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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (16978 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (32011 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 7,016.10/week (58.1% discount).

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(Ex)Boyfriend Getting Married 2 Weeks After We Went On A Break (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by NYgirl. 135 posts & 8251 views. 10:37pm On Mar 28 (Youngpo413)
PHOTO: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At Polling Unit #nigeriadecides2015 (1) (2) (3) *
by olokfor. 105 posts & 40051 views. 10:34pm On Mar 28 (Softboi)
A Nairalander's Poem To A Lost Lover
by GRAMMATOLOGY. 8 posts & 86 views. 10:17pm On Mar 28 (GRAMMATOLOGY)
Help Me Please (1)
by Amope33. 50 posts & 580 views. 10:17pm On Mar 28 (iceberylin)
Is It Really True????????? (1)
by Wonderlands. 57 posts & 605 views. 10:09pm On Mar 28 (NairalandPolice1)
TOP 5 Romancelanders With The Most INTERESTING Threads 2015 (1) (2)
by daviyjones. 65 posts & 506 views. 9:59pm On Mar 28 (tosyne2much)
TOP20 Romancelanders With The Most Hilarious Posts. (1) (2)
by daviyjones. 82 posts & 594 views. 9:57pm On Mar 28 (tosyne2much)
Ladies:what Are The Attribute You Use In Choosing A Partner? (1)
by danbrowndmf. 56 posts & 351 views. 8:59pm On Mar 28 (danbrowndmf)
Why Is That Only Few Nigerians Use Skype?
by MockinJay. 16 posts & 246 views. 8:58pm On Mar 28 (SkinnyDude)
Help,i Cant Kiss!!! (1) (2) (3) (4)
by MsBliss. 159 posts & 1967 views. 8:45pm On Mar 28 (MsBliss)
Disgusting Acts People Do To Gain Popularity On Nairaland (romance Section) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by wristwatch. 173 posts & 1095 views. 8:39pm On Mar 28 (2dice)
Easy Ways To Breakup With Your Woman
by inspiROHM. 9 posts & 167 views. 8:37pm On Mar 28 (2dice)
Guy Killing His Girlfriend For Cheating On Him
by denzmark. 8 posts & 320 views. 8:32pm On Mar 28 (inspiROHM)
Fun Time
by handzomee. 10 posts & 72 views. 8:28pm On Mar 28 (phlio)
Guyz & Ladies:who Would Choose To Save? Your Mother Or Your Lover
by joviegghead. 3 posts & 38 views. 8:20pm On Mar 28 (joviegghead)
Guy Proposes To Girl In Polling Unit (photo)
by kkoncept. 2 posts & 124 views. 8:19pm On Mar 28 (farano)
Photo Of The Man Who Propose At a Polling Unit Today
by contactmorak. 7 posts & 261 views. 8:18pm On Mar 28 (farano)
Allow Us To Have Sex - Ghanaian Prisoners Cry Out
by Demichaels. 24 posts & 962 views. 8:07pm On Mar 28 (Ellidude)
Why Fixing Your Relationship Is Tough??
by ravixou388. 1 post & 62 views. 8:05pm On Mar 28 (ravixou388)
Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Coolest Babes
by amzee. 2 posts & 117 views. 8:04pm On Mar 28 (missvera)
Only Anambra Boys Can Be This Stingy And Plan Like Baba Ijebu(photo) (1)
by Mrcapability7. 45 posts & 1931 views. 7:44pm On Mar 28 (Mrcapability7)
Any Thing Wrong With This Pix?
by Demichaels. 14 posts & 544 views. 6:47pm On Mar 28 (adanduka)
Ladies Defend Yourselves Now!and Y Do Like Ready Made Man Wen U Are Not?(photos) (1)
by yahx. 61 posts & 1540 views. 6:20pm On Mar 28 (yahx)
How To Be Single And Happy (1) (2) *
by harrysterol. 96 posts & 18061 views. 6:18pm On Mar 28 (harrysterol)
Dear Wify- love letter by nairalander
by blaze2cool. 9 posts & 109 views. 6:09pm On Mar 28 (Fulaboy)
Reasons Why Guys Patronize Prostitutes (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by Rapmoney. 138 posts & 35052 views. 6:05pm On Mar 28 (wh001)
#NIGERIAN Decides#how Many Romancelander Vote And Who Do U Vote For?
