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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20589 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (38114 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 13,194.05/week (46.2% discount).

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5 Qualities That Melt Ladies Heart. (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by Nobody. 239 posts & 47330 views. 12:45pm On Sep 27 (GMbuharii)
Reasons Why Women Are Desperate For A Man At The Age Of 35, Take Heed Ladies
by oshikoyaodemi. 12 posts & 995 views. 12:42pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
Guys And Ladies Beware!!!!!
by summerflame. 1 post & 60 views. 12:41pm On Sep 27 (summerflame)
6 Reasons Why Men Avoid Dating Fat Girls
by oshikoyaodemi. 27 posts & 2796 views. 12:41pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
Method To Reverse The Deadly Mistake You’ve Made With A Girl
by oshikoyaodemi. 4 posts & 219 views. 12:40pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
Rock Your Husband/partner’s World With This 4 Tips Tonight!!!
by oshikoyaodemi. 6 posts & 278 views. 12:37pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
+20 Only Are You Ready To MASTURBATE While Chatting I Think Dis Is 4 You
by zeera90. 3 posts & 276 views. 12:37pm On Sep 27 (Synzu)
If He Do This Things, Then Know He Is Deeply Inlove With You
by succedes. 1 post & 126 views. 12:36pm On Sep 27 (succedes)
Why Looking For A Life Partner Is Like Finding A Job, Take Note!!
by oshikoyaodemi. 5 posts & 189 views. 12:35pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
44 Things A Girl Wished Her Boyfriend Knew!!
by Jackossky. 8 posts & 394 views. 12:31pm On Sep 27 (Jackossky)
How To Keep Your Relationship Intact....~by A Nairalander
by Jackossky. 8 posts & 149 views. 12:27pm On Sep 27 (Jackossky)
I Heard A Voice, What Could It Mean?
by mamagee3. 28 posts & 621 views. 12:18pm On Sep 27 (MasterBaiter)
Must See: Women Has 5 Advantages Of Being Single
by oshikoyaodemi. 8 posts & 444 views. 12:17pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
How Many Ladies Can Boast Of Their Source Of Income...(poll) (1)
by iFuck. 59 posts & 625 views. 12:17pm On Sep 27 (iFuck)
Has Anyone Seen This?? Very Important
by ILoveToFuCcK. 31 posts & 1589 views. 12:15pm On Sep 27 (Babzilla)
Why You May Still End Up With A Broke Guy. (Ladies)
by iFuck. 12 posts & 276 views. 12:14pm On Sep 27 (iFuck)
Who Use This Word The Most Between Women And Guy
by ehiosu1. 5 posts & 115 views. 12:14pm On Sep 27 (ikombe)
Reasons Why Guys Won’t Call You After Making L0VE With You
by oshikoyaodemi. 7 posts & 849 views. 12:14pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
Three Years Without Sex And Lost It To Strangers... Should I Forgive Her?
by ferdvict2. 9 posts & 242 views. 12:11pm On Sep 27 (DirtyGold)
Things That Draw Women Close To You
by oshikoyaodemi. 5 posts & 508 views. 12:11pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
The Four Most Dangerous S*x Positions Men Should Run Away From
by oshikoyaodemi. 15 posts & 3212 views. 12:09pm On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
Dating A Twin. Are You Also Attracted To The Other Twin?
by Azsalami. 14 posts & 360 views. 12:06pm On Sep 27 (RENOWNED2)
Help! My Fiance Is HIV Positive, I'm Not; What Do I Do? (1) (2) (3) ... (6) (7) (8) *
by iSellUsedCars. 262 posts & 28554 views. 11:41am On Sep 27 (jey4all)
6 Things That Make A Woman More Beautiful Than Makeup Ever Could
by oshikoyaodemi. 2 posts & 197 views. 11:40am On Sep 27 (oshikoyaodemi)
Bishop David Oyedepo Turns 62 Today - His Wife Lavish Praises On Him
by bumi10. 1 post & 41 views. 11:36am On Sep 27 (bumi10)
Guys, Kill That Killing Relationship Before It Kills You
by BackToLife. 24 posts & 674 views. 11:35am On Sep 27 (ismail60)
Four Types Of Girls That Opens Their Legs For Any Man
by Gabriel6. 10 posts & 2269 views. 11:34am On Sep 27 (rainerboy1010)
How To Get A Girl Who Is In A Relationship.
