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Politics / Re: Court Orders Worldwide Freeze Of $1.8bn In Assets Stolen By Atlantic Energy & CO by Keneking: 7:45pm
But where is lalasticlala sef
Career / Re: Women Bosses And Their Women Problem by mecussey(m): 7:45pm
U are right, I'm self employed and I'm into property management, sales, consultancy and estate development. I've noticed doing business with men is less complicated and easy to pull through but when it comes to women, u have to spell out all the terms and condition in white and black b4 u even goes into any business ventures with some of them. Trust me women folks will still break many of those terms but it will save u from too many drama especially financial contribution to d development of such business and sharing ratio for the profit margin.

Most women I've worked with will want to contribute less in a joint ventures businesses but want to have largest shares from the financial income.

F+ck women...they are just created to make babies.
Romance / Re: She Sent This Message To Me by BiafraBushBoy(m): 7:45pm
She just means thank you
Nothing less nothing more and she was just being playful
You just killed his fantasy....

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Romance / Re: Ladies Do U Prefer Gentle Headed Guys To Tough Guys??? by demiladegold(f): 7:45pm
Asually, I like all in one.....

You don't understand me? Don't try to .... Go to sleep
Properties / Re: A Fenced Land For Sale At Utako And Others In Abuja by gwas(m): 7:45pm
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by olandofire: 7:45pm

You are in the right place.


Please ask your questions.

Thank you very much. I am studying medicine in the Caribbean (will finish this year). I used my B.Sc. and M.Sc. obtained in Nigeria for the application and the work experience I got in Nigeria. The grey areas for me are the fact that 1) I don't have any pay slip for that job cos its been a while so I submitted a reference letter from my former boss and my employment contract. Will that be sufficient? 2) To prove my financial status, my mum sent the money to my account and swore affidavit that its a gift which would not be taken back. I hope this will not work against me cos I couldn't build my account as required (I am just a student).
Finally, I woke up this morning to see a mail saying myCIC account has been updated, but when I logged into the account, nothing was updated. everything was exactly the way it was. Please has anyone experienced this before?
Romance / Re: How Do I Tell Her That Her Organ Is Smelling? by vicstar(m): 7:45pm
If you had spent all these time you used for studying p-organ into sth meaningful

I'm sure you'd have been rich by now

wickedest!!! embarassed but if u reason it from a right angle u are right ooh gringrin majority of youth that are not great spend most of their time thinking on frivolities lipsrsealed

Agriculture / Re: Making Your Own Cheap Organic Fungicides by Mercie123: 7:45pm
Making Powerful Fungicides and Pesticides from Garlic, Ginger and Neem oil.
We will be using fermentation methods to make this powerful organic insecticides.

Materials Needed
1. Ginger
2. Garlic
3. Neem oil
4. Palm wine
5. water (unchlorinated water)

To be continued:

Please continue!
Politics / Re: I Have Nothing Against Fulanis …neither Am I An Ethnic Jingoist- Fayose by GSteve001(m): 7:45pm
If Fayose could start working on the development and swift payment of salaries in Ekiti state, he might give APC a run for their money. He seems to be well loved by SE & SS, and the only reason he isn't loved in SW is because of his performance.
Fayose is working as per 'development' but salary ekiti workers, how many months now
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) aregbelistic
Family / Re: 13 Childhood Songs People Who Grew Up Ajebutter Will Never Understand by DrayZee(m): 7:45pm
8. You, singing it as Arise O COMPASSION for the better part of your childhood.

What is a "Compatriots" biko?

Business / Re: My Bad Experience with a branch of Access Bank by tailek(m): 7:45pm

Which gtb and diamond is getting it right. If you hear dem tory fear go catch you. Sorry for your ugly experience though but first Bank has been doing fine in my area sha

