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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20585 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (38107 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 12,906.77/week (45.4% discount).

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Simple Ways To Stop A Girl You Like, Talk To Her And Get Her Number In Minutes
by topzttst. 11 posts & 1192 views. 7:25pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
Crazy Reasons Women Moan During Sex (1)
by Stargists. 46 posts & 5007 views. 7:24pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
Twelve Clues To Spot H0’RNY Women Instantly *and Take One Home* (1) (2)
by Stargists. 68 posts & 7628 views. 7:23pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
20 S*xy Text Messages To Start A S*xy Conversation
by Stargists. 11 posts & 1161 views. 7:21pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
10 Things Ladies Do When They Visit A Guy They Dont Want To Sleep With
by Stargists. 8 posts & 892 views. 7:19pm On Sep 26 (Gladiator1)
4 Ways To Get Your Husband To Do Whatever You Want
by Oshikoyafrank. 5 posts & 205 views. 7:14pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
10 Places You Shouldn’t Take Your Girl To On A First Date
by Stargists. 4 posts & 186 views. 7:13pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
12 Struggles Every Curvy Girl Can Relate To
by topzttst. 7 posts & 764 views. 7:12pm On Sep 26 (Stargists)
What's Wrong With Having Sex Before Marriage?
by Marioplus. 12 posts & 342 views. 6:59pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
True Or False.
by Freakypinky. 9 posts & 109 views. 6:55pm On Sep 26 (Freakypinky)
5 Types Of Single Girls You’ll Find In Nigeria
by teamfrabidel. 5 posts & 200 views. 6:53pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
Why Is It That Only Girls Post Comments On My Facebook Pictures.
by Threesome. 6 posts & 326 views. 6:48pm On Sep 26 (Dapsonemmanuel)
Our Nigerian Girls Gat Low Sense Of Humor Walahi!
by jedaii. 32 posts & 1048 views. 6:45pm On Sep 26 (CaraJewel)
Do You Want To Date With With Japanese Girl That Will Make You Wake Check Here
by zeera90. 3 posts & 118 views. 6:39pm On Sep 26 (chachanga)
Check Out This Site To Get Your Phones(free Shipping)
by Rolly83. 2 posts & 180 views. 6:38pm On Sep 26 (Rolly83)
I Want Join Illuminati+2348143520242
by kateperry111. 23 posts & 1058 views. 6:36pm On Sep 26 (olaolaking)
Date With Hot Foreigner S That Gonna Make You Wet Check Here
by zeera90. 1 post & 60 views. 6:27pm On Sep 26 (zeera90)
First Good Impression Will Put You In Trouble. See Why by iLegend (Picture) (1)
by iLegend. 37 posts & 2107 views. 6:26pm On Sep 26 (hadi200)
Ladies Breast
by Sbsex. 27 posts & 2067 views. 6:23pm On Sep 26 (fox26)
Should I Cheat On Him Just Once? (1) (2)
by talk2bells. 89 posts & 2184 views. 6:20pm On Sep 26 (DeeTus)
Must Read: Birthday Sex 18+… Part 4
by RomanticAmebo. 2 posts & 193 views. 6:18pm On Sep 26 (KvnqPrezo)
500 FUNNIEST/WITTIEST Replies Or Comments On Nairaland By iLegend (Pictures) (1) (2)
by iLegend. 89 posts & 4302 views. 6:13pm On Sep 26 (iLegend)
Natural Supplement To Reduce Body Weight Without Any Side Effect
by HealthCoach1. 23 posts & 838 views. 6:02pm On Sep 26 (HealthCoach1)
This Naija Babe Wants You Guys To See Her Se.xy Stuffs (1) (2)
by McEwen. 92 posts & 10339 views. 5:59pm On Sep 26 (McEwen)
Photo: Sulley Muntari With His Son Jamal
by abinajojo. 2 posts & 147 views. 5:53pm On Sep 26 (jamalnation)
How To Get A Lady's Real Age (pics)
by Drdreyy. 12 posts & 583 views. 5:49pm On Sep 26 (TrapQueen77)
My Friend’s Girlfriend Has Body Odor
by Talk2Bella. 18 posts & 332 views. 5:44pm On Sep 26 (bamisepeters)
The 10 REAL Reasons Men Dump You (listen Up, Ladies!)
