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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (17111 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (32306 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 7,721.26/week (61.5% discount).

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What Would You Do If Your Spouse Supports Another Political Party?
by lanicky. 32 posts & 261 views. 10:16pm On Apr 16 (Businessnaija)
I'm Confused!!! Need Advise Pls!!!! (1)
by nniero. 37 posts & 419 views. 10:11pm On Apr 16 (mrkay101)
Chicks Only!!!
by irenebarbie. 10 posts & 246 views. 10:07pm On Apr 16 (irenebarbie)
Advice From Married Men/women
by marcnelly. 9 posts & 213 views. 9:25pm On Apr 16 (marcnelly)
Searchlight For Love
by Jetix. 4 posts & 67 views. 9:25pm On Apr 16 (Jetix)
Common Lies Girls Tell
by Fajs. 23 posts & 284 views. 9:14pm On Apr 16 (Beesluv)
Please Is This True....urgent PICS
by Gabrielsylar. 11 posts & 305 views. 8:56pm On Apr 16 (vjsmiles)
Don't Trust Girls (example By Dammy Krane And Olamide)
by omosiano. 14 posts & 287 views. 8:51pm On Apr 16 (omosiano)
PICS: See How Ladies Grow Big Butts
by jeeqaa7. 3 posts & 316 views. 8:50pm On Apr 16 (farano)
PICS: See How Ladies Grow Big Butts
by jeeqaa7. 14 posts & 990 views. 8:49pm On Apr 16 (farano)
Pls Advice..my Friend's Girl Is In Love With Me
by edorhe14. 25 posts & 436 views. 8:36pm On Apr 16 (edorhe14)
Opinion: Among This Four Creatures, Which Of Them Is More Dangerous (1)
by kinibigdeal. 33 posts & 460 views. 8:33pm On Apr 16 (kinibigdeal)
Help I Have A Huge Problem Relating With People Esp Girls (1)
by aknopic. 50 posts & 1176 views. 8:21pm On Apr 16 (aknopic)
Look At What A Jealous Woman Did To Her Husband
by bfacekenne. 11 posts & 538 views. 8:19pm On Apr 16 (Alawe)
The Decline In The Value Of Sex
by jack67. 26 posts & 264 views. 8:07pm On Apr 16 (U2ice)
You Finally Meet Your Father In Law
by BRAV0O. 6 posts & 121 views. 7:57pm On Apr 16 (kejykejy)
Photos & Video: Woman Glues Boyfriend's Testicles To Chair In Revenge Prank
by mrsylver. 14 posts & 569 views. 7:49pm On Apr 16 (Blackett)
If This Lady In The Picture Cheat On You....what Would You Do? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by rokiatu. 170 posts & 7931 views. 7:42pm On Apr 16 (hriz)
Reasons Why Some Women Are Unmarried
by babaloke. 18 posts & 200 views. 7:19pm On Apr 16 (Bunchersstab)
How Do You Curb This Addiction? (1)
by semasir. 40 posts & 633 views. 6:56pm On Apr 16 (joecooper)
True Or False? (PIC) (1)
by NairalandPolice1. 36 posts & 600 views. 6:55pm On Apr 16 (NairalandPolice1)
by SkinnyDude. 14 posts & 168 views. 6:41pm On Apr 16 (SkinnyDude)
Female Circumcision Is A Bad N Should B Discouraged
by deltalife. 9 posts & 86 views. 6:41pm On Apr 16 (deltalife)
Whatsapp Guys
by Orikinla. 1 post & 65 views. 6:39pm On Apr 16 (Orikinla)
Advice- Who Should Leave, Her Or Househelp?
by shamota. 12 posts & 185 views. 6:39pm On Apr 16 (Cutehector)
PIC: When Your Side Guy Insists You Use His Picture As Your DP (1) (2)
by jeeqaa7. 71 posts & 8486 views. 6:35pm On Apr 16 (Svelteb)
Guys Can You Date A Single Mother?
by Osahon7. 32 posts & 436 views. 6:29pm On Apr 16 (shulah)
Should A Man Marry A Lady Older Than Him?