Virtually all Bank officials in Nigeria are like that.
I once had a such ugly experience with GTBank
Agbara branch. I'd wanted to make withdrawal on
my account when I was told that my BVN hasn't
been updated which I quickly supplied them with
the necessary info but to my greatest surprise,
the information on my BVN doesn't tally with the
ones on their database and findings revealed that
the error was from them.
To cut it short, I became object of pity to Agbara
branch- the customer service attendant - Ademola
Ajiboye is a very rude and proud guy who will talk
to me like say "poo dey my body". They even
asked me to go to my branch for the rectification
whereas it can be done from their branch. I
wonder how they will expect me to go to Victoria
Island simply because of date of birth which can
be done in their branch plus the fact that the
mistake was from them.
When I discovered that they have made up their
mind to make life difficult for me, I proceeded to
Lasu Branch where I met with another sadist - he
will politely tell you not to expect your money
anytime soon.
it took me a very long time before I could get the
money our of the account. The most painful part
of the story is that I needed the money to take
care of a sick relative and all my plea to them
was like someone rehearsing "2baba song dancing
in d rain".
Phones / Power Bank Experts Please Come In Here by BluePearls(m): 7:45pm
Thanks for your time.
I know this subject have been recycled so many times here, I once followed a thread where it was discussed extensively but forgot to bookmark it.
So far I know original FIL and Xiaomi power banks are the most mentioned here, but what I need is a power bank that could charge by 3000mah battery in 3 or 4 cycles and could possibly charge a mini-PC.
Too much to ask? Please suggest a good power bank for me. Thanks in advance.
Romance / Re: Guys If Ur Spending Money On Ur Bae And U Haven't Fuccked Her, Ur A Big Foool.. by Chuksemi(m): 7:45pm
sharrap,no gal will like u for dis ur nonsense comment....if u see truth,talk am.......d gal begged for wat she needed(money),and d guy begged for d one he needed too(sex)........in dis life natin goes for natin,you hav to loose somtin in order to get somtin,if d gal cnt b kind enof to giv u sex,no idiot shud blame d guy if he's not kind enof too giv d gal cash,except him b fada Xmas....most ladies are cheap,especially d ones DAT Beg too much,Dem go hav 3 bfs,and b extorting moni frm Dem,after dey will tag d guy a maga,claiming he has Neva seen her pant...big fat white lie,,all dis beg beg gals,dey can travel to fvck....guys don wise up o!! reminds me of a female frend I Av,she always begs me,and me d help am,before I knew it ,she started seeing me as her maga,den one day she told me to giv her 10k,me wey b student o,I agreed bt on d condition DAT she will spend d wkend wit me,she no cum gree,bt continued begging me,d following week,she saw my small sis wit an Iphone 4,(den wen iPhone 4 d craze gals,someone sent me two,so I gav my sis one,and planned on selling d oda) dis babe called me,and told me DAT she saw d iPhone I gav my sis,and DAT I shud giv her d oda one(fone wey I sell DAT wk,collect moni), I asked her to spend d wkend wit me,den I'll giv her d 10k and d iPhone,she start d form gara gara,den d following week,she called,and asked if I'll b around DAT wkend,,DAT she wants to com and spend d wkend wit me,since dat d only tin she'll do to get d iPhone........i laff sotey my fone fall.....d rest na story....

guy abeg no vex say I use harsh tone on u,dis kind comment d vex me.,

I definitely get what the op is saying. But spending on a girl doesn't just involve giving her cash. There are different ways we spend on girls.

Examples are calls, recharge card, dates e.t.c. On the long run, you will see that spending is somehow not avoidable. You will also agree that it is not every girl you hit on and try to take to bed that you succeed. You win some, you lose some. Then again, you won't say, all the girls you meet sleep with you first before you spend on them.

I am all for not being a maga. But, once in a while, everyone is a micro maga.
Politics / Re: Leave Our Lands, Itsekiri Leaders Warn Niger Delta Avengers.. by TheFirstLady: 7:45pm
I blame the Ijaw who gave strangers that migrated from yoruba land an empathetic settlement in warri.

Now they are claiming to be the owners of your table land. A tribe whose entire population is not up to 300,000 now claiming warri.

They are number 1, in the list of those who sabotage our effort for equity closely followed by the Urhobo.

However, it is worthy of note that their threats are empty. If they like, let them stay behind.

We are heading towards freedom. And will surely get there

Itsekiris have No Exclusive Right to any land in Delta because they share same with Ijaws and Urhobos especially Warri even as you have Olu of Itsekiri.

If itsekiris are not comfortable with Niger Delta Avengers please let them flock off to Ogun state
...@ Seun, Myndd44, Lalasticlala don't you think statements as this is an insult to the sensibility of The Itsekiris? Why Ban BlaqCoffee109 for calling out RapistBuhari and RapistBuhari is free to post on Nairaland? Not only is RapistBuhari Monika an insult to the office of the President, his submission on the good people of Warri and the Itsekiris is outright appalling and an insult to our collective sensibilities. Why would my reply to him be considered as bulling him when he was comfortable to make such statements. @Seun, please do be kind to have the moderator who banned BlaqCoffee109 to unban BlaqCoffee109. Nairaland belongs to us all not a select few.

