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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (18441 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (34514 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 7,851.58/week (60.6% discount).

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My Experience Dating African Girls - Comparison (1)
by proxillin. 44 posts & 1015 views. 7:25am On Oct 07 (proxillin)
How Often Do Men Think About Sex And What Do They Think
by Maxwellctboy. 1 post & 146 views. 6:37am On Oct 07 (Maxwellctboy)
10 Things Men Do In Bedroom That Nigerian Women Hate
by KoboUP. 29 posts & 2631 views. 6:20am On Oct 07 (hilaomo)
A Thread for Single Ladies :) (1) (2) (3) ... (178) (179) (180) *
by carmelion. 5775 posts & 162911 views. 4:37am On Oct 07 (solidade)
Thanks .......@all
by fotadmowmend. 10 posts & 203 views. 4:28am On Oct 07 (fotadmowmend)
Is My Ex Over Me? Psychological Advice To Get An Ex Boyfriend/girlfriend Back (1) (2) (3) ... (10) (11) (12)
by Tiemo. 400 posts & 140304 views. 2:42am On Oct 07 (bellaboke07)
by Ay04z. 21 posts & 320 views. 2:38am On Oct 07 (Ay04z)
Fruit Chat
by vkdhariwal. 1 post & 62 views. 2:03am On Oct 07 (vkdhariwal)
Oh Jaaniya Lyrics
by vkdhariwal. 1 post & 27 views. 1:58am On Oct 07 (vkdhariwal)
Diwali Wishes Quotes
by vkdhariwal. 1 post & 40 views. 1:41am On Oct 07 (vkdhariwal)
Help! We Are Alone Together In A Room, How Should I Start? (1)
by Holyfield1. 46 posts & 1703 views. 1:23am On Oct 07 (Musicminista)
The Rich Guy Or The 'not Rich Guy'?
by CEtoO. 15 posts & 124 views. 12:09am On Oct 07 (loomer)
Pls Its Urgent Need Your Opinion On This........
by Favou. 5 posts & 176 views. 11:59pm On Oct 06 (2dice)
Sex Dating
by Zaraj. 2 posts & 167 views. 11:58pm On Oct 06 (KiidaACE)
Slept Off After That Hot S3x With Your Boo Boo? Read Why...
by danimodd. 12 posts & 1362 views. 11:47pm On Oct 06 (danimodd)
Virginity Is Not Dignity,it Is Just Lack Of Opportunity (1) (2) (3) (4)
by iceland. 153 posts & 16261 views. 11:42pm On Oct 06 (lordmahatra2)
Romancelanders Come Help A Brother
by IamRespected. 27 posts & 231 views. 11:16pm On Oct 06 (WeedSeller)
Funny Reasons Nigerians Want A Divorce
by walemoney007. 11 posts & 193 views. 11:12pm On Oct 06 (WeedSeller)
SHOCKING! Girls Exposed B00bs At Amber Rose Slvt Walk (18+) See Photos
by 9gmusicnetwork. 2 posts & 873 views. 11:11pm On Oct 06 (AgbenuAnna)
Mothers Are Now Wiser...
by marvelck. 3 posts & 200 views. 11:03pm On Oct 06 (maxti)
Can A 9yr Old Girl Wet In Her Pants
by Saimeritus. 3 posts & 265 views. 10:44pm On Oct 06 (Hazardd)
The Faces Of Nigerian Gays (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by Myself2. 194 posts & 28337 views. 10:17pm On Oct 06 (tombravo)
What Was Her Reply(photo)
by Teeboy22. 4 posts & 405 views. 10:13pm On Oct 06 (seunfunmi33)
SEE What Happened To Bello After ‘having Fun’ With 2 Prostitutes In Kubwa
by Johnpele. 8 posts & 1049 views. 10:12pm On Oct 06 (jplanet)
Why Ladies Fall For Funny Guys More (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by luigiajah. 198 posts & 28257 views. 10:11pm On Oct 06 (tombravo)
This Is So True..(ladies Don't Know This Though)
by MemphisDepay. 18 posts & 771 views. 10:06pm On Oct 06 (pTomz)
Can A 9yr Old Girl Wet In Her Pants
by Saimeritus. 7 posts & 285 views. 10:02pm On Oct 06 (all4naija)
What If Your Girlfriend Mistakely Sent This To You?
