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Business / Re: Currency/E-currency Market Deals by HazzanTazzan(m): 3:08pm
I got 386$ btc at 530 serious buyer only

smooth deal
Literature / Re: The Auction by Lleigh(f): 3:08pm
It feels nice to have you back on here.

An interesting update.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting
Politics / Re: Bola Kuforiji Olubi Is Dead by afanide: 3:08pm
if u cant read,cant u look at the pix to knw is she not him? ur advert is more important 2u,dat suggest u r a scarmer

Typical nigeria man...... Every1 is a scammer 2dem.
Business / Re: Currency/E-currency Market Deals by Tabbaz(m): 3:08pm
btc available at 500/$


Which kind joke be this now. You wan give person hypertension ni
Sports / Re: Aregbesola, P-sqaure, DJ Cuppy, Others Tweet To Congratulate The Super Falcons by femi4(m): 3:08pm
@that last tweet

I tot uche eucharia won in 2014?
She didn't win as a player
Politics / Re: 2019: Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha Set To Decamp To APC (pics) by TheEastActivist: 3:08pm
Nice one cheesy

My brother oo..

Afonjas are just so confused right now...
Politics / Re: Mega Party: Atiku, Tinubu, Makarfi’s PDP Target March 2017 Date by Bimpe29: 3:08pm
Politics is a dirty and messy game. Plots upon plots, schemes upon schemes and permutations upon permutations all at the expense of the masses.
Majority of them are out there for their selfish and personal interest, not for the betterment of all and sundry.
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by dannyfillz(m): 3:08pm
I stopped watching Gotham, the moment the honest police guy killed the the criminal for penguin.
What are they gonna do again? He just ended being like Harvey.

So are you saying Harvey is ruthless.... Lol
Maybe you haven't seen the 3rd season
Politics / Re: N30b Loan: Presidency Blasts Sanusi by Sibrah: 3:08pm


Oga! U people forgot so fast.
After yaradua's death, his wife and her cohort finished us remember?

Oil was about 70$ reserve was below imagination.
Why did people vote di guy in? Gej, in just one and half year of acting, we soar to highest even above obj Era with same oil price, having eca grow and the rest.

After his reelection in 2011, things got very much better as oil price grew and jobs wia everywhere, these thieves took him to court and eca was shared, the sort loans like hungry lion to the extent that Lagos state was having more debt than the federal govt.

U have to be in that Era politically to understand everything and not what u re being told today.

I was in uni as of 2009 and everyday on CNN and all over the news, fear in America, UK and all around the world cos of recession that made most of them abandon Dia currency to euro just to get loan to stabilize and so.

Dia re a lot of things u need to know but gej was a miracle to Nigeria cos all these period, Nija was not on recession, Obama sent a team to come learn from the Nija economic team den dey went back to solve dias.

Remember dat from 2011 swearing in bombing started from all over the north till the last day of hand over yet gej achieved massive.

Lemme stop here.
Stop lying bros . . .
Fashion / Re: Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Body In A Miami Mansion Which Costs $8k Per Night by ramdris(m): 3:08pm
No Wonder these pple no dey too fear God cos they got paradise on earth already...Damn that crib is too much..
Politics / Re: 2019: Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha Set To Decamp To APC (pics) by SamuelAnyawu(m): 3:08pm

NYSC / Re: Prospective NYSC 2016 Batch B Corps Members. by chumaster(m): 3:08pm
See this one oh. What's there? It's like you didn't go to a boarding school. Even at the uni level sef, na that way sure pass especially if you had early morning classes you didn't want to be late for.
you are right, hostels aren't my thing. I stayed offcampus throughout my school days. As for sec sch, mine was a boarding/day school. Me was day student then. This is my first time of sharing a hostel with more than one person and I dnt like it except the discussion/argument part that I do enjoy a lot sha
Religion / Re: Lady Poses Nude With The Holy Bible In Viral Photoshoot: Media React by BALLOSKI: 3:07pm

Am i supposed to be offended?

The power of his word has never been "limited" to a book (printed and commissioned) by human's (King James and co)

If you are trying to pull the "religious line"( that its wrong ) then you have failed child!
you people always appear senseless whenever you come with this weak line. American flag is not human, but you don't desecrate it on their soil.

