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Politics / Re: Rivers State Welcomes Barr Nyesom Wike today 24th oct - Pictures by denedene: 1:36am
I rest my case on d politics in r/s but if wike should win den my adviceto ameachi is to run as far as his legs cn carry cuz wike will frustrate the living day light outta him
Car Talk / Re: Bmw 325Ci E46 - Repairs and Maintenance by Shagati(m): 1:35am

I don't know if they make superb RWD.

I don't know either, but 'we' are bound to find out in the coming months eh?
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by Anugod(f): 1:35am

laelae... this one wey me and AnuGod start.... or shey na AnuGod and I start?

any which one... the thing we start no go reach that time before she find personal person gimme too for here

make e become two
How many personal person you want?grin
Romance / Re: Handsomeness of Nairaland dudes by PinkObsession(f): 1:34am
Nope smiley
welcome, ure in PH right?
Politics / Re: SS/SE,If Nigeria Divides Today!Can You Vote Jonathan As The President Of Biafra. by bigass(f): 1:34am

op I've answered u truthfully above... can I have the honor of u answering me truthfully too?

since u hate "Jonathan" that means u must be in love with Buhari I guess
if Nigeria divides today n u find Buhari as a candidate in the upcoming election with him being a former military head of state who overthrew an election that was declared free n fair that brought in democracy, will you vote for him

NO i dont like him
Phones / Re: Collection Of Tecno Stock ROM (clockworkmod / MTK) Backups For Mosttecno Phones by Samtobh(m): 1:34am
Please my fend rooted my f5 and the phone now displayed Samsung galaxy note 3 call dial pad cut above and below and the problem is I deleted the clock word and backup and I want to go back to my f5 any one that helps me will get #2000 cash or card of his choice
Drop your Gmail account
Romance / Re: Your Advice Is Neededhelp Meplease by tosyne2much(m): 1:34am
Forget her,we know it's not easy but that's the best . . Cos,u myt b dating her den anoda guy'l cum . . D main reason i dnt ask girls who are already into a relationship out.
yeah you gat a point.. In addition, most ladies you advise to leave their bfs and they yield to your advice are mostly not reliable.. Ehnnnn did I say not reliable ? YES
Religion / Re: Do You Think Jesus Is God? If Yes Then Answer These Questions by winner01(m): 1:34am

Eccl 3:19-21 " Animals have Spirits too" are they created in God's image too. After all they have body, Spirit and are refer to as "souls" in the bible a good number of times.

What makes human special- in that same way we reflect God's image not the composition of our body.

Yes, Man his a soul, with only body he was a dead soul. Man only became a "Living" soul when he has breath of life in him- just like electricity powers a radio. Note the bolded section.

The man and his soul is not seperate, what happens to one affects the other. Man himself is a soul.

Man has facial hairs and women have bosom, do God have any of these? You need to ask yourself, in what way is man/woman created in the image of God.

Jesus exist in the "image of God", so if man is made in that same "image", we are like them. It does not prove anything. A father can have several children who inherits his traits and features.

Jesus knew the disciples believe in God, the closing statement he is asking them to BELIEVE IN HIM "ALSO". The use of the word also means they are different beings not the same.

Eccl 3:19,20 -" Man and beast (animals) go to the same place, they die and turn to dust. Same eventuality.

Eze 18:20 " The soul that sinneth Shall die...." Soul dies with the Body. The book of Revelation is giving in "Signs", everything is symbolic-figurative language not literal.

Now, Can Mary seperate are Soul or her spirit from her self. Was it really are Soul or Spirit that was speaking what was written down here? How can her Spirit or Soul speak/praise/rejoice? Where is her spirit/ soul located?

The Father was in Heaven, Jesus was in Heaven and the Holy spirit was on earth- filling upward of 120 persons at a time. You get, not to mention, the Son was on earth existing seperately I might add.

