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Business / Re: We Buy Dollars From Government Officials — Bdcs by inteli: 1:27am
Fantastically corrupt Government!

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Politics / Itsekiri Urge Fed Govt To Deal With Militants, Sponsors by LocalChamp: 1:27am
Posted By: From Shola O’Neil, Port Harcourt and Bolaji Ogundele, Warri on: August 30, 2016
The Federal Government has been advised to be cautious of those parading themselves as Niger Delta stakeholders pressuring it to dialogue with them and those stoking the insurgency in the region.

The Warri Study Group (WSG), an Itsekiri think-tank, in a position paper made available to the media in Warri yesterday, also urged the government to treat the rising insurgency as criminality, adding that the problem facing the region is purely of bad management of resources.

The advice came against the backdrop of the deployment of heavy military hardware and personnel to Warri and other towns in the Niger Delta region last weekend.

The paper, signed by the group’s chairman, Edward Ekpoko, and secretary, Tony Ede, which largely reacted to the Chief Edwin Clark-convened regional stakeholders’ meeting in Effurun, Delta State, alleged that those coming out now as leaders of the region, seeking dialogue to end the festering crisis, were the people who initiated the idea to set the region on fire, using the insurgents.

It, however, discredited the conference as not, in any way, representative of the six coastal Niger Delta states it claimed to have drawn participants from, noting that more than 80% of those present were Ijaw. The visit to the Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu, by some traditional rulers from the region, was strictly an Ijaw affair, WSG said.

The paper, which lamented the damage done to the economy by the activities of insurgents and the insecurity it has gradually foisted on the region, expressed surprise that the Clark-led conference failed to denounce the main insurgent group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) for bringing the situation about.

‘’It is an open fact that some of these elders and traditional rulers are acting the script of the militants and have only recruited and/or assembled some few innocent ones and/or those willing to be bought outside their ethnic nationalities to give it a semblance of a Niger Delta struggle for better life, conditions and infrastructure.

‘’We have sadly observed that the communiqué issued at the end of the stakeholders meeting by the so-called six Niger Delta coastal states, which was neither read nor generally agreed on at the meeting, raises more questions than answers, namely: It was signed by only Chief E. K. Clark and Prof. G. G. Darah – both of Delta State out of the so-called six Niger Delta coastal states.

‘’We condemn the activities of the Niger Delta Avengers and other militant groups in the Niger Delta. We call on the Federal Government to bring all perpetrators of the criminal activities to justice.

‘’Federal Government must separate acts of criminality from genuine efforts to develop the region. The problem of the Niger Delta is more of management of the resources allocated than anything else. Evidence abound. Inspite of the trillions of naira that have been provided to the Niger Delta Intervention agencies and ministries over the years, there is nothing on ground to show for it.

‘’Both the consultative meeting of the stakeholders of the six Niger Delta coastal states held on 19 August, 2016 and the Niger Delta monarchs group that met with the Minister of Petroleum Resources are all Ijaw-driven and not pan-Niger Delta. The rest of the Niger Delta, which is made up of the Ibibio, Edo, Urhobo, Ikwerre, Ogoni, Efik, Isoko, Ndokwa, Itsekiri, etc, should not be made to learn and discover that problem solving in the Region can only be through violence and aggression. Violence and aggression should be discouraged by every means.

‘’We encourage the Federal Government and the various states to indeed dialogue for a lasting solution to the Niger Delta problems, but with the right stakeholders, not those that are seeing the struggle as a money-making venture’’, the paper said.

Politics / Re: You Should Negotiate With Us - NDA Tells Buhari by egift(m): 1:27am
These militants and their sponsors including those cheering them should better embrace dialogue. Also pursue reasonable demands.

I don't want to hear he is a tyrant and committing genocide, we the Army start using them for target practice and pounding their communities.
Properties / Re: The Build Of My Courtyard Bungalow and Garage Apartment In Ibadan - (PICS) by EgunMogaji(m): 1:27am
I was watching "Holmes Makes It Right" and the plumbing used for the home was a home run system.

At first sight, I thought it was artwork, but then he confirmed that it was a home run system.

Good catch.