by keemsleek. 10 posts & 1163 views. 9:53pm On Oct 06 (Greyworld)
Abuja Sugar Mummy Is In Need Of A Sugar Boy - Check Out
by blinksbaby. 3 posts & 216 views. 9:41pm On Oct 06 (crazysaint)
Guys, As Any Lady Ever Drain Your Pocket On A Date Before? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
by wristbangle. 192 posts & 1336 views. 9:27pm On Oct 06 (sauceny)
Woo Me, The Wooer With The Finest Integration Of Words Will Be Ma B.f. (1) (2)
by delectablegyal. 94 posts & 1604 views. 9:19pm On Oct 06 (IsiAbuncha)
In Love With 2 Different Pretties Bearing Same Name
by henry255. 18 posts & 230 views. 8:50pm On Oct 06 (henry255)
You Can Have Male Friends Without Sleeping With Them! (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Freemanan. 162 posts & 21086 views. 8:47pm On Oct 06 (Opynion)
Food For Thought On Fornication
by akanke79. 4 posts & 208 views. 8:25pm On Oct 06 (Shebarh)
Had Sex!with Ma Cousin (1) (2)
by fishman. 68 posts & 4000 views. 8:21pm On Oct 06 (Cutehector)
Not Good At All (don't Open It)
by WARRIBLOOD. 5 posts & 347 views. 8:16pm On Oct 06 (TOMTOM15)
Funny Picture: Opinions Needed (1)
by hunkzlatan. 49 posts & 1196 views. 7:55pm On Oct 06 Nobody
How I Became A Sex Addict (1)
by Goldmaxx. 37 posts & 1953 views. 7:34pm On Oct 06 (Goldmaxx)
The Funniest Yet Most Annoying Moment Of Your Life
by starlingslimnet. 9 posts & 169 views. 7:26pm On Oct 06 (foladaraawe)
What Happens When Your Partner Wants To Do It And You’re Not In The Mood?
by godbless224jh. 13 posts & 585 views. 7:23pm On Oct 06 (pbs4real)
5 Apps That Can Make Long Distance Relationships Work
by KoboUP. 7 posts & 308 views. 7:23pm On Oct 06 (gab264)
Nigerian Lady Refuses To Marry Boyfriend Cos He's A Polytechnic Graduate (1) (2) (3) ... (5) (6) (7) *
by FlirtyKaren. 241 posts & 29084 views. 7:20pm On Oct 06 (Holumiedey)
(18+) Rihanna Goes N*de For Vanity Fair November Issue (SEE PHOTOS)
by 9gmusic. 5 posts & 364 views. 7:03pm On Oct 06 (kossyablaze)
A Man's Role I Creating A Nagging Woman (1)
by Mzflexydeeva. 35 posts & 431 views. 7:02pm On Oct 06 (leeport)
Why Are Somany Big Girls Unmarried (1)
by dearie. 43 posts & 1984 views. 6:58pm On Oct 06 (Youngpo413)
Ten Things Parents Do When They Discover Their Children Are No Longer Virgins (1)
by collinsflex. 36 posts & 1329 views. 6:47pm On Oct 06 (Mcowubaba)
Help: I Can't Stop Having Sex With My Father - Nkechi (1)
by drauj. 33 posts & 2008 views. 6:40pm On Oct 06 (geni340)
Question To All... (1) (2) (3)
by MrCork. 108 posts & 1361 views. 6:37pm On Oct 06 (MrCork)
When A Guy Says He "Needs A Break Or He Need Some Time Alone" (1)
by MsBliss. 37 posts & 1320 views. 6:36pm On Oct 06 (gab264)
Because am a Man.
by ekemini606. 5 posts & 106 views. 6:35pm On Oct 06 (vizkiz)
What Do Guys Really Want? (1) (2) (3)
by MsBliss. 101 posts & 1956 views. 6:34pm On Oct 06 (Youngpo413)
Romance Landers Or Romance Haters??
by MissNoble. 21 posts & 107 views. 6:14pm On Oct 06 (Rocktation)
Lessons From People Who "Failed" Their Way To Success
by DharmyYinks. 18 posts & 292 views. 5:59pm On Oct 06 (DharmyYinks)
21 Things Girls Like To See When They Visit A Guy’s Place For The First Time
by Maxwellctboy. 22 posts & 2951 views. 5:25pm On Oct 06 (greatestman)

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