If the Spirit leaves the body, one die, is that so. How then is the body "independent" of the spirit. So if the holy spirit leaves Jehovah God, Jehovah or Jesus dies- is that it?
Bravo, A "christian" who does not believe in the manifestation of the spirit, John 4:24..Even the physical manifestation of the spirit....You can even tell me that there are no such thing as evil spirits,...I see no sense in many of your points up there, man is not a soul, he is an embodiment of the body,soul and spirit and in the spiritual realm, the spirit exists and functions,.....God and Jesus in heaven, Holy spirit on earth, well that is why he is God.....oh yes,spirits do speak, rejoice and act...its hard for you to comprehend, I know, but its about God and you are just as human....its His Word, and it is settled...God bless
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2014/15 Admission Process.... by phillippiano(m): 1:34am

At Last I made it!!! #VictoryAtLast!!!

Thank You Jesus!!!! grin grin grin

they gave u mbbs on the second list
Family / Re: Who Are We? by enm(m): 1:34am

when your helping hand was needed, you were nowhere to be found.

now you want to reopen old wounds and still withhold as much as possible the healing people need from whatever hurts and destruction they have experienced up till your sudden display of magnanimity or is it conscience.

you are judging the people you say you try to help, when you insist on tagging them as unforgiving without allowing for the fact that maybe you are the one who wants them to stay in an unforgiving atmosphere surrounded by hate. Can you guarantee everything will be lovey dovey once they take your advice and jettison themselves once more?

if people insist on holding on to unforgiveness for whatever reason, the most you can do is advise them without judging the objects of their hate as the guilty party simply because they do not clone your own personality.

when you have, for example, someone who believes holding on to hate is the only way they can survive, you will judge the object of the hatred for staying away? If the person doing the hating does not know holding onto grudges is counterproductive, then why not preach at that instead of flying to meet the hated?


Please my post is not about judging or not. As stated earlier a helping hand to those who need it. My intention is to point out that we don't need to let people action or in action determine our life, our happiness and peace of mind. God did not create life to be difficult for us, so why make life difficult for ourselves.

My post is simply saying as one of the point am trying to pass is that "don't hold on to grudges no matter how painful and hurt you are because it will be counterproductive though some situation demand keeping your distance but not hate and contempt.
Politics / Re: Tranformation Agenda Of President GEJ-The Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Federal Road by CharliParker: 1:33am
That's Good luck for U
Celebrities / Banky W Reveals How He First Met Niyola At A Bathroom by Naijanolly: 1:33am
Niyola and banky wBanky W has revealed that he met Niyola in a bathro0m at an events place. Banky W may have claimed to like Niyola alot of time, Her has even come out to confess having a crush on her.

Banky W who claimed he was drawn to her voice has said how he mistakenly went into the female bathroom where Niyola was singing while attending to her call of nature.

The pair have grown very fond of each other, if you ask me i would say it time for Niyola and Banky W to start dating as they would make a great couple

Read the full Gist source below

Romance / Re: Single Guys Having Crush On Married Women by Ologunjude(m): 1:33am
When he now knew you were married and you still stood there for some seconds trying to tell him that you won't give your number doesn't say well of you. I know of many women who would walk away immediately they are aware of what he wants. Looks as if it getting to you slightly the number of single guys admiring you.

My guess is you are easily approachable. Guys like such women. Change that part of you.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by Anugod(f): 1:33am
eeyyaa, d time self never reach for page 1k. Just relax...till around 5am it will get to page 1k because people no dey online like dat
Dem bin dey o n d pages bin dey fly...but e b like say nepa don cari all their light now angry
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2014/15 Admission Process.... by Lexxybooy(m): 1:33am

Still go to that page.. Click on Forgot Password/pin, then complete the processes to know ur pin once more
yeah dats tru, mitshell,abeg try it and tell us aw far with it
Politics / Re: Obama Hugs Ebola Survivor, Nina Pham, At The White House by naijarates(m): 1:33am
Nice one ..
Family / Re: Wifey, Watch Out! You Might Just Be The Side Chic!! by kilimanjaro(m): 1:33am
Directed and produced by Tchidi
Marketed and distributed by Golden Movies
1 - 3 Pound rd Aba
Iweka rd Onitsha

