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Politics / Re: "Twitter Orubebe" - Omojuwa Mocked By Ben-Bruce, Nigerians On Twitter by dreamersdream(m): 11:37am
This is an insult to Orubebe. All that matters to Bruce Lee is the attention the tweets bring. I won't be surprised if I hear him ask for the meaning of "twitter ineffectual Buffon" tomorrow.

Finally, twitter no dey increase vote in case he is eying 2019. if in doubt Atiku Vs PMB APC primary election is a perfect case study.
true bro
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members by boboLIL(m): 11:37am
I just received a massage from nysc containing my CUN which is the same with the one on my green card informing me to disregard any massage regarding the checking of state of deployment,that i will be informed at the right time when my posting is ready for printing
they sent it to all of us... Let's watch and see.. Don't shiver
Business / Re: Binary Options Alertz/strategies Season 5 !!hot!!! by shalom123(m): 11:37am
Pairs I am currently watching for opportunities are ; USDCHF,AUDJPY,EURAUD,GBPAUD,GBPJPY,USDCAD.
all in 15mins time frame.we will know by 11:30.
Romance / Re: 6 Tips To Help You Mind Your Own Business by godofwar666(m): 11:37am
@Op did you knw why people are not commenting on this thread? It because dey ar minding their business undecided undecided
TV/Movies / Re: The Shanara Chronicles by invisibleman2: 11:37am
have u guys watched epi6
Properties / Re: One Hectare Of Land @ Estate, Sango Ota, Ogun State. N120m by DabFrankNG: 11:37am
Romance / Re: Opinion! Any Guy That Knelt Down To Propose To A Nigerian Lady Is A Disgrace. by saintloveren(m): 11:37am
There are only TOTO LADIES. Most of Nigerian Ladies don't deserve to marry.


I've been dere.

Omo, obo don cheap to nack.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Loads Of New Vacancies At Icrc!!! by ingenuity2014: 11:37am
Hi Naiaraland, I just got an invite for an email test, who is with me on this?
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Reacts To Her Son's Sudden Dreadlocks (photo) by STFUareyouGod(m): 11:37am

well your appearance makes it look that way but maybe you are character wise...
so are you? wink
well, maybe I am, maybe I'm not. You already have your opinion and nothing's gonna change it. Every dude with dreads are IRRESPONSIBLE'

So maybe I am smiley
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members by Sadamzy(m): 11:37am
Please help me download my green card and send to me on whatsapp email:Sadams4all@gmail.com pw:Sadamzy phone number 08067860316
Religion / Re: The Non-Christian Chatbox ( sticky ) by FOLYKAZE(m): 11:37am
Lol. I hope after providing the etymology of spirituality you'd have a LoGiCaL defense not some statements saying nothing. He's already making a mistake by thinking Spirituality is opposite of Religion. But I will provide it still.

Here it is: And Read. Read. Think. And Think. Except you are already made up on what to accept.

'of or concerning the spirit" (ESPECIALLY IN RELIGIOUS ASPECTS), from Old French spirituel , esperituel (12c.) or directly from a Medieval Latin ecclesiastical use of Latin spiritualis "of or pertaining to breath, breathing, wind, or air; pertaining to spirit," from spiritus "of breathing, of the spirit".

Do you agree with this if you don't tell me the etymology?

You are very manipulative in your argument. You went and brought out distored definition fit into what you want me to see (religion)

The embolden is the real deal Rey.

Your presented etymology buttress my points further. Here are the points:

1. The embolden word 'especially' shows you are not providing a sincere and traditional definition of spirituality. Therefore, the first coming definition is one sided, not traditional or original and cannot be accepted.

2. The word 'especially' there makes your whole definition not acceptable. Especially is employed when one want to single out a thing, or situation over others. So what you provided is heavily distorted, one sided, not realistic and cannot be accepted.

3. Etymology of a word got lost when you define the said word from a particular angle, perspective, or aspect. A very good example is the word worship. Etymologically, worship simple mean acknowledging the worth of someone or something. But when you define worship from the christian aspect or perspective, we arrive at this definitions - the act of showing respect and love for a god by praying with other people who believe in the same god; and - The ceremonies, prayers, or other religious forms by which this love is expressed. Can you see the gap between etymology and christian perspective of worship? What has 'acknowledging worth of something' got to do with communual prayer or ceremonies? Do you now see that perception from one particular angle distort, dillute and redress the original or traditionall or root meaning of a word? So Rey, your definition and etymology do not align and cannot be accepted.