That's a custom made job there.
Politics / Re: Caption This Photo Of Osinbajo, Oshiomhole And Obaseki Laughing Out Loud by toshmann(m): 1:27am
Ndi oshi
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Agree To Stop Bombing Of Oil Pipelines by waleadex(m): 1:26am
Good for them...if not,it will only take the military little time to kill them all.
Romance / Re: Man Buys His UNILAG Girlfriend A Car For Accepting His Proposal by tbliss22: 1:26am
Mumu Guy sad

Toto wey go get minimum of 5 guys wey dey penetrate am na him this one buy car ontop. The day he reads her whatsapp chat will be the day he will know these hoes ain't loyal. I can never buy a Nigerian girl a wheelchair talkless of a car. The biitch probably said yes to him for been a perfect mugun. Too many woman wrappers these days. undecided

#Teamforeigngirls cool

I got laughing when you said "I can't even buy her wheel chair not to talk of a car", guy you go wicked o. Anyway the simple truth is that a girls punana drives some guys so crazy that they keep doing weird things.

That girl has just gotten a BIG FISH and I'm sure her friend's will advice her to take his MATTER to some WITCH PRINCESS who will put the man under the lady's feet.
Romance / Re: Funny relationship scenarios guys experience by Fabulocity(f): 1:26am
Warriz her name smiley
I want to epp grin

Izz not my fault. This girl Izz burriful embarassed
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by KPhantom(m): 1:26am
jaydee100, u went through nearly 3600 pages before interview, chai in fact u deserve straight green card.. Congratulations bro...
Car Talk / Need Advice Between Toyota Corolla 2005 And Corolla Altis.. by linktel: 1:26am
Dear house

I want to get a corolla but I came across the corolla Altis model,with leather seats and fairly okay interior...please I need info from the experts in here about the engine,tranny if it's as durable and easy to maintain like the normal American corolla model

GAZZUZ,cretin etc all.
Business / Re: We Buy Dollars From Government Officials — Bdcs by diablos: 1:26am
Naira is crashing and d dulllard is gallivanting allover d stratosphere sharing ear infection from Lake Chad to Nairobi. Meanwhile his illiterate, kwashiorkor & cutlass wielding brodas are having a swell time acting Spartacus all over d country.

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Music/Radio / Re: Upcoming Artist Albums Marketer And Music Artist Promotion by ukohasochima(m): 1:26am
Truly. I really ready need help from any body who can help me. I no music. Is a goddest. She.chose who to follow. Her. But I been chosen I. Have don a lot of songs. Videos. Still no connection. If the maketer will jst market my song and did not even give me anything I wil be more hapi self cos I wanna make the name that's all I want not the money. Plz.help
Politics / Re: Open Letter To Mr. President: Niger Delta Avengers by SageTravels: 1:26am
Dear president, what makes those countries (Japan, Germany, France, USA, Britain etc.) great is the ability of their governments to accommodate internal protestations and conflicts for the greater good of their nations over the years. Please stop presenting your government as pawn to the web of military industrialists complex, whenever you leave the shores of Nigeria.
Romance / Re: Funny relationship scenarios guys experience by handsam(m): 1:26am
I can't cheesy I'm havin' 2 much fun pickin'!!!!
But I really did come 2 tell you 2 go easy on the mod man,he human 2

Politics / Re: Who Is Barth Nnaji ? by tomakint: 1:26am
I have always been a huge fan of this cerebral engineer, imagine a brilliant man like this wasting away while a clown like Fashola is in charge of Power Ministry cheesy
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Agree To Stop Bombing Of Oil Pipelines by ishowdotgmail(m): 1:26am
There is bomb in the head of the person above me! How did u manage to get there first before me

Family / Re: All The Drama That Happens When Your Parents Are Arguing by AuroraB(f): 1:26am
Truth be told, this wasn't funny.
At all sad. Imagine the concobility undecided
Politics / Re: Niger Delta Militants Agree To Stop Bombing Of Oil Pipelines by DonBobes(m): 1:26am

*sips on my bottle of cognac while reading the news*
Politics / Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by jaybillionaire(m): 1:26am
Do u people actually understand what Seun is saying, Seun said all those things in support of the igbos and southerners but you are still complaining, nawa o People can never be pleased haba
Seun what happens to those who open Biafran thread to insult the Igbo's

Most ban happen when u attack someone who smears the image of Igbo's who support biafra..