Grab your copy today

I saw the movie on youtube grin

@topic, well, it's a crazy world!!! And it's crazier when one is imagining. tongue
Romance / Difference Between A Girl And A Woman by Austindumas1(m): 1:33am
»A Girl searches for a rich man
»A Woman searches for a caring and loving
»A Girl envies those who move ahead and
hate the players
»A Woman shares their knowledge and
help others move ahead by not hating the
players but teaching them the rules to the
»A Girl measures her man's worth by the
weight of his pocket.
»A Woman measures her man's worth by
his level of Wisdom and the fear of God, and
how disciplined he can be towards his
»A Girl breaks up with silly excuses
»A Woman has endurance, knowing that
everything happens for a reason
»A Girl thinks about present
»A Woman thinks about the future of you
and herself
»A Girl loves to have many guys going after
»A Woman knows the law of demand
(Cheap things have high purchasers)
»A Girl takes relationship affairs
»A Woman solves the problems within
herself and her partner
»A Girl demands for money to buy
» A Woman demand for money to
fulfill her plans
»A Girl gets hurt by one man and
makes all other men pay for it.
»A Woman knows that, that was just ONE
»A girl is "learning"...A woman
»A Girl will read this and get an
»A Woman will read this and
pass it to other women.
NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by ojoawo(m): 1:33am
eeyyaa, d time self never reach for page 1k. Just relax...till around 5am it will get to page 1k because people no dey online like dat

laelae... this one wey me and AnuGod start.... or shey na AnuGod and I start?

any which one... the thing we start no go reach that time before she find personal person gimme too for here

make e become two
Phones / Re: Download Large Files With 15 Naira On Etisalat Unlimited Plan by blackfase(m): 1:33am
The 1mb for #5 not working. Either they stopped it or just plain unlucky here, cos it keeps saying "illegal operation"....


Ignore the striked side. It doesn't mean he's wrong o. Just stressful and makes u waste cash.
Send #20 to ur sim
Dail *330*1# and you'll be given 1mb and #5 bucks would be deducted from ur acct and will be renewed every 12am. You can at anytime stop this (I don't think you'll want to) by dialing *330*2#.
Browse for 51mins and disconnect for like 4 seconds and reconnect.
That's how mine works.
I bet you already know u must shy away trom streaming sitea or sites that has YouTube embedded.

Education / Re: Worst Course You Took In School by Tashamania(f): 1:33am
Tongue tied grin

hahah, i remember. Was it the course that involved stealing back a textbook you sold? grin
Romance / Re: What Is Dating/ Being In A Relationship Really About? by LogoDWhiz(m): 1:33am
Don't get u.

What are u driving at?
Politics / Re: SS/SE,If Nigeria Divides Today!Can You Vote Jonathan As The President Of Biafra. by obailala(m): 1:33am
This is a very bloody question... Most people would not answer honestly or would not even answer at all cheesy
Romance / Re: I Need Help, What Should I Do? by Humblebloke: 1:32am
It was ''almost'' funny... U can do better tho

Itz ma birthday guyz... Show me som luv!
Religion / Re: Akudaya:myth Or Reality? by Empiree: 1:32am
Okay guys. Sorry, I was sick shortly before Ileya. Just recovered few days ago. Although was active on NL but i just couldnt type long stuff. Anyways, where are we?.

Op, pls do bear with me as I tell my experience on the issue of the world of 'unseen'. There is no way i can relate their story without religious sentiment. Modern science is naive of this. As for macof who demands evidence of this outside of Islam, I can only tell you that you owe it to yourself to learn. I also urge you to please ask questions intelligently. This story is not made up. It's real, practically experienced. As we proceed, I will try to elaborate on how the man acquired his spiritual status with unseen, the difference between this and others like those babalawo and other illegal forms. This one is halal (permissible). It's halal because the status was only reached through prayers, fasting and righteous conducts. Quran speaks extensively on this.

