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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (22795 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (42161 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 9,748.24/week (69.1% discount).

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Why Haven't Any Single Nl Bae Follow Me Yet
by Lifeofpolice1. 11 posts & 205 views. 6:04pm On Jan 17 (Lifeofpolice1)
Sex Doll Versus Vaseline.
by Osinachi00. 13 posts & 352 views. 5:51pm On Jan 17 (Cowbuoy)
Report Card For "One Corner" Dance! Ghana Records 80% Increase In HIV In 2017 (1) *
by seunadeolu. 50 posts & 26926 views. 5:47pm On Jan 17 (stanliwise)
100% Natural Bee Honey 4 Sale: 08139458588
by erne. 13 posts & 260 views. 5:43pm On Jan 17 (erne)
Why You Should Have Sex In The Morning (1) (2)
by Estherbelsblog. 76 posts & 3890 views. 5:23pm On Jan 17 (Estherbelsblog)
South African Plus Size Women Pose Completely Unclad In Trending Photoshoot (1)
by Priscy01. 43 posts & 4069 views. 5:16pm On Jan 17 (odoguma)
WATCH As 22yr-old Naija Stripper Turns Her Birthday Party Into Full Pussy Feast!
by dokk. 1 post & 803 views. 5:15pm On Jan 17 (dokk)
Meet Other Professionals
by sabigros. 2 posts & 61 views. 5:09pm On Jan 17 (Hizzojay)
Nigerian Twitter Divided Over New Sex Doll
by MetalJigsaw. 2 posts & 139 views. 5:08pm On Jan 17 (Hizzojay)
26-yr-old Man Beaten To A Pulp By His 54-yr-old Sugar Mummy For Cheating On Her
by SabiKing. 2 posts & 217 views. 5:01pm On Jan 17 (Hizzojay)
WTF?! Aristo SS2 Girl's Pussy Turns Teary As She Bangs Principal In Fiery Sex!
by vepp. 2 posts & 396 views. 4:59pm On Jan 17 (Hizzojay)
Really,karma Is A Bitch And Her Name Is My New Boss!
by ORAGBON. 8 posts & 435 views. 4:31pm On Jan 17 (ORAGBON)
And She Finally Said Yes! I Am Off The Market Ladies (pic) (1) (2) (3) (4)
by hungrynigerian. 152 posts & 6869 views. 4:26pm On Jan 17 (thornapple)
Someone Should Advice My Friend...
by ikennamadu1. 22 posts & 704 views. 4:18pm On Jan 17 (ikennamadu1)
Sex With My Neighbour Part 3
by olubamz. 1 post & 284 views. 4:05pm On Jan 17 (olubamz)
Nigerian men Reacts and exited about This #800,000 Realistic Sex Dull (1) (2) (3) (4)
by philchudi. 149 posts & 5286 views. 3:47pm On Jan 17 (Flexherbal)
Who Was The First To Have Sex And With Whom
by StarBukola. 19 posts & 771 views. 3:45pm On Jan 17 (Rukkydelta)
Why The Man Rejected His Girlfriend's Proposal At Ikeja Mall, Lagos (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Tessyama1. 185 posts & 67691 views. 3:43pm On Jan 17 (Cutestud)
26 Year Old Guy Beaten By His Sugar Mummy For Cheating On Her
by Treas006. 21 posts & 573 views. 3:43pm On Jan 17 (richythePH)
The Benefits Of Sex For Your Skin
by Meloshi. 4 posts & 239 views. 3:43pm On Jan 17 (Meloshi)
Seven Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Promising Relationship
by Superlover. 4 posts & 351 views. 3:42pm On Jan 17 (blackjack21)
I Just Blocked A Female Friend Now Because Of This. (1)
by Samyj247. 45 posts & 4299 views. 3:40pm On Jan 17 (Pojomojo)
Cheating With A Sex Doll.
by GoodandBad007. 5 posts & 121 views. 3:35pm On Jan 17 (smulti)
Some Hilarious Tweets About Sex Dolls
by Abbeylincson. 12 posts & 281 views. 3:31pm On Jan 17 (utenwuson)
Why Are i being Ignored
by Lifeofpolice1. 16 posts & 382 views. 3:06pm On Jan 17 (Lifeofpolice1)
Senior Brand Manager At Coca-cola Company Needed – Apply Now
by jobman101. 2 posts & 82 views. 3:01pm On Jan 17 (pablo69)
5 Signs He's Cheating On You.
by gimmehear. 1 post & 166 views. 2:57pm On Jan 17 (gimmehear)
You Must Have Close To 20 Million In Your Account Before You Date Me. (1) (2) (3)
by QueenDeborah. 123 posts & 2885 views. 2:57pm On Jan 17 (XTLikeNat777)
Check Out The Trending ‘sexy Real S*x-dolls’ People Are Talking About (18+ Photo (1)
by Sparklettunes1. 51 posts & 3974 views. 2:53pm On Jan 17 (XTLikeNat777)
Is Cheating Necessarily Borne Out Of Lack Of Love For Your Partner?
