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Politics / Re: Protesting Staff Disrupt Labaran Maku’s Handover, Accuse Him Of Embezzling Funds by sammyzacks(m): 3:28pm On Oct 21, 2014
its politically motivated.

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Politics / Re: Military Violates So Called Cease Fire ,battle Terrorist In Damboa by sammyzacks(m): 12:07pm On Oct 20, 2014
that cease fire want not realistic
Religion / Re: TB Joshua Carrying Bags Of Rice (Picture) by sammyzacks(m): 1:07pm On Oct 16, 2014
When you give to someone in need, don't do as the hypocrites do--blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! I tell you the truth, they have received all the reward they will ever get. Mathew 6:2

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Politics / Re: modified by sammyzacks(m): 2:16pm On Sep 18, 2014
op, you tried but could not convince me.
buhari's words were carefully selected. he is a general, he is smart. anytime he wanst to make any of his controversial statements ne usually speaks in hausa.kare jini biri jini means more than a tough struggle. it means a bloody fight. and you forgot to defend his statement that muslims should vote only for muslims.

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Politics / Re: 10 Reasons Why Prophet T.b. Joshua's Guest House Collapsed by sammyzacks(m): 2:03pm On Sep 18, 2014
I will give you my points:
1. why was construction work going on there when people are already inhabiting it.
2. why the initial resistance by the church to allow rescue officials do their work?
3. does t.b joshua have approvals for the construction work going on there?
4.was the building built by qualified engineers? are the materials of the required standard?
I notice that the survivors have been shielded from the press. but during the nyanya bombing I saw survivors being interviewed on TV.
5. I strongly believe that TB Joshua is a false prophet and he has alot of evil deeds going on there. and he is doing everything to hide it. But who knows if this could as well be the end for him and his falsehood.
Politics / Re: 12 Soldiers Who Attacked GOC Sentenced To Death by sammyzacks(m): 6:17am On Sep 16, 2014
I dont like this. Life imprisonment would be ok.
Education / Re: 6 Reasons Not To Attend A Public University by sammyzacks(m): 11:01pm On Sep 11, 2014
poverty is required really not good. have you been to public school and seen there toioets. have you gone to the labs? do they have libraries. corrupt lecturers that molest female students and ask students to sort for good grades? crowded classrooms and hostels.
they used to be the best but now they are dead and rotten. if I can afford it, my child will attend covenant, babcock or baze university.

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Politics / Re: Young Muslim Faces Death Penalty For Criticising Mohammed by sammyzacks(m): 7:04am On Jan 07, 2014
Muslims speak out!
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Paid Obasanjo A Surprise Visit In Abeokuta Today by sammyzacks(m): 7:34am On Jan 01, 2014
The own that bows is the greater one.
Religion / There's No Literal Hell- Pope Francis by sammyzacks(m): 9:54am On Dec 31, 2013
A hell without fire and brimstone. That's the Roman Catholic Church's latest view on what life in the hereafter might be like. And it comes straight from the Pope.

The Pope made the statement yesterday in the Vatican City.

At this morning's mass at the basilica of St. John's, news of the Pope's statement caught most of the people completely by surprise. "The Pope said what?" asked one man. "I'd have to see it before I believe it."

For centuries the popular image of the wrath of God has been fire, brimstone, and every imaginable - and unimaginable - horror. The modern teaching of the Catholic church does not refer to hell as a place.

So, for many practicing Catholics, like Frank O'Leary, the Pope has simply confirmed what they believe anyway. "A lot of these things are metaphorical," he says. "I never really thought of heaven as a physical place. It is not surprising to me that the Holy Father would point out that hell is not physical in the sense of this physical plane that we're on right now."

The Pope isn't saying there's no hell at all. He's saying that hell is the state of eternal torment a soul ends up in when it cuts itself off from God.

And so another piece of religious folklore gives way to the rational mood of our times. It was only last year that Catholics heard from their Pope about the need to build more bridges between faith and reason. And just last week he set the record straight about heaven. Not as a place in the clouds but as a state of eternal union with God.
Politics / Re: Ahmad Gulak: Fighting Goodluck Is Fighting God! by sammyzacks(m): 7:14am On Dec 30, 2013
Every government exists by the permission of God
Politics / Re: 2015: I See Danger Ahead — Oritsejafor by sammyzacks(m): 6:21am On Dec 29, 2013
God bless you Pastor. You seem to be the only southerner who understands the plight of norther Christians.
One day Everybody's eyes will open and we will see that the true problem of Nigeria is religious intolerance.