by Oshikoyafrank. 3 posts & 303 views. 5:24pm On Sep 26 (Dapsonemmanuel)
Uniabuja Undergraduate Caught While Trying To Rape Another Student
by BIDOO. 1 post & 84 views. 5:22pm On Sep 26 (BIDOO)
Most Embarrassing Moment Ever........ (1)
by rosalieene. 49 posts & 1341 views. 5:09pm On Sep 26 (Sincere4u)
My Sex Buddy Is Quitting On Me. How Do I Get Him Back? (1)
by larryhamzy. 52 posts & 2454 views. 5:09pm On Sep 26 (richidinho)
If Your Babe Is Desperate For Iphone 7
by Calebosko. 16 posts & 241 views. 5:09pm On Sep 26 (knight05)
I Can't Ask A Girl Out Because Of My Brown Teeth (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by iluvkpetus. 227 posts & 24844 views. 5:09pm On Sep 26 (tenifayo1994)
Free Brazzers, Iknowthatgirl, Publicpickups Porn Premium Account Passwords
by thegiver009. 5 posts & 239 views. 5:03pm On Sep 26 (thegiver009)
Just How Deep Can You Go????????
by frubben. 6 posts & 223 views. 4:58pm On Sep 26 (HMZi)
Girls Caught Pants Down Inside The Bush Fingering Their Female Teacher (Photos) (1)
by CollinsWeGlobe. 38 posts & 5151 views. 4:38pm On Sep 26 (Dreyl)
Must Read: Taking His Virginity [housemaid Er0tica]
by noblepassmercy. 1 post & 227 views. 4:21pm On Sep 26 (noblepassmercy)
Advice Needed
by smartKiwi. 29 posts & 243 views. 4:18pm On Sep 26 (smartKiwi)
Getting A Pretty Babe...
by Astutechris. 11 posts & 208 views. 4:15pm On Sep 26 (Section8)
The Daily Meme Thread
by Julian08. 22 posts & 487 views. 4:14pm On Sep 26 (Abcruz)
See How Her Hand Was Felled Yesterday
by jonaifame22. 31 posts & 1352 views. 4:11pm On Sep 26 (jonaifame22)
Damn!!! Why Are puussies So Hairy? (pic) (1)
by hungrynigerian. 36 posts & 3661 views. 4:11pm On Sep 26 (WilliamsChelster)
Drop Your Number Lemme Add You On Allo ..
by WestAB. 4 posts & 80 views. 4:07pm On Sep 26 (DeLioncourt)
Please How Do I Get Over A Failed Marriage And An Ex Spouse?
by Gentlelife50. 11 posts & 178 views. 3:46pm On Sep 26 (Gentlelife50)
Having Sex Makes Men More Likely To Believe In God – Research
by LordIbro. 4 posts & 97 views. 3:44pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
What's Your Rasheeeeeee (selling Point)? (1) (2) (3)
by loshybab. 117 posts & 1438 views. 3:44pm On Sep 26 (shulamitewoman)
Getting A Pretty Babe Episode II...
by Astutechris. 1 post & 68 views. 3:38pm On Sep 26 (Astutechris)
My Wife Beats Me Everyday, Sometimes I Go Into Coma – Man Cries Out For Help
by juwebnet. 8 posts & 165 views. 3:35pm On Sep 26 (thesicilian)
If She Blocked Me On Facebook, Do I Still Have A Chance? (1) (2)
by klinro. 66 posts & 1527 views. 3:34pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
Tell Me You Won't Look
by Naijagoodman. 10 posts & 640 views. 3:12pm On Sep 26 (Naijagoodman)
She Just Want To Get Married Before Her Ex
by marvelck. 6 posts & 173 views. 3:05pm On Sep 26 (NemzySeries)
Blocked Nose? How To Clear It Up Without Medication
by Essence6055. 13 posts & 403 views. 2:57pm On Sep 26 (Fidelismaria)
Renmoney Mfb Ltd Cash Loans For Salary Earners In Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan And Ph
by Celeluckyman. 1 post & 30 views. 2:55pm On Sep 26 (Celeluckyman)
7 Ways To Turn Your Friendship Into Love
by Nobody. 4 posts & 6290 views. 2:55pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
My Sister's Pre Wedding Pix (1)
by lammylam. 45 posts & 1625 views. 2:55pm On Sep 26 (Originalsly)
My Girlfriend Seems To Think I’m A Fool, How Many Uncles Does She Even Have?
by Talk2Bella. 11 posts & 604 views. 2:51pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
21st Century Love Proposals And Pre-wedding Shoots
by ENVITIICARDS. 6 posts & 144 views. 2:41pm On Sep 26 (ENVITIICARDS)
Annoying Things Your Girlfriend Really Hates About You
by valkaka. 3 posts & 341 views. 2:39pm On Sep 26 (firstking01)
Effective Lies Women Tell When They Seriously Want Have Sex
by Oshikoyafrank. 14 posts & 3867 views. 2:38pm On Sep 26 (Dapsonemmanuel)
Girls Which Do You Prefer?( Photo) (1)
by FvckShiT. 62 posts & 5065 views. 2:37pm On Sep 26 (timsonpreye)
Help Her Pls
by shams040. 9 posts & 217 views. 2:31pm On Sep 26 (Oma307)
Funny Woman Leave Husband For His Brother, See The Man's Reaction
by succedes. 2 posts & 159 views. 2:29pm On Sep 26 (Chanchit)

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