If it's just words of God printed on papers, why don't you use it as toilet paper?
Properties / Re: Miniflat With 2toilets In Majek,ajah (pics Att) by nysot(f): 3:07pm
Romance / Re: The Spirit Spoke To Me - Behold Your Wife Is A Romancelander! (pic included) by dryyansh1(m): 3:07pm

grin grin grin
Londoner indeed!
smiley pm me before I change my
Business / Re: Football (+Other Sports) Betting Season 10 by hpk(m): 3:07pm

yes o, pastor hpk and naso e go b alranda
waiting for them to credit my a/c make I for get staking power!!!
Celebrities / Re: Top 20 Most Curvy African Celebrities by gabonsky: 3:07pm
Indeed Africa is endowed

Thanks op


please can you tell us the benefits of these stuff?

we wanna know?

thank you
Politics / Re: Olaitan Akinwunmi Wins Lagos Bye-Election, Ifako Ijaye Federal Constituency by Blessedward: 3:07pm
I Stand With Tinubu smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

I love d way u keep giving Urself hope
Religion / Re: How Can One Be Free From A Tormenting Demon? by Anas09: 3:07pm

Pay no heed to Hardmirror, the devil has built a mansion in his heart
Crime / Re: How My Aunty Lost About 200k To Scammers by AleAirHub(m): 3:07pm
grin grin

Autos / Re: ######### Tokz 06/2007 Toyota Corolla Luxury Leather Altis Edition...price 2.4m by msochi: 3:07pm
cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
Crime / Re: How My Aunty Lost About 200k To Scammers by Kingbuhari(m): 3:07pm

That the guy wanted to buy drug is what they normally used initially to lure the victims. On getting there ,they would introduce another thing to the victim. And of course your cousin didn't tell you what they promised him that was making him running up and down, I have been before.
a female friend of mine encounter them last week, they collected her phones, tell her to go and bring money for the chemical, the girl went straight to her mum shop and took 260k from the drawer, lucky for her she called me on her way, i try to convince her that this people are scammers but she still insisting that they are genuine, I persuade to go with her should incase things went wrong she agreed, we go on different bike , I was holding the money following behind, to my utmost surprise this ppl called her and told him to tell that guy (me) following her to go back if she still interested in the business, by that time the thing don clear for her eyes that those ppl are scammer, the girl is lucky that she is an outspoken type that love to share issues with ppl if not she would have just carry the money give them, is good to have a doubting spirit at times
Phones / Re: Gionee M6 In Nigeria Order Online Via Jumia— See Specs And Price by Olalekanbanky1(m): 3:07pm
You can order for it online

The thing is that all this fones are expensive in 9ja simply bfos of ds dollar stuff. The fones are very cheap abroad. If u have any friend abroad that will be coming home for xmas. Just tell him to buy for u
Religion / Physical/spiritual Area Fadas: Settlement by menxer(m): 3:07pm
I was contemplating some thoughts...

Mr X went to "Shop" (church/mosque) and got a spiritual package. On the way home, he runs into spiritual "area fada", that "keeps the area" he didn't "resolve some issues" and is beaten. In the process, he lost the package.

Now, this happened in the spiritual, non-physical side of life that is parallel to and is in auto sync with the physical. This causes Mr X to lose the contract he tendered for or his due promotion in the office, in the physical.

Another man , Mr Z, comes home from shopping, with a spiritual package, through the same road, the spiritual "area fada" didn't harass him and he picks up a package with no name and address on it, (since in the spirit world all packages are nameless and only takes on the name, identify, desires, of whoever has it in possession) on the ground. This cause him to exceedingly excel in business or is promoted in the office, in the physical.
These were regular occurrences in their lives.

The two men surprisingly are from the same family, lived in the same neighborhood and attends the same church/mosque in the physical world.

Mr X, in the physical, doesn't associate or relate with "area fadas" of the family/neighborhood and is held in contempt and ridicule while Mr Z is always hailed "big bros" whenever he passes by because "hin dey try" unlike Mr X.

Now, this "settlement" is the only permanent solution, how can Mr X:
(1) be told to "settle" with "area" to forestall future harassment?
(2) after being told, accept to "settle" "area" since such is frowned upon by his church/mosque.
There is no permanent alternative.
Religion / Re: Why Don't Camera Men Fall Under The Anointing? by felixomor3: 3:07pm

Thread closed?? Nice try

Abeg shift.
Is it not u again?
Health / Seizure Disorders And Epilepsy by lekside11: 3:07pm
What are seizures?
Seizures are abnormal movements or sensations which occur as a result of excessive activities of some parts of the brain. The manifestation depends on the part of the brain affected, for example, if the area affected is responsible for movement, abnormal movements like jerking may be observed. In severe cases, it leads to loss of consciousness.
When seizures occur repeatedly, it is called epilepsy. Occasionally, a doctor may make a diagnosis of epilepsy after a single seizure.