4. I dont really have problem with your presented etymology. But what does the etymology have to do with christianity? What are the relationship between the etymology of spirit and Christianity?

5. I am not making any mistake when I said religion is not spirituality. Religion is from the latin religionem meaning bond between man and God. Another latin word is ligare meaning bind. So we can define religion as a belief system that binds some groups together. This is opposing to spirituality from the word spirit which has it root in the latin word spiritualis meaning wind or breathe. , generally meaning individual animation. This seems to translate to the fact that religion is a group belief system, whereas spirituality is more of an individualist belief system.

Christianiny is a group belief system which is religion. Ifa is an individualist belief system which makes it spirituality.

Christianity as a religion contain codes, ethic, rules and regulation, this cannot be said of Ifa which makes it a spirituality.

The most important thing here is individual spiritual experince over brotherhood of christ.
Career / Massive Pay Cut Or Outright Dismissal, Which Would You Choose? by kboyonline007: 11:37am
Originally published at benefitonline.org

Some days ago, I overheard a conversation between a man and one of his friends that works in an oil company regarding a letter the friend had purportedly received from the management of his company about an impending downsizing at the company. This friend that works at an oil company needed an advice from the one who happens to be an entrepreneur, on the next stage of his life.

His company had been really nice by even sending letter to their employees in preparation for an impending layoff. This seems to be the norm these past few months post plunging oil prices, the effect which needs no overemphasis here.Why this article has not been written to discuss the cause or solution to the global economic tumult, we cannot ignore the knock on effect of the falling oil prices on other sectors nonetheless.
Some of these companies have been kind of nice to the point of offering their workers the choice of having to take between massive pay cut or face the axe. Whether the workers accepts the pay cut or otherwise, these corporations always have the upper hand in the end. In as much as lots of people have been led to believe that the current economic tumult is only affecting oil companies, it is far from the truth in reality. Many other companies are also being affected by the problems indirectly example companies supplying equipment or offering other professional services to oil companies.

The question that begs an answer is, if you are faced with the scenario of having to choose between outright dismissal or massive pay cut, which would you choose. Why the most likely response might be a massive pay cut, for those who would rather be employed than go start from scratch, the next question will still ask what if it happens again? I can guarantee you that it will happen again and again until the company no longer needs your services. You ask the question, what if I chose dismissal, what will I be doing? I wish I could give straightforward answer, unfortunately it isn’t that simple. It kind of depends on what you can do.

These friends I overheard their conversation couldn’t convince the other friend of what he needs to. This was someone that was taking home a six figure salary but apparently never planned for the rainy days. His vacations were spent shuttling from Holland to Dubai to the Caribbean and back to work. His mouth had become so wide that his friend was hesitant in advising him on what to do.

This is where the next question comes, are you prepared to start afresh? If you are prepared for the rough journey of being an entrepreneur, you need to walk away and become your own boss. However, what I can not guarantee is the fact that you are going to have a smooth ride to the top, that’s absolutely impossible. But you will be happy you took that step towards self dependence. If instead you choose to accept massive pay cut, I can guarantee you that it will happen again, again and again until you are no longer useful to the company. So you make a choice, carefully.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members by olecharles: 11:37am
NYSC / Re: Cross-river Batch A '16 Stream 1 Let's Meet Here by badinfluence(m): 11:37am

Thanks mahn!

Is there companies that are Media/ICT related in Calabar and Ikom?

I don't wanna teach.
Lol.. no one wants to teach but many are.. sure there are media/ICT related companies in calabar.. dunno about ikom tho
Career / Re: My Employer Robbed Me In Broad Daylight! by eromzee(m): 11:37am
no matter hw small an organization will u have 2 ask 4 ur letter of employment is very necessary don't make dat mistake anywhere plz.
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Prays For The Ooni Adeyeye-Ogunwusi At His Palace (photos) by austynoh: 11:37am
Nice one
Business / Re: How Do I Do Twiiter Ads As Nigeria . Needs Help by imohchard(m): 11:37am
I suggest you check your country settings to ensure it is correct. Sometimes, Twitter would detect a divergence between your country settings and the actual IP your ad is loading from and instead of giving you a clear error message they'd just ignore you. Check here for help: https://support.twitter.com/articles/20169220?lang=en#

Alternatively, why not use Facebook? Their system has larger web population, more flexible and more easily targeted... and even more affordable. And they are more responsive too.