Politics / Re: The North Is Not One And Will Never Be In 2015 by sammyzacks(m): 9:10am On Dec 26, 2013
Politicians do not own Nigeria. the people do. most northern minorities would rather vote a Jonathan than a Buhari.
Politics / Re: Army Destroys 4 Villages, Kills Civilians As Troupe Chase Islamists – Witnesses by sammyzacks(m): 9:08am On Dec 26, 2013
I thought your father sent him a letter saying he is not doing enough in security? I thought your father prefers the Udi style?

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Politics / Re: 2015: Buhari Must Become APC Presidential Candidate, Says Yerima by sammyzacks(m): 8:40am On Dec 25, 2013
That's true. That's also why okupe could easily prophecy that APC will soon collapse, obviously because Buhari will not get the ticket.
Romance / Re: Should Sex Really Wait Until Marriage. A Case For Both Sides. by sammyzacks(m): 7:34am On Dec 24, 2013
Let me tell you some home truths:
Sex before marriage is not just your idea but an agenda of hell.
The devil intends to make sex cheap, free and available to all, wether married or unmarried.
Just like electricity, sex can be good or bad if not handled the right way.
The right way to have sex is with a single partner within the confines of marriage.
God being a gracious God keeps offering us second chances to make it right even when we violate the right way.
Non-virgins that have decided to stop enjoying free sex outside marriage have a chance to start over.
You must admit that it is sinful to have sex outside of marriage, that's the first step to getting it right.
And if you are guilty of sexual sin after sin, God can give you a chance to repent and start over.
Sexual sins are great doors to demon possession, sicknesses and diseases. It destroys our relationship.
If you love your soul and have the fear of God you will never make it a lifestyle.
Politics / Re: What PDP Can Do To Win In 2015 by sammyzacks(m): 2:13pm On Dec 22, 2013
Jonathan should drop his ambition and support David Mark.
Romance / Re: Guyz Don't Ever Marry A Girl That You Have Not Had Sex With by sammyzacks(m): 7:25am On Dec 21, 2013
I will give you 5 reasons why you must give your life to Christ:

1. You will experience a better life. you will receive grace and power to live above sin.
2. You will be free from destruction. Anyone that is not born again is an endangered specie. The devil will gradually gravitate you to death and hell.
3. You will enjoy divine wisdom and direction. You will be free from the deceptive opinions of men that lead to no profit.
4.you will be free from fear of tomorrow, because God will guarantee you a great future.
5. When your life is over here on earth you have a sure hope of spending eternity with God in heaven.

I strongly recommend you consider these benefits and do something about it today!
Politics / Re: Sheik Gumi Reacts To Iyabo Obasanjo's Letter by sammyzacks(m): 5:57am On Dec 21, 2013
Both Sheik Gumi and Obasanjo also lack good religious upbringing. the same Bible he quoted also said:

Exodus 22:28 “You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people.

For all they countless times they have cursed Jonathan, are they of any better moral standing that Iyabo?


Politics / Re: CBN Directors Disown Sanusi's Letter by sammyzacks(m): 7:03am On Dec 16, 2013
Sanusi is an extremist. I believe that he is pursuing an agenda. but I also believe that he has failed.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Be The Catalyst Of Change In Nigeria by sammyzacks(m): 7:40pm On Dec 14, 2013
take dat: What do you mean by 'the first common man to take the exalted seat of governance'? Jonathan is not a common man, he has always been a member of the wicked political elite. Did he from nowhere rise to become a President?

But he is right. Jonathan is a common man like me and you. He was raised to be a lecturer, never imagined he could be here today. Unlike the Generals who were groomed to take power by the gun.


Politics / Re: Jonathan Will Be The Catalyst Of Change In Nigeria by sammyzacks(m): 7:33pm On Dec 14, 2013
Hello guys,
Has it occurred to you that going against Obj alone is fight against corruption in itself? I totally agree with what the writer is trying to paint: a situation where the cabals of Nigeria are made useless and powerless. That is a bloodless revolution man!
He has distant listed PDP and all of that will eventually push out the bad eggs from political relevance.


Politics / Re: Jonathan Snubbed At Mandela's Memorial by sammyzacks(m): 5:55pm On Dec 10, 2013
South Africa in an ungrateful nation.