by oluwasunshine. 20 posts & 103 views. 5:55pm On Mar 28 (AgapeCharis)
The Best Gift A Man Can Give His Woman? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Ijeleigbo. 165 posts & 23288 views. 5:53pm On Mar 28 (castro316)
Mods Please Open This Thread
by matrixx9. 1 post & 57 views. 5:42pm On Mar 28 (matrixx9)
Please Read The Massage In The Image And Share Your View
by donlegend1. 6 posts & 109 views. 5:39pm On Mar 28 (Mhizizzy)
8 Lies Every Woman Tells After Sex [A MUST READ]
by asavibe. 1 post & 550 views. 5:34pm On Mar 28 (asavibe)
Dating A Final Year Student Don't Know If To Quit Or Continue
by zeal123. 10 posts & 520 views. 5:28pm On Mar 28 (Tobxyad)
Nairaland Special Election Giveaway
by Luedave. 15 posts & 102 views. 5:24pm On Mar 28 (cutieberie1)
Is It Proper For A Lady To Ask A Guy Out On Social Media (1) (2) (3)
by ireneony. 100 posts & 800 views. 5:12pm On Mar 28 (Carp101)
Election Galore
by VICatta94. 1 post & 32 views. 4:55pm On Mar 28 (VICatta94)
Higher Institutions In Nigeria With Hot Girls
by moststylish. 1 post & 74 views. 4:51pm On Mar 28 (moststylish)
Do U Need A Goodman? If Yes Read This.
by afolag. 2 posts & 88 views. 4:47pm On Mar 28 (Blebleswag)
Man Proposes To His Girlfriend At Polling Unit (PHOTOS)
by MUSICOGA2. 3 posts & 115 views. 4:34pm On Mar 28 (Orijin101)
Your First Crush In Life (1) (2) (3)
by starlingleanets. 115 posts & 996 views. 4:34pm On Mar 28 (Teempakguy)
Basic Tips Of Keeping Your Romance Alive In Your Relationship
by aktherealman. 2 posts & 102 views. 4:34pm On Mar 28 (MasterRahl)
Difference Between A Fat Girl And One With Big Bum!!!
by RottenTomato. 2 posts & 113 views. 4:25pm On Mar 28 (Enegod)
I Need Help
by Peniel20. 10 posts & 124 views. 4:22pm On Mar 28 (HizMissy)
THE BRO CODE (female Do Not Even Think About Opening This Topic) (1) (2)
by boynigeria. 70 posts & 2643 views. 4:20pm On Mar 28 (PoisonedOne)
The Significance Of Trust And Romance In Your Relationship
by aktherealman. 1 post & 48 views. 4:18pm On Mar 28 (aktherealman)
Which Is Better For Self Service (1) (2) (3) (4)
by kolofem. 129 posts & 2558 views. 4:16pm On Mar 28 (Dexnuel)
My Experience Dating A Nigerian Police (1) (2) (3) (4) *
by Naijasinglegirl. 138 posts & 27395 views. 4:15pm On Mar 28 (uboma)
Difference Between A Girl And One With Big Bum!!!
by RottenTomato. 1 post & 73 views. 4:11pm On Mar 28 (RottenTomato)
MY Gf Fart EXCESSIVELY!!!t (1)
by daviyjones. 40 posts & 625 views. 4:08pm On Mar 28 (speed99)
5 Things I Hate About Guys (1)
by nope. 40 posts & 870 views. 3:59pm On Mar 28 (Xiadnat)
My Parents Are On My Neck.
by williamspaul22. 14 posts & 227 views. 3:49pm On Mar 28 (williamspaul22)
Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Most Beautiful Ladies
by pressvibe. 2 posts & 89 views. 3:29pm On Mar 28 (Jaypea98)
10 Sex Myths That Must Go
by Macuberry. 5 posts & 217 views. 3:17pm On Mar 28 (no2fuks)
As She Looks At The Menu, I Say A Silent Prayer
by GhostProtocol. 2 posts & 204 views. 3:14pm On Mar 28 (GinaKing)
Top 10 Nigerian Universities With The Most Beautiful Ladies
by pressvibe. 1 post & 67 views. 3:10pm On Mar 28 (pressvibe)
Polling Proposal (1)
by ggrin. 37 posts & 165 views. 3:05pm On Mar 28 (vjsmiles)
Ladies Are Dirtier Than Guys---know Why
by TK16. 17 posts & 335 views. 3:03pm On Mar 28 (lordhugo)
When Guys Dont Give You A Chance To Decide If You Wanna Sleep With Them? (1) (2)
by onila. 86 posts & 1966 views. 2:58pm On Mar 28 (Teempakguy)
Guys Dont Get It !! ( See What They Are Doing Smh Pictures ) (1)
by SpaceGoat. 38 posts & 2953 views. 2:57pm On Mar 28 (Teempakguy)
Young And Pregnant
by Segibambo. 24 posts & 377 views. 2:46pm On Mar 28 (Blackett)
Man Attempts To Commit Suicide Because He Was Forced To Marry An Ugly Bride
by olempe. 29 posts & 351 views. 2:38pm On Mar 28 (olempe)
Nairaland Guys,how Sexy Do You Think Your Body Is? Share Your Pictures For Fun
by Nobody. 29 posts & 277 views. 2:38pm On Mar 28 (firstEVA)

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