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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (19725 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (36673 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 12,706.63/week (49.7% discount).

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Things Ladies Should Stop Doing If They Don't Have Plans For A Guy (1) (2) (3) *
by Nobody. 120 posts & 29834 views. 11:44pm On Apr 29 (missyge)
Guys, Can You Ever Be Faithful To A Single Girlfriend? (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by unapapadeycraze. 245 posts & 19864 views. 11:41pm On Apr 29 (missyge)
She Doesnt Have A Phone Neither A Sim But She Wants You To Send Her Cards
by lordkit2. 2 posts & 99 views. 11:28pm On Apr 29 (0ubenji)
Do It Really Work Out?? (1)
by misspeggy. 33 posts & 762 views. 11:22pm On Apr 29 (firstking01)
Miss Nairaland Competition. Who Should I Support
by ourkobo. 27 posts & 128 views. 11:19pm On Apr 29 (BossDanniee)
Rating The Miss Nl Contestants Base On Physical Beauty (1) (2)
by Festivalofholi. 88 posts & 1119 views. 11:19pm On Apr 29 (pennytration)
#occupynass Protesters Block A Senator From Gaining Access Into The National Ass
by nduprincekc1. 3 posts & 72 views. 11:06pm On Apr 29 (nduprincekc1)
Why are some girls Lazy
by Nobody. 7 posts & 236 views. 10:45pm On Apr 29 (Drefan)
African S€x Story LOVE IN NAIJ@ Episodde 1
by Naijacard. 17 posts & 4254 views. 10:44pm On Apr 29 (Naijacardcom)
Lies Some Women Tell To Get Money From Men (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by layla129. 202 posts & 28229 views. 10:43pm On Apr 29 (HOLYMASK)
When Your Pastor Ask You To Bring Your Problem To God
by otitokoroleti. 7 posts & 296 views. 10:40pm On Apr 29 (Drefan)
Who Is Supposed To Show Love More, The Man Or The Woman?
by barackodam. 10 posts & 200 views. 10:39pm On Apr 29 (Drefan)
IS Good For A Partern To Go On For Sex Strike -see People's Reaction
by nduprincekc1. 1 post & 74 views. 10:34pm On Apr 29 (nduprincekc1)
Message To All My Ex-girlfriends
by alexistaiwo. 14 posts & 201 views. 10:31pm On Apr 29 (alexistaiwo)
What To Do When Your Friend Always Gets The Guys!
by Yorubago. 6 posts & 252 views. 10:26pm On Apr 29 (Greenbullet)
Why Having Male Besties Will Affect Your Relationship Negatively (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by Wahalaboy. 210 posts & 20052 views. 10:23pm On Apr 29 (0ubenji)
Who Has Ever Had Sex On The Rug!!! Share Experience....
by kreddo. 16 posts & 846 views. 10:20pm On Apr 29 (RoyalBlak007)
When Your Babe Says No To S*x.(photo)
by Fmartin. 15 posts & 1626 views. 10:14pm On Apr 29 (mayamko)
Are You Among Ladies That Hate Pot Belly Man (1)
by ezepueudoka. 38 posts & 834 views. 10:09pm On Apr 29 (ElDeeVee)
GUYS How Did You Handle Your Heartbreak Frustration? (1)
by falconey. 52 posts & 1126 views. 10:07pm On Apr 29 (SmellingAnus)
How To Be A Posh/toosh (1)
by Bisiebae. 43 posts & 429 views. 10:02pm On Apr 29 (optional1)
Thread for beautiful light skinned ladies on nairaland (1)
by ireneony. 48 posts & 951 views. 9:43pm On Apr 29 (AfroKnight)
HELP! My Girl Perod Is Missing. (1) (2)
by psure. 66 posts & 1407 views. 9:34pm On Apr 29 (anigbajumo)
What Do You Think
by mhiz. 10 posts & 206 views. 9:15pm On Apr 29 (Afrok)
Is It Proper For Older Women To Marry Younger Men?
by foxgiovani. 22 posts & 211 views. 9:05pm On Apr 29 (LordIsaac)
9 Things Women Wear That Guys Secretly Love (1)
by udalor. 40 posts & 2490 views. 9:02pm On Apr 29 (greatex)
Pls What Are D Advanges & Disadvantage Of Licking Kitty-Cat & Sucking Dick? +18 Only
by pleased. 12 posts & 693 views. 9:01pm On Apr 29 (TheNonce)
What Is Wrong With This Wedding Picture?
by Ayima. 12 posts & 560 views. 9:01pm On Apr 29 (Came)
Hilarious!,some Nairalanders And The Kind Of Students They Would AV Been In Skul
by gbens2000. 30 posts & 295 views. 8:59pm On Apr 29 (Smellymouth)
Ladies, Your "NO-TO-SEX" Makes You Even More Attractive To Us (must Read) (1) (2) (3) ... (8) (9) (10) *
by sirr. 339 posts & 37461 views. 8:56pm On Apr 29 (sirr)
11 Reasons A Good Man Will Never Cheat On You:
by Pejah. 2 posts & 142 views. 8:54pm On Apr 29 (nigeriancritic1)
Guys, Girls And Soccer. (1) (2) (3)
by mimzy. 98 posts & 945 views. 8:50pm On Apr 29 (Surfboard)
Wife Material - 100 Yards!