Politics / Re: Let's Go To Court - SaharaReporters Dares GEJ by sammyzacks(m): 3:42am On Nov 24, 2013
I wonder o, why must abati respond to sahara in the first place? That was going down too low
Politics / Re: Gowon - God Took Abacha, Abiola Away To Save Nigeria by sammyzacks(m): 7:04am On Nov 11, 2013
My Igbo friends who are mad with Gowon should understand that:
1. The war was truely not about Biafra or the Igbos, but about Ojukwu and his ego.Ojukwu might have been many things but definitely not hero or a good leader of his people.
2. Gowon tried everything to avoid the war. Most of us if in his shoes would do everything possible to make sure Nigeria never disintegrate under our command as head of state.
3.ironsi, kaduna and even zik all believed in Nigeria.
4.Gowon is not evil, he acted as a military commander under the circumstance. His background as a child and as an adult was and is totally Christian. If you listen to his speeches during the war, you will see his good heart.even after the war he started Nigeria on a just path and never stole money for himself.Till today his morality is intact.


Politics / Re: Gowon - God Took Abacha, Abiola Away To Save Nigeria by sammyzacks(m): 1:35pm On Nov 10, 2013
Gowon is truly a hero.most of you hate him because of the civil war. But Ojukwu gave him No other option. The same Ojukwu ran away leaving his people to suffer. Gowon was sincere and not corrupt as a leader. There is no nigerian leader that match his morality, even Buhari.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NERC Recruitment: What's the update? by sammyzacks(m): 6:42am On Nov 05, 2013
Secretary position were interviewed 4th November in Abuja.
Politics / Re: News Breaking!! Another Oga On Top Emerge From Anambra State-video by sammyzacks(m): 6:51am On Nov 02, 2013
But whats wrong with his response?
Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Armoured Car Scandal House Committee Hearing (2) – Live Update by sammyzacks(m): 7:15pm On Oct 31, 2013
Reps have found a soft landing for madam. Its another "farouk".
Politics / Al-mustapha’s Southern Kaduna Allies And The Verdict Of History by sammyzacks(m): 6:11am On Oct 29, 2013
Center for Development and Rights Advocacy