by krissconnect. 30 posts & 1387 views. 11:30am On Sep 27 (Danhumprey)
My First Crazy Wooing Experience
by wins18. 6 posts & 213 views. 11:28am On Sep 27 (wins18)
October Folks In The House
by Benard94. 13 posts & 127 views. 11:24am On Sep 27 (stephenmorris)
Join The Group To Get Fully Approved Adsense / Blog
by Davideeo. 1 post & 14 views. 11:20am On Sep 27 (Davideeo)
Man Breaks 16 Years Record { Sexiest Man Alive (pic)}
by wittyt98. 7 posts & 1602 views. 11:20am On Sep 27 (Bossontop)
Urgently Needed (1) (2) (3)
by reallest. 119 posts & 2537 views. 11:19am On Sep 27 (themonk)
Why Do Men Get Scared Of Commitment& Responsibilities
by VictoriaO. 8 posts & 660 views. 11:17am On Sep 27 (firstking01)
Ladies Only If Possible - Do All Ladies Get An Orgasm When They Urinate?
by ZeeAfrica. 9 posts & 564 views. 11:02am On Sep 27 (Dayoto)
3 Ways To Know A Girl Is Still A Virgin (1)
by Oyedokun100. 62 posts & 175145 views. 10:53am On Sep 27 (chuckschukwurah)
She Said "Fvck Me Lyk You Hate Me"
by benzene00. 19 posts & 1859 views. 10:47am On Sep 27 (Guseh)
Any Relationship Destined To Lead To Marriage Wont Give You Pain
by marvelck. 2 posts & 159 views. 10:46am On Sep 27 (234GT)
I Live For My Cousin’s Love
by Colydatom. 2 posts & 125 views. 10:33am On Sep 27 (firstking01)
4 Tips On How To Rock Your Husband/partner’s World Tonight!!!
by flexyhubs. 10 posts & 208 views. 10:25am On Sep 27 (HMZi)
Am Sad!!!
by Ifakiland. 20 posts & 314 views. 10:23am On Sep 27 (AngelAhnie)
5 Types Of Single Girls You Will Find In Lagos, No.5 Is Certain
by Maamin. 5 posts & 284 views. 10:22am On Sep 27 (Maamin)
Is This A Steering Or What
by hollamanng. 1 post & 76 views. 10:18am On Sep 27 (hollamanng)
If You Think You Are Stupid, Dont Forget The 116guys That Liked This Girls Post (1)
by slimthugchimee. 39 posts & 4497 views. 10:13am On Sep 27 (Gofwane)
How To Approach A Girl On The First Day? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by ifeemikel. 172 posts & 238185 views. 10:13am On Sep 27 (chuckschukwurah)
Aging Differences Between Men And Women
by dopeviking. 13 posts & 359 views. 10:08am On Sep 27 (dopeviking)
Russian Boy Survives After Jumping From A 23rd Storey Building To Impress A Girl
by franklyn00. 10 posts & 205 views. 10:06am On Sep 27 (UyiIredia)
How Long Sex Will Last? The Is Answer Is Here.
by Benloveb. 3 posts & 178 views. 9:56am On Sep 27 (pointblank247)
Popular Restaurant Sold Fried Rat As Fried Chicken To Me - Woman
by Essence6055. 2 posts & 85 views. 9:54am On Sep 27 (DavidTheGeek)
Please I Seriously Need A Wife
by Jadonjack. 9 posts & 123 views. 9:44am On Sep 27 (BiafranBushBoy)
by LxgIncrediboy. 2 posts & 45 views. 9:40am On Sep 27 (LxgIncrediboy)
If Your Wife Refuses To Change Her Maiden Name...
by ikorodureporta. 9 posts & 222 views. 9:07am On Sep 27 (ikorodureporta)
Epic As Man Proposes To Girlfriend In The Exam Hall
by Cornerstone99. 5 posts & 219 views. 9:03am On Sep 27 (ucsparks)
Dating A Rich Guy
by Okextra. 1 post & 85 views. 9:00am On Sep 27 (Okextra)
The Real And Fake Females OF Romanceland Poll (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9)
by AjFive. 300 posts & 2152 views. 8:56am On Sep 27 (dharay99)
K-i-t-c-h-e-n-s For S-a-l-e Oxford Area UK
by ceagceog444. 1 post & 24 views. 8:50am On Sep 27 (ceagceog444)
Pics: Ass And Money..d Real Deal
by HRYansh. 3 posts & 471 views. 8:49am On Sep 27 (HRYansh)
Has Anyone Here Fccck 4 Different Girls In A Day (1) (2) (3) ... (7) (8) (9)
by obontami. 304 posts & 6414 views. 8:44am On Sep 27 (KingCheezyPuff)

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