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Programming: Software programming, development of applications.. (8535 topics)
Webmasters: Website design and development, management of forums, blogs, wikis, and all sorts of websites. (31962 topics)
Computers: Personal Computing, etc. (28587 topics)
Phones: Nigerian GSM networks, telephone companies, et cetera. ISPs, Modems, Websites, etc (49306 topics)
Art, Graphics & Video: Digital Video and Film, Computer Graphics and Animation. Tips, Tricks & Tools. (6813 topics)
Technology Market: Buy and sell Phones, Computers and PC accessories here. (68626 topics)

Science/Technology: Ad Rate: 773.44/week (77.8% discount).

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Charming Beam 5mw Blue Laser Pointer
by aicnien. 1 post & 71 views. 7:01am On Jun 03 (aicnien)
Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit Review
by beelerm. 3 posts & 523 views. 2:36am On Jun 03 (beccalynnee)
Rocketbook Digitizes Your Notes, Just Microwave It To Start Over
by sexychocolate1. 4 posts & 86 views. 12:33am On Jun 03 (feynman)
Viral Article:google Car Drives Like Your Grandma
by Techoftoday. 3 posts & 91 views. 12:30am On Jun 03 (feynman)
Is Digital Reading Changing Our Brains?
by Mayfrank. 3 posts & 112 views. 11:59pm On Jun 02 (Mayfrank)
Ecex 2015 E-commerce Expo
by igure007. 1 post & 56 views. 10:44pm On Jun 02 (igure007)
How Do You Choose A Rightly Priced Power Bank?
by Proffjay5oxide. 1 post & 77 views. 9:28pm On Jun 02 (Proffjay5oxide)
Do Hunter-gatherers Smoke Cannabis To Protect Against Worms?
by Nobody. 1 post & 68 views. 8:32pm On Jun 02 Nobody
Facebook Set To Open AI Lab In Paris
by mondbest. 2 posts & 57 views. 8:32pm On Jun 02 (Datazone)
Skype Cost In Nigeria Local Network
by Nad95. 2 posts & 122 views. 5:58pm On Jun 02 (5thcolm)
Icloud Is Down Again, Other Apple Web Services Affected
by xwolverine. 3 posts & 75 views. 5:38pm On Jun 02 (ossybluez)
How To Get Faster Internet Speed Using DNS Hack
by sexychocolate1. 14 posts & 312 views. 1:49pm On Jun 02 (mkmyers45)
Google Increases Privacy Controls For Users
by Jetworlder. 1 post & 46 views. 12:36pm On Jun 02 (Jetworlder)
Mtn 4GB In The Absence Of Jumia 3GB Data
by sanxynet. 1 post & 326 views. 11:32am On Jun 02 (sanxynet)
Wordpress Introduces New Analytical Tool Called ‘insights’
by igure007. 1 post & 47 views. 9:09am On Jun 02 (igure007)
Who Is Responsible When A Self-driving car Crashes?
by simsonnaira. 8 posts & 115 views. 8:09am On Jun 02 (ademoladeji)
Evolutionary Question For Evolutionists And Naturalists
by Visocrate. 3 posts & 67 views. 7:52am On Jun 02 (kemiola89)
We Are Growing, GOD bless MTN for frii.
by Thissonofman. 27 posts & 789 views. 7:39am On Jun 02 (abbeycrane)
Gravitylight- The $5 Light That Is Powered By Gravity
by sexychocolate1. 2 posts & 110 views. 5:42am On Jun 02 (kallmemrB)
High Quality Multi-color LED Hand Shower
by faucetsmall. 1 post & 70 views. 3:41am On Jun 02 (faucetsmall)
Reasons Why Your Android Battery Might Be Charging Slowly
by igure007. 1 post & 114 views. 10:31pm On Jun 01 (igure007)
Woman Mistakenly Thrashes Apple I Computer Worth $200,000
by igure007. 1 post & 94 views. 4:19pm On Jun 01 (igure007)
Amazon Fire Tv Stick. Does/can It Work In Nigeria?
by TS2. 2 posts & 111 views. 3:54pm On Jun 01 (Nichobabe)
by kosemani1. 1 post & 75 views. 11:52am On Jun 01 (kosemani1)
A Price That Is Good For The Income
by heidimurray. 1 post & 49 views. 11:12am On Jun 01 (heidimurray)
Imagine Your Computer As A USB Stick
by sexychocolate1. 17 posts & 160 views. 7:57am On Jun 01 Nobody