1. On Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st March 2013, indigenous hilly billy people of Attakar in Kaura Local Government of Kaduna State were assaulted and sacked from their homes by gunmen to Internally Displaced Persons camps in Fadan Attakar and other villages. The world was denied knowledge of this until Center for Development and Rights Advocacy’s visited to the camps on 2nd April 2013. Our visit was followed by Kaduna State Government and its SEMA, NEMA, Members of House of Representatives from Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone, and other Southern Kaduna based groups.
2. The scale of inhumanity and photos of women and children in camps, forced CEDRA to write the body charged with monitoring of human rights abuses in Nigeria on (Nigeria Human Rights Commission). CEDRA’s report encompassed photos of victims and interviews of emergency camps managers. All members of National Assembly from the zone and Chair of National Assembly on Human Rights were given the same report. National Human Rights Commission and all those copied have acknowledged our report.
3. It will take the sagacity of a Native Authority trained statistician to know the number of subsequent attacks on the surviving villages and persons in Attakar, since the first incidences of 30th and 31st March 2013. However, the victims (represented by ATTAKAR DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION) on 2nd October 2013, told the world the number and dates of assaults and losts by their communities in the following statistics:
(a). 19 & 20 March, 2013 Mafan and Telak: 30 were people killed by “suspected Fulani gunmen”
(b) 21/03/2014 Kirim, Danti, Mayit, Zadian, Dajak, Tinga Mogwai and Dugurag: “This attack left 14 people dead, mostly children. A total if 247 houses were destroyed including 4 churches and 2 schools. Food items and personal proceeds worth over 150 million Naira were destroyed”.
(c). 30/03/2013 Mafan, Muyit & Zilan: 32 people were killed by “gunshots in an attempt to escape the attackers”. All the 3 villages were “completely destroyed with no houses left, including 2 churches and 2 primary schools. 1500 people were displaced…”
(d). 13/95/2013 Zangang District: 13 people were killed, 82 houses destroyed including the District Head’s house, a church and a primary school also burnt. Over 3000 people were displaced.
(e). 2/09/2013 Adu village in Zangang District: “This attack was a surprise to the entire community as this village had accommodated most of the settled Fulani in the land and had enjoyed ‘harmonious living” Effect: “a family of four was completely wiped out, a total of 9 including a Zilan woman killed by a fleeing attacker lost their lives and five people were seriously injured, one later died from serious machete cuts…” This attack came after the killing of two Takad men on 1/09/2013 at Mayit.
(g). 12/09/2013 “Killing of an elderly man and a small girl in Mayit who went to harvest yams on her father’s farm, the sister of the girl suffered serious machete cuts….”
(h). 23/09/2013 Attack on Tajak in Tafan district: “… no life was lost but 50 houses were burnt, foodstuffs and personal property estimated at over 20 million naira were lost”.
(i). 28/09/2013 “Barely three weeks after the the attack on Adu, the people woke up with sad news of another attack in Zangang on 28/09/2013. This time, villages not affected in the first attack in the district were targeted and the local bridge linking the community was destroyed to block any possible intervention. In this attack, 15 people lost their lives, mostly youths of the villages, five people were injured and five houses burnt.
4. (a) From the first occasion of 30th and 31st March 2013 to the last one of 29th October 2013 , Kaduna State government made only two pronouncements which were usual appeal for peace and phantom assurances of finding and prosecuting perpetrators. Seven months down the lane, nobody/ persons has/have been arrested and prosecuted as promised by Kaduna State Government.
(b) On one occasion, suspected terrorist were arrested in a road block near Zankan village after an attack in a VECTRA car with cloths stained with bloods and booth full of arsenals used uphills. Amongst the suspects were two Fulani’s living in Attakar. Initial interrogations shows the local compradors served as guide to the combatants. Because of these important revelations,they were taken to Kaura police station. Late in the evening the car and suspects were taken out of Kaura Village to God knows where. As I write, today, 29th October 2013, nothing has been heard, and they have not been seen in any court of law answering charges of their crimes on our people.
5. As we (CEDRA) are still struggling to make a case for Genocide for these people, with little or no support from Core Northern groups like Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF)and Arewa Elders Forum (AEF), on 26th October 2013, Al-Mistapha and his Southern Kaduna comrades appeared on the scene under the guise of donating relief materials to victims of the series of assaults enumerated herein before.
6. After the ritual of donating relief materials to the people, Al-Mustapha and his Southern Kaduna compradoes assembled Attakar Chief and his people and Fulani settlers communities in a hall for what they dissimulatively labeled A PEACE MEEETING. By this, it therefore means; Al-Mustapha, other groups or persons had a hidden agenda they denied the people the knowledge of. And from all sources ,the clearance they had from the security agencies who told the world a while ago that all occasions involving gathering of people must have clearance from them in the state, was certainly violated.
7. Al-Mustapha, and others executed the second agenda perfect! Because for the first time, settlers whose status and presence we never recognised got their first legitimacy as stakeholders in Southern Kaduna soil. That drilled an opening on the wall for them and gave them the audacity to table their 10 POINT AGENDA( though only three were enumerated).
8. (a) Al-Mustapha ,his Southern Kaduna cohorts , and Fulani representatives bamboozled Attakar community into accepting an invitation to Abuja for a second round of “peace talks”( Another version of Camp David and Oslo). The settlers and representatives of uphills-butchers of Attakar promised that they will enumerate their remaining 7 conditions Abuja. The question is: was the environment they want to claim equal right to, too hot to unveil their other requests? To demonstrate brazen arrogance and hyperactive idiotism, the head of the team promised to foot the bill of the ABUJA SUMMIT. And wool headed Southern Kaduna team under his spell are already thanking him for that act of generosity.
