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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (19244 topics)
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Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 9,729.76/week (53.1% discount).

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Good News!!! Get Back Your Flat Tummy And Trim Down Excess Body Fat
by Yinkahlite. 18 posts & 615 views. 11:31pm On Feb 06 (Yinkahlite)
How To Maintain A Good And Healthy Relationship
by akeensbussy. 2 posts & 75 views. 11:22pm On Feb 06 (menabae)
Ladies, Its Friday Night Again. (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8)
by HateU2. 287 posts & 1500 views. 11:20pm On Feb 06 (Synzu)
How She Intentionally Gave Me Her Number, While I Wanted Someone Else's...
by kamirun225. 19 posts & 406 views. 11:15pm On Feb 06 (cruzita)
When The Nigerian Constitution States "You Must Get Married To A Nairalander". (1)
by demo4ril97. 41 posts & 359 views. 11:12pm On Feb 06 (Maxi112)
The NLANDER With The Smallest... (1)
by HateU2. 45 posts & 526 views. 11:11pm On Feb 06 (kamirun225)
Should We Get Back Together Despite All She Made Me Go Through? (1)
by mayorjosh. 60 posts & 1753 views. 10:56pm On Feb 06 (mayorjosh)
Who Among This Two Sweet Ladies Is The Most B'tiful
by philomental. 20 posts & 902 views. 10:43pm On Feb 06 (sben2308)
5 Type Of Online Daters Dat Wil Destroy Ur Heart Nd Trust
by adexdon. 3 posts & 81 views. 10:43pm On Feb 06 (adexdon)
Girls:Is A Guy Blokos The Only Place To Grab During A Fight?
by Dildo. 10 posts & 252 views. 10:43pm On Feb 06 (ellacute45)
Guys Have A Girl Ever Asked You For Your Number? Pls Share (1)
by vicstar. 56 posts & 521 views. 10:30pm On Feb 06 (princeshijman)
Easy Way To Make Girlz Want You
by zicoflex. 6 posts & 271 views. 10:29pm On Feb 06 (akoladejesu)
The Fantastic Wedding I Attended Today
by naijacarlovers. 7 posts & 229 views. 10:27pm On Feb 06 (naijacarlovers)
How Important Is Sex To You?,,? (1)
by Eddyitaly77. 52 posts & 1070 views. 10:26pm On Feb 06 (Sunnypar)
Is Californium The Most Valuable Natural Resource? About $27 Million Per Gram
by mayshark. 2 posts & 84 views. 10:20pm On Feb 06 (Cutehector)
4 Categories Of People You Will Meet In Your Life Time
by Greatzeus. 22 posts & 248 views. 10:11pm On Feb 06 (adepeter26)
Letter For Chicks Out Dare
by adexdon. 3 posts & 59 views. 10:08pm On Feb 06 (Ezedon)
I Have Only 5000 Naira And I Want Good Gift For My Fiancee For Val. Pls Advice (1)
by Drabeey. 44 posts & 772 views. 10:06pm On Feb 06 (moremuch1)
Who Is Prettier A Or B? (1)
by bunmioguns. 33 posts & 1221 views. 10:03pm On Feb 06 (missphumby)
At What Age Did You Have Your First Sex? (1) (2)
by Otunagum. 80 posts & 2660 views. 10:01pm On Feb 06 (marypearl)
If You Are In-love With A Married Man: These Tips Are For You
by donogaga. 10 posts & 297 views. 10:01pm On Feb 06 (Swissheart)
Tips To Giving The Most Treasured This Valentine
by tommygold97. 1 post & 42 views. 9:45pm On Feb 06 (tommygold97)
Share Your Opinion At What Age
by zicoflex. 7 posts & 61 views. 9:40pm On Feb 06 (Khd95)
by aminatawa. 42 posts & 868 views. 9:38pm On Feb 06 (aminatawa)
I Want To Marry Her But...
by Olasco93. 7 posts & 385 views. 9:35pm On Feb 06 (estyvino)
Wish 5 Romancelander A Happy New Month (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7)
by peeparty. 236 posts & 992 views. 9:32pm On Feb 06 (kinibigdeal)
Weird Interesting Things Girls Do That Guys Have No Clue About (1)
by Dongreat. 50 posts & 2577 views. 9:31pm On Feb 06 (Lothario)
Rita Ora’s Cleavages Vs Her Tips, Will Make You Release For Body (see Photos)
by EbiscoComedian. 1 post & 300 views. 9:30pm On Feb 06 (EbiscoComedian)
Please Kindly Help. See Why She Wants To Break Up.