Internet Without Data Connection - Get Ready Nigeria
by sexychocolate1. 3 posts & 265 views. 8:11pm On May 31 Nobody
How To Make Steady Wins Using The Zero Risk Betting System
by innocent340. 22 posts & 1398 views. 6:41pm On May 31 (Deprime007)
How To Hide Your Facebook Profile From Potential Scammers
by naijapeepz. 2 posts & 152 views. 6:33pm On May 31 (Deprime007)
How To Create Infographics (visual Contents)
by infoproducts. 2 posts & 174 views. 6:17pm On May 31 (Deprime007)
Importance Of Information And Communications Technology (ICT)
by sollysms. 1 post & 69 views. 3:38pm On May 31 (sollysms)
Accounting Software Training For The Month Of June @ Yemlat
by ilekky. 1 post & 57 views. 3:16pm On May 31 (ilekky)
52 Of The Most Common Myths And Misconceptions Debunked
by Nobody. 2 posts & 193 views. 12:44pm On May 31 (ArchEnemy)
Is Cph4 Real
by sarzwizard. 1 post & 78 views. 12:07pm On May 31 (sarzwizard)
Judicious Use Of Mobile Marketing
by McLove. 1 post & 73 views. 11:54am On May 31 (McLove)
Android Users This Is For You! Cell Phone Location Tracker (APK)
by BetaPADI. 4 posts & 144 views. 11:33am On May 31 (BetaPADI)
Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit Full In Stock Coming
by beccalynnee. 1 post & 164 views. 9:06am On May 31 (beccalynnee)
How Can I Make A Pdf File Using My Phone
by tolaxin. 5 posts & 84 views. 7:48am On May 31 (tolaxin)
You've Probably Been Pooping Wrong Your Whole Life
by Nobody. 7 posts & 232 views. 7:41am On May 31 (Blakjewelry)
He Needs Your Help!! He Has Been Unable To Get His Facebok Login Back
by lanrycoded. 2 posts & 70 views. 7:25am On May 31 (ZYZZA)
Check Here For All Your Neeeds
by mikkzy30. 1 post & 59 views. 12:58am On May 31 (mikkzy30)
Smartwatches, Modern Technology To Suite Your Style, Tech On The Go
by cmacs. 1 post & 93 views. 12:54am On May 31 (cmacs)
Tech: See How Iphone 5c Saved A Man's Life
by mustyhboy. 2 posts & 131 views. 11:20pm On May 30 (mustyhboy)
Fellow Physicists And Geniuses, Let Us Delibrate On Dark Matter
by Teempakguy. 18 posts & 638 views. 4:49pm On May 30 (AgentOfAllah)
My Experimental Electronic Mousetrap
by soldierdollar. 3 posts & 109 views. 4:49pm On May 30 (soldierdollar)
Airtel 2gb For Sale!!!!
by detunj. 2 posts & 103 views. 3:58pm On May 30 (detunj)
Wow!!! MTN Introduce New Free Call Hours From 5am to 8am Daily
by faroukfahima. 3 posts & 239 views. 2:10pm On May 30 (mediahubng)
Woman Meets The Man Wearing Her Dead Brother's Face
by Nobody. 14 posts & 353 views. 1:13pm On May 30 (Smooyis)
The Science View Of The End Of Life On Earth
by nkemdirim104. 1 post & 170 views. 11:36am On May 30 (nkemdirim104)
Huray! Facebook Has Now Officially Backs Animated Gifs
by klmm. 1 post & 76 views. 10:50am On May 30 (klmm)
Tor- The Browser That Makes You Anonymous
by sexychocolate1. 1 post & 158 views. 9:03am On May 30 (sexychocolate1)
Shodan: The Scariest Search Engine On The Internet
by sexychocolate1. 1 post & 229 views. 8:47am On May 30 (sexychocolate1)
The DEEP WEB You Don't Know About
by sexychocolate1. 1 post & 139 views. 8:34am On May 30 (sexychocolate1)
(photo) Latest Discovery: Goliath Skull Exumed By Archeologist
by arosteph. 7 posts & 285 views. 7:59am On May 30 (jdsage)
MTN Offers Free Browsing
by Rightchuks. 3 posts & 286 views. 7:35am On May 30 (SPAGGYYY)
Download Our Forum Free Mobile App For Easy Access Here
by Nestor021. 4 posts & 2455 views. 7:00am On May 30 (Daliano)
Movies File Formats, Subtitles, Choosing The Best For Your Devices.
by ejikeujah. 2 posts & 619 views. 2:49am On May 30 (odimbannamdi)

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