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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20061 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (37179 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 12,138.00/week (40.7% discount).

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Awoof: Get Airtel Weekend Bundle Of 1GB For Free
by bestUpdates. 2 posts & 289 views. 10:07pm On Jun 23 (manutdrichie)
17 Famous Ad Slogans That Work For Condom Brands As Well
by rookidmart. 24 posts & 326 views. 9:58pm On Jun 23 (Sugarcious)
My Prostituting Friends Keep Getting Married Easily Unlike Me At 29 - Lady Lam
by Juliana50. 25 posts & 1604 views. 9:58pm On Jun 23 (dillycool)
See What This Girl Is Wearing In Public – Ordinary G-string - (1) (2)
by Dianashantie. 70 posts & 8573 views. 9:49pm On Jun 23 (Dianashantie)
Differences between Marriage Sex and Fornication/Adultery Sex (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by MrOlai. 209 posts & 39230 views. 9:43pm On Jun 23 (WebSurfer)
Kim Kardashian Puts Her Hot Bod pu*sy on Display In Tight Dress
by Dianashantie. 15 posts & 2368 views. 9:33pm On Jun 23 (Dianashantie)
Get Naughty!!! Types Of Vagina/genitals And Their Sexual Attributes (1) (2) (3) ... (8) (9) (10)
by BlueEyeBalls. 352 posts & 8377 views. 9:32pm On Jun 23 (dnawah)
Woman Tries Advertising Sofa On Facebook, Accidentally Posts Pic Of Her Boobs
by Dianashantie. 13 posts & 1373 views. 9:29pm On Jun 23 (Dianashantie)
LOL!!!! Another Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Edition Spotted In Ekiti
by wins18. 9 posts & 614 views. 9:24pm On Jun 23 (Mikocake)
by Adrestia. 2 posts & 58 views. 9:24pm On Jun 23 (Adrestia)
About Mr Nl, Pls Come In.... (1) (2) (3)
by timsonpreye. 127 posts & 540 views. 9:16pm On Jun 23 (SycophanticGoat)
Watch Comedy Skits, Made By A Nairalander
by brize. 3 posts & 79 views. 9:14pm On Jun 23 (brize)
Uniosun "Big Girl" Steals Iphone
by Princezoi. 6 posts & 337 views. 9:06pm On Jun 23 (Lamzee)
My Love Life (part I) By Francisdeacn
by francisdeacn. 2 posts & 98 views. 8:59pm On Jun 23 (IsraelMonday)
What Would You Do?? (photo)
by mikky234. 16 posts & 411 views. 8:57pm On Jun 23 (mikky234)
Shocking S E X, See The Photos Two Young University Couple Shared Online Just N
by BbcnewsNow. 6 posts & 1805 views. 8:56pm On Jun 23 (Dianashantie)
See What This Girl Is Wearing Showing ******* Is This Madness Or Fashion
by BbcnewsNow. 9 posts & 1815 views. 8:55pm On Jun 23 (Dianashantie)
Joy Share Photos Of Her Self Inserting An Emty Bottle Into Her ***p**** 18+(PHOT
by BbcnewsNow. 7 posts & 1296 views. 8:50pm On Jun 23 (Dianashantie)
Pls Help Asap
by TeamLeader. 2 posts & 68 views. 8:47pm On Jun 23 (talk2alabama)
Prince And Princess
by 24hrsmarriage. 1 post & 33 views. 8:40pm On Jun 23 (24hrsmarriage)
BREAKING: Pastor Adeboye And His Sugar Babe Caught (picture) (1)
by farem. 36 posts & 5162 views. 8:28pm On Jun 23 (LadyAimy)
New To Nairaland!!! Where Are All The Cute Guys At???? (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7)
by curvysola. 250 posts & 1544 views. 8:26pm On Jun 23 (belej2)
Why Do Guys Fall In Love When The Girl Is Too Hard To Get? (1) (2)
by Diamondqueen. 81 posts & 1588 views. 8:20pm On Jun 23 (godwineli)
Nairaland Most Handsome Guy,post Your Pics To Defeat Me (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8)
by AccessME. 277 posts & 6145 views. 8:18pm On Jun 23 (skinz)
Caption This Photo...
by infobut. 6 posts & 232 views. 7:56pm On Jun 23 (SillyeRabbit)
Countries With The Lowest Age Of Consent In The World
by kay29000. 13 posts & 281 views. 7:49pm On Jun 23 (KingCheezyPuff)
Majority Of South African Women Don’t Bathe Or Take A Shower Daily (1) (2)
by searchng4love. 78 posts & 1389 views. 7:48pm On Jun 23 (searchng4love)
10 Ways Some Nigerian Ladies React When You Deny Them Sex
by Graciia. 3 posts & 341 views. 7:42pm On Jun 23 (Boring)
Who Else Has Experienced This? why do some ladies act this way? (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by MrDojo. 256 posts & 45165 views. 7:38pm On Jun 23 (Blessograo)
what is he up to?
