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Dating And Meet-up Zone: A place to hook up with fellow Nairaland members and find love! (20061 topics)
Sexuality: Any topics that are more about sex and sexuality should go here. (37179 topics)

Romance: Discuss dating, courtship, and romance in marriage. Ad Rate: 12,337.44/week (40.6% discount).

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I Picked A Crush Letter In School Today... Didn't Know Such Still Exist
by jboy73. 5 posts & 295 views. 6:01pm On Jun 23 (mzhorlah)
The Biggest Concerns Men Face In A Relationship - Bamisepeters.com
by bamac. 1 post & 90 views. 5:35pm On Jun 23 (bamac)
Letter To The Ladies ---- What You Should Know About Your First 3 Date Nights (D
by biminiflash. 3 posts & 83 views. 5:27pm On Jun 23 (FlawlesRebirth02)
Strictly For Men's Only!
by shobam1410. 15 posts & 1011 views. 5:17pm On Jun 23 (shobam1410)
Hilarious Photo.. Guys Check This Out
by ijaw1stson. 15 posts & 528 views. 5:11pm On Jun 23 (Consiglier)
Miss NL: Mysticgal Tackles Brainstorming Questions (voice Note)
by EzePromoe. 32 posts & 288 views. 5:01pm On Jun 23 (EzePromoe)
See Hilarious Picture Frank Donga Posted This Morning See (photo)
by Berlyn. 29 posts & 915 views. 4:57pm On Jun 23 (McBrooklyn)
Let's Get To Know Our Relationship Status... Choose Your Level Here... Photo
by SlyIg. 4 posts & 121 views. 4:34pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
10 Signs That You Actually Find The Right Woman
by kajoula. 9 posts & 328 views. 4:26pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
Please What Is The Valuue Of A Boyfriend Who Has No Money Yet Not Good In Bed?
by Fairytales. 17 posts & 399 views. 4:19pm On Jun 23 (stupidity)
See What This Man is Doing To A Goat - Endtime!!!
by winkmart. 2 posts & 210 views. 4:13pm On Jun 23 (adexlamex)
Doctors Have Disproved The Idea That Women Can’t Get Pregnant By Having Anal S*x
by mmclatino. 19 posts & 641 views. 4:12pm On Jun 23 (hibiscus76)
My Experience Today@ The Market.( The Daily Hustle Of A Nigerian)
by hopeforcharles. 5 posts & 136 views. 3:34pm On Jun 23 (hopeforcharles)
What Happens To Your Body When You Abstain From Sex(benefit of not abstaining)
by kaeycea. 11 posts & 519 views. 3:32pm On Jun 23 (lilyqueen)
Newest Romancelander..
by Byky91. 11 posts & 63 views. 3:29pm On Jun 23 (HateU2)
Klimax: When To Walk Away.
by Alero3Arubi. 2 posts & 95 views. 3:26pm On Jun 23 (martinsmartest)
I Love Her,but Her Sister Wants Me
by coolskeelz. 12 posts & 1979 views. 3:25pm On Jun 23 (lilyqueen)
Want To Know If Someone Really Loves You Then You Should Read This
by fourpoints. 3 posts & 229 views. 3:19pm On Jun 23 (talk2alabama)
Is Afriintroductions For Real
by Tb222. 1 post & 37 views. 3:09pm On Jun 23 (Tb222)
New Device To Alert You Whenever Your Partner CHEATS!
by macho44. 31 posts & 425 views. 3:01pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
How Miss Nairaland Contest Will Boost My CGPA
by Kenndee. 4 posts & 75 views. 2:59pm On Jun 23 (elov)
Would You Serve Jail Term For Your Babe To Be Released? (photo) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by Mykel4God. 188 posts & 51652 views. 2:56pm On Jun 23 (iamloyalty)
Can A Relationship Go Back Ti Exactly How It Was After One Partner Cheats? (1)
by gretop. 41 posts & 633 views. 2:54pm On Jun 23 (halfricanadian)
Miss Zahra Buhari Set To Wed!!!???
by Teekay123. 1 post & 156 views. 2:51pm On Jun 23 (Teekay123)
If You Were To Be In His Shoes....what Will You Do ?
by chidiezeh. 7 posts & 158 views. 2:45pm On Jun 23 (agitator)
Look at the $200 gift my girl got me for my Birthday
by Vanquay16. 12 posts & 266 views. 2:41pm On Jun 23 (StPete)
The Most Inspired Lines Ever
by driveiwe. 3 posts & 76 views. 2:38pm On Jun 23 (mindful01)
Can A Girl And A Boy Be Just Friends?
by Chuksemi. 1 post & 57 views. 2:36pm On Jun 23 (Chuksemi)
Power Bank