I will also (if you permit or if you want to hear) discuss few of many prominent people and average folks, including pastors this man has helped with help of Alfa Agba (rawaniyah) who is now around 137yrs old. His real name is Jamiu. So we call him with respect 'Baba Jamiu'. This part of Islam is forgotten or seen as unlawful. That's just wrong. However, focus of Islam in general sense is not on this 'miracles'. Rather, muslims focus on pure worship of God and dhikr (remembrance). It's through this one can reach this status. It's not easy task. It's real devotion. Unlike other religion that put much emphasis on miracles this and that, miracle in Islam is a form of aid to achieve certain goals.

However, one has to work hard to reach the status. The whole righteousness begins while you are young. Not after. The man am talking about has always been devout muslim since teen. He does not advertise himself before he puts food on his table. He already worked for it. He is now close to 70.

There was a musician in Nija back in the 90s who had a song like "A ti ba olohun duro lo soro but a ti ri aranse olohun...irorun ni". Let me give you a little hint. Can anyone in our world today recite at least Sura Yasin 11 times in the morning after Fajr prayer and also 11 times after Ishai everyday?. It's hard right?. Surah Yasin is Chapter 36 of Quran with 83 verses. This is just a simple but heavy load the man had to deal with while young. It's called "heart of Quran" Qolib Quran. If you are interested, I will continue. I really dont talk about this stuff. The reason I feel like discussing it is because there is currently a family friend that I called uncle who lived with me for 15 days last month. I know him since 1989. He's a christian. I wish you know him. He's so familiar with the story of this Rawaniyah because Rawaniyah helped him with lots of miraculous wonders in the 90s to present through the man am talking about.

So if you are looking for 'source' like scientific source, i say to you, you will be waiting forever. This experience is real. Modern world do not believe unseen. They believe in what they see, materialism. To Be Continued....
Religion / Re: A Devout Muslim’s Powerful Journey To Christ: An Interview With Nabeel Qureshi by AbuuUthaymeen: 1:32am
Where is it indicated in the interview with the convert that she was a devout Muslim? #justasking

That your moniker suggest a bad image of you as a muslim cos those who were referred to with that name were persecutors and those who spread corruption on earth during the life of ibn Taymiyya or is there any special meaning you have for it.#justasking
Celebrities / Re: Regina Askia To Work At Ebola Center In US (She's A Nurse) by itstpia1: 1:32am
what is weird about my comment/s?

i wonder why so many freaks are just parroting s.tupidly all over nl now.

Travel / Re: German Embassy And Visa by fapper: 1:32am
pls guyz I had 69 in ma toefl pls r dere institutions dat can admit me wif d score in germany?
Properties / Re: Who Is Richer: Aliko Dangote Or Ayiri Emami? by akinsadeez(m): 1:32am
Dangote that now strolls into other countries in Africa just to build Cement factories and slowly take over their industries.
He just built new cement plants in kenya and Gambia.
Infact the president of liberia was begging him this year to come and build cement plant and coal power plant in her country in her country.

I can't believe that kinda man that presidents are calling and begging to come to their country is now being compared to this small boy called Ayiri or whatever his name is.

The interest that Dangote's money in the bank generates alone is probably enough to buy Ayiri two times over.
Wealth is not about buying cars. Dangote is light years ahead of Ayiri. He can't even open his mouth where Dangote is talking.
Food / Re: Sweet Benefits Of Sweet Potatoes by Lesgupnigeria: 1:32am
Nice thread.
Highly beneficial.
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan 2014/15 Admission Process.... by SegunFlames(m): 1:31am

At Last I made it!!! #VictoryAtLast!!!

Thank You Jesus!!!! grin grin grin



NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2014 Batch C House by Anugod(f): 1:31am
Usherseun Where you?

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