by lucy5. 27 posts & 236 views. 7:06pm On Jun 23 (IamLEGEND1)
Should I Go Ahead With The Marriage After Seeing This?
by princebishop. 23 posts & 1814 views. 7:01pm On Jun 23 (adewumiopeyemi)
Just Negodu!
by infobut. 15 posts & 225 views. 6:58pm On Jun 23 (Onuokwu)
by lekjons. 7 posts & 32 views. 6:57pm On Jun 23 (adewumiopeyemi)
Is It True Your Girlfriend Is Yours Only When She's With You?
by marvelck. 10 posts & 236 views. 6:54pm On Jun 23 (chigoizie7)
Musings Of An Introvert: The First Time
by MrWhaley. 4 posts & 202 views. 6:43pm On Jun 23 (MrWhaley)
Why Most Men Can't Help A Girl Without Asking For Sex
by marvelck. 14 posts & 385 views. 6:41pm On Jun 23 (uckennety)
Get Women To Obey And Do Everything You Say
by leslimark. 1 post & 145 views. 6:26pm On Jun 23 (leslimark)
Improve Your Dating Game Here.! See Inside. (1) (2) (3) ... (82) (83) (84) *
by xxxtedyxxx. 2712 posts & 159371 views. 6:24pm On Jun 23 (Alexas58)
My Collection Or Intimate Art And Photograpghs
by redrobin. 6 posts & 255 views. 6:20pm On Jun 23 (sapiosexual1)
Help! My Girlfriend Is Pregnant And I Don't Know What To Do.
by pregzoo. 23 posts & 349 views. 6:18pm On Jun 23 (schumastic)
I Picked A Crush Letter In School Today... Didn't Know Such Still Exist
by jboy73. 5 posts & 295 views. 6:01pm On Jun 23 (mzhorlah)
The Biggest Concerns Men Face In A Relationship - Bamisepeters.com
by bamac. 1 post & 90 views. 5:35pm On Jun 23 (bamac)
Letter To The Ladies ---- What You Should Know About Your First 3 Date Nights (D
by biminiflash. 3 posts & 83 views. 5:27pm On Jun 23 (FlawlesRebirth02)
Strictly For Men's Only!
by shobam1410. 15 posts & 1011 views. 5:17pm On Jun 23 (shobam1410)
Hilarious Photo.. Guys Check This Out
by ijaw1stson. 15 posts & 528 views. 5:11pm On Jun 23 (Consiglier)
Miss NL: Mysticgal Tackles Brainstorming Questions (voice Note)
by EzePromoe. 32 posts & 288 views. 5:01pm On Jun 23 (EzePromoe)
See Hilarious Picture Frank Donga Posted This Morning See (photo)
by Berlyn. 29 posts & 914 views. 4:57pm On Jun 23 (McBrooklyn)
Let's Get To Know Our Relationship Status... Choose Your Level Here... Photo
by SlyIg. 4 posts & 121 views. 4:34pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
10 Signs That You Actually Find The Right Woman
by kajoula. 9 posts & 328 views. 4:26pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
Please What Is The Valuue Of A Boyfriend Who Has No Money Yet Not Good In Bed?
by Fairytales. 17 posts & 399 views. 4:19pm On Jun 23 (stupidity)
See What This Man is Doing To A Goat - Endtime!!!
by winkmart. 2 posts & 210 views. 4:13pm On Jun 23 (adexlamex)
Doctors Have Disproved The Idea That Women Can’t Get Pregnant By Having Anal S*x
by mmclatino. 19 posts & 641 views. 4:12pm On Jun 23 (hibiscus76)
My Experience Today@ The Market.( The Daily Hustle Of A Nigerian)
by hopeforcharles. 5 posts & 136 views. 3:34pm On Jun 23 (hopeforcharles)
What Happens To Your Body When You Abstain From Sex(benefit of not abstaining)
by kaeycea. 11 posts & 519 views. 3:32pm On Jun 23 (lilyqueen)
Newest Romancelander..
by Byky91. 11 posts & 63 views. 3:29pm On Jun 23 (HateU2)
Klimax: When To Walk Away.
by Alero3Arubi. 2 posts & 95 views. 3:26pm On Jun 23 (martinsmartest)
I Love Her,but Her Sister Wants Me
by coolskeelz. 12 posts & 1979 views. 3:25pm On Jun 23 (lilyqueen)
Want To Know If Someone Really Loves You Then You Should Read This
by fourpoints. 3 posts & 229 views. 3:19pm On Jun 23 (talk2alabama)
Is Afriintroductions For Real
by Tb222. 1 post & 37 views. 3:09pm On Jun 23 (Tb222)
New Device To Alert You Whenever Your Partner CHEATS!
by macho44. 31 posts & 425 views. 3:01pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
How Miss Nairaland Contest Will Boost My CGPA
by Kenndee. 4 posts & 75 views. 2:59pm On Jun 23 (elov)

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