by treasurelove. 1 post & 59 views. 2:30pm On Jun 23 (treasurelove)
What Makes Someone Fall Out Of Love.
by DaySpringer. 18 posts & 368 views. 2:28pm On Jun 23 (abbeyology88)
Got A Gift Of #5000 From A Nairalander.
by Oyin93. 8 posts & 128 views. 2:23pm On Jun 23 (HateU2)
Power Bank
by treasurelove. 1 post & 27 views. 2:21pm On Jun 23 (treasurelove)
Guys!! If She Actually Turns Out Be A Virgin, Would You Stop? (1) (2)
by Medunah. 73 posts & 2446 views. 2:19pm On Jun 23 (exporters101)
An Important And Controversial Question, What Is Your View ?
by kayodescrib. 1 post & 56 views. 1:57pm On Jun 23 (kayodescrib)
15 Biggest Qoutes About Love You Must Know - Omoboriowo's Blog
by miteolu. 1 post & 85 views. 1:55pm On Jun 23 (miteolu)
How Do I Make Her My Wife Despite The Difference In Religion? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) *
by korel9. 190 posts & 18863 views. 1:19pm On Jun 23 (Encorecasmie)
Why Relationships Fail And How To Make It Last Longer
by hyman9ja. 2 posts & 71 views. 1:11pm On Jun 23 (AnodaIT)
Love, Sex And Relationships
by shobam1410. 14 posts & 624 views. 1:09pm On Jun 23 (shobam1410)
My Gf Double Dating I Need Urgent Advice. (1)
by MoneyToolz. 39 posts & 1200 views. 12:53pm On Jun 23 (MoneyToolz)
Escorts Needed (1) (2)
by ibigbemiajax. 65 posts & 583 views. 12:49pm On Jun 23 (Charles4075)
Should She Forgive The Guy?
by TeflonMe. 17 posts & 479 views. 12:45pm On Jun 23 (jully29)
Why Are Most Nigerian Guys So Se.x Starved?????? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
by Sexytemi. 223 posts & 4786 views. 12:24pm On Jun 23 (Sexytemi)
Reasons Why Men Should Stop Patronizing Prostitutes(oloshos) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) *
by Cutehector. 203 posts & 37198 views. 12:23pm On Jun 23 (peezeygwiny)
Can You Date Or Marry This Kind Of Girl? (1)
by Orubebe01. 43 posts & 1673 views. 12:17pm On Jun 23 (daveson2020)
What Is Love?
by miteolu. 13 posts & 70 views. 12:15pm On Jun 23 (firstking01)
How Huging A Girl In A Church Looks Like
by Dianashantie. 9 posts & 638 views. 12:14pm On Jun 23 (Majestee)
The Day I Use My Gear Shifter To Finger My Kitty-Cat Till I Cum
by Chysexy. 14 posts & 1442 views. 12:13pm On Jun 23 (Perfectdanny)
Which Girl Is Prettier?(pic)
by Diamondqueen. 31 posts & 2332 views. 12:08pm On Jun 23 (Majestee)
by Maggielovely. 11 posts & 203 views. 12:00pm On Jun 23 (Florblu)
10 Things Ladies Look Out For In Men Before They Marry Them...
by Adeyinka1758. 17 posts & 708 views. 11:56am On Jun 23 (Majestee)
A Question For Ladies (photos)
by Ucheosefoh. 20 posts & 379 views. 11:45am On Jun 23 (Majestee)
My Secondary School Smallie Has Accepted To Miss School On Monday For Us (1) (2)
by jonaifame22. 80 posts & 2133 views. 11:43am On Jun 23 (TamedWolf90)
Why Dont I Sleep Around?
by onila. 22 posts & 526 views. 11:38am On Jun 23 (hoebamaa)
What To Say When She Tells You "I Have A Boyfriend"
by mindful01. 18 posts & 1106 views. 11:31am On Jun 23 (mindful01)
29 Questions Women Have About joysticks
by DaFuhrer. 3 posts & 269 views. 11:26am On Jun 23 (Greene66)
My Girlfriend Has Been Using My $perm To Clear Pimples, Now It’s ‘finished’ –
by zmtoz. 19 posts & 347 views. 10:54am On Jun 23 (loylextop)
Lets Handle Your Branding Jobs Call 08128040335 Now
by dunamisprints. 3 posts & 27 views. 10:49am On Jun 23 (dunamisprints)
Back In D Days
by jaxmanreal. 14 posts & 114 views. 10:43am On Jun 23 (jaxmanreal)
South African Couple Arrested For Selling "Tickets To Heaven"
by macho44. 29 posts & 338 views. 10:33am On Jun 23 (LeSudAfricaine)
U Need To See This!!
by yasolan. 2 posts & 172 views. 10:31am On Jun 23 (EmpressPee)
I Have A Crush On Her, But I'm Shy
by dearbunmi. 10 posts & 243 views. 10:31am On Jun 23 (AsmauDanjuma)
What It Is Like For A Woman To Receive Double Penetration. (1)
by lavera. 36 posts & 3357 views. 10:30am On Jun 23 (Certifiedbillio)

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