by kityossy. 6 posts & 233 views. 9:29pm On Feb 06 (skywalker240)
Photos: Girl Ends Up With A Black Eye After She Refused To Give A Guy Her Number
by Freshnex. 29 posts & 967 views. 9:26pm On Feb 06 (skywalker240)
Question For The Ladies... (1)
by sinequanon. 47 posts & 412 views. 9:25pm On Feb 06 (digitite)
Bride Treks To Her Wedding Venue Due To Lagos Marathon Vehicle Restriction
by chichriso. 11 posts & 201 views. 9:22pm On Feb 06 (IamLEGEND1)
Sola The Lagos Gilr (1)
by adaksbullet. 37 posts & 536 views. 9:20pm On Feb 06 (Durentt)
My Picture ( Operation Get Ladies Wet ) (1)
by Keketu. 52 posts & 3375 views. 9:14pm On Feb 06 (rejoicebae)
Advice For Singles And Married
by INTROVERT. 15 posts & 212 views. 9:10pm On Feb 06 (STFUareyouGod)
When Men Sleeps Around, They’re Studs, In Women Case They Are Called Sluts WHY?
by iliyande. 12 posts & 117 views. 9:05pm On Feb 06 (tommychow)
Valentine Day (1) (2)
by MrCork. 80 posts & 1148 views. 9:00pm On Feb 06 (onstelly)
Where Are You My Love ?
by Cholls. 9 posts & 132 views. 8:56pm On Feb 06 (GoldenJAT)
My Interesting Joystick Enlargement Experience (1) (2) (3) (4)
by imaginethis. 130 posts & 8027 views. 8:56pm On Feb 06 (jemestemi)
What Makes Marriages Last (or Not)
by Echosam. 3 posts & 91 views. 8:51pm On Feb 06 (stevekeri)
A Rich Unfaithful Man Or A Broke Faithful Guy? (1) (2)
by naughtynaughty. 72 posts & 833 views. 8:37pm On Feb 06 (skywalker240)
The Battle Of The Most Stoopid
by lifeisabitch. 18 posts & 183 views. 8:35pm On Feb 06 (Pennah)
Beautiful Lines About Men..
by Nature8. 6 posts & 121 views. 8:27pm On Feb 06 (octopusfreaky)
Unilag Babe Draining This Woman's Husband Financially, Needs Advise
by DJBIGGY. 3 posts & 166 views. 8:25pm On Feb 06 (emmijes3)
Boy, 11, Jailed For Shooting Dead 8-year-old Girl Who Refused To Let Him See Her
by EFCC1. 8 posts & 118 views. 8:23pm On Feb 06 (skywalker240)
New Tricks Girls Used
by kelmicheal. 28 posts & 861 views. 8:21pm On Feb 06 (3rdlegxxx)
These great men died for love;What Has Women Done For Love?
by scofieldsimba. 3 posts & 73 views. 8:03pm On Feb 06 (cruzita)
I Don't Know Who Got Me Pregnant: My Husband Or My Boyfriend? (1)
by llullipup. 41 posts & 19867 views. 8:02pm On Feb 06 (chulo132)
“Do Not Bring Borehole To My House” – Check This Epic Comment Out (1) (2) *
by Onyejemechimere. 93 posts & 51173 views. 8:01pm On Feb 06 (LadyH)
Short Story: The Last Thing You'll See...
by SunehriLasgidi. 5 posts & 95 views. 7:26pm On Feb 06 (SunehriLasgidi)
This Half-nigerian Guy Has Lost His Virginity Tonight!!!!!
by Circleboard. 9 posts & 414 views. 7:22pm On Feb 06 (KlassicKarKlub)
Main Causes And Solution To Weak Attention
by ezepueudoka. 1 post & 98 views. 7:22pm On Feb 06 (ezepueudoka)
Describe Ur Spouse. (1)
by Mustiboy. 33 posts & 209 views. 7:22pm On Feb 06 (adepeter26)
Ignorance: A Helpful Tool In Your Relationship
by aoyih. 17 posts & 284 views. 7:17pm On Feb 06 (shegxi)
Can Someone Who Masturbates Still Be A Physical Virgin?
by SPLENDID25. 9 posts & 162 views. 7:04pm On Feb 06 (cruzita)

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