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Islam for Muslims: A forum for Muslims to share their faith. Muslims only please, even the moderators are Muslims. (9394 topics)

Religion: Share your faith and belief in God or higher powers here. Ad Rate: 4,161.93/week (69.9% discount).

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Best Of Christian Fictions (novels) (1) (2)
by shobam1410. 89 posts & 2174 views. 10:49am On Mar 25 (shobam1410)
...this Is Ur Destiny
by ybman. 1 post & 25 views. 10:44am On Mar 25 (ybman)
Open Heavens Daily Devotional 25/03/17
by dallyemmy. 2 posts & 190 views. 10:42am On Mar 25 (femoint007)
They Think Am An Atheist
by castrokiller. 10 posts & 164 views. 10:40am On Mar 25 (frank317)
Apostle Suleman Not Funding My Luxury Lifestyle –daniella Okeke
by highrise07. 10 posts & 158 views. 10:33am On Mar 25 (drshrewd)
Shocking!! An Owl Turns Into A Woman In Akonwojo Lagos State: See Photos
by Davidflight. 6 posts & 186 views. 10:29am On Mar 25 (ChimaobiFN)
Apostle Suleman's Update: Stephanie Otobo's Mother Declares "Daughter Abnormal"
by Chidispalace1. 2 posts & 41 views. 10:12am On Mar 25 (ifenes)
Must View This As Jesus Tomb In Jerusalem Reopens After $4m Restoration (photos)
by danchiwasco. 3 posts & 78 views. 9:58am On Mar 25 (OfficialAwol)
Life Changing Books On Generals In God's Kingdom (1)
by shobam1410. 56 posts & 1953 views. 9:40am On Mar 25 (shobam1410)
Strictly Supernatural!!! (1) (2)
by shobam1410. 94 posts & 3561 views. 9:35am On Mar 25 (shobam1410)
Rebuttal: Atheism Can Make The World A Better Place (1)
by luvmijeje. 41 posts & 331 views. 9:25am On Mar 25 (enshy)
Does Religion Fuel Insanity?
by jimmyjenseng. 3 posts & 38 views. 9:19am On Mar 25 (jimmyjenseng)
Regardless Of Ur Troubles, Suicide Isnt An Option
by enshy. 10 posts & 174 views. 9:18am On Mar 25 (enshy)
Pastor Oritsejafor Gives Church Members N5m To Start Small Scale Businesses (Pic (1) (2) (3) *
by zoba88. 102 posts & 17950 views. 9:11am On Mar 25 (Okies27)
Rastafari Movement And Its Tenets
by Gentlelord. 10 posts & 98 views. 8:53am On Mar 25 (Gentlelord)
Repent Today! The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand!
by Hosannah. 1 post & 24 views. 8:12am On Mar 25 (Hosannah)
Woman Accused Of Transforming Into An Owl In Lagos (Photos) (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by dainformant. 138 posts & 55717 views. 8:07am On Mar 25 (chineduemmao)
Daily Spiritual Digest: I Will Keep Passover At Your House
by jonatoye. 1 post & 22 views. 7:31am On Mar 25 (jonatoye)
Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotional For Today
by Skyfornia. 1 post & 39 views. 7:17am On Mar 25 (Skyfornia)
How To Recognize A Mixed - Grace Gospel - Paul Ellis
by jiggaz. 19 posts & 323 views. 6:19am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
Jesus, The Measure Of Your Righteousness - Joseph Prince (1) (2)
by jiggaz. 89 posts & 2106 views. 6:16am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
Fear And Trembling - Paul Ellis
by jiggaz. 30 posts & 408 views. 6:15am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
The Rapture : Who Will Be Caught Up With Christ At His Coming? - Olamide Obire
by jiggaz. 19 posts & 252 views. 6:14am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
Your Unbreakable Union With Christ - Paul Ellis
by jiggaz. 28 posts & 380 views. 6:14am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
Christians And Muslims, Did Jesus Pray Like Muslims Do?
by alBHAGDADI. 18 posts & 170 views. 6:13am On Mar 25 (annunaki2)
The Answer For A Guilty Conscience - Joseph Prince
by jiggaz. 20 posts & 340 views. 6:10am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
10 Ways Religion Is Bad For You - Paul Ellis
by jiggaz. 5 posts & 107 views. 6:08am On Mar 25 (jiggaz)
Religion Inspired Genocide By The Fulani Herdsmen