by donigspain. 9 posts & 162 views. 8:45pm On Apr 29 (Edwinmason)
7 Good Reasons Why Lil Kesh Should Not Leave Ybnl(video)
by nduprincekc1. 1 post & 57 views. 8:34pm On Apr 29 (nduprincekc1)
"Sad" She Cries When Ever I Tell Her How Much I Love Her... (1)
by BlueEyeBalls. 36 posts & 585 views. 8:32pm On Apr 29 (Amelian)
See The Oldest Twins (100 Years) Who Still Tavel The World Together
by zyonnista. 18 posts & 806 views. 8:26pm On Apr 29 (Omotayor123)
What Was The Toughest Punishment You Received As A Child In Secondary School ?
by Evidence1000. 11 posts & 130 views. 8:12pm On Apr 29 (Sugarcious)
This Is Why I Hate Guys (1)
by Jinora. 44 posts & 985 views. 8:05pm On Apr 29 (tomdfirst)
5 Perfect Treats For The Busy Bae
by mayreambarry. 1 post & 106 views. 7:46pm On Apr 29 (mayreambarry)
How Can I Approach A Girl Always Frowning Her Face? (1)
by naijamakossa. 36 posts & 496 views. 7:45pm On Apr 29 (naijamakossa)
Where Have You Not Wash In Your Body ?? B4
by DAVE41. 3 posts & 120 views. 7:40pm On Apr 29 (naomiZ)
Do This And You Will Be Greatly Loved By Your Family.
by Ogar2005. 2 posts & 130 views. 7:35pm On Apr 29 (nigeriancritic1)
Use Your Hidden Power To Become Successful In Marriage..
by jagadahindus. 10 posts & 391 views. 7:30pm On Apr 29 (jagadahindus)
Cutest Proposal Letter On Social Network
by kokoletz. 11 posts & 650 views. 7:26pm On Apr 29 (kokoletz)
Is Age A Big Deal? (1) (2) (3) *
by dudemax. 115 posts & 12231 views. 7:24pm On Apr 29 (missyge)
Marriage Will Be A Distraction For Me At This Point In My Career -flavour
by nduprincekc. 5 posts & 138 views. 7:18pm On Apr 29 (nduprincekc)
Late Dagrin's Grave Side Looks Like 6 Years After His Bro Teeblaq Visits Grave
by nduprincekc. 6 posts & 1752 views. 7:16pm On Apr 29 (nduprincekc)
Burn That Fat With This......
by Dietherapy247. 1 post & 85 views. 7:11pm On Apr 29 (Dietherapy247)
8 Things Every Successful Woman Must Achieve
by giftft. 9 posts & 248 views. 7:04pm On Apr 29 (CaroLyner)
Love Secrets For Men That Will Make Women Love You
by leslimark. 2 posts & 166 views. 6:55pm On Apr 29 (finalboss)
Is Being Faithful Hard?
by layla129. 32 posts & 167 views. 6:54pm On Apr 29 (Drefan)
MARRIAGE: Guys, Pls Think Twice Before Stepping Into Everlasting Pain And Regret
by FolarinLondon. 7 posts & 214 views. 6:44pm On Apr 29 (FolarinLondon)
Could This Be Real (photo)
by hoebamaa. 1 post & 170 views. 6:42pm On Apr 29 (hoebamaa)
Does Money Really Get A Girl To Fall In Love?(come Inside Let's Talk About This) (1)
by CharlesNneji1. 59 posts & 1765 views. 6:28pm On Apr 29 (Romszy)
He Puts Me In 4 Different Positions In 60 Seconds!
by thebluntt. 16 posts & 1103 views. 6:16pm On Apr 29 (NOIBMUUL)
Girls Cheat As Much As Guys Do- This Is How They Cheat (1)
by Wahalaboy. 47 posts & 1345 views. 6:14pm On Apr 29 (bakynes)
Rate My Drawing (1)
by LadyVerah. 44 posts & 627 views. 5:58pm On Apr 29 (kunletoks)
There Is Always That One Ex Who Gave You The Best Sex
by LePrezident. 14 posts & 419 views. 5:53pm On Apr 29 (Kherry)
A Womanizer And A Player Will Make A Better Husband To His Wife Dan A Non Player (1)
by MRNipples. 48 posts & 476 views. 5:48pm On Apr 29 (firstking01)
In Love With Ma Colleague But I Think She's Playing Me
by funkyfella. 12 posts & 1059 views. 5:47pm On Apr 29 (funkyfella)
12 Things some Men Mostly Thought In their Mind When Searching
by kentuta. 5 posts & 232 views. 5:40pm On Apr 29 (kentuta)
See What This Excited Dad-to-be Did To His Wife's Baby Bump..soo Cute (1)
by LadyVerah. 49 posts & 2591 views. 5:34pm On Apr 29 (Crex007)

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