Twitter is cool also... I even prefer it to Facebook.. But if you don't know how to go about it you might stuck and that why many people don't use it
Autos / Re: FOR SALE:- Clean 2012 Honda Crosstour AWD **tokunbo** by viperman: 11:37am
b m p
Culture / Re: Benin Kingdom In Edo Is Yoruba Territory — Ooni Of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi by pulsa(m): 11:37am

Which kind stop being a benin man, if he stop being a benin man why did he send his son?
cause he took pity on them because of the prophecy he was told of the doom and tragedy about to befall them if he or his kin did not rule benin.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Manchester United Fan Thread:''20 Times EPL Champion by GloryIsaac(m): 11:37am

wow...its good news...but I do hope d board respects lvg by not announcing d deal now....

Thats not good news... the motherfucker is already planning to axe Mata and Fellaini once he arrives, that guy never takes good care of his dressing room angry
Romance / Re: 10 Romanceland Ladies With Sagged Boobi by Kaylexzy(m): 11:37am
grin Egbon, it's a top secret.. wink

Top secret bawo? undecided

After u don drop hint, u come say u no talk again... Bros, better start talking ooo

I'm sure all Romancelanders are eager to hear una xxxcapade grin
Romance / Re: Opinion! Any Guy That Knelt Down To Propose To A Nigerian Lady Is A Disgrace. by Estharfabian(f): 11:37am
DNT just give him pile
I'll try not to!embarassed

Culture / Re: Benin Kingdom In Edo Is Yoruba Territory — Ooni Of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi by YoruBadGoon: 11:37am
9ice response from the Ooni of ife

“Let me emphasize for the umpteenth time that Kabiyesi Ooni is less concerned over any supremacy hullabaloo. He is only interested for now in how the sacred throne of Oduduwa can explore measures through which the collective interest and genuine unity among Yoruba and other tribes within the larger House of Oduduwa can be enhanced.

let the benin's continue to rewrite history. continu!!!

Don't mind these Bini fools. Some even said the Oba of Bini will use some voodoo on Ooni of Ife - hysterical. How are you going to use the orishas you borrowed against the original custodian of the orishas? grin If and when the Ooni visits what's left of the relics of the small ancient kingdom that later became overrated due to fables - the Oba of Bini has to bow down to his progenitor.

Everything about bini was borrowed from Yorubas. They borrowed the Oba dynasty. Borrowed Yoruba orishas. Borrowed knowledge of artworks from Yorubas. Borrowed idea of building moats from Ijebus etc.. They borrowed almost everything, yet they make noise everywhere.

1 Like

Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Released Photos Of Captured US Sailors Crying While Detained. by Obatala7Kronos(m): 11:37am
Can you imagine? And these are the soldiers that will go to war against the battle-hardened Russian soldiers? grin

Did I not tell you that everything about America is grossly overrated? grin

Where is missy89, vedaxcool, mazeltov, valeriansteel & that chicago-based money-doubler lucasbalo? grin
Crime / Re: Herbalist Uses Women’s Pants, Bras For Rituals Nabbed (picture) by dust88: 11:37am
Babes una don hear am oooo, make una no dey wear bra and pant go see una BF ooo. I don talk finish...i dey come, make i check my beans
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members by Shammak(m): 11:37am
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members by Fraih(f): 11:37am
I just received a massage from nysc containing my CUN which is the same with the one on my green card informing me to disregard any massage regarding the checking of state of deployment,that i will be informed at the right time when my posting is ready for printing
Same here, it tallies with the one on the callup letter.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch A Corp Members by kitchen(m): 11:37am
pls sOMEone shld help me check. georgepraise91@gmail.com. paswd:george24. tnx in anticipatn.
Culture / Re: Benin Kingdom In Edo Is Yoruba Territory — Ooni Of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi by Echidimeh(m): 11:37am
Every ethnic group is preparing just in case Biafra succeeds so they don't claim Benin as been part of Delta state ha ha ha ha the fear of Biafra is the beginning of wisdom
Computers / Re: Avg Internet Security 2016- 3 Pcs I 2 Years Validity I License Key For Sale by alokdhrovo34: 11:37am
Computer security is very essential. Particularly from virus and any kind of locks. I was very worried about it and searching for solution. Then i find http://nabzsoftware.com/types-of-threats/cryptolocker software which is very helpful. I really glad that i found it. It gives all the possible solution about cryptolocker. You might look into it.
Politics / Re: Okorocha's 11 Suv Cars Bought At N15 Million Each Impounded By Customs. by SurefireAsoOke(m): 11:37am
Why not buy INNOSEN?
Foreign Affairs / Re: North Korea Leader Executes His Military Chief On Charges Of Corruption by Adaure4ever(f): 11:37am
I wil love to visit North Korea

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