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Business / Re: Vfl Money In 120 Attempts With Lovemko by twentyk(m): 7:45pm
LOVEMKO.....my OGA.....long time.....
Jokes Etc / Re: JOKE Of The Day : Who You Epp by joefredd006(m): 7:45pm
the joke is not only dry, but rude. you just brought out the shallowness that characterises the average Nigerian
Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Morgan & A Cow: Yemi Solade Compares Both Not Knowing She's A Celebrity by DifferentBoy1: 7:45pm
Why this man deh insult my mistress nah....when we give am return leg,make him no vex oh.
Politics / Re: Major Shake Up As FCT Minister Replaces All AEPB Management Staff by stephenduru: 7:45pm
No more looting
Properties / Re: JOINT VENTURE: 1400sqm On Ajose Adeogun Victoria Island by sentio(m): 7:44pm
Serious client only
Science/Technology / Don't Dull!!! Get Free Airtime That Can Be Used For Data, Sms And Calls. by amazingcharis: 7:44pm
In this days of change, any money that can be saved is very necessary. Download any of these apps and get free airtime. The airtime can be used for data subscriptions, sms and calls. The airtime is available on all networks. Download yours now.
Politics / Re: Onuh Edoka Declared ‘ghost Worker’ by bamikole07: 7:44pm
Supplementary/6000 votes governor pay your workers their Salary

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Cartoon Your Photo by splashbukas(m): 7:44pm
Please tell me it's free
pay for 1 and get one free
Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Fulani Herdsmen Arrested Over Killings In Enugu Community by Tolexander: 7:44pm
Order from above will free them!
Autos / Re: 2009 Toyota Camry (2units) by Siaski(m): 7:44pm
Web Market / Re: Fresh SME Data Plan 200mb@200, 500mb@400, 1G@600, 3G@1500 (FREE DATA AVAILABLE) by nairashopping(m): 7:44pm
It's a good things that strong competition among the Internet service provider has finally brought the price of data plan down in Nigeria. But u can get it even more cheaper with our SME DATA SHARE PACKAGES.

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Properties / Re: Two Bedroom Flat For Sale In An Estate At Kuje, Abuja by gwas(m): 7:44pm
Romance / Re: Is This The Most Beautiful Face On Nairaland? by Virginsince1997(m): 7:44pm

I registered with my email.....

Politics / Re: Petrol Price Hike, Buhari’s 1st Year Anniversary Gift To Nigerians - Ayo Fayose by ehissi(m): 7:44pm
To be candid, fayose is saying the truth here.

But this guy sha, he has not done anything for ekiti people rather than patronising their ponmo, beans, meat and others. Ekiti people too like food sha

At least that will boost the local economy. It is also proof that fayose is one with the common man. After all, when Buhari and el rufai was busy buying food along the road during the election campaigns, everybody said it was a sign of humility. But fayose own na nonsense ba?

Buhari now whey be dey buy food for road, suddenly na 5 star hotels for US, UK, Malta, Qatar and China na e Buhari dey buy food now.

But look at the Ekiti governor, before election na ponmo and ewa agoyin, after the election nko? Na still the am ponmo and ewa agoyin.

For me, that is humility. If fayose fit come dey chop bean for my shop, as governor then it means he simply a humble person. And that will encourage people to draw near and tell him the real problems of the people, not like aregbesola that is busy doing white elephant projects everywhere with workers salary...............................that is real nonsense...................... angry

In other news, even as voting commenced yesterday, it appears that the Ayes seem to be having it.

Does this truly mean that fayose is deemed as a hero of democracy, steady championing the cause of the common man??

We would discover more even as feBuhari 2019 approaches......... grin
Celebrities / Re: I Became A Christian After Following A Girl To Church” – Adekunle Gold by goldbim(f): 7:44pm
grin grin things we do for love..followed a girl to church and got converted?? That's serious.the funniest thing is he may not even have the girl's contact anymore ..such is life
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 3 by justwise(m): 7:44pm
Thanks for the response chupcake and justwise.
is it very important to get an apartment prior to applying and submitting the tenancy agreement alongside the application for it to be successful considering the fact that i'm going with my family(though getting apartment from here might not be very feasible), we have a place to stay for the first few days before getting our own apartment. And also, we will be using my personal account for the maintenance fund for the three of us.
Please advise, as i really want the application to be suceessful.
God bless you.

1.No you don't have to get an apartment before applying.

2.Are you on scholarship ?
Food / Re: N1000 Tomatoes That I Saw Today In Lagos by niggaz4life: 7:44pm

most process tomatoes are inoganic. u should stop depending on it otherwise: canser/organs_damage loading... 80%
bros, there is remedy for all that. you have to detoxify the body regularly and you will be OK
Celebrities / Re: I Became A Christian After Following A Girl To Church” – Adekunle Gold by petkoffdrake2(m): 7:44pm
Hello Nairalanders!! Am about to create a new whatsapp group

The topic says it all... Just add dis number, send me Whatsap message nd I'll add u to the group. .. 08137571095. No calls... Serious and mature minded only.
No other irrelevant discussion needed too...
Its all about advices on mending homes, broken marriages, relationships, hooking up, free browsing cheats(optional), jokes and some more related article.
We should be like family.

Both Males and Females...

Mature minded admin (s) needed to.... Must be married for 6yrs upwards!.

Let's do this Nairalanders... Thanx for ur time...

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