by annunaki2. 16 posts & 200 views. 6:03am On Mar 25 (annunaki2)
History Was Made On 15th January 2017 (1) (2)
by veecovee. 76 posts & 1580 views. 5:50am On Mar 25 (veecovee)
Apostle Johnson Suleman Scandal: Accusers And Conspirators Finally Exposed (1)
by bezimo. 39 posts & 571 views. 3:58am On Mar 25 (bezimo)
Daily Divine Encounter Encounter With Dr Paul Enenche
by Godsbillionaire. 1 post & 24 views. 3:11am On Mar 25 (Godsbillionaire)
The Sun On The Cross: Astrononomy, Astrology And Religion (1) (2)
by jantavanta. 65 posts & 4888 views. 2:26am On Mar 25 (jantavanta)
Man Carrying Bible Preaches With Machete Because Of Fulani Herdsmen (Pic, Video) (1) (2) *
by Ebal. 85 posts & 51838 views. 1:39am On Mar 25 (mrugochukwu006)
Aske Your Self What Is The Holly Spirit
by mohamedali. 5 posts & 47 views. 1:30am On Mar 25 (zionmade)
Ingredients In Soaps By Celestial Church Of Christ(ccc)
by vicchi12. 3 posts & 107 views. 1:22am On Mar 25 (vicchi12)
Watch This
by mohamedali. 1 post & 26 views. 1:09am On Mar 25 (mohamedali)
Jesus through Tb Joshua tried to help UK Parliament Attack
by EBLABOR. 5 posts & 158 views. 12:34am On Mar 25 (EBLABOR)
Come And Drop The Lies Your Pastor Have Told U
by coolestchris. 10 posts & 155 views. 12:28am On Mar 25 (adepeter26)
Open Heavens Daily Devotional(sat. 25/03/2017
by 4reala. 1 post & 69 views. 12:23am On Mar 25 (4reala)
Crisis Of Faith...pls I Need Answers To Some Questions
by Zack44. 32 posts & 328 views. 12:21am On Mar 25 (Zack44)
Can Anyone Explain These?
by pressplay411. 23 posts & 341 views. 12:00am On Mar 25 (LePrezident)
Sweet Pain...
by BalogunIdowu. 1 post & 28 views. 11:32pm On Mar 24 (BalogunIdowu)
London Attack: Woman Wearing Hijab Was Distressed And Horrified' Photographer Sa
by sissoko22. 3 posts & 113 views. 10:43pm On Mar 24 (Horus)
Medico Spiritual Help
by Nobody. 1 post & 39 views. 10:33pm On Mar 24 Nobody
Otem's Prophecy Against Suleiman Has Actually Come To Pass With Style (1)
by geoworldedu. 42 posts & 616 views. 10:21pm On Mar 24 (geoworldedu)
Are These Group Of People Truly Robbing God?
by Giantslayer. 11 posts & 159 views. 10:14pm On Mar 24 (sonofthunder)
The Importance Of Sowing A Seed Into The Lives Of Orphans
by TBJOSHUASCOAN. 6 posts & 64 views. 10:13pm On Mar 24 (NnaNna4)
A Thread For Catholics (1) (2) (3) ... (468) (469) (470)
by MrAladin. 15065 posts & 264421 views. 9:54pm On Mar 24 (hahn)
Who Is Melchizedek
by ACKCITY. 1 post & 53 views. 9:37pm On Mar 24 (ACKCITY)
Discussion - Define Life
by adepeter26. 1 post & 27 views. 9:34pm On Mar 24 (adepeter26)
Praying Pathway - The Logic
by adepeter26. 1 post & 36 views. 9:21pm On Mar 24 (adepeter26)
As God, As Man
by along4dem. 1 post & 33 views. 9:19pm On Mar 24 (along4dem)
5 Things You Need To Know In Marriage To Avoid Divorce
by kingsleyiwublog. 3 posts & 93 views. 9:17pm On Mar 24 (gwama)
If A Relationship Is Holdin U Back Ditch Relationship N Pursue Ur Dreams
by Classyview. 1 post & 44 views. 9:01pm On Mar 24 (Classyview)
Rccg Open Heavens 2017 Activation Pin (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by jolamos01. 167 posts & 9479 views. 8:53pm On Mar 24 (jolamos01)
But I Thought You Were A Christian?
by enshy. 3 posts & 118 views. 8:46pm On Mar 24 (enshy)
The Marriage Contract: Sex & Marriage Rites
by enshy. 21 posts & 252 views. 8:45pm On Mar 24 (enshy)
Divorce: An Option GOD Hates, Then What?
by enshy. 10 posts & 209 views. 8:43pm On Mar 24 (enshy)
Story About El Rufai And Apostle Johnson Suleman
by Keenysbojan. 2 posts & 73 views. 8:43pm On Mar 24 (Solowande)
A Charge For The Xtian Soldier - Keep Ur Faith And Fight
by enshy. 18 posts & 234 views. 8:42pm On Mar 24 (enshy)
Xtianity Is No Threat; It Is Persuation To Life!
by enshy. 12 posts & 179 views. 8:40pm On Mar 24 (enshy)

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