(b) Hope those Southern Kaduna people who went and helped Al-Mustapha will connect with Alfred Nobel’s screening committee to nominate Major Hamza Al-Mustapha ( their man in the mirror or Mandela of Southern Kaduna) for 2013 NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE.
1. How many of these skirmishes are there in Northern Nigeria that needs similar interventions from them?
2. Why was Southern Kaduna singled out and the first of many trouble spots in the north to be visited by Al-Mustapha?
3. Since when did Al-Mustapha starts hating blood, dead bodies and acts of terror?
4. When is he going to provide relief materials and hold peace meeting between Birom and Fulani in Plateau State, and probably invite them to Abuja for a second leg?
5. When is he embarking on a similar mission to Tafawa Belewa Local Government of Bauchi State and invite them to Abuja for a follow-up jaw jaw?
6. When is he going to see Tiv and Jukun in Taraba State and promise to foot their bills in Abuja for a second meeting?
7. When is he going to sit with Baba Alakyo in Nasarawa State and invite him to Abuja for peace talks?
8. When is going to Yobe, Borno and Adamawa and talk to Boko Haram commanders and local communities they are preying on and invite Imam Shekau and his people to Abuja for further talks?
9. Al-Mustapha was jailed for long and his properties confiscated, who gave him the money for such a cash consuming venture and philanthropic misadventure?
1. You have indeed created history that will go down with you, until His second coming. That history is of providing legitimacy to a trans-borders wandering race- whose trademark is vandalism, primitive colonization and usurpation of communities properties and inheritances along their path.
2. Your agreeing to export the so-called peace meeting to Abuja has again eroded our prestige and dignity as a people that acts of terror were committed against and led by the nose by an agent of the perpetrators to a fake peace meeting outside the theatre of the crime.
3. You have dipped your hands into a hive full of stinging bees, walked your fins into the net of the enemy, dragged your legs into his booby trap, and tightened the noose of repression on your necks. You are surely in, getting out is what we are waiting to see.
4. I prefer you don’t go to Abuja. Not going will only scale down the degree of the damage done on our community and your persons. But will never dust off that gigantic dent from the history of your lives. The Al-Mustapha we know will read the end of meeting communiqué you wouldn’t know the content and how it will be reported to the whole world. CNN, Aljazeera, Fox News, BBC/VOA Hausa and almighty channels are waiting to show your faces embracing agents of representatives of terrorists and messengers of Satan on earth.
5. If you weren’t part of the scheme of Al-Mustapha but victims of his legendary craftiness, you must rush and tell the world your story and distance yourself from him until Christ comes. It is often said silence is golden, on this case, it isn’t. CONCLUSION
It is about time Southern Kaduna people sat down and looked at their very existence in the state and country at large. This living like sheep without a shepherd in a plain full of carnivores must end, if we aspire to preserve this and succeeding generations of Southern Kaduna on earth. We are the only zone which got ample opportunities but squandered them on the altar of wettism, indolence, share wickedness and myopia.
We have just two full moons away from an election year, yet, we still don’t have a political agenda. All we see are opportunistic cream and demented set of political class whose best action is dashing of mandates without extracting any deal from beneficiaries of their action. You don’t read their advertorial when serious issues facing our very existence are up, only when they want to endorse inept or corrupt governments.
The same troop is supported by a strong gerontocratic block- whose only lethal cards is threat of cursing young progressive minds who are resisting their refusal to quit the playing field to the spectators seats. They hate critical thinkers, hate healthy debates, and hate the truth like biblical Pharaohs. This team have successfully recruited youths whose hearts are dead and incited them against people asking for respect and recognition of our interest in the business of the State and the Nation.
These people want to quiet all voices from the Southern Kaduna to continue to perpetuate their inordinate ambitions of picking crumbs from the table of their masters. Unfortunately, their continued shackling under the myths and realities of yesteryear is boomeranging and exposing their lameness by minute. If wishes were horses, they would have filed an amendment to International, regional and national laws of rights to exclude Southern Kaduna youths from those to withdraw from such pool of rights. We shall continue enjoy those rights irrespective of how long that is making their faces look.
From now henceforth, when they endorse political office holders without consultation and proper assessment of the running political current, we shall counter and walk on the opposite direction. It shall no longer be easy or smooth for them like knife on butter. We shall hurdle their lanes with mines of reason and logic until they understand that they have converted the house to a political Babel where each is speaking his political language.
All these acts of wickedness against the people shall never last forever. Their winter of blackmails will make way for summer of reality. The poor of Southern Kaduna will surely liberate themselves from internal and external oppressors- peacefully. And surely, we shall back the BABYLONIAN RIVER BANK OF KADUNA STATE, and sing the Negro Spiritual of free at last, free at last, thank God am free at last.
John Danfulani,
Convener, Center for Development and Rights Advocacy (CEDRA)
Kaduna , 28th October, 2013 www.centerfordevelopmentandrightsadvocacy.org
Politics / Re: Jonathan Being Prayed For By Ministers In Israel by sammyzacks(m): 11:47am On Oct 26, 2013
Like it or not, this is good

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