by cellors. 4 posts & 101 views. 6:26pm On Apr 16 (Midehi)
Is It Right For Born Again Couples To Engage In Anal Pleasure/sex
by collinsflex. 23 posts & 372 views. 6:22pm On Apr 16 (misreal)
Funny Romancelanders Signature;d
by starlingslimnet. 9 posts & 107 views. 6:22pm On Apr 16 (starlingslimnet)
Could This Be The Outcome Of Ladies' Power On Guys (1)
by emaculate99. 50 posts & 733 views. 6:08pm On Apr 16 (stephenqueen)
Quiet Women. Are They Really The Best Wife Material
by ijecks. 13 posts & 187 views. 6:06pm On Apr 16 (englishmart)
Smart Move?see What He Did When Mum Almost Caught Him Watching Porn (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by Calebosko. 153 posts & 69434 views. 5:49pm On Apr 16 (mayamko)
The Grandmother With The. Best Swags In Africa (photo)
by yahx. 16 posts & 711 views. 5:38pm On Apr 16 (amokeme)
PICS: See How Ladies Grow Big Butts
by jeeqaa7. 1 post & 112 views. 5:36pm On Apr 16 (jeeqaa7)
Guys Do You Get Turned On By The Word "Bra"? (1)
by sexyseun. 59 posts & 1211 views. 5:30pm On Apr 16 (vfactor)
Era Of Change!! Ladies What To Do When You Loose Your Boyfriend To Another Lady
by Mystery007. 10 posts & 163 views. 5:26pm On Apr 16 (MzNelly)
I Need A Serious Lady For A Relationship
by Emytexboy. 11 posts & 159 views. 5:24pm On Apr 16 (stalwart123)
Time To Review divorce Rights, such scandal is Fast Coming To Nigeria
by menesheh. 1 post & 42 views. 5:15pm On Apr 16 (menesheh)
Help..my Guy Joystick Is Too Big ,am Scared..it Paining Me. (1) (2)
by Swazoski. 90 posts & 3406 views. 5:13pm On Apr 16 (mikron)
How Much Do You Love Your Partner? 100% Mature Minds (1) (2)
by falconey. 77 posts & 448 views. 5:09pm On Apr 16 (Beamborla)
Choose One: Dark Skinned Or Light Skinned (pics) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by Elkewwty. 178 posts & 4817 views. 4:58pm On Apr 16 (Godditex)
When The Babe You Are Chasing Said She Love White Guys
by Olammy76. 16 posts & 229 views. 4:50pm On Apr 16 (Glowstone)
What Any Responsible Woman Must Know About Every Man
by bamac. 6 posts & 161 views. 4:39pm On Apr 16 (ivyT)
What's The Best Way To End A Relationship?
by Princeojua. 32 posts & 387 views. 3:52pm On Apr 16 (andromida)
Ladies, Would You Marry A Politician As A Husband?
by Tpave. 31 posts & 313 views. 3:50pm On Apr 16 (Midehi)
What Is It You Can't Tolerate?
by starlingslimnet. 15 posts & 142 views. 3:41pm On Apr 16 (marquiseT)
10 Simple Things Guys Do To Deceive Girls
by DanceVille. 16 posts & 472 views. 3:39pm On Apr 16 (DanceVille)
Help Me Pls.
by temifaith. 21 posts & 301 views. 3:38pm On Apr 16 (andromida)
Love Is Not About The Size
by Sexycyberdoc. 18 posts & 295 views. 3:16pm On Apr 16 (20bc)
Questions To Ask Before You Say I DO..
by Lifetitudes. 26 posts & 303 views. 3:07pm On Apr 16 (achinaboy)
Pornhub Sent The Boy Who Broke His Laptop Recently A Brand New Laptop(PHOTOS)
by RaphaelOjefo. 13 posts & 540 views. 3:01pm On Apr 16 (harrysterol)
Would you let your pastor decide when you get married?
by LoudJams. 8 posts & 81 views. 2:57pm On Apr 16 (LoudJams)
CHAI!!! See What My Girlfriend Did Because I Said NO To Sex! (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by ItsAnderson. 216 posts & 60278 views. 2:50pm On Apr 16 (ddaammyy)
What Your Phobia/share With Us You Might Get Help To Overcome It. (1) (2)
by peeparty. 95 posts & 745 views. 2:34pm On Apr 16 (DonMaxxy)
The Love Story Of A Unilag Babe And A Bus Conductor
by ABJDOT. 27 posts & 561 views. 1:53pm On Apr 16 (Agbero)
Things Women Do When They Are Cheating (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by killjoy. 163 posts & 31733 views. 1:51pm On Apr 16 (Youngpo413)

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