by tosins. 20 posts & 225 views. 2:50pm On Jan 17 (tosins)
"My Large Soft Breasts Would Always Make Your Big Dick Come Alive!"
by abaww. 2 posts & 1356 views. 2:35pm On Jan 17 (SlimDaddyPee)
South African Lady Trends After Posting These Hot Pictures On Social Media
by victoriakelvin6. 2 posts & 414 views. 2:32pm On Jan 17 (thesicilian)
Leaked Pics From The Nairaland Broke Party! Enter Here!!!!!!! (1) (2) (3) ... (17) (18) (19)
by Skimberly. 636 posts & 14958 views. 2:26pm On Jan 17 (PastorLucifer)
More Women Will Find Out They Are Pregnant Tomorrow
by Adverts247. 2 posts & 933 views. 2:16pm On Jan 17 (mikejj)
Nigerian Lady Reveals How She Attempted Suicide 4 Times After She Lost Her Virgi
by johnolumide78. 6 posts & 238 views. 2:14pm On Jan 17 (donstan18)
Indra Singh Independent Escort Service In Goa
by indrasingh. 1 post & 48 views. 2:11pm On Jan 17 (indrasingh)
Whats D Scariest Horror Movie U Have Watched (1) (2) (3) (4)
by Nobody. 139 posts & 3587 views. 1:58pm On Jan 17 (Julivas)
Where To Buy Unrefined SHEA-BUTTER & Virgin COCONUT OIL In Lagos (1)
by erne. 52 posts & 1568 views. 1:52pm On Jan 17 (erne)
Find Out What Sexy Really Mean
by streetmingles. 1 post & 135 views. 1:42pm On Jan 17 (streetmingles)
If You Answer Yes To These 8 Questions, You Are In A Happy Relationship
by easyboss1. 1 post & 277 views. 1:39pm On Jan 17 (easyboss1)
Yoruba Ladies Are The Ultimate Wives
by banku. 5 posts & 286 views. 1:36pm On Jan 17 (banku)
Rate My Pix + my bae(Lifeofpolice1)
by Lifeofpolice1. 30 posts & 670 views. 1:31pm On Jan 17 (Lifeofpolice1)
UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: The Strings Women Pull To Control You Like A Puppet (1) (2)
by ubunja. 86 posts & 2745 views. 1:23pm On Jan 17 (Deathlezz)
What Everyone Should Know Before Marriage
by Thisdaymom. 11 posts & 500 views. 1:22pm On Jan 17 (Thisdaymom)
Girl Who Sent Nude Selfie To Her DAD By Mistake Never Expected THIS Reaction
by Ddzvon. 15 posts & 2632 views. 1:21pm On Jan 17 (Ddzvon)
4 Types Of Erection Every Real Man Should And Must Have (1)
by Thisdaymom. 35 posts & 7923 views. 1:21pm On Jan 17 (Thisdaymom)
“Wow, I Can Finally Have Sex” — Lady After Wedding Her Partner (Photo) (1) (2) *
by HeWrites. 90 posts & 61728 views. 12:55pm On Jan 17 (Assassin101)
Ladies, This Is Perfectly How To Satisfy Your Boyfriend With Deepthroat Sex!
by dexxx. 1 post & 274 views. 12:53pm On Jan 17 (dexxx)
The Girl I'm Interested In Can't Speak English... I Need HELP!!!
by humbleman555. 4 posts & 189 views. 12:43pm On Jan 17 (mikejj)
26yr Old Boy Get Heavily Beaten, Face Disfigured By His Sugar Mummy For Cheating
by Bhelamblog. 12 posts & 280 views. 12:43pm On Jan 17 (motiond16)
Interprete This Dream For Me Please (1)
by midehi2. 56 posts & 3162 views. 12:42pm On Jan 17 (vicardino)
My Brother Finally Joins Nairaland - His Moniker Is '2018airforce1' (1) (2) (3) (4)
by LifeofAirforce. 138 posts & 2286 views. 12:42pm On Jan 17 (blacq2009)
I'm Deeply In Love With Someone's Girlfriend (1) (2) (3) *
by Gbadegesin19. 126 posts & 27245 views. 12:37pm On Jan 17 (temi2008)
Nigerian Lady Shares Chat With A Guy Asked For “knacks” In Exchange For A Job
by Adverts247. 8 posts & 464 views. 12:37pm On Jan 17 (motiond16)
Public Proposal Is Emotional Ambush said a Nigerian lady
by Macgreat. 14 posts & 255 views. 12:29pm On Jan 17 (Macgreat)
Handling Anger In A Relationship
by MetalJigsaw. 2 posts & 88 views. 12:25pm On Jan 17 (Daniel2289)
Ladies And Sex Dolls Hypocrisy
by MrWondah. 2 posts & 126 views. 12:20pm On Jan 17 (Xinzu)

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