If speaking in favor of Biafra attracts a ban nd those attacking the tribe behind biafra goes scot free, broz, Oga seun it's not fair..

Why not ban anyone who opens a topic on biafra that is not on the news.

Thou I will still say with all due respect, that ur Mod is partisan...
Romance / Re: Funny relationship scenarios guys experience by Oyind17: 1:25am

HAHAHAHAHA... cheesy

Incase you don't know, let me make it official... I am the best asslicker here.

Stalk or call any girl abusive names, I will force a yam up my mother already widen pvssy!!

Fvctard cool cool
You even threatened to kill her before, bloody cultist! Take your mustard seed size balls off my mention. See how e dey pain you.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: ~ Pride Of London by TRendlona(m): 1:25am
how anyone with two eyes rates Hazard so highly is still a mystery to me. Nigga is clearly @ his peak & he isn't developing an inch more. He isn't a threat in the air, we don't see him developing it. His dead ball skills are very ordinary, we've not seen much improvement. His long range shots haven't improved. Same traits we see season out season in since he arrived EPL except maybe improved stamina.
All the talk of put him in Heaven's team is quite funny, if his ceiling is still up there a bigger team would have submitted a substantial bid for him.

Very true bro..
Autos / Toks 1999 Model Toyota COROLLA Fabric Interior For Sale...... by pappysk(m): 1:25am
automatic gear
factory fitted ac
also specialise in sales of any other cars of your
choice you which to have,either used or Tokunbo

Politics / Re: How Can One Legally Own Fire Arm In Nigeria? by videomaid: 1:25am

He may not knw anytin abt the Gun....but he got d laffin spot on....Nairaland is Jst for fun as no one here intend to buy such gun in Nigeria... knwing it is illegal...

So his post was Jst for fun....you Dnt Hv to call him names...

If u ask me I will tell u, Ppl actually enjoy his post mre Dan yours...... you Dnt Hv to b over Crious Evritym

sire jakumo...no be essay competition o...make you stand well o..
Romance / Re: Funny relationship scenarios guys experience by larabae13(f): 1:25am

No weapon fashioned tongue

If I get a ban we go enter gather enter am because I broke no rule. I only derailed same as everyone from page 2. So we plenty for this matter Even you sef grin
hehehe we go do thanksgiving if by morning we no get ban grin grin

Buh I kinda doubt it
Romance / Re: Funny relationship scenarios guys experience by vizkiz: 1:25am
abi now I do not warrant a ban, I broke no rules.

I saw sexxkill viewing this thread. e be lyk dem ban am grin

grin grin
Romance / Re: Funny relationship scenarios guys experience by ILuvGummyBears: 1:25am

u should know u re not fit for this, and if u wanna continue meet me wit my main handle 2mao.

enuf said
OK. I'll meet you in food section at 3:00pm!!! wink let's do this!!!!
Business / Re: We Buy Dollars From Government Officials — Bdcs by Pavore9: 1:24am
“Mostly, top government officials use their influence to buy from the CBN in the name of going abroad for official assignment,” he further alleged.......The rot still persists! angry

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Business / Re: How I Make $1000 As A Seller On Fiverr In 5 Days by dan56: 1:24am

Jingling and Traffic Spirit in progress grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

no sir i use social network.

all 100% human

that chat shows the source.....if a site link. you confirm it from your google dashboard and its 100% adsense safe

Business / BLCO JV ATS To China Available(CIF,TTO,FOB) by Sacluxpaint(m): 1:24am
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And please no time wasters as I am dealing with big time players in the Industry, if you know you don't have a direct brief don't bother contacting. Thanks!
Sports / Re: Siasia Visits Sports Minister, Dalung (Photos) by justmenoni: 1:24am
Congratulations on your inauguration as an honorable minister? shooo even in the year 2016?
Celebrities / Re: Gene Wilder Dies At 83 by soulfood(m): 1:24am
this guy and Richard Pryor cracked me up in "see no evil, hear no evil"

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