What causes seizures?
Seizures are caused by several factors which include damage to some parts of the brain following trauma, infections, seizures, tumors, birth injury and jaundice. Some drugs like tramadol and some antibiotics may precipitate a seizure.
Sometimes the tendency to have repeated seizure is inherited from parents just like heights and other traits could be inherited. Oftentimes it might be impossible to identify the cause of a seizure. The doctor will usually ask some questions, examine the patient and carry out some tests to identify the cause of seizures.

Are seizures contagious?
Seizures are not contagious, touching a person with seizures or the saliva does not cause seizures.

more ....

source: http://medicalinfosblog.blogspot.com.ng/2016/10/seizure-disorder-and-epilepsy_9.html

Celebrities / Re: Fans Slam Simi Over Her Outfit: "Stop Deceiving Her, The Outfit Is Ridiculous" by Lorexinoh(m): 3:07pm
Too ridiculous.....simi u get first class for fallin pesin hand...smh...
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Spanish Instructors And Spanish Learners / Students Needed Urgently by Timossa(m): 3:07pm

Do we have anyone interested in learning Spanish

If you are interested, put in mind that, your lesson starts in January 2017 and will run for 3 months (Weekday and Weekend) with certificate and award given at the end of the 3 month programme.

British American College of Management (BACOM) is the host in conjuction with Intercontinental College of Technology (Nig), and Recognised by Afriford University (Porto Novo, RB).

Only 15 participants are needed and the first five participants to pay all fees will be getting a free Spanish-English Dictionary and Subsidised fee apply.

Application closes by 18th December, 2016. For more information, contact us at : universitinfo@gmail.com

Location is Lagos.

Best wishes.
Celebrities / Re: Beauty Queen Iheoma Nnadi Gushes Abt Customized Gold Iphone Emenike Bought 4 Her by UrWorstNitemare: 3:07pm
lolz need a rich boo not a cheap boo..... oooouuu





-Xmas medley special dedication
Religion / Re: My ATM Card's Security Code Is 666 by buffalowings: 3:07pm
Because you are a Christian doesn't give you the opportunity to be stupìd.
You are one of the many reasons why atheist attack Christians and think we are deluded...

See this one too! Which kin people come dey join Christianity now a days sef? I don't blame you guys.. I blame the dimwitted fellows who create churches every year.

Imagine going to a church with the Name HEAVEN MUST OPEN AND FIRE MUST FALL CHURCH OF GOD. Na these kin Puffpuff brain them go dey get and they are empty Heads who follow whatever the Preacher says blindly without confirming it in the Bible and through seeking the Holy Spirit for guidance.... Bullshìt angry

No vex
Politics / Re: 'emir Of Kano Does Not Have His Facts Right' - Garba Shehu by Wiseandtrue(f): 3:07pm
Presidential spokesman says emir has 'got the facts wrong'

Says government has overdrawn its central consolidated account

Spokesman to president Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu has responded to remarks made by the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, that the CBN was illegally funding the Nigerian government.

Sanusi revealed that the CBN's lending to the government since Buhari came to power spiked from N1.5 trillion to N4.5 trillion.In the Emir's words;

The CBN-FGN relationship is no longer independent. In fact, one could argue their relationship has become unhealthy. CBN claims on the FGN now tops N4.7 trillion — equal to almost 50% of the FGN’s total domestic debt. This is a clear violation of the Central Bank Act of 2007 (Section 38.2) which caps advances to the FGN at 5% of last year’s revenues. Has CBN become the government’s lender of last or first resort?

In response to this, Shehu wrote;

With every respect to the Emir, you know he is my ruler,because I come from Kano.

He doesn't have his facts as far as those issues are concerned. The issue in CBN, that government has overdrawn its Central Consolidated Account is true, but the overdrawing is within limits.

The overdraw does not exceed 1.5 trillion. It is incorrect to say, as he did that the account was overdrawn by 4.5 trillion.

But even assuming that he was correct. [b]This is a government that has money in excess the amount he mentioned in the Treasury Single Account, [/b]TSA. It is just like you, a bank customer operating two accounts, one in the red and the other, well funded to the point that it can at any time wipe the indebtedness on the other. Would any bank manager lose their sleep over this?

This, I am told is what the IMF found at the CBN and they said it is perfectly normal.

As for his opposition to the USD 30 billion loan, I'am aware that the Minister of Finance is responding to that.

As a private citizen, I want to read his statement again. I thought that the borrowing is for projects that include the railway development in Kano, his own city.
cc : lalasticlala
@ bolded then why is Nigeria broke undecided
Business / Re: Must Read!!! Donation Hub Goes Live By 7pm by kemini(m): 3:07pm
if you need a solid assistance , tips and advice etc, sign up here https://donationhub.net/Login/home.php?r=okems

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