters / Re: By The Power Bestowed Upon Me By Nobody In Particular, I Hereby. . . . by osile2012: 1:54am
Ok keep it up, someday your site will be among the top brands to be rated on the site on my signature. Click the link on signature to rate top brands,products and people in Nigeria.
Family / Re: Words From A Father To A Son About Marriage by babygirlfl: 1:54am

1. My son, if you keep spending on a woman and she never asked you if you’re saving or investing, and she keeps enjoying the attention, don’t marry her.

2. My son, a woman could be a good wife to you, some could be a good mother to your children but if you’ve found a woman like a mother to you, your children and your family, please don’t let her go.

3. My son, don’t confine the position of your wife to the kitchen, where did you get that from? Even in our days, we had farm-lands where they worked every morning . . . that was our office.

4. My son, if I tell you that you’re the head of the house, don’t look at your pocket; look if you will see a smile on your wife’s face.

5. My son, if you want to have a long life, let your wife be in-charge of your salary, it will be difficult for her to spend it when she’s aware of the home needs and bills to pay but if it’s in your care, she will keep you asking even when all has been spent.

6. My son, don’t ever beat your woman, the pain in her body is nothing to be compared to the wound on her heart and that means you may be in trouble living with a wounded woman.

7. My son, now that you’re married, if you live a bachelor kind of life with your wife, you will soon be single again.

8. My son, in our days, we had many wives and many children because of our large farm-lands and many harvests, there are hardly any land for farming anymore, so embrace your woman closely.

9. My son, under the cocoa tree that I did meet your mother could be your eateries and restaurants of nowadays, but remember, the closet thing we did there was to embrace each other.

10. My son, don’t be carried away when you start making more money, instead of spending on those tiny legs that never knew how hard you worked to get it, spend it on that woman that stood by you all along.

11. My son, when I threw little stones or whistled at the window of your mother father’s house, to call her out, it was not for sex, it was because I missed her so much.

12. My son, remember, when you say your wife has changed, there could be something you’ve stopped doing too.

13. My son, your mother, Asake rode the bicycle with me before I bought that tortoise car outside there, any woman that won’t endure with you in your little beginning should not enjoy your riches.

14. My son, don’t compare your wife to any woman, there are ways she’s enduring you too and has she ever compared you to any man?

15. My son, there is this thing you people call feminism, well, if a woman claim to have equal right with you in the house, divide all the bills into two equal parts, take one part and ask her to start paying the other part.

16. My son, I met your mother a virgin and I took more yams to her father, if you don’t meet your wife a virgin, don’t blame her, what I didn’t tell you is that our women had prestige.

17. My son, I didn’t send your sisters to school because I was foolish like many to think a female child won’t extend my family name, please don’t make that mistake, the kind of female achievers I see nowadays has made the male-gender an ordinary tag.

18. My son, your mother have once locked up the cloth I was wearing and almost tore it because she was angry, I did not raise my hand to beat her because of a day like this, so that I can be proud to tell you that I never for once beat your mother.

19. My son, in our days, our women had more of natural beauty, though I wouldn’t lie to you, some had minor painting of their appellation mostly on their arms, the ones you people now call tattoo, but don’t forget that they didn’t expose any part of their body like your women of nowadays.

20. My son, your mother and I are not interested in what happens in your marriage, try to handle issues without always coming to us.

21. My son, remember I bought your mother’s first sewing machine for her, help your wife achieve her dreams just as you’re pursuing yours.

22. My son, don’t stop taking care of me and your mother, it’s a secret of growing old and having children to take care of you too.

23. My son, pray with your family, there is a tomorrow you don’t know, talk to God that knows everything, everyday.


SirShymex, I hate lists but I recommend this for you and your emeritus proff.
Politics / Re: PDP Has Created Many Wealthy Nigerians- Jonathan by Lucasbalo(m): 1:54am

My brother the thing tire me. How a President repeatedly shows his shallowness and ineptitude is beyond me. People keep blaming his advisers and assistants, but as leader, you can't go around talking and acting like a simpleton. It's really sad. How does letting a few peole fleece the wealth of the nation while the majority can't even experience the basic benefits of good governance amount to good performance?

Little wonder OKUPE and co make all sort of crass statement. If the president can be saying things like this, you can only imagine how coarse their meetings and discussions on national issues will be.

The statement aptly sums up his very corrupt administration.
You are absolutely right. That's a crass statement to put it mildly. The bottom line is that GEJ is insulting overwhelming majority of Nigerians. GEJ days are numbered.

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